Katie Britt vs Joe Biden Plus Jesus is not coming to save you Lifestyle

Katie Britt vs Joe Biden Plus Jesus is not coming to save you Lifestyle

Okay greetings brothers and Sisters um is her name Katie Brit I'm Going to get to that well not only um Her disaster of a rebuttal to Joe Biden But the the liberal media's over Coverage of it Right um you know and you can't like she Didn't do worse than this guy he's President right like you can't ever um Like they want compare the Republicans To this guy in an unfavorable light and You can't right so I'm not sure if Somebody sent me a part of this and then I found the whole thing President Biden Chats with famous presidents past Presidents in quotes and so here he is This actually happened well you're going To see it I never spoke to so many Presidents all at one time some of you Might know what a big speech like I have To do is coming up coming up State of The Union any advice you have for me am I delivering my speech well Sarah okay So he's brought in five has been Hollywood actors some of them a list Some of them b list but they're all Actors and he's decided to ask them for Advice because they're actors like this Is the Optics of this thing you know Aside from him being Scile like the Optics of this thing that He'd be asking actors for advice as President because you're supposed to be Genuine and sincere these are

Professional Liars these are people who Pretend to be people like presidents They're not presidents nobody would Really want to elect an act or president Except it happened I would say that Except it happened with Ronald Reagan Who was a horrible actor and somehow Became president right where they were Acknowledging that these guys are just Figureheads that they just want people Who can read lines and perform and act Like a president and not be a president Right so the Optics are bad but then It's even worse because Joe Biden is you Know scile so so he's got four former Presidents who are actors in my capacity As president all president Tom beckin Deep Impact I had to deal with was a Meteor one of the things that uh I came Out of that with my speech to people oh Hope is the strongest voice we have on This Country yeah didn't the meteor hit the Wor right the most useful and the most Effective my advice is uh just keep Telling us how you're working for us and Building Hope yeah there's no hope look At him with his goofy Smile well Mr President you know look Back on my own he's a Tom this guy is This guy's always a villain I've never Seen the show Scandal but I assume he's Not a good president right I assume this Guy's a villain because I've never seen

This guy play a a hero again I hav never Seen the show but I assume he's a Villain it's in a Show's called Scandal Presidency I I uh play I behave very Badly of course you do exactly that's What you always do you're typ cast in a Lot of situations in preparation for Your your speech it's just there was one Sort of okay so this guy plays a villain He play he behaves very badly so he's Must be at the center of the Scandal Because he's a def he's a disgraced President so he's not even a good President he's not he's his role as an Actor I mean this whole Thing this is Great piece of advice and that that Meant a lot to me when I was president And so I just wanted to share that Really quick with you tell them that you Exist for them tell them tell them That they make you a better man and um Yeah that's are you getting te eyed Pretty much that's pretty much it and Also look at him smile why you even Listen to them like you're a career Politician Gina freaking crazy Davis Apparently she played a president when I Used to that guy big speeches I would Always wind down with popcorn and red Wine so but I know for you that would be Ice you know do that with ice cream I Highly encourage It I know

Experience obviously what a what a tough Job it is she plays commander and chief Presid president McKenzie Allen she sounds like she got marbles in Her mouth and uh you know when I was President it seemed like every okay she Talked like that she always had Difficulty talking but now she's Obviously had plastic surgery so her Face is pulled so tight she's talking Like a freaking crocodile week there was Some new crisis that I had to face he Did a hell of a Job thanks Mr President thank you I I do Feel you know they kind of wrote a Script like they're writing for you so I Guess this is similar I should just Point out one thing it always Bears Remembering how long can he keep this Smile up there's no crying in Politics Well they're all laughing I hope is my Politics doesn't make anybody else Cry the jokes are Flying Mr President from my experience Of being commander and Chief this guy this scumbag I'm eer Right I learned that having a loving Partner changes Everything love and compassion as a Leader are strength they're not Weaknesses and are key to your character So let that so go find yourself a loving Partner cuz the the the poop that you

