My Message to Google & YouTube Please Share

My Message to Google & YouTube Please Share

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I Hope people will share this video and Those people who watch my channel know I Don't usually say things like that um I Just let the chips fall where they may I Don't ask people to subscribe I don't You know I don't get into any of that Kind of stuff um but just because I'm Saying something that needs to be Said uh some of this will be Personal and I'm coming from a place Where Other than lying about Me other than you know just boldfaced Lying about me or lying about what I'm About to say no one can dispute what I'm Saying here remember when Google used to Say don't be evil remember that was They're saying don't be evil which I you Know I've talked about in the past you Should never make a goal or a Statement that has negatives in it right You know they're saying should be you Know strive to be good or work to be Good or just be good but don't be evil You know the don't is negative the word Evil is in there the letter D in don't And evil makes the devil right the first Letter in the statement and the last Word combined to make the word devil It's just a very bad statement on a Subconscious level you know it's not a Surprise that that's failed and they've Become evil they've become arrogant

They've become Abusive and when I say abusive I come From a place where I worked with teenage Sex offenders I have a master's degree In counseling and I feel like I am an Expert in the field of abuse and Understanding it in all forms and Applications I wrote a a workbook about How to transform abuse it's something That I'm aware of like I'm you know not A person who doesn't know what that Means I'm not saying it just to be Dramatic or you know click baity or Something like this like I don't you Know get into that when I say something Like this it comes from a place of you Know being practical and reserved and You know people who watch my regular Videos understand this and also it comes From a place you know I'll show you the Proof in what I'm saying in just a Moment and it's to me undeniable and It's something that they're proud of Like they're like bragging about how Evil and abusive and arrogant they've Become but to start off with just Because you know people will try to Pigeon hole me you know people like to Put people in a box so that they can Excuse somebody else's story you know People seek to delegitimize you when you Say something they don't want to hear They'll find a way to turn it back on You they'll find a way to you know say

That even if it happens to you you Deserve it right we deserve to treat you Like this because you are like this kind Of person that we all know is evil right You belong to this group and so first of All let me talk about my relationship With YouTube and Google Now people who Watch my videos I just talked about this In my last video that I don't believe in Victim Consciousness I don't believe That anybody's a victim I don't believe That in victimhood I'm not going to go Back over that but for two simple Reasons that if you believe in God you Believe that there's a plan you believe That there is order in the universe and If there's a plan and there's a God then Everything that happens happens for a Reason it's not random it's not chaotic And that everything comes through this Divine process the Divinity within Everything everything is connected Through this one Divine Creator and so Everything that happens in your life The Narrative of your life the things the Events that unfold are there for a Reason and that your soul has a plan for You and before you even come in to Existence your soul has a plan for you The circumstances of your birth and Everything else that unfolds are about That I talk about some scaras and things Like this you know an hiic yogic term Not going to get into that here you know

Impressions and things that come from Previous existences that bring certain Events and people into your life for a Reason and so there are no victims Because there's a plan and there's a God But if you don't believe in God and you Believe in chaos that everything's Random there's no soul there's no Purpose there's nothing but random Events that aren't a part of any sort of A plan then how can there be victims How Can there be morality How can there be Any order How can there be things fair Or not fair because it's chaotic and Random but for me I believe there's a Plan and I believe that you know there Is Always there's value in miseries is Divine blessings right that you can Evolve or you evolve spirit More from the miseries than from the Blessings so I'm you know always a Person who searches for gratitude Looking for to be grateful even in Negative Circumstances and I don't complain about How unfair Google is or YouTube is I my My very seldom talk about it and I also Have a positive Association with Google and YouTube I Mean particularly YouTube you know a lot Of people in my group in the truther Community in the group of people that You know think like me that you know

People sort of identify with whatever we Identify with as being people who don't Believe in the official story really Dislike Google and YouTube there's a lot Of hate for Google and YouTube and I've Made my position clear over the years That YouTube people have wanted me to Leave YouTube or suggest that I leave YouTube and I've made my position clear That I've thought this through and when I look at my other options YouTube is What's best for me and my channel it's Helped provide for me um you know I went Through a very difficult divorce mental Illness was involved I was in India with My kids in a very sort of vulnerable Situation and that's when my YouTube Channel took off and it was able to Provide for me while I stayed at home And got reorganized when we returned to The United States enough money to Support my family you know I had uh an At risk child who would later kill Herself and you know a lot of Difficulties and and things that were um You know was a very hard time in my life And YouTube really stood out as a Positive even though a lot of the eil Things that YouTube was about to do Google and YouTube were about to embark On you know hurt me and people like me You know it was something that was uh Positive in my life it helped me helped My family

Eventually I would meet my now wife who Uh I just have a you know as a blessing In always you know there's certainly Negatives with any sort of corporate Giant in the world we live in especially With social media being such a a hot Button issue that I've accepted some of The things that Google and YouTube has Had to do just because of what they Provide for all of us a vehicle to Express information and share Information again people watch my Channels regularly know this I've said This before you know although there's Things that where YouTube and Google is Targeting me and you and people like us It is still been a positive place for us To be able to express ourselves there's Still some good things in there right Even though the community guidelines are Uh you know the strikes and policies are Um you know effectively unfair to all of Us I mean they are targeting us and are You know arrogant evil and abusive and You could think of other negative words To go along with it and I'll get into All that in a moment the other thing That they'll try to do people will try To do is to claim I'm some right-wing Trump loving conspiracy theorist and I'm None of those things I grew up in a Democratic family my parents were very Um you know vocal Democrats very uh you Know committed Democrats my

Grandparents uh you know liberal I had My siblings were for the most part Liberal my older sister was a very uh I want to say militant hippie but you Know they grew up in my in the you know My siblings I was the youngest of five Kids and my older brother served in Vietnam my sister was a hippie you know During that era of the you know Boomers And all those things I've never voted For a republican I don't I didn't like The Republican party when I grew up I Was you know mostly a left leing person You know with some varying beliefs I Mean I've always been a person who Believed in God and you know know the The liberal Democratic movement is uh You know anti-god in many ways but I Went to a liberal um college and got my Uh bachelor's degree in human services It was a a college that would came out Of the hippie movement and then went to A liberal counseling program in Santa Fe New Mexico a small counseling program That was incredibly liberal Santa Fe is A very liberal and New Age place and I Got my master's degree in counseling There and so my leanings were mostly to The left in the liberal point of view It's only because the obvious fall of Liberalism and the Democratic party into What we see now and my my being a truth Seeker that I've been able to reconcile My upbringing and my you know the groups

That I identified with the groups that I Was a part of and see that they've you Know gone South that they've gone to the Dark side in our country and the media And social media has gone along with Them okay so with that all out of the Way the fundamental business that Google And YouTube and these various other Social media platforms and search Engines provide for all of us is that They connect you with information Google's Central job is that you're Looking for Information and they're supposed to Provide it for you I mean the purity of A search engine if you're going to be a Purely devoted search engine to Connecting the customer with the Information that they're seeking I can See the value of them setting up a Profile for you Gathering through Algorithms all the information they know About you and finding out things that You like and you need and we know that They're good at this because how many of Us have had a Conversation about something like my Wife and I walking around you know I Live on a farm and walking around a Pasture with only my cell phone as a you Possible listening device and we'll Bring things up you know we'll talk About something and I'll go on Facebook Or some other social media site or even

Google and I'll get a an ad recommending That very thing that we're talking about We've all experienced that everybody's Experienced that and so that's how good They are about knowing what kind of Things that you want as well you know in Terms of my purchase history on Amazon And things like this I'm constantly Getting ads for things that you know Attract my attention right things that Are you know they have a good profile of Me and know the kind of stuff that I Would be interested they know what kind Of adds to place for you are things that You would like to buy how many times I've been on Facebook and I see Something and I'm like hey we need that And you know I'll go to Amazon and Search for it you know maybe a different Version of it or something like that But they know the kind of things that I Am likely to purchase or be interested In we all experience that so the Algorithms and their ability to profile You and understand what kind of person You are and Target you with various Types of ads and various types of you Know websites or whatever it might be They're good at that so being able to Know what you're looking for that's what Their businesses what are you looking For like what videos do you want to see What you know websites you want to see What news you know where do you want to

Get your news from what kind of person Are you what are you looking for they Know what we're looking for they're good At that they've developed that into a Strategy to where they can find things That maybe you're not even aware you're Interested in or subject matters that Are adjacent to the things you're Interested in and be able to present Them to you and then you'll use their Products more because there'll be a Whole new uh venue of a whole new genre Of um information sources that you'll Start looking at because they figured Out hey this person will probably like This or this person will probably like That right and so that's their job That's their job as a business to keep You engaged keep you interfacing with Whatever they're presenting you know Netflix did a documentary about this it Was a anti-conspiracy theorist Documentary and they talked about how These websites these uh social media Platforms knew everything about you and Would feed you all this information of Things that you liked and some it was Information that they deemed wasn't Accurate what they deemed wasn't Truthful what they deemed was something That you shouldn't have and the people Who want that information should be Steered away from it and this was this You know this idea of fake news and

