Reminder for Group meditation Sunday may 21 + Feedback for Friday sitting

Reminder for Group meditation Sunday may 21 + Feedback for Friday sitting

Greetings brothers and sisters so this Is um The introduction to the hundred and Fourth uh edition of The Journey series I'm going to use this audio twice also a Reminder for group meditation tomorrow Uh Sunday Um May 21st And um Feedback from Friday Night individual sitting which has been Going really well for me the Friday Night individual sitting I feel stuff being pulled out before you Know I feel Some restlessness or irritation or Whatever it is Sometimes anger sometimes uh I don't know fear maybe whatever it Might be Um Being uh like sort of stirred up before This Friday meditation So that's been working really well for Me and I also had The Experience yesterday in the middle Of the day probably around 11 in the morning or something I just felt transmission for like two Minutes Or so like you know I was doing work Here and I just Stopped what I was doing And then um

I uh received transmission I had some Good ideas That I'm gonna um That came to me last night in the Friday Night individual sitting I'm not going To talk about them here but I'm going to You know start working on them and see How it plays out Um to move gratefulness forward even More And so um again we'll see how all that Ends up going Um has to do with uh You know doing more sittings and things Like this In the future we'll see how it goes and So what that's about is I feel like I'm Starting to receive Instructions and they're not you know I Would say Very uh Concrete in the sense of They're just you know ideas or Whatever's happening in meditation so Um light it's not like I'm having Channeled messages and just I'm sure That this is exactly the Of course I should you know take with Gratefulness meditation moving forward Right it's something where Um You know we're on Uncharted Territory Which makes it difficult there's no Organization there's no structure There's no permission right

There's no anything like there's just The confirmation of that it's working Gratefulness is a hundred percent Dependent on Stuff working again like either works or It doesn't so there's things that I had Some ideas about and I want to get some Of the old sash Mark books and things um And I'm gonna see if that works out and If it does then I'll pursue it if it Doesn't I'll let it go um but that's you know There's no way to know The only reason gratefulness even Started in the first places these Settings worked And I wasn't having an obvious like it Just I mean there was some transmission And heartfulness with dodgy there was Some kind of I don't know what it is but I mean now that gratefulness is you know It's like it used to be for me The transmission You know I don't even know what it was With dodgy right like it was there in The beginning certainly And I you know when we were in India the Gatherings in the I mean but he was Already doing stupid things and you know Getting kicked out of that Gathering and You know I don't know Um like this preceptor this guy who's a Dodgy truther said that he you know he Sent me something that somebody wrote

Another preceptor That said that you know heartfulness has Taken over sagemart There's nothing of seismish Mark that Exists anymore And it's all it's all heartfulness And you know Um There's transmission though so this Person's experiencing transmission I Don't know which each individual person There in India whether preceptors are Still giving cities that it works you Know I had a number of people here say They've experienced transmission from Preceptors And it sort of dissipated over time so I Don't know if there was a date you know A time Where it just shut off so for me it was When Dodgy said the words that he had healed When he said this you know basically lie That he not basically but that he uh Was receiving a message from Babaji to Cancel babaji's in charge his birthday And it was at a concert for walaji's Birthday and he's going to have concerts Now Instead of gatherings where the music Comes first And the meditation comes second which is I mean it's just so bad Like that's that's not size marketing

Way shape or form You know there was music and Entertainment but it came at the end of The Gathering and it was you know it was A part of the Gathering where now the Concert is the Gathering and uh you know The Um meditations like a novelty And I don't know if they just Shut off the valve at some point or Dodgy shut off the valve himself uh yeah I don't know like there's no way to know That but it for me it was obvious that There was you know the sittings weren't Good for like two or three years And then he just came out and made Something up about An interaction on the spiritual Realms They had with Babaji to get rid of two Gatherings in a time when the world and The system needs these gatherings The Gatherings weren't good anyway they Just weren't at least you know as far as I was concerned so I received that Transmission just randomly like I did Yesterday you know these Transmissions That you all of a sudden you could feel The energy coming to you when it's not Supposed to or it's not scheduled And I've had that over the years and I Hadn't had that during the dodgy years And so gratefulness is working epically And then for many of you are reporting The same thing

