More Gratefullness mediation Clarification

More Gratefullness mediation Clarification

Greetings brothers and sisters so I had A important follow-up to my last video I Forgot what it's called but it's where I Talk about Not being a master and not being the Master of the Gratefulness system it's a system Without a master you know I just um We've been having a very intense dreams Like cleaning dreams you know sleeping Really well like really sleeping deeply You know we're close to uh this is um The date here is March 15th and 2023. But we're close to war with Russia you Know a Russian plane and a drone Collided you know all these things are Happening In the world I've been watching these Documentaries I'm talking about in a Video today Uh the one about the Indonesian plane That disappeared and the Murdoch movies The Murdoch murders on Netflix and these Things are happening in the world like It just seems a little bit more chaotic And a lot of things are happening uh With you know my families and I have Plans things are you know we're Getting things done right we're doing a Lot of farm work and things so it's just Like a you know a big time at least in Terms of my Uh you know my experience

And Um the guy who sends me things From uh heartfulness sent me this Minister that is a part of heartfulness Has done things with dodgy is claiming That a war that dodgy got Can be bought like he's not saying this About dodgy himself accomplish But that award is some big award in India like doesn't mean anything to most Of us but it's the highest award that a Citizen can receive and now he's saying That it can be bought and dodgy just got One right so like it's just um all these Things And somebody wrote a comment I see if I Find it here Oh here I found the comment and it's to A video Mantels Tulsi come Oh my dogs jump up in the bed Tulsa Come on let's go come on here we go come On let's go All right my dog was sometimes I get Weird about jumping up in the bed And now they want to be petted Um But there's a video that said Introduction to Hearts the gratefulness Meditation And playlist a masterless system It's not great title I mean a there Should be some kind of punctuation Between a math oh wait

The person writes how can you how can You say for certain You aren't in this source Though devoted through devoted practice Remembrance and choice aren't we always Connected to the source Be well Paul thank you for your efforts And work so this is also a response to Be saying I am not the master of Gratefulness and you know I thought this Would be important Distinction to say so When you reach the central region And again like people can even fall out Of the central region and well dodgy Would have had to like I you know years And years ago I did an interaction with Dodgy in the airport and I was like oh He's in accomplishes in the central Region I've talked about that In many of my journey series videos so I Believe he was in the central region Which is the highest goal the highest Spiritual attainment you can achieve On this plane of existence And so um there's a few people who we Know fell Master charges father And his teacher and Bobby G's disciple Casey varadachari both were in the Central region both fell And so that can happen but it's as close As you can be to God And the way the system works is there's Someone in the central region that

Master the system and his points are Fully charged and he can share his Condition with you so when you go to a Gathering with the master of the system You're in the central region You can also experience it in meditation I've experienced it I'm sure you know I Don't know you know exactly or whatever It is but it is something that we sh That we experience through the seismarck System that we get a taste of the goal We get a taste of that experience and You can always be with God Wherever You Are When you think about God and you connect To God and so there's two different Things here but the transmission comes From What's called the central region Someone who has gone back to the source And has merged The Source has merged Into them And there's also a distinction Here the master of the system The ocean merges into a drop right so You have a drop of water that merges Back into the ocean that's you merging Back into the source Which is eventually everybody does but In some circumstances The ocean merges into a drop Which is what happened with Babaji right This is according to the teachings now I Have suspected when I got my first three Sittings I experienced the source

It was such a profound experience and Again now it's it's a Memory I can't Recreate the experience And then when I was moved to point two And master charity charged that point With power and the cleaning that I had As a preceptor you know being made a Preceptor was so intense so many Negative things coming out so much Purification And I was just like there was just Nothing there there's no grossness no You know nothing I couldn't it was as Deep as it could have gone the cleaning Right And I experienced that a few more times Once was There was a time when We were given a I was a preceptor at the Time and preceptors Gave other preceptors it was a one-day Group it was one day meditation and Preceptors gave three individual cities To one person and received three Individual sittings from one person And it was like again that level of Cleanliness Spiritual purity Just from the intensity of it and it was A great experience and I thought they Would do it again we also did it with Abiasis preceptors gave Two different abiasis three sittings in One day

