More goofy superbowl ads + Where have all the Indigo Children gone

More goofy superbowl ads + Where have all the Indigo Children gone

Okay greetings brothers and sisters um So uh in response to my video of Britney Spears dresses up like the devil and Dances um some people have comments Because I said that they flag the videos And that means they demon in this case It means they Demonetize because people are saying Well there's all these horrible things In videos you know and uh all this Graphic stuff but uh they demon I a Video for suggestive dancing suggestive Sexual whatever it is and you know Dancing's a part of that and Britney Spears is clearly like a stripper now Like so I don't really Fault YouTube or The advertisers they view that is Advertiser unfriendly you know YouTube's Advertising program is more conservative Than what they show on TV right because These major companies will advertise I'm Pretty graphic TV shows that are now you Know there there's open swearing and but YouTube has become fairly conservative Of what they allow in terms of a Monetizable video and some of the stuff Is good like some of the stuff you know Shouldn't be out there for kids to watch I mean I don't think kids should be Watching Britney Spears I mean it's not Just sexual but it's depressing and it's Mentally ill like it's a mentally ill Person you know and maybe it's a a bot Or a deep fake I mean there's all these

Things that people have theories about And there's some evidence there's a There's a video where somebody else's Face flashes and you know I think Britney Spears looks younger than she Actually looks in real life I don't you Know I haven't seen any videos of her That are are not on her Channel but it's Just you know it's depravity as its figh Us like this is not a a well person um But anyways just thought i' let people Know that like they don't they let you Put post the videos they just won't run Ads on them and you know I don't make Bit Britney videos for Free you know and ironically I have a Whole bunch of unlisted short videos That I found a while back hopefully I'll Remember and put those up in the next Couple of days here some of those are Britney videos and then I'll make these Into short videos um you know the short Videos just weren't helping my channel Like YouTube said they Would which is no surprise so there were A few other ads that I saw this was more Of a I think a local ad run by a packed An anti-trump Ad Donald Trump is a chicken like this Is what they've resorted to why is he a Chicken pray Tell he won't be he won't he won't he Won't debate hickey N you know I hope she stays in because

That's I think that's GNA catch on he Won't debate hickey Nelly boy he is a Chicken too old and Unfit or just in hinge and Afraid okay So like it's dishonest it's good Political strategy cuz Nikki cuz hickey Nelly has no chance of winning she might Win if Trump goes to jail and that's What she's you know and so all this is a Joke um you know the ad is funny I don't Mind this stuff but this is dishonest Right we know why he's not debating her Because he doesn't want to legitimize Her candidacy he has no reason to debate Her because he's got 50% of the you know Well over 50% of the support of Republicans you have 60 or 70 support Percent support he's beating he's going To beat her in her home state And she has no chance of winning she has No chance of beating him in any primary She's not going to win one primary and So the the odd thing here the anomaly or The you know potential thing here is That she might or he might go to jail And we'll see how that all plays [Music] Out we don't know yeah you do we know It's political strategy it' be stupid For him to Debate it's the same reason Biden would Wouldn't debate RFK Jr because Biden had No chance of

Losing the one thing we do know SFA f is Donald Trump is a chicken so I don't Know if this came from Democrats or Whatever it's just stupid and you can See it appeals to dumb people and there Was another Super Bowl ad I didn't get To um it's about this fire country Speech remember what it took to get here You got remember what it took to get Here because every time you suit up Every time you suit Up could be the last chance you'll ever Get to lay it all on the line it could Be the last chance you'll ever get to Lay it all on the Line CBS sucks about copyrighting so I Won't show you more of it but that's the That's the line I I want it might be the Last chance you ever get to lay it all On the [Laughter] Line this is um the season of redemption I guess there were some issues in the First season that led them to need to Redeem themselves in the second season Looks awesome looks like the same kind Of you know just everything's for stupid People now everything's targeted as Stupid People so they did this um this isn't Kennedy himself it was a pack K Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy this Is um a song Done by Um

Uh Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra was a big Kennedy person and apparently he got his F his Mafia connections to rig estate For Kennedy there like there's some Evidence of that it was covered in one Of those Rat Pack movies featuring Sinatra and his his celebrity buddies And then after Kennedy won they sort of Cut uh his ties with Frank Sinatra you Know the mar Marilyn marro thing came Through Frank Sinatra There Was You Know Kennedy had a uh our uh uh JFK had a Friend that they would dress in similar Outfits they wear the same bathing suits And his friend was uh you know out out He was openly gay and they seem to have A sort of sexual Relationship um weirdly you know just a Weird thing I covered this in a lot a Video of a long time ago and you know I Mean just weird stuff um but he was Associated with Frank and these other People now RFK Jr I I'll talk about in a [Music] Moment do you want a man for president Who season through and through a man Who's old enough to Know so this was Frank Sinatra right um And they ran the S during the Super Bowl And he got 16 million people searching His name like people went after you know Didn't know that he was running so it Worked out but his family went nuts and He's tried to dists himself and

