Remembering the Big Lie

Remembering the Big Lie

Greetings brothers and sisters um this Video took a turn I want to say for the Worst but in a different direction I Originally intended I was just going to Do some light you know coverage of trump And also there was um CNN and um Dana Bash put together a documentary about Anti-Semitism you know and I covered This a lot on my Apocalypse Now Channel I don't know how much I did here But there is a lot of hate speech Generated towards so-called conspiracy Theorists and antivaxers which you guys All know and you know it's a group that I guess it's deemed okay to behave in a Hateful way towards so let's start off Here I just searched conspiracy Theorists and looked at the news tab on Google search Russell's Brands Alternative reality why some people are Willing to believe in conspiracy Theorists conspiracy theories escaped From the rabbit hole the conspiracy Theorist who abandoned his dangerous Beliefs RFK Jr's presidential campaign Is driven by conspiracy theories because Of course he is a qan shaman now running For congress conspiracy theorists Spreads false information about the Return of coid 19 mandates Ricky Lambert Conspiracy theories and why footballers Footballers are vulnerable Trump's Belief in Fringe conspiracy theory and Pres and presidential reinstatement was

Stoked by my pillow Guy um this is just from 18 hours like Some of these things Nancy pson Husband's attack or trial begins own Lawyer admits David Pap David Pape is a Far-right conspiracy theorist my pillow Guy here you know it just goes on and on And on um this stuff about Buzz Aldren Tick Tock and it's just all these things Where the word conspiracy theory anybody Challenged in the official story this is All hate speech if you substitute the Word conspiracy or the words conspiracy Theorist for any of the protected groups This would not be tolerated right but You can say all these things about um Dan bartard Le Bard uh show show float's conspiracy Theory about Aaron Rogers didn't tear as Achilles all these things right um and So it's a derogatory term which we all Know it's okay to say it and then it Says conspiracy theorist Dsm5 opinion internet reality is Becoming indistinguishable from some Schizophrenic delusions how conspiracy Theories are bleeding into regular Politics so you have American Psychiatric Association suceptibility to Conspiracy theories and fake news Associations between belief and Conspiracy Theories and manipulative personality Traits of the personality inventory from

The dsm5 right so this is a this is um You know an abstract paper written by a Psychiatry resident and they're trying To say that people with who are Conspiracy theories are often also um Should be pathologized right and you see All these things these are all papers Abstract Papers there are no coincidences Proposed usefulness of the alternative Dsm5 model for personality disorders in The conceptual Conceptualization of qanon related to Related threats so they want to um make This like a personality disorder and There's just all these things that have Happened in the past where they have um Where they want to you know make this a Pathology ology right this is something That they have been pushing for for a Long time and even more more so now Right paranoid beliefs and conspiracy Mentality are associated with different Forms of mistrust a three Nation study And so we know that they've tried to Make anybody who believes in alternative Uh narratives to the official story Crazy and sometimes um you know Something where you're you could even be Put on a psychological hold a psych Atric hold and then of course the Antivaxer stuff here um you know even More hatred was there for the Anti-vaxers now I put together a

Compilation which I'll show you at the End of this video I'll put it on the end Of this video and it's clear that they Have spoken about and have talked about Conspiracy theorists and Antivaxers in a way that would be Unacceptable for other um groups right So so when they target people for hate Speech when they say people are speaking In hate speech the hate speech is taking A group based in race or sexual Identification or religion or belief System and then maligning them and Speaking about them like they're Subhuman and we all know that's what They do with us right anybody who Doesn't agree with the official story Story is attacked in this way in ways That the behaviors are the same the Behaviors are exactly the same as with These other groups right where people Are publicly saying that conspiracy Theorists and antiva should be locked up And all this hateful stuff that that was Said right pretty brutal stuff you know Like really brutal and like I said I Have a compilation of this at the end of The video but you know it's something That I always say behaviors are you know You can't say that a behavior is okay to Do for one group and not for another if You're against hate and there's a lot of Hate towards conspiracy theorists right There's a lot of malevolence and hatred

Towards people who are antivaxers and Conspiracy theorists who they claim are Conspiracy theorists in fact the term Conspiracy theorist is derogatory it is Like a racial slur or it's like some Homophobic Saye or something right it's Said and what does it mean it means that You're you're violent you're crazy You're racist you're uh mentally ill That's the big one you can't um make you Can't make good decisions you have a war Reality you're a threat to the system You're a potential terrorist right let's Look at that let me do another Compilation here people drawn to Conspiracy theories share a cluster of Psychological features right this is um Conspiracy theorists are crazy and these Are things that are associated with it Right this is all you know articles and And things people are saying that you Are crazy if you believe in these Theories and then associating with Qing On right like so there's plenty of People who believe in alternative Narratives some of them are liberal Leaning Democratic leaning type people And yet they try to make everybody who Believes in conspiracy theorists like a Flat earther believes in kinan Conspiracy theories are dangerous Conspiracy theories are losers Conspiracy theories a threat to Democracy is democracy under threat why

Conspiracy theory Belief why conspiracy theory theories Predict a autocratic attitudes Conspiracy theories a public health Concern all these things right so you're A threat to Society conspir conspiracy theories Fueled more terror attacks conspiracy Theories and right-wing Extremism the use of conspiracy theories By radically violent you know you get The idea there all these things like This so that you're violent and you're a Threat and you are um Extremist consp conspiracy theories feel Prejudice towards minority groups how Conspiracy theorists have tapped into Race conspiracy and racism let's end the Dialogue with American American Conspiracy Theorists let's end the dialogue right So that's what they're saying Get rid of It the racist great repacement Conspiracy theory belief in conspiracy Theories among African-Americans the Great replacement Theory white white Genocide conspiracy theory right-wing Spiry theory about eating bugs all these Things right and so they're openly Saying these things the conspiracy Theorists are racist that they're Violent that they're crazy the crazy one Is the biggest one they're a threat to Society so I searched here conspiracy

Theories theorists theories should be Locked up conspiracy theories are Dangerous here's how to crush the Counter conspiracy theories boost Well-being protect yourself from being Sucked in stop the spread conspiracy Theories conspiracy theories are Dangerous even if a few for a few people Why we can't ignore conspiracy theories Anymore but what we know is that there Is overwhelming hate and disdain and Prejudice and stereotyping of people who Are what they want to call conspiracy Theorist right where there's even a Derogatory term now a label for people Who don't agree with the official story So if somebody calls you a conspiracy Theorist you know all the things that go With it like it's okay to say that about Them and so everything else that they do And this isn't the only group that they Get to hate on like when um Joe Biden Calls uh Trump supporters Maga Republicans and I don't like that group Of people I'm not a big fan of trump Supporters I'm not a big fan of QB's Q Andon supporters right they're difficult To deal with and yet the mainstream Media the people who are left leaning And are anti-hate and stop the hate and You know all these types of things they They justify their hate for conspiracy Theorist or a group of people and treat Them that as they're lesser than they're

Subhuman and things that happen to Conspiracy theorists whether they're Censored or deplatformed or eventually Locked up or whatever executed God's God Knows what's coming down the pipe for People who don't agree with the official Story they you know these things these Behaviors that they whine about when It's for the called protective groups You know protected groups they do the Exact same behaviors to all of us we Know what it's like right you have to Hide who you are that's like one of the Telltale signs right when you're in a Situation where you're in a group that Is um not fairly treated and prejudice Against and it's a group that it's okay To hate societally through your system You can't tell people about what you Believe you can't speak freely about What you believe uh at work or even on Social media you can say these things on Social media and not get a job right and You know lose your job or be fired or Something like that there was a a Veteran you know this was um back in Like 2015 or 16 and he verbalized Believing in um the you know uh So-called conspiracy theories about the Big event in 2001 you know September and He was put on a psychiatric hold so you Can even be locked up for your beliefs Because you're dangerous you're a Potential terrorist all these things I

Mean we know what it means we know what It means when they say oh you're a Conspiracy theorist we know what that Means right they know what it means and It's okay it's okay for them to do that Behavior towards people who don't agree With them who have a different belief System and who are often proven right Often times things that are once Conspiracy theories are eventually Accepted as truth I mean it happens over And over again you guys have seen it and So for people who are right and aren't Crazy and again there's crazy people There's racist people some of these Personality traits and some of these um You know stereotypes are true for some People but for the most part not and There's lots of people who are you know Who are functioning people family people People who aren't promoting hate or or Bringing down the system or any of these Other things and so I want to make sure We clarify this because I'm going to Talk about this in terms of the you know Talking about all the Anti-Semitism but these same groups Don't want to you know they label Conspiracy theorists these groups are Very you know attacking and very uh you Know mean-spirited towards people who Don't agree with the official story and So you know you're fraud you know what You're an absolute fraud all these

People all these groups if you're not Willing to extinguish these behaviors in All forms if you think it's okay to Conspiracy theorists and blame them for Everything often times they have you Know conspiracy theorists for the most Part don't have very much power you know We become a a group of people that's Possibly a voting block and elections That are rigged and you know I guess we Could get together and boycott but That's likely not to happen so other Than that we don't have a lobbying group We're not represented by you know people In the government for the most part There are a few people who are you know QBs they they're not well thinking Wellth thought you know they're they're Dopes like margorie Taylor green and Some of these other people but people Who are reasonable and are articulate And are educated and they're not double Digit IQ people and capable of abstract Thought and sophisticated points of view Are not represented by our politicians And even if we were you know the system Can't survive conspiracy theorists they Can't survive truth right the system's Allergic to truth the system is a DE Receptive system that's based on lies From you know the monetary system to the Media to history to all these things the Truth is Kryptonite to our system which I've talked about before and so there's