These things and all the stuff that Happened after Hillary Clinton lost the Election and they were saying that the Internet caused something to happen that Wasn't supposed to happen with Donald Trump being elected and so they started To say hey let's no longer give people What they want let's no longer give them The information access to the Information or recommend the information That you're looking for think about how arrogant that is think about how Evil that is think about how abusive That is right where you're in a Situation where you're searching for Something and they have for so many Years provided the results that you're Looking for the exact results that You're looking for and they've been good At it they've been figuring out what Kind of person you are and recommending To you the things that you're looking For they're there to connect you what You're looking for but now they're Saying no you don't want this you want This because we know better and first of All I want to say you you know You you're not better than me you're not Smarter than me you're not more mature Than me you're not wiser than me you're A corporation right you're you know an Evil corporation like all corporations Are you know you're not my Guru you're Not my parents you're not my

Grandparents you're not my you know I Mean whoever people have who guide them You're not my mentor I'm not looking for You to as a as an entity right as a a Liberal leaning um corporate entity to To steer me away from what I'm looking For I mean everyone knows this is true Because they've admitted it I'll show You the evidence like just because I'll I'll do that like you know I don't need To but I will you know but because They've already said this is what we're Doing they came out said we're going to Recommend authoritative sources and so There was an evolution of Consciousness Where people no longer bought into the Official story and the reason we haven't Bought into the official story or we'll Leave him behind the official story is The people that tell us the official Story whether it be the politicians or The scientists or any number of people Who claim to be the experts or the People that we're supposed to look up to Who know who are the knowers and they're You know telling us what's going on in The world have been exposed as fakes and Frauds and liars and you know just Horrible people and the people who are Reporting about this the news agencies Are the same and they are you know no Longer trustworthy they were never Really really trustworthy but when I Grew up there wasn't the option of the

Internet there wasn't the option of free Expression of information where the you Know various uh you know the the very Narrow bandwidth of what you know we Call Air quotes the official story was Limited into the Left Right Paradigm and All these things right you limited to um The right and left and the Democrat and Republican and science versus God or Whatever it might be right liberal Versus conservative and there was this Binary system and you had to fit into One of these two categories and you're Allowed to hate on the other category And you know and brag about your Category and arrogantly think that You're right and they're wrong and that Was it like that was your level of Bandwidth it was a very narrow level of What they were willing to go and admit To in terms of the the corporate evil The governmental evil the you know Things that the government does and the Corporations do to keep our systems Going keep our provide us the lifestyle That we all enjoy and it was limited to Mainstream media and that was it that Was all that was available but then you Had the internet where people could Express various levels of their own Experience and their own Expertise and bring in new narrations New narratives of what the world is About what our system is about and

People chose that you know with all of Its flaws and all the disinformation you Know all the you know emotional stuff Outpouring whatever it was they chose That over mainstream media and Organizations like CNN and MSNBC and fox Whined about it corporate Giants whined About the government whined about it Because they no longer could dictate to You what you believed they no longer had A strangle hold on information because Available all over the Internet and Google and Y and you all these other Various search engines their job was to Provide for you what you were looking For not what the government wanted you To see not with the corporations why you See you know they had ads you know People could run ads like you know they Could still get their information out There but the choice was already Made we rejected mainstream media Everyone rejected it they had a dying Audience they had a bunch of people who Grew up watching CNN and MSNBC and NBC News and ABC News and their local news Broadcast and that that group of people Was dying out and even that group of People are starting to find you know the Ability to brought in their horizons With the various you know vast amount of Information that was now available on The internet and there was an evolution Of

Consciousness again with all of its Flaws the internet's full of just Garbage and there's a lot of people who Just suck posting sucky information People who knowingly lie People who buy into these lies and all This disinformation that's out there a Lot of it put out by the government and The you know powers that be some of it Just you know volunteer from you know Random dopes that post stuff on the Internet but with all of that flaws There was still a level of critical Thinking that was you know people were Were starting to think for themselves People were learning to do their own Research maybe flawed at first but we're Learning to be able to search for things And find things that were previously Unavailable to them right and so there Was an evolution of Consciousness this Was a good thing people were evolving Out of the you know binary system and The indoctrination from our religions From our scientists from our Corporations from our government they Were expanding their Horizons and YouTube and Facebook and these big media You know these big social media Platforms were flourishing because there Was now a free exchange of information Again not always good good you know not All the information was truthful not all The movements were in a positive

Direction there's a lot of garbage on The internet I'll be the first to admit It there's a lot of dopes on the Internet there's a lot of evil on the Internet but aside from all of that even With that including all of that the Overall movement was good people were Learning to evolve and think for Themselves there were some some of them Were going on a you know information Journey a exploration of their Consciousness and confronting some of The things that you know that tied them Down and limited them as people and People with different uh learning styles And you know people who didn't fit into The the you know the the um Indoctrination of our educational system Were able to you know reclaim their Curiosity reclaim their thirst for Information that had been beaten out of Them by uh you know authoritative Educational system that limited their Abilities and so for the most part was Positive and it represented at least a Higher level of Consciousness I mean There's all the crap and all the you Know the the the remedial stuff all the Dumb stuff on the internet all the you Know stuff that's of a lower vibrational Level but the higher level stuff is now Available and it wasn't available before It wasn't available in mainstream media And so the news agencies and the

Corporations and the government the Religions and the you know all of it all Of these systems of control the Scientific Community all of them who are The Arbiters of information like I've Talked about how science is the new Religion where religion you know used to Be that for Christians you couldn't own The Bible the Bible was in Latin if You're a European person and you were You know you had to rely on the priests And the you know the clergy to interpret The Bible for you right for those people And I'm not a Christian I'm not a you Know I do a uh you know a meditative Program uh meditative system called sa Mar the natural path and I've been doing That for a number of years you know I Believe In Christ but I you know don't Believe in Christianity I believe Jesus Was one among many spiritual people Saintly people very few that have lived On this planet but people have Rose Risen to a higher level of Consciousness And these religions come in and hijack Their teachings and become abusive but What you had with religion was you had These organizations that were the Arbiters of God and they were the Vehicle to connect you with divinity and Now you have these scientists and again Very few people can do scientific Research and even fewer people can Interpret scientific data so they were

Like well we're the only ones who we're Going to tell you what this is about but These people of course were corrupted by Corporations and they were bought and Sold just like the the clergy were Before them they had their own agendas They were you know bought by big pharmer Whoever it might be and they would push An dishonest agenda claiming that they Were the only experts and you had to Listen to them we saw this happen during The covid period right where this is Abusive that's abusive and it's Dishonest and it's you know arrogant and It's Evil all of these things and YouTube and Google and Facebook went Along with these things as did the Mainstream media that was pushing for it Because they lost control and the Corporate entities and the powerful Organizations and the people who run the World didn't like that they were losing Control that people are now evolving to Make up their own decisions to make up Their own minds and so that had to be Negated this evolutionary movement so Everybody who's involved in suppressing This movement is an antievolutionary Anti- truthing anti-truth Anti-god anti-progress Piece of right that's what you are As an organization as IND individuals Who help with this you have to let these Things just go and flow in the natural

Direction and there's no putting the Cork back in the bottle even if it means The end of our civilization and that's Ultimately what it would mean because if People were able to understand the true Nature of our civilization the economic System the hedonistic system the way it Disconnects us from God the way it Abuses not only nature but abuses other People if you really knew how other People were suffering to provide for you Your Lifestyle and you had a heart you would Only come to one conclusion and that is That s this system has to go and plus This the illusion of the debt-based Economic system and all the rest of it Right truth only leads to one thing and That is the end of a a system based in Lies and fraudulent Concepts and you Know unnatural behaviors and if that That's where we're going if that's where The internet is taking us if that is Where this new technology is taking us With the ability to see past the very Limited official story then that's where We're going there's no stopping it right That's what's meant to happen that's at Least for some people that's where They're going to end up and it's good It's a positive thing even if it ends Life the way we now know it even if it Ends this system that we're all 100% Dependent on and I talk about this

Extensively in my other videos that Truth is the Kryptonite to this system That truth and this system can't coexist So let me um go switch over and I'm just Going to show you some of the proof some Of the you know it's again it's admitted To this isn't like a secret it isn't Like they're covering this up they've Set their intentions they said they were Going to do this and they did it and They're admitting to being evil abusive Arrogant and all the rest of it okay so Let's get a little background here here So the internet had been a problem for a While for the people that control the System the people I call the controllers But they really didn't acknowledge this Problem till the election with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump now Hillary Clinton had twice the money as Donald Trump and so in elections that would be Almost an assured Victory but she also Had a more experienced seasoned grounded Game and political team behind her and She was a seasoned politician in terms Of getting out the vote and she was Endorsed fully she controlled the Democratic party which was later Revealed by a book by Donna Brazil who Um was the interm DNC chief after the Disgraced de Debbie waserman Schultz was Fired for being hacked and running the Party into debt the party was uh the Democratic committee was $12 million in

Debt from Obama's last election Hillary Clinton came in and bailed them out with Her her overwhelming ability to raise Money and she controlled the Democratic Party and so they they were much in Better much better shape than Trump who Was a novice who did seem to really not Even care about being elected Trump kind Of admitted that he was just doing this As a publicity stun and then he gave up In the third debate he just seemed to Quit in the third debate you know all The polls said that he was going to lose And he seemed to just you know accept The fact even or even you he never Expected to win either way going into Election night it looked like Hillary Clinton was a sure winner the Republican Party never really liked Trump they Didn't want him they had to accept him Because of his very rapid fan base Fox News didn't like him either they turned On him uh 2020 and they never really Liked him either Hillary Clinton had all The major media behind her she had all The advantages the system was actually Rigged in her favor and it seemed like She would be a shuing and so when Donald Trump won and again I don't really Believe in free and fair elections I Don't believe our elections are either Free or Fair there's only a handful of people Who can actually run for president have

