RFK JR + Rudy Ghouliani + Alec Baldwin show what rock bottom looks like

RFK JR + Rudy Ghouliani + Alec Baldwin show what rock bottom looks like

Greetings brothers and sisters um I Didn't know which to cover first RFK Jr's uh debacle interview on the Hill Show Or um Rudy gulani getting a monster Ruling against him both are equally sort Of uh well we'll go with the RFK Jr First uh but both are kind of Epic in Their in their own way so um he is on This show the hill and somebody sent me A short clip of this but I went back and Got the whole I want to get the whole Exchange and here he is here the topic Of Israel obviously very much in the News right now so President Biden's Administration they have said that they Have no red lines for the state of Israel and their conduct in this war do You have any red lines for Israel well You Know the red lines are the you know you Don't deliber you do everything you can Which I think Israel is doing right now Of course you Do to avoid civilian casualties but you Know there's collateral damage in every War and they're fighting an implacable Enemy I mean they I I don't think There's any country in the World that would go as far as Israel has Gone to not invade Gaza I mean they Israel was being bombed by h Took over G and Israel walked out of Gaza there's no occupation of Gaza

Though well there's a block because the Because God because Hamas declared war On Israel and S suicide bombers off you Know his aect changes here whenever he Talks about this subject his affect Changes um like he is um you know he Talks about other things there's some Sense where he's more more relaxed and He's not he's he's got some kind of Feelings about this right like he's like A Defensive um like he's comes out Immediately defensive where other things He talks about gives his opinion and is More Relaxed and when ever he talks about Israel he gets defensive so they put up A fence so is there you know that's like You know just um like all of it like you Know he has the problem with the voice But he's struggling getting the words Out here more so than than Normal it's like the guy who kills his Father his parents and then throws Himself on the mercy of the court Because he's an orphan you know for them To say that they're block they're yeah They're blockading and not it's not just Israel blockading him it's Egypt everybody has a problem with Hamas you know in fact that's not what's Going on there after the after the 73 War after the' 67 war is is tried to Give Hamas back to Egypt and Egypt

Didn't want to take it because Gaza I Mean G sorry Gaza back to Egypt Egypt Didn't want to take it because of the You know high level of s relig militant Islam that is that Egypt considered a Threat to its own Government let me just finish sure Israel Hamas took over in 2006 right and They immediately started did shelling Israel so they s so Again I in my first video on this Subject whenever it was I documented That the Palestinians do not have an Army they don't have anything right they Don't have an Air Force they don't have Ground I mean they have whatever Soldiers and most of those are in the West Bank right they don't have anything That resembles an army and Israel's Ranked number 16 or 20 in the World in Terms of their military in a very small Country where every young person has to Uh serve in the military so everyone in Israel is a veteran right and they are You know backed by the United States and Get a lot of Weaponry they're free or They sold you know cheaply so they have You know armed by the the best military The world like ever seen at least in you Know any sort of his historic Capacity we've got the you know the most Us is 70% of our budget goes to our Military the military-industrial complex Right and so uh Palestinians have no

Navy of course Israel has a Navy Air Force all these things and so you have To C you know categorize this as not a War or where Hamas is the um the bully Like you you can't in any way say Hamas Is the bully and that's the way they do This right where they talk about a group That's a terrorist group and somehow the Terrorist group is Bullying the mil the militarized strong Powerful country you know Hamas isn't I Mean uh it's a small area there they're Not officially recognized by anybody Right and you know there was a recent Video that came out showed the Israeli Army killing Israeli Hostages and and they first denied it And they blamed Hamas and all these Things eventually came out that they did It right this is from the BBC Israel is under increasing pressure To deal with the Freemore hostages Officials have admitted that killing Three men who were holding a white flag Was a breach of the Rules of Engagement So this is from Times of Israel Hali to Troops after three hostages killed IDF Doesn't shoot people with waving White Flag you have to tell the troops that Take two seconds before firing Chief of Staff says telling soldiers that if even An enemy guny put down their weapon and Raise their hands recapture them we Don't shoot them two days after soldiers

Mistakenly shot to death three Hotes in Gaza's City um whatever it is neighborhood They've had to stress the way that they Changed their Rules of Engagement and These are all things videos are coming Out of the abuse of these people in There I mean all these things right and You know Kennedy's Kennedy's position you know this is a Guy and I documented the last time I Talked about that he said he was going To run his campaign on truth right and His position is so far gone on this Thing they and on average 2,000 Rockets A year on civilian populations and their Their Charter and their public Statements day after day are they don't It's it is uh it's against Islamic law For them to even negotiate with Israel Except as a ruse it says that in their Charter a on the only he's giving you The facts the straight up facts Satisfaction for them the only goal is To annihilate Israel and kill every Jew Not just in Israel but all around the World so Israel instead of going in and Attacking you know if if Mexico elected a communist government And the government began sending shells Onto civilian populations in San Antonio In Houston and say we're you know we're Going to retake Texas which they have a legitimate claim

To we're going to retake It they have a legitimate legitimate Claim to Mexico Does um you know this is not a war but It is host hostility and hatred that's Gone on for 3,000 years you know over 3,000 years these two group groups of People Muslims and Jews have had beef Right and you can't Categorize any of it as one side is the Good guys and one side is the victims Right you just can't do that there's None of that like there just isn't any Way that you could sh reframe and shape That narrative the issue here is one one Um you know it's like The difference Between the white people coming over to The you know Americas and other Countries Britain colonizing places India Africa America Australia and one side Europeans having Guns and people of color not having guns Right now people of color in these there Various countries were warlike also and They had you know they took slaves and You know some of them and most of them Had some kind of issues right they Weren't as great as they're portrayed But when one side has guns and the other Side Doesn't it's you can't say that's a Conflict right you say you know when There is hatred and beef between two

