The Journey 86

The Journey 86

Greetings brothers and sisters this is The 87th edition of The Journey series I Was going to do something different I'm not sure I published the 86 one I Have to look at that today Um I have to I think I have it so I gotta Um it's done already and so anyway be Very happy we have it I have um a little Uh you know a screenflow thing that I That I um Did maybe four or five days ago that I Was going to do something different here With this Journey series uh Video Um I was thinking about looking for Who owns the ashrams Starting with the actions in America are Really that's all we could do In terms of the you know whatever Investigative process Um if they had switched hands from Heartfulness to From seismish Mark to heartfulness From the srivam Chandra mission to Heartfulness because that would be A big red flag Um But then I was like why do I even need To do that like go down the rabbit hole So it's going to actually request people For help and then I just was like

Nah you know It was something that um came to me as Part of the you know I had this dream Where I was supposed to start the next Video do something with the next video Differently And then I forgot what I was told to do In the dream And so this video was supposed to be Something A little bit different and that was the Idea that came to me but as I you know Sort of sat with the idea or just days Went by it just seems like I don't want To do that Um Then last night I I went to get a city I've been waking up angry At dodgy and you know the people have Run the system into the ground like just Waking up And feeling like going to bed fine not Thinking about it and waking up angry Some nights are worse than others see I'm you know going off caffeine I've been able to go to sleep without Eating something right before bed which Is something I've been doing for years And years When I started waiting tables and it Helped me sleep because I'm going to bed With like an empty stomach or not an Empty stomach but just you know not Eating something directly before going

To bed within you know an hour or so Before going to bed Always made it hard for me to sleep Which sucked because that's where I was Putting out in the weight Because you know You uh don't give your body a chance to Do what it needs to do when it's sleep Which is for the liver it's detox right When your liver is involved in the Digestion process and your body's Digesting food while you're sleeping Instead of you know detoxing from the Days whatever it is It's a you know it's a problem that's Why an intermittent fasting is good and Gives your liver a chance to detox And do other things than just focus on Digesting Food right which is a big you know Digesting food's a big Energetic uh drain on your system right It's a big you know thing that we have To do And so um because of that you know my Liberal detox And then that'll you know kick in the Like any feelings of anger or whatever It might be it's all wake up Really you know and I don't you know Feel that much anger during the day If at all right so But even if angry at dodgy and this you Know and I went to get a sitting um

Last night on the app and I've been Debating like I said just trying to get A sitting without the app and the app um You know in the new app sucks and you Know there's problems with it they don't Trust them which is another you know the Whole thing With data or anything like that you know They put out a new app and who knows What they're doing in terms of Information gathering I mean like when You don't trust an organization it sucks So um There's all of that but I went to do the App and It didn't provide me with the person to Get a city so is that like one or two in The morning when there would be lots of Preceptors in India And then it cycled around so I got rid Of the I closed the app and I tried it Again You know if it doesn't work you can Close the app which is something I just Learned to do my wife showed me about Six months ago That when you have a Dap open you can Just uh you know an iPhone you just Push it upwards and it closes and then You know for the for the heartfulness Apps and you can try it again if you Cancel it's a whole thing Um in terms of getting another city And no one else came so I just was

Meditating on my own and it came to me That I should make a video About Um You know for everybody you know not just My regular viewers But people in the heartfulness system About how you know Dodges treated me not that I'm a victim Not that I feel bad you know whatever But just in terms of Him not being a master like behaving Unmasterly And the things that he's not only done To me but all of us but but how it's Affected me and I should put it in the Title so that more abiasis would watch It but then you know that was kind of Angry when I just I don't want to do That for my own sake Because I just don't want to draw You know people here that aren't really About this channel because this is what I do for work and you know the journey Series is a part of that right it's a Part of my regular audience the members Who Have started to do heartfulness right And or not other people just interested In And so um It's not for people who just would come For that like the whole thing sucked and Stressed me out so much the last time

When all these people started to come People who are against dodgy or people Defending them and all this stuff and I Don't you know like they're not in my Life they weren't there for me when I You know they're not my people you know They're not I mean most of them there Are some that were there for me and on Some levels as preceptors and you know Earlier on or you know people I stay at Their houses during Gatherings or something like that you Know some kind of um You know there's there's levels that the Organization was really great for me Before so I'm not you know minimizing That but I'm going to do a modified Version of that and then I have this Clip of him you know failing like it and Then I saw that I was going to pull a Bunch of clips From a bunch of like I have some like Compilation stuff to put in here For you know and I made a video for the Preceptor already that was for um you Know more than just him right it was for Um you know people who uh you know who Are in the system and need to be like Woken off to what's going on you know Bobby Aussies that do Sage Mark but I Never you know allowed him to show it to Other people because I don't trust that one guy involved in This this testing thing actually it's

Two people There's three of them and the only Person that kind of trust is a doctor Um who've already you know found that The things are scam We'll see how all that plays out but you Know they have to wake up by their own Like they have as much information as I Do and it's their own you know it's the Same thing we deal with sheeple you know It's it's even magnified it's it's Sheeple you know Magnified And so um I want to do this thing you Know and it's just going to be at least Cathartic for me but I want to start it Off with one qualifying possibility There's one possibility that I talked About I've mentioned it before That dodgy was the best that they could Get Because he has a spiritual capacity To absorb the spiritual energy right That was given to him and that is in you Know the case for most people like I Don't know if I have it right Um I you know I doubt that I do you know All the spiritual Uh you know going through all the points And having the points charged and Absorbing all that energy right it's not Something that's You know in terms of the this quality of A soul

It you know it's not easy to do all that Right To have all this um Spiritual Evolution thrust upon you you Know we're talking about millions of Years of spiritual evolution Given to you all at once and you see This in like superhero movies and You see it in various um You know whatever it is right some Person is taken to a next evolutionary Step And given worldly power And they're giving like superhuman Powers or whatever And they take it takes a while for them To sort of integrate them or you know How they use it right you know like Spider-Man for example and his dad his Grandfather saying With um With great power comes great Responsibility or whatever it is right And so um you know it takes a while for The the person who's now been brought to Another level of evolution And has more power you know people who Get it will become win the lottery or Just you know people in general who Become billionaires and what it does to Them like what it does to their Personalities just having money power And spiritual power is you know much More significant although all that goes

With it And just having that role right like it Happens for people who are YouTubers or Become social media people And they get big egos right they get you Know people have you know makes lots of Money and have lots of followers you Know these influencers It's a level of people getting this you Know sort of Fame the power of Fame and The The influence they have over other People and you know all the things that You get with money and money power and Things And it changes people when just people Get rich you know some people just luck Into a good job and then they become Multi-millionaires and then what do they Do with the money and how does it affect Them you know in terms of you're treated Differently when you when you're wealthy And so Even you know just on a small level And so there's all those things that Happen And people you know put pulls out things In time inside somebody's system when They have power they can be a a very um You know uh A good nice person that everybody likes Good character qualities good moral you Know morality I mean especially for this Time

You know it's hard time to be moral and A good person in this you know Competitive Rat Race materialistic Demonic uh debt-based system That we have and You know but people who are good people And then they get some kind of You know thing like that happen to them And then they turn into some sort of Kind of demonic monster right The power like goes to their head we've Seen it in ourselves it it happens to Most people who get that kind of power In mind and then there's all the Jealousy they have to deal with and the Negativity and they they themselves see Like things from other people and they Have to you know develop survival skills Now in the search Mark system there are Plenty of people that Babaji raised up To higher levels of spirituality Some of them in Europe there were six of Them in Denmark you brought into The Mayan region made them full Preceptors and then people in India and You know all these other people Some of them were you know Casey Radachary and master Charity's father And they had a spiritual fall they Couldn't take it They couldn't absorb the energy they Just couldn't do it I mean everybody had A spiritual fall and Bobby tried to push Him back up but some of them had more of

An epic one there's a guy in Europe he Was brought to the 12th point you know he had one more Point to go to get into the final Um you know the last spiritual yatra Point in The Human Condition And he he fell epically right left the System and started its own thing and you Know whatever it was Um But it happens because this is You know a Hail Mary and there might be More of a plan to it that's not really Alluded to it's kind of hinted at That people would come and They would come back after a failed life Where they fell And they had already gone through this Yatra points and it'd be more conducive Conditions because Materialistically this place is going to Be a you know a nightmare a Post-apocalyptic world and so there Won't be the material Temptations as There is now And maybe you know whatever longer lives Or whatever different Yuga And different energy different paradigm And so these Souls that everyone who's Doing Size Mark now Will have had you know some of this work Already done in a past life it'll make It easy easier for them to do it in a in

A second attempt or a third attempt or Whatever it is right And so that's you know kind of alluded To that it isn't really necessarily for Now you just do your best but you know You can't say that because Then people be like all right then it's Not you know I can do whatever I want You know they you least have to try like You have to try and make it in this life So you know if that's the case and That's the case And it is at least partially the case Anybody who does the first three Sittings Their soul will come back because they Want what's offered here And that said Um So because of that that this is a like a Hail Mary The human race has been you know in Terms of the you know some of the Teachings of The Whispers of the Brighter world Is a biologically manipulated race you Know that was somehow creating a test Tube likely Some kind of merge between Apes and you know a higher humanoid race Like ourselves that happened Some years ago and there's been Manipulation by you know not godly Forces

Maybe maybe people who are more Divine But they were people decisions right Terraformin has happened on Earth There's things that have been done on Earth that didn't happen over a long Period of time that usually takes For a planet to evolve and go through Cycles like a plan that starts off As a dead planet Like the other planets in our solar System And then It becomes the planet of organic life Like it is like the Earth is now It takes a long time for that to happen And then the planet again dies but there Is inhabited by higher developed Spiritual Beings On an etheric level that don't need you Know the uh you know oxygen or whatever Water into things That Keep Us Alive right so it goes Through those Cycles And that's a higher there's some plants In our solar system that have gone Through that right to my knowledge so It's a cycle right and so the cycle was Expedited expedited here on Earth You know by other you know living Organic smart smarter than us more Evolved beans but it wasn't you know it Didn't follow the long path That it would take and then the long Spiritual path it takes

To get to where your soul is in the the So in the central region in the seismark System would take millions of years But Babaji you know with the help of These Divine beings lology and the need For it here on planet Earth develop Shortcuts that it could be expedited in One life alone you know in one human Life because he and lology achieved that And charity but you have to be a special Kind of a soul you know Babaji was Pontangely enough past life and there's Not much known about lology in his past Lives but charge he was a disciple of Pontologyally Saint Paul you know he had Done things in a spiritual realm before And he was a person of you know he just Um A great person like just great capacity And you know maybe that's all that there Was in terms of souls that could do that Right Souls who you know some of these um I Mean who knows what other past lives They had Bobby certainly had a very um You know he had a divine nature you know They were on a higher level already so But just the human body and what's what Kind of human bodies we have now it's Hard to absorb the spiritual Uh the spiritual transformation that's Available in scishpart And so if that's the case with doji like

He was the best like they could do the Spiritual work but it was a rush job Because The first guy didn't make it right the First guy that charged he chose and Charge you didn't have a lot of time and They didn't have a lot of time and they Had to pack in a lot of stuff into Dodging in a short period of time and I Was told that Was happening Um You know they charged you only had a Couple years to live and all this work Had to be done You know and some of it had been done Before Um but it said in The Whispers of the Brighter world that you know daiji had Been accomplished had been prepared for Years and he was chosen long before that Right before birth He was the chosen Successor to master charity And so if he was the best that we had to Offer And his just maybe his ego was praying His personality and his You know his character qualities just Aren't up to the task to absorb the Energy To go to that higher level And he just you know glitched out and Whatever

You know that's a possibility and that's Not really his fault right I mean maybe He could have done that of course he Could have done better like he just Sucks so bad like you know almost Anybody could do better Than that you know what he's putting out There right now As a you know as a personality and as a Decision maker I mean it's you know it's Pretty bad But you know if he was the best that the System had to offer And you know he just didn't have the Capacity to do this Then really that's you know it's kind of Cruel to put someone in that situation Right I mean you know not that it's cruel in The sense that you know he's given Something to um You know I mean he'll have this Evolution and just be failed and then He'll have to come back and you know Do it again I don't know right I don't Even know like there's just so much I Don't know about this But it isn't like all on him it's not Really much on him like he was The best they had to offer And you know human race had to offer And this is what he's produced as a Mastery and it's you know Sad and pathetic but anybody else would

Have had similar like results or would Have failed or whatever Because there's just a limited amount of People that could have taken on all that Spiritual Evolution you know millions of Years and absorbed all that spiritual Power and he just couldn't rise up to it And then you know there's no reason to Be angry at him because that's just The human race and if that's the case Then this system has failed Or more likely has failed Because Um well I don't know like I don't know If that really matters or not they'll be You know changes are coming And then maybe they'll be second Opportunities I don't know but you know It's it's a condemnation of the human Race That we're just not we're not able to Rise up to it which has been you know The weak link has always been Humanity you know the human race so the Way we are now And our tendency is to go to the lower And not not embrace the higher To go to the lower level our capacity to Go download us we want to return to like A Cro-magna man type of you know a lower Level of Consciousness you know all These other spiritual systems failed you Know there's Christians who want to

Think that Jesus is going to save them And you know the Christian religion Whatever it is or you know Hindus and All the religions think that The religions um Can save them but they've had their Chance right You know they have their chance Um You know they they were a dominant Religion for some period of time each One of them this is the Judo Judeo-christian Uh time period Where you know the dominant material Force is connected to that religion and We see what's happened And it's a failed right And you know all these religions had Their you know their time in the Sun And it's when the person was alive when Jesus was alive when you know and then The the period after it And in Jesus's case because we're Familiar with it Like he couldn't you know it's about how The system can change and Elevate people And Jesus's own disciples I mean you Know three of them Have had epic failures right Thomas Doubted Peter denied in Judas betrayed And so like just his disciples alone Like this is what happens it's happened In in size mark it happens everywhere

That human beings just you know can't Get up out of their their low level of Consciousness and rise up to it and you Know Jesus didn't have transmission and Cleaning either so you know it became a Religion and once it becomes a religion It's effed it's not you know it's it's On a process of Becoming more demonic and more Materialistic right it's divine in the Beginning You know Jesus's Um original you know his original when He was alive the original offering was Divine and then it just goes the other Way and so that's what happens with Religions and if that's what's happening With seismard and that sucks That it was you know That it dies now with dodgy like if That's you know what's happening then That you know I can't even think about It that way because Why even try or care because one Possibility is could completely Wipe Out The human race and start off with Something else right Start over here like a complete Depopulation Of the human race and then start over Because you know we're like gone you Know batshit crazy like it's just you Know we've gone off the rails And that's you know one of the spiritual

Options And you know we can still make the most Of this life by there's this opportunity But this is a rare opportunity to go From you know where we are now to where Babaji and you know lology were in Charge you were in terms of being in the The highest levels of spirituality it's Millions of years of spiritual evolution Otherwise our soul will have to live Millions of years In you know both this uh kind of third Third three-dimensional reality And then get out of that and then spend You know so much time hundreds of Thousands of years Maybe you know 200 000 years in physical Life and then you know so many years in The theoric life to reach that level Right so you're given a million years uh Shortcut And that's what the search Mark system Offers and people can't even think about Like I can't even think about it like That but it's what it is right at least In terms of the the teachings and so if It's failed now and you know I I don't Know like people will say yeah it is or No it's not but it's nobody knows There's not enough information That's a human failure and dodgy is the Representation of that human failure he Just happens to be the guy right that Represents that now if it's the case

That you know this just had to happen To cleanse the system and you know this Was going to happen Anyway and dodgy's just you know being The screw-up the the dud or whatever it Is Because it's part of a plan well then You know that's We just have to live through this it Sucks it's disappointing right And so you know that's all giving dodgy Uh sort of the benefit of the doubt Because we all suck and he's just part Of that right And you know it is what it is and it's There's a contingency a plan and Something That you know we have to go through the System has to go through and and then There's going to be something better at That you know enough a future whatever It is after dodgy's time is over it'll Be something you know and the big events Start happening people start waking up And there's a depopulation less Concentration of uh you know Conglomerate of dumbness like the Idiocracy will go When all the idiots are gone right with The idiots in the sense that they're not Evolved enough To rise up even to the lowest levels of Human You know human morality and

