Leave the World Behind & the #1 indicator the Collapse is Nigh

Leave the World Behind & the #1 indicator the Collapse is Nigh

Greetings brothers and sisters so I'm Going to get Into uh Leave the World Behind in a Moment a lot of people wanted me to Watch the movie I had saw the uh Previews some time ago and was Interesting in seeing it and you know I Had um some uh apocalyptic responses to It right you know it's a very telling uh Movie for a lot of reason to do with the Collapse of our system uh before I want Before I get into that and I have a Bunch of other stuff to get to Chris Cuomo is laughing at a person with Tourette Syndrome other things people Have been sending me but I want to start Off here this is uh my year on YouTube 2023 and I've been a member since 2007 These are my two channels and they're Giving me a Snapshot of congratulations on a Fantastic 2023 year YouTube I got 2.4 Million Views um it would tell me that I how Many subscribers I got but since I lost Subscribers over this past year you know I've uh dipped below 200,000 on this Channel and it says here I uploaded 500 Videos 586 Videos 164,000 Likes and not too good of a Ratio well I guess it is that's you know Quite a number of likes per video and

41,000 uh comments and 11,000 Shares and so the 41,000 comments is um Because I'm going to show you my other Channel as well is something I talk About here quite a bit that when you get That many comments I mean think about 41,000 of anything right and then I get Comments and other I think 20,000 my Other channel I'll show you that in a Moment and then uh messages and things Like this you know I don't have the Ability to respond or read or you know To deal with all those comments right And it used to be more when I made more Shorter videos instead of one longer Video I would get um like I think close To a million comments a year I would get Over you know hundreds of thousands of Comments a year um but you know then it Says here most viewed video this year Top rated Video I I I Alec Baldwin helped Hilaria Perpetrate her fraud my top short was um Just saying Jam Lee curis there's so Much more to celebrate four years in the Partnership program your community grew When you launched Channel memberships And there's a wrap on another great year Um the Creator short you know the Problem with this is is YouTube's really Pooped me this Year financially and then in other ways Like they make it sound like you know This is um they're working cooperatively

With me and other people but they're not And this is Apocalypse Now my year on 2023 Apocalypse Now PF congratulations On a fantastic 2023 I think they're saying that to Everybody I'm not sure a little Suspicious and then it says here that I Got 943 uh new subscribers that's the top Metric they didn't tell me on my other Channel because they are removing more Subscribers than I'm getting and that's With me even advertising with them right Because you know it do subscribers don't Matter it's the amount of views you get Because people have millions of Subscribers and they get a couple they Get less views than I do right like it's It's how many views you get every day And you know on your videos in general That keep your channel going it's the Fact that people are watching your Videos is the most important thing Subscribers plays a part in that but not As much as people think 1.4 million Views 160 uh uploads so what was it was 500 and something on the other channel So I made like 700 videos something like That right um over 700 videos and you Know um Which some of that was because I did a Lot of shorts in the beginning and I Just got tired of doing that didn't Really help me out um 120,000 likes

26,000 comments so I got almost um well I guess it's almost 70,000 comments and Then uh 7,000 shares my top rated video Hollywood celebrities dropping like Flies finally radi theod uh cause of Death that was my Big you know what you would make this Photo better if I was in it that was my Top Short um like I I forgot about that till I read it but you know the the bottom Line is that YouTube is suffocating all Of us I mean not just truthers they've Cut back how much money they pay you uh People are making drastically less money And they are squeezing people out in Various ways you know in terms of I mean I lost Subscribers on the other channel and I You know this channel only got a th000 New subscribers that's been going on for A while um but it's you know it signs That the end is near right in terms of Um YouTube being a a viable uh uh Platform for people especially truthers But people in general you know I was Looking at Facebook today I'll get into That in a moment uh but let's go I got a Few more memes to show you that are tied To the to this movie meme number one one Dad is Santa Claus a hoax of course not Son think think how many people would Have to be in on it it's clever Meme and Then this one Leave the World Behind

Explaining are you ready for what's Coming which I'll talk about because That's actually a part of it um you know It is probably the the thing that you Could get out of this movie is That and so I showed you this meme the Other day I didn't know was from this Movie you watch movies for entertainment I watch movies to decode messages and so Um you know it um I talked about that a Little bit let's me switch over to my Voice over so what's the most important Thing on uh about uh Leave the World Behind it's not decoding messages it's Not the racial implications it's not That the Obamas were a part of it being Produced it's not predictive programing It's not any of these things not not That those you know I'm going to talk About some of those things but they're Not the most important thing about this The most important thing about this is The system collapsing and Truth or Narratives and Preppers and all of these things that The mainstream has ignored and laughed At and mocked and and done all these Types of things you know there's another Movie called Civil War which I just Reviewed the trailer just came out it's Going to be released in March and these Are Mainstream uh big budget Hollywood films That are now in

Detailed and you know with a a shout out With uh you know a sort of invisible Shout out a shout out without you know Uh admitting you're shouting it out to The truth Community they are now putting Out these movies that talk about the System Collapsing as a realistic possibility They have been hinting at this for years Where they have um truth or you know Sort of characters who are always They're right but they're the problem They're right but they're weird they're Right but they're you know they're They're still a villain right where the Truth or character is and again the Truth or character in this movie The Prepper and um you know spoiler alert a Little bit I'm not going to really get Into the plot so much but the truther Character came comes off a little bit You know selfish you know a little bit Whatever um not not he's not the hero The the movie the protagonist but this Was a different kind of a movie right The fact that the Obamas were a part of It meant two things it gave credibility To left-wing woke people to this movie Because oh the Obamas are part of this The people who like Obama and to the Right-wing people oh my God Obama's made Something why you got to see what that's About you know like so it it drove Viewership to it and made it more

