Old Tru Man video resurfaces + JoJo and Fish boi

Old Tru Man video resurfaces + JoJo and Fish boi

Okay greetings brothers and sisters Um I am now starting to see that my Videos that where I'm covering Israel Are being Yellowed a day or two after I've Released them which isn't the worst Possible thing you know I knew at some Point YouTube would start Censoring uh videos that were Anti-israel or whatever covering the War I don't know so-called War it's not a War right like it's a Slaughter right on The internet for the for young people There is much more compassion for the Palestinians and I mean it's just a an Internet thing so YouTube's main Audience the social media audience that Is uh you know always young people young People are always the desired targeted Audience in terms of uh you know Branding and all the rest of it right They have a a longer uh you know Lifespan of being consumers and uh users Of whatever it is so they're always Targeting the youth right that's the Desired demographic and that group is Much more Pro Palestine which I've Talked about in the past and so you know There's also this time of year where They have elections coming up and then Christmas is when YouTube makes its Money it's when the ads this is when you Make the most money as a a Creator and These other things and so um you know

There's all those things that are Involved right now and I I was stunned That YouTube was monetizing these videos Of mine and then people left comments Saying other creators were saying Similar things and so you never really Know why things are the way they are but Then in the first of the year after Christmas holidays you know sometime in January or or February when things uh Died down a little bit on the internet And these um corpor ations and you know These uh agencies that were spending Money on advertising agencies spending Money their budget ends their fiscal Budget ends something like January 15th Most of them and there there's less Revenue out there for social media ads And then YouTube starts to become more Restrictive like they drop new community Guidelines uh rules and things like that And so we'll see how all this happens um You know but Clearly people on the left there's a Fracture in the Democratic party about This I'll show you an article from the New York Post about that hopefully I Still have that up somewhere and uh Bunch of Jojo Mago gaffs like it's just He's not even I mean it's just so bad But let's start here someone sent me This and I have no way to verify it I Couldn't find the raw footage anywhere It's just an instag video but it's you

Know could could be a deep fake cuz Whatever like there's no way I could I Don't have the ability to prove or Disprove something but this is Harry Truman and it sounds pretty accurate at Least this is his voice you know Truman And you have these presidents Truman and Eer Eisen Howard leading up to Kennedy And then there was a big change in President and then the Presidency uh but he talks about Creating Israel so let's go let's watch That first we had several other uh People in the country even among the Jews the zionists particularly who were Against anything that was to be done if They couldn't have the whole of Palestine and everything handed to them On a silver plate so they wouldn't have To do anything it couldn't be done we Had to take it in small doses you can't Move uh five or six million people out Of a country and fill it up with five or Six million more and expect both sets of Them to be pleased we had all sorts of Objections to everything that was done Something had to be done we went ahead And done it I don't think that decision To recognize Israel was an easy one I Had to make a compromise with the Arabs And divide Palestine could you tell us specifically That a lot of Jewish people were against You too oh well there were a lot of

Jewish people against me because they Want the hold of Palestines I say they Want to drive all the Arabs into tigers From eup these Rivers like I said I can't prove this to Be real or not but it seems pretty Authentic and if it isn't real someone Went to You know a great deal of trouble to make It realistic um like the way he was Talking and the what you know the the Verbiage used and the rest of it but Either way the point has always been There which I've talked about Significantly in these videos and that Is Israel has always been Doomed because one side was not going to Accept it one side was not going to Accept what's happening here I mean both Sides Ides weren't going to accept it And both sides were never going to be Satisfied they didn't like what happened Both of them were bummed out by what was Happening the Arab Community the Muslim Community was not happy that Israel was Created in the first place and Israel Wasn't happy that they were only given Some of Palestine and they weren't given the Greater Palestinian era the area the the Zionists it's not all Jewish people but The zionists who who wanted this and This is a 3,000 year old conflict and There will never be peace or Harmony

