Mitch Glitches out again + Trump’s VP requirements + Trouble at Target

Mitch Glitches out again + Trump's VP requirements + Trouble at Target

Greetings brothers and sisters um Don't have a lot to cover today is the August 30th but this won't be released Till tomorrow So I'm gonna have to add some things to It Um we'll see you know or it's going to Be maybe a long Narration like I've done in the past But anyways I was recommended this video Oliver Anthony calls out both sides of using a Survival song This political weapon this Is the Cartier family these are four Siblings Four Brothers this is the first Um uh video that I saw in terms of Reaction video Oliver Anthony was Talking about all the reaction videos he Was watching him as well To this song To clarify I watched a video for the Original uh Oliver Anthony song For these guys in terms of the reaction Video but this is a a different uh Reaction to some of the things he's Saying in interviews and and then he Drops a new song here And he says some interesting things There's a good song that he does at the End of it I think I kind of like it Better than the other song I want to go home Um This um you know he plays it live at

This place and I mean he does that here As well if it won't for my whole dogs And Good Lord They'd have me strong up in the psych Ward you know it's Gotta I mean I I kind Of like this tune better I think it goes Every day living in this new world One two many days to me So uh you guys a lot of these songs that Are about The struggling masses the poor and to Disenfranchised you know like it's old Time you know uh I mean they had all these sort of uh Every culture has this right the Suffering masses And music that appeals to them And he struck a real chord here Where we haven't seen that like I don't Remember the last song In my lifetime That was about social issues there's Been some rap songs You know that are very limited to You know uh like the rap fan community And there's been some other songs like This I'm sure in the country music But in terms of like the number one song Top 10 songs of the Year kind of thing Uh you know there's political issues art Uh addressed I'm going to continue that in a Voiceover which I already done but I

Realized um I showed this song to my Wife and I realized I missed the line I Wanted to get to here Son we're on the brink Of the next World War and I don't think Nobody's praying no more I mean there's A lot in this song it's even a more Powerful song than the first one In fact the song itself and then the Lyrics and talking about you know world War three which is you know already Started And you know the lack of God and People's lives and just uh it's a more Uh You know prophetic and more uh Spiritual song But like I was saying let's get back to It I can go to my voice over here You know there was that when I was in High school There was these Feed the World thing Started by that guy Bob Geldof out of England They had these Feed the World music Christmas songs and then Americans it Was British musicians doing this feed The world And then um Michael Jackson a bunch of American Singers did a follow-up song like their Own version And you know kind of sucked you know it Was like you know pretentious and all

That kind of stuff but in terms of like These old time you know like you'd hear Some guy sitting on a train you know Some hobo you know and then singing About the woes and the you know The blues and the you know whatever is Going on it just hasn't been a you know Since the depression there just hasn't Been that much music like that there Hasn't been a song like this that Sparked up so much um And you know he has a lot of like you Know I've only heard the two songs so I Assume that it's He's just got this soulful You know uh like uh it resonates with a Lot of different demographics like just The song itself And you can see it in the reaction Videos and Oliver Anthony was talking About him that himself That he was watching the reaction videos And how it's a worldwide phenomenon You know so they recommended the this uh Video there's two Indian guys who didn't Speak English and they were having the Song translated for them and they like Moved to tears right there's just All this reaction going on And so the song itself is Connecting with people at this Particular time you know I've talked About That I wouldn't have any place

In uh you know like uh You know maybe there'd be some I'd Always be maybe a French person But like my What I do here especially the mockery And the you know when I go in hard on Like you know Somebody or something And it's pretty uh Brutal But this time in you know this time in History like where we are right now it's Acceptable like you know like and people Like me the truce Community there Wouldn't be no truce community If there wasn't you know like we're Entering a dark hour of apocalyptic System collapsed time And so things that are You know no one cared about in the 90s When things were going great or you know When people thought they were going Great you know but now that there's been This change in what the controllers are Doing and desperation on their part and Then you know a uh Uh you know a taking away of uh Promises made you know I've talked about The the original promise to get people To leave the farm you know and these Were people who had family traditions And They didn't want to change right people Get set in their ways you know if some

People did a few people only have one Person in the family you know these kind Of things For the majority of people the tribal People And uh you know it's like you don't want To give up your lifestyle now And so your ancestors didn't want to Give up their communities you know they Saw these modern newfangled ways of Being and they could see through it Right they could see you know the native Peoples and the people who lived in Villages Could see the Trap right they you know They they could read people and they you Know they were higher functioning people Than we are now and they could see the Trap that was being laid And like I said people don't want to Change And so they didn't want to leave the Farm and what that meant in leaving the Farm And this idea of being higher Functioning is that you have so many More skills When I first started homestaying with my Family You expand what you are as a human being In terms of your primary labor and People look down at like I was taught to Look down at you know that blue-collar Labor and you know whatever it is right

I mean that was a guidance counselor but It was more societal I don't you know Um but there was this idea that menial Labor and you know farming and Agricultural labor you know I picked Tobacco for two about two bucks a an Hour when I was in high school you know Things like this And it was seen to be demeaning kind of Work for stupid people But the old-fashioned homesteaders and Tribal people Had so many more skills and abilities Than we have now And they were connected to Nature in Different ways and you know I don't Think we should go back And we still have to evolve and like I Said these cultures were living the same Way for thousands of years you know tens Of thousands of years so they weren't Evolving spiritually you know what they Were like pure humans and natural humans But it wasn't uh there was no you know So there's reasons why those cultures Got absorbed But those people could read and see Through The you know the traps and the tricks And alcohol you know alcoholism you know They're giving you know fire water the Native peoples you know getting people Addicted and what they did with the Chinese and the Opium Wars where they