Substantially you know tied to the Government the these things right where The Obamas are signing off on a a film That Realistically puts up the possibility of One narrative in which is the system Collapses and how people cope with it Right and one thing to know about it is They always seem to have to warn people Before something happens like there some Kind of rule whatever it is like there's Some element of that they have to put Things out and at least you know put the Idea in people's minds That this is a Possibility and you know you could look At any time in our history I mean when They first were developing the atomic Bomb right just like with a CERN uh Particle collider like something like This they're messing around with Something that you know could have Devastating Effects Y2K was another example Y2K was A legitimate idea of something that Could have gone South right like again You know nothing happened but there were People who prepared for the end of the World then right there's all kinds of Times you know when nuclear bombs were First a thing people started building Bomb shelters people were building bomb Shelters all these old bomb shelters Built in the you know the 60s and 70s

And you know whatever it was 80s I mean There's all these things that have Legitimate possibility to end our system Because our system is fragile much more Fragile than people know and Empires Collapse right that new Civil War movie Which I just reviewed they said Something that I've been saying for Years all Empires collapse you can go And see Runes of Empires that used to be Cities that used to be you know big Cities and underwater cities and you Know the pyramids and things like this Things that were built and were you know Now abandoned nobody lives there right And they're not that old and there's Just been a long history of of Empires Collapsing they all do everything ends Someday there won't be life on planet Earth there's these things that are Going to happen at some date you know It's it's going to be the day before There's no life on planet Earth at least Life as We Know It there'll be no Physical life there'll be no organic Life there'll be no trees there'll be no Germs there'll be no mice there'll be no Anything there'll be a time maybe There's no people there'll be a time Where you know whatever and the end of Our civilization the end of things There's always the time right before it Ends and they do end and But what's different about this time is

That pretty much everybody believes it's A possibility this movie speaks to that Right everybody believes to some extent This is possible at least you know on Some level they they can't deny you know People say oh the system so strong or You know the people saying oh they've Been saying this for years and you know They bring up Y2K or they bring up Whatever the people are always saying End of the world there's always some end Of the world people right and it's in Every religion it's always predicted did It's always there the Mayan calendar Right 2012 the you know whatever right The uh end of times and the you know Biblical tradition I mean it's in Everything right because it happens There's a there's a time where Civilizations collapse but it used to be French people and the French Community Has grown the truth Community makes up You know upwards of 30% of the people Right and so all those people have at Least some belief that the system could Collapse you know people are worried About it and they might have different Reasonings they might blame different Entities they might have different you Know ideas of how that looks or whatever But everyone has a sense of it even People who deny it you know deep down They know they know that this is Possibility people are are worried about

This people are you know uh engaging in Doing things or at least thinking about This in a way they haven't so that's Something new that's that's made it to The mainstream where there's legitimate Movies made in Hollywood like you know Legitimate in terms of they're part of The beastly system and you know talk About this on the news and things like This where you know Joe Biden ran on um You know saving the soul of our country And right now Trump is running on if he Doesn't get elected America is done so You know both the presidential Candidates are are running on the Possibility that the other candidate and The other party will bring about the Apocalypse like that's you know what's Going on out there that's what people Are thinking and saying and doing and That's what they're about right in terms Of you know some level of their Consciousness some level of their Understanding what's going on in the World there is a fear and a worry about The system collapsing the economy the This the that right and at some point it Will it might be 10,000 years from now It might be tomorrow it might be million Years from now whatever it's not going To be a million right it's not going to Be tomorrow I mean I think you know I Would say it's probably not not going to Be tomorrow but someday it will be

Tomorrow someday is the day before Everything Changes right and so knowing That that's going to happen that that Happens to all civilizations that There's nothing's too big to fail Nothing's you know with with you know There's nothing that lasts forever Everything dies everything has its Ending point everything has its Beginning and its end and at some point Our system will end you know and I know It's going to happen soon there is an Indicator the most important indicator Well first of all Think about what the most important Indicator is and if you have to hit Pause you know hit pause and think about To yourself what you think is the number One indicator that the apocalypse is Upon us what's the number one indicator Hopefully I'll put this in the title uh So that um you know your mind will Always be working on this to some extent What do you think the number one Indicator is that the system is going to Collapse and it's not the economy and That's an indicator It's not the food shortages it's not Energy shortages it's not the Possibility of World War II or whatever It is it's not any of those things it's Not anything to do with the system it Isn't anything to do with the you know The um all the things that are pointing

Towards the apocalypse not the debt That's the economy of course it's the People the people are the number one Indicator that the system's about to Collapse because the people are really Sucky right now and this movie addresses It right that people are very low Functioning the system has made people Weaker on every level worse on every Level disconnected from God the family Has been destroyed the morality has Dissipated and people have lost they're Just lost people are weak and lost and It keeps on getting worse with each Generation depressed sickly you know you Have people having heart attacks for no Reason you know we think we know what The reason is but you have young kids Just dropping dead having Cardiac Arrest Their hearts are just stopping young Kids athletes it's happening all the Time and there's all these other Physical issues and you can blame this And that the other thing but the reality Is kids are dropping dead of their heart Stopping has become so normal they're Putting defibrillators in schools and Things like this right and so the number One indicator is people because we're All collectively creating our Future right now what you're doing today In your present is creating your future You're predicting your future you're Doing whatever you're doing now is

