OK so Britney’s gone Crazy Again

OK so Britney's gone Crazy Again

Greetings brothers and sisters one of my Viewers sent me this um This morning With the caption Britney's acting crazy Again Come on Brittany That's great uh That's your head I'm really sure what you're doing Look at me come on Brittany you could do It Come on Britt you got it They're checking for pills let's check In with the real Britney Spears here Here she is at Sherlock Holmes no Comments Um here she is with roses she likes her Roses And there she is her man is back and He's Got an ear made out of lettuce So um you know apparently they didn't Break up after all There she is doing one of these Brittany Things black and back back and forth Fake smile twirl around everything smile There wow there we go grab my top Pull down my skirt there we go um That's classic Britney but here If you clapped my poops could I make one Pop like a balloon On Thursday question marks tick tock Tick tock tick tock salute all Boops today not just my just not just

With my middle finger but my chest too How do you spell chest is it chess or is It chest Um well things are not going well in Britney land And there she is um showing you a Picture of I guess Bobby Fischer But not to be out done here's a matter Of expiration date showing off her um Archival bra or whatever it is and she's Got a new video here where she asks the Age-old question here There She Goes she's trying to get a Wardrobe practicing her expiration date Moves it's got dancers she's got dancing Guys got thrown up his Devil's horns Is there a little twirl there Hook up your kid the old dancing Little things went back and things could Celebrate some play music playing here I don't know what's happening right now You're getting old I sat through all that so I could say This one joke you're getting old that's What's happening you're expiring you Actually expired years ago Career apocalypse 80 million jobs will Vanish globally by 2027 bank and postal Clerks cashiers secretaries stock Checkers and accountants are being Automated out the door says Davos report 83 million jobs will disappear in 60 Million nine million new check jobs will Be created that's a net loss of 14

Million jobs or two percent of the Global Workforce sixty percent of workers will Need some retraining to stay competitive First time That's Steve Jobs Foreign Telligence has come a long way although That joke could probably have been Written today by chat GPT and of course With Steve Jobs introducing Apple's Pioneering Macintosh computer almost 40 Years ago Jobs's friend and apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak is now among The chorus of tech leaders clung for a Pause on artificial intelligence citing Quote profound risks to humanity just a Profound risks this guy tonight Samsung Became the latest in a growing list of Companies to ban the use of AI on their Company devices Wozniak Elon Musk other Tech leaders recently wrote in an open Letter that AI developed this is Poppy Harlow's used to she used to be with Don Don Lyman developers are quote Danny Lyman Loft in an all-out in an out of Control I should say race to develop and Deploy ever more powerful digital Minds That no one not even their creators can Understand predict or reliably control People listen when Wozniak talks about It when Wazi us talk people listen tax About all of this he designed the Revolutionary apple one and two

Computers it helped put apple on the map The apple one they built Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak jobs his Parents garage back in 1976 so we're Really happy to have him with us this Morning good morning to you Good morning to you it's plenty early Out here in California where's Don Where's Danny what do you guys do with Danny it's plenty early we appreciate You getting up early look you're worried Elon Musk is worried we just saw the What about what what about Danny Lyman Is he worried man from Google known as Sort of the grandfather of AI Quit because of how worried he is what Do people need to know Well you've got a little bit wrong about Me I'm not like worried I Believe In Fear And leaving a life of fear I just Believe that when some powerful Technology is introduced we should look That almost all technology brings some Good things to us and some bad things Yeah you didn't think that about 5G That's just frying everybody And we should be responsible and we Should study these things and kind of Prepare people for what's coming and Take steps maybe to keep it from being Too horrible and bad for example you Know look at how many it's not going to Stop there's no laws or rules that are Going to come into place

And it you know I mean they should have Done this before they created it right Like it's something you do before you Create something if you create it you're Going to use it right you build a bomb a Nuclear bomb you're going to use it it's Just going to happen There's nothing that's ever been built That at least as far as we know about Wasn't used at some point It's before you build it that's the time To get to it right but you know it's too Late for that we had people out there Just hitting us with Spam and trying to Get our passwords and take over our Accounts and mess up our lives and you Know and now ai's another more powerful Tool and it's going to be used by those People Um those people you know for basically You're calling those people basically uh Really evil purposes and I hate to see Technology being used that way it Shouldn't be and some probably some Types of Regulation are are needed Regulation is telling Yes we need more rules all right Olympic gold medalist track star Tori Brown Dies at 32. you know I have to get back Into this um here's this guy one of my Viewers sent me this so this guy Transient waving machete around in Calabasas