So for me it's working And that's confirmation you know because I I wasn't receiving transmission now I Am that's confirmation right that's Everything that you know it's always Going to be the most important thing And you know I had another good City on Friday night and you know then they just Keep on you know getting better in a way Um And so you know that's the most Important thing the transmission is the Most important thing being a part of the You know whatever this movement is Uh and dodgy had taken everybody away From that at least in terms of what I've Experienced maybe some people are still Feeling I don't know I don't know what Each person's path is But I know that a lot of people there Are stressed out and I think once you See what dodgy's doing and you realize It You don't feel a transmission anymore You know like it's You like it you know it's not coming From him or whatever Because there might be people who are Good preceptors who are really devoted Who are connecting directly or they Don't know it and they think it's coming From dodging like I don't know like all That stuff's just it's a mess because There's no way to figure it out it

Happens on a etheric level it happens on A you know uh you know spiritual level That isn't you know we don't have direct Confirmation all the stuff that happens Spiritually I mean the woman Madame Malin who did those messages with Babaji For years she never stopped doubting That it was Babaji and that was you know Like she just had doubts her entire time He kept on saying how much more Confirmation do you need right But you know when you're channeling when You're entering the spiritual spirit World It's you know not the same as it's not As concrete and as real as the third Dimensional World which is an illusion In itself right Of your spiritual essence you know it's A you know it's a perversion in a way You know not a a pure your physical body And your ego and your Consciousness Isn't as pure as your souls Connection and your Soul's you know Essence Um so all of that And you know I'm not going to probably Receive these channeled messages I don't Know if I have the ability to do so Um and so It's just ideas come to me like anything Else I'm kind of a Visionary personality I Get ideas all the time

And some of the ideas work and some of Them don't you know some of them You know die immediately some of them Have some you know whatever it might be Right like just having the like the Membership portion of my channel I mean I want to do that forever but you Know just my uh there was a block in Terms of making emojis and things Banners it wasn't that hard and then Once I did that it was already done I'm Like oh wow it's over you know I had Done one third of it I'd done a maybe Even a little bit more you know I made The the names and the categories and the Things like that and for that you know Um It was important given everything that's Going on with YouTube and these things But I just sat there for six months and So there's my own resistance my own you Know or just being busy and doing other Things and and whatever it might be so Like it's Hard for me to focus on you know all These things when I'm pretty much busy Every day with homesteading stuff and Stuff to do with this channel like that That's all my time and then we have my Time I spent with my my wife and you Know whatever it is right there was About three things that you know and Then just doing things like meals and Whatever

Else there is but anyways I feel more And more connectivity and You know like an expansion of whatever Happens within terms of services or Whatever they'll be available for Gratefulness in the future making it More about um You know like trying to create or Working towards creating something That's Similar to having a relationship with a Preceptor like I did when I started Meditation and then you know creating More of a Um a sense of group chat in these things And a feedback loop and you know where People can Uh you know share their resources or Experiences and things like we used to Get at a gathering where people would Say yeah it's normal to go through a Cleaning or whatever it might be right That these things are all a part of it And you know maybe do these Sort of intensive sitting things again You can use the It's a sodium is sitting on the Gratefulness meditation Channel there's Three videos and one of them is a 30 Minute sitting you can do it three days In a row And start like have the you know I don't Know if that works or not but I believe It will

You connect to the source and get your Introductory settings which used to be Able to get from preceptor and dodgy has Some good videos He had that udemy thing that he did and Then he had the the ones on YouTube and Now of course it's just you know it's a Concert you know it's like he's well They've lost all that stuff Um and the energy isn't there so uh at Least for you know many of us But you can you know see if it works With the the meditation there and the Gratefulness uh YouTube channel and just Do it three days in a row get three Individual sittings by connecting to the Source And you know things like that so I want To you know hopefully make it more user Friendly make it to what we can you know Expand and uh new people can get the Full Experience and get a support have more Of a support system And all those things so that's you know That's a big part of Where we'll be there in the future we'll See what happens right So again this is the introductory Introduction to the the 104th Journey Series as well is the feedback loop you Guys can be feedback remind her for the Group meditation tomorrow and then I'll Continue on with this in the in the

Journey series talking about this as it Has CL you know it develops and Um it might take some time for it to Develop or whatever it is But I will uh yeah you know I'll Continue on Only spirituality will save this world It's paravato definitely reporting from The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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