Groups of people and one country or one Group of people is heavily armed and has Military Superiority then you can't say it's like A you know the way he's portraying this You can't say that group is the victims Right think you just Can't um how long would it take us to go In there it wouldn't take us very long We would go in and we would do whatever It took to take out the people who are Sending this CHS and Israel instead of Doing that Israel did something Extraordinary which is it invested in an Iron Dome which is to defend itself again Just to live with missiles there's There's thousands tens of thousands of Israelis that have on that part of Israel that have been raised in bomb Shelters who would put up with that There's nobody in the world no one no One here is excusing then there who Would put up with that that they're Somehow the greatest country and and you Know these people are wonderful when We've seen the abuse of the Palestinian People documented by Israeli people and The in the Israeli neighborhoods where The cops came in I you know I didn't Show you the video when my last time I Talked about this you can go look it up There you know videos are there where There's Jewish people like you know

These um I think they're hetic Jews who Are you know who are uh pushing back Against the government's treatment of The Palestinian people and the cops come In and beat them up and remove the flag And they're beating these guys up and so You know the way he talks about Israel We've seen it before is that they're Somehow above every other country and They're better people and they're Saint Likee right and we know that's not the Case you we know it's not the case Because people in that country Israeli People Jewish people are documenting it Right and anybody can look into it like I I haven't really covered this issue For years um it's not something you know I've known about it and it's just like Everything else there are things going On that are about the end of the you Know system as we now know it and I Don't really get into these foreign Conflicts very much unless they become You know a a part of the like what What's happening right now but I've Known about it like I've had friends and Groups on Facebook it's like Jewish Peoples for Jewish Israelis for peace or Jewish people for peace or there's all These groups Facebook groups that Somehow uh other people recommended or My friends posted and somehow I ended up Following them and I have seen the Videos that they've posted people of

Palestine being um you know especially Gaza being mistreated And by the Israeli Army and so you know It isn't like they're not bullying these People they are you know it's you know And most of you guys already know why Why am I even talking about this you Guys already know so but there's Bullying going on the actions of Hamas But I think you would agree that uh one Atrocity does not justify another so how Can you hold on on hold on how can you Say though how can you say calling it an Atrocity I haven't finished my question How can you say see like look at how Defensive he he's got like he this is His most passionate thing he said one of His biggest um you know one one8 of his Campaign was going to be about Mansplaining to the American people About how great Israel is and how evil Palestinian people are like that's what He said in an interview that interview With that you know the guy who's the the Um you know the the dong blesser right The dildo blesser guy um and So you know that guy covered him before Um his his daughter sells uh uh kosher Sex stuff in uh um you know in Israel And so I mean the guy is just out there And in such a horrible way say that Israel is doing everything they can to Avoid civilian death when the civilian Death toll even by Israeli estimates and

This is the low this is the best Possible number you could put on it is 61% innocent civilians thousands of Children thousands of women that's worse Than the combination of every 20th Century con conflict combined so how can You look at that and combine with the Complete Siege of 2.2 million people and Say that they are doing everything they Can to protect civilian life first of All what you said not we killed we Killed 750,000 civilians in Iraq she's talking Percentage wise what she percent The the the the percentage of kill the Average kill so so um that's where You're going with this you're debating That right you're debating the Percentage and you know that you're Saying these are the most the best People who are doing everything they can They can to passively uh you know to Take the the the high road and then You're de debating Percentages right in Afghanistan in Afghanistan mos in those Battles in Modern Warfare is about 8 or 9 to1 civilians to Military and you Think that's fine 80% civilian death You're I don't think single civilian Death is fine I'm not a single but when We went to into Germany to get out the Nazis M we killed two million Germans we Bombed Dr which is why and actually

There's an analysis that just came out That showed the bombing of Northern God Has been more devastating and more Destructive than our bombing of Dresden I would also say after World War II That's why we put in place things like The Geneva conventions to make sure that We did as much as we could to protect Civilian life so when you say let me Give you a specific report that you can Respond to see he's moving around like He's like a Restless little twerp right You know he's like falling apart he's Like triggered and I don't know what it Is I don't know what what his attachment Is here whether you literally believes What he's saying he's been threatened or Bribed he got his shekels or whatever it Is right I mean I don't know but Whatever it is he's like you know Squirming in his seat too um The Washington Post we can put this up on The screen guys this is the second Element R2 The Washington Post just Reported that Israel dropped us supplied White phosphorus in an attack in Lebanon In uh a way that is inconsistent with The laws of war directly impacting a Civilian population are these now you Might say look we maybe the reports in Dispute maybe we need to go and Investigate but is this or any other of Israeli conduct in this war is this Something that you think should be

Investigated um for potential violations Of international law again if Israel Dropped white phosphorus on civilian Populations illegally then they should Be prosecuted for war crimes yeah but I Don't think there's strong evidence that They've done that in Israel don't Absolutely denies it there is a legal There are legal ways to use white Phosphorus because it's you know exactly This such a you know there there's nice Waste phosphorus or which is as a Concealing mhm and Israel says that's What it's doing here's what Israel's Done Israel has made calls people before They bomb them nobody else in the world Does that it's it's made 20,000 live Calls so some call them up hey we're Going to bomb you it's uh only seconds Away so kiss you poop goodbye they call You hey hey Bob hey Bobby we're going to We're going to bomb you an arab-speaking IDF member who calls the landlord they Have the telephone numbers of everybody In Gaza good why why why do they have Them that that in itself why do they Have the telephone numbers everyone in Gaza they have the telephone numbers of Everyone in a foreign country they know They can call them up anytime and tell Them they're going to be bombed a lot of Connectivity problems so they can't s Because it because Israel's disconnected The internet electricity water food you