And it was amazing experience deep Cleaning you know I was giving I was Getting two sittings a day I got a total Of eight sittings three from Master Charging When I Was Made A preceptor there's deep Cleaning that happens And then he you know the yatra of my Soul happened from point one to two Which I experienced And then he charged it and it was Phenomenal feeling Like I can't even describe it so I experienced that like you know I Didn't see the my soul move from point One to point two like it wasn't a visual Experience but I experienced it at a Feeling level And the charging of the point was Incredible and then I talked to this guy Don Severn he said what had happened And so I haven't had that experience With the central region like I've had Times where I'm meditating and I have Pleasant vibration feelings in the base Of my skull which is you know where the Point is located in the human frame And I've had I'm sure experiences with The central region but not you know to That extent right there are people who Can see visually what's happening There's people who can meditate and you Know see the point that they're in and Whatever it is right you know it's

Different levels of commitment and Different levels of whatever you want to Call it but there would be two ways of Having confirmation one the master of The system would say okay you're the Next master And that happened with Babaji to charge you and charge you to Dodge you to whatever extent that was I Don't know what's up with that right the Way it's turned out but that's one way And the other way was Which Way Babaji Did it you know lology had these Experiences And the other way was that lology was in The brighter world and biology had him Through this you know through etheric uh Being a medium and he would have Conversations with lology the analogy Told them what to do and all these Things right but Babaji didn't announce That he was the new Master of the system There's a preceptor that was giving Sayings to Babaji and he he announced it Whatever it was right but Babaji was Clearly you know aware of all these Things that he had gone through because He wrote him down in his diary and so I Haven't had anything like that I haven't Had some experience where they said do This or don't do that right I just have To go on you know the available options And experiment and that's what I've done Here right so the experiment was well I

And also I got that sitting on passant That wasn't from dodgy and so that was You know significant and then I realized Oh I don't need them it's not you know I Don't have to you know once I made that Mental decision it all opened up for me And so I wasn't told to start a new Thing and become the master of the new Thing right that didn't happen there's No way that I have experienced anything Like that you'll have to understand this You know that there's no reason for me To say that right the only thing I can You know they can validate is that I am Receiving transmission outside of dodgy Because I've you know cut ties with the Organization and dodgy and it's Corrupted and I wasn't feeling anything Anyway But I'm still doing what I always did And now I'm receiving it some other way And there's no real difference other Than you know mentally I know it's not Coming from him Because you know of all of it right Which I've documented in my journey Series So for the person to ask me whether I'm In the source or not well I'm in it at Times you know I made it what I am Practicing remembrance or whatever that Means but you know not necessarily the Central region right and so that's what I mean by that like I'm not merged in

God God has emerged in me the source has Emerged in me And I'm not merging the source Completely like you know I would expect it would be better than You know I've had some experiences and That's what's great about the size Mark System you have the experiment the Experiences that they that they say in The books right and I've had some of Them but I haven't had you know those Experiences and there isn't any you know Indication that that's the case and the Other thing is it would be have to Something I would have to accept right When people you know start calling you Master whatever it is and that happens For the person who has been you know Nominated as the master and they don't Want to be called the master of these Things you know someone who's officially The master of the system You know it's a little off-putting like I don't want to be called sir And it's what you're you're putting Somebody in a role like what if people In the streets walked up to you and Called you mother or father right what If you made a video and people started To refer to you as mother or father Like you you were now their father or Mother you know you don't want that Responsibility I don't want that Responsibility like I don't want to be

Your master right like I'm not Volunteering for that position I'm not You know saying that that's okay you Have to understand if you want to you Know think about that way it has to be a Two-way street right I don't even want To be your teacher in a sense like I'm Not you know yeah there's information Coming through me That you were learning and benefiting From but it's not I don't have the Responsibility of being a teacher or Master or Guru in these things because I Don't want that responsibility I'm not You know there was a new age practice That a bunch of people who Who did uh size Mark where I started in The five college area in Massachusetts There's a new age there's five colleges There's a lot of new age things there There's a woman who teaches a class the Therapist the person who I went to Therapy with she also was a Channeler She learned to channel From this woman she told me about the Class and the woman was very psychic and You know very Um If she had good psychic abilities but She was really messed up like you could Tell she had emotional issues she was in Some abusive relationship with a guy who Think it was a heroin addict I mean just You know she was psychic but she was a

