Scott Ritter speaks on Russia & other geopolitical affairs

Scott Ritter speaks on Russia & other geopolitical affairs

Foreign [Music] ERS welcome to another edition of The Red Pill Diaries I'm your host Rasheed We have our co-host in the booth and we Have a very special guest for you but Before we bring him on I have to say This the reason that we're trying to Broadcast on this backup channel is Because Um we did a live show with Um Co-founder or founder of Scholars for 9-1-1 truth Jim Fetzer Um last week and right on cue just as You said for having me on him on the Show not only the YouTuber race a lot of Our subscribers but they also suspended Us and gave us two strikes and told us That even on our appeal they rejected it They did the same thing when we had Scott Bennett on there the first time They did the same thing when we had a Few other guests every time we get a Guest on they suspend us they come up With some kind of rationale to suspend Us but we have a backup channel here and We know that a lot of people don't know About it so this will air on the other Platforms later and whoever catches it While it's um every now we thank you for Joining us but um now without further Ado let me bring in our special guest How's it going Scott good day I'll be on

My best behavior so that we don't get You kicked off of YouTube How's it going with you I'm doing well Thanks and uh thanks again for your your Patience and understanding I I know I Missed the movement last time I I had an Appointment and uh I wasn't there I I Apologize for that but here I am so yes Before we go any further could you tell The people about a little bit about Yourself and your qualification and what You've done uh that that gives you the Qualification to speak on um Global Events especially the Ukraine U.S Russia Situation the Iranian American situation The Chinese uh Russians Well I mean the the the real answer Isn't nothing Um I mean I'm just like everybody else I'm entitled to an opinion and I have Some very strong opinions I I have had a I I think I would say a blessed life um Lots of opportunities that um I stumbled Into I'm not really an expert on much I I played football and drank beer in College Um but I also studied Russian history And took the Russian language and from There I I went to Marine Corps got my Commission Um came an intelligence officer and I Spent a couple years in 29 Palms California Um practicing and perfecting um maneuver

Warfare the uh the art of closing with And destroying the Soviet enemy through Firepower maneuver and I was solely Singularly focused on learning how to Kill Russians better than they learn how To kill us Um And then in 1987 December Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev signed the intermediate Nuclear forces treaty and just give Everybody a background on this uh In the 1970s the the Soviets deployed a New missile called the ss-20 it had Three nuclear warheads and it was Road Mobile very difficult to Target and Overnight they changed the balance of Power in their favor and to put NATO and Europe into an absolute panic and in Response to that the United States Deployed two systems of its own one was Called the Pershing two the other one Was called the ground launch cruise Missile and between these three systems There were others involved but mainly These three systems uh Europe and indeed The world Um lived on the edge of of a nuclear Apocalypse um one mistake five minutes Later the world ends very dangerous Situation and um I actually grew up in Germany at the time my dad was Air Force And so uh when I can tell you that um You know you went to bed at night not

Known if you're gonna wake up in the Morning yeah it's true it was absolutely True when your dad disappeared into the Nuclear bunker for days at a time Without anybody knowing what's going on When you live next door to a NATO Nuclear weapon storage facility Um that would be hit first uh you Literally sometimes you you read the Headlines and went wow I may not be here In the morning Um And so it was with mixed emotions uh When I was assigned in uh early 1988 to Join this new organization called the On-site inspection agency uh it was Created by the Department of Defense to Implement the intermediate nuclear Forces treaty which Ronald Reagan and Mikayla Gorbachev signed in December of 1987 to get rid of these missiles I was Telling you about Um you know here I was I wanted to kill These guys but now I had to go over and Work with them to get rid of these Nuclear weapons Um should not be one of the best jobs I Ever had I spent uh uh two and a half Years with that organization and um for Two years from June 1988 until July 1990 Um I spent much of my time in um outside Of a Soviet missile Factory about 700 Miles east of Moscow on the Euro Mountains monitoring missile production

To make sure the Soviets weren't Producing anything they weren't allowed To produce but I was also living in the Soviet Union amongst the Russian people And um it was just an eye-op experience To uh the people that you were Singularly focused on killing and Understand that there's human beings Just like you are they have the same Hopes aspirations dreams desires they Laugh they cry they do everything They're just like us they just speak Different language Um and uh you know so I came away from That experience um I I guess I could say confused because Having spent your whole adult life Learned to kill somebody by now you Actually like them and didn't have the Cold War end I mean my dream job was um To get appointed to What's called the Military liaison Mission it was in Potsdam Germany Um East Germany and it it was a spying Mission you basically spied on the Soviet group of forces in East Germany Um you know you ran around in uh you Know hyped up off-road vehicles you had Cameras and you ran around took photos Of things you weren't allowed to take Photos of and then you ran away before They could get you Um that's what I wanted to do but that Job went away with the with the wall

Going down Etc Um But I went back to the Marine Corps and I did get a chance to put my uh my Skills to test uh Iraq invade Iraq Invaded Kuwait in August of 1990 and I Ended up getting uh involved in the Conflict first um on a staff of a sort Of a secret cell created by the command On the Marine Corps to plan Marine Amphibious options against Iraq uh then I was assigned to General Schwarzkopf Staff during the war Um and because of my experience as a Missile inspector in the Soviet Union They thought that I was a missile expert I wasn't and um I was putting I was Given the job of hunting down Iraqi scud Missiles so I worked very closely with U.S Air Force British Special Operations American Special Operations uh to try And you know interdict scud missiles Before they could be launched um the war Ended and I had what they call a good War which means I didn't get killed it's Always a plus and uh I performed well so I got you know really glowing Fitters Report I got a you know the the awards And all that garbage but when I went Back to the Marine Corps Again I was just like why am I in the Marine Corps now I serve my country in War uh no one can ever attack that away From me I I did it but I don't know if I

Want to do it again I mean um I joined Not to go kill Iraqis I joined to kill Russians and we're not in the Russian Killing business anymore so I thought Maybe I should get out and get into the Um how do we cooperate with Russia Business so I got out of the Marine Corps but before I could get in the how Do we cooperate with Russia business You know that old uh The Godfather line Al Pacino Every time I try to get out they just Reach out and grab me back in and that's What happened here um I tried to get out But I got a phone call from a colonel That I worked for in Russia an American Colonel and um he asked if I would come To the United Nations because they had a Problem Iraq was supposed to disarm of Its weapons mass destruction Security Council United Nations passed a Resolution in April of 91. uh by the Summer of 91 it was appear apparent that The Iraqis relying cheating not Cooperating and they needed to create an Intelligence unit to help track down This missing material and I had a good Reputation as an intelligence officer And I knew a lot about arms control I Actually helped write the book on On-site inspections and I had my Experience in the war so um they thought That that would be useful for me to come In and help set up this United Nations

Intelligence unit to track down Iraqi Weapons of mass destruction uh one of The most interesting jobs they ever had Um you know to be when I started that Job I just turned 30 years old I don't know what people think of when They when they're 30 most people think That they're Gods and they walk on water But now that I'm 61 looking back on I Realize how young I was how Inexperienced that was and I was put in This position where I suddenly had Extraordinarily Um extraordinary amount of authority and Responsibility Um way above my pay grade I was 30 years Old doing things that you know 50 60 Year olds should be doing of people with Maturity Um I'm not saying that I was Unqualified but you know when you're Doing this kind of stuff you really do Need some maturity to slow down and when Your 30 year old Marine there ain't no Slow and uh charged into this thing and Uh one of the best y'all I said my job Was to gather intelligence and I did This both on the ground in Iraq through A variety of means but I also was the Liaison with intelligence services Around the world and so I'd go off and Meet with the heads of intelligence of The British intelligence German Intelligence French intelligence Israeli

Intelligence uh Jordanian intelligence And on and on and on Um and gathers intelligence and then Because I was a marine and I had done Inspections Um I wouldn't hand this off to anybody I'd create the inspection based upon the Intelligence and then I'd lead the Inspection go in and do it gather more Information come back and then the Circle was complete and I did this for Seven years Um like I said best best job I ever had Um the job was 100 compliance on the Part of Iraq I can say that we achieved About 90 95 percent uh the stuff we Couldn't account for We just couldn't say I mean we bombed The heck out of that country and so a Lot of the stuff was destroyed and could Never be reconstituted the documents we Needed to do verification had been Destroyed burned up in buildings we Travel around the world and met with all The people that did business with the Area And were able to piece together what Iraq received and then the Iraqis gave Us a story about how it was accounted For we would forensically investigate And for the most part we accounted for It that which we couldn't you know it's Dust in the Wind you can't it's gone You're not going to get it we could

Mitigate against not knowing what Happened to some of this stuff by saying That we monitored the totality of Iraqi Production capabilities they all the Factories they could use to produce Weapons we monitored with cameras On-site inspection sensors and we knew They weren't producing anything new Um but the security Council wouldn't Accept the thing of uh we think they're Disarmed and they're not producing Anything new they said are they 100 Sorry and that was the United States Saying that because the American goal Wasn't to disarm Iraq it was to use Inspections as a vehicle to continue Sanctions that would weaken Saddam Hussein until we could remove him from Power so the last thing the United States government wanted me to do was Succeed at my job they wanted me to play The game to pretend to inspect but not But be more confrontational create Crises uh so that the U.S could justify The continuation of sanctions Um that wasn't a game I was willing to Play Um not because I'm un-American Look I'm a big boy and uh I play Big Boy Rules and you know but I went to the US Government early on in 1991 and I asked Him straight up what do you want me to Do is this an intelligence game wink Wink nah nod uh are we playing old you

Know a secret thing here tell me so I Can decide if I want to buy in Um you know but I'm a man of my word When I shake hands with somebody it's It's because I'm guaranteeing an outcome And the U.N wants me to shake their hand And say that I'm here to implement Security Council resolution 687 to the Best of my ability uh and they said no No that's your job to implement this to The best of your ability 100 I said okay And then for the next seven years I Tried to do that all the while while the US was trying to play that wink wink not Not game but I told him up front I don't Play that game you had the chance to get Me on that team I could have been on Team wink wink not not but you said no I'm on team handshake so I'm on team Handshake I ride for the brand and um in The end I I just wouldn't play the game So I resigned Um I resigned in August of 1998 and um I've been speaking out uh in criticism Where deserved of American foreign Policy since then I I speak out on arms Control issues I speak out on military Issues Um and I speak out on uh issues that Impact American national security policy Um so when I speak on a subject I I tend To do so when I feel comfortable Offering my analysis um if somebody Asked me a question about something I

Don't know anything about I'll be the First one to say That ain't me babe because I I can't Answer that one so so before I bring my Um co-host in uh I wanted to ask you Um what lodge at the root of this Conflict in in Ukraine and how it's Affecting Um the global economy and global Politics Well what lies at the root is a is a Clash between uh the United States and NATO uh who believed at the end of the Cold War when the Soviet Union went away That they should be the dominant force Not only in Europe but in the world Um and that Russia should never be Allowed to uh stand back up in a manner That gave it the same kind of authority That the Soviet Union had uh we know When Germany was going to reunite after The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989-1990 Um the Russians had 400 000 troops in Germany East Germany And the Russians said uh you know we Don't have a peace treaty since World War II we don't have a peace treaty with The Germans and I and the Russians Always reminding people they used to be Called Nazis remember that back when They were Nazis and we fought them to The death and then we beat them and we Occupied them because they were defeated Enemy

