Ok Trumpers it’s time wake to the Cult of Trump that is consuming you

Ok Trumpers it's time wake to the Cult of Trump that is consuming  you

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I want to talk about the cult of trump Today And for you Trump cultures you people Who are in The Cult of trump This is important for you I hope that You'll watch the video before commenting You'll have to comment at all It's not necessary Especially if you have some bogus thing To say about how great Trump is and how Bad I am Unnecessary just waste your waste of Energy on your part But this is something you need to hear Especially now and I've covered this in A couple videos recently and I'll talk About that more as we move along But let's start here This is Trump's original cult statement Here The people my people are so smart and You know what else they say about my People the polls they say I have the Most loyal people did you ever see that Where I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I Wouldn't lose any voters okay it's like Incredible No they say Trump we love you too man Trump's voters are by far you know the I'm at 68 69 I'm at 90 percent Total like will you say absolutely I Think it's 68 or 69 will you most likely

Stay that gets into the 90s other guys Are like a 10. a guy like Jeb Bush has a Nobody but he's like a nut I mean like They don't have people they have nothing Uh Rubio soft they're all all soft all Soft my people stay uh by the way Cruz Soft So this has turned out to be true this Is way back when he was in the primary With those other candidates you Mentioned early on in the primary Process It's turned out to be true Trump has Blind loyalty from his followers from His cult members and what has Trump done To deserve this loyalty I mean we know what a disaster as President he was We know what a divisive figure he was And yet his supporters have stayed loyal And he hasn't done anything For them In terms of to earn their loyalty and I'll come back to this Video this little clip again But I want to go through a few more Clips before I talk about this and ask The questions you should be asking as a Trump supporter and good morning former President Donald Trump saying on social Media he expects to be arrested as early As tomorrow in connection with a Years-long investigation into a hush Money scheme involving adult film

Actress Stormy Daniels posting early Saturday morning on the social media Website truth social saying in part Quote the Far and Away leading Republican candidate and former President of the United States of America will be arrested on Tuesday of Next week protests take our nation back So this is the first time That Trump was asking people to protest For his original arrest He's done it all four times when he's Been indicted He's asked people to protest for him and Then numerous other times he's asked People to protest for them of course There's the big event that happened Now it is up to Congress to confront This egregious assault on our democracy And after this we're going to walk down And I'll be there with you we're going To walk down We're going to walk down anyone you want But I think right here we're going to Walk down to the Capitol And we're going to cheer on our brave Senators and congressmen and women And we're probably not going to be Cheering so much for some of them Because you'll never take back our Country with weakness you have to show Strength and you have to be strong So that was when uh you know the big Event in January

That was one of the things he said when He Invited all these people up to Capitol Hill And got them to Go to Congress and set them up for what Ended up being a disastrous event for Him Certainly as followers and then for the Rest of us right and us in the truth Community And he's done this quite a bit there's Another piece of this here To demand that Congress Do the right thing Demand that Congress does the right Thing and only count the electors who Have been lawfully slated lawfully Slated I know that everyone here will soon be Marching over to the Capitol Building To peacefully and patriotically make Your voices heard today we will see Whether Republicans stand strong for Integrity Of our elections but whether or not they Stand strong for us so this was him Using his supporters to protest which Again we know what happened and of Course Trump turned on them You know eventually Then Trump released two statements My fellow Americans I want to speak to you tonight about the

Troubling events of the past week As I have said the incursion of the U.S Capitol struck at the very heart of our Republic it angered and appalled Millions of Americans across the Political Spectrum I want to be very clear I unequivocally condemn the violence That we saw last week Violence and vandalism have absolutely No place in our country and no place in Our movement making America great again Has always been about defending the rule Of law so he um set his supporters up to Go down there and do this thing he led Him into a trap which we now kind of Understand right what happened there he Got worked on this event They set him up all along with the Election and they either he was in on it Or he was worked by them doesn't matter Which And then he turned on his supporters Who he called to protest and Things went South and He showed no loyalty towards them Right the Loyalty that he said he had From his supporters He um Doesn't Return that loyalty Supporting the men and women of law Enforcement and upholding our nation's Most sacred traditions and values

Mob violence goes against everything I Believe in and everything our movement Stands for no true supporter of mine Could ever endorse political violence No true supporter of mine could ever Disrespect law enforcement Or our Great American flag No true supporter of mine could ever Threaten or harass their fellow Americans If you do any of these things you are Not supporting our movement you are Attacking it and you are attacking our Country We cannot tolerate it Tragically over the course of the past Year made so difficult because of covet 19. we have seen political violence Spiral out of control okay so here's Said things used violent language Encouraging violence encouraging this Type of behavior He said it over and over again and you Know There's You Know video clips I'm Sure that I can find some of him doing That Don't incite violence knock the crap out Of them like to punch The punch face I don't think on violence And I don't talk about violence I would Have done well but I would have been Boom boom boom I'll beat that I don't Know if I'll do the fighting myself or If other people will maybe he should

Have been roughed up because it was Absolutely disgusting what he was doing If you see somebody getting ready to Throw a tomato knock the crap out of Them would you seriously like to punch Him in the face I'll tell you Try not to hurt him If you do I'll defend you in court don't Worry about it In the good old days this doesn't happen Because they used to treat them very Very rough And when they protested once you know They would not do it again so easily as We've become weak we become weak and you Know what the audience swung back And I thought it was very very Appropriate the audience hit back and That's what we need a little bit more of Now part of the problem and the reason It took Nobody wants to hurt each other anymore Right I don't know if I would have done Well but I would have been out there Fighting folks Oh that would have done well but I would I wouldn't boom boom boom Do you plan on paying for the legal fees Of this older gentleman in North Carolina who sucker punched the Protester from what I understand he was Sticking a certain finger up in the air And and and that is a terrible thing to Do and in front of somebody that frankly