Apologize RFK Jr has for this ad but Just [Music] Um so um you know this happened and like To think that you know that people don't Even know he's running right um the Whole thing is just know his failure on Israel all the things right announced The kickoff of exercise steadfast Defender 2024 which commences next week well I Hope the siren continues through this Whole video it's about to go down and Runs through May steadfast Defender 24 Will be the largest NATO exercise in Decades with participation from Approximately 90,000 forces from all 31 Allies plus our good partner Sweden the Alliance Will our good partner Sweden will Demonstrate its ability to reinforce the Euro Atlantic area via transatlantic Movement of forces from North America This reinforcement will occur during a Simulated emerging conflict scenario Against a near-peer adversary steadfast Defender 24 will be a clear Demonstration of our Unity our strength And our determination to protect each Other to protect of course our values And the rules based International order We okay so this was uh talked about this Was the biggest NATO operation of course Trump is now saying if you don't pay

Your NATO dues we ain't fight we ain't Fighting Russia for you so that Controversy came out and Biden you know Tried to attack Trump on that you know Just the whole thing's a joke you know It just gets like whatever um but that's What's up right so they're pushing like This is they're you know they're pushing For World War I so somebody sent me this I'm not sure Exactly why but what the hell the Council of Earth is the hell with it Right a long time ago when I worked at a Treatment center there was a high Functioning kid really smart kid and Then there was a kid who was just Wrecked he had been abused as an infant And he was you know he kind of had like Almost an an innocent like farm boy type Of uh personality but he also was like He'd go to the dark side and he was so Wrecked that he was his agency paid for A one-on-one staff just to be with the Guy he was always you know he was I me On so many medications and he was always Flipping out and needing to be Restrained and just all these things and He started to act Up and um like he was gonna go off and You know he was gonna craze problems and Be in a restraint and all these things Right I'm like dude just hold it Together like he you know he'd been There a while I'm like dude hold it

Together and he just then said hell with It and then he stopped being crazy like He was getting crazy and he said hell With it and the smart kid you know let's Let's say the The the kid's name was Tom right it Wasn't but let's say his name was Tom The smart kid started saying that all The time hell with it Tom right like When anybody would act up and for like a Week nobody acted up because they were All saying hell with it like they were Just it was like a similar to just let It go or the just let it happen Movement We had here remember to just let it Happen you know all of those things I've Said before and then it Disappeared but it lasted for a week Like it was a positive movement where They just and it showed that the kids Could control their behavior which often You know psychologists people would say They couldn't I'm like well they can Because there are times they choose not To you know and it's for anybody right Anybody can choose to get out of their Cycle anybody can choose to get out of Their downward spiral you know because They have moments where they do it they Get out of their addiction cycle they Get out of their you know abuse cycle They get out of their they acting out Cycle right they're whatever it is there Are times people are able to do it and

Then there are other times they aren't Right um but you know they it's it's all Based in choice and you know how much Stuff gets piled on them but anyways Council of Earth Council of Earth is a Body of 12 beings who represent our Planet plus beings that represent the Part of Earth that has already ascended Called pil Those representing Earth are guiding Humans who've not yet awoken they are Paul of Venetian Enoch Gandy Peter the Great and Tho those who represent the ascended Aspect pce are actively working for the Ascension of the planet and they are you Know this is kind of what I believe in Terms of the planet transforming or the People transforming on the planet But this new age crap is not about that Um you know people find their way into This who maybe have some spiritual Tendencies but mostly it's about Glorification of the ego these new age People it's about glorification of their Egos and thinking that they're spiritual And therefore they're cool or better or Whatever and you know they're just not Right like if you talk to these people They're like you know Annoying and They're not um you know they fall apart Like they're fragile and they're so Egocentric that they're not even you Know close to being spiritual and you