I guess it's California shopping center And it gets chased around by Las D deputies so here are the cops here There's a cop there we got their guns Out right and this guy's just walking by Wells Fargo some homeless dude Brandished a machete Like he's just walking around he's got a Machete out you know just for whatever Reason I mean hey he's homeless he's a Guy to place the store his machete this Is him he's got to carry it wherever he Goes the cops are just surrounding him Okay here they come approaching him he's Walking down here he's like leave me Alone I just got me she's got cheese Like I said sheath And then he's like you know I think I Could leave a homeless dude just to walk Down the street can't walk down this you Know got a machete here I mean you know I mean I'll see any problem here cops What's going on here We've lost Focus Um And I guess there it is going back to The beginning For the debt for the next 10 years 50 Cents 50 cents out of every dollar of The debt will be used for nothing more Than to pay interest on the debt uh this Has got to be dealt with Okay so I gotta stop there Sony um have

You ever seen the original Ben baffleck Sad Affleck uh where this dude had um Yeah Henry Harry Carville whatever his Name is Superman Is talking to Ben Affleck looks sad Because the movie sucks And he plays this old um Song I mean you know it's got like 60 Million views or something right But I watched the video by the guy who Created it and he talked about how Sony Uh blocked the video copyrighted him but Everyone else used it so he didn't make Any money he wasn't monetized but even He didn't get credit for his account And he got the copyright you know Rescinded so he could play it right it Was just helping their song and their You know it was promoting their song And everything right he got it we sent It but then he slapped him again with Another copyright and he talked about a Nightmare it was And how you know he really didn't get Any credit for the video and you know in Terms of his channel and all these Things right You know it was something that was used By everyone across the internet That's why I can't play this video Because they're going to play the song But look at this Turtle M and effort Right You know um

It's over Donald J Trump is destroying this Country Michelle Obama hello Mike we are Playing basketball tomorrow are you up For it Brock can also come we need a Cheerleader Um So I guess that happened on August 19th I don't know what year this was but That's funny You know we have a Papillon dogs and This is how they perform in uh These um you know these these uh races These you know dog shows or whatever And Gabby the three-year-olds second Year here at Westminster See what she can do You can do nice clean smooth winning Runs is what she's looking for Happy just can't wait to go On that dog walk redirects a little bit Make sure they get that push push push Into that tunnel Nice Shot get to the Back side of this jump Andrea hang in There but maybe she might have got lost For a quick second Gabby has to be 43.20 now that's fine It's just time that's time it's just Time wow We're taking the long way around Everything it looks like but this is a Young young dog through the weave close Motors look at those weeds It on the final run

Wow even with some miscommunications Some light turns So I've seen this before I don't know if You've showed you guys this before Um I think I might even see this I was Just Maybe somebody sent him maybe I don't Know maybe I saw it on TV But papillons are like crazily good Athletes And they're really good dogs both the Dogs are In bed with me right now as I do this Video and you know they um they've been Bringing in Tech so I haven't been Letting them in but I let him in this Morning and while I was um watching this This morning they were one is sleeping On either side of my you know one was Sleeping on one side of my you know legs The other would see about the other They're great dogs because they they're Not yappers even though they're small Dogs they bark a little bit they're Actually kind of you know pretty good Watchdogs from the standpoint of you Know alerting you they have good ears And they're very alert um And you know when they when they chill They chill they're they're not hyper but When they are out they have a lot of Energy and they you know when we go for Walks they walk a run probably three or Four more times than we do right so they