Lot of psychic people are screwed up And she told me but she also told other People the same thing that I had a past Life where People came to me and you know I was a Teacher or whatever And I got overwhelmed with it and and people You know behaved badly and did what People do and you know and there was a Spiritual fall kind of there whatever She told a lot of people the same thing And it you know I feel like it could be True like I you know felt at the time it Was true And you know the way humanity is right Now I don't have much faith in it and I'm not you know going down that road I'm going to do what you know what I'm Going to do for myself spiritually and If people want to you know be around That in terms of meditating you know Meditating together we can do that Collectively but I'm not citing on to be Responsible for anybody and responsible For their spiritual welfare I mean That's you know that's asking me to do Something I'm unwilling to do right like So you know people referring to me that Way or think it'll be that way is not Positive because it's not true and I'm Not into it right you're you know it's Like uh it's a boundary I'm saying no to That right no that's not what this is

Don't think about it that way it's not You know not only because it's not true But because I haven't agreed to it right You can't you know when somebody it Becomes the master of the system and President they're taking on that role But you know you have to Define that Role you can't say it's going to be the Same as a previous master and I haven't Done that I haven't agreed to anything I've agreed to you know do these videos Which I'm good at right and there's Energy that comes from the videos and You know this meditation thing that I'm Doing because there's no longer Heartfulness but it's you know something Else has failed right The way of the past has failed The guru preceptor Master preceptor System has failed it's failed us so There has to be another way Because there just has to be this thing Isn't dead yet right and so now we're Trying another way where we connect Directly and then you take more Responsibility Because it's always been a problem that Abiasis didn't take any responsibility And put it on the master of the system And I want no part of that I wouldn't You know I would have never consented to That right I don't consent to that Because why would I want to be Responsible to for your you know your

Spiritual work that you're responsible For so I'm not doing that right you know No one should think about it that way Because that's never going to be the Case Because I'm not willing to do that right And it's just you know it's bad to think About that way it relieves you of your Own responsibility to connect to the Source right you know this is you know I've been doing this longer and I know Things so you know those things sure I Can be helpful with those things right Like I can give information that might Help you Do what you have to do or see what you Have to see but somebody said They wish They could talk to me about their Spiritual experiences Yeah I would be you'd be disappointed Because I don't have any answers for you Your spiritual experiences are yours to Connect with God and there's a lot of Crazy people that see things that you Know are just you know they're Delusional I mean everyone's a little Bit delusional and there's a lot of Things that have happened in the past And you know people have you know Thought of themselves as something that They weren't or you know they thought They made it when they hadn't and they Imagined things that didn't happen you Know someone just sent me a a comment

With um a book from scishmark a Companion right Um and you know it's a good book it was Written by this one guy and he was from The south and you know I like the guy The big personality he was a Vietnam vet But he was you know very he was very he Liked a lot of attention is very loud You know there's things I liked about Because he was different than the other People But he quit a few times chargie said It's because you don't think you deserve It and then like he um started to think He was channeling Babaji he got jealous Of the medium This French woman a bunch of people got Jealous of her and so he was like I'm You know he started thinking he was Channeling Babaji and there's Whispers Messages I said no there's only one and People are just imagining it and he and I had a conversation And I was struggling right you know it Was a lot of things were going on then With the UN and all that when I was Bummed about the UN and I was talking About like you know privately quitting With him like we had a it was a you know We We messaged each other something they Emailed And he wrote something back that he Thought was channeled from Babaji And he wanted to proudly show it off so

He included my name he sent it to to Accomplish in a bunch of the higher up People And I wrote to him like what are you Doing I didn't tell you to do that or His wife said that to him and he Apologized because I was and I'm like What are you doing like are you crazy Like you know obviously I didn't I Didn't give you permission to do that Right Um And so he um Then got into hating Trump and I Unfriended him on Facebook he was Getting like ridiculous but he lost his Spiritual way like he just you know Charged he he had access where he could Walk in anytime he wanted and talk to Charge he one time he got into a shoving Match with another guy and charging like Came out was pest is like you know he Was going to cut them both in half with The transmission or something like it's Like something like that right Um you know but this is what I'm talking About like there's a lot of people who Who lose their way they start imagining Things their egos gets involved and you Know I'm avoiding all those things Because just being realistic about What um you know what I'm permitted to Do What I you know this YouTube channel I

