The 2nd Amendment is for WORKERS

The 2nd Amendment is for WORKERS

The Second Amendment wasn't created for The elites to go hunting the second Amendment was created for us working People to defend ourselves from the Government my Department of Defense is Going to make sure every American is Trained to use weapons when everyone is Fully armed no one's surrounded people In communities what they have done is They've armed the gangsters and the Criminals and they've armed the state And they've disarmed the working people When working people want to rise up They'll actually unleash the thugs upon Us all the Thugs and the mafia and all These people they have weapons this is Why all great revolutions always Encourage freedom of speech and the Second Amendment you know where Revolution's going the wrong way when They start disarming people that's when You know it's becoming authoritarian we Need to make sure that by the time a Child is 18 they know how to use weapons Every household should have enough Weapons to protect themselves from the Government we are building a movement Now and our Political campaign Shiva for get a flyer get a bumper Circuit get on the ground tell your Friends share this video get this out There truth freedom and help cheaper for President

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