No video today I am fine Journey 100 coming tonight

No video today I am fine Journey 100 coming tonight

Greetings brothers and sisters so A weird thing happened Um I re-released a video unintentionally Or released it for the first time Because I was making all my old Journey Series videos public again and because Of that there was a message in the Beginning of a journey series I had Never made public before And in the message I said I'm probably Dead or I could be dead I don't know What I said don't remember it I'm Getting comments and now I kind of Remember it And it was not intended to happen that Way so I went back to all these Controversial Journey series that you Know there's all this controversy and Then God dodgy was involved in all these You know people in the mission were Watching my videos and I just got all Stressed out and those of you guys who Remember Um well you'll remember that right and I Made all those videos private and then I Was doing my last voiceover to my Hundredth Edition and it's going to be a Really good important video in the Journey series because it's come full Circle And this Gatherings has gone great with Babaji I missed in a blissed out state So Um but I was doing the last voiceover

And I was looking through my old Journey Series videos Um to find a a quote that I had read and I couldn't find it and you'll hear that It's it's in the the final voice over It's a four hour video it's coming out Today it'll probably be up this evening After it you know uploads and passes Through all the YouTube stuff and so um You know I anticipate it probably being Ready tonight or whatever Um but anyways and I said all right I Was planning to make these public today Because it's Bobby G's birthday and you Know just things have happened and I Just you know want to make them public Again Um you know in terms of the playlist and I might just unlist them and put them on The playlist like I've done with that Video And so there was one video I had never Made public and so when I made that one Public It sent out Um you know notifications to people and It appeared on the top of my recently Uploaded videos And I was like oh you know I didn't want That to happen because it's basically Undermining my whole journey 100 today I'm just making these videos available So people who are watching or want to go Back and re-watch them

They'll be available again But not in a way that they're out there In the public and you know causing Controversy or whatever you know the Whole thing I mean the whole thing's Come full circle but in that video I Said if you listen to this I'm probably Deaders Which you know Um I got some comments and I was like oh Wow But I'm fine it's not you know I I left A comment on the video and I send Comments to the video I pinned a comment To the video and then I'll pin this Video to it explaining it and you know It'll be all it'll be okay Um so but for now this is um you know Just the the explanation I'm waiting for My video to render and so that's taken a While it's um right now at UH 60 so That'll probably take another 20 minutes Because it's a four hour video and then I'll I'll make this video and then I'll Put this up quickly and I'll uh put it In the comment section and you know I've Unlisted that video it's on the playlist But it's not Um there for you know it's just whatever It is right Um but it was a video I hadn't you know I have explained it already And so the journey series 100 is really Important and

Um to people watching The Journey series And important to the gratefulness thing And all this stuff And you know I feel just great about the Gathering but anyways I'm doing fine I'm Well I'm great I'm happy Only spirituality will save this world It's Paramount definitely points from The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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