The Democratic Party & Joe Biden Put the Dem in Dementia + Demon + Hilarious Gaslighting

The Democratic Party & Joe Biden Put the Dem in Dementia + Demon + Hilarious Gaslighting

Greetings brothers and sisters so I want To do another pre-introduction to this Video I started yesterday on July 1st Today's Tuesday July 2nd there are a Variety of pictures and videos out there About the difference between Joe Biden Four years ago and the and what he's Like today implying that he wasn't he Didn't have dementia four years ago but I was you know me and other people we Saw it I mean lots of people saw it he Was breaking down mentally he had the Signs you know you can look up and by Definition or by symptoms signs of Dementia and he had all of those things Right his his temper where it would Flare out and you know threaten people Challenge them to pushup contests and he Have these moments of anger that where He shouldn't he's campaigning he's Trying to win over voters and he's Threatening them and anybody who Challenged him and sometimes you know He'd be confused which is another Symptom but the you know the symptoms Are all there for people to to you know To look up and understand I mean here's Just one like here um memory problems Particularly remember recent events Increasing confusion reduced Concentration personal personality or Behavior changes apathy and withdrawal Or depression loss of ability to do Everyday tasks and then of course we

Know with Alzheimer's and things there's The anger um you know all the like just Having these you know anger outburst and Just the confusion because you're you're Having unusual reactions is just a you Know in terms of like you have an Emotional reaction to something that People don't understand because you're Confused right but we just had to look At his freaking face and realize he had Dementia early stages yeah it's worse Now but it isn't like he didn't show Signs because they don't want to blame Themselves the media and all these other You know people didn't say anything oh Yeah we just we just noticed it you know It's the past year you know no you had To mention for over four years like he Should have never been elected or even Nominated to start off with like he was Showing signs the other thing is he had Access to the best quality health care And whatever they could do medical Medication wise or any other method I Mean in terms of the alpath medicine Right like he was the president of United States and he was the anti-trump Guy and they wanted to keep this guy Together you know have a team of medical People around him he has the the optimum Care that you could get in the alpath Medical model and they had a team of People working on this and still this is Where he is today and so you think about

People who don't have access to the kind Of health care that he has and the kind Of people that around him concerned About his health and monitoring it right Multiple doctors you know multiple you Know whatever The Cutting Edge stuff That they have he was getting like they Have a different quality of Health Care You know these prominent people in the Federal government famous people and He's out there and they were using Whatever they could in 2020 in the Debates and things I mean Trump was Saying like he was he was calling him Sleepy Joe and all these other things Because he knew he had dementia everyone Did in 2020 yeah it's worse like of Course it gets worse but even then you Know it could have been a lot worse Being a president ages you and he had to Do more in terms of um you know work Than a a person of his age who would Usually be retired but you know they Have a team of people monitoring him and This is what happens if famous people That are still working when they're they Get older they're considered assets and They put as much energy into keeping Them going you know even people younger I as you get into your 40s and 50s there Needs to be uh you know if you have a High paced high pressure job and you're Somebody of you know stature or Something like successful and whatever

Field you're going to have more of this Type of intention and you you're Considered an asset to people you're You're a money maker you're in this case A a politician and he's you know running This um this scam like with these people Around him so they're going to keep him Going the best they can and even with All that this is where he ends up so Like this is not you know excusable in The sense that oh we didn't know in 20120 yeah you did know everyone knew he Was bad then and he's worse now and the Fact that he was had dementia then like It isn't early stages dementia now it's Fullow dementia when he was having early Signs in 2019 enough so that he should have never Been nominated they should have pulled The plug on him then you know was like Elder abused then the confusion and I'll Show you clips of his debates and things Just things that I you know that were There but I've showed the clips already We all know he had it in 2019 and so probably had it in 2015 or 16 when you know Trump was Running against uh Hillary like they Probably knew then that he shouldn't be Running that's why they chose Hillary Because he was vice president and he Would have made somewhat more sense but It was Hillary's turn and he was showing Early signs of dementia and he was like

All right this guy's done we're retiring This guy he was his last position should Have been vice president under Obama but Then you know Hillary crapped out and They like all right let's go with this Guy he seems like the best one and Whatever to be Trump or whatever their Reasoning he's the best puppet whatever Their you know the reason they force This guy on the American people but the Media and everybody complied that was Complicit with this and they went along With uh running a guy and electing a guy Who has dementia and now this is the Result right it's not freaking oh wow he Just he deteriorated in the last year Yeah he got worse but he's always been Like this all right so I just want to Add that let's get into the the original Introduction here Okay greetings brothers and sisters so This is Sunday June June 30th I just Finished my other video and it's already Starting to get goofy Biden's raised $33 Million it's a debate which we'll get Into in a moment um push back from the Democrats um just a lot of things to do With that some something great from Sharon Stone we'll get into KLA Harris The Alternatives and completely how effed up The thing is right and so I need to say This because there something that I have To say nowadays you know I

Um I went and I had some conversations With YouTube AI Bots they said there's No such thing as Shadow Banning but a Person uh I got multiple comments where People said this to my latest video Probably like 10 or more I have I to I Had To I had to I don't know what they said I had your channel pop up back up in my Uh recommended I just figured your Channel got shut down and so number of People saying this they didn't know my Channel still existed they're still Interested in seeing my content that's Just one of many comments and so again Uh please remember to subscribe Resubscribe uh hit the notification Button leave comments like videos do Something to indicate to YouTube that You're interested in my channel and any Other channel that you have like Interest in that disappears cuz they're Shadow Banning everybody not just Truthers YouTube just sucks right now And also bookmark channels I mean you Have a in your browser you have a Bookmark feature where you can leave Tabs open I mean the best way to do is Leave a tab open with somebody's channel On it that you want to see content from Regularly anyways with that out of the Way let me get into it here and so I Just want to do a brief Introduction of what's going on or what

How effed up it is that this is the Situation because the division in America you have some people who think Trump is the devil is the worst person In the world a potential dictator a Criminal and then you have some people Who think he's a saint you have Religious people that are putting him on Par with Jesus you know they mentioned Trump and Jesus in the same breath the Qes that he's some sort of divine Savior That was put here to get rid of the deep State right and so Trump is considered a Hero and people love him and think he's Like the best president ever and think He's you know a service oriented person Which he isn't and then the left wing Think he's the devil and the worst Person in the world the liar and Conspiracy theorists and all those types Of things that they degrade people with And because of that the polarization in The in the country and very few people Believe in any official story or not Official story everyone has a different Interpretation of Reality that we now are in a situation Where Joe Biden showed everybody that he Has dementia like nobody's like denying His you know his I mean his what Happened there and yet people are still Going to vote for him anyway and he's Getting support and money and all these Other things and

[Laughter] So like that's where we are as a country Where after that performance he gets $3 Million I'm not sure how much Trump got After um the after the he got convicted But Trump after getting convicted raised A boatload of money and so this is where We're at right where something like this Happen somebody performs as badly as Joe Biden did and he gets all this support And they're pointing in the support now I don't know what's going to happen with Him I mean I don't know if he still Might even withdraw I don't think he is And there's a chance after you know that Even after this performance that Everyone knows 72% of the country knows The guy is uh incapable of mentally Doing the job some of those 72 people Per are voting for Biden which I'll get Into I'll show you in just a minute and Like he might win right I mean he's Probably not going to win it looks like Trump is you know going to win but God Knows what's going to happen Trump might Be in prison I we don't even know and All of this means one thing right that We are completely screwed as a country And as a world because these guys both Suck they're both stupid they're worse Now they're both old they're way past Their Prime and they have really poor Characters neither one of them is Spiritual neither one of them is ethical

They're both Narcissistic and this is the best America can produce I mean think about It like this is the best the most Important political job this is the best We have to offer and and for years Politicians and presidential candidates Have been horrible people and yet these Guys are like a a new a new record low So before we get into the whole whatever Is going on with Biden this whole Thing you know that all the people who Um all the people who are in politics or Really wealthy people Many celebrities many you know uh Successful people but certainly all the The people in government and government Itself they all have a Contingency in case things go south Right and you know when I grew up they Were just kind of ending the the nuclear Um preparing you for a nuclear explosion Right that World War III with Russia was You know was on the table and they were Openly discussing discussing World War II and a nuclear war like it was just There present in movies and TV shows and On the news and if you built a bomb Shelter which was kind of stupid anyway Because what are you going to do right Living there for how many every years The until the Radioactive uh I mean it' be you know Years and years right but if you built a

Blom bomb shelter you were considered a Bit of a nut even though they talked About happening all the time right and So every one of these people politicians And most of these successful people have Some sort of contingency or plan in case Something happens you know something big Happens and yet if you talk about it You're considered a crazy conspiracy Theorist end of world doomsday person Now they have extensive Shadow Government you know there's supposed to Be a an underground complex in Denver Colorado there's these tunnels that have Been documented you know people going Into these tunnels that are sworn to Secrecy That go miles under the Earth like they Go on for miles and miles hundreds of Miles and you know there's facilities Under there there's underground Facilities and then all these other you Know people have some sort of Contingencies of what they're going to Do if there's some sort of apocalyptic Event every politician every person in Power anybody has money thinks about These things because they know it's a Very real possibility but they don't Tell you about it right they don't Indicate anything to you other than Little bits and pieces you'll see in Some post-apocalyptic movie or Pre-apocalyptic movie or something but

They don't really warn you or tell you That you should prepare what would Happen if the system collapses that's Not even something that's on the table They don't even want you to thinking About it and when you talk about it You're insulted called a crazy Conspiracy theorist deems today cult Person and that you're Weirdo And you Know there a there's no reason for you To be doing what they're all doing right You know there's Um businesses out there where these you Know there's a guy that guy Joel scouton Or scalon or something whatever he wrote The Strategic uh relocation strategy Whatever it was I'm not going to get his Name wrong in the book of the the title Of the book wrong um but he you know was A guy who he builds um these safe rooms For people you know these hidden rooms For people emergency rooms whatever They're called and you know these people Have them in their houses these wealthy People have these things in their houses These people have places out in the Country they have plans for evacuation And things and they even run through Drills like you did when you were a kid In school there's people who are doing This on a regular basis because they Know that any day things can go south And the fact that these two candidates And what's happening now with the

Election is happening that should Indicate everything you need to know About the validity of that thought Process because you know it's it's just Right there for everybody it's on the You know cusp of happening and you can Say well you know I don't want to think About it sure you don't have to if you Don't want to plan you don't want to be A part of that that's fine you don't Want to do anything you know this is What pox the future kind of represents Living now like everyone's going to have To live in the future and even if you Don't make it at least you're moving in The right direction as a person as a Soul you're you're realizing that change Is inevitable and that the way of life That we've grown accustomed to is going To disappear and being someone willing To change willing to adapt is Paramount And it's essential for everybody and This should indicate to everybody that This is I mean we're about to have an Election between a guy who everybody Thinks is you know half the people think Is a devil and another guy who half the Country thinks is the devil and scile on Top of it right and you know both of Them suck right like no matter what you Say about them if you look really you Know objectively at both people they Suck but all the other people in Government and in media and in Hollywood

Like all the prominent people in our Country and then all the rest of us suck As well right like there's just a you Know people are not as good or nice or Kind or Godly or natural or service Oriented or selfless as they used to be And people weren't great before like People are going in the wrong direction More entitled more you know weaker and All these things we're not you know Evolving we're de evolving right we're Heading towards Idiocracy and there's going to be a Collapse just because of that the Immorality the all of it right and the Lack of lack of anything that uh like is A something that you can say well this Is you know this is worth saving there's Less and less out there that's worth Saving right and all the gadgets and the Lifestyle and the internet and the you Know our cars and all our Tech Technology sure that's great but I'm Talking about people themselves like our People you know what our people like you Know how many really wonderful saintly People are out there very few and less Than they less than they used to be Right and so you know the destruction of The planet and everything that we're Doing there's very little to save here And this is a very telling moment Because you know knowing that like Knowing that we're on the brink of

Perhaps World War III and so many other Things energetic collapse economic coll Apse just all these things right uh the Need for you know them doing something In terms of overpopulation population Reduction there's all these things on The table in terms of you know end of You know end of times kind of things Like biblical prophecies right spiritual Prophecy kind of stuff because every Organization every spiritual movement Has a Doomsday Prophecy because Doomsdays happen doomsdays have happened Over and over again on planet Earth Tonic plates have shifted ice ages have Happened climate change things have Happened ice ages and other things great Great um the melting of the the polar Ice caps after an Ice Age melting of the Glaciers which which brings about floods You know there's huge land mass masses That during an nice age are habitable Land because of the you know the the Water is all stored in these glaciers And then when it melts all these things Go or they become you know like Florida Like Florida could easily go under the Ocean right if there was a you know a a Polar ice cap melt off but if there was Um you know more ice you know an Ice Age Then all these Northern places Canada And Alaska and all these other places Would be unlivable they would be under a State of you know glaciers at all times

The glaciers and you'd have to move in This narrow band of warmth around the Equator and there'd be a lot more land Down there that wouldn't be available Now by Florida by the you know there'd Be a land bridge between Florida and South America and all these you know Civilizations would be built there During the Ice Age and then it would Flood right so these are the kind of Things that happen catastrophes happen All the time because you know change Happens even on a small basis for Animals and people you have everyone has Their own personal apocalypses in their Life their own you know diagnosis with Cancer or losing a loved one and then we Have sometimes the collective events That is a reshuffling a reshak of the The Earth and all that goes with it and So that's where we are right now and People can see it or not it's not my Problem um at least I'm telling you About it you know you you know you've Been warned right you and not in a sense That I'm saying go panic and do Something and build a a bomb shelter Like I don't know what you should do Like connect to God internally And work on your spiritual side is Always my answer you know the Gratefulness meditation that we do here And many of us do some of my viewers do What I do personally and or finding some

Way to connect to God internally and Develop a spiritual side which will help You to adapt to whatever is going on in The material world and give you some Purpose even if the system you're 100% Dependent on collapses you'll still have Your spiritual work that you can do and You can move forward spiritually like Like that's what I you know again I'm Not advising people but that's what I Think is something everyone should do And then there's other things you can Learn to do learn how to grow food Things like this I mean each person has To figure it out for themselves you know Because each person's situation is going To be different as the apocalypse Unfolds all right so speaking of the Apocalypse let's get into the whole you Know Biden stuff here okay good morning It's Monday July 1st I just released um An a video entitled let me go look at The what it is called Here um OMG Democrats and media are saying it's Okay to have a president with dementia Nancy Pelosi says um well that got cut Off um says Trump has Dementia and so Um so that happened um and so NC py said that Trump had dementia that Part got cut off and so I'm going to Follow that up with this there's a bunch Of uh you know it's amazing how

Mainstream media and the Democrats are Panicking it's not amazing but it's Hilarious and yet we might not see any Change at all and so here's the here's What we know so far and Biden's went up To Camp David and miraculously all his Family said is they supported him and Keep on fighting which is just Ridiculous cuz it's not fighting you Can't fight dementia right um but it's Kind of being acknowledged almost Universally across the board that Joe Had Biden had dementia but as it stands Right now he might remain as the Candidate and as the president And people are might even you might even Get elected again you got $30 million in Donations directly after the debate I Mean people are willing to give up their Hard-earned money to him even after that Performance like a you know country that Rewards for a performance that didn't You know this stuff happened right so Here's the the clips from yesterday on The um the uh this news program with the D Dana Bash after this was just right After the Nancy Pelosi thing he want to Move the president's agenda forward and Do so not by holding back from him or Not telling him things he doesn't want To hear or having tough conversations I Sat in many many many a meeting with Joe Biden where he went back and forth with Us on whether we were write about this

