Reminder for Gratefullness group Meditation for Sunday May 7

Reminder for Gratefullness group Meditation for Sunday May 7

Greetings brothers and sisters so I forgot to mention on Thursday or even Yesterday that there would be Friday Night sitting at 9 00 PM which will be Every week if I forget about it and but I might forget also about the Saturday Thing to remind you for Sunday sometimes It'll just you know if I remember I'll Do it but as we progress and people you Know you just have to be consistent with It now you know I'll be talking about One way or another For those of you who don't know on my Other channel I put up these videos so People people can do the meditation with The videos My new channel I won't be checking that Channel as much because I'm gonna You know I have two browsers open and I Have One channel one you know podcast now and Open in one channel and then this Channel on the other browser you can Still leave comments there and I'll get To that Um you know whenever I've talked about This there's some videos out there's a Playlist that explains it all and how You use the the individual City and Group meditation and if you want to Introduce yourself or be introduced to The system you can do Three of these individual settings again The videos themselves aren't

Transmitting but it's a vehicle so that You can connect with the source You know in terms of the you know All of it but anyways just a reminder That there'll be a group meditation Tomorrow at your convenience sometime You you know the morning is best but Sometimes people do it on Monday or even Saturdays you know It's doesn't seem time and space don't Don't matter in the Context of the sittings and like I said There's a video there if you you know You want to sit you want to do it with The video my gratefulness meditation Channel which is linked in the Description box Of this video and all my videos And it runs for an hour that people can Do all that and I'll put a video up uh Sunday or Monday for feedback for this Meditation and you can leave Feedback here for The 9 pm individual meditation or the Gathering itself That happened last week you know Anything that you want to share whatever It's up to you I had a wonderful Gathering as I've talked about in a Couple of videos in a journey series Video that's coming out out of the next Uh Sunday or Monday or something so Again I'll check in uh tomorrow with a Follow-up video only spirituality will

Save this world it's Paul Romano Definitely important for the apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day And be grateful

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