Thank you YouTube for trying to keep us all Safe

Thank you YouTube for trying to keep us all Safe

Okay greetings brothers and sisters um I Made a video on my Apocalypse Now Channel that got a community guideline Strike but it's a warning because They've redone their Policies um let me Uh just show you uh what's happening Here but the video itself was a video I Just needed to make and I think it Border line uh goes against their Policies I'm going to ask for a Review uh but the essence of the video Here's the video here um it's time for Admit for it's time it's time for YouTube CNN and ESPN and CNN to admit That hate speech to the hate speech and Hate crimes they committed against and It should be antivaxers and uh well Antivaxers And so Um you know I made the title too long Which I would have had it correct before I put the video up because the video Passed through it was Monetized it passed through their you Know detection system which is pretty Substantial but I think because of the Title it was flagged I don't know if a Human reviewed it or whatever they're Bots uh but everything is so like Mechanical now but any anyways let's Start here cuz I want to explain Everything about the video and it says Here something you posted May violate

YouTube's Community guidelines to help Keep the community safe we removed it Your channel has received a Warning and the part that I have a Problem with right here is to help keep The community safe because there's Nothing in my video that wouldn't you Know that would jeopardize the community You know their medical uh misinformation Policy have been proven completely wrong Not just by you know people like us who Would see it but they're just uh you Know out of date based on everything That's played out right and so you know I talk a little bit about the Bloop um and I uh you know but mostly It's about how their policies are out of Date and this is hate speech YouTube has A whole big thing about hate speech you Know it's part of their and marginalized Grp groups and people in the truth Community and antivaxers are Marginalized groups and they have Allowed hate speech against them that's Turned out to be wrong on top of it Right and so there's a time where you Have to admit you're wrong and that Time's long since past and all these Various people you I talking about Kyrie Irving and Aaron Rogers as examples and All the things I'm going to find a place To post a video because I want people to See it um I'm going to find a you know Another platform to to do that which

I'll you know I'll update people later Um so here we got to go look at the Content um and So it's Timestamped medical Misinformation so I'm going to at least They did that that's something new Content that poses a serious risk of Egregious harm by spreading medical Misinformation about currently Administered vaccines that are approved And confirmed to be safe and effective By local Health authorities and the World Health Organization isn't allowed On YouTube and so I'll watch that little Bit I'm glad they timestamped it and I Said some things about whatever the the Blo that is um you know but it's minor You know and I'm not really talking About that just that it's been um you Know it's nobody's taking it anymore so How can it be harmful you know you You're still you're still not allowing People to express their opinions about This when you know people have already Made their decisions about it right um So I'll you know I'll go ahead and see The the video myself and read the policy And I'll come back to the the next part Here okay so I reviewed what they're Saying was hate uh was against their Policy and what I said was that people Are from different religions different Backgrounds different colors different

Racial racial groups you know all these Things I'm you know I'm paraphrasing and That all of of us shared one belief that The bloop wasn't for us you know I Didn't say bloop and uh you know and They've given it some Community Guidelines and so it's really lame like Is that what they're I mean like it all I said it we believed it wasn't for us And so like that's not you know that's a Threat to the Community I was surprised that that was Cuz I couldn't think of anything I said Cuz I'm not even talking about you know The the the bloop so much other than the Fact that you know things have I mean People aren't getting it they're not Getting the rooster right they're not You know they're not the people have Given up on it and so it's not Preventing you know it's not like some But I'm even talking about that I'm Talking about how people who didn't want It were marginalized and you know things That YouTube says are you know like There's marginalized communities and Like Joe Biden was saying they're Killing people like calling people Murders that's hate speech and I you Know give a definition of hate speech And a definition of you know what hate Crimes are and hate speech leads to hate Crimes according to everybody and so you Know there was this animus against these

