SOTU JoJo Magoo calls Jilly Jill kid

SOTU JoJo Magoo calls Jilly Jill kid

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] These plans are fully paid for and we Can afford to do them yes we could Restoring the Dignity of work means Making education an affordable ticket to The middle class You know when we made public education 12 years of a universal in the last Century We made the best educated best paid we Became the best educated best paid Nation in the world touch your face The rest of the world's caught up they Caught up we're behind now caught up We're getting our asses kicked Jill my Wife who teaches full-time jelly Jill Dr Jill Biden Has an expression I hope I get it right kid Hey kid you Call your wife kid Do you call all the people you sleep With kids Yeah kid like it's a very pervy Joe

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