Consciousness and things there's so many Low-life people Not not low life in the sense of like You know derelicts or whatever they just Don't have the capacity you know maybe There were animals in a past life and They're newbies and they're just you Know they don't have the capacity to Rise up Beyond there you know human Animal existence you know just low Consciousness low IQ You know physically you know poverty all This stuff right you know 50 pound People five feet you're tall you know They're I mean they're just not they Don't have the capacity to rise up to Abstract thought you know their brain Capacity and They don't get enough protein and Development their souls that's what They're able to produce In this period of time like the 50 of People live on a dollar two dollars a Day They have no chance because they just Don't have enough To bring them up to a higher level of Consciousness right And so you know when the population is Reduced significantly and you have just The higher developed Souls the ones that Have you know been here for a while And have you know have flirted with Spirituality in some of their past lives

Well then it's you know different right So you know that's all possibility the Other possibility is That dodgy just wasn't going to get it Done like he manipulated the system to Become master He used you know other people to Pressure charges you know the the other Guy could have been better or you know There's something whatever it is That there was some other you know he Stole something that wasn't for him like There's some you know I've heard this You know this you know the people are so Sucky to deal with because they don't Just come out and say it right Like you know this one guy was you know Connecting with me and saying that he Knew of people who were around Um that you know were um They saw was going on And they saw that there's something Wrong happened to you But I that's all you know that's a That's hearsay and it's not even I mean I can't really base my My understanding on something like that I'd have to hear directly from those People and then I have to take into Account Their limited ability to perceive like We all have And you know so I mean even that But that's the other possibility that

Daji took something that he shouldn't Have he should you know he made himself The master of the people around him These guys with poor character qualities At around master chargy you know and There wasn't a a suitable Whatever it was right and you know he Wanted to run a scam or whatever his ego Was a part of this You want to be mastered I don't know Like I don't know if that happened or Not I I kind of think you know that's at Least part of it it isn't the whole Story but it's part of it right and That's why he's fallen because it didn't He doesn't deserve this based in his Desire to have it right his egotistical Desire to be a master Bobby said you can't be one if you have The idea I want to be a master You know have that position Then you can't be one your that whole Life you're just having it once And I think dodgy had it more than once So I think that's responsible for his Fall but I don't know like again this is Not knowing but if that's the case you Know and dodgy's taking something that You know wasn't meant for him And he's failing because of that then a Lot of this is on him I mean still you Know they shouldn't have given him I Mean you know again there's some of it That's on you know Babaji and charity

Analology and the Divine hierarchy for You know allowing this thing to happen I Mean again I don't know like I don't Know all the what there is to know What really happened here like that's You know and so alls we can live with is Or know is the way dodgy is now And it's a failed Mastery and that's you Know that's not debatable He's running scams he's He's you know destroying the Misinterpreting the fundamental Teachings And you know he's creating a a problem Here and so the way that it's affected Me personally like it's all affected all Of us but I can speak for myself So his the things that he did personally To me That we're in the beginning you know and I was able to Look at it like well this is for Spiritual cleaning and I did benefit on A spiritual level For all of this stuff so I can't really Complain about it I don't feel like I'm A victim Because I did benefit from these things I can't say you know he screwed me over You know on one level yes but on another Level no you know so But these behaviors are unmasterly Behavior right Ostracizing me from the system

Either because I criticized him because He kicked me out of a gathering the First thing I guess was chewing me out In front of my family In a way that was incompetent like I Benefited from that so I don't even look At that as a failed action on his part Right so this is chronological order But um you know when he chewed me out or You know my family my ex to some extent But it's really about me for embracing And doing what I was supposed to do Which led to this YouTube channel Embracing and following The Whispers Messages and doing research right I benefited so much from the cleaning That occurred afterwards and of course The divorce getting you know away from The this life-sucking relationship in Person You know in terms of my ex I mean that Was a you know huge I mean it was great And I you know I feel so much better and I know that that event with dodgy was a Catalyst and so I'm not like even though he was sloppy And you know I could see that he he's Just sucks at these kind of things Now like I understand it better having Seen him fumble around for so many years Now But it was a great event in my life so I'm grateful to him and even my ex and You know all those circumstances

Because I became a much better person And evolved because of that right Even though it looks like I was Mistreated because of this right because Of these you know the way that they Treated me but you know that was Whatever it is but his chewing out me And you know this whole you know Interaction The last spiritual benefit but it was Handled in a sloppy way And it sucked you know but there were Some you know like I said Mr and Mrs B were there and Mr Um Uh Mr K I think I called him two people You know the the couple and a person That I had problems with before And had some difficult interactions they Were there for it so it was like you Know I'm like this is not an accident That they're here right so that is what It is I can accept that but that was the First time I saw him just Fumble around and on one level he just You know was a mistreating and just uh You know doing something that isn't Great to somebody else that isn't Masterly the next thing was misreading My condition Which was saying that I was Hallucinating I was stuck in 0.5 again He didn't say it directly but you know I Knew it used to and say

And he was you know saying that this Happened to me Based in me being a truther being Somebody who was following The Whispers Of the brighter World messages and doing Research to see what that meant which Babaji said to do right being a person That investigates this some of us were Going to do that Some of the people in the scishmark System Some of us did and I did it you know More prolifically than other people Which ended up being this YouTube Channel which is all a part of that Right And so you know I mean I've read The Whispers messages you've heard them if You've listened to Journey series it's There for people to do And I did it right and dodgy instead of Embracing that and seeing that I had Something to offer and I Was doing something not everybody needed To do it but I was supposed to do it and I did it was following my you know heart And you know the teachings and things And you know instead he decided to call Me crazy And say that he's Spirits you know to Imply that he spiritually read my Condition and that's what he saw When he didn't which is a real f'd up Thing to do because like I never trusted

His spiritual capacity and I knew he Would lie about something like that For his own you know sheeple that's how She will do to you know to Gaslight People right You know or people in power And so once that happened the trust was Broken like I you know and I didn't Really know it at the time because I was Just going through it and that was like The least of my worries Um but the next thing was he arbitrarily Changed these rules to not allow kids at Gatherings And then you know wasn't available to Communicate with And it left me bringing my kids to a Gathering when we really needed you know This my family was in crisis and my Three kids had just started and this was Their opportunity you know all this Thing and I was there and you know and a Place that was sacred this Tierra poor Ashram where so many Great Gatherings Had and I was just grooving on the you Know the energy there just I was Completely blissed out by the condition And looking forward to this you know I Had accepted dodgy I mean that's the Other thing That I had you know known that I might Have a problem with the future Master of The system because other people had so I Adjusted myself to accept the master the

System and I saw that the energy was put In him I saw the energy I saw his Capacity Before that at the airport I've told These stories before you know so many Times that I witnessed him becoming the Master I saw it I saw him become the Master I experienced it I saw the energy That was put into I saw the condition Shift I saw him evolve I saw all you Know as much as I could see and Understand I saw it and I accepted him As the master of the system so that was Already there like I was given the Information I was given the experiences And it was good it was you know I was All set for him right like I was there And I had worked on it like I you know I Saw I might have a problem and I worked To accept him I didn't you know there Wasn't some jealousy you know someone Wrote a like a really weird comment it Said that I wanted to take over the Heartfulness YouTube channel I'm like Are you even listening to me right do You know anything about you know like How could you possibly Um think that that's the case like you Know I don't want to be the master and I Don't want to run the hard feelings I Don't want to do any more than I'm doing Here right this is you know what I'm Good at and this is what I've made to do

This is where my you know this is my uh What do they call it um wheelhouse I Think I call it the Wheelhouse in Baseball Where you're it's just where if the ball Is there that's where you're good at Like you know people are like low Fastball hitters and if you serve up a Low fastball to this hitter You can you know drive it and uh you Know hit it out of the park in a home Run right You know so that's where this is my Wheelhouse right this is what I Was made to do this is where I had my Talent whatever it is right but anyways I work to accept the future master and It was dodgy and I was all in right I Was you know and I said it to him you Know I said I mean my heart was happy to See him come into the ashram To the meditation Hall before SATs on And I felt good that there was going to Be a future master I was worried about It because charge you was getting so old And was breaking down physically and There hadn't been a representative And when dodgy was nominated I was happy For it because I had the experience with Him and I had full faith that he was Going to be a good master Like the doubt wasn't even in there even Though I had these interactions right And even when I had these interactions

Because I had had the spiritual Experience I feel like all right there was some Reason for these things to happen and There was there was a spiritual reason It's just dodgy wasn't masterfully doing It was just you know being a dope and it Was just happening and I had benefit Because of it but I thought there was Some Consciousness and I know on a soul Level maybe there was for him And for me but not you know and I didn't Penetrate to his conscious self or Conscious level he was just you know Like idiocracy in his way through his Mastery right And so misreading my condition that was A big thing maybe the worst thing Because now there was doubt in him as a You know as a Spiritual Reader like I Couldn't trust his decision making his You know observational uh skills but you Know again so many things were going on And I was going through you know the Cleaning I was going through and the Divorce stuff that I really couldn't Focus on that but then there was the Gathering where it was his first Birthday gathering and he you know he Made this rule which I just uh talked About a little while ago in this thing That kids couldn't be there and I Thought you know I mean I was told that This wasn't set in stone and I brought

My kids and I had one kid who three Three kids who were able to be there Because they were over 15. and one kid Who was 13 that could you know that I Mean he wasn't supposed to be there but He easily could have and then getting Kicked out I've told this story so many Times and my daughter arguing in the sky And the skin thrown out of a gathering Because of dodgy's just stupidity and Incompetence it's a master And then me writing to him about it and Then him getting mad at me because of That right And you know because I wrote to him About his failure and how it affected me And I was ready to quit and all these Time I quit for a while I was just done A psychophile If they're throwing people out of Gatherings and this is you know by one Opportunity I've never been to a big Gathering like this And slept there at the venue like I had Gone commuted at charges but whatever I've told these stories before but him Throwing me out of a gathering and other People And how you know sloppy it was and he Now knows he failed because That rule doesn't exist right like it Was a failed Rule and you know he he's Completely screwed up but it was just And why would you know kids were always

Such an uh important factor in it in the Gatherings like you know now he's the Wisdom Bridge guy and he's a kid guy Right you know so he's you know just I Mean it's just pathetic his his mastery And so you know that really affected me In a negative way All those things and then returning to America and having to ostracize me walk By me like I didn't exist I mean those Things and then all the people around There treating me like I was a leper Because of the you know criticism of him And him taking my ex-wife's side and Making me some sort of villain and you Know that robbed me of something like You know in terms of going to Gatherings And I mean all these things you know it Was me going to places and everyone Looking at me in a way that it wasn't Wasn't fair it wasn't accurate at least In this life Maybe in past lives sure maybe I you Know deserve this from some past Existence I'm sure that's you know part Of it like that's you know that's okay You know so I've accepted it but you Know I have one thing I believe it and It's this the size Mark system this is My solution And so to treat somebody like that and Not know why you're doing it like you Know just to engage in that level of Just the the little you know just it's a

Small person you know like uh you just Can't do that as a master of the system Or even as a preceptor right he just his Failure was epic like just in terms of My experience if he does that to me Then you know that's everybody right Like you can't treat anybody like that But you know it happened to me you know And so who else was he treating like That what else was happening that was Unmasterly and then because of that Treatment there was a you know some Senior preceptors spied on my you know My my present wife who was a new person That I told about this system and the Way that she was treated because of her Association with me and then heard them Taking her personal data you know was And I told taji about it and he didn't Fire them and he should have and so you Know he's he's endorsing that behavior Which he did because he he endorsed my Ex and her new man and you know he Treated them incredibly like they you Know they were celebrating like a rock Stars at the Ohio ashram and because of That you know people are looking at me As the the villain and hers you know Whatever so he like you know whatever it Was and that was just wrong on every Level again like I don't care I'm not a Victim you know but it's negatively Affect me because at the end of the day It left me without the ability to

Receive the services Of the system going to gatherings And you know seeing preceptors and all These things that I need And my you know new wife needs as a Person And then you know my kids and that was All taken away right Like that was you know that wasn't Something that I could access anymore And you can't do that like he completely Effed us and then me being a YouTuber And then all of you that I've you know Heard of you've heard me talk about this And you've started this or have Interested you screwed all of us like All of us by doing that but then he you Know was doing more damage I mean that Was just small like fraction of his Incompetence right And so the other parts were the brighter Mind scam where he you know He took other people's trust and faith In him that he was given by the you know Other Masters who have built Goodwill And you know have built trust and you Know with the transmission and cleaning The services and all their work That they had created this Mission he Took that trust he misused it right all These people in India the parents and Kids who were stressed out about their Education Because of the competition there and he

Put out this scam that either he Believed himself because he's a complete Dope or he he took a scam that already Existed I mean he didn't even invent it Himself like he didn't even come up with His own thing You took somebody else's proven false Scam And whether he believed it at first or You know whatever happened He turned it into a franchise of you Know kids smelling colors and things and Then just going out there and you know Taking advantage of all these people Monetarily and you know all of it and Making a fool of himself in the mission And just destroying the brand you know Bringing in this guy diaper Bob all These other things trying desperately to To make himself something and at some Point he got jealous of charge here You know he just felt like all these People love charging more than they Would ever love him or you know he just Couldn't compete with the memory of Charge so he decided to erase you know Pretty much all of his teachings And not you know talk about him like he Was his master Which you know he was for 30 years I Mean and even go to the point where he Was at that took a G's um ashram and say Tukiji was a part of the Divide Hierarchy but but charge he wasn't

Like he just you know all those things That I've documented here people have Sent me this information all these Things but him turning on charity and Just erasing him from the mission And then erasing so many of these Teachings and books That are you know essential for people To understand what's going on with the System and then putting out inferior Content himself on the on YouTube videos And his crappy books And well try to make himself some sort Of celebrity oprah-like Guru and all the People around him participating in this And you know robbing the higher Developed souls and people smart people And you know people can see through such You know dopery You know such uh you know like he's some Sort of a dunce somebody called him you Know one of the Indian viewers that that You know one of the people who are there At the in India I've seen him you know The dance is a good word for it right Just a you know somebody who is like an Idiot who's in charge of the system Is idiocracy Um and how that screwed all of us to one Extent to another lack of faith putting Seeds of doubt in the system And you know just dumbing it down and Now there's a lack of um The energy isn't as good and the

Surfaces aren't available like they used To he's not traveling and the way he Handled covid and you know all of it one One failed uh you know activity after Another just throwing things up on the Wall writing like ridiculous books and Putting out horrible videos hoping that One of them catches and just acting like A guru instead of just admitting to all Of us I'm over my head I'm not you know I don't know what the f I'm doing I'm a Fraud like you're admitting it to Himself like he just he's failing like He just isn't there it's just instead of Going and making one bad decision after Another And running the the organization into The ground and that's hurt everybody Right and then all the people who are You know too weak to you know who do the Seismic system abiasis long-term people We're just you know going along with This because they can't Face with this so obvious for them to See I mean it took me a while to see it And I'm a you know person trained to do That as a truther I mean it's so painful For all of us And so that's what he's done right you Know why he did it and you know what Responsibility he has and you know why He's just hasn't risen up to it and why He's gotten worse and worse like he's Going downhill

He's going in you know a de-evolving Direction Like his things are stupider and worse And he's making worse and worse Decisions like I don't know any of that I don't even know how much of that's Even his fault right Like is it just you know like the first Thing I said He was the best option and he just sucks Like so And then this is it or you know this is Just something we have to go through you Know those are the other Things is this it for Humanity like is This John this was the this was the out This was supposed to raise everybody up But we didn't you know I mean it's just Not him it's everybody in the the Mission including me Not you know not getting it done like I'm okay like you know but I I could do A lot better we all could We just you know we don't really value What we're given here I mean I you know I know that just for my years of doing It Like when I do see it I do experience it I'm like wow I gotta do better right I Just You know but I just you know Life happens and you know whatever Happens here in Earth and you just you Get you get pulled out of that you know

That sort of that zone that you're in Like I've risen up to much higher levels Of consciousness We've been doing the seismic system I've Seen things and experienced things And just to stay on that level And not get sucked back into you know Human life Is really difficult and we've all Struggled with it and you know it's not Just dodgy and so uh You know but I don't know like I don't Like you know there's a lot of this There's no way to know right now and Maybe not even on while on planet Earth Understand what happened here But you know dodgy does bear some of the Responsibility and the people around him Because they've really you know they're The ones who did it like they ran the System into the ground right they chose The lowest possible path the path of Jealousy A path of egoism A path of me me a selfish path Instead of you know just doing like if He realized he wasn't as good as chargie Which you know I don't think anybody Would have been Then he could have um just accepted it Right and say all right I'll be the best Version of a master I can be I'll just Be humble and you know I won't give a Lot of talks I won't you know whatever

