Oppenheimer is kinda worse then Barbie + more on American Conspiracy The Octopus Murders

Oppenheimer is kinda worse then Barbie +  more on American Conspiracy The Octopus Murders

Okay greetings brothers and sisters I'm A little bit more irritated than I Normally am I just got off the phone With Verizon for internet Issues as well as um dealing with Computer issues with Apple so I've been On the phone with all these people with Frustrating results you know where Things aren't going to get better and I'll explain that I'm going to do a Little bit of an update on the journey Series but my wife and I finished Watching um the uh whatever the thing Was called here the here it is the um American conspiracy the octopus murders And it had the worst ending ever so this Guy was who invented this term the Octopus conspiracy or murders Danny Castellano or castelletto or something Like this and he was an investigative Journalist who died in a hotel room in West Virginia where we're supposed to Meet a Source and they ruled it a suicide right Everything that we know here and the EMT That came in a paramedic came in said You seriously calling this a suicide to The cops because the guy had slashed his Wrists multiple times like eight times On one H arm and then another seven on The other so far that he cut the tendons And when you cut the tendons of your Wrist your hands no longer work and the T said there's no way he could cut the

Other wrist I mean who who would endure That much pain right and you know it was Very suspicious there was a bag that he Carried with him everywhere that had all Of his research and findings and that Had disappeared and you know he had told People that um like even two weeks ago He had told his brother that um if he Died you he wouldn't you know it was Some if it was an accident or looked Like an accident it wasn't an accident And there's no even thought of him Committing suicide right and so they go Through the process of all these various Aspects Iran Contra you know weapons for Um uh selling drugs so that the CIA Could run their covert operations which We already know happened there was a guy Gary Webb proved it my brother who was In Afghanistan and guarding poppy seeds And the photos of soldiers guard Guarding I'm not Afghanistan Vietnam and Then doing the same in Afghanistan the Poppy um industry the Opium industry Took off in a took off in Afghanistan After they get rid of the Taliban who Had more or less shut it down and then We had all those opiate crisis here in America at the same time right and so There's a lot of circumstantial evidence And you're not going to prove it to the You know the sheeple you're not going to Prove it to the you know everybody right Everybody who's not a like you know

Who's not aware of what's going on or at Least some some level of of Truth or Consciousness but you know you know like You know like you're not going to have The exact facts but it was clear this Guy was murdered and so there's this kid Who kind of looked like this guy Danny Cast cello Costello whatever his name is And his Danny's ex-girlfriend looked at The kid and said you look just like him When he was young right and this kid Dives down the rabbit hole trying to Prove the same things and and go over Danny's research and he talks to the Same people and some of these guys are Players and they're you know they're People who lie and are self-interested Right and so there's a lot of truthful Information mixed with disinformation And that's what they always do right and So by the last Episode he's not sure if Dany committed Suicide or not right and he's kind of Despondent because so some of the Information you know he doesn't look at The sources being reliable anymore but They've come across so many things that Are definitely factual or at least the Most likely Scenario is a massive conspiracy right Like it's just there for anybody to see And Danny's own brother says well the FBI ruled that it was a suicide so I Guess it is you know I have to trust the

Government even though Danny had Convinced him of all the things that he He had found and you know he had made This convincing argument right uh and His brother himself told him if there's An accident or something like that I you Know it's it's not an accident right and He was getting death threats and all These things and there were multiple Murders one there was three murders on An Indian Reservation another three Murders in connection with all these Things some of the players involved in This were murderers they were they were Confirmed murderers right and so these You know there's just all this evidence That they're presenting here but the guy Who's the guys who are making the Documentary and some of the other people Become wish iwashi and there's a woman Who was also doing this research she's An older woman and she says at some Point you have to deprogram yourself From going down basically the rabbit Hole and you have to go enjoy your life Right which is in a way good advice for Lots of people in the truth Community But the way they did it was completely Dickish and undermining because they're Basically saying just go enjoy your life You know take the blue pill go back into The Matrix like the character in The Matrix movie Cipher I believe and you Know like there's only two options here

One is you go completely down the rabbit Hole two you just say all right I'm done With this I'm going to go be happy and I'm not going to pay any attention to This at all and there's a happy medium Which I have found you know I'm a good Example of this and how to deal with it Like I just don't waste my time going Down the rabbit hole like I don't need To find out every detail and every you Know whatever it is I don't have to Prove anything because it's not going to Make a difference but I do know that People are evil not entirely we also Have a soul we have a higher nature but Right now people are embracing their Lower nature and the people in power Have gone down a dark demonic path so Much so that they've created nuclear Weapons and if you're some dumbass who Thinks it's a good idea right now to Leave a comment saying no such thing as Nuclear weapons this isn't you know go Somewhere else right it's not what we're Talking about here maybe there are Nuclear weapons but we live in a you Know a a paradigm or a story show that That's that exists right and I believe That there are there are nuclear weapons But whether you believe it or not it's Not appropriate it's not appropriate Comment and it's just like everything That sucks about truthers Right

You you don't agree with something keep It to yourself I don't need to hear it I Don't care I'm not changing my opinion About any of this stuff and it's just Again all this stuff isn't Pro able Everyone can come up with their own Opinion right and if you come up with Your own opinion you can verbalize it Without like trying to tell me I'm wrong Or make it personal to me because that's An automatic ban and you shouldn't be Here anyway because you're you're not Ready for the level of you know Reasonable um the reasonability of what I present here right that's what I'm Talking about like everyone can come up With their own view of all these things That go on right and that's the point But you don't have to go down the rabbit Hole like you don't have to find every Detail cuz you're never going to get to The truth and these guys talk to liars And people who are in the intelligence Community people who are Self-interested in the outcome of the Investigation people who are maybe W to Cover things up or whatever wanting to Keep tabs on the guy I there's all these Things right and there's a guy um who Shows up in a uniform and meets this guy Danny Costello in the bar towards the End of the thing and it's later Confirmed that his son says that he was In psychological operations and he

