OMG the Democrats & Media are saying it is OK to have a President with Dementia + Nancy Pelosi Says

OMG the Democrats & Media are saying it is OK to have a President with Dementia + Nancy Pelosi Says

Okay greetings brothers and sisters Sunday June 30th I started this video Yesterday lots of Clips I went through The rest of the Debate and I want to say this in the Beginning I'm probably going to say this A lot over the next couple of Videos what the Democratic party is Doing now lowlife freaking Behavior there is an element of the Democratic party there is um one half of The morning Jo te MAA which I'll show You in this video who says she's not Ready to give up on Joe Biden there are People out there media pundants and People in the Democratic party it's a Minority at this point who are trying to Sell to the American people that we Should have a president with obvious Dementia a scile president I mean think About that they are trying to sell to You all of us Gaslight us and say it's Okay to have a president with the Dementia someone who is obviously now Everyone acknowledges has dementia like Pretty much everyone's admitting that Like whether they're saying they're not Really admitting but they're basically Acknowledging that this is a dementia Situation right like they're not saying The word dementia or saying the world Scile but like you know it's there They're finally doing this it's not it's Been a it's been since

2019 I as a professional counselor you Know I have a master's degree in Counseling and I was really good at Assessments psychological Assessments I did them in various Jobs and I did them in graduate school Even in graduate school my teacher took One of my Assessments and you know was it was used It as a um you know written Psychological assessment and used it to Present to the class right because it Was um you know cuz I'm good at it right And you don't have to be good at seeing If somebody's drunk or seeing if Somebody's stoned or something right and That's the same thing with somebody with Dementia right when Grandpa puts his Shoes in the refrigerator you go oh Maybe he has dementia and that was at Least since 2019 for Joe Biden right and I'm not saying the Republicans are good And Donald Trump is good like this is Not that like that's the binary thinking People have to get out of just because The Democrats been caught being uh Soulless Liars right people with no Shame and just uh nightmares doesn't Mean that the Republicans are good but What the Democrats have done here and Trump sucks Trump has brought down the Vibrations of the country he's disgraced The presidency which for me is great Like I I love it that he's disgraced the

Presidency he's you know he's made the Presidency a joke because of his late Night tweets and just how he behaved When he was president since then Because it is a joke right it's a it's a Puppet position it's not real there's no You know these aren't great men who are Presidents it's just uh you know it's Just smoking mirrors it's an illusion These people are all horrible people the People who are politicians and the People in power are horrible people and To pretend that they're great you know They are great to you know they are Successful they're great in the sense That they're successful by the American Definition but they're horrible people They're not spiritual they're not Saints They're not higher developed Souls They're liars cheaters Sociopaths and selfish right all these People not just the presidents and the And the congressman the politicians but They're AIDS you know they're people That prop them up the people that uh Handle them the money people with the Power behind them and all these things They're all horrible people that do Horrible things right but they keep a Country that would collapse uh afloat if They didn't do bad things right that's The part that we have to be you know I Don't want to say grateful for because It's a bad country it's a bad system but

We have to acknowledge that they're Doing a service to us all because we're 100 dep we're 100% dependent on a Demonic system and they're keeping that System afloat and our lifestyle and our You know it would we would be in chaos If it collapsed mon a material Level Like at spiritual level it be good for Us these are things I say all the time Right but just because the Democrats Suck doesn't mean the Republicans are Good but this is what the Democrats are Doing the Democrats have said that they You know that Trump is a degraded Criminal person and that the Republican People and the people that back him While the Republican people themselves Around him are enabling somebody who is A horrible person that engages in Criminal Behavior as a narcissist a Dictator who doesn't believe that the Rule of law applies to him and that he Is uh you know uh banging porn stars and Lying about it and doing all these Things and he certainly did those things He cheated on his wife those things Happen but he's doing all these things And he's the only one like he's the Degraded one and he has you know their Big problem with him is he didn't act Presidential he didn't play the role he Didn't listen to his handlers the same Way like these things that he just went Off the the you know just went off on

His own he kind of went He was never like he never like he never Was a part of the club in that sense the Political Club he was a billionaire Businessman who you know was used to Getting his way and doing his thing and He didn't um you know he didn't behave And act the way that they said that he Should as president they degraded the Presidency that's what their real Problem is but they've said that this Guy's a horrible guy and that his Followers like he's a piece of crap Racist you know horrible you know Throwback and that the people around him And the people that support him are Delusional and crazy and they're like You know people are holding back Progress and holding back the whole woke You know stuff that's going on all the Things that they've pushed through the Stuff that's you know they're the good Guys right that's you know that's what Both sides say and that they're the People that want to establish a you know Decorum and and a higher level of you Know intellectual Progressive you know Smart people of Science and they're the They're the you know they're the refined Ones and he's the you know the thug or Whatever right but this is what they've Done they rigged the the um political System against Bernie Sanders because Bernie Sanders was a liberal and the

Liberals are still pissed about this and They rigged it against him against Hillary Clinton and Don of Brazil came In wrote a book about it you know they Fired Deb Wat and Schulz after getting Hacked multiple times by Russia you know By the official story you know that Podesta and then then DNC got hacked by You know this guy julan ass in Russia And these people you know which all seem To be you know whatever um Julian ass is A shill or a you know plan from the CIA An operative or something or whatever Right but they said that you know after Getting hacked and all these things that You know showed incompetence podesta was The guy that supposed post a you know he Wrote a paper did a you know did a Special uh Think Tank group uh you know At the quest of Obama about cyber Security and then he personally got Hacked right like it's that bad but they You know they ran the um the DNC into The ground Obama they were1 million in Debt and Hillary Clinton bailed them out Only if she was going to be the nominee She had the money to bail him out and They didn't want Bernie sand anyway cuz He was a liberal he was a socialist like He was somebody could never get elected In America and so they rigged it against Him and Donna Brazil came in and she Said hey you know uh they rigged it Against you to Burnie and they had a

Conversation about this that she recalls In her book and so this is a you know This is somebody on the inside saying The Democrats rigged the system against A candidate so we already know they're Willing to fix an election in their own Part in their own party right they Didn't free or Fair elections even in Their own party and again you know this Is they're always talking about Trump Being election denier and that's how They lie right and so then they had this Candidate who was showing signs of Dementia but he was a piece of crap he Had run for president three times and Failed he was a joke and I'll show you The you know CNN did a hitpiece on him In 2019 that they didn't want him Running when Hillary was running and so He was polling well below Hillary who Was basically unlikable and you know no One really really likes Hillary you know Like in a personal life or she's not a Likable person right horrible person and So they rigged it for Biden against Bernie Sanders again and they did it out In the open they came out and said on CNN and these other networks senators And high ranking people we are not going To let Bernie Sanders win and they said You know we are going to make sure that Joe Biden is our nominee they just said It like the all the other candidates Complied Elizabeth Warren who was a

Liberal and was running on Bernie Sanders platform stayed in so that she Would split the vote with him and Buddha Gig and uh Nancy clob whatever Cloar um they Withdrew so that um they they threw Their support behind Biden of course uh Buddha became Secretary of Transportation or whatever so he got a You know they all got stuff right as you Know for the support of Joe Biden and so They rigged it against Bernie cers twice He was the one with the enthusiasm he Was the one with the you know the the Backing but he just wasn't going to be Able to get enough votes in the general Election because he was just you know Hyper liberal he was an extremist right On the other hand Trump was an extremist In a different way and they thought they Could beat him because of that right Even though there's more Republican Extremists than there are liberals but Then Biden should was showing signs of Dementia so they used covid to close Down the country I mean this was the Pressure that was put on by the media And everyone else and all the media Personnel covered up that this guy Obviously had dementia he didn't just Get dementia he had it you could see it And I was talking about it as were other People because it was easy to see and it Didn't mean that he didn't have good

Moments like you have good moments like That's how it works anybody who has a a Relative with dementia knows they have Their Lucid moments it's not about that It's that once a person has dementia It's just going to get worse and they Should not be working and it's like Elder abuse to put them in a job when They have dementia where they're getting Confused and lost they don't have the Capacity to do any kind of a a real job Anymore you know maybe a greeter at Walmart or something you know see if Something keep but even then it's you Know it's for a limited time you know Their time of working is over and they Want this mfer to be president and so They pushed him through for years and They gastl the American people when People said he had dementia they said no He didn't which is ridiculous right and Whatever happened in the 2020 election You want call it bragged against Trump I Mean all these elections are rigged from The very get-go so it's like silly to Say they rigged that you know whatever You want to think but you know whatever Happened there that happened right and He became president and he has had bad Moments to Venture moments since day one And his walk and his gate and his Tripping has gotten horrible falling off His bike you know just one bad moment After another like he just can't pick up

His feet when he walks you can see it Like in his Expressions he looks like a Deer in headlights he's nobody home Vacant expression mouth of gape right And this was all in display on the in The debate and for years they said oh my God this guy's great and everybody else In the freaking world knew he had Dementia you think if I know that that People in that Putin doesn't know and You know and the you know the world Other world leaders don't know right if I know they know right like they were Rolling out a guy with dementia as President and you know they're saying Well he's not really president to them We're puppeting him there's no real Election there's no Democracy in America We just you know Force this guy in the American people and he is being Completely controlled by people who were Not elected so democracy died and then At the same time they're saying that Trump is an election denier and all of His people are you know not accepting The result even though they busted out a Massive new aspect to the election which Was mailin ballots that you know right Like a month before the election Pennsylvania was in a a scrim a mess as Were other states because they were Going to have an influx of election mail And ballots that they never had before And so this was the lies they were

Telling right at one hand they're saying That Trump's a liar and that's what Their story is now post debate everybody Is saying Trump's a liar he got caught Line you know they're trying to minimize Biden's I mean Biden yeah he had a bad Night but Trump's a liar everyone's Always a liar well you've been lying to The American people about his dementia And now you want us to accept that we Have a a president that has dementia in A time where the world is going you know We're going to go into World War where Israel is you know trying to take back The Israel of the Bible starting with The pal Palestine and there's a you know A war in in the Ukraine which could Easily turn into World War III with Russia and you know there's stuff going On with China we're on the verge of Economic collapse and that there's 20% Inflation that everyone's freaked out About but it's really 100% inflation and They're just trying to keep it keep it Down you know eventually it's where it's Going to catch up to us the inflation's Way worse the dollar has been div value And so you know we're on the cusp of Like all these bad things and you want Us to have a president with dementia Like he was some great man and the other Thing is they shouldn't be president now After that debate like you would fire Anybody he needs to be freaking fired

Like right freaking now you need to fire This guy take him out of the presidency Even as bad as kamla is and that was his Insurance policy cuz nobody likes her And even though the Democratic parties In a in Array and they're saying that a Second Trump term would be a disaster Which it would be but so would a second Biden term you know Sila and caribous Right the sea monster and the whirlpool Like from the you know the Greek tale Whatever it was the what this The Odyssey I don't know the Iliad and the Odyssey whatever it was I read in high School or whenever I read it you know You have a choice between two disasters Two disasters Trump is a disaster he Rolled out you he got worked on covid And he was just a narcissist and someone Who's bitter and angry and he's just 100% about Trump trump is one of the Most selfish people but so is Biden Because Biden has dementia and he says That you're fighting for the soul of the Country if Trump gets elected then you Know if Trump gets elected it's the end Of the it's end of the world but we Could you know World War III they're Both saying this about the other person Right and it's True because either one's a disaster and Then anybody replaces them is still Going to be a disaster it's the end of America as we know it right it's end of

The world as we know it we've entered Into that phase we entered into the Civilization is collapsing phase right But they're lying and you know trying to Take as much for themselves you know I Said whoever won the 2020 election was Going to be in charge of the Looting of America and so that's been Joe Biden you Know they've looted in their way and Trump would have looted the wealth of America in his way You know and would have been it's like a Garage sale or going out of business Sale and that's what's happening now for Both of them but the you know the Democratic party is now and some of These media Personnel is trying to say To you that you should accept a Candidate with dementia right that's What's happening like that's how Freaking I mean the gaslighting and evil And you know lying and the deception and That Trump's the liar yeah he's a liar But you guys have lied about this guy For you know now the last 6 years and You knew he was this day was going to Come you knew there was going to be a Time where the guy couldn't do his Freaking job anymore it was going to be On display for everyone and it was like You know it was that night it was an Epic night you know Thursday night with The debate and it was there and Everybody saw it we all with their own

Eyes we saw that there was no doubt that This guy this mfer has freaking dementia We saw it there wasn't anybody's like oh Wow this guy doesn't have dementia and That they've been lying to us right and We you know it's not like he's some Great man that we got all let's respect Him and just allow him to have this last 8 months of his presidency no fire that M into an effort now because he is Freaking mentally ill and is Embarrassing to the country and I'm glad That they don't right because it just Proves my point that America is wrecked Like the only reason you guys can keep This guy is because America's wrecked oh You don't want to hurt his feelings well You don't want the guy to go out in Disgrace no he's got dementia and you Guys freaking knew it and you put him Out there all the me the media all the Liberal media all CNN MSNBC every one of Those persons knew that this guy was Showing signs of dementia and they lied About it this is a complete you know Lying to the American people and all the American people they couldn't see that This guy was pooping his pens and he was You know stumbling around he had Dementia shows you that the American People are incapable of voting and Electing a you know official whether This is rigged or not you know at least Almost half the people voted for this

Guy he still got a lot of votes right You can say oh well they rigged it sure But he still got the nomination the American people let this happen and They've allowed this guy to be there Even though he's got this condition and They might even elect him again what if They doesn't drop out and somehow he Gets elected again Americans elect a guy With dementia and Trump is a disaster Trump is a nightmare and there are People still passionate about Trump like He's some second coming of Jesus the Evangelicals and these other people That's cuz the American people suck Right that's because we were completely Fallen this is idiocracy at is finest And so yeah this is my first Introduction I got another one coming And then I got all this you know data to Back up what I'm saying and this is what They're doing they are openly saying This guy has dementia so what he's Better than the other guy who's a liar Right okay greetings brothers and Sisters I have to do a pre-introduction CU I keep on forgetting to do this as Many of you know and a lot of you who Are just recently being notified I Talked to the YouTube Bots they told me Me they weren't Shadow Banning me and Then all of a sudden they started to Notify some of my some of my old Subscribers and my videos started to get

More views it's a miracle it's Christmas Day miracle so to help with that please Remember to subscribe to um like videos And bookmark my channel because they Shadowban me and so many other people And YouTube's system is broken down Intentionally partially and partially They've lost control of the machine Learning and the bot stuff and whatever So I just have to say that for every Video just because you know um like so Many other YouTubers I'm fighting for my Life here because of YouTube's the ship Be sinking Right anyways um this is an epic video And I want to get into it Here welcome back to State of the Union A new CBS Yugo PLL out this morning that Was taken after the debate finds that 72% of Voters now say they do not think President Biden has the mental or Cognitive Health to serve as president Okay so I just went to eat breakfast I Did the first introduction this morning And I was editing I'm almost at the end Of the video editing and I've got all These introductions now right um but um You know I turned on CNN to eat Breakfast MSNBC CNN whatever just cuz You know they're flaming out over there And uh Dana Bash was on with Jake Tapper They have a show on Sunday and she busts out this thing 72% 34s of the country basically

Right three quarters of the country are Saying Joe Biden has dementia right Basically three quarters I mean what About the other 27% like how could you Not see right but whatever like that Speaks for itself but anyways so she Says that and then she brings out Nancy Pelosi let's go to that here here with Me now is one of the top officials in The Democratic party a close Ally of President Biden former house Speaker Nancy Pelosi thank you so much for being Here uh what is your reaction to that Poll 72% of Voters say they don't think That the president is fit mentally or Cognitively to be President well what do they think about The other guy uh do they think that he Has the Integrity to be president After that performance uh let us just go Let us not make a judgment about a Presidency on one uh one debate let's Talk about what it means to people in Their lives and that's why you're not Seeing much change in the polls on this The difference between Joe Biden and the Former president is so clear if you were A woman and so then she gets into Abortion and so You know let's start with the beginning Here um she talks about you know women's Abortion rights and that somehow Precludes Joe Biden having dementia so But she has just told 70 72% almost

