My old Babuji Videos are now public again

My old Babuji Videos are now public again

Greetings brothers and sisters so I have Released a few videos Um I have a big thing to say about Whispers In a moment but I've re-released if Unprivatized I've made public two of my Older videos to do with Babaji Now I made a video about each of the Three first Masters I don't think I ever Did it with dodgy Um you know I was going to but I don't Think I ever did But in terms of um in 2016 I made a Video About uh Babaji a simple man that Changed the world for the better And I'm gonna put this video in um A Playlist you know the gratefulness Playlist And I'll do the same I'll republish Charges birthday video on his birthday And um You know it's a video just describing Babaji's life There's Babaji with charger there And so um you know I don't remember all I mean it's all the way back from 2016 But I remember I did these videos and I think there'll be something of Interest in them another video called Upcoming spiritual meditation Gathering April 2018 who was Babaji And

Um I'll republish this one as well Because I think I talk a lot about Transmission and things like this um There are some images of dodgy and some References to heartfulness because you Know of course back then I felt Differently About it Um but these are two videos that will uh There's you know there's some Information about Babaji in there in the Gatherings So for people who are interested in uh You know pursuing this they can Um watch this uh these videos Um And so yeah these are Being re-released here I'm also going to Include this in my journey series Video as well To do with this because there's been a Disastrous thing with Whispers at least I'll get into it a moment not disastrous But very telling of how Petty and sucky Dodgy is But anyways these videos have been um You know re-released or unprivatized for Those people are interested in Learning more about Babaji Also on the Heartfulness YouTube channel So there are Um five videos Um the life of Babaji which for now are

Up on the heartfulness um YouTube channel But it is a Here it is it is uh You know a life this is babaji's life You know they've done a movie he'll Babaji there's Babaji As a young person right they do the same Thing with philology this is a much Better made movie I had more money this Was done during charge each time But I don't think the you can buy the DVD set anymore I think it's gone So they do have it up on YouTube and Um it's pretty good like there's It gets weird like the fourth episode They started changing into like our Fifth episode they changed it into like A comedy like it's just weird like There's some things that you know you Know amateurs right Um but You know for those of you who are really Interested in learning more about Babaji It's called the life of Babaji episode One and there's five of them Um But again dodgy May scrub these at some Point because he's Completely you know dodgy Um but you know this is his early life His first um You know is uh his younger years and Then it goes through it and I found it

You know somewhat entertaining and Interesting And again they don't um you know there's A whole DVD set that they sold years ago But doesn't exist Um I guess you know in terms of uh You know the They're out of print or whatever right It's it's gone like so much of the other Material but it is still exists on YouTube for now And maybe someone else has put it up as Well Other than heartfulness you know Heartfulness sucks but There are some things out there that They still have that are you know worth Looking into because it's before Dodge's Time Uh but anyways these are just some you Know materials that people are Interested in learning about Babaji Before his uh birth celebration his Birth anniversary this Um Coming uh I don't know uh Sunday this Next Sunday April 30th 2023. so just to Clarify here I'm not going to talk about The Whispers thing it's just another way That dodgy has scrubbed charging and It's disturbing for those of us who Really know about it Long time practitioners that were you Know Whispers people or whatever

So I cover that it's going to be the 100th edition of The Journey series Which I'll release on babaji's birthday But for now you know I have these two Videos I made talking about Babaji in His life and yeah they're going to be a Part of the gratefulness playlist and They'll be in the description box of This video And then there will be um you know the Life of Babaji which is a you know set Of uh you know a movie a five-part Miniseries that was done by the seismarg You know by charge Mark before Dodge Took over and that's up on YouTube on The heartfulness YouTube channel and Maybe some other places on the internet I don't know But you know that's a long uh you know Many hours of babaji's life and for Those of you who are interested in Watching that and I'll leave links for All that in the description box and the Two things that I've done will be in my Uh you know the playlist for um The gratefulness meditation And you know I'm going to talk about This more I guess throughout the week And then I'll release a journey series Video which will have this on it again And then um you know these two clips you Just watched and I'll get into a Whispers thing and then it just you know I've just gone through the YouTube

Channel It's just a joke I mean what dodgy's Done is a joke and they're not even Mentioning babaji's birthday and they're Like saying thing like International Book day you know they're like I mean it's gotten so bad but you know Thankfully we have Or gratefully we have gratefulness So anyways um yeah all the links are in The description box and I'll talk more About this in you know upcoming videos Only spirituality will save this world It's barometer definitely point for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day And be grateful

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