The Best time to try Gratefulllnes is the coming weekend April 30th 2023

The Best time to try Gratefulllnes is the coming weekend April 30th 2023

Greetings brothers and sisters so this Is the big reminder for the Gathering Coming up this weekend I'll do another One on Friday Or Thursday or whatever Um but this is one of the three best Times to experience gratefulness the Osage mark transmission And Um It just is and it's you know there's a Dynamic nature To these gatherings to to those people Who are you know connected with it and Beforehand which I mentioned this Weekend There is a cleaning process and you will Go through things whether it be physical Illness whether it be Difficulty traveling whether it just be Emotions coming up or no ex you know Negative emotions Sadness and or depression whatever it is Right you know negative uh just feeling You know Angry for no reason or you know this is What happens to me now without anything In the material world triggering it or Things will happen the material world That you know people in the system would Say oh you're just going through Cleaning And you'd be like f you you know you Know it's a hard thing to hear when

You're going through it because you Don't want to you know think about it Because you're just in it But as you do this for a while you Realize by the end of the Gathering Whatever you are concerned about is gone Whatever was going on with you Physically emotionally whatever Is gone and it's been replaced by a good Spiritual deep spiritual condition Transmission is filled Whatever was cleaned out and you just Feel like a new person refreshed and Ready to go and I haven't experienced That for a long time with dodgy Um you know there was some cleaning when My family and I went to the Gathering in India Travel whatever it was but it really Wasn't the same as normal Um pre-gathering you know travel Difficulties in fact the trip was pretty Nice You know it was a better trip And you know there was some cleaning but It wasn't the same and then all these Lame Gatherings that dodgies put Together That there just isn't any Dynamic nature Because the transmission isn't very good And the cleaning isn't happening right Um there was a Doctor Who the last Gathering I went to before we left India In 2016 was Babaji was this coming

Babaji's birthday together right Gathering my family and I went back to Kana for the first time after it it Would been you know it was being used Like we had seen it a few times before That But now there was a gathering at Kana And it was a good Gathering and dodgy Had gotten sick right before the Gathering and this doctor who used to Take care of Master charge he said That the masters of the system would be On death's door like chargie would be And there were to be in hospitalized and They were going to cancel the Gathering Even though all these people are Traveling and coming from different Countries and he would say no and then The day before the Gathering it would be Perfectly fine like there would be no Physical issues but it took his life Energy to get everybody there and clean Them and prepare the transmission you Know the atmosphere and he said the same Thing was happening to dodgy and I'm Sure that isn't happening now Because of all this right I mean he has Health issues I'm sure but it's not the Same process like he's lost whatever he Had initially And so these lame Gatherings at dodgy And heartfulness is put on there just Wasn't the pre you know Gathering Cleaning there wasn't you know you could

Feel the Gathering coming right there Was a like something compelling you and Pulling you towards it and as you you Know whatever it was even if you were Traveling Um and that just hasn't been there so These last whatever but I can say I've Been going through cleaning for the past Month Um not all the time but I've had you Know different issues you know since I've quit chocolate and and chai I've Had almost no headaches and I've had Like you know some uh you know not Horrible headaches but just you know Just a little bit of you know whatever It is right a little bit of you know Some physical issues and then irritants And you know drama and things Going on um the other day yesterday got A strike on my other YouTube channel Which I talked about Um and just you know frustrating things And things that have been you know Going in a negative Direction whatever And so I can feel it being cleaning Which is a good sign because it hasn't Been You know that that Dynamic nature that Energetic nature hasn't been there in The heartfulness system now for You know the past I don't know three Four years and you know I mean it's and It was always like it was lessening even

When it was it was there it was you know As soon as Master chargie died it was You know it's been declining you know Dissipating would be a better word and So um it's a good thing to understand For those of you who are going through Anything like that if you're feeling That then you know things are being Pulls out and loosened up so they can be Cleaned out and then transmission fills The you know the void right the where The you know the negative stuff the Stuff that was blocking your spiritual Condition your spiritual journey is Cleaned out and then this transmission Is given to You know fill the um Fill the empty spaces and it's just a Great thing it's just one of the best Things about the system in these Birthday Gatherings have always been you Know like I said Dynamic they've always Been It's a better time to meditate a better Time to feel a transmission better time To connect with the system Um and so you know whatever you can do To do that if you're interested in this Uh you know it's the best time it's the Best time to do like you know like I Said Um so there'll be the Friday night Sitting I believe is on the 28th which Is the half hour City and then you can

Meditate you know two times a day if you Feel energy you can just stop and Meditate and you know whatever do in the Morning the evening whatever it is right For the next three days the 20 uh 9th to 30th which is babaji's birthday and then The first Of May and so that's um Saturday Sunday Monday if you feel like you only want to Meditate once or have the time for it Then Sunday the normal meditation in the Morning or wherever it is because that's Babaji's birthday itself Um but again you know it's we're doing This for the first time and it's more About like just being spontaneous and if You feel transmission and all of a Sudden you feel it and it's a good time To meditate like you can feel like you Know a pull or whatever Um that's a good time to close your eyes And like that's what happened to me During the lology bassan and you know um And ever since then we've been doing Gratefulness here you know I've been Doing my my you know my old scishmark Practice without all the The you know dysfunction of this Heartfulness system that's been a Blockage and an impediment to my Spiritual growth and all these things And so this is the first Gathering and We just see how it goes Um but you know

The energy is there like it hasn't been In years and I'm pretty psyched about That And so I'll do another reminder Um You know either Thursday or Friday and Then um you know I'll do other Subsequent videos on the days and Whatever maybe give a little You know talks or whatever about what's Going on or you know what I'm Experiencing here I don't know if it You'll see what happens Only spiritual alley will save this World it's Paul revado definitely Important for the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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