Bad or the other there is no culture of You know we can't say anything difficult To him we have to just we got to just Move forward that's just not that is not The White House I worked in actually I Wanted to talk about part of the Biden Campaign memo that came out that talked About the um the structure and the sort Of Logistics pushing back on the notion That you could even replace President Biden or how hard it would be it said if He were to drop out it would lead to Weeks of chaos internal food fighting And a bunch of candidates who limp into A brutal floor fight at the convention All while Donald Trump has time to speak To American voters uncontested all of That would be in service of a nominee Who would go into a general election in The weakest possible position with Z in Their bank account you want to highway To losing it's that I mean it's not a Bad argument at all agree with it I do Think it will be very hard to put Somebody else on the top of the ticket Now I think that Joe Biden is our Nominee I think Joe Biden can still beat Donald Trump I I am not saying this as Someone just because I work for Joe Biden I'm saying this as someone after Thursday night I looked for every voter I could possibly talk to that we need to Turn out some voters that were you know

I want to make it clear here I I think Trump being Reelected is a disaster I mean Biden Staying Biden being reelected is also a Disaster but Trump is like the he's the Centerpiece like he's where all the Energy is coming for from during this You know nightmare whatever his division In this country is right the division's Already there it's not going away but Trump has exacerbated it right and Trump Isn't going to pass anything or do Anything that's going to help America That's not going to happen Trump's about To self and he going to be powerless you Know the whole thing is going to be a Mess right I you know I don't know what I you know Like the one thing that Trump would do Is make the Democrats and liberals Miserable which I really would Appreciate like I really enjoy that part Of it right so you know I have mixed Feelings about it like in some ways just Watching the liberal media suffer and The Democratic party suffer is great but In terms of you know the EXP expedition Of the collapse of the system and just All this stuff the chaos and the Censorship and all things that are going To follow it's going to hurt us worse And you know it's not going to help Trump isn't going to do anything that's Going to help even though people think

He's a savior or something um you know But either way just you know whatever it Is it's going to play out what it way it Plays out but I just want to make it Clear that you know it appears I'm Rooting for Trump I'm just like what I'm Rooting for is The Democrats and the Liberals be Miserable because they you know they've Had all the power the last so many years And they're so arrogant about their lies Right like they're just they come from a Pompus we're just smarter and better Than you you know and look down on Conspiracy theorists and all the way That they're being and the way they're Like you know diminish diminishing the Demeaning the Trump voters and then They're running a scile candidate and They just outly out Gaslight us all I Mean so you know this was a long time Coming but in terms of what that memo Said from the Biden team and it's self- Serving that's what's going to happen There's no clear front runner and so They're talking about three people and I'll show you how they pull it's Gavin Nome who ran California into the ground He's probably the most polished Candidate but he's really goofy remember He ran over that kid playing basketball Like they're just not human beings They're like you know they suck at just Being like people all of them gret and

Witmer Whitmer witmer gret gret witmore She's like her voice and the way she Conducted herself and the people already Hate her so much in the Republican party And Kamala who is just a disaster like I Don't know who's worse but any of any of Them could win because of the hatred Towards Trump and the way that the syst Is like whatever right and this as much As this is something that they're like Staging a coup in the Democratic party With the liberal media they all have to Eat the fact that they've been ignoring His dementia signs now forever so like That's all great that's all a wonderful Aspect of this thing but there would be This cannibalization of uh like the you Know they would get really nasty and I Really enjoy this stuff like that I Would look forward to a democratic Convention it's coming up fairly soon Where there's three candidates who Didn't get a single vote in a primary or More candidates like people we don't Even know about beat budagig going in There and trying to manipulate something For themselves right and their team of People and how nasty it would get within The Democratic party like how that Chaotic that would be and you know Everyone like KLA thinking she has the Biggest claim which she is Vice President I don't think CLA is electable but we'll

See she the only reason she'd be Electable is the hatred for Trump and There could be something with Trump and Trump might be you know I mean he might Go to jail like he might be imp he might Not be a like it's just all these Factors I mean this is what make this is Great like we haven't seen anything like This part like this is two scile c you Know one scile candidate and one guy you Know Trump he's going to start showing Signs of dementia the next four years Like he's already like forgetting things Like they're both really old you know Trump's in better mental shape but you Know like it's just neither one of these Guys should be running for president and So that's kind of funny and interesting As well in terms of the show this is Like it's now really got my attention Like the debate I was like kind of not Into the whole thing but after the Debate now it's now it's on like I'm Like totally into it and so there's These aspects of it but you know Biden Stepping down means that there's chaos In the Democratic party and just Infighting and just all these things Like it'll be you know it'll be fun to Watch uh but let's get to the next clip Here because these are the these clips Are interesting all of them I want to in One more time because and just as you do Really quickly there's a new CBS poll

With yugov this morning on the question Of uh mental health and mental acuity Joe Biden the question was does he have It 72% say he does not And that looks like the polling looked In January which is why as unbelievable As Thursday night was there is a chance That this race is so locked in because Of the incredible partisanship we may Have just seen the equivalent of the Donald Trump can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue moment but for the Democrats and Joe Biden turn in that kind of Performance and hang on it he very well Can I and so that African-American woman What she was about to say was I'm so Grateful that I got to come to my black Job and Dana bass said well that's a Discussion for another time because Remember Joe Biden and Donald Trump said You know I created more black jobs and Remember that whole thing and the way The question was even worded from CNN And so they cut this woman Off like the whole thing was weird There's a lot of weird things in the Debate right like I I made a comment About what's a black job right what's a Hispanic job like it's just you know Like everyone's so woke and and you know Sensitive but they say stupid stuff like That but what the white girl was saying Here um about uh you know I didn't

Realize this but in January there was a Poll out and 70% of American said Joe Biden's not mentally fit so it only went Up by 2% right and it didn't change the the Close contents contest between Biden and Trump like the the contest is still Within the margin of error of like 5% or Whatever um we don't know what the polls Are going to say now they do have some Polls out but in terms of um you know People who thought Joe Biden Was um incompetent mentally of those 70% In January and 72% now we don't know About now but the January It didn't affect their voting for him They 20 some odd percent of the people Who said that Joe Biden was mentally Incompetent we're still going to vote For him right 22% maybe something like That so he had like 48% of the the vote Right so it's you know like this is all These people watching this and they just Don't want Trump to win and they're Willing to vote for a guy who's Completely scile in a party that's been Lying to them about how scile he is like There's no anger there maybe a little Bit of anger a little bit disgust but They're going to vote for a guy that is Clearly Scile they're going to see a guy crap His pants like he did on the debate Stage after you know months and years of

Him being more and more scile tripping And stumbling and you know babbling his Way through his presidency and they're Still going to vote for him like 20% Like that's like 20% would say well it's All the people that and it's the 20% That say the scile and they'd vote for Them and there's another 30% or close to It that says he's not scile at all and So people who are in complete denial of His Senility just like people who are Complete denial of trump sucking I mean The Republicans you the Republican Voters are just as embarrassingly bad in Terms of their low Consciousness but Because of the polarization in the in The country And this woman who was a pollster she Talked about this before she was shaking Her head because she couldn't believe And this is since January that people Would vote for uh like an insane you Know uh dementia ridden candidate like They're saying he's unfit mentally can't Do the job mentally but I'm going to Vote for him anyway like she was Stunned and you know so she looked at This debate being not a factor in the Polls but there is a showed up later so I saw this this is really important Because my wife sent me the thing about The $30,000 of donations and I show you A little bit of cly burn but these

People are coming on Pelosi cly burn These other people saying Joe Biden was Great he could still do the job and he Could still you know all these things What about Trump's lies we're not paying Attention to how many times Trump lied In the debate right like with all the Things that they're saying about Trump Lying Trump destroyed him in terms of The debate the uh you know what people Were saying in terms of who they thought Won the debate so let's get into this Other guy because it's kind of Imperative here debate as there have Been calls for the president to withdraw From the race including in uh editorial Boards as well as all corters of the Democratic party now the president Himself has also been collecting data Anecdotally and through public polling As he too tries to assess what uh what Folks are feeling across the party and That has been a deep concern Panic has Certainly set in donors have been racked With anxiety over the president's poor Performance on Thursday night now the President of course did participate in a Fundraising Blitz over the weekend where He too conceded that Thursday night was Not his best debate performance but said That he would continue to fight and that He wanted to stay in the race but the President and his campaign are certainly Allison under great scrutiny tonight and

What we know so far from the Huddle that He had with his family at Camp David Today is that he has the support of his Family and their encouragement of course That is no small thing these are key Players uh in President Biden's orbit And have been crucial in a lot of his Decision- making when it comes to Running for President Priscilla thank you very much For all of that reporting we're joined Now by CNN senior data reporter Harry Anon he uh was here to run the numbers So Harry do we have new poll numbers for President Biden post debate we we do you Know CBS News yugov conducted some Polling post debate we can compare to The pre-debate numbers and the bottom Line Al it's not any good it's not any Good look at this voters who say that Biden has the mental health to be President it was just 35% prebate look Where it's dropped to now post debate 27% how about that he should be running For president it was 37% prebate it's Now 28% I have never seen number is this Bad for an incumbent president during my Lifetime I mean that mental health to be President just 27% you might say okay You know that's low but a lot of people Thought Biden was too old back in 2020 These numbers look nothing like this Back in 2020 so the first part is huge Right that mental health to be president

Because running for president and being President is two different things right It's the same thing because you know if You don't have the mental health to run For president you don't have the mental Health to be president but either way And they should be identical numbers 27% Of America says his mental Health precludes him from being President right now so that's basically You know 34s of the the American Population is saying right now you can't Be president right right now you can't Be you should be they should fire you Right now after after that debate Performance he should not have a job Like as president and then if they took Him out as president then he wouldn't no Longer be a candidate and I don't know What the Republicans are doing I don't Know what their options are but the World is watching Americans say that Their their president is not capable Mentally of doing the job I mean this is Playing all across the world on news Programs right they're saying you know Look at this guy like now this they're Talking openly about it stuff that they Their leaders I mean remember he was at Like the G8 and that um you know that Guy with the weird hair that used to be The Prime Minister of England the guy With the you know funny hair the blond Guy and he was like you know basically

Uh you know uh talking to Joe Biden like He was a child right they were all you Know I mean he was just so goofy there Like he's goofy everywhere but he was Dealing with foreign leaders and it Looks so bad like they all know like if We know I mean I've known since 2019 like it's easy to spot men You you know it's it's something that Impairs your ability it's not something You can hide like you can hide Narcissism like you can hide you know Multiple personalities and things like This I mean that's a little bit harder To hide obviously but for short periods Of time in public people can you know Lots of people have weird mental heal Illness mental health stuff and yet They're able to hide it but he can't Hide this and he's still president he's Still running for president and he might Continue on but then the numbers get Worse here these numbers were bad Already and the truth is Alison they Have gotten just considerably worse even In just a few days after that first Presidential debate har do we have Polling yet that suggests that voters Want a different Candidate yeah this is the whole Question right if it's not President Biden then who could it be on the Democratic side and the truth is there Are no easy answers you know I went back

And looked at the polling versus Donald Trump for ACH of different Democrats Have been suggested Gretchen whiter Gavin Nome KLA Harris look at this they All Trail Donald Trump so the idea here That we're somehow going to get this Magic bullet that there's somehow going To be some democrat who can beat Donald Trump easily I just don't see it in the Numbers at this particular point if Joe Biden takes on Donald Trump he's Trailing if there's another Democrat who Runs against Donald Trump they twoo are Trailing perhaps you want to make the Argument you bring in another Democrat Who isn't as wellknown as Joe Biden who Univ has Universal name recognition and Maybe they could change the numbers but The fact is any Democrat who entered the Race right now at least among those that Are being suggested by a bunch of folks They would all enter the race at this Particular Point as an underdog to Former president Donald Trump but Harry Are those numbers old numbers or are Those since the debate I mean maybe Changed yeah those are not numbers that Have been taken since the debate though I was looking at numbers that were post Debate this takes into account an Average a long-term average right Because the key is I don't just want to Rely upon one polling number but even The Limited polling data that we have

Post debate suggests that none of those Candidates on your screen Gretchen Whitmer Gavin Nome or KLA Harris any of Those would be favored over Donald Trump He leads against all of them whether you Look at the pre-debate numbers or the Post- debate numbers and of course I Like to look at an aggregate of numbers So that's what I did but the fact is Even if you just did post debate it Really wouldn't look any different do You have any precedent for how lopsided Thursday debate Was yeah I mean if you want to take one Solace if you are Joe Biden the fact is First debate winner margins look Donald Trump more people by a 34 34o margin Said that Donald Trump beat Joe Biden in Debate that's not much different than What Joe Biden's margin over was over Donald Trump four years ago it's Actually larger than the Hillary Clinton Margin that she had over Donald Trump But you may remember that first debate Back in 2012 where Barack Obama just did Horribly Mitt Romney won that debate in The voters Minds by 42 points but of Course he didn't become President Barack Obama was reelected so I guess if you Want to take a look on the one bright Note is there is a history of someone Losing the first debate as an incumbent And going on to win the presidency and That was 12 years ago yeah but Barack

Obama was in cile like it's just stupid Like what they're saying like this is a Question of senility this is a question Of mental acuity of the ability to do The job and somebody's just getting Older all everyone's getting older but You know he's getting old old right he's He's past the the not like there's the The retirement age that most people are Retiring which is in the 70s and then There's the death age which is in like The the you know the early 70s like you Know the average age of retirement is 64 And the average age of death is 76 and It used to be 79 it's gone down by 3 Years postco and all this stuff with the Bloop and all that stuff right and so um He's passed the average age of death by Five years and so like that's people Dying you know and that's I mean you Know when people die of old age it's Usually by 76 the average is 76 and so the average person's retiring In 64 and he's well past all that and the Presidency ages you and he's been a Political scumbag forever and you know Decrepit person with bad morals so is Trump both of them have lived bad lives And that eats away at you right and so Again you know it's just a puppet Position and that's kind of great that's Being exposed but the way that they're Going about this right where the

Majority Americans thinks he's scile He's lost nine points in the in the Dementia category like nine points like He dropped nine points and you know Whether he should run or whether he Should be president in the dementia Aspect of this thing and right now he's Their best option and so I have a bunch Of stuff to get uh too I'm going to show Some clips of kamla some other Clips Here Sharon Stone and that's just stuff That I that's left over from last night Right um maybe I'll get a checkin with Don Lemons who's always you know Dopey But that's just from last night you know Yesterday Sunday and so they going to be Some news today Monday and then this Video is probably not going to go up Till Tuesday or Thursday so uh Wednesday And so um just be adding things to it About this you know debacle but I just Want to say before I get into these Other video clips but before that there Are two things that make this really Compelling and interesting for me like I'm really into this right like in ways I'm not into like a lot of things I Cover I mean I'm pretty much detached From everything you know and whatever Outcome it you know it's all leading to The Apocalypse but there's two things and if You haven't you know I haven't said this In a while but people who watch my

Videos one thing that's a Saving Grace For me that I don't get stressed out and You know fear-based and just overwhelmed By the the you know what I see in terms Of the system collapsing you know this Apocalyptic aspect of what's going on Here I just find when things are Collapsing there's just it's I find it Funny there's just an element of humor In it which you guys can see for my Presentation it's just been always the Case I worked at this restaurant years Ago and this guy um he was Hungarian but He came from Sweden and he was a Disaster of a owner of a restaurant Clueless goofy making bad decisions and He would go through these phases he got A great review for his restaurant which I don't know how even that happened and People started to check out the Restaurant it was in Northampton Massachusetts which is part of the five College area it's a trendy place they Are kind of liberal and there a lot of Like kind of artsy places and Restaurants it's they have a museum for The guy who invented the um the Mutant Ninja Turtles he lived there and they had a Little Museum and things like that but It had a nice little downtown area and There are a lot of restaurants in that Whole area the five colleges there's Five colleges in one area Massachusetts