Get a good exercise And they're fun dogs and they're very You know sweet and smart and they you Know they look at you they're easily Trainable they'll heal naturally and Things like this But the crazy good athlete thing like we Throw the golf ball to uh Tulsi and I Throw a Super Ball to Buddy it took a While for Buddy to sort of you know Tulsi found a golf ball on the beach one Time and we just started throwing it Um and so that was something you know we Were walking On the beach during vacation and Um it's really fun like she gets so Excited it's like the funnest thing and She's pretty much happy about everything She's like the happiest uh being that I've known And you know I've gotten lucky with dogs Over the years we had a great dog Lucy But the athletic nature of Papillons Because most small dogs are kind of They're not like their bodies are messed Up or like they're not really good Athletes in fact we were walking our Dogs one day and the sky said are those Papillons he goes he knew they were Papillons and he said my wife does you Know like these kind of shows that we Just saw You know these athletic sort of uh dog Shows and he had his wife had

Some sort of dog I don't remember the Name but they're similarly sized dogs And he goes every year my wife loses to The papillons to about half a sec by About half a second right because They're just really Nimble and athletic And very impressive right but I don't Like little dogs I have whole stories About it I Um when I was working it was waiting Tables I um My manager and I was not in good with The other manager there's two managers And the other manager hated me and this Manager was sort of my only you know Link there and he asked me if I would Take care of his little yappy dog he Went away for a weekend And He had a like a cage for it I was living In an apartment with a roommate And you know the dog was yapping Constantly when I was in the cage And it was going to bother my neighbors You know I was working on an office to Go to you know work and you know working Late at night and when I didn't have in The cage it just pooped and peed all Over the apartment And it was just a disaster like it just Was horrible a little yapping dog I Don't like little yapping dogs and when I was a little kid I was playing hide And go seek and there was this guy in

This house old man Wilson We used to call them old man Wilson it's Just this mean old man that you know he Had a little ratty dog named Pepper and I was playing hide and go seek and I was Running to the base and all my friends Were like stop stop running and so I Stopped and I didn't know but pepper was Chasing me it was this little you know Salt and pepper dog you know grayish you Know white and black gray dog and and it Came up and bit my leg right Um so I just don't like little dogs and You know when my wife showed up with Farley Farley was so cute and like just Really a neat little dog and then Farley Spent so much time with me Um and then now of course you know these Two dogs but they're just great little Dogs I mean they're you know perfect for What we need I mean they're not really Work dogs you know I had a border collie Before But we don't have any need for that you Don't want a work dog if you don't you Know people get huskies and then live in Arizona you know it's just like you have To buy the dog that's suited for your Lifestyle right Um and these dogs certainly are Anyways um let's move on to the next uh Thing here Chinese panda alone to Thailand Die suddenly

There seems to be a lot of zoo animals That are dying also Um which you know Makes sense Not how white men fight vile Tucker text Reveals And so of New York Times obtained Tucker Carlson Texas contribute to removal from Fox News it's not how white men fight Tucker Carlson wrote to producer after Watching a video Of three men attacking an antifa kid This is his um other video there So um You know That's what they're claiming they had a Problem with but I know that The people at Fox News did not have a Problem with that tweet they're just Trying to um it was three against one at Least Carlson wrote in a message which had Been redacted in court filings jumping a Guy like that is dishonorable obviously It's not how white men fight It's suddenly I found myself rooting for The mob against the man hoping they'd Hit him harder kill him I really wanted them to hurt the kid I could taste it Well that's a little bit disturbing And it's exactly how white men fight Right like If you understand colonization and the

Weaponization of you know having Superior weapons Than your opponent is exactly how white Men colonized the world right by having You know advantages they weren't like You know even fights it's guns against Like bows and arrows and stuff Russia claims Ukraine tried to Assassinate Putin in drone attack on the Kremlin You know Everybody lies so there's no reason to Even talk about this because No one's going to believe Putin and you Know I'm not believing anybody right Federal Reserve confronts con Contradictory economy today as it Considers Next interest rate hike The Central Bank faces a weakening Economic growth even as inflation and Labor market remains robust there's Hoda They are keeping a close watch on the Federal Reserve today how gooey how Ghoulish is Savannah Guthrie I mean how like what is going on there It's just like I mean it is set to meet and poised to Raise interest rates for the 10th time Trying to keep inflation in check NBC's Business Report it's like her hair isn't Real like Like her hair is just you know it's Almost like she's one of those uh