A chance of being president right I mean It's like almost like winning the lotto In terms of the people who have an Actual chance of growing up and becoming President you can run for president if You're an American citizen you're not a Felon and you're over the age of 35 I Believe which is probably around 2third Of the population in America close to 2/3 but there's only a handful of people Who can run and win the majority of People will never be president and don't Have a chance to be president right and Anything that involves power is Manipulated and rigged and gamed and so I don't believe you know any of these Things being real but let's just go with What officially happened and the Official story was Donald Trump won even Against All Odds and Hillary Clinton Instead of instead of stating the Obvious which is that she's unlikable People don't like her people don't love Her Donald Trump was hated as much as She was like the Republicans hate Hillary and the Democrats hated Donald Trump but Donald Trump had people that Loved him Donald Trump had people that He inspired Hillary didn't have any of That enthusiasm behind her because People don't like and aside from that Hillary Clinton was breaking down Physically she had passed out seven Times that we know about just passed out

Some of it was on the campaign Trail and Cameras caught it but some of it Happened years before and she had passed Out and she had got a concussion or Fractured or she did something where There was you know a medical um Complication because of her just falling Down there are times that she just Collapsed and needed to be Supported by the people around her and Every once in a while she would glitch Out like when she looked at the balloons With Bill Clinton when she won the Nomination they were celebra at the Democratic Convention she just glitched Out and freaked out she had these Coughing fits I mean I could show you All this but it's been well documented And there is some evidence people Thought she had uh Ms other people are Talking about her having some kind of Neurological disorder right-wing people Thought she had Kuru some of these other Theories that were out there but she Clearly wasn't physically up to the task There's also a lot of evidence of her Being an alcoholic she was on the Campaign Trail and she was always Getting drinks at places she played a Bartender on a Saturday Night Live Sketch right and so whatever it was she Really was not physically and mentally Up to the job she seemed to have aged Quicker than Donald Trump and was having

Trouble campaigning that she wasn't Liked and she didn't have this Enthusiasm that Bernie Sanders had or The enthusiasm that Donald Trump had in Fact there's almost no enthusiasm about Her at all she wasn't somebody that People gravitated to but all that was Ignored by the Experts and we were told that Hillary Clinton was a shoin Donald Trump had no Choice and that the election was just Basically An afterthought that the election had Already been decided but even with all The advantages and the way the system Was rigged for her to win she instead Blamed Russia and fake news and conspiracy Theorist and so now there was a there Was acknowledgement of a problem where It was believed that so-called Conspiracy theorists and alternative News and people expressing their Opinions and and sharing their research And information and sometimes deceptive Lies just like the mainstream media was Now a player and could be a king maker And that was Unacceptable and so social media was put On notice YouTube had already suffered Something called the ad apocalypse where There was a video that was supposed to Be some conspiracy theorist video and And it was offensive it was offensive to

All these heart you know heartful and Caring corporations and so they all Decided to pull their ads companies like McDonald's and Exxon you know evil Companies McDonald's that sers heart Disease and cancer to its you know Billions of customers right all of a Sudden they had a Harden integrity and They were pulling their ads from YouTube And so a message was sent that only Official authoritarian type news and Information was acceptable to run ads on So YouTube and YouTubers had their re Vue cut substantially you guys remember That and shortly after that there was The 2016 election in Russia and Conspiracy theorists and so-called fake News was being blamed right and so Before I get into the report and what Happened Afterwards that so-called conspiracy Theorist if you're a conspiracy theorist You're being demonized it is like a form Of racism or a form of homophobia or Whatever you want to call it religious Prejudice or something based in your Beliefs based in your no longer trusting The official story because the people Who run the system have been proven over And over again to be Liars right the People who run the system have been Caught lying over and over again the Government the Corporations the media they're liars and

They conspire they conspire to defraud People you know Conspiracies are very very Financially Beneficial if you conspire and you have Knowledge that is um well there's a Whole you know there's a Psychological uh game that was Created there's a game called Werewolf the game's available on Amazon and it is a social deduction Party Game that was originally invented By a student a ro a Russian social Deduction game created by Dimitri Davidof and the game models a conflict Between two groups and informed Minority though the Villagers and the informed minority the Werewolves and an uninformed majority The villagers in this game which later Became the TV show called The Traders is The same basic game the Traders and the Villagers are the same there's three Traders on the show and two uh Werewolves in the game and they have to Kill somebody every day and then the Group of villagers and werewolves or Traders and faithfuls then try to figure Out who the werewolves are and they vote Out people and they choose to kill Somebody that they think is a werewolf Or a Trader and the werewolves and the

Traders almost always win the game Because the Uninformed are always weaker and less Effective and efficient than the than The informed right which is why Conspiracies work why when you conspire And you have an agenda a secret agenda And you are selling it to people without Them knowing it about it you're going to Become very powerful and very rich Because this type of uh Exercise always works in your favor and When it doesn't then another one will Right if one fails and another one Will if one conspiracy fails or you get Caught or it just collapses then another One will succeed in its place and we Know this right we know conspiracies Work we know that backstabbing works Because of Survivor the TV show Survivor And big brother and these types of shows You can also see it in the Traders even More so when there's a group of people Like the first edition of subscri of sub Survivor the first season of Survivor There was a group that conspired and Planned and strategized and there was Another group that was just hanging out And you know living on the island and That group became annihilated because The other group was formed these Alliances and it pretty much every EP Every season after that that's how it Went there are alliances and then there

Are people who aren't in the alliances Or one Alliance was stronger than the Others and we see how it works because When you're talking about this type of Behavior if you're honest if you're Transparent if you're straightforward You can't survive it's a Cutthroat evil And manipulative world we live in where In business in life it pays to evil it Pays to be a sociopath it pays to be Deceptive it pays to Conspire and the reason there are Conspiracies and the term conspiracy is Because it works people wouldn't do it If it didn't work right you know and so There's a word for it in the dictionary Because people do it and of course the People who do it don't want you to know They're doing it and they want to cast a Shadow and demonize anybody who calls Them out for their evil behavior and so Anybody who's called a conspiracy Theorist you have every right to believe That the people controlling the system And the people running the corporations And the religions and Science and Government and all the powerful Institutions are deceptive and Conspiring because they are you know if You look at the majority of TV shows and Movies and whatever it is there's a Conspiracy right you look at the Star Wars the three middle movies that were Made where the Dark Side takes over from

The Jedi the guy who's the um the Sith Lord is running a conspiracy a Governmental conspiracy he's making Clones and he's doing all these things And you see it pretty much in every Movie where the government is portrayed As evil the government conspiring Corporations conspiring it's even on Sitcoms and TV shows like that people Believe in conspiracies and they like Conspiracy in conspiracy in their plot Lines and their movies because you know People conspire and everyone knows That's that happens you know the Democrats all have all these Trump Conspiracies conspiracy theories about Trump and Hillary Clinton she had these Conspiracy theories about um a Right-wing conspiracy against her Husband the great story here for anybody Willing to find it and write about it And explain it is this vast right-wing Conspiracy that has been conspiring Against my husband since the day he Announced for president you mentioned Attacks on the early '90s do you still Believe there's a vast right-wing Conspiracy don't You I'm asking you yeah it's gotten even Better funded uh you know they brought In some new multi-billionaires to pump The money in and uh look these guys play For keeps they want to control our Country Senator Sanders and I agree on

That completely they want to rig the Economy so they continue to get richer And Rich richer they could care less About income inequality they solv their Consciences by giving big money to Philanthropy and you know getting great Pictures of them standing in front of Whatever charity they donated to but Make no mistake they want to destroy Unions they want to go after any Economic interest that they don't Believe they can control so two things Here why wasn't Hillary Clinton called To conspiracy theorist she had Conspiracy theory again was a Theory I Mean she had whatever evidence that she Could provide right but we already know The second thing is we already know if One side is Conspiring if the Republicans are Conspiring and the Democrats aren't then The Republicans are going to win when One side goes dirty and the other side Says clean and honest the honest side Always loses right and so just to be Competitive if one side's cheating we we Realize this with um the whole steroids Debacle and Major League Baseball and Cheating and um the tour def France Where you know Lance Armstrong these Other people were doping and taking Testosterone you can't compete against Somebody who's cheating cheaters have an Advantage that's why you cheat that's

Why you conspire and so the people who Are winning the people who are um doing Well in society in politics in media and All of it in every on every level Religion The ones that are doing well are the Ones that are willing to cheat and go to The lowest level of behaviors and will Do anything to win we know this and we Know that we're very Competitive and we're competitive people Here in America and globally and that You know winning at all costs is a part Of our DNA so Hillary Clinton was a Conspiracy theorist but she also was a Conspir and she conspired to take over The Democratic um nom the Democrat party the DNC like I said Donna Brazil said this In her in her book about this and she And the people who ran the DNC conspired To rig the election against Bernie Sanders n Brazil talked about this she Was the head of the DNC she saw what was Going on she called Bernie Sanders to Apologize and so Hillary Clinton rigged The election so that she would get the Nomination so we know that she was Willing to cheat an election before she Ran against Donald Trump she was guilty Guilty of conspiring and cheating an Election according to the person who was In charge of the DNC she was given Interm uh charge of the DMC after de