Because of the victim Consciousness and The Bad Blood you know when things go South they go really South like what Happened in India after Gandhi got the British out of India and the Muslims and The Hindus went to war things are done By both sides and that's all that people On the other side think about they don't Think about what's being done by their Side for most people right and innocent People are being slaughtered on both Sides it was a blood bath in India where There's a HSA and you know peace there In various ways and there's still bad Blood because of that even now it's less You know it's lesser so but these Religions these you know Christian Judaism and um Muslim Islam religion Religions have a lot of blood in their History they have a lot of violence it's Just it's there in the books they all Share you know uh like a sort of an Origin story you know in each book like The you know each of the the these um You know the the Jewish Bible and the And the the Old Testament the Bible and Then the uh the Quran are all going to Be uh one-sided like the hero of the Book right this is them tell retelling History their stories are going to be Different right the stories of these Various conflicting religions and so the Indoctrination starts on a religious Basis and then all the bad blood and

Current events and historical things That have happened and so there's never Going to be peace there between these Groups and both groups and you know I Guess Christians as well the idea that One group has to be completely wiped out You know Israel is basically saying in Not so many words or in so many words in Various ways That the only way they'll have safety And peace is to wipe out these groups And you know that was planned on by the New yoans and Americans you know I Showed you the West Clark when he went Into the Pentagon and they wanted to Attack seven countries in five years and Iran's the big one but they want all Those countries the countries Surrounding Israel to be broken and then Israel would claim more territory Whatever ends up happening those Countries would be you know broken and In chaos and you know without proper Leadership I mean America went out and Try to do all that on behalf of Israel And behalf of the region of course oil Being a big part of this but the idea Here is there reaches there there's a Point and you can see this with the Democrat Republicans I got a poll I'm Going to show you at the end towards the End of this video where um the Democrats And the Republicans are saying uh that You know any means necessary to get the

Other party right anything you do to get Rid of trump or Biden is okay right That's we see that in our you know What's happened here and the bad blood Has gotten much worse over the last so Many years the animosity and Division And it reaches a point you see this with Divorces you see it with you know uh I Mean it happens on all these Interpersonal levels and then on you Know bigger conflict between rival uh You know hated groups that becomes the Annihilation of the other group is the Only viable solution like there can't They can't Coexist and so when Israel was created It was it was doomed to a now global Conflict right I mean there's the Conflict was always there but it has to Be like a you know like a you know a Battle to the death type situation and That's what we're seeing and you know It's I mean there's one side in Palestine that has the advantage but on A global level especially if China comes In and backs the you know backs The Backs Russia or whatever it is over Iran It becomes something completely Different right Americans are tired of War and the Europeans are you know Basically worthless and so if this gets To war with Iran it is not a One-sided uh conflict anymore right Whatever's happened in Palestine

Is completely different and we'll get Into that Here so this is from the New York Post Israel war could lead to a democratic Crackup in 2024 New York Post is owned by rert Murdoch who is very pro Israel you know Fox News and so the Republicans and the Evangelical Christians are pro-israel And the rightwing is more pro-israel and You see this the Republican politicians All coming in hard on Israel like in Terms of hard on Palestine and all that Hamas and the rest of it and so the Liberals are less so there's lots of uh Anti-war groups anti-war people in the Democratic party and so Joe Biden's in a Kind of a quandry here right Conventional wisdom says voters don't Care about foreign policy nearly two Years into European's largest conflict Since World War II the conventionalism Seem to be right this is the Russia Ukraine thing um but The Butchery Hamas Perpetrated against Israel civilians on October 7th has shocked Americans like Nothing since the big event in 2001 Democrats of course have a history Of bitter division over War as well as Anti-colonialism in Israel and so that's What they have going in their party and That's some of Joe Biden's support and It seems like it's become Impassioned there's demonstrations and

Things going on and these people would Be uh valued voters people who are Willing to protest would be more you Know the people that would be activated You know activists in terms of getting Out the vote for Jojo magu and so um There's that and then today MSNBC has Something every day on what's happening In this you know what they're calling The war in Israel Israel said it Conducted a rare targeted raid into Northern Gaza using tanks overnight Before leaving the area a part of what Is called preparations for the next Stage of combat President Joe Biden has Called on Israel to consider a pause to Its military offensive against Amas militants to Aid to allow Aid to Enter gaza's human humanitarian crisis They are Worsens and more than 7,000 people have Been killed in Gaza according to pales In health officials in Israel it's about 1,400 and so the numbers don't lie right Um there's a few more things here at the End I have uh I guess there's one video Here how many occupations which were Longer than Israeli occupation than the Israeli occupation somewhere even more Brutal even though it's getting harder And harder to be more brutal than the Israeli Occupation I don't recall one occupation In which the occupi presented himself as