Got all the Chinese and their military Addicted to Opium and like they're still Bitter about that right as a as a people Like the British doing that to them Right the the east Indian uh company or Sort of a you know almost like a Rothschilds type company there In uh in India where they stripped India Of its gold and then they got the Chinese addicted to heroin right there's All these things like that but they had To get people off of their way of living And they did it by force you know this Was even back in England the Irish and The Scottish were beaten you go but look At the history there that they were Forced to speak English And if they tried to you know speak Gaelicia or their native tongue they Were beaten and you know I mean just the Missionaries all these things right and They're all doing it on this idea that You could only be saved by Jesus so he Was actually doing these people a favor The Savages you know just uh it's Criminal like it's immoral it's you know Criminal on a spiritual level And you know forcing these people to Lose their cultures and then get Indoctrinated into a an eight hour ten Hour you know slave job where you only Have one skill but it only works if You um You never have to go back to the way it

Was like the system is always strong but It was a debt-based economic system at Least that's what it became And it was of course going to become That right and so now the system is About to collapse And people have no skills like this is Three four five generations from their Homesteading you know a tribal type of Skill level right and reclaiming those Things is hard like I've experienced That myself It's a whole different vibe And you know time is different when You're on a farm and the way you manage Time and there's a flow to it and if you Didn't grow up with it It's hard to reclaim it like you're just Going to Fumble around and you'll get Good at some things and not so good at Others but you know you're not this Isn't how we've been trained to be in The world you have to change their whole Way of being And You know it it's now happening like Where People are realizing how screwed we are Because if the system collapses what do You do What do you do if there's no food in the Supermarket or you can't you know people Are living in deserts where there's no Water you know they're living in places

Where it's so hot that there's no air Conditioning how you're going to make it Through the Summers How you're going to get sleep when it's You know 100 degrees in your house And people you know these Apartment buildings and things where the Concrete jungles where the the heat gets Absorbed by the you know it's like a Thermal mass of concrete where the sun Bakes doubt on these buildings and Without air conditioning you you're Going to roast it'll be like ovens in There right And so um you know this this Society is Instructured to be without air Conditioning and water and you know These ways of that we've been uh Accustomed to living and then what about Not having the internet and these other Things that people are you know addicted To And so that's what we're facing right The you know when the promise is broken When they lured people off their farms And their tribes and said or force them Off And said don't worry about the system Will always be here give up your your Skills that you have honed for Generations your ancestral knowledge you Know I've talked about this so much you Know as just my wife came in and I was Watching this I showed her the song

You know it's an emotional song it's Even more powerful song and you'll take Me home is this idea of going back to The source right Heaven you know for Christians and you know going to what's Called The Brighter world for me When you die and your soul returns to The source right and These Guys these Four brothers who are watching the the Song that's why I first heard it and you Know somebody like I said sent it to me Right after I watched the end of it I Had watched the beginning yesterday And they were talking about how the guy Turned down these an eight million Dollar contract because you know the Record companies offer you as a loan You sign these bonuses and these deals And you have to pay the money back Through your record sales so they Basically own you this is what Tom Petty Fought against it you have all these Independent Artists now all known Masters of their songs and you know These things but the record company gave You all this money and then gave you a Crappy deal on the royalties and then You have to work like a slave you able To give your cars I mean this Cadillac Record movie that you see and you know It's a way of and they pretended like You have some kind of great lifestyle But you're always Uh you're always in debt to the record

Companies and if you got your second Album doesn't you know they just own you You roll out these concerts or whatever Um and you know it's a seedy business And this guy Oliver Anthony was talking About it you know I had some people Commenting saying he was a shill and he Was a staged person and all these things You know the song you can feel it I mean it touches your soul it moves you Emotionally that you know in a a feeling Way in the heart they're heartfelt songs I mean you know it's not just the music It's in music is powerful vibrations are Powerful and the guy's got a great voice But it's more than that like there's an Emotion there's like feeling in the Songs And they represent you know I got Recommended this the first song By you know 10 or 20 people And then most of the people had already Kind of heard it when I covered it it Went around the internet people were Sharing it right you can push things out With Bots But I had real people recommend this to Me and my wife had the same thing We both got it recommended and it went Around the internet because people Started to share it because they felt it Right they could feel the music and There's you know something here like you Know again it's not gonna change

Anything because there's nothing to Change the best thing that could happen Is you realize you're effed right like You're booped like that's that's the Best thing that could come out of these Things you realize the system's evil and It can't be fixed and you're effed Because you don't have the skills and The system is going to collapse and it's You know this hot potato or wonder ball Game we used to play when we were kids The Wonder ball goes round and round or Musical chairs you know and You're going to be out like it's just Too who gets stuck with a hot potato Like that there was a you know whatever The Hot Potato you know the Music Stops And if you don't if you're not sitting You're out In musical chairs in the Hot Potato like Who gets stuck with a hot potato right You're supposed to be passing it around And then someone gets stuck with it And so you know it's just which Generation gets stuck with this problem Where we have given up our ability to Live like real human beings natural Human beings we don't have the skills we Don't have the community we don't have The the emotional and mental fortitude We don't have any of it we've been Stripped of all these things we're weak Stupid you know worthless people all of Us to whatever extent

And we don't have it like we don't have The the ability to make this transition Most of us There are some people who will do it This is pockets of the future right And also connecting to God in a deeper Way like we've lost that and it's been Interfered with And you know I messed up and I didn't Show the the big line where you said We're on the verge of the next World War And I'll you know I would have had Corrected that already I'll go back and Grab that and put it at the beginning When I'm doing the the clip and showing The song You know but that's why this stuff is Resonating it's something's changed Right where people you know it's a Coming together I mean these these you know these Brothers are talking about like he's you Know he's talking about celebrating Diversity and these other things because They've pushed for division and there's So much hatred in the truth community And so much negativity towards the other Groups and you know you you were you Were a sheeple not that long ago you Know like we were all sheeple I mean you Know to whatever extent we were all Sheeple and then we we woke up and then We're like oh you guys suck so bad why Could you you know well you were just