Group of people right um who were you Know against the bloop and so we all Know about it and I talk about it in a Very I I think this thing might be Reversed unless there's something else That they have because that's seriously Just ridiculous um You know it's just silly because alls I Say is you know there are these various Groups of people and you know it's um Whatever it's that it I'm like I'm I'm Shocked that's what they said that we Just said it I can't say that that Wasn't for us that we decided that we Didn't want something that is violates Their Community guidelines like it's It's silly so I'm going to appeal that Now now I think that they'll reverse it Unless there's something else here and I'll re you know they'll have to fix the Title but I think they'll probably put It up here it's just um unbelievably Silly let's go to the the next piece Here so the thing was at 805 um so I have to take the training And I have to submit an appeal you take The training and they erase the the Thing after three months um but I would You know I'll submit an appeal And um that'll be the next step but this Is like just Silly so I used to be able to used to be Able to say something to them um but They're saying they're we're reviewing

Your Appeal and um you know I didn't get to Explain why I think that their policies Were wrong which is what they used to do Um so they're going to do that and They'll give they'll say 7 2 hours here Um if it if the appeal isn't granted I Can take out that one part or just resay It and I don't even know why I should or Have to but you know I can I can medit Edit that and see if they'll allow the Video to be there the rest of it right Um unless there's you know like I say Things like that maybe throughout the Video so they could always find Something but you know I'm I'm willing To go through it right because of all of These things um and if they don't allow The video on YouTube I'll just find Another platform because you know this Sucks like it's just time like it's Embarrassing for them right that they um They're still you know adhering to these Arcane policies and if I can't say or Anybody can't say that there's groups of People demographics every demographic Has people in it who believe that the Bloop is not for them the bloop is not For them is a Community guideline like we have we it's I say we share a belief we come from Different backgrounds but we share one Belief that the bloop is not for us that Is a community guidelines strike that we

You know there's people because it's a True statement right there's people in Every demographic who didn't want to get The BL because they didn't think it was For them and that's you know Silly and I You know I assume that they're going to Pass this thing through like if a human Reviews it go well that's not really you Know I mean they might look at other Parts of the video but then it becomes Just you know a joke right um and so Then I can do the training policy Whatever and then it'll be erased in Three months but like all that's just Doesn't matter like in three months I'm You know I have to rethink my whole Thing with YouTube and the rest of it Right because YouTube's just becoming a Joke like if that's your policies um Like could dismiss this and then it says Here Um what do you want to do take the Training policy I guess I can still do That and then um they're going to look At our content and take action and Here's the training take the training Policy um medical Misinformation here it is seven Questions you want to create your share Your content confident in this training You'll see scenarios related to the Policy you violated you have limited Attempts to get it right vaccine Mr Information while there are different

Types of medical misinformation one Will'll focus on most is training and His vaccine misinformation YouTube Doesn't allow content that poses a Serious risk of egregious harm by Spreading medical information Misinformation that contradicts local Health authorities or the World Health Organization so they're saying that the World Health Health Organization does Not allow people to say that there are People from every demographic that share One belief and that is that the bloop is Not for them and the specific health Conditions BL the policy includes the Following categories prevention Misinformation treatment misinformation Denial misinformation we've may allow Content that includes medical Misinformation if the content is Educational document document Documentary scientific or artistic Content these exceptions aren't a pass To promote medical misinformation the Train includes description of medical Misinformation which could be upsetting Or triggering to people making it unsafe For people a Creator uploads a video Which claims they have researched Vaccines online and now are convinced That vaccines cause cancer is this a Violation yes it is is a violation of Your freaking Rules correct I'm correct boom I nailed