Probably was going to gather information He didn't show up there randomly to meet The guy like they just happened to be be There and they started talking and that He was working this guy for information To see how much information he had and Assessing what kind of threat he was or Whatever it is right I mean there's all This evidence that evidence upon Evidence but you don't need all of it And my opinion and your opinion don't Matter doesn't matter if I think the guy Commits suicide there's no there's Nothing that's ever going to be done Legally but at a spiritual level Everything things accounted for so you Know for me I look into things I don't Waste time in it I don't go down the Rabbit hole but I do enough research and Enough you know get enough information And recognize enough patterns in the Past and these Tendencies right but Going back to this you know these Nuclear weapons they built nuclear Weapons right and the only argument for Nuclear weapons and the arguments they Use is that we're the good guys and They're the bad guys and we got to make Sure the good guys have the weapons just In case the bad guys get them so they Won't use them so we can threaten them With our weapons because we're the good Guys and there's multiple problems with That because the Russians and Chinese

Think they're the good guys every Country thinks they're the good guys Right your enemies think that you're They're the good guys and you're the bad Guys so that's the number one thing so There's no good guys let's throw that Out number two you're assuming that the Next generation is going to be good guys As well that every president every Leader every person that's in charge of The American military and the people who Have access to it and that it isn't Going to fall into the wrong hands the Technology and that happened right you Know Israel stole our nuclear secrets Other countries stole our nuclear Secrets so once you create these bombs These weapons other people are going to Get access to them in other countries And so even if you think your country is So great it never could be contaminated That you know that's unrealistic could Never be uh could never fall into the Wrong hands or your country goes south Or whatever and so it is a stupid idea To build the things in the first place You know we all have kids I mean if you Have lots of kids in your family that You question how safe they would be Driving a car right like you don't think Your child is is 16 or whatever but Maybe not mature enough to drive a car Right or operate Firearms like my Daughter Anna who was at times suicidal

And she was the most impulsive person I Ever met in my life she would make Impulsive emotional decisions and could Snap in a like a heartbeat and so her Having a firearm my ex would be another Person psychologically unstable people Who have Suicidal Tendencies and so my Daughter Anna eventually was living on Her own she had some friends and Somebody gave her a gun and I'm like who In the freaking world would give her a Gun right which she later used to commit Suicide and so you know you have to Think about that in the future that Whatever you have and you pass on to Your kids are they responsible enough to Use it right are they you responsible Enough to drive a car are they Responsible enough to operate whatever It is Firearms or whatever it might be Right any kind of things that you know And these are just personal um you know Like limited damage can be done by a car Or a firearm but a atomic bomb destroys A whole country right nuclear missiles Can destroy the whole world and so these Geniuses all came together and decided To make nuclear weapons that could Destroy the world with this idea that Somehow people in the future would all Be reasonable and rational and no one Would misuse these things right and that Tells you all you need to know about Humanity because you know people aren't

Reasonable and rational that people are Crazy and people you know lose their Minds and you know the whole premise of This thing is we got to make sure we Have the nuclear weapons for that we're Not going to get punked you guys are Going to try pun us so we're going to Make sure we you know it's like this Whole you know uh dick out on the table Kind of situation that the American Military and all these other militaries Used right and you would be better off Allowing your country to be invaded and Taken over by Foreign you know whatever It is evil Powers then destroying the Whole world destroying every animal your Country isn't more important than every Creature on this planet that you would Access and use these nuclear weapons as A way to or at least even build them as A way to you know uh assure your your Whatever protection and you can't Protect yourself from everything right You're going to die of something and if It isn't you know nuclear weapons it Could be an airborne disease it could be A biological weapon it could be any Number of things natural causes and life Is you know there's decisions you There's lines you can't cross and by Building these weapons weapons of mass Destruction they cross those lines and Using these things depleted uranium Using these things that have caused

Birth effects and so much suffering not Just the people but whole environments And animals and the you know the nuclear Power plants that have caused havoc in These areas right all these you know all The stuff that's happened with these Nuclear power plants so you know people Don't have the right to ruin the world For everybody else we don't own this World it's not our world wasn't given to Us by God and you know we share it right And it's a selfishness that exists and When you understand all that you Understand that there's nothing that you Hear that people are Inc capable of Doing there's nothing so bad you're like Oh people will never do that any evil You can think of people have done that Right there's been child sacrifices There's animal sacrifices I mean think About it like crazy stuff like that and That's very common all these cultures Around the world decide to kill people Or kill you know animals or something Offering them to some you know a God That I don't know like what kind of God Would want you to do that right some Evil demon only a demon would want you To kill for it you know for a sacrifice Can only be done to a demon you can't Sacrifice something to God God would be Like why are you sacrificing this I'm I'm in the Sheep I'm in the I'm in the Child you know I'm I'm a part of