Like that right you know this whole Thing where uh there's different levels Of trutherism or or it's experience of This but you know you don't want to get To where you think you're better and we All do because the sheeple are Intolerable right their stubbornness and Inability to accept reality But we are too like we're not you know Unless you can accept the Divine reality In the the you know what's supposed to Happen here because all of us are Selfish about the system collapsing We're all selfish about it because we Can't imagine It doing that we're dependent on it and For selfish reasons we want to keep it Going like I know As much of more than almost everybody About this because I think about all the Time and I do this here And I know what's waiting for us with a Sash Mark system you know this is this Essence of the pockets of the future Because I experienced The spiritual conditions Through the meditation and the Transmission in the system And the teachings are that there will be A collapse of our current civilization Bones and Ashes you know the new world Will be built on the bones and Ashes of The old one And it will have spirituality as its

Base Meaning that everyone's going to connect To God On a deep level and manifest a system Collectively out of that And so You know and I've had that experience Like just every time I meditate and feel The energy right I'd go to these Spiritual Gatherings for three days five Days whatever it is trips to India and Get saturated with this and I come back And it would dissipate it would be worn Away by our current system and dealing With life And it didn't have to be right it's just That One thing is so extremely different than The other And the Divine energy that you get is You know absorbed you know it was Stripped away from you love energy That's why people are bankrupt you see People walking down The street with blank eyes and you know What have you and they're Miserable and just you know All of it right so I know something is Better waiting for Future generations of us and future Generations of our you know incarnations Of ourselves of future Versions of our soul And yet you know as an ego and it's a

Material person I don't want the system To collapse you know I don't I mean as a You know like totally selfish Screw the Next Generation kind of way You know just well I hope it lasts for Us you know this kind of thing But changes are common and there are Good changes right it's a bad system That has to go down And whatever selfishness we have Whatever fear we have of that happening Is not as important as it happening and The necessity of it happening because We're at a on a disastrous course the Longer we go The worse the punishment and punishment Is you know I was talking about this With the Old Testament and You know the The way that God is uh portrayed in in The Judea Christian tradition right the Old Testament particularly the newest Testament is you know much better but Still it's you know it's a start it's Not an end It's the beginning of something not the You know finality of it And you know just the beginning of a Of uh you know contemplating spiritual Life But the Old Testament sucks the way God Is portrayed God is you know to be Feared and as a demon and it's Narcissistic and always butt hurt and

Punishing people You know that doesn't exist The way God really is Is that you are given freedom of choice And when you make a wrong choice When you're when you make a mistake It's a gentle reminder you get it first A gentle coaxing back to the path of you Know righteousness back to the Divine Path And if you ignore that which people do Most of us all of us at one time another In our life and you get farther away From the path and it takes more Force To move you back It takes more you know sensationalistic Type of things more drama more whatever And it's still subtle though in the Beginning and there's just layers of More Force being added and it's not God Doing it it's your inability to take the Hint and go back and do the right thing You know you're doing the wrong thing Your ego knows you're doing the wrong Thing it's separating itself from your Soul and your spiritual process your Spiritual goals and things like this the Divinity that's within you and you Refuse to acknowledge that and you go Into denial you're defensive and you you Claim you have the right to do anything And you know it's my life and screw you God and whatever You know just you know stick your head

In the sand and ignore it and the Warnings grow more and more forceful And then collectively as a civilization They grow more and more forceful And the longer you prolong the denial And and take the hint to go back to the Source to go back to your original you Know what you were supposed to do live a Disciplined spiritual life The more that the you know the the force Grows like it's a another way of looking At it is Master charging the third Master seismic system says everybody has A bank of pain You know pain and suffering that you're Supposed to Endure right you know when you have Pleasure you have pain The two things go hand in hand there's The pleasure of procreation and then There's the pain of childbirth and child Rearing and all of it right There's pleasure then there's the you Know the The Hangover the outcome of the Pleasure Pleasure and Pain going hand in Hand and our societies learn to numb the Pain with medications Numb the pain of life And so people don't experience it right They don't experience the pain that They're supposed to have and pain is What keeps your personality together Like when people are pleasure based the Rich people who are so indulgent they go

Insane because there's no uh there's no Pain to bond their personality your Personality becomes a diffuse It just expands and you know there's Nothing to sort of contain it and and to Keep it reality based and so too much Pleasure always drives people mad you See people party too much you use too Much drugs and whatever And they you know they just they go Insane right there's no nothing to to Bind their personality together And pain brings you back to God because The ultimate pain is the separation your Soul feels from being away from the Source And I told I talked about how I Experienced that for like three months Intensely Through the meditative process of the Seismic system and so we have these Little bits of pain we're supposed to Experience And if we don't experience them and we Take medications we do whatever to to Avoid the pain The pain Bank builds so then we have all This pain that we owe we have all this Debt of pain that we're not willing to Experience and then it blows up in your Face it becomes like a boulder like it Keeps on snowballing and the time it Hits you the pain is so severe that you Can't take it plus you haven't been

Conditioned you know you haven't been uh Trained to deal with pain right you've Been avoiding the pain so you get this Monster pain and and then the Consequences of a hedonistic life at the Same time right they go hand in hand and So this building right the consequences For us going away from God and going Away from our spiritual path and we've Ignored all the warnings collectively And individually and now it's coming Around to to you know smack Us in the Face but isn't God punishing us It's are not you know responding to the Subtler hints is us not realizing we've Lost our way and we need to go back so When people think of a punishing God It's really you know us doing the wrong Thing and being in denial that we're There's going to be consequences us Doing exercising our freedom of choice And making the wrong choices and not Living with the consequences and then be Like why are you punishing me God Well you know you know why you know like You don't know why you don't know why You're being you know you punished Yourself you you know it's like when you Gamble you're betting against the the Odd you're betting against math the math Is against you and so you're like well I Don't understand why I lost well you Underst you're lost because the game is Literally rigged they you know they tell