All these things let me finish there They've made 20,000 live calls with People telling here's what's going to Happen you need to move out in your Neighborhood on your building they've Sent 1.2 million Robo calls they've sent 1.2 million pamphlets that pamphlets are Cut colorcoded for date and for time so That you don't see an old you know I Mean it's the most humanitarian bombing Of all time pamphlet and say oh this Won't apply to me so people know when They're when that building is going to Get bombed and they do something nobody Else in the world does because they Invented of course they do they they're The greatest people in the world which Is they send in roof knockers roof Knockers they got roof knockers right They got guys who go on and knock on Roofs Which is a projectile that hits the roof Two hours before they bomb the building To warn the the people in that building To get out cuz they're going to bomb it Roof knock us in in warning the Civilians they're also warning Hamas and so so yeah it seems Counterproductive why would they do such A thing makes it much more difficult and You know the fact there's many many Nations in the world that would just go And flatten the whole place because Which is Israel could do he it it

Doesn't have to go in there they Couldn't do that um if they went did That it would be over for them America Would have to bail on them right Especially because the young people it'd Be political death to the Democratic Party and Joe Biden for not cutting ties With Israel I mean it would be you know They can't do that admit that they can't Do that right all these things that You're saying they're doing they're Doing because they have to do Something to make it look like they're Not doing what they're doing which is a Land grab it's a land grab right and It's a land grab that's all you got to Do it's a land grab it's not that hard You can do it you can do it there and Put ID of soldiers at risk in Hand-to-hand combat this is hamas's you Know Hamas has made this stand they're Putting civilians in the way what is Israel supposed to do it can't leave Hamas in there but Bobby I don't think We should accept that from any state Isra or any other and I mean they they Have rendered hold on hold on they've Rendered Gaza City uninhabitable at this Point and there's been reports Documenting that some of the procedures That you're talking about that they used In previous Wars they're not using this Time they've emphasized this attack on Quote unquote power targets which are

Things like civilian infrastructure and High-rise Apartments buildings not to Get Hamas but to create a quote shock in The civilian population in addition as I Mentioned before you have uh Collective Punishment of 2.2 million people who are Having their access to water food fuel Medicine blocked right now by Israel um This also appears to be in violation of So here it comes this is the what the Person sent me the Geneva conventions do You think that it's acceptable to imp Listen listen listen let me man explain This to you Siege on the entire she's Like rolling them this time like this is A guy who's supposed to be you know a Great debater so much that the people Don't want to debate him on the and the Bloop and uh you know a lawyer and he's Just getting rolled up here like he's I Mean just in the different affect Between what she's doing what he's doing He's getting completely rolled not Because I agree with her but I mean just Look at the way that she's speaking These like facts and he's all emotional Is disheveled and civilian population And go that if there's a viol first of All I don't think that's happening you Don't okay you don't think okay you Don't think it it's not It's not right like you know when you Were when you were uh uh cheating on Your wife with 30 other women and she

Committed suicide and you you didn't Noce she was um you know going down the Rabbit hole of you know whatever was Depression and whatever it was you know I don't think it was my fault you Know I don't think that's happening let Me explain let him explain let man Explain I can if it violates the Geneva Convention or if they're deliberately Any at any point anybody is is Deliberately targeting civilians they Should be prosecuted and they should be Jailed and the key should be thrown away I you know people say this but you know I don't see any proof of that he doesn't He doesn't see it even if it's right Staring him in the face we right now People are deliberately deliberately Targeting civilians but the government Announced they were doing a Complete Siege on the 2.2 million okay you're Talking about the you know the yeah The Siege now we did for for 10 years we did Collective Punish my dog just threw Up I got I got him off the bed before he Threw up he started to throw up he this Is his reaction to this Guy we actually I'm not trying to Justify that either here yeah but why Are we just going after the Jews why why Is it only one Israel that's an Emotional argument she didn't say Anything about she's not comparing

America America to Israel she isn't Nobody is nobody's justifying that she's Not a you know whatever I don't know What her position is on the Iraq War but That's not even been brought up we're Not comparing America to Israel this is You know he's fighting a college campus Debate yeah there should have been Protests about the way the America Treated these other countries sure That's true let me just because our tax Dollars are going to fund what's going On and the the visuals of these children Being killed and losing their parents And the rubble and you know the total Destruction this is something our govern Has friends I have friends in Kaza okay I he does he's got them and he knows he He's got the straight up dope a friend Who is a father of five kids and what He's living through right now is Horrible I have many many Palestinian Friends I've been to no you know you Don't like how could you possibly have Palestinian friends after what you've Said like the way you've treated them Like no one's saying what you're you're Saying about the Palestinian people you Know and Palestine in general I mean how Could you have possibly have friends Over there like name them name their Friends to West Bank I've been met with The Palestinian leadership I have I There I love the Palestinian people yeah

He does he loves them it's excruciating What's watch watching what's happened But why are we blaming Israel why AR we They're the ones dropping the bombs they Have our dollars they have to get it Hamas they have they do it's hamas's Fault don't you get it it's the Hamas Holes Hamas and Hamas Unfortunately build tunnels for Themselves but they did not build bomb Shelters for their people and they you Know Israel has told people move to the South there's food trucks there there's Medicine there there's fuel there there But there's not it's only not it's only Not There to go to is an area that is the Size of LAX Airport it is a desert Wasteland there are no un flag Facilities in fact if you ask the Secretary General of the UN he'll tell You there like she's got all the facts I Mean again like I don't know any of this Stuff like you know I mean I'm limited In my knowledge of the whole thing and You know I mean other than oh I know What's going on right like you know we All do but like he's got all these Things talking points and he's must have Said these ahead of time to where she Had them and she has them like you know He's getting rolled up here are no safe Places in govern this guyy just what is He Ed McMahon here you already have 1.8