Um we don't have a peace treaty ending That status and now you want to put them Back together again and we don't know What you're going to do with them are You going to make them part of NATO are They going to re-militarize uh we lost 27 million people in a war against Nazi Germany and we're a little uncomfortable About this we need some assurances and The United States and other nations Talked with Gorbachev and the Soviets And they said we won't expand Nato one And one eight inch Eastward we promise Our word of Honor lips we're moving man Never trust anybody but uh the Russians The Gorbachev you know bought into it uh And it wasn't just the US it was the British the French the Germans everybody Said no no we have no intention to Expand it we had every intention when James Baker came back he was then the Secretary State when he came back from His discussion with Gorbachev he went to The National Security Council he said Yeah I told him Wayne expanded NATO and They went shouldn't have said that boss Because we are expanding NATO it's our Goal to expand NATO to absorb the Eastern European countries and to weaken Russia and that's been our strategy Today when we spent the 1990s uh Basically Exploiting uh Russia we treated them Like a defeated enemy uh we we stole

Them robbed them blind we created this Class called oligarchs who basically Took all of Russia's mineral wealth and Transferred to the United States Enriching themselves in the process but Making Russia an impoverished Nation uh We Um we pretended to bring in democracy But we didn't we uh I mean in 19 2016 You know you hear everybody oh the Russians stole the election for Trump The Russians stole well we now know that It was a lie the Russians didn't steal The election but Trump everything they Said was a whole face lie you know what Isn't a lie that the United States stole The election for Yeltsin in 1996 why do We know it's not a lie because we Admitted it at the time high magazine Ran a front page cover America seals the Russian democracy we bragged about how He went in and bribed people and Everything to keep our man in office Um and that was the 1990s horrible Period of time and then Putin comes in 1999 and he says I'm not playing that Game I'm playing the game called Russia Gets to stand back up and be counted as A man among men or a woman among women a Personal monk person I'm not being a Sexist here I don't want to get you Kicked off of YouTube Um but the uh you know the the the thing Is Russia was saying you know we are

Equal among nations you can't you can't Hold us down that's wrong we're not Trying to be a superpower we're not Trying to replace you we just want to be Russia and um and and for the next from I say 2000 until 2022 what we had is a Continual clash between the United States and NATO and Russia about Russia's future where the United States And NATO wanted to keep Russia weak and One of the cornerstones of their Strategy was to go into Ukraine and Strip Ukraine away and make it part of NATO and therefore uh permanently Weakened Russia and Russia said we're Not going to let that happen uh we want To work with you we don't want to Control Ukraine we just want Ukraine to Be neutral we don't want it to be part Of NATO and that's not the that's not The game that was played 2014 we Orchestrated a coup uh in Ukraine it's Called the maidon revolution but it was Really where we Where we empowered white supremacists uh The Neo-Nazi step on Bandera Um people whose you know their their Their hero step on Bandera fought with The Nazis in World War II is responsible For the murders of tens of thousands of Jews hundreds of thousands of poles Hundreds of thousands of Russians why Because they viewed ukrainians as a Super race

And they viewed everybody else as the Inferior so they murdered them Slaughtered them Um these people took power and then they Started killing Russians they they Stuffed 150 of them into a building in Odessa set it on fire 48 people burned To death or were shot or died jumping Out of the burning building while they Cheered and applauded then they tried to Do the same thing in the dombas The Russian population there stood up And fought them Um there was supposed to be a peace Settlement in 2015 called the Minsk Accords Ukraine signed it together with France and Germany uh Russia was there As a guarantor Um the Russians basically said look the Russian people don't bust they're They're part of Ukraine we don't want Them we just want to protect their Rights so we need it as an agreement Where they have certain amount of Autonomy so they can speak their Language celebrate their religion uh Read their literature that Russian Doesn't become illegal uh being a Russian and that was the agreement but Ukraine never signed it for eight years Instead they bombarded the uh the Dome Boss killing fourteen thousand people There's a an Infamous video clip of Petroporoshenko who was the former

President of Ukraine uh bragging he said Uh Ukrainian children will go to Kindergarten The Russian children the domest will Power and basements as we shell them And then he admitted we don't want to we Never wanted to implement the Minsk Peace agreement we were using that as a Sham to buy time so that NATO could Train our army so that we could take the Russians out so that's why Russia went Into uh in in into Ukraine that's why That's the root cause of this conflict Um and now it's turned into something More than just a Russian Ukrainian Conflict it's become a Russia versus the Collective West the United States and NATO who are providing tens of billions Of dollars worth of heavy equipment Financial assistance and and others to The ukrainians Um and it's a very dangerous situation It's a tragic situation I mean no matter What no matter how you slice and dice it A lot of people are dying that didn't Need to die on both sides Now before Um give a question to my co-host I Wanted to ask you uh go back to Something you said about uh how America Empowered uh racist neo-nazis why uh Does the media omit that it happened Under the so-called first black President

Um Barack Obama which is ironic right And also Um uh isn't it a spit in the face for America to continue to pour Aid into Ukraine into Wars over there when the Population here is struggling and and The economy is faltering I'll enter the The second part first because it's an Easier one to answer Um The look the United States is a is a Major power where you know let's put it This way let's say Um I was elected to be uh Town Supervisor Um but I you know but I have a family I Have a house I have a mortgage to pay I Have bills to pay Um I'm in debt uh like everybody is and You're struggling to make your bills but I also have a responsibility to make Sure the town function so I have to do Business I have to work with other towns Etc there's a balancing act that has to Be made the United States is a town Supervisor we have people who are Struggling family and they and resources Have to be put in the family but there's Also responsibility to work with the Rest of the community the other Communities to to make everything work Together in harmony Um so it's it's not that I'm against Um foreign foreign aid America investing

In other places if if you can create Stability around the world that Manifests itself in a way that's Positive for America uh and positive for The for this world that's a good thing So I'm not against foreign aid what I'm Against is giving money away to stupid Causes when the people need help at home That's the equivalent of me uh telling My family I'm sorry we got to cut back On Christmas because I have to pay Chuck Over here a 20 grand to go to go to Vegas on a gambling party they're like Well does Chuck really need to go to Vegas on a gambling three nope but I'm Going to give him all my money so he can Do it and you guys have to tighten your Belts that's the equivalent of what We're doing to Ukraine putting all that Money into Ukraine in a really in a Cause that should never be supported Because I'm going to get to part one in A second Um we should never be underwriting Nazis Ever I have relatives who fought and died in World War II Fighting Nazis Um it was a serious thing there's a Reason why we went to war against Nazi Germany and uh it's because it's an Odious ideology an odious ideology and Um you know white supremacist right White supremacy any Supremacy any

Concept of racial superiority where one Human is better than another human Because of the color of their skin or Some other thing to should never be Supported by the United States Whatsoever uh and yet that's what we're Doing in Ukraine we're supporting the Same ideology That uh Adolf Hitler supported same Concept of racial Supremacy racial Superiority Um you know I can get away with it Because if I go to Ukraine I'll sort of The same skin color and if I pretend to Speak their language I might be able to Blend in you won't If you went to Ukraine right now you'd Automatic the moment you stepped off the Airplane uh you'd be a sub-human they Would treat you like garbage uh they Would treat you less than God they gave Garbage more respect than they give Black people and yet we're giving money To them Um it's wrong the um you know The Obama Administration is to blame Let's just be straight up honest about This um the Obama Administration was Behind the coup d'etat in uh in in February of 2014 that brought the Banderas into uh when I say Banderas I Mean the the Western ukrainians Ukrainian uh uh nationalists who support The ideology of Stefan Bandera who

Fought on the side of evolved Hitler in World War II Um they brought them into power they Empowered them for the purpose of Getting rid of of Victor yanukovic you Know it's not that it's not unique to Ukraine I'll give you an example And again I don't want to The popular Narrative is that a 911 19 men Affiliate with Al Qaeda hijacked four Airplanes flew him into buildings you Could we can we can I want to put that Aside because I don't I just want to Talk about Al Qaeda An organization that um I don't want to Get you kicked off YouTube Al Qaeda is An organization that is sworn to hate America they're out there fighting to Hate America okay let's say we believe That And we went to war about the global war On terror it's all about fighting Al Qaeda But in Syria We were able to give Al Qaeda 12 billion Dollars worth of Weaponry because we Hated them less than we hated Assad who Never attacked us Um so we were given and the point I'm Trying to make is we claim something's Evil we say it's the most evil thing in The world but then we give them money to

Get rid of what we claim is a bigger Evil so I don't think anybody was saying That Stefan Bandera is a good guy but we Empowered his Believers and supporters To get rid of Victor Yanukovych who was The democratically elected president of Ukraine because Yanukovych was leaning Towards Russia we didn't want that so we Had to get rid of him because apparently It's our business about how other Countries govern themselves so we Brought these people in power and then We did nothing while they started to Carry out their their their their hate Their hate against people they viewed as Sub-humans Um you know this was done under Obama Now it was so egregious we in 2015 we Began training the Ukrainian military uh But the the trainers that were going There were proud they're saying hey We're training this guy how to shoot This missile we're shooting this and Journalists came and took pictures and Then they looked at the photographs they Said why is that Ukrainian got a Swastika on his helmet Why is that a Ukrainian on his arm here Got a big old Adolf Hitler portrait What's going on here and then people did Research they said oh they're from the Azer of Battalion it's not really in Battalion use the name it's up 30 000 of Them

Um all together uh and we're training Them because they're considered the Elite forces of Ukraine so they get the Training first so we're over there Training Nazis literal Nazis guys with Swastikas guys who pose with the with The Nazi flag guys who hold Torchlight Ceremonies and go say hi I'll say Heil Those kind of Nazis were training them And some congressmen uh said whoa that's Not good so they tried to put language In the defense Appropriations bill that Said no money can be used to train the Not the Aesop Italian because they're Nazis the reason why I bring this up is It's not like we didn't know what they Were Congress knew exactly what they were They were giving them money but they Said no money for the Nazis Um and we did that for a number of years Until Russia invaded Ukraine Suddenly we forgot there were Nazis in Ukraine it was like what no azov no you Know what just happened in September Congress invited For azov Nazis to visit them in Congress And embrace them they auctioned off Patches with Nazi symbology and called It this that the money's being raised For Freedom it's not being raised for Freedom it's being raised for white Supremacy Congress empowered Ukrainian White supremacists in the people's house

That's how insane this is and you know You know Obama was the first you know Black president you know people joke About Biden being the second I guess the Reaction to be the third I think Bill Clinton was the first black president Then Obama then uh then Biden but here We got you know Biden who's supposed to Be all you know me and Barry were Buddies and boom well they are buddies Because they both believe in supporting Nazis and you know I don't want to make this racist because I I I I I don't I I'm one of these idiots that Actually believes that all people are Equal Um you know and I know I know that it'll Probably get us kicked off YouTube too But um But the fact is you know it's it's not Just blacks who should be offended by This Jews should be offended by this Christians should be offended by this White people should be offended by this Yellow people brown people anybody all Humanity should be offended by the fact That the United States is pouring money Billions of dollars into supporting this White supremacist group and then we Invite them into Congress and we treat Them like Heroes Heroes these are people Who actually murdered people these