Debie waserman SCH Schultz was fired for His or her uh incompetence so then why Are conspiracy theorists only one group Of people the people who aren't in power Right the people who are in power often Are conspiracy theorist like I said it's In all of our entertainment it's in in Our history there's one conspiracy after Another so if you believe in conspiracy Theories why are you a mentally ill Person they want to make a dsm5 five Diagnosis about being a conspiracy Theorist and anybody who questions the Official story is now labeled a Conspiracy theorist anytime you question The liars and the people in power and You question the legitimacy of the Official story you're called a danger to Society right and you know when a Civilization built on lies and a you Know debt based Usery economy well There's a reason for it because the Truth will is Kryptonite to the system So if you go after the lies and the Conspiracies and try to expose the Darkness of our evil empire well you are A threat to our civilization so that's True but you're not an evil person right You think about how many lives have Conspiracy theorists taken now there There's you know a few of these Mainstream uh stories where somebody who Has conspiracy theorist type beliefs Truth or type beliefs inflict some sort

Of um you know goes vigilante and kills People and let's say that's truthful That that really happened it's just a Handful of events and the people who Engage in this events even according to The official story are mentally ill They're not mentally ill because they're Conspiracy theorists they're mentally Ill and they also believe in conspiracy Theor theories and I'm considered a Truth or part of the the so-called truth Movement but the truth movement is Disorganized and we don't get along with Each other right there's no organization There's no money we don't have a Lobbying group we don't have lawyers Standing up for our rights we don't have Anybody speaking for us in terms of the Power structure we're all just labeled You know people who are evil I me many Of us are contributing to society many Of us are people who have never Committed a crime we're law abiding Citizens that don't agree with the Official story but we disagree with each Other we're not we don't have a you know Unified Movement we just don't believe In the Liars anymore that's the one Thing that we agree on and it's about 60% of the population because almost Everybody even Democrats and Republicans They question the government they Question the official story at least They they're willing to question the

Other side if you're a republic republ You question the Democrats You Believe In The Deep state or whatever it is Liberals question Trump and the you know Right-wing and these things delegitimize You know his government and they're you Know and mentally they do this right and They both believe in conspiracy theories About the other side but those people Are okay because for the most part Because those people are still adhering To the Left Right Paradigm and the Belief that there's one evil side and One good side and they are they Represent the division that perpetrates The continuation of this dysfunctional System but you know who does kill people Well corporations we know that right Corporations have been responsible for All kinds of deaths the ploting of the Environment and all kinds of horrible Things you know who else kills lots of People governments you know the American Government killed over a million people The American Military kills over a Million people in Iraq most of them Civilians that's just one war never mind What they done to people in their own Country never mind what our government Did to the Native Americans or the Slaves or any of these people right Governments kill people at a far higher Rate than criminals or any other group And Joe Biden being a part of the Obama

Administration and those horri horrible Wars and voting for those Wars and being Part of all those Wars he droned I Believe it was 10 people seven of them Children in Afghanistan he ordered a Drone strike against something he called Isis K without providing any information And he killed seven kids and a number of Adults there Obama was Dr droning people As well of course George W Bush was in Charge of the war so both parties the Political hierarchy murdered so many People in the Middle East based in Evidence we know that is false now that Sadam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11 or these other events and that These wars were illegal Wars that were IM moral and violated the rights of the People that lived in these countries Right and governments kill people in Their own countries as well so who's More dangerous a government or a bunch Of people who say the government's lying Right and so the conspiracy so-called Conspiracy theory truth or movement Isn't a real threat even though the Powers it be that say say that we all Are right and it's an organic Evolutionary movement where people who Are in abusive Rel relationship say hey We're not going to tolerate this anymore Or not even that saying you guys are Abusing us you guys are lying to us That's all we're doing we're saying

We're being lied to by the powers that Be that's what I do on my YouTube Channel and I also debunk things that Are false within the truth Community There's disinformation shared amongst People in the truth Community I often Point that out as well you know I talk About there needing to be a spiritual Solution and I talk about how that Works Based to my experience with ass sjar Meditation and how being grateful and Throwing out hatred and and anger and Other things from your system will Benefit everybody and evolving Spiritually if everyone would do that we Could rise to another level imagine a a World with filled with Saints right and That's a possibility because we know That you there are human beings that Have reached high levels of spiritual Attainment and so I have you know not Only a solution but you know the worst Thing that I'm doing is is bringing About you know Insight or information About the lies that we're told and many Of us are doing that but because of the Powers that be being threatened by that We are demonized and called all these Horrible names even though they are far More dangerous than we are and they're Organized and they have money that we Don't have and they have power that we Don't have and they have control that we Don't have and they have mental

Illnesses and and you know horrible Sociopathic personalities that we don't Have Okay so let's get into the main Part of the video here one of the Reasons I'm making this video now is Because we now know which I'll get into It a moment that a lot of these fears or A lot of these things that they said the Reasons for them cracking down and doing What they've been doing in terms of Censoring people hasn't panned out you Know they've been wrong about all their Fears and all these things but let's Start off here authoritative news and Information there are times when you Come to YouTube to catch up on the Latest news or simply learn more about The topics that you're curious about for Content where accuracy and Authoritativeness are key including news Politics and medical and scientific Information we use machine learning Systems that prioritize information from Authoritative sources and provide Context to help you make inform formed Decisions now we could debate all day on The the level of Truth in the official Story you know and I don't do that I Mean if you disagree with me about the Legitimacy of the official story that's Your prerogative I'm not here to change Your mind right this is something I you Know my viewers know my regular viewers Know that I don't get into but what I'm

Talking about here is that nobody asked For this I mean the reason people go to YouTube to look for news and you know Any information about any of these Subjects is because we don't want to go To CNN I can find CNN right CNN's Everywhere I can find MSNBC I can find Fox I can find fouchy I can find you Know any fizer representative or any Kind of official story I already know What the official story is and most People do and so the people who know the Official story and are looking for Something else We should be able to opt out of this Thing right here we don't need you to Educate us you're not our parents you're Not our teachers you're not any of these Things you're not doing this because you Know as customers we ask for it in fact We haven't asked for it you've lost Viewers you've lost people using your Platform because of this nobody ask for This we don't want the authoritativeness And what you guys consider the authority Right the authority is what we're Debating that's what this is all about I Don't believe that CNN is an authority I Don't believe they're an honest Authority I I think they probably know The truth but they're not telling it to Us but even if they don't know the truth It doesn't matter they're not somebody That is a trusted Authority MSNBC Fox

All these people medical institutions They've been shown to be liars and Deceivers I don't believe them to be the Authority we disagree on that and There's Millions upon Millions ions of People like me all across the globe we No longer trust you as the authority and So we look at the authority as something Else many of us just want somebody to Give us you know uh at least uh a Sincere view of what what they believe And then we can decide for ourselves we Might look at many different sources but You guys have excluded all that right Elevating authoritative sources we raise Authoritative voices for news the events In search results and up next panels in Addition to current events Authoritativeness is also important when It comes to topics prone to Misinformation such as vaccine in these Vaccines in these cases we aim to Surface videos from experts like public Health institutions and search results So YouTube has a customer base YouTube Has two kinds of customers people who Are watching their videos and people who Are providing content for YouTube so People will come and use their platform So they have users and people like me Who are content uh creators but also People like me who watch videos on YouTube right we search for things and We go to YouTube to watch videos and if

We're interested in a certain subject Matter and we have a point of view we Have an orientation to the world and if We don't believe in the official story And we don't believe in the so-called Auth authoritative sources the uh the Authoritarian sources that they're Pushing the authoritativeness we don't Look at them as being the authority and It's they've been proven to be Untrustworthy so you know we're we're Our opinion is validated but even if it Wasn't we're a customer and if you go to A store if you have you know let's say You go to Starbucks you ask for a coffee And they give you chicken broth and they Say hey chicken broth is better for you Coffee and they give you a list of Reasons that coffee is bad for you and You should ra you chicken broth they Give you all the reasons that chicken Broth is better for you and you SL throw The chicken broth back at them right Because that's not what you ordered Right who are they to tell you to drink Chicken broth even though chicken broth Is better but in this case the stuff That they're pushing isn't better and The fact that CNN and MSNBC and the Authoritative sources and Hillary Clinton are all whining about it is Because people people have rejected them They're not digging them they can't Create an audience they can't you know

They can't um you know they're being Beaten by you know the alternative media Right and so nobody ask them to do this They're not serving their customers and So they also have people they have to Answer to which is their advertisers and I can see that they have to do something You know I don't mind the things that They put underneath videos or whatever It might be little factchecking things You know they want to do that I mean They're welcome they you know it's a Private platform it's a private company But in terms of gaming the search Results that's Blasphemous like it's just freaking Blasphemous I mean that's all you can Call it and part of the reason they did This was a faulty report let me show you That here so one of the major reasons For Um the uh censorship that was being done And I don't want to call it censorship Because these are private companies but It's more than just that right the Reason for making these drastic changes And we're going to get into the effects Of these changes and all the hypocrisy Behind it but in 2016 the NSA the CIA and FBI put out a Joint report background to assessing Russian activities and intentions in Recent elections the analytic process And cyber incident attribution and so

