More on my Experience of making the Goodbye video

More on my Experience of making the Goodbye video

Greetings brothers and sisters So just something that um I wanted to add to my earlier videos I Want to put these all in a playlist When I get a chance but um This video I made about dying there was A comment from somebody who said this There's a couple comments but this Person Specifically I find it here Versus says I'm not watching your death Video till you're dead D.e.d Um With a smiley emoji and a heart Um there's value in the video it's not You know I some people said it was sad But they liked the end or whatever Whatever they're various feelings about It but what I wanted to to say about the Process is I feel a tremendous sense of Relief like this is something I've been Wanting to do I wasn't going to make it Public but I was going to do it you know Um It's been on my mind to do it for a long Time and I talked about how Master Charge you gave that message Um You know that they played after he died And one they played a couple weeks Before he died you know he was barely Able to I mean he was in so much pain But he he gave these goodbye messages

And then there's these Whispers of the Brighter World messages That came from Beyond the Grave which Was Really interesting and you know kind of A neat thing But even before that when I was a little Kid and you know Elementary School Second grade third grade there was a TV Show or movie I don't remember all that Much about it but it made a significant Impression on me And I believe it was based in a true Story And it was about a mother who Died cancer and died young mother like a Hippie And She used a cassette recorder so this is Back in the day When we had these cassette recorders and You had to press the record and play Button at the same time To record and it was really poor audio Quality but you record these cassettes For her children who were very young And they would be given these cassettes Maybe it was just one kid I don't know Again I was a kid when I watched this Way above what I should be watching Right way above my maturity level you Know I was like like I said second third Grade Um but she um recorded these cassettes

And like one was for the you know the Kids when they turned 15 or when they Turned when they got married like she All these things that she had to say to Them And you know she was maybe a writer or Something or artist or whatever it was Again like I you know my comprehension Ability and my ability to perceive what Was the show was about And I just looked it up because why not I have the internet and there's two um Uh shows 1973 which would have made me nine years Old And so it was message to my daughter TV Movie 1973 With Bonnie Bedelia And kitty win A confused teenagers discover stacks of Tapes recorded earlier by her dying Mother And then another movie called Sunshine The dying mother of a baby girl makes Tape recordings of advice with her Daughter receives many years after the Mother's death And I believe it was Sunshine was the One That I you know I think I was my parents Were watching it and I saw some of it Right but again you know nine-year-old Kid And

It left a lot of impressions You know and there's all these things Where people die or you know lose Contact with somebody and things are Left unsaid things are left unresolved You know it's hard to go through life With things not resolved And so the idea was for me to do this And after I did it I felt a tremendous sense of well-being And relief I just you know the energy Was just there there's certain Special energy of the video and it's not I don't think it's something that you Have to wait to listen to but people can Choose to do whatever they they do with It And we have the technology now And you know maybe there are things that You would say now that you might forget Later You know my kids and I I mean there's no I don't know what our future Relationships will be like if they'll Improved or any of those things of Course that was the you know big part of The goals of my life was to have been Intergenerational Family Farm and be a Support system for my kids as they Entered marriage and these things and It's you know doesn't look like that's Going to happen The body of work that I've created here About you know the knowledge and

Information and things that I have to Share that have value of course the Journey series videos and those things Will be there for as long as the Internet's there Whatever form that they take in the Future and you know whoever needs to Hear them hear them and then you know These messages uh you know this thing That I did the other day You know it's just um It's something for people to consider Even writing letters and you know they Do this when you know your reading of The will or somebody dies and their Lawyer gives a letter to the kids or the Wife or whatever it might be right and You know nothing vindictive or I mean You don't want to be in a state where You're Petty about stuff Like it's got to be transcended you know The things that are profound in your Life and you know there's special days When you're around your children when They're born of course when you're a Mother they're even more significant Because of the physical trauma and the Connectivity that's there But being around birth and death and Marriages or whatever these big events That happen in people's life things that Change the course of their their lives Trajectory retiring from jobs you know Getting a big job starting a career you

Know there's milestones in your life Reading Walking right you do these types Of things Being able to communicate as a as a kid These are big events of course you know You don't perceive them when you're kids But as parents you watch your kids Develop these abilities in their first Couple of years Being trained to go you know potty Trained I mean these are big things that You do the rest of your life feeding Yourself being able to address yourself And you know all these types of things Being able to read and write and draw And significant you know things happen The first six years of your life But anyways um you know I just wanted to Share that with everybody because people Can do this with their loved ones if They choose you know You know they have something they want To say or you know whatever it is um Anyways you know just thought I'd share That only spiritual value will save this World it's Paul remodel death reporting From the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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