Million people who have been displaced From their homes so you know at what Point do you say okay it's enough Because the other piece of this even if You say and I know you're not saying This I'm not putting but even if you say I don't care about the Palestinian lives They got to do what they got to do it's The cost of War what are you going to do There's also a lot of evidence that what They're actually doing is fomenting Increasing support for Hamas cuz if you Think about it you know if you're a kid Your parents get blown up what kind of Politics do you think you're going to Have when you grow up isn't that going To be tremendously radicalizing and Incredibly compromising to the security Of Israelis Alike so how would you get rid of Hamas Well if you're Israel well I'm not Running for president of the United States number one but number two I think We have like this is this guy right he's So defensive like he's taking this Personally he's getting his boop boop Boop kicked Um the best of my Boop there a model for This in a sense from the way we went in And approached Bin Laden so it was a Targeted raid if you're actually going To do this you do a counterterror oper Yeah that was BS operation where you go In a targeted way you create a wedge

Between Hamas and the civilian Population and we see how this works in The past because previously in Israeli Society when there were Pathways to Peace that were on the table where the Palestinian civilian population felt That they had a chance at negotiating Some sort of a peaceful outcome guess What support for Hamas falls off a cliff It's almost a one toone relationship With the more brutal response from Israelis the more support for radicalism That there is you can filibuster I'm not Filibustering you asked me a question I'm trying to answer it yeah I I I think You're fili she's not Filibustering you're the one Who's she's filibuster stop filibuster In come on crystal stop filibustering Crystal you're not answering the Question you're saying drive a wedge Well of course Israel is trying to drive A wedge by offering some other path That's not terrorism and not violence What is thatth it's a path to two-state Solution or some sort of a jing peace And and and the Palestinians not only Have have rejected that but Hamas its Whole purpose was the the reason that Amas Israel does not want a two-state Solution Which tells you everything you need to Do that they don't want Palestine to Exist they don't want they don't want to

Be acknowledged as a country and that is You know everything you need to know About the situation because it was Supposed to be divided up into two Countries Israel and Palestine by the UN And Israel has grabbed more and more Land and you can say whatever reason They're doing it which is what they have To do it's what they have to do it's What they have to do to survive they Have to get rid of any kind of I mean They have you know they're surrounded by Enemies as it is and it's you know it's A doomed situation it only works now Because she they have the backing of America and America is the most powerful Country if America fell or America uh You know cut ties with Israel Israel Would fall they're in a very fragile Situation based in their relationship With America and that relationship is You know falling apart in terms of the Youth and you know all this other stuff Right and you know this is what they Have to do um not you know and Pretending that that isn't the case is Is wrong I mean it's just you know not Truth was able to get all this popular Support and and and take over was Because of its its opposition to any Negotiation Hamas just came out and said That they support Israel's PLO and Recognize Israel's right to exist on the Other hand you have you have the

Ambassador hold on you have the Ambassador the isra the UK saying we Will absolutely no to a two-state Solution I just cannot like you tell That's just not true is happened Isel Heiden was on TV on aler yesterday Saying we're going to do this again and Again and again we will never negotiate Which we covered and which is disgusting But there's no what about the fact but Hold on the fact that what about the Fact that Netanyahu and his gu wait you Almost got a line you almost get to talk Bro government have said absolutely no They built up Hamas to try to thwart any Sort of Palestinian statehood I'm not I'm not defending Netanyahu and I'm I Don't I don't coign you know with Netanyahu Ando Israel is a divided country in 80 Or 20% of the population on the street Demonstrating against Netanyahu what I'm saying is the Israeli Hamas is a criminal Enterprise sure yeah We know what you're saying yes the Palestinian and you you talk about Solutions for the Palestinian people the Palestinian people are arguably the most Pampered people by International Aid Organizations in the history of The this was what somebody sent me you Know I wanted to I went found the whole Interview but just this this sound bite Here let's play it again and she says

Are you kidding me what I'm saying is The Israeli Hamas is a criminal Enterprise sure the Palestinian and you You talk about solutions for the Palestinian people the Palestinian People are arguably the most pampered People by International Aid Organizations in the history of the even Before this war 78% of people in God Said they had you know not enough food To eat right and why is that why are you Blaming in part it's Hamas and in part It's the fact that Israel imposed a Blockade and talked about putting them On a diet if your if your Neighbor first of all Israel has no Obligation the Israel built 3,000 hot Houses and gave them okay so um there's Enough of that I just want to get to That one point so I want to address two Things here the current other candidates That are running for president whether It be um you know Biden or Trump or any Number of the Republican candidates Chris chrisy you know haly santis any Vivc they don't have another GE here They're doing exactly their highest Level whatever they don't have some more Potential of being honest or being more Truthful they're just political shills Right they've reached their ceiling They've reached their ability to be Honest you know Trump flirts with truth Or stuff but it's only