The victim not only the victim the only Victim if to quote here the late goldir Whom I quoted also last time I know but It is so Unforgettable I have to use it Again she once say that we will never Forgive the Arabs for forcing us to kill Their Children we are the victims we are Forced to kill their children poor Us and as the victim and the only victim In History again it enable us the rights to Do whatever we want and nobody is going To tell us what to do because we are the Only Victims to this there is a Third very deep rooted Value and this is the very deep belief Again everyone will deny it but if You'll scratch under the skin of almost Every Israeli you'll find it There the Palestinians are not equal Human beings like us they are not like Us they don't love their children like Us they don't love life like us they Were born to kill they are Cruel they are sadists they have no Values no Maners look how they kill Us this is very very deep rooted in Israeli society and maybe that's the key Issue because as long as this continues Nothing will move as long as most of Israelis don't perceive this is um

Gideon Levi and um it says here's another video Of his up on YouTube he's 70 years old And he is a um newspaper haritz that you Know the haritz I think it's more a Little bit uh on the liberal side and That uh um he has a different view so He's an Israeli journalist who's telling The truth right who's basically saying The things that they won't say here he Is here they don't have An end Game they don't have an answer to the Crucial question what will be the day After the real capabilities so um this Guy is somebody who um you know there's Lots of people in Israel who are against What's happening and they see the you Know hypocrisy and the lies I mean this Is all about that one of my viewers s me This Um somehow Florida is gone uh but Israel And uh the United States and so uh that's you know they're Giving a sort of a a Palestinian map There and of course we saw this before This is the greater you know the what Israel should be based on the promised Land this blue is the promised land and All these other countries would have to Be you know Syria would be almost gone Iraq would be half taken Saudi Arabia With a lot of oil and things like this And Egypt so if they were saying the

Zionists are saying that they were Promised this land by God that's the Land that they believe In so I'll cover this some more I'll do More voice over at the end of this thing Let's get to the Joe Biden stuff here Nobody wants to shake Joe Biden's hand Here he's this is a zalinski I don't Know when this is from I couldn't find The actual video I search for it so Usually people send me this and I look For better quality videos because Instago videos aren't that great and you Can't control the volume but here this Happened is's defense this Week billion in Emer existance for Israel and for Ukraine the US president Spoke to Ukraine counterpart Vladimir Zinsky asked before the speech Biden has Also been stri Statesman like so nobody Shakes his hand the best part is here When he goes to the second guy he has His hand out there and she doesn't shake His hand and then this guy shakes his Hand and here's Joe Biden's hand here he Puts his hand out and the guy doesn't Shake it you know they were told not to Shake his hand and what is this I mean B's given them a fortune right They're not shaking his hand oh this Other one I meant to show you the army Air defense units from three bases are Deploy to the Middle East after 13 drone Attacks so that's

Happening um and now it's just getting Silly uh his gaffs this is a great one So here's Biden Biden economics right Biden econ Biden Biden Economics and he comes Out Good afternoon Folks I'm not Introducing Me Marus forgot Mark straight to the Pod I Apologize no Problem no problem that's great now Watch Mark watch this time watch Mark Come out so Biden just rushes up to the Podium and then he Realizes that this guy Mark is going to Give the opening remarks so he C so he Comes out now look at Marco and what's He doing look at Mark's reaction here What he looks behind him to me what's he Doing he's looking at himg Mark I Straight to the Pod I apologize no Problem no problem you're seeing now we All know it and then he comes in he's Smiling look he's oh yeah I screwed up Again good afternoon pointing to People I'm Mark Anthony Thomas and I Have the privilege of leading the Greater Baltimore committee the economic And Civic Organization for the the Baltimore Region like many pulse industrial so he Had a whole statement he was supposed to Come out he just walks out this is great Like he just comes out he's like