Got is no shine through in your speech And don't forget to save the dance for The first lady in the East group we We've had a lot of lines to learn Ourselves it's night Independence Day so He he was president of that Independence Day movie which sucked um Bill Pullman And he had to fight off aliens used to Watch somebody else have to get it all Together rather us you Know in Independence Day I I had it easy You know we just had Invaders from out Of space coming in wanting to mess with Us and that tends to UniFi people you Know and exactly Joe you need a you need An alien invasion they get advice from This guy this guy's telling you go go Fake an alien invasion get better get Really Al alens to invade you I'm not so Sure it was the greatest speech ever but I did manage to say two things one is That we can't be consumed by our petty Differences and we will be United in our Common interests and somehow these words Became something to remember so I had The thought Mr President that you know When people look at uh you can Plagiarize that speech go watch Independence day and just take the spe You've done that before just repeat it Verbatim and pretend it's your own Speech pretend that we're being invaded By aliens you know you've done that when You ran for president the first time you

Got caught plagiarizing and you've been Plagiarizing ever since we've CAU you Multiple times so go ahead and Plagiarize all that you've managed to do They're going to Remember time will remember always the Importance of your words when you say That thing about there's nothing there's Nothing that we can't do when we do it Together boom just say that over and Over again like you always do those are Good ones best wishes to you sir there's Nothing beyond our capacity I believe That hey Come see me at DWI house D White House Come see me at Dwight house Dwight's House Ser you know Dwight from the Office let's go to his house meet you All in person thank You Kaboom very much this is one of the Best things Ever in terms of my needs you guys Delivered Kaboom thank you guys for Doing that for me that' be just Amazing I never spoke to so many Presidents all at one time thank You thank you thank you thank you by Boom bringing it so that's what the Republicans are up against right um There's one more thing from comma here Why not do it by executive order the American people deserve leadership That's about fixing Problems and that's why he's going to

Lose in November Kaboom all right good for you Kamla you you've already dealt with that Um that you're not going to be President maybe you can get one of those Acting jobs maybe you can play president On some you know Showtime miniseries or Something and so that's comma so this Girl something Brit I'm not sure we'll Find out her name in a second um she um I think that's what I got next oh let me Show you this one thing first I think There's one other thing Here okay so I was watching um Louis C Lou CK's video I watch it occasionally Cuz YouTube recommends it to me and it's Really good it's a good comedy bit where He talks about Goodwill Hunting and he Just mocks the crap out of that scene With the how do you like them apples Right it's like you know I don't want to Wreck the bit but there's good jokes in There and because I watched that the Following day or a couple days later it Recommended me a video that um Ben affle Was asked if asked if there's any Jealousy between him and Matt was there Competition over who got to play the Character of will in that movie right And then I watched a little bit of that And then this was recommended Matt Damon Would have sold Goodwill Hunting for a Piece of chicken this is Oprah Winfrey Interviewing them and so I watched a

Little bit of this I don't know why but I'm glad I did you know it's just one of Those things where you watch one thing And before you know it you're you know Going down the r rabbit hole but Ben Affleck said this he was apparently Living on Matt Damon's couch he was Sleeping on Matt Damon's couch Robin Williams is also there and he says This I was eight Robin was 32 and uh he And the rest of the nbla guys took us in So you you've been like buddies and Lived in 10 different so he said I was Eight and Robin was 32 and he and the Rest of the nbla gu Took me to he made a Ambler joke which I Believe it's a joke I don't think it Actually happened but who knows right But he just made a nin joke and Robin Williams and the rest of and uh you know They're all laughing at it that he he Lived with the amble in some apartment With Robin Williams and so that happened All right let's get to this Brit woman Here is inner Joe Biden you really got That sense of authenticity Katie Brit Was like the over moting ham of an actor I just was so surprised to see it now This school wants you to believe that Joe Biden is authentic has anybody ever Accused Joe Biden of being authentic Right he's a fake smiling lifelong Politician there's nothing sincere about Him he often has to say that like no I'm