Believe it's I'm permitted to do this You all the work I've done here and this Gratefulness thing again it's you know Proving to be backed energetically and So I've been permitted to do that right And so I'll continue on with it but I Don't you know have any anything else That's it that's the the limit of my you Know someone's given a mandate someone's Given a you know um Like uh you know that you're given Orders and you've been given you know This is what you're this is you're the Limits of your power right and you Should always be aware of that You know that to to go beyond what You've been approved to do and you know This is what I'm designed to do this YouTube channel and then meditating Through this gratefulness thing together Where there's a masterless system and Each person is responsible to connect to The source and I can give you more Information and help you out with that You know if that's necessary I mean for You know people understand some of the History of the system and you know some Links and whatever and just stories and Things I tell that might be helpful but You're the you're responsible to draw That to you to draw the information and To draw the answers and to decipher the Answers and figure it out for yourself Because that's what's lacking in the

Search Mark system personal Responsibility and putting it off on the Preceptor or the master or whatever like You're responsible to meditate you're Responsible to keep the connection going You're responsible to practice constant Remembers you're responsible for all These things You know we have the group and we have The the energy and you know whatever you Know benefit you get from listening to The videos and things sure that's all Great But ultimately you're responsible For it And again you know this is one of the Failures of the heartfulness system a Lack of a responsibility accountability And you know people's egos get in the Way and you know that's all for you to To not do right for each person not to To you know Think about themselves and you know Imagine things that aren't true Where you're something that you're not Right which you know is pretty much the Problem with human life across the board Like just you know accepting the Simplicity of your responsibilities and Your gifts and what you have to Contribute and making them just about That and not thinking about yourself as Something greater than you are In terms of the you know an egotistical Greatness because you do something well

Or you perform something you have Something to offer And it's just that right it's you know I'm good at making videos that's just All it is right I'm not you know that Doesn't qualify to me to meet me to be The master of the system It just doesn't being the Masters what Qualifies you for being the master you Know rising up to that spiritual level And committing to it and you know Putting the effort into it you know Accomplish was a better abiasi than I Was And so in lots of ways he was more into It as a preceptor yet I don't know about His character flaws he was more Committed to it there's lots of people Who are you know I can judge that I'm Really into this thing but you know I'm I'm kind of a slacker and I I do I go at my own speed I'm into it When I'm into it you know I'm a a street Shooter which is a basketball term where You know there are times you get into a Rhythm and you're just you know you do You hit shots and uh you know a lot of Shots in a short period of time and There are times you don't hit any right And so I'm you know I'm like that with Certain things and You know it is what it is right I am you Know my Tendencies are my Tendencies and I've

Been able to accept those things right And you know dodgy was child you know Accomplish was a good obviously a good Preceptor but That wasn't enough you know Like whatever's happened to him you know It's happened because of his you know Whatever flaws he has and weaknesses That weren't able to be Fixed or healed or he wasn't able to Rise above them and I've said before the Higher you go the more that the you know The smaller the flaws the you know Little bits of grossness little bits of Ego conceal your fate right and so um You know I just want to clarify all that this is You know my position on it everyone Should be aware of it and if I'm given Some sort of orders or there's something That changes you know then I'll do Whatever they ask me to do I mean you know theoretically But in terms of you know what's being Asked you know I don't have those kind Of you know uh experiences where there's Direct orders being given through a Channeled message and you know I just Have to Go with what's available the available Choices for me was either Quit or Connect directly because I I knew I Couldn't go on further with dodgy I

Don't I didn't have faith in him or the System I I can't I don't believe in Heartfulness I you know it's corrupted It's a an organization that's not you Know it's not working so I had to either Connect directly or just quit right Those are my choices And so I wanted you know do the direct Correctly if that didn't work it Wouldn't be quitting it would be well I Just I can't you know I don't have this Anymore like I don't have the the Connection Because it's you know it's been robbed From us by a corrupt Master right But luckily and thankfully and Gratefully there's been a secondary System and now we can all try to you Know make the best not try to work Towards making that system gratefulness Something better than harmfulness was Right where we are all working harder to Connect to God then you know the Passivity of people relying on a master To do anything for them that's the Difference and that's you know the Distinction has to be there in Everybody's mind whether it's older Older members do this you know not with Necessarily with us they can do this on Their own you know people can connect Directly And then work towards that connection

Instead of relying on an organization And a master to do everything where they Passively just sit there and you know Uh you know beg to be cleaned and Transmitted to and you know don't put Any effort into it anyways um so I just Want to clear that up this is Paul Romano definitely reporting from the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day And only spiritual valuable save this World And be grateful

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