Wants to see America made great again It's possible you could help him with Legal fees This was his original statement on that Day I would like to begin by addressing the Heinous attack on the United States Capital like all Americans I am outraged By the violence lawlessness and Mayhem I Immediately deployed the National Guard And federal law enforcement to secure The building and expel The Intruders America is and is loyal followers They're up him because they were up There because he called them To Washington DC and sent him down the Capitol And his message was fairly clear he said That thing about peacefully and lawfully But that was lost in all of it you know He had been talking about this stuff For the past month or so I mean months Since the election night he was riling Up his supporters talking about how they Had to take back their country And he set them up for this and then all Of a sudden their criminals and thugs There must always be a nation of Law and Order The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capital have defiled the seat of American democracy to those who engaged In the acts of violence and destruction You do not represent our country and to

Those who broke the law you will pay we Have just been through so he um you know He set him up for this right and he Turned on him that's his loyalty towards You no loyalty and I'll come back to That as well All right Then there was the people that Trump Turned on who were his staff and loyal People to him that helped him for years Trump rages his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen After scathing testimony your heads will Spin when you see the lies Trump turned on Michael Cohen we know That But there's all these other people I'm Just going to cover a few He also turned on Sloppy Steve Bannon so I'm turned on Steve Bannon Steve Bannon Helped him get elected was crucial to Him getting elected and Trump called him Sloppy Steve which apparently is some Sort of urban slang term And the nicknames and the people that Trump were was loyal to Trump praised These people Trump Was supported by these people and Trumped and turned on them And then they are the people long list Of administration officials who have Turned into critics These are people who once supported um Trump and bathys and Um

Bolton and these other peoples John Kelly These are all people that were with Trump And ended up criticizing him Omarosa all These people right Uh Anthony skarka Marucci Gary Cohn These are former Trump staffers uh Nancy Nikki Haley all these people right Rex Tillerson Uh Kurt volcker I mean just the list goes on on just Sessions these are people who wants Trump supporters who Trump did something To and they ended up criticizing him Because of uh you know his just uh being All about himself right this is the Turnover a number of people that Um Prince president Trump's A-Team Turnover is 92 percent as of January 20th 2021. So that was almost a hundred percent of People left these people that Trump Bragged about we have the best people And then there were 10 with 80 85 Percent turnover across Trump's Presidents president Trump's a team who Remains this was a little bit before That Um an article that came out before it Was 92 percent it was 85 percent And then this is Trump bragging this is What Trump does best lately there's a Statement that's been out there all over

The place it's a quote from a lot of People It said Trump's been right about Everything And if you think about it I really have It's my honor to do it but we have to do Something about it We have to save our country thank you Very much lately this is a he hasn't Been right about everything he's been Wrong about so many things And it was most flagrant during covet We'll come back to this though right we Know that he's failed epically and he's Been wrong on numerous occasions over Big things I want to add here um I Couldn't find it but This is long before Trump was President This was back when he was on The Apprentice and he was saying there's a Saying Trump is Trump You're saying the same thing like saying That I never heard you know people might Have said it around him to you know Uh to boost his ego right stroke his ego But he said Trump is Trump and that was The same people had of his buildings to Say that Trump's uh you know his tastes Were the best and his buildings were the Finest and you know Trump is Trump right And he has a way of saying this because He's so narcissistic and here's another Clip that I just found they want to Want us and I am the only one that can

Save this nation because you know They're not coming after me they're Coming after you and I just happen to be Standing in their way and I will never Be moving You know I commented on this speech when It happened I don't know this was about Maybe the first indictment or something But him saying he's the only one who can Save the country like how narcissistic Is he why are you the only one right And he's standing in front of them as They try to get to you that's not true At all this has nothing to do with Trump Defending you All the things that they've gone after Trump for Are things that he's done for himself He's always done for himself he doesn't Do for other people right like he just Doesn't that's not in Trump's nature He's one of the most narcissistic people They never want to show how massive our Crowd was you know the biggest crowd I've ever seen January 6th And you never hear that So he's bragging about that crowd even Though it had disastrous results for him And the rest of us Then there's more Trump bragging here Nobody can do it like me nobody nobody Can do it like that honestly nobody's Stronger than me nobody has better toys

Than I do there's nobody bigger or Better at the military than I am nobody Loves the Bible more than I do nobody Builds walls better than me nobody's Better To people with this so um I've showed You this before And Um they copyrighted me for some strange Reason so I'm not going to show you the Whole thing But respectful for women be a Conservative sport Israel promoted Quality fight for veterans You know all these things tough on Isis Get crowds understand nuclear horror We'll just do all of them here Understand nuclear horror understand Devaluation Understand uranium sales I think this is Here it is conclusive here Understand visas politics and all these Things Trump bragging and he always Talks about all his accomplishments and Everything he's done as president all The brag he tells you how great he's Done and what what a great president he Was that's what he's good at he's good At telling uh the supporters how great He is blowing his own horn Then there's this one I really believe I'd run into even if I didn't have a Weapon and I think most of the people in This room would have done that too