Good reason why they have to take this Approach and I understand it but it's Fraudulent right they're all frauds They're all Hypocrites and so let's Start off here with Trump okay so today Is the next day I today's Tuesday November 14th I started that uh later Yesterday the part you just heard And um the part you're just about to see Is how they started the Video and there's a followup now to Stuff I'm about to show you where um uh Trump said this stuff about Vermin and They were going crazy on MSNBC and but Anyways I just want to say this Conspiracy theories are real because There's a word called conspire and it's A behavior people do people conspire That's why there's a word for it and it Means to one or you know two or more People coming together to create some Sort of a nefarious plan right uh Secretive plan there's various Definitions of it but that's you know Basically what it is right and Conspiracy theories are in movies TV Shows and they're talking about Trump And the election you know deniers and There's Trump and his co-conspirators Are being tried in Georgia so that's a Conspir they they are saying exists when About Trump but the ones that other People suggest you're crazy for Suggesting them and you're a bad person

Even though they talk about Hillary Clinton for years talked about the vast Right-wing conspiracy against her and Her husband you know all these things And you know Russia was conspiring to Steal the election from her those are Okay that's okay like you're not crazy When you think those things but when you Think the ones that uh you know go Against the official story or anything These other things and so to demonize People For uh not trusting proven liars and Cheaters both parties both political Parties both you know all of these Things you know I had a a comment the Other day I want to get to here I might As well put it in here um and let me see If I can find it I I'll find it Eventually and the person said if you Don't know that they're if you if you Don't know that they're no difference Between Republicans and Democrats then this channel has zero to Do with any truth Community poorly Worded comment but with the person Saying if I don't understand there's a Difference between the Republicans and Democrats then I'm not a truther you Know you get these bonee heads who have No idea right who can't see it and it's All you know it's all a mess he thinks The Republicans are so much better than The Democrats but we saw the Republicans

Are way worse on Israel and that's a big Deal deal Trump was owned by Israel that Was one of his handlers you know all These things and they don't want to Admit these things um it's all just you Know abys like I said but there are Conspiracies out there in fact pretty Much everything that's been Done successful businesses you know Whatever it is political things big Movements there's conspiracies both Parties and both election uh the people That run the elections for the you know The candidates uh political team they do Things to conspire all the time it's Underhanded there's you know there's Intelligence Community that's conspiring And coming up with conspiracies and all These things are done and have been done For thousands of years right and so You're not a bad person for recognizing That happens you know recognize that People lie and cheat and do all these Things and so them demonizing all of us And you know making us all the the worst You know versions of uh people who Believe in and everyone believes in Conspiracy theories and to some extent Whatever it is but the cues and the you Know the flat earthers and the you know The trumpers they're the you know They're the lowest level of of this uh You know movement and they have nothing To do with the rest of us but they try

To demonize us all in that way because They suck right this is a conspiracy and I'll show you also at the end I'll put In the the big lie compilation which is Obviously a conspiracy where they all Started using the term the big lie I Mean that's a conspiracy where they come Together and they use talking points and You know I mean it's just out there they Do this all the time they conspire to Say the big lie over and over again and I'll put that you know those two things At the end of this video but let's get Into into the stuff that I um videoed Earlier here the Trump stuff and the Stuff to do with the anti-Semitism show On CNN okay so here's the video from Yesterday somehow the first part of it Got cut off where I said greetings Brothers and sisters this was the start Of the video m M in a defensive um resty she has resy MA Face um Donald Trump says some things About Nancy Pelosi and this is really Good content here let's start off from The beginning okay so here we go you Know we had no Terror during my Administration the only Terror we had Was Nancy Pelosi who was a crazed Lunatic she's a [Applause] Lunatic she is a crazed lunatic what the

Hell was going on with her husband let's Not ask let's not ask I'll withdraw that Statement By the way she's got a wall around her House obviously in that case it didn't Work very well K Kaboom what what the hell Happened to Nancy Pelosi's husband he he Guy in his 80s almost got beaten to death by Somebody that fed in to Donald Trump's Crazed uh yeah that was just made up we Heard from his son that the guy wasn't a Trumper at all and his his son said the Guy was very Gentle and said some other things that That more sounded like the narrative That they were lovers or something um But the media and ncy Pelosi dropped That Paul Pelosi thing as quickly as They could you know other things they Talk about all the time the big event in January they talk about that every day The media the Democrats there's things That they talk about because they're Winning things it's like the Republicans Talk about certain things that are Winning issues for them and it's you Know it's often controlled it's often Some sort of you know fake event or Something but this thing with Nancy Pelosi was embarrassing and they quickly Moved on from it right but anyways that Was why Trump was at the time you know a

While back my favorite President because He was so presidential he made it a Mockery of the presidency and he said Things like that that were you know he Was funny and you know he had these good Things unfortunately he punked out like He just he became uh an absolute joke he Sold out his followers and I mean who Knows well that he's done right Apparently um bankman free let's go to That I have that on insle Sam I'm Thinking we could pay Donald Trump not To run for president like how much would It take did he get an answer so he did Get an answer when I was talking to Sam About this was5 billion five billion do Right Trump would not run for president For5 Billion according to Sig Paul Franklin Sigman freed whatever his name is bakman Fried um anyways let's um get back into It here conspiracy Theories that's what happened to Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul uh who who Suffered Grievous harm he just blaming Conspiracy theories which they always do You know you saw the the video the cops Showed up at the door and you know most Of the action took place they moved to The side so they you couldn't see the Guy hit him um and the whole thing Seemed very suspect whatever it was Right but to blame it on conspiracy Theories is constantly what they're

Doing and demonizing anybody who Questions the official story even though They have their conspiracy theories About Trump and the rest of it you know This victim Consciousness stuff they're They're trying to do it here but we Don't believe the story I mean very few People believe the story I think even Democrats have a hard time believing That story and they made a fortune on The stock market the bosis like you know Remember when um Diane Feinstein died And she had um along with her private Jet she had something like $60 million Of resources or you know properties and Income and wealth right accumulated Wealth when she was making $300,000 a Year and it's even worse probably for Nancy ny's made a fortune in the stock Market but anyways it's this victim Consciousness and all this stuff right It was a weird story and the Democrats Tried to spin it like some anti-trump Thing and you know whatever and they've Been doing it so much that they've lost All credibility you know and Trump sucks I mean that you know Trump is has turned Into a like a a complete um Joke and like a cancer on Humanity but What he said here the kind of stuff Trump used to say was great before he You know crapped out Grievous Grievous Injury and Um you know Charlie Sykes I mean this is

Just again it's a glorification of Violence I I i' I've gotten quite Impatient over the past year with Professors ringing their hands going oh It's not fascism oh it's not this oh It's not wheelie I mean it is so hard to To did you just say Wheelie I think you just said Wheelie wheie I really Wheie wheie Joe it is so hard to to separate you Know you look at the acts of musolini Who actually Rose to power okay Trump Has no power like that Trump like when He went out he said this is no way to to Run a country when he was you the whole Election thing happened Trump's a putts Like he doesn't have that kind of power And he didn't do those kind of things he Made you know jokes that you guys don't Like and he said things that were Offensive but that was about it like he Didn't have that kind of you know you Can't compare him to musolini yeah I'm In the editing process and I want to Expand on this thing he just called the Guy musolini right they've called Trump Hitler and M musolini multiple times and There's going to be a couple videos they Got today a followup where they you know Compare him to Hitler and then there's Another video that talks about how he Wasn't going to leave the White House With his former Li uh lawyer Jenna

Whatever her name is Jenna Jenna Ellis You know but Trump was right there Wasn't any of this terrorism when he was President it just took a hold remember All that Isis stuff and all that stuff That went under Obama and then now all This stuff with the return of Isis K and All that kind of stuff that went on with With um with Biden Trump got rid of that You know to his credit like and Trump Didn't do anything that would represent That he was going to create a coup right They're comparing him to Hitler and Molini mostly what Trump has is a big Mouth he just says stupid funny Sometimes funny inappropriate stuff and He's corrupt and he's a scammer he's a He's a flimflam man he's a con man he's Not a he's not a dictator he's not a Proar guy he didn't create Wars he Didn't do anything these things like he Scammed the system his family got Bank You know his family got paid Jared Kushner and Ivanka got a two billion Doll deal with the Saudis you know they Made money he scammed people he lied to People he play you know Trump uh did his His thing which was to be a flimflam man No one thought he was a dictator I mean He might be a kind of a dictator like Personality to work for and you know the People around him don't die they just Turn on him and sue you know they Trump Sues them or they sue him or you know

Trump throws them under the bus but you Know he's more of just a you know he's a Dope right like he's a [ __ ] he's not a Dictator he's not like some criminal Mastermind like they try to play him out You know they talk about how he's Mentally incompetent and how he's stupid And yet they talk about him like he's a Mastermind uh villain you know criminal Like some super villain and you know he Can't be both right and them saying These things about him is you know in The victim consciousness are using Throughout this process these you know These just these clips and then we'll Get into the Dana Bash stuff they're all So snowflakes that are are you know Complaining about name calling and Trump's name calling and you know They're going to get into the Vermin Thing here in a bit it's a second clip And then the there's a followup to the Vermin thing that happened today Trump Uses the word vermin but they called him Mcellen and Hitler and his followers are Part of that like all the Trump Supporters are supporting Hitler right So that makes them whatever you know the New version of that and so it's okay to Say that right like it's just the Hypocrisy here and the you know how Sensitive they are how snowflakey they Are to their own criticism and to those The things Trump says or people in the