It boom Kaboom I nailed it okay here it Is in a televised interview uploaded to YouTube a pediatrician urges parents to Have their children immunized the doctor Also states that natural immunity is Much stronger than immunity they get From a vaccine is this a violation I'm Going to say no it isn't but I I'm not Sure boom I am correct it is I I'm just Nailing it like I I just wow like I'm Like I should get I should be like a the The Head of the Class Safera there's a person named safera Imaginary person recorded a conversation With her friend where she claimed she Became infertile after a cheminal Chemical abortion using a prescription Medication Miss Pro my Proin and Miss Prestol I know I you know I just horri About those medical words safera urged Her friends to avoid medical abortions Or else they will also become infertile Is this a violation again I'm not sure But I'm going to say no it Isn't boom that's not quite violation Our policy because it promotes Misinformation about side effects of the Chemical abortion method maybe I misread That um she claims I got I missed the She claims thing I'm not paying Attention try again okay Safar here yes Yes it is I think I'm I'm G to nail it This time boom I got it right this time

It was great Pablo upload Pablo uploads A video which criticized the University's requirement that all Upcoming students be vaccinated against Certain diseases like polio or meil Ms And rebella in the video Pabla said These vaccines doesn't don't work Because they don't reduce the number of People who get the diseases yes it is Because Pablo is a freaking douche Because why would he say such horrible Things why is he making the community so Unsafe fck Pablo you Pablo you're Making the the community unsafe yavon They've gone out of their way to have Unusual names yavon and her friends live Stream like this is the English version Right like there's probably a version For every you know country do they have Joe in you know like uh you yanan like You know do they have Joe and Tom and Sarah and like yanan and Jane like it's Just weird like the names are anyway Yvon and Ivan and her friends live Stream a discussion about covid-19 yvon Says that the most tragic part of the Pandemic was that some government Leaders failed to respond quickly enough She says that never would happen if the Government made right decisions the Pandemic is the government's fault um I Do not think this is a violation but I'm Not sure let's see that is correct I am Just like boom I am getting it done a

Biochemist a biochemist uploads a video Which he War viewers to stay away from Medical vaccines because a doctor and Pharmaceutical companies are conspiring To use vaccines to alter people's DNA She says the vaccines are meant to make Our immune systems weaker so they spend Money on doctors well we know this Selects all the correct answers I mean Spend more money on doctors in medicine The V the video violates the policy Because the Creator slams The vaccines Alter DNA the Pol the Poli the video Does not violate the policy because the Creator is a scientist that is Definitely not right this video does not Violate the policy because because Pharmaceutical companies scrape vaccines And get people to fall sick and buy more Medicines in just is just an opinion the Video does not violate the policy Because the biochemist is only warning People to avoid vaccines not forcing Them it's the first one and so boom I am Just like I am almost I almost got an A Here and share Shahar uploaded a video Saying that she still has huge so that She still has stage for lung cancer After several rounds of chemotherapy so It's clear the chemotherapy did not work For them the video doesn't violate the Policy because stage four lung cancer is Incurable the video doesn't violate the Policy because sah allow is allowed to

Share her personal experiences with Approved Cancer Treatments the video Doesn't violate the policy because Everyone knows the chemotherapy doesn't Work the file the video violates the I Know pretty sure it's not that one the Video violates the policy because SAR is Discouraging others from getting Chemotherapy sahir up I have to read This one again sahir upload because I Forgot the thing Sahara uploaded a video Saying that she still has stage four Lung cancer after several months of chop Therapy so it isn't clear the chemother So it's clear the chemother did not work For them um for Them uh so sahare has using them as a Pronoun in this particular scenario now I'm not this is a little bit more Complicated um but it's not this one There doesn't because allows to share Her personal experience with approved Cancer Treatments um she's saying that It's clear the chemotherapy did not work The video Violates I would say it's probably this One No we Do try again Sarah focused only on her Personal experience so it's the one here Um Because right here so that's I got it Right but that was you know that was a Tricky one um nice work you completed

