The Effects of Elon’s Starlink Satellites + god’s promised land + Spiritual success

The Effects of Elon's Starlink Satellites + god's promised land  + Spiritual success

Okay greetings brothers and sisters I Have a few comments to get to briefly And I got a bunch other things to cover Israel and Trump and kamla Harris Commenting on Trump and you know a bunch Of other stuff and the satellites Elon Musks and his even evil satellites and Things but let's start here so one of my Viewers Um left a comment about you I showed you This guy who um Was well I can just show you the video Here in a second I'll show you the clip From my uh previous video but he was you Know practicing Ramadan where was Fasting and he claimed a schwarma fell Into his mouth and he was wondering if It was Alice's Grace um let me show you The clip here tube recommended this to Me and I want to start here so um you Know they fast in on uh is it Ramadan um In the Muslim tradition there's fasting You know Kyrie Irving the basketball Player is fasting there's a college Basketball player who played for I think The North Carolina State it was fasting Um you know and it's hard to fast and And go without Water and play you know food and water And play a you know competitive sport uh But this guy is some kind of a Chic and He gets a call and again I can't I you Know I can't speak for the translation Here today I accidentally I accidentally

Fell and a schwarma fell into my Mouth you can hear him say the word Schwarma with ext with some extra Tahini and a slice of apple And around three three three lers of Water should I keep Fasting or was it was it Allah who who Has fed Me the guy um the guy's looking okay the Great yeah he fell down and schwarma Fell in his his mouth with extra tahini And a slice of apple and some water Three liters of it and you know maybe it Was Allah who fed him and not like you Know him cheating on his his religion so My viewer Um said the following let's see if I Have the comment here I want to verify The Ramadan schwarma uh call is exactly Translated and it makes me laugh every Single year every Ramadan this video Shows up I love it so much LOL have a Great week so this is somebody who I Guess speaks the language so um I had no Way to translate that but he did say the Word schwarma so you Know and then there's been this Validation so um the other thing I just Want to respond to was the comments that I got so many people saying that they Felt weird about the eclipse like I was I breathe a sigh of relief when I came Inside Uh my wife and I were you know we had

The glasses but I you know I wasn't into Really looking at it but the light was Weird and I felt it like I just didn't Feel good about being out there for Whatever energy Eclipse Springs you know I've been around them Before um but you know this one felt Weird like nothing big happened in the World they were saying some you know There was going to be some big event or Whatever and nothing like that happened But it didn't feel good and so many People said they had similar experiences Some people were feeling this way before And you know for some time for like a Week or so before the thing but it was You know definitely not a like it didn't Have good energy it didn't have you know It was uh discom Discombobulating and many of us Experienced that which I found was Interesting like I got so many comments Of people saying the same thing but Anyways let's get into something else That's Discombobulating so this says evolution Of the starlink in the last four Years and it starts here turn the music Off September 19th you know there's just That many satellites and then you know You can just see them adding all these Satellites and you know there's already Too many satellites before that look at That right it's just you know um it's

Oppressive and the thing doesn't even Work like I tried it and it was Inconsistent and didn't get good Speeds which was a bummer for me but It's you know the thing doesn't even Work well and now there's this web of Satellites which you know let me get Into this here Um there's just uh you know negativity Associated with this right and um on a Spiritual level it's Disrupting let me switch over to my uh Voice over here but you can just look at The thing I mean you just see this and It's I mean it's crazy like that is Freaking crazy you know and that's Affecting our atmosphere and our Environment we have um water in our System and we have electricity in our System and we're sensitive and affected By Electricity because you know what Happens when we get struck by lightning Or we have you know get electrocuted or Something like that right you feel that You know what shock does for you of Course being tased and Tasered um would be an extreme example Of that but we have minor levels of that Because we know what a microwave does to Flesh to meat you can see put a you know Steak or something in the microwave and Overcook it and you can see it rearrange The molecules and you know I mean and