You how they rig it you can go and Research how It's being rigged if you bet for foot Against uh for football You win five dollars and you lose six So every every time it's called a time When you bet so every time that you bet If you bet 100 times that's a hundred Dollars That you are risking like if you break Even on all your gambling if you just go 50 50 you're going to lose a dollar for Every time you bet And so you know you're betting against Math I mean that's how math Works They've rigged the system in every game And every Casino every gambling game is Rigged Towards the house And once in a while something happens You know just based in math that like Once in a while you win the lotto Somebody hits it big chances are they'll Gamble it away again right because they Like to gamble But you're you're paying money For the risk of losing your money right The thrill of risk of losing your money Which is inevitable And that's what people are doing all the Time with their lives with their Morality with their ethics their Gambling away their Divinity their Addictions all these things there's some

Scars that they're building up and They're gonna have to pay for everything You have to pay for it you're gonna have To pay for every mistaken decision You've made every wrong choice you have To pay for it because you're going Against with your soul and God wanted You to do there's temptations there for A reason they're supposed to be tough The Temptations are there to make it Tough on you and it's pulling you away From your you know your your goals and Your your spiritual goals and your Soul's path And so the consequences aren't because God's mean Or you're being punished because God's Arbitrarily just narcissistic like he's Presented in the old testimonies Wrathful You're being punished because you made Mistakes willfully And you you know you've created your Psychological makeup yours your ego was Created a system of denial and all these Things to get you away from where you're Supposed to go And so this is why this song and these Conditions are resonating because people I mean the the condition of the youth And their depression and the depression And psychological issues that are rising And the cost of internet and Wi-Fi and You know all this decade in life and you

Know the pornography and all the Violence and all the the degradation That we see in the collapse of the moral System and the you know the redefining Of gender and the you know all of it Right the whole like ickiness and Ungodliness of our system going towards A you know satanic way of being And people's egos you know true Satan it Is is a is where you embrace your ego And you deny your soul That your ego takes over in your soul Is minimized and you lose everything That goes with your soul your compassion Your sense of fair play all these things And you become a demonic sociopath That's that's being a devil it's just That it's a battle between your ego Which is a potential demon and your soul Which is a potential saint And most people have lost their way To such an extent like it's not even Conceivable for them to have a spiritual Awakening because they're just so lost So crazy so warped so bankrupt so Without any love any Prana in their System And that's where we are and then the Pain just sets in The pain and consequences And people are feeling it right you can See it and it's growing and it's not Going to stop until we reverse our path And the only way for that to happen is

The system collapses and people are like All right you know yeah yeah you got us You know like Yeah you know it's uh when you're a kid And you've done something wrong and then You get punished and you feel better You feel better because you the guilt in The and the you know whatever you're an Innocent kid and you your guilt it you Feel and the you know the shame that you Feel and then when you get punished you Feel better because you know you deserve It but like you're not culturally if it Comes from a heart based thing Where you feel these things because you Know you did wrong not because some Religion tells you you're a piece of Crap because you feel it in yourself And you know and if you lose that sense Of innocence and sense of right you know Right and wrong And which we all have to whatever extent And then you know something else has to Be done Because you've figured away your egos Figured a way to to deny reality And you know that's where we all are all Right I'm going to continue on here this Is just the sort of introduction to this Video all right I went for a walk with My wife and we did I made lunch and we Were you know whatever And I had some more thoughts to add Whatever whatever I just said here

Uh more stuff has come in I gotta Hammer guy thing More funny stuff Trump is Uh like in Vivek As his VP and we'll get into that you Know he's big Pharma a few other things I covered him on my other Channel video Up today An Apocalypse Now And so you know one thing I want to talk About in terms of all these things Is that The truth Community has expanded More and more people that we meet my Wife and I talk to Are upset by something that's a truther Issue It could be the gender stuff it could be The economy there could be you know some Of it's right wing and you know the Solutions might be different and who They attribute blame to might be Different But most people are aware it's more than Half I would say it's much more than half and You can see it in the Oliver Anthony Song the various demographics of people Who are agreeing with what he's saying And you know they might be they might Not meet your definition of truther or You know things that we believe in but More and more people realize The end is nigh right that um you know

He was saying in Oliver Anthony was Saying he didn't think it would last Another generation And these guys who are doing the you Know watching the the video were Reacting to it you know everyone kind of Gets that right that we're going belly Up and you can blame it on Trump or Biden or you could you know any number Of these things like I said about Tributing blame But people get it like people are aware Of that And at this point You have to like get out of this sort of Um I don't know it's snobby truther Mentality Where somebody doesn't agree with Something that you think is a deal Breaker you know I just I'm tired of the Snobbery personally that I see in Comments and all this stuff And you know like it's it's past that Time right where we have the luxury to Be snobs like you have to just Put your energy into anything that Resembles truth or stuff and I'm not Talking about a republican candidate That Embraces something like Trump you Know he did it politically I mean Certainly Trump was More willing to talk about truth or Stuff just from the standpoint

That he was trying to gather support You know this stuff that happened with Um Steve Bannon told Trump that there Was a lot of truthors out there that Would you know support him and he went On Alex Jones and you know all that um Embracing the QB stuff I'm not talking About stuff like that but if somebody is You know like with Kyrie Irving not Getting the bloop I had made some Negative videos about Kyrie and I you Know didn't particularly like him But his stand on you know that one issue And the way he stood up to it and Whether he was a shill or not or he was A controlled opposition It really doesn't matter like you know There's no way to I mean you can assess That it's really hard to get to Somebody's intent it's really hard to Get to somebody's um you know why they Do things the way they do them because People are such so good at lying and Oftentimes people have to act a certain Way Just to appease the powers that be you Know not everybody can go scorched Earth And if you want to work within the System again A system that can't be Saved but you know trying isn't bad Trying to attempt to fix something or You know changing some things you know Like I was Um

Saying yesterday that I should have said This in a different way but RFK Jr despite his Palestinian view with Some of these other things that are Red flags you know and problems he has Good policies that he's pitching Environmental policies and you know There's so much black and whiteness you Know a binary way of looking at Everything if you hear environmental Stuff you think immediately Of global warming agenda And you know all the stuff to do with Those you know Those um Uh 50-minute cities and the rest of it Which I'll get to I in my next video on My other channel there's a A photo of some of these 15-minute City Buildings really they look you know Prison-like But if you look at Kennedy's policies Towards the environment some of the Other things he's proposing They are things that are doable And things that we should be for like we Have to be for saving the environment Because we're screwing it up like the Pollution and some of the things that We're doing to the environment is going To have irreparable damages To Future generations of people And there's a point where you you know You can't just keep on harvesting

