Now I’m kinda thinking 2024 is gonna be worse than I thought

Now I'm kinda thinking 2024 is gonna be worse than I thought

Greetings brothers and sisters so I now Kind of believe that 2024 um the year of the Amateur might be a lot worse than I Originally thought and I'll explain in a Moment but let's start off here one of My viewers sent this to me this bug it's Called the cicada it's like green got Quite pretty wings that's irrelevant I'll just show you a picture so cicada Is found in North America it's got a Really long lifespan there's one type That lives for 13 years and another one That lives for years and it spends Almost all of that time Underground the Thing is for extra drama all of these Cicas are completely synchronized with One another so every single 13-year-old CA emerges from the ground Simultaneously flies around has a Massive party sheds their ass skeletons Makes massive nurse and then dies see They do this because it helps to evade Predes there's so many of them Simultaneously there's no way the predes Could eat all of them and so a massive Proportion of them survive to the Next Generation and 13 years and 17 years are Special because they're both prime Numbers which means it's really hard for A predator to have a cycle that sinks up With them also they almost never Synchronize with each other 13 and 17 Kind of missing each other apart from

Every 221 years 13 * 17 when they'll all Appear Simultaneously and the last time that This happened was in 1803 when Thomas Jefferson was president And Napoleon was thinking about invading England and that means that if for 2024 You had the simultaneous explosion of Green teenage bugs all across North America on your bingo card you are in For a Treat okay Kaboom 15 different Periodical cicada groups or Broods live In the forest across their Eastern United States emerging 13 to 177e Cycles In 20084 to the these groups brood 8 and Brood um 19 I believe that's 19 steal the show Emerging Sim emerging simultaneously for The first time in 20121 years an event Rarer than H's Comet so there's already One big event scheduled particularly for America and that is you know a um a Bumper crop of Cicadas the other thing is I um reported On this one of my viewers sent me this On my other channel and there's been a Number of earthquakes here you can see Japan Um you can see Japan here with the big One but there was on the first day of The New Year there was something like 20 Something odd earthquakes around the Globe and in Japan alone there was 150

Possible Earthquakes at least that's when one Article said and so they've had a number Of earthquakes here in the past few days And I don't know how much this happens Regularly I don't know what the Frequency of earthquakes globally is but There's a big one in Japan and then There's ones you know a 5.2 there's one India there and other places globally And this got me to thinking I'm going to Read this to you first of all for those Of you who are not aware of this there Is these writings In the sajar tradition you know the Meditation I do gratefulness meditation Saj Mar Meditation gratefulness meditation is What I do with some of the people on This channel because the heartfulness Organization has corrupted what I used To do called SAR which is a real bummer But that's near here near there for this Particular thing and so um there are These writings called Whispers from the Brighter world and after the second Master of the system Bobby died and you Know he when he was alive he was a great Um interc commmun he interc communed With the first Master of the system and Also Jesus and Swami vivanda and Buddha And Krishna and a variety of other souls He was a great medium and when he passed Away in

1993 about 12 or so years from his death He contacted a French woman who wrote Down a series of messages is called Whispers of the brighter world and in These Whispers a small portion of them Are prophetic they have prophecies or Predictions and things that are going to Happen most of it's just talking about The practice and you know get getting Along and being loving and it talks About some truther stuff but there's you Know about 10 to 15% is truth or stuff 20% has truther or some truther stuff in It and then some of these have Prophecies in them and one of the Prophecies was this Wednesday February 28th 20228 2001 9:00 a.m. in a quarter of a Century so this is in 2001 so that would Put it at um 2026 February in a quarter of a century the Earth will experience a major turbulence That will be the beginning of a cycle Which Earthman will find very difficult To go through fire will literally beat Down on certain parts of the world Whereas Torrens of rain will pour over Others cataclysms will follow one Another for many long years keeping men Frightened many will turn toward the Supreme god beseeching his forgiveness Forgiveness for more and more aberant Behaviors as well as for the Maltreatment imposed on their nourishing