Nobody Knows the system better than me Nobody knows politicians better than I Do nobody knows Nothing that's better nobody's stronger There's nobody bigger or better at the Military than I am I love the First Amendment nobody knows loves it better Than me nobody loves the Bible more than I do there is nobody that respects women More than I do nobody builds walls Better than me in the history of this Country has ever known so much about Infrastructure as Donald Trump nobody Knows debt better than me nobody even Understands it but me nobody can do it Like me which is why I alone can fix it I have ivy league education smart guys I Know words I had the best words I mean Like I'm a smart person it's this it's Not my salesmanship it's what this you Know that is it's the brain power I'm Getting thousand Letters and tweets that I was right About the whole situation I mean I've Been right about all things frankly I Should be a newscast faster because I Called it before the news I watch this Stuff you know I'm like a guy with Vision I have an instinct for this kind Of thing I'm good at war I've had a lot Of Wars of my own I'm really good at Work in my book I predicted terrorism It's a rig system I think I've done a Great service by pointing this out I was

The one that really broke the glass Ceiling on behalf of women I think I'm Doing the military great favor did a Great job in Texas a great job in Florida I truly believe that the first 100 days of my Administration Has been just about the most successful In our country's history it looked like A million million and a half people Thank you everybody what a crowd what a Turnout I understand Stakes it's my Favorite food and these are the okay Trump Stakes he's the best at Stakes Okay so let's go back to this original One here people my people are so smart And you know what else they say about my People the polls they say I have the Most loyal people did you ever see that Where I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I Wouldn't lose any voters okay What's the action of his thumb here What actually does his thumb action It's gonna pull the gun up here now Watch what he does with this stop this Is shoot somebody He's such a tool all right let's get Into it Okay so What does Trump do for you And what did he prove to you wait this Is the beginning like he knew this and They were saying this When Trump first started to run for

President in the Republican primary this Is before he won the primaries before he Beat Hillary Clinton was before he was President And in the very initial Part of his candidacy When Trump started to speak to the American people the Republican Party the Republican people that support him now Now he uses this example you just go Shoot someone Fifth Avenue and they Won't bail at him But what he's talking about is you've Given him a blank check your trumpers You said all right this is our guy There's nothing he can do That we won't support him and so what Did he do what would he what did he do That was so great right I don't even Think you guys know I don't think you Trump supporters even understand what he Did And why you've given him such loyalty I Mean there's very few Trump supporters Who watch these videos unfortunately I have a few comments I have to get to Here now I'll do those towards the end I Just want to cover this initial part Here But what did Trump do to earn your Loyalty So there's a few things I want to go Through here and the answer can't be He's better than Biden or he's better

Than Hillary because there's other Candidates that have a much better Chance Of beating by then in fact I covered This I made two other videos One on this channel Entitled um The Dao of trump That's uh t-a-o no the Dow a fish boy Is still cracking me up Um and the other one was trumpers need To put down Their hopium pipes and accept Donald's a cancer on Humanity And that was my other video I released Today On September 3rd this video is going to Go up on September 4th and so I've made Three videos consecutive videos on my Two channels this channel in Apocalypse Now And this is the third and what I hope to Be a Trilogy and not a Um you know anything more than a trilogy But I explained in detail why if Trump Leaves Biden goes with him Trump and Biden are tied together And there's no reason for Biden Biden Can't win on his own he can only You know he's only a legitimate Candidate if he's running against Trump And Trump hatred right and all the Democrats are much better off with Trump In the race because Trump is a known

Entity so you can't say all right this Is about me and I'm just some Disgruntled person you know I like Trump On The Apprentice I watch The Apprentice And you know I didn't own TVs for for Years I went without TV for big chunks of time Like five years at a time and you know And even when my family and I had one You know we I was constantly giving them Away And just you know not into them And even my family and I had one We didn't really watch the news I didn't Watch the news so there's a big period Of time where I don't know how I watched The Apprentice but I did I watched Several seasons of The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice and I always Thought Donald Trump was a a good Character he was a narcissistic and he's A punk and he's you know he's kind of a Little Mighty Rich baby but he's kind of Funny he had some interesting qualities And I really enjoyed when he won and Beat Hillary Clinton the way he affected The Democratic party in those first Couple years the Democrats in the media Were going out of their minds and they Were flipping out over Trump and that Was really entertaining so I don't have Anything against Trump up until he Completely failed In the Co in you know the summer of 2020

With covid and then the election and Then everything else he did after that And I showed you the the multiple things He said about operation warp speed and He said he was the father of the vaccine Multiple times he said things like this Right And so his failure hurt all of us he Didn't stand up for his supporters and I Wasn't one of them I didn't vote for him But he didn't stand up for you people That did when it came time for Trump to Battle the Beast he went along with the Beast which I knew he would all along I Knew he has a person of of weak Character and so because of that and the Way he's been ever since sort of a whiny Little sore loser it's hard to watch the Guy and he's just this negative Cancerous person you know entity that's All encompassing this is the Trump era Is ending badly like everything Trump So going back to this question what has He done for you well I know what he's Done for the Republican base he told Them what they wanted to hear He told people who are Republicans Right-wing people That America could be made great again And everything that they believe he Validated He validated what they believed and so That's why he had undying loyalty and They formed this cult

Because he figured out what these people Wanted to hear and he keeps on telling It to him over and over again And it makes them feel confident in him Because they you know they need someone To validate their world view a world View that is crumbling around them as The you know onslaught of liberalism and You know modern day lives as their kids Turn on them and as everything they knew Was American Life crumbles away they Just want to hear that it can be saved And they desperately need to hear that They desperately need to hear that they Can get back what they've lost and you Can't it's over and in this statement Where he said his supporters will Support him no matter what he knows as Long as he keeps on saying this simple Message over and over again in many Different ways You're gonna support him and he doesn't Mean a word of it like he's he was very Liberal he was you know he supported Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton gave Them money I mean the guy The guy isn't that guy he's never been a Real Republican he just knows what you You know he's a Salesman he knows what You want to hear and he's been saying it To you and so let's look at Trump in Terms of what he is as a person and how He is dealing with you and has created This cult Trump wrote a book called The