Three4 of the country an overwhelming Majority for Americans 60 is a big Majority of Americans in the political Terms if you get 60% of everybody right They have 60% on abortion right so they Think they got a slam dunk there and is 72 this is 12 more per saying this guy Is scile and the Integrity of trump does Not make a difference whether Joe Biden Seile not what about the other guy no Not about the other guy this has zero to Do with Trump this is the first time you Have something that only has to do with Joe Biden because everything with Joe Biden since he's run for president has Been about comparing him to Trump that's The whole Democratic thing everything's About Trump Biden's never standing on His own it's never anything to do just With Joe Biden this is the first time This has just to do with Joe Biden so Don't bring up Trump at all it has to do With Joe Biden and you all for covering Up right and so it doesn't matter if Trump's got poor Integrity Nancy that Has nothing to do with the American People just said right I mean it says 50% of the people think Trump has the Cognitive ability and 49% don't in the Poll which is bizarre I mean Trump Showed much better cognitive ability He's old and he's been breaking down but It's not about his cognitive ability you Know Trump is better now

Cognitively than Biden was in 2019 when He ran there's a big difference between What's Biden is going through right but In terms of it's not about Trump so Throw out anything about Trump anybody Talking to you about Trump oh Trump's a Liar no that has nothing to do with it That's their talking point oh Trump's a Liar you see how much you lie in the Debate he's a liar no it has nothing to Do with Trump trump could have you know Flamed out himself Trump could have had A dementia episode himself right Trump Isn't President and so forget about Trump doesn't matter Trump's thing is Separate from Biden's thing for the First time Biden is they've always tried To link Biden to Trump in some way and Compare the two that's been their MO Since the be very beginning the other Thing was it wasn't one bad debate this Is dementia that signs of dementia JoJo Has has shown over the years like the Last six years so it isn't those two Things things right and so the Gaslighting of the American people 72% Of the people just said this guy's not Fit and the other 20% 27% are you know I Don't know what's wrong with them but There's something wrong with them Whatever they you know for 27% to think This guy's okay I mean I don't know What's you can even say about those People right of course the trumpers are

All going to say he's got dementia just Because they're trumpers and Republicans So it's really let's say that's 40% of The poll and so what you have is 37% of The poll is um 32% of the poll is you Know people who are Independents and you Know people who aren't trumpers and Republicans and they see what needs to Be seen here right and so you know Tom Brady got bounced out of New England Tom Brady was a God in New England right Like you see this with professional Athletes you see it on every level we Live in a performance-based system is One of the great things in our system You know the you know I do this Meditation right that originated in India and the third Master of the system The president of the system used to come To America and he said America is a Wonderful system because it's based in Merit and you don't think so because you Think it's all nepotism a lot of Nepotism right LeBron James son just got Picked by the Lakers you know people Calling it nepotism right there's Nepotism in America but it's nothing Like these other countries right he's Coming from a country where there's a Cast system in America you can be like a Immigrant and broke and come to America And become a billionaire like it's crazy Like that can happen here like you know It's rare but you can easily much easily

Much more easily become a millionaire Start off with nothing and become a Millionaire start off as poor and become A millionaire like that's you know Fairly common like people do that all The time and so America rewards for Performance it's one of the few Countries where nepotism is there it's Always there but it's not as important As performance right that if you can do Something you get a chance to do it You'll get a chance to display your Talents right like there's always blocks And there's always little clubs and There's always the kind of things but in America it's a lot better in terms of The material world but when your Performance isn't there they cut you you Know they fire you they cut you whatever It is athletes whatever it is right and There's no job Joe Biden would have Today after his performance and the Debate certainly not president he Shouldn't have his job like he should be Gone now like the media and everyone Should be saying this guy should be Removed from office because he has eight Months left at a time where we could be In World War III within those eight Months right I mean God knows what's Going to happen in those eight months And so the Democratic party and the Media are saying that Joe Biden and the Presidency don't really matter the

Presidency doesn't matter because he can Have dementia and still be president and Ancy Pelosi is basically saying the same Thing that this guy even though he's not Really there mentally his team of people Will be making the decisions and we saw This with Ronald Reagan right he had Dementia for two years which I said you Know and so we've already had a Presedent for it and that means the Election means nothing that democracy Means nothing that the president means Nothing the president's who you elect Right you're not electing his his team Of people you might be you you know Saying well yeah it's team to but you're Voting for a person and you know maybe a Party or whatever but you're voting for That person right you want that person You're not electing kamla yeah if he Gets sick sure Kamala is going to win Going to go in there but people wouldn't Have voted for commala over Joe Biden Like if Kamala was running Trump would Have beat her and so people aren't Voting for anybody else but the President and so if they're if they're Saying to you it doesn't matter cuz even If the president has the mention we'll Still do the same you know still run the Country from the shadows and so they're Basically letting you know it doesn't Matter like your vote doesn't matter Who's the president doesn't matter

Because they just you know they're still Going to run it whatever way they run it Right the whole thing is just a a Performative because that guy should be Fired like there's no job that should Guy should be coming into work on Monday Right Thursday he did that Monday he has No job right Thursday he [ __ ] the bed on The debate stage and Monday he has no Freaking job right that's how it works Like that's how it would work with any You know this is the kind of performance You know you've seen football players Get drunk and you know knock out their Girlfriend I mean the guy Ray Rice or Whatever you know that other guy who uh You know kicked his girl kick some girl In the hall you know somebody does Something uh over the weekend and you Know DWI or something some guy you know Car crash some guy killed somebody and Monday they don't have a job they're Still talented football players well They don't have a job right this happens All the time scandals break and the Following day that guy gets fired like Something big happens right and so you Know he's the Alabama football coach he Was there's a guy who was hired by Oregon and he's on his way to Alabama I Think he drove down from Oregon he's a Married man and he like like bangs some College girl like he's an old guy and I Guess he was you know he was yelling

Roll tide roll as he was banging her Story broke he lost his job as Alabama Football coach like within he never even Coached a day like this you know there's Stories like this right like you you Know these are laps of judgment this guy Showed that he's you know has mental Breakdown he's president he has the Nuclear codes the rest of the world Knows that this guy is President they Know he's got dementia they saw him when He went to Europe right they saw him When he was over there all the media all The people knew this right and what We're all supposed to pretend like the Emperor has no clothes no the guy's got Dementia he's it for a while get him out Get him the F out of there right he Should be fired today show that the you Know democracy matters but it doesn't Matter which I've been saying forever Because it's not about whether he runs For president he shouldn't be president For the next eight months as bad as K as Biger disastrous KLA would be this guy Shouldn't be president and for Dancy to Come and say oh look at Trump look at The other guy well he's got dementia but Look at Trump's got dementia of the Integrity you know like what are you Talking about integrity of trump there's Nothing to do with Trump has nothing to Do with one bad night he has dementia He's breaking down mentally and he

Wasn't that great before he had dementia And even if he was he still has dementia He could have been the greatest President he now has dementia get him The F out of there you know there could Always be a a situation where a guy goes Crazy right a leader goes crazy like a King goes crazy we've seen this in History and that happens what do you do And you have to have some kind of Protocols and this is what if a you know I mean there's going to be a lot of old Presidents that have the chance of Having some kind of mental breakdown Dementia can happen in your 60s in your You know 50s people have some kind of Menal mental lapse I mean what if he got Ms or something like that what if he had Some debilitating uh disease I think one Of the presidents had that like was um Was it Roosevelt or one of them I you Know there's a president that had like Ms and then have to be in a wheelchair And things like this don't tell me don't Care don't need to know you know who That guy was I could look it up but I'm Not going to but it happened right and So you know these things can happen and You have to have some kind of protocols In place where you replace the president Because he can't do the job anymore Right especially if it's to mention it's So obvious has been for you know six Years now they shouldn't have elected

Him in the first place but now that he's President this was going to happen he's Been breaking down mentally get him the F out of there it's now known 72% a huge Majority of people in the rest of the World and they should all be saying that All the media and all the people should Be saying get him out of there right now Not just the Republicans who aren't even Saying that either right he should be Gone today like this is you know Sunday Monday there should be a swearing in of Kay Harris because that's what's Supposed to happen as a do more bigest Disaster that is that should happen Right and so you know I'm going to show You all these other things all these Reactions and all these things i' you Know I did this video yesterday but this Is what's happening today on Sunday Morning Nancy Pelosi comes out and says You know pulled your horses what about Abortion well it doesn't matter what his Policies are it matters that he has Dementia that's all that matters Nothing Else Matters right no you know who what Party he's in what you know sex he is Whatever he is you know as a person none Of that matters he can't do the job he Can't be president today tomorrow the Next day never mind the next four years He should be fired today and they deal With that we all saw it you know this is The ultimate gaslighting all of us saw

Him having dementia fullon display Dementia and you guys are saying well What about Trump well no [ __ ] you what About Trump right you know this has Nothing to do with Trump what about Dementia like there what are you going To do this guy can't do the job what is America's ability to deal with a President has dementia there has to be Something in place right what are you Going to do about was there you know What are the protocols I mean this Shouldn't be some lengthy Hearing in Congress and being Pol political he has Dementia get rid of him swearing KLA Harris everybody saw it fire him if you Can't do that America is is done right America's toast because the one thing That the presidency is it's performative It's a show right it's a you know it's Supposed to be something and that's what They hate about Trump is he didn't Participate in the show he didn't act Presidential but it is you know there's Uh it's you know for the the psyche of The American people in the world that You have a president and what it means To be president the Office of the President President right if you got a Guy who has dementia then he's wrecking The president more than even Trump did Which I love like I love it cuz I know It's a joke it's always been a joke I Don't you know I don't respect it but

You know people do and for those people You got to show them that this is real Which it Isn't by getting rid of the guy but They're not going to which shows what I'm right all along right this has been Validation of everything I've ever said About this thing that there there's no Real president because the president see And he's still president and they're Saying he could be president again for 4 Years anyways let's get back into the Rest of my uh you know the rest of this Video I made Yesterday okay so I had this video done And rendered and I went out was doing Good about do some outside work and I Was waiting for this video to finish up So I could upload it because it's going To take some hours and I turned this Back on I recorded at the CNN thing and Nancy Pelosi had the audacity to Basically say Joe Biden I mean Donald Trump has Dementia right like they no one's saying The dementia word for Joe Biden like None of these people none of the Democratic Leadership none of the Pundits not even the Republican pundits That were on CNN or MSNBC I don't know If they're saying it over on Fox and of Course they can and would because it Doesn't matter to them because it's good For them but Nancy Pelosi had the

Audacity to say professionals doctors Think Trump has dementia when clearly Trump is is much better than Joe Biden Like we all just saw it you you're Gaslighting the American people we all Just saw what happened Joe Biden Displayed that he has dementia and late Stages like it's it's gone on for some Time and like she oh let's just get to It here let's let's get into what she Says here I'm going to start a little Bit farther back it's going to work its Way up to It and people people are are well Meaning they I have one of your Reporters say did he really send the National Guard now if they don't even Know then how can we make a a judgment About how other people evaluate a a Presentation so this is a dangerous Person as opposed to a person who again Saved our country from Co the first bill We passed shots in the arms money in Pocket people in own jobs children at School this president with his denial Andad speak delay cause people to die Yeah and I I completely understand what You're doing and you are making the Arguments uh that you were hoping that That Democratic voters listen to about Why Donald Trump is is bad and shouldn't Be put back in the white house but the Reality is there are still a lot of Concerns that Joe Biden is the person to

Get you to that point to making sure That Donald Trump is not back in there Okay so the original C uh that I showed You back you know when she asked her About the poll 72% poll that say Joe Biden is unfit mentally now Dana Bash Sucks and I don't know if they're all This is some kind of contrived thing to Get rid of Joe Biden how much of it's Already in the works and you know Whatever but to her credit here and Again she should go farther and the News Should go farther she wouldn't let it go Like Nancy BOS he gave some [ __ ] Answers right about Trump made about Trump and Dana Bash keeps on bringing it Back to Biden because this isn't about Trump it has nothing to do with Trump This is Biden's cognitive ability which We all know now he doesn't have it right He doesn't have the ability to be President and so she keeps on bringing It back and Nancy in her Shameless I Mean Shameless just she's such a Horrible person like just let it go Right I mean Joe Biden's so old and you Can still replace him with somebody else Right but she just won't go there and Just th this is everything that's wrong With people and the world and politics And these things you know I also turned On MSNBC or CNN was on you know I taped This and at first CNN and was on and There's a bunch of people talking about

Democratic strategists about how this is Going to affect people on the down Ticket you know people who are running For governor or Senator or something you Know congressmen or woman or whatever And that doesn't matter either right This is about a guy with dementia and so This is where it gets really goofy some Prominent colonists several newspaper Editorial boards are just simply calling For Biden to step aside for the good of The country Tom fredman a friend of President Biden's wrote The Following he Wrote Joe Biden a good man and a good President has no business running for Reelection if he insists on running and He loses to Trump Biden and his family And his staff and party members who Enabled him will not be able to show Their faces what do you say to that Should is there any part of you that Believes that President Biden should Step Aside I want you to know I came home to California south and north and people Are for Joe Biden and KLA Harris are you Serious nobody gives a [ __ ] about California Nancy nobody cares California's going to go for Biden Anyway 72% of Americans huge majority Said they think this guy is unfit to be President right he doesn't have the you Now right at this moment he shouldn't be President because they say he doesn't

Have the the mental faculties they say He's got dementia 72% of Americans have Diagnosed Joe Biden with dementia and You know even if it was one person he Has it doesn't matter what people say It's not a this isn't a popularity Contest doesn't this isn't about whether He can win the election or not this is Whether he has dementia or not and he Does right it's you know it's been Present for him like I said since 2019 Nobody cares about California people are Leaving your state and droves California Is a joke and you're going to end up Running you know that clown from California Gavin nusum or Kamala and People are like down in California and This like this is not about California Like why are you even talking about this Right they have some judgment about a Person who's sat on that still on that Stage and lied lied lied lied if you're Just talking about the debate I'm Respectful of some of the opinions that People have but I also respectful of the Grassroots my people are very much Biden Cono Harris and this is an opportunity For Joe bid to go out there and show he Has the stamina and the rest and by the Way while the press and for some reason They don't there are uh uh Health Care Professionals who think that that uh Trump has dementia that his connection His thoughts do not go together not not

Only that he just lies he doesn't even Know the truth so if we're just so she Said something really big there that Trump's lies are you know Trump sucks And he's not a truther I don't like I Don't want to confuse anybody here of my Position but Trump is sucky and he's not A truther he's a shill and he's selfish But Trump goes against the official Story like truthers do like we do and She's saying that somebody who goes Against the official story doesn't even Know what the truth is is no you guys Are proven liars and you're a proven Liar right now you guys are covering up For a guy who has dementia so you guys Have no credibility as politicians as Media Personnel I mean you guys have all Pushed this guy with dementia and you're Gaslighting all of us and you're saying That if somebody doesn't agree with your Version of reality they must have Dementia we got doctors who can confirm It I mean this is what they do to people You know people who speak the truth they Call them crazy they call them a witch They call them whatever and they lock Them up right they call him a you know a Threat to society because you're Speaking the truth against the powers That be and Trump is you know not a good Person but he's doing that because of Just the way things have played for him Right because it it works for him he's

Not a real truth her but he's saying That he she's saying he's the one with Dementia because he doesn't even know His own lies and he doesn't even know What reality is and he believes his own Lies well everyone believes their own Lies that's part of the problem does Everybody have dementia this is a Medical condition That is you know physical I mean this Isn't a mental issue this is not about His opinions Joe Biden's opinions it's About how his cognitive function works It's about how his brain works or Whatever causes dementia whatever's Going on his physical body that it makes Him not be able to perceive reality and You know get confused and check out and These are things that are physical Conditions medical conditions and Whatever's going on there isn't like a He's a he doesn't know what the truth is Just Biden like you saying Biden has a Grasp on reality you're saying you have A grasp on reality you you you're lying About the way that you made all this Money right all the money you made in The your husband made in the stock Market like you guys are all horrible People and to claim that Trump is the One with dementia when the American People just saw Joe Biden has has Dementia and you're making it so much Worse right Fire Marshall shill I'm