This was a 25-page report and the Majority of the report they talked about The report here had to do with grew they Talk about here the general staff Intelligence doctorate directorate grew Probably again they don't know they're Saying they don't even know this is Speculation probably this is a Conspiracy theory probably began cyber Operations aimed at the US election by March 2016 we assess that Gru operations Resulted in the compromise of personal Email accounts of the democratic party Officials and political figures by May Gru Had exfil exfiltrated large documents of Data from the DNC the DNC should never Have gotten hacked you know pesta here Is um so this is a interview with John Podesta in 2014 And he talks about um NSA and Espionage and this is his Interview podesta 65 is a special Adviser to the US President Barack Obama and then it says um he went he Went to Berlin to have some sort of Meeting with the Prime Minister and Focused on cyber Security data Protection NSA surveillance podesta was Chief of Staff under under President uh Under US President Bill Clinton this guy Was a former Chief of Staff who was

Obama's special adviser and he wrote a Paper himself he did a study with other You know prominent people in the Government intelligence Community he Wrote a paper on cyber security this was Obama's cyber security expert and he Talked about it Significantly we don't collect Intelligence to suppress criticism or Dissent we don't collect Intelligence to disadvantage People Based on ethnicity race gender sexual Orientation religion we don't collect Intelligence to provide a competitive Advantage to us companies the presidents The president narrowed bulk signals Intelligence collections to and all this Stuff turned out to be not true they Collect information all that they Anything they can get they've collected And we know this is all lies it's all Come out right it's all come out with The you various whistleblowers all the Information's come out they collect Everything we know we're being spied on In every possible way but on top of that This whole video is about how they've Had to game the system to push forward Their world viw and it's mostly a Democratic world viw I mean the Republicans are part of this but it's Mostly a left leaning worldview but Either way they're trying to exclude any Other opinions and make it hard for

People to find them by forcing Google And you know YouTube or whatever Cooperation they did on their own who Knows how this all went down to game the System this is why this whole video Exists so he's lying here right he's Lying in every possible way but he says Collection for specific security threats Counter Intelligence Counterterrorism counter proliferation Cyber security Force protection of our Troops and allies I think you'd agree With that and combating the transitional Time transnational crime that's a clear Case of my Dyslexia transitional time or Transnational Crime either way um so he talked about Cyber security wrote a paper on cyber Security and then he got hacked like no One in the history of of getting hacked Got hacked right like his hacking was Epic and they also hacked the DNC so That's a complete failure of Obama the DN And the rest of them so there was real Problems there right and then it says Here public disclosures of Russian Collection data we assess with high Confidence that's how they expressed you Know um with mild confidence or or Confidence or moderate confidence or High confidence or extreme confidence so They don't know for sure so this again

You know they said probably up here There's probably it says we assess with High confidence that Gru used the G Guser 2.0 Persona DC leaks and Wikileaks to Release us victim data obtained in cyber Operations publicly and in in Exclusively to Media outlets and so they Talk about gr gfer 2.0 and guu for the Next so many pages and then they get Into Russia today which is the majority Of the rest of this thing it starts on Page um Uh three here and then um this is Page Four and this goes for the rest of the Almost the whole thing's on Russia Today RT's coverage of secretary Clinton Throughout the US presidential campaign Was consistently negative and focused on Her leaked emails and accused her her of Corruption which you know of course Happened the leaked emails was at least Partially their fault I mean they're Responsible to keep their stuff safe Right they're in the government Government they couldn't do it also she Had her own private server for Classified documents which was a real Scandal she had poor physical health and Mental health because we saw her Collapsing and breaking down ties to Islamic extremism some Russian officials Echoed Russian lines for influence Campaign that secretary kon's election

Could lead to a war between the United States in Russia and so they talk about Russia today for the rest here of Russia Today here Russia Today here again this Is only 25 page paper and they're Obsessed with Russia Today somewhere Down here it's um it shows you the view Count and this is what they're really Upset at that Russia today um in terms Of YouTube views that got you know over Almost a 100 million views Al jazer English got this many BBC worlds got um You know they got about over like 2 50 BBC World got about 600 and whatever That is you know this um it goes by 200 Almost 700 million views CNN they only Got 100 million views right um YouTube Subscribers Russia Today got you know These are hundreds of thousands here so They didn't even get like half a million Al jazer BBC world you about the same Again this is what they're upset about CNN got next to nothing CNN got more on Twitter and Facebook likes and Facebook Chatter but they're upset by how well Russia Today did and they just get into It this is you know all their um stuff That they're saying but anybody who's Seeing Russia Today people in the truth Community then the report ends so that's The big report they had two things and They didn't really have it it wasn't Really factual they had stuff about Gru And gfer which they said they kind of

Know they said you know hi high Confidence moderate confidence and low Confidence and so they didn't really Have anything with high confidence they Had a few things with high confidence But most ofly they they didn't know at All right this is stuff that they were Speculating about so this report was Used as confirmation that the Russians Worked with the truth Community to Deprive Hillary Clinton of her presidency by putting out Fake news Right but this is again there's nothing In this report that they're saying is True the stuff about Gru and gfer that Is whatever it is if the Russians hack These guys some of that hacking like I Said is on the Democratic party and John Podesta but that is you know whatever You know America has manipulated Elections America has um killed leaders America has done regime change I mean They did it in 2011 in Libya with Obama Doing that to Gaddafi horrible Gaddafi Was a loved leader he was doing what the UN wanted him to do he was about to Reach all the Millennium development Goals and they just killed the guy you Know what happened in Iraq in Afghanistan wrecking those countries Doing regime change depriving them of Their resources setting up puppet Governments America's been doing that

For years and so if Russia tried to hack American elections America I'm sure is Working on hacking Russian elections Oring doing what they can to influence I Mean what they've done with Putin and The Ukraine America's always meddling Right and that should be you know part Of the conversation here right but the Second part that was about Russia Today Is even worse because I watched a little Bit of Russia Today you know back when I Watched more truther stuff you know After a while I just stopped watching Other truthers and Russia Today Was okay You know it was all right you know it Wasn't the best truth or stuff but the People who watch Russia Today were in no Way going to vote for Hillary Clinton You know it wasn't being watched by Democrats and and Independence and People who I mean most people who watch Russia Today probably weren't going to Vote at all lots of people who are in The truth Community don't vote at all But if they were going to vote for Anybody it would have been Trump and so This idea that the election was hacked By these various um you know groups and That the truth community and Disinformation and so-called faith news Lost the election for Hillary Clinton It's just ridiculous now CNN and MSNBC And all the network news and you know Everything but Fox and fox was only

Mildly supporting Trump were in Hillary Clinton's back pocket she had all the Advantages of owning mainstream media That was putting out information that Wasn't true that was you know treating Her differently than they treated Trump And Trump had Russia Today and and you Didn't you're saying that Coster the ele It's just stupid it's silly and for them To use this report to go out and change The way that the algorithms work so that They would game it away from what people Wanted what the customers wanted in Alternative media and push people Towards CNN and MSNBC and to some extent Fox is just ridiculous it's it's Embarrassing it's embarrassing to use This lame report as some sort of U Barometer of Truth and to call this Reliable and you know these are Legitimate sources and these are the Authority right because why it's it's Done by organizations the NSA the CIA And the FBI that are always lying Putting out disinformation doing Psychological um operations doing Psychological studies and lying and Deceiving and doing covert operations And so these guys aren't honest they all Have you know they all have an agenda They're no more honest I mean they're Certainly less honest than the average Person talking about how they feel about Things on YouTube right and so this idea

That this report um confirmed that Russia played a role in Hillary Clinton Losing the election it was because she Wasn't likable if she you know if the Election was legitimate and and we can't Even say it was right and who's to say The election wasn't rigged for Trump by The government or by the the powers that Be because they wanted to push their Agenda so you know in terms of you know All of these things it's just very weak Argument okay so um you know again I'll Show you the rest of this stuff here and Basically this is stuff that everyone Should know that YouTube did this and You might agree with YouTube doing it But then you know then it's the end of Any sort of civil liberties or free Expression or the capitalist system Right it's rigging the system Against what customers want it's Creating destroying a market that helped Build your platform YouTube to crack Down on fake news backing authoritative Sources again what I just read you was Fake news podesta lied you know he he Lied about what he said they were Collecting data so that's Li the Government lying to you all the time Right and that whole report is not you Know there's some legitimate evidence in There and they might have gotten some of Their speculation right but it certainly Isn't real news right it's most news is

Subjective and I've talked about this Before you know history is subjective You know math is concrete you know math Is you know numbers and 2 plus 2 equals 4 except if you're Will Smith he said you know two plus two Could equal five if he wants it to but History is his story right that's it's Somebody's story history is people Reporting what happened and then they Can say say this is the good guy and That's the bad guy that's why the you Know history is always written by The Victors history is always written by the Oppressors whoever won the war gets to Tell the story right the other side has Been decimated so when there's you know You're in control of the the court System you're control of the media You're in control of the official Whatever it is right the official story Science you're in control of science You're control of the the so-called Authority authoritative figures the you Know this is the authority then you get To tell the story and you say well this Is a bad guy this is the bad behavior Conspiracy theorist are bad there are no Real conspiracies except when it's Trump And then they are real conspiracies you Know this kind of thing the Republicans Do conspiracies but the Democrats don't Right this kind of way of portraying Things and so you know the election was