Not lying no I'm being serious no this Is not a joke right I'm not being Celicious so he says these things all The time because no one believes him Because he's just a lying scumbag Politician to say that he is more Authentic is just an absolute joke There's some back rine noise I don't Know what sounds like water you know I Taped this in the living room I don't Know why there's it sounds like a Shower's going but it wasn't but also That's um I think the oven so there's Some backr noise here and then just to Add insult to injury R really a kitchen Putting a woman in the kitchen on International Woman's Day I mean it's Just horrible so I cook the majority of Meals for my family I did that towards The end of my first marriage when my ex Was sick and then it continued on when She left and now because I'm I work at Home you know I do this I I have better Access to cooking food right and I'm not Ashamed of being in the kitchen right Like or whatever I mean it's just you Got to do what you got to do to survive Everyone should know how to cook Everyone needs some level of ability to Prepare food for themselves if not grow Food and be able to process food right We're completely divorced from that Process some people don't even know how To cook the simplest things they don't

How to fry an egg and so I mean the Kitchen is not anything to be ashamed of And especially for women right women who Are cooking loving meals for their Family it's a good thing it's much more Important than some goofy job or being This like ghoulish woman on this you Know on this TV show which she think She's a success and so much better than A stay-at-home Housewife because moms are like I said Before they're the most important role Other than like a highly developed Spiritual person like a saint which is Rare to come by and that's not a role That you uh that you seek it's a role That you know befalls on you if become a Spiritual person but moms teach kids how To love moms are the social Arbiters Moms keep their their men in check in Terms of their you know desire to go off For war make bad decisions there's so Many different roles a mom plays Historically in every culture except for This one where they're trying to get rid Of the mom where they're minimizing the Mom right oh you're just a mom that's a Like a saying you can search it just a Mom right where women have to apologize For not having some stupid job that you Know I mean makes money sure money is Great but you know being a mom is so Much more and this is a concern Conservative woman in um you know

Alabama who has she's a Christian woman Traditional and so it's totally Appropriate for her to be in a kitchen It's stupid the Liberals and Democrats Are mocking this like it's some horrific Gaff right you know these politicians go To these dens of iniquity right Hunter Biden why don't we go with Hunter Biden Why don't you go in some champagne room Some private room in some strip club Somewhere and have Hunter Biden G give a Speech that would be so much more Appropriate right than a Kitchen that'd Be so much better than a Kitchen his you Know His you know all these things I mean These people are depraved and the Kitchen represents you know where a Family has to eat and you know some sort Of American traditional type of you know Behavior um but this is something that Was talked about all over uh the media This idea of being in the kitchen it Became up over and over again like this Was a horrible choice to be in a kitchen A woman in a oh my God it's like putting Her back in slavery or something she's Choosing to be there she's choosing to Make meals for her family I mean she's Probably not cuz she's a senator she Probably has a cook it's probably all Fake but you know it's not it's not Staged for the audience that they're Trying to reach it's not staged in a bad

Location it serves a purpose because She's talking to families and moms here I mean that was the the idea from behind The speech the speech is horrible and She's definitely inauthentic and smiling And Whispering I'll get into that in a Moment but in terms of the setting There's nothing wrong with it right okay Katie Brit was bad and I'll show you That in a moment but I've never one seen One of these things that I would say was Good I mean even back before as a Truther you know politicians I haven't Seen that many good speeches in my Lifetime from politicians I mean Certainly no great ones and you know Politics is such a dumb to down Situation like they're appealing to the Lowest common denominator of intellect And you know the the people that they Uneducated um and ill-informed and Asleep you know it's the Consciousness More than anything I mean it's not just Stupidity but it's Consciousness the Level of Consciousness that you're not going to Hear something brilliant because they Don't appeal to brilliant people right I Mean that's you know just the way it is That Brilliance isn't a part of this you Know I just covered this movie while I Actually talk about this later I did a Voiceover I got one more thing to cover With um with Joe Rogan thing about the