It's pretty brutal what it can do to um A living Organism and we've had microw waves Beaming around our house in our smart Meter and in 4G for a number of years Now of course millimeter waves of for 5G There's a video on these emfs from NASA and it talks about how we're being Bombarded it uses the word bombardment In terms of all these different things We're using our remote controls you know Uh Bluetooth all these different things Have different wavelengths and different Vibratory factors that affect all of us And we know that these things go through Buildings right we have you know Wi-Fi From your nextd door neighbor going Through walls and all these other things Right you can see that there's Wi-Fi Available from you live in an apartment Complex years ago when we came back from India they hooked up the internet my House and the guy showed me he had this Meter that showed all the different Networks that were in the building you Know this was in Vegas and there was Hundreds of people having their own Personal networks and they were you know Available in my apartment right so They're all there you know we're being Bombarded with all these different Energies and it affects us and it talks About electromagnetic pollution in Whispers of the brighter world there's

So many article there's so many messages These are these channeled messages from The Sark system this is Sunday uh October 15 2000 you know this French Medium was taken down these Uh channeled messages pollution from Electricity has drawn your attention for A long time it is devastating and human Beings suffer the consequences in their Subtle bodies which they then pass on to Their physical bodies the Earth is Surrounded by a kind of net which is Seriously harms the gaseous exchange This is satellites this results in Disturbing disturbing effect Disturbances affecting the whole of the Biosphere the phenomena are felt all the Way down to the infinitely small your Energies try to adapt to these Turbulences certain areas of the world Are more affected than others the oceans Play an important role they represent an Enormous amount of water which is Neutralized as part of this pervading Negativity but there are limits to this Process the polarity of the earth which Is necessary for its balance is being Thwarted new energies will have to be Used in the future for the good of the Planet it's inhabit and its inhabitants C of alarm have been put forth for years By enlightened researchers whose Pronouncements have received uh have Received no followup only absolute

Necessity will force Decisions by those Countries who hold the greatest power There remains a long way to lead human Beings to the greater wisdom the Supremacy of money is boundless God's Decisions be made go made good decisions Be made in this time for the good of Humanity Babaji Babaji is a second Master of this Sark system who passed Away in 1983 but he started giving these Messages to this French woman uh years And years ago but you know they know That this stuff affects people Negatively they've done testing you know They have to do testing before putting Something out in the environment and we See all these things with animals acting Strangely and you know 5G is I mean who Knows what the effects have been I mean That cardiac arrest and these things That are happening to people people that Could be more 5G related than anything Else and there's no way to for us to Know I mean we can sometimes people are Sensitive to this you know when I had Covid the router was inside my room and I just one day you know when I was like Having trouble breathing in the middle Of the day it was this weird stuff that Was happening like sometimes I would be Fine then sometimes I would have any These issues but I moved I drilled the Hole in the wall and I moved the the Router outside the room and you know

Still I mean was still penetrating but It was farther away and I felt like a Sense of relief like not just in terms Of having Co but in general like having The router right there was a problem but You know all these things you know and I Said I tried the Elon Musk um Wi-Fi and It sucks but it's still you know being Beamed down all over the place now right I mean the Wi-Fi is coming in through These satellites through uh you know This process proc and he's got all those Satellites and it's negatively affecting Us and the environment and you know I Mean we need our Wi-Fi but not at that Price and not at that cost and that's What's affecting all of us in some ways Or another and you know we don't even Know the effects because it happens on An energetic level it's much more subtle You know there are things that kill you Then there are things that weaken you Right and there a lot of things that Kill you in small amounts will just Weaken you and that's what we're dealing With in terms of electricity Electromagnetic frequencies and these Things pulsating through our walls you There's people have had you know bad Electricity like it's um like some sort Of a Vortex for these energies and they Can't live in their houses like they Have to move because they're just in This place where all this energy sort of

Gets focused or you know there's Sometimes there's I mean there's all This stuff to do with like power grids And and lay lines and things to do with The planet And you know they know about the people Run the plant know these things and they Don't care because I mean depopulation Is part of it and weakening people's Another and you know it serves their Purpose but you know for the rest of us We're being we're less than we would Normally be and many times people are Agitated and irritable and things Because of these things and aren't you Know I feel bad but they don't know why Again something that's invisible you Know it's we wouldn't even know it's There if we weren't uh receiving you Know the only time we know it's there When we don't have it right when our We're like oh it's not you know Wi-Fi is Not working right but other than that Like you know I mean there might be some People that's are sensitive enough or You know they can feel the effects of it When it's on and when it's off like I You know I flirted with that like I said When I got the thing out of my room I Felt better but you know one way to tell Is whenever I've gone out you know by The ocean asn't one place or going out Into the woods where there's very little Of it and you breathe a sigh of relief