But I'll just do the work of cleaning And transmitting and you know just I'll Prop up the other Masters and I'll you Know Help disseminate their teachings in a Way where he puts out their work their Charges videos and you know the instead Of trying to make his own crappy videos Put out the great videos to charge you Charge these great talks and works and Books and just you know sit and be Somebody who you know was a placeholder Like somebody who wasn't going to be Great wasn't going to be charismatic but Was you know there to humbly put out the The Brilliance that the other Masters Have given all of us and then pass it on To somebody else maybe who's better Suited or whatever And so for those reasons you know dodgy Is definitely you know that's at least What he's responsible for not accepting Who he was and what his role was for Trying to be something that he just Wasn't ever going to be right and faking It like being some sort of a faker Being a fraud right being fraudgy Um So yeah like you know I mean that's how this has played out This is sort of a a summary and I have This thing here this um This thing happened and you know like it Was four or five days ago

With the nine o'clock Universal prayer So let's go to that thing Okay so it's the same day as later on The day I did the Earl the voiceover you Just listened to in the morning I still want to get to this other thing This um Uh this um you know this video and stuff About the universal prayer with dodgy Um a bunch of things happened Since this morning so I wanted to get Into that the first thing and maybe the Least important is I realized that I did not make a journey series 84. it Went from 83 to 85. you know Um which is a bummer I remember thinking about 84 because of 1984. And so I thought maybe I must have Thought I already made it I don't know But there's no way to fix it so that's Gone and also I've done 86 but I haven't Been able to um Do anything with it I haven't rendered It yet and uploaded it so that's Interesting so I discovered those things But I got a call from the Doctor Who you Know did the testing and figured out Brighter Minds was a complete scam And he just been to the ashram he called Me up and I've been meaning to talk to Him but uh you know it was very telling In terms of everything I'm talking about Today

I didn't think it was random because I got a message from my preceptor this Morning Who um let me see if I can find that The guy get the weekend sittings from And he um There's a video that he recommends he Recommends videos which always I have a complete different view than he Does But yeah I think he's just trying to you Know show me that there's still some Good things I don't know I'm not sure But it says here The journey to heartfulness they're Doing their own Journey series there's a Few of these you know you know I started This obviously long before anybody else Did but there's people writing about Their journey and their you know their Their you know their whole spiritual Journey and you know it's odd but I Think maybe they're trying to balance it Out But since during the heartfulness watch The people from around the world Connected with heartfulness Of course it was so smart when they did It I watched a little bit of it and I Know some of the people Um there's a woman from Canada I you Know talked to a few times we'd see each Other And you know she had she was telling her

Story these other guys started from Europe they're talking about doing a lot Of drugs and stuff It was the Boomer hippies and you know I Won't have time to watch it I would it's Not like it wasn't it wasn't a horrible Video but you know Not really all that important to me Um in terms of my you know it just Hearing other people's stories I've Heard them before right and they're Interesting but you know at this point There's so much more going on But then I talked to this guy this guy Gave me a call the doctor And like I said he'd just been to the Ashram and kanha and he had a good time I saw some something he wrote on Facebook so You know I was aware that he was there And he told me that he wasn't going to Be involved in the new testing that They're doing In terms of the brighter minds thing And he was just telling me how you know Like you go through stuff with it You think about it a lot right because It's so effed up then you know it's so Weird and so stupid but yeah we talked About that a little bit but he was Saying that he was there dodgy actually Addressed something to do with the Brighter Minds exercises But then he said you know he didn't

Think it turned any profit he didn't Think it made any money I mean there's These franchises but like it you know it Was a low profit and I mean just think About how stupid that is to do that and Not make any money and really you know Run the risk of being disgraced and Embarrassed I mean not just for dodgy but everyone Who was involved with it just a disaster Right And I asked him about the number of People that come to a group meditation He said well you know the Weekday that you know early in the Morning 6 30 it's early in the morning I Guess there's about 200 people and then Maybe some thousands I don't know he Didn't know But not that many but you know more on Sunday you know at manapoka with chargie Um There was five thousand people every Sun There was sometimes three thousand when Dodgy was given the sitting and charge He was sick it was anywhere between Three and five thousand It could only Seat five thousand And so it's basically packed and like I Was telling my wife and I've talked About here before The charge he was Brahmin and in India You're you know you're considered where You're what your cast is and what your

Languages like they're comp they're Competitive because The different states they speak Different languages completely different Cultures the different types of food S you know even in America you'll see Groups of Indians and they won't hang Out with you know just any group of People from India is usually got to be Someone from their own region right I Mean they you know they're a little bit Different here because it's I mean it's just so many Americans and Then they're a small group like one Percent of the American population is Of Indian descent right but even then There's North Indian and South Indian And they're prejudicial you know they're Uh you know I don't know if they're more Prejudicial than I mean everyone's Prejudicial And so chargi had his people in Chennai That were you know they had they were Predisposed because of being brahmanas To being uh spiritual there's a lot of Spiritual gurus that come out of the Brahmin culture The Brahmin uh you know the the Brahman Um Uh cast in that region and a lot of the People who are Brahmin are also doctors And Um politicians and you know uh teachers A lot of professors things like that and

So there are a lot of prominent people Who are Brahmin and they're also very Spiritual but dodgy is From Gujarat he's Gujarati and they're Very business oriented and they're not Known for being spiritual And his ashram isn't even where he used To live so it's a nightmare for him Because he doesn't have a group of People that you know they look at him as Being a Gujarati so they're prejudiced You know I talked about some of the People who dislike him that wrote to me You know there's you could see the Prejudice in their comments right Because they you know they were from a Different cast a different region they Looked down at least on for a spiritual Guru you wouldn't have somebody from That business area And so dodgy just doesn't have a people Plus he just isn't good at he kind of Sucks right I mean he's just not good Presenter and he doesn't want anybody Over and people are going to compare him Uh you know negatively in terms of his His pre his ability to be the master and Compared to Charities and the other Masters of the system So there hasn't been you know a group of You know I've talked about this a number Of videos uh there hasn't been a group Of people that would follow dodgy right He just hasn't found

An audience and he's just not good at it You wouldn't have an audience if he Wasn't the master like he wouldn't Attract People I mean he was better was a Preceptor but still right he wouldn't Have a successful YouTube channel of president's presence On social uh media and he wouldn't be a Successful Guru on his own accord right If he just started something himself he Couldn't win over people He just doesn't have that you know in His personalities just doesn't have the Skills and the the talent for it and It's caused a lot of problems and I Think a lot of problems for him And so this the doctor guy was telling Me that he really loved the ashram Because I was saying things about you Know because he recognized dodgy's book Isn't good like he started to read it he Thought it might have been written by a Ghostwriter his new his newest book and He said well doji's written some good Things he has some good talks about The points I said yeah you know he has All those things and he used to be great At it but now his stuff is just remedial And pop culture and he's not even good At it it's like written by a child right And so um you know and he was I mean He's having more difficulty Integrating all the other things that I

See here like he used to know about them Or doesn't want to know about them and This is the main reason I'm including This story because this guy has been Ostracized And he sees that dodgy was involved in Some sort of scam And it caused him a lot of suffering and Just the way he was treated and you know In terms of Um I mean he's got a respect dodgy last All that stuff but he just can't really You know I mean we're having a different Perspective of it right Is what I was talking about in the Earlier Segment you just can't wake people up That don't you know that don't want it Right they're only going to go so far And you know he sees his spiritual Life tied to dodgy in the system Which you know mine is in in different Ways but I've accepted dodgy as an a Good quality Master like there's I don't Have all the explanation of what's Happening or what's happened to him Or how he's you know failed or why it's Happening all these things I covered Earlier there's lots of various Explanations but you can't deny that the Guys failing him he sees it but even him Not reading the book You know that's a condemnation of Dodgy's ability to produce something

That's worth reading right because I Doubt very few people get through it if They if they do they're really not that Smart it's not You know it's it's not a good book right It doesn't really have The kind of information even though he's Taking teachings from charity and Babaji And all these things it's still not it's Just not good enough right it doesn't You know it's not something that's worth Reading compared to this other work and The fact that he scrubbed the mission Like he said to me there's lots of Pictures of Master charging in the Bookstore I'm like yeah there is now and When I was there there wasn't I guess There is now but I said there's no works Of his he's like my master yeah you know Charity wrote this book about Bob's he Called my master and it's a classic book And other than that there's nothing to Charge these right Scrubbed him and they haven't replaced It with anything else so There's this big information Gap and Then all the things you know I was Saying this morning about I was hurt you All and it's sort of my wife and you Know whoever is a new person starting It isn't as good as it once was and it's Not you know it's not good right it's Not helpful it's not um as user friendly Even though they have all the other you

Know gadgets and apps and and all these Other things And you know he even though he's Supposed to be bringing more people in There's a far less people at his group Meditations than the words and charges And it should be you know double or Triple of a charge charger was maxed out By his ashram you know but there was Maybe 10 20 000 people in that greater Chennai area so there's lots of people There there's nobody really out there in This in the Hyderabad area there's just There isn't a I mean dodgy just doesn't Have a you know he doesn't have a solid Base of you know fans or whatever you Want to call it right but it's just this Idea that you know people all are having The same information I mean they have Access to it the information I have and They see some of it and this guy Certainly saw more of it than I did About brighter Minds But they just really can't go there Right they can't really accept or I mean Live with you know it's what we struggle With the truth Community you know it's People's ability to block out what they Don't which is too painful for them too To deal with right and most people are Just so stressed out and so overwhelmed They just can't take another thing and So I mean that's what I was saying like

It's just not my job To be concerned with waking everybody up To Dodgy's failure because you know I don't Even know what it is right I don't know you know if it's supposed To happen what's supposed to happen if It was a you know an issue and his Ability to you know like a failure to Launch or It's part of a bigger plan I don't know And you know at this point I almost like Don't even care you know it's the year Of effort right like there's really not Much that could be done about it anyway There's a good Whispers message today an Interesting one so I thought I'd read That And then move over to the The new um this is from Sunday May 9th This is um My daughter Anna's birthday And it was the year she was born was Yeah 99 this is her actual birthday Which is kind of a bummer Well I guess not maybe not In sociology it was a day that she was Born Lazy did indeed come to visit you Yesterday He has granted you a favor you will see We will not say more about it everything Changes everything moves isn't it it is An internal renewal

Even even in the least aspect of life The masters of the past have done their Work We for our part are doing ours other Tasks are incumbent on them The christ-like spirit as you call it Manifests itself in different ways Depending on the epoch these masters of The past have gone in other directions Do not expect that some believe to see Master Jesus reappear The Wheel of Time turns and calls other Great great realized beings to fulfill a Given mission God the guru of gurus knows what he's Doing ancient beliefs are deeply rooted In memories most human beings are not Very evolved their understanding is Commiserate with their spiritual Openness our path will have an important Important place to the Future It will it will not be the only one but It will attract many men and women Who have gone who have gone and past the Stage of religion are ready to take on a True Journey One of the best means of Awakening will Be offered to them The they will understand it the new era Will open people's minds Obscurantism maintained by religions Will disappear little by little As the Gen as the general Evolution Unfolds the blinkers will fall off the

Truth will be perceptible To the greatest number Babaji you know I Mean I think I'm saying that people Aren't very evolved like it's sort of Going to understatement And you know and a lot of this stuff is Just for the future Anyways um let me show you the video Here Okay so one of my viewers sent me this I Guess it was the end of the year Um she probably just got it later than Other people I didn't get it you know Sunday December 30th 2022. And so the last day of uh 2022. Today is January something Today's January 22nd so 22 days ago and I've just been in conversation you know I'm getting a lot of stuff from the guy Preceptor I get satsun from and the guy The doctor you know I said this in my Voiceover yesterday Which this will follow I was going to do something else here I Got another clip to insert here as well And I'll do those two and then I'll get Into some analysis of all this uh but it Says here dear friends It says from The heartfulness Institute Blah blah blah saying for well to 2022. 150 years ago a great spiritual Renaissance began with ram Chandra a Noble-born saint

In fatigue Pradesh In in India February 2nd 1873. he died in 1931. He was affectionately called lology not A not a master Or I mean you know she was so much more In terms of what heartfulness is but the Column is same the spiritual Renaissance Is pregnant with hope and a real Possibility transform The Human Condition to nobility and Glory The work is just beginning to take shape Under the movement the heartfulness Movement That's important heartfulness Movement Spearheaded by the founder of Heartfulness Patel officially known as dodgy this is Everything I've been saying they're Trying to erase the other three Masters I mean certainly Master charging more Than anybody And make dodgy like he he didn't do Anything right I mean he's built an ash From him but he's you know he's been Doing nothing but screwing this thing up And heartfulness is worse than scishmart They're erasing all the sage Marg Literature which is brilliant all this Stuff I mean it's there like it's just Out there in the open now them saying This the founder he wasn't the founder Anything He had a you know he's a founder of

Heartfulness well that means Heartfulness is different Than size Mark it's not a continuation They're admitting it here Heartfulness is one thing and size Mark Is something else the SRI Ram chandra's Mission is one thing And heartfulness is something else he's Just appropriating The teachings The Works of the Masters Of the system dumbing it down and trying To be a fake Guru that nobody wants Because he sucks at it like he's Pathetic and so are the people behind Him they're pathetic they're you know Small pathetic people who suck at what They do trying to steal something that Doesn't belong to them and heartfulness Is you know a joke it's become more and More of a joke on a daily basis this is A new person that heard about Um the the system from me and met dodgy When you know somebody who's been Involved for five six years now and she Felt hurt by this right I mean people Who didn't even know Master charge you In the way it was before just how bad It's gotten recently The heartfulness Institute invites all the profit Philanthropic non-profit organizations And generous individuals to support the This important spiritual movement For Revival of humanity participation Comes in many forms from Partnerships

Partnerships so what does Partnerships Mean like what are you selling off here What are you selling off that belongs to The collective and not to you What are the Partnerships involved what Are you giving up to these partners Partnerships to donations we all join Hands and give you Manny a new Trajectory of awareness and adoption Awareness you you have the audacity to Use the word awareness Awareness and Adoption of Life ennobling Values values like scamming people On the you know brighter Minds program What a joke you guys are a joke What pathetic joke you guys are of good Health a peaceful heart and a Calm Mind All donations are acknowledged with Tokens of appreciation against each of The categories of donation to donate Please click on the appropriate table 250 dollars five thousand dollars ten Thousand dollars And 25 000 you get tokens of Appreciation One special coin to be released by Beloved two stamps souvenir magazines Suggested to donate multiple coins for The family karamative Commemorative coin two stamps Souvenir magazine suggested donate Multiple coins for the family Commemorative coin I mispronounced it Commemorative coin to be released by the

Government and special coin to be Released by by beloved dodgy pack of Stamps souvenir magazine suggested to Donate for multiple coins for the family And 25 Platinum brass silver gold Platinum Commemorative gold coin to be released And distributed by beloved dodgy during The bandara function plus souvenir Magazines suggested to donate for Multiple coins of the family The tax deductible amount will be Will be in excess of the value of the Coins received by the donor Yeah of course it Wills this will be Indicated by the donation receipt Corporate matching will not be part of This program those who have donated Since the first of November their Amounts will be considered towards Meeting the donation values if you are Willing and able to donate greater than 250 dollars but need additional time to Donate please complete the pledge from Here Corporate and partnership organizations Are encouraged to participate by having A presence in the souvenir that is Specially being released on the occasion With a hundred thousand print copies and Six thousand six hundred thousand Digital copies What do you mean digital copies Throughout the world you could have as

Many digital to advertise to souvenir Please send an email to this and that to Know more about heartfulness and its Initiatives please click here Okay it's not um Doesn't exist as a link for me We invite you to join the movement and Make a difference for us all with much Appreciation the heartfulness team This is their stuff here Brutal absolutely brutal embarrassing Just um I mean they're just out in the Open with it right They're just um all of it you know it Just sucks and it's embarrassing So I just had a few more thoughts um About what I just read and then I'll Move on to the video clip which ties Into this you know this is um Hijacking the system and so in this you Know in this offering with this um you Know not offering but um This uh you know begging for donations Or whatever it is right with these coins Commemorative coins All the stamps and whatever it is so There's things that were you know um Master chargie's father was in the Central region And he got obsessed with stamps and You've really concentrated on them they Formed the like sort of a deep Impression grossness not sort of and They pulled them down to the from the

