Reminder for Gratefullness meditation every Friday night at 9pm

Reminder for Gratefullness meditation every Friday night at 9pm

Greetings uh brothers and sisters so Just a short video about the individual Sitting That's you know available I believe uh Friday night tomorrow night At 9 00 pm and I'm not going to make a video about this Every week I'll make one occasionally Or I'll mention it in other videos as a Reminder And I'll put this up on the playlist Somewhere near the top of the playlist And this is simply that there's an Individual sitting at 9 00 PM Wherever You Are In the world that you know that your Time zone On Friday night for a half hour and This is something that was there under Babaji and chargi You just meditate on your own this is an Idea that we're meditating as a group Because It's an individual City and it was for People who didn't have access to a Preceptor and so it was abandoned once There was these uh Apps available under dodgy I don't know If it's abandoned or just you know no One was doing it anymore I don't know I Certainly didn't need to do it because Of the apps but the app sucked because The sitting's word You know always great

Um And so it's something you can try I Haven't even tried it again yet Um I'll try it tomorrow night for the First time and if you want to leave Feedback when I do the reminder on Saturday morning For uh group meditation on Sunday You can leave feedback there and I'll Mention that in that reminder so you Just sit and meditate on Divine Light in Your heart the same way As with the other you know any other Meditation that you do With gratefulness the idea of God's love In your heart And you know this can your connection Connecting with The um You know the transmission the energy That's there they're the second video on The playlist uh there's links To the prayer the mission prayer that You say before you meditate and all These things there people wanna You know review those things or whatever It's links to the size Mark website but Again it's not concentration you're just Letting your mind rest on your heart and The idea is that the meditation's Supposed to teach you how to do the Meditation you'd learn it by just doing It it's like diving you know underwater Or something like this

You're in another You know another sort of sphere of Activity internally as opposed to the Outside world And as you you know practice you and I Talked about this in a video yesterday The more you practice the better it is The more that you learn to do it right And so it's again every Friday night at 9 00 PM where wherever you are You can get a sitting And you know there can be more Experiments with this later on in terms Of trying to at different times that People can do Given that this is like a preceptorless City a system now the Gratefulness meditation you have to Connect directly So this is kind of a you know A good thing to get these settings are Usually more cleaning intensive And it's a good way to prepare for the Sunday meditation where you get the Transmission So yeah like I said I'll occasionally Mention this but this is something that You know can be done Every Friday night at least that's how It was in the past and I see no reason Why it wouldn't work now Only spirituality will save this world It's paravato definitely important for The apocalypse and the Ascension

Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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