Creating circumstances and things that Will happen in in the future I talked About how you know I was um shaving and Cutting my hair right I you know I I Shave with an electric razor and then I Start cutting my hair and then my wife Like finishes the you know the I use These Clippers right so um And I decided not to charge them because I was too busy and I was um you know uh Like I just didn't have time and who was I hurting in the future by not charging My electric razor my electric hair Clippers well was me like Tuesday Paul Was screwing you know over whatever Paul And the you know two weeks from now Paul Right I was screwing myself over by not Charging these things and then I'd have To charge before I cut you I go to cut My air and I realize that batteries are Low and whatever it would be a whole Thing right because it's you know Charging them would be making it easier Myself later on and that was just a Simple little example but there are Things that we're doing all the time we Are making our lives harder and pushing Kicking the can down the road and Screwing ourselves collectively and Individually where we're going to have To pay a price for something and based In our actions today so what we're doing Today is creating our future this is sa Mar meditation 101 whatever you're doing

Whatever your thoughts are whatever your Intentions whatever your plans whatever Your goals whatever you're putting out To the so-called Universe whatever You're putting out to the you know to You're animating out of your your person Your anger your your love your fear your Fear your your your laziness whatever You're doing whatever you're dominating Your Existence and the energy that You're you know you're producing Something you're producing an energy You're producing a condition uh that Going that's going out to the collective To all the people to the world and right Now what we're doing individually and Collectively is creating and manifesting A future and that future is going to be The S the system collapsing because We're the ones who are making the system Go right you know you can have one great Person in a family who can sort of Uphold the family and keep it from Collapsing right just just you know one Really quality person in a family and You know eventually they'll break down And wear out and whatever but you know If you have enough people in a in a Workplace in a work environment you have Enough quality people you can overcome The obstacles and issues that are Happening but if you look around and you See what people are like yourself and You know people that you see and it's

Not just sheep people it's not like you Know categories of people it's just People in general like the truth Community I'll get into some of the Stuff with the truth community in a bit But you know truth Community isn't going To save anything right truth Community Is mostly dysfunctional people who Aren't doing anything positive they've Just gone down the rabbit hole but if You look around at people and you look Around at just all of it where we are And you know socially and morally and And where we are in terms of hostility And Division and people being broken up Into groups there's nothing out there That you could hang your hat on with say Oh like there's this group of people Here they'll save us or you know there's These you know young people and they're So they're going to be so great you know We've talked about indigo children and These special kids and these you know Crystal children and indigo children These special Souls that were supposed To be born you know they're Cut Above They're they're more mature they're old Souls they're they're coming down to you Know reestablish the Dharma and the you Know the planet and you know Duty and You know bring back a a spiritual Renaissance do you know any of those People do you know people like that like Do you know people that you look up to

And say wow those people are that Person's really great and like how many People like that do you know how many People like that do you know that you Think are are getting it done you know They're they're A Cut Above especially Young people how many young people do You know like that that you look at the Young people go wow that they're they're So much better than us it'll be the next Generation is going to just blow us out Of the water and yeah they're going to Be so much you know so much more Advanced so much more evolved I can't Wait to turn over our our control of our World to this generation of people this Younger generation 60% of whom are are Depressed and suicidal they spend more Time on in the Cyber reality and they're Disconnected from real life they have a Term for it called in the real world and They can't hold jobs they won't do jobs They don't you know live like just jobs Kids would do that there's all these Places that can't find enough labor Because teenagers aren't willing to work And they can work an hour a day maybe at Most and then they have to dive back Into their cyber world and you know they Have a distorted sense of morals and Reality and so where are those indigo Children that we were promised right Where the f are they like so you know Where is the The Hope like for this

System going forward because a bad System could be propped up by Good People it only takes so many good people Percentage of good people competent People to carry the rest of the you know Lazy bums and you know whatever it is Right to carry everybody else it only Takes a you know a small number of good People to do that but there's none they Don't exist like people competent people You know people who are um you know and People don't believe in the system They're not happy you know they're Scared of it collapsing but they don't Love it right especially the young People they're not happy with their Lives they're not happy with how much You know their their internet addicted They're all internet addicted they're Addicted to internet they're addicted to Video games they're addicted to porn They're addicted to all these different Things on the internet they're addicted To screen time and that was you know a Little bit a part of this movie not Actually addressed as much as it should Be but anyways it's the people the People are you know are showing you that The system cannot they're incompetent Enough they're broken enough right the Whole celebrating of being broken and You know just everything celebrating Being unhealthy being obese you know I Got somebody sent me this thing with

Kennedy talking about uh uh JFK uh JFK The original president was assassinated Was saying um that uh you know talking About seeing fat chubby kids right um And you know he wanted them to exercise And like how that would go over nowaday Like it's a whole thing I'll show you That on my other channel the tomorrow Whatever it is but you know there was Just a lack of physical health there's a Lack of mental health there's a lack of Spiritual health and you know people are Uh you know just broken I've talked About the year the broken how much broke Being broken is is being celebrated and The thing that you always have to Remember is the system is a product of The people and the people are a product Of the system and so your system is Producing a certain type of people and Your people are producing a certain type Of system and they go hand in hand and So as the system breaks down down it's An indication of people breaking down And both things are happening and it's Irreversible and so at some point it's Going to collapse right and there's a Few things that are good about the movie Uh one of the things is there's one Character who's kind of talking to a a Sort of a prepper car truther character And begging for help right which is Going to happen at some point right I Mean that's what's going to come down to

People who prepared versus people who Didn't and even the people who prepared You know I'll get into that moment that There's going to be a moment right but This guy admits that he's worthless he's Admits that he cannot deal with what's Just happened which is the collapse of The system he admits that they don't Know what's going on and why it's Happening or how it's happening or can't Even really accept that it's happening And that he is completely not prepared In any way to deal with this right and There is going to be a time in the Future there will be a day day you know Maybe a day for everybody maybe it'll You know people go through this over a You know a extended period right where Um you're going to realize your Lifestyle is done you're going to Realize what you thought you were Promised what you thought you were Entitled to what you thought your life Was going to be like in terms of always Having a system being able to drive your Car get on the phone get on the internet Go to stores go to whatever it is all The things you you do have a job have Money that works right your food and Your water and things that are provided For you by the system by the Beast you Know what I call the Beast is no longer Going to be there like it's done it's Not it's not coming back you know it's