Resources and turning them into toxic Waste and not expect that you know Expect that the Earth's can recover And not be damaged in some way right Like permanently Making life on Earth way more sucky than It is now and we've kind of reached that Point In various ways that people aren't aware Of and just like you know getting Mercury out of the water which Kennedy Accomplished before is a good thing Right and so you might not like him you Might think he's a shill you might think Any of these other aspects of what he's Doing but he's an upgrade from Trump and Biden and if he you know follows through On his policies Some of those policies would be better You know most of them would be better Than what we're getting with these other Two guys right and I'm not saying um you Know voting or not voting like for me It's just not condemning the guy right You know it's it's until the guy does Something where you're obviously just Like the rest of them like Alex Jones And that interview with Piers Morgan Until he goes on a debate and he you Know does something that's a major red Flag or he gets elected and he goes Against his political promises Then you know that's something different Right that's when it becomes action but

Right now he's teetering the line Between being a you know somewhat Legitimate truther And be in a shell or a you know a Controlled opposition like he's he's on That line like you can't really tell one Way or another and there's no reason to Jump out and be like oh my God this Guy's horrible just because you don't Want to get embarrassed or you don't Want to be wrong or you don't want to Get played or whatever you know a little Pride thing that you got like you don't Have to do that like you don't have to Pile on the guy I mean I you know I said My piece about his His Palestinian his Palestinian thing And you know his past and his infidelity And these other things you know and I Say my piece about whatever these things Are and then I let it go right and you Know everyone has an opportunity to Change Even these people I cover on a regular Basis I make make three or four videos About a certain person or include that Person in a narrative or story in Multiple videos and it might be pretty Harsh but after that I let it go if the Person changes they change right just Like I said I made negative videos about Kyrie Irving and his Illuminati shoes and some of the other Things he was doing that I thought were

Detrimental Uh you know some of the truther stuff But then you know he made a decision to Do something else and Um and I you know I had no choice but to Support him and I was glad to do it Because it's a fundamental issue that we Are all having and for someone to stand Up against the Boop the way he did Was imperative and so that's much bigger Than the other things you know wearing a Uh you know a Capstone on your shoe like You know like yeah that's the other Thing symbolic but what he did you know Cost him money and ruined his reputation He received a lot of heat for something That no one else you know very few People celebrity wise were willing to Say or do anything about and he took a a Full out stand where he missed games and Was a target of uh anger and you know Just hate from all these Sports Reporters and all the rest of it and You're going to see this with people who Are going to flirt with the truthers for You know support because they're going To need it right because it's I think It's up to like 60 percent now that I Would call people who are you know Rejecting the official story it might Even be more and they don't even want to Know they're not going to pull But in terms of just bare minimum you Might consider a truther it's you know

Over 50 percent Like people are getting it people are You know seeing it and they're you know They're tired of the the whole politics And these crappy politicians and You know all the rest of this right they Want something better and new they're Demanding better and new and that's you Know like I said a form of witnessing we Are taking this energy or you're taking This information it's going back to the Source And when that happens there are Solutions that are sent out right there Are contingencies And so you know God needs people in the Sense of being reporters of what's going On in the ground because God's inside of You and when you are thinking about God And you're you're feeling God's love and Your you know you're remembering God and You're witnessing things that goes back To the source and then it's like you Know signals goes back to your brain and Your brain releases an antidote or you Know antibodies or something To battle the poison And so you know that's one of the things That way uh you can be healed is Make your you know your mind and your Reaction your your immune system and Things be aware of the poison and the Toxin that's in your system okay so let Me get to the other stuff here I just

Want to add that little You know that little bit you know I just Think the truth is are so um it's Becoming more clicky and more you know Like I don't know you know just it Doesn't need to be that like just it's Got to the point where anybody who's At least you know appears to be aware of The narratives you know the ones that Are not aware of it you know they can Sort of parrot some of the messages But they just don't get it like the ones Who are unable to verbalize like Kennedy Can verbalize the truth or narratives at Least some of them And so you can see that he gets it and If he's using that to manipulate people You know and like I said they they have A a live straight line to Victory so it Doesn't matter Who they throw in there like they're Just going to do what they're going to Do because they don't have a choice The economy's collapsed and they you Know there's no backup plan so they have To follow through with their agenda Regardless of who's in the office and so But what I'm saying is the politicians And the people that don't even Acknowledge the truth or narratives and Can't articulate them don't understand Them the people in your life they can't Even you know they don't when you Explain them to them they can't believe

It's possible and they just don't Understand it you know those people are Gone like they have no You know they're just lost they're like Walking corpses they're the ghouls of The the planet the ones that get it There's always a chance they may You know have a you know a moment of Conscience a moment of you know have a Like uh you know where they just say Effort you know the year of the effort And they follow through on what's right And you know there's I mean at least that would make this Going in the right direction as our Civilization collapses around us all Right so let's get to the other stuff Here Okay so let's get to it here uh Mitch McConnell this just in election in three Short years what are your thoughts on it I'm sorry I had a hard time hearing that What are your thoughts on running My thoughts about what running for Re-election in 2016. That's true Turtle turtle Did you hear the question Senator Running for reelection in 2026 All right I'm sorry you all we're gonna Need a minute McConnell appears to freeze when asked About re-election he didn't appear to Freeze

Okay Somebody else have a question please Speak up Yeah please speak up Mitch died two Years ago she really gonna have to speak Up so he can hear you in the Underworld Because you know he's he's a he's a Ghoul now so He doesn't have any human consciousness Left so you better you have to Yeah I really have to go to shout so They can hear his soul can hear you down In hell Because you know like I said he's been Deceased for a couple of years Somebody else have a question please Speak up This is who yeah Yes that's exactly who you are That's exactly who you are and so on This guy turtle turtle he's been old for A while and you know this shows you Everything that's wrong with the Political system because Mitch McConnell Has worked his way into the power Position In the Republican Senate he's the number One senator In the Republican side of the Senate Because of longevity and you know Kentucky is a nice State I was almost Going to live there once beautiful state But it's not very heavily populated There's no major cities there