Clueless walks right up to the podium And then he realizes there's no Teleprompter I'm not supposed to Introduce myself and then Mark's looking Over going you know that's not what we Talked about and he's just Gone you know Donald Trump just needs to Go fish boy um this is you got this is Brutal hello Iowa this is your favorite President Donald J Trump I hope I'm your Favorite President I hope I am and I'd Like to talk to you about your state so Much fish boy going on here special and Tim honored American tradition the Iowa Caucuses as the first contest in our Party's nomination process Iowans play a Crucial role and all of America is Counting on you so important what you're Doing the I so important Caucus is at 700 p.m. on Monday January 15th and we need you to show up and vote For your PE who for who people and the People that you want meaning you got to Vote for Trump And all of those values that you stand For frankly you have to vote so much Fish boy stuff going on freedom we' Never had a time like this in our Country just so much fish boy our Country is in serious trouble it's a na And decline what crooked Joe Biden has Done to our country is unforgivable we Have a tremendous lead in all of the Polls but we cannot leave anything to

Chance the corrupt political class is Trying to kill our Movement by any means Necessary but by showing up to caucus For our campaign you will send a message To the fake news to the globalist Communist fascists and marxists that the He's become such a fake truther now Right he's such become such a victimized Truther and QB you know he's running on The whole Q platform he's just gone full QB and it's all lie right he he didn't Do anything couldn't do anything he Caused all kinds of problems he did Operation warp spreed he failed on coid He collapsed the economy they they Worked him on all that stuff America First movement is stronger more powerful And more united than ever before we did Great in 2016 we did much better in 2020 We need each of you to get out and mark Your calendar 700 p.m. on Monday January 15 it's Martin Luther King day it's Martin Luther King Day the caucus is a One-hour meeting in your Precinct Another fish boy thing and we Need just there you to arrive early and Get there and do your thing do not be Discouraged by weather or anything else Don't worry about the line the lines are So important this is the most important Election we've ever had our country is Going bad and we can stop it but if we Don't win this election it's over I Really believe that too I think it's

Over so it's if Trump doesn't win that's The apocalpse right again the narcissism Here and Trump will do nothing his Second term will be even worse than his First because there'll be so much Animosity and the left will push so much Of the agenda and you know he he'll be a Lame duck president for the Republicans Who want him out like it's just um you Know there's just all this anger and all This um false hopium driving his you Know his base and he's not going to Deliver and you know it's he's going to Deliver the opposite like he's just got To go he's a cancer a selfish person a Narcissist just a bad guy I mean as bad As jojoe Biden is he's you know as bad In some ways maybe worse because of the You know Joe Biden is just a puppet at This point and when Trump gets elected They can push through so much anti-trump Legislation and it'll roll in the you Know by the second half of his term the Midterms elections it'll be a complete Democratic um House and Senate and Trump Will be you know constantly under Investigation and impeachment and these Things you know they'll just roll out All this drama they'll never put them in Jail because they need them you know you Got to ask your question why don't they Just throw them in jail they can do that They can put anybody in jail anytime Like the system is so rigged you know it

Like you Trump is saying the system's Rigged they could put him in jail or They could kill him either way they Could do either one of those things he's Old they have all these weapons that can Kill people you know they had a a heart Attack gun back in the like the 60s that Fired a dart that a frozen Dart that Would melt when it it hit you and half Hour later You' be dead from a heart Attack with only a small Indistinguishable Mark where the dart Penetrated into your system they have And that's you years and years ago they Have all kinds of ways to kill people They could get rid of them they could Get rid of trump in any number of ways Why do they keep on propping them up why Do they talk about him all the time why Is there why is MSNBC and CNN talk about Trump for about at least a third of Their broadcast and Trump's always there In some way or shape or form Trump's Always a part of whatever they're Talking about and so they talk about Trump far more than they talk about Biden or anybody else why do you think That is because he wins for them like All the trumpers like I mean it's just There in front of you and just don't Want to see it like he's he's a winner For them he's you know all these things It's going to be over for our country Our country's never been in a worse