Like you have that for moments you have That for you know brief moments right And the safety that you've lived under The illusionary safety that you've lived Under because people don't think about Death and they don't think about you Know we've had this you know this um Idea that you're safe right this you Know this false idea that you're safe Like let's say somebody lives in a city And they feel safe going out you know Around the city you know Manhattan Whatever it is good part of the city you Know Parts where there you don't see Homeless people and criminals for the Most part and they go out and they go They're out in the town and they think Most people are you know relatively well Behaved and then all of a sudden someone Sticks a gun in their face and mugs them And they look at the person they realize This person could snap and shoot them And they second that their life is in Jeopardy and let's say nothing happens Right like there's two scenarios Something does happen someone gets shot Somebody gets ared right you know woman Gets ared or something you know somebody Gets you know beat up whatever let's say Nothing happens just the the gun and Either way like whether something Happens or not safety the veil of safety That you thought you had now every time You go out every time you're in that

Neighborhood every time you're you're Out at night now you're worried about it Right you know there's people people who Grow up in that war torn countries People grow up in poverty people go go Grow up with there's a lot of you know Violent deaths I mean there's place in America that people grow up with this All the time they live in a a state of Fear all the time in in their own house With abusive parents whatever you know Whatever their situation is right or Even a better story is let's say you're In a like a a suburban area in some cold Deac somewhere where it's safe and your Kids can leave their bikes out in the Street and your neighbor will walk the Bike back for you and and put it on you Know next to your front porch and you Know everybody knows each other and it's A you know there I mean maybe people are Doing weird stuff in their houses but For the most part there's no criminal Activity and then one day someone breaks Into your house and you know scares you Whatever it is right same kind of Situation now you now you no longer feel Safe now you know that this is a Possibility you know that at any time Your life could be threatened you know That your life could be taken from you At any moment moment it's like when You're driving and you almost get into a Car accident or you do get in a car

Accident and you know up into that point You were like oh my God I'm so safe Right we're driving along you don't You're not worried you're you're oh my God traffic is so slow and oh I got to Get there and all this stuff you're Speeding you're rushing around right Maybe taking some chances that you would You know a little risky behavior and Then once you get into an accident the Reality that anytime you could you could Die you could die in the road road Somewhere I mean when you're in a plane And you had severe turbulence and you Know the oxy let's say the oxygen masks Come down or something like that right And there's a realistic possibility the Plane would crash and your death is Right there you you have these moments Where death is there where you could die At any moment and there's people who Live with that every day but for the Most part the people who don't live with That there's an illusion of safety that Doesn't really exist because you know Poop happens right where you know things Can happen accidents whatever it is and People aren't safe uh there negligence And you know even you could be eating Food right now and there could be food In your refrigerator that's contaminated Food poisoning or whatever I mean There's so many ways the diseases Everything that's happening and so you

Know you have those moments where you Realize death is waiting for us all Where you're aware of your death where All of a sudden death becomes a real Possibility and there going to be a time Where when the system collapses and the Safety that we all think that we enjoy Because now there's no rule of law There's no governance there's no police There's no you know the people who are Murderous the people who are you know Violent the people who are you know like The purge type of stuff they are now Free to do whatever they want there's no Longer a controlling Force stopping them From executing the kind of uh you know Bad behaviors and and mistreatment of Other people that you know keeps a lot Of people down from doing that like the System the the threat of incarceration The the threat of you know whatever the System coming down on them but if There's no rule of law right you get rid Of the Disciplinarian there's no longer any Discipline and people can go do whatever They want there's going to be some People doing whatever they want is bad PE things to other people and taking Things from other people just taking Your stuff right they can just take it Because there's no one stopping them From taking it right but in all that Like getting back to the movie and this

Idea that's out there there'll be a time Where everything is you know going south That you realize that there's going to Be your life is going to change that the Circumstances that govern your existence The structure that you're 100% dependent On is completely broken down or Partially broken down and you no longer Can uh you know live securely knowing That the system that you're 100% Dependent on is going to be there for You it's no longer going to be there at Least in some capacity either partially Or completely and there's going to be a Moment of shock you're going to go into A moment of shock people will go into a Moment of shock even though all those Those of us who are aware of this and Prepared there's going to be this moment Where you realize Everything Changes you Have these real moments in your life Somebody dies you know something some Information comes to you and it's just You know it's uh you're you're going to Remember that day forever some of the Things are good things like your Children being born you know your first Child being born when you realize oh I'm A parent now and there's a lot of Joy There's a lot of you know the energy That's there you get married that's a Big day like it's a you know everything Changes like you know this is these are Life decisions and things that happen in

Your life and there's those days you Have where you're you know you're more Alive you're more aware you're not you Know just going through the motions and Daydreaming your way through life and Just punching the clock and you know Just going through your routine that you Are awake and alive and aware of what's Going on deaths and bursts and things Like this and you know tragedies and People dying all these things and so You're going to have you have a moment People are going to have this moment Collectively when the system really Collapses to whatever degree that means And you realize your life is never going To be the same that whatever you thought About before in terms of your life isn't Going to be the same and you're going to Have to change you're going to have to Be better like this guy saying I'm Completely worthless I'm not prepared For this moment at all you know people Who haven't even thought about this They're just so engaged and locked and You know they're they're deprived of Everything right one of the indicators Of people that people are bankrupt right One of the indicators that people suck Is that they're bankrupt and they have Almost nothing to add or give or or uh You know provide to the community They're just completely worthless Sucking off of other people in the

