My Channel under attack & Journey Series Heartfulness Daaji Cult Update

My Channel under attack & Journey Series Heartfulness Daaji Cult Update

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I Want to address some of the stuff with The journey series here um you know People are upset about it being deleted Hoping I can upload the videos and I Want to talk about the heartfulness cult The dodgy cult and mock some of their Stupidity I mean they're just like Freaking boneheads over there and I'll Get into that um But there are people who said they were Having Difficulty finding my new channel so you See here um it's right up here backup Channel exposing the heartfulness dodgy Scam and so I changed the name dodgy to Commish his real Name and um I'll get into that in just a Moment but now I've changed it back to Dody and it's now called exposing the Heartfulness um the heartfulness cult Dodgy Scam and the reason I did that you'll Tell you in just a moment but here's the Channel as it is now exposing the Heartfulness called dodgy scam and so This video was already Um an older video here right that I Uploaded yesterday but all the new ones Will have the appropriate title and I'd Hope to change the name to just Something a backup Channel Related um and I thought I was going to Do that but now it seems like I have I'm

In this for the Long Haul so let me Transfer over to my um voice over here For a moment so why if I added the word Cult well I've believed that dodgy has Turned this into a cult for a while but I never Thought that it was my Responsibility to take down dodgy or Take down the system like I don't think It's my responsibility to do any of Those things anything that I post here Is information related and it's my Opinion you know I talk about things I Give people my opinion but I don't Advise people I don't want to be Responsible for other people's actions I Don't you know this nothing I do here is Advice I don't um try to bring people Together and form some sort of a group Like I could have you guys all or at Least ask you guys all to um somehow Spam or go after for heartfulness you Know there's times that some guy uh There was some dispute I had years and Years ago and the guy sent his audience Some of it we had we shared an audience To some of the truth Community he copied My video completely without my Permission I didn't know who he was I Didn't know anything about it but he Made it sound like I was somehow Attacking him I some shill because he Took my video without me knowing about It and he sent all of his commenters and

I had it was a day where I had a Headache and you know I mean it was a Weird thing that happened um it was just A bad day and I had 300 comments of People like why' you do that all this Stuff right which was a dick move on his Part and you know I don't do that like I Don't abuse my audience in some way I Don't try to get my audience to fight my Battles for me and I'm not out to get Anybody like I'm not out to take Anybody's Channel down or I'm not out to Cancel anybody cuz that's between them And God I'll give you my opinion about Anything you know anything that I can Express here like I don't hold back my Opinions or reading or of something Unless my opinion isn't worth anything And maybe it never is like maybe it Never is I don't know but you know this Is a comedy channel and I you know keep Things light but in terms of consequenc Something or destroying something I'm Not you know I don't feel like that's my Job I've never been instructed by God to Do that I'm not here to take dodgy down Or the heartfulness organization down But I have in the past talked about it Positively because when it was sahaj Mar It was not a cult it was a wonderful Organization that transformed my life in Every possible way and it was a Beautiful thing and those of us who Experienced sa Marin master chargie was

The master And people before that in the early days Of Boby or ly they know how wonderful This organization was and I assumed Because Dody had all the spiritual work Done to him which I observed and I knew Him you know Commish klish Patel who now Calls himself dodgy I mean it's a Nickname he gave himself which is just One of the many Fe fails because dodgy Sounds like dodgy right the way he Spells it is da AGI but to Americans and English people you understand there's a Word called Dodgy which means you know being a Scammer being still I mean it's just It's a bad word right I'll get the Direct definition here it is a British Word you know used mostly by British Honest or unreliable potentially Dangerous of a low quality low grade not To be trustful deceitful dishonest Dubious I mean these are the words It's Associated with and so Dody sounds like Dodgy they're pronounced exactly the Same and for a guy you know Britain has A India has a relationship with with England and klish lived in America his Whole life he never heard of the word Dodgy or did he he just didn't think how It would play so he gave himself the Name dodgy which means basically Respected Uncle it's just a way that

He's you know it's one of his many Failures This is dirty piness all of It something smells Dodgy okay let me go back to finding This new channel so the best way is to Go to any of my videos my new videos my Latest videos on any of my three Channels and go to the the U description Box below the video and find the link Because the link works it's just that if You search for the name also I said um The um the Last uh the letter in the in the Exposing the scam the scam starts with a Dollar sign because I thought that's Funny but obviously it's going to be Harder to search for eventually when the Channel gets been around for a while it Be easier to find and so that just sucks For them and there's already Consequences for that because There was a person who Started um Heartfulness like yesterday didn't know About me didn't know about the channel I'll read the comment I have this Section I've already done I'm using in Two videos it's already up and it's Going to be up on my um other Channel With a different you know it's I'm using The same segment in a different way on Each Channel but she went to get her Heartfulness meditation and the bone

Head over there preceptor is bragging to Her about reading through Blindfolds which is the brighter mind Scam for those of you guys who know About it um and so yeah that happened And she freaked out and started to Search the internet and she found my Channel because she was looking for Heartfulness being a cult or scam and so There is a consequence for Dodgies um and the people are there at Heartfulness for taking down my videos And the journey series you know that's Hurt all of us and there's many people You know I'll show you a few comments I Guess I can um show you that here I'm Not going to read the comments but there Are people who are very sad very upset About the journey series being taken Down people that's their favorite thing On the internet there's people that That's their favorite thing on YouTube Of course I'm going to make more Journey Series videos and you can you know I'll Put this in the journey playlist I'll Make a new playlist and this will be Part of it um if I haven't taken that Playlist down I'll just put it in that One but this will be you know maybe the First edition and then I'll put in other Videos later I already have one that I'll take out any of the the um Copyrighted material but there are People who said like one person said

They listen to it and it helps them go To sleep you know things like that so And you guys can go read the comments And there's lots of comments and many of You guys who love the Journey series are Upset by that and there has to be Consequences and so let me put it this Way I knew when I used clips from Heartfulness that there was the Possibility they would copyright them And I would get copyright strikes like I I knew that would be a possibility i' Like to say that I thought that they Weren't stupid enough to do that but They are right you know because they're Just that stupid they don't really think Things through they've made one bad Decision after another dodgy made Horrible Decision decisions that are you know Brain dead decisions and so when I start To use their you know I start to take Clips of their Hypocrisy and expose you know things That were not only against s Mar but Were cult-like behaviors and their lies And things like this I knew that there Was a possibility that they could Copyright what I was doing like that was Always there you know and I took the Risk that that wouldn't happen or I just Accepted that if that happened I would Have to take the videos down and you Know suffer the consequences like when

You do something like that you suffer The consequences right for the most part Copyrighted material is no no longer a Risk to your channel because the Copyright holder either gets to run ads Or gets information or whatever from Your usage so they get something out of It YouTube's worked it out but I knew That they're pretty you know Goofy and Emotionally based at heartfulness and They're you know they're also fear-based And you know they they're very worrisome And so like I knew it wouldn't be an Easy decision for them but it's Something that they um could do and I Knew once they gave me a copyright Strike on my gratefulness meditation Channel they might do it to the journey Series as well and that meant I would Have to take down the whole journey Series and maybe they didn't think I Would do it or they just didn't you know They don't think and they don't see the Big picture but them giving me a Copyright strike to one of my videos Meant that I was going to have to take All down all of them because I don't Know which ones I have used copyright Material and so that was the consequence For me personally and you all for me Using using those clips but then there's Going to be a consequence for them right Because they're censoring me they're Engaged in cult-like behaviors and I

Have a list here I'm going to show you And out of nine out of 10 of the list on The um this list of cult you know things That Cults do signs that you're an a Cult you know they have nine out of them Right like out of a a 10 a list of 10 uh Heartfulness has nine of them and one of Them of course is the way they deal with Conf conflict right and when you have an Organization and you have you know Anything like I have to figure out the Way I'm going to deal with conflict Right and the internet's a sucky place And there's a lot of hostile dopes out There and you see the way I deal with it You know I ban people and sometimes I Read their comments and confront them For their behaviors and their attitudes You know I mock them because they're Mockable and that's the way I deal with It and I'm not a spiritual organ ation Or trying to sell myself as a good Person you know so it's a little bit Easier for me right if I was looking to Mass distribute and I wanted every Person to be a potential customer then I'd have to handle conflict differently Right I would have to handle criticism And things like this diff uh differently And the reason why they're so stupid is That they're engaged in cult-like Behaviors and they're coming from a Indian business man perspective because That's all these guys conservative