Everything you're killing me right You're killing the part of of the part Of the the person or the whatever that's That's Divine you're not only killing The evil ego of the person that you hate But you're also killing you know the the Part of them that's a soul right I mean You're not killing the soul because the Soul lasts you know lives in an etheric Realm but the part of them that's Potentially a Divine being you're Killing the potential Saint the Potential whatever it is right but it Only takes you know 10% of the Population to be sociopaths and evil to Destroy everything because then you have To deal with all those evil people who Just wreck the world not just through Violence and and things like that but Through manipulation and and Psychological warfare and just lies and Deception right and so this idea that You should stick your head in the sand And just enjoy your life and not be Aware of that is ludicrous like this is The world we live in the people run our System there is elements in the system And people in the overall system itself People in power and then people just Regular ordinary people that will engage In the most despicable behaviors and Everybody lies everyone you is involved In this at some level or another Everybody has their own personal

Deception even if people are not even Aware that they're lying to themselves Or they believe lies or they pass on Lies or whatever and so it's you know This idea like oh just be happy just you Know deprogram yourself that was the Word that was used right I mean the Ending was so icky of course it's Netflix right but then the other thing Going down the rabbit hole and trying to Find the truth and a sea full of lies it Doesn't work and that's what lots of People in the truth Community do trying To change something that can't be Changed you can't fix it you know stop Trying to fix the system you can't fix It like it's just a waste of time and Energy there's no fixing it the system Is corrupted it's it's total right the System is what it's supposed to be there Is you know in terms of it's it is what It's designed to be and you can't fix That kind of a system it's designed by Deception and lies the economic system The morality the religions all of it Everything that's in power is you know Is is selfish and wrong and against the Divine will it goes against the Divine Principles and it can't be fixed so you Can have a happy balance where you're Not going down the rabbit hole and You're not obsessed with this and you're Not trying to tell everybody about not Trying to wake everybody up and everyone

Like hates you because you're that guy Right you know like you can you can Avoid that right but you can also have a Reasonable you know investigative life Where you're in investigating things Where you get enough information but you Keep it light knowing that it's not you Know it's not the end of the world Whether you investigate this or not if You're interested in it or you have to Have an opinion about things and you you Do enough research to formulate a uh you Know a quality opinion and you can make Your decisions it's not that hard it's Not that hard to figure out you know Basically what's going on you might not Have all the details right but you know It's you understand what's going on and Then you're like all right this is my You know assessment of what's going on And this is how I'm gonna in terms of Things that affect my life this is what I'm GNA do in terms of health care Decisions in terms of you know any Number of things that you're going to do Whether you vote or not I mean to me It's like why vote right it's all those Things right you know there's a scene in The in this documentary and I just Missed it like it it hadn't um like we Just turned the the documentary off last Night we hadn't started watching it Today but I saw you know the what you're Watching here is just me scrolling

Through the various images of this Documentary you know things that are Available on uh Google Google images and One of them talked about how people were Um when I was when I Googled the term Were really were freaked out by the Whole Kennedy video and this female Investigator who later comes out and Says don't go down the rabbit hole was Brought into this room and it's a joke By um you know she's brought into this Room and the guy shows her a tape you Know shows her a um uh video of Kennedy Being assassinated but in this video the Driver turns around and it's in super Slow motion you can see the bullet Coming out of the guy's gun and he Shoots the guy and um shoots Kennedy and You can see the reaction right which Would explain um Jackie onas is trying To CL climb out of the back of the car And so in the video she saw it was the Driver he just turned around and shot Kennedy and then she said well did you Doctor this and he said no here's the Zer tape in the Zer tape there's this Floating tree right which she showed Which if you search for the Zer taped Out there's no floating tree so I don't Know if they've taken that out for the Internet I don't know if you know I Don't know any of these things right but None of it matters because they killed The president and there's more than

Enough evidence shows it wasn't you know That there are people that wanted the President dead and then wanted his Brother dead right and it just took the Wind out of the sales of the Youth of That time the hippie movement all these People and you know it showed that They'll do anything like if they can Kill the president they can kill anybody Same thing with the nuclear weapons Right it's like it shows you enough that You understand the level of evil that's Here and what they're willing to do to Keep power and control and that's what This is always been about you know People wanting power control that's why You build nuclear weapons and it's a move right only little only Really cowardly little little Dudes do that kind of thing because you Can't control these things right like You're better off just accepting your Fate accepting your death then and the Death of your country than ruining the Whole world potentially ruining the Whole world for future Generations right America is just not that important You're not that important nobody's that Important right and if some evil forces Are going to go and do these things then You're not going to you know I mean it's Unfortunate that there are people like That and you do what you can to you know Defend yourself and defend your family

And whatever it might be but you don't Wreck the whole world like you don't put That on the table as a possibility okay Let's just blow up the world because we Don't want these guys to win well that's Then you're evil right like that's That's an evil decision again everyone's Going to die anyway like things go we Don't go always go your way and every Country is you know is is at risk to be Invaded and America America will be Invaded someday and occupied because We've done it to other people in other Countries America's done so much damage Around the world that shit's coming back Like that's like that's coming back Around like you don't get away with that Stuff right all the pain and suffering That America's caused and you know we're All part of that and eventually we'll Suffer the same things that other Countries have you know know and people Are suffering that here now right of Course there's slavery and these things And so suffering is always you know is Always going to come back around like You can't escape it you can't escape the Consequences but anyways this Netflix Thing is just a piece of crap I mean Just really bad embarrassingly so like It's a good documentary until they just Decide to say Well since we can't ever Get to the truth and we're just going Down the rabbit hole and it makes us