Mother of the Earth the failure to Respect the elements will lead to the Effects generating Terror among the Population of the end of the century so That would be at the end of the 2000s in future Ages the present layout of the continent It won't be the end of 2000s that'll be 2100 the failure to respect the elements Will lead to effects generating Terror Among the population of the end of the Century in future ages the present Layout of the continents will be Shattered Maps will need revising yet The creatures inhabiting this plant will Have more than enough to do in order to Survive rather than dealing with those Details Adam atom will turn against Mankind who will not have been able to Harness it and its lightening power will Be devastating the time for punishment For such conceit will take place as hard As it can and man paying for his Ancestors glaring mistakes will suffer Without having any control over the Situation the transformation of this Planet must go through all these Cataclysms in order to be effectively Completed babagi who was the second Master of the Sark system now you guys Who you know I mean you're not going to Believe this or whatever you may or may Not or whatever but it doesn't have you Know it isn't factual or isn't something

That comes from necessar a reliable Source I mean you might look at me as a Reliable source but for me I have Benefited from these Whispers of the Brighter World messages I've read them You know there's different levels of That you can read them and I went Through a you know a period where I was Sick and I was fasting and I was reading This book and it was like I you know Penetrated to a deeper level of Understanding of the book like flowers From alganon if you ever read that book Or seen the movie I did both I read the Book and saw the movie um but anyways Um you know there was a series of these Messages and he talked about what he Called upheavals and things that are Going to happen you know some sort of Nuclear war and polls reversing Themselves and other things that are Going to happen over the you know next So many years starting in 2025 2026 I Mean that's what it reads here uh you Know and I don't know how exact he was Being because he says a quarter of a Century and it was written in 2001 but more recently I'm wondering if It's 20124 you know I first read this And since then I've been thinking at the The very you know the very uh the very Earliest 2025 like December there'd be Something that would happen you know it Wouldn't be the an end all type of thing

It would be you know a bigger thing than We've seen like in 2001 in in New York City or you know any of these things That whatever it is the co any of these You know I mean lots of people in the Truth Community don't think that to be a Serious or a big thing but there are a Lot of things that are happening big Things that are happening in the world And this would be the biggest much Bigger than any of these other things That's what at least it says here and it Wouldn't be the end it wouldn't be a Knockout blow to societies I mean at Least globally but it would be the start Of a series of events that will be in an You know an unstable period you know the Earth goes through unstable periods and Of course there's the man-made aspect of This which is you know factored into Whatever's going on here and this has Happened before more will happen again We live in a very calm time in terms of The earth we live in a time where you Can Thrive a time of abundance you know It's not an Ice Age which is you know Obviously difficult for a variety of Reasons you know it's a time where the Climate is regularly mild and you know It's it's conducive to human life and You know life on this planet and there's Storms and things and earthquakes but Nothing that severe right there are Times where all the continents on this

Earth were one Continental Mass there Was all ocean and then the all the land Masses were one and so that t that Changed right so now there's seven Different continents and so you know There's been tumultuous things that have Happened here and so for me like I said It you always want to push these things Back and so I'm thinking well we got Till 25 26 to you know before something Big happens and then we have whatever Time between that and the next thing and You know depending on where you live and All the these things right in terms of Preparing for these things and and Setting a clock but the way 2024 started Like I had this brief second of panic my Wife and I you know we we kissed on New Year's Eve and and um and I like you Know maybe a minute or two went by and I Went wow it's in 2024 like you know it's All arbitrary I'm not a big New Year's Eve you know person but when I had this Thought it's 2024 there was just a brief moment of Like Panic that was in my system like You know in a weird way and I've never Had that before a New Year's Eve like Like this was like something that was Going to be a bad year kind of thing or Just the fact that you know 2024 when Growing up you know I went to high School as was in I graduated high school In

1982 and so you know I mean I don't feel Much different than I I'm a different Person of course I've changed Spiritually and matured in different Ways but you know time has kind of flown By and 2024 seemed like you know we Would never get there I mean when I was Young the year 2000 seemed like so so Far away and it was only 20 years away Right but back when I was growing up Even in my 20s but here we are right Even in 1990 20 204 seemed like you know Ages away but here we are and you know There was this um aspect to the the Calendar for the the Mayan calendar Right where the Mayan calendar said that Uh thean calendar ended at 2012 and it was supposed to be a big Year on 2012 sort of um you know Doomsday people and you know people are Saying it might not be 2012 might be 2024 that the Mayan calendar ends and so 2024 could be a bigger year because it's Election year and who knows what's going To happen but I wouldn't be surprised if Something big happens now and that 25 Years prediction by bobbyy In This Whispers was actually 24 years like he Said a quarter of a century you know Maybe some abstract um I don't know like He didn't give an exact date so that Could mean you know it could be 2024 at least I'm starting to think About that way like I'm feeling like