Aren't innocent these are the commanders Of the azov Battalion there's videotapes Of them literally raping Russian women To death and we brought them in through Congress and we embrace them and we Treat them like Heroes this is Disgusting it debases the country it Defaces the American people it bases Everything we stand for Kick me off YouTube for that I'll give them a question to my co-host Because I know he's waiting to um asking Questions for Rasheed it's Rasheed and Rasheed so Rasheed yes you can ask the Question Um good morning to you uh Mr uh uh Scott Uh we've been following your uh uh uh Your history for a good while we know Exactly what you're saying Also What the leadership of America as what You were just saying what is this do They actually think that they're going To defeat Russia and run Putin out or is it is This some other kind of a ploy to do Something else because Rush is a tough Nut right not Iraq no you ain't gonna Roll in and bomb up Russia and they sit Back and just say oh wow the bombs are Flying Russian Yeah no I'm I'm I agree first of all let Me let me start with this this is just My premise having been in the U.S

Government at a variety of levels and Even though I wasn't senior Um I worked with very senior Um levels I've been in the White House The Situation Room uh and all that Anytime people try to get into Conspiracy theories about the US Government and these are really complex Theories about this happy that that I Always go time out It ain't that good okay if they were That good we'd be winning all the time The fact is we're losing and then we try To explain the loss by some conspiracy Theory we're not that good we're not That clever this is more about just Naked Power this isn't you know Um you know somebody coming in and Trying to do clever little tricks done This is Brute Force this is that's how America operates brute force in your Face uh we lie all the time but that's Not conspiracy that's just because we Lie what are we doing with Russia Look as I said when the Soviet Union Collapsed we spent the decade of the 90s Um destroying that Nation I have Relatives who lived in Russia at the Time I have friends that lived in Russia At the time Um and it was horrible literally it was Horrible they lost their pensions they There was no hope uh the society was Just crumbling uh everything imagine

I mean I look I don't have to tell Anybody anything you know it it's bad it Was bad Um and Putin stepped up in 1999 and said I'm going to change this and he didn't Say I'm going to change this by robbing These people invading these people said I'm going to change it by bringing Pride Back into Russia by having Russians Stand back up and be counted and he did That he made Russia I had to be careful I always say you know stand up like a Man but I don't want to insult any women Out there Um you know stand up like a person like A human he counted as a human being and That's what Russia was trying to do but That's not what the United States wanted We liked Russia being defeated we wanted To break Russia up into its component Parts and um and Russia didn't want any Any part of that so when you say do we Think we can beat Russia here's the Problem Um What what what makes us think I mean I'm Not talking about the physiological Aspect of brain working it's based upon It's like a computer It's only as good as the data that's put Into it you can only get a computer to Do what a programmer tells it to do so People are the same way if you tell People certain things and they're

Programmed to believe certain things Then They and those certain things they're Programmed to believe aren't the truth They're going to believe the lie and When the Soviet Union went away prior to The Soviet Union I was involved with a Class of people that are just fantastic We call them foreign area officers They're professional Military Officers Who Um went to training for language they Became fluent in the language of a given Place in the world then they went and Got a graduate degree and that then they Went and they did um immersive training In the part of the world they're at so You could be a foreign area officer in Latin America you could be a foreign Area officer in Europe or you could be a Russian a Soviet coronary officer and These guys I worked with the Soviet Foreign area officers were genuine Experts in the Soviet Union they do the Language they do the history of the Culture that doesn't mean they were Buddy buddy with them most of them were Trying like me to kill them um but at Least you know the idea of knowing your Enemy uh it was based upon a deep Understanding of the real history what Really makes it because if you you can't Solve a problem unless you first Properly Define the problem because if

You're solving a problem that you Haven't probably defined you're not Solving anything you're just wasting Time and effort Um these people could could Define the Russian problem and then we would seek Solutions then the Soviet Union went Away and we stopped viewing this so Because you know how you know what makes Americans respect other cultures Fear See if we if we respect them if we're Afraid of them then we want to know About them we want to know the truth About them but the moment we stop Fearing somebody we stop respecting them And the moment we stop respecting them We stop wanting to know about them Because we don't really care about them We just want to know how we can use them Abuse them exploit them and so we went From wanting to study Russia to wanting To exploit Russia and that creates a Whole different mindset the people that Came after who went through all these Education programs were no longer Focused on learning about their enemy Because we feared the enemy and we had To know about them so we could defeat Them it went to how can I best exploit These people what are their weaknesses Their vulnerabilities that I can explain We didn't care about their history their Culture anything it was an immediate

Capitalist driven how do I get as much Money out of Russia into my pockets as Quick as possible Um and so What used to be called a Russian expert Stop being a Russian expert it became an Exploitation expert it became you know Something different and then Putin came In and Putin said I'm not playing this Game anymore and so all of our Russian Experts today are what I call Putin Whispers you know you know the horse Whispers the people go up to horses and The horse does anything they want uh the Putin Whispers or people go to American Politicians and go And suddenly the guy we hate Putin we Hate Putin we hate blame everything on Food you're paying a high amount of gas At the pump it's Putin's gas tax uh you You have a bad day Putin did it a bird Pooped on your windshield put made the Bird poop when you would chill Putin is Responsible for everything bad in the World and people believe it because They're programmed to believe it turn on Mainstream TV and see what they tell you Tell you I'm telling you that is so far Removed from reality it's not even funny The truth is so far different but you Know so if the American people empowered Themselves and then they heard the the American government say we have to Confront Russia we have to defeat Russia

Most American people go hi a question Why why do we want to do this and um They're not that weak you know these Guys actually fought a war where they Took 27 million casualties Um I think they know how to take a punch Um and I think that's not your journey They know how to punch back Um I don't think we want to get in a Ring with these guys you know this is This is like me it's 60 trying to get in The ring with Mike Tyson at his prime Don't want to do it bad idea not gonna Happen so but but We're nobody's thinking this way we We've been programmed you turn on TV to Learn to hate Russia for the most Simplistic reasons we don't know Anything about that's why I said Remember early on when I said when I Went over there uh living amongst them For for a couple years was one of the Best experiences Because I learned that they were people that They're real they're not they're not a Cartoon character they're not Boris and Natasha from Bullwinkle you know these Are real people these are humans Um they invited me in their home for New Year's and when the guy opens up you Know houses are intimate things you know Because I mean if you walk around my House right now you're gonna see a

Pigsty but it's going to be the reality Of my home I have three dogs I have Three cats I have two daughters Um I can't keep the home clean all the Time Um you know that chair needs to have the Upholstery fixed I mean I can just point Out the things that need to happen so And what it means is this is the reality Of my life so when I invite you into my Home I'm exposing my vulnerabilities I'm Saying this is who I am I I didn't have A chance to clean up my house I didn't Get that create that false impression This is who I am this is what I am and I'm trusting you to accept that these People led me into their homes and you Know as an American coming from a Society where you know we have a house Two cars and all this kind of stuff to Be invited into a Soviet home where We're really talking about a small Two-room apart for a whole family of Four Um you know you're they're all their Vulnerabilities are laid out there and They invited me in they weren't shy About it they said this is who we are And then I spent the evening with them You know drinking tea drinking a little Bit of vodka Um you know eating eating the food and Um these were wonderful people they Brought their neighbors in I got to meet

Them you got to see them tell jokes you Got to see them interact and you went Wow this is just like an American family Except you're speaking Russian but it's The same thing and it was an eye-opener And then I I you know I I read the Newspapers I talked with people and I Learned about a lot about their society So that I could appreciate their history Their culture because they are different Russians are Russians Americans are Americans we're not you know we we have Different backgrounds but when you Respect them when you learn about them And you respect it different isn't bad Different's actually wonderful I'd hate To travel the world to go to places that Looked just like where I came from when I travel the world I want to meet Interesting people I want to meet people Who have interesting cultures in all Cultures interesting if I've never met I Want to learn about it absorb it doesn't Mean I want to be them but I want to Visit with them I want to experience Them it's a good thing to be different But you have to respect them to do that There has to be respect you have to view Them as humans deservant of the same Rights that you have as a human and We've forgotten how to do that with Russians we view them as somehow less Than human Um you know and and some of the stuff

You read on social media is just Disgusting about about how we treat the Russians how we integrate them and I Blame that on the elite because the Elite is doing the people who have the Phds they know better it's not like they Can say well we were deceived no you Have the PHD you went to University you Had the opportunity to study this but You chose to play the game you chose to Play the game of if I want to get Promoted within the system I have to Become a Putin Whisperer you chose not To be intellectually honest not to be The you know a righteous person and Learn the truth and head down the path Of truth because the path of Truth in The American system doesn't lead upwards It leads at the best parallel more often Than not it leads down Um but that's the path a righteous Person takes the the people that sell Out are the people that buy into the lie And with Russia Unfortunately they buy Online so yeah Um do we believe we can beat Russia I'll tell you there's no military Professional that believes we can beat Russia the people the people that know What I know know that again like I said You know If I'm gonna fight Mike Tyson I better Start training like Mike Tyson Um and and we haven't been I mean we

Used to I have to tell you right now When I was in the Marine Corps I get in A ring with anybody but but me and my Marines were getting a ring with anybody And we'd win we'd win why because I Spent 220 days in the field training in Realistic live fire conditions Um to to fight the Russian enemy under You know the real Russian enemy how they Really were arrayed Um and we train and nothing comes easy I Mean you can be a good boxer then you Take six months off you ain't a good Boxer anymore you're fat Um to be a good Marine you got to train All the time it never stops ever stops Never stops second you stop you die Um we used to do that we don't do that Anymore we don't have that mindset we Don't have that money we don't have that Budget so our military first of all we Spent 20 years running around the Middle East uh you know kicking down doors of Civilian homes in Iraq and killing Herders and farmers in Afghanistan I Know there's some bad guys out there That would kill too but by and large we Weren't playing on the big stage we were Playing on the little stage and we got Beat but um the you know the thing is we Forgot how to fight on the big States And today we don't know it now we're Looking at what Russia's doing in uh in Ukraine we can't fight that war we don't

Know how to fight that war we don't we Only know how to go in and kick down Doors in Iraq we don't know how to put 300 000 men online with tanks and Artillery in Ukraine like the Russians And ukrainians are doing So do you think do you think uh uh the Reason America continues to provoke Russia is due to this a psyche of Exceptionalism and and being inebriated Off of the power and the the influence That the U.S Empire used to have Well it's not just that it yes sir I Mean we are in many ways living in the Past but there's a there's a reality of It too let's put it this way you know That thing we call the American dream That a very few people have a lot of People want to have and some people will Never have Um it's based upon Our nation consuming X amount of resources Because it's expensive to have the American lifestyle we live expensively But when you take a look at the Resources America has it's x minus Whatever number you want to give Where do we get that number From the world And we can't get it at market prices Because Then we couldn't live the American dream The American dream is about living with