Self-serving he you know which has been Demonstrated that he turned on the truth Community after you know what he did With Steve B and told him to cultivate a Rel relationship with the shill Alex Jones and you know these other things um You know uh you know all of it right but Kennedy had another year Kennedy was Able to articulate and you know Passionately come in on some of these Things obviously the but other things That he did he did things for the Environment and he had a level of Articulating things in Interviews that was higher than these Other people he was able to you know Come up with his own view or take on These things that was on a higher level Uh in terms of Consciousness and it Would appeal to a you know higher level Of person you know not just some you Know Trump you know dumbed down Trump Supporters and you know liberals who Support Biden or hate Trump you know These people who can't see beyond their Uh the Left Right Paradigm and all these Other things and so Kennedy had a next Gear uh he has a different level he's Able to go to that level so this is why It's more Egregious because you would expect more From him he should be better than this Right than this take on Israel that's Why it's worse not that he's you know

Worse in you know all ways in these Other people he's not he's got better Positions he's a more reasonable person But what we're talking about is Trust because you know what you're going To get with Biden and you know what You're going to get with Trump but when Somebody comes out and is actually able To articulate truth their positions and Go to that next level and just not Repeating even he's doing it here in Some of the way that he talks about you Know some of the truths that he's saying About the way the people in Gaza is Being treated but then he says something Just ridiculous like this thing where They're the most pampered people when They are living in an open air prison And the whole Thing here which I've said is that we've Heard my whole life you know I've heard Stuff about the Israeli people being Victims and being mistreated in this Idea of anti-Semitism and it stems Around what happened in Nazi Germany With Hitler right and that's been the Center of this narrative and it's Perpetuated by Hollywood and all these Places right and I'm not denying that Narrative or confronting that narrative And you know there's people that do and You know whatever but that's the Narrative we've been sold and what I Always talk about here you know in terms

Of being fair is if you really have a Problem with a behavior then you're Against that behavior in all forms and I've talked about that in the past Because I would mock various celebrities I I mock people here and I'm not Defending it you know it's not a higher Level quality you know I do my have my Relationship with God and my spiritual Stuff and you know mocking isn't you Know A higher level spiritual Behavior like I Admit to it you know I I own it I'm not You know defending it it is I've talked About why I do it in these things right It's a coping mechanism and I'm good at It and you know I feel like it's you Know how I'm able to deal with some of The stuff and there's a you know benefit To it right you know when people say oh You say you talk about being spiritual And you mock people and that's not Consistent yeah it's not consistent Right I'm not Like yeah it's not I'm not you know I've Explained explained it you know whatever It's something that I don't um I feel Like I have to do just to to do this job Whatever um for various reasons and I'm Not going to get into that but I you Know I know it to be whatever it is but Then I get people who get upset when I Mock Britney and talk about how mean I Am this is a very you know specific

Example this is where I sort of came up With this and these are all people who Are you know usually Christian Right-wing you know Britney fans and I Say to them you don't have a problem When I mock cardi B and they say that She's been abused right and I say you Don't have a problem when I mock cardi b Or uh Lady Gaga or any of these other People Madonna some of these other People many of whom women who have said That they were abused you know they have A history of abuse right so they Suffered the same thing as Britney but When I you know make fun of them you Enjoy it you come to my channel to watch Me make fun of Them and the only problem is the subject It's not the behavior you don't like That I'm saying it to Britney you don't You don't have a problem with the Behavior you have a problem with the Subject of the B behavior that you'd Identify with and that's not truth if You have a problem with the behavior Then you have to get rid of the behavior In all forms same thing with Kennedy Here because Kennedy is you know anti- This type of behavior that Israel is Exhibiting he's even talking about America doing in the past and he's you Know work with the Native American Peoples and the Palestinians are Suffering what the you know was the

Jewish people said they suffered in Nazi Germany that's the same thing right Hitler based uh you know concentration Camps on Indian reservations the things That were done to the Indians Native Americans in America and so all these Things are tied together and Kennedy has A problem with that behavior for Everybody but Israel which is you know His fundamental flaw here whatever Reason he has it whether he's got Shekels whether he's got threatened Whatever he's just AB he believes in This whatever his position is here and He's willing to lie about it and be Douchy about it and you know it's it's More egregious than what these other People do because he you know was able To sort of penetrate to these higher Levels of consciousness everything for Except this right but the other thing I Want to say is that you know I have now Believe you know I kind of always saw This and you know it's like you don't Know like you don't you're not sure of Something but now I'm pretty sure of This that this so-called anti-Semitism That's happened on college Campuses and you know this conflict That's happening is planned and you Could always say that because it's part Of the news and you know they want this And whatever reason that that's Happening you know because right now

Israel is losing the support of the Younger people and America in general um And there's you know a new anti-israeli Anti-jewish sentiment in the younger Generations and it's just getting worse The way they're dealing with it is just Making that go worse and it seems Counterproductive and you know I was Questioning why would that happen why is Why is this going that way I mean it Really is hurting Biden politically Because he needs the youth to you know To any sort of outcome where he would be Trump he would need the youth and the Youthful support which he just doesn't Have right now amongst other groups Right like there's no way to Legitimately claim that Biden could be Trump right now maybe they can you know Fudge something towards the election but With his senility his age and he's just His track record and things he's in a Way weaker position worse position than He was the last time that they could you Know do whatever they do um but in terms Of you know politically and all these Other things you know why do that like Why bring up uh you know why have uh the Youth of America turn on Jewish people Which is happening right and these College campuses and all this stuff About the funding Harvard and all the Way that they're going about this when Israel is now in the position where they