They live uh you know whatever it is Right from that Movie um What's it called they left I don't know Don't tell me don't care don't need to Know the John Carpenter movie where Aliens are disguising themselves right Trying to keep inflation and check NBC's Business reporter Brian Chung is here With what it means for you and your Wallet so the FED is a okay look in your Wallet and everything that's in there Has no value and someday that'll be the Case right now we're Pretending it has value and someday this Game will end expected to raise interest Rates is that going to be it because Inflation has come down it has come down But we have to remember prices are still Five percent more expensive this time Than they were this time last year which Means that the FED which wants to see That number somewhere closer to two Percent still has a long ways to go now Somewhere ago they just want to get down To two percent whether or not the FED Can do an interest rate hike today which As you mentioned is expected to be a Quarter of a percentage point and then Let those interest rates stay high to Get inflation down further remains an Open question can they do that without Breaking things in the labor market Where unemployment as a reminder is at

3.5 essentially a half century low we'll See what the FED says later on this Afternoon we always hear about these Rate hikes but what does it mean for What does it mean get to the bottom of This odor hold it do your job like Mary Smith with a budget yes Mary Smith how Does this affect Barry Smith right Hoda Exactly with credit cards how does it Affect that person yeah hold on what it Means is that the mortgage rates credit Card card rates auto loan rates anything That you use to borrow money essentially Is going to remain high so when you take A look at these headlines that say the Federal Reserve is Raising interest Rates that means that it's going to Continue to pinch the ability of Households and businesses to borrow Money and it's like Wow I'm gonna remain that case like how Can we get serious like this Like we're just starting Free Fall look At these guys talk like there's still a Chance we have you know saving this Thing right Inflation is still the fed's trying to Slow the economy but not crash the Economy exactly And now there's another wrinkle which is Yet another Regional Bank failing yeah Well I mean when we talk about First Republic Bank which failed over the Weekend there is the concern that we're

Still feeling the Aftershock of the Silicon Valley bank failure just about Two months ago no it's more than that Bro and you see stock markets also Expressing concern over other Regional Banks as well so can the Federal Reserve Pull off these interest rate hikes Without potentially breaking another Bank that's something we'll have to Listen in for forever it's just like Ridiculous like stop stop faking it Right Joe Scarborough slams Tucker Carlson's Defenders with scorching super cut Um Expecting a video down here somewhere Okay so your Gumby gel right and you Suck like you were formerly a republican Who sucked and now you're some sort of I Don't know fake Republican Neoliberal whatever you are in Morning Joe married to your dude Miku bruzinski And then actually going out defending Him saying well I'll just say Andrew Sullivan both Tucker and Bobby represent It seems to me something nonetheless Real a deepening suspicion of corporate And government Authority and then Barry Weiss Somebody's so there was a tweet I saw Somebody I don't know if it's true or Not That said um That um he's offered like a hundred

Million dollars or something from Somebody because you can't deny how Important Tucker was and is Nelly and I Watched his monologues in so you know Tucker's whiny he's got a weird voice And he's connected and he's a part of The club right but what he represents is The truth Community like people's desire For something other than mainstream Media like he took his You know he had people or he himself Invested in Looking at truther videos right You know there's a time where he started Using the word ghoul like something that I've popularized and so my viewers were Saying they stole it I don't know you Know who's to say right Um but they you know are watching The truth Community which is massive Like it's massive it's been massive for A long time And CNN and MSNBC are all trying to Replicate some aspects of the truth Community To regain viewership right and Tucker Carlson was able to do that the one Thing I can say about Tucker Carlson That was I don't know like okay or good or Whatever Is that there was an old video out there Where the big event 2001 he's like come On come on like get serious come on

Don't talk to me about somebody asked Him about it being an inside job And you know I posted that and talked About how like you know this is what it Used to be like right And at some point he addressed that I Don't know if it was anything to do with Me probably not but whatever He addressed it and said he now thinks Everything's on the table and I saw you Know a you know the a building seven Thing that he did right We was talking about like if you ask a Question about that you're censored Um so he's actually you know at least Publicly Admitting that he sucked worse before Then he you know sucks now right Which is you know about all you can ask From a mainstream media person that's as Much as you're going to get right But you know he's got his weirdness his Wine his weird laugh and all these Things but he represents to so many People who are just fed up with Mainstream media's fakeness and I don't Mean just the information being fake I Mean more the people being fake like Jojo I like Joe Scarborough or any of These people they're not they don't act Like real people that's why nobody Watches them you don't have a Conversation with somebody sitting there With a suit and tie and they're not