System they have you know very low Pronic energy their life force is gone They're disconnected from their souls And they're just you know almost in a Coma right they're just limp and you Know completely without any sort of Fight in their system and ability to to You know overcome things and they're Just sucking off of other people they Have no will force and there's just you Know cowardice and weakness and things There and that's most people they're Toxic and they're you know like dead Inside You know I've been known about this for A while like I started a homestead all The way back in 200 you know 535 you Know these years 2003 4 five um it was The beginning of homesteading milking Cows and and learning how to do these Things I started the YouTube channel 2007 and you know was just learning how To do things that uh we've lost you know Types of survival and it's just it Wasn't done for those reasons but you Know that's partially why it was but Learning to do these things with my kids And being able to fend for ourselves to Some extent and you know what I realized Was how much we've lost like all these Abilities and all these things you know That if people ask me what what was the Number one thing you learned it isn't That it's all hard or any one thing is

Hard it's the Accumulation of you know of collective Tasks and things in the way that you had To be and Consciousness and awareness And how people used to be and how we are Now and how overwhelming it is to write To try to reclaim all these things that We've lost generationally you know and I Realized and this is one of the Signature teachings of this channel that There was a time in the past where our Ancestors were conned you know out of Their tribes or forced out of their Tribes were forced out of their Villages You know they've been living and Thriving for so many years and some Invading Force you know my wife and I Are watching uh one of the the um uh Yellowstone spin-offs one of the I think It's the second prequel and the native Peoples are there's a school for these Native girls and they're being beaten by The nuns and things it's really you know Graphic and hard to sit through you know These Mass Graves that we now know exist And the Catholic Church you know trying To beat the Savage out of these people And you know it's an Irish an Irish nun Who's beating a you know a a native Person in the Irish people themselves You know when they spoke Gaelic the English people that were oppressing them Beat them up would beat the GIC out of Them beat the Irish out of them right

And now this Irish nun's beating the the Native you know the Indian out of the The native person out of the you know Out of this girl right and won't allow Them speak their own language and you Know just wiping out their culture and So there's that there's the forced Indoctrination to get people out of Their tribes and villages and then there Are people who are just you know chose To live in the cities and were shown That City Life offered so many different Advantages and once our ancestors did That there was going to be a time in the Future that we would need all these Skills and all these things that are now Lost right generational skills of of how To survive as a human being there would Be a time where the system that was Promised there was a promise there was a Promise that though you you just have to Work 8 hours a day or 16 hours a day or Whatever it was back then You just have to work a singular task And we'll give you money and that money Will provide everything else and you'll Have more free time and you'll have less Labor and all these things and all you Have to do is believe in the system Believe the system will be here forever And let go of all these things that You've you've been doing as people for Generations for thousands of years since Arrive let go of all your knowledge all

Your instincts all the things that make You human even your family doesn't Matter anymore you don't even need your Family anymore you just need a job and Money and they were creating a future Where generations of weak people weaker Getting weaker and weaker and more Dependent on the system and now the Internet where there's not only are People you know disconnected from their Their native skills their human skills Their survival skills of being you know A farmer and a you know a part of the System you know part of a you know a Village system a family system whatever It is right to survive and to you know Navigate their life as a a natural Organic human but now there was the Cyber world where you were disconnected From physical reality altoe I mean no One probably saw that com in the way It's it is now and there'll be a time in The future where these weak people have Lost any idea of you know being like zoo Animals any idea of how to live and how To be in the world as a you know natural Human being and the system that they Thought was going to be around and they Were promised was going to be around for For them forever would collapse and They'd be left helpless and weak and Pathetic right and that's where we are Now and so I've known this for a while Because my family and I homesteaded you

Know the family that used to be uh my Kids grew up in a homestead and was Homeschooled and they were learning Things and all this stuff to do with my Spiritual organization and you know my Ex was a nightmare and you know but had You know skills and was smart and you Know good at some things or whatever U But it was you know the family fell Apart and all these things but I Realized the thing that was missing was Community that doing it on your own Certainly as an individual but also as Just even a small family or a big family Was nearly impossible that to survive in A post-apocalyptic you know where the System no longer was there for you you Needed Community I'm very aware of it Today right and so I'm in the position To start building a community like I am And have been for a little bit of time And I've put the idea out there but my Knowledge of the kind of people and it's Most people that would be involved in The community who would want to be a Part of it you know some sort of Community is that they are parasitic and Weak and they just you know can't make It in society and they would just be a Burden they would be a you know just More of my you know depleted I'm older Like life energy and stuff I went Through with my you know divor I just Don't have the energy for it my wife and

I whatever and it would just be a you Know us carrying other people it would Just be a burden like that's you know s The sad realization there are people out There who have something to offer you Know maybe more than I have right that Have more you know life energy more Knowledge more skills whatever there are People out there that have it but those People are you know hard to come by and So the majority of people that you Recruit and I just watched this you know There was a a sort of end of the world Um you know intentional Community called The garden and they had a whole a thing About it and most of the people there Are homeless people you know desperate People you know maybe they have Something they contribute to the whole But but most of them take more than they Give right and they just suck the energy Off of other people and you know and They're parasitic right it's just how it Is I've seen it over and over again These communities that you don't have Enough quality people And most people aren't willing to give Up their lives or you know move and you Know be start something like this um you Know rightfully so it's you know it's a As desperate as times are you don't know When it's going to end and there's times Where you know I know there's people who So there's people watch my my videos who