Have to go for it right just because of You know there isn't really much Choice Here it's part of their plan right you Have plans as a a government you know Our our government has plans to do Things our government has plans for Iran Our government had plans for Russia they Have plans for China these things right Contingency plans and you know you have Enemies you have things that you need to Do to keep your country going and when You get the opportunity to do those Things it's part of a military agenda Secret you know political agenda Intelligence Community agenda CIA and When you get the opportunity to do it You have to do it and this has been a Part of the Israeli agenda for a long Time so they have to do it there's no Choice they have to go through with this And so you know why why why make it so The one country that you Need right now certainly may probably Into the future America which is Collapsing and you know collapsing into The the apocalypse right the one country You need for your support or you Wouldn't exist if Israel was on its own With all those enemies around them and If America was no longer supporting them Then why would have these why having These young people turn on that country Be so you know these young people are Forming there you have events as a

Truther you know the truthers that came In with the big event 2001 like me you Know of course I had certain things Ahead of time for my brother and you Know just in general like I knew some of These narratives ahead of time but you Know the big event 2001 drove so many People towards what's you know now the Truth community and then the thing Things that have happened since then These uh these events that happened at Schools the the pizza thing you know the Stuff with the right there's you know Ways people come in and that initial Issue that makes you wake up or changes Your political opinion it just sticks With you and you know you see the Difference in these other groups that Each group depending on the issue they Came in with and their perspective Because you know some of the the issues Are much more backed by the Republican Party and it's harder for those people To see the Left Right Paradigm like People the QBs and people like that that Have like their issue is you know Pizza Stuff like stuff with Jeffrey epy these Things right um apparently uh they talk About Jeffrey Epstein as well here in The Interview uh where you know kenned gets Rolled here I didn't I didn't you know I Just I saw what you saw I didn't watch The the end of it but it's there in the

Titled the video but these young people Who are you know waking up and now have You know these are woke people who a Part of their belief system is that Israel is an abuser and they have Anti-jewish Feelings and you know why is that why Create that in America right why would That be something that they're pushing You know when the the the way that They're handling this the media and the You know the the you know the IDE um the Um Anti-Defamation League and all the You know players in this thing the way That they're handling it is only going To piss the kids off more is only going To cement these beliefs so why would you Want the young woke people in America College age kids and this you know kids Who are getting their information on the Internet to dislike Israel especially a Time when America's going to face rough Times collapse you know I'm going to Recover this um I'm going to talk about That movie again Leave the World Behind Probably in my next video I'm going to You know talk about that again again you Have this situation where we're close to Collapse and then you have you know this Whatever's going on anti- uh semitism on The rise in America and there's a reason For it these things are tied together Right the collapse and the idea of Anti-Semitism because when there is a

Collapse they're going to have to blame Somebody and there's going to be lots of Blame to go around but now we see that Israel is going to be a part of that Right and there's a reason for this and You know we're going to see it play out Um I'll talk about this more as we you Know movees forward we see it but as the Collapse plays out certainly you're Going to blame China you're going to Blame Russia you're going to blame Trump Whatever there's lots of blame to go Around and internalized blame of course Everything in America right now is about Developing conflict between Americans Developing internal conflict and have The country be divided against itself Because that's what happens to Teams when they fall apart you know Dynasties you know they turn on each Other all these things like all the you Know any kind of an Empire when it Collapses the people in that Empire are Turning on themselves and that's also a Part of it but I'll cover that more in The future let's get into the stuff with Because it's a part of that as well with Rudy gulani and this woman who um well Let's just I'll let you see the clip Here racist and violent threats Giuliani Along with the former president Trump And others repeatedly Amplified false Conspiracy theories that Freeman and Moss were trying to change ballots in

Georgia during the course of the trial Giuliani admitted these claims were Untrue Freeman spoke to reporters after The trial on Friday so before we listen To this um the plaintiff speak Here let's um find out what the average Settlement so it says Here um the average wrongful death Settlement Is $500,000 to a million dollar so if Somebody kills somebody and then the Loved ones sue the person the average Settlement is $500,000 to a million Dollar the average settlement for sexual Harassment is around $37,000 um and so you know there's Various um in terms of if my reaction Was and I show this to my wife I then Show this to my wife and she had the Same Reaction uh if somebody gets AR right a woman gets AR or I guess a Man Too what's the average settlement And it's hard to say they say you know It can be thousands just thousands of Dollars up to some you know Millions but Nothing like this right and so what They're saying here by this settlement Is that they said the same thing with The Alex Jones settlement again these Are two Uh players these are two parts of the Show Alex Jones is a shield you know Rudy gulani is a shield and so they're

Controlled right you don't see this you Know if it was actual other people but All these more horrific type of things Are you know generally under a million 5 Million 10 million I mean it depends on How embarrassing something is or Whatever what the person's willing to Pay $147 million Right a a billion dollars for Alex Jones So what they're saying is if you're a Truther and you have these conspiracy Theories out about people somehow it's Worth an astronomical amount of money It's it's a fate worse than death if you Go and say things uh out in the media About people that turn out to be false It's worth $100 million to you like you Know like that's it's just it's silly Right again these things wouldn't stand Up in if someone had a real lawyer real You know wasn't somehow contrived and The people players are all controlled Like Alex Jones and Rudy gulani are Controlled because nobody you know it's Excessive right you know when when death Wrongful death is usually under a Million dollars then how are you going To say this is worth $147 million so Also if a doctor kills a patient which Happens 4 uh 250 million uh medical deaths a Year the settlement is usually 500,000 To a million so they're attributing life To be a person's life is worth $500 to a