Miserable let's just give up and be Happy like just know deog pram yourself Right there's always moderation learn Some freaking moderation right like be a Moderate truther you don't have to be Obsessed you know again just be moderate Like just just enough so it's you can Consider it healthy and then you're Crossing the line into some sort of Obsession then it's time to take a step Back right I mean again just you know be Moderate about it like that's you know That's that's a solution you can always Be moderate about anything you can be You know and you should be moderate About happiness and The Pursuit of Happiness right Everything needs to be in moderation Right like everything has to be balanced Out and when you go to one extreme You're going to get the other extreme if You go to extreme pleasure you're going To get extreme pain it's just the nature Of things any old two only spiritual Value will save this world it's p def Pointing for the Apocalypse in the Ascension Ione have a blessed day and be Grateful okay it's still Saturday March 9th um ironically or not ironically Because I thought it might happen my Wife and I started watching Oppenheimer and to me it was a worst Movie than Barbie um at least Barbie wasn't three

Hours long it was a poorly made movie They got together as many of the low Speakers Whisperers that they could you Know people who don't speak very loudly And they played music mus behind them For uninteresting dialogue and very Choppily edited content um it Glorified it glorified the Aforementioned uh you know creating Nuclear bombs and there were things that I learned a few things the scene where They actually tested the atomic bomb was A well done scene but the rest of the Scenes the music was too loud there was Too much um embellishment well there was An early scene oppenheim is studying in Europe and he sucks at doing lab work And his Professor sort of mocks him and He wants to go hear a lecture and he Says it to the professor where there's a Lecture you know that we need to go see And the profess the professor stops Class and tells everyone to go see the Lecture except for Oppenheimer who he Leaves behind to clean out the mess he's Made and Oppenheimer injects cyanide Into the guy's Apple a green apple which Of course has biblical references Of course there's the references to the Mahab barata and I'll get into those I'll show a few Clips here in a bit but He um injects cyanide into the guy's Apple and he rushes back to the office He kind of realizes it was an eff up

Thing to do and he goes to stop the guy From eating the apple and the lecturer Who I uh who uh Oppenheimer really looks Up to is about to take a bite and he Takes the apple and says there's a Wormhole in it and throws it into the Garbage again there's kind of metaphor Sign ific there with the idea of a Wormhole but it's a effed up thing to Put in a movie now there seemed to be no Reference that he actually did that but Somebody who would inject you use a Syringe inject poison into an apple We're talking about something like what Sleeping Beauty you know like the Reference is of course the the biblical Aspect of the Apple but that somebody Who would do that is a a completely Effed up person like you just wouldn't Do that I mean it would be morally Unconscionable for any kind of uh person That would be in any powerful position And certainly a a person of Science and And all these things right murderous Person um you know you might have the Idea to do something like that people Get you know murderous ideas or Something but to act on it and the fact That it doesn't appear that it actually Happened there didn't seem to be any Backing of it and they just threw it in The movie is pretty effed up right Considering that he created the nuclear Program that eventually destroyed the

World the second thing that I that was I Thought was interesting was there was a Chance theoretically because he's a he's A theorist right he wasn't a person who Did practical work he wasn't an engineer He was more of a person who developed Theory and there was a theory out there That the nuclear explosion would not Stop it would set off a chain reaction And destroy the whole world and so that Was a possibility in theory it's was you Know close to zero as they keep on Saying I'll show you the clip here but It's discussed a couple of times and They didn't know it and they went ahead And and did the test anyway there was a Chance in their minds a possibility that It would destroy the world and they did It anyway like just think about that Right and their glorifying these guys Let me show you the clip here we had a Moment where it looked like the chain Reaction from an atomic Dev device might Never Stop setting fire to the Atmosphere so you're about to bring Something into the world um which Ultimately has the power to destroy the Whole world right Um and this is when you would Stop this is when you would say okay This is a bad idea right this a bad this Is a you know Pandora's Box are we Saying there's a chance that when we

Push that button we destroy the world Chances are near zero I'm having to chop Up the scene a little bit but you know The gist is that there's a possibility That the world will be destroyed and Exactly 1 hour 58 minutes oh No so now it's 10:42 and I just watched The end of the movie with my wife we got Through it you know we started it early Took like five hours to watch three Hours with naps and whatever else was Going on um breaks from it so it ended Here's the very ending of the movie Spoiler Alert um again you know it's to me it's Not worth Watching but there was this conversation He had with Einstein and um there's a Character played by um Robert Downey Jr Who's vindictive towards um Oppenheimer and after conversation uh Einstein walks by Robert Downey Jr who's The president I believe of Princeton University he's offering oper Hy a Prestigious job there and Einstein is There the guy who plays Einstein looks Nothing like him and it looks like a Fake Mustache but this conversation is um Einstein blows uh Robert Downey Jr off And he becomes vindictive and goes after Oppenheimer it's a whole thing it takes About a whole hour of the end of the Movie we f fast forward through some of

It it was just trying to discredit him And take away his Q level security Clearance which was kind of interesting As well uh but the conversation had Nothing to do with Robert Downey Jr and There's references to that at the end of The movie uh but uh Aben hyber says to Einstein this this is what he says to Him when I came to you with those Calculations we thought we might start a Chain reaction that would destroy the Entire So earlier in the movie he had you know They were worried that the the explosion Wouldn't stop and I have to chop this up Because it'll get copyrighted otherwise But the gist is uh you know he says this I believe we Did and then it goes through a whole Series of images right where um you know All of this stuff Happens and like it's the point of the Whole movie demonstrating you know the Politicians and the scientists and all These people you know deeply flawed like Oppenheimer is a Serial cheater has all These Affairs one of the Affairs is with You know his wife is a former communist And his old exec girlfriend is a Communist who commits suicide I mean There all this stuff in it right very Depressing very you know unlikable People there's not like one likable Redeeming character in the whole movie

