Please Subscribe to my new Backup Channel

Please Subscribe to my new Backup Channel

Okay greetings brothers and Sisters um here it is let me play this Video here for you um greetings brothers And sisters um so I've made this Separate YouTube channel um so I've made The separate YouTube Channel um this is uh exposing the Heartfulness dodgy scam and I have one Playlist here uh that has um The um Greetings I've got three videos on it so Far and it has an introductory video to The channel you know I've I'm going to Put all the videos up there eventually You know they are big videos that take a Lot of my you know bandwidth and upload You know I can only upload so many Things at a time some of these videos Take hours to upload and So eventually I'll get all those videos up there and There'll be a link in the description Box To every one of my videos right um on All three of the other channels so this Is a separate you know Channel separate For my other stuff um which is just Necessary it's also a backup Channel that I hope people will Subscribe to because again if something Happens to this you know these channels And this account I now have a backup one So eventually I like to get that Monetized and get you know a number of Subscribers so please subscribe to that

I'll remind people you know I'll bring This up you know over the next month or So I don't like to do that but I need to And so it's a good idea to find this um In the in the um there's a description Box this you can search This um what went wrong with Heartfulness and exposing I'm sorry Exposing the heartfulness dodgy scam and Again in the description box to any of My videos on all three of my channels Gratefulness Meditation uh pox of future and uh um Apocalypse Now you go to the description Box it'll be right under the Gratefulness meditation links you know They'll be links to all my other Channels and it'll be on the one on the Bottom and they'll say backup Channel And then it'll say this title here and Again it's going to be more than just This stuff to do with dodgy because I Can open up other channels there and the Way that YouTube's gone the way that Censorship is going the way that Everything's happening you know I've Been wanting to do this anyway and so it Gives people a way to connect with me if Something happens you know with the Censorship or the whatever's going on And people can go to that backup Channel And I can you know redirect you and you Know uh whatever like it's a way to stay In contact because you know they just

Erase people now all the time and then People are like oh what happened to that Guy and they search prodcts of the Future and it's no long you know Whatever so I hope that people will Subscribe to this the more that Subscribe to it the faster I could also Get it monetized and all that stuff Which will be good and so um yeah There's going to be the playlist that I Deleted from the gratefulness meditation Channel is now going to be there and I've added a few videos I added some Introductory stuff and so um had some Realization about the whole exposing the Whole heartfulness dodgy scam which is Helpful for me to do the the uh Playlist and you know for that reason I'm just going to put it out there and Now it's you know it's just going to be For the people who need to see it not The you know the all the haters and all The people there that are incapable of Seeing what DOI is and just in denial But anyways um like I said this is Important on a different a couple of Different levels so for people go there And check that out and subscribe that Would be great only spirituality will Save this efan world it's PA Romano Definitely Po from the apocalypse and The ension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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