Central region And so like just Stephen the stamps Thing have Other you know other um There's other stories about this right But for um Them to come out and call dodgy the Founder And make this about founding Heartfulness now there's the SRI Ram Chandra Mission which is Named after lology both Babaji and Lology were named Ram Chandra So there's the free ramachandra mission And that is the organization that's the Legal organization And then there's sagemarg which is the Natural path which is you know kind of a Slogan that represents the practice and Everything else right the SRI Ram Chandra Mission offers sahaj Marg As a you know as a system there's the Teachings and there's the philosophy and There's the ashrams the books and all These things but there's most Importantly the cleaning and the Transmission the transmission of course The most important thing And that's sahaj Marg and the Organizations the sriram Chandra Mission And dodgy created this thing called Heartfulness which was supposed to be More user friendly to bring more people In and D indianize it get away from

Being considered a Hindu Indian thing And make it more Global which I said or I think probably in this video already Don't need to say it again you guys have Heard it enough right And he was supposed to bring in lots of People and he's failed at the very best The mission has stayed the same but I Think it shrunk it certainly hasn't Grown and it's not growing in you know Maybe people are trying it maybe there's More you know non-quality not really Into it people that you could say Practice to make the numbers look good But there's been a general lack of Enthusiasm And you know doubt and then lots of People who just outright think dodgy Fell and I'm one of those people I think I think Dodgers had a spiritual fall and The people around him suck and this is What's happening But there was a video that this one guy You know there's a guy who sends me a Bunch of stuff And he's you know a part of a movement There he sent me some more stuff today And he sent me a video of Mr s saying to The an audience and saying to a group Aviasis that there's this talk of being A heartfulness abiasi Versus asajma gabyasi my dogs just Barked I don't know if you heard that So you're either a heartless Aviation or

A size margabyasi and he said raise your Hands if you're asajj margabyasi Everybody raise their hands they said Raise your hands if you're a heartless Aviasi and everybody raised their hands And his point was that there was no Difference between the two But there clearly is if you're talking About dodgy being the founder Because if heartfulness is just a Continuation of sagemarg under a Different name then doji's not the Founder and to call him the founder is Insulting to the other Masters Especially when dodgy has failed so Badly and talk about heartfulness which Is an organization that's existed for Seven years This guy um Sent me this stuff here Um let me see if I can find it and Um You know he says that heartfulness Institute is a private Incorporated on 11th May 2016. it is classified as a Non-government company and so they have It's a separate company but there's Already an entity called SRI SRI Ramchandra mission The age of the company is six years Eight months 11 days authorized capital Is a hundred thousand lack which is Rupees I don't know one million I don't

Know Um registered office address is in Um Is in Hyderabad and it's an organization That's coming out of Hyderabad and he Sent me a list of people I'm not going To read their names But some of them No I don't really recognize anybody They're all Um additional director director Additional director director director Director and dodgy is called the founder And this guy said that he's the founder Commish is the founder But um he's not like legally responsible And if the S hits the fan there if the Boop hits the fan That he's able to flee because he's a U.S citizen and he has um Some plausible deniability And so there's that that's a theory out There that I I can't validate and I've Been told all the properties are being Moved from the SRI ramchandra mission to Heartfulness so it's all you know owned By different people like it was a a Collective that was owned by everybody And there was a board of directors you Know people who are good solid long-time Practitioners and now dodgies appointed His own people his business spending This is what I'm hearing I don't know This this is just you know and it would

Make sense but I can't I can't you know Verify any of this right and with him Coming out and saying I'm the founder of Heartfulness and I'm looking for Heartfulness donations and then having These special heartfulness coins and These stamps and things like this And you know the other word I want to Get into is the partnership thing but The bottom line is coming out and Calling dodgy the founder means that It's not a continuation right it is a Separate new thing where he's the Founder a new organization and this is What he's the founder of the old Organization was these other guys the Dodgy has been trained by but he's going Off and doing his own thing and that's You know very clear here because they're Calling him the founder you should never Be called the founder he changed the Name or he came up with a new thing and That was to bring in more people To make it more universally you know More Global instead of something like Sagemarg which is a Sanskrit word which Was off-putting to people outside of India And so you know but he's gone full Hindu Now he's just doing all Hindu Indian Stuff he's made made it even more Hindu In Indian than it was before and he's Just neglecting the West he's not Traveling here he's not traveling to

Europe he's not traveling to these other Countries he's just all about India and All this stuff is targeted at an Indian Audience and new people because the all People are you know they're not into it In him like they were charging and him Begging for this money asking for this Money Is you know indication that they're Floundering financially right and so That's where I hopefully I find this Thing where it says um okay so I found It here and him saying them saying this Corporation and partnership Organizations are encouraged to Participate And so partnership organizations so There's this thing called ppps to do With the U.N public and private Partnerships and I just covered this in A couple of videos I did lots of Research on this back when heartfulness First became an NGO but the United Nation wanted these ppps would be a Public organization like the United States government and a corporation like Exxon and they would go in on Partnership on governmental roads and Bridges so Exxon would own half the Roads and they would get the corporate Money for you know they would get the Government money to maintain them and They could put tolls on them or whatever It is national parks and so if he's

Talking about Partnerships and they're Running out of money and he wants to Sell off some of the interest in say the The ashram there that's a billion dollar Property and then have a corporate Corporate presence on there where There's a spiritual condition and you Know hosts corporate events and you know Turn it into some corporate you know Some evil Corporation some globalist Type of Corporation and then you know Turn it into like some corporate Facility I mean I don't know what that Means but I'm just speculating here but Bringing in Partners which they've done Before has always backfired and it's a Flailing organization he can't bring he Can't motivate people he's got crappy Books he doesn't have you know I mean He's just lost it like he's fallen and It just it's become a how low can you go Sort of thing right real bummer um You know And so um I don't know what to say about It But with him coming out with them coming Out calling him a Founder they're now Distinct you know they're distinguishing That there's a difference between Heartfulness and the SRI from Sri Ramchandra mission in Saj mark That's Clear so let me um show you this other Video that I took of the you know the Whole

This is Tim you know kind of wrecking The prayer and other stuff that happened And then I'll um You know come back on the other side With a voiceover or something okay so There's one more um thing I want to say Then I'll show the clip I I started this Video with and it's weird how this is All gone Because my first idea was I was going to Ask for help to investigate Who owns the properties the ashram Properties and see if it'd been switched Into the harmfulness organization And I just you know I made a I started Making the video And then I was just like I don't want You know I just I just don't want to go Down the rabbit hole anymore than I have To and then all these people started to Show up And send me things and talk you know uh Talk to some guy called me you know just All these things right and I was Um pulled back into this thing Which I am eagerly trying to get out Right the whole Heartfulness debacle so I just had one More thing to say about this um you know The begging for donations here and the Desperation because there's a Desperation here Where they they just there's no Enthusiasm and they keep on trying to BS

People like they don't get it dodgy is Not connecting with people there's no Enthusiasm the old school people are Questioning or just in denial and they Don't want to you know think about dodgy Or just leave lost their enthusiasm you Can't win over new people And there's not enough money to support All the the stuff that's going on there Donation money and they just keep on Trying to pretend he's doing great and He's great and they're great and you Know it's not working right and one of The you know issues here with them Giving away stamps A master charges father was put in the Central region which is a very high Level you know the highest level of Spiritual Development and he was a good Guy and he lived a very disciplined life He lost his wife Um at a you know a young age and he Chose not to remarry because he thought His new wife would mistreat his three Sons he lost a daughter as well his wife Died like two years after childbirth and The daughter died as well so he's left Alone with three kids right you know When he lost an eye because someone Didn't put the lens correctly back on a Um on a telescope and he looked at like Some you know uh big time telescope at Some University And he had these things you know that

Difficult things that he dealt with his His son wrote a Master charge he wrote a Great chapter about his dad saying he Was just like a giant of a man And you know how much he looked up to Him But his father at an old age got into a Stamp collection when he was in the Central region and when you're put that High when you've achieved that level of Spiritual Attainment you know attachment to Anything on the Earthly plane you can Experience anything but you have to do It in a detached way Bob do you called it non-attachment Attachment That was you weren't attached to Anything on Earth but you could be Attached but through God right you were Attached to God and God was attached to Whatever your attachments were right Instead of you being attached to them It's a little maybe you know hard to Understand but Detachment is a big part Of it like you just there's a lightness To your To your everything you don't control you Don't hold on to you just let everything Flow through you and he became you know Kind of obsessed with these stamp Collection he was an old retired man And his concentration on such a mundane Thing

Pulled him out of the central region he Had a spiritual fault And he was accumulating grossness Because there's a vacuum that's created And all these things very innocent thing Right So it's kind of ironic that he's giving Away these stamps and these coins and You know there was I mean Master Charging there was a people who gave ten Thousand dollars but it was done in a Like I I didn't ever hear about it they Got babaji's original diary like they Did an edited version of babaji's diary Because there's a lot of stuff in there That was very Confusing a lot destructive he was Already to destroy things and start wars You know And so they they put up they printed and Edited version of babaji's diary but People have donated ten thousand dollars Got this diary and it was babaji's Handwritten you could see his Handwriting right I saw one copy I was Like oh my God this is amazing you know Um I stayed at some guy's house you know A senior preceptor who has been like a Total tool now but we're kind of friends Back then and he had these great books I Don't think he ever looked at the book Right you got this amazing book with all These secrets that you know most people Didn't get access to so charge you did

Some of these things and he you know and He was good at bringing in donations but He would bring in you know big money Donations and he was just good at it he Didn't have to you didn't have to put Out Commemorative coins or these goofy Things you know like just trying to find A way Um you know it was just he just knew how To you know who how to sell things he Was a Salesman I remember sitting there And he you know he had a book or Something and he decided to auction it Off and he you know people were bidding Thousands of dollars I mean in America You know and I mean it was all going to The mission too it wasn't going to him It wasn't going to a separate version of Seismarck like heartfulness is for Dodge He was you know doing it for the Collective to put into ashrams to to Build infrastructure to make it easier For people to to meditate and things Like this right it was for the benefit Of all it wasn't stuff that he you know Pocketed in some way I mean dodgy and Charging were both rich men on their own They didn't have to rely on Mission Donations and loology and Babaji there Was no donations right like Babaji Towards the end of his life he started To take donations but biology didn't Take anything so I mean you know dodgy

Begging for this stuff that's I mean to Prop him up and his dysfunction is Really pathetic but anyways let's go to This um Video clip of the prayer because this Ties into everything this prayer thing Um it's you know I started with this so This was the beginning of this original Video When it was just a sort of a it was Going to be an extra little thing where I was going to ask for help for You know finding out where the Properties or who owned the properties And I you know thought better of that But you know in that like the whole Thing started to open up without me even Saying that because you know they're Admitting here In this you know this um This donation thing that Dodges the Founder that they're looking him at him As creating a new thing that's separate From the original thing right and that Um you know Is uh zeped up like it's just taking This thing to a new level all right Let's get to the um the video here Okay Um so I did this video that I'm doing Now and then um I was sitting up there for I don't know A week or two For me to render into a video and

Somehow the raw file got corrupted or Something and disappeared and I have to Recreate it from memory which is kind of A bummer But I know a little bit of it I'll try To recreate it here And to start off with The preceptor that gives me and my wife Uh group meditation every Sunday sent This to me And he said something that people were Requesting more information about the 9 pm Universal prayer and this comes From heartfulness And it says here That each day around 9 pm local time Meditate for 15 minutes thinking that Everyone's being filled with peace and Love And peace was never a part of the Original prayer which I'll show you in a Moment and so that's wrong the other Thing it says Aggregor creates the favorable creates The favorable aggregor so that's not Even worded correctly but aggregor is a French word which I like But it's you know it's it's a And it means group consciousness And it means something different you Know more extensive in such Mark but There's no reason for new people to be Hit with that word right They don't need to be hit with that word

When they're just being hit with this New prayer and new practice and this is Really complex And this is May the wise ones remember It for the good of all And this is from a Whispers message I guess I don't know Um but again a very abstract very Abstract quote here And it just misses the point but the Bigger problem is Dodges changed the Prayer And I'll show you that here so the Original prayer This is from size mark one thing I would Like to introduce to our SATs on our Group meditation and practice is that 9 Pm sharp every obbiasi wherever he might Happen to be at the time should stop his Work and meditate for 15 minutes Thinking that all brothers and sisters Are being filled with love and devotion And real faith is growing stronger in Them so this is the prayer here right That um Thinking all brothers and sisters this Is the prayer all brothers and sisters Are being filled with love and devotion And real faith is growing stronger in Them and that's how the prayer went for Years you know it's sort of the my Favorite practice part of the practice Of the system and then dodgy changed it To this all brothers and sisters

Throughout the world are developing Intense love and devotion again I don't Like the word intense because sagemarg Is subtle and he added this word And faith is growing stronger in them he Left out real faith is growing stronger In them because real is important Intense is not right Then he has all kinds of distractions Faced by our country and Globe are going Away And then may this entire Earth be Engulfed with peace with love and with The Master's Grace now Peace again is something he's adding Here I'm gonna find the some of the quotes From Babaji about peace in a moment And putting in the Master's Grace Inserting the master into the prayer Again You want to just make this as easy for New people to do as possible And so he's changed things especially This slide all kinds of distractions Faced by our country and Globe are going Away I'm going to cover this more when I Get to the audio portion of the video So here they have it written they still Have it the old way here thinking that All brothers and sisters are being Filled with love and devotion and that Real faith is growing stronger in them So this is heartfulness they haven't

Updated the prayer which always sucks When they start making it confusing Universal prayer for peace and love the Prayer was never for peace and I'll get Into that in a moment but dodgy says This I would also like to request all our Preceptors And religious receptors actually all of Biasis also can sit at 9 00 pm This says we offer prayers To the Great Master that all sisters and Brothers throughout the world Are developing you know intense love and Faith In the last of See I don't think he really knows the Prayer and he doesn't know his new one Either which I'll get into in a moment Here But he doesn't say devotion It's praying that all brothers and Sisters are being filled with love and Devotion And real faith is growing stronger in Them there's no master that's him and Grandizing himself he's saying you're Praying that they developed love and Faith for the master that's never the Original intent of the 9 pm prayer You're not praying for people to come to Sajma heartfulness you're praying for Them to become spiritual Not for any organization just internally

And if they come to size you are great Because that's a great system the best System for that But you're not praying for that right You're not praying for them to come to The master there's none of these things You're praying for the whole world To develop love and devotion and real Faith right that's all you're doing that Was the original intent And he's changed it he's left out Devotion altogether so he's added lines And I showed you all that but he's not Getting it right like he's just he's not Hitting it he's not like I said again I Don't think he knew the original one I Don't think he knows his either because He butches his prayer coming up here The strong faith is going in all of them Besides this So impurities All kinds of Destructions Faced by our country Our globe Is going over So there's a couple things here and Mostly what this is about is dodgy Changing babaji's stuff And he's butchered it and it's not Better it's worse and you know and I'll Get into that in a moment when I go the The End voice over this but in terms of This prayer he changed the prayer

Now he's struggling to remember his new Addition His new prayer like I committed it to Memory And it was a lot harder than the other One because it doesn't flow and I Already had the other one that I've been Doing for years right and so at first I Thought maybe the prayer was there was More energy in the new prayer like I Just you know this is back when I had More faith in dodgy But then I noticed it just wasn't you Know as good And then when my wife and I switched Back to the old prayer I was like oh my God this is so much better The energy is better and so much simpler See I'm not sure if this video inspired The prayer to change because he's Maybe you just misremembered things and Somebody wrote it down and said oh Dodgers just changed the prayer or he Changed the prayer and he can't remember The new prayer right he's butchering He's like you know it's very sloppy and He's struggling to remember the new Prayer But he's inserting all kinds of things Into it right here he's saying that Let's pray that all these distractions Go away and that's not the intent of the Prayer the distractions were created by Babaji the collapse of the system but he

Seems to be working against Babaji's work and I'll cover that in a Bit like he wants you know in this Middle line to stop the things that are Happening from happening because he fell Apart during covid and he hasn't even Began to face the things that are going To need to be faced and like you know if He can't face them then like what's Going to happen the rest of people doing The meditation And so there's a lot wrong with this Right we should pray for Universal peace That made this entire Globe entire Earth Be engulfed With peace with love with Master's Grace Nine o'clock shop Thank you so inserting the Master's Grace part and the peace is important And it goes against babaji's fundamental Teachings and I'll get into that in the Narrative portion so before we get to That here's an audio I only took part of It it's really hard to hear there's dogs Barking it's in Bobby's Courtyard you Sit around answering questions and real Life is going on And there's Danish woman she's um Somebody famous in the mission these Four Danish people are there maybe even More and she's asking Babaji about peace And he says a few interesting things Here and then I want to read another Quote from him and you should peace you