Can't tell them that because they'll Flip out Right bab lady Porsche the goddess of Liberty hilan from Saturn Gama the Lord Buddha um she's Saying bajy here Sarah from um Those who represent the ascended aspect Pil are actively working for the Ascension of the planet and they are Babi okay so Um the person sent me this because Babaji is a part of the is the you know The kind of the main guy the second Master of the Sark system but his name Is Babji he was a Baboo or a clerk B A bu U Ji G is just something they say in India as A sign to respect right so if they put It g on the end of your name you're Usually an elder and someone that needs To be respected um and it's just you Know a sign of you know again there's Just they have a a respect for elders in India that and they you know the Indian Kids are very much like American kids Like kids around the globe are now all Very similar because of the internet you Know there's a difference now because of Technology where the traditions in each Country are being eroded but anyways This isn't the same person she's not Talking about there's lots of there's Lots of different babaes and she might

Be talking about um I don't know who This is so I I can't you know I don't Know who she like Follows lady Porsche the goddess of Liberty hilan from Saturn gaama the Lord Buddha Sarah B From Venus and Lord Vu who comes from Another Universe and has you know I I Think we should be aware beware of Lord Vu I don't I don't just based on his Name I don't trust Lord Vu come to help Earth to jump shift its Consciousness Into a higher Frequency we are blessed to have such Amazing beings working for us to connect With them you know um it's it's Unfortunately unfortunately me and her Share some beliefs here because you know These new AG um I don't know twerps are You know they kind of have the you know Essence of what could be a Transformation the sense of a plan That's there for the transformation but They just get so weird about it and like I've been saying in my journey series Videos you know there's talk about all These indigo children it's talked about In in what I do as Sark Whispers of the Brighter world but where are they like Where are these incredible spiritually And maybe they're just not public but What you see in the Youth of the last You know the Millennials and the transformation

Doesn't seem to be where they're Evolving it seems like we're de evolving It doesn't seem like there's a bunch of Indigo children out there for those of You aren't aware of this is there's this Idea of indigo children right that are You know these higher developed Souls That are here for transformation and it Might be the case you know I've always Believed in it I've thought that this Was going to happen but where are they Like where are all the indigo children Right and then they said there was these Crystal children that were supposed to Be better than the indigo children but Where are they like are they these Annoying little you know pseudo Spiritual brats that grow up in New Age Families you know those aren't they They're not evolving there sweetheart Pumpkin Right This Woman's Nam Diana Cooper Angels so she has her own Tik Tock she Does Rey that video that Council of Earth got 14,000 Views um you know she's got a bunch of Angel stuff and Q&A and I mean you know She sounds like a nice lady who's Spiritual but it's holding up angel Pictures here this is Celeste it's got a Skull of some sort there um you know She's rocking it she has a new Partner um so yeah lapis lazuli she's

Got it all going on there she's got the Rocks she's got the crystals she's got The Angels she's got a dog sleeping next To her she's got the old she's rocking The old um so this is you know what you Can expect from New Age people so this Is her talking about Bob igy Baba G hello everybody it always raises my You know what makes her spiritual is This unicorn picture behind her because There's you know they're just you Unicorns are real frequency when I think Of some of the great illumined ones and Today we're going to focus on Bashi now He was a 12th dimensional Master no a 12th I I mean I would have put him past 11 are you serious 12 dimensional Master utterly totally beyond our Comprehension exactly I can't even Conceive of a fourth dimensional Master A fifth but he was 12th that means you Know that's crazy he was known as a Mahavatar a great Avatar an avatar is a Being that doesn't have to be here it's Not bound to planet Earth and comes in You know different than Avatar in a Video game an avatar is a being like Krishna was considered an avatar that Comes down you know people think of Jesus as an avatar but I don't believe That to be the case but a being uh that Comes down and has a predestined Spiritual Evolution or not evolution is Born in a a spiritual region but doesn't

Evolve it's a you know like some kind of Divine being that comes down to do Service but doesn't evolve themselves That they have limited Powers and you know for specific Spiritual work and it's not it's better Not to be an avatar in the sense of Spiritual Evolution like human beings Who are moving forward in their Spiritual Evolution which Boby is like The real Boby is better than being an Avatar because avatars it's a big word In India but it's a very limiting word It's like not as good because it's you Know somebody comes down does a specific Spiritual work and then dies And he was known as the deathless one Because he has remained with us though He can take a physical body and Apparently does sometimes but he has Remained with us to serve us could he be A unicorn okay so let's take a look at This guy this is Bobaji and he is um here's this clown Talking about Him um side Guru talking about him and Um he's uh looks a lot like Michael Jackson um you know and I guess this was Was this the gr guy Here um and I don't know you know I Can't say what he was or what he wasn't But if it's a new age kind of thing that They're dealing with here it looks a Little suspect this is Bob budy or