Right and Smith college there's a high Like level of a lot of lesbians go to Smith college it's a girl school and so There's just this influx of like woke Consciousness and you know is years and Years ago and so this guy gets a a Review right like a like a good review And he starts like his restaurant was About to close and he was begging staff To stay and he'd go from a from where he Was begging us to stay to where he was Like mistreating people and being really Arrogant and the guy really liked me for Whatever reason but he you know would Would open up to me in different ways And things that made me uncomfortable Like I would have no response there's a A time where he um his wife was kind of Uh Stout like she was you know thick you Know short and stout you know like a Teapot a little teapot short and Stout and she walked by us and he goes I Used to date beautiful women now I got Hard worker Right and he was like that and he just Went through this phase and then the Restaurant imploded and you know Cary Came in years ago when she was just Young her but she was supposed to come In she didn't but her crew came in and There was just weird things that it was Kind of a weird you know restaurant but It was on the verge of going out of Business several times and you know I I

Work there and I quit and then I I got Came back part time and you know it was Just really interesting to me what would Happen when it was closing when his the Bus his business was collapsing his Family was a family business it was just You know entertaining right and there's Just something about when something's Imploding that's funny and interesting Like when people go through their you Know their apocalyptic times where their Lives are collapsing I'm not laughing at People's misery but truth comes out like I always noticed this like in a divorce Situation or you know when something's Imploding and you know people can act Nice and can sort of be performative and You know keep a uh some kind of social Media profile you know when they're when They're in these phases when things are Are going well but when things implode Like their true nature at least their True nature lower nature comes out and It's just really interesting to see what Happens and that's what's happening with The Democratic party right now you know Especially the Democratic party because You know the way they've behaved and how Arrogant they've been it's just kind of Great like it's just a good time to see How they have no good options here there Like no options that's like this is like There's there's just a lot of bad Options right and and their number one

Option appears to be stay with a guy Who's scile like it's all right you know You know they did this when Joe Biden Started a run and you know they ignored The majority of this but John Stewart And David Letterman and CNN which I Showed you in my last video covered that He was a groper that he was touching Women Inappropriately in this way for is a Consider a sexual offense that would be Like rubbing up against somebody on a Subway right you know when I work with Teenage sex offenders the one of the Things that they would do is they have To admit to all their their weird Behaviors their you know their illegal Sexual behaviors and they would talk About Fage like they would say they did You know often times they'd admit to Something that you know people didn't Know about they'd be rubbing up against Somebody on a subway and Joe Biden was Exhibiting that in these you know he Would swear the people in like he swear The the senators in because he was the Vice president KLA Harris now does that And he would use that opportunity to Glom onto the women and the kids and all These things and say inappropriate weird Things and just you know the way he was Touching them and you know the kids Trying to kiss him and S sniff him and All the things that he did and in 2019

They knew he had this problem and so They came out and they had a woman who Was a democratic shell who was um Running in Nevada say that you know he Snelled her hair and he apologized to Her and they made a big thing about it Like in 2019 right before he announced His candidacy like let's get this out of The way let's acknowledge that he's a Creep and then everyone's just going to Forget about it and so that's how they Dealt with it and you know they he only Had 20% of the vote but they Manufactured it so he was the only guy That could be Trump in the narrative They presented to the Democratic people And the Democratic people got behind This Gaff magnet and this snoozer and Groper with a lot of negatives he had Been a plagiarizer in the past which They didn't even address you know he Copied people's life stories he tolds Stories that he said happened to him That didn't happen to him and he's done It over and over again he does it now he Recently talked about living growing up In whatever Delaware area wherever he Was you know Pennsylvania and sleeping In the same room with his sister and Just weird stuff um but like the the Number numbers don't add up like he had You know more siblings that he really Had like just you know whatever I Covered this before I forget the details

But he just makes things up he hears Somebody's story and he he just takes it And starts telling people that's like It's his story and it isn't like he Didn't live it he wasn't you know just Bizarre and he's done this over and over Again and he's has these uh he just Makes up lies like saying the that he Had Somali friends that were taxi Drivers and there was none of them in Delaware like he just makes these things Up and everybody knew about he was a Joke as a VI vice president and he was a Joke before that like he was just a joke A guy who' been around forever and you Know no one took him seriously and then All of a sudden they're like oh this guy Should be president and they just like Scrubbed him all his negatives and That's maybe what they're doing now like They're getting it out in the open okay He's seile he's better than Trump deal With it like that seems to be their Message look at what a liar Trump is oh Trump scen Trump's the sceni I mean that's what Nancy Pelosi said Yesterday which in the video I just Released so you know I mean like it's That's their point of view right but the Media has been more and more turning on This guy The Daily Show like kind of Savaged him John Stewart you know Whatever the post election thing was and Then you know the I mean they're more

And more turning on this guy and you Know CNN and MSNBC are asking questions They haven't ever asked and should have Asked like this guy Cena what are you Guys gonna do and so it's not a good Thing when people say some guy your kind Candidate scile he should withdraw and Like you know just in terms of him Getting elected now right because you're Running a guy that over 70% of people Say is scile and it's pretty much out in The open like everyone you know Clyburn Said like is kind of saying he's not Like he said it was Jitters or whatever Like was um Clyburn I don't have that Clip but he was talking about how it's Overpreparing where you're getting Bombarded by info and you just you know You're just U underperforming the debate Because they gave him too much info like He blamed on his staff and mistreating Them and and giving them too much prep Time like just stupid stuff like that Right but the majority of people are now Acknowledging that we have a scile President I mean there's you know 20% That 27% whatever it is is saying no or Whatever number it is right now 20 Whatever it is everyone else Acknowledges that we have a scile President and the media they're not Saying the word scile or dementia but You know that's what this means right And so this is the other interesting

Part like what are they going to do like What's going to happen because we Haven't seen anything like this right Because the stuff between the Trump Thing is something completely new you Know Trump is considered a fool and you Know a joke but also some criminal Mastermind like they have all these Different narratives for him and he's The center of everything negative and The hostility you know in the eyes of The media like they say they hate him But they can't stop talking about him And then he you know lost and he's come Back with a vengeance tour like Literally a Vengeance tour and um that Guy um Lindsey Graham was on the news Saying you know Joe Biden did things at The border and he should um like be Criminally prosecuted things that he's Done that are criminal and things that Are going to happen things that happen At the border and some of these other Things he was talking about different Ways they might go after Biden and he Was kind of saying these like you know If Trump wins or whether he wins or not We're going to go after him the congress Senate whatever it is right um and maybe You know Trump will like you know like He's implying that Like there'll be retribution and these Things and so the hostility and you know We haven't seen this in a political you

Know nothing like we see now but then One of these guys shows that he's scile But not when he's at the end of his term Like Reagan like people are going to Have to vote for a scile guy because They hate the other guy so much more but The other guy is also old and so you Have this situation like what's going to Happen are they going to replace Joe Biden and then have this like you know This cannibalistic fight of these Selfish narcissistic sociopaths all want To you know their team of people who are Going to push them and just destroy the Democratic party you know Democratic Party should have been destroyed at the Debacle when they got you know so-called Hacked and the democ the DNC was falling Apart it was in debt and all these Things after Obama and so you know they Came back with a vengeance but they're You know they were on the ropes and when Trump won and all those things they're You know that they hate each other like There there's groups of people in the Democratic party that are opposed to Each other and they don't like each Other and you know this there's whole Other you know narratives there and so This is something new we haven't seen This and whenever I see something new in The show and there's a decision point Right the American people the Democratic People the Democratic party and the

American people have a decisions to make Now the Democratic party got to decide What they're going to do about their Cile candidate and then American people Have to decide what they're of course It's all rigged and whatever it is but You know what they're going to do to Deal with what's going to happen you Know whatever new candidate they have or Whether they're going to actually vote For a guy who is you know scile and you Know people think that Joe Biden Couldn't get those whatever it was 80 Million votes that you know that Trump Keeps on talking about but you're Underestimating how much people hate Trump and how scared they are of him I Mean you know you know people are you Know I mean after Biden's horrible Presidency it's going to be harder for Him to to crank out the vote because He's lost demographics and his civility I mean it's he's a much weaker candidate Now than he was before but the guy Shouldn't be pres he should not have a Job the guy should be out of a job today Like that's you know I talked about this In my you know other video in the intro But he should be out of a job today like That's what should happen like that's You know sometimes it's a very easy to See what should happen and after that Debate performance you know this guy is The most powerful political leader in

The world and he's scile and he's just Getting worse and he's supposed to you He's got access To uh nuclear capabilities I mean the Most powerful Army and he's scile right And so you know either the presidency is A complete joke and he's being handled And that's what's happening or you know He's a complete risk to the world's Safety And world leader should be calling and Saying get rid of that mother mfer mfer Right now because you know we feel Threatened you guys get rid of your Scile president I mean this is you know There should be a call I don't know what The Republicans are doing in terms of Some kind of you know making this a uh Something that they battle out but the Guy scile and needs to you know what's The protocol for cile president Especially now at a time where we're on The verge of World War III and you know It's a decision-making time and so this Is all new we haven't seen anything like It and the way this is going to play out Is going to be really entertaining like There's no doubt about it because you Know in a sea of of um bad choices They're going to have to pick one of Them first the Democratic part is Goingon to have to either go with Biden Or pick another bad choice because the Candidates all suck I mean they suck on

The Republican part too right like Nobody thinks Nikki Hal's a a solution Or disantis to Trump there's no better Candidates right and this is you know Signs of the Apocalypse this is a sign Of America crumbling which I L love I Mean right now like it's great to it's Great viewing right now then there's the You know the post apocalyptic scary Time that we're all going to have to Face up to but right now it's an Interesting like you know I mean I don't Like popcorn but get the popcorn type of Thing right and so um all right let's Get into it here with Okay so I just watched the [Laughter] News which is great Um and both Morning Joe and the Morning Show on CNN were pitching hard for Joe Biden to stay right his family who you Know don't care about elder abuse or Whatever um they're saying he you know We're supporting you Joe and so it looks Like they're going to stick with this Guy I mean they're trying hard to even Though the media is covering his Disaster but let me show you those clips Here cuz they're hilarious I'll undergo A whole new process with a whole new Crew of people Joe Biden is our nominee He is the one who is best suited and Best positioned right now to beat Donald Trump everyone else that you just showed

On the screen they are great for their States and for the positions that they Are in right now but they are not well Known nationally Sarah it would be Almost impossible to mount a campaign For any one of them between now and November where they could raise the Money put in the infrastructure do Everything that they would need in order To beat Donald Trump that's just a Reality the reality is it would have to Be kamla you know kamla I don't know if She has her what she has in terms of her Own team she has some people who are her Own team but she would just use Biden's Team she's a part of the Biden Administration they would just replace Her and keep the same team and the same Money and all these things and just you Know move forward with that that would Be their only opt they don't want that She's a disaster they don't like her Nobody liked her you know this is what They have to you know I'm going to show You the KLA stuff in a bit so I'll get Into kamla there but there's no other Real Choice here because all these other People are not a part of the Biden Administration and taking over his you Know his team of people his election People because she's already being Handled by his election team right she's A part of his candidacy so it's comma or Nobody right and so um like that's would

Have and just all of it like all the you Know we'll get into I'm going to show You the Comm stuff in a bit and so That's why you hear uh Debbie waserman Schultz uh Senator Coons and even Jamie Raskin at this point understands that What we need to do as a party if we want To beat Donald Trump is focus on the Choice at hand a good man a decent man An accomplished president president who Had a bad night versus a bad man with a Putrid character who lied every single Time he open his mouth during that Debate wants to destroy our constitution Get rid of our democracy be a dictator On day one is a convicted felon wants to Take away our rights and freedoms that Is still the contrast and I believe at The end of the day that the American People will focus on and will choose a President that has given them the Accomplishments he has for the three and A half years and they're not going to Let a 90minut debate Eclipse all of that You know I don't know what kind of October surprise they have and I don't You know Donald Trump's got all these Court cases all this stuff right he's Going to be sentenced at his uh same Time as his Republican convention but Right now Trump would win like he would Win before the debate like he would have Won he would have won all the Battle Ground States right and you know it's

Just going to get worse for Biden There's going to be be other bad days And now this is being covered you know They'll make a decision and then the Liberal media will be less covering this As you know but it's just going to Always be up and it's going to be part Of the story and then you know Trump Will be president like right now that's The path forward and again there's could Be some crazy stuff that happens Whatever like until the election is over And Trump's won you you know it's all in Debate but the choice right now is Between Donald Trump who you may hate or Love or Whatever Democrats hate and a Scile guy right like that's the choice Right now there's no you know people 72% And you know majority of Americans Understand that's the choice that Joe Biden is scile and you're asking people To vote for a scile guy because the Other guy sucks so bad that's your Argument okay let's go to to M which is Even you know m is that's the worst Headlines and opinion pieces from major News organizations former Party leaders And very loud Whispers mostly behind the Scenes from present leading Democrats Who say it is Over here's a taste of the global call For President Joe Biden to get out of The race the New York Times editorial Board says Biden is not the man he was

Four years ago calling his cany quote a Reckless gamble editors at Georgia's Largest newspaper the Atlanta Journal Constitution echoed that take demanding The president president passed the torch Quote Biden deserves a better exit from Public life than the one he endured when He shuffled off the stage on Thursday Night and then there were the headlines Sneering mocking jeering all at Once this was the performance that has Gotten us to this Point we have a thousand trillionaires In America I mean billionaires in America and what's happening they're in A situation where they in fact pay 8.2% In taxes if they just paid 24% 25% Either one of those numbers they' raise $500 million billion dollars I should Say in a 10-year period we'd be able to WR wipe out his debt we'd be able to Help make sure that all those things we Need to do Child Care Elder Care making Sure that we continue to strengthen our Health care System making sure that We're able to make every single solitary Person eligible for what I've been able To do with the uh with with with the co Excuse me with um dealing with Everything we have to do with Uh Look if we finally beat Medicare it was [Laughter]

Bad all right so they're going in on him Here but she's going to reverse all this Like you see that right you look at the Guy if you didn't know who he was and You would say why is he out there if you Were tuning in for the first time you Would say oh my God this guy's got Dementia the people around him should Take care of him his family I mean People who you know are so-called Joe Biden lovers his wife Jill Dr Jill Biden His whole family his whole political Team ma all these other people the guy Can't do it but when you hear her Argument like it's it's stunningly bad Right even for m He said we quote we beat Medicare he Couldn't seem to land a thought it was An unmitigated Disaster by any Measure more than 3 days after that Debate it is still hard to comprehend What we saw from the president the weak Raspy voice the inability to complete Basic thoughts most importantly the Failure to call out Donald Trump on his Endless Lies where was that And yet the very next day in North Carolina there was Joe Biden back to Form finding his voice his winning smile The Vintage Sparkle back in his eyes two Appearances that were as different as Well not in Day I don't de debate as well as I used To but I know what I do know I know how

To tell the truth Okay first of all he has dead eyes his Eyes are black and dead and they've Always been that way he doesn't have a Sparkle his smile is reptilian and it Always has been he's a creep but she's Saying that he's back to form you know He was more energized right he came out I don't know if they gave him a sh I Don't know what happened here but it Doesn't matter because like I said Dementia isn't something is you judge it By the worst moments right and when You're talking about capacity and Allowing somebody to do something where You now you have to make sure they don't Drve for example because they might have An episode right but he's going to say The second thing I know how to you first Of all he doesn't know how to tell the Truth he's one of the worst Liars Plagiarizer horrible person you know all These things that they're annoing groper Snoozer sniffler all the things but he's Going to say I know how um you know I Know the difference between right and Wrong and watch his mouth quiver he's Going to cough and his mouth is going to Quiver I know I know I know right from Wrong I know how to do this Job I know how to get things Done I know like millions of Americans Know when you get knocked down you get Back