Truth Community say or whatever it might Be and yet they're able to drop these You know calling somebody Hitler is one Of the worst things you could say Calling them mellini you comparing them To these people and that's okay you know They get to do that right you know Trump Makes a few jokes about Nancy Pelosi and Her husband and they're talking him Being you know the worst person in the World right you know like it's just They're so I mean it's just so lame when What did they do they charged government Buildings what did melini talk about uh Poisoning the blood of of of Italy with With with with come on just you're Laying it on so thick so this is a we're Getting more into the victim Consciousness thing um this guy here Let's see what he says and the fact that It gives millions of Americans a Dopamine hit or or even more Americans Look at that and go okay oh my gosh That's not you're going with this here It's a whole panel of people talking About this around you those are the People that that are the Vermin those Are the people that we must attack those Are the people that we must uh that we Must fight against and that is dangerous But it is this cultivation you mean the Way that Joe Biden calls them magga Republic an right you know it's the Divisive country and you guys have

Helped divide it and there's a lot of Dopes out there and a lot of morons and You guys Pander to them and you know Come on like it's just it's just so bad So then there was a sec this panel was There it's it's two different this is Two different clips that YouTube Recommended to me lot to talk about in a Jam-packed of scary stuff speech by Former president Trump over the week Weekend well I mean there's a lot to Talk about I mean he just reveals more About him no this is because he's the Center of your Universe admit it you Love him you can't live without him your Whole show is based on this like this is Any possible way that they can cover Something to do with Trump every one of These shows on CNN and MSNBC mentions Trump somewhere in the Hour of each specific show like these Shows run some of these shows run for Three hours like this morning Joe thing Some of them run for one hour and they Mention show they mention Trump every Hour sometimes multiple times sometimes Half of their content is based in Trump Right I mean like what are you guys Going to do without Trump The Washington Post of course reported a few uh I guess Last week that Donald Trump basically Was making an en's list and said that if He were elected president of the United States he would use his position as

President and start going after Dem Democrats start going after political Enemies start going after and it sounded Like arresting even even his former Lawyers uh who who no longer defend so You have all that talk but you've he's Got a List he's checking it twice always had This fascist talk uh coming from him and And it it was just a week or two ago That the Anti-Defamation League and many Others were concerned when he was Talking about immigrants quote poisoning The blood uh of of of of America and of Course that's again it's Trump doesn't Have any policies like he's not running On any policies when you hear a trump Speech he's just talking about like Getting revenge and undoing all the Biden stuff and going out you know like He's he's going on like a re revenge Tour right like he's just vindictive and You know it seems like he's defeated We'll see how it goes I kind of think He's going to jail now I don't know what These guys are going to do without their Compass you know Trump is their Compass He's their North he's their their their Star Polaris it's just sort of calls for Rachel uh racial Purity which Rachel of Course I find absolutely fascinating Since we are a nation of immigrants yeah I mean Donald Trump uh as Donald Trump Himself knows uh what were they called

The drums what were they the uh what was His last name drump drums I think it was Drum the the drums the drums the Drums came here uh from Germany when Just having a name drump and being from Germany uh was seen as anti-American and Seen as poisoning the bloodstream of Amica and now we're going and now he's And now he's saying the same thing it's Crazy the irony here look at this guy Work look at him work we just going full On Hitler talking about uh talking about Well that's that's kind of of a you know Are you really comparing Trump to Hitler come on now and of Course it's so interesting I I I don't Know who his spokesperson is but you Know one of these fat white pink boys That likes to talk tough goes oh it's Just you mean like Chris Christie didn't you have Chris Christie On like yesterday triggered they're Triggered we will crush them uses they Will be crushed their lives will be Crushed and so you have a bunch of weak People uh a bunch of fat white pink boys A bunch of phony populists uh that are Going around talking Are you seriously Going to talk about that when you have Joe Biden and the rest of these clowns I Mean like it's just the inability to Self- perceive but of course they're Targeting really stupid people because Only really stupid people watch this

News it's not stupidity as much as it is Being unconscious like a low level of Consciousness and awareness Tough and unfortunately making threats That we those of us who love democracy Those of us who actually you guys love It you love it so much you love Democracy that you you backed Biden's um You know the mail and ballot and all the Rest of it even the American experiment All these years later have to be worried About yeah and you you look again you Look at the language of Donald Trump you Look at what Donald Trump says he's Going to do and you go back uh to to my Angelo's saying that when somebody tells You uh who they are believe him the First time we have to believe him and we Also have to believe that so when Joe Biden got caught for plagiarism we Should have believed it then like you Guys should have gave up on him then When he told you that he was a liar and He came out and he said this I I'll run The meme here I've been dumb Meme and I've done some dumb things and I'll do Dumb things again ladies and gentlemen I've been dumb when he said that you you Didn't get it right you didn't accept That you didn't say hey you know what Know he told us who we are we should Just not run them let him run for President three more times this is the Most important election probably since

1864 oh come on it's not important it's Over whole thing's over doesn't matter Who wins it's going to still nothing's Going to change it's just going to be You know a different ending not a better One right it's G We try to either call him out on the Lies that he puts out there or not cover Uh just frivolous stuff that he says That his lies but you you do that all Time everything Trump is is coverable in This case you have to look uh amid a Rise in anti-Semitism across the United States Donald Trump echoed the dangerous Language of Infamous fascist leaders in A social media post on Saturday Veterans Day and then again at at a rally later In the day Trump vowed to root out the Quote Vermin within the country take a Look in honor of our great veterans on Veterans Day we pledge to you that we Will root out the Communists marxists Fascist and the radical left thugs that Live like Vermin within the confines of Our country that lie and steal okay so You guys misquoted them not a great Quote and you know it's Trump being Trump and he's making promises he can't Keep and you know there none of this Stuff you know how Trump is but they Misquoted him because he didn't say he's Rooting out to Vermin he said Liv like Vermin and cheat on elections the threat From outside forces is far less Sinister

Dangerous and Grave than the threat from Within I mean it it it's really Unbelievable uh what what what he says And and Carlos Lazada uh in the New York Times uh this weekend wrote uh Trump is Running as an overtly authoritarian Candidate okay this is where they're Going with this they went with this last Time Trump's problems are this um this Is for a from a Bloomberg poll and Trump Is beating Biden he's plus three in Pennsylvania plus 9 in North Carolina Plus 4 in Arizona plus seven in Georgia Plus three in Nevada plus one in Wisconsin and he's tied up in Michigan And so Trump is winning all the the um Swing States the problem here aside from Trump being just a piece of crap and you Know he just should go away is that 53% of Americans said that they would Not vote for him under any circumstance And if you look at these polls and some Of these places they're a little bit More Republican Um you know there's that's about where It is right he tops off here at 48% in uh Georgia and North Carolina and again you know I don't know I mean these elections are all rigged to Whatever extent anyway and whatever but Trump has a he's been capped out like he Can't get more than 40 uh 7% of the vote Nationwide and there's another 12% who Said that they're highly unlikely to

Ever vote for him and so so when it Comes to a choice between him and Biden Maybe there some of those people AC Cross the aisle and we don't know what Factor Kennedy will play in all this Whether he'll take votes from Trump or Biden or both and how that'll all play Out but you know Trump's limited and you Know he has nothing like he has no Platform he just has he's a grumpy old Man who's you know bit bitter and been Jilted by America he's hating all these Guys that used to love him he all the His inner circle people I mean everyone Trump had around him has turned on him I Mean Trump has turned on them and he's Turned on you know he doesn't have any He was burning through support like he Has nothing like it'll be a disaster of A Administration and he's you know he's Grown paranoid and he's just kind of Lost it so I turned on CNN accidentally Last night uh Sunday night today's Monday November 13th so the reason I say Accidentally is you know I'm usually Watching did something with my wife and You know we both sort of take these TV Naps and whatever it is and then I might Watch a basketball game that I recorded You know I watch like just the parts That I you know like I fast forward Through certain parts of the game Whatever it is but when I'm recording

Some when I watching something I record And I'm done with it I'll um I'll uh Delete it and then it goes back to what Channel was on beforehand and like I Said I usually set it for CNN or MSNBC Or something like that you know For the reasons I've stated and so that Doesn't happen all that much where I'll Delete something while I'm watching it But when I do do that I see CNN when I Usually don't see it like at nighttime And they were running this special with Dana Bash I've talked about Dana Bash Being really anti-palestinian Um like She's she kind of says well you know we Shouldn't kill the kids there she kind Of is sympathetic to the you know the Plights of the IM the people in Palestine getting killed but she's Feeling like Israel has to respond and There's no choice because of um Hamas Holes being hidden within the the Confines of the Palestinian people and So she's really one of the worst on this Right with most of the media leaning Towards a ceasefire from Israel she's Pushing for Israel to be and getting Guests on her show that are saying that No Israel should just push through And so um a new look at the explosion of Anti-Semitism in America what is really Happening and why and so I watched a Little bit of this I watched a little

Bit in like the middle a couple of times I was you know I looked at CNN and um it was really done poorly and I'll get into that in a moment but let's Check out there's a clip Here you hatred anti-Semitism is deeply Baked into not just Western Society but Much of much of the world it's very hard Why much of the world well think about That statement anti-Semitism is baked Into not just the western part of the World but the whole world why is that Like why is that there right and you Know a question that you need to ask Because if you really want to solve this Problem and I'm a you know know I'm Against hate for the reasons I'll Explain it again in a bit but hatred is Your hatred which I always talk about And so I'm not a person that promotes Hate and certainly hates of groups of People and things like this because it Is you know hate is a cancer on the Person who hates and Humanity in general But there's questions that need to be Asked right and they're not asking them Here hard to eradicate anti-Semitism has Been called the longest or the oldest Hatred With good reason so this it's not the Oldest hatred because you know people Have been around for at least a couple Hundred thousand years and so long Before there were Jewish people um but