Going to find my Fire Marshall shill Picture here if I have it I must have it Anyways let's get back to it talking About mental acuity let's be fair about It I don't think Tom fredman thinks that That Donald Trump should be president of The United States and you know while While he may be saying we're enablers we See Joe Biden up close we know how Attuned he Arts to the issues how Informed he is and I debate with him About legislation and not debate but Discuss it with then she goes on to say How sharp he is right which is the the [ __ ] they were saying last week like Before Thursday oh he's in private Meetings he's amazing right this is the [ __ ] they were saying before that Doesn't work anymore Nancy because it Doesn't matter if you have one Lucid Moment or lots of them strung together Once you start like I said this if you Run over somebody in your car because You have a dementia moment you lose your License or even if you have some kind of A an issue where you like can't drive Because you you can't perceive reality Because your brain ceased to fall Function then they take you know like That's why they take the license away From people who are drunk drivers right Because that's what happens to you and He's like a drunk politician all the Time or at least he has these moments

Where his brain sees to function the way It's supposed to doesn't matter what Trump is zero to do with Trump right and So this is about 72% Americans seeing That he has dementia and you saying to Them F you I had a meeting with Biden he Was sharp what are you talking about Like what are you talking about like About even about you like you're just Old and decrepit people right Trump Doesn't have dementia Trump is showing Signs of forgetting things and he's Getting into those early stages he's Where Joe Biden was probably 2018 2017 and Trump you know might happen a Rapid onset with the pressure of being President he might fall apart if he wins Because that's probably most all he Wants to do is win again like I think That's the biggest thing it isn't like He wants to govern isn't like he wants To fix the problems he wants Revenge he Wants to win he wants to win he wants His personal Redemption right he might Just completely fall apart after that Like he's putting everything in he's Slowing down like he's too old you're Too old you guys are all too old right People should be there should be some Sort of a you know a like a evaluation Of politicians when they get to a Certain age of their cognitive ability And these other things right because in Reality you know they're making big

Decisions and they don't have the Wherewithal and there's a point where You just start focusing not on the Material world but you focus on the Journey back to your you know your Soul's Journey Back To The Source that's What's supposed to be happening when you Reach your 80s you know you could do a Little bit of work here you can do a Little bit of stuff you know give a Speech here do something here you know Some small things right some Foundation Thing you know go and cut a ribbon Somewhere you know you can use your Wisdom advise younger people be in that Capacity be an advisor people call you Up and ask for your advice you know You're no longer a doer you're a teacher Right and you're you know you're Spending your own personal Journey going Back and getting ready for your Inevitable exit from this planet and These guys are still trying to be young Guys and they're like arguing like Little children up there in the debate Stage which you're going to see when I Show you the rest of this I've already Edited this whole video it's ready to go But this is an absolute Travesty Nancy py saying that Donald Trump is the one with the dementia right Like that's how bad you this is not her Mistreating Trump this is her me Mistreating her constituents and the

Democratic you know uh voters and CNN And all these people to come out and Just lie about it we all saw Joe Biden Has dementia nothing to do with Trump This is zero don't talk about Trump at All like all she talked about was Trump And disaster that Trump is and you could Still beat him with somebody else not Kamla and probably not Gavin I don't Know who you have right I mean that's Your dilemma but Joe B ain't beating him Like Joe Biden isn't going to get better He's going to have more dementia Episodes and he's going to lose this Thing and then you're all complicit like You're enablers as that guy said and Then what you know and what are you Going to say then right okay so I Finally got to get this whole video up Like I said and I mean it's very Pertinent in the whole thing to Everything that's going on here's the um The I guess the other introduction or Whatever it is to the Video okay greetings brother and sisters My wife and I watched the rest of the Debate last night and I watched a lot of News coverage yesterday um today is Saturday June 29th so I the video was Long and my internet speeds are better But it took forever to upload it and Then I woke up in the middle of the Night there was a copyright issue for Some clip I used later on in the video

That didn't even have to do with the Debate was a 3-hour video just made it Public this morning so that was a bummer I wanted to get that out for Friday but Anyways um we watched the rest of the Debate and I'll show you the rest of the Debate cuz it's hilarious Trump doesn't Do as well in fact he does poorly in Terms of you know his pettiness and you Know all the things that are Trump of Course Biden's much worse because he's Scile Trump isn't quite there yet but He's flirting with it right uh but you Know it's really entertaining so I'm Going to go through it cuz it's funny And Biden isn't going to drop out and His people around him and all the media All these people are complicit in this You know gaslighting of America which We'll talk about in depth as I go Through it morning Joe's hilarious Response I want to get to some of the Responses and then show you the rest of The debate and they're not talking about Kamla at all only in terms of one person Said if Joe Biden gets elected we know That Kamala will be president at some Point and he you know was a democratic Pundit who was basically saying that's Going to be a horrible Thing and so they're Democrats are in a Disastrous situation Joe Biden is not Going to withdraw he's not going to back Down I'm going to show you the rest of

The clip I skipped some of it yesterday I didn't I was eager to get the video Out so I didn't watch the whole thing I Thought it was over him talking about His poor performance but it wasn't and You know the people around him and the Democratic leaders ship and all these People they're not going to be able to Force him out and so that all of this is A lie all this stuff that they say Trump Being a disaster is a lie because Joe Biden is this point the worst person to Be running because he showed he was he Is mentally impaired he show he has Dementia cility Alzheimer's I mean Something right it's easy to diagnose as I said in the intro to my video Yesterday it's easiest thing to diagnose You know it's like being somebody being Really drunk it's easy to tell when Somebody is really drunk right it's easy To tell when somebody's got sen you know Having senior moments and you know it's Predictable because they get old and Then you see that they're not mentally Functioning and they have these moments Where they are hallucinating basically Right and they don't have the ability to Understand what's going on around them And let's be clear about this they made As safest possible environment for him They had two friendly Joe Biden Supporters on CNN asking him questions Lobbing things to him putting things up

On a tee for him structuring the debate So that Trump couldn't bully him and Talk over him and do the things that Might rattle him right but he came out Shook he was totally shook he was Rattled he was fear-based he was a deer In headlights and then he just imploded In ways that if it was any other you Know people would be like it's cruel to Keep this guy working if some guy had Had a these moments he was walking as is He working at a greeter at Walmart and He had a moment like this they were like We can't have this anymore you know we Can't have it and you can't have it it's Not fair to you it's you can't do the Job anymore and you know it's disturbing If somebody's walking around babbling Incoherently and having these you know Breakdowns and you know losing focus and You know Lo inability to speak clearly And articulate basic thoughts any job He'd be reti they were like you can't do This anymore I mean somebody at that age It's time like just enjoy the rest of Your you know you don't need the money Right like you're all set like you're All set you you know you got all those Millions from China and you know Hunter's um art sale you your H your Your artist son Hunter and all these you Got enough money right you got three Houses you got you know whatever these Corporate whatever it is right you're

All set financially you don't need the Gig and the other guy is supposed to be A you know evil villain that's going to End democracy as we now know it and so That's what they're saying that Donald Trump is a disaster and right now Donald Trump's going to win because the American people are looking at the Difference between somebody who's scile And somebody who is unlikable to many of Them and you know it's just a no-brainer They're very at least he's going to Suppress the vote you know Joe Biden has Now no longer candidate Joe Biden he is A known president that has done things In terms of immigration in terms of Various things that he's done in various Communities the black community is going To be as supportive of him all these Different communities are not going to Be as supportive of him and so he'll get Some votes just anti-trump votes but Even that you know there's going to be Suppressed voting this time because There's going to be lots of people that Aren't going to be able to vote for this Guy whether they don't like his policies Whether they don't like being lied to or Just the fact that he's seile you know He's staring blankly at the freaking I Mean just a disaster and so and the fact They've been covering up that he's not Mentally capable of doing the job and so With all that he ain't leaving and his

Support system Jill I got let's go to The the clips here I'll show you the Rest of the clip from yesterday then Some of the stuff from Joe and these Other people but the you know the word On the street is everybody thinks he Should go I mean Moran Joe is even like Well at least one of the two is saying He's got to Go guess which one right and you know After that disastrous performance it's Not a matter whether he will win or not He's scile and he's openly scile he's Got a you know criminal son he's a Political hack he was never great you Pro this guy up I mean he's a groper and Like a snoozer and a you know sniffer And all those things he does and you Propped him up for years and you know You've been hiding his senility his Mental breakdown and you know his his Functions he's not function anymore can Barely walk he can't really talk very Well and he can't think so what you're Saying is you're not even the presidency Doesn't exist if you vote if they elect Joe Biden again whether it's rig Whatever is right if they elect him Again you're saying the presidency Doesn't exist and that it's just a Puppet position which it is so we win Either way like they're admitting that Because you can't vote someone scile in And say well he'll be fine because he's

Got handlers and like he's just not even Making decisions because he can't make Decisions Joe Biden cannot make Decisions he might be able to make them Some days by some good you know better Times and Others but he can't retain information Right like your memory goes you got to Be able to retain information unless you Get to a spiritual state where you Connect directly to God and God comes Through you and just does whatever it Needs to be done and you know you don't Need information you don't need a memory You just need to connect to God as you Get older like you don't even have to Understand the question you have to just Allow God to come through you and make The decision right that's the only you Know that's not happening with with him Obviously or Trump or any of these People but you just allow Divinity to Flow through you and you don't even have To know anything you can be completely Ignorant of your surroundings and Everything else right it's the only way That this would work and it's not going To happen with Joe Biden they're not Letting to make decisions now so we know That right that's all there like it's It's being admitted to because they've Been hiding this guy and they're you Know and whatever it is you really can't I don't know how you make a case that he

Could be Trump even as much as people Dislike Trump as much as Trump sucks and So that's where we're at as a country All right so let's go to that first clip That I showed you yesterday and I cut it Off because it's very Telling don't take my word for it folks Let me close with this I know I'm not a Young Man take the obvious well I Know he doesn't have fans like this but Let's I'm going to play the whole clip Here Wo Joe Joe Joe I Don't O i don't walk as easy as I used to I Don't speak as smoothly as I used to I Don't de debate as well as as I used to But I know what I do know I know how to Tell the Truth I Know I know I know right from Wrong I know how to do this Job I know how to get things Done I know like millions of Americans Know when you get knocked down you get Back Up okay so you don't get backup from Alzheimer's you don't get back up from Old age you don't get back up from Dementia it doesn't happen right you Have remission you have states of where You're more Lucid you know this is what

Happens when you get old and I'm in this Process like I'm you know like like I Said before I'm going to turn 60 and you Just start losing things and you get you Know you have times where You recover something you know some of The things that you've lost but not all Of them and then you get sick again or You have a bad period and and you're Physically you know not as good as you Were not mentally as good as you were It's just a long process right it can be You know anytime you're past 50 you Start seeing it you can't do the things You used to do and you get better you You like sometimes you have like you get Rejuvenated and things like this but When you break down with all Alzheimer's And you have you know mental breakdown And things like this you lose these Abilities I mean you no longer can be Trusted you can't really Drive anymore Because who you know you don't know when These episodes are going to come on you Right you're not you you no longer can Trust your mind and your decision-making And your Clarity of thought and you You're getting confused in these things Right you have to retire and you're Going to have moments some days are Going to be better than others but There's no getting back up it's just a You know a March towards death right And so it's stupid like these ideas of

Oh we going to get back no you get Knocked down you get back up no you Didn't get knocked down you fell down on Your own because you're mentally Impaired because you have dementia no One knocked you down last night they set It up for your success and you failed You failed miserably like you know there Wasn't any you know there was nothing That you were do that you were doing That could have been construed as being A competent human being right you aren't Up to the job but he's not going to quit And it shows you how selfish he is Because he talks about what a disaster Trump is and he has the best chance for Trump winning Biden is the best chance That Trump wins again and becomes President again anybody else would have A better chance against against Trump Right no matter how how unlikable they Are but you know um he's the worst Especially after that performance but he Was already tanking his canity was Already imploding and so let's go to his Family now so this is freaking Jill Right look it she's wearing a a dress That says vote all over it like how Likees and she's a Nightmare you heard Joe's heart tonight On the debate stage he wakes up every Morning thinking about how he can make The lives of Americans better he's the President we need the president you

Deserve sign up at Joe to help Finish the Job finish the job finish Him he's you know you're handling Handing conel Harris the Presidency and you know if you again I Mean this is your person that you love She's like his Handler and all these Things I don't know you know Dr Joe Biden the guy has had dementia we know This now right we know That he's much worse in moments that They're all witnessing we know all the Doctors we know all the people around Him are allowing this to transpire you Know all these things to transpire it's A disaster right and that they're you Know they're complicit in this mockery Of the presidency which I love like if You guys know me I think the whole Thing's a joke and I think the whole Country is imploding and you know it's Gone in the wrong direction a demonic Direction and for years now and you know It's collapse is good for I mean other Than everybody who is dependent on the System which is all of us the collapse Is better for the future of humanity of The world and you know it's a a deviant System not just America but the Worldwide system and so the collapse is A good thing not for us but you know in Terms of our egos in terms of our Lifestyle in terms of our dependence on

The system but it's a evil system and it Goes down it goes down and the whole Thing's a joke and a lie and you know There's no real presidents and Everything's just performative and so Like for me it's great uh keep on Running them right but you know you Shouldn't do that to a person like he Should just retire like he's obviously Not the best choice he's not he's the Worst choice he's a known entity and He's scile right like as much as you Dislike Trump he's the least coherent at This time like he's getting old too but He's you know he's not this right so This is MSNBC right after the debate you What are the headlines being written Right now about this debate well Lester In Savannah there's no way to sugarcoat This this night got off to a tough start For President Biden he delivered a Performance that was at times halting at Times he seemed to lose his train of Thought at times he started to talk About one topic for example the economy And then shifted to Afghanistan which Gave former President he did that a number of times Right like he kept on saying things he Wasn't supposed to we both talking about Abortion he brought up immigration and You know he kept on handing Trump Grenades and Trump was willing to launch Them at him and it was a complete

Failure and anybody watching this would Say oh he's got to step down like he Can't do it he can't physically and Mentally do it And that's the right thing but they Can't do the right thing they just can't You Joe Biden is so selfish they're all Selfish his team his wife all these People they just can't do the right Thing which is retire right he should Have retired before he ran for the Presidency I'll show you the two the CNN Clip at the end of this thing but he Should have like he's just like should Have would have could have but he should Have never run for president but they Put him out there president Trump in Opening and the topic of abortion his Strongest topic coming into tonight he Raised the issue of immigration which Gave former president TR not just Immigration but immigrants coming in and Doing bad things to American citizens Which is what Trump was whing to say Like he said it over and over again the Whole debate he brought up a you Know in opening as the night progressed He did begin to pick up steam he had Some really strong moments on the issues Of what his administration for example Has done he didn't I've watched the Whole thing there's no strong moments For veterans but zooming out this was a Debate about performance this was a

Debate about allaying Americans concerns About his ability to serve another four Years and I had a number of reporters at NBC News have heard from a range of Democrats who have said that they are Concerned uh by tonight's debate one Okay so we know what happened she's you Know she's under selling But let's go to Morning Joe Here when so Morning Joe let's um this Is their opening here I'm going to do is Fix the tax system for example we have a Thousand trillionaires in America I mean Billionaires in America and what's Happening they're in a situation where They in fact pay 88.2% in taxes if they Just paid 24% or 25% either one of those Numbers we they' raised $500 million Billion dollars I should say in a 10-year period we'd be able to write out His debt we'd be able to help make sure That all those things we need to do Child Care Elder Care making sure that We continue to strength in our health Care System than Elder Care Elder Care Bro elderly people need care and they Don't need to work right and you know The one thing I want to say as I've Gotten older your Capacity for having the energy to do Whatever it is is always in question Like I don't know from day to day how Much work work I can do physically or Whatever it is right you know you just

And again I'm still relatively young you My my grandparents all three of them Lived past 90 the other guy um would Have probably outlived them if he had a More healthy lifestyle my other Grandfather both parents lived into Their 90s everyone my brothers and Sisters we all look 10 you know 10 15 Years younger than we actually are and So but that you know age is age it Doesn't doesn't matter you know you're Longevity or whatever it is as you get Older you don't have the capacity to do Things they used to do right and sustain You know efforts and things you know Just have to you can't count on your Your ability to um recover and do things You know physically like you used to Right and so he's way way past that Point he's mentally breaking down making Sure that we're able to make every Single solitary Person eligible for what I've been able To do with the uh with with with the co Excuse me with um dealing with Everything we have to do with Uh Look if we finally beat Medicare that's a great Moment after you rallied your supporters That day some of them stormed the Capital to stop the constant this is Their thing on Trum we skip that because It's them you find try to find balance