Up so what was different a little more Sleep perhaps it was an event during the Day rather at night you know he's better Here but he still isn't great he's still Old and he's still like you know if you Watch the whole speech he has his Moments less gffs right he's performed Better than the debate he's still Horrible but what are you talking about A little bit more sleep he's the President it like listen to her argument Now from from this point on on debate Night 90 minutes starting at 900 p.m. Joe Biden was fresh off backtack trips To Europe first to Normandy for the 80th Anniversary of D-Day and a state dinner With president macron and then to Italy For the G7 followed by a flight across 12 time zones to La for a fundraiser With former president Barack Obama just 33 hours later he was headed back to the East coast 33 there's a number for you But listen to what she just said Normandy F Normandy France for D-Day big Thing which they do and then he has to Go and visit foreign leaders because That's part of his job he also has to Raise money so you know he did what uh President or candidate should be doing Right they weren this wasn't Extraordinary and then he had 33 hours Again weird number but 33 hours that's Over a whole day and a half to get ready For the debate he's been doing this

Forever he's a career politician and She's using that as an excuse right the Debate was also two weeks after his son Hunter was convicted on three felony gun Charges and faces prison time President Biden painfully told America He would not pardon his Son I really question his schedule it Makes me angry that he was moving across The world on four different time zones It seems to me this is a lack of Discipline these were important events That he was going to but the stakes in This election could not be any Higher are you shiding me m This is his job right so in 2020 they Were able to hide him away because he Couldn't campaign and I showed you in my First video clips of him he challenged a Guy you know he walked up on a guy over A gun control in a factory called the Guy fat as a nickname shut up fat and he Challenged that guy to an IQ contest and A push-up contest and and yelled at him And then the follow-up interview with a Nice NPR later he went after her I Showed you all these things and then all The the multiple gaffs and things that Happened that I didn't show you and they Were all showing him signs of dementia Right and he looks much worse now he's Aged looks like he's aged about 8 years 10 years since then and he had dementia Back then right you know I thought a

Great name for this video would be I Telling my wife the Democrats and Joe Biden puts the Dem in dementia right and So um like that's just [Laughter] Wonderful but you know this is his job And he couldn't campaign and so 2012 the Co thing conveniently kicked in and they Hid the guy away they've been hiding him For 3 years which has been discussed They won't give access to the president You know this is being discussed on These shows these things are coming out Which we know he doesn't do interviews Like he used to and he doesn't do press Conferences and he talks you know in Front of a helicopter or airplane says Stuff like I my my butts been wiped or Whatever he said you know weird stuff he Talks with an ice cream cone in his Hands you know like some daughtering Fool that everyone's just like you know Being humoring they're humoring the guy Right there's a term called elder speak Or patronizing or whatever you want to Call it right this you know moment where You're seeing somebody scile or when You're dealing with somebody like that And you have to like basically talk to Them like they're a child right and you Have to you know pamper them and just Cuddle them or whatever it is right like This is what happens to people you no Longer can have like a you know when

You're dealing with somebody who's crazy There's no longer a two-way dialogue and As you get to somebody who has Dementia there's no like space for the Person to be concerned or even aware of You like as they go into senility they Go into you know Alzheimer's and things They're just completely selfish they Become myopic and they they can't even Consider other people and they can't Remember they can't remember your own Your name or whatever who are you like This things right their brain doesn't Work anymore and for her to suggest that That he shouldn't do his job or Shouldn't campaign anymore cuz he's Confused and he's old and that they Should somehow of rested him for a week He had a day and a half like the President has a very busy schedule of Meeting with world leaders being out in The public answering questions having Press conferences dealing with the you Know the media all these things right How many times you see the president on TV the news conferences and things like This press conferences and then speeches And all the rest of it then traveling And going to these meetings that are you Know what he wasn't supposed to go to G7 Like these are Global meetings and Things going things are going on in Europe things are going down on in on a Global situation and he shouldn't go to

These places right and the reason they They have a president who's campaigning Go to these places is because he looks Presidential it's a campaign move to Remind people oh you know he'll be in The news and they'll be talking about Him meeting with leaders and doing these Things right but I mean he was a Disaster like she's m is leaving out That he was a disaster he looked like he Pooped himself at dday right it was Diaper day like this is a new dday I Mean he looked horrible there and there Was multiple issues there was multiple Gaps confusion so he was confused over There and so her saying go into these Different time zones oh that's what you Do you travel he's too old to do his job Like this is the job right it's the job Of the president president it's his job To campaign he's not do he's you know Not able to do those things that he Can't do the job he's admitting that his Staff made him do his job and that might Have made his debate performance worse And then his son becoming a felon you Well that's cuz you live in a you you Have a horrible family where he showered With his daughter I mean all these weird Things when she was a teenager and just So many weird things in his family his His other son dying his his wife dying I Mean just the stuff around his life he's Such a selfish prick and just a you know

A bad person and like these things are Catching up to him right not that Trump's better cuz he's not like I'm not Me saying the truth about Biden doesn't Mean Trump's good you know people have This you know it's like Ali Frasier Right it's like the Celtics versus the Lakers it's like the Red Sox versus the Yankees right you have these you know Michigan versus the Ohio state they're Tied together Biden and Trump are always Going to be tied together and they're Both saying you know the powers that be Are saying well only Trump can be Biden Only Biden can be Trump it's like this You know bizarre way of looking at it Like you can't go in another direction Right the guy's scile and when he does His job it gets worse okay he can't do His job then right and so they can take Him off the playing field right now and Kamla would be the president and then The first woman president would have to You know then run with Biden's political Team they'd be a fairly smooth Transition KLA has been planning for This forever right and so it'd be ready To go like just do it that's that's all You have to do again you know I don't I Don't have a stake in this one way or Another K annoys me it'd be an Interesting twist but they won't do it Right they don't want kamla because Nobody wants kamla and then the rest of

It I get into that like I said when I Talk about kamla but the reality is that This guy has dementia and no matter how Bad you think Trump is does it make Joe And competent mentally so you're having A person who you're saying has a Horrible character right the worst Person in the world running against a Guy who's scile so you pick the scile Guy that's doesn't make any sense at all Right I if you were on a bus or a plane And you say someone Land This Plane and Like there's two guys that have some Background in it one's Trump one's Biden You'd pick Trump right you don't pick The scile guy like I don't know in in What situation you pick the scile guy Right if you had two guys you know that You needed to fill a job and you had Choice between Trump or Biden you'd Always pick Trump right yeah he's a liar He's a deceiver but I mean you know a Guy who's scile I mean like Biden's a Liar and deceiver like Biden's a liar And deceiver and he's also scile and so They're both have poor characters They're very similar people don't see it But their characters and their flaws and Their they're both gropers and they're Both cheaters and they're both liars and They're both flim flim and they both you Know one's a career politician the Other's a scumbag businessman but they Both have their Horrible character

Qualities very similar this the charges Against Trump the things that they say About Trump you could also say about Biden the things you say about Biden you Could also say about Trump but Biden is Cena and so he's worse because they're The same guy and one guy is mentally More deteriorated like many I want to Know was this a oneoff episode or a sign Of what's to come this is just stupid It's not a oneoff we've been you know Documenting this for all of us like so Many of us have been documenting Biden's His um senior moments for five years now And if you're saying this kind of Pressure made him collapse like that and Again you know this was a long period Because it was a debate and was just out In front of everybody and it was Throughout the debate but he's been Doing this for years now but it's just Going to continue to happen because He's breaking down mentally like do you Not understand old age or cility or Dementia or any of these things right Everyone knows what happens it does not Get better and you're defined by your Bad moments right you have remission I've said this over and over again like Is this a oneoff is this never going to Happen again is he going to be back in His 20s no like what happens when some Other bad thing happens to him it shows You we can't handle the freaking

Pressure M like you're p statement here He can't handle the pressure his you Know his handlers didn't handle him well Enough they didn't pamper him they Didn't you know make sure that he he Didn't do what he did like he should Have stayed home and and slept for two Weeks and got ready for this debate and Got plenty of rest and not be four Different time zones my God it's a you Know that's the job and you can't do the Job then don't do the job right like he Shouldn't be president now like there's No debate about this it's hilar ious That they're actually like saying we Should have a seed president can his Team and the president himself move Forward with more discipline and also Manage the fact that he's 81 and while we're at it let's talk About his age age is wisdom and Experience that in the case of Joe Biden Leads to more bipartisan legislation Passed than any president over the past Few generations and the largest Expansion of NATO's Alliance in history Under Joe Biden and his age America is Stronger economically and militarily Than anytime yeah she's going to keep on Going with that so um again doesn't Matter what his past accomplishments is He's got dementia none of these things Matter like dementia is dementia doesn't Matter like if you it doesn't mean

Wisdom someone with dementia doesn't Have wisdom like you know he's wearing Diapers more than likely and we don't Know that for for for a fact but you Know we can speculate but we do know the Guy can't complete a sentence he's Disoriented he's never been wise this Guy doesn't have wisdom you know Whatever he you think he did as a as a President whatever things that you're Saying he's got all right whatever like Those are debatable whether they're Accomplishments or they're you know They're just um more bad stuff for America whatever but you know like That's not like you don't say all right The guy's done a great job and he's all This experience Let's ignore the fact He's got dementia he's got to make Decisions and he's got to inspire the American people and what if we go into World War II with this guy as President Right I mean it's just you know like You're screwed like you're totally Screwed and like this is how you're Reacting you're trying to sell to the American people that they should have a President that's mentally incompetent I Just want to say one more thing about This I mean it's so Bad it's so bad because it hurts your Customers right I talked about this with Taylor Swift making her her swifties buy Multiple copies of her crappy music

Right like M you what she's charging Them for tickets and then getting them To put them In Harm's Way to go out and Harass scooter scooter Libby or scooter Bram or whatever his name is you know All these things um Scooter scooter it's scooter and so um You know when you treat your audience Poorly the people that are supporting You and they're saying to Their audience The Democratic party and the mainstream Media that you guys should vote for a Scile candidate and you know Trump is Special he sucks but he's different Right like they we've never seen a Candidate like Trump irreverent you know Businessman you know not a career Politician coming in there reality TV Star you know Flim Flam man all these Things and he's unique like we haven't We'll never see another Trump and the Energy that he consumes and he's a star Like you know a villain star or a hero Star whatever you want to say Trump is a Star he's not brilliant he's not a good Person but he's a star you know He Commands attention right he commands you Know the way Madonna is a star Michael Jackson was a star you know's somebody Who you Elvis or whatever it is right Somebody who stands out Is just somebody who's built for the Spotlight and enjoys the spotlight was And is a hack like Trump ran for office

One time or twice and the first time he Won presidency right he ran for office Became a politician and became president And he inspired people like people love Him and he has a lot of energy and Enthusiasm in his crowd and his Followers you know his you know whatever They are cult followers whatever you Want to call them the trumpers you same Way Bernie had some of that energy too But the Democrats have nobody else that Has that kind of enthusiasm Obama had it In a different way Obama was a star and You know you could say Clinton was a Star in his way you know not like Trump But you know more politically Biden was Never that like Biden was eclipsed by Clinton Biden was eclipsed by Obama like He got passed up he ran for presidency When Obama ran the first time I think he Ran against Clinton right so he ran Against these people who were just stars Rock stars in the Democratic party right Sarah pillan was a rock star who Imploded Hillary wasn't right Hillary Was married to a rock star and so again You know I'm not talking about who they Are as people or any of these things I'm Just talking about Joe Biden was never That guy he ran for president three Times like I've said so much in these Videos and he failed each time Disastrously so apologizing for Plagiarism getting caught right saying

Things about it right um I'll put the at The end of this I'll put the I've been Stupid you know quote that he did that Was from his plagiarizing years right I've been dumb like he had to apologize The guy was always an idiot and just you Know a just a a hack a political hack And so it isn't like he was so great Like they're trying to say what a great Man is the legislation he's did and the Accomplishments but that's not the case With this guy and so even if he was Great dementia is unforgiving Right Dementia hits you you know just like With a great athlete when there's um you Know when old age hits you and the game Has passed you by you have to hang it up Right and every kind of sphere it's like That there's a time where it's time to Move on I've talked about that with Madam expiration date Madonna there's a Time where you know you realize you're You're 50 or 60 or 70 it's time that you Move on to something else retire or Whatever it is and so Biden it was years Ago like he shouldn't have run in 2019 his time was when Hillary won like That was his big chance when Obama was Done and he was Obama's vice president They chose Hillary over him and four Years later they came back to him and What they're saying to the American Public to the Democratic public the Democrats is this is the best guy we can

Offer you this guy a guy who sucked and Now is scile right now Republicans are Stuck with Trump because of the Enthusiasm it's coming from the people You know again they're wrong but they're They're coming from the trumpers the People are making Trump you know forcing The Republicans to accept a guy they Don't want the Republicans have never Wanted Trump and they want them less now But they have to hold their nose and and Go along with it because Trump has got So much enthusiasm and energy behind him And he's dominating the Republican party In a way that we have not seen with any Other candidate you know the trumpers Are stupid but it's democracy at work Right like it's democracy you know this Is democracy where the people are saying This is the guy we want and the Republicans are in Fox News there was Like no you don't well yeah that's what We do but the Democrats are saying this Is the only guy you can get you can beat The guy that the Republicans really want Even though he's seen is even though He's a hack and just the arrogance of The thing right just the arrogance Of that you know to say to you guess What Democrats the best you can have is A scile candidate you guys this guy has Been a scile president for the last four Years three years and then we want to Give him another four years and you

Can't do anything about it because Otherwise you get this other guy that That you despise like that's the that's The the offer that's the best that they Can do the best guy that they can put Out there is a cile president who's Going to be a the more cile president in Second term and then he's going to be a Lame duck and then he's going to have to Hand it over to K at some point I mean That's inevitable because he won't be Able to do anything right and how long Can they hide him away for you know his Presidency when World War II is three is Raging and just all these things are Happening like things are going to go go Sideways quickly and they're Deteriorating in a worldwide situation With Israel and Ukraine and the economy And you know all these things there's so Many things that are happening all at Once and they're going to say hey you Guys the best you can get as a scile President like this is what their deal They're offering to their people like They're disrespecting every single Democrat the Democrats are lapping it up Right I mean I don't know how they'll React but they should be furious at this You know people who hate Trump should be Like my God this is what you guys are Doing like this is is Insane anyhow um so that's by let me uh Get over to KLA Harris now here's the

Here's the the meme I have of Biden Saying he's dumbb after he got caught Play Ring this is a young Biden when he had Lots of potential to be the sucky Politician and eventual eventually the The menure written uh president and I've Done some dumb things and I'll do dumb Things again ladies and gentlemen I've Been dumb see I went to the big guys for The money I was ready to prostitute Myself in the man the manner in which I Talk about it but what happened was they Said come back when you're 40s son and So I had to go out Okay let's dive into comml and some Other these boneheads here but first the Supreme Court has ruled that Trump sort Of has immunity um here's the let's Start here he wrote quote distinguishing The president's official actions from His unofficial ones can be difficult When the president acts pursuant to Constitutional and statutory Authority He takes official action to perform the Functions of his office determining Whether an action is covered by immunity Thus begins with assessing the President's authority to take that Action so Andrew of the four counts Facing Donald Trump from Jack Smith we Can talk about the other cases in a Moment which do you think are likely to Survive well it it remains to be seen I

Mean the I think the issue here is what Evidence will survive um rather than Okay so they're talking about that here This guy then talks about here some of Them try to avoid testifying to the January 6th committee commission which Brings me to you Marcus as someone who Worked on that commission so uh what Concerns do you have about the Prosecution and I saw you nodding that It's the evidence not the counts right So you know will that call to Georgia to Find more votes is that official or Unofficial and what Andrew just said About the justice department especially From a candidate who's talking about Retribution does that mean that he can Pressure the justice department to Proceed with indictments and Investigations against everyone he's Talked about against the January 6 Committee I think that I mean I didn't Want to start there but I think that's Okay so you know it's a bad day for the Bad week for the Democrats or bad ever Since the debate it's gone you know South quickly now this could be scripted In a way where it looks like Trump is Finally winning some of these things and You know all the stuff that he's been Undergoing and then it looks like he's Having a great week he look like a shoe In to win the presidency and then Joe Biden has a a miracle comeback in his