Indian businessmen who are very arrogant And because of the cast system and the Way they treat people who are successful And the way they treat elders and the Fact that people who are considered Gurus are above reproach people who are Connected to God don't get criticize Because they're just operating on a Whole different level than you are and So nobody dares criticize them and when People have asked about dod's Dopey Decisions I mean longtime practitioners I've been practicing Saj Mark for over 30 years now and there are lots of People who have practiced it longer and They're flipped out by what dod's done And instead of addressing those concerns They've gaslit people they've criticized People even threatened people according To some people who've come to me and Told me of their stories and they have Been handled criticism by um cult what Cults would do this is what Cults do When you criticize them right and so This this other Act of censoring me is a Big mistake because now they've taken This thing to another level and like I Said before I wasn't in conflict with Them I'm Not In conflict I'm not out to Get them you know they might think I am But I'm not but I was mistreated and I'm Not a victim but I was mistreated I Handled in a way that was inappropriate And showed them to be what they were and

Since I had been so um you know I had Been so uh positive in my coverage of Heartfulness and was telling everybody What a great organization it was you Know you guys all saw through dodgy Because you didn't see the good parts Like I knew him beforehand I knew him When he was a great preceptor and a Great Abasi and he was spiritually Evolved like he had it you going on when Charie was alive he was somebody that You know people looked up to I mean I Didn't you know know him all that well But my experience of him was he was Somebody who was getting it done in the Sark method but after chargie left he Turned on chargie and he just got stupid And he fell you know like a stone and Now he's just uh you know just I mean Embarrassing but I it took me a while to Figure that out because I had these Positive experien And I was pretty sure that couldn't Happen based in the sjar teachings but It did right and once I accepted it you Know I had to come out and tell Everybody yeah I was wrong about this And that you know I found out all this Information and people were interested In it and then people came forward from The SJ Mar heartfulness organization and I want to make a distinction here Because heartfulness is a cult and sojar Wasn't uh which is one of the blessings

Here Because um you know the SJ Mark should Never be known as a cult because it was Just a wonderful organization but Dody Created this thing called heartfulness Where he's the founder and he's taking a Different direction and so I owed it to My viewers to tell them that I had new Information and I no longer believed or In any way endorsed the heartfulness System and I showed them clips and you Know everything that I needed to do and Covered that mostly in the journey Series it had to be done like I had no Choice because You know if I say something's one way And then I find out it's much worse than I thought it's my obligation to you know People are looking for me for Information and some of the people had Started heartfulness and were doing it And I had to you know look out for their Best interest because you know I'm Supposed to be telling the truth here Right if I'm a truther and what I'm Supposed to be doing is telling the Truth then I got to tell the truth right So and I you know I wanted to do it Because I found out this information and Some of it's funny some of it's Interesting and so I I you know I told Them my stories and of course they're Not going to like it because it makes Them look bad cuz you know they suck

Right it's not my fault they suck and Many of you guys saw the heartfulness YouTube channel and what a joke it was And you saw dodgy and he sound like some Idiot because you know he's not that Smart and he says stupid stuff and he Has no Charisma he's in articulate so You guys already had negative feelings About it I mean many of you and so I Just you know said what to be said in in Terms of my experience but in no way was I looking to get into some war with them Or some kind of a fight with them and You know I was doing what needed to be Done and the other thing here is that Criticism in the sjar system Has uh tremendous value it's called ill It kill it and Zill it and I don't know Which one is which but it's critics it's Less Than perfect health and the a little bit Less money than you actually need and Critics help keep you humble so that's The value of criticism it also helps you See things you know good criticism Things that are accurate you know when People just make things up and try to Slander you that's one thing but when People see things see flaws in you and You know you I mean there's a whole Maxim devoted to this right I'll read The Maxum I'll read a little bit of the Description of it it's kind of brilliant But criticism let me say these three

Things so criticism it helps you in Variety of ways and taking everything That comes as being from God right as a Test as an obstacle something that's There in front of you to help you uh Evolve spiritually everything in your Life there's no victims because of your Past life because of your some scaras Because of your Soul's plan you're going To have difficulties and those Difficulties I mean there's a maxim for That and it's um called the fifth Maxim Be truthful take miseries as Divine Blessings for your own good and be Thankful so miseries as Divine blessings Because they are not because you're just Saying that because they help clean you Out and do things that are um you know That are that help to elevate yourself Spiritually and so the other piece to This is a little less money than you Need keeps you also humble these things Are all you know part of these three Things ill it kill it Zill it is Humility but it also makes you um Frugal The same thing with slightly poor health It helps you be moderate because if You're a little bit sick you're going to Eat better you're going to be less Indulgent like you'll be more Conservative in your in your um you know In what you what you do in terms of um Like indulging in whatever it might be Right less indulgent which is also

Helpful in the spiritual path but here's The seventh maximum be not revengeful For the wrongs done by others take them With gratitude as Heavenly gifts it says All almost all religions so he wrote a Babi wrote a book about this this is the Commentary on the 10 Maxs of assaj mar You can search for that I'm look I'm Reading this off a PDF that is um There's two PDFs two um organizations That have this up there in a PDF almost All religions of the world are Unanimously are unanimously say that Whatever happens is a result of our Actions nobody can ever suffer contrary To this when such is the case let me Just make this a little bit Bigger when um such is the case why do We not think all this is in reality the Outcome of Fate thus formed by us we Ourselves formed Our Fate how was it Formed when we when we do something by Applying our head and heart intellect And interest we form impressions in the Original thing which is the base of all Things and that remains there in seed Form as long as we do not erase its Impressions by undergoing Bogue Enjoyment or suffering in parenthesis And so what that means is that one of The things that bobaji taught when the Universe was created there was this Thing called the KOB which is a a word In Sanskrit and this is the you know the

Creation Theory by SJ Mark you can Believe it or not but this is what and This is not just um this is like an Ancient spiritual yogic knowledge that When the universe was created there was A thought God had a thought you know let It be or you know something like that Right the idea that all creation would Start it was a mere thought a very Subtle thought and from that thought out Of the nothingness was born the universe Like from nothing came the universe and Whatever people think about Big Bang Scientific theories any of these things This is the spiritual Explanation and so from that thought the Ever expanding Universe this one mere Thought created you know everything we Know as the physical universe and the Etheric universes all these things right And what he said is that the human Mind is akin to that thought to that Original thought it's similar to almost Identical to that original thought so Our ability to create and manifest Things our ability to invent things our Ability to solve problems all these Things is because we have some of that Original thought in our internal system And that is from our minds and so we Create things we create our own internal Universe of ideas and things that we Enjoy or or we suffer and we then um in Our internal world you know our our e

Theoric subtle bodies we create these Impressions called somec scaras and Those samsaras are the only thing that You take with you when you die and if You have a samcara for say addiction When you think about alcohol and getting Drunk all the time and you act out on it You get drunk and you you know you're Addicted to alcohol and you die with That addiction you take that addiction With you and in your next life you're Going to be an alcohol olic or drug Addict or something like that right and So you have to clean these things off so That's what he's talking about here so He says and that remains there in seed Form as long as we do not erase its Impressions by undergoing Bogue Enjoyment or suffering it is compulsary To undergo its Bogue as a rule that's The experience of whatever you've these Impressions you've created nature wants To keep everything pure and Crystal Clear just it had been come down in the Beginning beginning and that's what bog Does it cleans off these some scaras Because you experience them right Because you're going to have some Natural some scaras like you're going to Have marriage some scaras and you're Going to have family some scaras and You're going to have you know whatever You know job you have I mean these are Things that are like your destiny and

You're going to have those experiences The Bogue and then when those Experiences are done if you don't allow Them to if you just do them uh very Lightly and you don't you know you don't It's like um the grooves in a record Album if you just do it in a smooth Fashion you don't leave any Impressions Then you're done with that you don't Have to do it again but whatever is Natural to human life there's some just Natural some scars that you come down With so it says everything by as a rule Nature wants to keep everything pure and Crystal Clear just as it had been Originally come down in the beginning Even the slightest covering dims its Luster thus cover itself assumed a form Of life because Of there being power and force in it and That gets related to Karma accordingly Is because we have assumed ourselves as The doer of things the force of this Very thought has formed impressions in It and so when you have this idea it's Called constant Remembrance in sjar the Practice of sjar but we you have this Idea that God is the doer and just Sharing that experience with you that You're not doing anything that God's Working through you and you don't think Think of yourself as I do and I am Because when you say I am and I do you Immediately separate yourself from God

Right you separate yourself from the Collective but when you think of Yourself as being part of the whole and Part of God and that God is working Through you then you don't get these Egotistical Impressions when you do Something you go oh look at how great I Am right and when you you know when you Have accomplishments and then you build Your ego because your ego thinks it's Doing everything But a spiritual person surrenders to the Idea that everything that you do comes From God and that you can do nothing Without God and that you and God are in Partnership your soul is a part of you And your soul is the part of you that's Divine and without your soul your very Life doesn't exist and anything that you Do is something that comes from God Because everything is God right and so When you have that attitude you don't Form Impressions and so it says here um when We think of ourselves as the doer of Works the force is very the the force of This very thought has formed impressions In it the animation increases and still More with sufficient matter is Accumulated and many twists are are have Many twists have been formed in it in Which the heat of the thought power also Mingles and so these Impressions that You're leaving become a web and they