Second coming of Jesus right so I get Into that the end of this video I've Never seen any of these uh speeches that Are good because they're always Pandering to the people that are really Into being Democrats and the people are Really into being Republicans right They're always appealing to you know They want to appeal to the independence As well but these things are always very Um you know partisan the state of the Union and all the rest of it and so it's Bad what she does and she's you know Kind of corny and I just watched a Little bit of her thing and I'm going to Mock her because she deserved to be Mocked but you know the obsession with These things the right-wing is going to Be obsessed with B obsessed with Biden They already are to some extent and you Know he did did a good job for him but It's still horrible you know cuz he's Scile and so you don't have anything to You know it's the ultimate of being in a Glass house you guys have elected and Are pushing out a candidate that Everyone knows is cile and he wasn't That great beforehand he was a career Politician with very questionable Character and now he's you know worse so He was never great he was never a great Man he was never a great politician he Just hung around somehow was made vice President and they figured he was the

Best option to beat Trump plus he was The most um owned right because of his Corruption they knew they could get away With anything with Biden the people Control the system like he'd let them do Anything Biden has no moral compass not That Trump does or these other people But you know Trump is difficult in his Own way right Biden was just give write A blank check to the people that control Him which we know has happened but Either way they all suck and when you Have a guy like Biden then you can't do This right but they do it Anyway Senator Katie Brit was an Excellent choice to deliver the response To the State of the Union at 42 years Old she's the youngest Republican woman Woman ever elected to the Senate the First woman senator from Alabama it's a Mother of two she's married to a former NFL player she's widely considered to be A rising political star with Gen genuine Political acument Senator Lindsey Graham Of South Carolina even suggested that Quote she represents the future of the Republican Party The Party clearly Expected her to knock it out of the park New York Times reports that a close Ally Of Senator Brit sent talking points to Conservative influencers ahead of the Speech suggesting words okay so they Thought she was going to be great then He shows a clip of her here which I'm

Going to show you Anyway we hear you and we stand with you Dabs described the speech as quote Bizarrely delivered with an over-the-top Dramatic Cadence that left political Operatives and observers struggling to Make sense of it the performance was so Bad that Republicans some Republicans Watched the high-profile speech with a Grimace according to one strategist Everyone's effing losing it it's one of Our biggest disasters ever okay so um You had Trump you know Trump was a a nightmare In various ways especially for everyone Who wasn't a Trumper and they've had I Mean horrible candidates over the years The bushes were just absolutely creepy And weird and you know the whole thing Reagan was an actor um and you run Against Joe Biden but let's go to her Speech here because you know she did do A poor job good evening America my name Is Katie Britt and I have the honor of Serving the people of the great state of Alabama and the United States Senate Where's your Alabama accent like why Does she not have an Alabama accent like You know the Accents in America are Great they're all great I mean some of Them are obnoxious like Chicago and Boston New York some of them are you Know there's Midwestern accents is the Way that everyone tries to talk and you

Know Western accents and Southern Accents and there all these different Ones and you know all these things People from wiscansin and you know um All these they're just great and they Always try to get rid of the Accent um but Alabama like how she get You know she got a crosswork in Here however that's not the job that Matters most I am a proud wife and mom Of two School aged kids my daughter Bennett and my son Ridgeway are why I Ran for the Senate I'm worried about their future And the future of children in every Corner of our nation you know remember When um Trump's um Trump's son's Girlfriend gave that Speech um let me see if I can find uh The speech Here good evening America I'm Kimberly Gilfoil I speak to you tonight as a Mother a former prosecutor a Latina and A proud American Kaboom remember this She go she went for it remember and yes A proud supporter of President Donald J Trump as a first generation American I Know how dangerous their socialist Agenda is my mother meres was a special Education teacher from AUA Puerto Rico My father it's interesting how she slips Into a a Spanish accent again which she Doesn't Have um but she slips into it right just