Second debate with Trump right before The election and they call him The Comeback Kid and you know all these Things right who knows how this is going To play out if how much it's scripted or Not it's yet to be determined but right Now you you know Trump is things are Going his way right so this is kamla Harris right after the Debate some within your own party are Wondering if President Biden should even Step aside what do you say to That listen first of all what we saw Tonight is the president making a very Clear contrast with Donald Trump on all The issues that matter to the American People yes there was a slow start but it Was a strong finish and what okay so we Know that the two biggest shills for Joe Biden are Mika and Morning Joe Scarboro Gumby Joe and Maika SK scarbo started off his thing by Saying he loves the bidens and they Torched him for his performance even M Today they're not denying that his Performance sucked and they talked about His closing statement he babbled through His closing statement and mik said you Know that should be a slam dunk because You could say that he was a little bit Rattled by questions and having to think On his feet but the closing statement is Something they rehearse and it's you Know it's something where you memorize

It and he couldn't do that and so for Her to say he had a strong finish it's Just lying like your gasl we all saw What we saw right and you know she's Loving life right now because she has All she's always had one chance of being President and that is you know this What's happening right now Joe gets Elected and then he can't make it a full Term and then she cuz she's not going to Win an election which we'll come back to Right okay so I'm editing and sometimes When an editing I see things I didn't See originally but this is what she First Says listen first of all what we saw Tonight is what we saw what we saw Tonight no you're not speaking for Anybody else nobody saw that [ __ ] no It's G about stuff that she's you know We already heard her say After that what we saw tonight is not What anybody else saw even Morning Joe Didn't agree with her even those shills Right and so her saying what we saw you Know like she's speaking for all of us And if you were in the room with her and Her husband you know um douge fresh you All these whoever was in there her AIDS You know she wasn't saying that Everybody in the Democratic party and The media was like oh my God what's Happening this is a nightmare like what They were talking about in there you

Know they're all cynical like they have Their official voice and their official Persona and then they're they're how They are behind closed doors if you saw Them behind closed doors they would be Unelectable just not only their actions But what they say and how they present Themselves and so you know that she's Lying about that she saw what we saw but This happens a lot in politics it's just Not the Democrats where You have to come out and you have to go On TV and lie about what you saw in Contrast to what Americans saw Pelosi And all these other people um they came Out and said well he did great and I Don't see any problem and I even talked To one person you know they just come Out and lie and that's what sucks about Being a politician because you can't Give your honest opinion you can't give Your honest reaction and you're just Going out there and telling the American People they didn't see what they just Saw which is you know again she's not Going to be held accountable for this When Joe Biden withdraws and if they Make her the nominee like they're not She's not going to be like oh you know She said this thing and now she just Disqualified but they she's been lying For a long time about this there's a Compilation that um if it isn't there's A music in it so if I can show it to you

I'll show it to you about them all Saying he's sharp as attack and that's Coming up I you know my wife said to me And it's all these pundits saying he's Sharp as attack when you know you know Back in February they said hey this guy Has dementia the American people said it 70% many of them Democrats that he's Unfit he's too old they say he's too old And so they're saying no he's not too Old and they're forcing him on you Saying we're not giving you another Choice and if you hate Trump then you Have to vote for Biden and that's what She's doing and the rest of these people She's hoping that he gets elected and Then course he's not going to finish This term and then she becomes president And her you know her backd door way of Getting in there she a backdoor you know Comm and knee pad's haris but they Shamelessly lie that's why I could never Do this job because you can't tell the Truth what your truth is Right which is You know a horrible thing when you're in A position where you can't tell the Truth when you're in a relationship with Somebody and you have to lie because you Can't tell that person the truth you Can't be who you are because you know The the truth your truth will be Offensive to that person or whatever it Is people find themselves in you know Relationships with their bosses with

Their spouses with their family members All kinds of different people you can't Tell your truth right you can't be who You are and you know they're all about Being who you are right in terms of all These suppressed groups you know people In the LBGTQ all these people they're Saying oh you should be able to be who You are right but she's not being who She is she's not representing what she Really felt about the debate you know Like she's like oh my God he's going to Screw me and I can't I'm not going to be President now cuz you know cuz CU I Can't get elected on my own and you know Like so I mean there's there was a real Reaction from kamla but we we get this Crap right which we always get from Politicians and she's particularly Penous at doing it what became very Clear through the course of the night is That Joe Biden is fighting on behalf of The American people on substance on Policy on performance okay so Performance he Joe Biden is he's like What you can't extraordinarily strong And I'm sorry on substance and policy And performance tonight I mean his the President's performance tonight clearly Was disappointing for his supporters CNN Is reporting Democratic lawmakers Watching the debate were worried worried About the president's performance one Said it was a a disaster another called

It a train wreck those are Democrats Especially worried that Biden did not Punch back on Trump's Lies we're going to come back to Punching back in a moment Listen people can debate on style points But ultimately this not style he had a He had a nervous he had a dementia Attack right he he was lost I mean come On like style wa is there there's a Style called Dementia is there a style called Alzheimer's like what are you talking About election and who is the president Of the United States has to be about Substance and the contrast is clear look At what happened during the course of The debate Donald Trump lied over and Over and over again as this is their Talking points he has want to do he's Want to do he's want to do he he wants To do that he he has want to do to Do what happened during the course of The debate Donald Trump lied over and Over and over again as he is want to he Would not disavow what happened on January 6th he wants he would not give a Clear answer on whether he would stand By the election results this November he Went back and forth about where he Stands on one of the most critical Issues of Freedom In America which is The right of a women to make decisions About their own body he wants to do what

Does he want to do has been completely Ambiguous and all over the place about Where he stands on that issue despite The fact that he hands selected three Members of the United States Supreme Court with the intention that they would Undo the protections of roie Wade and That's exactly what they did and just Three years ago we commemorated the 2-year anniversary of dobs wherein women Across our country have been denied Emergency Healthcare have suffered misar To the point but the president of the United States was not able to to put Make that case like even Anderson Cooper's like [ __ ] please to Donald Trump on the stage tonight I mean you Debated against then vice president President Trump excuse me Vice President Biden four years ago and he was a very Different person on the stage four years Ago when when you debated him you must I Mean that that's certainly true is it Not Anderson the point has to be okay Let's go back to those debates because What he said he's worse now but he was Bad Then so this is Cory Brooker set in on Joe Biden's stance on marijuana remember I showed you the whole clip or most of The clip um in my two videos ago the First video on the debate and um Joe Biden says this you know I'm I'm part of That that Obama Coalition like he's got

This smug look on his face like look at This guy he's laughing at him right I Come out of the black community in terms Of my support if you notice I have more People supporting me in the black Community that announced for me because They know me they know who I am three Former chairs of the black caucus the Only African-American woman that ever Been elected to the so he's going to Have another senior moment here watch Him United States Senate a whole range Of People my point not true the other one Is here look how confused he looks he Just realized that KLA Harris is the Second African-American senator woman And now he's got to lie I said the first I said the first I said The first no you didn't we just heard You say you're the only you said the Only Andan first so my point is so why is she Laughing at him why is she laughing at Him why is she laughing at him like She's laughing at him that's not Laughing with you it's laughing at you Because you can't remember there's two Of them and one of them's on the stage Like you said the only means there's Only one and there's two and K's Laughing at you right KLA and Cory Brooker are laughing you and they can't Believe that the that they're getting

More support in the black community than You are like they can't believe it I Mean none of these people can believe That you're the front runner because You're scile right because you showed Over and over again 2020 and 19 that you were scile and they Knew it she's laughing like she's not Going oh my God what a brilliant man She's not talking about how great a guy He is like she is now now she was Laughing in your [ __ ] face bro right So my point is my point is one of the Reasons I was picked to be Vice he's Still laughing right so they're laughing At you president was because of my Relationship longstanding relationship With the black okay so that happened so This happened right um as well so Biden Was asked about domestic violence Against women Vice President Biden the Me tooo movement has forced a cultural Reckoning around the issue of sexual Violence and harassment against women in America are there specific actions that You would take early so then he said This here no man has a right to raise a Hand to a woman in Anger other than in Self-defense and that's rarely ever Occurs and so we have to just change the Culture period and keep punching at it And punching at it and punching at it it Will be a big no I really mean it the Audience is like oh my God you just say

That and do that with your fist it make It's a gigantic issue and we have to so Look at KLA she's biting her lips Here trying not to laugh because she Knows he's seen all his F right she was Laughing at him at least twice there's a Times they were all laughing at him he Had multiple senior moments in 2020 so They all knew she knew they couldn't Believe they were losing to a scile guy Who's a hack and had lost four times Before he didn't even you know he didn't Even register as a nominee the other Three times he ran as for president make It clear from the top from the president On and she's she's laughing that we will Not tolerate it we so that's that's see A look at him too he was know he's worse Now but he was he wasn't great Then baited against then vice president Trump excuse me Vice President Biden Four years ago and he was a very you Laughed at him remember very different Person on the stage four years ago when When you debated him you must I mean That that's certainly true is it Not Anderson the point has to be Performance in terms of what a president Exactly spoken like a person with a Nickname knee pads is all about Performance does a president whoes an Insurrection against the capital no but I I got the point that you're making About a one and a half hour debate

Tonight I'm talking about three and a Half years of performance in work that Has been ex historic he's such a great Man I didn't laugh at him I didn't laugh At it him Anderson never laughed at him I never laughed at him you talking I Didn't laugh at him I didn't laugh at Him I'm not laughing I'm not laughing at Him he's a great man Anderson said he's A great Man the man who we saw on the stage Tonight is that other guy on the Debate the person that you saw on the Debate stage that has for the the last Three and a half years up until today Performed in a way that has been up Until today when he when he had full Full senior moment he just went scile Right in freak in front of us I never Saw anything like it the guy I me he was Like you know banging hookers and and And running laps and you know and Climbing Mount Everest I mean the guy Was like you know he was like 20 years Old I mean he was barely like even you Know it was barely even AUM on any size Of age we never saw anything that would Looked like he was going Cen out then Today he just had dementia like and Maybe it's just one day maybe it was Just like he caught a he caught a Dementia cold maybe Trump was having Dementia he transferred it on Joe Because I I don't even I've never seen

It before and about whether it be in the Oval Office negotiating bipartisan deals Okay so that's comma here and somehow The two most annoying people maybe in The World um Chrissy Teegan and KLA Harris um come together here first vice President of the United States to visit An abortion clinic traveling earlier This year to a Planned Parenthood in Minnesota we'll say no president has no Vice president before KLA so I didn't Realize I'd be the first but you know What else is New this is why nobody likes her what Else is new she is the first woman and Person of color to be vice president and So she makes it sound like that was her Accomplishment and aside from what Happening the election it had zero to do With her like she brought no votes to The situation I'll cover that let's get Through this here so she did nothing to Be in the position she is other than get On her knees which we'll talk about also Right she she's not likable she's not Electable but um the reason that I I Went is because healthc care clinics Have had to close especially in the States with abortion bans which I call Trump abortion bans by the way cuz no Matter how much he wants to say oh leave It to the states he not say it girl say It Gil you say that Gil so I watched the Democratic primary I think I watched

Maybe all the debates some of them Whatever it was really entertaining and I covered it here you guys who were here For that You will remember and when they were Heading into before the debates right Before the debates right before Chris Matthew Matthews got me tooed he said Joe Biden and KLA Harris is the dream Ticket now at the time no one knew who Cameo Harris was but she was starting to Get some run Joe Biden had 20% of the he Had 20% throughout the primary 20% of The democratic vote so that's about you Know 10% 11 % of the popular popular Vote in the election you know general Election but in the primary he had you Know was just Democrat so he had 20% of The democratic vote just from name Recognition alone and it was a sea of Bad candidates including Andrew Yang and You know wanted to give everybody a Thousand dollar and MaryAnn Williamson Who thinks she's the daughter of Jesus Or whatever it is right and then the Other really bad Democratic candidates Elizabeth Warren all these people Pete Buddigig and all of them and the guy who Stood out other than Biden was Bernie Sanders because he had all that support From his previous run against Hillary And he was pulling pretty close to what Biden was but the difference was when it Came to the primaries when people had to

Choose somebody they chose buddigig who Didn't have any money and any support so He because he he he had to withdraw U And make a deal with Biden three prime Mar's into it right cuz he was out of Money and uh Bernie Sanders so Bernie Sanders would have been the choice when People had to choose somebody it wasn't Joe Biden but before that even happened They were really pushing kamla Harris And she got some run and some love and They're talking about her being you know A great candidate and then people Started to take a real look at her like She was pulling at 12% which was the highest she was Starting to attack Joe Biden too CU he Was the front runner so she thought she Could challenge him and then she was um Tulsi gabard really set in on her Embarrassed her and said some things and Her record came out but really it was Just when people saw her they didn't Like her and so the next poll she was Polling under 1% and never got 1% of the Democratic vote that meant 99% of the Democrats wanted no part of her and she Did not make it to the primaries she had To withdraw before even the first Primary in New Hampshire and the caucus In Iowa she didn't even make it to that Months before that she quit and threw Her support behind Biden because she had No real choice and she should have

Disappeared altogether but then Biden Said that he would pick a woman which is Really you know you can't do that as a I Mean that's you know to say that you're Going to pick a person based in their Gender and then they were saying well What about all your you know support From the African-American Community he Said well I'll pick a a woman of color So he boxed himself into picking a woman Of color and there was like five Prominent women and like Stacy Abrams Had a lot of neg negatives against her I Mean there's no good choice for him and So he picked KLA Harris who isn't really African-American she's part Jamaican in Part India the name KLA is an Indian Name and she grew up with her Indian Mother who she and her you know aunties The Indian you know and she was a uh They were both professors right she grew Up in Academia so she should be smarter Than she is but she grew up in a like an Indian household her dad and mom got Divorced and she grew up on college Campuses in Elite areas in in uh California and whatever she says you Know she claims she went to an Historically black college but she's not Really you know African-American she's Jamaican you know whatever you want to Say about that and so she really wasn't What Biden was looking for but she also Represented some you know the Indians

Were going to vote for you know India From Indians from India and so you know There's that like see she was also Asian So she was Asian and you know black and A woman so he picked her for those Reasons and she had been in the election But nobody liked her she was unelectable And the only reason she got into Prominent uh offices where she dated This guy um mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco and he was separated from his Wife so I don't know if he left his wife To be with kamla or what happened there There's article here usat today one Headline former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown writes about dating kamla Harris appointing her to post and he Gave her three jobs and she gave him Multiple Jobs you know was CA dad's Harris um and So it was his relationship with her that Gave her all these prominent positions And would later move her into the food Chain and you know the the Democratic Power elite and the state of California But it wasn't cuz she was likable which We saw she's not likable at all her Cackle all these things and so Biden was Forced to pick some he boxed himself Into position of picking somebody based In demographics alone and he picked Kamla right and kamla was also he knew You know I don't know if his people knew This I'm sure they did she's so

Unlikable it was protection against him That people would not want kamla over Him even the Republicans would rather Have Biden than comma right and so like She's that unlikable and like any cause Of replacement of him means that you get Kamla and kamla ain't going to beat Trump right so this is the situation you Have somebody who's completely Unelectable and she could be Historically not only the first woman of Color woman and woman of color to be Vice president but also be the first Woman of color woman and woman of color To be president all because of Joe Biden's goofy appointment of her and not Because the American people would ever Vote for her right and so this is like Great like this is a really cool sub you Know storyline here that you have Someone who's this unlikable and this Goofy she's not scile and the Democratic Party are kind of stuck with her and if They go around her with a white guy Right if they you know they go with Gavin Nome was probably the most the Best possible option for them if they go Around her they're going around a person Of color who was come coming from the Same state and Gavin Nome said he'd Support her but if they go around her For a white guy Right and say we're going to bypass Kamla then that narrative plays horribly