Position than it is right now we have a Man on top who's grossly incompetent he Doesn't know what we're doing and we Could end up with him in charge we could End up with World War III weapons like Nobody's ever seen before after arriving At your caucus location you will check In with your Local weapons like you never seen before Arriving at your caucus Location local Republican volunteers and Then will listen to supporters speak on Behalf of the various campaign you know And he's using fear and hopium like Those are the things this is what people Do it's what Flim Flam into and it's What he's Doing moving to a different criminal Case where Jenna Ellis one of Trump's Former attorneys now joining Sydney Powell in pleading guilty what do you Read into that that's right well you Know will we've seen four pleas so far In that Fulton County case three of them Have come from people who behaved in Illegal capacity and I think going back To Michael Cohen there's a lesson here That Trump didn't appear to have Absorbed Hell hath no fury like a former Lawyer whose own legal fees were unpaid And then is left to hang in the wind While that person is being investigated That certainly seems to be what we're Also seeing from Ken chesbro plea from

Sydney Powell's plea and now Jenna Ellis's plea all three of them are Believed not to have had their legal Fees paid by Trump and then as Defendants and or people under Investigation their own legal fees you Know in terms of their roles as Defendants or investigated persons Weren't being paid the poverty that that Caused for all three of these people Could have been a major factor in their Decisions to plus Trump in pay lawyers Trump stiffed Rudy Gulani Trump trump stiffs people Trump Owes Rudy gulani millions of dollars in Legal fees didn't pay him right Rudy Gulani is a significant person America's Mayor and you know he defended Trump and He's you know these people are all going To jail and not only did he not pay Their legal fees again he has you know He's using his uh campaign to pay his You know he's supposedly a billionaire And be smart for him to pay these People's legal fees because they Represented him and you know all of it Right and so now these lawyers are Al Turning on him and you know he probably Owes them all money at least some of Them he owes Rudy gulani money and so You know this is Trump stiffing people Which he made a joke about recently I Covered that it's just how bad he sucks Like if if things don't go his way he

Won't pay for the services people render To him that's a long-standing trump Policy and you know he like I said he Owes Rudy Gulani Rudy guliani desper appeal to Trump to pay his legal fees Trump won't Pay gano's legal bills even after he Begged right I mean so so gulani is you Know he um he's he's all the lawyers he Needed to hire for representing Trump he Um he uh he wouldn't get uh Trump Wouldn't pay for that right but also Trump Trump owes him Money several of the attorneys to Spearheaded president Donald Trump's Frenzied effort to overturn the results Of the 2020 election tried and failed to Collect payment for the work they di did For Trump's political operation According to the testimony Congress Investigators and Federal Election Commission records this in despite the Fact that the their lawsuits and false Claims election interferes help Trump Helped the Trump campaign and Allied Committee raise $250 million in weeks Following the nov Vote so Trump weighs $250 Million in um in uh support donations For the election from all these trumpers And Trump used that money for his own Personal whatever it was legal stuff but He didn't pay um that Trump and guliani Had a handshake agreement that

Giuliani's team would get paid by the Trump political operation for the Post Election work according to these people But Trump campaign's Affiliated Committees ultimately did not honor that Pledge so this is the kind of scumbag he Is he's just a piece of crap a piece of Boop Trump just sucks he stiffs people He's you know he's so selfish and Narcissistic and he used it to con you Guys who are still Trump supporters at a Money and then screw the people that who Are now under a criminal investigation This is why people all turn on Trump Right his lawyers former lawyers and Business people he stiffs them throws Them under the bus and then they turn on Him and he talks about them being a Traitor or whatever and he gets victim Consciousness from them and all his Supporters turn on those people that Trump has victimized because he's that Guy Trump is that guy and then here's His Cloud here here crowd saying these Things here that's the end of him this Is the first time in history that Somebody's been indicted and his poll Numbers have gone up when you get Indicted it's true because the people Understand it's [ __ ] it's [ __ ] They understand it No they don't understand it cuz you You're you're [ __ ] right like you're You know that's what you are like you're

You're a bser like you're you're a Bullshitter like that's all you do You're a scumbag and like you're a Flimflam and a con artist and somehow People think that even though you're Displayed your narcissism at every turn And your weakness and your poor Character they their hopium and their Desperation has led them to believe that You're some sort of a savior even you Know when all the evidence points Otherwise Sasha Baron Cohen as Manifesto in the new Iron Heart movie Which I guess is a spin on Iron Man uh So that's Happening a poll that's basically saying Here it says that 31% of Republican Voters who are Trumpers and 21% of Democrats say the End justify the means and any action Taken by the preferred word political Party is acceptable if it achieves our Goals that means violence that means uh Criminal stuff it means cheating it Means anything right that's 31% of Republicans 21% of Democrats say it's Okay to do that um in terms of people's Beliefs it is necessary to limit certain Rights like freedom of speech to protect The feelings and safety of marginalized Groups Democrats 31% and 25% of Republicans say that go government Should have authority to restrict the Number of types of firearms that