Intermingle like there'll be multiple Impressions that are watered with the Thought of you have this Divine uh Thought force and you are manifesting This internal web thinking yourself as The doer and creating your own separate Universe which you created away from God And that wraps around your heart and Becomes this this web of some scaras and Then you can't feel God and God's love Because you have your own Egotistical um web that you've created You know when I first found out about When I was reading these books I was Like oh my God this is exactly it like I Just got it and understood this like I You know knew it from a past life or Also from the transmission that's given Right um and so continuing a sort of Boiling points Point begins in it due to The increase of Animation or Consciousness it is the law of nature That everything tries to return back to Its source from which it has come and it Develops a tendency to to go towards and So there's a heat that's created to Clean off these s scaras and that's Where all your pains and sufferings and You know Joys and what whatever it is I Mean it's mostly negative in terms of The things that have to be cleaned off And you have to go through this process Of Boga because your soul is trying to Get rid of all these samsaras so it can

Move forward and connect to God and move Forward as a spiritual Journey and your ego keeps on wanting to Make more because your ego that's your Ego is Separate itself from God you know this Is the difference between you know the Potential Saint or angel in you that's Your soul and the potential demon or Devil in you that's your ego right it's A battle this is like you know with the The devil on one shoulder and the angel On the other that only that only form Which it has come let me go back here Source from which it has come and Develop tendency tendency to go towards The only the only the only form the only That only from which it has come due to Continuous application of heat such a Condition has developed in it that it is Now unable to endure the heaviness Therefore it becomes necessary for it to Go back to its origin in order to Relieve itself a thing coming from a Small thing expands widely when it finds Sufficient field and so these subsc Scars are in seed form and your soul Wants you to go back to the original Source and the purity of your you know Who you are as a soul but your ego's Created this Persona and this you know Its own internal universe and so these Small seed like Subs scaras become Manifest into big aspects of your life

In a way to clean them off but if you Still have the thought that you're the Doer then they just keep on increasing a Thing coming out from a very small thing Expands widely when it finds sufficient Field now this expansion which has taken Place will be sufficiently forceful due To the size of its body when the size of The body is developed stress 2 is Developed in it in proportion to it Because the thing at it also contains Force it takes a form of a different Kind at this stage it tries to percolate In the spaces wherever available and Will affect its influence on those Coverings which are reverse reserved for B thus pain begins and so you have this Whole process going on internally on the Spiritual level where there's all this These Impressions and all these things That you've accumulated and there is a Process to get rid of them right there's A process to clean them off a natural Process but your ego is fighting that Process off and then it says here here Thus paid begins I've explained this Briefly otherwise the form of each Thought can be shown separately such Forms either develop inside or make get G get assistance from outside the proof The purpose of all of which will will um The purpose of all of which will be to Somehow purify it people form their Thought about the external help which

They receive in undergoing the Bogue of Their karma as the wrongs done by others See this is going back to the the Original part of the maxim so let me Read that again people form their Thought about the inter external heal For which they receive in undergoing the Bogue of their karma as the wrongs done By others and due to ignorance spoil Their thought about the thing which is Helping them in Vogue so when people Come up to you when you got a big ego And you think that you're the doer and You're so great and you're you know you Forget about God and you you've created Everything and then you have people who Wrong you in some way and take you down A peg this is and they might be complete A-holes they may be horrible people Right they you know they might suck it Doesn't relieve them of their Suckiness but what they're doing to you Is reminding you that your ego that You're not as great as you think you are And it's helping you uh Realize that you know there's something Better inside you a soul and a spiritual Pursuit and that your ego is blocking That but your ego gets offended by them And your ego gets um you know gets your You get your emotions hurt but in Reality they're doing you a service Because they're helping you clean off Your illusion right so this is the value

Of criticism and the wrongs done by Others so they might be doing you dirty But it's helping clean off some of these Some scaras because there has to be some Pain and misery and suffering that you Undergo because of your Sam scarus and So it says this and when you think about It where you're a victim so going back This way he says um people form their Their thought and external Health from Which they are receiving and undergoing The Bogue of their karma as wrongs done By others and due to their ignorance Spoil their thoughts about the thing Which is helping them in Vogue because They get resentful and they look at the Other people as evil and they hate the Other people which creates more some Scars Instead of saying oh this person is Actually helping me um clean off all This this inner grossness that I got to Get rid of this attitude is quite Improper because it is Indeed it it has indeed helped to purify That thing in other words it has Benefited you in every way when this is The case that work really done by the Some external power through somebody has Helped you very much in getting cleaned In other meaning he has done the work of A friend now since the thought does not Generally reach up to the Extent since the thought does not

Generally reach up to that extent nor Does anybody Ponders over this Philosophy it has been advised to Consider it as from the almighty so that Emnity may not be created in the heart And may be it may not fall from Etiquette under the Circumstances any anything which comes For the benefit Anything that comes for the betterment Through any person fills the heart Spontaneously with delight n this very Condition can be called as that of Gratitude so that's what this Maxim Means be not revengeful for the wrongs Done by others take them with take them With gratitude as Heavenly gifts and Somehow they forgotten all these things As well they as they forgotten that this Is the forceless force the Sark system Is a system that doesn't use Force Because whenever you use Force there's a Counter force and so they've taken a Forceful action by um copyrighted my Videos and it's had consequences my Journey Series has now been erased and It's going to be hard for me to Re-upload it because you know I have Slow internet and like this video will Take maybe two hours to upload depending How long it is this video will probably Be over an hour it'll take between an Hour and 2 hours depending on how good The internet's working and I have

Hundreds of hours of Journey series on Various um you know uh what do you call External hard drives and so that's all Problematic right that's all going to be An issue and so now I have to kind of Deal with that right I have to deal with The whole you know the whole kitten Kaboodle there and so I can make new Journey Series without any copyright Material which I'll do and so there'll Be something and maybe someday I'll Figure out a way to to at least upload The one you know it's a whole thing like I just don't have the time and the Energy to deal with all that right it's Unfortunately because some of these you Know some great things in the journey Series and you guys who have listened to It you know there's a thing there but I've had to accept this as a consequence Right but there has to be consequences For them as well right there has to be Things for them and you know that's Their cult-like behavior and I'm more Engaged now than I was before because Now there's you know there's um you know I'm a person that has in my Curr terms Of my vdic astrology I went for this Vdic astrology reading when I first Became a practitioner at sash Mar and The guy just knew things about me just Reading my chart like it was amazing and What he said that I have like a strong Venus and a strong Mars Venus is the

Planet of love and Mars is the planet of War and those are my two dominant um Planets and so I have you know and it's A good thing to have being a spiritual Warrior but it can be negative if you You let it go that way and I don't want To let it go that way but there's part Of me that's like a warrior and person That will be willing to war or whatever And you know there's things that just Have to be done and you know I'm also Guided by you know my original idea was To make those videos put them up on a Playlist and then just deal with the Comments and the hostility that came From the the cult followers of dodgy and They just move on like I you know it Been bothering me for some time that I Had this information I wasn't sharing it And I wasn't calling dodgy out by name You know part of me felt like I was my I Was responsible to do that and I you Know I I did it and now there's been a Response and now it's escalated to some Extent and again I was never intending To go after the heartfulness system but It's a cult and if you have a religion And all religions are Cults to one Extent or the other and if you have a Spiritual organization or religion you Don't want to be labeled as a cult and The thing about it is it's so extreme Because a religion or a spiritual Organization that's viewed positively

The idea is that organization helps you Connect with God I mean some cases it Helps you get to heaven or you know Whatever their teachings are but people Think it's a place where you can go and Connect with God a church a mosque a Synagogue a you know an asham or Whatever it is right they the temple and They look at these places being sacred Right that where this is where you Connect with God these are holy places This is a holy institution and so They're put up on the top of the list Right be Beyond governments Beyond you Know whatever it is celebrity Beyond any Kind of thing right they're exalted as Being of the highest order an Organization that's there to help you to Connect to God and a true spiritual Organization you know religions are Religions they're you know they're Remedial but a true spiritual Organization and that's what saaj Mar Was actually delivers and helps you to Connect to God and something like that Is so hard to find and it's such a Blessing I can't even explain it right Like how great it is but a cult on the Other hand is you know it has so much Negative connotation I mean a cult can Be devil worshiping it can be demonic it Can be exploiting it can involve human Trafficking and no matter what it's Stealing from people using them Mis