Have quit their jobs and gone out to you Know there's people within this Community here you know and that to me Isn't like it's I don't know like I Can't say one thing or another But it's you know usually too early to Do that one of my first Facebook friends Was a woman and eventually her husband And they quit their jobs and they were Traveling from One National Park to Another one you know campgrounds where They didn't have to pay money to Camp There and they're living you know my Family did this for a while um you know Much more uh legitimate way than they Were doing it U but after a while like They got shot at and you know there's There's these free camp grounds where People don't have to pay but there's no Supervision and my family I stayed at One of those places and then we started Going to paid camp grounds because People are up around 4 in the morning on Four you know 4×4 wheel you four-wheeler And racing and shooting guns and stuff Like that right like my kids and I were All in tents my kids my family sleeping In tents and people are shooting guns And you know like in the middle of the Night right and so this is what these People experienced and eventually they Went and got like regular jobs at Walmart or something this is like 2011 12 13 something like that right um so

You know you make the mistake of going Too early and and making it about your Lifestyle right off the bat when you Don't have to do that what what you have To prepare as as a person and when that Moment hits when you realize when people Realize the system is done like it Happens in this movie then there's you Know a period of time you have to go Through it and just you're in shock and You need a period of time where you you Know can't be um you know there need Needs to be some safety and some margin Where you have food you have water you Have you know basic needs I would say For at least like three months where you Acclimate yourself to the new situation And people who prepare for this and have This and plan for this and have some you Know way of doing this you know those Are the people that have a shot of Moving forward but then comes a Decisionmaking process where you have to Make a decision whether life is worth Living and you're willing to change Enough and develop enough and you have Something to offer other people in the Future to build a better world and the One we have now like that's the know That's the idea of pockets of the future That's the idea behind this whole Channel here all of it that you have Something to offer again connecting to God internally is the number one thing

People who are going to evolve in the Future have to connect to God internally Have to have the ability you know There's the transmission and cleaning of The Sark system that's built to help People do that and I'm not talking about Religion your religion's gone right you Know some of these things like within The movies framework there's a narrative Of racism the Julia Roberts character And the Marcel Ali or whatever it is and His daughter who were African-American And there's this you know this racial Undertones throughout the the the uh the Movie and none of that stuff matters None of your beliefs matter none of your Woe crap none of your truth or Crap Matters doesn't matter that you knew About this ahead of time before other People doesn't matter any of those Things the only thing that matters is You know what are you going to do now Like all right the system's collapsed What are you going to do now and if You're going to be a person that's Surviving this thing the first thing is You have to connect to God internally That just is a everyone's going to have To do that and if they can't do that Then eventually they'll be taken off the Board right it's just going to be you Know the the First Essential thing and Then once you connect to God you realize Oh we've screwed up the world that

People just craped the bed we did a bad Job and so then you say all right you Know what what now like what is my role And purpose now whatever your purpose You used to have whatever your goals Were whatever you thought your life was About is gone what is your purpose now If that purpose isn't about helping to Make the world a better place and you Know redeem humanity and you know to to Build a system that isn't like the old System that's connected to Divine Law And spiritual you know spiritual rules And principles and you not deviate and You know be materialistic and hedonistic And and weak and all these things right You know to build a world that with Spirituality as its Bas as it's set in The Sark system that you're you know You're going to help create that you're Going to help you're going to be part of A community a group of people that You're going to have you know abilities And skills and things to offer that Community that you're going to work Together and go through whatever tough Times you have to go through and you're Willing to you know you have enough Fight in your system enough life force Enough Prana enough you know energy that You have something to contribute and Work to collectively to to do that Because it's not just about survival It's not about you know all the people

Are going to be scared to die lots of People are going to be be scared to die But most of them will be scared to live Most of them the fear of their new life The fear of their new deal you know at Some point they'll just you know they're Scared to die so they're not going to Commit suicide but they'll just you know They'll put themselves in unsafe Positions or you know they'll starve or Whatever it is right you know they'll Just break down because they they're Scared of what they have to do they're Not able to change they're scared of the New Deal they're scared of the you know What they have to become and what They're going to have to do to survive And they just don't have it in them they Don't have enough they're bankrupt They're depleted and so most people are Just going to give up curl up in the Fetal position and find some way to take Themselves off the board they'll go into A State of Shock and never come out and They'll just wander around like a zombie Until you know somebody mercely uh you Know ends their you know their whatever Consciousness they have left and they Can exit the you know exit the planet Because they're just not up for the new Situation they're you know they're too Weak they fail they they don't have Enough in them but those people who do Have something in them they do have

Something you know there're some part of This as part of their Destiny and they Feel like they're you know they're just Not an NPC but they're a protagonist in This new you know this new situation Then they're going to have to you know Come to terms with pulling out of Themselves their inner qualities and Their inner farmer and their inner you Know whatever it is and building a Community being part of a community and Changing the way people live and You know realizing that we're you know Got something we're salvaging here and That's if we do do we you know do does Does Humanity have something to offer Can Humanity be better than we are right Now can we you know like that's you know These questions will be Answered so I'm already 41 minutes into this thing so obviously I'm not going to do whatever rest of the Video I was going to do because it's Already going to be a long video and This is really important it's like so Kind of my speciality in some ways or You know there are certain things that Are pertain to what I do here the whole Idea of pockets of the future and so Going back to what I was saying now There are times where you might have an Personal apocalypse right a personal Collapse you get cancer someone in your Family gets cancer there's people who

Were making $200,000 year a year you Know six months ago an hour and living Homeless in tense right where you you Know you're you you can go from uh Riches to rags rags to riches and these Things right and there are times where That happens where your death is Imminent where you find out you have Something terminal whatever it might be And so this is going to happen one way Or another to you when you have to face Your own death or death of loved ones And you know these moments that you have But the difference between the collapse Of the system and everything else like This is that you can go from rags to Riches to rags to riches right you can You know like if the system's still There you can have some hope that you'll Regain what you used to have right and When the system collapses that Possibility is gone and this idea of you Know you've been indoctrinated to this Idea that your number one preoccupation In life is your happiness you know the Pursuit of happiness and that sensory Happiness that's consumer-based Happiness you've been trained to be a Consumer that you accumulate money Through your work whatever your work is It's to accumulate money so that you can Consume and have control over your Existence more and more control the more Money you have the more control you have