Where this comes from or you know the Origins of it there has to always be be A sense of okay what are we going to do Differently right I'll get into this in A bit I want to say this here I think I Say it somewhere else maybe a little bit Differently so it'll be a little bit Repetitive but when you're in a Situation where people don't like you You can't say it's just them it's just Everybody else you know there has to be Some you know idea of why that is either Personally or as a demographic or group Of people like I know why I I talk later About I know why people don't like me Personally but I also know why people Don't like Americans right for example And they have some legitimate reasons Not to like Americans and so you have to Be able to look at yourself right Especially when you're talking about the Kind of longevity of this dislike that You know these people have suffered from For so many years sort of let the lid Off for many anti-semites for quite a Few decades it hasn't been taken Seriously uh people have said it's not As serious as uh racism it's not as Serious as homophobia it's not as Serious as misogyny Etc or what you'll Often find is amongst uh University Administrators well these Jewish kids They come from well-healed families it's Almost falling into the anti-semitic

Trope Jews are powerful so why are they Complaining Jews are successful so why Are they complaining so it's using the Anti-Semitism against them when you Encounter an act of prejudice call it Out for what it is when George Floyd was Murdered it would have been so Inappropriate to say we condemn the Racism that was behind this and the Homophobia and the anti-Semitism but Somehow when it comes to Anti-Semitism it couldn't be called out On its own it couldn't stand on its own What is the Whataboutism um so she's saying that There isn't Enough uh talk about anti- semitism and I hear it all the time out of all of the Things that she mentions racism misogyny Homophobia all these things that are Talked about all the time now and They're talked about all the time isn't Making it better it's making it worse Right because of it's a it becomes Divisive by the way they're expressing It like the various ways that this being Expressed and also when things aren't Anti-semitic like with Kyrie Irving that Was an anti- ISM what Kyrie Irving did And when he was you know the way he was Treated that upset a lot of people and It was divisive within the African-American community and the People who are against the

Bloop and so you know it became a a bit Backfired right and so she's saying that They don't get enough run like they Don't get enough there isn't you know Enough talk about Anti-Semitism and every time I turn on The news and see them talking talking About something like this I would say More than any of the other issues Anti-Semitism has covered specifically Now of course but it's over the past so Many years in fact when all these other Things were being covered it seemed like The people who like the ADL and these Groups were kind of bombed that other Groups were getting talked about more Right that's what it like seemed like And when you become competitive in Things like this it always backfires do It dilutes it and it to a certain degree Rationalizes and or justifies I want to Me also be exactly clear criticism of Israeli policy is not anti-Semitism but When you Question uh the right of Jews to a National identity when you question the Existence of a Jewish State you've moved Beyond the political So that's not anti-semitic either let me Get into this here so first of all you Know I've talked about hate and hate is Something that exists inside of you and You know in the Sark system of Meditation there is a cleaning process

That removes these things from your System and also because of the purity of The transmission the meditation that you Do and the sensitivity that exists when You do the practice you feel these Things like when you start feeling angry You know I used to be a lot angrier than I am and I used to be a lot more Forceful there's you know I used to hurt People's feelings a lot worse you know As blunt as I can be here I was way Worse when I was younger and I was Sensitive enough even back then that I Would feel it in my own system when I Hurt somebody's feelings you know I Didn't recognize like it being sensitive I didn't understand probably what it was But when I heard somebody's feelings I Could feel it in my own you know I could Feel the pain that I caused other people And when I started doing SAR system of Meditation you know that focuses on the Heart it became more prevalent when I Said things that hurt other people's Feelings and I could feel it right and When I felt anger or hate you know when I felt spiritual Purity and connected to God and you know I felt this light Condition and then I felt something Heavier fear anger and something worse Like hatred hatred is more unnatural Than fear and anger and these other Things you know animals feel fear and Anger they're they're natural emotion

There's survival you know there's Survival aspects to it but hatred is Something different right it is a social Construct especially the way it it Perpetuates through our you know our Civilization and so when I started Feeling those things I Recognized that it was a problem for me Like it made me feel bad and you know I Didn't want those things inside of me Right and so I worked on removing them The cleaning process of the system does That on its own and so there's a Solution out there that I've experienced Success with it in fact there's a a Quote here let me see if I can um find It um you know I've experienced success With this system and you know it's it's Something that works right you can Remove these things and this is um a Quote from Master chargie the third Master of the system whenever you hate Something look into yourself and try to Find it and remove it from within then You will not hate anything anymore when You are afraid of something look into Yourself remove it from the inside and You will not be afraid of anything in The universe after that and so him Saying this you know there was a story That he had that he just hat hated Somebody at work and he was training you Know he was becoming trained to be the Next president and master of the system

And his you know the guru of the system The president of the system Bobaji um he was he said to him you know There's this guy at work I just hate him Like he would look at the guy just hate Him right he just you know and bobi said You know you got to throw that out of Your system you got to throw the hatred Doesn't matter if the guy's you know po If the guy sucks or he's a hatable the Hate is something that poisons you he Said find the hate and just throw it out Of your system and you know there's a Cleaning process and there's things that Work with it but the way to eradicate Hate is for people to experience it Individually and what it does to them Like hatred is something you know it's The the common quote feeling hatred or Feeling resentful is like swallowing a Poison pill and expecting your enemy to Die like it kills you right it really Upsets you you know my dad was um you Know he worked in uh um as a guidance Counselor at an inner city uh high School and he um you know worked with Mostly uh you know was like a probably a Third white a third black and a third um Hispanic and when he went to college he Um you know he was he looked Italian he Looked ethnic he was you know half Sicilian half Albanian and back then you Know the 40s whatever 30s or 40s when he Went to college I don't really know

Probably the you know the 40s Italians Were prejudiced against and he had a Couple of friends who were Jewish he had Two friends who were Jewish lifelong Friends and you know when he got really Old my mom told me he just got Wicked Anti-semitic and racist like he'd watch The news and he just use you know racial Slurs and he just like fell apart like You know mentally and yet he worked with You know the groups of people that he Was talking about and he had like like Two friends who still were his friends He went golfing with one of them cuz he Was they were all you know they retired Down in Florida you know but he just Said all this stuff and you know he was Bitter and he was like you know kind of An underachiever loser kind of guy you Know he felt like you know life had Cheated him and these things and you Know many people retire and they don't Have any purpose the guy wasn't very Likable no none of uh his kids would Ever go to him for advice you know he's Kind of we looked at him as kind of a Loser and a failure and you know not a Great person right and so you know he Went down this path and he didn't do Well like he got all these physical Ailments and you know he was just a mess Right he had a you know he died poorly He lived poorly and he died poorly right You know and this kind of thing happens

Uh but it's you know it's something that Destroys you eats you away from the Inside out but that's for each person to Figure out right you can't legislate Hate you can't stop people from there it Just makes things worse when you try to Suppress something when you try to force People through a power structure not to Hate right and what she said about what This woman said in this you know this Interview when Dana Bash is pushing this Idea that it's inherently anti-semitic To not back in an Israeli state are Saying that Israel gets to to exist well The problem with that is you know most People don't care about Israel or not Like I never I I still probably don't Care that much about it right but what People are upset about is the fact that There was a country called Palestine and People were living there and there was More Palestinians than Jews live in There and the UN decided to just go in There and take the country half the Country away from the Palestinians and Then empower the Israel Israelis with You know America and these countries Empower the Israel is Israeli with the Israelis with more weapons and more you Know a a better um a better military and All these things and they just started Building more settlements and pushing The Palestinians out and doing to the Palestinians what they complained about

Being done to them right and that's why People are as mad at Israel especially In the the current circumstances and That's not Anti-semitic that's being mad at a bully Right and it's not saying that Israel Doesn't get a right to exist but you Know it's you conquered another country Basically or legislated another country At least at a half of its existence and Now you're pushing the people out and Subjugating those people and you know That doesn't go well in the modern world With the woe Consciousness and Colonialism and the idea of Colonizing and you know that's what's Happening like it's one of the few Places that seems to be able to get away With this like Great Britain can't do it Like it used to and America can't go out And colonize countries but the people of Israel think they should get a pass on This because they were promised Something by God in their religion that Is not universally viewed as a promise In the religion that they're oppressing The Muslim people and so the issue here Is that you know like this woman said That it's a global issue where people Don't like Jewish people around the Globe you know and I had Jewish friends I grew up in a neighborhood you know a City that had 40% of the people there Were Jewish so I had you know when I was

A kid I had like three pretty good Friends that I hung out with that were Jewish right and you know I didn't think Anything of it like I you know when You're a kid like you know I didn't make Any kind of distinctions about this you Know one of the kids I went to his bar Mitzvah and things like this and these Kids were just like every other kid Right there wasn't you know I mean we Didn't there wasn't things that you Stood out to them about the difference In their beliefs that I would have Noticed as a kid right so you know I Don't have any wrongs that were done to Me and I don't look at things that way You know because of all the things I've Talked about with victim Consciousness In the past and I'm not going to you Know talk more about it here but she's Saying that there's hatred for Jewish People globally and there's a small Group of people 12 million or 16 million Or whatever it is right very small in Terms of you know we talking about Billion two billion Christians and two Billion Muslims and over a billion Hindus and you know you have all these Groups of people large segments of the Population of other religions and only You know 16 million Jews right and you Know across the globe now you could say It's all the other people I mean you can Go into work and everyone can hate you

Or you can be hated you know by all Kinds of you know people in your life Your family members and you could say It's all them I mean that's a you know You can say that when people dislike you You can blame them right and you can you Know sometimes it is them a lot of times It is you know depending on you know It's at least partially them but why do They hit you right like I know why People don't like me I can tell in a Comment when someone's giving me a Hostile comment why they don't like me Or why they don't like what I said and Mostly it's on them because of their you Know their egos being hurt right but I've said things and I say things all The time that I know certain groups of People are going to be upset about and I Don't care like I'm not trying to be Liked right like I could be liked by a Lot more people I could say things in a Way that more and more people would like Me and I could you know speak in a way Where I didn't say things that I know Are that is going to upset some people's Belief systems and I don't do that right And I would have more subscribers and I'd be more successful and I you know There's all kinds of ways that my life Would be Better if I just thought about other People's Egos and feelings more than I Do but I don't do that and so I don't