Want and everybody wants but not The Peacemaker that is What I think she what I think he says There is he goes everybody wants peace But not The Peacemaker which is God You know they want the peace but they Don't want God right they just want Their you know their peace I disrespect richness Peace is good it is not bad but I am Tenure to anchoring for the peace Foreign So what he's saying there is to Aspire For the highest right That people hanker for peace they should Hanker for God and you know goes with a Lot of his other teachings I'm just Going to read a few of them Here It says um Now again he didn't the goal of sagemarg Was never peace to feel peaceful because There's part of your journey you're Going to feel Restless when you go Through the yachtra points there's four Different conditions and one of them is Restlessness right and so every time You're going through those you know Conditions there's some restlessness And there's you know you're going to Experience the full gamut of The Human Experience here it's not to be unnatural But you're going to be consistent and You'll be focused on God and there's a

Peacefulness to that but that's not the Goal And so he says um everyone in the world Wants peace that means that realization Urging with God is not the object in That case he will go only he will get Only peace and not realization but if Realization is the object peace will Automatically come in the wake And then he later went on to say this Many a man must have a taste of the Condition of peace In fact the actual state of real peace Is beyond comprehension it admits no Contradiction it is literally neither Peace nor restlessness neither Union nor Separation either blissed or otherwise It is after all that which we have Developed it is after all that for which We have developed pain and then he goes On to talk about pain may you all have a Taste of that pain is not however Difficult to cultivate Only a firm well and an Undivided attention towards it is all That is required for the purpose you Often talked in this this was very Typical Babaji language And then when he wrote the letter to the U.N he said the idea of peace and the Common my and common in all Minds those Shattered by the self of the individual Mind is working on an individualistic Basis to gain one's own end on account

Of the narrow-mindedness of people he's Saying here And you know there's probably more to it Than what I'm saying but he's saying That each person whining peace is Causing un restlessness or lack of peace With other people right you having peace Of mind and the conditions that you Demand so that you can have peace of Mind often causes war or things that are Unpeaceful for other people He goes on to talk about peace quite a Bit in this letter which I'm not going To read Babaji never promoted peace or world Peace in fact You know there's times that he said he Had to start wars right like there are a Couple of social workers Indian social workers young guys that Came to him and they said you know we Want involved you discuss maybe in a Mood or whatever and he didn't you know Respect these guys or you know they were Just going to waste his time because They weren't spiritual Seekers and they Said well you know we want your Endorsement because we're trying to Prevent Wars and he said what do you Mean prevent Wars you know I'm here to Start some Wars like you know I don't You know I'm not getting the exact quote Right but the idea of Peace was never a Central part of the size Mark system

Now there's two things the first thing Is I don't think dodgy ever said the Prayer there's people who I mean I'm not Saying he never said it I don't think it Was very important to him Because he never spoke on it and other Than changing the prayer he never you Know said much about it and he still Doesn't talk very much about it I don't Think he's one of those I think he's one Of those people that wasn't into it and I am like I'm you know this is my Probably favorite part of the practice And he speaks you know he talks a lot More about other aspects of the practice But never the 9 pm prayer and so I don't Think he really knew the prayer because I don't think he did it I don't think he Had it committed to memory so he Shouldn't have changed it right and Adding that middle line suggests that he Wants to create you know in the line in The the last two lines which he added That he wants to create circumstances Where we'll have world peace and all These distractions will go away but Babaji made it very clear not only in The Whispers of the brighter World Message but in his other writings Including the my vision chapter of Reality at dawn that he was creating the Circumstances for the collapse of our System to be you know a new system with Spirituality as its base to be built on

The bones and Ashes of the current System and so he's going against Babaji's work or he doesn't believe in It or he doesn't know it or whatever it Is but that's you know very Troublesome That he's changing these you know these Fundamental teachings the way religions Change stuff you know religions changed The the actual essence of the the Teachings to suit their needs and their Point of view And it's you know that's what's Happening now he's you know just uh Scrubbing all the good stuff out of the System the literature the teachings Books all of Master charges work and He's substituting a mundane dumbed down Pop culture modernized weaker distilled Version of this the transmission is Still flowing but not like it was and It's pretty messed up right and I just Got a message from somebody one of these Long-time practitioners who's struggling With this she had sent me the donation Thing that I already covered so I'm just Gonna look at that I didn't get a chance To read it yet but I started reading it But let's take a look at that well first I uh now know I didn't know the Gathering was going on because it's not Passant And I haven't really you know I'm not Feeling connected to the YouTube channel And dodgy and all these things so um

This viewer had let me know that she had Some observations about the Gathering And so I went to look at the gather and I didn't you know rehearse things Because I just wanted to see how I felt About it first and we had some similar Reactions and I'm going to show you some Clips so first let me show you The Gathering that you know the parts That I saw that stood out to me And then um I could read what she had to Say first book to be released today Is the iconic Wisdom Bridge book So how you calling this iconic it's just Released you know I thought it was Already released how are you releasing a Book that's called iconic right you know It's not iconic you're just releasing it And it's like it was written by a child I already covered this in my last video The wisdom Bridge So I don't know I guess I don't know if They've already released this Right Um And then they go on to this book the Next book being released Is The Treasure of Knowledge from puji Sri Lalaji Maharaja the truth eternally Today this islaji's original work and You know this just shows you they don't Release any of charges books re-release

Them on his birthday and he had more User-friendly books biology's book truth Eternal is a bunch of spiritual essays That are hard for you know anybody who's Outside of uh who who hasn't been Trained in yogic technology technology Yogic not technology but teachings and Philosophy and all of that right it's Hard to understand And dodgy had a video series where he Was explaining it and you know in um But it's not an easy book to understand And it isn't you know the system itself Babaji Created this system like the cleaning of Transmission I mean the transmission was Always there but the way that the Practice is shaped now And the sittings and things is different Under Baba geologie taught him how to do That but it wasn't a part of lalogy's Life and his teachings and works right So it isn't bad to have a lot of G's Book But it's you know not really Understandable in the context of modern Day Sage Mark right and even more so With heartfulness which is so watered Down Book of heartfulness the heartfulness Way by rivedi We release this book in Hindi today So they were re-releasing dodgy's crappy Books right yeah no but they're they're

Not releasing a charity stuff here Desktop calendar 2023 This is an excellent gift that we can Give to our colleagues friends I missed I missed a book here I didn't Go back but you have a calendar Tales From The Vedas and upanishads An excellent book for young minds to Start learning about the fascinating Vedic era okay so this is Hindu stuff This is Hindu religious stuff that was Never a part of sashmark in terms of Books being released in in that were Hindu books right you could read those Books outside of the system but they Never published them themselves right so This is stagey making it into a religion We are releasing today The book With detailed information on Heartfulness polarity in English Hindi And Telugu what the f is this So this is energy work Polarity work which again isn't part of The system This isn't Heartfulness polarity is a simple method To fix our energy field by freeing and Balancing energy It's not a part of size chart In fact this was stuff that you weren't Supposed to do our heartfulness Languages English Hindi and Telugu so I'm going to get into the journal

Because these Colony Diaries here but They released something called a journal And there's something somebody sent me I'll show you that in a bit 5 30 pm We now have being released the bhandara Message in English Foreign You know there was real real books Mark Books released in all these things and Lots of them I mean charging was Cranking out three four books a year And they had all these things of course The Whispers most of this stuff has Nothing to do with size mark They look like pamphlets and stuff I Mean it's embarrassingly bad here I now requested to please announce the Bhandara message It will be very difficult to read this The reason I tell you it's 36 pages so I Think it's best you take a copy go to Some Corner meditate and read this Message I think it will not be wise on My part To read it will be very difficult to Digest So please pick up one of your copies and Try to understand the beauty of Salzburg Gifted by the hierarchy of Masters Thank you So Dashi didn't wear a mask he didn't Come in with a mask he didn't wear a Mask during meditation

Um You know just um Here he is here You can come in with a mask and then Wear a mask during meditation And so just bizarre stuff so then there Was day two which is a music festival That's how they build it and it's Becoming a Music Festival Concert Hall Let me show you this here Okay so you see no one's wearing masks Um people are sitting in chairs which This person observed which I'll uh read In a moment there's a few people with Masks in the front over here For the most part you know That's done with everyone's sitting in Cheers they kicked us out For sitting in chairs in 2020 which Caused a big problem So dodgy they have the music event here First Which I noticed in this other person had Pointed out as well Um Which they never did and I'll explain That in a minute But then they have SATs on after the music event So again There's some masks I mean I would say one out of every three to Four people one to five maybe One to seven maybe if I look at it

Such a lovely evening As I was expressing to them if I were a King I would put them in a jail and help them Every day for our Exciting your devotion towards God So the people who played the music if You were a king he'd lock them up in Jail and then let them out play music For him and all the people Um why are you even thinking about being A king like it's just uh I don't know It's just he's so Fallen right Okay so I had this video done rendered And ready to go up on the internet and I went to make dinner making chili and I Stopped to talk to my wife about This thing that you know all these Things I just heard about and gathering With dodgy and all these things and Where he says that if he was King he'd Lock them up and put them into jail So that they could you know all enjoy Him and the people meditating The music and you know feel the devotion Of God And it's such an effed-up thing to say I mean I was already thinking about it And then I told my wife and she was like Wow that's so effed up right it shows a Fantasy or desire To you know lock people up or being King I mean a spiritual Master is supposed to Be higher than a king

And why lock them up right that's what You would do if you were a king you Would lock them up into jail and roll Them out to play your music I mean it's Just so effed up to even think that way Like it gives you a kind of a clue into His internal world Like he thinks that this is how you Should treat people right like why would You ever do that if you're a king you Could just have them around you could Pay them they could enjoy all the the Fruits of the kingdom and then they Could be around when you needed them Right you don't have to lock them into Jail You know it just shows you his Orientation now that's like a fantasy That's You know if I Were King this is what I Would do really like that's you'd lock People in jail that you you like you Know their their work they're doing good Work they're making good music and you Lock them in jail that's what you would Do it's just so screwed up I mean I you know I can't even I don't Know what to say about it you guys are Probably having your own reaction to it But you know just being a like a power Hungry I don't know what it is right It's just um you know I don't know why Uh you know he would even say that out Loud but why even think something like

That and then think it's a good thing Just cluelessness on like an Alec Baldwin level of cluelessness You know he's running these scams and He's running the mission into the ground He's talking about locking people up if You were King and this is the kind of Person is A real bummer anyways let's just get Back to it here What I witnessed Cannot be described in words Bhajan that took us to different heights So we say that the music is taking you To spiritual Heights And not the transmission the Transmission anybody can play the music I mean there's not anybody but there's People who play that kind of music all Throughout India Music is music To get to the true Heights of spiritual Attainment the transmission is necessary At least that's what size Mark used to Say right We describe from our hearts Inviting the Lord In our hearts And having the Lord in the hearts Who cannot but simply dance And sing Forgetting all the miseries of the world It's audio sucks here Life becomes blissful

So these are becoming music concerts and Festivals I don't know if this is a Famous group or band here Um She's introducing them here they are Here So I guess these are maybe famous people Who are singing And um You know all that right really really Getting into it here And then um dodgy Gives them the pranums you know they Bless him and then He talks for a little bit here We need to pour our heart Anointing the Lord It's saying Keep your doors open meaning the doors Of the heart Have no resistance That submit have some Legacy at the feet Of the Lord And so then he puts on his neck brace Here He's no longer doing that The Mask I guess they hand him a mask Here He puts on a mask For what reason I don't know his girl Looks like it's a Like that you know why uh that thing That Anthony Hopkins used to wear in the

Silence of the Lambs right like some Kind of You know Um And then they go into meditation here Just bizarre right Um Just very strange So just so you understand this and I Want to go back to the monkeying around With the universal prayer and changing Things and all this stuff and it's I'm Glad that the person sent me this and I'm going to read you something about a Diary A journal that they sold The brighter mind scam stuff in a bit And just Um and then I got a pretty brutal I Don't know say brutal but Um you know something I haven't really Talked about before That's to me profound as the ending to This thing I already did the voiceover For the end So to start off with Sashimarg was different in that you know There's the eight limbs of pontanjali's Yoga and Babaji was pontanjali in a past Life But he starts with I believe six or Seven seventh languages Uh concentration and meditation and Whatever they are right and then samadhi

So these all the other things that are In other yogas are not uh a part of Psych Mark and you're supposed to get Those things in your life right but They're not necessary because sahaja Mark is simply about going inside Forgetting about your senses so it's not Having a special you know Uh incense that you burn and play in Music and meditative music or whale Sounds and crap that they've put in Their videos because those are sensory Right your ears are sensory vibrations Are sensory in a concert a Master charge You love to music and at the end of the Gathering there would be a performance Sometimes in the middle of the Gathering But the settings always came first and The sittings were what was important Right but dodgy is turning this into a Concert hall And bringing in famous people and then Talking about the music taking you to High heights of spiritual attainment When it's supposed to be his Transmission so he's lost right it goes Against the whole reducing the senses And get you know going away from your Senses And this person wrote to me this Practitioner this is the person that Sent me the other thing Um And the she wrote this I've been

Following the lology bhandara and have Some observations that might be relevant You probably already noticed these Things now because they know what's Going on I had no idea I'm glad that you sent me This because it's important to the the Video I'm making now and I don't know What I don't know why this video would Be important I guess to some people It'll help I don't know I mean it's Not something that I see being a Solution me making these videos isn't a Solution But maybe it's helping some people or Not I don't know you don't have to tell Me if it is but you know in terms of There's some purpose for it but the Information keeps on coming to me so I'm Reporting it just like my other videos But my you know my hope and my my Inspiration from the seismmark system as A solution Is being you know window is being eroded Not weaned but eroded by dodgy's actions Right And she said on a positive note kind of Looks even more beautiful than it was And I did feel transmission Well the ashram's getting better I Didn't feel transmission was looking Through the video but I wasn't Meditating I don't know and I'm not going to do it

So I you know I'm not LED I'm not You know I don't feel it right But there was a lot to overlook anyway Here goes one accomplish no longer says Please start meditation I didn't see that part but I guess That's um I don't understand that so He's changing that everyone in the main Hall is seated in chairs no one's on the Floor and that's changed because they Kicked us out like I said Every uh three the first SATs on there's No commentary just a very short welcome And they roll out books accomplish was Scheduled to read the vandara message But then said something like it's too Complicated to understand So just read it yourself Um that's the part I saw like I looked At this and I just happened to my eyes Went down to that part I said I want to Go look at that And so um he no longer writes in a Journal after meditation again it should Be a diary which I'll explain in a Moment Um it's not a journal despite telling Everyone that they should The music performance or before Meditation rather than after I've just Covered that probably so probably so no One will get up and leave Which would be insulting to the Musicians

He is now soaking up the fawning Idolatry He's feeling himself right like you can See it more and more he's digging Himself and it just really um Disastrous right just so not size mark And so let's go to the the other thing I Have here which is um Somebody sent me well let me it's Self-explanatory okay so in the midst of Everything that's going on this is um Closer to when I'm going to release the Video or at least uh be finished with it Today is I don't have my phone um Wednesday Jerry January 25th So I probably put this out over the Weekend Um I'm eager to get it out because it's You know a little bit different and I've Already made the ending of the video I Just have to petted this and the other Original clip and just do a little voice Over to go with that I'm sure and then I can put this out there One of my viewers who started Heartfulness has been doing heartfulness For a while Wrote to me and said her husband Is um Doing heartfulness as well And so he got a heartful journal now What's interesting first thing is that In the sinach mark tradition you keep a Diary it's not a journal

It's a diary And it's very it was very specified it Was something My ex was always you know very OCD about and you know it's it's a diary And not a journal there's a distinction And they've lost that distinction right And so heartfulness is now selling this This journal and inside the journal Is an ad For the um the mind of a child immense Potential The brighter Minds right now they've Been trying to separate the brighter Minds they know it's a scam from the Heartfulness you know they've erased or Hit out hid or scrubbed videos of dodgy Promoting it in different places And you know they've tried to minimize The exposure they have to this thing But here it is in this journal and again This might be an old Journal that's just Been sitting around I don't know where the person got it but Here you see the super hero Motif right You turn the kid into a superhero and I You know I have that Montage somewhere Um let's see if I still have if I do I'll play it here And so here's the superhero montage And because of this and There are many other exercises where we Use to create Building a bridge between the right

Brain and left brain You see as we age We remain polarized more and more We remain fixated with our thoughts and Ideas habits And nerves that we use continuously they Get strengthened And the nose that we don't use they are Wiped out With this technique for example when When my left brain is affected My right side of the body will be Affected See I'm not opposed to these exercises I Remember Doing some of these different types of Exercises years ago as an athlete Where they're trying to balance the Right and left hemisphere Bring more connectivity right and then Of course you know when you I mean There's a time in my life where I wanted To be amps be dexterous And I did everything with my left hand Brushed my teeth all these things Because of you know playing basketball And people have to learn how to use Their you know their left hand in sports Left side of their body so these things I have no problem with It's the claims right the claims that He's about to make These superhero claims right that they You know claim that kids can be