Because you're just away from the the Electricity and you can feel better like You just you know you feel better when You're out in the desert or someplace in Nature where there's not as much of this Concentrated or some not at all right my Family and I years ago we went to the North side of the Grand Canyon and we Were driving past it and we didn't have GPS and it was nice I was like oh man You know it we didn't have any kind of a Signal which was great but anyways let's Get into the other stuff Here this is how US Secretary of State Anthony blinkin has been greeted for Over 70 days by anti-genocide protesters Sh Sh when he leaves in the morning we drop Blood on him and when he comes home in The evening we drop some more just to Balance out the day we can't just drop Blood in the morning and then leave him Hanging at night Right criminal these activists have Staged Around the Clock encampment that They call kibuts blinkin outside the Secretary of State's home they want to Hold him accountable for his role in Israel's us-backed war on Gaza and Blinkin who we believe is directly Responsible for supporting and Whitewashing Israel's horrendous war Crimes we wanted to be like we're here We're watching you and that is why we

Are at his personal home I spoke to Hamada who's leading the encampment She's been using Instagram to document The protests which begin first thing in The morning wakey wakey war Criminal best alarm clock ever and Continue making noise until 900 P.m. the victims of your foreign policy The victims of your cowardly decisions Literally live with the repercussions 24/7 he needs to be disrupted 24/7 Absolutely no breaks No Rest for this Man we are now your neighbor and we Called it kabut based on the Romanticization of Israeli settlements Israelis they tend to think stealing Land is really cool they've been doing It for the past 76 years so we decided We're going to create our own settlement Here because oddly enough two wrongs do Make a right some of the protesters have Camped out for weeks on the public side Of the street we had snow we had Flooding it was super super cold it Wasn't easy we just have to do it Because not doing anything is just not An option you're nany's laptop As US Secretary of State Lincoln has Bypassed Congress twice since October 7th to authorize hundreds of millions of Dollars in weapon sales for Israel to Use in its war on Gaza talk to me about The moments where you have had Encounters with him the encounters that

We've had with him have been pretty Intense welcome home you war criminal A the moments where he gets out of his Car and gets into his home we know that We have a captive audience for a couple Of seconds I want him to feel our rage I Want him to feel our pain imagine your Own child buried under Rubble call it Self-defense it is not self-defense it Is a genocide and you know it that's the Best we can do is raise our voices is it The best you can do though Because you know um we'll get into it in A bit here but we know that protests Don't work and we know what Israel Believes is their whatever their land is Whatever they consider their land and so They don't care and America doesn't care Either I mean politically They'll say things or they'll pretend They're upset with what Israel's doing But they don't care how upset you are or How angry you are so it has no effect on The outcome it's not going to change a Thing you could have a million people Outside of his house you could harass Them they could grab them kidnap them You know whatever they do they could do Destruction you know to the whatever it Is right have violent mob raising Protest is not going to change a thing It's not going to affect their policies Or their decisions we know this I've Said this over and over protests don't

Work what they usually do is they make It so that more laws are enacted and More restrictions and it benefits the Powers that be protests are good for Them because when they go south the Protest the know the people that um run The system can change the conversation To the genocide that's happening in Israel in in Gaza I'm sorry In Palestine and they can talk about how Bad the protesters are it's the same Thing they do with the truth Community I Mean that's what they do right you Haven't recognized what they do they Stop talking about the wrongs that the Truth Community is pointing out the Wrongs that the protesters are pointing Out and they demonize the truth Community and say you're the real threat Have you seen that play out over and Over again that's how they deal with it And so when you raise your voice and you Object to these things it has no effect Like I said there's boycotting which is Possibly you know whatever it is and There's the overthrow of the government But then you're even worse off because There's no you know that's just chaos so There's no solution to any of these Things because they don't care what you Think they're disconnected from you the Decision makers the people who run the System and until they run the system in The ground they're just going to do