Babji with a u and this was the second Master of this system and he was a very Simple humble man that had the ability To transmit and clean people's Hearts and is the you know sort of the He um benefited all of us in the Saar System and he was you know a remarkable Person but very humble and not Well-known you know he had about 5,000 Or so people that were he called Associates that came to him from India And around the world and then the Mission grew under his successor master Chargie and he was the person I knew uh But they were like real people not this Fake you know imaginary unicorn like Gurus throughout eternity he has Literally served Humanity for thousands Of years he has transcended death okay See babui babuji served God now he served Humanity because That's what God wanted him to do but There's a difference between a person Who serves Ity and gets caught up trying to you Know you're you're tied to the results Of Dopey people that are going to fail You and you're going to get bummed out And depressed as opposed to serving God If you serve God you serve whatever God Wants to happen here at Planet Earth and Maybe it's not the continuation of the Human experiment right maybe God says Okay this isn't working out or whatever

And it's time to try something new I Don't know so there's a different here Between serving God and serving Humanity You can serve Humanity through serving God but this is um you know this what New age woman Here okay so um Biden called Netanyahu a Bad effing guy a support for the war in Gaza cost him voters report Says um so that's going On newly surfaced email allegedly helps Prove Biden in business with Beijing Linked firm with Joe was still why Joe Was still VIP uh VP Tucker knows uh this guy knows about Not Tucker Hunter know's about VIP the VIP section Wait another Hunter Biden business Associate is on the hill you might Remember the name Tony balinski oh yeah Yeah back when uh when Tucker Carlson Worked for you and he was the only Person willing to interview him because Fox News sucks yeah yeah he will testify Behind closed doors as part of the Impeachment and so does Tucker been Inquiry in the President Biden David Spun is watching that he is live on the Hill as well and David what do you Expect good Morning yeah hey Bill Dana good morning Okay you know we get to we we know what Tony balinsky said nothing's going to Happen you know nothing's going to

Change um I just want to go back to this Pseudo spiritual woman you know I've Realized because I clicked on a few of These Meditation there was some kind of heart Mind body meditation you has like people That the corrupt uh Master of the Heartfulness organization has tried to Work with these people sad Guru and the Guy from uh not sad Guru but the guy From um Transcendental Meditation and Some of these other New Age gurus it's a Saturated market and I'm covering it in My journey series uh videos and you know These series of videos I have kind of Exposing dodgy for who he is on the Heartfulness YouTube Channel uh but there a saturated Market The new age Meditation spiritual not just new age But you all these things right some of It's American new age and some of it's Global some of it's you appeals to People in Europe and and then a lot of Different people in various other Countries in terms of wellness and you Know all these things right yoga Meditation these types of things it's a Saturated Market there's so many Different people and many of them are Saying the same thing because we're Coming to an end of time type scenario Like you have end times in the Bible the The Book of Revelations and you have all

These other you know Mayan calendar Predictions and you know people were Worried about 2020 being the 2012 being the end of the World but then people are like well Maybe it's we're misreading the calendar It's good could be 2024 whatever all These doomsday type uh predictions all These apocalyptic type predictions exist In various spiritual organizations and Then there's always this idea of a a new World a new age a you know uh an Age of Enlightenment and lots of people have This you know idea and it's in what I do The Sark System um and so after a while can sound Pretty goofy you know because you have The these crazy new age people and you Know people who are Spiritual a lot of times are also crazy People who are psychic also Hallucinate you know so it's not like They're crazy all the time but people Who are crazy are more likely to pick up On things in a way that people who have You know have uh more disciplined Minds More you know regulated Minds uh are less likely to be able to To pick up on things so sometimes uh a Person who's psychic actually sees the Future or sometimes they are just Hallucinating or they are connected to Some dark entity right someone who Channels is likely to be

Deceived into um you know sometimes They're channeling God or a higher Developed Soul sometimes they're Channeling a like demon right it's just How it works and so you know it's um It's not to be trusted these types of Things but it's not to be dismissed Either you know it's like sometimes They're right sometimes they're just Crazy whatever like you can't be Dismissive of it just because they get Something's wrong but you can't believe In it either just because they get some Things right and it's just how it is but As events unfold and we look more and More like there's going to be a collapse Of our civilization then the idea that There's something on the other side that Could be better is our only hope right And that you know that exists in the Sjar Meditation a system where people will be Transformed into saintly like people Connecting to God internally and it's a Spiritual discipline it's not some you Know run-of-the-mill type of Fly by Night new age for profit you know end of World we have something better and some Kind of goofy you know thing with Unicorns and rainbows and and like That you know anyways it's just Something to think about only spiritual Valy will save this world it's Bano Death for the Apocalypse in the

Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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