Available to the public irrespective of Interpretations of the Constitution 74% Of Democrats agree with that 35% of Republicans agree with that right that Seems um these are Donald Trump versus Joe P Biden these are these are Biden And Trump voters corporations should Have required uh government policy Should require corporations to have Diversity at all levels of leadership so There's that Elections should be suspended during Times of Crisis that's um you know 25% Of Biden supporters and 30% of trump Supporters laws should be enacted to Require citizens to show respect for National symbols and leaders a a law a Law should be enacted that limits Protests and Demonstrations by the government to Potentially disruptive to public order Democrats and Republicans both you know I mean this is a large number of people The President should be given the Authority to disregard Congress and Decisions related to National Security No longer needing a congressional um uh Vote for to go to war laws should be Enacted to limit the experience Expression of views considered Unpatriotic or Disloyal and so this is um you know Where we are right as a country so I'm Going to cut this video short today um I

Made a you know yesterday I've been Doing the videos a day ahead of time and It's better that way for a lot of Reasons especially now with a lot of um You know possible issues with um Demonetization and other things so I Start the video the day before and I Usually finish it the next day and I Start on my other Channel's video or Whatever eventually I want to get back To more videos every you know day on my Other channel so that's the whole thing But one of my viewers sent me a link to Dodgy from Heartfulness doing uh like a zoom call To promote his new book with um some guy Graham I don't know what is his name uh Bruce Lipton and dodgy really [ __ ] the Bed I mean he just you know he had this Horrible take about Israel and he had um Bruce Lipton said truth or things and There was other ramifications there are People there that I knew people who were Involved in my journey series uh before Some of these you know people that are Around there and Dody um he he hit for The cycle like he was just a disaster it Was one of the worst things I've seen From him so I covered the whole video And the journey series um dishes Probably come out this weekend for Members the 125th version of The Journey series uh And so usually I don't do it like that I

Do little bits here you know I add a Voice over here and you know over a week I might uh and I was going to take a Break from doing Journey series stuff But it was so epic so anyways that's one Of the reasons this video is short I'm Got to go I got to go make dinner and I Have some other things I just want to Say um you know this thing with Israel Is that Israel and Palestine is that you Know Israel claiming to be the victim is The problem the conflict itself is you Know it that exists in its own sphere of Activity right the conflict is its own Has its own life form this is a 3,000 Year old conflict that involves Christian Muslims Jews even Hindus for To some extent I mean there been these Religious wars and religious conflicts For years and there's a whole like Egregor of you know group consciousness Of that thing but in terms of what's Happening right now the victim Consciousness that's being created in a Story that just doesn't seem logical or Even plausible the official story to Blame it all on Hamas and blame it all On Palestinians and then you know now That there's 7,000 dead Palestinians and Still less than 2,000 dead Jews Israelis There's you know already a big Discrepancy and to claim that you're Victims when the the body count I mean Unless you're saying your lives are

Worth more than that Israel Jewish lives Are worth more than Palestinian lives You know it's like the Iraq War where 4,000 American soldiers died Another 3,000 died in that big event in January so it was like under 10,000 and A million uh you know Muslims mostly Iraqis were killed over a million and Then all the other wars in Afghanistan These other places right and so you Can't claim to be a victim if you've Kill more people on the other side right Like that's the you know the essential Problem here and with the internet That's well known like there's you know Old school people still watch CNN and Fox and whatever it is you know people Who grew up in a different time period Boomers and older people and you know Then then it goes down to my generation And Generation X and these other Generations and with each generation we Saw the poll numbers they they believe Less and less in the official story you Know they're against oppression these Other things uh but you know we'll see How it all all shakes out only Spirituality will save this world it's Pano definitely point for the Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day and be grateful

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