Million dollar you know when I was a kid When 60 Minutes did kind of real Reporting there was these cars called The Pinto and the pinto had a valve in the Gas tank that if you ran into the the Pinto the car it could explode right and So it became something where Ford Decided to attribute a monetary value Was like $150 to $300,000 something like this per person And they figured the amount of people That would die in these cars and what it Would cost to recall them they had a Monetary value put on human life and it Was a big Scandal it was between 160 I Think it was $160,000 but might be 300 Something like that whatever it was not Important and so this is what you human Life is um you know is is worth that's You know they have a monetary value that If somebody dies wrongfully what is Their life worth and you can figure it Out more if somebody's worth more money Because of their celebrity their earning Powers things like this right but even Death is you know generally under a Million Dollars and the GE George Floyd family Settled with Minnesota again High-profile file case and they got $27 Million right which is you know a lot More than is the average and in that Kind of a case and it's still dwindled

By this Rudy gulani and Alex Jones Rulings Right today's a good Day a jury stood witness to what Rudy Juliana did to me and my Daughter and held him accountable and For that I'm thankful for now I want people to understand this money Will never solve all of my problems I Can never move back into the house that I called Home I will always have to be careful About where I go and who I choose to Share my name With I miss my home I miss my Neighbors and I miss my name then why Are you on national TV then Right like if you were really I mean This is just Ridiculous you would go into hiding Right you would not you would minimize Your public appearances she doesn't have To read a statement she just won she Doesn't have to do this she didn't have To say anything she could you know Protect her identity as much as possible She doesn't have to be in this clip Right I didn't know what she look like I Didn't even know anything about this Case now I know what she looks like Right and she's coming out and saying You know the stuff that he did to her by Um misrepresenting the truth you know Lying about her is worth $147 million

And she whined about that that's $148 Million and that's not enough right and That you know she wants her name back And you all these things and why sue if Money doesn't solve the issue and the Whole thing's ridiculous but why be out Out there in public you know if you're Um a private person you can minimize the Amount of exposure by not doing Interviews and not appearing publicly Because that would help that would help You not be recognized in these other Things right by coming out and reading This statement she's um you know Exposing herself more than whatever Happened with gulani and so it's Hypocritical but the big reaction here Is between the morning Joe people I miss my home I miss my Neighbors and I miss my name say Something my God you know it's Unbelievable uh Juliana had a statement Uh and and take it down well what's What's what he says the the amount is Absurd what's absurd is that soon after The election after Rudy Giuliani spread That Lie people that I know from all over the Country that supported Donald Trump was Saying did you see what happened in Georgia did you see what happened with The votes did you see those two black Women what they Did M's reaction when he said black

Women right these are racist elitist People they're their elitism is racist In itself all these people on the media And the way she cringes when he says it Like you know it was such a horrible Thing that he said but Rudy guliani Saying is [Laughter] Absurd of course it's absurd again the Sanctimony here and the guilt you know The the victim Consciousness yeah Rudy Guliani is a tool and the way he handled That the whole thing is an embarrassment But it's all part of a thing right it's A part of this whole thing that happened And Trump and you know they're clowned It up right and there should be some Reward right there you know this was he Did what they said he did he admitted to It he lied about this woman and maybe She suffered to whatever extent you know In that state of trump reporters and the Rest of it um and I'll get into this Because really gani he's you know the Damages um Are uh you know minimal because of what He is now but whatever he deserves to be You whatever amount of money that he Deserves to be sued for should be in the Hundreds of thousands of dollars you Know if that like I don't know you know I mean this is a minor thing and the Damages aren't that bad and if you're Going to be Equitable I mean it it is

Absurd and gulani is one of the people I Dislike most I mean's such a clown but The word absurd is correct it's absurd And for these clowns to come out and Pretend that it's Justified because it Could have been a gazillion dollars it Could have been you know a quadrillion Dollars it could have been a trillion Dollars and they would have agreed with The amount there's nothing there's no Amount that these two guys wouldn't say Is deserved right it could have been 500 Million could have been a trillion a Billion whatever it was they were going To say it was justified like there's no Sense of okay that's a little bit much Did you see what happened with the votes Did you see those two black women what They did with the votes they took the Votes out of a box you know he's telling A story about what his friend said and He said his friend said did you see what Happened with those votes did you see What happened with those two black women Who took the they wouldn't have said it Like that no no one would talk about it Like that right are your friends you Know racist like you know you're on MSNBC they wouldn't have specified their Race to you they wouldn't have said it Like that right like I I vaguely Remember some of this stuff like I saw It you know the trumpers are going to be Upset about it but less so now because

Of everything that's happened like that Happened because of Rudy Giuliani and that lie was spread all Over the country and Donald Trump all Over the country and their lives as they Knew it effectively ended that day two Election workers think about two Election workers the community so first Of all election fraud is a real thing And the Democrats were pushing for this Idea of election fraud Even with the electronic voting machines In a documentary called killchain that Was on HBO well done documentary and it Was talking about how easy it was to rig Elections and um the Democrats were all On board and had Trump won they would be All on board they you know they talked About the Russians hacking elections Hillary Clinton you know this whole Thing that happened before election Rigging is the real thing it happens Everywhere America has rigged elections In other countries the CIA and American Intelligence Community has tampered with Elections globally it happens and so to Punish somebody for suggesting that Elections are rigged which is what this Is all about you know is anti-democratic Right and to say that these election Workers were serving the community they Have jobs like they got a job like this Is like you know what was her other Options you know in terms of her

Employment like she gave up a Multi-million dollar modeling you know Gig or something you know or I means This is her job and so you know again There should be something like he did do What they said he did and there should Be something but not $14 Million so um just a few things I want To um talk about here just so we know What's going on with Rudy gulani Remember when this happened with um the Kraken lady and this girl who's turned On uh Trump Now um she submitted evidence and they Got up and his face melted Right will you be asking that in Georgia Where you have two the two Senate races That have the the US District Court Judges when you say there's no Evidence um Sydney was giving you Information that come from affidavits From other people with a very big spike In the vote count at exactly that time I Mean it was Horrible this was a very contentious Time in his face Melting right Up so what we're telling you is Supported by Evidence Republicans shut out in the City of miluk and so you know that Happened and then this is Rudy gulani Now for recently Rudy now finds himself Indicted isolated and broke once the