Misusing them you know it's taking these People who are coming to you so that you Connect them with God and it's using That against them to extract labor and Money and power power from and so Religions and Cults are the worst things And all religions are Cults and so you Take something that's as high and Exalted as a you know a positive Attitude towards a religion or spiritual Organization and then you take the Opposite and the lowest what's worse Than a cult right and as I was saying in This other video you know um there's no Oh I we used to be a cult like there's No reformed Cults like once you're a Cult you're a cult and in the internet Being a cult is you know a bad thing and The heartfulness dummies don't realize Because they just they're so full of Themselves like these arrogant Pricks That are there you know when you dealt With these guys they think so much of Themselves you would give them ideas and Sometimes you would know so much more Than they would and all these Western People like there are some brilliant People from America and Europe highly Developed Souls who had past lives in India you know I believe like I had a Past life in the in the m barata and so You know if that's true I was a not only An old soul but I was you know some Somewhat of an important soul in some

Past existence and I'm not saying that For my own egotistical benefit because It is whatever it is like I don't think You know that highly of myself now so You know that means nothing to me it was Important for me to find out for a Variety of reasons but in terms of their View of me as just some Dopey American That that's not correct right in terms Of if that was true but that's how they Would talk to you like they knew so much More because they were from this country And you know they think so highly of Themselves they wouldn't listen to Oppositional opinions these guys and Working with them is really frustrating And all these Americans and Europeans Who may or may not have been wrong or May may may or may not have been right They least wanted to be heard and they Were frustrated working with these guys And so Master char sort of elevated all Of that and produced quality work even With the conflict and even with the the Cultural Difficulties but when he when he passed Away these clowns who thought so much of Themselves and they thought they knew More than the master they thought they Knew more than anybody they started to Run their scams and their other crap Even though it wasn't aligned with the Sjar uh principles and started with Joining the UN which I've talked about

In the past and when I dealt with these Clowns it was impossible to talk to them And they never even try to understand my Point of view which is going to be the Downfall of heartfulness and dodgy not Because they didn't try to understand my Point of view because they didn't try to Stand understand anybody's point of view And they always get it wrong because They're limited to their own small world And dodgy surrounded himself with these Yes men that all believe the same thing And nobody ever criticized or challenges Him or challenges them and so they just Keep on going in this direction and That's a disaster for any organization Right and it's what Cults do because It's a freaking cult and they don't even Know they're walking into this and now I Feel like it's my responsibility to call Them out for being a cult and help with This process of the labeling of Heartfulness as a cult and like I said There's no reformed cult EV efforts like This is going to go down and all the Things that you've done the brighter Mind scam and all these things that You've mistakes you've made and the bad Um the bad the ill will that you've Built up with members of the mission and Things that you've done are there the Stories are there and you can't walk Away from them and you know you're not The judge and jury it's the internet

Right like the internet's looking at This and I presented information you Didn't want them people to see but I Still know all the stuff I can still Talk about it and they can do research For themselves with the internet is Available and when people search uh Heartfulness they're now going to come Up with my YouTube channel that talks About being a cult and that's on you Because I wouldn't have made that YouTube channel had you not copyrighted The gratefulness meditation so that was A boneheaded move you know it's like Again I'm not in competition with them But when I used to play board games with My family my you know my Dad my mom Particularly I would have to tell them The right move to make because they were Just I would watch them sitting there Trying to figure it out it was so Frustrating you know my mind works a lot Quicker than their did and I would tell Them the right move like I wasn't you Know telling them what to do the wrong The wrong move like I wasn't trying to Game the system but I just couldn't wait For them to figure it out right and my Dad said we might as well just be Cardboard figures and that's what it's Like dealing with these clowns because They just do the wrong thing right they Just do the self-destructive thing and They're defining themsel as a cult in

Every possible way so let me show you This clip this pre-made clip I already Uh you know I I made for another video And I want to show it here okay so let Me just say this um this is the picture When it returns to this picture you Might have watched this this part of the Video on my other channel because I Think I'm going to put that one up first Depending I'm already uploading that so That's going to be there first and so There's a segment it's not the whole Video it's just a segment that I'm Putting in both of the videos and so um When this if you've already listened to That though you just go to the part of The video you fast forward till you get To this picture here and then you'll be Back into the you know whatever the the The new part of you know this this video That you haven't heard Already okay um greetings brothers and Sisters so I have a couple videos I'm Going to put up and I'm going to put This introduction in one of the two of Them and I think it's going to be the One about um I talk directly to Dody and His cronies and his Thugs and you know I address all the Things that have happened with the Censorship and the moronic behavior that You guys have exhibited because one of The telltale signs of Ault is Suppression of

Criticism so in terms of branding as a Spiritual organization as a religion as Whatever it is what you guys are doing Here what heartfulness is the worst Thing you can be known as is a cult the Worst thing that you can be seen as is a Cult and now the cult word is going to Be permanently associated with Heartfulness and you guys did that to Yourself by censoring my videos and by Being a cult I mean the censor of my Videos is a symptom the being the cult Is what you've created you've taken a Spiritual organization a pure beautiful Spiritual organization and you've turned It into a cult and you should listen to This I mean this is criticism that is Really just somebody telling you the Truth it might sound like criticism but Really it's somebody just telling you The truth of what you've done and you're Lying to yourselves and Commish is lying To himself I woke up this with this idea During meditation that I should add this Because I have made it clear that I Don't really want to do this talk about Heartfulness I don't feel like it's my Responsibility do you guys aren't going To bring in new members because Dody Sucks and we'll get into that in a bit You guys suck and dodgy sucks you're not Uh you don't have a organization that is Um that'll attract people because you're Going against the essence of what you

Have which is a beautiful system of Transmission and cleaning that works you Have something wonderful we had Something wonderful and you guys have Contaminated with your stupidity and Your arrogance and all your negative Qualities and you're too weak to Confront the truth of your failure dodgy Being the weakest of you and so I woke Up this morning and I was talking about This with my wife and she was like yeah You know there's you should maybe search The 10 signs or whatever it is the signs That you're in a cult and I was like oh That's a great idea and I'll read those To you and it applies to heartfulness Nine out of 10 of them apply to Heartfulness there's only one that I Would say doesn't and the first couple Are censorship and I'll get into that in A moment I'll read you the list and I'll Show you the list but then I went to to The channel I'm now calling um exposing The heartfulness called dodgy scam and That channel is going to exist and then And some form or another I'll make sure It stays up there'll always be a channel Calling exposing the heartfulness cult And dodgy scam had you not censored my Videos had you not copyrighted my videos I would have moved on I've would been Trying to move on from this thing since The beginning but you guys have created A you've done something that's forceful

And there's always a reaction and force I've had to delete my journey series Which um you know people are pissed About I'll get into that so I opened up This channel it's on a different browser You I have four different channels on Four different browsers and I looked at The comments or it opened up to the Comments I wasn't um you know going to Read comments I just was opening up all My browsers and there's a comment from a Person who isn't an existing Abasi and isn't somebody who um came Through my channel it's a person well Let's read the comment and this person Will Define themselves hi there it says Seven unavailable videos are hidden in a Playlist I went to my first heartfulness Meditation class yesterday I've been Doing Zen for years already and it Struck me as odd like people are talking About reading through blindfolds Kaboom Morons So you're a cult because that's what Cult leaders and cult followers do we'll Get into the brighter mind scam as it Applies to being a cult in a second Right but this is a person who went to Do Heartfulness and was Suspicious of the stupidity of the Brighter mind's blindfold scam and so This person looked it up because that's What people do and they found my channel

Which has been made because you've Censored me in the first place you Dummies you morons because you censored My gratefulness meditation I said all Right I'm going to move this to a Separate Channel and now there's a Channel out there and when people search Heartfulness they're going to come upon My channel and it's going to say Exposing the heartfulness cult dodgy Scam it's going to say that I'm going to Make sure I don't put any copyrighted Material here and I'm exposing this as a Cult and when people look into it Whether it be the platform you're on you YouTube or any of these other platforms They're going to see the stupidity of Your brighter mind scam they're going to See the cult-like behaviors they're Going to find out about the censorship And they're going to realize this is a Cult and new people who are on the fence Are going to be like oh this is a cult And that was never my intention like I'm Not here to destroy you guys in the Sense of it's not my problem you know I I you know you should be destroyed Because you've wrecked heartfulness and It's hurt so many of us you've wrecked Not heartfulness you've wrecked sahaj Mar DOI has wrecked sahaj Mar maybe not Permanently but for now the organization Is wrecked and we see it there's Thousands of people who are loyal to

