Most People Are WRONG About Technology – Dr.SHIVA™ #bitcoin #xrp #technology

Most People Are WRONG About Technology - Dr.SHIVA™ #bitcoin #xrp #technology

We seem to think that technology is the Solution to all problems what history Shows is technology is actually Consistently used for consolidating Power faster and faster the Bitcoin Concept decentralization obviously a Nice idea but when I'm communicating With you over the blockchain who owns All this infrastructure four major Telecom companies AT&T Vodafone Etc this Highly intensive infrastructure is owned By a few people not everyone can do Bitcoin mining those data centers are Massive you can say oh yeah I can do it On my own yeah in theory but it's not Happening that way what's supposed to be Decentralized is highly centralized Technology will only save the day when We working people control it there's Very simple mesh Network Technology That's coming 25 bucks you could put Antennas and we could create a network Of the People by the people peer-to-peer Mesh networks and we have to do this Because as long as we're relying on vone And AT&T we're basically slaves we need To build a Bottoms Up movement go to Shapr and volunteer

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