And she's not going to be vice president Again so it's they basically you know Snubbing her gret Wimer gret Whitmore is A Bitmore or witmore whatever is um She's a nightmare you know and in Various ways herself and she's a woman a White woman and so you're you're going Around somebody who the narrative will Be is you're you're bypassing the person Who's next in line and going with Somebody who's white or man or both Right and so it's a nightmare for the Democrats like that's part of the reason They're boxed in with Biden and part of The reasons why he picked her because They're boxed in it's just wonderful It's a it's like a great story and if KLA Harris runs it's its own train wreck Right and so maybe they think if they Wait till the very end and substitute Kamla in for Trump that she might have a Chance before people realize how much They dislike or maybe hit Trump with Something else and the whole thing like It'll be interesting how see how they Play this but there's no good option for Them because there's not really a Suitable candidate that's going to be Better than Biden for there you know and He's scile So anyways speaking of annoying let's go To this um thing with We have Sharon J Stone you know she had Some kind of brain seizure kind of thing

And she's been crazy ever since vote Blue then Christy Binkley ladies you know Jerry Lewis Lities let's stick together keep your Eyes on the issues not distractions to Like um dementia too much is at stake Vote the distractions dementia this is How our daughters and sisters win thank You Sharon J Stone um sorry Darling the real America isn't Rich we Can't afford property we can't you can Barely afford to pay our bills nowadays Plus few would you live in a fantasy World drink your gold juice and stay out Of politics Trump 24 2024 USA Uh are you out of your mind he's not Even in control of himself let alone This country so she got hammered on Social media because this what she said I've been thinking a lot about last Night's debate and I've been thinking About the fact that more women are Registered to vote than any other Singular group so ladies remember this No matter how sleepy Joe may have seemed He's wide awake for you so vote for Yourself okay vote for yourself ladies Um you know Trump calls Joe Biden sleepy Joe so she just in her you know brain Damaged way Acknowledge that insult Right so speaking of delusional here's

James klyber him and Nancy Pelosi a few Other politicians went on a denial tour And I saw a little bit of him he's the Guy who saved uh Biden in South Carolina When he was on the ropes when they Rigged the primary for Biden against Bernie Sanders and so this is what he Says Congress C since you are there in Wisconsin and doing lots of events Wisconsin tell me the truth what are you Hearing from people on the Ground almost total and I'm saying Almost because I have not heard a single Person Express anything negative all They're saying to us is keep Joe Biden Moving forward exactly now one person he Talked to said hey that guy looks like Cenal as as F out There okay big news I just ate lunch um And I watched the news I turned on CNN MSNBC and some sports stuff but CNN this Was great you know the discussions Now By these pundits who now have to say What we've been saying at least things I've been saying for years and they're Having to deal with things realities That they were in denial about right and So if you look at what it says there This was the first thing that came out There was four or five major bad points All bad for Biden but this is the worst It says that the Biden supporters that Voted that are voting for uh Biden or Voting for The Democratic ticket 63% of

Those people are voting against Trump Which is what I've been saying forever Trump is the center of their universe And when people say you know that um Biden didn't get all those votes well he Didn't get all those votes but you know Maybe it's cheating or maybe people hate Trump that much we don't know but people Really hate Trump and so 63% of them are Voting against Trump only 37% are voting For Biden uh but you know those people were All probably convert to voting for Somebody else right and so this is Devastating news because it means no Matter who they put in there out of the People who are voting for Biden at least 63% are just going to vote against Donald Trump for the people who are Going to vote for the Democratic ninee Democratic candidate for president a Overwhelming majority are just going to Vote against Trump no matter what right So that's horrible news for Biden Because you know they're not voting for Him which we knew all along as of the Sweeping immunity that it affords uh This President and future presidents I Mean and Democrats have employed this Strategy to to some effect you know Recently we can look at the midterms uh Most recently to see how they try to Frame these elections in exential terms You might necess not necessarily want to

Vote for this person but this is not Election about an individual this is an Election about these life-altering Issues you'll hear them say listen you All didn't vote for Hillary in 2016 and Look at what happened to the Supreme Court so I would imagine we're going to Continue to hear that type of messaging Vote on the issue even if you aren't a Fan of Joe Biden but the problem is that Isn't really an affirmative casee or an Inspirational message and sometimes That's kind of offputting and draining For voters they get tired of hearing That since 201516 we've had this messaging about Trump being in the center of it all and Almost no media coverage of Biden or Anybody else like 85% or 90% of the Media on CNN and MSNBC is about Trump And their whole messaging their whole Platform I've said this over and over Again I must have said this a thousand Times like he just turned on the news And it's all about Trump and they don't Really have a platform if Trump is not There that's why I said they're not Going to put him in jail because their Whole world view revolves around Trump And it's best when Trump is in the President is when Trump is President CNN MSNBC and the Democratic party CNN MSNBC Got record ratings and the democ part Party was being listened to more than

Ever when Trump was President because People were freaked out about Trump Being president that's what sucks about The Trump presidency it activates the Liberal base and all these things right And so they've done this but you know People are worn out by it and now that Joe Biden is scile it's like how how is This guy better right and so you know They have to reboot but they really Can't it's kind of a great I mean it's Great like it's just great I I think That's exactly right I mean the campaign And Democrats have always felt as as Long as you could make this race about Donald Trump and not a referendum on Joe Biden then he might have a chance but I Think the problem is the debate made it More about Joe Biden than Donald Trump You know this is the first thing I said When this debate happened you know they I mean they're getting to a in a much Shorter time than usual you know where They they say what we say just years Later but I've been saying this for Years anyway but this debate was the First time it was about Biden no matter What Trump did it didn't matter Biden Crapped himself on stage he was you know He was he had a scile debate like it's An epic debate something that'll I mean I'll remember that debate forever like We'll go back to it I mean just Something hilarious you know watching go

Back and watch what happened here Because it was you know the chickens Coming home to roost right it was them Putting out a scile candidate in 2019 and then the inevitable time bomb That was there when it became obvious That they couldn't hide it anymore and These guys have all tried to hide Joe Biden by talking about Trump making About Trump but now you can't do that Because it's about Biden like Biden's There and you know this not going away And the alternative which we've already Heard is a disaster they've already they Already would have moved on from Biden If they could they would have done in January but who do they give it to right You know if they had an actual primary Kennedy probably would have won or came In close second and that would have been A divisive right I mean Kennedy being Out there as a democratic nominee Talking about antiva and you Environmental issues and things would Have been a disaster for them Kennedy Would have been you know the front Runner going into that depending on who Else was there and the debates would Have been brutal and you know all these Things right and the other clown Candidates like Marian Williamson and All these people you know start off that Kind of uh primaries And it would have been a mess like we

Don't know how how would have had the Money and you know it would have been a Mess KLA is a disaster and so they could Have got rid of him but the primary was Undesirable and they couldn't control The outcome of that thing I mean they Could did do it but you know Kennedy Could run as a third party candidate Like he's doing I mean the whole thing Was a disaster and so they don't have Much option here in terms of who they Pick and whoever they pick is not going To be great but at least for them it's Not Joe Biden and the person isn't scile You know but it's a mess because it's no Longer about Trump it's about Biden and Once you make it about Biden he's not Very compelling he sucks even if he is In scile the Supreme Court immunity case Of course strengthens his argument that Trump will have unchecked power and that US democracy is at stake but I think to To the point that about a third of the Electorate is movable I do think it's Important to note that Biden was having A number of problems with the electorate Before the debate on issues unrelated His age I think polls consistently show His age is the top concern among Democrats Independents sort of across The board but he was having issues among Key voter groups on a range of other Issues whether it's it's the um Israel Gaza War whether it's the economy people

You know very upset about inflation and Even their argument on abortion I think Only takes them so far because in some Of the states they need to win abortion Is protected and so it might not be the Motivator that they hope it is see this Is all relevant like this is what's Great about this right now because CNN Sucks like most the time thing they say I can't wait to turn it off like I'm Just watching it for whether I'm going To make it into a video or not and I Always could make it into a video about CNN sucking but what they're saying is Actually relevant and has truth in it Because the problem for Biden now as opposed to 2020 you know Obviously his age is the big thing but He's a known entity like when you go Into a Presidency you go into the your first Term you're running as a first timer They don't know who you are and you're Going to say I'm so different and I'm Going to do things differently whether You're Republican or Democrat you can Run when people want change especially When people when things are bad and They're looking for someone to tell them They can change it for the better but Then that guy gets elected and Inevitably he doesn't change it for the Better and so the you know the Inspirational message is lost because

Then it's become well let's finish what We started and people are like well well You started sucks you didn't deliver you Made promises you didn't deliver on that Happens for every candidate their first Term is a defer they become a known Entity and the enthusiasm that this guy Might be different is gone and that has Left for Joe Biden because he's got a Lot of negatives in his you know what's Happened and some of it's under his Control some of it isn't you know like The Border there was a a bill put out by A republican North Oklahoma candidate That was you know to deal with the Border and Trump and the supporters Killed it so Biden wouldn't have a Solution and would hammer him in the Election right so there's all these Politics going on and some of it's out Of Biden's control and his people I mean It's always going to be like that but Either way he's not like some guy that They love he's not loved by the people Like the the pro prospective voters and Independence of these people swing Voters and he doesn't have the Enthusiasm and it's you know four years Removed from Trump the Trump hatred Isn't as as fresh for people and so like You know even if they wanted to cheat They'd have a hard time doing it because It's not going to be even close right I Want to look at uh something that our

Friends over at axio had out this Morning and it's called behind the curon The imperial presidency in Waiting he'd Stretched the powers of the presidency In ways not seen in our lifetime he says This consistently and clearly so it's Not conjecture thanks to Monday's Supreme Court ruling Trump could pursue His plans without fear of punishment or Restraint and then I just want to show Something that the former president Posted before The Supreme Court decision This was on Sunday about Liz Cheney um This is this is something that he Reposted this is the type of thing that Demonstrates yet again you are not St a Stable adult and are not fit for office That was Cheney's Response because the underlying post is Saying that Li Cheney is guilty of Treason and that he wants a Televised uh trial of her and uh would Clearly you know want to see her jailed For treason in in some way this is you Know this is the piece of Retribution You and Jake asked about this at the Debate his and and pressed him on this Promise of political retribution his Answer was oh my retribution is just Going to be success in this election but He continues to put things like that out On social media which clearly raised the Question well no is success of the Election just your retribution or are

You going to use the Le levers of Government to go after your political Opponents which he said he is going to Do and feels justified in doing and the Supreme Court ruling some may interpret To say loosen the guard rails a little Bit around that for him to do just that Yeah I mean he's see for Trumpers who just you know it's the idea That this is your president and Biden's Your not my president right this stuff That people said in the beginning and The idea that somehow Trump being your President is Psychologically better for you you know Trump is more entertaining and more Likable of course Biden's gotten really Entertaining more recently with his Senility I can't say Trump's more Entertaining in the beginning of his Presidency the liberal reaction to Trump Was very entertaining towards the end Trump was a disaster he just played Himself like he went for my favorite Character president in the show this Thing I call the show right everything We see you know this performance that Goes on in front of us politics Sports You entertainment all these things right With the news media and Trump was a Great character there I like Trump in The Apprentice but he was always a Selfish narcissistic aole and you know And he and he doesn't care about you at

All like he has a he has disdain for People and you could see it in the Apprentice and you can see it you know Where he thinks he's better than people And he's like a person that thinks other People are there just to serve him and You know they all think this in Different ways but he's you know he had It going in as a just an arrogance and a You know he's almost like thinks of Himself as royalty right and you know Lots of people think that way but Trump Is you know I mean he's acted on it in Different ways and so his next if he Wins this is it for him he's not going To run again he'll be too old and you Know he's already had two terms and and Whatever that all plays out I don't Think people would want him run again so He's not going to care about what you Think anymore you know he used the truth Community he went on Alex Jones and Breitbart you know they told him to Steve banam told him to flirt with the Truth community so he used the TR truth Community to bolster his votes right and Then he didn't do anything for the truth Community other than endorse the cubies Which was a disaster for the truth Community he did he did only thing that He did was all negative right he still Flirts with the the QBs now and says Things about the Deep State and these Other things but he already has the QB

So he doesn't have to Pander to them Very much but again he uses people like He did with the the January 6 people That you know went up and you know he Got them to go up there and protest and You know when it backfired on him he Turned on him he turns on anybody he Turns on everybody eventually all of his Closest friends look at who's you know That guy Cohen worked for him forever As a fixer he turned on him he turned on Steve Bannon he turned on John Bolton Like look at all these people these Generals people who once you he say These were great people and then he Turns on them he's had three divorces Cheated on his wives he's a selfish Prick and he sucks and he doesn't need You anymore after he gets elected Whatever he does as president of course He won't get very much done because There'll be so much opposition to him It'll just be a nightmare like him Winning it'll probably be the worst Possible thing you know and it looks Like that's going to happen and you know I'm whatever I'm like whatever about Anything I don't care and you know I'm I'm willing to see how things play out And you know the one thing that Trump Surprised me in the first term was he Was against war and he didn't drone kids He he didn't have a he doesn't like to Kill people like he had the power to do

That but he you know there's no Wars and He got rid of Isis and all these things You know by not using them as an asset And so Trump was You know better than these presidents About that but I don't know what he's Going to do with Israel and he's Probably just going to give them uh like A you know a uh just a a green light to Do everything they want and that's could Be disastrous so you know you don't know How it's going to play out but you know I know that Trump sucks and you know the Retribution and the Revenge will be kind Of funny maybe in the beginning kind of Entertaining but eventually you're going To have to move on and the only way to Move on is bring people together and Trump is incapable with bull doing that I don't know who can because America's So divided and probably the division is Going to stay this way until there's Some sort of I mean it's like we're in The middle of a civil war right now but This Supreme Court ruling is not only Bad for Trump or possibly even for Biden In terms of I mean for us for them as Presidents but any president in the Future can do whatever the f they want Unless they get impeached which is hard To do then they can just do whatever They want and there's nothing to stop Them right so this is kind of a bad Ruling because it's it speaks more to

The whole um you know the idea of what The president Canon cannot do and you Can get a bad one and they can just do The worst things you know they all do Criminal activity and don't get called On it anyway but this is you know Another level of support for that right Yeah I mean he's he's there's plenty of Reporting about plans for um to to her Undocumented immigrants into camps to Send Red State National Guards to Blue City and States um you know all these All these other sort of uh enormous Plans and he you're right he puts that Stuff on social media he also he tells His supporters you know at the debate he Kind of watered it down but he tells his Supports that there will be retribution He he he talks about um his the court Cases against him as being as being Entirely justifying his future use of The justice department to persecute his Political critics there's no way to know What Trump's going to do like you know You know he's going to be selfish you Know he's going to be myopic you know he Gets triggered you know he's he's very Revengeful like he he saw he show on The Apprentice there's two things that stand Out about what he believes you know as a Businessman and a reality TV show Person One that he liked the Apprentices to have like these you know Sort of yelling criticism slamming each

Other sort of rap battles almost in his Boardroom he loved the drama and whoever Outshouted the other person like this is Why his debate style is what it is he Thinks if you like outshout the other Person you dress him down and you insult Them you win right like he has no idea How winning a debate you know how the American people see him and you know I Mean I'm sure he's been advised on this But he likes that kind of thing he likes Going after people on social media he Doesn't let anything slide he's in these Sort of rap battles and these you know These dudes and things and he's been Doing that for you know ever and the Other thing is he likes revenge and you Can see that right he's very Petty and He listens to everything and he you know Doesn't like any sort of criticism or I Mean look at what's happened with all These people that have gone against him Who are used to be in his inner circle Who he praised these people and they are Trump supporters Chris Christie I mean And then he throws them under the bus And he just uses people and throws them Away and if any of them say anything bad About him he goes out against them right And you can see this in The Apprentice How he was about this type of thing like He just you know he's the Donald and you Can't question him and just all these Things and so you don't know what he's