2024 is um is going to be a tough year One way or another whether something big Happens or not you know the thing I'm Going out going on with YouTube um I'm barely making enough Money to call this thing a job you know Like I'm making the bare minimum even With donations and things YouTube's ad Revenue has really has really declined And the big um month has always been December and my biggest time was 2020 During the election cycle at the end of October you know October November and Then going into Christmas and you know I Made the the most money that I ever made On YouTube through ads during that Period of time but Christmas December Was always my biggest month of the year And December this year was barely Anything it was barely a significant Jump at all U maybe you know a few Hundred dollar more than other months There isn't much political ads running Because we have two incumbents basically Basically running for president so the Primaries aren't going to be very much So the political ads are going to be you Know minimal political Adbis and you know I know about local Politicians and things but this year Isn't going to be as good as 2020 but in terms of YouTube itself They've reduced the amount of money that They're giving to to um you know for the

Ads they running on your channel they've Just cut the amount of money they're Paying us without any real explanation And I've heard trouble finding it some People aren't making anything at all and They're not necessarily truthers they're Not they're either not getting ads or They're they're not getting paid or Whatever it is but January is always a Bad month because these companies their Budget goes through Christmas and then They don't start looking at their budget Again till you know the middle of January and then into February and until You get into the spring you don't make Anything really on YouTube you make you Know bare minimum like half of what you Made or even a fourth of what you made In December just based in you know the Amount of money they charge for ads and The amount of ads that are being run and I just looked at you know I hadn't Looked at what I was making in January Yet and it's it's dismal like it's you Know really dismal on this channel like There has an I don't think I've broken $30 on this channel you know per day and Then the other channel even lasts about Right as many videos there the videos Are shorter and I don't get paid as much On that channel anyway and so it's you Know it's not very much money and I know You know I just realized this today and So there's other things going on you

Know personally and just the way I feel I'm dragging I'm really lethargic I Don't feel it's necessarily physical but Just I'm having a hard time getting Things done going outside it's cold out It's gray you know my energy level is Kind of low in terms of you know I got Projects I can do outside in the farm Even now it hasn't been all that cold But I've just been um and my wife is you Know the same thing we've been you know Having low energy we watched a lot more TV and it's like you know gets dark so Early now and just all of it right we've Had a lot lot of gray days where you Call S just gray and dingy and you know It seems to be like the whole thing all The way through February and so the way I've been feeling since 2024 is begun And then a few things that just have Caused me to you know the cicada thing And the earthquake thing and few a few Other things I've seen I feel like you Know this idea of the year of the Amateur well that also can be that There's a new beginning and people Aren't prepared for it right that Something is you know something happen Happens that people need to be um you Know able to adjust to and they're not Ready for it at all um which you know God knows what that means but I'm now Looking at 2024 as being a possibility For some sort of major you know a

Gamechanging event and or you know Whatever you know and I wasn't thinking About that at all I thought 24 would be A good year just to prepare and then We'd have all of 25 before that first event would happen Again I know you guys don't feel the Same way about The Whispers of bride World messages but for me it's you know What I you know I have faith in them and You know I mean it' be great if nothing Happened but you know I don't feel that Way and the more I see the way that People are you know it's also people are Like I've said people are always the Barometer people are the indicator of You know what's um the health of your Society and the longevity of your Society when people just completely crap Out and break down and are weak and Pathetic and entitled you know your Society's on its way out because people Make up the society and when people Can't do you know these young people I Mean they're they're basically helpless Right and they're they're more helpless Than we were and we were never ready you Know like for something that was Changing we're all dependent on the Beast and these people young people they Can't even you know the difference Between my generation and these younger Generations or the you know previous Generation and these younger generation

We always had in the real world and we Might have been not competent to live as Human beings in the real world and we Are more and more dependent on you know The system the beastly system and we Spent more and more time indoors Watching TV and less and less time Farming and doing you know what people Did to survive and less and less time With the family you know and these Things but until the internet we didn't Have a cyber life right until computers But now you know when I was a kid I was Tell my wife this we had these giant Computers that were the size of big Refrigerators like one computer was two Refrigerator massive and it was in this Computer room in my high school and some Of my friends were like nerdy you know Into it and they said you know there's a Great game in the thing like a you know A computer game you know and I played Pong you know there was some video games That were out like this there's a game You could get was from like like Atari And there was pong on it you know this It was like you know a couple of paddles That were just a couple of lines and a Ball that was just you know some pixels You know then it would boop boop boop And you hit back and forth like you were Playing tennis or whatever it was and There was this thing called uh duck hunt Or something you had like a little