And they're all pushing this Agenda and you know with everything That's going on in the world Now and you know more that I'm going to Read to you about some of the you know The Whispers of the brighter World Message that I subscrib to is that Nuclear power will someday ruin this World someday will you know destroy this World or at least deeply you know Affected in a negative way because these Clowns brought it in right and there's No excuse for it like you know they had Plenty of chances to not do it and you Know you could say well someone else Will do it yeah let somebody else do it Right let it be on somebody else's hands Oppenheimer is just a deplorable person Uh with no really no moral Compass okay so let me show you this This is the famous Oppenheimer quote um Where he talks about the maata so There's reference into um there's References in the movie where Oppenheimer is learning Sanskrit and he Learned Germany and six In six weeks and was able to speak fluid German that was what they were trying to Sell us I don't know if that's true or Not uh but he's he's um he sees this Girl who eventually commits suicide and There's a whole kind of thing with that Right and she um asked him to read from The mahab barata which he calls the B

Bav gavida here uh but this is his you Know he's such a ghoulish looking mfer Just like you know almost Demonic right like a Vulcan we knew the world would not be The Same few people Laughed few people Cried most people were Silent I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture the babad Gita it's it's Supposed to be the Mahabarata the bagavita is a separate Story in the maah barata that has Nothing to do with This Vishnu he couldn't remember the name was Krishna so this is this genius right who Is quoting from the bag gavita which is Really the mahab barata and he gets Vishnu was is the cosmic functionary the Soul that incarnates as Krishna right Vishnu is a a soul that's in charge of Preservation in the univ Universe you Know there's creation destruction and Preservation creation is Brahma Preservation is Vishnu and destruction Is Shiva right and he's you know he he's Getting this Wrong is trying to persuade the prince That he means ARG he should do his duty and to impress Him takes on his multi-armed form And

Says now I am become deaf so they use This line at the test he says this you Know they referenced this uh in the Movie The Destroyer of Worlds I suppose we all thought that one Way or Another Um so the movie is just bad on lots of Levels there's some moments in it and I Guess they're trying to indicate that You know him saying this at the end that There was going to be a chain reaction So they had this first idea that he went To Einstein with this problem and then He had one of his top guys figure out That you do the do the math in equations Of the likelihood that it set off a Chain reaction the first nuclear Explosion which set off a chain reaction That would destroy the world but then he Realized the chain reaction was creating The first atomic bomb which of course Other countries were going to get it and There would be an arms race and there's Somewhere in the movie he says that um They asked him when he became a you know A sort of a against these nuclear Weapons and the expansion of the nuclear Arsenal and he said when I realized we Were going to use everything that we Made which I've said since the beginning Of my perception about this That we do not build things we don't use Right is there anything that you ever

Had like a toy that you end up not using Right everything that is built Eventually is used for some purpose People don't build extensive weapons or Anything else and then not use them Right you know now that um we have this With AI you know there's a lot to be Said about the immaturity of people the Immaturity of humanity and you know my Wife was saying that 10% that uh these Various ai ai creators you know Scientists or uh you know software Engineers and things like this are Speculating there's a 10% chance that AI Would destroy Humanity it's the same Principle but you could say that about The computer like look at what the Computer's done to us look at what it's Done to our youth look at how the idea Of having a cell phone having a computer In your pocket you know as was a kid When I was in high school there was Computers in our school they were the Size of two refrigerators and they Barely did anything right like and now We have a computer that's thousand times Better than the computer I had when I Was in you know High School the one that We had in our high school and it's a Size of a you know something that you Can stick in your pocket and there's the Idea of having it and then there's how It plays out and it hasn't played out Well the internet and all all it's

Brought to humanity and the way these Kids have these cyber lives and you know Video games and the expansion of all These things human beings can't handle These things we've been giving these These Technologies before you know we're ready And mature enough to use them that we Spiritually developed enough to use them And there's such an you know violence in You know there's various animals Somebody just sent me a a video of a Crow um solving a complex problem I saw A raven do that you know Crow at the zoo In Albuquerque New Mexico it would be Able to pick balls up based in color and Count them and and they can solve Complex problems various animals can Solve complex problems and make tools And use tools you know animals learning To use tools and that's one of the Definitions of intelligence for us like Being able to make and use tools but so A lot of the tools that we've created Have you know destructive power on the Earth and things that are you know where We have too much power in our capacity To like you know with back hose and you Bulldozers and these things rip the Earth apart and you know drilling for Oil and doing things that is destructive To the planet but a lot of our tools are Destructive to our family you know Destructive to our you know our

Community right in terms of they isolate Us and they keep us separate and things Like this right I mean I'm speaking at a Microphone right now you know all it's 11:00 at night right you know you know All these things and so you know there Are these aspects to modern day life That that are um you know that are that We have these great tools and Technology But we're not ready to handle them and When you bring something into a Population and they're not ready to Handle it there's devastating Consequences you have to have the Maturity to handle nuclear weapons and We just don't have that there's a few Whispers of the brighter world I want to Read here um these are messages given to This French woman from the second master Of the zaj mar meditation that I do Bob And they're quite extension extensive in There's these Prophecies um I want to read one of the Prophecies but first I want to read this This goes in line with that this is Thursday December 30th 1999 8 a.m. we Would like for an appeal to be launched On this Earth to people of Good Will and For Consciousness to be awakened at the End of the century so that's um I would Assume that that either that Century 1999 or um the following one how how can One talk of progress under the current Conditions where man is a wolf to man