Charie you know I was I had like Great Hopes for for commes I thought Kish was Going to be great I thought Commish was Going to be as great as the other Masters I thought he had all that Potential my experience with them like There were some red flags that I Overlooked because I had wishful Thinking that Kish would be great but he Isn't he sucks he's a cult leader and Let's get into it here like uh let me Show you the the website first so I Googled lists of signs you're in a cult And the top result is what is a cult 10 Warning Signs so this is what is a cult and 10 Warning signs how to know you are loved One maybe an a cult this is um written By a licensed social Worker And um goes through the various recogniz How to recognize the cult here and Here's a list number one absolute Authoritarianism without accountability Zero tolerance for criticism or Questions lack of meaning Financial Disclosure regarding budget re Unreasonable fears about the outside World that often involve evil conspiracy Theories and Persecutions now I don't believe this to Be true for dodgy and heartfulness at Least and on the outside but again you Censoring me or censoring everybody

There's that so this is the one I would Say well maybe not this one but all the Rest of these things a belief that Former followers are always wrong for Leaving and there's never a legitimate Reason for anyone else to leave abuse of The members Records books articles or Programs documenting the abuses of the Leader or the group that's what is Happening now which you've created Through you know this is what's Happening right now with this video and These things followers feeling that they Are never able to be good enough I Belief that the leader is always right At all times a belief that the leader is The exclusive means of knowing the truth Or giving validation these all apply to Dodgy and the heartfulness Cult you know Dody said and I showed you The videos he said that if you mess with The Divine Hierarchy we've seen what happens in the Past and that was people who went after Babaji and Babaji was already to destroy Them and also he was ordered to tack up Somebody's soul to anarc Antarctica for 10,000 years and he was using this as a Threat you know not as um you know this Was never done there was no ever sense Of a threat that if you question the Hierarchy which was his lineage his his Being named The Master you were G to be Punished some way and he said it in

Multiple places he was saying these Things you know if you read uh Bag's uh Diaries you will Quake with Fear like he made it he exacerbated the Thing and all this stuff and made it With threats and these things so that's You know that's cult-like behavior that Fits in this thing the other thing that I um wanted to point out here when I Read this I I said meaning instead of Meaningful but what it here is um read Again lack of meaningful Financial Disclosure regarding the budget and There's no transparency not about just The the budget about any of it right There's no Transparency and you know there's no um Accountability on any level and there's No room for criticism and so this is all A cult like this is a cult right nine Out of the 10 things are present with Dodgy and heartfulness nine out of of 10 And the ninth one or the 10th one it's Possible I I just don't know about it But I know the other nine things are True that heartfulness is a cult okay so Let me just break this down for you you Know I'm talking directly to dodgy and The stoes but all of you as well members Who are you know in the cult itself People who are former members of sash Mar who have bought into the system and Then all the people who are waking up to This and realizing what's happened

And so the issue here is how do you deal With criticism or censorship and I get Into this already I've made some long Voiceovers about this and I'll talk About that in a different way there but You guys have decided that you would Intimidate people and this is what I've Heard from people people have come to me And said this is what's happened to me That when people ask legitimate Questions they are told well he's the Master and it's beyond you and he's Always always right which is what cult Leaders say and they are threatened Intimidated gaset all of these things if You are familiar with the if you're not Familiar with the gaslighting term you Should go look it up the heartfulness Organization deals with criticism Internal criticism there are many people Who are really upset freaked out um any Number of things right that are Um members long-term members of the System it's not just me there are people Who have said sent me the information I Didn't know about the brigh orind scam I Was told about it by abiosis they are Long-standing uh members of the system Who have contributing they're Long-standing contributing members of The system some of them preceptors Whatever it is and they have legitimate Concerns and questions and all these Things and you're the least transparent

Organization that I've ever known dodgy Doesn't answer questions he doesn't Explain things he doesn't explain his Bad decisions and so how you handle Handle that shows you what kind of Person you are and what kind of Organization you are instead of giving Thoughtful explanations for the changes He's made you know and I get into this Uh in this other long voice over but for Example Chari came in and he was told by His former Master on his deathbed babaj G to bring discipline to the mission Because you had these Boomer hippie These liberal hippies who loved it when Babaj said only forbidden is forbidden But bobi had no idea what people would Do with that and Babaji had said to Chargie you know I've been too soft and I've been too weak and I've allowed Immorality to come into the mission Because of being too permissive so you Have to as my successor bring the Discipline into the mission and he Documented this conversation he talked About what bobi said to him and the Reason for him imposing some of these Rules that he did and it was these Boomer hippies these uh you know these Um liberal Boomer hippies that and not Just them it was other people there People in India that was doing things But the Boomer hippies were doing drugs LSD they were having like sex and

Drinking at Gatherings and things which Was completely inappropriate right free Love free you know free drugs sex drugs And rock and roll all these things and That wasn't part of the Sark system and So chargie had to impose rules that the Liberal Boomer hippies didn't like and People didn't like but they turned out To be for the best and it came from a Divine source and he was ordered to do These things where dodgy has just made One bad decision after another the first Thing to understand is that he's a liar In a recent interview and I could show You the clip but it would be censored Because they don't want you to see this See how bad that makes you look right me Just saying that makes you look worse And so censoring the truth truth is Always a problem you know you're being Defined as an organization now and again You don't want to look like a cult and You are a cult because you follow these Principles of serving DOI instead of DOI Serving the followers the three previous Masters served the followers served the Practitioners not even followers of the System bobg called them Associates and They work tirelessly to help people Connect to God and they sacrific their Own needs to do it where dodgy is Expecting other people to sacrifice for For him to make him look like some some Guru or whatever you know ego trip he's

On which is obvious to pretty much Everybody knew and now it's obvious to Lots of us members who we had you know Faith in Dody and we believed he was Going to be a great Master based in you Know some of the qualities he showed Beforehand and mostly because charie Said he would be so dodgy makes bad Decisions and he lies recently in a Video in a in a uh interview he said That 100,000 kids had benefited from Brighter Minds now that's a lie like Dodgy should know that's a lie you know When I started doing this when I started Making YouTube videos there were things That were being said in the so-called Truth Community which is what I belong To people who are looking at the lies of The government of the you know Hollywood Celebrity whatever it is right the Official story what I call the Beast There's lies people lie all the time the People who are controlling our system And there are people working to expose These lies on the internet this is a new Thing that's happened it's been around For a while but now it took off in the Internet in the early 2000s and it's a growing movement but There are people in the movement and There are things that are being said in The movement that I found out to be not True and there are things being Announced as facts that weren't factual

At least you couldn't prove them to be Factual and so I thought about that Because I wanted to speak the truth as Best as I could at least you know in Terms of it had to be the truth that I Believed in but also I needed to look Into things and so I started to make a Clear distinction between what was Speculation and what was fact in terms Of things I could prove and also you Know I I mean when you Meditate and you do your cleaning You say things during the day you're Like oh I said that was mean it hurts a Person's feelings it hurt their heart I Said this thing it wasn't true you know This stuff is right in front of you like If you're really meditating properly and You're doing the Sark system I this is What the the 10th Maxim's about is Thinking about things that you did that Weren't weren't really they were subpar They weren't a reflection of your soul They were your ego uh either you know Bragging or your ego telling lies or Your emot or your emotions getting the Best of you you know even as a young Person when I was a kid I would think About things I said and you know that Were just I was kind of ashamed and Embarrassed about like I was like oh I Shouldn't have said that or I shouldn't Have done that right we all have that You know some level of guilt and shame

And you know whatever that's there like You know not that guilt and shame are Good things but they're they are if You're correcting your behavior and so When you say something like a 100,000 Kids have benefited from the brighter Mind scam you're lying dod's lying first Of all it's a scam it's the mid-brain Activation scam and Dody was duped by One of the Abasi kids that went into This scam a kid that I knew about he was Friends with my kids you know my family Had association with his family and the Kid was a known bser like he was just One of these kids not a bad kid Good Storyteller a guy who could suck People in he's got some Charisma he's Had some you know I saw him telling Stories to a bunch of foreign you know Uh American and European aasis and he Had the you know he had the the Attention he could pull the attention of People right and but he was known as Somebody who would embellish and not Tell the truth and he did the brighter Minds he did the the um midbrain Activation scam and he you know he Showed DOI the scam and he pretended to Read with his feet through a blindfold Right you know the whole blindfold thing Let's say kids could read with their Eyes closed which has been disproven you Know it's been exposed the hoax has been Exposed by this guy nanja nank and other

People he he was in charge of the Rationalist society under the midbrain Activation scam but as soon as you see Blindfolds you it's it's goofy like You're in a magic show right you know There's a trick oh there's a blind Blindfold no one's ever been able to Beat a blindfold before it's like when a You know a Houdini like escape artist Throws on handcuffs and goes in a you Know tank of water you know that he's Got the key and you know that he's it's A illusion right that there's some way That people are scamming the system you Could put an earpiece in to tell the Kids or you could see through the Blindfold like no one believes that the Blindfolds are are you know no one's Ever been able to to You know crack the blindfold we know About it right I played this game uh pin The tail on the donkey when I as a kid And they put a blindfold on you and they Spun you around and you had to find the Donkey and put a pin on it and when you Put on blindfold on you want to be able To see and I could see through a little Bit of the blindfold and I was able to Pin the tail on the donkey just like all My friends were because the because we Were able to beat the blindfold and the First thing you want to do is see Something you don't want to walk around Blind we don't close our eyes and walk