Here when they shouldn't People all right two moments that in Many ways so these are the biggest Shills for Biden there's the biggest Spin Doctors they you know they I mean This guy just had said this this version Of Joe Biden is the best version and he Swore whatever it was like I showed you A clip of it right this version of Biden Is the best version and then he went After let me see if I can find that real Quick this is just three months ago Right this CL this is what he was saying There there's such a there's such a Challenge for the Biden Team because as I've said here on the Show over the past couple weeks I've Spent a good bit of time with Joe Biden I've spent couple of hours uh with Joe Biden sitting talking going around the World okay I just want to restate what I Said in the intro to the first video you Know you don't recover from Alzheimer's You don't recover from um dementia right And it isn't your Lucid moments they're Important it's when you have breakdowns You get confused you get shook you get Rattled you get confused because pretty Much every job that you do that's a bad Thing if you get lost and you you don't Know where you are you you're just you Know you're you're uh I mean you can't Articulate your thoughts you can't Clearly communicate you know any job

That you have those are important the Presidency more than anything else right And so you're not defined by your good Moments you're going to have them you're Going to have like remission from cancer Right these things happen that doesn't Mean that you're going to beat it or Recover from it right and even if you do It's ravaged your body you're not the Same person you know you you're less Than you used to be and we're all in a Death process we're all in a state of You know moving towards death and There's a point where you should no Longer work Because I mean you can do things like Garden you can do things you little Projects and things but in terms of Having Responsibilities in a job you know some Kind of a job and something as so-called Important as they pretend as it is right Because it's just a joke the presidency Is a big one right and so this guy three Months ago he spent lots of time with Biden and he watched all the same videos We did and you know we KN I knew he had Dementia 2019 It's easy to diagnose right it's the Easiest thing to diagnose like I said so You know he's just lying right he's Gaslighting the American people here uh As far as uh uh talking issues talking The economy talking inflation talk and I

Must say when I was talking to him my Thought wasn't oh poor God my thought Was oh my God I wish Dr brazinski were Off the on the other side of the table Right now cuz these two guys Eyes I mean 50 years of experience and Joe Biden hasn't forgotten it he may get Pissed off at a press conference how do You trust a guy with a hair do like this Is gumy Joe and he may be thinking about The Mexican border deal and say Mexico Instead of Egypt he knows what He's talking about he circles back Around gets to Egypt he he might Misplace a word here and there but you Talk to him for hours at a time that That's not somebody who can talk if Somebody says Egypt and they meet Mexico Or it says Mexico and they meet Egypt You know words matter when you're Listening right like he knows what he's Talking about you just have to kind of Interpret things for him well no then he Shouldn't be president like he shouldn't Do any job right is he slower does he Move slower yeah he's moveed slower uh Is he stiffer yeah he's mov stier have Trouble walking sometimes yeah so did FDR we got out of the depression we want A GD war against against Nazism and and And and against the Japanese but Comparing that guy's mental state I've Said it for years now he's

Cogent but I under sold him when I said He was cogent he's far beyond cogent in Fact I think he's better than he's ever Been Intellectually um this is an age well Bro Analytically because he's been around For 50 years and you know I don't know If people know this or not Biden used to Be a Hotthead sometimes that Irishman would Get in front of them yeah he used he had A temper he still does reasoning Sometimes he would say things he didn't Want to say this is he say things he Didn't want to say even when he wasn't Cen like he he sucked before and and and I don't really you know what I don't Really care go start your tape right now Because I'm about to tell you the truth And I've been lying to you before but Let go back There sometimes he would say things he Didn't want to say this is and and and I Don't really you know what I don't Really care go start your tape right now Because I'm about to tell you the truth And F you if you can't handle the Truth this version of Biden Intellectually analytically is the best Biden ever the best F not a close second And I've known him for years the Pres so Right here there's the the compass right There as above so below freemasonic

Compass so that's not going to age well So here he is right when we just saw Biden have a complete meltdown get Shook And rattled and break down mentally to Find last night's debate Donald Trump's Performance included his usual stream of Grievances along with many false and Misleading claims however as you saw in That first clip the debate was Particularly rough for President Biden Concerns about his age perhaps his Biggest weakness according to polls were On full display as he struggled through Many of his responses speaking with a Soft horse voice which his campaign Blamed on a cold good morning and Welcome to Morning Joe it is Friday June 28th okay so they introduce all their People Forever and then they go to these guys And get your Reflections on the debate Last Night well Um I think I should start by saying uh Without any Apologies uh that I love Joe Biden And Jill wow This is going to be Bad well what's the butt going to be Like it's going to be a huge enormous Butt when you have to start off by Saying you love them like it's like an Intervention right when you got to come Out and say oh I love those guys just

Like van Jones said you know after Shilling for him and you know spinning And covering up for him and gaslighting The American people you're now after Going to deliver some tough news to People you love and I will gladly debate Anybody any time any place Anywhere over the issue of whether Joe Biden has been the most effective President in passing bipartisan Legislation and expanding NATO and responding to the rising chat Uh he's he's laying it on thick this is Going to be brutal if he's got a if this Is his his like qualifying statement Right You know this is his trying to balance Out the the bad news it's the bad news Is bad a threat coming from China uh by Flexing America's uh strength uh around China by having the strongest economy in The world barn on the strongest economy Actually relative to the rest of the World uh in 50 6070 years the strongest Dollar in half a Century um the strongest military Relative to the rest of the world I Would argue and many others would argue Since 1945 I think his presidency has been an Unqualified Success if boom however you however you Believe as do I and as do so many people Who watch this

Program and who Um Fear U just how dark of a place a second Donald Trump term will take America then I think it's Critical that we ask the same Questions about this man I love you mean You haven't been asking those questions Up until now Respect uh and uh and who's who's public Service and saving this country from Donald Trump over the last three and a Half years I honor and always Will I think we have to ask the same Questions of him that we have asked of Donald Trump since 2016 and that Is if he were CEO and he turned into performance like That would any Corporation in America any Fortune 500 Corporation in America Keep him on his CEO start your tape Right now cuz I'm about to tell you the Truth an F you if you can't handle the Truth this version of Biden intellectually analytically is the Best Biden ever if it weren't the truth I wouldn't say it so this is what I said You know when they say what I say four Years five years later or whatever it is People in the truth community Comm I Said you know when you're talking to Your Democratic friends ask them if you Would trust Joe Biden to drive your kids

To school as their school bus driver or Just as a friend right you wouldn't Because he has senior moments the guy is Not mentally competent he might be able To drive them but there's a risk uh you Know a an unnecessary risk and so if he Can't drive a school bus how can he have The nuclear codes you know CEOs don't Have nuclear codes and so the guy can't Do his job anymore and his job is President right and he shouldn't have Been elected in the first place like we Knew all this they knew it right this Isn't new news he was scile you know in 2019 he had moments and those moments Were only going to get worse because That's what happens right and so if I Say something and then they Echo it Years later which they always do like He's saying the exact same thing after Just covering it up and Shilling for him And gaslighting people and all these Things that they've done right this is The best version of Biden um If this were Donald Trump uh time and Time again we talked about the gold Water where is the very gold water see If this was Trump they would have been All over this right they didn't talk About Biden being a disaster what a Horrible person he was before as a Candidate plagiarizing and then all the Weird touching things he does smelling

And sniffing women I mean these are Things that he's doing in public whe He's doing behind closed doors kids Groping them fondling them all these Things the gaffs all the things well I I'll share the CNN thing right after This because we knew this ahead of time But you guys have been talking about This guy like he's some Stellar Wonderful person and he's not right the Only thing he had going for him is that He seemed to be the guy who could beat Donald Trump relative to the other Democrat IC candidates That Couldn't Going into the 2020 election so you Chose him for whatever reason or because He's the best puppet and he'd be you Know just a a figurehead because he Can't govern because he's scile right And so the powers it be but whatever the Reason is this is what we're left with To walk over and tell Richard Nixon it Was over to tell Donald Trump it was Over and now the question is do Democrats need to do the same thing of Joe Biden this question should have been Asked in 2019 Right I mean these these are hard Questions but the fact is Friends Failure is just not an option in 2024 Failure is not an option so who I love Who I respect who I Revere for their Work and their duty to service over Their lifetime really is not relevant

It's not relevant for any of us it's not Relevant for Democratic leaders it's not You know he doesn't want to quit he Doesn't care if he loses he ain't Quitting Joe Biden right he don't care He doesn't care if he's the worst Possible candidate he's selfish prick His wife you know the people around him They don't care they don't care about The disaster that they claim it would be If Trump was President they don't care If he's going to wipe out all of these Policies his policiy And all the policies that he says that Are helping people that he's put in Place all this his legacy Trump's going To destroy all of it and it' be in his Best interest to find somebody anybody Better anybody who's just not seen out The American people are convinced he's Seen right but he's not going to do it That means he's a worthless piece of Crap Trump the same way they're both so Selfish they don't care about America at All right because if they did both of Them would leave and let's somebody new Try it right we already know how they Both suck right relevant for anyone the Question Is can we know Joe Biden can govern and Again I'll debate that issue with anyone And I will win he will win that debate Because he can govern because he's not Making any decisions so his handlers can

Make the decisions and he just goes Along with them because he's fenile I Will destroy anybody that wants to Debate Joe Biden's record over the past Three and a half Years look at that dude he can run the White House he can run the country Effectively despite the barrage of lies That constantly come at him like Donald Trump's lies last night but can he run For president in 2024 you mean running for president is Harder than being president [Laughter] Donald Trump Lied over and over and over and over Again and Joe Biden couldn't respond to Any of those lies this version of Biden intellectually analytically is the Best Biden Ever in fact as the New York Times said He spent much of the night with his Mouth a gate and his eyes darting back And forth He couldn't fact check anything Donald Trump said and not only That he missed one layup after another After another boom missing those layups He couldn't respond effectively to Donald Trump trying to overthrow American democracy on January 6th he Couldn't respond effectively to Donald Trump's continued stream of lies about His own record and he couldn't even even

Respond effectively on the issue of Abortion where for some reason he darted Wildly to the issue of immigration and On that was great remember That immigration as I said yesterday Morning any Democrat that can't turn to their Republican opponent and blast them for Killing the strongest toughest border Bill in the history of America drafted By a right-wing senator from Oklahoma may not be up to the job and so We do we may not if you're saying it you Guys are the the king shills they're the Most shills Pro Biden shills that we've That are on the uh on you know on the News I mean they are the worst and in Complete denial and just talking about Him like he's some great man they don't Like just say he's confident he's better Than Trump they talk about him being a Great man like just I mean shamelessly Right and they've gaslighted the American people as as his handlers we All now know that he is what we've Thought he is which is he has dementia Right that's the question I know people Are waiting and say oh and and David Pluff I have such great respect for David Pluff he said we need to wait Three or four days because Donald Trump Really turned off swing voters uh in in In in a lot of focus groups once they Saw him again and that makes a lot of

Sense but the door was opened so many Times this race should not be close We've been asking why is this race close We have no idea why this race is close We saw last night why this race has been Close and why I fear Donald Trump will Be the next president of the United States unless things change and I will Say m the one thing That okay so you know that's him if he's Doing this let's go to m because she's Got something to say here what's at Stake at this election is what we Believe is at stake I'll even use the Word Tragically tragically did not rise to The occasion last night okay uh so as You can see you won't see us spinning Here on morning yeah like you always do But you are spinning there was so much Spin in what he said like Joe bayen has Been scile you guys got caught carrying Water for a scile old piece of crap who Wasn't great beforehand and yet you know You're doing it I mean this is what you Do and to say we don't spin yeah that Was just Spin and you're going to spin Now Morning Joe but you're saying that We spin we lie to you you guys tune in To us and we you know we don't give you The the objective truth we spin like Crazy for Joe Biden and again against Trump and that's what we do but we're Not doing it now even though you are

Right at all um but let me tell you what I believe and then we'll go to Willie um Biden had a terrible night he could not Land a thought not even in the closing Statement which is something that's the Easiest part write down a few words go Through them go through the thoughts um And while I validate the chaos uh and Hysteria Democrats might be feeling Anybody who cares about democracy might Be feeling anybody who cares about Women's rights and our safety and our Lives might be feeling totally Understand that um and at the same time As the night was over and I was I was Hearing you on the phone and all our Phones were exploding I just had this Gut feeling that I'm not ready to give Up on Joe Biden Not goom like Even and I was I was hearing you on the Phone and all our phones were exploding I just had this scut feeling that I'm Not ready to give up on Joe Biden not Even close Joe Biden has lost more in His life than he has won in so um you're Reason you're right ready to give up on Him because he's a Loser every way especially politically This because politically he lost the Presidency four times right and so or he Ran he ran four times he won once and The time he won is very questionable and So he's going to be one for

Five man has lost and lost and and and And the only time that he wins is when It matters and that is oh my God it Didn't matter before the guy's a loser Right and he's got a loser son and you Know he's not he wasn't great before and Now he's scile he's scile he saw it he's Senile he's got dementia he cannot do The job it's not a a matter of any of These other things he's scile we have Proof of That he has lost in personal ways he Okay this ridiculous right this is the Whole thing I want to get more into this As we go through it but this idea and This is they're still some of these guys Are still trying to spin this that you Know he just had a bad night no he's he Showed that he has dementia and he's Been showing it is This has been a growing issue it's not Something that just do you think he Didn't have dementia last week right you Think he didn't have it six months ago You know like there's been going on at Least since 2019 probably before that the Deterioration of his mental and physical Functioning so this is CNN from 2015 when they didn't want Biden to run Against Hillary Clinton they were told We want Hillary right and so this was n Years ago I guess he was 70 which is Still pretty old right this is you're

Getting into the retirement years and he Was a joke as a vice president and CNN And all these comedians were hammering Him for his weird behaviors Vice President Biden in the key primary State Of New Hampshire today much of the Country's future will depend on the Policies we choose in the next 2 4 six Years after recent travels to the early Contest states of Iowa and he's old as F Then South Carolina but Biden's latest Gffs are stealing the spotlight away From speculation about his presidential Aspirations for their trust like his Strange hold on defense secretary Ash Carter's wife Stephanie and this claim About Somali immigrants in his hometown Of Wilmington so groper so they they get Him for groping right which again 2015 They were talking about his groping Delaware it's a large Mo very Identifiable Somali Community there's an Awful lot of driving cabs uh and uh and Are friends of mine for real I'm not I'm Not being solicitous I'm being serious And it turns out factually incorrect Liar groper and a liar right in 2015 They knew him as a groper and a liar and Now he's of course was scile only 15 Somali live in the entire State According to the Census Bureau and Wilmington cab drivers told CNN they Knew of no Molly's driving taxis no one Is asked to respond to every time Joe

Biden says something and he says Something every day that uh that people Should be responding to Marco Rubio who Is considering a run for president and Other Republicans are incensed and on Late night TV Biden has become a Punchline ever heard of a second to Second lady the missteps are nothing new Daily Show had the audacity of grope you Know Obama had a book called The Audacity Of Hope and they had the Audacity of grope so he was known as a Groper and a liar and a gaff magnet and They were saying this because they Wanted Hillary to run and they didn't Want Biden and so this is them just Being not doing news not telling the American people what they need to hear And not telling them the truth again you Know here they are only because they Wanted Hillary but they're not talking About Hillary being unelectable right Over the years Biden's become known for Them He's taken criticism for some like this One talking to a largely African-American audience about Mitt Romney in 2012 they're going to put you All back in Chains but often his handiness and Comments no dc30 are liken to those of a Crazy but lovable Uncle no he's he's a Groper as they Veer toward the more Bizarre variety it's raising questions

About appropriate behavior for someone Eyeing the White House they had it all Right they had it all but they didn't Say it you know when when 2019 they Forgot all of this this is who he was Before got caught plagiarizing his first Run for president right they knew this Guy he sucked he was a career politician A person of poor character quality and Just a dope he lost he ran for president Three times and lost and they didn't Want him running when he was vice President right he was the KLA Harris Back then where they thought Hillary was A better candidate it was Hillary's turn With Biden a distant second to Hillary Clinton in polls of democratic hopefuls Suggestions that Biden isn't a serious Contender judging by his joke last night At a Black History Month event maybe Even Biden realizes that but I'm going To be in that room if anybody wants a Photograph I would not blame you if you Didn't boom that's Joe that's JoJo magu Right so I was eating and I was watching The you know the news is much more Interesting now because they're all in Freef fall and Ari mbla the Meer man he Had um Bob Bob Woodward on from you know Watergate Bob Woodward and Bob Woodward Is gonna well let's just watch that Here uh your response to that news uh Mr Woodward and do you think it is too Hasty it's not necessarily Hasty but

