Reminder for Group Mediation Sunday March 26 2023 + Friday at 9pm sittings

Reminder for Group Mediation Sunday March 26 2023 + Friday at 9pm sittings

Greetings brothers and sisters another Announcement for Group meditation here at uh doing the Gratefulness meditation on Sunday Tomorrow Is uh Sunday March 26th 2023. Um So I'm going to leave a feedback Sometime tomorrow morning I'll leave a Link for feedback where people can Comment on their experiences during the Meditation And it'd be great if only the people who Did the meditation like the video And then we'd have some sort of Count of how many people are doing it Doing the meditation the last week it Was When I checked it was like 130 people Had liked the video when I said it I'll Say it again tomorrow when I do the Video The feedback video but it'd be great if Only the people who do the meditation Like that video and then I have a kind Of sense of the numbers of people who Are doing it who are doing the Meditation the other thing is that for Years and years and years there was an Individual sitting Given Um

By you know the master of the system Every Friday night if you didn't have Access to a preceptor or Center And so you could meditate it Friday Night at 9 00 pm And you would receive an individual Sitting and I did it for years When I was in New Mexico and I was a Preceptor for the snow preceptors around And then at other times I did it quite Often Um there was there was lots of times I Didn't live near a preceptor And so uh I found it very effective and I look forward to it Every Friday night for a half hour at 9 00 pm And so when dodgy came in and instituted The app where you could get a sitting Anytime Anyplace from the app It seemed to have disappeared and of Course now with him You know being dodgy or whatever So that's you know something that in the Official heartfulness wasn't continued But now of course you know doing this Thing that we call gratefulness in the Old sagemarg system that has been you Know eroded and lost by heartfulness It seems like a good idea to for people To try to see if that works again Um or maybe it never stopped working but People didn't have to use it because of The app

And so next week I'll hopefully remember To remind people on Thursday Whoever wants to try this you know it's More or less when you really feel like You need an individual City It's available and um You know again it's just sitting there For a half hour it's a little bit Different than the group meditation but It's you know basically the same Practice it's just that it's considered An individual city which is a little Different Individual sittings are more About cleaning Um And getting uh you know a deep cleaning And then there's of course some Transmission at the end but you know Basically the same thing but there's a Little bit of a difference in it and so Those of you want to try that it's every Friday night at 9 00 pm and I'll get out Hopefully remember to remind people And so um yes the meditation seems to be Going well I Um you know the feedback that I'm Getting the meditation I'm experiencing Myself it's just there's more life in it Than Was with um You know the stuff to do with Heartfulness there's just more energy

And you know heartfulness is a dying uh You know there's a whole You think I've covered on my journey Series they're opening up an Athletic Facility there and just You know all these things that are um It would be okay if the transmission was There but it's really not Uh at least you know not like it should Be But anyways another meditation this week And uh I'll leave a a feedback video Tomorrow only spirituality will save This world as Paul Romano definitely Appointed when the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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