Begrudge them not liking me like I you Know that's their choice and I recognize That I'm doing things that are going to You know provoke people not to like me Just by what I say here You know I don't reach out to people I Don't you know I don't make an effort to Be friendly I don't you know put on a Fake smile I don't you know I don't I'm Not very you know to some people I am Like I am to my wife right I am to my Perers my Dogs you know and you can make an effort You can make an effort to be a better Listener you can be make an effort to um You know make people feel better but the Way that Jewish people the Jewish you Know the Jewish establishment I wouldn't Say it's it's certainly not all Jewish People but the Jewish establishment in America what they've done is become Really successful be in real powerful Positions and you know the the uh you Know in business and in you know Hollywood and the media and they have Used money and power to influence Politicians to where all the politicians Are you know universally have to sign a Piece of paper saying they're going to Support Israel and also in the media and Making movies and you know how many Movies have you seen on the Holocaust How many you know movies have you seen That are TV shows that are you know have

Um a positive message about Jewish People and so they've this is the way They've tried to stop the hate for them By you know making laws and you know the ADL going after people and legally suing Them and you know these things right and When and get special treatment and They're getting a lot of money of Taxpayer money to support Israel they've Gotten a lot of support for Israel and When you use the system in such a way And we use your power to get things for Your particular group you're always Going to create uh negativity from other Groups when you look like you're getting Special treatment I mean it's Universal That someone gets special treatment is Disliked by other people you know if you Have a a kid in a family who gets you Know is the favorite kid of the the mom Or the dad the other kids get jealous Like it's just this is human nature we Know this it is played out it's even in The Bible right you know so if somebody Gets special treatment they are you know And and they do things to manipulate the System to get special treatment then you Know they're seen as um you know they're On they're not liked right and when There's you know part of their belief System is that they're the chosen people For example that also makes people not Like them right and so if you don't look At your own behaviors and you don't look

At the way that other people see you and See people through their eyes then You're never going to fix the situation Right you can't force people not to hate You can't force somebody else not to Feel anger or you can suppress it you Can legislate it but you can't force it Out of existence and so you know this Has been happening now for while and the Way that they're treating Palestine is You know it's poor timing and you know All the rest of it right and they're Putting out these documentaries and They're you know pushing for people you Know there's commercials about this that You're seeing in football games and Things like this but it's all backfiring Because it doesn't work because you know It's just making people um uh dislike You more right it's not an effective way To be liked right just being successful Is reasons people don't like you if You're successful as a group that causes Problems when people see that you're Successful I mean see what happens when Someone becomes successful in a Neighborhood and you I saw LeBron James And Kevin Durant talking about this that You know in the areas that they grew up In the inner city and the black Community there was resentment for them For being successful and people you know Like dislike them for being successful As they grew up and they started to you

Know gain notoriety and they you know as Young men going through high school and College and these things or you know Going to the NBA for LeBron James but as They started to get famous in high School you know in the neighborhood People started to dislike them right I Mean some of the people wanted to you Know embrace the success for themselves But people were jealous of them and These things and that's what happens Right success you know immediately makes You a Target and that's just how it is And we all see this on social media and Everywhere else right but again there Seems to be this idea that you know the Victim Consciousness is constantly there With this specific group of people and They're always making it sound like they They should get special treatment Because you know any other group is Going to experience the same thing based In the behaviors that they're doing Based in the way that they're going About this situation it's just going to Provoke more dislike and hatred okay so I want to show Dana bash's prejudice Against conspiracy theor on a Network That has shows you know that was called Um whatever something voices authentic Voices or something I don't know Whatever Brian stealer's failed show was And they had this guy donio Sullivan and The whole network was targeting

So-called conspiracy theorists and Labeling and demonizing them and talking About how bad they were cuz CNN was Getting their ass kicked by uh by um Truthers and alternative media and their Failed CNN plus right so she's on a Network that has a bad record in Treating so-called conspiracy theorist With contempt and Prejudice and hate Right um but also this is dangerous for So many reasons including the fact that There are people out there who are Trying to decide whether to cast their Ballots who are consuming information From the president and from qanon cons Conspiracists who believe it I didn't Say those Things so you just heard it defamation Distortions misrepresentations reading Between the lines aiting motive guilt by Association that is how RFK Jr offers an Answer for every accusation but Believing him that he's just a Contrarian that he never spread hate Requires ignoring his own Words Co 19 there's an argument that it Is ethnically targeted Co 19 is targeted To attack uh Caucasians and and and Black people the people who are most Immune are askani Jews and uh and Chinese that kind of denial and Deflection showing up over and over in This hearing so her real name is Dana Ruth

Schwarz and she Schwan Schwarz Schwarz And she changed her name to bash and she Married a guy named John King who also Works at CNN who um you know so her name Is Dana Bash king or his name is John King Bash John bash King um now I can understand why you Changed your name years and years ago Apparently she wanted to be a rock star But her brother said that she couldn't Sing um that's what her you know history Is but she um you know isn't being who She is right she's changed her name and You know substantially so in a time Where that shouldn't be much of a big Deal and then there was this part let's Let me show you the stuff with Bernie Sanders here so this is where Dana Bash um got on my radar for this thing Because I've seen Dana Bash on CNN and She's very dial tone like she's not Emotional she doesn't stand out like you I wouldn't probably even know her name If I hadn't seen her so much on CNN like She's their political expert uh but and The fact that she went after Kennedy in That weird way but uh before that she's Just a dial tone she's another one of These Dopey you know CNN reporters who Has no life force like she's like dead Inside uh but this was her big defining Moment because this is the only thing She's been passionate about right she

Now has a special on CNN for Anti-Semitism and she's been Indistinguishable before that like just Somebody who doesn't you know there's no You don't have some impression of her Because she's like wallpaper right no Please go ahead Don okay so the the what You're saying about what you're saying About uh the lack of food and water and So forth uh I think the most people in In the west certainly the US believes That that is because Hamas is hoarding It so um you just see like this is her Her total Prejudice right that's not What most people believe and if they Believe that they're wrong like it's Because Israel's denying it it is an Open air prison and another reporter on A different Network um vesi I think Peter veli or Whatever his name is he went there and Called it an open air prison which People know and there's Jewish people Who talk about this who film this and Put you know they have websites and they Have Facebook pages uh Jews for uh peace And things like this Israelis for peace There's a a variety of these different Groups of Israeli people who are against The treatment the mistreatment of the Palestinian people who are sympathetic And it's a big movement there's a lot of People they have a liberal party there That is the opposite party of Netanyahu

And so her saying that this shows her Prejudice and her bias right and the Other question is how does is not how Does Israel destroy Hamas just it's not Just that Hamas is wor it they are it's More than that that's what israeli's Policy has been okay so it's a Combination of they're squeezing the Palestinians out right let's get to the Other let's get to the other point that You made which is really the key one Which is innocent civilians dying and They are how should his Israel uh Destroy Hamas post attack on these Innocent civilians in Israel without uh Hurting killing innocent men women and Children when Hamas is hiding behind Them and putting them in danger how does That Work and so it's just was her bias right Because what he's saying here is that Israel has to kill Hamas and these other People are just collateral damage and It's hamas's fault which we've heard Before right we heard this Jewish guy Talking about how um I forget what that Woman's Name here's the quote from is an Israeli A liberal Israeli paper we can never Forgive the Arabs for making us kill Their children so that was one of the Earlier Prime Ministers of gold ofay Year I remember my mom uh mentioning in Her name for some reason the name was

Familiar I don't know what's going on at Time but this is when I was a little kid Back in the 70s so she was one of the You know first original uh Israeli Prime Ministers okay so I have more things to Show you in terms of um the followup Clips for Trump and a little bit more on Dana Bash but I just wanted to uh do This voice over you know this again Today's Tuesday I forgot to put the Follow-up Clips back with the Trump Stuff but I'll just put them in here you Know they have a a couple of more victim Consciousness uh demonizing truth or Clips that I want to show you and so This woman who was talking to Dana Bash And of course what the Prime Minister Said here there is a problem with this Idea that they don't understand why a Lot of people are not liking Jewish People because or Israel specifically Because right now the youth culture is About about colonizers and Colonization and the issues that came With that and Palestine is not on equal Footing the Palestinian people and you Know I posted a video two days ago and I Used one of my old videos a video I'm Using here and it shows the map of Shrinking Palestine and and that ended up being The thumbnail to the video and without Watching the video I got I don't know 6 7 8 10 comments from people that were

Saying the map wasn't real trying to Undermine my video that had nothing Really to do with the video I was Talking about um the video that's Entitled um let me see it here the video That's entitled Uh where is it why the Beast system in The truth Community can't coexist so it Has really very little to do with Israel And Palestine any of these things going On but people just saw that thumbnail That's the thumbnail YouTube picked YouTube Al algorithms picked that Thumbnail and I just let it be but it Really wasn't what the the video was About but I got a bunch of pro-israeli People maybe Republicans I don't know Maybe people from Israel I don't know Shills paid professionals I don't know Who they were but it didn't like make me Like them more right it didn't make me Change their opinion because they were Spamming my video inappropriately based In a thumbnail and so The issue here is that you really Wouldn't say American people have a Right to be angry at the Native Americans right like they say when Trump Said that Palestinians hate Jewish People and maybe the Jewish people hate The Palestinians he doesn't know but It's probably not as bad well it Shouldn't be as bad because the Palestinians have the Jewish people