Going to be rigged remember there was a A documentary made by HBO called Killchain it was about how easy it is to An election with um voting machines with Digital voting machines computerized Voter machines including the companies That were running the election they had All these hackers hack the machines in Las Vegas they had like a hackers Conference and they easily all hacked The machines and they showed how easy it Was to rig the election Nancy kichar and Other leading Democrats were in the Documentary talking about how Trump was Going to rig the election and then when Trump lost it was like no this there's No way to Reg election elections are Pure or you know all those types of Things right that's history that's the Story and so these are private companies But they're built by people they're Built by all of us we all contributed to Building YouTube in fact they wouldn't Be trying to Censor unauthoritative Voices voices that aren't aligned with The mainstream media with the mainstream Government with the mainstream Everything they wouldn't be trying to Silence us if there it wasn't such a a Big deal if it was only you know a Couple hundred thousand people you know It's onethird of the Population that watches Conspiracy

Theory videos up to half the population Has watched some of them right I mean Everyone's seen one or two of them Whether they've rejected them or not and So it is a vast amount of people it's The majority of the people adults that Are engaged in this kind of um content In one way or another they're making it Watching it so they said we're going to Silence these voices right we're going To silence these alternative opinions And again a lot of it's BS I talk about All the time there's lots of Disinformation or just people lying or People you know being stupid I mean There's all that stuff there but it's Still more truthful and it's still Better than the mainstream media which Everybody knows right and they're trying To you know Salvage this and they can I'll get into that in a moment you know They're trying to reverse it so you go Back to mainstream Med and that just Won't ever happen YouTube invests 25 Million to promote authoritative news Ahead of us midterm elections so this is All the way in 2018 they kept on Doubling and tripling down as time went On so then I search for real truther Channels and I wanted to demonstrate This here I don't watch truther channels Anymore but I used to all the time and I Noticed on my phone and I talk to my son About this he doesn't really watch

Truther channels but he was talking About this the same way that you can Watch multiple videos for one channel And they'll never recommend that channel But you watch one video from a channel That's not that great and YouTube's all Over it and recommending it right and so I said real truther channels I want real Truther channels that's what I'm looking For here I don't want you know some kind Of bogus fake truther channels they put This guy Brian blae out who's Australian And he's obvious it's just lame stuff That he does it's you know I think he is Trying to be funny and they're Recommending this guy all over the place And he sucks he clearly isn't a truther Here's another one from him 60 minutes Yeah we're not looking for that another One from that guy Brian Blaze Unexplained proof of the devil is real The History Channel and then Brian Blaze On Joe Rogan and that's all they Recommend then they get into other Things here you know I watched some Basketball stuff and just you know for Entertainment so when I open my phone App I would say eight out of 10 um Recommended videos is some sort of Sports related basketball related stuff And I you know I'm just not into it that Much right but no alternative media once In a while one of my other channels will Show up like a video I just put out

Because I'm subscribed to those channels But for the most part it's just Basketball and you know sometimes I Watch animal videos you know videos About animals or people with you know Weird pets and things like that um but You know for the most part there's no Alternative media ever recommended I Mean never there's never anything like That there's no truth or stuff ever Recommended and I might watch some you Know different sort of a channel that YouTube wants to promote and I don't Like it like I watch like 10 seconds of It and they'll recommend it for to me For like weeks and my son said he had The same thing happen you know that Channel said he didn't even like he Watched like one time or whatever and They won't stop recommending it right They won't you know leave you alone About the thing scanning through your Feed if you click on this here let me Just show you this here so here's my Normal YouTube feed and there are these Um you know whatever stuff they're Recommending majority of stuff here is Basketball some stuff I don't even know Why they recommend it to me right um but On your phone it doesn't show you here But on your phone if you click on this This it'll give you the option to say Don't show me this channel again but I Tried to do it in the search engine and

They wouldn't let me do it because I was Trying to get rid of all these channels That they were recommending to me to see How long it would take before they Recommended a real truther Channel Because that's what I want and Everything that they see me produce as a Content provider everything that they Know about me which is a lot they know What I'm asking for but they said we Know better and we're going to um Recommend this other stuff here and so Then here I re I search for real Conspiracy theory channels same thing to Have different way of saying it again With this guy Brian Blaze watch Mojo Don't want that the odd ones out don't Want that watch Mojo again Brian blae Again that's not what I want to watch Right like I I haven't ever watched any Of these channels never once did I look At anything like these channels it's not What I'm looking for who the are You to tell me to watch this when I'm Looking for something else you know what I'm looking for and you're withholding It you're Pricks right you arrogant evil Manipulative abusive Pricks like who are You to exclude what I and other people Want to watch and push this crap on us After so many of us collectively help Build your platform for you with real Content that we either watched or Produced or made ourselves and now

You're gonna you know promote this crap This garbage this superficial And then Pro all these other things and You know it's I mean you guys suck like You've gone to the dark side it's Embarrassing how bad you are I mean you Should be humiliated and uh I mean just Everything bad should happen to you on a Spiritual level just from being this Deceptive and going against you know What your primary function is is to help People find what they're looking for More your Bots and your machine learning You know I tried to advertise on YouTube Because they stopped recommending my Channel because they're shadowbanning me I'm in the editing process I'm going to Add this um you know I discussed this Over a series of videos and so they were Running my ad I made a a video ad and I They were running my ad and I asked them I was and I was talking to a guy a sales Guy who was in charge of my ad account And Google and I said I want to run this Exclusively at YouTube channels because I had a 15-second ad I wanted to run Before videos and you know my wife had a Good idea and she said well maybe they Have a way of you can just pick the Channels so I asked the guy and he said Well you can recommend channels you want To run ads on and the channels they Running my video the ads on were Horrible like I'm they're wasted my

Money and you know people aren't going To watch the ad anyway but when they do They're not going to come to my channel Cuz it's not my audience like it was Just bizarre stuff so far away from you Know anything that I wanted to run and You know when I put in key words and the Other way that you do is you put in key Words they wouldn't have any keywords Like conspiracy or truther or truth or Spirituality or nature I mean even Farming they didn't have homesteading Like I talk about homesteading stuff on My you know just to get somewhere in the Neighborhood of the people that watch my Videos you know the people who uh you Know other channels that are similar to Mine and they don't have any searches For people in the truth Community even Though it's a massive demographic on YouTube it's onethird of the population Are in some way you know into Alternative media but they've excluded That whole demographic which is you know It's not racist but it's like you know Racist adjacent right it's a way of Being prejudiced because of people's Beliefs and demonizing those people and Say you're not worthy of you know being Considered an advertising demographic And so the guy said I could recommend YouTube channels and I don't watch Truthers Channels anymore like I said Before because I like my um opinion to

Be my own like I don't want to be Influenced by other people in the truth Community a lot of the stuff in the Truth Community is like any kind any Kind of movement there gets to be set You know uh there's a there's a world View that everybody sort of adopts right And there's you know there's truth or Facts that aren't facts there's things That most truthers believe that aren't Actually true which I started to find Out years and years ago you I've been Doing this I've had this channel since 2007 and been making these videos Full-time as a job since 2014 so 10 Years and I've you know been a part of The community you know before 2007 and so um you know I'm aware of the The the es and flows and things but you Know I I assess my own you know when There's an event I have my own way of Thinking about it and I don't want to be Influenced by the the group of you know The egregor of the the group right and So I don't really know that many truther Channels a lot of them have disappeared The ones I used to watch and so I asked My audience what other channels do you Watch that you think there's a you know Cross-section of audience and they gave Me about 50 or so 60 channels and some Of those channels um weren't Monetized but the ones that were I Recommended and I said' look I want to

Run ads just on these channels and the Guy said to me well I can't do that I Have to submit my you know whatever it Is to the bot you know machine learning In the Bots that even though I was the customer And I said I want to run my ads on these Channels and these channels were going To be cheaper because they're not Desired channels because they're truth Truther channels and it's the exact Audience it's the exact people I want to Reach who are you know my my viewers Watched those channels as well so it's a You know it's it was what's best for me And he couldn't do it he said when the Machine learning gets around to it he Might recommend some of those channels But the channels the machine learning Was doing was horrible was just wasting My money so YouTube ads and Google ads Suck and it's not going to work for Anybody because their machine learning Sucks and they've narrowed their you Know their key words and things to Demographics that are so you know it's Just brain dead people right like the The most sheep like people and then I Lost faith in in terms of YouTube and Google as a business I'm like this is a Failed business you know it's a failing Business because their ads suck and I You know my I'm making a living off of Running they're running ads and people