You know they're not um you know people Joke about it like when I lived in um Henderson Nevada they called The like sort of redneck part Hender Tucky And you know my wife and I were joking About that because she's heard that in Places she left right uh you know it's Considered whatever Um yeah I like the state I'm not you Know Dissonant but um You know it's not a political Powerhouse And so it doesn't have I mean there's Money in the state you know Kentucky Derby on this some whatever But for them to get this kind of Political power they would have to elect Another Senator and wait 40 years For the you know for the person to Get longevity and seniority And so they don't want this guy to go Away even though people in the state Don't love them And he's just a political hack and he's Always been there you know he gets a lot Of things for that state and you had That with same thing with Nancy Pelosi I Mean California is a little bit Different because they have more people Especially in the house But you know she Rose to power and they Just didn't want to you know snatch the Power out of her bony hands she ran

Basically uh against no one like she had In you know there wasn't a contested Election for years for her and they keep On coming back and you know it's Everything that's wrong with politics Like there should be term limits and you Know all these things should end U.S military plans to unleash thousands Of autonomous War robots over the next Few years Sounds like a plan United States Military plans to start using thousands Of autonomous Weapons Systems in the Next few years in a bid to counter Chinese Chinese China's Growing Power And it says here um Well whatever uh robots everywhere So that's what they're doing Okay here's the hammer guy Who are you going to believe Rudolph Giuliani or Rudolph Giuliani or the hammer guy look He's got his face look kind of like a Hammer I'm not a God I'm a functioning I'm Probably Probably function more effectively than 90 of the population Yeah especially when your face is Melting The same Rudolph Giuliani told a Reporter while he was drinking a bloody Mary I love Scotch I can't help it all Of the malts

And part of it is cigars I love to have Them with cigars I'm a partier Rural giuliani's previous wives have a Less than charitable view of him as a Partier one of the witnesses of the January 6 committee testified under oath That Rudolph Giuliani was drunk on Election night 2020 when he told Donald Trump to publicly go out there and Declare Victory which Donald Trump did Knowing that it was not true Um You know This is where you're going with this Right like that like Hillary Clinton You know I had pictures of her doing Shooters and I mean when she was during His career campaign gaze against Trump She's going out to all these bars and Drinking you can find videos and and Pictures of her drinking we can let's Just find some of those here she is Doing a shooter there you know she's Drinking there there she's dancing Another shooter Toasting beer she's like she's and the Only time you see her smiling Is at bars like there she is again There's a coffee there Um but there she's doing there shoot her There why And she's drinking coffee which of Course is also a drug

Doing this some sort of Um coffee beverage There she is another beer there She is in a bar on Saturday Night Live They did a sketch there I mean there's just lots of pictures of Her it was a real funny one I have it Stronger together She has more beer there She's smiling with a beer she really Gets happy when she's Got a drink in her hand there's one Particular one There she is there There Uh there's some water Jimmy Kimmel did a spoof I'm not going To show it to you because it seems like They just slowed down Her speech That she was um You know it doesn't look like she was Actually drunk But they're doing a spoof because they All knew that she was an alcoholic she Drinks all the time I mean she does it a campaign event After campaign event and I couldn't find Any videos of it but I have more Pictures that I saved from before some Of those have disappeared from the Internet I'll get to those in a second But she did talk about being in a drunk Drinking contest with John McCain have

You ever won a drinking competition Well I haven't been in many that cackle Any of them but the most famous one I Suppose is the one that I engaged in With Senator John McCain when we were on A Congressional Delegation and he kind Of challenged me we have our political Differences but we sat there drinking Vodka until we both I think agreed to Withdraw in honorable fashion having I Think reached the limits that either of Us should have had so it was a time so You're passed out Okay Is that what happened you were passed Out here You fell on the floor hit your head I considered a tie yes Of you Tires for losers so remember she passed Out trying to get into a car Or some other time I can't remember all The times but when she was running Against Trump she passed out and they Had to scoop her up and put her in a car I think it was that one and the next day She went on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis to sort of show she was all Right that she wasn't you know Incapacitated Just try to scare her She's like gone right she's like not There like she's just gone like if she Was just you know

And uh And responsibility But being the first woman elected President and what that would mean for Our country and particularly what that Would mean for you know not just little Girls little boys too so she was just Lost right I remember she passed out the Day before and Like she just um this was you know so Many years ago remember this where she They dropped balloons On her when she won the convention the Democratic Convention And she did this she was like flipping Out Like just um like there was these you Know they said that she had Parkinson's Other thought people thought she had Kuru Then there's this one remember this font Uh you I imported this font back when I Did font stuff I'm always up for for standing around a Bar She said they saw an extra And I had over 20 of these pictures of Her drinking some of those I showed you Already On the internets there she is there If she's doing shooters shooters this is The picture look at it we just look at This coolish Evan effort Like that's you know that's an

Adrenochrome face there But the point is that she was you know She had these breakdowns she fell down a Lot she passed out she passed out like Seven times broke her arm broke you know Got a concussion I mean she was falling Down all the time we know about seven or Eight times she's fallen down That we know about it and that we know About and she couldn't walk down and up A flight of stairs her health was that Bad and she was you know Dad was an Alcoholic and she was obviously an Alcoholic as well there's one more she's Just so happy she's got a it's got a Girl next door and a you know a little Little uh what is that Irish stout or Guinness little Guinness There we go another shooter What was your observation about his uh Potential intoxication during that that Discussion about What the President should say when he Addressed the nation on Election night And the mayor was definitely intoxicated But I do not Um know that his level of talk Intoxication can you trust this guy Right Education when he spoke uh with the President And we don't know his level of Intoxication when Rudolph Giuliani said This