Israel has done to the Palestinians what American did to the Native Americans Right and the Native Americans have a Right to carry a grudge because they Were here and they got moved out through Physical violence you know and they were They had their own issues they were they Were warlike in their own way and they Kept slaves and you know different Tribes did different things but they had Their own you know they weren't perfect But they were conquered and a conquered People especially when they once you Know were there and had the land is Going to be bitter and going to be angry And going to be upset and so the Palestinian people people have a right To be mad and have a right to try to Take back what was stolen even though They don't have an army and they don't Have a way to do it and so this idea That they don't get to be mad that they Should be happy because God promised Israel their land and their homes and Israel took it and you know it's just God's will it's just you know it's Insane to say that Palestinian people Just you know should accept this and not Be upset about it and that's what these People people are all saying right like This is you know somehow they're Privileged in this way to take this land And they want a deal that no one else is Getting right now that they don't get

Any push back and if people don't like Them for what they're doing it's the People's fault and it's generational Hate and they're somehow generational You know victims of thousands of years Of mischaracterization and hate even Though they're God's chosen people you Know there was a a meme that um Somebody put up on uh Facebook yesterday Let me see I sent it here to my wife Somewhere um and it says um tell me what Is the difference between we are the Master race and we are God's chosen People right so they're comparing Nazi Germany and um you know is Israeli Beliefs and so this is you know it's all Relevant these are questions you get to Ask and they seem to not want you to ask Those questions and they're using Methods to try to silence people through Censorship and through getting into the Power structure of media and finance and Things like this and all that stuff has Implications of people not liking you You know and I was saying earlier about How you know when you're successful People don't like you you know when People post things on instag or Facebook About how good their lives are and they Expect people to give thumbs up they Don't recognize how jealous and Petty People are right and so if you're Successful it's better to keep it to Yourself and when you flaunt it or you

Exert your power people get upset right Because they have miserable lives and They're bitter and they feel like the System's rigged against them and they See you you know doing what you're doing Whatever that might be um and it you Know it makes them get bummed out right It makes them get you know feel whatever It is resentful towards you and so these Are all things that are human nature and Seems to have forgotten these things Right and there are a lot of behaviors That have been exhibited by this group Of people that has you know pissed other Groups off right and you know there's a Self-hatred there you know there's a Religious problem here it starts with Judaism and it's infiltrated in Christianity and Islam as well which I've talked about before these three Religions are very warlike and it's Defining people as Sinners it's defining People as just low Lives who can never Rise up to the Divinity within them in Fact they don't have any Divinity within Them they're defined as Sinners and this Is you know a negative self-hating Definition and there's a losness to it There's a a self-hatred a self sabotage That exists and neosis in these in these Uh religions right these three religions And that's why they're always doing Things like this and you know these this Conflict this thousands of years of

Conflict they just can't you know Believe that they deserve to be happy And they deserve God's love because There's no element of the Divinity Within them they've taken that out of These religions that God exists within All of us and there's Divinity within All of us and we can live in that way Right but there you know there's a Self-hatred there and that's you know a Big part of this when you have Self-hatred Then you other people are going to hate You as well people hate themselves want Other people to hate them And you can't blame other people for Doing what you want them to do right so Let's get back into the end of this Thing with uh Dana Bash so here she's Talking about the show according to the FBI nearly 60% of religious hate crimes Were against members of the Jewish Community that's barely 2% of the Population and that was before October 7th since then threats and violence Against Jews especially on so you know But just if you Analyze That statistic Right that Um I don't know how much would be Against Muslim people that would be the Other group but you know this is a a Christian country you know there's no I Mean there supposed to be separation Between church and state and I'm not a

Christian but this is a Christian Country the majority of people who Follow a religion are a Christian and so These other two groups Jews and Muslims Are the ones that mostly will get Targeted right based in just percentages Oh okay so let's go to this follow-up Videos uh with Morning Joe and Trump so This is the following day here um this Is um I don't know what it is here uh Tuesday November 14th and I pretty much had that video Done I just have to edit all the pieces From yesterday and I'll probably put This video up for Friday I mean uh Wednesday and but they have this how Ridiculous Joe reacts to Trump's Campaign's defense of verman comment so They already have a follow-up video and They've already put it up on YouTube It's been up for an hour so it was Covered this morning but here it is is Trying to downplay alarming comments Made by the 2024 Republican front runner Over the weekend which echoed the words Of 20th century fascists on social media And then later at a rally on Saturday Trump vowed to quote root out his Perceived political enemies who said Live like ver Within the that's what he said live like Vermin within the confines of the Country that's his quote in a statement To The Washington Post afterwards a

Campaign spokesperson hit back at those Drawing parallels between Trump's words And the words of dictators by using more Extreme language he told the post quote Those who try to make that ridiculous Assertion are clearly grasping for Anything wait there Snowflakes are clearly snowflakes you Didn't use the word snowflakes M and Their entire existence will be crushed When President Trump returns to the White House those who try to make the the Ridiculous assertion are clearly Snowflakes grasping for anything because They are suffering from Trump Derangement syndrome and their entire Existence will be crushed when President Trump returns to the White [Laughter] House this is going to be great the Videos that um the debates and things Like this right because you know for Trumpers there's no characterizing him As this um they want to scare the few Elderly people that watch Bing Joe and Uh you know these I mean there's dying Media Empires um but it's not stopping right Like Trump's not going to stop saying These things CU Vermin is a a mild word For how people are feeling about the Establish certainly trumpers and the Trumpers believe Trump right they you

Know I the guy failed over and over Again he screwed them over he stabbed Him in the back with his whole you Everything that he failed during Co that I've talked about so much and they don't Care so just stop there let's yeah their Entire existence will be crushed when President Trump returns to the White House that makes things better and Willie later on he well I meant sad Existence not entire existence I I I Mean it's a distinction without a Difference but I mean how how ridiculous That a guy comes out fat white pink boy Uh who's trying to talk tough for just Like you Joe you're you're a real tough Guy Joe with your blue tie and your Gumby hairo and your BD eyes and your And your life partner over Here for for a a fake populist uh who's Going around spreading hatred and trying To overturn American democracy and his Response to to it to to Trump grasping Back at a Nazi reference from the 1930s Is that's not what he have you know come On Trump sucks on his own like he Doesn't you know he isn't isn't grasping Hitler stuff he just sucks on his own Level you know Trump is you know like It's he's Trump like his his he's got uh He doesn't plagiarized like Joe Joe magu He sucks on his own like his original Stuff it's original Trump trump doesn't Quote other people he's not trying to

Copy other people Trump is at least an Individual look at these tiny little Hands speaking of trump hands to say These people that are criticizing him Are going to have their entire existence CR it's funny why you not laughing why Is this dude not laughing it's funny That they that campaign said that like It's so un like just not politically you Know what politicians Do your entire existence will be crushed Crushed I mean say are these are these You know where where do you find people So vacant uh and and so desperate uh and And and and just lacking uh any any Center uh any core they would talk about People entire your your candidate's Tripping over on the stage they've had To make the stair shorter on the plane He's pretty sure he's wearing depend Diapers and he's been a snower snow Sniffler groper forever and so you know This is what you have like this is you Have two horrible human being candidates Incompetent bonee heads elderly guys who Are falling apart one's bitter about Being you know his paranoid levels of Trump you know whatever happened to Trump in the election and he's just you Know a bitter angry guy and has no C you Know nothing that he's running on is About he doesn't have policy agenda he Just has revenge he's running a Revenge Campaign and you got your guy who's like

Mentally incompetent he's always been a Hack and a shill and a piece of crap you Know it's like existence is being Crushed well it's a job requirement as You know to work for Donald Trump all Those things you just lay up be Obsequious Echo exactly what he said and In this case it's not a reach it's Exactly the thing that Adolf Hitler said He used the oh come on it's just a reach You know it's not that it's not as bad Or whatever it's you know it's uniquely Trump so then on the same network um see Two AIDS flip on Trump in Rico session We have breaking news that answers a big Question did Donald Trump have an Advanced motive to stay Jak coup did he Plan to try to steal the election and Stay in office no matter what well According to one of his guilty now Convicted Trump AIDS one of his lawyers The answer is yes credit to ABC News Which has first obtained this brand new Footage that I'm about to play for you This is former Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis in what is called a profer Session that is where she's speaking to Prosecutors in the RICO case but this is Before the footage you have seen that Has aired which was when she ultimately Confessed and apologized for the crime That she conf confess to but this is Broader and in some ways more legally Important because it goes beyond her

Conduct the motive and the potential Criminal Intent of defended Donald Trump Himself and remember he has a pending RICO case on this very issue Ellis Telling those Georgia Rico prosecutors In this video about a conversation she Had with Trump Aid Dan Scavino he said um to me in a kind of Excited tone well we don't care and We're not going to leave and I said what Do you mean and he said said well the Boss meaning president Trump and Everyone understood the boss um that's What we all called him um he said the Boss uh is not going to leave under any Circumstances we are just going to stay In power and I said to him well it Doesn't quite work that way you realize And he said we don't Care the boss Donald Trump okay so um She also says something here Or I said him well it doesn't quite work That way you realize and he said we Don't Care Um it's bringing IL legal aid to talk About that like you need any explanation Well then they have Sydney pal saying Something here too we showed you some of Jenna Ellis you're going to see here Cydney Po's proper session as she Recounts to Georgia prosecutors how Rico Defendant Trump reacted when he was told Repeatedly by different AIDs that he

Lost were you ever around when someone Anyone told uh Donald Trump that he had Lost the election oh yeah who uh pone Eric kman Derek Lions all thought he'd Lost was that in the December 18th Meeting yes what what was um president Trump's reaction When I guess this kre of advisors would Say you Lost it was like uh well they would say That and then they'd walk out and he'd Go see this is what I deal with all the Time that's great um you know and I mean The the evidence of it being rigged is Kind Of they messed up here but there are Legitimate questions about it because They switched over to mailin ballots Because of covid and Pennsylvania hadn't Even figured out a system you know I Mean they they switched over to add a Lot of mailin ballots at the last minute And of course when you do something like That lots of things could go wrong um You know because of the whole thing and Trump getting worked on coid and you Know there was a a movie a documentary That came out in HBO that was called Killchain that documented how electronic Uh voting machines could be hacked but It was a democratic leaning documentary And it was about how Trump was possibly Going to hijack the election and they Brought hackers in to show how they all

