Reminder for individual Gratefullness meditation Friday May 12 2023

Reminder for individual Gratefullness meditation  Friday May 12 2023

Greetings brothers and sisters some just A brief reminder tonight uh Friday night At 9pm I meant to get this out on Thursday but I forgot and there were some issues with My other video and stuff But there's a Friday night uh individual Meditation every Friday night at night At nine PM wherever you are until 9 30. Again Wherever You Are So half hour And you know I just want to say that the System is really working like I'm Getting a lot of feedback from people Some guy wrote me a long time abiasi Which I just made a voiceover about from My 103rd edition of The Journey series And so it's really working it's it's Getting it done And it's not gratefulness it's the Direct connection You know gratefulness is just a you know Idea and it's it's an idea of Disconnecting from the you know dodgy And the cancer that powerful test is And then doing something directly Connecting to God and it either works or Doesn't and it's working Uh you know I know it's working for me And that's all that matters to me I mean You know I hope it works for other People as well but it has to work for You I mean I I discussed this in the

Beginning of that Journey series video Which That's going to get more views than this Video so I don't need to restate it here But it's working and people can you know Um whatever you know people who are Tried it are experiencing the benefits And you know Um which is maybe making me you know Happy for that right so anyways Friday Night nine City and I'll give a reminder Hopefully Saturday for the group Meditation Um and then you can give feedback for The Friday night sitting on that you Know again it's going to be less science I'm not going to be doing it all the Time because It's become more automatic but you know When I remember I'll do these little Reminders Um Only spirituality will save this world It's paravato definitely important for The Apocalypse In the Ascension everyone have a blessed Day And be grateful

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