Art of the deal And it was out at the time of The Apprentice and he thinks of himself as a Master negotiator And the way he's Marketed this to you guys is that he is Now negotiating on your behalf but That's not what Trump does and that's Not who Trump is Trump is trying to win Every deal and he has a deal with you His supporters you're in a relationship And he negotiates this relationship In ways that are favorable to him Every relationship he has with a woman I Mean he's you can see it by the Contracts and the Um you know the things like Uh Stormy Daniels uh confidentiality Agreement or all these things he Negotiates deals ones that are favorable For him he wants to win the deal he did This with vendors and poor people who Hard-working people who supplied his Business with Goods he screwed people Over he screwed all the people over when He went bankrupt and didn't pay his Pills he figures out ways that he can Get a deal and he liked this guy Blagovic who was a corrupt politician Another guy who I thought was funny but Corrupt politician who when he was Elected governor of mayor of Chicago or Whatever it is governor of Illinois or Whatever it was I think mayor of Chicago

He said this thing is golden we're going To milk this for everything we got he's Like on tape saying this stuff right That he was going to sell his political Power And Trump loved the guy she was on Celebrity Apprentice Trump loved him and Loved everything about him even though He was a convictive criminal because That's how Trump is Right Trump wins Deals that's what he Prides himself in And he hasn't negotiated on on your hat Behalf he and he and you are Partners You have an arrangement you give him Undying support and he tells you what You want to hear right and like him Knowing that knowing he has that Leverage over here you he's going to use It at every chance he gets which he has Done over and over again he's used his Leverage over the trumpers And one of the things he does is he Tells you to protest I mean he gets Money from you like for example he Raised money after his indictments For his political campaign But instead of using it for his Political campaign he's using using it To pay his lawyers he's taking your Money donor's money and paying for his Legal defense for something that has Nothing to do with him running for Office right and you heard him saying You know he was rallying up the crowd he

Wants them to fight his battle for him He didn't pardon one person for the big Event in January of 2020. he didn't Pardon those people in fact he condemned Them after he set them up and he you Know he riled them up and sent them down And you know got worked himself or he Was in on it and he worked his followers But either way he used his followers and Then bailed at him and that was to me The ultimate cowardly move on his part That's what I was like Trump's and it Wasn't me he didn't hurt me I mean he Hurt all of us in terms of censorship And you know that whole thing played Badly for the truth community And you know all of the rest of that so He screwed all of us on that but he Screwed his followers more than anybody Else and a lot of them went to jail and He condemned them even though they were Doing what he wanted them to do and so He's a guy who will tell you to go and Protest even though the protests aren't Going to change a thing the protests Weren't going to change the outcome of The election the protests weren't going To change whether he goes to jail or not Or whether he's indicted or not and he's Putting his followers who have undialed Loyalty to him In Harm's Way and so There's two things here years ago there Was a flat Earth truther who was taking Videos whole videos from

People he was fans of and putting them Up on his channel And somebody notified me of this he took One of my videos monetized it he was Making money off of it without my Permission you know the whole video not Like a little clip or something like This And so I had seen a number of channels like This usually it was foreign people People in other countries who took my Videos somebody took one of my Beyonce Videos and gave it a more appealing Title you know something a dishonest Title Um and it got like 350 000 views And you know my video got like 250 right And so you know that's just not cool for Lots of reasons and I've said before you Know don't mirror my videos right don't Take my whole videos and put them up on Your channel and this is why and I Didn't know who this guy was I just Thought he was one of these you know They're like video Farms where people Come in and they don't make any content Themselves and they steal people's Videos but this guy made his own content And he had you know about half as many Subscribers as I did I had probably like 80 000 you know close to 100 000 at the Time and he had you know like 40 or 50 000 something like that

Um and many of my subscribers were also His subscribers And so He got a copyright strike because I you Know reported the video And I didn't know again I just saw with Some foreign person didn't know who he Was and he made a video and I went out And I came back I was doing something Like I was a bunch of shopping or Something I came out with with a Migraine you know I was just not feeling Great and I come back and there's Hundreds of comments from some people Who are my regular viewers and you know Some of his followers you know Mutual They were like we had a shared audience And then other people from his Channel I Didn't know and there was like 300 Comments telling me I was a piece of Boop the guy had made a video and Slamming me and saying that I was a Horrible person And I had given him a copyright strike And his channel was being taken down Because of me and I was a bad truther And all these people bought into it and I came home to find all these comments And you know I didn't even know what was Going on right like you know the thing That I reported was probably two weeks Earlier or something it took some time Or whatever like I was unaware of what Even was going on

And then I kind of sort of figured it Out And he lied and he said he didn't make Any money off my video but he had Monetized it you know my creative Content my creative property and my wife Found another video on his channel that Was mine it was a whole video that he Had taken he was making money off of That he was running ads on it right he Was making a profit off of my videos Without you know notifying me And so he lied and you know I slammed Him in a bunch of videos and we went Back and forth and a bunch of his Followers a bunch of you know our you Know our mutual followers sided with him Some of my followers you know put Outside with me whatever it was right And the reason I'm telling the story is The guy eventually apologized to me and Gave me some money you know he admitted That he was wrong and he should have you Know asked me or whatever it was and I Put out uh you know something on my Channel that said don't mirror my videos And you know that's where all that you Know ended up you know but I saw how Quickly people would turn on you people Regularly commented and said they love My content and then they're telling me I'm a piece of Boop without you know Understanding that what really happened It was not my fault at all nothing that