These hackers were given the software of The the internal workings of the um Voting machines and they all hacked them Right and so like there was and there Was all these things there was all these Democratic politicians Nancy clovar Other people who were talking about this It was a documentary about how elections Could be rigged but it was when they Thought Trump was going to rig it right And if Trump had won they would have Have ruled this stuff out like they did When um Hillary Clinton blamed the Russians for her failure and her loss And so you know it's not I mean I'm not A Trumper and you know the whole thing's Rigged and Trump sucks and you know the Whole thing but you know it's not like Out of this you know they're making it Sound like there was a a pristine Election right um but let's you know I Just want to add these two things this Morning I'm going to get back and edit The rest of this thing okay I just have A few more things to say here then I got Two compilations coming and then I want To get to a few comments from people who Didn't like My um my my video entitled um see if I Find it Here uh comment video about religion and Jesus and so Um the first thing is that I understand Why the syst system has to crush the

Truth Community because the truth is Kryptonite to the system and I talk About this Extensively about why the Beast system And the truth Community can't uh Successfully Coexist because they're two opposite Polarized situation and the thing about People in the truth Community they don't Understand this because they're trying To change the Beast right and you can't Do that because the Beast is the Beast It's going in the opposite nature the Opposite direction of the Divine system And so it's not something that can be Divinized you can't take the good things That you like and somehow change the bad Things it is you know the Beast is the Beast and so you know I know what they Have to do to try to censor the truth Community what they have to do is Suppress these ideas why they have to Prejudice people against us why they Have to demonize us I'm not excusing Their behavior I'm just saying I get why They have to do that because they have No other choice and whether they have a Choice or not they if they enjoy it they Enjoy it that's all on them right but It's wrong and it's right like it's Right because the system as far as They're concerned and most people are Concerned can't collapse it's too big to Fail because we're all dependent on so

They have to do everything in their Power to preserve the system and get rid Of anything that's going to be a threat To the system and they're not dealing With fact that the system is demonic and Neither are most of you or and even you Know me to some extent right like we we Know about it but we don't really you Know we don't do anything about it we Just uh talk about it right we talk About the Demonic nature of the system But we don't really do much other than That and so when it collapses it Collapses but they have to do what they Have to do when Israel has to do what it Has to do and Palestinian people have to Do what they have to do and Russia and China have to do what they have to do Right they're all locked into a series Of behaviors that seem like choices but They're not as these things play out They are they are you know they they are Being funned into uh conflict and you Know other things that are going to Happen to bring down a demonic system That goes against the Divine will and so That is whatever it is but in all that In terms of the rhetoric they don't Really get to claim victim cons ious and Claim all the things that they claim When they're willing to treat people who Have a belief system like we have a Belief system the way they're treating Us or the way the Israelis are treating

The Palestinians right and so there Should be no victim Consciousness Because everybody sucks everybody is you Know mean and nasty to other groups of People everyone thinks that their group Is better everyone thinks that their Country or their religion or their group They identify is better and you know Stop the Snowflake and the whiny and the Hurt feelings and the whatever it is we Live in a demonic evil system and you Know we all suffer from it like I said In the last video we're all children of The Beast we you know maybe we don't Like the beast but we all have been Grown up and indoctrinated in it and It's all affected us in one way or Another and we manifested this thing Together and in that is these religions Which I've talked about specifically to Be the Catalyst or the causal reason for All these things to happen because There's you know something within these Religions and I just uh alluded to it Earlier about how when you view yourself As a sinner and there's a self-hatred That is manifested in the Self-sabotaging and aggressive behaviors And in that I you know talked about my Understanding of Jesus and my Understanding of Jesus is quite Different than what I was told when I Was a um um child growing up as a Catholic right but this is a bunch of

Interesting comments that I got this Ties into all this stuff the reason why God created people is for people to Praise and worship him in the name of Jesus Christ like this is what this person Believes right that the whole world was Created just for this the people were Created just so that they can the reason Why God created people is for people to Praise and worship him in the name of Jesus Christ God made every person to Live a life glorifying to the Lord God Jesus Christ the world needs the Lord Jesus Christ he is the way the truth and The life salvation is only in Jesus Christ and anything other than Worshiping him is idol worship repent And be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ he's coming back again soon to Take his church to heaven and punish all The ungodliness and sin in including False people claiming Jesus and and Living claiming Jesus and living like Devils turn from Evil and give your life To the Lord Jesus Christ the time of Salvation is today I mean this is the Kind of stuff that I'm talking about Right another person said this this Person had a number of quotes I just Getting into this one and it was John 222 and you know why quote the Bible When I've you know told you that the Bible is in an authority to me and to

Most of my viewers the Bible isn't an Authority it's not an authority to us so Don't quote it like don't quote the Bible like it's an authority a shared Authority like if you want to talk about How great Jesus is and you want to you Know say things about my view or Whatever which you know I'm not going to Tolerate anyway but you can at least Think it or talk about it or make a Video yourself or whatever right this is My channel there's plenty of Christian Channels there's plenty of people you Can go to that believe what you believe Right this is what I believe and these Are the things that I know or you know What I know you know you don't know them But I do right these are the things that You think you know and these are the Things that I think I know you don't Have to agree with it but please don't Repeat your stuff right don't put run Your stuff out here we all get it we all Know you guys believe this but he writes This who is the liar but he who denieth Jesus is the Christ he is Antichrist That denieth the father and the son who Is whosoever denieth the son the same Hath not the father he that acknowledge Ackn acknowled Acknowledg acknowledgeth Acknowledgeth the son hath the father Also let therefore abide in you which he Had heard from the beginning in which ye

Have heard from the beginning shall Remain in you ye shall also continue in The son and in the father and so you are An antichrist if you're denying this and One of my viewers who comments regularly Said Amen to that one um so you know This person went on kind of a rant there Was a lot of things I couldn't read at All and this other person wrote to me Sounds like Gnostic New Age lies it's Nothing like it you haven't heard Anything like I said you know there's People who are denying Christ's Existence and that's not part of what I Believe and what I've you know in terms Of the teachings of Sark system and my Own experience like there's you know People have their own beliefs but none Of the things that I was saying was Gnostic or anything you've heard before It was talking about Jesus's ego getting In the way Jesus had a spiritual fall at The end of his life because of you know He was he forgot about God and he was Worried about his followers which often Happens it's not a an uncommon thing Where people start serving and you know They they start thinking about their Followers and they forget that they're Serving God and then they start serving Their followers and then they get cut Off from God you know something's Happened like with commes in a different Way and you get cut off from God and the

Followers betray him and they die bitter And they're like you know God why H Thou Forsaken me as Jesus died on the cross And so Jesus had a spiritual life it's Only that you've been indoctrinated to Believe he's the only one that's had one And the only one that will ever have one And he's the only son of God and none of Those things are true and they they're Not true based in your own belief system Because you know everything's a child of God but then there was this epic comment Here and this person says This anyone who presses you on Jesus Doesn't truly know him brother we we True in Christ believe the whole Holy Spirit falls on and there's nothing we Can do to convert you or or or to Stopping you from Happening should uh you see the way we Are just here to receive you as a Brother in Christ you know there's been So much force in the Christian tradition There was these wars that happened right There was you know the Crusades and then There was all the things that were done To indoctrinate people there was beating Of Irish children and Scottish children Making them speak English and forcing Their belief systems on them and native Peoples all over the world the Colonization was this idea that they Were going out and converting everybody To Christ through force and all these

People who are forced into believe in Christianity it's been the most forceful Religion of any of them and you can say That's how you are but that's not how Your religion is and the way that it's Worded in the Bible and all these things That are you know put in the Bible like You all these people are going to hell If you don't accept Jesus which is a lie That's not true and if you throw that Out then there isn't really much to the Christian religion other than it has Some you know fairly good teachings here And there the Old Testament is a Nightmare it's a disaster and it is God Is a demon it's it's de demonic worship And so there's nothing there it's not That great it's not that sophisticated Right it's just you've been Indoctrinated in it and I've said this Over and over again in these recent Videos if you were born in a Hindu Country you'd be a Hindu do you you Religious people if you were born in a Muslim country you'd be a Muslim if you Were born in Israel you'd be a Jew if You were born in these other countries You' be a communist because you just go Along with whatever you're told and you Know that's okay you know that's what You do you know and lots of people do That but people who question this and Jesus didn't do that you're not like Jesus right Jesus didn't accept Jesus

Didn't die he was born a Jew but didn't Die a Jew he evolved he he died a Spiritual person he evolved from being In a religion to being a spiritual Person and that's why me and other People who have done this can speak About this right we're more like Jesus Than you are because we've done what Jesus did which is a big the biggest Thing in his life the biggest step is Going for being in a religion to being a Spiritual person and having an internal Relationship with God the mistakes he Made the other things he did at least he Made that leap right and at least a lot Of us have made that leap but you're Just going along with the indoctrination That you've been given right and if That's all you can do that's all you can Do like I can't speak about one way or Another and then the person said should You see the way we are just here to Receive you as a brother in Christ There's no convincing others we are here To show Jesus nature and spirit and Fruit and that's what makes others Interested we have no ability to Convince anyone again we're supposed to Believe the Holy Spirit does that not Thump you over the head till you believe Share your testimony and that's it bless You Uncle Paul respect I like to call it the way Which is what we what was called before