Around because you're going to bang into right it's stupid and so as soon as You put a blindfold on you're looking For a way to see through it and kids are Able to be see to see through it and Then they lie you encourage kids to lie And then they perform these tricks Seeing through the blindfold and Everyone knows it's a trick and when you Try to sell this to new people they you Know they don't care if you your claim To be a spiritual leader and that their Former master who they don't even know As a person they don't care about that It looks cheesy this is what this Person's telling you again this is a Comment that somebody left that just Happened to find my channel because they Went to a heartfulness meditation and They were talking about blindfolds like Morod and the person said that sounds Shady as F I must be into some sort of a Cult and she searched the internet and She found my new YouTube YouTube channel That's been created because you guys Suck you guys have failed us dodgy has Failed us this is what's happened this Is what's happening now in real time the People who are questioning the like the Cult-like behaviors because it is a cult Are going to search and find my channel And their suspicions are going to be Confirmed because you failed all of us It's not my fault I'm not being mean

Here I'm not angry and disgruntled Abasi It's because you guys taken something That's pure and beautiful that meant so Much to so many of us and you've wrecked It out of your own selfishness out of Your own egotistical reasons right and You're lying to yourself and you're Lying to all of us and when people Question you on your lies you do Everything in your power to censor them And to pressure them and to silence them Through force in a system that boasts The forceless force you know a A system That doesn't use force and then when you Use Force there's always a reaction Whenever you use Force there's a counter Force that's the teaching that's one of The fundamental principles and teachings Of the system and you're using force and So I saw the way Dody was treating the Legacy of charie it didn't sit right With me and I had a number of Experiences with Dody making bad Decisions in his first birthday Gathering he had just been Master for Less than 6 months he decided to say no Kids are allowed at Gatherings anymore He made the arbitrary Rule and he sucks At communication and I get into this in A story later on in this you know one of These videos I've talked about it Already and I ended up getting kicked Out of the Gathering because I you know Brought my 13-year-old son to something

That he should have been allowed to go To anyway because kids were always Welcome before and it's a rule that Dody's gotten rid of because now he's Realized he's a fool or realized it was A stupid rule that he just imposed Within a year of being The the new Master of the system he Already had changed the name of the System to heartfulness he already was Changing the maxims and the other things In the system he was making changes Without explaining them to people Changes that made the system worse and Not better because he makes bad Decisions and so I'd seen this over the Years and I had some interactions with Him and I realized he lied to me various Times and he wasn't trustworthy he Wasn't somebody that I you know felt Good about and so I posted some of these Things in my stories about his um you Know my questions about him and people Started to show up from India and they Had much worse stories and they told me About the brighter mind scam and then I Talked about that and then a doctor Contacted me a doctor who Dody had asked Scientific people scientists people who Are abiosis were scientists and doctors To prove his brighter mind scam right You want wanted them to test it so he Can say it was backed by science and Everybody went along with it except for

This one American Doctor Who Thought Dodgy wanted to legitimate science Because he thought dodgy was a Legitimate master and when he did the Testing he found that the kids couldn't See through eye patches which is what Naran and iank had already done that When you did these eye patches these eye Patches that are you had adhesive and They block all light from hitting your Retina and so they no longer could see Through the blindfolds and they couldn't They failed and the guy wrote a long Report and gave it to Dody and everybody Attacked him and the words that he said To me was his reaction was oh I'm in a Cult that's what he said and he was an Indian man someone who born who grew up As an Indian and he had the Indian you Know obey Authority and don't question Your spiritual master and don't question Authority and don't question Elders he Had all that like all these Indian People do you guys who grow up in that Culture it's tough there's good things About respecting elders but not when They're scammers and liars and cheaters And they're forming a cult and they Pressure you and to do the wrong thing And so these are bad decisions lying About the brighter mind scam lying about The amount of people you help like dodgy Knows he's lying dodgy knows that There's aund thou he didn't help a

100,000 kids for one he didn't help Anybody he didn't help one kid because This is not a it doesn't help people It's a scam it's the midbrain activation Scam that you guys all know is a scam You guys know it's a scam you can't go Out there and sell a scam and then claim To be a reputable reputable organization You can't have people like diaper Baba You know Baba ramdev who is got a seedy Reputation who's now you know being Slammed by the Supreme Court in form Relationship with other organizations That are nothing like the Saar system a Pure spiritual system they are new age Scamming type of things and dodgy makes One bad decision after another and these Deceptive decisions forcing preceptors And members of the mission to buy books So it makes them look like a Best-selling author that's what cult Leaders do right my brother told me that There were preceptors that were forced Or encouraged or pressured to buy Upwards of 10,000 books like I I can't Even believe that's true that much I Mean how much money is that you know This is all the way back for the um Whatever the uh the first book that he Wrote and then lying about being the Author of that book uh the heartfulness Way because the book is about how do Joshua Pollock as an Abasi went to kames Patel as a preceptor DOI and he took

Notes about what DOI told him and then When DOI later became the master he Wrote it into a book it was he was he Was the author dodgy would be the Subject there's literary rules and also This latest book spiritual Anatomy DOI Has a team of people a guy got up on Stage and said that he was um a part of A big team of people that there was all These copywriters and editors and people And basically ghost writers that took Do's thoughts and his scribblings and His diary and little you know things That he had and put it into a book A Book in which he tells a different story One of the signature aspects of the book Is these these five women it's five Women when he tells the story in an Interview and 10 women when he's u in The book he tells a lie about how they Went from the uh first point of the Spiritual yatra points and all the way To the 13th point the central region the Center of the central region in a Fraction of a second but in the book he Tells a completely different story a Similar story but it's all the details Are different different you can't do Stuff like that you lose credibility you Can't send people out into the rural Areas of India with a speaker and a Microphone and have them Proti like there's in some sort of a Cult and talking to you know rural

People and and and local livestock I Mean I saw a video was hilarious and Then claim that you started 12 million People and that they went to 40,000 Villages this is the behavior in itself Is not sa Mark it's not aligned with the What the other masters of the system Would do it's not aligned with the Beliefs and then you lie about it you Guys lie about the numbers all the time And you are buying video views and you Are buying video YouTube Subscribers you guys know you're doing That right like you know it doesn't Matter what I know and people are going To see this like you're buying things You you know dodgy is not a marketable Asset he's a Liability and so for people like me I Had good experience with commish I had a High opinion of Commish he was a good Preceptor he was a good Abasi but then when he became Master he Started doing stupid stuff and just Making bad decisions but I had these Other experiences with him so it was Harder to convince me that he had fallen And that heartfulness was becoming a Cult it wasn't easy but for new people Like this person who just wrote this Comment People who started people like my wife People like who come to my YouTube Channel and I would tell them about

Heartfulness and they would see dodgy And they didn't like the guy he's Doesn't have Charisma he doesn't have That it Factor he doesn't draw people to Him he's performative he's OPP poser he Acts and he's inarticulate and he Doesn't make his points clearly he's not An asset he's a liability and you guys Are trying to force him on the world Thinking he's going to bring people in And he's pushing people away he just Sucks at it and you guys suck at it the People who are handling him his inner Circle the people around him you never Really understood the essence of the Sjar system and you guys spent so much Time with chargie you were able to sit In Char's Cottage and spend you know This time listening to his wisdom and Benefiting from his spiritual work on You and you never learned anything from Him because as soon as he died you Allowed his legacy I mean there's no Gratitude for what he's done for you you Let commes just um demean his legacy and Erase him from the mission and also make All these bad decisions the way that Commes handled the covid crisis was Abysmal he was just such so not a leader And my viewers you know tuned into this People who are interested in Heartfulness because they heard it from Me and they saw what he was saying about Co it was just stupid the man who claims

To be a man of science and a spiritual Leader was neither he made bad decisions All across the the the board and said Stupid things this was a a test of his Mastery and he failed and people see That they see the brighter mind skin They see the the bad decisions they see The horrible YouTube videos they see the People that he's put in charge of these Things that make bad content like commes Could not win an audience on his own Commish could not create a spiritual Organization on his own he wouldn't Attract any people he doesn't have Anything that appeals to people right He's just not good at it and so you guys Who keep on pushing him out there and Trying to make him into some Oprah Winfrey you know new age Guru like Deepak Chopra or like this Sky sad Guru He doesn't have it and it goes against The essence and the the congruency of The Sark system the Sark system doesn't Want somebody being some fake big ego Poser as its Master it wants a true Master it wants a person who serves Other people and puts other people Before himself puts God in his you know Service of his pre previous Masters but He's just trash in chargie at every turn And so he's not working for chargie he's Not working to to pay back chargie for All the good things that chargie did for Him he's he's working for himself you