Whatever they want to do and you know They'll pretend that they're pla you or They pretend that they agree with you to Some extent and they hear your concerns But it's not going to affect the outcome Of their you know their decisions and The outcomes of any of these things Right and so it's just you out there Having a tantrum and you know Verbalizing your anger and having no Real you know it's being completely Impotent and we've seen it over and over Again like we have we have like more Than a sample size to see what protests Result in and it's usually either Nothing or Restrictions for the people more control For the powers that be it benefits the Powers that be they want you to protest Right we're peaceful protesters that's Kind of ironic that he has all these Guards around him when he's the one Responsible for for killing civilians so You think Anthony blinkin is Responsible you think Anthony blink Blinkin is responsible right that's what You think that he's the guy that's Responsible for this of course he's not He's a puppet just like the president And all these you know I mean it's an Inability to understand the situation There's a time that um the third Master Of the Sark system someone came up to Him and said um you know like an

American came up and said um you know Why would God allow all these things to Happen why would God you know um allow All the terrible things to happen he Said wait you think God's running this Planet You think God's in charge Right and so you understand the Nefarious nature of what's going on now There there's people that have hijacked The the purpose of this planet and the You know people that inhabit it and you Know they're not going to um change Their ways because you're upset about it They know you're upset about it they They dig that they you know they enjoy You being upset about it you know they Feed off your pain I'm so proud of how Intergenerational this is they always Tell me it's like group grieving my Father is a NE best Survivor I broke Down because he was acting natural with His wife and kids like life went on for Him and all I could see in front of me Is all the dead children buza and I Broke down and cry Linn says his kids Are bothered while and are being Slaughtered the genocide doesn't sleep People inza are being bombed around and The only thing that this has anything to Do with is your emotional reaction it Has has nothing to do with stopping that Or affecting life for them or changing Anything or helping them and so there's

A disconnect here people who protest Have to realize that it is you know it's Like you're you're trying to build a House by throwing something against Another house right like you you have to Actually dig a you have to dig a Foundation you have to you lay a pad put In the you know put in the the various Support beams and things like this like There's a you get an architect and you Need a plan like you just can't you do Something that doesn't have the effect That you desire which is stopping the Genocide and so you have to figure out Oh how can we stop the genocide you're Just copying whatever other morans have Done for centuries which is to go out And have a tantrum it has no effect on Anything Right okay we'll get back to Israel in a Second happening now there is a large Investigation underway at the satanic Temple of Salem And the public is being asked to avoid The Area this is a NBC Boston Channel 10 Like a real news Station um Netanyahu here it is Israel Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu Declares Israel will invade Rafa in Southern Gaza Strip declaring this there Is a date you know um they have to go For it right like I've talked about this Before this is the

This is the Israel of the Bible and These people believe that this is land Promised to them by God at least they Either believe that or they want to Believe it depending on the people and They you know Tak advantage of other People believe it but Evangelical Christians believe it people in America and you know this is their point Of view and so they believe Israel is Theirs and not the Palestinians there is No Palestine that's why there can be no Palestinian State because they're Claiming part of the of the land that Was promised to them by God and America's going to fall from grace like America will eventually no longer be the Superpower that it is and so it's Israel's only Friend and they got to go for this while America is still in power and so no Protest no anything's going to stop them Because this is they're pushing for this Right and this is the area the small Area that they're going to go for at First but this is the greater area which I got to believe that some point they're Going to try you know they want to make A run for this and think about the kind Of chaos that would have to happen for This to be on the table that they would Grab all this land right surrounding Land Um this is uh activity on the San