Superheroes So I'm wasting a lot more time on this Than I want to but I had this um Journey Series 73 that I never Uh I haven't made public yet And I did a long thing on the whole Superhero how they've used this term it Was even used by a famous Bollywood Actor And also a in an American setting Wonder Kids Wonder these types of things And so let me um Let me uh just show you like little bits And clips of that just so you get a Sense of it but this is um You know first of all be a be a brighter Minds Super Kid And so this pitching of the brighter Minds Now I can't go through all the videos And they've even scrubbed some of the Videos I used before Um for the videos I've made they're so Long and I mean I just don't want to go Through All those videos again after working on You know three hour videos four hour Videos I'm kind of over this whole thing But I noticed throughout the Um the videos they're pushing this idea Of being a superhero right Make your child feel like a superhero This is one of their ads for brighter

Minds right so the word super Um They'll go through some of the other References here But um You know this is the idea that the kid's Gonna be a super kid Here's from their official uh brighter Minds Uh website this video an inspiring Creativity helping helping a child in Problem solving and Confidence A child the power of intuition the power Of intuition Boost your right brain open a pathway to Love Every kid is a superhero nurture and Develop intuition to brighter Minds so This is their sales pitch right they are Ever willing to take up these projects Into Villages and help us Implement them Some programs that we Implement in Schools for example the brighter Mind Program that you may have witnessed how To increase the intuitive capacities Amongst our children Especially in villages I would take this time to tell all the Parents out there that if you love your Children And I say this from the bottom of my Heart if you love your children and you Want them

To have a superpower and I've seen this With my own eyes Enroll them In the brighter Minds program Blue It's something so magical and that's What will said to your child what will Said to your child apart From being A regular human to a superhuman Wonder kids right five Wonder Kids Shivani and I did a fabulous job in Messing things up now these Wonder kids Will actually solve that for you so Whatever these kids are doing over here Will be shown on the big screen for you We'll actually stream it live And see how these fantastic children who Tell you that all these kids were just Like all of you and like all of us till The time they joined brighter Minds that They have been students with brighter Minds and they are going to display some Amazing abilities after they have joined And all of them are blindfolded right in Front of all of us Here's someone from CNN who um Was um Well here it is so brighter Minds Certainly seems to provide kids with Opportunities which stimulate and Enhance their brain skills and encourage Them to excel uniquely now on to some More Wonder kids from brighter Minds

Program how do we teach them How to have the right skills you know How do we improve their observation Their perception and their critical Thinking skills Well that's where brighter Minds comes In all right all right these kids that Are going to come up here They're going to blow your mind okay I Mean I'm jealous because it's never like The first time And I've seen this and it's amazing you Might think this is a magic trick but It's more like a miracle fantastic can We give another round of applause to all These wonderful children I am wonderful version so I don't know What she said her name was but she said She was wonderful right She's creative so whatever her Delight Name was She's super whatever her name was right They're all giving themselves they're Being told to You know that's what they've been told They are right they're super they're Creative right all these they're given a You know a compliment uh like you know Like you do with a magician right the You know the magical your Sandy or Whatever it is right the you know Wonderful Wally like some kind of Um you know like there there is some Sort of uh

Carnival Act Create and watch You can't superpower 30 minutes Foreign So what happened there that guy is a Famous Bollywood actor And he um is in charge of the piece of Host of the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire this girl was a Contestant And he says you have a superpower she Has a superpower which was listed under Her bio or whatever that is right And she's a part of the brighter Minds Program a bunch of people are still Pushing this videos out Who are brighter Minds people right and So this idea of a superpower has been Said over and over again here on National TV and then there's this um Doctor Who comments on it here Um midbrain activity and the corn banega Crorepati what is that about what has Been demonstrated He is an act of blindfolded reading by a Little girl I think around 10 11 years Of age her name is some wamshi something And she shows the great man Amitabh Bachchan that she can see things with Her eyes And it's called a superpower I was I don't watch TV But when somebody brought it to my

Attention I was totally intrigued what Is this happening today in our country That a country of 130 crores is being Taken for the ride by little girl and an Old man And a TV channel out looking for trps They are showing that a girl can see Without light falling on a retainer And that really hurt me and I complained To the broadcasting BC seat is called broadcasting Complaints Council or something yes BCC BCC and they wrote to Sony TV some Grievance officer and they withdrew the Episodes yes what a shame that in this Country this episode ran for more than a Week fooling the people that somebody Can see even without light falling on The retina And now after we do the things I have Written to them saying that okay you Have drawn it now but what is it you are Going to do to correct this wrong Impression created in the minds of the People which is already created yes Particularly some Enterprise called Brighter Minds which is training Children to Broaden their Horizons by doing this and Let me show you this yes we'll watch how It is done There is a blindfold okay the girl Blindfolds herself of course you have to Remove the specs and then

Reads things By just smelling them Okay feeling them You think this is really miraculous But it is not you see there's a gap here But is it possible to read everything Through that Gap yes We are seeing the whole world through Two pinholes yes that is pupil inside Your breast yes so that means even if You have such a small Gap here you can See the at least what you want to see And what happens is once you blindfold Yourself Things become dark so the region become More acute But one more thing do you think that This 10 year old child will be able to Manipulate all these things no there are People behind her who are trained her This whole show Is by something called as brighter minds And the person behind it is one kamlesh B Patel Who goes by the name daji and he has got Some happiness Foundation or something Like that so this idea that it's being Pitched that you're a superhero right You have these and they have to make it Sensationalistic and people won't do it There is subtle benefits if these tricks Did work or whatever these exercises it Would be for subtle benefits not for be Able to read with your nose or smell

Colors or solve Rubik's cubes with the Blindfold on without being able to see The cube at all I mean these things Right these are not um you know these Are all tricks these are all magic Tricks to sell this thing that you have Some sort of superpower And so the person also sent me to this Which I've seen before It's not it's science not magic well It's not science at all And so they talk about here brighter Minds is a finely tuned system of tools And techniques Informed by the latest advances in Neuroscience That enable children to develop their Cognitive abilities within a framework Of love and support Now it isn't backed by science there's No science to this there might be some Science that's not related to them Spelling colors You can do these different exercises you Know there's athletes that do these Exercises there's ways to you know Stimulate your you know your brain Function I knew about this for years but It's very subtle it doesn't allow you to Smell colors or any of these claims that They've made right and this has nothing To do this wasn't a a scientific Breakthrough that came out and some Scientific Institute

Found this you know these exercises help A child develop superpowers and that's The way that they're marketing this Thing this comes from Other spiritual organizations That scammed right and I'll talk about That more we know that most of you know That already The intellectual and emotional and Social transformation that catalyzes in Every child may seem nothing short of Magical but at the core of our program And process is pure evidence-based Science they don't have that at all Because this was exposed as a scam by Scientific people And claims had to be reversed and you Know people Organizations stopped using this And dodgy being completely duped and Fooled or I don't know what he's doing Got sucked into this thing laid into the Game when it's already been exposed Right And so here is the video Welcome to brighter Minds as parents we All have questions about how we can help Our children achieve their true Potential we off okay so that's how They're selling this at the beginning It's a big deal um And here's there they're saying what Problems start the brain is subjected to Numerous external influences making its

Reaction to a certain kind of exposure a Habit through repetition So they're saying kids are being Bombarded by their parents in school Society and it's making their brains Function in an under functioning way and Brighter Minds is the solution to this To help them Do better it becomes a superhero they're Meant to be so most of you already know This but when you're selling something You have to maximize the problem right You usually say all right this is what You should be scared of you know there's Termites in your you know there's Termites in your house or there's you Know rust that's going to take away your Car you don't smell good so you better Get extra protection and deodorant or You know you should have a fear of Smelling bad in public you should have a Fear of rust eating away your car Whatever it might be right That you sell something that's Undesirable you have to sell the premise That they need something or your kids Have been messed up by Society bombarded By whatever You know and they're not functioning It's it's cramping their style it's Keeping them from being all that they Can be and now we have the solution Right that's what they're selling here And this is what they're selling

And cognitive functions of the brain Brighter Minds offers a unique whole Brain wellness program designed to help Children reach their true potential It has not been studied by scientists There are people In the heartfulness organization who are Doctors or in the scientific field who Are asked to do studies on the kids And they all endorsed it except for one And he was ostracized somebody who I've Talked to and he you know proved that This can't be done there's a guy out There which you guys all know about Who's a part of the Indian uh Rationalist society and he's been going After these organizations and it was the Guy I showed you at the end of the Montage right and Um I didn't know that he was in the Montage till I found it but that you Know what I made this part before so Just adding that here Offering rewards if they can come in and Prove that these things work and Heartfulness is what no part of him Right they're avoiding him like the play Because they know it's a a scam and Here's the science part Neuroscientists working in this field Have proven that enhancements can be Made in cognitive functions of the brain And if put forward the theory of Neuroplasticity so they put forward this

Theory which means it isn't science it's A theory And they didn't well this is a term that They Um that they have gravitated to because What this was the midbrain scam so Originally they had the midbrain scam in India which was well documented by this Guy Narendra nayank who was um you know I talked about this but before Rationalness exposes mid brain Activation fraud and so the term Midbrain which is what they originally Used they were calling it midbrain when The doctor was asked to Test these kids the doctor who proved it To be false he's a a preceptor and a Practitioner harmfulness system And that's what they were calling it Back then midbrain activation right so When they realize the midbrain term had Been damaged they switched to Neuroplasticity which it says like this Is what it says it's defined as the Ability of the nervous system to change Its activities in response to intrinsic Or extrinsic stimuli by reorganizing its Structure functions or connections after Injuries such as stroke or traumatic Brain injury And so they're not saying that you can Smell colors right they're saying that You can do various things and they've Developed these you know it's a theory

Again It's not something that is been um you Know been actualized into science yet And it doesn't have anything to do with I mean in terms of what they're doing in The brighter Minds program with kids Smelling colors like it's not backed by Science and so that's you know a false Claim right this theory states that Because neurons or nerve cells process And transmit information through Electrical and this is the snake oil Part where they explain oh there's this Is technical this is what you're seeing Like they do this at every scam show Right every Illusionist you know this is What they're saying this is this is Science not magic no it's an illusion The kids are cheating they're coached to Cheat they're given you know they're Giving praise and things like this to Encourage them to Peak and they see Their other friends doing it and there's A whole thing right And chemical signals between brain cells Every nanosecond brain structures are Being easily shaped or molded this Elastic condition of the brain allows it To repair regenerate or change in Response to stimuli that are either Sensory motor cognitive or emotional you Can smell colors you can do it Up a different mindset and exhibit Positive traits such as enhanced

Observational skills which improves the Ability to stay focused with increased Attention time spans okay so now they're Saying all these things but they're big Whatever it is right you're going to get Better grades this is how they're Pitching it and the rest of these things And then it's a gift for a lifetime and Then down here at the bottom of the page They're pushing this superhero thing Again right and we know about this it's Been played out you know I mean I've Covered it so much here I already have The voiceover for the um end of this Thing I just want to get this part done I might cover Uh the rest of the Gathering I don't Know in the new one I don't know what I'm going to do like it's just For me it's hard to Make these videos from the standpoint of What's the point right the year of the Effort which I've talked about Because I don't have a solution anymore Like I don't You know I used to have a solution which Was the seismark system it's still my Solution But it's you know falling off a cliff And it's hard to Tell other people about something that You're doing and then say to them in Ever increasing because it keeps on Getting worse

That it's you know going into a bad Phase it's like going out of business Right it's and it's just not going to Get better Dodgy's too smug and you know he just is Never going to want to lose face and he Can't come out and say yeah I made all These mistakes And you know each Master of the system Is going to put their own little spin on The system they're not going to change It they shouldn't have they they Shouldn't dodgy has But they you know they could just do Their own little thing right add some Things to it not subtract or change but Add Enhance the system and Changing Times Might require some changes that's why a Living Master is a good thing of the System But he's basically scrubbed the Fundamental principles he's going away From all that made the system good and What I was saying before about the Prayer I don't think he did the prayer Very much he might add it occasionally But I don't think he was that into it And so therefore why is he changing the Prayer and why is he even talking about It he's introducing all these other Things and he started off by saying Let's make this thing more Universal Make it less Indian and less Hindu and

Now he's releasing Hindu books he's Scrubbing the spiritual books and making It more of a religion it's pretty clear That this is all about him and his Whatever like his his ego needing to be Special or needing to be the guy he Doesn't measure up and he's got a lot of People around him who just never got it Maybe they resent the people who did he Never felt it right and so you know it's Just everything's changing and you can See it in every capacity and people are Sending me things And I'm aware of it myself and people Are having the their own experience with It and so what do I do you know what do I say I mean it's like buying stock in a Company and saying well the company's Going to hit hard times but maybe There'll be a turnaround I'm not sure Whether there will be I have faith in The the original company but now it's Changed it's Under New Management the Current Management's a bozo the current Current CEOs of Bozo but you know after He's gone or whatever it might turn Around and be as good as it was or Better than it was before Well that's a lot of ifs you know And so I mean I'll continue making these Videos as long as things are sent to me Or you know I have ideas and information Comes to me I'm just going to put it out There but like I don't feel as good

About the thing as I did before but it's You know But it's more true it's it's the truth Right it's reality reality at Don Anyways here's the the voiceovers I did For the ending of the video so I already Made um The end of this video and I get into a Story about A dream I had was my brother did I Didn't remember the dream until I Started talking about The dream itself the things I was Talking about in the voiceover it's the Thing you're going to hear right after This one And I realized Um I forgot one part of it and so in the Dream I'm talking to my brother about All the things That happened in my dealings with dodgy And the system right and you know I was The one who brought my brother Into the system like he wouldn't have Found Heartfulness without me sash Mark not Harmful massage But he's resisted you know thinking Anything negative against dodging you're Going to hear that in a bit when I talk About it and the one thing I forgot you Know in terms of this interaction Was that my brother you know he's a big

Sort of old school tough guy he grew up In the You know the 40s and the the 50s More of the 50s he was born 17 years Earlier than me so that's um I believe It's 1947. so he grew up in the 50s and Went to Vietnam was just sort of a tough Guy kind of guy And you know different lingo different You know the kind of pre-boomer early Boomer Um for that group of people So for my brother you know if a man was Behaving unmanly And um you know whatever it is he call Him a c word right like that was the Worst thing you could Call a dude there's a little c word Right you know this sort of you know Being kind of a hard guy And I pointed out in the dream that Dodgy behaved in his behaviors that he Engaged in were things that my brother Would have turned the c word right and So you'll you know you kind of Understand that when I get to the bad Part of the narrative but you know my Brother who I am well aware of what he Respects and what he doesn't in terms of Behaviors and the behaviors that I you Know have noticed and documented that Dodgy accomplish has engaged you know Personal things that I've dealt with and Some of the other things that he's done

I mean the way he's treated Master Charity and that stuff with took a g all That stuff that he's done where he you Know said Master charger wasn't part of The hierarchy all these things Those are c word behaviors according to My brother right that's how he would Describe them there's a weakness there And just um you know things my brother Doesn't respect and that was you know Kind of interesting because I again Forgot about the dream and then I Remembered it and then after doing the Voiceover I remember that part there So I just want to add that you'll you Know you'll see what I'm talking about In this other voiceover and you know There's this stuff I've already covered In this video That just came in I did the voiceover This morning but one of my viewers sent Me the stuff with the Briar Mize and the Diary stuff that you've just already Seen I haven't done that yet but I'll do That you know next day or two And that'll be you know kind of out of Chronological order but it's just across The board there's a weakness there right There's You know the kind of stuff I know my Brother doesn't respect but he's you Know got his cult goggles on and he just Refuses to see what there is to be seen Anyways here's the ending to the video

The LA the voiceover I did this morning Okay so I had some thoughts last night I Had a we're doing something with our Cows you know I thought covered this in My other Videos on my channel it's um February January 24th year And um You know the um We had to go get hay because we were we Thought we were our cows were leaving us But they weren't it was because they got Out so my son and I went out and got hay This morning so it was a little bit Different morning for me usually I Start the day with videos and voiceovers And things but I had something really Important to put in here I think I'll Put it in towards the end of this video Like they'll I still have to edit the Clips about the you know something That's come before this which is the The um Stuff to do with uh The prayer and I'm sure I'll have some More thoughts after I edit that about Dodgy changing the prayer and everything Else So I might as well end the video with This and I'll you know do an extra Little bit between this and the and the The sending here unless something else Happens but I guess I'll just put this At the end no matter what and so this is