When I went to bed on Election night He was ahead in all those States every Single one of those States how is it They all turned around Every single one of them turned around Or is it more consistent that it was a Plan to turn him on he's got the face Melting thing going on guliani I mean He's really screwing him here Brent And since there are witnesses who say There was a plan to turn him around And it's kind of Begs credulity to say that it all Happened in every single state Foreign So that was you know just the face Melting that was great my goodness this Is how you win You win yeah How drunk does your lawyer have to be Before you stop following his advice That is a question a legal question that Donald Trump's criminal defense team Will have to answer when he goes on Trial on March 4th in Washington DC Rolling Stone is reporting in their Quest it's almost like he doesn't have a Mouth questioning of multiple Witnesses Smith's team of federal investigators Rolling Stones lawyer He's just like a little robotic uh Douchebag Okay so Donald Trump likes Vivek Ramaswamy as possible VA candidate

And This is why Question uh remember speaking of uh Robotic douchebags uh you said that you Weren't uh you weren't going but you Would be watching the uh the debate for A vice president Have you thought of Vice President Ramaswamy Well I think he's great look anybody That said I'm the best president in a Generation I don't know you'll have to Define generation And uh he said it just a couple of times And he said it in a hundred years so I Have to like so his prerequisite for Vice president is that the guy thinks He's the best president in the past Hundred years or a generation That's narcissism at its finest you Trumpers like that should just Disqualify him right there And he's not kidding like that's how he Lives he judges people on how great they Think he is like the people that think He's great or great and he's willing to Work with them everybody else it's an Enemy he's got to get into it with them You know this kind of thing I mean That's Trump that's Trump in a nutshell Right there this guy's a you know a Clown he's a big farmer right like a guy Like that you know I can't get upset With him but he's a smart guy uh he's

The youngest smart guy because he knows I'm the best president in the last Hundred years I uh he's got a lot of Talent he's a very very uh a very Intelligent person he's got good energy And he he could be in some form of Something I tell you I think he'd be Very good I think he's very good I think He's really distinguished himself he's Starting to get out there a little bit He's a little bit getting a little bit Controversial I can't tell him be a Little bit careful Some things you have to hold this guy Right You know this fake laugh at him He's got a lot of good energy what's so Funny about that what is funny about That What's funny about that like it's just You're talking to a guy who's Just divided the country and rolled out The the operation warp speed and got Played during covet and just what's Funny about this right he's gonna grab This guy because he says Trump's great So he's gonna put ramaswami in there Somewhere You know he's big Pharma so you know That kid what could go wrong right I Covered that yesterday or today on my Other channel Oh Biden our country is going through Some very difficult times the rule of

Law is being destroyed and the justice System is being wielded as a weapon Against Joe Biden's political opponents Me me it's about me this is I'm talking About me here if you didn't know I was Talking about me it's me it's fish boy Me primarily Over the past few months I've heard from Count Less Americans who are there it is Boom Pitch boy Kaboom we got him deeply Disturbed by these appalling political Persecutions and attacks against me you Know me did I tell you it's about me I Want to say to you today do not Despair And do not lose hope every Injustice me I'm here me just they throw at us every Hoax me they thought me Witch Hunt and abusive power must only Harden our will and steal to resolve to Boom got him again Next point save our nation fishboy This is the nation we love we will save It we will not let this happen okay Why don't you save it the first time What did you do to save it the first Time well you let him roll out covid you Let them change the definition of gender You let them roll you on the election You got censored and banned thrown off Of social media and made it harder for The rest of us to to speak out on social Media And you know what else did you do oh

Yeah you kind of build part of a wall You know That's the whole thing Okay so here is Dandy Don Lemons Dandy Don was a famous pitcher He's got the Trump um the official Trump Mug shot It says here finish the job lock him up Lock him up lock him up no check marks No with the check marks 24 000 likes Almost 25 000 likes and then this one We got this one here while it's in the Opening here we go four thousand likes And this one Three thousand likes and so that just Shows you everything you need to know There This one Four thousand likes so he's getting no No views right maybe 20 000 views nobody Famous commenting no celebrities and Here he is 11 000 likes he's got Something to say here let's Start it over For you I think I want to do something Next that scares the [ __ ] out of me and Be good like Do your job efficiently say something Intelligent I could go out all day Um I had a very successful career in Cable news for a long time Um yeah it wasn't successful bro You had some sort of thing that got you

Noticed where people thought you were Good when you weren't And then You gotta show and then they didn't want To take it away from you for whatever Reason Certainly wasn't what anybody would Consider to consider successful and they Were looking for a way to get rid of you And they did by dumping you on morning Television and then Um you imploded there they fired you and Then Caitlyn Collins got your old job That That was not successful I missed Don Lemon tonight so much melon melon uh Feel what Millennial NYC I don't know That's um he's got some fans here but The only 11 000 views I got to do and Say exactly what I wanted wanted to I Have and had a very important voice that Most people don't get to hear uh in on That platform and still don't and I Really you just gotta inflated ego I Mean bro you sucked expect that to Continue but I I'm gonna lean into the Future of this medium and uh and do Something that scares me honestly I didn't expect to go this far but I Will a little bit it's it's all of it I Mean you'll see me doing something that Is multifaceted uh it will be more than One platform and Um if I decide to do it but as you know

I don't have to rush back to work right So Um you know I'll see but I'm gonna sort Of figure it's a good time for me to Figure it out I just don't want my voice To be lost over the next 14 months That would be a real tragedy if we lost Don lanman's voice this voice of reason This Epic News man And if we lost his voice wouldn't that Be a tragedy Wouldn't that be horrible I mean we need Don lemon's voice out there he's a voice Of reason He's just that guy he's you know what we Do without Don lemon's again he's Getting no likes here he has no fan base Barbied himself up with his husband There Or his fiancee two handsome men sure do Miss you and Chris on CNN Chris cuomos There they are there Um Doing the Barbie thing There they are again boom Barbie knit Getting barbied Getting barbied again Let's back to that one here they are Halfway Barbie Um Yeah good good luck to you You're going places Okay so this white dude a manager or Security guard it was unclear to me he