The energy needs to go at what really Happened look uh step back if a building Blows up in in downtown of some City the Story will be what happened and then the Story will be how did this happen why Did it happen and that's where I'm very Very curious because this was A mega Disaster uh I've I I was so shocked I Could not I mean did this really happen And I listened to replays Now explain uh candidate Biden uh Candidate Biden's staff uh people close To him I want to hear that explanation Because that's Where that's where will guide us in a Direction I think to understand it can't Downplay it though can't kind of say oh Well it was just a bad night uh it was An Incoherent Night so you know they they're avoiding Saying the word dementia which should Piss everybody off because you you know It should piss off the Democrats more Than anybody else I just was also Watching they had a thing on MSNBC I Think CNN maybe and they went and it was CNN I think and they went to North Carolina and they were having a reaction To the debate and there were all these People many of them obviously Democrats Maybe all of them saying they were Dreadfully disappointed and were kind of

In shock at how Biden came across right And for Democrats I don't know if any of Them are going to watch this but he [ __ ] you guys they not Joe Biden his Handlers in his team because when they Handpicked him and again they handpicked Him because he lost the first two Primaries he you know he had the Malarkey stuff we'll get into that I Guess uh you know I already made those Clips that you're going to see but I Talk about that further up but they Handpicked the guy and they pushed him And forced him they rigged it against Bernie Sanders that's well documented You know they they game the system so That Bernie Sanders couldn't win the Primary And they picked a guy who was obviously Scile and I couldn't believe it and then They had the opportunity with Co to get Rid of him and bring in Andrew cuos who Was so popular then like Andrew cuos They were talking about him acting Presidential and like there was talking About him being somebody who could Possibly replace Biden because Biden Couldn't campaign he couldn't hold it Together because he had dementia this Was you know it was well into it right And like I said so many times before It's not your good days it's your bad Days that matter because your bad days Could cost lives and you know as a job

As important as the so-called presidency Is right you know it's just a puppet Performative job now but in terms of What people think about it and so they Handled this guy and he they covered up His senility but he had to run for President again with Reagan he got it at The end of his second term and they hid The guy for two years and they're making All the decisions for him again you Don't have a a sit president who's Mentally competent so it's his team of People who are making all the decisions You know this was well known as Sun Court's M to it l years later but this Is something that the Democrats should Be feeling like they're been betrayed Because this was your guy and you've Said over and over again that Trump's Second presidency is like an apocalyptic Event and if Trump gets elected again It's over and Joe Biden's your best man To beat him and he can he's not going to Win because he's not going to get votes People are not going to vote for Somebody scile and to keep on betraying It like he had a bad night no he Displayed his Dementia in full view of Everyone for 90 freaking minutes and he Was you know he's gone and this isn't Like oh this guy had a bad day and he Had a migraine or something this is a Guy who is shown signs of dementia for Years now he's 81 years old he's going

To be 85 nobody's talking about kamla And Bob Woodward who's an old guy I Think Bob Woodward's wood is older than Biden and he looked like he's struggling Right you know because people get older But he's in better shape right he's in More coherent right he's saying the guy Wasn't coherent like this was the Problem he was lost and the way he's you Know the way he looked the way he Sounded the way he walks the way he Moves he can't do it like just accept it And every time you force these lies on Your people your Democratic people and All of us you know we were censored for Saying Joe Biden had dementia and Where's the apology because he's half Like he he had it when we said he had it Right he was showing signs of this again Um all the way back in 2019 he probably Had it five years or even more he was Slowly breaking down he was you he was He entered this phase of his life he Should have retired from politics and so Scrutiny should be on the media who knew He had dementia and the people around Him all these people are lying about it All this stuff that morning Joe crew all These people who've seen it over and Over again but they've deceived you and What they're saying is a couple of Things number one people are too stupid To vote you know again this is the I Mean it's just you know what's stage and

What's not you can't you know it's hard To pull it apart everyone would have Their opinions about it but they're Saying that the mag of Republicans the People that support Trump that democracy Is broken that's why they have to rig The elections because they can't let you Decide because you're so screwed up and That's true to some extent like you Think about the sheeple you think about The people are at Walmart eating Carcinogens and you know they're they're Drinking you know constantly I mean Alcoholism and taking prescription drugs That are you know things like um you Know things with uh morphine in them Whatever opiates and things whatever it Is the opioid addiction and that's all The different type of psychological Medications and people are really Screwed up I wouldn't trust the you know I don't trust the decision-making power Of other people right like you really Can't do that but that's you know that's Me saying the truth of the way I feel These people are not saying that overtly But they believe that you can't make a Decision and that you'll pick someone Like Trump therefore they have to censor The social media they can't allow you to Express yourself because your opinions Are wrong and they can't control you Anymore because of the way the internet Is and that you know something like

Trump just the idea of it is dangerous Even though Trump isn't a real one you Know just the idea of that Trump so some Guy like Trump could come in and Actually make changes which would be a Threat to the system right the other Part is the truth is a threat to the System and the system will come down if Too many people understand the truth Because they you know and I you know I'm A little bit hazy on that because most People in the truth Community are still Participating and are still addicted so It's not really that's the case but That's the fear so the first part is They say that we can't let these people Decide who's the president is and they Can't let Trump win so they have to Manipulate the election the second thing Is they're letting their hatred of trump And their fear of trump and the fact That he's going to bring down their Institutions and all their hoyy toyy Behaviors and not be presidential and You know all degrade the presidency that When he does that that'll bring down the You know the morality and the Intelligence of the country that's Already happened we're already entered That in with the internet everything's Gotten stupider right people have you Know degraded themselves in different Ways I mean just check out any sort of You know uh political discussion on the

Internet right but they're saying that Since Trump can't get elected and since What we're expressing on social media Can't be widespread anything they do to Cheat or game the system anything they Do to suppress information and again I'm Not a Trumper trumpers Trump sucks you Know just because Biden had a senior Moment and you know is scile doesn't Mean that Trump is good you know Trump Is you know they're both sucky there's Not a there's not a choice here but what I'm talking about here is that they've Give themselves permission to behave Badly to lie and cheat and gastate the American people which they've done all Along but this is you know they've been Found out now and lie to you about this Guy and then roll him out there and when He shits the bed they say he's just Having a bad night and they're still Going to lie to you about it and they're Not no one's saying he's got dementia he Has dementia he needs to be removed from Office right now if you want to say the Presidency is legitimate then he can't Do the job you should make make KLA Harris the president and he should Retire and say that he has broken down Mentally and there should be some sort Of protocols the doctors in there saying This because you know not shill doctors But real doctors saying and taking you Know giving him the test to confirm that

He has dementia and they can't handle The job and so that's what they should Do immediately but they're not going to Do this because they're evil people and They're you know they're self deceivers And Liars but they can no longer be Trusted by their people Never mind us right we already don't Trust them but the Democrats who you Know were hoping that Joe Biden would Prevent Trump from or all the Trump Haters out there that were hoping Joe Biden would be able to beat him in this Upcoming election now know that's not The case and that they've been deceived And lied to right and so let's get back Into this thing here so I ate breakfast And lunch and I watched a little bit of The news and you know there's people who Are supporting Biden but like in a Lukewarm way it doesn't look like he's Going to withdraw and there's a whole Nightmare there they don't want Kamala and you know I kind of believe It's staged but on the same uh you know Staged in a way that they're trying to Do damage control but there isn't much Wiggle room right um let's let's start From where we left off here remember This um Trump isn't this is the segment Where Trump just stops answering the Questions and he just keeps on taking More shots at Biden which isn't good for Trump like it isn't good politically but

It's hilarious for the rest of us Right and so it just gets Petty and it Goes it's it's great Here former president Trump Russian President Vladimir Putin says he'll only End this war if Russia keeps the Ukrainian territory it is already Claimed and Ukraine abandons its bid to Join NATO are Putin's terms and they Should like that's what's caused this Problem now Ukraine should never have um They should never have pressured Ukraine Or made it an option for Ukraine to join NATO because once they do that then if There's any dispute or conflict between Russia and the Ukraine then that's World War III it's a stupid thing to do Because Ukraine and and Russia can work Out their own you know issues without Some sort of threat of World War II Right and if I was Russia I would not Allow Ukraine to enjoy NATO East either Right like that if you were President of Russia that would be a horrible thing It's like having Canada you know your Neighbor to the North or Mexico your Neighbor to the South something that's On one of your border countries or Countries that's on one of your borders Is in an alliance that if you and them Get into some sort of conflict then These other countries including America And you know obviously not in that case But you know it would be like Russia and

China are going to attack you right that You' be in World War II and so means That Ukraine would be able to bully Russia rights acceptable to you first of All our veterans and our soldiers can't Stand this guy they can't stand him they Think he's the worst commanderin-chief Of that's now he's just his his staring He starts to drift this way towards the Back after the debate it's like he wants To just get away from Trump that's what You call him that we've ever had they Can't stand him so let's get that Straight and they like me more than just About any of them and that's based on Every single bit of information as far As Russia look at them and Ukraine if we Had a real president the president that Knew that was respected by Putin he Would have never he would have never Invaded Ukraine a lot of people are dead Right now much more than people know you Know they talk about numbers you can Double those numbers maybe triple those Numbers he did nothing to stop it in Fact I think he encouraged Russia from Going in I tell you what happened he was So bad with Afghanistan understand it Was such a horrible embarrassment most Embarrassing moment in the history of Our country that when Putin watched that And he saw the incompetence that he Should he should have fired those Generals like I fired the one that you

Mentioned so he's got no love loss but He should have fired those generals no General got fired for the most Embarrassing moment in the history of Our country Afghanistan where we left Billions of dollars of equipment behind We lost 13 beautiful soldiers and 38 Soldiers were obliterated and by the way We left people behind too we left American citizens behind when Putin saw That he said you know what I think we're Going to go in and maybe take my this Was his dream I talked to him about it His dream the difference is he never Would have invaded Ukraine never just Like Israel would have never been Invaded in a million years by Hamas it's Just great watching him like whatever Trump's saying you know this is these Things are kiding you know the pundits Are saying he's he's you know he's being Fact check all these things that are Happening and they're saying he's lied More than anybody but this is the Official story that he's you know he has Disputing the official story not in a Truth or way but in a way dumb people And Republicans and trumpers and even Some Independents are going to be swayed By Trump right because there are a lot Of people out there that don't have the Capacity to understand complex political Issues or whatever it is and have no Interest in it and they don't believe in

The news anymore they believe in it less And so it's really who's more credible And you know and again I mean the whole Thing's rigged you know I you know it's All just whatever right but in terms of The official story they're saying that Trump is doing poorly in the debate and Up to this point he's doing great he Gets Goofy and Petty and immature Towards the end which is funny like I Said it's hilarious but you know they're Factchecking this in real time time here And they're going to say well these are What we believe but people don't believe In the official story anymore the Official story's been Obliterated you know why because Iran Was broke with me I wouldn't let anybody Do business with them they ran out of Money they were broke they had no money For Hamas they had no money for anything No money for Terror that's why you had No Terror at all during my Administration this place the whole World is blowing up under Him President Biden I've never heard so much Malarkey in my Whole life lo I was waiting for this I Actually wanted to include this in the Other one I should have gone a little Bit farther so the word Malarkey you Know my parents were 90 when they died My mom died 200 and 14 right so that's 10 years ago

She was 90 she'd be 10 and something now She's like 93 um so you know they were much older Than Joe Biden right so they were you Know 20 some odd years older than Joe Biden and Mar Malarkey was a word My Grandmother used right my mom didn't use Malarkey you know was it was something That was used in the 40s or 20 you know I mean before the 60s and 50s before I Was born right and so like him using the Word Malarkey you know he had the no Malarkey tour you know in early 200 you know 19 2020 when he was Campaigning as you know potential Candidate for presidency he was the Front runner at 20% that mean he had 20% Of the vote of Democrats so it's not Even you know that's no Independence no Republicans and he just couldn't rise Above that and he got pummeled in the First two um primaries the caucus in Iowa and in New Hampshire he was fourth And one in fifth and another so even Though he had been the front runner the Whole time when it came to voting and a Bunch of people dropped out he lost and His campaign was in freef Fall you know This is before they robbed it from Bernie Sanders and so Pete Budig who Beat him in one of the primaries was out Of money Bernie Sanders had the most Support and so he went to South Carolina And the guy Clyburn said all right I'm

Going to help you right win this thing So he you know he was he had a ground Game in South Carolina Clyburn the Senator from there and so he um he went In and like he basically made Joe Biden Win it saved him if he lost that he Would have been done and they didn't Want him people didn't want to vote for Him and Clyburn said you better get your Your [ __ ] together you know and he um he Got rid of the whole no Malarkey tour Right he had this bus that had no Malarkey on it he used to make fun of it And you know Malarkey means you know uh It's being a BS or like something like That right you know being a fiber or Whatever liar Malarkey that's Malarkey You know that's just you know nice way Of saying you're a liar and he got rid Of that you know slogan but here he is Bringing it back Right and he in fact didn't do it at all He didn't wasn't able to get it done and They've lost over they've lost thousands And thousands of troops 500,000 troops President Trump come back to you for for One minute I just want to go back to my Original question which is are Putin's Terms acceptable to you keeping the Terr Accept no they're not acceptable but Look this is a war that never should Have started if we had a leader in this War he led everybody along he's given $200 billion do now or more to Ukraine

He's given $200 billion do that's a lot Of money I don't think there's ever been Anything like it every time that Zalinsky comes to this country he walks Away with $60 billion he's the greatest Salesman ever look at him like just the Guy is done right this is the face of a Guy who's done right this is a guy who Who's not up to the task and you know he Came out fired up in that you know post Debate rally where they brought in all Those people that were amped up in ways That they shouldn't people aren't that Excited about Joe Biden right they never Have been and you know there's no way Back for him because now people think He's Cena and you know no matter how Much you rig it no matter what they do They throw out Co again I mean any kind Of thing that they would do to sort of Game the system he now has a son who's a Convicted felon who is um you know what Trump did after the election is going to Hurt him a little bit but you know Whatever it is in terms of people's Opinion of trump and now there's the Third Party candidate you know there's a Small margin in these states and the Third party candidates are going to take Away from Biden more than they're take From Trump certainly RFK Jr and now you Know he's he's been president for a While so he's basically screwed in all These swing States he's taking a beating

And he's not coming back from that right And so either people aren't going to Vote or they'll vote for Trump or They'll vote for Kennedy that voted for Him so he can't win those States like He's he's in a position where he can't Win and I don't know if they can bring Somebody else in you know Trump is a Disaster on his own level I me it's a Nightmare you know my kind of nightmare The one that makes the system look like A joke and in freef Fall so Joe Biden Responded Um and uh Jill Biden tells fundraising Crowd what her husband told her after The debate so let's talk about last Night's debate because I know it's on Your minds she said as Um Joe said earlier today he's not a Young man after last night's debate he Said you know Jill I don't know what Happened I didn't feel that great my Husband does now but my what my husband Does know know how to do is tell the Truth um when he gets knocked down Joe Gets backed up and that's and that's What we're doing today again you don't Get knocked down by senility right you Know it's not like you had a you might Get knocked down but you don't get back Up like you can have better days you can Have some Lucid days but you know it's Just a a slow march to he's you know He's in the death process right but

They're both acknowledging he failed Like it was an epically bad performance And again it was what he couldn't do Right based in everything that we've Seen but who knows because I who knows How this is going to play out he could Be president again and you know I mean He could win and whatever it is three Months or whatever it is right four Months so around four a little over four Months and so he could be president Again we'll see what happens what I want To say here is when you play a sport You're in a competitive situation And you you do a job interview and the Way you feel that day is the way that You feel maybe it's something on Subconscious level possibly something to Do with your soul always something to do With your soul right and some days you Come up big some days you come up small Some days you you have bad days or Whatever it is and not that I'm saying That God wants Trump to win but there's You know a reason why there was this Display of what Joe Biden is Like he had one of his worst days on a Day where he had needed to have one of His best days and that's what happened And you have to respect that it's one of The problems with Americans where There's a lack of surrender to the Divine will right what we saw there is You know Joe Biden displaying his worst