Going to do but like revenge is totally His thing right like he is a re a Vengeful person I don't know how I'm Going to see it when it happens but I'm Tired of them going after Trump and I Don't you know just this it's a bad Divorce and like watching somebody Else's divorce might be entertaining for A few minutes but you know they just Drone on about each other I mean all These things right and America's getting Divorced and I'm just tired of the you Know because I don't care about either Side and I'm tired of listening to the [ __ ] in and all these things and so Like it's you know for me just as a as What I do here I'd like to see this Thing move on and the only way for it to Move on you know is for Trump to go They'll still be division between the Left and the right but at least it'll They'll stop I just don't want to hear About Trump anymore like Trump I've you Know I I have an aversion to Trump Cuts Both ways um Adam kininger was on the Show yesterday saying well you know now Joe Biden pretty much has the ability to Send SEAL Team Six after Donald Trump if He wants to I mean he was being somewhat Factious but somewhat not yeah that's What I was saying so this isn't a good Ruling because it helps Trump right now And I said this before you know when all These stupid qbb said we need to render

People and throw them in Guantanamo Bay And have secret military tribunals and Throw away their constitutional judicial Rights you know the rights to do process I'm like what are you stupid if they you Know if let's say all right Trump's the President and he can do that what Happens to the next guy you know they Were saying this when Trump was President but what if Biden started Doing that right and you know Obama was One of the worst people on Whistleblowers and so you know it's like Just stupidity right You know you open this kind of thing up And then you don't know what kind of President you're going to get and an Anti-tr person that starts just you know There's all kinds of things that can Happen right where they don't the President is like then uh like a king And no longer you know like this idea That the you know when the when the Sovereign is sworn in when the king or Queen are sworn in they carry an orb in A scepter that represents that the the You know the RO the king or the queen is The uh God's representative on earth Like that's crazy right that that person Can do no wrong Manifest Destiny because Whatever you do is backed by God because You're God's representative and that's What they're saying now about Trump or The president that means any president

Can be like That a brand new CNN poll is revealing a Harsh reality for the Biden campaign 75% Of registered voters think Democrats Would be better off if someone other Than Joe Biden was at the top of the Presidential ticket this was all Consecutive right like I wanted to turn It off and I'm like well this is where I Just kept on watching I'm like well this Is all interesting because this is real [ __ ] you know again could be stage they Might have this is might their their way Of trying to deal with a problem that They know it's going to happen with his Senility who knows what it is right KLA Not being electable I mean we'll see how This plays out and again this is a big Time it's the 4th of July coming up you Know there are things going on like There's um extended family issues that I Like there's things going on in my life Where things are intense um not really To do with me but people around me and Things like this are having you know Extended family things illnesses and Whatnot it seems like there's a lot of Things going on like things are just up And you know there's it's intense time And Fourth of July is like a part of That but this is just keeping on keep on Getting worse for Biden because 75% of People say want to step down like it's Almost like they can't not they have to

Get rid of them like they can't keep Them I mean no matter what their Situation is with the other people like The American people have spoken and you Know ignoring the American people in This case will probably be disastrous And the media I mean it's just almost Like he has to go but this is also Really key the general election horse Race has essentially stayed the same Despite that debate last Thursday Joining me now is Democratic Congressman Jake aenos of Massachusetts thank you so Much for being here let's start with That new poll most voters think Democrats can't win with Joe Biden at The top of the ticket does that worry You yes uh this election has always been A very close- run thing probably 200,000 Votes in five swing States and we got to Take every single voter seriously uh Joe Biden has the delegates he is the Presumptive nominee it's it's up to him Uh whether and how to go forward as he's Going forward though he needs to make This a team sport we need to see uh his Cabinet and strong Democratic surrogates Out there making the case to the American public not just about the Accomplishments of the last four years But also about the vision for the future So it seems like the networks are Pushing for Joe Biden to be I mean the Media is pushed for this like they've

Known for a while he's seile and they You know they want they don't want to be Held accountable for all these things And American people know and you know Everybody knows so you know what are you Going to do about it right so they're Bringing in people that are pushing for Joe Biden to step down and so that's you Know I mean that's a new thing that They're doing you know they would ignore Him and tell tell everyone how great he Was ignore his his flaws his liabilities I mean they've done that now for the Past five years and you know at some Point I mean it's got to suck for them Because they can see what's happening Right like it's to to be in the room With these people to have a camera in There and watch them these supporters of Biden watch them as they saw the debate You see the real reaction and you'd Realize that they know it's worse than We do right like they've been around Them and now they're realizing that you Know that they their credibility is at Stake right okay so I got to go back to Editing here and you know it's Tuesday July 2nd two around 2:00 and yesterday I Was covered ing this now Don Lemons Let's watch this it's hilarious so let's Check in with Don J lemons the guy who Just gets it is Trump mentally fit Dr Brandy Bandy Lee on the Don Lemon show Exactly after that debate we have to ask

Is Trump mentally fit because everyone Thinks that Biden's [Music] Scile and a book on the psychology of The former president himself president Donald Trump Dr Lee thank you so much For coming on the name of your book is The psychology of trump contagion the Sub subtitle I think really explains What it is the subtitle is what an Existential threat to American democracy And all [Music] Humankind you nailed It uh did you witness that this is Wonderful last night on the debate stage With Donald Trump yes absolutely I would Rather have not had uh such a such an Exaggerated title but it's unfortunately The Truth and yes I became all the more Concerned last night so you had no Concerns about Joe Biden as a doctor Dr Bandy Lee um let's talk about you know Folks are talking about you know the um Donald Trump's lies that he wasn't fact Check checked and so on and that's a Possibly or probably a bigger threat uh To our democracy Than um you know joee Biden's Performance but the senility his Dementia the thing I think that is Trending today that is Catching Fire is The chaos among Democrats and even maybe

At the White House in the administration And that's Joe Biden's performance so Can you tell me your impressions and Then we'll talk about the former President Donald Trump your impression Of President Trump uh and President Biden and Trump's cognitive help after Last night's Debate well first of all I think I Should explain that the reason why uh my Eminent colleagues and I have come forth In exceptional ways in 2017 at the start Of his presidency was because we believe That he posed uh an existential threat To the nation and yeah that was your That was your um that was your tagline In your book to the globe because of the Powers of the presidency that he would Have someone with his no he was President and the world did not end in Fact you know um it was doing better and You know again other than the co Disaster than with Biden we weren't this Close to World War III with Trump and I'm not saying Trump was better because Trump was a disaster in various ways um But in terms of the Optics you know the World wasn't coming to an end during Trump's presidency uh psychological Dangerousness and apparent psychological Dangerousness is that a psychological Term because it sounds kind of like what A quack would Say unfitness at the time which uh

Subsequently we came to prove when when We had sufficient information so we came From a standpoint of mental health Experts who had a societal Responsibility in addition okay the Question was about Biden's performance Can you comment on that Bandy Dr Bandy Lee to Uh the individual patients we see we Also have a societal responsibility and Uh we warned that he would be a public Health threat from the very beginning so That was when we came out at my Conference at Yale School of Medicine oh My God Yale then uh published our book Together the dangerous case of Donald Trump 37 psychiatrists and mental health Experts assess the president it became An unprecedented New York Times best I've done Psych iCal assessments and not Much better than these clowns I mean you Know like just this person here look at How like clueless she is right like this Is not a person with critical thinking Skills because a good psychologist you Know there's lots of shills and hacks And um I don't know shill is the right Word but like if you get a divorce you Can go hire somebody to do a Psychological assessment on your your You and your your your ex spouse and Your kids and they're going to give you A favorable report because you're paying Them and then you know most times I saw

This happen like I saw this happen in my Ex's divorce right and then the other Person can hire their own psychologist And they talk about this like when I was In my assessment class there was you Know my professor he did this in the Court system and he would um you know he He talked about how The was in courts and the the opposing Psychologist and him were like battling It out and so it's not a real science in That way because you know in the fact That people can be manipulated by money And who's paying them right you're not Paying them to come out and say you're Crazy right and so like they I mean That's how it works I'm not saying every Psychologist will do that but it happens Quite often and so Trump's going to have His people they're gonna say Joe Biden Is scile and Joe Biden is gonna have his People and so when you do that you cease To to have any real credibility you know What I do here and people don't like it I am not partisan right I never was a Republican and the Democrats are worse Now so you know back when I voted I Voted Democrats I came from a a liberal Family a left leaning family and you Know that's what I and it was different Back then too right but I saw like I Wasn't all that you know even when I was Younger I was more balanced about these Things right

But it's been clear that the Democrats Have lost their mind but that doesn't Mean the Republicans have gotten great All of a sudden they've always sucked And so if you understand politics the Way it is and you know anything that you Cover you have to look at what's going On right and assess what's going on and Be honest about it and she's not doing That so she loses any credibility as a Person and as a professional seller of Its kind and uh our goal was to try to Warn the public that this man was far More dangerous than he uh presented Himself to he presents he's he present Exactly the way he is like it's not hard To read Donald Trump the narcissism I Knew the kind of person he was back when He did The Apprentice in fact he was a Little bit better than I thought as President like when he was you know he Wanted to have a North Korean style Military parade for his inauguration and He was talking about using nuclear Weapons but to his credit he avoided war He got rid of Isis by by you know Telling the CIA not to order Isis to do Anything or whatever happened there Because they were an CIA asset and so Trump actually showed a little bit more Restraint and he seemed to have um a Little bit of a distaste for killing Innocent people where Biden didn't Because Biden droned seven kids do you

Talk about that when he made up Isis K And he Dron seven kids did you write a Book about that and Obama Dron kids Right did you did you witness that I Hate to I hate to cut you off but just In the context of last night in this Conversation did it because I want to Keep on track I only have so much time With you and I appreciate the history of Your book I really do but I need to know From your Experience my God if Don Lemon is got to Keep you on point like if you're Rambling about stuff that has nothing to Do with anything that he's talking he Brought you on to talk about the debate Instead of bringing a guy anybody on That would say Joe Biden has dementia He's bringing you on to say Trump has Dementia but he has to ask you about Biden and you're not even staying on Task you're just babbling about your Book that no one reads is going to read Uh of studying both men and especially Donald Trump what is your impression of Biden and Trump's cognitive Health after Watching the debate last night yes um Watching the debate didn't truly change My Assessment uh that Donald Trump poses an Extreme danger he shows uh he goes H H Yeah she's a she's a she's a total quack She sucks she's horrible at her job She's the worst she's probably even

Worse than you Don Lemons like she's the Don Lemons of the psychiatrist olical Danger psychological Field of uh the greatest degree and he Has proven himself to be unfit um we Were able to convene a panel to do a Fitness evaluation when we had the Appropriate information okay he wants to Talk to you about last night not not you Know you're going back to your whole Book thing here you already warned you And like you can't even stay on task Like do you have to mention like what's Wrong with you you staring here blankly You know like some kind of a robot Incapable of looking at Don uh looking At Don Lemons and seeing what a piece of Crap he is and he incompetent he is as a Human being as a present and then Joe Biden who has dementia yeah we all know Donald Trump's an [ __ ] we know he's Narcissistic we know he's selfish we Know he's going on a revenge tour I mean Anybody with half a brain can figure out What Donald Trump's all about right and You know but what happened with Joe Biden when he showed full-on dementia Based on this panel of top mental health Experts they were top mental health Expert they're top who ranked them who Ranks them as top like because they went To Yale I mean you're a Yale person and You're Horrible inde dependent experts uh he he

Was found to have what makes them Experts um they got they get they got a Little certificate that says they're an Expert right like they're good at it Basically failed all criteria for mental Fitness now we haven't had the same kind Of alarming signs or uh actually no Alarming signs from Joe Biden like the fact that he couldn't Complete a sentence didn't the fact that He couldn't complete a sentence didn't She's a social psychiatrist Psychiatrists are the worst because They're just pill poppers you know we Had psychiatrist come in and they just Write scripts right there's certain People psych doctors of psychology and There's psychiatric nurses and then There's psychiatrists that can prescribe Mental health pills for kids in Treatment centers and outpatient clinics Right so I work with these psychiatrists In the treatment centers I was at and Then also I work with them in um the Outpatient clinics and there's lots of People just want their kids on riddle And meds or whatever it is and in any Kind of meds and they would try to use These pills that had horrendous side Effects they would turn the kids into Zombies and the kids couldn't even Function we all knew it like you give You'd see the kid get his pills right You give these kids a pill and all of a

Sudden they turn into like you know They're drooling and walking around Banging into stuff and you know they Took this stuff called trazadone or Something like that of something or Other to sleep at night and the kids Would take it and they would like they'd Be walking down the hall and like just Lay down in the hall and fall asleep in The middle of the hall and they wouldn't Make it to their room right like that's How quickly it worked it was like Tranquilizer elephant tranquilizer and So psychiatrists are horrible they come From the the Freudian I mean it's just a Uh like a a bad you know the Freud was The original psychiatrist doctor of Psychiatry and it's just um they're all Weird like like not all of them like the Ones I I've met her all weird right and She's just fits the mold and so like She's saying there's no signs for Joe Biden based on watching him last night Of course we can see he's he comes Across as very old and frail and and Cile and with dementia and uh he's Certainly aged a great deal from the Presidency just like he has been showing Signs of dementia since 2019 the signs getting angry Alzheimer's Like stuff like that getting angry Without provocation being Confused um you know just is motor Function all these things right and he's

Lost in you know all the ways he behaves He's in his the way he articulates Things and his his train of thought all These things are signs of dementia I Mean anybody can see it right like You're horrible at your job every other President who actually does the job of The president and um so I can see how His impression would be uh very dramatic To people he can't be president if That's the way he acts those things are Important being able to articulate Clearly your thoughts people having Confidence in you and your inability to Recognize dementia makes your you know I Mean you're horrible at your job right Like you suck at it like you like of Course you're on Don Lemon show like Don Lemon is the only only clown in the Universe who would bring on a person Who's going to say Donald Trump is unfit Mentally after what we saw from Joe Biden like you just have to eat what Happened right even if you don't want to Jump on that Joe Biden sucks or Joe Biden has dementia bandwagon you don't Bring some kind of gaslighting person on Who has an agenda and is clearly like Unfit for this kind of work Right okay so today's Tuesday July July 2nd um this is Berns Bernstein uh Woodward and Bernstein are Both out like talking crap about Biden Biden had had 15 horror show like

Moments and shocked by Debate disaster poll in New Hampshire D's horrified demands answers all these Things right so they have multiple Article here um you know this Is like what's happening with the media Like the media's demanding this guy step Down like and they should have done this In the first place you know they're now Saying well he just it's just demention Now I just did an intro a pre- inro About that but no it's he's had dementia For he he was elected with dementia Biden grapples with political Fallout Following presidential debate live Updates stop Joe Biden head over doesn't Had the same same thing with Carl Bernstein here and so like the confused Look this is a look that he's had now For a number of years and it you know There's moments and when you start Having moments it's like well this isn't Reversible you can delay it right once Dementia sets in once these moments Happen well then it's time to like all Right we got to we got to hang them up Right it's over like there's certain Things that you know whatever it is in Your life that you end up saying all Right I got to change what I'm doing Because you've learned that you've got This um thing going on this is Biden We'll get into this video here later Okay so let's get into the some more

Videos here all right let's now take a Look at what the public opinion polling Is telling us since Thursday's debate NBC News is Steve Kaki is at the big Board uh so Steve we have don't at the Big board a lot of data yet but we do Have some new numbers from the cbsu gov Pole over the weekend this is just an Immediate snapshot following the debate But what does it tell us yeah I mean Everybody's waiting for sort of the Definitive poll to come out we don't Have that yet but we've had a couple now There's another one this morning that Looks very similar to what I'm going to Show you from this CBS ugv poll and they Asked a couple questions here let's show You this first of all they asked a General question should Biden this is Just in general should he be running for President they've asked that throughout The year back in February 37% of Voters Said that Biden just should be running For president uh now right after the Debate they have that number dropping All right well we've seen these polls Already um with other people but you Know think about only 37 people 30% s 37% of people thought he should be Running in February again they were Pushing on him on the American people Then and they knew he was going to be Like this right they knew like they're Saying the staff was shocked no they're