Affordability so we have to get things At less than market value now how many People when they go into business say I'm willing to sell my inventory at a Loss No one No one but we expect the world to sell Their inventory to us at a loss you have To sell it cheap and if you're not Willing to sell a cheap then we will Overthrow your government and replace it With a government that's willing to sell It cheap we will manipulate your economy We will sanction you we will bully you We will invade you we will occupy you we Will kill you that's the American way of Interacting with the world we aren't the Friends of anybody nobody is our friend Everybody is a mark and we're the con Man running around running the greatest Con on worth and when the con doesn't Work then we become the Hitman and it's Just the way America operates in the World today I I I I remember uh uh uh John McCain Laughing about how weak the Russian Military was That's the mindset of the of uh the Leadership of America that once we got Him down they gonna stay down and like You say the military understands that You just can't go and slap rush it down No the military again I mean You know there's a difference between a

Sports fan and an athlete sports fan Sits in the background in the cheap Seats and just throws shots all over the Place Ah that's a bad call uh you're a why did you throw it that way up The athlete knows exactly what the Heck's going down down there you know my Knees hurting right now you know I took A shot a few plays ago I can't put full Weight on that I can't pivot on my ankle I got a little sore in my arm here oh Tackle's not holding that block long Enough they know exactly what's going on Um even on the losing team they know They really know what's going on so the Military are the athletes The American people and the politicians Are the fans and we sit back there and Kick their butt so you can kick their Butts but the military's going you can't Kick anybody's butt with this offensive Line okay we're gonna have to get a Whole new offensive line here uh you Might even need a new quarterback the Military knows exactly what's going on And that's why no one in the military Again that doesn't mean that when you Put a camera a microphone in front of The athlete we're gonna get the best Shot you know uh You can win on any game so the military Is going to say all that stuff around The camera but back amongst the team They're like boys we can't beat them

Unless you change something we got to Change the thing so the military's Looking at Russia right now going Uh as you said that's a tough nut we Ain't cracking that nut with the Nutcracker we got we got to come up with A new Nutcracker before and they're Trying to tell the politicians don't get Ahead of your skis here don't get too Far ahead because you're writing checks That our bodies can't cash right now uh What we need you to do is tone it down a Little bit and that's why you see both The politicians the military always say We are not going to put boots on the Ground in Ukraine that the last thing we Want is a direct confrontation with the Russians but we have this belief that Everything American is great and Everything Russian is bad I mean you Know I I read some of the New York Times Um an article uh about how Ukraine is Winning artillery Supremacy over the Russians now what really given the fact That the Russians pretty much invented Modern artillery based Warfare Um how how did this happen they said Well they've got American systems the M Triple seven uh the high Mars and They're running around and they're with A few systems and they're just duking And jabbing and booming tilling boom Boom boom and the Russians got nothing They can touch it I said really Russians

Don't have satellite guided artillery Shells really I think they do I think They have more of them than we do I Think they have systems that are longer Range than we are I think they have Rocket systems are more accurate than The high Mars Um I think that the ukrainians are doing A good job look I'm never going to take The point away from Ukraine you know Just like when you play a team you want To you know you want to beat them but If the two tackles you'd hit you hard You walk up and go that's a good hit you Know that kid that dude can hit and if You're trying to run an in around in the Defensive end blows it away takes down Your guy you go that boy can play we're Gonna we're gonna run around him We're Not gonna run through him I mean you Respect the opponent when they do well And no matter where you stand in this Conflict you have to respect the Ukrainian Army I mean they are fighting And they are skilled and they have the Ability to inflict harm on on the Russians and they are it's not this Isn't a one-sided fight this is a street Fight Um it's just the questions are better at It than the ukrainians are but the Ukrainians you know give as well but the The reality is that all the equipment We've given Ukraine isn't enough to

Change the reality on the battlefield That the Russians are winning Um but we can't admit that to the American people see because if we said We just spent 50 billion dollars given The ukrainians all this equipment and it Ain't good enough And that's the best we got we don't have Anything more we gave it all Ukraine's And they're getting beat now you want to Come back and say because let me tell You what's going to happen after this Election we got the midterm Republicans are going to sweep the house I don't know if they're going to take The senate or not that's that's a coin Toss but you're going to take the house And then the way the American system of Government works the house controls the Purse they got the money Um and so Republican or sweep it and now Biden knowing that come January the Republican Congress is going to go Thumbs down on big Ukrainian Expenditures he's going to try and jam a 40 to 60 billion dollar Aid package Through Uh through Congress between November and January there's going to be a whole Bunch of discussion so the media because The media is not independent journalism The media is the mouthpiece of the Government so the New York Times is Running stories now how great this

Assistance is hey look all those Artillery pieces they gave Supremacy on The battlefield I don't think so but you Don't want to tell the American people The truth because God forbid the American people actually Empower Themselves with knowledge and Information and uh vote accordingly you Have to lie to the American people and Pretend that they're dumb enough to Believe the lie and um and so you tell Them all this equipment we're giving is Having a meaningful impact on the Battlefield so that when we ask for more You'll support it But the truth is the equipment they were Given the ukrainians isn't having a Meaningful impact on the battlefield It's only resulting in deaths of tens of Thousands or more ukrainians thousands Of more Russians it's a wasted money It's wasted life it's a tragedy for all People involved and at high time the American people wake up understand that Our money is blood money and every time We approve a package like this we're Killing husbands fathers brothers Sisters mothers it's it's it should Bring tears to American people's eyes We've Frozen Foreign [Laughter] You're muted Foreign

You're muted You're you're you're muted you're um Click the the button there Okay what about now now you got it yeah There we go Let's let's get into the uh Um I want I had to mute him for a second I have to say YouTube is messing with Again I told you once we do the show it Always happens I was a bad boy I was a Bad boy I said some things I shouldn't Have said so I I apologize and at the Same time we have you have the internet Router and then we have a backup Internet router and all of them showing And showing strong signals so we know It's not the internet problem so we know It has to be on the server side which is YouTube or stream yard but uh Rasheed Before you say something it was a Question I want I wanted to ask him Before I was knocked off the air before They froze the whole thing and then I'll Let you continue along your line of Things Um we were talking about it you you Mentioned that the United States at this Point can't beat Russia on the Battlefield what was uh Patriot um uh General uh Petraeus of saying that uh They would annihilate the Russian forces And why is the United States now Mentioning that there are troops on the Ground in Ukraine quote unquote

Servicing equipment and why is the United States sending the 101st Airborne Um to uh Ukraine's border Let's start with uh Petraeus but we'll Uh when we talk about Petraeus why don't We just talk about all of the former Generals who now work for CNN MSNBC Fox Etc Um First of all let's start with they're no Longer in the military So when they speak they aren't speaking For the military Two let's understand this Um Having done this before I used to be one Of these Talking Heads on uh on on TV Um you uh and and I have to tell you It's um It's easy money it's really easy money Um all you have to do is talk now the Question is what do you what do you Choose to talk about I ended up getting Fired each time because I didn't play The game I talked about what I thought Was true and that didn't match their Message Um but if it's easy money then you you Play the game these guys aren't brought On they've changed the contract they Used to they used to write you a check Every month so basically they paid you No matter how much they use you and what They found is people like me would would

Say things they didn't want they Wouldn't put me on the air but they had To pay me anyways they said that's a bad Business model so the new business model Is you get paid by appearance And uh you only appear after you go Through the pre-interview screening Process with the producer and the Producer will call you up and say this Is a story this is what we're saying uh I need to hear your talking points on This and then if you sell them good Enough talking points you get you're a Good little boy and you get to go on air And then you have to say your little Talking points because you're a good Little boy and you want your little Paycheck uh but if you get the bad Answers uh then the producer says oh I'm Sorry we're not doing that segment Anymore and if you get bad answers Enough they just stop calling you and Then you have to figure out what you Have to say so none of these guys are Talking to I know these guys are smarter Than what they appear to be on TV on TV They're literally the dumbest people on The face of the Earth and I mean Are currently spider marks all these Generals uh Ben Hodges I'll debate you Anytime Anyplace in any public forum and I'll take you apart because the crap the Stuff you're saying on TV is so far Removed from reality and you can't

Sustain it but the thing is you know you Can't sustain it but you're a prisoner To the money you're a prisoner to Because it's not just the money for TV These guys make a living speaking they Go out and they get paid a month's Salary for one hour speech and uh the Way you attract business is to spew this Nonsense because the points the Producers are writing are points written By special interest groups who fund CNN And others these special interest groups Then have different communities around The country that will pay people thirty Thousand dollars to appear to speak for One you know one hour and I said a month Salary that ain't my month's salary Um but it's for the well-to-do people Maybe but that's how they earn a living So it's not just saying stuff you get on Air getting on air gets you the exposure Necessary to sustain the brand that you Make running around giving speeches Where you say the same garbage you don't Tell the truth Um so this is this is a system of lies On how to televised so That that said but they're just wrong All the generals are just dead wrong on Um on on what they're saying Um and I went off on that so much tell Me the rest of the question because I'm Old and I'm senile and sometimes my Memory slips

Um also why now did the United States uh Quote unquote name draw the the troops Being um in Ukraine service Yeah I I got it um look when I was in The Marine Corps uh and when I my dad Was stationed in Germany uh we had 300 000 Americans stationed there three Hundred thousand that's troops uh the Community I lived in we had 75 000 American civilians living there this American city Um that's that's the presence that we Had in Europe at the time uh since that Time uh We've dropped it and we were Down to under 60 000 troops Um just a couple years ago uh no heavy Armored vehicles Nothing Was A Light Armored Brigade uh we got rid of all our Tanks Um nothing Um And then the Russia thing came up And we realized that we we didn't have Enough force in in Europe and it's very Expensive we can't put 300 000 troops There so what we did is a presence for It we Sorry rotating in a heavy armored Brigade about 5 000 guys a couple Hundred tanks and we'd rotate them in They go around Europe and make a Presence hi we're Americans we got American tanks Um Phil don't you feel really good we're

Gonna train with you a little bit it's Like a pro boxer coming in and sparring At different chips hey I'm gonna go to Mike's gym spark spark go to the gym hey How you doing we're all sparring we're All fighters right you ain't Fighters You gotta you gotta got a heavyweight Coming in and and Shadow Boxing you know With you for for a few minutes and then Leaves you ain't a prize fighter okay You think you are because you're a Shadow Boxing with a heavyweight guy and That's what the Americans do going in There making Europe feel good uh but Then the reality is that while we can Bring in 5 000 guys and say 300 tanks uh And 18 artillery pieces Um the Russians you know have a million Guys and ten thousand tickets Uh so no matter what we do You know always at the end I keep Bringing up Mike Tyson only because he's Powerful I should probably say Ali I Should probably say somebody you better But the reality is we're sitting there Doing this and we look over in the Opponent's gym and that Monster's in There bench pressing 700 pounds or 5 Million sit-ups uh he's hitting slabs of Raw meat oh he's doing the rocky thing And you're just like holy cow okay So that's what we're doing 101st Airborne is there right now is a Feel-good moment