As profound and I don't you know Know if anything this is profound it Might be to you and you know might not Be to somebody else but for me This is as big of a thing that I could Say about my obvious right people will Write comments to me once in a while and Say that I joined a cult and apparently There's some sort of semi successful YouTuber I didn't know who it was at First But a few people wrote me comments and I Get this I guess this guy you know it's One of those people I'd heard about Years ago and really didn't you know I Don't watch other truthers but I knew if You knew of this guy people had wrote And he was a shell and different things To me you know people expect me to Police the truth Community which I have No interest in because I know that I have no real power and Influence In terms of the bigger scheme of things And so why go after other people I mean You know if somebody's obviously you Know like a Alex Jones and that other Guy that just got busted for human Trafficking whatever his name was you Know people like that who are you know More mainstream but you know and then I'm not going down the rabbit hole I'll Make a joke about a bakum or whatever it Is

But this guy you know I knew about And somebody said that he was saying I Should admit that I was in a cult and Some other things Uh and I guess this guy has been Watching me over the years I don't know Never left any comments as far as I know You know and I don't care about it like People can say things about me Because I say things about other people Right I can't say Hey you know I mean I Mock people all the time it's you know a Big part of what I do here so I'm not Upset when people Make fun of me make jokes I mean my Friends and I used to do that all the Time you know it's not at my family you Know You know I came from the East Coast People are you know pretty brutal there And so I don't care about it I don't go Searching for it if somebody says Something like that But I wanted to say something about the Cult part the person I think said you Know and I get a lot of comments saying You joined a cult and you know it's just I can't deal with remedial minds and People with low Consciousness I mean I'm Not you're not welcome here like I'm not You know like that's just stupid uh Misunderstanding of everything that that Scish Mark is and could be and hopefully Will be for the human race right it's

The real deal and dodgy sucking and you Know dodgy possibly making it a cult Isn't really possible because he doesn't Have any Charisma right he doesn't have Anything that's going to lure people in Nobody would you know he just happens to Be put in the position he's in because Of his spiritual talents that he had That he hasn't actualized in use which Is a whole thing but here's the profound You know the really you know insightful Thing that I don't think I've really Said before here To really understand my association with Saj mark In the system you know it's not called Heartfulness srivam Chandra Mission all These things you had a dream about my Brother he came over and I don't know but I ended up we ended up Fighting I told him to leave and I'd Like him something like that maybe he Was living with us I don't know what it Was right it wasn't a great dream in Terms of my relationship with him or Whatever it was but whatever symbolized But when I started my first three Sittings It was the biggest experiences the Experience I've had in my life right Those first three initial Sage mark Sittings The transformational aspect of it and Feeling transmission

And then just the experience I was given And I'm blessed because very few people Have that experience in their first Sittings And I did and you know when I started to Talk to people about it Old-Timers People are in the system They got mad at me and I didn't know Like I thought everyone had the same Experience I thought it was just what happens when You do this system and I thought Everyone else who tried this system Would have that same experience that I Had in my first three sittings and some People do And you know Dodge accomplish talked About his first sitting being this you Know Miracle similar situation different But similar right we're in those first Three sittings you experience something That you just know this is it right and I was given access to a spiritual Condition and I don't know what it was But it was amazing like I can't there's No words to describe it and I've had Great spiritual experiences In the meditation since then And you know maybe even deeper and Better and you know even more Um you know I mean just great things That have happened wonderful things But the contrast from where I was before And the experience I had you know being

Lost for you know 18 years of my life Was in this 18 year old rahu period from The time I was 10 until the time I Started seismarck so it was like a you Know probably the worst period of my Life and just you know I didn't have any Big negative events I mean that Concussion and you know that was a Near-death experience so that sucked but Mostly it was just you know how I felt Like how what it was like to be me During those 18 years just lost and Clueless and you know no one expected Anything of me right you know I mean I Was just a failure and you know I was Going through this period and you know The contrast between that period and who I was before I had the cities And you know what I became afterwards Was so transformational like I don't Even know what to say about it right uh And you know I've had things that have More convinced me about the system But since that first sitting Everything about the size Mark system And the master master charging and dodgy May be a little bit in the beginning but Not you know not really and that's the Difference here everything about the System and master charging has delivered I went to my first Gathering and it Exceeded expectations You know you live in a world where you Have expectations you're going to watch

The Super Bowl you're gonna go out on a Date you're gonna go on vacation you're Gonna you know whatever it is right Things that you really want to do your Whole life you're going to go to Europe You're going to go you know whatever it Might be And the majority of those things don't Live up to expectations they just don't What you were hoping for what you Perceived it as oftentimes they're Disappointing you know sometimes you go To a Tropical Paradise or something it Doesn't have a good spiritual condition It may look beautiful but it doesn't you Know You may you know date somebody famous And then on paper or somebody on paper Who's great But who they actually are is a Disappointment it's a letdown right Something like that you know oftentimes Things look better than they actually Are But even the things that do meet Expectations you know it's it's great And it's you know sometimes they exceed Expectations a little bit but the size Mark system exceeded expectations in Ways I never would have understood like I could have never imagined What it was like and it wasn't you know Like a drug experience or a vacation Experience or something like that it was

Like internal change Stuff that happened inside of me By going to the ashrams by being around The master of the system and the master Of the system you know just outperformed Anything that I could imagine from Another human being Master charity you Know Master charging had this great Story that he told where you know he was Going around Europe and babadook was Being interviewed and people were asking Him questions and somebody said what's The best spiritual system And Master charge he was sitting there Because he was you know like some part Of him wanted to see Babaji get stumped Right Some part of them wanted to see Babaji Like you know falter a little bit like Just not be perfect not be great you Know I mean babji had his you know Things his humanness but you know just It was a kind of a trap of a question Because it's narcissistic and Egotistical to say my system And if he said anything but that he'd be Lying right because sagemarg is the best System At least that's you know what we believe And have experienced right and so charge You said he was sitting there relishing Babaji putting put in this circumstance And Babaji said I like the system best That has no power

Which is his system But he didn't you know say it was his System it was a way of going around the Question but a brilliant answer because Sage Mark doesn't use force it doesn't Use power It uses the forceless force which is Love right and you know the transmission And so you know there's just experiences After experience that charge you had Where Babaji just was a master right he Just was something different And you know I had these experiences With charges so many people had them and You know just those first three sittings Themselves was enough Was enough to convince me the experience I had you know again now it's a Memory I Mean I can't recreate that feeling but It's still enough of a a memory and then You know the subsequence experiences That this system's like no other right And the reason I do this system you know To all those people say you joined the Cult you know think about my personality I don't get along with other people I'm A Loner and I'm not a group person and You know in the size Mark system I like a lot of the people like a lot of People are great saintly you know many Of them better people than than I am and Some of the people I admire but I don't Have a lot of people who are like me and I get along with them I don't have a lot

Of close friends in the system right you Know being an American and there's just Not any that many American Americans and Most of them are Boomer hippies And so I had you know one friend in the System who we had sort of a falling out Whatever it was right uh and then you Know somebody's kind of similar but Definitely he's an anti-conspiracy Theorist he works for MIT NASA right you Know he's he does some kind of rocket Science thing and so you know even with That so Um but he was the only person that was Sort of like me and we could have you Know do grew up around my age and Somebody who had similar experiences in Life than that I did right Um but you know there wasn't that many People like that even though people who I liked and got along with I had great Laughs with people but there wasn't Anybody I was close with And there was lots of people that Just sucked oh I like had you know Negative experience with didn't really Like and lots of people who I just you Know felt you know no real connection to In terms of who we are as an ego as Whatever it is and so it isn't the People like I enjoyed the Gatherings and Seeing these people you know I would go To a gathering we went to the American Gatherings charge you came to America

Like the first seven years of my Practice and there would be times I Would go to one of the Masters birthday Gatherings at the ashram or celebrate it In local centers right so I saw these People quite a bit You know I guess say the first 10 years of my practice you know maybe More than that all the way to I started 1993 And so chargie's last trip here was like 2005 or six or something So I saw these people regularly right And you know there was a time where we Had a local preceptor And the guy ended up quitting his son um You know he wasn't a very good preceptor And he's an Indian guy a nice guy but He just wasn't very disciplined and he Had issues and his wife and him had just Lost Their dads both died they're probably in Their 40s and they're really broken up About they had one son and he was really Good You know like a like not a student just A really good kid right Um you know somebody excelling and he Went to the beach and the guy the son Got caught in a zip a Riptide and got Sucked out to the ocean right Um and it was you know the guy the guy Was devastated I didn't even see his Wife but at the funeral

Like I'd never seen somebody so Emotionally just wrecked Like just totally broken and again he Lost his only son and you know quit the Mission And all these things but before that Master charge you came to his house You know the guy wasn't doing a good job As a preceptor I'm not going to say all The stories about no not that I think he Got punished or something but you know I Don't know what happened there with his Son But it was you know a very odd thing My master charge he came to his house And me and my you know family at the Time drove out there and helped arrange Things and get ready and masterchargy Came and we ate breakfast and the guy Had me sit next right next to master Charity and Master charge you just cut a Piece of a donut and gave it to me which I took as Prasad you know I brought to My you know then family and you know we You saw something you're supposed to eat A little bit of it right he gave me like A quarter of a donut just you know you Know just as a thing right And you know I it's been right after My ex and I were unpreceptored and you Know was not a great time in different Ways but it was just this amazing thing Just the energy and the closeness now I'd seen these people and interacted

With them and many of them would come in Late to SATs on to group meditation and Then there were other people that just Showed up you know who came to this Guy's house right People I knew right but there was so Much love there you know there's a love That is there in some of these Gatherings where all the people Like you just like you feel love for Everybody there right and it might be People that you've had bad experiences With and interpersonal conflict but You're just and maybe you know you're Experiencing that but they're not you Know it's like sometimes some people are And some type of people aren't but some Gatherings like everybody is they're Just completely blissed out And it's you know I've never took Ecstasy but you know something like Where people have those experiences and You're at like a concert or something And it's just so great everybody's just You know grooving on the positive energy It's a million times better than Anything like that right and it's Because it's pure love coming from God And there's no side effects and it just Sort of lingers with you and lasts for Maybe a couple of days or you know Ideally forever but you know at least Weeks or something and you're just Raised to a higher level like these

Gatherings right Master charge you near The end of babaji's life they had a Gathering for lology's birthday which is Coming up around the time I'm going to Release this And the spiritual condition you know They rented someplace And they put up some tents like you know They do And made it you know just a like an open Field it's got a Woodstock kind of a Thing right and they you know they get Places for people to sleep and cook food And And the condition there was Sublime you know just unbelievably Spiritual just this spiritual energy and Since it wasn't an ashram it was a place They were just renting Master charging Went there like a day after and it was Like he said Babaji picked up a blanket Like a picnic blanket and just removed The spiritual condition It just went back to feeling like it you Know some empty field And what it felt like before like Ashrams retain the spiritual condition You know but not you know it still gets Heightened at one of these gatherings Right but anyways what I'm saying here Is is that size Morgan you know at least Master chargie and the system proved to Me over and over again that it's just You know exceeds all expectations it's

Just operating on a higher level and That's why I do it I don't do it because I like to be in an organization when People say I joined a cult what do you Think that you know I I went to a Gathering and people were nice to me and They were you know touchy-feely and they Said oh Paul you're so special and I Joined a cult like that's how they do it At Cults right that all these people Came up to me and like oh you use in Fact there was a guy that a new guy who Started started sagemarg this was years Before I was married it was like my First couple years of doing the practice And he was from Ohio like my generation Right like somebody That you know I could identify with and We had a you know I think one Conversation but I remember it because The guy said he went to a bunch of other Spiritual like sort of cult-like places He said everyone comes up to you and is Really nice And they want to make you feel special And they come up and they're you know Sweet to you whatever it is and you'll Make you feel like you you belong Because people don't do that here right You know oftentimes people in Sahajashmark system can be unfriendly And you know introverted socially Awkward And oftentimes especially back then the

Preceptors were so off-putting some of These Boomer hippies some of the people In Europe I mean the stories I heard They would make people quit right There's a preceptor and he gave somebody A city And said that's all you know you sit There across from somebody and he Transmits and cleans the person and he Got up and didn't say a word to the Person Like this is you know in Boston you know Like a you lived out like a you know one Of these places with a stoop you know Some you know city house right And he walks outside and he sits on the Front porch in the front stoop and Just Smokes a cigarette and the person walks Out behind him and it doesn't they don't Even interact like after the sitting Didn't say a word You know just I mean some of the social Things that I've heard some of the the Social ineptitudes right and so someone Accusing me of joining a cult doesn't Understand my personality at all like I Don't join anything right you see me With other truthers you see me doing Some sort of joint podcast or being in Some truther group or again other than You know little that you know about or Whatever I've talked about in terms of My family and everybody else I'm pretty Isolated alone

You know my wife and I get along great Mostly because of her you know just Because she's great you know not because Of me like I just don't get along with People I don't you know and I don't Desire to be in a group I don't desire to be a part of a club I Don't desire to be a part of a anything I mean it's difficult for me to to gear Up to have social interactions Especially with people sucking so bad Right but as bad as sucky people are you Know nice people for me are even worse Because like I don't know how to act Around nice people right like I you know There's some really saintly people and They're just gushing love you know I've Always been I mean my brother and I used To talk about it we've been socially Awkward but anybody knowing me just you Know as much as you would know me from These videos and just to see them a kind Of personality I am and just you know my Life history I'm not a joiner of groups I'm not looking to be a part of some Religious situation or spiritual Situation I wasn't looking for God But God delivered right God brought me In and gave me these experiences that Were undeniable And they just kept on coming And it one was enough but they just kept On coming And so the system proved to me and you

Know the kind of person I am now As opposed as opposed to who I was Before The transformation that I've had that Can only be attributed to the size Mark System and so it's delivered that's why I do it I do it because it works it's You know efficient it's effective it's Pure it's it's all those things I could Go on and list all the great words that You could use for the size Mark system Divine it's a Divine system And I believe the transformation I had If everyone had that transformation or Even more of the transformation You know people who are better off or Better suited or whatever If there was that level of Transformation for all Humanity then This planet would be transformed and Would be divine right I believe that the System could completely work in Elevating The Human Condition here Because it worked in me and I've seen it Work in other people And that's why I do it right am I heart Sensitive to the transmission I can feel It not everybody can feel it and you Know I was I mean I have some gifts and Things that I you know brought in from Whatever past lives or whatever I have You know that made it easier for me to To fold right into the system and Appreciate it but it's the system itself

And another thing is the way I was Treated A cult wouldn't do that right because I Didn't do anything that would you know If you go against the cult that's one Thing but I you know I didn't do Anything to go against the spiritual System And I was still treated in a way and it Wasn't just me this has happened to Other people where they feel unwanted Like that's a problem with the size Mark System people feel unwanted they go to a House of a group you know group sitting And you know it's an American person and It's all Indian people there and they Feel out of touch and they're unwanted Or they go and people are sort of you Know not very communicating Communicative and you know whatever it Is and they feel unwanted I mean it's a Common problem like people quit they Like the system but they don't like the People you know how many times I've Heard people say that they were going to Quit because they like the transmission And cleaning but they didn't like the People I mean that's you know and which is you Know I guess that speaks to the system But Cults aren't like that the people Work to they use this to suck you in and This isn't anything really to do with People saying I joined a cult what this

Is about is me Trying to explain you know working to Explain An inner transformation that I really Can't show you unless you knew me before And you really knew me what it was like To be me you know no one can really know That you wouldn't see the transformation That I've had What it feels like to be me and you know Inside myself right wake up every day And it's so much better now 30 years in To the seismarck system right This August I would have done this for Three decades and so that's why I do it Because the experience of it proves to Me over and over again that it's great And you know that's not even a great you Know it's that's not what I mean like The great yeah sure it's great but what It is is it says it does this this and This and I've experienced this this this And this right Like it says it does what it says it Does it connects people to God and the Experiences I've had and you know I Could have many more like I read Master Charges Diaries and it's you know what He experienced eternity and some of These things right I mean he's had you Know he had all these other experiences Becoming the master But just on my you know whatever level That I've been able to ascend to just