The training we appreciate you helping High lines your warning will expire on August 30th 2024 and so if I post another video I'll Get an actual strike if I wait for the Strike to disappear then it will Disappear and so um I done the appeal I've done the personal training I'm Ready to go back to my channel and here It is there's a warning here and so um This is wonderful here okay so I Made a voice over that um I'll end the Video with already but I want to add This to that and that is whenever they Say uh we just trying to keep you safe Right oh we're just trying to keep you Safe that's always the line they use When they're going to take away your Rights you know working in treatment Centers and you know this was um uh you See any kind of a mental institution or These hospitals oh we're just trying to Keep you safe oh we're just trying to Keep everybody safe right you know like It's a it's a phrase that they use when They're when they're saying your Behavior in this case words you know my Words were that there are people from All these various demographics that all Share one belief that the bloop isn't For them that's my words like how can That be how is that how is that unsafe For anybody but we do know that the you Know in terms of their definition of

Safety that and marginalized groups that Conspiracy theorists as they call them Truthers and antivaxers are not safe Right and especially when you know covid Was at its peak all this rhetoric was Put out there that was not safe right um In terms of like just day-to-day life And I mean not not just on YouTube but Across the board but whenever they say This oh we're just trying to keep you Safe or we're just trying to keep the Community safe it's a way to say that Your behavior is dangerous and therefore They can violate your rights whatever They are they are whatever they are you Know they can be dishonest they can be Deceitful they can be authoritarian you Know the YouTube has been wrecked by This idea of say oh we're just trying to Keep everybody safe you know it's well What do people want well there's a few People who are offended we want to make Sure that no one's offended by your Words well people are offended by every The whole internet's offensive right People say things that are offensive all The time people say horrible things to Each other and you know in general but We're just keeping you safe right it's Just not it's not it's not what you're Saying is unsafe we we want to respect Your rights but what you're saying is Unsafe so we have to control you and so Um you know there's that right here's

The other voice over okay so the point Of my video here um I made yesterday This video about how hate speech is Allowed towards antivaxers right and I Document it with things that they said Of course I have this compilation I've Played on that channel quite a bit and I Assume that they're going to reverse the Appeal because this was bot driven and They're supposed to have a human watch It and I don't know how in the world They could claim that me saying that People believe that the blop wasn't for Them is a violation of the Community Guidelines like how is that even Possible right and that but it proves my Point you know there's discriminatory Policies against people's belief system Which is hate speech right and you can See the you know the things that were Said about antivaxers and what said Regularly about people in the truth Community and so YouTube is a fraud and ESPN and you know Disney and you know I Put CNN but it's all mainstream media Like I just um you know I'm going to Redo the title but anyways um so there's That but it's prejudicial and it's hate Speech right it's taking a group of People a marginalized group of people People don't have resources who've been Strangled who are going up against the Big you know PHA companies in the in the Beastly system and you know again I was

Never I mean if you wanted to get the Bloop that's your I you know good go get It get five of them get a hundred of Them I don't care get you know keep on Getting them like I'm I'm all for it Right I've been saying that since the Beginning I'm not you know trying to Convince people not to like it has my my Thing has nothing to do with that I Don't try to convince people of anything That I do I don't try to say Hey you Know do this do that right I mean the Most that I you know hope people will do Is the SJ Mark meditation you know Gratefulness meditation but even then I Know that doesn't work for everybody and I'm not you know promoting it in a way That's saying you should do it like Everyone should do it because that's not The case I know already that's not the Case because lots of people do it and They don't feel anything and they don't Like it I mean they try for a little While and maybe it would work after some Time I don't know but it takes 40 people To start and that's the old days I don't Know what it is now for for a person to Get one good person who'll stay and so You know it isn't for everybody and I've Been saying that in my videos right That's the thing I most believe in and So you know I don't believe that Everything that works for me is going to Work for you physically spiritually

Whatever and so I'm you know well aware Of that and I don't know what's best for You and don't want to know don't want to Be on the hook and be responsible for That that's why I always say I'm not Recommending anything you know I'm Telling you what works for me and I'm Not encouraging you to do anything I'm Just saying this thing work for me you Know like something like I just did with My dental a situation you know and that It's actually you know I think it's Actually getting better it seems like One of my cavities is disappearing from This new toothpaste and you know the the Sonicare toothbrush like I was you know Was quite transformational CU I was Working so hard you guys have saw my Dental video that I was working so hard To to uh figure a way that I wouldn't You know how constantly haven't been Rely on the dentist and I you know to Whatever you know I said in the video And I was doing more more concentrated Work to save my teeth and then all of a Sudden I switch toothbrushes and I get This this toothpaste the you know the Hype you know whatever it was and you Know I go to the dentist and she's like Oh my God your teeth got so much better And so on every level by gums and all These things and so um you know but I Don't know if that's going to work for You like I don't like it's just it