Andreas fault apparently um California's Place for another Maj for major Earthquake this year says new study Tracking San Andreas Fault Activity Biden says he expects Iranian Strike on Israel sooner than later um us Officials have expressed concern that Tran may go after Targets in Israel and Retaliation for Israeli air strikes in Syria last week that killed cedor Iranian officials and so once Iran gets In then you know Russia's going to get In and this is you know again World War III R Iranian Special Forces see ship in The straight of Hermas State media reports in helicopter R Navy Special Forces from Islamic Revolutionary guard Corp boarded and Sees the MSC Aries the rnaa the r i the ri the IR Na news agency reported so you know I Mean we're just edging closer to World War II here Indian police spot glowing UFO zigzagging over nuclear power plant Miring reports of craft at sensitive Bases in the US so their UFO activity at nuclear Bases um so you know that's always Disturbing and then um Elon Musk well he Said this here and a warning from Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk it has nothing to Do with cars instead must warn about Artificial intelligence which he has Called more dangerous then nuclear

Weapons must spoke at a symposium at MIT I mean with this is like 12 years Ago artificial intelligence we are Summoning the demon you know you know Those stories where there's the guy with The pentagram and the holy water and He's like yeah you sure you can control The demon then work out I take it there Will be no hell 9,000 going up to Mars hell 9,000 would be easy it's way More complex than I mean it would put H Thousand to shame yeah I like poppy Dog of course Referencing SP Odyssey following his Next okay so there's that if you ever Saw the movie uh 2001 there is a AI Computer you this is a movie made in the 70s I think Stanley cubric right the guy Was supposedly fake the moonlanding but He and you know he did Eyes Wide Shut he Made this movie called 200 in One and it was about a AI computer that Kills all of the crew except for this Last Guy and so he has to shut him down and He's shutting down Hal at the end of the Movie it's been years since I've seen it Space uh 2001 A Space Odyssey and you know that's what the Guy's saying and Elon Musk maybe I don't Know think this was like 10 years ago Was talking about um AI of course he's Polluting the sky with all the Satellites so there's all of that you

Know there's like the you know the truth Of what he's doing and so I was making My journey series video yesterday and You know I wanted to talk about what it Is to be a spiritual person and success And how success is defined you know it's Not defined by material standards it's Defined by service so I wanted to Include that audio here to be a Spiritual person to be a saint success Is defined by sacrifice and service if You're a spiritual person it's defined By your level of commitment to serve God And the sacrifices you have to go Through to become a higher developed Soul the spiritual cleaning you need to Go through the intense spiritual Cleaning and you know all the things That need to be cleaned out and that Takes difficulties that takes going Through miseries and so when you're Committed to serving God if you say you Know and I'm not talking about a Religious uh you know being a religious Person um you know that's your Perception of God is important but you Have to have a connection to God Internally and not some idea of God and Not some you know like serving God by um Pro propagating a Religion isn't serving God right I mean I guess maybe in some small way it is But what I'm talking about here is Connecting to the god

Internally and then saying to that you Know Divinity within you I'm going to Sacrifice my you know material life so That I can serve you And there's going to be you know Choice Points and things you have to go through To serve God and therefore you serve Your fellow brothers and sisters because One you become saintly because you go Through the cleansing period and your a Spiritual Evolution both of which can be painful And will be Painful and you're sacrificing your you Know personal needs and things to do God's work you know and I'm not saying Like go out and feed the poor and things That's service like that's community Service which isn't a bad thing but That's not what I'm talking about it's Not you know doing Miracles you know Things that people think about in Christianity that's none of those things This is purely spiritual service where You're helping to elevate people Spiritually you can be nice to people And kind to people and help them in the Material life you know you could feed a Poor person you can you know give Charity I mean I mean those and I'm not Saying those things are bad but what I'm Talking about is elevating other people Spiritually by elevating yourself and Then helping to pull up these other

People and in the you know in Spirituality it's one thing and it's Service and Sacrifice you know it isn't that you're Smart and you're clever and you you come Up with inventions or you you know You're you're great at uh singer or you Know athlete or you know whatever things In the material life right things that Boost your ego I'm not talking about Material success in any way where you Get an award and people notice you and Recognize you no no material success has Anything anything to do with this Usually it hurts this process this is Where you just Sacrifice your own personal needs and Things to serve God and through this Process you pull other people up to a Higher level you know they're inspired By you and they you know able to do Spiritual work and and things that you Know maybe people don't even know maybe You don't even know right but through Your commitment to serve God and by Doing that like internally and working Through that process you're elevated and You know there's a a level of um there Should be a level of appreciation and Gratitude for someone who does that Because you know there's pain and Suffering involved right it's Counteractive to what we think about Being happy and being you know seeking