No disrespect to the men and women of The 101st airport I'm sure they think They're really really good I never Thought they were really really good Because first of all they were on Um and I I don't have that high regard For the Army that's just because I'm a Marine that's my own Prejudice I admit It uh the Army's actually pretty good And they have some professional people But it's a light infantry unit their Specialty is air Mobility you get into a Helicopter and the helicopter can move You as a unit because the problem with Paratroopers is you got to jump out of Person with good airplanes right off the Bat that's a problem and then oh you got To find people dumb enough to do that And then they come down they get Scattered out on the ground and then They have to organize themselves and They can only fight with that which they Bring with them and this is good if You're fighting I don't know what taking An Airfield for a little while or Holding a little piece of train but as We learned in World War II in the Battle Of Arnhem when the British jumped in That bridge too far moment uh and then The Nazis came up with the tanks by Infantry versus tanks is not the kind of Fight you want to be in and here's the Other thing helicopters they fly they're Smart enough to know that and they uh

They but the Russians have this thing Called air defense systems they're Actually called integrated air defense Systems and they're the most modern and Capable in the world and they shoot down Helicopters for a living and they shoot Down airplanes really so now you have an Air Mobility unit that's going to take On the Russians fly into an area Controlled by none of those helicopters Are getting in the live none of them get Out all the Infantry on board will die And we know this again we go back to What I tell you the the military guys Are looking at going yeah I ain't Fighting the Russians for that but we Don't have to tell that you're Europeans That we say this is 101st Airborne Division second second Brigade M60 Helicopters their mobility and we show Them we were we were uh soldiers once And young you know Mel Gibson movie show That see see that's what air mobile does And if I were the remains they go yeah But see the North Vietnamese They're charging killing the guy I mean This and the reason said tanks and they Didn't have tank I don't know but um no That's what we're doing we're trying to Make people feel good that's all it is There's no real military capability There and there can't be Um because it's too expensive we don't Have the ability it takes six months for

Us to get a heavy armor Brigade Ready to go to Europe for a uh for a six Month or a year-long rotation six months That's not rapid Mobility now to fight The uh the Russians we would need to Have around 10 heavy brigades uh minimum Um We can't do it we literally cannot do it So this is all fake this is all fake That's going on it's all Bluster it's All a bluff Um but we're not now you said well okay If it's fake why are we putting troops On the ground in Ukraine those boots you Talked about those aren't combat troops Listen to what they said about them They're on-site inspectors I used to be An on-site inspector they're not Auditors they're not Inspector General People they're on-site inspectors which Means there's a forensic aspect to the Work they're doing their job is to track The weapons that we have given to the Ukrainians because a lot of these Weapons are appearing on the black Market in Europe so the terrorists and Criminals can buy them weapons like the Javelin anti-tank weapon Man portable Easily put in the back of a car weapons Like the sting or anti-air missile Man Portable easily put in the back of a car Grenades mines Um other high explosives automatic Weapons of ammunition all put in the

Back of a car smuggled back into Europe Sold on the black market a lot of this Is appearing on what they call the dark Web sold on the internet Um and do you remember we talked earlier About what's going to happen after this Election where binding's gonna try to Jam 40 to 60 billion dollars worth of Goods in there well here's what's going To happen the first Somebody's going to ask a question hey Before we give them 60 billion dollars Of new stuff can you tell me what Happened to all that old stuff because We've heard that some of it's appeared In the in the black market Um and if the answer is uh we don't have Any idea nobody's going to vote for that New stuff so why these guys are on the Ground now is the pentagon's trying to Get ahead of the game they're putting These on-site inspectors on the ground Trying to have the answer to the Question that's asked now the answer Will be a lie because the Pentagon can't Tell the truth that a lot of this stuff Is is in the hands of Al Qaeda Isis and The and the cost of Nostra in Europe and Some of it eventually will be used to Kill American diplomats or shoot down American civilian aircraft that's the Truth but we can't tell the truth what We're going to say is we've done an Investigation and we are comfortable

That Ukraine has um mostly complied with Its obligation to account for the Material in question and then the the Congress say oh okay you answered my Question and I'll approve the um answer But that's what these guys are doing They're not combat troops uh they're not There to even try and intimidate the Russians they're there for political Reasons that it answers to questions That are going to be asked after the Election when Biden tries to Jam 60 Billion dollars down the American People's throat well if Russia has Escalation dominance in in the European Theater of war why does NATO continue to Provoke with covert uh operations Against uh the pipelines against the Bridge against uh uh just uh targeting Russians isn't that isn't that insane to To do that yes Yes I mean that's a short answer I'll Give you the more complicated answer Um first of all remember ignorance You're trying to solve a problem that You haven't properly defined before we Had the military problem we thought we Could win this whole Conflict by Economic sanctions we thought we could Cut off Russian energy and uh and just Starve the Russian people into Submission we honestly believe that That's why we imposed all these Sanctions up front we thought that we

Were going to break the back of the Russian people break the back of the Russian economy and bring down Putin That way Um well here's the problem you know we a Lot of people mock John McCain our Favorite former Senator uh like damaka Russia is a uh nothing but a uh a nation Disguise or a gas station disguises It's a gas station disguising okay John I understand that but when you're an Automobile on a super highway and you Need that gas and you're at a gas uh Maybe you understand that it's better be A gas station disguised in a nation than An automobile disguises a loser because That's what you are John you're a loser You think you know energy security Better than Russia you think you know How to do energy better than the gas Station they know how to do it better Than you and you came in and you tried To play a game on them and they flipped The script and now it's Europe it's Absolutely in this you know France every American would know this they don't know That maybe comes France but you've heard Of Durex you know the unbreakable class You know everything's direct says Directs that there are sticks well it's Made in France and a big old glass Factory they had to shut down production For five months they just did it today Announced it why

Can't afford to stay in business Because we cut them off from Russian gas See Russian gas costs them I think they Said it was um their their their uh Expense was three million euros a month For energy costs But now they've caused Russian gas the Expense with the 15 million euros a Month they can't stay in business uh so They have to shut down and uh German uh Steel mills and aluminum smelters are Shutting down all of you are shutting Down nobody can afford to stay in Business why because the sanctions Didn't work the sanctions didn't work But here's the thing Imagine you're desperate person I don't Know I don't know if you've ever been to Vegas I probably think that's an old Oakland Raiders hat Um All right well everybody knows Vegas and So you've seen you've seen the pathetic Guys they look a lot like me Um they're they're at the crafts table Or at the blackjack table and uh you Know they come in with with you know 100 Worth of chips and 30 minutes later it's Gone so they stumble over to the ATM and They they promised their wife they were Only gonna have a 500 budget but they They grab it and they say I gotta win That hundred dollars back so I double

That they lost it and now they can jump Down I lost it now they're going on I'm Gonna I'm gonna go and take out of the Savings because but I want it back and Put it back you'll never know she'll Never know and the point I'm getting at Is you're doubling down on failure in a Game you'll never win Um and that's nato in the United States On the sanction thing of Russian energy We're doubling down on failure we failed Now the smart person says I failed your Losses Learn your lesson go do something else But the desperate person doubles down And says no I'm going to put it all in Next you know you got the children's College fund the mortgage everything Gone and it's all gone finished and That's what they're doing think about it Germany Has been trying for years to get the Nordstrom 2 pipeline up and running they Had the Nordstrom one Pipeline and let Me let me put this way Europe as a whole Had a pretty nice dig going There's a nice place to go to uh that High standard of living Um they had free education I mean Because they paid taxes but they had Free education free health care Um Pretty cool place Why where'd they get all that extra

Money Because you're buying cheap Russian gas Matter of fact isn't that what brought Uh uh uh Europe to the standards what it Is Cheap Russian gas Um and so America went in and said oh no No no no no you can't have that cheaper You guys got to buy the expense of American Gas Um so we need to just talking about it Right now yeah and the Germans went Seven times yeah yeah well we screwed Them don't let me tell you this about America America will never be your friend we're The friend of nobody we only care about Ourselves we're the people who run Around and Shake Hands say we're your Friends but the friendship ends the Moment Um we're not getting what we want from You the moment you become inconvenient To us you're not our friend anymore Um hey look at Germany they're supposed To be our friend and our Ally but the Germans have told the United States for Many years now that they need cheap Russian gas that's what makes Germany The most uh you know the strongest Economy in Europe the reason why they Can pay people high salaries have high Standard of living all this is cheap Russian gas

It used to also be nuclear energy but Now they say they want to go green so They got rid of their nuclear plants They got rid of their coal fire plants Keep Russian gas that's sort of what Makes it happen Um We cut it off they bought into the Sanctions The German people started uh holding Demonstrations in the streets telling Their government hey we're not happy With this we want our jobs we want that Wonderful little German dream life we Were living Um we need you to turn the gas back on We need Nordstrom too up and running and The United States is watching this going Uh Germany you don't want that Nordstrom Too stuff Thank you thank you and Jeremy's going Yeah but our people are hurting we might Want to turn on nursing too no you don't Want to do that yeah we do load up boom We booed up just got off the table Um how is that how you treat your Friends no but when is Europe going to Realize we're not the friend of anybody Uh but we we lied about the economy we Got that part wrong Um and but Europe continues to double Down on that and now NATO you know NATO Is nothing more than a heroin addiction Gone bad

Um it it stands for nothing it used to Serve a purpose you know NATO used to be Be you know the bulwark against Soviet Expansion but with the Soviet Union went Away What is NATO NATO now became an excuse For the America to dominate Europe and We dominate Europe with the false Premise of a Russian threat Um the need to maintain a military Alliance that nobody can afford so Nobody did Europe allowed their Militaries to drop to nothing the Germans used to have you know a number Of armored divisions Now they have like two or three armored Brigades but they even can't get these Guys out of Barracks because they just Sit in the barracks they don't train uh They don't maintain their units they Don't do anything they become this woke Society that's incapable of fighting These aren't the Germans that my Granddaddy fought these are different Germans they don't know how to fight And and that's the same with all of Europe but they're addicted to this Premise of NATO being strong so they Fool themselves that's like me uh see I Wear these baggy clothes because in my Youth I used to wear tight-fitting Shirts and I could look in the mirror And go okay you got it the older I get The more pathetic that got so I put on

The bulk and stuff so now I can look in The mirror and say underneath there's Something man you're looking pretty good That's NATO right now they're all booked Up with clothes but if you took off the Shirt it ain't gonna be a cut body Staring back at you it's going to be a Middle-aged elderly fat dude who hasn't Been to the gym and God knows how long That's the reality of NATO and um but They fooled themselves into believing That they're they're cut they pulled Themselves into believing that they they Can go there and and put up 250. um they They can't even get 135 up right now It's uh NATO's pathetic and in the United States is to blame because we Allowed it to exist we could have done The honorable thing and said there's no Reason for NATO to exist we could have Done the honorable thing and told Europe Hey now that the Soviet threat's gone Away maybe it's time you learn to stand Up on your own feet Maybe it's time that you learn how to Live without us we'll still be your Friends although America is incapable of Being friends of anybody but see if we Were real friends we'd say because That's what a real friend does a real Friend helps their their friends to Their feet helps them get established so They can live an independent life we Should have done that with Europe and