NAA also dead SK scrolls are proven to Be written before Nia and Jesus did say He was the father God one with the flesh To come show us the way in his infinite Mercy God's son is but metaphorically Basic Basically thought I'd add that well he Decided to show the way to those people But he wasn't that evolved he wasn't the Most evolved spiritual person and again You can see this if you see the way he Says me and I a lot and he shouldn't Have done that there's things in the Religion that have caused problems in Which he said and then of course stuff In the Old Testament but again like I'm Not you know being a spiritual person is Tough and Jesus didn't have you know the Advantages that like I have and other People have in the sjar system and even With that people have crapped out in That right right you have people who Live modern lives and have all these Comforts and have uh you know Transmission and cleaning which Jesus Didn't have in sahaj Mar and I've Documented my own thing the thing that I Do with this guy dodgy who's just an Embarrassment he put out a video um Which I covered yesterday a little bit On my other channel and I'm covering it In the 128th version of The Journey Series but you can see the video where He says it's okay to talk to the dead

It's a short video and it's abysmal Right and it's a failure and it's a guy Who I you know knew very as a very Spiritual person and you know somebody That had a a positive relationship Mostly with and he's fallen and it sucks And it's screwed all of us in the system And it's just another example of people Not rising up to the Divinity within Them embracing their higher nature which Is what most people do and so again you Know this is and tie this into the you Know know the other part of the video The results of people's religious Beliefs in the Christian Community and The Muslim Community and the Jewish Community is based in their conflicts Based in the materialism based in all The things that are wrong with the System a strong spiritual movement with You know centered on a a mature level of Divinity and not ego and not all this Stuff about you know saviors and this And that and you know the all the things To do with um Uh not only you know uh Christianity but Judaism and and the Muslim tradition is You know why there is material Depravity because it's a fail these are Failed religions and these are failed Spiritual movements that have backfired Which you know they all do to some Extent but they you know they weren't Great to start with even in their purest

Form they were remedial they were intro Introductory level stuff right and not That it's bad you know is is better than Doing nothing in the beginning but now There's better things and there there's A need for a higher level Consciousness And Awakening I don't know if people Will ever do that right I mean that's The sad part of this thing but you know The hypocracy and the things that I've Been talking about here comes from the Double standard because every one of These religions believe that they're the Chosen people and it's the you know in Judaism it's it's the you know they're The chosen ones God's chosen people but In Christianity it's the only way to get to Heaven is through Jesus and so therefore You look down at everything else and you Should be looking up in many Circumstances because what you what You're doing is not that great and again You know like I don't want to disparage It because some people that's all they Can do that's fine like you can't be a Spiritual person in this life you can't Have an inner inner uh inner connection To the Divinity within you and recognize The Divinity with you and within you and Everybody else if you can't do that he Can't do that like I you know I don't Don't know I don't know what people are Capable of I don't know there's a lot of

People that just they don't have Abstract thought they don't have the Maturity I don't know and so you know People doing anything is better than Than nothing as long as it's it's some Sort of Godly worship and again like What I do isn't worship like worship is Something you do when you're you know Begging God is like I'm a piece of crap He help me God right but walking you Know walking towards God as a you know Not with not with self-hatred and all These things I talked about not with you Know viewing yourself as a sinner but You know doing what God wanted you to do All along is to be the best version of You the Divine version of you the the Person God wishes or you know gave you The potential to be I don't want to say Wishes but gave you the potential to be God gave you the opportunity to be your Highest best spiritual self of purif Reflection of your soul and achieving That you know is one thing but working Towards it is another right as long as You're working towards it even if you're Not close to achieving you're going in The right direction and so that's for Each person to evaluate themselves are You working on that are you working Towards being a better version of Yourself you might not be great now but At least you're working to be better and That's all that really matters not that

You know you don't want to be Perpetually trying but you're on a path Towards success right you're on a path That will eventually lead you to success And that's all that matters that Sometime in the future because time is Cyclical not linear you've achieved this Goal of being the best version of Yourself and if you've done that you Know in some future version of yourself Well that's spectacular like and I don't Know if that's happened to me and you Don't know whether that's happened to You but you know if you're on a path now Towards that that's you know all that You can do anyways let me show you these Compilations so the one culations about Them demonizing truthers and and Antivaxers and the other one is them Talking about the big lie in a way that Shows you that it's a conspiracy and That they are colluding to um you know To put this out there so I'm going to Sign off here I'm going to do my you Know my ending thing and then after my Ending thing there'll be the two Compilations only spirituality will save This world it's parano definitely point For the Apocalypse in the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful it's it's science and You shut up and wear your mask it's it's Science and you shut up and wear your Mask it's it's science and you shut up

And wear your mask you shouldn't cut Antia people out of your life they could Be dead Tomorrow spend time with them call them Get in the will screw your freedom the Latest data confirms that we're still in A pandemic of the Unvaccinated continue to be among the Unvaccinated are among the unvaccinated Are unvaccinated the unvaccinated there Are people who are dying and who will Die who didn't have to if you haven't Gotten vaccinated do it now do it now it Could save your life and it could save The lives of those you Love this is a pandemic of the Unvaccinated the unvaccinated overc our Hospitals or overrunning emergency rooms And intensive care units leaving no room For someone with a heart attack or Pancreitis or cancer this is not about Freedom or personal choice it's about Protecting yourself and those around you The people you work with the people you Care about the people you Love my job as president is to protect All Americans my message to unv at Americans is this we've been patient but Our patience is wearing Thin and your refusal has cost all of us As I speak to you millions of Americans Are still unvaccinated and Unprotected and because of that their Communities are at risk their friends

Are at risk the people that they care About are at risk but if you're Unvaccinated you're not and you're Putting yourself more importantly maybe From your perspective your family and Your friends at risk ultimately those Who are not vaccinated will end up Paying the price you are not allowed to Infect anybody just because you think You've got rights that are delusional of Course this delusional evil idea you got To identify those people and bring them Out into the uh open so you know who They are if you're willing to walk among Us unvaccinated you are an enemy at this Point staying unvaccinated is like Wearing a Yankees hat to a Red Sox G Game you're probably going to end up in The hospital and it's your own damn Fault I was so worked Up over the Weekend about this [ __ ] Aaron Rodgers Of the NFL I don't even know where to Begin with that story I mean this this [ __ ] guy I don't watch football sorry I'm not a big fan I know the guy's a Real good football player that's why They put up with his [ __ ] if I ran The NFL he's going to be a You came across as a national Embarrassment he's talking to Aaron Rogers you came across as a national Embarrassment there is no other way Around it it was the most

Embarrassing performance of Aaron Rogers Career Jeopardy and put and possibly Putting your teammates in Jeopardy to me Is selfish I I would i' give Aaron Rogers some advice it would have been Nice if he' had just come to the Naval Academy and learn how to be H Southern California where as of yesterday we Started giving the vaccine to kids aged Five and up uh Finally our kids will be able to go to Let's [Music] See a I'm not vaccinated ID I take horse Pills yeah yeah we have to wait for them To be vaccinated because they are Selfishly a danger to other people Including staff people here uh so while We all hopeful and I joined the President and being hopeful uh that we Can reach a place where it is safe for People to be what is this the honor System the honor System as to whether Somebody has been vaccinated do you want Them breathing in your face on the Strength of their Honor so let let's just see um let's Just see and me again we have this is About science and Governance and Science and governance we Have a responsibility to make sure of That the house of the representatives Chamber is not a petri

Dish for the because of the selfishness Of some not to be vaccinated teach People common Sense you need to get v i she doesn't Even know what else to do to get the People of her state to get Smart and listen to the facts and get Vaccinated so people don't die it's like That simple is it not the people who Choose to remain unvaccinated right now Who are causing all of this it is Selfish at this point to not get Vaccinated if you can be vaccinated and You refuse to that's a selfish act You're uh putting other people's lives And health at risk you should get Vaccinated because frankly we know that We can't trust the unvaccinated because Frankly we know that we can't trust the Unvaccinated because frankly we know That we can't trust the unvaccinated the New cases in Co are because of Unvaccinated folks but it's time to Start blaming the unvaccinated folks not The regular folks it's the unvaccinated Folks that are letting us name the People who are not getting vaccines who Are believing the lies on the internet Instead of science it's time to start Shaming them what else or leave them Behind be because they are keeping the Majority of Americans Behind I think I just passed a house With um a Halloween yard decoration that

Was a bunch of skeletons burning an Antivaxer at the Stak I'm to Go and so there it is it says antivaxer Right here took me a while to see this That's why I'm pointing it out and it's Got a bunch of skeletons sitting around A campfire roasting a skeleton Antivaxer this is supposed to be a you Know a fire which is pretty effed up Like it's really effed up right and what My wife pointed out was what do these Guys die From not that Halloween is a contest but Um they won It the platforms like Facebook they're killing People I mean it really they look the Only pandemic we have is among the Unvaccinated because frankly we know That we can't trust the unvaccinated and So let's get to it here is a lie but This lie his big lie the big lie his own Big lie the big lie I I doubt any of Them are stupid enough to believe the Big lie of the big lie by the big lie Deranged by the big lie continue to Perpetuate the big liee that big lie big Lie because the big lie the big lie is The big lie is uh the big lie this whole Big lie election there is a new big lie Making the round and big lies is a big Lie these big Liars is the big lie the Big lie is just that a big lie president

Trump told a big lie one of the biggest Ever told this big lie is perpetrate an Act upon the big lie that that Donald Trump Perpetrated the big lie the face of Provable lies lies that right now are Continuing big lie Trump's lies Conspiracy theorists would rather travel Across the country in service of the big Lie extraordinarily Dangerous to spread the big lie oppose The big lie standing against the big lie Yeah I said it we know that the big lie Was cooked up you got the the big lie About the the function of the big lie Been banned from sites like Facebook and Twitter but his interviews with Right-wing media where he continues to Repeat the big lie they're part of the Big lie goal's in a great lie you keep Repeating the LIE repeating the LIE big Lie people will know it's one thing for One man one woman to repeat the LIE over And over and over again

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