Being their authentic selves right when They're complete you know horrible People behind the scenes and they put on This show you know it's just I mean it's It's hard to watch And not quite nightly but the next day On YouTube Um let's see what else did she say I Just said let's get to a super cut here So at some point he's gonna do a super Cut I think Tucker Carlson I want him to See once again what they're defending Play the clip White supremacy that's the problem this Is a hoax there's no evidence that white Supremacists were responsible for what Happened on January 6th that's a lie we Have a moral obligation to admit the World's poor they tell us even if it Makes our own country poorer and dirtier And more divided demographics Demographic demographics demographics Demographic remember the great Replacement you know this isn't this Isn't some Slam dunk you know kind of horrible Stuff he's showing Right theory was a Conspiracy theory It sounds more like a statistical fact Ilanomorr is living proof at the way we Practice these are just little sound Bites that are Um you know they're not that horrible Right I mean they're not you know some

Of these things we would agree with you Know whatever it is right taken out of Context But you know this isn't a super cut Right he's not getting Tucker Carlson Here this immigration has become Dangerous to this country congresswoman Ilhan Omar herself a symbol of America's Failed immigration system can a single Human being actually be as loathsome as Ilhano Morris it's hard to believe Diddy Montel Williams You know is something that's within her Range of experience is she good at it we Can't say she's but she's done it just For masochistic reasons you just said That Kamala Harris had sex with Montel Williams That's not you know that's factual At least you know as far as we know one More time So it might be time for Joe Biden to let Us know what kentaji brown Jackson's LSAT score was what how's she doing the Lsats they think that you should be Elevated in America based on what you do On the choices you make not on how you Were born not in your DNA because that's Rwanda Rwanda Rwanda Rwanda Rwanda okay Same rewind over and over again It's not something you can I mean it's Just horrible like this is how they Think they're getting somebody right Yeah we're still not precisely sure how

George Floyd died very few unarmed black Men are killed by white cops these days Where's George Floyd when you need him The only job training program this Administration has gotten behind in two And a half years is getting black people To sell more weed in the cities you Never see politicians transitioning to Say Malcolm X why is that maybe because Malcolm X didn't talk like a Sharecropper xenophobia it seems almost Antique this show more than any other Show on television has taken an Aggressive position in favor of Colorblind equality and Against Racism That's not a super cut You know the laugh is the only thing you Got him with right he's got a weird Laugh But you you know you you used your super Cut to have his you know he had that Woman who impersonates Kamala on And he had her laugh mocking Camilla's Laugh and then you mock his laugh But you show him mocking kama's laugh as Part of the oh look how horrible the Person he is right Like you guys just suck so bad at Everything like how's it how does it Just show up at your job and just Absolutely suck at it like just you know There's no chance of you ever being good Or doing anything that can contribute to Humanity you just go out there and you

Just suck like you wake up in the Morning and you get ready you put your Massive amount of mousse or hair gel up In your Gumby Dew and you go out there You you know yeah You give Mika a hug and her boner Rabbits against you And you show up for work and you just You just suck like you just suck at Everything so I have no words Not only for what we saw there uh but Also no words of course you don't Because it's not you know you didn't get The guy like you could of there's things He says there controversial especially To your audience but that was not a good Mashup people who are going out there Going yeah but at least he wasn't woke So we're going to we're going to be okay With the most racist uh rants that I Think we've we've heard on national news In our lifetimes well that's not true What are you talking about There's real racism out there you know This is just I mean whatever Jamie Foxx Remains hospitalized as Shazam Finds new host reports says Something said that he was I think he Was someone tried to kill him or Something I you know I lost that I had a Um But he's hospitalized and Nobody really knows why he's 55 years