I did was wrong right Um and I you know explain that to Everybody and some people understood That some people didn't But why I'm saying this now is I Realized that you have a responsibility With with your audience having an Audience And I thought it was a real [ __ ] move On this guy's part where he made a One-sided video condemning Me Without You know taking any responsibility for Any of it and making it up like he lied And made things up that that weren't True and he painted it in a dishonest Way to turn his audience against me this Happens quite often in the truth Community and the internet in general And I'd never done it before but I never Really thought about it and you have a Responsibility to your audience and Again I don't have like the best Relationship with people I'm not a Social person I'm not a person who you Know I'm not a warm and fuzzy person and I don't really care about people all That much but you have to have like Rules and like lines of integrity and Things and one of those things is if People are listening to you and you have Some sway with them right and they trust You you can't misuse that trust right Maybe there might be some circumstances Where you'd be threatened and maybe you

Would seek help in the community you Know I could understand that but for the Most part you don't need other people to Fight your battles I don't need people To fight my internet battles I say it All the time I'll make a comment video On people if I want to otherwise you Just ban them and ignore them and I Don't you know they don't really affect Me and there's too much arguing and too Much hate and too much negativity on the Internet and so you know I don't need People getting all pissed off because Somebody insults me because if it Doesn't bother me it shouldn't bother You like these insults are mild compared To the things me and my friends and Family would say to each other where I Grew up and there's nothing that really Hurts my feelings I mean at this point I Barely even notice the negative comments Only in the sense that I can go out all Out and make fun of somebody and light Them up because they threw the first Punch or whatever right like that's the Only you know the only good thing I mean The only reason I look at these comments And say something about them but in Terms of other people getting involved You don't need to like either I don't Want drama on my channel and people Arguing talking to people you're never Going to change their mind right like I Just don't need it and it's not good for

You or anybody else But the essential point is that you have To be responsible to the people who look Up to you or trust you in these things And Trump has misused that trust over And over again he's put People In Harm's Way and this guy sending people over to Comment to me and harass me is nothing Compared to Trump getting people to come Up many of them armed and storm the Capital or you know put them in a bad Position rioting you know it's a lot Worse to expect people to demonstrate And Riot which Trump has done after each Of his indictments and he gets money for Them he raises money and so if Trump Gets attacked he uses that to solidify His base tell them that he's fighting For them which he's not he's fighting For himself everything about Trump is For himself and he's you know a cancer On the society making things worse he's Never going to be able to make things Better and the more he panders to the Base the more he is disliked by Everybody else And so the more he has to sell the base What they want to hear The more that he can't win over other Voters and other demographics and Outside of this Republican base so it's You know it's a losing effort on his Part and he puts his followers In Harm's Way and that's the most important part

Many of them are in jail now because of Him he has a number of people that work For him and I showed you that clip from Rachel Maddow where she lists all the People who where Trump's higher level Um cabinet members who have been Indicted and are under investigation Like everything Trump turns you know Everything that Trump touches turns into Drama and all these other you know Negative things that's who Trump is like He's the anti-mitist he is the opposite Of the Midas touch everything he touches Turns to crap and including his Followers lives and America and the rest Of it and you can say all these things About the Democrats and that's true this Isn't what this video is about it's About you and the cult of trump and you Being in a cult and refusing to and Again Trump trumpers don't watch my Videos anymore because they're too butt Hurt and too weak to you know hear what I have to say or any of us have to say Because they just can't give up their Their homepium addiction to Trump the Other thing is Trump wants undying Loyalty and he's got undying loyalty From his followers but Trump is one of The most disloyal people He has no loyalty He has no loyalty to his wives he's Cheated on all of them Multiple times I mean with prostitutes

And porn stars and some of these other I Mean just uh you know all of it right uh He's got no loyalty to his friends and Some of the people who have been close To him like Michael Cohen and Steve Bannon all these other people he's Turned on them he'll turn on them in the Moment's notice and so Chris Christie I Mean he used Chris Christie and there Was that story Chris Christie talked About where Trump uh why Chris Christie to take Responsibility for giving Trump covid When Trump had already tested positive When he went into the meeting me uh that Where he gave Chris Christie covet and He wanted Chris Christie to take the Blame because that's Trump that's Trump In a nutshell Trump always wants you Know you to give more than he gives in a Relationship right like every Relationship has give and take and Trump Has given you nothing he's given America Nothing he's a taker all he does is take You know his family Jared Kushner and His daughter Ivanka have walked away With like 1.5 million dollars from the Saudi Arabians I've covered that in the Past I mean think about all the money That Joe Biden and Hunter have looted From the Chinese and the ukrainians and These other foreign powers Trump uh and His family outdid them like the art of The deal right Trump monetized his

Presidency and he's monetized his his Fan base and he's just looting your Money looting your positive energy your Hope your enthusiasm and he's taking Advantage of you and he gives you Nothing back there's two things here There's some definitions I want to get Into So one of the definitions of a cult well Let's take a spiritual organization so This is what I've learned from the size Mark system and the master of the system Master charging and he said that a Spiritual organization is an Organization where a you know and I'm Paraphrasing this is my sort of Definition of a talk that he gave but a Spiritual uh organization the person in Charge of the spiritual organization Like a Jesus or a Buddha or you know a Real Saint you know some saintly person That person right that you know Spiritual leader gives up their needs Sacrifices their needs for their Followers And for God right that person is Constantly giving of themselves and Giving giving of themselves to God into The service of other people And that's a like a true spiritual Organization occult is where the Spiritual leader or the so-called Spiritual leader expects his followers To sacrifice their needs for the