Was called both in this report Don't play with me woman punched in the Face by Target manager Um and so she backed him into this Office And she's bigger than him she seems to Be a very tall woman Obese and she followed him into this Office he was trying to get away from Her and he called boxer I mean look at He's winding up here And she ended up going to jail Um and so what happened was they show You this here She came into Target and this woman was Her cashier and she rang up Um almost a thousand dollars worth of Merchandise and she said she didn't have Enough money to pay for it so she asked To talk to a manager and this woman came Up and she said well let's listen to What she says here I've had a privileged life and she's Been disadvantaged and then said that She was asking Target to make Reparations for her And I said that's not something we can Do tonight if like that's not something We can do tonight And I mean that's what it was like That's what her response was to this That's not something we can do tonight Because the woman is asking a Target Manager a black woman is asking a white

Target manager to get reparations And then um you can see from the video She puts her hands up see the woman uh Corners here here Somewhere And get sort of in her face and then This guy comes in and Um he confronts someone who asked her to Leave she doesn't leave and she follows Him And she's being aggressive but more just Verbally and he cold Cox her and the Police see the report and they're Talking to the woman And the woman's a little bit crazy and She says that she's having her Rosa Parks moment She's you know articulate she's I mean She kind of knows her stuff but she's You know obviously thinking that she can Talk to a Target manager and get Reparations from Target on the spot you Know and there's this idea that all White people are wealthy and that There's so many poor white people so Many you know white people living in Trailer parks black people living in you Know Urban environments and you know Same kind of poverty I mean there's lots Of white people in poverty and so you Know there's this Misunderstanding here the story is Really effed up and it could go either Way like it just depends on the cops

Interpretation of events and all of it And so the woman she argues with the Cops for a bit and Um you know it's all kind of worth Listening to Because you know it's they talk about How the you know the right-wing truthers And the truth Community are inspiring Violence but this woman has been Indoctrinated by the woke movement I Think she's entitled to reparations so Much so that she thinks she thinks she Can go into Target and talk to people in Target on the management level and They're gonna give her merchandise You know whatever she whatever she can't Afford she gets into money and the Capitalist system here but she's Obviously you know delusional in the Sense of why would you do this right why Would you pick this as a place where you Think you're going to get reparations And the guy punches her in the face and He's just like he gets away with it like You know she wasn't physically attacking Them the whole thing's effed up and you Know it could go the other way like the Guy could be in jail and she could be Let off depending on where this happens And how it goes down and you know but You can see how people are getting so Warped in their perception of things and Like it's a very telling video my wife And I watched the whole thing

Yesterday and you know I mean it's it Shows you how the agenda is making People think that Everyone else agrees with them and they Have a case to be made so much so that She ends up getting arrested and arguing With the cops and you know um I mean she Was you know aggressive in the situation But mostly she was getting to people's Faces and yelling at them she was being Maybe somewhat threatening you know I Don't know and that's how people are Going to take it but she thinks she has A a case of Target O's or something like in terms of Reparations like Target is you know Gonna do some sort of reparation policy Just start handing out free merch I mean We're talking about you know if they did That then how many was it like set was It like 13 of the population is uh African-American who have answer you Know have slaves as ancestors and then What about the Native Americans right And if Target had to give away free Merch to 20 of the population Like you know it's just it's not how This thing's gonna go down that's how This thing's going to work out I just Want to clarify this because you know I Was saying earlier and I don't know if It's clear but The mainstream media is always talking About Trump and the Q and the conspiracy

Theorists and you know all these people In the media are riling people up and Inspiring them to violence But when you Uh tell people that they've been Victimized and it could be any number a Group it could be any group of people Any demographic LBGTQ women feminists These different groups right and now you Know white people feel like they've been Victimized like everyone feels like They've been victimized and that's what The media says there's you go somewhere On the media or someone on social media They're going to tell you your Demographic is getting screwed and how These other demographics are taking Advantage of you or taking what belongs To you or they owe you something and That's weaponizing people and there's Lots of mentally ill people And this one was upset about this and She you know made a horrible decision to Try to extract reparations from Target Managers who have no power and she Argues with the cops and said you know We have the power to punch me in the Face but he didn't have the power to Give me free stuff you know like it's She was still arguing about it right and You know some of her Um Points if you watch the video they make Sense I mean they make sense like you

Can understand how she feels you might Not agree with her but you understand Her internal process but our time she's Just you know she sounds like crazy Right saying this is her Rosa Parks uh Moment this is a totally different thing Her Target wasn't oppressing her she Wanted stuff at Target she didn't have Enough money and she thought she could Get on reparations and you know then Just decided to lock down she said I'm Not you know I'm gonna stand the line I'm going to hold the line like she Thinks this was going to inspire a Movement finally they go to arrest her And she won't cooperate the cop goes Let's not add resisting the rest of this She goes well let's do that he goes well Let's not right like He's saying you know you don't want to Have extra charges here And you know I mean she was being Opposite thinking like this was some Sort of a movement like it was going to Create a movement in her favor and you Know her demographics favor And you know it's maybe controversial And the guy hitting at her in the face Was Definitely questionable I mean I don't Think he had provocation I mean maybe he Felt threatened but he could have maybe You know I mean there's other things he Could have done like he just stands back

And punches it as hard as he can to face And she's like not ready for it like She's not defending herself and the Whole thing is like effed up but this is How people are being weaponized and the Division is weaponizing people And you know it's not going to go away In time soon and people think they have Some sort of right and they think people Will understand their point of view and The other people on the other side have Been told something completely different And they're not on board with your Beliefs in fact they think just the Opposite they think you know uh and so They're not you know going to agree with You and so conflict is inevitable but They're blaming social media for letting Conspiracy theorists talk about things Because you know we're gonna we're gonna Rile people up and Trump or whatever but You know it's happening on all sides Right they are pushing for division Anyways only spiritual value will save This world it's barbano definitely Reported for the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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