Embrace the accent like the are great Also an immigrant came to this nation in Pursuit of the American dream now I Consider it my duty to fight to protect That dream riers must not be allowed to Destroy our cities so boom human sex Drug traffickers should not be allowed To cross our okay but then she let's go To the very end where she that you Believe in stand for an American President who is fearless who believes In you and who loves this country and Will fight for her president Trump is The leader who will rebuild the promise Of America and ensure that every citizen Can realize their American Dream ladies And gentlemen leaders and Fighters for Freedom and liberty and the American Dream The Best Is Yet To Come so that was great right um um the Problem that Katie Brit is having here You know I once attempted years ago to Talk to the camera like I you know I Could hold the camera and walk around my Yard and talk like I'm talking here you Know I get paid for talking to myself Basically I recognize there's an Audience and I can you know connect with People and make it sound like I'm Talking to you but when the camera's on It's different and like I suck at it you Know I tried it and like I'm just not Good because you're pretending the Camera is a person whereas you know

Right now I'm imagining people to some Extent I mean it's just there that Someday somebody's going to listen to This you know but I don't even think About that much and I'm just relax and I'm able to you know I mean there's a Difference between being on radio and Being on TV and people who talk to a Camera it's you know they're not people Aren't good at it I mean actors and Actresses You know they have to get into their Character and forget the cameras are There but when you're a newscaster or You're a politician and you're talking To the camera and there's no audience It's difficult now if there's a few People in the room or whatever it is you Know it's better but she Clearly wasn't prepared for this and Kimberly gilfoil is a good example of That you know they did this to um Howard Dean when he gave the Howard Dean yel And he was in a crowd let me let's take A look at that if you had told us one Year ago that we were going to come in Third and Iowa we would have given Anything for that and you know something You're about to erect your whole Campaign Here Michigan and then we're going to Washington DC to take back the White House

Yeah okay so that was to a crowd and he Lost you know They played that over and over again the Scream and they took out that there's Some you know uh fui over There and they um you know anyways so That happened let's get back to the Speech here and that's why I invited you Into our home Tonight like so many families Across America my husband Wesley and I just Watch President Biden's State of the Union Address from our living room and Uh what we saw was the performance of a Permanent politician who has actually Been in office for longer than I've been Alive no way Katie s it's not true one Thing you know the problem is it's the Smile you know they're all used to fake Smiling yeah I'm not good at fake Smiling there's a picture I used to use I don't know if it's still on any of These things it's a picture I took in India and I like was there and I just Figured out how to fake smile you know I Would walk by people that I knew when I Was supposed to smile and you know I Would get self-conscious and it would Make some kind of weird expression that Probably was more like a Grimace but I've never ma mastered the Art of fake Smiling and you know people think I look Mad at all the time or angry lots of

Times I feel happy and they just you Know I'm not very Approachable but these guys are great at Fake smile like why are you smiling Katie you know why you smiling and you Know Biden smiled through that whole you Know those were talking and he put on a Fake smile and it's you know a smile is Something that comes to your face Because it's expression of something but People learn to fake smile it's expected Of them and they do it all the time Right they're smiling for no reason and So it becomes disingenuous and these Politicians are you know big on it Because people look better when they Smile it's nice to see somebody smiling At you but it's better when they are Doing it for a reason like it's they Happy to see you which usually isn't the Case and so she's putting on this fake Smile and she's kind of whispering which Is a problem right because you know the Whole thing's just a joke and a lie Right you know just there's just it's All performative I mean all of these Things thing was quite clear though President Biden just doesn't get it he's Out of touch under his administration Families are worse off our community are Less safe and our country is less secure So the whisper she's nervous and she Seems to be a little bit out of breath So she's trying to talk calmly but your

Heart is racing right I just wish he Understood what real families are facing Around kitchen tables just like this one You know this is where our family has Tough conversations it's where we make Hard decisions you know this is going to Play well with Republican women I mean This idea that it's in the kitchen you Know like that's the worst thing ever Like that other like that other ghoul Right um but this will play with Republican conservative women right Which is what the target is I mean you Know I guess to some extent Independence but you know even with the Fake smile even with her Nervousness even with her you know Awkwardness here she's still better than The scile Biden for one she's not President but she is better I mean if I Had to hire her for anything or I had to Hire Biden for anything I think I mean I Don't think there's a situation why I Would hire Biden over her right would Would you expect her to do a better job Sure you know she's alert she's you know Aware awake she's younger and she's not Scile and she's not creepy Right but you you know Biden has shown Lap is you know my wife pointed out she Said that I said something kind of Brilliant that when you judge somebody About their senility you don't judge Them by their Lucid moments I mean