Had we done that Europe would be our Real friends and they do business with Us and everything we'd be prosperous but Instead we kept Europe weak dependent Upon us and now we're the ones who've Provoked this fight with Russia and Europe's paying the price I mean it's Life is not going to be good for the Average European this winter it's going To be very very bad as bad as it is for Us Well with the economic situation Deteriorating in the western world and America and NATO continue to provoke Russia on the Ukrainian Battlefield Um how does this look on the battlefield At this moment and how what do you see Happening in the next uh few weeks to Months Well I mean let's let's be honest about This the Russians um bit off more than They could chew initially as good as the Russians are you know Um You you even Mike Tyson gets in a ring Tying one hand behind his back and tying One foot up behind him you know hopping Around one foot Swinging with his weak Arm Um he ain't gonna win that fight against Most real Fighters Russia went in soft And there were a number of reasons why They did that but they only allocated 200 000 men and in the end by the end of

The summer Um you know they were on a 1 200 Kilometer front uh you say well 200 yeah It's it's about 180 guys per per Kilometer that's doable right but it's Not because you have to protect the Whole rear area as well you have to most Of those guys 200 000 isn't 200 000 Combat troops that includes your Communicators the truck drivers the Books your Bakers the Candlestick makers They're all back there in the rear Um that only leaves you about 60 000 Guys on the front line and now sixty Thousand over 1 200 kilometer front Means you've got between uh 30 and 40 Guys per kilometer now go walk a Kilometer and tell me you can hold that Line with 30 to 40 guys You might say well I can if I spread Them out okay now tell me you're going To hold that line when I put 5000 tanks Up against you oh can't hold that that's What happened so Russia had to go into What they call a partial mobilization They mobilized 300 000 guys it's Actually more than that because they Brought in Um several hundred thousand volunteers At the same time because you know those Russians are pretty patriotic people and Uh when when the Russian president said Hey we got to do this yeah they Mobilized the reservists but there was a

Bunch of other people come say hey we Want to fight too we want to fight too So they they're they're bringing a lot Of guys to bring and the Russians it's Not like they just have these people the Russians have all these stockpiles of Equipment so the the guys that are Coming in are going to get all modern Tanks all modern equipment I mean these This ain't you know me showing up at the Indy 500 in my 1969 Malibu uh this is Them coming in with the Formula One cars Ready to race and they um The ukrainians on the other hand you Know they built up a fairly decent Military over the summer with 53 billion Dollars if you can't build a Good-looking race car with 53 billion Dollars or race cars But they built a nice looking military Modern equipment well-trained troops but Then they burned it out all those Victories they had came at a very heavy Cost and we're talking we don't know the Final figures yet but we're talking About of say 60 000 men engaged uh 20 to 40 000 are dead or wounded And the equipment's been blown up war is Hell man this ain't the same the same The same Iraq and Afghanistan where we Lose two three guys a week uh when People die in this war they die hundreds At a time thousands at a time uh this is Real war this kind of stuff we used to

Fight in World War II Um but they've earned through their Reserves Received since then put the front lines And burned through now now Ukraine's Desperately looking to the West saying We need more we need more you know What's the saying we ain't got it let me Give you an example We gave them the M triple seven Howitzer It's a 155 millimeter Howitzer good System tough to maintain but good system Um during the Gulf War Against Iraq we fired 60 000 rounds of Ammunition for the entire war and we I Know the guys are out there pulling the Lanyards they they're like man it was Great we were for firing oh okay boom Boom boom sixty thousand rounds the Russians fired 60 000 rounds in one day One day Um the ukrainians are firing responding With say 6 000 rounds a day Um which is a very high rate of fire by The way We produce and I'm going to throw out Some numbers here and I'm just using Them as a as an illustration uh anybody Who googles it will say he's wrong I Know I'm wrong I'm telling you right in Front don't use these numbers these are Used for illustrative versus only but Let's say we we uh In the military you know we keep a

Certain amount of Ammunition stock out For war and I'm telling you right now 60 000 rounds was for the entire Desert Storm so let's say we have 75 000 rounds Earmarked for Europe For European conflict now some of this Is going to use for training so yeah as We train we we tend to go into the older Stocks we keep the newer you know we use The older stuff first keep the newest Stuff there and we and we use that let's Say we we crank out um we we use 25 000 Rounds a year for training So I tell my defense industry that we're Going to produce 30 000 rounds a year You see because I have to account for Stuff that doesn't work etc you know Things so there you go but basically I Want to keep the 75 000 round number Good and I'm replacing what I use for Training every year with a couple more For spares Now we go to Ukraine so we give them This artillery system and we give them You know 20 000 rounds And we think that 20 000 rounds is going To last them two months they come back In three days we used it Where's the rest we go shoot okay get More get more next thing you know at 75 000 rounds that we were planning on to Go to war with is down to 15 000. And the fact is right now if America

Went to war in Europe we have ammunition For two weeks That's it Then we run out of ammo And our defense industry is not on a Wartime footing So we don't you know this isn't this Isn't a computer game for all those Call Of Duty guys out there they're like hey I know how to play war you know and then You say I got the hack see I can hack in And uh I can buy equipment because I Cheated it's cheap I need more ammo Click click click click oh look I got All the ammo I need that's how it's done No it's not how it's done guys you Actually have factories that produce This stuff now and the money that's That's allocated comes from a budget That's debated the year before Um so you can't just sit there and say Produce more it doesn't work that way uh Produce more with what uh we can we can Increase the rate of production on the Line that we have but you want me to Build a new line that means I like to Get that equipment it's specialty Equipment I have to get it from that German company oh but they're out of Business because of the sanctions and The energy they're not producing that Especially equipment anymore so That's the reality of it we are in a World of hurt because we have given away

Everything to the ukrainians and we Don't have the ability to replace it in A timely fashion we put the National Security of the United States at risk Also Russia don't have that problem They don't have to sit up and wait for Uh Nick here's budget or whatever from What I understand it Their industry is cranking out more and More and more and more more weapons like You say the Europeans don't have any More weapons no they've given well I Mean I'm not going to pretend that the Russians They do have a summer problem because I Mean a lot of their Industries are State Industries uh or their joint joint stock Companies with a heavy State ownership Um and so they are responsible for Maintaining a profit so in peace time They you know they can't be wasteful in Their production so they do the same Thing we do but the problem with the Russians and this is our problem not Their problem Is that they know War And so the Russians sit there and they Go okay if we're going to fight a war With NATO And we're talking uh a million men this Many tanks that uh yeah we have to make Sure we produce all that and then it's Going to take six months so we need six Months worth of ammunition already

Stockpiled we need the fuel already Stockpiled they've already stockpiled it They're ready to play the game and They're also the kind of people that sit There and say hey we think this thing You know couldn't talk to these guys do You guys think NATO is going to kick up In a couple years we have a problem yeah Hey uh let's up that ammunition Production just in case I need more Ammunition production I need more stuff Produced Um we don't want to spend the money on Those missiles you have a second Production line ready yeah it'll cost us A little buddy of money now but I want That line ready in case we have to go Into full production and they prepared So now you know Putin just gave a speech Where he said we're clicking on defense Industry and their defense industry Running around making phone calls saying Where can we find this and physically Goes yes sir on button go they are Producing stuff at prodigious rates Um and I don't think the Russians are Going to run out of ammunition you know Uh we'll run out of ukrainians before They run out of ammunitions and I don't Mean to smile on that because I come Back to war is a serious business and Um this war had never been fought and Every death in this war is a tragic Death except for the Nazis I will never

Cry when you kill a Nazi but uh anybody Else In essence when Putin said that he his Mission was to uh disarmed uh the Ukrainian Army and to and to read uh and To um uh Securities National Security Yeah Um by extension he's also disarming the United States and NATO well he didn't Mean to do that we just made it easy for Him to do that look demilitarization Early on was actually very limited in Scope Um I've talked to a lot of uh of Russian Politicians Russian generals to find out What they mean by that because that's Sort of a broad term you know Demilitarization they said early on all They were looking to is to remove the NATO influence they weren't trying to Eliminate the Ukrainian military they Just wanted to get rid of the NATO Influence on the Ukrainian military so Initially uh the Ukrainian military if They just stayed in Barracks eventually Russia would have withdrawn and the Military would have still been there as Long as the NATO influence is removed The NATO training bases the NATO Equipment things of that nature but now That the Ukrainian Army has been turned Into a NATO Army Demilitarization means the total Elimination of the Ukrainian Army

That's a tall order so anybody who Thinks that this war is going to end Anytime soon that this war will be over With limited objectives the Russians Have said straight up We have set the goal of demilitarization And that goal has never changed and it's Not going to change this war will only End when we accomplish this Mission so This war will only end when Russia Destroys the Ukrainian military destroys Eliminates annihilates it's gone Um there's a lot of fighting left Denossification is the other one what Does that mean originally it meant that They wanted to get rid of these various Units remember the azov Battalion we Talked about they have another one Called idar they have other units as Well there's there's a number of them Um and these units need to be eliminated But it's not just eliminating the units Uh these the people that are in it have To be held accountable for their actions Many of them are murderers rapists thugs Um and even then they have to be Reprogrammed ideologically they have to You can't just release them into society You have to retrain them and actually The Russians are doing a pretty good job Right now they just showed some videos Where some of these uh azod Nazis some Of the young kids are now appealing for Russian citizenship and one of the

Things that they've done is uh they've Agreed to go in and get their Nazi Tattoos covered up and they say you know This tattoo doesn't stand for anything Anymore and you saw and they might be Smoking dope and lying and all that kind Of stuff but the point is there's an Effort being made to You know because the way I would Denoxify somebody is just up against the Wall on the play of the 75 cent solution You know put a bullet into it the Russians are at least trying to talk to Them educate them give them a job give Them a purpose that is different from Being a member of a white supremacist Group Um but now because the because NATO the United States is training the Nazis We've empowered the Nazis and the Russians just called the zielinski Regime a Nazi regime So when we speak of denotification now It means getting rid of the entire Ukrainian government The Russians are going to have to occupy Western Ukraine this is like saying in Order to get rid of the KKK we got to Occupy the South All right now it's not just occupy the South you've got to go in and you got to Take down every single one of those Little KKK I don't know what they call Them um clavens or something like that

There's a term they use yeah get rid of All the grand dragons and all that kind Of stuff you can't just say we're here You go home now don't ever come back no They're there you've got to get rid of Them uh you got to blow in in Western Ukraine they have statues to this step On Bandera dude he's a national hero Um they hold parades where they dress up Like Nazi Stormtroopers and they parade With their torches and well that has to End and everybody who was involved has To be identified and cleansed and either Cleansed the old-fashioned way which I Don't promote because we're about to Respect for human life or cleanse the New Russian way which is you guys got to Go to you know we got to talk to you a Little bit about what your objectives Are in life and we've got to um convince You that you're on the wrong path and You need to be on this path if not we Can't release you back into society You're gonna have to go to the gulag and Take big rock to make them into small Rocks until you have a change of Attitude but that's denouncification It's a big big deal and it's going to Take a lot of time and a lot of effort So again people to think there's a lot Of talk right now about a negotiated Settlement You hear especially in the United States Now everybody's talking about it you