Spiritual leaders desires And that's what Trump is like I saw the Sagemarg organization that I'm in there Was a transition from the third master Master charge he was a person who worked Tirelessly to give to other people And transmit and you know give all this Positive energy I've talked about this In multiple videos I don't need to cover It in depth here but he was an excellent Example of a spiritual leader and his Successor dodgy the guy who runs it now Is an example of a cult leader and I saw The transition it was hard for me to Accept but I accept it because it was The truth and we can't run away from the Truth it was painful for me to see this Organization that's helped me so much Be turned into a cult Because of uh you know a leader who's a Weak person and uh you know pathetically Selfish person who had all the tools and Potential to be a spiritual leader but Took the easy path and the low path and There's nothing to do about that's you Know that's what happened and we all Have to all of us who do that have to Live with it right and Trump is an Example of that Trump is as selfish as They come he's myopic and he uses people And then throws them away another Definition is the five love languages And so I have to look them up you know This is just um I think there's some

Truth in this right but this this guy's Come up with these Love Languages I Would add some things and change some of The definitions but you know I agree I Agree with it in principle One of them the first one's active Service Physical touch words of affirmation Quality time and receiving gifts and Most of these things don't apply to Trump but I guess they do because in Terms of the trumpers in terms of the Trump Cults you know these um Trump Followers that are in the cult of trump Receiving gifts will they give him money They give generously to Trump he doesn't Give you anything back Trump hasn't Given you anything even as a president He's not been generous Chris Christie Said he's the cheapest guy he knows Trump doesn't pick up the tab he's one Of those guys right and his followers Are constantly giving their hard-earned Money to Trump when he gives nothing Back in return Now quality time I guess you can Consider some of his speeches quality Time but they're not really quality time It's Trump usually promoting his own I Mean it's an infomercial for Trump his Brand and his you know what he wants his Supporters and what he wants his Supporters to do for him and that's the Time he gives them right in terms of

Speeches he doesn't want to know you Right he's not doesn't want to be Friends with you he doesn't want to hang Out you know and so you know people Devote their time and energy to Promoting Trump And so in terms of you know time is a a Commodity Trump gives you next to Nothing and when he gives you something That's for his own you know for his own Uh Ambitions and Trump supporters give Hours of time on the internet and Talking to people and you know putting Up signs and doing everything to help Trump and Trump's uh you know his Political life words of affirmation now Trump gives this to to his followers This is the one thing he sort of gives He tells them what they want to hear but He doesn't believe it he's not sincere In it he's doing it to use people so This isn't or he's not giving you Something real it's not real love he's Learned how to work you as a group right And so he's not you know but in terms of The affirmation the Adoration that the Trump supporters give to Trump Uh showing up in droves to be at his Events and you know protest for him and You know tell everyone how great he is And you know post things on social media All the things I'm saying and so there Are affirmation words of affirmation Which Trump needs Trump loves people I

Mean I showed you this video clip where He said Vivek Ram Swami was was Um was a good smart guy because he said Trump was the best president in a Generation and Trump was wanting to work With him because of that you know Trump Has two categories people who slather All over him and everybody else who he Considers a hater if you don't tell Trump how great he is constantly Then you're a hater right and he turns On you but even if you tell him how Great he is he'll still use you and turn On you eventually Physical touch that really doesn't apply Unless Trump is you know banging some of His supporters or getting them to you Know perform something you know but it's Again a one-sided deal right Like if that's part of his you know I Mean cult leaders do that kind of thing And then acts of service now Trump tells You how much he's serving you but that's Just lies he hasn't done anything for You and he hasn't followed through on The things he promised like he said you Know at every rally you know I talked About this in my first video about this Every rally when he was writing against Hillary Clinton people are chanting Locker up and he was promising them that He would form a special counsel to Investigate those emails that Republicans were so mad about but as

Soon as he was elected he said well that Plays well in during the election so he Didn't follow through on his promises he Didn't stand up for you but look at all The service trumpers have rendered on to Him And they think he's doing a good job for Them because they listen to him and they Are you know in a cult and they believe What he's saying and he's constantly Bragging and a person who brags and he Has to tell you how great he is and how Smart he is is a you know broken person Who needs loads of affirmation he's Fragile he's got a fragile ego and he Can't accept his his you know his deep Flaws and you know if he really accepted Who he was he would never run for President Because he would never do any of these Things because he's a broken flawed Narcissistic person that just hurts Other people like you know the alcoholic Dad or you know the narcissistic Sociopath and that's what Trump is he's Just a bad person with bad energy and Everything he touches ends badly where His followers have done all this service Including go to jail for him and you Know go out and fight for him and he's Done nothing to fight for you and it was Really evident like we couldn't say for Sure until covet hit Like in the beginning you know Trump was

Doing whatever he was doing and he was Following through on some of his Policies you know sort of and you know Mostly because he wanted to grandize Himself and make himself look good not Because he wanted to help you out or do Anything for you or do anything for the Country because he's not at a patriot He's not a true you know he's about Himself Trump cares about Trump and Trump's brand and Trump's Legacy and Trump's Trump Trump trump Trump trump Trump trump and all he ever does is talk About Trump right But what he was doing which I enjoyed Like I found it entertaining was he was Pissing off the left which was Ultimately going to hurt all of us Because they had a huge powered grab Under Trump they pushed through this Whole idea of changing the definition of Gender and all these things and I mean It's eroded American morals and values And these other things that the Liberals Pushed through they pushed a liberal Morality which they had been wanting to Push for years and they masked it in a Reaction to a hatred of trump and the People that support him and he got you Guys categorized as Maga Republicans as Joe Biden called them and you're like Less than human You're Something of a You know you're just all considered Problem children and have to be taken