Old And Um you know Whatever's happening with him he's You know he's still in the hospital and It's been like my over a month right Allison Hulk are details really hard Talks she had with kids about Twitch's death Um You know that whole thing is weird Because she sat down with Hoda somewhere But she uh You know that the whole no suicide note No you know indication of what was going On And then he's just gone right he just Kills himself You know according to the official story And then you know Ellen Maria Menounos reveals secret pancreatic Cancer battle while expecting Baby Maria Menounos secretly battled Pancreatic cancer earlier this year While awaiting the Revival of a first Baby via surrogate Um I thought she had cancer before you know I'm not really I guess she's from Hollywood Reporter type person um I know that she's on like a couple of The gas station pumps you know if you go To these gas stations and they just

Start playing a video and it's like Horrible And I know that she's been on some of Those pumps that my uh whatever it is But uh she's got cancer and she's How old is it 44. Um Kevin Costner's wife Christine files for A divorce after 18 years of marriage Um There they are together She looks like she hates them there like Secretly like hates them Um there she is trying to You know get a little Spotlight for Herself And now they're getting divorced so I Got a few chicken things to show you Here and then I'm gonna Answer I'm gonna talk about a few Comments that I got Um but let's start here with the farm Stuff so this happened Laughs Um It's kind of self-explanatory I came Outside the chicken went try to get Inside the door the other door closed Chicken wasn't paying attention maybe There's a some food up there And now she's trapped and doesn't know What to do okay here we go see what Happens here Are you doing

Kaboom There's toasty I'm gonna put our Favorite game Doc doc doc doc doc [ __ ] duck [ __ ] goose Why are you running bro Okay so these are the eggs I got so far As they can hear this is our old barn Where the cows used to eat The haze in here Are the cows anymore but They're used to feed them the grain It's nice little cozy area here The manger Okay so I thought I had some comments The one time I had wasn't good Um and the other ones I had already Addressed so uh I guess I just wasn't Getting many of these funny comments I just want to address the economy and The collapse of the system in a Different way And so when the debt-based economy was You know began and it's been used before In small places A usury-based system that's a scam it's A flim flame a pyramid scheme right Where the people who are running the Scam can just write their own ticket to How much money they just skim from the System but the more they skim The more that it becomes you know Insolvent but it was insolvent in the Beginning because the amount of money

That you conjure up that these Sorcerers Conjure up when they make the you know When they create this false economy And I'm you know going to cover this Again um my wife just sent me a an image With um The the banks that have collapsed and You know I'll cover it tomorrow and I'll Talk about this you know them there then As well uh but it has you know these Three major Banks collapsing And so um You know when you Uh when you create money out of when you Count your money out of uh thin air Right when you just create wealth Without making something of value or Having something of value you say all Right this is just wealthy and we all Agree upon it this is just wealth this Is currency when you create currency And then you attach a fee to your Creating the currency which is interest So the bankers are really sorcerers And when they conjure up this money they Attach a fee to it and the economy can Never support that fee because you've Created this money which is illusionary And then you've charged interest on it And so the amount of wealth that you Create in the system will never equal The amount of wealth that you create Plus The sorcerverse fee the interests

And so it's always insolvent you're Always chasing the rabbit like a dog Chasing the rabbit around a race track You're never going to catch the rabbit And so it doesn't play by any other Rules because it should collapse because Of that right The amount of debt that you're creating Is not equal to the amount of debt plus Interest that you have right so that's Insolvent from its very nature of its Existence the sorcerer's fee is what Causes you know The problem here and so on a small scale How does an economy like an insolvent Economy end like a pyramid scheme well You get caught right people start Getting pissed off they realize you Stole their money and they want it back That's how all pyramid Ponzi schemes Collapse but when you do it over a whole Country or the globe in this case Then how do you you know how does it end Like that's what we're waiting for how Does this thing end what makes this What's going to make this end Because there's no authority figure when The the authority Is the people who run this scam the People who run this scam have more money And power than anybody else globally all These bankers and then everything's tied Into this scam all the governments are Relying on the scam all the businesses