The Wolf being a wise animal species Compared with the evil that human beings Can do and the destructive beings they Use to shamelessly destroy anything that Resist them this situation affects us Deeply and we cannot stem this Devastating tide we suffer from the Suffering of so many men women and Children who are subject to atrocities How he's making reference to etheric Beings that are here monitoring the Planet and feel the suffering and pain Of the the people at large how can human Beings have come to this point they will Have to see that this escalation through To its end and the destiny of the earth Will have to be fulfilled the future is Not rosy as we have already said if you All one day if you if you all one day Must go through these difficult times Far away from one another separated by Life trying to remember that a Unity the Heart must remain in the spiritual path Which is yours and which nothing not Even time will be able to je jeopardize You must all hold on to this vision of Things Boby he's talking about how People doing this meditative practice Will be separated at some point and um They'll be uh you know they'll still Have to hang on to this idea of each Person connecting to God and fulfilling This practice that they were doing to Help for the uplift uplift of humanity

But here's the other Whispers I wanted To read here Friday December 29th 2 8 A.m. nuclear power will ruin the world This badly controlled power is demonic One day man will be overwhelmed by its Power upheavals that will change the World will have their origin in it it Has much wider implications than you Could imagine which contribute to the Destabilization and destabilizing the Balance of this planet in this matter in This matter also man plays with fire Without actually being aware of the Detrimental consequences for Humanity a Natural energy will replace all that is Currently used and which could be Harmful to man human knowledge does not Allow its use for the time being these Secrets will be revealed to Men of Goodwill who will look to an inspired Scientific research that energy will be Non-polluting and very and not very Expensive those with money power will Not be content with it only the absolute Necessity of the survival of the world Will prevail this time is not going to Happen tomorrow the Earth will go Through great changes before getting to That these prophecies do not concern you You are undergoing the damaging effects Of this Insidious pollution which will Lead the world to collapsing but you can Neither stop time nor modify the system In

Place the then protect yourself as well As possible for the har these harmful Effects and pray for your brothers of The future Boby now it doesn't matter to Me whether you believe this or not and You know none of you guys would believe It like I do because I've had extensive Experience with these books Beyond just The prophecies it's what helped me Create this YouTube channel Investigating and looking into some of These claims in the book again this was A a woman who was um in great physical Pain because of a falling off a horse She was a you know a Rich she was born Into money a French woman and she fell Off a horse when she was younger and she Had a surgeon that she claimed that she She called a butcher that did nerve Damage so she was just in physical pain For the rest of her life and basically Had trouble leaving the house and it got Worse as she got older but she had a Past life as being a medium somebody who Could connect and do these channeling Messages and she struggled At first she Didn't believe him she had doubts about The messages all throughout out but There's 20,000 of them and they are you Know I've read them on a level where They're just profound and have had a you Tremendous effect on me I was fasting One time I told this story in the Journey series but for me it's a

Reliable source but you know the things Haven't happened yet so they're just an Idea and even if you have that idea you Know it doesn't mean that you really Understand what's going to happen or how It's going to affect you what it's going To be like like it's still not all that Believable until it happens even if you Could see it if you had visions of it Yourself it's not something where until It happens it's not real it's just like You're seeing a movie or something and Then when it affects you like it's the Way Co did like when you walked into the Grocery store and the shelves were bare I mean I had that you know where there Was all the canned goods were gone all The toilet paper were gone there was Just shortages people walking around Panicked in mass and that was just some Bogus thing that happened with Co right You know that was minimal compared to What's going to happen In the future the collapse of our Civilization you know if we didn't have Electricity for a week I mean think what Think about the riots that happened when There are blackouts in the past in Cities and things imagine what would Happen if there's no internet or Electricity for extended period of time And how you know how long the grocery Stores would be cleared out and then People would be starving within a week

Or two and they'll just be you know Panicked and whatever is going to happen With that right complete breakdown in Law and Order and whatever and we Probably all get to witness that because It just makes sense aside from these Whispers prophecies do you think that You know these guys I me think about Your leaders Joe Biden and and Donald Trump and you know all the rest of these World leaders with nuclear power and the Degradation of humanity and the insanity And the craziness and the stupidity and All of it right human beings suck and We're not going anywhere good and so um You know this movie represents the Beginning of something that was Inevitable because you know human beings Will Use whatever means necessary to destroy Themselves like it's happened over and Over again could be crack it could be Gambling it could be you know infidelity It could be you know just depression and Just you know whatever it is abuse I Mean think about the way people just Hurt themselves all the time make bad Choices destroy themselves Self-sabotage and very few people are Successful in a you know not just in a Material way but you know overall Successful like they're living competent Lives where they have good you know Lives of uh moderation and you know all

Of it right I was talking about Moderation in my other video and so um I'm going to wrap this up I'm getting Tired but I'll continue this tomorrow But it's you know significant right all Of it um again I'll I'll wrap this up Tomorrow I got something else to show You about the the um the rebuttal to Biden's uh just it's you know it's just So sucky like everything just sucks so Bad so I got a little bit more to add Tomorrow and and then you know whatever I'll put this up hopefully uh on Sunday All right so today is Sunday March 10th I have a few more things to cover here But the original voiceover I was talking About you know nuclear power before I Watched stenheim and I was talking about How you know it's just like a Move to to Um to make something like this and I Want to you know expand on that Because it's okay to protect yourself It's okay to you know I mean there's This is there's you know territorial Fights that happen all the time in Nature you look outside animals are Fighting for territory right now it's The spring and you know fighting for Medan rights I mean there's things that Exist on a natural level but on a human Level we have a higher level of Consciousness we have the ability to Connect to Divinity we have knowledge of