Care of no matter how many there of There uh there are of you and that your Vote shouldn't count because you're Basically criminals and people who are Against the American values so he you Know God you guys all labeled and Um you know being surveilled and Harassed and censored in these things Right all because of him and his Selfishness and his inability to work With other people and his polarizing Nature and turning on anybody who Criticizes him or doesn't tell him how Great he is but the moment of truth the Moment you should have realized this guy Was a piece of poop and just cut him Loose is when he got worked on covet I Mean that was the big moment because Kovid was you know the thing that was Going to prevent America from being made Great again right and America could Never be made great again and you can Argue that America was never great the Way Republicans think it was right you Know white Republicans Christian Republicans who Will live in a high life But again it wasn't great for everybody You know America has never been great For everybody right and so you know That's but that's another you know that Doesn't really even apply here But the America was never going to be Made great again

If there was a shutdown of the economy You can't shut down an economy and Expect it to recover our economy is Based in this idea that the economy is Always growing and so the debt you know The debt and the interest on the debt The sorcerer's fee for grading a Debt-based currency and a debt-based Wealth that if our economy is growing it Makes it look like someday we'll catch Up to the debt it's like the Greyhound Chasing the rabbit around the track but It never happens like it's never gonna You know the economy is never going to Catch the debt and I've explained this The math just doesn't work right like it Can't work but you can make it look like It's going to work because the economy Is growing But the economy has always got to be Growing or then you can't you know sell This idea that you're gonna Um be able to catch up on the debt but What they did when they closed down the Economy is they shattered that illusion And then they took out all these Bailouts and printed more money and put So much inflation and also piled on more Debt uh to the you know American economy And the worldwide economy that it became Obvious to everybody that now the Economy was screwed forever And Trump let that happen And you know this is what I said when it

Happened way back when and it's even Truer now my whole life Whenever there was an issue whether it Be uh you know a like a terrorist attack Or was a you know a war or you know some Kind of economic issue The president would come out and the you Know the leaders and the media would Come out and say spend money Don't tighten up your budget don't Tighten up your your spending habits Spend money That was a solution to everything And Keep the economy going that we can Withstand anything that's done to us no Matter what they try to do to us like All these alleged groups that are trying To attack our freedoms we're not going To let them I remember George W bush Said after the big event in 2001 go out And spend money show these you know These creeps these evil doers that we're Not going to let them change what we're Doing the American way of life And so the economy was always there was Never a sense of let's close the economy Down because there's a crisis no you Were supposed to invest in the economy Even more I mean that's always the Answer And all of a sudden they were saying Shut down the economy I'd never heard Such a thing right like Not only was it

Disastrous but it's against the whole Capitalist system in the American way And you know in every possible way And they got Trump to do it and then They beat him with it when the economy Crumbled and tanked and they talked About how bad the economy was after they You know tricked him to beat him into Closing the economy down for no reason When they could have easily just Quarantined the most vulnerable people And kept everyone else going and the Economy has never recovered not just From the sense of like the you know the The effects of businesses closing down And you know real estate and like I mean All these empty buildings and uh there's Like that Market Street in San Francisco Where one third of the businesses have Gone out of business and everything is Done on an economic level it got people And young people out of the uh the habit Of working right out of the habit of Participating in life and going deeper Into their uh cyber world which we now Know young people don't want to do the Menial jobs anymore people aren't going Back to work and with these bailouts and These you know cash giveaways it created This idea that you could just stay at Home and people are like I'm just going To stay at home right why should I even Work like it broke the the sort of rat Race where people like I don't have to

Work And they don't they don't want to go Back right they didn't want to go back To their crappy jobs and and now there's So many more jobs it's like people dying And heart attacks and all these things And Trump knows this because I just Showed you on my last video on this Channel you know the Dow of trump he's Given this speech about all the things That Biden wants to do again that Trump Got tricked into doing the first time And now Trump says oh I'm going to fight For you and I'm not going to let them do This this time but he didn't fight for You the first time so the first one was Closing down the economy and he knew it Was going to screw you but he did it Anyway because they baited him into it And he wanted to be a big man show off And he got tricked into whatever you Know his his Trump stuff was or whether He was part of the the whole scam Whatever it was he did it and you got Screwed like that's number one okay the Second thing was the bloop Operation warp speed we all know how That has ended up and Trump pushed that Through if Trump doesn't push that Through and then he has to do it better And faster right and push it through Make it less safe I mean all the things That he did right and if in the father Of the you know like this whole thing he

Talked about And I showed you the clips I have a Compilation I showed on my other channel You can watch that I mean all these Videos are you know there's about three Hours of information about what a piece Of boob Trump is and you know and this Thing that he did with operation warp Speed we all know like that's part of His legacy and so once he did that he Did once he closed down the economy and He did that he was screwed over but it Was all the other little Idiosyncratic things he went along with The mask mandates and all these things He's against now he's against those Things now he said if they try to do That again we'll stand up to him but he Could have stood up to him in the first Place but they pressured him into it and He caved that was his chance to stand up For you as Trump supporters most of whom Didn't want any of these things and he Just gave away the farm he gave away all Of you know the things that he was Supposed to fight for you and you had to Deal with the consequences and we're Still dealing with it and so he punked Out he punked out like a little [ __ ] That's what he was a little Lord Faun Leroy was all about himself and then he You know bragged about what a great job He did and because he he got worked on This thing Joe Biden was able to hide

Out because he was senile they were able To hide Joe Biden away he didn't have to Go out and campaign because everything Was closed up they got to hammer Trump On the economy and they got to move Everything towards this paper ballot These mail-in ballots which we all know How that turned out and so Trump got Completely worked because he didn't Fight for you he didn't take a stand for You he didn't take a stand for America And he caved he punked out and it was Embarrassing but then as a result he Lost the election from his own weakness Because they hammered him on the economy They used it against him in the you know In the election and then the mail-in Ballots and all these other things that Played a role in that and so then he was Like oh my God I got screwed it's all About me me you wind like little Boop Like he always does it was all about Trump and then he got all his followers To you know do what all those you know Big event things in January and all the Rest of it and then he got you know Censored and de-platformed and they Brought in more censorship which screwed All of us and you know he just I mean Everything he kept on giving them more Like the things that they wanted to do Trump Provided them the opportunity to do them He was the Catalyst and he kept on