Not shocked they've seen him break down There's going to be stories coming out At some point of people who are around Him and stuff that he did right like Grandpa's putting his shoes in the Refrigerator again like this kind of Stuff like it's just like things that Are there that he's doing because we've Seen what we've seen is just you know What allowing you to see they've hit This guy away for four years you know if He didn't have dementia they wouldn't Have have used covid to cover up for him That he didn't have to go out and Campaign he didn't have it in 2020 to Campaign and they used Co to cover it up It's ridiculous to think you know let's Just see whatever he says here to just 28% by comparison they asked the same Question about Donald Trump post debate The number is 46% now more specifically In response to but that's not because of Donald Trump's These are because of his legal issues And because he's Trump right through the Debate they asked this what should Biden Do right now in the wake of this debate And in this CBS poll 64% basically 2third of the electorate said he should Step aside and I think you know the Republicans would be smart to say not To like if they were smart and they're Not they would say he should still run What's particularly troubling for Biden

In that number not just the fact that It's two thirds is look at within his Own party this isn't just his political Opponent saying he should get out of the Race this is worry within his own party Concerned within his own party 45% of Democrats saying that Biden should step Aside and obviously that performance I Think just reinforcing and maybe even Increasing in terms of its potency the Main concern or one of the main concerns We've seen over and over when it comes To Biden and that is his age this is a Gallup poll just before the debate and Already going into the debate 67% of Voters said they considered Biden too Old to be president that's 30 points Higher than the number for Donald Trump And just take a look at the other that's Just Democrats here and so like this is I mean it's the numbers are horrible and Meaning that you guys aren't listening To the polls the Democrats have been Trying to force this guy in you it means They don't have a confidence in a second Choice oldest nominees in history John McCain in 2008 Dole 96 Reagan in both of His campaigns the number was somewhere In the 30s even the 20s for Reagan that Biden number is a number we've never Seen for any candidate before and I will Say as we wait for definitive polling we Do have one poll that is now asked the Horse race question after the debate

Asking Biden versus Trump after the Debate who are you for it's just from One state it's from New Hampshire but in That New Hampshire poll this is out just A couple minutes ago Trump leads by two Points in the new New Hampshire poll if You can read my writing Trump plus two And the critical thing there is is in 2020 Biden carried New Hampshire by 7.5 Points so we don't have a pre-debate Poll from St an was the pollster here Their last one had been in December okay So that's a nine-point swing so these Are disastrous numbers I mean this is They're big into the numbers and you Know like it's I mean they're they're Getting to the area where they couldn't Really even cheat their way at this one Like if whatever happened before Remember they had Biden up 10 then you Know so like they have to get rid of This guy and they don't have a a valid Option they might not like so that's Great most powerful office in the world It's an office that not only tests your So you know the thing about Trump's Immunity now this is Biden's first press Conference and now he's got to go out And you know he's got to do damage Control and he's going to have his Moments now right they're going to have Days that he's going to suck again and They're going to have these moments and Those moments are going to be

Highlighted it doesn't matter how good He is in some days or some speeches is They're never they're never going to be Flawless because he's always going to Look like a deer in headlights but now They have this immunity thing so I Turned on the news yesterday waiting for More information about and I'm sure this Morning they're talking about the Supreme Court and Immunity and what they Can do about the Supreme Court and all These things because they they've Allowed Trump to get away with what they Consider criminal Behavior but of course You know I mean yes both things are true Like Trump sucks and they're also Targeting them and whatever but now it Looks like Trump can win the presidency You know they're going to sentence him In that other whatever court that is and Whatever is going to happen with that is His already his one felony thing to do With hush money which people aren't you Know like the hush money thing is is Stupid right again Trump banged a Porstar and he paid her hush money That's true he did it he's guilty but It's not come on like it's not something They would usually do to former President it's a mild you know these Kind of things are compared to the stuff That they're doing looting billions of Dollars I mean the presidents have done Horrible things war criminals Joe Biden

Dron seven kids right like he you know I Mean that's there's there's no talk of That like they talk about how Trump's so Horrible but Trump didn't at least as Far as I know Dron seven kids in Afghanistan and it was like 10 people he Killed 10 in of people only to cover up Or to distract people from the debacle Of the Afghanistan withdrawal but Anyways they now can talk about this so They're trying to Pivot and make it About the Supreme Court and Trump but The dementia thing isn't going away your Judgment perhaps even more importantly It's an office that tests your character Because you not only face moments when You need the courage to exercise the Full power of the presidency you also Face moments where you need the wisdom To respect the limits of the power of The office of the Presidency this nation was founded on The principle that there are no K Slurring his speech that that's not There something they're not talking About when people slur their speech you Know yeah the guy has had a um Stuttering problem since being a kid and That's coming back up too because you Know whatever he's done to cope with That it's he coming back around but he Slurs his speech you can't really he and He wears Dentures you know okay one last Little bit here Joe Biden is um well

Here he really kills himself at this Take right this is a not a self-serving Take the public has a right to know the Answer about what happened on January 6th before they asked to vote again this Year now because of today's decision That is highly highly Unlikely it's a terrible disservice to The people of this nation so now now the American people have to do what the Court should have been willing to do but Will not the American people have to Render a judgment about Donald Trump's Behavior well they're not going to do That so people don't believe the same Things you believe like this is I would Say the majority of people like the People hate Trump Sure not that you know the January 6 was A disaster by trump it was a horrible Decision he got worked and played so Much you know from the time that covid Came out Trump got worked on Co he got Got worked on the election and he just Did everything that was the same you Know going in the the opposite direction Of what his best self-interest and the Best interest of the country was it was A horrible decision to do all that stuff I've talked about that Trump is Completely um should be held accountable For being set up for allowing himself to Walk into a trap right like it just was And again maybe part of the script or

Whatever like there I mean was he just Stupid or was he you know just acting or Scri you know was just following the Lead of his handlers or whatever it is Right but what Biden's saying here is That it's unlikely Trump's going to jail Before the election so this is big news Like he's acknowledging that Trump is Probably going to make it through the Election without Ser any sort of prison Time and what happens if he's convicted Or he's sentenced and he needs to go to Jail or prison after he's been elected President when he can pardon himself From prison like you know I mean it's It's that kind of stuff right this kind Of Apocalyptic you know what hell's going On kind of stuff here but now he's Claiming that the Voters have to be able to stop Donald Trump and the voters think he's mentally Incompetent and so like he's put himself In a horrible position here that there's No other way to stop Trump and so it's Got to be the voters and maybe thinks Well I'm the only guy who can beat him But you know that's not even uh right Now that's not happening and so I mean This is is bad for the Democrats and and Biden at least in terms of you know What's happening right now whether it's Scripted or not that's that's for us to See in the how this plays out the

American people must decide whether Donald Trump's assault on our democracy On January 6 makes him unfit for public Office in the highest office in the land The American people must decide if Trump's Embrace of violence to preserve His power is acceptable well you didn't Want the American people to decide right That's why you're Prosecuting them Because you know that's why this whole Thing is happening you want to be able To take it out of the decision of the Voters you don't trust in what he calls The magga Republicans and so if the American people decide by 60% that Trump Is a better president you know better uh Candidate than you are you going to Accept that as being you know like this Is you're already you know he hasn't Been convicted like whatever you know You're you're already saying he's guilty As is all the other people here the Media pundits and he hasn't been Convicted right like you're you know I Mean it's just the whole thing's Fallen Apart in ways that again I always have To question how much of this is scripted Or not but if it is it it's you know Either way it's great to watch right He's fallen apart mentally the Democratic part's falling apart their Narratives and things now Trump being Elected is not a good thing I I don't Know who's you know in terms of

The effects of it like I'm not talking About the person or the party or any of These things I'm talking about what Happens because a person's gets elected What are the results because Trump isn't Going to pass [ __ ] he's not going to his Policies whatever he says he's going to Do is it's unlikely he'll get any of it Done and it's not and and what he's Proposing isn't necessarily good either Right just on doing everything that Biden did you know and and whatever else He wants to do his revenge tour but then There's the effects like when Trump was President before the Liberals got so Much right the this movement it's not The real liberals it's the you know this Movement you know all this stuff the Gender stuff the social things I mean so Many things happen when Trump was President the riots and the you know all These things and so what happens if Trump's president presidency you know is I mean it's not going to calm things Down it's going to exacerbate things and Probably expedite The collapse of America I would think it You know both of them I mean whatever's Going to happen America's going to Collapse but I think Trump will be you Know it'll just be a bad time more Censorship on the internet just all of It like all the things that go with it Like what's the effects of a trump

Presidency you know just because you're Like happy oh it's not Biden yeah it's Just like a popularity contest right It's like some kind of you know it's It's not real it's not you know Trump Isn't going to save the country and Doesn't want to Trump is a selfish Person he doesn't care about the country Or you or anybody else and so it's Nothing like that right it's what Happens afterwards but right now it Looks like Trump is going to win and Again things change because they you Know they control these narratives Perhaps most importantly the American People must decide they want to entrust The president once again the presidency To Donald Trump now knowing he'll be Even more embolden to do whatever he Pleases whenever he wants to do it okay So my wife sent me this last night sharp As Attack this version of Biden Intellectually analytically is the best Biden ever he is sharp intensely probing And detail oriented and focused for Example we have a thousand billionaires In America I mean billion zero this is a Man who is sharp who is on top of his Game who knows what's going on smart He's on his game his mental acuity is Great this is a very sharp president um And he's a pretty sharp he's a pretty Sharp guy people that I've talked to say

He's he's as sharp as attack he's fine They say he's sharp there's there's not A problem he was sharp he was sharper Than anyone I've spoken to the president Uh is sharp and he is tireless he is Sharp as sharp as ever and um he's he's He's fine all this right-wing propaganda That his mental acuity is declined as Well wrong his brain is good he's still Great he is sharp in meetings I believe The people who say that behind closed Doors Joe Biden remains sharp in Meetings so this is um you know this is Their talking point like their talking Point right now is Trump lied in the Debate right the talking point is Essentially around Trump line and let's Not focus on Biden's mental breakdown And his showing dementia let's talk About Trump being a liar they always Have these talking to points I you the Big lie was a talking point right They'll say the same thing over and over Again it's not just Democrats Republicans have done this for years I Mean KL Ro some of these things they're Taking right out a Carl Ro Playbook That's you know all the way back to that Um whatever that guy is Alinsky or Whatever his name is you know there's These manipulative psychological Operations and how you wear people down By just repeating the lies and the Things over and over again but in the

The early part of this year they Realized they had a problem with him Having dementia the problem with the Dementia problem when people are saying He's too old there's no turning back From that right I talk about this with You know the heartfulness debacle my you Know spiritual organization SAR turning Into a cult right the heartfulness cult And there's no there's no saying oh that Used to be a cult you don't redeem Yourself when you're a cult right like There's no well they used to be a cold Kind of thing that just doesn't exist Same thing with dementia it's not like Oh he used to have dementia once you're Label too old that label's going to Stick and it's going to be cemented Because they're going to see more and More they'll be looking for it right and So this is what's happened with the Debate people are now looking for him to Be too old and so this talking point is You know silly because it's not Joe Biden is is sharp he's sharp he's fit There is nothing to these challenges These suggestions that somehow he's not Sharp he's sharp as a tech making sure That we're able to make every single Solitary Person eligible for what I've been able To do with the uh with with the co Excuse me with um dealing with Everything we have to do with uh

Look if we finally beat Medicare thank You president uh Biden president Trump He's right he did beat Medicare he beat It to death actually Joe Biden is Sharper and has more mental Acuity Donald Trump because more people Believe that actually Joe Biden's middle Acuity is better than Donald Trump I Mean he's sharp he's funny sharp as Attack K har says he is up to this task He's you know sharp as attack he's so You know someone did a great job with This right but this are talking points And it's not going away like you can't Undo people's perception that he's got Dementia you just can't do it like it Can't be done right because he's going To have gaffs he's going to have senior Moments and that's going to go on now From the rest of the election and if he Becomes president it's just going to be There and then you know at some point They have to deal with it no matter what They're thinking they can do I mean it's Insulting to the Democratic voters and Democracy in general and all of America To keep on saying the guy is okay we can See that he's not right it's been for a While they should have never ran him in The first place and it's one of those Problems like I said you can't cure it Like you can't say all right he Recovered from it like the difference Between him and fedman is fedman had a

Stroke and then he's going to get back Some of his faculties as time goes on he Hasn't really fedman hasn't but you know He's still young enough where he can They can say oh he's going to recover And he you know recovered he's better Than he was but he still sucks and he Wasn't great ahead of time just like Biden right none of these people are and None of them are worth this like it's Not like he's so special that like even You know we can ignore the dementia Right like he's always sucks right so You know they all they all suck none of These guys are they're all so Replaceable because there's nothing About them that makes them stand out as Being somebody you have to have as your Leader none of these guys none of these People are great leaders no none of none Of them you know they might have Charisma they might have a a passionate Base right you know Trump has his Supporters that think he's the only one And they're delusional about what he is But there's not one of these guys that Dementia is like well he's so great that We'll put up with a dementia right and It's just going to get worse like I said Over and over Again so this came up on my YouTube feed Now Stephen A Smith is kind of a douche And you know Sports guy and I don't Think he comments on politics very much

But he has some kind of podcast cuz you Know everybody does know but he has said Before that he thinks Biden's too old You know like he's one of the people That are I mean it's just so obvious It's what people aren't saying right People know you know and and everyone's Jumping on the badwagon but he had this To say upon millions of people that are Concerned about what we witnessed Thursday night in that debate when Biden Mumbled and Trump said I don't Understand what he said I don't think he Understands what he said this is the Sound bite you're going to hold on To so he goes on to say that Biden um Should withdraw you know I mean it's Just um I don't know like I wanted to Talk a little bit about being Right but I guess I'll save that for the Next video or whatever because it's Important not just me but people in the Truth Community right that they all end Up they always ends up where we are in Some way maybe not the way that is the Way we would like but them admitting Without admitting without you know any Kind of oh yeah sorry about that you Were right all along kind of thing it's Always like well you guys are crazy but You were right about this but they don't Even say that and then it's you know Whatever so I'll get into that maybe Another video but the thing about this

Was from the very beginning you know I Said this when Biden first ran The difference between the Democrats and the Republicans in terms Of the kind of demographics that they Cater to is that Biden was supposed to Bring in people of color the way that Hillary Clinton didn't and they thought Well Biden is connected to Obama and Biden has the support from the African-American community and that Happened during the election but that's Fading right and so that was one of the Reasons to pick Biden but they could Have just picked Cory Booker or kamla But didn't so you know whatever that's You know but the other thing is they Need the youth vote you know the Democrats really need the youth vote the College you know I mean you're liberal More liberal in college a lot of Liberalism in college right in these Years and so I was like how are they Going to get the the youth vote with a Guy who says Malarkey and they try to You know um package this guy to the Youth youth but as he's gone more and More scile plus his stance on the Israeli War is failure he's lost the Youth vote he's lost you know a good Portion of the African-American vote and The youth vote and that's what helped Carry him during the election and he Hasn't replaced that with any sort of

Demographic and so you know this is an Absolute mess for the Democrats and like It makes me happy but like I think the Trump presidency a second term is a Disaster worse than the first and all The things that were bad for all of us In the truth Community bad for Republicans bad for you know the country We'll be even more present in the second Term with Trump and we'll see how this Plays out again this could be just part Of a show now and they they you I don't Know how they're going to do this right But right now it's like they have to get Rid of Biden and if they don't like That's really interesting right because Everyone knows they have to it's not you Know you can't run a scile guy can't run A guy with dementia but they're going to Do it like like they might do it right And so I kind of almost want to see that I don't know I kind of want to see the Infighting with the Democrats or the Convention I mean a lot of this stuff Has become a lot more interesting since His breakdown in the debate like I was Only mly interested in this election as You guys know I was barely covering it And I don't even watch the news anymore The way I used to I usually watch sports Instead of the news because I just I'm Not into it like I just over the whole Thing but Biden's performance brought me Back in like it's great anyways only

Spiritual valy will save this world it's Parano definitely B from the apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day and be grateful

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