And his worst shows you that he Shouldn't be president now never mind Run it for president again and that's Just the way it went if he's saying he Had one of his bad days sure but you Can't have days like that if you're President right you can't have days like That if you just have a normal job you Can't be that incoherent you can't be Like that right and so yeah he's going To have some good days and he could have A really good day like his best day but Even then he's not that great and even On his best day and so there needs to be A respect of that like that's you know That it was decided by the fact that he Didn't feel good or when he was confused Or whatever when whatever happened there He underperformed he didn't deliver when He needed to and so he should leave like He to just go but that never happens Doesn't happen with Trump I mean Trump Has said all these signs that he should Just quit you know he should just move On and they're both so freaking selfish Right they're pushing back against the The flow of things both of them have Been warned like you're not you know It's it's not for you and it isn't like Anybody's going to solve the problem Anyway but it's time to move on to Somebody younger whatever two more Younger sucky people you know suck People that are just happen to be

Younger and that's what should happen But either one of these guys is going to Do that and so that's you know that's Everything you need to know about America because of the selfishness they Both rather take down the country Because both of them are saying the same Thing if the other guy wins America's Going to be destroyed and they're the Only two guys that can fix it right but You know there's there's no fixing it And they're just um embarrassing Themselves out there and I'm not Knocking him I'm not knocking anything I'm only saying he the money that we're Spending on this war and we shouldn't be Spending it should have never happened I Will have that War settled between Putin And zalinski as president at elect Before I take office on January 20th I'll have that War settled people being Killed you know when people um are in a Fear based situation that kind of Promise that Trump made the things that He says like it sounds like he's going To do it like even though you know Trump's a bullshitter and he's a Flim Flam man and fish boy and all these Things you know if you're a Simple-minded person it's like oh he's Going to do it he's going to get it done Right like it's just you know you you Believe him because he's convincing this Guy is wandering around lost and he used

To be able to be more authoritative but Not as good as Trump and so at this Particular time you know even the people Who are like not liking Trump he sounds Like more like a go getter than this guy Right look at him so needlessly so Stupidly and keeps on tur away from him Get it settled and I'll get it settle Fest before I take Office B you have a minute the fact is That Putin is a war criminal he's killed Thousands of not a war criminal you're a War criminal you you droned seven kids Eight kids in Afghanistan and that's Something Trump should have brought up He made up this thing about Isis K Because he was losing face in Afghanistan I don't blame him for Afghanistan I blame him for before Afghanistan you know voting for all Those illegal Wars but somebody had to Get us out of there and if it was Trump Or him it would have been a disaster Turning everything over to the al-Qaeda I mean giv him them billions of dollars Not Al-Qaeda but um the Taliban and then He made up this thing about Isis K and They started droning people but they Made a mistake in drone a bunch of Civilians including eight kids you know That's a war criminal right unnecessary And whatever like Putin is you know Fighting for his country's life because If the Ukraine joins NATO and I'm not a

Putin fan but I'm just saying you can't Call that a war criminal right like it's You know these guys America we used um Depleted uranium in Iraq right that's Against Like rules of like Engagement thousands of people and he Has made one thing clear he wants to Reestablish what was part of the Soviet Empire not just a peace he wants all of Ukraine that's what he wants and then do You think he'll stop there do you think He'll stop when he if he if he takes Ukraine what do you think happens to Poland what you think you think he's Going to go into Poland where we have Missiles and a you know we have a the NATO agreement that if he they attacks Poland he's at war with us he doesn't Want war with the US right like why Wouldn't he attack Poland now so you Know like he can't even get it through Ukraine he can't even like they've been Fighting Ukraine and they've killed all These ukrainians ukrainians down nobody But they still can't you know push their Way through it right and so he's not Going into Poland it's just stupid like He's not going to do that well as Israel Israel's going to keep on going right Till they get the whole you know not Just all of Palestine but they'll keep On pushing get more more of what was Originally Israel right the the Israel Of the Bible B what do you think happens

To those NATO countries and so if you Want a war yeah there would be World War III you ought to find out what he's Going to do because if in fact he does What he says and walks away by the way All that money we give Ukraine or from Weapons we make here in the United States we give them the weapons not the Money at this Point that's better out and and our NATO Allies have produced as much funding for Ukraine as we have nobody believes that Why that's why we're strong thank you Moving on to the Middle East in October Hamas attacked Israel killing more than A thousand people and taking hundreds of Hostages among those held and thought to Still be alive are five Americans Israel's response has killed thousands Of Palestinians and created a Humanitarian crisis in Gaza President Biden you've put forward a a proposal to Resolve this conflict but so far Hamas Has not released the remaining hostages And Israel is continuing its military Off why won't they release the hostages Why why would you know why would they do That with the pump the beating they're Taking like only if they were an asset And they were ordered not to do it you Know by Israel or something because look At them look at that look at it de Headlights it makes no sense people Should challenge why Hamas isn't willing

To release the hostages when you know That would make Israel have to withdraw From Gaza right like it's just obvious That would be the smart thing the the Good thing and the right thing to do in Gaza so what additional leverage will You use to get Hamas and Israel to end The war you have two minutes number one Everyone from the United Nations secur Security Council straight through to the G7 to the Israelis and net himself have Endorsed the plan I put forward endorsed The plan I put forward which has three Stages to it what are those stages Joe First stage is trade the hostages for a Ceasefire second phase is a ceasefire With additional conditions the third Phase is no the end of the war the only One who wants the war to continue is Hamas why why would they want that they Have no Army and they're just getting Beaten and killed and they're killing Civilians and kids why would Hamas want Israel to kill Palestinian kids right Why would they do that if they could Just turn over the hostages than Everything Israel did like the only Thing that Israel can say is well they Still have hostages That's the only excuse they have right You give back the hostages and then Israel just looks like villains right Like this is you know Israel would have To withdraw and so Hamas it would the

Only thing to do is give back the Hostages right you know if they actually Have them or you know whatever it is Right but Hamas is obviously some sort Of asset for Israel because Israel wants This war Trump is going to say it but He's going to he's going to say Something even you know worse number one They're the only ones standing out we're Still pushing hard from to get them to Accept in the meantime what's happened In Israel we're finding to said the only Thing I've denied Israel was 2,000lb Bombs they don't work very well and Populated the only thing he denied them They k out inoc some people we're Providing Israel with all the weapons They need and when they need he didn't Pronounce Israel like it's just it's not You know he can't articulate his words And by the way I'm the guy that Organized the world against Iran when They had a full-blown intercon bistic Ballistic missile attack on Israel no One was hurt no one Israeli was Accidentally killed and it just stopped We saved Israel we are the biggest Producer of support for Israel of anyone In the world and so that's they're two Different his voice so I mean so weak Things Hamas cannot be allowed to be Continue we continue to send our experts And our intelligent people as to how They can get Hamas like we did B Laden

You don't have to do it and by the way They've been greatly weakened toas Greatly weakened okay the bin Laden Thing was a joke Right you mean remember when they threw Him into the ocean didn't examine the Body and then all the soldiers that were When all the SP the Seal Team Six that Was a part of that died in a helicopter You mean that story they should be they Should be eliminated but you've got to Be careful for what using certain Weapons among population centers Just going back to Ukraine for one Second Trump now is just always GNA like Trump gets um he's so petty and there's Some dispute he's always going to go Back and and look at him look at Biden We have an ocean separating us the European nations together have spent a Hundred billion or maybe more than that Less than us why doesn't he call them And say you got to put up your money Like I did with NATO I got them to put Up hundreds of billions of dollars the Secretary General of NATO said Trump did The most incredible job I've ever seen You wouldn't they wouldn't have any they Were going out of business we were Spending almost 100% of the money was Was paid by us he didn't do that he's Getting all you got to ask these people To put up the money we're over a hundred Billion dollar more spent and it has a

Bigger impact on them because of Location because we have an ocean in Between you got to ask them as far as Israel and and Hamas isra is the one That wants to go he said the only one Who wants to keep going is Hamas Actually Israel is the one and you Obviously so Trump is telling the truth But he says this horrible thing let him Go and let him finish the job let him go Or let him finish the job so Trump is Saying that it isn't about hostages That's BS which is true like good on him For saying that part but then saying let Him go and let him just destroy Hamas And the Palestinians when there's been a Genocide there and 20,000 kids dead Right the one good thing Trump had was He wasn't a party to these wars like he Didn't start any wars he wasn't droning Kids he didn't kill people like Obama Biden and Bush and you know previous Presidents like Trump talks tough but he Seems to have some sort of I don't know Like a heart or something right maybe You know buried beneath his arrogance or Whatever it is but he didn't pursue some Of these wars but he's saying Israel Should just go and finish the job well That means taking Palestine and then Taking taking more taking the west bank And then taking whatever other land is There right and Trump's going to give Him a green light but you know at least

He's being honest that the hostages is Just a BS thing he doesn't want to do it He's become like a Palestinian but they Don't like him because he's a very bad Palestinian he's a weak One Kaboom President Biden you have a Minute I've never heard so much Foolishness what about Malarkey guy who Wants to get out of NATO are you going To stay in NATO he's going to pull out Of NATO the idea that we have our Strength lies in our alliances as well It may be a big ocean but we ever able To avoid a war in in Europe a major war In Europe what happens if in fact you Have Putin continue to go into into NATO We have an article 5 agreement attack on One is Attack on all you want to start The nuclear war he keeps talking about Go ahead okay so then Poland right then Why would he go into Poland like you Just said he was going to go into Poland But you just said attack on one attack On all so as he went to Poland all of Europe and America would be in war with With Russia right they're not going to Take Poland just stupid they're not even Going to take Ukraine let Putin go in And control Ukraine and then move on to Poland and other places just and so World War II like so why not just go if That's the case why don't you just do a Preemptive strike Right see what happens then he has no

Idea what the hell he's talking about And by the way I got 50 other nations Around the world to support Ukraine Including Japan and South Korea because They understand that this was this this Kind of dislocation has a serious threat To the whole world peace no no major war In Europe has ever been able to be Contained just to Europe president Trump Just to follow up would you support the Creation of an independent Palestinian State in order to achieve peace in the Region I'd have to see but before we do That so this is where again he's just He's not going to answer the questions From here on out he's just going to go Back to something else Biden said and He's just like now it gets Petty the Problem we have is that we spend all the Money so they kill us on trade I made Great trade deals with the European Nations because if you add them up They're about the same size economically Their economy is about the same size as The United States and they were no cars No they don't want anything that we have But we're supposed to take their cars Their food their everything their Agriculture I changed that but the big Thing I changed is they don't want to Pay and the only reason that he can play Games with NATO is because I got them to Put up hundreds of billions of dollars I Said and he's right about this I said no

I'm not going to support NATO if you Don't pay they asked me that question Would you guard us against Russia at a Very secret meeting of the 28 very Secret States at that time Nations at That time and they said no if you don't Pay I won't do that and you know what Happened billions and billions of Dollars came flowing in the next day and The next months but now we're in the Same position we're paying everybody's Bills let's turn to the issue of Democracy a former so Biden tried to Talk but they cut off his mic the other Thing you know the pundits were all Saying that Biden won the debate on Policy and on Substance only because they believe what He believes of course these are Lefty You know MSNBC and and uh CNN these Other you know newspapers whatever New York Times but in reality theer American People are American people or any people Get sick of war and we've had a lot of Them you know we've had continuation of War since the big event 2001 of course They were already kind of tapped out After Vietnam and so they are down on this Ukraine war especially when inflation You know when you're suffering inflation And you hear your government's giving Billions of dollars to Israel and um the Ukraine and for Wars that could

Ultimately start World War II you get Bummed out right and that's how American People are and so Trump is really Winning most of these issues because Most Americans are over all these things Right the thing he's losing on is Abortion and you know people are freaked Out about the immigration thing they're Freaked out by the economy and they want To you know cut back on all these Expenditures and the possibility of World War III in the Ukraine and with Israel right former president Trump I I Want to ask you about January 6th 2021 After you rallied your supporters that Day some of them stormed the capital to Stop the constitutionally mandated Counting of electoral votes as president You swore an oath to quote preserve Protect and defend unquote the Constitution what do you say to voters Who believe that you violated that oath Through your actions and in action on January 6th and worry that you'll do it Again well I don't think too many Believe that and let me tell you about January 6th on January 6th we had a Great border nobody coming through very Few his reaction there was priceless Where he shakes his head um it's better To watch him because he's just the he's The star of the show as much as Trump Has been the center of the media Universe this was Joe Biden's big moment

Where he became this story usually the Story is Trump like he'll say Trump's Name in one um press one uh event I Counted it was over 20 times he said Trump's name and then other times he's Referencing him but the whole thing was About Trump right and that speech he Just gave was about Trump and so what He's trying to do is play The People's Hatred of trump that's his big you know He people don't like him but they hate Trump right their passion all the Passion is towards Trump whether people Love him or hate him but Trump doesn't Answer the questions which the pundit Said and they said this hurt him but you Know the big event in January January 6 Thing people are not um you know it's Not as as big a deal as the media has Made that in terms of how Americans feel About it and now of course you know Everything seems suspect because of the Amounts of lies that are being told by Jojo's handlers that he is not scile When he is obviously right and all these You know propaganda they've put out on January 6 we were energy independent on January 6 we had the lowest taxes ever We had the lowest regulations ever on January 6th we were respected all over The world all over the world we Respected and then he comes in and we're Now left at we're like a bunch of stupid People the what happened to the United

States's reputation under this man's Leadership is he's giving him the stink Eye horrible including weaponization Which I'm sure at some point you'll be Talking about where he goes after his Political opponent because he can't beat Him fair and square yeah they're not Talking about that CNN what are you Talking about you have 80 seconds left My question was what do you say to those Voters who believe that you VI violated Your constitutional oath through your Actions in action on January 6 2021 and Worry that you'll do it again well I Didn't say that to anybody I said Peacefully and patriotically and Nancy Pelosi if you just watched the news from Two days ago on tape to her daughter Who's a documentary filmmaker they say Air quotes looking him he's going for His ear but she's saying oh no it's my Responsibility I was responsible for This cuz I offered her 10,000 soldiers Or National Guard and she turned them Down and the mayor of in writing by the Way the mayor in writing turned it down The mayor of of DC they turned it down I Offered 10,000 because I could see I had Virtually nothing to do they asked me to Go make a speech at Shing said I could See what was happening everybody was Saying they're going to be there on January 6 they're going to be there and I said you know what that's a lot of

People coming you could feel it you Could feel it too and you could feel it And I said they ought to have some National Guard or whatever and I offered It to her and she now admits that she Turned it down and it was the same day She was I don't know he can't be very Happy with her daughter because it made Her into a liar she Said I take full responsibility for January 6th President Biden look he encouraged those folks to Go up in the Capital Hill number one I Sat in that dining room off the Oval Office he sat there for 3 hours 3 hours Is watching begging being begged by his Vice begging or being begged president And a number of his colleagues on the Republican side as well to do something To call for a stop to end it instead he Talked talked about these people being Patriots and and and great patrons of America in fact he says he'll now Forgive them for what they've done he'll They've been convicted he says he wants To commute their sentences and say that No but he went to every single so this Was another big moment moment for him I Don't know what America feels like I Don't have the pulse you know the polls Are not accurate so but they they don't Feel as strongly as the you know the Media and the Democrats like I said but He could have went after Trump better

Here but again his weak ass voice in his Babylon Court in a nation I don't know How many cases scores of cases including The Supreme Court and they said they Said no no this guy this guy is Responsible for doing what is being was Done he did do a damn thing and these People should be in jail and they should Be the ones are being held accountable And he wants to let them all out and now He says if he loses again such a whiner That he is that there could be a the Name calling he starts he calls them a Lot of names in this thing like that was One of the things that Trump was known For and he's doing it here he's just It's a disaster on all levels because You know that he wanted to make Trump Look like the bully that's you know that That pays poorly for Trump and he's the One who's calling names bloodbath thank You President Biden president Trump well They've done to some people that are so Innocent you ought to be ashamed of Yourself what you have done how you've Destroyed the lives of so many people When they ripped down Portland when they Ripped down uh many other cities you go To Minnesota Minneapolis what they've Done there with the fires all over the City if I didn't bring in the National Guard that City would have been Destroyed when you look at all of the The they took over big chunks of Seattle