Know we weren't talking about Negotiating settlement back in the Summer because they're like we're Kicking Putin's butt They only negotiated settlement's gonna Be when Putin crawls on his knees and Begs for surrender and now food's going Yeah boys uh we've been to the gym for a While They're like negotiate a settlement Negotiated settlement you know um nobody Wants to fight questions about Uh Russia's about to get serious and um But Putin doesn't want a negotiate a Settlement who wants to accomplish what He said he was going to accomplish Denouncification demilitarization Getting NATO out of Ukraine and getting The Nazis out of Ukraine forever the Denotification isn't going to be a Temporary step uh the Russians are Committed to eradicating this Disgusting ideology once and the irony Is under normal circumstances we should Be standing side by side with the Russians this is a good cause Getting rid of these people but no we're Actually paying them we're paying their Salaries we're training them we're Paying the salaries of Nazis We don't just invite them into Congress And treat them like Heroes we pay their Salaries What does Ukraine look like

Um at the end of this war or close to The end of this War and what what would Be Russia's reaction with the build up Of NATO and U.S forces along belarusia Or Belarus and around Um Ukraine and threatening to um Confront Russia uh and and also Uh making a head fake towards Odessa No well first of all there ain't gonna Be no head fake to Odessa the only People talking about Odessa is the Russians and then the head fake they're Coming in so Odessa is Russian will Always be Russian they're taking it over They have this uh Enclave called trans Listeria by Moldova they're going to Link up with that protect it and they're Going to seal off Ukraine from the ocean You say what is Ukraine going to look Like It ain't gonna look like anything what It currently looks like they already Lost 20 of their territory they're going To lose at least 20 percent more Russia Is going to take over Odessa uh nikolaev Nipps uh the fate of Western Ukraine is Unknown yet Um it ain't going to Poland but um you Know Belarus might come in and and Govern it during this period of Denotification that we're talking about Ukraine will probably end up being a Very small nation uh built around the uh Obluster districts around um around Kiev

Um Uh agricultural based uh because all the Industry has been taken by Russia uh so It'll be you know sort of a wheat basket Uh weak Nation Um and it's on their own fault it didn't Have to be this way but you know you Picked the wrong side you picked you Picked Team America and Team America Isn't about helping Ukraine Team America Is about hurting Russia so we think that We can sacrifice Ukraine and bring harm To Russia that Russia will be so weak After this that Russia will never be Able to confront NATO or anything else And NATO is talking about you know they Need 300 000 troops now look how quick Russia got 300 000 troops to end up Putin said last month I need 300 000 Troops month and a half later he's got 300 000 troops stoltenberg in June said We need 300 000 troops and NATO's still Going what What you want to what Whose troops who's going to pay for this Where are we going to get the money what Equipment sales I just Have to stormberg gave that announcement Half and half defense Ministers of Europe went The Germans especially because the Germans had to scrape and Scrabble and Cannibalize units to get this this

Battalion that they sent up to Lithuania And if you know anything about history And European history the notion of a German Battalion in Lithuania should Bother you Um but they're there there they are as If history never happened Um But now Somer said we want to turn all Of these battalions into brigades which Basically means you got to Triple the Size of the of the the Germans are going We went bankrupt getting the Battalion There and now you want to Brigade we Can't do that and meanwhile the German Leaders going we want to spend 100 Billion dollars to rebuild the German Military okay that means you have to buy Things called tanks last time I checked Tanks were made of metal metal that Comes from steel mills steel mills that Have smelters that require gas to burn Russian gas cheap rush and get you don't Got that anymore you ain't making steel You ain't making tanks you ain't making Army divisions uh Germany you're just Out of luck and that's all of Europe Right now all of Europe's just out of Luck that's why the polls you know There's a story that came out yesterday You know the polls were told to get rid Of all their old Soviet tanks to give The ukrainians immoral the ukrainians The polls went okay but then we'd like

Some of those uh American M1 tanks They're pretty sexy we want we want the M1 tanks and the Americans went and I Give them the 272s we'll talk about it Later and then they gave it to 72s and The Americans went ah we're not giving You any tanks Um Yeah but so the polls went okay uh Hey South Korea Pretty good tank we'd like to spend six Billion dollars on your equipment the Americans go wait you're supposed to Spend that money on our stuff nope so The poles are going there and I think a Lot of Europeans are going to start Looking at South Korea uh to get to get Their equipment but even then it takes Long lead times Here's the Russian hope you know the Russians started this before they Invaded Ukraine they actually put Forward treaties draft treaties uh one Was given the NATO once again the United States uh December 17th of last year on These trees talked about what they Called the European security framework a New European security framework not that We didn't require it wasn't asking for a NATO surrender it was saying how can we Live together In a way that we both feel comfortable That you don't threaten us and we don't Threaten you how can we do that and this

Is what we put on the table and we want To talk about Uh and we said no no I'm not can't talk About it at all well here's the funny Thing The Americans now are are starting to Say Uh we need to start looking at uh the Democrats had 30 Progressive members the Progressive caucus Um who aren't Progressive but that Doesn't matter Um they put a letter out to uh Biden They said um you know we're giving all This money there but we also have to Talk about an off-ramp diplomatic Off-ramp and all these guys are now Saying this off-ramp has to you know Address you know European security Framework I'm like wait a minute Why are you saying that now in December You were dismissive you're telling the Russians now get out of my face we're Going to sanction you oil is going to Kill you you're a gas station and we're Denying you gas you're going out of Business goodbye and now the Russians Have turned around said yeah we're a gas Station and you're a bunch of Automobiles that need gas and we ain't Giving it to you so now you want to Negotiate a European security framework And that's the reality Russia is going To win this war it may take some time

Yet this may take another year Um but they're going to win there's Nothing that can be done to stop this uh And and you're seeing NATO and the United States Panic more and more Um as they get desperate as they realize That they're going to lose everything But Russia the good news is Russia is Everything we're not when it comes to The world Um let's talk about friendship There are a lot of Nations out there Right now because of this conflict Aren't getting food and Russia and Ukraine were the uh were the Bread Basket of the world now food is Big Business and I'm not going to pretend That neither Ukraine nor Russia made Money off of selling food they did it's Big business they did that but Russia has come out and said hey we Understand what's going on is tough and Um so we're going to give you our food For free Africa you need 500 tons of food 500 000 Tons of food I don't know what it's a Big number we're going to give it for Free Lebanon sitting there going hey we Were supposed to give food but uh Ukraine was supposed to bring us food But the the ship they're supposed to Come here uh the Europeans took it Because it makes sense for fat white People to be fed and you know people

Don't get to be fed apparently so the Lebanese going hey what about us and Europe's ignoring them ukrainians are Ignoring them because lebanon's broke They don't have any money the Russians Went 25 million tons free we'll take Care of your food that's what Russia Does not because they're suckers but Because they know that eventually this War is going to end and they're going to Have to work and live with these people And when this war ends Russia is going To want to work with Europe to get a new European security framework because Coming back to your question you said Well what about NATO they're going to Build up NATO's broke Okay I mean I can sit here and say I Want to go buy a membership in a golf Club and I want to buy a brand new Titleist clubs and I want to get golf Lessons and I want to do all that And my wife's gonna say we don't have The money I might be able to budget and Let you go out play with your old clubs Once a month on the municipal course Okay that's the best you're gonna get so Neighbor said they're going no 100 000 Troops 100 000 troops want to do this With what your economy is broke you're Broke you've got nothing the best you Can do is play a couple rounds of Municipal course but now Russia's coming

And saying hey I might be able to work with you on Replacing that car that's costing a lot Of money or the new cars doesn't cost Quite as much money and that frees up Some money so now you can play golf Three times a week on the muni course And if you're nice I'll let you into my Club once a month Um and you're just gonna go that's a Good idea I think that's what's going to Happen here I think Russia is going to Win this war and then Russia isn't the Kind of people to kick dirt in the face Of people they're going to turn around And say because Russia's interests are To live in peace and Harmony that's Really their interest they don't want to Dominate the world so Russia is going to Turn to Europe and say okay that was a Mistake we don't want to do that again How do we prevent this how do we get Treaties that bring stability and I Think Europe is going to be more Inclined to receive the next Russian Draft treaty and give it due Consideration Um because Russia is not going to go to War with Europe because Europe is Protected by nato in Article Five that Means nuclear war Um But Russia doesn't want a situation Where there's a new Cold War where it

Has to keep a million men in arms on the Border that's that's stupid that's bad Money and NATO doesn't want to do that Either their their economies are crushed They need to be working on rebuilding Their economies but Russia is going to Offer something that benefits them as Well as NATO by saying let's not talk About a million men on the let's talk About getting these men back put them Back in civilian industry living in Peace and harmony let's talk about that And that's a dialogue I do believe that Europe's going to be ready to have you Know who's not going to be ready to have That dialogue America America because That doesn't suit our purposes we don't Want that but we're not going to have a Vote in this because Europe's waking up To the fact that we are literally the Worst Nation on the planet That we everything we touch dies we do No good think about it we do no good we Used to do good I would just challenge Anybody right now to list me in good Things America does today in the world We'll give two more questions and we Know he's a busy man this man has a Hectic schedule so you get uh to ask him A question I'll ask them the last one And we'll wrap up Buy into your third question first Miami Dolphins okay go on

The the Iranian drone stuff Well I had an interesting conversation With a um I have to tell when I first Heard about the Iranian drone story I Didn't believe it I was like Russians don't need Iranian Drones Russians are Russians they got Drones they know how to do drone Warfare And all that stuff And then I was talking to this this uh Russian officer and he said no no we uh We need the drums and we got a lot we're Buying them from Iran we're buying a lot Of them I said well why would you do That you're Russia I would rush it and They said well We're fighting a kind of War we never Plan to fight we never plan to fight the Static War Um you know we wanted to fight this Mobile war and our drones were Geared For this mobile kind of conflict we're In a static conflict now where we you Know our drones are expensive and so When every time we fire a drone that's a Lot of money down you know and so we got To hit a high value Target now we're in A situation where there's a lot of Targets not all of them are high value But we have to hit them anyways we can Go bankrupt firing our expensive stuff At these or we could go to the Iranians Spend 30 grand for a flying moped uh That goes in

Boom success you kill you kill something With 30 grand that otherwise you're Spending you know a quarter of a million On Um it made good sense and the Russians Are buying this stuff and there's Nothing Ukraine's can do to stop it These things these little mopeds Like boom and so the solution now They're going out and buying modern air Defense and some of this air defense is Pretty sexy stuff but again 30 grand Yeah 1.5 million Another 1.5 million misses yeah 1.5 boom You got it Four and a half million dollars to shoot Down thirty thousand dollars And eventually what happens is the next One comes in they don't have any Missiles left boom they blow up the air Defense that's what's happening around Ukraine has nothing they got no more air Defense they're out why because Russia Would help but a whole bunch of cheap Iranian drones and the Russians are Getting ready to buy some cheap other Iranian stuff because the Russians make Good equipment but it's expensive it's Expensive the Iranians are perfect ask Any American what happened after we Assassinated custom suleimani the Iranians fired those 12 missiles into The al-assad air base and the Americans Are looking at going