Those experiences it delivers it does What it says it does you know a system You know if somebody says I'm going to Fix your car and you get your car fixed And then a week later it's you know it's Not running right you have to bring it Back in and they never fix it you're Like well it's going on they're like oh Your car sucks and you dropped you know Three grand or whatever to it over you Know or more I mean even now I guess More And so you know they're saying oh now Get a new car after they fixed it right Um you know like and you're like you Didn't really do what you were supposed To do right you remember from the elf Movie when uh Will Ferrell character the Elf character Brings that girl I think Zoe Deschanel's Her name To uh to get coffee And she has a coffee it's like at a Diner And Um she's like it's just a ordinary cup Of coffee no she's it's the world's Greatest cup of coffee and he points to A sign right he's like good job you guys You know They're advertising the world's greatest Coffee at some crappy Diner right you Know and so the size Mark system Delivers it connects people to God in a

Way that you can't even imagine because It you know unless you've experienced it And you're sensitive to it you just Can't you know put words to it and so it Delivers right and that's why I do it You know people come in and they Challenge the master of the system and Master charging just exceeded their Expectations His answers were so profound and the way That he interacted and he just showed Over and over again that he was the Master And when dodgy became the master I experienced the work that was done on Him and I've talked about this before I Saw his condition you know from when I First met him and that experience I had With him in the airport where I was like Oh wow he's in the central region we Offered me popcorn I've told that story Over and over again and at the time at The ashram when Master charge he was Dying and dodgy was ascending into this Position and then seeing him after Master charge he had died for the first You know time I saw him and just seeing His and feeling his energy and walking By him on the road and just seeing you Know feeling his spiritual condition and I saw that he was become the master that He was he was brought to that level And that was an internal experience it's Not wishful thinking it happens on a

Heart level something you can't control You can't delude yourself into believing Like he had it he had all those things And like you know many of you might Doubt it based on what he is and you Know you might doubt it because you Haven't experienced it right it's like That you know that Magic Eye thing you Know one of the treatment centers I Worked in there was this thing called The Magic Eye books and it was Holograms Right Holograms and you would you know Stare at it and you'd like kind of make Your eyes loosen up and then you'd be Able to see the hologram But until you saw the hologram You doubt it is existence right the People who could see it could see it but Everyone else like you just effing me You know you effing with me you know Like it's just you know until you Experience it you don't experience it Right and many people go including my Brother this was part of my dream to him Because I think I was in my dream I was Talking to him About you know what's happened to dodgy And you know all the things that I know Now to be true and he was denying those Things just like he was denying to me That dodgy was pro-vax right because you Know he can't he couldn't ever Contemplate dodgy not being perfect But he didn't feel it like he wasn't

Sensitive to the transmission it was Something You know more like you know he mentally Convinced himself of this And he's had some experiences I don't Know what's gone on with him but you Know he's he put the Masters up on a Pedestal and didn't recognize that they Had a human side or it would ever have The potential to fall right But you know saying all this this is the Main point of this I don't feel it the system isn't Delivering for me like it used to right Like I you know I can't go to Gathering So I don't know what those Gatherings Are like Um you know ostracized but dodgy has not Coming here and people aren't even Having Gatherings the ashrams are closed And you know I mean some of the ashrams Like the Molina ashram and you know I Wouldn't go to the Ohio one Because of just the people and the you Know the condition there and so because Of all that and really very little to do With me like I didn't do anything to the System itself right I didn't you know Attack the system in fact I was a an Advocate for it like I was the person That more people heard about it from Than anybody else right more new people Because of this YouTube channel And you know when I was ostracized I had

Said a negative word about the system or Dodgy or anything right I mean what Dodgy did to me in terms of Ostracization Was far worse than anything I could do To him right because being excluded from The system ostracized made to be to feel Unwelcome especially you know the master The system who can really never do that The master might chew you out he might Say something you know but that's out of His concern but to make someone feel Unwelcome And you know do that on so many Different levels just not me but other People you know based on his beliefs and Things that he said things that he's Wrong about you know cause doubt in People I mean it's not just feeling Unwelcome but to cause doubt in the Master in the system It's just not something you can do right It's not you know it's and then be Considered a masterly person so I could Never do to him This horrible thing right I could never Kick him out of the the seismarck system So you know I mean I might say some Things that I mean they're just words But those were these are things far After the damage was done right and I'm Just talking about this personally But it you know it's so much bigger than That because you know for somebody like

Myself who the system has proved itself Over and over again But now I'm more or less disconnected That you know I had a sitting last night On the app and I have to use that other App and you know I'm wondering why They're pushing everybody to this new App I wonder if there's Spying you know my phone was hot it was Like two o'clock one o'clock in the Morning And the back of my phone was my phone Never gets hot It was just sitting there you know the Heat's down I mean you know it's I Turned the heat down and I mean it Wasn't hot in the room And the Heat's down like 65 so it's you Know and they you know the the phone is Hot and I'm like why would it be hot Just from you know being one having one App open right and it used up a ton of Energy whenever we do a city and it uses Like you know half of the phone's energy And like a half hour period It's just sitting there open they want You to leave the app open while you're Doing the sitting and I'm like are they Using it to gather data that you know What are they doing with it right like I Don't even know how to figure that out But there's so little trust and the Sitting sucks right like at the end they Say you feel relaxed you feel energized

You feel nothing And I had to say nothing and oftentimes It's like well I'm slightly more relaxed But I mean that's meditating the Sittings are so sucky right they're Nowhere close to what they used to be And it's not delivering for me not that I'm going to quit because you know I I Mean I know the reason is dodgy sucks And you know I owe enough to the system And to myself You know how much it's been great for me To keep on chugging along but I'm not Having the experiences like I used to You know barely feel the transmission I Feel it most when my wife and I do the Nine o'clock prayer once in a while I Have a really good meditation on my own And I feel it when I make these videos Especially this one you know that all of Them though and I can feel the energy But other than that you know the system Isn't delivering and dodgy certainly has Not delivered like every time he's been You know a situation where he has to act Masterly And he just doesn't like you know Sometimes I'm like I can feel his energy In this video and you know he seems to Be a little bit better in this video Like sometimes I feel it you know but But mostly not right mostly it's just Who is this guy why is this clown you Know acting like a master when he's not

Right and I felt the energy before like He had it he lost it And so you know that's what I'm talking About here right it's my experience like You know me better than I think you know At least uh you know there's nobody Who's gonna have that as much as me like I had no desire to find God there's no You know intentional desire when I was In my late 20s I didn't like to meditate I tried it before and I didn't like it And you know the I didn't want to be a Part of a group Especially a group that really didn't Include the kind of people I feel Comfortable with people like me right People like you like you know I don't The very few truthers in this Organization very few people like us Right most of the people are very Mainstream you know the Indian people Are nice you know many of them sweet People but they're quite different than Americans And you know people from Europe I mean Most people like you know there's some Wonderful people but I you know they're Not like me like it's not you know like I said before And so the reason I I was you know Brought into this system and stayed the Reason you know I do it is because it Delivers it is what it says it is and Now I can't say that you know with dodgy

I can't say that I really can't say it's The same as it was And he's looting the system it appears And you know he's just going against the Basic teachings and everything sucks That they do like everything's like Embarrassing and sucky and the videos Suck and the Gatherings suck and I mean Anything they do you know in terms of These joint partnership things or Whatever you know in 2020 when 2020 Kicked in and they had that last big Gathering before covid you know covet Hit and I went there with my wife and my Kids and it was the new ashram it was Huge it was the most people I'd been at A gathering with And I felt some energy and the settings Were okay But it disappointed I left feeling Disappointed and never happened to me Before It did meet expectations I felt bad for My wife who didn't get the kind of Experiences I've had you know there's Been other people that was their first Time you know this uh some of you heard Heard about from my channel had a good Experience so I don't know you know but You know with the diaper Baba thing and The you know that guy dancing around the Diaper you have all that stuff and all The things that went on It just didn't feel the same and then

Watching these gatherings on the Internet and feeling Transmission in the Settings they're just not as good And you know there's been failures but It's it's whether the energy delivers Dodgy could fail the way he's failing he Could you know be as bad as he as he has Been But if the energy was the same or better Or you know it's still delivered I would you know I would be okay with it Like I might you know point it out but You know I mean you can't not point out When they run a scam at the brighter Minds when it's so stupid it didn't even Make any money and it's just pointless Right a proven scam that they adopted And all the people that he's betrayed Like you know that young woman who um You know uh Missy who had to get up and And be a part of that brighter minds Thing right Who's been duped you know who is doing It based in her trust these people who Get up and do the brighter minds thing And these kids based in their trusted Dodgy and they go along with it because They think it works because they would Never think dodgy would would fail them The way he's failed them right And so that's you know and that's the Real tragedy of the thing that the Energy isn't the same like you know he's Transmitting sure but I don't you know

It doesn't feel the same and the Gatherings as far as I can tell are Getting worse more you know low level Type of people low-level Consciousness More stuff that's impure and of course He's you know separate himself and Creating his own thing and separating Himself from the original Masters And the organization that they built and He's trying to take their properties and You know their Collective whatever I mean that's what it appears to like I Don't have any proof of that this is What I've been told but that's what it Appears you know and again calling Himself the founder now and then begging For donations because they just can't Pay the bills because you know people Just aren't into him they're not into Him because he failed he's you know Fallen in some way he hasn't delivered Every time you know that I've had an Issue with him whether it was going to His birthday gathering and getting Kicked out Or seeing him in Los Angeles where he You know ostracized me and walked by me Or interacting with him or watching him You know do this um initiative which you Know got me going again with a system Where I you know volunteered some of my Help which they rejected because they Were you know hell-bent on sucking right You know where I could have helped them

And bringing in more Americans and then Just walking away from that like it Never happened like saying we need to do This because in five years the system You know the the first big event from Whispers is going to happen and then Just quit that and pretend it never Happened You know quit this initiative that You're trying to bring more Americans And just failing across the board Like he always doesn't perform he Doesn't rise to the challenge right a Great person you think about like a Michael Jordan right you think about you Know I mean I as much as I dislike Tom Brady all these people you know in Sports or even you know political Politicians or you know whoever it is You know they deliver when they're asked To deliver they deliver and it might be Delivering to the people that follow Them it might be delivering to you know The people who are their fans or Whatever but they deliver right you know Sports is the best example of this when You're in a championship game And somebody performs at a championship Level And shows that you know there's a saying They're just different right like they Say that that guy's just different right Michael Jordan was just different you Know that's what I could say about

Master charge he was just you know that I mean a different isn't even a good Word to describe him he was on another Level and the system was on another Level And dodgy's taking it down a level like You know like he's taken this and gone Below like let's say you have like the The good you know the crappy religion You got the Cults you got the like Spiritual Cults evil stuff Satanism Things like that right Organizations that are about power and Whatever it is right then you have the You know the just normal religions they Suck but they're just you know uh but There's some like good churches some Good you know mosques or synagogues Where they have a little bit better Energy a little bit better Community Just based on the people is just a Little bit better you know there's stuff Like that then there's the ones that are Just really good good solid spiritual Organizations good people you know good Energy And then there's you know I mean then There's like sort of the flim-flam and People fake gurus like before that level There's people like you know um side Guru somebody like that And then there's sash Mark like it's Just the real deal like things that are Just on another level backed by Divinity

Have a purpose And just there right he's taking it from That level and he's gone all the way Down to like the cult level right but He's not even you know good enough to to Deliver a cult because he's just got no Charisma and people don't like him he's Not able to convince anybody And so he's taking something from the Highest level and brought it down to the Lowest and it's painful to watch right And it's painful to feel Like I can feel it right it's the Heaviness And again you know I'm going to stick With it I owe the system my loyalty And it's been very effective for me But I don't you know have much hope for Like more spiritual Evolution I mean Other than what you know whatever You know I'm working whatever work Rewards I get for doing these videos and Like you know I can't even talk about The system anymore Because I just I have no faith in it Right you know I don't know if it works For new people like I can't say that They're going to have anything like the Experience I had I mean some people are Writing me saying they can't feel the Transmission they used to and you know It's just like it sucks you know and I Mean that's where we are like and it's Just there's nothing you know more to

Say about it I'll probably keep on Saying in other videos Because it's you know a problem that's Not going away anytime soon but in the Stream with my brother he was just Denying all the things I was saying like I was telling him about the Um brighter mind scam I was telling About the the stuff with uh took a g and How he said charge he wasn't a part of The Divine hierarchy he was just denying Those things ever happened right he was Saying well who'd you hear that from and How do you how can you prove that's you Know like those kind of things in the Dream right which he already had done That was our last experience with the Vaccines where I sent him a video where Bob where dodgy was saying yeah he you Know he was pro-vaccines and my brother Denied he actually said it you know Because my brother's very anti-vaxx from His time in the military I don't know where he is now right I Don't know how he's reconciled that but That's what I you know I'm remembering The dream now and I said to my brother You know uh like you know how much Because I felt a transmission where he Did right in the beginning and we would Grow to group meditation and we would You know we'd stop I think we went to Taco Bell and we'd eat some you know They had the because we were vegetarians

Back then we need something at Taco Bell My brother had a long drive home and We'd sit there like talking in the Parking lot And he would just complain about the System and I don't feel you know but He's liking the books and whatever and He ended up sticking with it right But you know like he knew how much I was Into this thing I mean he thought I Joined a cult that's why he went to Um like see what I was doing because When I came and talked to him he thought Oh Paulie's trying to call like I don't Know why he would even think that Himself right Given you know my personality But he's even more anti-social like than I am And just you know more negative and Cynical And you know he got convinced somehow And he you know and he and whatever Experiences he had it proved to him and So much so that he's just unwilling to Even have the idea that dodgy could be Anything less but then perfect right Than you know the master and so in my Dream I'm saying you know you know how I Am about you know how important this Thing is to me but I'm saying like where Were you guys when I was being Mistreated or whatever like where was he Like he wouldn't go back to me

Um in all of it and so you know it's Just a sad thing you know like I mean it's just you know I don't have Any hope for it like you know like I Said I was in that rahu period And I Know that daji was given us spiritual Gifts but I don't know how he can turn This around because you know he has to Redeem himself in you know people's eyes He has to show you know he can't just Pretend that nothing like he didn't fail Right and I just don't see him doing That I don't see him being strong enough To come out and say I didn't live up to This I failed and the people around him I mean you know all the things you know He's got he's being handled in some way And you know all the you know corruption And all of it and you know it's just I Mean you know he's hurt people their Their belief you know he's taken away Their faith in something that's so great You know and so it's a horrible thing That's happened like I don't think that There's a worse thing That could happen Because this was Humanity's future and Maybe this is like I said in the Beginning I think it's the beginning of This it might be that I think it's this This uh you know this uh 86 I think this Is Yeah this is 86. so um I think um eight You've been 86th

You know it means like um in a Restaurant I think it's Uh if like like you're at a stake or Something they say yeah that's 86 right We're out of it Um so it's an interesting number for This you know I'm not a numbers person But that's interesting but I don't think There's a worse thing that the people Around dodgy and dodgy himself he's the Most responsible well most responsible Could do Is Rex something like this And take people's Faith away and again You say murder War all these things yeah Those are bad But this has profound spiritual effects In this opportunity Was you know an opportunity for people To jump Many you know I mean shortcuts in the Spiritual world of jumping up levels That would take them hundreds of Thousands of years millions of years to Reach and to rob people of that choice When you yourself got the experience Dodgy got this And he's wrecking it for other people He's he's preventing other people from Ever experiencing that And just you know by overall suck on so Many different levels and that's the Worst thing like he is the worst person Like you know him doing this and again

Maybe he can redeem himself I don't know I don't see it's happening but it's like The worst thing that somebody could do It's the worst thing anybody could do to Me And I think it's the worst thing to do To humanity right Humanity who so Desperately needs this right now and Maybe there'll be a turnaround and you Know dodgy's just you know some things Have to be cleaned out and cleansed from The system I mean that's a a valid Possibility this is part of a plan he's Just doing what he's supposed to do with It fine and he's blameless You know he's just he's doing the job The way the Divine you know hierarchy The Divine beings want him to do it and They want him to suck because that's What's necessary like this sucking is a Part of the plan they're fine then you Know I'm cool with it and then good you Know you know thanks right you you've Done a good job right I mean you know nothing but grateful Then You know but as far as I can see right Now that's not the case right you know I Hope it's the case but you know just What I can see and my vision is limited Certainly can't see into the future but Right now that's not the case And I hope to God it is right but if it Isn't then it's a real tragedy and this

Is like the worst thing that a person Could do a group of people take Something that could have been a vehicle For the transformation of humanity and Just run it into the ground And just do it in the most embarrassing Sucking way sucky way possible And it's painful to experience right And again you know that's why I do it Because the experiences have been there And now the experience is a of a whole Different negative nature and that just You know that just blows Only spirituality will save this world It's Paul Romano definitely reporting From the Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day And be grateful

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