Lalaji Movie and Journey series Update

Lalaji Movie and Journey series Update

Greetings brothers and sisters so I want To Point something out here and I have a Journey Series update First I just want to do this and I'll do The rest of it in a voiceover And so it says here life of lology Biography the film Heartfulness meditation And one of my viewers because I talked About this video One of my viewers went and searched it And found it which I you know I mean I Never thought to do that myself but of Course it's going to be there It has subtitles because it's in Hindi But it's a video I watched many times Before And it was on a VCR tape that was very Um They've made it better it's better here On YouTube it's it's much clearer it was A very low quality VCR tape they put out It was official now this isn't an Official size channel so I don't know if This video will stay up for long It's something with lology's birthday Coming up uh you know some of you guys Might be interested in watching I want to watch it with my wife we Talked about it Um and it's you know it's it's a Homemade video I mean it's they have Some level of technical you know they

Had some uh good quality Equipment I Mean it's in India right so they make These Bollywood movies So there's issues with it it's not you Know Uh what we consider a a movie but you Know based in the you know there's a lot Of um I would say heart in this movie in Terms of the people's desire to make the Movie Um and again besant uh is coming up in The side Gathering and um You know allologies the birthday and all This stuff and so it's uh you know I've Watched the movie maybe five six times I Don't know you know it's two hours long And uh you know I enjoy it um So I just want to tell people about that I'll leave a link in the description box But uh you know if it isn't so I mean it Might be up in multiple places if if They delete this one or whatever I don't Know who has the copyright on it and I Might even know like it probably might Be here forever it has 126 000 views Um so you know I'll leave a link in the Description box but if I don't here's The title anology's birthday celebration Is coming up on uh February 2nd is his Birthday so it's around that time the End of the end of January And there's a big gathering in the Ashram and you know there's all this Stuff there's a bunch of things going on

Which I'll get into in a moment But it's um it's called bassan it's Springtime in India that's when they Have their spring on February 2nd And so um You know this is uh like supposed to be An auspicious time and new beginnings And he was born on the the day that you Know the first day of spring and it's a Whole thing It's a holiday there as well you know It's different it's different in Different regions and different states The everything's you know it's not as um Cohesive as it here is here with Holidays and things some things are Bigger holidays or Regional holidays uh But anyways they're having this Gathering coming up And my family and I think used to watch This video Almost every year Um you know my kids it was maybe harder For them to sit through But it's like I said it's a heartfelt Homemade sort of video done by local Abiasis uh in a certain area and you Know I mean I it's got good information About lology for those of you who are Interested in it a lot of Journey stuff Going on and so I discovered um That Journey 70 Journey 85 Was really journey 84. I skipped it I

Don't know how like I'm making the Videos over a longer period of time and Somehow you know I saved his journey 84 is a project but I published it as Journey 85 and so I'm going to be Releasing the real journey 85 and I Changed the name Of the previous one from 85 to 84. But I'm working on another one right now And I had you know that dream like I was Supposed to do something and I had a Conversation with the doctor guy who you Know there's there's a bunch of stuff Coming up I'm working on one now and It's just gone to another level of suck I mean there's You know stuff about Um dodgies being called the founder of Heartfulness and you know just all these Things and they're messing with the you Know messing with the prayer and Um you know I had some insights and Things So that's going on I just you know it's A real kind of bummer for me at this Point because It just keeps on getting worse right It's not you know I don't see an end in Sight I don't know how this thing's Going to end and you know there's um There's a counter movement growing and You know people who are long-standing Aviosis who are you know starting to you Know at least some group of people who

Are really you know getting more and More upset by what's going on and you Know there's legal things going on Perhaps and just all this stuff so it's Just not a good time right like whenever I think about heartfulness in size Markets about this right Like it's just about the organizational Issues the app doesn't work very well I had some issues with that like there's No preceptors at times and you know the The no one shows up to give sittings at Least in my experience the new app And I don't trust the app because I Don't trust the organization so Like you know just in general about Gathering data or whatever it is And so it's just a bad time like I just Um you know and I don't and I'm going Through things with my YouTube channel I've already made a video about that Which I'll publish you know there's Um my Instagram thing is all messed up And you know I just I don't know if it's A Mercury and retrograde type of time or Whatever it is but Um you know it's just getting into the Winter months where the winter starts to Get long and you know all those things Like deprivation with the lology movies There and um you know we're gonna watch It at some point uh my wife and I you Know probably around the Sun and for Those of you who are interested in it

And you know and we'll see how all this Other stuff starts playing out but if There's a new level of um Like it's just things are becoming Obvious you know things that people were Suspicious of uh it's just you know this Whole new thing heartfulness is like Standing on its own and they're like Sort of erasing the The minimizing the contribution of the Other Master certainly Master charity And making dodgy like the center of this Thing and it's just weird you know and It's failing because they're not I mean It's not connecting with people Um so again I'll get into all that There's a whole fundraisers thing and Weird stuff all right so that's enough For now so there'll be a journey series That's uploaded but I got a like a Backlog of videos because I had to wait For one to get go through the review Process to be monetized so I'm Publishing two videos today and then a Video on my other channel so I don't Know when I'll release the Journey Series I have up because that's like Three hours and then there's another one Coming that's You know even more um I don't know You know more substantial more dramatic So that's all happening so if you're Interested in the lology video there'll Be a link in the description box if I

Forget to put it in just leave a comment And I'll go back and put it in the Description box so I'll most likely Remember but you know sometimes I forget And you know the journey series things Will will start showing up in the next Uh week or so Only spirituality will save this world Is definitely reporting from the Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day and be grateful

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