You have some kind of you know levels of Insecurity and weakness that he has to Be seen as a guru and then when people Call out the of the system and The cult that it's become you guys slam Them and try to censor them thus proving That it's a cult and so your reactions Again I've been trying to walk away from This I wanted to make the videos cuz I Felt Responsible I didn't want to make them I Did like I made them because like I felt It was my duty and I had to I didn't Want to get involved I don't want to Have a relationship with you guys I Don't want to you know like a negative Hostile relationship I don't want it Like I don't want you know I don't want To I'm not here to take down your system You've already taken it down you've Turned it into a cult It's going to it's going to die of its Own of its own coldness right you've Wrecked something great you've taken it And you've you've taken something that Was a purely spiritual organization and You've turned it into a religious cult And it's going to you know fall of its Own accord I don't know when that's Going to be but it's not my concern or Business why my concern or business is You've wrecked something that I've come To love and depend on the transmission The cleaning and you've made it impure

You've become a block between the energy And the and the services that used to be Available so freely and easily under Chargy and Boby and ly you've taken Something and you've made it complex You've added things to it that have made It worse you've contaminated it like You've made it impure and no longer Works for many of us like we don't feel The transmission the way we used to and For me you know I wasn't feeling it but It was there and then it wasn't there And then now when I feel feel it the Transmission that's given by DOI it Feels icky it feels like it's Transmission that's been you know made In pure and whatever it's like Transmission of a cult leader and not a Spiritual master and so you should Listen to your so-called critics people Were telling you the truth instead of Forcing something that isn't there so You should be realizing by now by Censoring the videos again when this Woman comes to my channel and she looks At the playlist and see that these Videos have been taken down she's like Where are these videos well they've been Censored because you're an Ault run for Your life you don't go back for your Second and third sittings because you're An a cult and it's not because I'm a bad Person and because I'm wrong it's Because you suck and dodgy sucks and

Stop sucking like that would be the Answer figure out you know face yourself Figure out what you've done wrong here And again I couldn't be Master of the System it's a hard job I'm not up for it I'm honest about it at least right I Realize my you know my flaws and my my Lack of talent to do that work and I Appreciate anybody who could do it in a Great you know did the way charie did Even more now I mean it's not easy to be That level have that level of commitment And service to God and other people and I'm just feel blessed that I got you Know some time with charie and got to Experience the work of ly and bagy and People who sacrificed their person You know Well-being their personal needs for God And to serve other people I mean it's You know it's just um it's a miraculous Thing they've done which you know I Appreciate and I see now with the Failure of dodgy and he was put in a bad Position because the mission is full of You know people and it's a powerful Organization with lots of money and so People wanted in on that and I don't Know like I said before if anybody else Could have done a better job anybody Else who existed in the mission I don't Think they could have so I you know I am Compassionate towards DOI and you guys Because of that but you guys have

Wrecked the mission and that's the way It is it's on you and all the people That have gone along with you have Contributed to this you know demeaning Of something great and that's on your Hands like the blood's on your hands Because you guys are liars and you lie To yourselves and you're not facing the Truth of what you've done and you're you Know believing your own Spin and Claiming to have success cuz dodgy got Some stupid award that you probably Bribed and paid for in some way shape or Fashion not because he deserves an award And not that some external validation Makes him a spiritual Master because it Doesn't being a spiritual Master what Makes you a spiritual Master mastering Oneself rising up to the challenge and He has failed and he has fallen and you Guys have dragged him down with you all Of you you know negative little Businessman twerpy mfers who couldn't Wait to wreck this pure mission because You wanted to be big men and turn this Into something that you know you thought You were going to make it better and You've made it worse okay so I'm going To end this little voice over here um I'm going to add this to a video I might Put this up separately on my pocket of Future Channel just to get it you know More out there because you know you Deserve it like this needs to be out

There it needs to it needs to be you Know seen out out there and you've Brought this on yourselves realize this Is your fault your the feedback you're Getting is because of your failure it's Not cuz you're great and you're Successful and we're all haters it's Because you have failed okay so I just Um ate breakfast and I just want to add Something here you know the spiritual Organizations are in the trust business They have to be trustworthy and see is Trustworthy And dodgy as a leader it's supposed to Be trustworthy and you have to gain People's trust I mean something where People are trusting you to help them Connect with God you know religions and Anything to do I mean any business is Somewhat in the trust business but in Terms of um and again this isn't a Business but Organization is in the trust business Right if you're an organization having Trust from your people that are in the Organization and the only real way to be Trust to be a trusted organization to be Trustworthy is to be trustworthy to tell The truth and make good decisions There's two things here making good Decisions because when you make bad Decisions you end up having to cover Them up and explain them and you lose People's trust like you could be an

Honest person but make bad decisions and Then people don't trust you they don't Trust you to do the right thing or make Good decisions and so that's part of the Problem because Dody makes bad decisions He's made a number of bad decisions In fact pretty much all of his decisions Have been bad ones the major ones and You guys have made bad decisions as a Collective in terms of like dealing with Criticism dealing with people all right People aren't accepting dodgy so what do We do with that they're asking Legitimate questions about his Decisionmaking what do we do with that Right they're asking about the brighter Mind scam it's a scam we made a bad Decision Dody got duped he fell for Something that you know isn't true true And isn't real what do we do with that I Don't know let's intimidate the people Who are asking questions and tell them To be quiet and the master knows more Than them and you know whatever that Whatever else we have to do to keep them Silence well that's what Cults do right So that's a bad decision I've made Legitimate videos showing the hypocrisy Showing the contradictions showing the The lack of respect to chargy I mean I've been using dody's own clips of his Own videos and his words and the Horrible YouTube channel you guys have YouTube channel sucks and you guys

Should admit it the YouTube channel Sucks that you have to buy views you Have to uh buy subscribers you have to Pretend it's doing better than it you Don't have a real audience people don't Love your videos there aren't people Rushing every day to watch Dody you're Supposed to have 1.5 million subscribers And you can't even get legitimately a Couple thousand views I mean it's it's Ridiculous your YouTube channel sucks Right and then covering that up like the Cover up is is always worse than the Crime and so just being honest to Yourself because that's the only way you Improve be honest with what you're doing Be honest with your goals are be you Know true to your brand which is a Spiritual organization and not faking a Brand not saying well this guy was Endorsed by the previous Masters and He's got a he's got a medal he's got a He's got an award the budam pasam award He's he's got these books so he knows More than you so you guys should shut up You shut up you shut up like that's just Not how you deal with stuff and so to be Trustworthy you have to be honest and You also have to make good decisions you Have to be a spiritual Master you have To make masterly decisions you have to Be at a higher level and make decisions That are based in some you know Divine Connection divine inspiration and you

Haven't done that you haven't been true To yourself you haven't been congruent You know what I'm doing here is much Better than what you're doing there Because I'm congruent and honest with Myself like I'm not trying to be more Than I'm than I am I'm not trying to Sell people like I'm nice and I'm some Spiritual Giant and none of these things Just a guy looking for the truth and you Know I have a good sense of humor and I Have good you know ability for pattern Recognition and things I have talents I Have the ability to read people and you Know I'm honest about my lack of Abilities in different areas right and So I accept that you know I'm not um Maybe the nicest person or whatever I Don't tell people things in a way that They want to hear them you know whatever But I do tell the truth truth people Come to me to get the truth you know the Best of my ability I'm able to see the Truth and I'm able to tell the truth in A way that is you know I mean as Objective as I can be and so I'm doing What I'm supposed to do this is this um YouTube channel comes out of my Spiritual journey the Divine pro pro pro The Divine process the Divine journey And my relationship with the sjar uh System and the Masters of the system and It's been successful because of that I'm Saying true to what my talents are I'm

Saying true to what I believe and Understand you know I believe in one Thing and that's Sahar there's one thing That I that I you know believe in and Respect and you know have reverence for I'm a disrespectful person I'm an American like I you know and I'm an Introvert and a a person that um a loner I don't get along with other people so Much all these things right I have my Limitations I'm not a good businessman I Don't have you know but I tell the truth Right and so what I do here is going to Be more trusted than what you guys do There my audience trusts me more than Your audience trust you your audience Trusts you because dodgy is the official President of the um Sark shamra Mish and Now what he's the founder of Heartfulness but he is Char's Representative chargie endorsed him That's what DOI had going for him and he Had some other good qualities I knew Klish as I had a good opinion Accomplished before he you know whatever He's done here and I had high hopes for Him like so many other people I you know I just assumed he would be successful I Had no idea this was going to happen it Was like came as almost a complete shock To me as to other people but he had that He had the you know he had the trust That Babaji uh Lai and charie created in This Mission because they were service