Are going to realize that their ads Don't work because their their way of Reach you know they don't reach the Audience is the the demographics that They're supposed to reach and it's not Just truth or this is goes across the Board they're machine learning they Bots That can control everything we've seen This over and over again how many you How many times have you had an Interaction with somebody I talk to Somebody on Verizon the other day and They couldn't do anything until the bot Approved it you know human beings are Now answering to algorithms Bots and Ai And it sucks they're they're not able to You know the human beings can't do Something as a you know just to uh Pacify a customer they have to go Through some machine Overlord right some You know AI bot Overlord you know and They've lost control of it and you see This over and over again the customer Service is now predicated on Bots Approval but let me just complete this Thought I you know I shot this clip Yesterday and now I'm just adding some Context to it um the next day today's Saturday April 27th and so YouTube has YouTube and Google as information providers they're They're there as Gatekeepers between you And the information right and you know There a business like I understand the

Business side of it and I appreciate That I don't like I'm not a businessman And so if I have to go out and um either You know get my audience to pay me to You know run some sort of uh put some Sort of pay wall between my audience and My content That's just an extra hassle for Me right and I just am not a you know I Don't like talking about money and you Know all these things like I don't like Asking for money and you know all these You know again I'm providing a service Here and people will pay for it but I Don't really want to go that route and It's going to limit my audience because YouTube has the biggest Audience and So What YouTube does for me You know I make content every day and It's frustrating for me to do other Things like do business related things And if I form a relationship with Advertisers then you know there's a Level of you know they're paying me and It's a whole kind of thing there right And so you know in terms of influencing My content and none of those things are Desirable for me so what YouTube does For me which I appreciate is they go out To the business world and they secure Advertising revenue and then they run Ads on my channel my you know my various Channels and so I appreciate that like It's you know I've made a living off of

YouTube doing that and you know there's A supposed partnership here and I create The content and they handle the business Side and the part that they're supposed To be doing that they're not doing Anymore is promoting my channel Connecting me with the people who want To see it and I'm not saying they should Promote me to people who don't want to See it but there's a vast amount of Truthers out there that are looking for Channels like mine and YouTube no longer Recommends those channels and even to The people who are subscribed YouTube Unsubscribes them all the time and Doesn't recommend or let them know give Them notifications of new content I put Content up every day so YouTube is Failing me in our partnership and so you Know part of their job is to run average They have to have their financial Wing Right I understand that they have to be You know they're Corporation and they're Not going to be you know I don't expect Them to be truthers I don't expect them To be alternative media but they have to Recognize the the you know what they owe All of us in terms of we helped create Their platform a big part of their Platform is is in one way or another Alternative media it's YouTube right It's people going out and and making Content and some of it's going to be About news events and things like this

And CNN didn't build YouTube neither Does MSNBC in fact they're competing Against it and so instead of honoring All of us And the commitment and the partnership That we were supposed to have they Started to push CNN MSNBC and fox who Have their own platforms and aren't Really anything more than they have YouTube channels but they're just crappy You know things to you know whatever Right there's a violation of trust there Right that you know we are providing Something for them and we've had this Kind of relationship and they've just Stabbed Us in all the bat stabbed us on The back and betrayed us and again you Know I can understand they have to Change some things they have to there's Pressure on them to do all these things Right but at the end of the day your job Is to connect people with information It's like a person who prepares food Cooks food for people like there's it's Very simple you know it's a simple Understanding of what their job is People are looking for information and You connect them with the information But when you start gaming the Information And you start preventing people from Getting access to that information You're you know you're doing evil you've Become evil you're picking winners and

Losers and you're telling your customers We know better than you and you know I I Can also agree with that like democracy To me is failed because people are Stupid but I didn't make people stupid Right it's the system that did we have a System you have the education system you Know the government's the government has Made an educational system and then a Social system and the social system the Educational system and taking parents And destroying the family and having Both parents work and having kids be Raised by you know now the internet and Before schools and their peers where They spend you know now they only spend Like like 90 minutes a day with their You know with their moms I mean it's not Even you know quality time like it's you Know meals that rushing here and going There and even less time with their dads And they spent 8 n hours on the internet And you have you know years and years of Indoctrination that what they're saying Is the government's saying and the Mainstream media saying and YouTube and Google are saying is that you guys Arc Capable of thinking for yourselves you Guys aren't capable of having different Opinions outside the mainstream media Only truth that that's there is for us To tell you what the truth is that's the Only truth That Our Truth is the only truth and you

Guys can never come up with the truth on Your own because you're too stupid You're too under evolved like we're We're you know more evolved than you and We have to manage you we have to manage The information that you have because You can't handle information that's not You know handpicked for you by us and That's what they're saying and to some Extent I would agree with that based on What I've seen on the Internet or just Going to Walmart or just seeing what's Out there but then you have to admit That democracy is a joke that there is No real democracy because you can't you Know you can't trust people to pick a Quality president but the problem is the People who run the system are more Depraved and they're not smarter you Know some of them are born into it right They might be good at one or two things But they're not smarter and they're you Know good at keeping a dysfunctional Evil system going uh despite it you know I mean it should have collapsed already Economically in every other way but when You started the search engines and you Guys opened up video platforms and Social media platforms where people Could now share content without because Before if you wrote a book or if you Made a if you wanted to make a movie or If you wanted to be on the a television Or if you want to be on radio you had to

Go through the Beast the system you had To be hired you you would had editors And Publishers you had people that Wouldn't let you say certain things and So it was the information flow was Completely controlled that you had to go Through one of these Gatekeepers unless You ran some underground newsletter or You had some you know Pirate Radio or Something but even then your audience Would be very limited but now people had Potentially a global audience every time Somebody makes a YouTube video there's a Chance or used to be a chance now They've you know constrained this that This video is going to go viral and you Would be heard Globally and Independent Artists and Independent people now didn't have to go Through the beastly system didn't have To have Gatekeepers and handlers Managing what they said and what they Did and so independent creators were now Researching and coming up with very Different narratives and opinions than What was on the mainstream media and There was a natural flow to it of course Some of it was going to be sucky and Some of it was going to be you know Really uh for dumb people and you know Really stupid and it was going to be Like the you know the QB the Q andon Movement that's just real you a bunch of Dummies Flat Earth stuff there's going

To be stuff like that I mean it's just Part of it and you have to you know have Faith in humanity or you don't but if You didn't have faith in humanity then Why do the internet in the first place Right because inevitably this is what's Going to happen you have to let it run Its course and if you're a search engine You're in charge of connecting people With information you have to connect People with the information that they Want to find regardless of whether you Think it's true or good or positive or It's your worldview or your beliefs that Has no part of it right that's not your Job your job isn't to decipher what People should see hear and think and you Know what they what you present to them That isn't your job and you violated Something on a spiritual level Especially since the whole platform was Built by people who had these opposing Views and weren't a part of the the uh Official story you know that's why it Was called YouTube and now you've you Know gone against your primary function And it's afraid all of us right and There's consequences for that spiritual And you know material there's Consequences for failing to do your job For blocking what you know the flow the Natural flow of things so I use the Brave browser here Brave browser is Supposed to be an independent browser I

Don't know people recommend it to me Years ago and I I need four browsers Because I have four separate YouTube Channels and I have four different Accounts open and so the brave browser When you search um uh if you it's a Search engine associated with it real Truther YouTube channels it comes up With a real truther which I don't think Is a truther Channel but you know it's Giving you complete different results Right truther TV our conspiracy truther YouTube channels so you get this access To it here real truth or videos managing Harf's conspiracy theories on YouTube It's a Blog hon influencers through YouTube for removing their content so It's they have a totally different set Of um you know they're not it's not Sophisticated enough to to pull out like Truther channels you know that doesn't Understand the word truther so they have A different set of results for Conspiracy theories as well on YouTube um and so you know still Probably isn't going to give you the Results that you're looking For uh but it is going to give you Better results than you're getting from Uh these other mainstream you know Search engines right they're not Blocking anything it's going to maybe Give you some of the more popular Channels like they have that channel

Shane that sucks but it's you know Better than the the anti-conspiracy Theory stuff that you're getting Everywhere else um Bann you banned Conspiracy channels so in YouTube over It's antiq andon stuff there again Q Andon sucks you know you're not looking For that but you know the it is um it's Just you know again this is how browsers And and um this is how search engines Are supposed to work so then there's the Midterm elections Google manipulates Search engine results against Republicans media Research Center Says so there's that Then there's this Google Search is Quietly damaging Democracy how Google interferes with its Search algorithm and changes your Results we all know This and then Google helped boost obam Clinton Presidential runs while Censoring Republicans report says it's All there so you've done what you Accusing the truth community of doing You're gaming the results using your Power a lot more power than you have Than the so-called truth Community to do Something that is essentially evil I Just want to wrap this up and I want to Talk about this on a personal level Because like I said you know I have Really benefited from YouTube Not only As a a content creator but as a viewer

Of YouTube videos it's my favorite app And Platform and so not just because I do Work here but I you know I enjoy the Videos like I use YouTube more than Anything else I'm not a really big Social media person but YouTube I enjoy So the people that control the system And I you know in any in any time there Are people who are supposed to look out For the greater good human beings are Emotional violent you know unstable the Mob can always go off on something and Destroy something without really Thinking human self-sabotage I mean I Have a master's degree in counseling and And I worked with in tre treatment Centers with sex offenders adolescent Sex offenders and in outpatient clinics And you know I've seen it all right and I've been covering the dregs of society All the way from Hollywood to Politicians to everybody else here on YouTube you know and I understand the Nature of human beings I've seen it Personally that human beings will Self-sabotage human beings will destroy Something and then regret it later on Human beings will break things and Regret it later on and so this is always Got to be considered like I understand The nature the unstable nature of Humanity and it's only gotten worse by Our modern day system the people who run