Worked for me I'll I'll tell people About it but I'm not recommending it Right and so I believe in you know I Mean we all have our own our own medical Sovereignty and our old spiritual Sovereignty and everyone has to make a Choice it only works if you make make a Choice things only work if you believe In them I mean I'm not talking just About in terms of you know medicine or Anything like that but you know you have To endorse things like you can't do it Because it'll make somebody else happy Or somebody else enjoys it or all the Cool people are doing it like that's Part of the problem there's so many People who are doing mindless things who Are doing things that are are not um you Know their choice they're just going Along with the her right and that's one Of the big problems with you where People aren't making individual choices Based on you know thoughtful Consideration and it happens in the Truth Community the herd mentality Exists in the truth Community just like Everywhere else maybe even more so um Which is you know part of the whole Problem like people actually figuring Out what's best for them and Understanding you know what kind of Person they are and what their needs are And what their you know orientation of The world is at least on a deeper level

Than you know what they think it is and Then making the choices that are best For them you know figuring out what the Right choice is cuz I believe very Firmly there's one right choice in any Situation you just have to find it right And you know it differs for People based In their ability to understand what the Right choice is like people being mature Enough and able to understand what the Right choice is in any given Circumstance and that's what the Gratefulness yaj Mar meditation does it Helps people learn to use their heart And connect with the Divinity the soul Within them and use that as a you know As a way to gather information a way to You know map out their course and Illuminate their you know their true Path right and not everybody's ready to Do that most people are that's you know Another big problem with humanity and so You know you can't tell people what Their choice is if they can't figure it Out for themselves then they're screwed Like it's just how it is if you can't Figure it out for yourself you're Screwed like you have to you know allow Yourself to to uh you know find the find Your path right your course and you have To develop the abilities to do that and If you can't do that then it's just You're you've wasted you know you're Wasting time right you're just you know

You don't you're not getting it like You're just wandering around without any Clue why you're here what you should do I mean that's how people are and so you Know there's this heavy-handed Governmental system and now you know With YouTube's thing here where they Push an agenda telling you what's best For you and then excluding any other Opinion Which is you know I mean that's like Evil like that's what makes it evil Because people have to find their own Way and they're using people's fear and They're using people's you know uh their Inability to or for abstract thought Their inability for you know higher Consciousness against them and Discouraging all those things I mean That's always the way it's been so Anyways um check out the you know I'll Let you know if the video gets um Uploaded because it's worth watching Like it's something I haven't been able To say things I you know whatever and it Just um it it marks a time in our History on the internet the history of The internet where the people who have Been pushing an agenda that has turned Out to be you know wrong on every level Need to be held accountable in some way Like there's you know there's no system For that but at least you know the words Can be there and the ideas can be there

And you know all the rest of it uh but If the video gets put up there I'll I'll Let people know here and you know if They pass it through otherwise I'll find A you know I'll maybe I'll edit out that One line which is silly um but I know What they say it's you know I'll edit That out and then you know put it up and You know make it available right away so People can try to watch it right away Before they find something else you know If that's what they're going to try to Do and then other than that I will um You know I'll I'll post it on um some Third platform I'll find some something Rumble or one of these other you know Platforms so we'll see how it all plays Out um but like you know like it's just Goofy you know their reasoning is just Goofy I I can't imagine they won't Reverse it right but who knows like you Know I mean their level of suck does Never uh surprises me uh so you know There's that only spirituality will save This world it's Paro definitely app from The Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful full

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