Especially if it's a job or something Like if you have a an elderly elderly Person who is having moments where they Hallucinate or their you know re their Perception of their their brains are Glitching out right you can't let them Drive and even though they have lucid Moments where they could drive it's not That they can't drive it's that you have To take into consideration the bad Moments and that one of these you know Days they're going to have a bad moment While they're driving and you can't risk That you can't risk other people's Safety on somebody that's showing you That they're in paed right and so Biden Has shown you in his bad moments that You know he's not capable this is Socially awkward and again it's an Awkward situation she never done Something this before And it's kind of weird and you know the Whispering it's pretty cringy but at Least she's com mentally competent right Like I would trust her to do a better Job than Joe Biden I mean in presidency Or any of these other things right you Know because she's just I mean younger And she hasn't shown any creepy Tendencies as far as I know we've never Heard of any Scandal and so she would be Better I mean she's doing a better job Here than Biden just for those reasons Alone right it's where we share The Good

The Bad and the Ugly of our days it's Where we laugh together and it's where We hold each other's hands and pray for This is like one of those like watching One of those um um you know uh I can't You know those those where they sell you Stuff why can't I remember the you know The uh QVC right QVC I had to go look at Up um like QVC kind of stuff like I've Done this I make fun of these you know It's like she's trying to sell you some Um souit cubic sarian Earrings for God's guidance and many Nights to be honest it's where Wesley And I Worry I know we're not alone and so Tonight the American family needs to Have a tough Conversation because the truth is we're All worried about the future of our Nation oh come on there's no tough Conversation people know he's seile and They're dealing with it one way or Another I mean the Democrats have to you Know hold their nose because of their Hatred of trump and either vote for Biden or protest this thing um and then Of course you know I mean it's just like With um Morning Joe that says that Um that uh see the Trump scile because He thinks he said over and over he's Running against Obama and I'm like you Got a guy who's like Wearing diapers like you know your

Candidates in diapers but anyways CNN Reacted to this woman here okay so this Was supposed to be about Katie Brit um it says it was just terrible Journalist journalists criticize Brit's GOP response but here they're talking About Biden's Speech when it was said at the time People didn't like that speech at all But it's also the greatest speech it's Carrie Swisher in history I would give Him a nine on sub on style and a nine on Style are you serious seven on substance Why seven well a nine because I think he Did what he was supposed to do the gopod Set the bar at corpse and therefore he Looked fantastic so yeah as opposed to a Corpse it's a nine I mean if you're Saying they didn't set the bar he has Bad moments he's Scile and so did he overperform did he Have as many gaffs as he normally has no But of course they you know they gave Him his talki pills or what whatever but That's you can't say because of the GOP Setting it at corpse that's what I said They Lowered Expectations but it wasn't It was a it was a one maybe a two I mean A two just because it was better than Normal like that's still giving him you Know un style I mean scile old man right Like he's not somebody you know we've Accepted him as being the president I Mean even if you haven't accepted him

You've accepted him like we now have Because they're all so bad right And that he is the president and so you Get used to somebody sucking but that Doesn't mean it didn't suck right like Just because you've Lowered Expectations And standards he gets a nine and 10 Because it's not the Gettysburg address Um for seven Is because he didn't he didn't say a lot There wasn't a lot it was a campaign Speech essentially that's exactly what It was Sarah what are the scores so on Uh style I'm going to go with nine as Well um but again it's because of the Low expectations if it was the Gettysburg addresses the bar I'd go with Like a four because that's that that's Not where the bar was uh on substance I'll probably go with a six I'm uh more To the center right uh than Joe Biden But okay so I mean it's a one or a two Like you can't even you can't if you're Not going to negative numbers if you Have to give him something it'd be a one Or a Two and only because he did better than Normal would it be a two you the Opportunity what was your grade your Score for Senator Katie britz GOP Response less than zero it was as if Someone put into chat less than zero are You serious less than zero it was good Comfortable and awkward but she was