Toast of New York Rudy now Spends His Evenings broadcasting an hourlong Internet show from his Manhattan Apartment he's got the Israeli flag There to I guess a couple of thousand Viewers his sole Advertiser balance of Nature vitamins which the former mayor Plugs in between his rants about Joe Biden and yes the Deep State I mean oh my goodness you can go On and on and on and on uh no side Effects to it nobody gets an overdose From taking Vegetables this is very very good for You It Russian collusion Biden Ukraine Bribery and he's Hawking these um these Vitamins and nobody's watching right It's Natural it gives you Incredibly Big Boost in energy you would Not Expect pretty much right Away maybe two three Days I seem to me right Away So you know they're able to mock him Because of him sitting here eating these Vitamins now whatever his audience is It's minimal you know people have bailed On this guy Trump has bailed on him Right you know I get about 10,000 views A day between two channels I get more Views than he does right and I have a

More uh you know a better um people Think more highly of me you guys do than His audience does of him right right and So he's probably getting some sort of Percentage of the vitamins he sells so It's nothing like it's just maybe couple Thousand dollars a year like he's like I Don't know you know he's he's up to it Right you know he's up to it right he's Got the Deep State here deep State Maga Deep State Biden something CJ um and so you know he's he's lost He's gone Trump cut him off Trump didn't Pay him him for his Legal Services Trump Stiffed him and then Trump refused to Pay Rudy giuliani's legal fees for Representing him which most clients have To do right because then the lawyer ends Up turning on him which is what these Other lawyers have done Trump and him Are not you know are no longer friends There's animosity between them and the Trump supporters are bummed by the way That Rudy guliani failed in the whole Thing that happened post the election so This guy isn't respected this guy isn't You know he isn't somebody who has a Following he his words don't carry any Weight nobody has any respect for this Guy he doesn't have a fan base he Doesn't have a platform doesn't have a Voice nobody you know looks at this guy And says that his words carry Weight going back to this image on this

Report it shows uh it says here Indicted isolated and broke which is True he's out of money he's no longer America's mayor he's an absolute joke And the people that would have believed Him and would have been against these Women are trumpers who you know now are Turning on him Trump's turned on him so They've turned on him right and so they Look at him as being the failure and so These women who were a part of this you Know whatever happened with um Him slandering them or whatever they're Calling that it doesn't carry as much Weight right people have moved on people Aren't obsessed with the election and That you know the the rigging of it They're not obsessed with these things Trump isn't as you know highly regarded Amongst most people you know Republicans And this whole thing that happened right A lot of them most of them have moved on And so the damage is less now Substantially so there was the the Initial outrage towards them maybe in Their Community but again it's not worth That much it would never be considered a This would never be $147 million plus They're not going to get the money he Doesn't have $147 million Rudy gulani Doesn't have anything so I mean they're Not going to get it like he doesn't have Anything to give right when you have These absurd Awards it really backfires

Because you don't get the money right I Mean again it's like all these people Are are are Casa you know they're They're you know they're they're not Real you know authentic people they're You know CA you know C actors um and So you know what it is whatever it is But they're not going to get that money He doesn't have it and it's you know It's absurd amount of money you know Like and the whole thing's ridiculous And you know Ma and and um Joe Scot G Aren't going to help that woman out and Again she's out there showing her face To everybody when she's supposed to be You know wanting to reclaim her name the Whole thing is just Ridiculous so there was an anti-israeli Protest on New York Street city streets And when Alec J Baldwin decide to insert Himself I'm talking to somebody priv That's my business to a cop to a cop That just arrested a kid who goes after Kids Every Deep let him continue pockets are you in What do you mean you for Hollywood D Israel for the you you've already got Your mind made but every question you Got right I'm ask question I'm in Hollywood stupid Question so he said you asked stupid Questions already you got your mind made Up ask me a smart question once again

Alec B show showing off his temper when He is you know possibly being indicted For manslaughter or Worse um and why he would show up here When he's done such a good job of Restraining himself from talking on Instol I don't know if Alec ever watched My videos I hope he hasn't but whatever But I gave him you know mocking advice Just stop talking like you know and his Wife as well and I know other people must have been Saying the same thing to him because Eventually he got it and they stopped Posting stupid things on instag and they Just you know he still posts stuff but They they stopped doing it because They've lost right you've lost the Battle of public opinion but why he Would show up Here and get into it with some of these People here of course they're going to Assume you're part of it I'm sure he is I mean I look at his instago But he's um you know just doing damage To himself all the narratives that are Out there and you know there's still a Legal matter I mean it's just typical Alex or Alec um I was going to cover Some more stuff about Christian stuff Jesus stuff and also people were Questioning my saying that there was Mass graves in Canada with the native Peoples but I am going to revisit U the

Leave the World Behind I'm going to do a Little follow-up video on that and I'll Discuss that in that you know it kind of Goes with that anyway this video went a Little bit long but you know it's just a Mess out there this is all um you know Rock Bottom stuff right you know RFK Jr Rudy gulani and Alec Baldwin showing you What it's like to hit rock bottom and There's you know I don't want to call it Rock Bottom because there's still lower Levels for them all to go certainly RFK Jr you know he has um he has a lot of Falling to do Anyways only spirituality will save this World it's Paul Romano definitely Reporting from the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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