Over your existence the more you know Pleasures you can have the more Privileges you can have money equals Privileges equals control and that's all Gone like that is never going to be There again so your whole orientation to Life has to change you no longer can Look at yourself as a selfish person you Know as a as your life as a you know Being a person that it's all about what You want to do when you want to do it And you know indulging buying things Being a consumer it's no longer about Consumption right that that system has Failed and and you're an abomination of What you should have been and so are you Willing to change that are you willing To be something different are you Willing to give more and and contribute And be about other people and be about You know something bigger than your Personal consumption right are you able To survive and you know be able to you Know just uh like uh have enough energy And and fight and life force in you to Be able to deal with all the things you No longer have all the things that you Thought you were going to have or needed To have and change your whole idea of What life's about and what you're Willing to give and contribute and what You're willing to overcome to be a part Of that that you you know cuz again People are scared of ding like that's

Just you know people want to survive but That's not living right you know you Have to have some idea of what your Life's going to be like and when you Realize that what your life used to be Like you know what your life what you Thought your life was going to be like For the rest of your life is no longer What your life's like is no longer you Your lifestyle is gone and Privileges And benefits and things like this and Just mental constructs like I talked About like racism and like you know woke Stuff and stuff and none of that stuff Matters right you know I um wanted to Refine this meme you know and I talked About this Meme and my video on my other Channel I think and I was looking for it You know I thought I bookmarked it and I Found it on Facebook one of my friends Posted it several people posted it and I Talked about this recently how I didn't Realize that there was a feed the same Thing happened before and I had to find The meme cuz I I saw the meme and I uh You know I didn't think much of it then I you know just came back into my mind To to talk about the meme and I didn't Know it was about this movie right the Kids are weird in this show this uh this Movie The kids are weird and you know The the movie Itself I immediately disliked the Cinematography the camera angles the

Music I mean they made it into a horror Movie they really uh really pumped on The The Dread and the you know the fear And the you know just all of it right I It was very heavy-handed very uh Manipulative and superficial and like Was trying to be artsy and and the kids You know the characters were just not There's there's not much to like about The movie I mean there's some stuff in It like I said it's you know it's an Important movie in the sense of it's un It's unprepared people realizing Everything's changed in a way that you Know is very prevalent for most people Going understand that this is a Realistic possibility but I'm looking For the meme and I realized the other Day that I could click a feed button on Facebook and just have my friends you Know no paid content no you know Whatever it is no you know just just the Just my friends you just the Friends of That I have on Facebook and I realized It's a ghost town like nobody's posting On anymore you know there's just nobody There who's posting it's the same people People I haven't seen or heard or don't Even know who they are are posting like 10 things a day and everyone else has Left it it's like a you know it's it's a Been a b like Facebook is like done Facebook has its own apocalypse and it's Similar to this whole thing right where

There used to be a vibrant uh sort of You know community on Facebook and it Was growing and it was developing and Then you know it's just uh crapped a bit And it's like nothing there's just Nothing there it's like uh 10% of what It used to be you know but in this meme Decoding messages is no longer important There's nothing that you could have to See in this movie that's really going to Help you in terms of figuring out what The controllers are doing right there's A there's a scene in the movie where the Guy who's like you know the the most Successful Financial guy who's you know Talking to some of these you know Elite Controllers talking to one of these guys And he says that this idea that the Elite are just there and bringing down The system is a simplistic way to look At this thing you know the better way is More scary way is that nobody's in Control and that's true and not true but The way they said it sucks there are Group of you know so-called Elite people That make decisions and control the System that's you know that's a No-brainer but they really don't control Anything because they've been given this Temporary power that can be taken away At any second this type of power could Be taken away any second and it's you Know being taken away now like they Can't stop the system from collapsing

And there's nothing they can do about And they can do less than we can right They're so warped they're disconnected They're so dead inside they're Disconnected from their natural ability To manifest things and they need other People the collective to manifest things For them the collective will of the People to manifest things for them and They've either grown up or have Developed you know have come a have been Habituated to a lifestyle and set of Privileges that they're even more Addicted and and they're weaker than Everybody else like they they what they Can tolerate and what they're willing to Do to survive and you know what they're Willing to do to change is so limited Because they're so uh you know addicted To their lifestyle so they're you know Almost nothing in this thing right they Have power until they don't and then They're you know they're I mean they're Just Shadows like Shadows waiting for Sunlight to come and disappear them but Getting back to the truth Community like People think that diving down the rabbit Hole and gaining knowledge and trying to Figure out what the controllers are Doing and you know whatever it is is is Actually functional and then waking Everybody up and posting stuff on on Social media it has no value it's not Going to change anything things are all

Going to go the way they're going to go It's already set in stone at this point There's a time where people could change Things and could have you know avoided Something or lessened what was going to Happen but that that's you know that's Done with and so now it's about Preparing for this event you know the Collapse of the system and then what to Do afterwards preparing yourself mostly Inside yourself and ready yourself for This time so you can give yourself a Chance to decide one way or another Whether you're going to be part of the Future or not I mean some people are Just going to be taken off the board Right off the bat just geographically or Just by you know whatever happens but Those people that survive the initial Sort of you know collapse and uh have Some time to to like uh you know absorb What's happening and process what's Happening there's going to be a choice Point right you know one of the good Narratives in the story I don't want to Give away that you know too much of the Ending but there's a young girl who's Watching the show Friends and she hasn't Been able to see the ending of the show And you know everyone wants things Resolved right everyone wants some she Wants to find out what's happening Between Ross and Rachel and you know there's another