Pleasure and doing things our ego wants Us to do and and and self grandis things That uh or just things that you know you Can be proud about or people Congratulate you on you know the things That people aspire to be having a good Life it's the opposite of those things And Sometimes rendering service to God is Saying things and doing things that make People upset at you like you know you See with in the case of Jesus and the Crucifixion right you know again like That's I mean that's a not the best Example his life because of the way that They've warped his story but you know There was service and sacrifice for what He did right you know wasn't the the Greatest example but you know is I mean The example that most of us grew up Seeing as being the the Pinnacle and Again it's not the suffering that you Know the Crucifixion and the you know the story That they've that they give you now in Christianity but it's the fact that he Was willing to suffer and his disciples Were willing to suffer and Saints were Willing to Suffer to evolve spiritually and help Other people and in that process became A threat to the powers that be and you Know in terms of the regular people Themselves who didn't want to change

And so you know part of it is you you Know you you ruffle the egos of other People right you know things that I say Here they're spiritual that people react To you know that's me rendering them Service even though they're not willing To accept it or they're not willing to You know um evolve because of it you Know it's something that's not they're Not happy about but it's doing service It's doing service to God God and it has The potential to help other people Whether they're willing to look at it or Or be you know willing to see it or not But it isn't like you know you think About it in that sense you just are Asking God you know what can I do to Serve you and then you're give it an Answer and you do that work and that Work always involves sacrifice and Suffering and things because it just Does and part of it is your spiritual Evolution and you know working through All those things but that's the Definition of success is a spiritual Person it's the you know the exact Opposite of material success where There's a complishments and there's Rewards for those accomplishments and Often you know pleasure and happily ever After and things you think about in our Stories you know none of that exists the Service to God and the reward for the Service of God you know one the things

That Master charie the third Master the Sark system said the reward for work is More work And so like that's you know it's just Doing the work and getting more work and Higher work and sacrificing more and Doing more for God right that's the Definition of success and it's you know Again something that's completely Opposite of everything that we've Learned or thought about being Successful in the world it's the Opposite of you know achievement Achievement of Personal Achievement in Things and egotistical achievement and Material success You know there's people that compare Themselves like marola recently thought Like he's Jesus right and Jesus is the Only person that you know the saintly Person that Americans grow up Understanding being you know he's the Pinnacle without any understanding of The whole Stratosphere of spiritual People Saints and so forth but in our Society success is having a big ego and Being you know um canonized like as a Material Saint or something because of Your success being a star being somebody Of um you know who's risen to the top of Fame and Fortune but then they tear you Down which is similar to the way that Saints are treated in the you know Biblical um I mean in just all of

Western civilization Europe and America And things spiritual people are sort of Celebrated in the beginning and then Destroyed later and they've done this With celebrities and people like this And it creates a dramatic story but it Isn't real success because your success Isn't defined by what other people think Of you or even what you think of Yourself it's about it's about your Commitment on a soul level and Minimizing your egotistical Pursuits and Spending your time and energy in doing God's work and not just you know be kind Or be nice or be charitable but figuring Out what God wants you to do you know Connecting to God in a deep level and Understanding what your path is and what You're supposed to be doing and then Doing that you know despite what you is Best for you or what you want to do or You know whether it hurts you or not or Whether you know they're suffering or Not because there will be you know there Has to be suffering because if it was Easy and it was you know pleasurable Everyone would be doing it there's very Few spiritual people because doing Spiritual things involves doing what you Don't want to do and doing things that Are you know ultimately unpleasant for You and taking on work that you know is There's no glory in it there's no any of Those things if there's any of those

Things for you then it makes it easy to Do it makes it something that your ego Wants to do right and so it's again if Your ego is into serving God that's one Thing but there's going to be negativity Coming back at you because this is the Way the the planet works and you know True spiritual work happens on a level That's not uh recognized on the material Level it's it's something that's beyond The third-dimensional plane of existence Anyways I just thought I would add those Things from this earlier voice over I Did um today you know for my journey Series only spiritual vality will save This world it's parano definely rep to The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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