I was all set to bring in the National Guard they heard that they saw them Remember Chaz and Chad they made up These two like they just had their own Little countries in the middle of Portland and Seattle coming and they left immediately What he said about this whole subject is So off peacefully patriotic one other Thing the unselect committee which is Basically two horrible Republicans that Are all gone now out of office office And Democrats all Democrats they Destroyed and deleted all of the Information they found because they Found out we were right we were right And they deleted and destroyed all of The information they should go to jail For that if a republican did that they'd Go to jail thank you president Trump President Biden I want to give you a Minute the only person on this stage is A convicted felon is the man I'm looking At right now and the fact of the matter Is he is he's what he's telling you is Simply not true the fact is that there Was no effort on his part to stop what Was going on up in Capitol Hill and all Those people every one of those who are Convicted deserves to be convicted this Is going to be a great P part right here The idea that they didn't kill somebody Just went in and broke down doors broke The windows occupied offices turned over

Desk turned them over statues the idea That those people are patriots come on When I asked him the first two debates We had the debates we had first time Around I said will you denounce the Proud boy he said no I'll tell them to Stand by the idea he's refusing will you Denounce these guys we denounce the People we're talking about now we Denounce the people who attack that Capital what are you going to Do I'm G To I give you a a minute president Trump For a follow-up question I have um after A jury convicted you of 34 felonies last Month you said if reelected the debates We had that first time around I said Will you denounce the Proud there was a little glitch here but It's back I give you a a minute President Trump for a follow-up question I have um after a jury convicted you of 34 felonies last month you said of Reelected you would quote have every Right to go after unquote your political Opponents you just talked about members Of the select committee on January 6 Going to jail your main political Opponent is standing on stage with you Tonight can you clarify exactly what it Means means about you feeling you have Every right to go after your political Opponents well I said my retribution is Going to be success we're going to make

This country successful again because Right now it's a failing Nation my Retribution is going to be success but When he talks about a convicted felon His son is a convicted felon at a very High this this is a great exchange here Level his son is convicted going to be Convicted probably numerous other times See you know Hunter Biden getting 25 Years is extraordinary but he did other Things fish boy you know Trump got I Mean the penalties that Trump received In terms of the judgments Alex Jones and Gulani are excessive and I've talked About that in other videos you know There's just a lot of um I mean the Whole everything's just so uh uh it's Rigged now and so um you know show based So performative should have been Convicted before but his Justice Apartment let the statute of limitations Lapse on the most important things but He could be a convicted felon as as he Gets out of office Joe could be a Convicted fellow with all of the things That he's done he's done horrible things All of the death caused at the the Border uh telling the Ukrainian people That we're going to want a billion Dollars or you change the prosecutor Otherwise you're not getting a billion Dollars if I ever said that that's quidd Proquo that we're not going to do Anything we're not going to give you a

Billion dollars unless you change your Prosecutor having to do with his son This man is a criminal this man you're Lucky you're lucky I did nothing wrong We'd have a system that was rigged and Disgusting I did nothing wrong thank you President Trump President Biden you had This is this is great here I'm coming Right to you sir you well you want to Respond go ahead I'll give you a minute To respond the idea that I did anything Wrong relative to what you're talking About is outrageous Outrageous your son is became an artist Is immediately A Millionaire he's the World's most successful crack addict the Only thing he had to sell was access Right so to say it's outrageous it's Stupid the laptop has come back to cover Up all of it right like you've received Money so did Trump you guys are both Corrupt like that just because you suck Doesn't mean Trump's good and just Because Trump suck doesn't mean you're Good you both suck right you're both Corrupt you both have um monetized your Presidencies it's simply a lie number One number two the idea that you have a Right to seek retribution against any American just because your president is Wrong is simply wrong no president's Ever spoken like that before no President in our history has spoken like That before number three the crimes that

You are still charged with and think of All the Civil penalties you have how Many billions of dollars do you owe in Civil penalties for for molesting a Woman in public for doing a whole range Of things he didn't that's not what he Was charged of it was it was in a Dressing Room but he didn't you know he didn't he Wasn't convicted of that that he was Convicted of badmouthing there after you Know when she Su him of having sex with A porn star on the night while your wife Was pregnant I mean what what are you Talking about you have the morals of an Alley cat Aly cat boom you're an Aly cat Boom give you a minute sir I didn't have Sex with a porn [Laughter] Star yeah you Did that's that much we know is true one Number two that was a case that was Started and moved they moved a High-ranking official a doj into the Manhattan DA's office to start that case That case is going to be appealed in one We had a very a terrible judge a Horrible judge Democrat the prosecutor Were all high ranking Democrats Appointed people and the both the civil And the criminal he basically went after His political opponent because he Thought it was going to damage me but When the public found out about these

Cases CU they understand it better than He does he he starting to lean this way No idea what these cases are but when he When they found out about these cases You know what they did my poll numbers Went up way up you know that because You're reporting it and we took in more Money in the last two weeks than we've Ever taken in in the history of of any Campaign I don't think any campaign has Ever taken hundreds of millions of Dollars came pouring in because the Public knows it's a scam and it's a guy That's after his political opponent Because he can't win fair and square Thank you president Trump President Biden you you have said quote Donald Trump and his magga Republicans are Determined to destroy American democracy Do you believe that the tens of millions Of Americans who are likely to vote for President Trump will be voting against American democracy the more they know About what he's done yes the more they Know about what he's done and there's a Lot more coming he's got a lot of cases Around the road coming around he I think He just said I have put against him got He's got a whole range of issues he has To face I don't know what the juries Will do but I you know Trump sucks like Don't think Trump is innocent or he's Not a criminal but this whole thing is Performative right they could have put

Trump in jail or they could just kill Him but they've wanted him around for Whatever you know because he's the Center of their Universe I've talked About this before it's why Trump needs To just go away um but you know this This part of the debate is where it Really gets funny I do know he has a Real problem and so the fact that could You ever think you heard any president Say that I'm going to seek retribution Do you ever hear any president say that I no but they do it like the difference Between Trump and you guys is Trump Admits it and he's transparent is a liar And a flimflam man he's a scumbag but he Doesn't hide it like you guys try to Hide it but Hitler had some good ideas What got me involved to run the first Place after my son had died I decided in Iraq because of Iraq I said I wasn't Going to run again until I saw what Happened in Charlottesville Virginia People coming out of the woods carrying Swastikas on torches tor es and and Singing the same anti-semitic bile they Sang when back in Germany and what did And the young woman got killed I spoke To the mother and she they asked him They said what what do you think of Those people the people who the ones who Got killed the one who tried to stop it And the ones he said I think they're Fine people on both sides what American

President would ever say Nazis coming Out of fields carrying torches Singing I've been to Charlottesville I Live there near there and went there Quite a bit and there was no Fields Where he's talking About anetic B King sasus were fine People and this is a guy who says Hitler's done some good things I'd like To know what they are the good things Hitler's done that's what he said this Guy has no sense of American democracy He's got the he's got the morals of an Alleycat president Trump Jake both of You know that story has been totally Wiped out because when you see the Sentence it said 100% exoneration on this so he just Keeps it going he says he ran because of Charlottesville he didn't run because of Charlottesville he ran because it was His last chance it this is true and we Know this because Joe Biden lies about Stuff like this like they try to get a Backstory sometimes he's plagiarized a Backstory but he tried to make it Something Noble the guy wanted to be President four freaking times and after Obama was done that was his big chance But Hillary robbed him of it and then of Course she lost and so he's running Because he always wanted to be president Because if it was about Trump he would Withdraw right now because of the debate

Right we already know that he's saying That he's not going to leave the contest And he's the worst candidate against Trump right now he's the worst candidate Against Trump right now his party and All these people are freaked out that Trump's going to be president again They're in panic mode at least that's The official story and so he would leave It was about something like that Something Noble he wanted to be President Right like it wasn't that freaking Stupid riot in Charlottesville like it Wasn't that like he's not you know he's He wanted to be present they just make Things up and Trump is you know a liar Of fln flam man but he's much more Transparent where you know this Sanctimonious stuff Joe Biden Says he's not equipped to be president You know it and I know it it's Ridiculous we have a debate we're trying To justify his presidency his presidency He without question the worst president The worst presidency in the history of Our country we shouldn't be having a Debate about it there's nothing to Debate he made up the Charlottesville Story and you'll see it's debunked all Over the place every anchor has de every Reasonable anchor has debunked it and Just the other day it came out where it Was fully debunked it's a nonsense story

He knows that and he didn't run because Of Charlottesville he used that as an Excuse to run President bid and debunk it happened all You have to do is listen to what was Said at the time and the idea that Somehow that's the only reason I ran I Ran because I was worried a guy like This guy could get elected if he thought They were good people then you'd quit Right now because his best chance of Getting elected again and you said it's It going to be worse this time of course It won't be because Trump is going to be You know I mean he's his nuts have been Clipped so he's you know a second ter For Trump would be less Trump and more Attal it just be a nightmare it'd be a Nightmare Trump just needs to go away And he won't if both if either one of These guys cared about America they Would disappear because you know they're Not here for Americans and America They're here for their egos right and They don't want to you know they want This thing and so it's nothing to do With anybody else and like Trump at Least you know he lies but you can tell He's you know obvious about his Selfishness Biden's trying to cover it Up and it's it's silly like stupid People fall for these guys for Politicians but you know everyone else Should be able to see through it right

But this wonderful Petty exchange and it Just keeps on getting pettier and Pettier from here on out coming out of That all that Forest carrying those Forest there's a forest in Charlottesville is a pretty you know There's some rural areas but Woods Carrying those torches than he didn't Deserve to be president didn't deserve To be president at all and the idea that He's talking about all this being Fabricated we saw with our own eyes we Saw what happened on January 6 we saw The people breaking through the windows We saw people occupying that his own Vice president look there's a reason why 40 of his 44 top cabinet officers Refused to endorse him this time his Vice president hasn't endorsed in this Time so why why they know him well they Serve with him why are they not Endorsing him thank you President Biden We're going to be right back with more From the go boom look at Dana looking Depressed What do you say to Black voters who are Disappointed that you haven't made more Progress they acknowledge they made a Lot of progress number one the fact of The matter is there's more small black Businesses that have been started than Any time in history small black Businesses what is it what is that right What is a small black business number

Two the wages of black black Unemployment is the lowest level that's Been in a long long time number three we Find find providing housing for black Americans and dealing with the Segregation that exists among these Corporate these corporate did you always Say gluco Clan like he's just he's just Struggling that collude to keep people Out of their houses and in addition to That we find that the impact of on the The choice that black families have to Make relative to child care is Inc Incredibly difficult when we did the First major piece of legislation in the Past I was able to reduce black child Care costs I cut them in half in half we Got to make sure we provide for child Care cost we got to make sure because When you provide those Child Care Protections you increase economic growth Because more people can be in the in the Job market so there's more to be done Considerably more to be done but we've Done a great deal so far and I'm not Letting up and they know You have 49 seconds left what do you say To Black voters who are disappointed With the progress so far I say I don't Blame them for being disappointed Inflation is still hurting them badly For example I provided for the idea that Any black family firsttime home buyer Should get a $10,000 tax credit to be

Able to buy their first home it's just a Smug Trump Is so they can get started I made sure That we're in a situation where all Those black families and those black Individuals who provided to had to take Out student loans that were ballooning That if they were engaged in this is the Part of the debate that they're saying He came back like he did better like This is how bad you know there's Covering for him his voice is weaker and You know he's he didn't have as big a Flubs as he did the beginning of the Debate that hurt him in terms of you Know the big ones bringing up Immigration you're supposed to be Talking about abortion and those things Right giving putting it up on a te for Trump but his you know he's just wearing Down like his voice gets softer this Happens to him he has either loud Aggressive JoJo or this you know very Passive JoJo nursing doctor and any Anything having to do with volunteerism If they paid their bills for 10 years on Their student debt all the rest is Forgiven after 10 years Millions have Benefited from that and we're going to Do a whole lot more for black families Thank you president Trump and he caused The inflation he's blaming inflation and He's right it's been very bad he caused The inflation and it's killing black

Families and Hispanic families and just About everybody it's killing people they Can't buy groceries anymore they can't You look at the cost of food where it's Doubled and tripled and quadrupled they Can't live they're not living anymore he Caused this inflation I gave him a Country with no essentially no inflation It was perfect like he's just look at That go back back with it look at bid When he comes backlit it was so good all He had to do is leave it alone he Destroyed it with his green news scam And all of the other all this money That's being thrown out the window he Caused inflation as sure as you're Sitting there the fact is that his big Kill on the black people is the millions Of people that he's allowed to come in Through the Border they're taking black Jobs now and it could be like this this The weird word you word use of the this Black people they're not black jobs Right it's not black housing like it's Black people housing right if you're Saying that and it's not black because You know we're talking about you know Brown I mean it's just you know I mean It's a a bad characteristic like just African-amer is a better way of putting It but I mean it's just the way they're Phrasing this thing 18 it could be 19 And even 20 million people they're Taking black jobs and they're taking

What is a black job Hispanic jobs and You have that's an Hispanic Job yet but you're going to see Something that's going to be the worst In our history thank you President Biden There was no inflation when I became President you know why the econom why Like why would you admit to that was Flat on its back 15% unemployment he Decimated the economy absolutely Decimated the economy so the one thing About this is that Trump like a fool Fell for the covid thing they got Trump To put on a mask they got to push out Operation warp spreed which screwed Everybody and they got him to close down The economy and his comment like I said His economy was a false economy I said This is the last video because he was You know he deregulated everything so it Was just short term because the bankers And the Wall Street were going to take Advantage of the deregulation and then The whole collapse was going to happen Over again but until that happened he Had a good economy and things were going Well when you deregulate everything goes Well for a while then there's the Consequences that come in later on but The reason that the economy was bad was Because he closed it down because they Worked him on Co it was unnecessary to Close the economy down and you know There they use that against him in the

Previous election but he can't use it in This election because everybody's Blaming the Democrats for all that all The the overreaction of Co that's why there was no inflation at The time there were no jobs we provided Thousands of millions of jobs for Individuals who are invol communities Thousands of millions of jobs including Minority communities we made sure that They have health insurance we have Covered the ACA has incre I made sure That they're $8,000 per person in a family to get Written off for health care but this guy Wants to eliminate that they tried 50 Times he wants to get rid of the ACA Again and they're going to try again if They win you find ourselves in a Position where the idea that we're not Doing any I've put more we put more Police on the street than any Administration has he wants to cut the Cops we're providing for Equity you're Not going to win on that either right Like Trump is the Law and Order veteran Military president the right-wing people The cops and the military support him And Joe Biden was the guy who you know Was um defund the police guy right and So you know these are losing issues like Most of the issues favor Trump at this Point which again I'm not psyched about I want Trump to just go away but like

You know he's just he is just he's like A cancer on the Democratic party which Is canceris in itself right equity and Making sure people have a shot to make It there's a lot going on but in Inflation he caused it by his tremendous Mou feasance in the Way handle the pandemic thank you Another persistent challenge is the Climate crisis 2023 was the hottest year In recorded history and commun okay I'm Going to stop here and take a little Break and work outside and come back to This okay this's a lot to cover this is The last um 25 minutes or so it's the Hilarious part this is where it really Breaks down you know Trump Um he he still did his best debate Performance just because of the rules He's a little bit more mellow now um and You know it was all on his side you know Everything's on his side Communities across the country are Confronting the devastating effects of Extreme heat intensifying wildfires Stronger hurricanes and rising sea Levels former president Trump you've Vowed to end your opponent's climate Initiatives but will you take any action As president to slow the climate crisis Well let me just go back to what he said About my wife and I started cracking up Because he's doing this he's going to do This for the rest of the debate the