Falling for it and we're the ones that Were paid consistently since then Instead of going away after he failed And then after he you know got all of His supporters to go up to Capitol Hill And they got arrested and he turned on Them and blamed them for it he went out Like a complete little punk right I mean He's just uh you know a little cowardly Piece of Boop who didn't stand up for You at all and so you know there's Nothing there to be loyal to he's not Loyal to you he doesn't care about you He's shown what he does he's a bad Person he's a bad seed he's a you know He's just a piece of Boop and so instead Of just going away after losing an Epically shaming himself and Embarrassing himself He still found a way to win his Supporters back over and most of them Were crushed all the cubies were crushed When they thought that Trump was going To be their hero for taking down the Deep State and they went deeper into This thing starting to talk about the Deep State himself he used to say he Didn't even know who the QBs were and Then he embraced all this stuff to where Now he's just this pathetic right-wing Shows going out there saying all the Things that you want to hear and just Making about himself so he can save his Own you know whatever it's his height in

Terms of going to jail or in terms of His legacy or all these things it's just About him he makes everything worse he's A Cancer and things aren't going to get Better until he goes away and when he Does go away things will immediately get Better not from a political standpoint Just because this is the Trump era and Trump sucks he's like a black cloud Hanging over humanity and you enablers You cult followers who can't even you Know see I mean you know what I'm saying Is true because you have no arguments For it I mean Trump himself has come out And condemned his own behavior by saying That these things won't happen again Things that he was responsible for in The first place anyways I think I've Said enough about this like I've made Three videos they're you know this is Like three hours of content you know And you know Trump sucks and you guys Are still supporting Trump's sock Because you you know you should know This already it's like your your wife or Husband has cheated on you a hundred Times and you keep on uh I mean this is Like a you know a manipulative spouse Who who knows their significant other Totally adores them and loves them and Can't live without them is dependent on Them in some way and uses that to cut Themselves a incredible selfish deal and Abuses the person's trust and the person

Just keeps on coming back for more right Thank you sir may I have another We now consecrate the bond of obedience Assume the position [Music] Thank you sir may I have another Thank you sir man I have another Thank you sir may I have another I want To wrap this up I want to move past the Trump thing I had one more video of him I don't know if I'll do it next time on This channel but You know I'm I'm not I don't want to Cover him specifically But this is going to be my position Because he has to go like him and his Supporters have to go and supporters Have to realize on some level but They're not who knows they're not going To change But I got some comments I want to read Them quickly Um Let's see if this is the first one here It is not Um Let's see this one This is not uh Okay so there's three comments I got Here only three negative comments I'm not gonna I'm not going to say you Fell off but it seems like your Negativity has consumed you very sad to See

Your viewing numbers are plummeting Um this was the Tao the the Dao of fish Boy Which I don't know they pronounce t with A d but that's just the way it is Um you know My viewer number is plummeting Is Um and you know again they're not but I would get more viewers if I told you How great Trump is like I could be a Trump shill and make more money But you know how would I live with Myself right like the guy sucks and you Know you don't have an argument here I'm not going to say you fell off it Seems like your negativity has consumed You Very sad to see what do you mean Negativity Trump is a piece of poop There's nothing I've said that's not True And you guys can't say anything about it Like you can just you know attack me or Say Joe Biden is worse there's another Comment here the person says Uh make fun of Biden he can't even walk You're not very informed you have half a Brain If that and the person wrote Another person wrote Paul makes fun of Everyone take a chill pill Trump and z Um again This thing about Biden like Trump and Biden are tied together in everybody's

Mind But trumpers supporting Trump and Biden Supporters voting for Biden because they Hate Trump is completely separate things Right You know you vote for Biden because you Vote for Biden not because you hate Trump but they're not voting for Biden You don't vote for Trump because you Hate Biden because they're the same guy And they both are proven entities right It isn't like you don't know who he is And it's hard to evaluate which President has been worse Biden appears To be worse if you're a truther or Right-wing person Because like he sucks and he's Incompetent and he's a left-wing person But they push more agenda through when Trump was President right they pushed Covet through In a way I don't think they'll be able To do if over Democrat is President Right and we'll have to see But Trump was just he wasn't there Defending anything right he was he was Allowing everything to be run through This person says you're a political wimp Unsubscribed see ya another comment Where a person said Unsubscribed and then there was Something else I just forgot I banned The person but I didn't take a Screenshot of it and that was about it

There was a just a handful of trump Comments from these Trump supporters I Mean just you know most of the comments Were agreeing with everything that I Said or at least agreed with the Sentiment of it and you know I don't Think Trump has as much support in the Tourist Community maybe the trumpers Have left my channel and that is what it Is or they didn't want to comment Because they really can't say anything About it and maybe they kind of know They're in a cult and they know but they Just can't let go of the Opium and they Don't see any other way out and so it's Just like desperately hoping something Happens But it's just pathetic like Trump is Just as a character in the show he has To go like he just has to be removed From the show he just you know move on To something else I mean not that these Other candidates are great or you know They have their own ways of sucking but At least that's something new and you're Just going through that whole thing Again with Trump and Biden you just see How it's playing out now and it just Blows and there's no um You know I mean there's no hope with Trump like there should be no hope with Them But anyways only spiritual valuable save This world it's part of motto definitely

Pointing from the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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