They hit everything they aimed at I mean Pinpoint Precision boom boom boom and The Russians like that went that's Pretty good how much those cost You're telling me that I'm gonna spend a Million bucks for a Russian missile and You're gonna sell me a missile just as Accurate for 50 Grand Let me sign that contract so that's What's going on with Iran the Russians Are doing this listen it shows that the Iranians and the Russians are Committed well you know this is one of The Fatal mistakes we've made with Iran Um for many years Iran was pro-west Under the shop and even after the Shah Under the theocracy uh many people in Iran I traveled to Iran in 2000 . and um I went there and I I had a very Interesting lunch Um I was I was eating lunch and these Guys came up to my table and they they Sat down introduced themselves they were From the Iranian revolutionary guard These are the bad boys and I'm thinking Oh damn it I'm going to spend some time In jail and they're going to have fun Towards I get to find out if I'm half as Bad as I think I am they were the nicest People They were they were nice guys they just Wanted to talk uh and but we had a Frank Conversation because uh one guy admitted

That he had been uh stationed in um in Paris in the 1980s and that he Assassinated Kurdish dissidents I said So you are a terrorist you're telling me Straight up you're terrorist he said uh Your definition yes 100 so but the thing Is we quickly learned that this isn't The way we want to go see when we were In the west we're looking around and There's a lot of things we don't like About the West you know we're not into All the sex that you guys have we're not Into drugs no but we're looking around Saying things work pretty good in the West you know there's some efficiency Here Um maybe we could find a way to To to work with the West not against the West so they came back and they started To Lobby the Iranian government and if You take a look and you study the History Um one of the uh the the Iranian uh Presidents and again I'm I'm losing my Uh brain so I can't remember his name Right off the bat but he's a guy who was Right after the Iran Iraq war he started Rebuilding the economy and and focusing To the West he was following the advice Of these revolutionary guard guys Um but they very much wanted to be not Friends with the West meaning they Didn't want to have the West bring their Culture here but they wanted to do

Business with us because they felt that Was the most economically uh Advantageous route they've always Resisted what they call the pivot to the East they've always resisted pivoting to China and Russia Um well thanks to America's stupidity We compelled Iran to Pivot to the east They are now committed to the East and When Iran commits they commit and we're Seeing that right now with Russia they Are committed to helping Russia and Russia and Iran have uh expanded Economic relations uh you know the Russians are selling gas that the Iran Or the providing gas through Iran that's Being used in the northern part of Iran And the Iran's the Iranians are freeing Up gas in the South that could be Exported on behalf of Russia Um you know this is a mutually Beneficial relationship so Iran is Committed to Russia Iran is joining Brics they're economic enforce Iran is Joining this Shanghai cooperation Organization Iran and Russia are having The kind of relationship that the west And Iran could have had but we stiffed Armed Iran and they've now pivoted so I Think I answered that question So the last question another question Um but I thought I thought Raider Rashid Got the last question you're still in His last question

You know after that oh after that last Debacle in in New Orleans uh I ain't Gonna say too much Okay with Iran um showcasing this um Technological control was um with the Drones and with the missiles Um how do you think a war with Iran and Uh the U.S or Iran Israel will play out Because Iran is hammering those um Training camps in um in Northern um Iraq And uh Iraqi Kurdistan Um will that explode into something Remember we had that conversation about The American Military and I told you That they're real that I mean they know The real world the Israeli real military Knows the real world Um and the Israeli military knows the Following That Iran is a long way away That in order to strike Iran Israel Would have to take its Air Force Fly it a long distance which means Multiple refueling required enter into a Heavily defended airspace Launch an air strike and then come back And that cannot be sustained so let's Say they even get a good first punch in This is a 15 round super heavyweight Fight The first punch means nothing Now the Iranians are going to sit back And hit the button And all these missiles are going to fly

In remember that pinpoint precision Israel is a very small country That's even smaller when you talk about The important targets and these targets Will be obliterated non-nuclear just Convinced boom boom boom and there's Nothing the Israelis can do to stop it They can't stop it so Israel will be Destroyed that's why Israel is not going To start a fight with Iran they're going To carry out this low-intensity covert Fight where they blow up they Assassinate a nuclear uh scientist here They blow up a nuclear facility here They sink a ship here and the Iraqis or The Iranians will respond by shelling a Mossad base here and all that that's the War they're going to fight but they're Not going to fight the big one because Israel knows they can't win that one Saudi Arabia You know there's a lot of talk about Saudi Arabia going to go to war against Iran well no Um and the answer is simple Let me play Saudi Arabia exists only because of oil That's it take away the oil Saudi Arabia Doesn't exist they got nothing all the Gulf Arab states are that way it's oil And that oil comes out of the ground in Giant facilities that are very Vulnerable And uh the Iranians have a lot of drones

And missiles that can relate facilities Overnight gone finished forever Um and so every Arab state knows that if They go to war against Iran They will cease to exist as Modern Nation States because all the oil that They produce will never get out of the Ground because all the facilities will Be destroyed by the area so yes they'll Destroy the Iranian facilities and all That but that doesn't do them any good You know they they exist because they Like to fly around and jumbo Jets and Luxury Jets and stay in five-star hotels And buy their wives unique perfume I Bring that up because I was in London Once I went to one of these uh the Arab Perfumeries and uh I just say what's the Most expensive perfume they got and they Showed it to me and I said well How if I wanted to buy that I was like I Said you can't buy that I said why not They said because that's made only for The king's wife one of his King's wives Only she's allowed that we have to have It here in case she shows up and then we Can sell her that perfume but nobody Else in the world is allowed to wear it Okay you don't have that kind of stuff Unless you got oil money okay that's not Normal that's not how normal people live Uh and so the Saudis are addicted to oil Money and they won't have oil money if They go to war against Iran because Iran

Will eliminate all of their oil Production that's just a statement of Fact so Um I think that's one reason why Iran is Um flexing as much as they are right now They're not being overly aggressive but The Iranians aren't backing down and one Of the reasons why they're not backing Down is that they have built up a very Capable military uh that can Do a lot of damage but they don't want To overplay their hands because the Iranians aren't suicidal because the Iranians know if they ever get in that Fight with Israel that fight with Saudi Arabia that in addition to making Israel And Saudi Arabia pay Iran will pay too And no leader uh comes into Power saying I want to bring harm to my people the Good leaders say I want to make my People prosper and live well so Iran is Trying to work with the world it's built Up a defense that's capable of deterring Enemy aggression but their primary focus Is on economic development that's why They're joining brics the the brics Economic Alliance that's why they're Joining the Shanghai cooperation Organization that's why they're trying To work with China and Russia now Economically not just militarily but Economically because that's what's going To make life good for the Iranian people And again I was in Iran I'll tell you

This Um I don't know where you guys from by The way just what state Pensacola Florida okay California oh wow we got the east and West coast okay Um well I assume you guys have driven Across country and you've taken a look At the state of the American highway System in some places it's really good In some places It Ain't So Good I drove on the Iranian highway system It was better than anything we got here In New York I'll tell you that in the New York Thruway is considered to be one Of the best in the country Iranians had Us covered they Super Highway eight Lanes and then they had these rest stops And I've been to New York State rest Stops I went in there clean Good food everything and I said am I in Iran because I've been led to believe That the Iranians were sort of this Backwards nation and I'm going man You're good and then I walked out and I Said you guys got a mall I went to their mall and I'm going no no No no no no I'm in an Iranian mall I Said no this is an Iranian law and all The big store names they had all Everything clean air-conditioned Immaculate fully stocked Um so you know we we sit here and think

That the Iranians win you know we're Americans we're the best in the world Well don't put me in a math uh Olympia Olympiad you know two plus two I don't Know I need a calculator sometimes Um the Iranians win these things They they have Highly Educated people The Iranians have more Peer-reviewed PhD thesis Then the United States or any European Country They believe in education and then they Apply the education so we can sit here And make fun of them because we don't Know them we don't understand them we Mock that which we don't know but the Iranians are pretty squared away I'm not Saying they're perfect I'm not saying That at all everybody has their problems But before I'm gonna wag an accusatory Finger in anybody's Direction I sort of Want to make sure that I'm not living in A glass house you know and America is Nothing but one giant big glass house And uh you know we we shouldn't be Throwing stones at anybody but the Iranians are pretty squared away I I Have a lot of appreciation for them yes Sir one thing I was watching a program on North Korea Now if you listen to the uh mainstream Media everybody in North Korea they Don't have belts they have ropes and Everything is bad in North Korea but I

Was watching the program North Korea is A pretty modern society Yeah I mean I haven't been there so I Can't attest to it Um but I would say again Nothing's as bad as we make it out to be Uh the North Koreans Um you know they're they they do have Some Hunger issues that they're working With but I mean you would too if you Were sanctioned to the degree they are They're not allowed to interact with the World but Um you know a backwards Nation doesn't Produce overnight InterContinental Little intercontinental ballistic Missiles that can deliver nuclear Weapons United States say what you want About North Korea they got some pretty Smart people they have some Advanced Industry uh and Um I imagine they do things uh pretty Good to a pretty high standard could Things be better of course they could That's why Kim Jong-un was meeting with Donald Trump to try and have a Denuclearization treaty so that he can Improve the economy because why good Leaders want to bring good things to Their people And say what you want about Kim Jong-un He's a good leader because he cares About his people Unlike say an American president that

Wants to give all our money away to the Ukrainian while our people suffer But anyways that that's that I I've Really enjoyed being on here with you Guys I I thank you very much for uh for For having me I hope I don't get you Kicked off of YouTube too quick We'll talk later Though yes sir send me send me a link uh To to the YouTube thing and then I'll Put it on uh my telegram Channel try and Get some more people to watch you and um I think this was a pretty cool Conversation I'd like more people to see It thank you so thank you so much hey be Blessed and stay safe thank you a lot I'll do my best you too you too and good Luck creators I mean come on [Laughter] Wait a minute wait before you click me Off I I want to pay a bill and it was a New Orleans Saints guy in there Yeah All I had to do is say you right you're Right you're right New Orleans gets lucky every now and I Lived in New Orleans for a while Um you know who dad who Dad look they They're living a moment right now but You know the Raiders will come back Don't worry about it yeah all right okay Okay All right bye-bye everybody everybody Um listen the reason we're broadcasting

On this uh this is our backup challenge We're usually back um broadcast on the Red pill Diaries but this is our Broadcast because we've been suspended For for over a week or two weeks because Of a program we did last week with Jim Fessler Um the founder of not Scholars for 9-1-1 Truth and YouTube has told has said to us that um We violated their guidelines but they Haven't specified the guidelines that we Violated and they are threatening to Eliminate the YouTube channel we're also On Odyssey we're also on um Um we're getting ready to get on uh Rockfin we're on um locals at uh Empowerment of and also the red pill Diaries we're also on um uh patreon the redhill Diaries and we Have some other platforms that we're on And we just want to thank you for giving Us uh your time for this impromptu Um interview Scott had hit me up uh late Last night and said he wanted to come on The show and and this morning he hit me Up to remind me and so we did an Impromptu Um show and we appreciate him coming on And um we just want everybody to be Blessed always remember to stay strong Stay true but Above All Things stay Righteous I love you but remember that

God will always love your best mama I Love you peace [Music] Thank you

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