Character uh that says to is talking About the show saying you know it's like A reminiscing for something that never Was right like it it's not realistic and It's you know she had watched the show But people want things to be resolved They want these narratives to be you Know was somehow important to this girl Right was the her main driving force in Her her character Arc and there's a lot Of symbolism and a lot of things in this Movie and none of those things are Important because you know finding out Why this might happen or who's Responsible or you know any of these Things are about what's going on now What's going on in the past and what's Going on now but what's going to happen In the future future is something where You have to liberate oneself from the Constraints of their Indoctrination and then move forward in Some sort of a way that is about the way People are going to be in the future This is pockets of the future 101 right This idea that a person goes from Depending you know being a slave to the System to the Beast to being like a Slave and a servant of God and God is a Much better master and connecting to God Internally and then realizing that this Is coming from God this is part of a Plan this is a Necessary uh you know thing that has to

Be done and evaluating what role you Might play in the future what you know You're having a new vision and new goals And new things that you want to help to Contribute like building a new Civilization you know building something Where you know a more Cooperative uh a Community or whatever it might be you Know adjusting to your lifestyle Accepting the changes that are going to Be there and being able to adapt and you Know that's all anybody can do to this Thing giving yourself a chance to take a CH you know to be able to choose most People aren't going to be able to choose They're going to be too overwhelmed and It's you know they're just going to be Thinking they're going to be in their Victim Consciousness they're going to be In you know denial and bargaining and All the stages of grief they're never Going to get to gratitude you know which Is beyond the five stages of grief they Certainly won't get to gratitude but They probably won't get this acceptance The people that don't get to to Acceptance have no no choice of the Matter they're just going to be you know Mad and you know feeling like a victim And poor me and all this stuff right Until they're taken off the board you Know they're just uh they're not even Going to be able to you know navigate With the the changes that they have to

Undergo internally to be able to adapt To their new circumstances so in that Way the movie you know provides a Service to you know think about these Things right you know things that are There for all of us on a daily basis Something that I've been aware of now For years and years and I've gotten to The stage where I realize you know the Truther stuff you know most truthers are Worthless and you know they don't They're not doing anything with the Information they have a little bit Better information than you know they They also have Indo you know they have The misinformation and things like this But they have a little bit better Information and a little bit more Consciousness you know higher level of Consciousness than the she but aren't Doing anything productive with it right It's just going going down the rabbit Hole and you know it's being Self-destructive right being in a a State of looking at the negative and Lenting what's happening without uh Preparing oneself for what's what's Going to be the inevitable future for Everybody okay so I'm going to end this One Here you know it's a that's a good Stopping point and I'll you know Continue talking about this like I do All the time but there's a choice point

And that's the most important thing to Know like at some point your lifestyle And your your orientation the world's Going to end and you got to choose on Whether you're going to be able to Change and you're willing to change and You're able to navigate this in some way Where you're able to contribute and and Help build something better even for a Short period of time right you're able To to do something for you know the Possible future for Humanity but like I Said is it worth saving like that's That's another question right can humans You know this is a test for us can Humans evolve past what we've been doing Cuz we've been De evolving we've been turning into Something less than our true potential Our full potential we're worse now than We were hundreds of years ago people are Worse now than they were hundreds of Years ago and like I said that's the Main indicator of the collapse and the Necess necessity for the collapse but Can we be more than we used to be can we Be more than we've ever been before as a Species can we take that jump to the Next level and that next level has to be You know has to be tied to the vinity Within us we have to all become Saints Right we have to all be on the level of These spiritual Masters and Saints of The past and they were not a very high

Level they still you know most of these People you know Jesus and and Buddha and Chrisna there's more to go like they had You know there's more that they could Have done right Muhammad you know all These Saints and you know people we we Don't even know you know they're much More involved than us but they still Were closer to us than than realizing Their full potential even though the Religions tell us something different So the level that we have to jump is Beyond like what we consider the highest Spiritual Beings ever to live and so That's what is being asked for us you Know asked of us demanded of us and if That doesn't happen human human beings Won't be here anymore like it's a failed Experiment it's a failed species and so That's you know it's kind of interesting It's a kind of a a cool time to be a Part of it's something different right Something new like a you know a a whole New paradigm and you know there's a a You there's an excitement there or Something that's you know really Compelling about that but of course Really scary for most people as well oh Scary for all of us to some extent but You know that's we've chosen to be born During this time and again if there are Like indigo children if there are you Know highly developed Spiritual Beings Then then they should be able to thrive

Maybe they they suck now and they're Struggling in the dysfunctional system We have now but in the future they're Going to thrive and uh you know when When the there's things that are called Out you know out of them you know I Talked about this in a a recent video That we have things in us that um you Know they evolve and I get pulled out of Our our internal World good things Latent abilities that we don't know we Have and for some people they'll thrive In this you know with their the system The way it is now is holding them back And they they're not men for this system But when there's a chance for something New and better they're built for that And you know if there are kids that are Evolved in some way old older Souls you Know more developed Souls that are here For this transformation then you know They'll come awake and alive and things Will be pulled out of them and abilities And you know they'll just thrive in this New opportunity and the people that Don't don't you know the people will Disappear that you know can't and won't The people that are you know chosen for This have this in their Destiny and have The abilities will somehow you know pull It together and do something or not like It's a you know we'll see what happens Or or maybe we will you know some of us Will and you know it's an opportunity of

Something new and better you know this This system is so played out that we Existed now that you know I think most People are craving something you know New and better and real and authentic And that and it's coming only Spirituality will save this world it's Paul Romano definitely point for the Apocalypse and the ition everyone have a Blessed day and be grateful

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