Police how close the police are to him Almost every police group in the nation From every state is supporting Donald J Trump almost every Donald J police group And what he's done to the black Population is horrible including the Fact that for 10 years he called them Super Predators we can't in the 1990s we Can't foul I I call foul look it forget That super Predators was his name and he Called it to him for and they've taken Great offense at it and now they they See it happening but when they see what I did for Criminal Justice Reform and For the historically black uh colleges And universities where I funded them and Got them all funded and the opportunity Zones with with you know he's been Looking like this for years this is what He looked like in the debates in 2019 in The Democratic primary like this is what He looked like he's worse now of course But that's what he's same thing right This is not new Tim as you know Tim Scott was incredible he did a great job Great senator from South Carolina he Came to me with the idea and it was a Great idea it's one of the most Successful Economic Development acts That's your face Jojo and they cut away From him they're doing as much as Possible to help him everything but he's Just he can't do it because he's got Alzheimer's you can't you know no matter

What they do he still got dementia right Ever in the country opportunity zones And the biggest beneficiary are blacks And that's why we have the best numbers With them in maybe ever they're saying Ever I read this morning whereever the Best numbers he's lost much of the black Population because he's done a horrible Job for black people he's also done a Horrible job for Hispanics but why do You see these millions of people pouring Into our country and they're going to Take the jobs and it's already started And you haven't seen anything yet it's a Disaster youve 38 seconds left president Trump will you take any action as President it says right the cl to slow The the climate crisis so I want Absolutely Immaculate clean water and I Want absolutely clean air and we had it We had we watched this we watched it on CNN and they had the question right here And so like at H2O we had the best Numbers ever and we did we were using HTO H all forms of energy all forms Everything and yet he starts leaning Away right during my four years I had The best environmental numbers Ever and my top environmental people Gave me that statistic just before I Walked on the stage Actually I don't know where the hell He's Been Where Have You Been JoJo the idea

That anything he said is true I passed The most extensive most extensive Climate change legislation in history in History we find ourselves in by the way Black colleges I I came up with $50 Billion for HBCU historic black univ and Colleges because they don't have they Don't have the kind of contributors that They have to build these Laboratories in The like any black student is capable in College of doing any white student can Do they just have the money but now They'll be able to get those jobs in High-tech you know you can barely hear Him he's like so softspoken now he's low Energy situation where the idea that he Is claiming to have done something that Had the cleanest water the cleanest Water he had done a damn thing for the Environment he pulled out of the Paris Peace Accord climate Accord I Immediately joined it because if we re H 1.5 deges C at any one point where There's no way back the only existential Threat to humanity is climate change and He didn't do a damn thing about it he Wants to undo all that I've done no There's nuclear war and just people Themselves the Paris Accord was going to Cost us a trillion dollars and China Nothing look at look at this scaping Hole like look at this you can't look Like that they just that picture alone Right it's throughout the debate and

Russia nothing and India nothing it was A ripoff of the United States and I Ended it because I didn't want to waste That money because they treated us Horribly we were the only ones was Costing us money nobody else was paying Into it and it was a it was a disaster But everything that he said just now I'll give you an example I heard him say Before insulin I'm the one that got the Insulin down for the seniors I took care Of the seniors what he's doing is Destroying all of medical programs Because the migrants coming in they want Everybody and look I have the I have the Biggest heart on the stage I guarantee You That I didn't like that look at his Crooked smile and I want to take care of People and it isn't that big but like Compared to this mfer but we're Destroying our country they're taking Over our schools our hospitals and They're going to be taking over Social Security he is destroying Social Security Medicare and Medicaid where this guy come from the Idea is that we in fact we were the only Ones of consequence who were not who Were not members of of the Paris Accord How can we do anything we not able to The United States can't get his police Under control one of the largest Polluters in the world number one we're

Making set your face significant Progress by 2035 we will have cut Pollution and a half we have made we've Made significant progress and we're Contining to make progress we set up a Climate Corp there thousands of young People will learn how to deal with cl Just like the Peace Corp and we're going To we're moving in directions that are Going to significantly change the Elements of cause of pollution but the Idea that he claims that he has the Biggest heart up here and he's really Concerned About about pollution and about climate I've not seen any indication of that and By the way with regard to prescription Drugs one company agreed that they would Reduce the price to $35 which I was Calling for one voluntarily I made sure Every company in the world every Pharmaceutical company cannot have to Pay and by the way thank You the way he's faded right there was Great she said thank you and he just Faded away so every day millions of Americans struggle just to make ends Meet for many older Americans Social Security provides a critical Lifeline President Biden if nothing is done to Social Security seniors will see their Benefits cut in just over 10 years will You name tonight one specific step that You're willing to take to keep Social

Security solvent yes make the very Wealthy begin to pay their fair share Right now everybody making under $170,000 pay 6% of their income of their Paycheck every single time they get a Paycheck from the time the first one They get when they're 18 years old the Idea that they're going to I'm not I Proposing that everybody they pay the Millionaires pay 1% 1% so no one after I Would not raise the cost of social Security for anybody under $400,000 After that I began to make the wealthy Begin to pay their fair share by Increasing from 1% Beyond to be able to Guarantee the program for life so you Still have 82 seconds left are there any Other measures that you think that would Be able to help keep Social Security Solvent or is just is that one enough Well no that that one will'll keep it Solvent but the biggest thing will do It's not going to keep it solvent they Owe like $30 Trillion in unfunded liabilities According to the national debt clock and So that's not come up with 30 billion Trillion 30 trillion dollar right if we Defeat this man because he wants to get Rid of Social Security the national debt And what they owe for Social Security Are about the same and then Medicaid There's plenty to cut in Social Security He's wanted to cut Social Security and

Medicare both times and that's what and If you look at the the program put Forward by the house Republican caucus That he I believe supports is in fact Want to cut it as well the idea that we Don't need to protect our seniors is Ridiculous is ridiculous we put we and By the way American public has greater Health Care coverage today than ever Before and on the ACA as I said you're In a circumstance where 400,000 people 4 I mean 40 million people would not have Insurance because they have a Pre-existing condition only allows them To have that insurance is the fact that They in fact are part of the ACA and by The way the other thing is we're in a Situation where I talk about education For black communities I've raised the Wait is this about social security Number the amount of money for pel Grants another $8,000 so anybody making Under $770,000 a year you already said That be able to get $115,000 toward the Tuition it's he he just doesn't know What he's talking about thank you President Biden president Trump or he's Lying so I've dealt with politicians all My life I've been on this side of the Equation for the last eight years uh I've never seen anybody lie like this Guy he lies I've never seen it he could Look you in the face so about so many Other things too and we mentioned the

Laptop we mentioned Russia Russia Russia Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine everything he Does is is a lie it's misinformation and Disinformation uh the losers and sucker Story that he made up is a total lie on The military it's a disgrace but Social Security he's destroying it because Millions of people are pouring into our Country and they're putting them onto Social Security they're putting them Onto Medicare Medicaid they're putting Them in our hospitals they're taking the Place of our citizens they're what They're doing to the VA to our veterans Is unbelievable our veterans are living In the street and these people living in Luxury hotels he doesn't know what he's Doing and it it's really coming back I've never seen such anger in our Country before President Biden the idea Of veterans are not being taken care of I told you before and by the way when I Said suckers and losers he said he Acknowledged after that he fired that General that General got fired because He's the one that acknowledged that That's what he said he was the he fired Him before that I thought I don't Remember the story but I think he fired Him before it and then the guy ratted Them out afterwards one standing with Trump when he said it number one number Two the idea that we're going to be in a Situation where all these millions and

Millions way he talks about it illegal Aliens are coming into the country and Taking away our jobs there's a reason Why we have the fastest growing economy In the world the reason why we have the Most successful economy in the world We're doing better than any other nation In the world and by the way those 15 Nobel law he talked about being phony Those 15 Nobel laurates economists they All said that if Trump is reelected We're likely to have a recession and and Inflation is going to increasingly go up And by the way worst president history By the way 159 presidential Scholars Voted at him the worst president in the History of the United States of America President Biden thank you so much let's Turn to the cost of child care which Many American families struggle to Afford president Trump both you and President Biden have tried to address This issue but the average cost of child Care in this country has risen to more Than $1,000 a year per child for many Families the see it's just you know this Is I mean that's devastating cost of Child care for two children is more than Their rent in your second term what Would you do to make child care more Affordable just to go Back the general got fired because he Was no good and if he said that that's Why he made it up but we have 19 people

That said I didn't say it and they're Very highly respected much more so than Him The other thing is he doesn't fire People he never fired people I've never Seen him fire anybody I did fire a lot I Fired Comey because he was no good I Fired a lot of the top people at the FBI Drained the swamp they were no you Drained the swamp no you didn't not Easier to fire people you'd pay a price For it but they were no good I inherited These people I didn't put them I didn't Put Comey there he was no good I fired Him this guy hasn't fired anybody he Never fires he should have fired every Military man that was involved with with That Afghan the Afghanistan uh horror Show the most embarrassing moment in the History of our country he didn't fire Did you fire anybody did you fire Anybody that's on the board okay so we Need to go forward here um I hope I Don't miss the golf part that's like the Best part but Um we are uh this failing country I Never heard of President talk like this Before we were the NB of the world like Name me a single major country president Who wouldn't trade places with the United States of America for all our Problems and all our opportunities we're The most Progressive country in the World and getting things done we're the

Strongest country in the world so like He's oblivious to the fact that we're Heading into third worldom and you know The end of America and he's saying that If Trump's elected it's the end of America but we're so strong we're the Envy of the world it's like you can't Have it both ways right if we were the Envy of the world then we wouldn't have These two old hor People being the highest political Position right vying for the highest Political position World we're a country In the world who keeps our word and Everybody are you serious trusts us Everybody trusts America that's what You're saying like it's just come on Allies and our and our op and our those Who he cuddles up to from Kim jung-yong He sends Love Letters to Putin Etc they Don't want to screw around with us thank You they don't want to screw around with It This former president Trump to follow up You would be 82 at the end of your Second term what do you say to voters Who have concerns about your Capabilities to serve well I took two Tests cognitive tests I ased them both a Those tests it's a miracle of them as You know we made it public he took none I'd like to see him take one just one a Real easy one like go through the first Five questions he couldn't do it but I

Took two cognitive tests I took physical Exams every year here and you know we Knock on wood wherever we may have wood That I'm in very good health I just you Guys don't have any wood [Laughter] Anymore fish boy won two Club Championships not even senior two Regular Club championships to do that You have to be quite smart and you have To be able to hit the ball a long way And I do it he doesn't do it he can't Hit a ball 50 yards he challenged me to A golf match he can't hit a ball 50 Yards uh I think I'm in very good shape I feel that I'm as in good a shape as I Was 25 30 years ago actually I'm Probably a little bit lighter but I'm in As good a shape as I was uh years ago I Feel very good I feel the same but I Took I was willing to take a cognitive Test and you know what if I didn't do Well I aced him Dr Ronnie Jackson who's A great guy when he was White House Doctor and then I took another one a Similar one and both one of them said They've never seen anybody Ace them Never seen anybody Ace a test before Thank you President Biden you can see he Is 6'5 and only 223 lb or 235 lb he's Trying to say he's fat well you said 64 200 well anyway that's you're anyway Just take a look at what he says he is And take a look at what he is look I'd

Be happy to have a driving contest with Him the re I got my handicap which when I was vice president down to a Six and but by the way I told you before Happy to play golf with if you carry Your own bag think you can do it that's The biggest lie that he's a six handicap Of all I was eight handicap yeah Eight but I have you know how many I've Seen you swing I know you Swing act like President Trump we're Going to not act like Children okay so um there's lots of Videos of trump Golfing he um see him H it here So that's a pretty good hit um I don't Know when that was there's not so much Support for Biden there's not so much Video of him golfing but here he hits The rock watch it it bounces backwards The ball's going to end up going by him Goes back that way and so he looks Around just like he does cluelessly I Would say that Trump based in everything We saw tonight and Trump probably golfs A lot more than Biden and maybe a little Bit better athlete I mean Trump's no Stellar athlete but I think Trump's a Much better golfer and if Trump were Smart he would take Biden up on his Challenge because watching Biden walk Around with a golf bag for they could do Do nine holes he would fall apart Completely physically let's not act like

Children a specific concern you are a Child concern that voters have about you Will you pledge tonight that once all Legal challenges have been exhausted That you will AC accept the results of This election regardless of who wins and Okay so this goes on let's just watch The closing moments here [Applause] Um candidates to deliver their closing Statements as predetermined by a coin Toss we're going to begin with you President Biden you have two Minutes we've made significant progress From the debacle that was left by President Trump Trump and his debacle That was Left turn the debacle would imply the Debacle that was Left we find ourselves in a situation Where number one we have to make sure That we have a fair Tex he he has the Aftermath of the Trump debacle right he Should say the aftermath of the Trump Debacle I ask anyone out there in the Audience are anyone out watching this Debate do you think the tax system is Fair the fact fact is that I said nobody Even making under $400,000 had a single Penny increase in their taxes and will Not and if I'm reelected that'll be the Case again but this guy is has increased Your taxes because of the deficit number One he's increased inflation because of

The debacle he left after the way he Handled the pandemic the debacle he left And he finds himself in the position you Don't leave a debacle behind right you Don't leave a debacle right Where he now wants to tax you more by Putting a 10% tariff on everything that Comes into the United States of America What I did when for example he wants to Get away with get rid of the ability of Medicare to for the ability to for the US to be able to negotiate drug price With the big farmer companies well guess What we got it we got it down to 15 Excuse me $35 yeah we heard this like 12 Times during the debate in instead of $400 no more than $2,000 for every Senior no matter what they how much Prescription they need you know what That did that reduced the federal de Debt by $160 billion over 10 years over 10 years $160 billion it goes up like $2 Trillion a Year because the government does have to Pay the exorbitant prices I'm going to Make that available to every senior all All along is happening now and everybody In America he wants to get rid of that We have I'm going to make sure that we Have child care we're going to Significantly increase the credit people Have for child care I'm going to make Sure we do something about what we're Doing on lead pipes and all the things

That are causing health problems for People across the country we're going to Continue to fight to bring down Inflation and give people a break thank You President Biden president Trump you Now have two minutes for your closing Statement like so many politicians this Man is just a complainer he said we want To do this we want to do that we want to Get rid of this Go full fish boy here Tax that tax but I me that was atrocious Then what Mika said that you just have To read something at the end and prepare For it you should nail the ending and he Just the beginning of the ending were Horrible and so his first impression his Last impression is some of some of his Worst moments and he had a punch do Anything he doesn't do all he does is Make our country unsafe by allowing Millions ions and millions of people to Pour in our military okay so we know What Trump's going to say here U but it Was a disaster right for Biden now Trump Didn't go do great like this is his best Debate and you know I mean it was Entertaining he made he brought the Entertainment the funny okay so today Sunday June 30th I'm not sure I'm going To release this tonight or tomorrow Morning I have another full long video That's just been waiting to be released But because of all the things that have Happened with videos getting more and

More um recommended and things I just Had three or four more comments of People that you know this whole thing With the Bots and YouTube recommending Videos and then sending out Notifications after they said they don't Shadow ban and all these things I Complained to them and then they said we Don't Shadow ban but here you know and I'll cover that in the beginning of my Next video but kamla needs to be talked About because that's the next piece to This and I got the post um debate Reaction from kamla somebody else sent Me a a great um exchange between her and Christy Tegan and then somebody sent me Something that's just another bizarre Thing from Sharon Stone all these people Talking about you know denying the Reality of a dementia a guy with Dementia which means that they're saying That the presidency doesn't matter which Is great great for me great for us in Terms of being right you know and just I Mean that's pretty much all it comes Down to like that's all you're going to Get is an Unacknowledged idea of being right and I'll cover this at the beginning of my Next video uh but this is epic because Something you know incredible happened Which was destined to happen when I saw That Joe Biden had to mention 2019 of Course I didn't know he was going to win

But when he you know won the presidency Whatever you want to say about that I Knew this day was going to Come when it was obvious to everyone he Couldn't do the job and then Democrats Were going to pull a bunch of [ __ ] Like they're doing now to you know and Again this is not endorsement of trump It's has nothing to do with Trump This is just about Biden and the Democrats you know Trump is his own Nightmare and you know he like he's Responsible for the degradation of the System because Biden is a trump reaction Like if Trump wasn't president I me I Don't know what they would have done of Course you know Hillary would have been And that would have been its own you Know so then it would have been about Her and her like Hillary's just toxic And her energy is so bad and so either Way you know even a great person was Going to be a problem or was going to Have problems because the systems you Know degraded and corrupted but it's all There right regardless of any of that It's all right here for everyone to see Only spirituality will save this world It's Paul Romano definitely point from The Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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