Little Revolver and you know pretty much every Time you shot you killed the do like you Like it just you know you couldn't miss Because of the the signal was pretty but Anyways um you know and it was remedial Video games and these things started to Come out Pacman Atari things like this Right were starting to come out these Video games and you know my friends were Like oh you got to play the Star Trek Game and what it was is you go to this You know very old computer screen you Know far far away from a flat screen and Far away from the the kind of pixelated You know the the high resolution pix Pixelation pixelization that we have now And all that You know the old this type of um Computer monitor and on this monitor That flashed back and forth and wasn't You know I mean just uh poor quality Especially compared to now and there was A series of numbers blocks of numbers And there would be there would be these Numbers like with three digits and most Of the numbers were zero and the first One was like a place where you could Refuel the second one was like a space Station and like the third one was cling On right um and you could do a series of Actions and you would just hit this the You know there's no video game paddles There was a couple arrows and you just

Hit the arrows going through this you Know this idea that this was the Universe you were looking at like in Some sort of Matrix thing we reading the Code and you would see the numbers and It would just be an Infinity of zeros Like an infinite you know uh Universe of Zeros and occasionally there'd be a one Or a two or something to indicate there Was some other you know thing going on And then you had a couple of actions you Could do and I remember planic on this Sucks right I was you can't call this a Game I'm like you guys are doing this Like they would do it for hours right my Friends were in the computer room like After school doing this for hours and I'm like you can't even you know call This a game right it's barely you know It wasn't you know wasn't it was like a Million times worse than Tetris right But you know that's what these computer Were capable of course now that computer That was Siz of two Refrigerators is you know a thousand Times worse than the phone I have now Right in terms of all the things the Phone can do and the phone speed and um You know uh computer power right uh but You know that's what was available back Then but even then you know we weren't Great we weren't well prepared we Weren't you know we a long way away from Being homesteaders and tribal people and

We didn't have much skills and those Skills have fallen off and we've gotten Weaker and more entitled to such an Extent that the kids today have more Life inside of a cyber world than they Do outside so the first indication of a Collapsing civilization is the people And how you know developed and how you Know whatever the people are of course We're overpopulated I know people Disagree with that I'm not going to Explain that you can take it or leave it But there's other indicators that Changes are a foot and aside from these Predictions and other things just think That we see and just the way it feels And you know um the economy and the debt Based economy and so many other things So based on all that right you know I'm Looking at 2024 as being maybe more Significant than I originally thought Because you know again the way that the Society has gone the way the economy is The way people are it almost seems like It should have collapsed 20 years ago Like we're late like we're being propped Up in some way And you know I mean so it could happen At any moment right I mean it isn't like We're you know there's some debate of Whether it should collapse because it Should and whatever that means whatever Like how that goes and how if it's Complete collapse or just you know we go

From your first world to a you know Could happen in different countries at Different times and a reduction of Services and reduction of the economy And you know there just isn't the same Level instead of a growing economy a Shrinking economy a shrinking population And you know people um you know checking Out and just I mean just a kind of Overall uh failure of our our system and People just being kind of over it and Not being to muster up and the young People being to take positions and take Over you know leadership positions and Do what needs to be done to to Facilitate these changes you know these Kids growing up depressed and all the Rest of it and so you know and when it Begins is when it begins like I don't You know get into that and I'm going to Be as prepared as I can be you know my My wife and our family or whatever you Know we can only do so much and you know You can't quit your job I mean I don't Advise people to you know I don't give Advice at any level here but I don't Think it's advisable to quit your job And run off to the forest now because it Could be another 20 years you never know Right you really can't say but in terms Of you know being prepared it takes a While just to adjust to the idea of the Collapse and that's something everybody Can work on and connect to God and you

Know find a way to you know have some Intuition on what you need to do and how You need to do it you know like I say All the time but you know in reality you Know you know the end is not I mean Whatever has happened you know I I notic There's a significant different attitude I have since this new year and and the New Year usually affects me not at all This is the year of the dragon I was Born the year of the dragon 64 and so I guess I didn't even know it Was you know that was that had come Around again so for me there's a lot of Significant things going on um and I Think for all of us Anyways just a little little tidbit here Um only spirituality will save this World it's parano definitely point from The Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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