The system have guided Humanity in the Wrong direction we've become more and More unnatural we're you know we're Distanced from our families and our Where where you know the family unit has Been destroyed and people are no longer Acting and behaving like natural human Beings what natural human beings need we Live in cities we're no longer connected To Nature we're no longer connected to The Divinity within us religions have Hijacked our spiritual our natural Spiritual process and and the hedonistic Nature of our materialistic world that Wants everything to be externalized you Know there's no introversion and no Self-reflection we've hemorrhaged Vocabulary words and you know we're Getting I mean it's idiocracy happening Right in front of us right so I Understand all that like I you know I'm More uh I don't know if the word Pragmatic or more you know generous with My opinion of the people control the System Because I see you know a lot of people Just want to blame the so-called Elite that's the elite you Elite i' be I'd be so much smarter if it wasn't for The Elite no you probably wouldn't right and So it's not just the elite and I say That all the time it's all of us we've All contributed to this and we're all

Dependent on this system good bad and Evil and that's mostly what it is bad And evil it's mostly a negative system They're good things about it but most of The good things are things that we enjoy That are not necessarily good for us We've gotten weaker more entitled we're Stupider we're um you know more selfish I mean just all the bad things that Human beings more envious more hat you Know full of hatred and anger and so That's what the people who control the System have to deal with it's you know a Lot of it's on their on them for you Know disconnecting people there was a Time where people walked away from the Farm you know people left the farm and I've homesteaded you I milked cows for a Number of years and grew food and you Know I have a farm now I mean I've you Been farming now for like 20 some odd Years you know hobby Farm part-time Farm Growing food and being out in nature and Doing things like that and what I Realized because I didn't grow up with That was you know there was a time where All of us would have had some sort of Survival skills we had some sort of Skills either you know hunting or Growing food or making clothes or you Know all the above like people had to be Jacks of all trait we lived in tribes we Lived in Villages and people were much more

Higher Functioning but this deal was given to People either they were forced off of The farm or they were you know they were Their tribes were conquered or their you Know whatever it was right but the Aboriginal people and the village based People that lived in these more you know Natural human You know cows live in herds and fish Live in schools and humans live in Extended families you know village-based Agrarian families right and that no Longer exists and they said you know Leave the farm and leave all these Skills behind you leave all this toiling And hard work behind you and just do a Specialized skill and lose all this Other you know intergenerational Knowledge that's been passed down from Generation to generation leave it all Behind and we'll take care of you And that and the system will never Collapse so you don't have to worry About it your kids your grandkids and All future Generations will be will be Cool all they have to do is do one Simple task and then they'll get money And they use that money to do all to pay Other people and everyone will have a Specialized skill and that's not the way Human beings are meant to meant to exist And I you know I always look down on or I was told that farmers and doing

Agrarian type work was lower you know I Grew up up in suburbs and you know the World of educational educated people and People who were laborers or people who Did farming but when you're a Homesteader you have so many more skills And you're so much more developed person Than somebody doing one specialized Skill it's just the way it is and that's Something that I've learned from you Know my experience and so we've lost all That and now we're dependent on a system That's collapsing it's collapsing first Of all morally and you know the people Themselves are collapsing but it's more Than just that it's collapsing Economically and you know in every Possible way it's a system it's an evil Empire and it was a system that since it Doesn't align itself with nature and the Divine forces and divine rules and laws That it was never you know it's a scam It's a flimflam Ponzi scheme you know Debt-based Usery economic system and It's never supposed to last those Systems Never Last you know debt is our Wealth and because of all of that and I've talked about this in so many videos We're dependent on we're 100% dependent On the system we don't have the skills To do something else and we don't have a Backup plan and that's scary for Everybody and it should be but there's a Natural evolutionary course that's going

To you know there's contingencies in a Divine plan in nature there's Contingencies and when your system and The people in it get so messed up like People are you know so psychologically Messed up right now and so uh not what They're supposed to be there's Corrective measures to bring down the System that we're 100% dependent on it's Going to happen in one way or another And one way would be people realize the Truth of their you know the you know the Their bondage and the and the way the System is hurting us all right the System isn't making people better it's Making people weaker more selfish more Entitled and more mentally ill and the People at the top of the system the Ultra wealthy are the most screwed up People of all the you know everyone's Screwed up and they're really screwed up Right because this type of you know the Money and the opulence and the you know The Hedonism and all these things the Constant pleasure without any sort of um You know any sort of uh like something Else to balance it out you need pain you Need difficulties you need things to Overcome and without those things your Personality fragments and you become Sort of demonic and all that eventually Everything's going to run its natural Course and when you engage in something And you start something you have to let

It run its natural course and they Started social media they started the Internet and this is the way it's gone And they don't like it because they're Losing control but you can't put that You know you can't put the genie back in The bottle it's going to happen like you Can make it harder for people you could Be dicks about it but the collapse of Our system is inevitable you know as I Was saying before democracy doesn't work You know I have very little respect for People who would vote for Trump or Biden Because so obvious that they are not you Know worth voting for right that the System's broken if those are the best Two guys you can produce two 80-year-old Men who are both you know moral Degenerates and you know bad leaders I Mean they're not even leaders at all They're both puppets in one way or Another and to pretend like this there's Something here when there's not it's Just it's embarrassing right it's just Wishful thinking but people have a right To vote people have a right to be fans Of these things and it's going to run Its natural course I can't control it Just because I don't agree with it I can Verbalize my opinion people aren't going To listen to me because they think you Know they're they think there's a There's a plan they think there's a There's a way out of this thing they

Think there's a savior and there's not Because the system itself inevitably Collapses all Empires collapse all Civilizations collapse and this one will Collapse and it looks like it's going to Happen sooner or later but there is a Free flow of information and there's People like me who understand that there Is a spiritual movement which is the Next evolutionary step where people Connect to the Divinity within them and Become Saints and there's a Divine Process that is available to people as Well as people you know this is what Pockets of the future means people Starting to live now the way everyone's Going to live in the future that when a Civilization collapses there's got to be People who see it collapsing and Who Start adapting and this channel is about Adapting and it should be you know Available to people to give them the Opportunity to start thinking about what It means for them to adapt just you know The information the way I present things Here it's an opportunity for people just To contemplate what their role is and What their place is in the future and Whether they're going to be people who Can survive a collapse of the system and How how they'll go about doing that you Know not some paranoid way and Fear-based way but just you know looking At their lives and developing skills and

Connecting to the Divinity within them Which will be mandatory for people in The future because of the you know the Problem was caused by you know religions Blocking people's interconnection to the Divinity within them and the system Itself and encouraging people to be Materialistic and hedonistic you know For me I believe I have a solution it's Not my solution but it's a solution that I was lucky enough to be a part of and It's something anybody can do is find The Divinity that resides within their Inner system their hearts and connect With the soul within everybody has a Soul and an ego and most people egos Have hijacked their Soul's purpose and That's where the problem has started Here it's a very simple problem it's a Very easy fix It's not easy that people can do it but It's simple When people's egos Relinquish control of their system and They follow they learn to follow and Navigate with their souls and their Hearts and the Divinity you know lights Their way along their spiritual path They become something more than this Right they become selfless and service Oriented and they become loving and Nurturing and their higher nature is Revealed and that's something that Everyone needs to hear and everyone Needs to know that there's that

Potential not that everyone will do it But at least they given the opportunity And YouTube has blocked that Possibility in many different ways right Google and they just keep on putting out This remedial stuff people should know That there's you know what's coming and How to prepare for it and at least be Given the opportunity to change and I Don't believe and have faith in humans Changing you know I've worked in the Change business in terms of being a Counselor and what I do here working as A a preceptor you know spiritual um Trainer in the Sark system and I know That people don't change I you know I Struggle changing myself I know the Whole thing I know the resistance to Change all too well but at least they Should be given the opportunity and YouTube is blocking that in various ways Um you know and that's just evil and They have because the the higher always Has to be included in the lower there's So much lowlevel low brow crap on the Internet and there's so much low brow Low CRA low vibrational crap in Mainstream media but there's a higher You know the higher nature we all have This you know something that appeals to Our higher nature to our you know the Divinity within us the the soul within Us the best version of ourselves is Inside us waiting to get out and that

Has to be included and when you exclude That kind of stuff for power and control There's consequences and you're being Abusive and evil you're doing something That you don't have permission to do Like yes this is your business but There's you know a collective here Especially something like YouTube and You know the customer base being so vast You know Global and you know all of us Have a say in the way this should go That's how social media works that's how The internet is supposed to work that we We all get to contribute something and We start excluding that from people and Pushing out a bunch of crap that had Nothing to do with the creation of the The platform and nobody wants it nobody Wants CNN and MSNBC and you know all the Rest of this stuff we don't want it we Don't want the we we we understand the Mainstream narrative and we've rejected It and so stop blocking the flow of Information stop you know interfering With the natural flow of things because You don't have permission to do so and You're violating your fundamental job And purpose only spiritual vality will Save this world it's Pano definitely Point for the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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