Reminder Babuji Birthday Gratefullness online Gathering April 29, 30 & May 1, 2023

Reminder Babuji Birthday Gratefullness online Gathering April 29, 30  & May 1, 2023

Greetings brothers and sisters uh Just want to do a reminder about the Babaji birthday celebration coming up Today uh I mean uh on Saturday starts on Saturday And before I get to that there is a new YouTube channel that I have that right Now is a backup channel it's called Gratefulness meditation Uh apocalypse and potf PODS of the Future and for now it's a backup Channel But I you know at some point might just Do all my Stuff to do with the gratefulness there Um I'm not sure why that would you know It's probably never gonna have as many Subscribers as here so Yeah I don't know how it'll play out but You know please subscribe to that I Usually don't say anything about that But Just in case something happens Um to one of these other channels I have A strike on my two strikes on my Apocalypse Now they have to wait till These Come Those come off And you know the whole thing that's Going on with that YouTube's algorithms They've lost control of their Ai and all The stuff that's happening And so if we ever do any kind of live Type of situation and I don't you know Anticipate that happening but it might

You know I would want a channel that has Uh you know no chance of getting strikes Because it's just like no almost no Content on it right Um so I'll um you know again I'll post Some videos there but I've got about 550 subscribers the first day which is Good you know but it'd be good to get Some thousands over there Um ten thousand would be ideal so uh you Guys and I'll you know be announcing This for the next couple days on all my Videos But anyways the Gathering will start This uh Saturday And Friday night tomorrow the nine O'clock 9 p.m Universal sitting Which is not to be confused with the Prayer the universal prayer this is an Individual sitting you get from the Master Which is certainly not dodgy now so I Don't know you know what it is but who It is you know but it's a the etheric Master whatever you want to call it But the settings have been going great Which I've been documenting for me Personally And other people are saying they're Experiencing good individual cities At 9 00 PM it's a good way to get Cleaned out Before the Gathering and then Saturday Morning you can meditate twice a day

Again it's just you know everybody Connecting on their own With the idea that we're experiencing it Together And there's you know there's Explanations in my gratefulness Meditation and these gratefulness Meditation playlists of these videos but The you know energy is building I don't Know if you guys can feel it or not but I can feel it the building for the Gathering I'm pretty Psyched about it in ways that I have it Like there's an anticipation on an Internal level That something's going to happen like I've had that so much with scishmark and Not really with heartfulness There's an anticipation of like Something special that's going to happen All the way back to my first three Settings individual sittings It just hasn't been there with dodgy Because he sucks And he's a blockage you know cancer to The system So you know there's uh again meditating For as long as you can the cities are Usually between half an hour and an hour So 45 minutes or you know it's just Whatever it is And then the transmission comes at the End of it I mean just being you know if You can find any of the literature or

You know try to keep uh you know a sort Of a Uh like a three-day period where you're You're disconnected you might be on the Internet less right less time spent Doing things that are um you know I want to say counterproductive but uh Yeah certainly counterproductive and Just be focused on the spiritual energy And things And really you know the deeper you can Go into it the better Because these are the the you know these Three holidays these three bandaras the Master's births are the big days right Through the they're the days that you Can best experience the transmission uh But anyways it'll be uh the 29th the 30th and the first again you can Subscribe to my backup channel in case Anything happens here you just say you Know I don't anticipate it will but you Never know like YouTube is not like a a Stable you know a stable platform Anymore you know I'll do another Reminder on uh I guess tomorrow Friday and then um You know I'll talk about in my my video Today and you know whatever it is um And so yeah so this is um you know I'm Looking forward to this Gathering and I'll I'll keep everybody posted only Spirituality will save this world as Paul revital definitely pointed for the

Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day And be grateful

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