A soul we have knowledge of a spiritual Essence right and you know there's Things that you just can't Do that hurt your Soul's progress like It hurts your Spiritual um you you takes you away from Your spiritual journey and there's ways That we get sucked in to material life And we forget about why we're here we Forget about you know any sort of a Soul's path and this is many ways an Illusion right but in the illusion there Is the idea of life and the preservation Of life and that's the whole Reason That they decided to make these weapons Because they figured all right let's say The bad guys make the weapons first then They'll have power over everybody Dominion over the world and so this is Always why things like this are done Right worried about what other people Are going to do and so you know they've Created this arms race and at some point You realize that it Becomes um uh like a like I said earlier And again this is before I watch the m Movie that the weapons are going to fall Into the very hands that you don't want To fall into right evil people people Who are don't have the discernment and Happens almost immediately you know I Ien Heimer realizes That um he can't control who gets the

Weapons and he meets with Truman and he says to Truman you was the President I feel like I have blood on my Hands from what happened in hirosima and Nagasaki and it's horrible if you see The pictures it's brutal I mean it's Just so bad what happened there and it Was unnecessary right and you know Truman Says you know it's not about you they're Not thinking about you you they don't Blame you they blame the guy who dropped It they don't blame the guy who built it And they and the guy they ask they get Him out of the office and Truman says to His you know the guy's Handler says Don't let that crybaby back in right and So you know Truman didn't hesitate to Drop these weapons and there was a Celebration by many people of the power And the success during the test and then After where they dropped the the bombs And oppenheim himself gave the speech And I don't know if it's happen in Reality about oh too bad we it's just Too bad we didn't get to drop it on the Germans and all these things right where There's some you know there's the idea That there was they would never have Dropped this on a European white you Know white people country that they Would only have dropped this on a Country of people of color like that Kind of was kind of a prevailing idea

Anyway but the idea that you build a Weapon to keep it out of the hands of The bad people or have one just in case Of bad people get it so you can you know Deter them from using it and then the Nuclear arms race plus they were all Saying that the Russians were never Going to get it right which you know Russia was our Ally but then all of a Sudden became our enemy and now and here We are today you know in terms of my Knowledge of the Doomsday in the Sark tradition it was Supposed to happen in the 80s of course The stuff with Reagan which has ties to This earlier thing with the octopus Conspiracy and you know I just want to Say a little bit more about that too Because I left out some of it but the Conspiracy centers around this reporter I forget his name already Danny Castello Who was investigating you know this guy Developed the first computer Software that was uh supposed to or it Effectively categorized and organized All the data up from Criminal databas Right and it was a first of its kind and It was used by by the US justice Department who stole the software and Gave it to one of their operatives who Was you know a tech guy and then he sold It to various other countries that they Used to spy on those countries right This the beginning of the Spy Network

Which is another thing right spying on Everybody so this idea that you can Control something and prevent something Bad from happening which is the end of Our civilization and that comes from the Fact that our civilization is going to End right like and it should have ended A long time ago it's become so depraved And you see what's happened with Everybody having computers has it made People better or worse well it's obvious It's made people worse the breakdown of The family the breakdown of you know Even just having a normal human life is Not happening now for these younger Generations as nuclear power made it Better or worse it's made it worse right And so there's this Paranoia that you have with people that They're trying to prevent something That's going to happen they're trying to Prevent God's will that uh we have a Deviant um you know uh we have a A System that goes against the the divine Order and systems collapse anyway like At some point you know you might love America you might love all of all of Your lifestyle and you might love Everything about it but at some point It's going to collapse it just happens It's happened to Empire after Empire it Just H what's happens in nature right There's never supposed to be you know a Continuation of any type of uh you know

Like everything has to change and move And evolve and de evolve and you know Reset itself and we all can kind of see It now like it just needs to happen Everybody sees it to some extent but Doesn't want to think about what that Means to their lifestyle and would like To prevent it if we could and this is All about preventing something that is Inevitable like no matter how much power You get and how much control you get It's going to happen and they're using These weapons of mass destruction to try To keep the the Spiritual Beings and the What extraterrestrial Superior Technological beings from like inter Interfering with their power here like They're holding a gun to the Earth's Head and saying we'll destroy this thing If you guys try to you know mess with Our power rure we got going on down here Will destabilize the balance of the Universe and it's just so selfish right It's so myopic it's so selfish it's you Know then you are the villain that you Pretend that you're trying to protect These you know you're trying to build These weapons so that the villain Doesn't get them you've become that or You were that to start with right and It's there in the movie you know there's References to the Massad in the in the Octopus Conspiracy uh Netflix thing which you

Know again it was just a a bad movie There's reference to the mad but they Don't really get into it but America Shared its intelligence this data with With the Israeli government but spied on All their other allies so America their One you know the one Ally that they were Uh giving this software to to use and Spy on their you know the people around Them the you know the various countries Around Israel was Israel and then Messiah played a role because a guy Danny cero had you know mad's role with A question mark that mad had been a part Of this thing but they don't really get Into that because they never do you know And I like I always say I don't like it That there's this uh hate for Jewish People in the truth community and what I Always say is you know that there's a Lot of inventions that Jewish people Have created and constructs that they've Contributed to what we now know as America The economic system you know they have a Lot of influence on the economic system And then all these inventions you're Using all the time all the stuff that's Happening and but you have to take the Good and the bad with it and there's References in Oppenheimer they talk he Talks about being Jewish he talks about Anti-Semitism in Germany preventing Hitler from fully giving the the Jewish

