Our Debt is Completely Valid the Constitution Says so

Our Debt is Completely Valid the Constitution Says so

Human compassion is supposed to be all About so I do think it's a frightening Situation it's frightening very scary You guys should be very scared Definitely we've got the constitution on Our side and Constitution is on our side Said do as much getting as much debt as Possible it says right there in the Constitution just completely mortgage The future of the country and be in a State of revolving debt right that's What the Constitution says I've read it It says you know as much as we can Get this country in debt and just keep It there until it collapses 14th Amendment says that the validity of the Public debt shall not be questioned Which to my mind means the validity of The public debt it shouldn't be Questioned don't question the validity Of our debt our debt is completely valid And by the way I just read it the 14th Amendment doesn't say anything like that Right you're lying

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