Better than Biden like just she had a Pulse and she was coherent she wasn't You know I mean she wasn't lost in Confusion land she didn't look like a Deer in headlights I mean she had some It was awkward it's performative it was Goofy you know it's certainly at least a Three right If Biden's a one then CHS was a three at GPT stord wife meets uh weird kitchen Meets someone who failed at getting the Lead in the high SCH weird kitchen it Was a weird kitchen School play it was It was terrible it was just terrible so So we always make too big a deal Overemphasize the importance of these Speeches it's speech it's given and it Ends two weeks from okay so that um Again you know this ridiculous right Like they're just Um at some point you got to realize You're a shill and you suck as a human Being like if you're denying Biden's Senility and you've been doing it since 2019 and forget how much you hate the Republicans your guys wears diapers Right like that's the Republicans um Trump's uh slogan should be your guys Your guy wears diapers if I was running As a third Party candidate cuz Trump's Getting up there that would be my slogan You know I might be an A-hole but your candidates wear Diapers the other guys wear diapers

Right I think for real like if you came Back now' be great like Jesus if you're Thinking about coming back right now Now's a good time pretty soon yeah now's A good time we're kind of okay so Somebody has sent me the Joe Rogan uh Whatever his name is Aaron Rogers video Before and I I really couldn't get into It then somebody sent me it again and I Watched the very beginning and I wanted To why it was fresh I made a a 20 some Minute voice over about it the rest of The video the person sent me was just a Bunch of I don't know what it was um I Guess maybe it was a truth or video I Don't know was not interesting to me um And so I've already made the voiceover For this but I want to say this just in Case I didn't say it I can't remember Exactly everything in the voiceover from Yesterday that that you're about to hear But the one thing I want to say is the Premise the idea that you would want Jesus to come back to save the World you know he didn't save it the First time he couldn't save himself from Being crucified he couldn't save um you Could say all right that was part of his Destiny but he didn't save his disciples Either and you know bad times set in you Know for Christians Christians were Persecuted for a number of years years You know usually when a a spiritual Master come came uh with Krishna was the

Same thing after the maata things got Bad right things you know because the C Brought in the caluga but often times a Saint comes and they don't things don't Improve materially in fact they Shouldn't biblically the second coming Of Jesus you know in the Book of Revelation they have this horn that Blows there's a trumpet that blows from Heaven and all the good Christians go to Heaven and everyone else is eff and it Becomes a post-apocalyptic demonic Hellscape here I mean that's what it Says in Revelations and so uh but even If you don't believe in the Bible Jesus Didn't come to fix anything in the Material world although he was kind of a Social reformer he wasn't purely Spiritual he was more of a you know Somewhat SLS social uh reformer slash You know spiritual person like a Combination of those two things but he Didn't fix anything because you can't And if he didn't fix it before he's not Going to fix it now right and so the Idea that this is going to be fixed by Some Godly intervention why would God Intervene like God wants this system to Be destroyed right the system is not in A in accordance with the Divine Principles and laws and so thinking that Divinity will save you and God will save It is ridiculous because it's not a Godly system it's a system that's marked

For Destruction because of its uh It's BL it's Blasphemous nature right it Goes against the the will of the Creation it's unnatural and it's a lie It's a deception So eventually the LIE Which all lies you know have to be you Know cleansed and has to be um removed From the system any kind of delusion uh Demonic illusion or delusion that people Are under eventually it's going to be You know seeing for what it is and so God isn't going to save you like isn't Going to save the system God can help you get something out of Your life and move spiritually but is Going to guarantee your your you know Your lifestyle God isn't coming to save Your lifestyle right just Jesus is not Coming to save your lifestyle but Anyways here's my voice over from Yesterday okay so I'm not going to get This video get to this video till Tomorrow but somebody s me something and I already seen it I watched maybe a few Minutes of it Joe Rogan and um Aaron R Is talking about the the second coming Of Jesus right and so I wanted to talk About spiritual approach and the various Religions and the Masters of those Religions right and so whatever you're Born Into at a very young age you are told Things like if you're born into Christianity say very specifically