Oriented true spiritual Masters that Helped so many people they had had this Wonderful system that's was Transformative and he had all that Capital because he had their endorsement But he gave it all away by making bad Decisions you know hiring having people Around him who are uh weren't true Believers in the system he lost faith or Whatever's happened to him and he turned Against chargie the one asset that he Had was Char's endorsement and he's done His best to demean chargie in every Possible way by his own words and I Demonstrated that with his you know Whatever it was the videos I made and Instead of dealing with that and taking That as a wow this guy just told us the Truth we didn't want to hear that would Be what a spiritual master or a Spiritual person would do or a spiritual Organization that you're getting Feedback this is feedback and new people They don't care if chargie endorsed him Or not new people don't care if he's got Some goofy award now maybe in India they Don't care if he's you guys are an NGO These stupid things that you've done They don't care about that you know they Want to be able to trust somebody this Is woman who I assume this is a woman That I opened up this um video with she Started heartfulness and Goofy people Who are too blind and stupid to see

Through the fact that the writer Minds Scam is a scam are telling her about Blindfolds what the f of blindfolds you Blindfolds themselves you're blinding Somebody you're covering up a sense Right you know has nothing to do with Sash mark this didn't come from Dody it Didn't come from this is a scam that Already pre-existed called the midbrain Activation scam be honest about it say Where it came from say what its history Is tell people that there's a report out There by an Abasi doctor that disputes The credibility of this system and that When he gave you the report you guys Turned on him and ostracized him right Be honest about those things tell the Truth you know don't cover these things Up I mean this is what you have to do There's failure here that's all failure It's not going to go away cuz you Suppress it you think the Divine Masters The the ones that are overseeing their System and watching you wreck it are Going to allow that to happen this is a Time of truth the truth is coming out All over the place partly because of the Internet but mostly because of Baba's Work and the truth is there and it's Going to come out you can't suppress it You can't you know just uh censor it Right people see it people see it in the Mission outside of the mission so this New person goes to start and she's

Turned off and she freaks out because They're talking about blind s and Like that right it's it's like you know Moronic and she goes and search the Internet and because of your guys Censoring me I created a new channel Which he found and it's going to have Information like this on it for like Ever because of your failure your Inability to see what to do instead of You know uh trying to go against me Embrace the fact that somebody's willing To tell you the truth you know dodgy Accomplish you've surrounded yourself With a bunch of weak ass yes men that're Telling you want to hear here and you Guys are telling each other what you Want to hear and patting each other on The back instead of dealing with the Truth that you failed you failed your Master you failed yourself you failed All of us you failed humanity and you're Running the system into the ground and It's sad like I'm bummed about it There's nothing I can do about it I Don't you know wish you bad I don't want You you know I mean you guys are going To suffer because you're going to suffer And because it's you know that's what Should happen here you know it's painful For me to deal with what you've done It's painful for all of us like you know We're all in pain about it right it Sucks you've taken something that was

Great that I thought was going to be Greater I thought was going to be better I thought it was just going to keep on Getting better and growing and it would Be you know these line of Masters and it Would just keep on getting more refined And people would get better and better The more people that used it the more it Would uplift humanity and pull them to a Higher place you know now when I get in Contact with you and your organization It bums me out it brings me down it Hurts my spiritual condition I don't Want to do this CU I don't want a Relationship with you I don't want to Think about you I don't want have to Deal with you I've already figured out You know I've I've coped with it the Best that I can it's just information I Felt like it was my duty to put forward Instead of just allowing it to sit there On the internet and you know just Accepting that this is the there there's Divine there's the reason this happened You know take everything as being from God right this is coming from God like God has created you know the Divine Masters have created a resistance Because you used force and you failed And you made bad decisions and you've Betrayed their trust and you've betrayed Yourself and you betrayed all of us and There's an outcome and there is a you Know there's a consequence for that and

This video series and me and the other People who are talking about it are part Of that consequence but the failure is Going to get even worse right and There's things that are happening now You got one of your Premier um partners With diaper Baba's you know being Slammed by the Supreme Court there's Embarrassment they're waiting for you at Every turn because you've made bad DEC Decisions you haven't acted in an honest Fashion and you haven't gained people's Trust because you're not trustworthy You're not honest you're not transparent And you're using cult-like tactics Because you're a cult you're doing what Cults do because you're now an Organization that used to be a master Sacrificing his needs to serve God and Serve other people by serving God is now An organization in which the Practitioners the followers are expected To sacrifice their needs to serve and Prop up the master of the system and Make him into something that he's not Some spiritual you know new age Guru That he just sucks at because he doesn't Have it he doesn't have the Charisma he Doesn't have the talent and he's lost The authenticity and the spiritual Capital that he otherwise would have had By being embracing the master within and Doing a you know a masterly job and God Knows we all hope for that I mean I

Expected it I thought it was going to Happen right but it didn't expect not For Thou shalt not be be disappointed Whatever charge he said right we all Expected Char that uh the commish would Do a good job but he hasn't he failed It's been hard for us all to process and Deal with but those of us who have you Know we're ahead of you guys because We're we're at least confronting the Truth and being honest about what's Happened here you guys are just doing Everything in your power to cover up the Truth and you know you can't do that It's not possible it's not backed by the System it's not backed by the Divine System it's not backed by the Divine Hierarchy taking this system and and Ruining it is something that can't Happen you just tell the truth I mean You're in a bad position now because you You did things you can't explain like Coming out and saying yeah the dodgy got Duped and then and then franchise Something that was a scam and then told Everybody he could to do it and then Bragged about it and then did it for a Number of years when he already knew it Was a scam there's just no explanation For that like you can't you can't claim To be a spiritual master and do that you Screwed yourselves you know back when I Um I I you you guys contacted me you Guys were looking to you know whatever

Um give me a deal or do something to to Make me stop talking about you guys in The internet which was a mistake because It's not what I'm supposed to do I'm Following what I'm supposed to do I'm Doing what I'm supposed to do right in Terms of my spiritual Duty and the rest Of it and so you guys wanted to make you Know whatever you reached out to me and So I said well I wasn't going to talk to You guys but I sent a long voice over to Dodgy and I said you know your success Is My Success your success is our Success the master of the system and so And that you know still holds true today But I don't know how that could even be Reversed but you know part of what I was Saying was that we know that the Brighter Minds just scam and there's all These people are very upset about it in The mission and then there's all these People who are outside the mission They're going to look at this as like Some goofy thing right it's just going To be a red flag for them like it was For this woman and you didn't listen you Didn't figure you didn't realize it was Time to to dial it back I mean if you Weren't going to come clean and own up To it that's one thing but you doubled Down and you kept on talking about which Just pissed people off it just you know Made it worse it was like you were Thrown in our face you know Commish like

It's a moronic thing to do it's a lack Of of perception and awareness and you Know read the room dummy right like it's You know just stop talking about the Thing stop pushing it right it's it's a Scam but you kept on pushing it anyway You kept on pushing the You know despite The fact it has no value whatsoever Right what difference if it is I mean if Kids could really smell colors what Difference they then go work with the Blind but you can't because it's not Real go work with the Blind and get them To see through smell and touch and Things like that but you can't do that Because it's not capable like it's not It's a goofy thing it's just a scam it's A little you know some the scam that's Been played out it played out before you Got to it like you got to it late you Got to it when it was in the you know You're not even a good criminal you're Not even good at at pulling off these Scams and so like it's just stupid and Now what are you going to do with it Right like it's you know just out there Defines you like this bad decision that You made embarrassing decision and then You're using Force to silence people you Know all these people are telling me They were quitting the system because They were intimidated by the preceptors And even threatened when they ask Questions about it that's what Cults do

Dummies you're a cult okay so I'm going To probably add some more to this um and There's a whole other voice over that I'm going to put this with so I'm going To um wrap this up here for now so I Made a completely different video like It has some of this some of it's going To be repetitive you can't help it but That's on my new channel the Um exposing the heartfulness called Dodgy scam Channel this picture here and That video is being uploaded right now Heartfulness meet nine out of the 10 Might meets mine out of the 10 of the Criteria for being a cult open letter to Dodgy and his Cronies it's 88% uploaded right now so It'll be it'll be up couple hours before This one I'll upload this one next and So if you want more information about This um you know I'll be covering it There for for the most part like I won't Be covering it here so much occasionally But I have some Journey series that's Going to talk about this and I'll Include some of the audio in the journey Series as well Um but there are videos there that are Similar to The Journey series for those Of you who are looking for some of that You know there's a few videos that are Going to be up in the playlist and I Have actually two videos another one I Uploaded I'll make available tomorrow

And another one I haven't uploaded yet That I made and so there's at least Going to be four on that playlist and Then you know more to come um you know And unfortunately for them like they Just do stupid stuff and you know it's What had to happen anyways only Spiritual value will save this world It's parano definitely reporting from The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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