Scientists the Jewish scientists who Were working on the nuclear bomb there The resources they needed because they Way ahead but Hitler's um you know his Uh uh his hatred of them prevented them From developing the bomb first which Would have changed you know the whatever Happened in the world right and you know There's you know this sort of pro Jewish Message in it uh and you know part of The problem here is like I said like you Can't just take the bad and blame Jews For the like blame Jews for everything That it's bad in the world that they've You know been a part of but then not Talk about the things that you use every Day that come from this you know Specific group of people right like it's You know it's dishonest to do that like They've contributed a lot of things that You're dependent on and you you wouldn't Want to give up and have influenced a Lot of the things that you know in Whatever way it is whether it's Hollywood or sports or you know cultural Things and comedy and you know all these Other things right but but you know the Reality is all of these religions have a Negative outlook on Humanity you know You're a Born Sinner and you know people in the the um I if you read the Old Testament God is Punishing people punishing the Jews Punishing the the you know the

Canaanites I mean just just vicious God Is uh you know the way they represent God is a narcissistic demonic like a Petty uh you know just um murderous you Know wanting people to sacrifice their Kids I mean sacrifice animals to them And it's not the way God actually is and There's a lot of guilt and shame in These cultures obviously you have this With Christianity and being born a Sinner and that starts with Judaism and The negative outlook that they have and They're you know the the way that these Religions betray God specifically here In the Jewish religion and that's you Know migrated over to Christianity the Old Testament people is you know it's we Know how bad people are like we can look At you know what people are doing and You know how low people are right now But we also have a soul and there's lots Of evil people you can look at your life And say oh let's stop the evil people Let's focus on the evil people and you Know that's only going to lead you to Being like them you you focus you become Whatever you focus on or you could focus On the Saints and the higher developed People in your higher nature we all have Moments of you know where God comes Through us we have our moments of Compassion our moments of higher Consciousness our moments where we're Expressing our soul and that's one of

The beauties of the Saar meditation that I do you know they don't it doesn't Ignore your spiritual grossness it Doesn't ignore your subs scaras and your Negative Tendencies and where we are now Like it doesn't say that doesn't exist Where people say that right you know it Obviously exists but you're not supposed To attend to that what you're doing is Meditating on the part of you that's Divine and the transmission the cleaning That you receive during the meditation Helps you know connect with that part of Yourself and so it's a reach for the Higher where you're focusing on the Higher you know the various masters of The system of course the current master Has fallen which is you know really a Bummer because of you know all that that Means right just he's taken the low path Right which is you know he was on a Higher level a higher Trajectory and he plummeted which just Sucks which happens a lot to Saints it's Happened to all these Spiritual Beings Including people like Jesus and some of The people that we know you know towards The end of their life they had a fall Because you know life on planet Earth Drags you down but you know if we move Towards the positive we move towards our Souls then that's what you you know you Focus on that we focus on the the Potential and the Divinity within it's

Unfortunate that humans take the low Path and usually go to the lowest common Denominator and you know when you know That about human beings then there needs To be precautions about you know Technological development and not to Exceed our morality and not to exceed Our discipline and are you know doing The right thing and you see what's Happened right we've seen what happens With the internet we've seen what's Happened with pretty much every Technology gets abused and then people Exhibit unnatural and unhealthy Behaviors and you know they try to kind Of glorify it in a you know almost like Oh what else were we going to do kind of Way well you don't make a a nuclear bomb But now that it's here you know this Going to affect the world right like all And not just nuclear bombs but power Plants and all the rest of it we've done Things In terms of polluting the the world and You know engaged in selfish behaviors That are screwing going to screw first Future versions of ourselves future People and all of us in future lives and The other inhabitance of this planet Right for what like what's worth saving Like you look at America what's worth Saving right the Super Bowl Christmas I Mean you know divorce I mean what what Is it the porn you know like the I mean

Just think about all the the things that Dominate The Internet's onethird porn Right you want to save the internet and How much it's video games and how much It's just crap like you know how much How much things are actually positive And worth saving like what do we have Culturally what's going on with Humanity That is worth Saving right our Comforts Our Pleasures right our Decadence and so you know we've done all These things and there's a price that's To be paid because we've you know taken Selfishly right you know we fed from the Trough in ways that you know future Versions of ourselves are going to live In deprivation we've gone from a we're Going from a time of abundance to Deprivation and you know and it's like These Melancholy you know self-conscious Movies like this right that's why I'm Saying this thing's kind of worse than Barbie because it's trying to be serious And you know Barbie sucked you know Because of the whole Barbie hmer but This movie sucked it was a poorly made Movie and they tried to make this battle Where the Martin the Robert Downey Jr Character is persecuting Oppenheimer is Being sort of you know uh and his wife Says that like she he he was into it Because he felt guilty over the whole You know building the bomb that destroy

The world thing right and you know it's Just like just the icky people right These are not worth people that they're Not protagonists you know they're not People they're not Heroes they're deeply Flawed people that you know did negative Things that have contributed to the Downfall of humanity all right let me Get into these last couple of things Here okay so this video is already an Hour over an hour long I was going to Cover some stuff with comma um not comma But the mainstream media handling of This you know this rebuttal to bite in It's kind of hilarious but it's kind of You know important enough so it should Be a start of my next video so I'm just Going to wrap this one up here only Spiritual vality will save this world It's parado definely point from the Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day and be grateful

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