Sunday Group Meditation

Sunday Group Meditation

Greetings brothers and sisters so this Is just uh A voiceover talking about people who are Doing the heartfulness meditation or why Do the heartfulness meditation And have having issues with you know the Same thing that I'm going through And that we can meditate together and Form our own aggregor The idea came to me I don't know a week Ago I mentioned it in the journey series 92. And the idea would be that every Sunday When there's group meditation We would have the idea that we are Meditating together because there's no Way to I could do a set time but People have different you know schedules And different um They have you know different time zones And it would be impossible to get Everybody to meditate at the same time So the idea would be there to meditate Sunday morning for about 45 minutes Um You know for the group meditation just Have the idea that we're all meditating Together and having group meditation Together And this is an experiment right is Something to see if it works you know if It I mean if it's effective if people Feel connected if people feel the Transmission

People feel benefit right like I don't Know if it's going to work or not Because we're in complete Uncharted Territory here And so in terms of the experiment Please leave comments here Talking about your experience and don't Worry about like hurting my feelings or Something like that If you don't feel anything or you you Know it's not a great meditation or you Don't feel the transmission Because you know that's the experiment Right like if you've done the meditation And felt the transmission elsewhere and You don't feel it when we're doing this Then you should write that right that'll Be helpful that's good information Not everyone's going to have the same Experience either And so there's no reason to comment on Other people's experiences or compare Them It's not like anybody's doing anything Wrong or some people are doing it better It's just gathering information where Each person expresses what they Experience during meditation if you Didn't feel anything then say that if You know you had whatever experiences You do Just so that we can see if this thing is Worth pursuing I don't know if it is or Not it's what I'm doing on my own and so

It's just now uh including other people I'm not encouraging people to leave the Organization You have to figure out what you need to Do for yourself but if you listen to my Journey Series where I describe this I Had the idea my wife and I were Traveling I had the idea I had the idea Uh the nine o'clock prayer the night Before we left and then we were driving In the car and we came back and I um Received all this information from an Abiasi in India a preceptor in India the Dodges uh 100 million dollar Pharmacy Startup business collapsed into Bankruptcy and it looks pretty shady It's just you know kind of confirmation For me And what I said in the the video was The people that found out about sahaja Heartfulness from me Were for the most part you know other Than individual preceptors People who are great preceptors were Really welcomed I you know I worked Towards integrating you all into this The system I tried to work with the People at heartfulness to help You know integrate you all Um but they just you know as much as They you know the organization Ostracized me they didn't seem to want Truthers and then of course stagey said Things that was anti-truthor and he's

Like hooked into all these you know Anti-truth or organizations you know the U.N and all these organizations in India That are the opposite of like you know The truth movement type of stuff Which I believe came from Babaji in the First place and now after he's canceled These upcoming gatherings I just you know I I knew that the Organization in Dodge you were toxic to Me they were having a negative effect on Me so I just had this wonderful Meditative experience during bassad that Had nothing to do with dodgy or the Mission I felt this you know Wonderful Transmission And I was um you know Very uh glad to experience that because I knew that I didn't need the Organization in dodgy to connect with The you know what's called The Divine Hierarchy the energy the meditative Energy and it's called an aggregor which I believe is a French word It's like a group Consciousness like When people come together for SATs on For meditation And that's what happens in the size Mark System and what happens on you know sets On and group meditation on Sunday And so I figured we might as well try to Form our own aggregor I mean you know or it's already being Formed or whatever

And so let's see if it works if those of You want to try it and so again Meditating every Sunday morning Hopefully I'll do a a video like this For a while And get people's reactions what how They're feeling about it right If you feel more connected less Connected you don't feel anything You know feel free to say it again it's Not about me it's not going to hurt my Feelings I would rather have the Information and the data to see if the Thing works you know if it's working for You And I'll you know talk about my own Experiences With the meditation so Sunday morning Sometime for about 45 minutes you know When you feel a transmission Trail off at the end or whatever it is And then you can leave a comment here On this video you know Sunday or Monday Or whatever And I'll review them and then you know I'll talk about it maybe next week I Mean you know I have a trouble Sustaining these things for whatever Reason But hopefully I will you know so again If you want to try it you're welcome to Try it and you know all the best to you This Potter model definitely pointing From the apocalypse and the Ascension

Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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