Are relying on the scam all the people Are relying on the scam and so no one Wants to say hey everything in your bank Account is worthless everything in your Wallet is worthless it has no value and You know I mean that's where we are so How does that end because there's no Authority figures to catch you like you Know the law enforcement or your Neighbors or the people your relatives Who if you know you gave they gave you Five thousand dollars for the pyramid Scheme and then they they lose five Thousand dollars right and you you know You've been pushed through and you have 20 grand or whatever it is and they have Nothing and you have you know ten Relatives and friends who each gave you Five grand and they're all pissed right So Um you know like that's that's how Something would end right there's social Pressure But what what if we're all dependent on The system going and that's the real Problem with the system because it is so Far out of the realm of like uh solvency The numbers are so out of whack you Can't even fudge the books anymore and So it needs a authority to say hey one Of the countries or somebody to say Hey You know it's the economy's done right And nobody wants to admit it and you Know I mean I don't want to admit it

Because everything that I have is based You know in terms of my ability to Survive There'd be no YouTube channel there'd be No you know money there'd be no I mean We'd just be on our own right whatever We have right now the whole economy Would stop the manufacturing industry Would stop all of it and so that's going To have to happen but what's going to Make it happen Cataclysmic events I mean what's going To make the economy just absolutely Collapse right and we don't know like World war three I mean you know there's Going to have to be major events because Otherwise it takes people just to admit The truth and they're not going to do That and so it's just going to keep on Limping along But you know like every day you're You're spinning the Russian Roulette Your bank's going to close you're going To lose everything you know some people Are going to lose everything and then You know when that becomes a mob of People like half the population or now Destitute and homeless or whatever you Know who are you know whatever it is Right and so you have mass poverty Mass Starvation you know an economic the Power grid goes down I mean something You know like that we'll we'll take it To you know because there is no

Oversight there is no authority figures Who can say hey this is a scam because The authority figures are running the Scam like I just said and so you know That's where we are like it's something To understand And it can implode just like that Because it should have based in its Original Um premise never even existed right Like if somebody said hey I'm going to Create a monetary system where I loan You out value and now you have this Value and everyone else has to accept it And by the way you owe me interest on You know for me creating it and people Will be like well that doesn't sound Like a good deal right you know and so It shouldn't have existed but now that It does and it's Global you don't know What's going to cause it to collapse Because it should have collapsed just Based in you know how the world works it Should have collapsed right away because It's not you know it's not sustainable Right it's not it's insolvent so this is Just a different way to look at it it's Like a car That gets One mile to the gallon it's got a 20 Gallon tank And so every 20 miles you'd have to fill It up right or you know it gets half a Mile to a gallon or even something I

Mean you can't even you know it's not Functional and so such a car would never Be produced but if it was and everyone That's all they had Well the gas industry would be boom Anyway And you know all of it right so that's You know that's an analogy and not a Great one for the economic system And so you don't know when it's going to Collapse because it should have Collapsed already it should have died Already Because it's not functional it's a low Functioning System but now that it's you know Global And everyone's dependent on it and we Have Been given a certain lifestyle and and You know these types of I mean the People who have wealth because it's not Even that many people most people are Living in in you know horrible poverty You know more than 60 of the population Is just living in poverty like you know Poverty that we can't even conceive of It's people you can't you don't even Look at because it's like their life is So foreign to yours and you know you Can't even imagine why you drove through India they saw these people they were Like four foot 11 and they're skinny and They're living in huts and they're Wearing a loincloth and you know there's

Tens of thousands of them living in These huts and you know there's uh Billions of them right over half the Population but the people who do have Living in sort of a modern day lifestyle That have you know heated and Air-conditioned homes and have you know Food at your fingertips and can drive in Vehicles and fly in planes and you know All these various gadgets and devices That we have and all of it right like Those are based in this economy that Should have never been And so those things disappear when the Economy disappears And you know that's the problem no one Wants that right and people are fighting For it just to preserve their way of Life but it you know should have Collapsed even before it began it should Never have become right it should never Be like this economy should have never You know it's an abomination And so The you know the dependency on it Everyone being dependent on it is what Keeps it going it's too big to fail Right that's that idea we're dependent On this and if it collapses we're all Screwed and so we're just waiting for The you know the events to unfold That will cause its collapse But anyways you know I'm gonna end this thing here I'm going

To talk about this more tomorrow Only spirituality will save this world Its power model definitely pointing from The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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