Leave Pity City at once

Leave Pity City at once

None of us could have predicted covid None of us could have predicted supply Chain none of us could have predicted Yeah I think we could all predicted it Right Focus on the future because it will be Bright it's not good to be wait you can Predict that it's going to be bright the Future but you couldn't predict covet an Economic collapse but you know it's Going to be bright the situation we're In today but we're not going to be here Forever it is going to get better so in About for 26 million dollars we need and Not thinking about what you're going to Do if we don't get a bonus all right all Right okay calm down bro You mad bro you mad like what kind of Skeletor Eminem or is this person Turning into I had an old boss who said To me one time you can visit pity City But you can't live there so you can't Live in pity City you can visit there It's a nice place for to vacation in but Don't live there people leave pity CD Let's get it done exactly let's get it Done leave pity City

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