Because Jesus is more hyped you know More um branded than any other religious Figure and you're told that Jesus is God's only son that he died for you died For your sins sometime in the past and The only way that you can find God and Go to heaven is to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and one of the sins that you Might commit along the way is to look at Any other religion and in any other Spiritual path because doing so you have Now violated that commitment you've made To accepting Jesus Christ as your lord And savior and so you're banned from Heaven and everybody else in every other Religion and every other spiritual Organization and all the people that Live before Jesus and all the people Will who will live long after Christianity is wiped from this face of The Earth which is inevitable like Everything else all those people Are not going to heaven they're doomed To eternal hell even if they never heard Of Christianity all these you know Somebody sent me a video of an Aboriginal culture in the middle of the Amazon that's never seen people before And so people said hey I mean not people But you know everybody else because They're people Too I didn't mind mean to infer they Weren't people but you know there's

These cultures of people that have never Been in contact with other people with Other cultures with anything outside of Their own small tribe and they decided Hey look look we're great let's why Don't you guys meet Us what what could happen to you guys What bad thing could happen to you guys Once you Meet the rest of Us um I didn't watch the the video but I've seen these things before somebody Said it was like on Amazon or something But anyways those people are all going To hell you know my mom said this years Ago and I didn't know she was talking About the time I was in eighth grade Grade and we are at some charismatic you Know she did this Charismatic catholic christian thing I Don't know if it was just specifically Catholics but it was a kind of a Spiritual wing of American Christianity Catholicism or Something and we were in I think Ottawa Canada and there was these Native American people dressed up in their like Traditional uh whatever it was my mom Said look at these beautiful people I Can't believe they're going to hell you Know like she was doubting that teaching Of John 3:16 like she goes I can't these People aren't going to hell like she had This a devout Catholic her whole life

She said the rosary she read the book She was really into Catholicism and Jesus and you know all of it right but She didn't believe in that teaching when She saw these people and she said these People aren't going to hell like she Just you know she was seeing them as Spiritual Beings who had their own Spiritual practice and you know they Were also connected to God you know she Later did the SJ Mar meditation she Could really feel the transmission she Met the third Master of the system you Know chargie which was an interesting Experience right I introduced her to him Right but there's you know levels of Understanding that there's in Your in your tradition and if any Organization tells you that this is the Only path to God because you can connect To God without anything without any body God is inside of you God's everywhere so There's people who have lived in you Know uh systems where the idea of God Wasn't even there and they still were Able to connect to God you know the Concept of God that we have now the Definition of God through religions and Whatever people have in terms of Knowledge of God isn't necessary to Connect to God because God's a feeling Of love and even if they didn't have a Word for God or didn't have a religious Structure or Dogma people have been

Connecting to God all the time even Atheists connect to God unbeknownst to Them because Divinity is within them Love if they feel love they feel God and They might not you Know understand that or feel that want To put a name on it but they still feel Love I mean if an atheist feels love Then they have a relationship with God Whether they want to believe in God or Not it doesn't matter they certainly Can't deny their own experience of the Divinity the love that they feel and They you know they can attribute that to Any number of mental or psychological Conditions but it's something that is Beyond a person right a person is made Of Love at at your base at your Foundation but it's not something that You can explain or contain or control or Anything like that it's a feeling it's There it comes it goes it's you know It's it's of its own valtion you can Cultivate the circumstances and the Conditions where you can feel love of of Course there's a transmission available In the Sark system that I do which is Divine love that comes to you but even Then are you receptive to receive it you Believe you know you deserve to you know There's all kinds of ways that people Have of blocking what love or perverting Love or denying love or whatever but Getting back to the central point so if

You grew up as a Christian you're Predisposed to think that Jesus is the Big guy and one of the reasons that That's backed by popular belief is that That Christianity is kicking ass in the Material world it's the most populated Religion it's some two billion people Whatever it is right um 1 point Something billion I don't know 2.38 Billion people so it's well over a Fourth of the people right maybe is that Even a third I don't know how many that Is it's between the third and fourth so It's um you know quite a number of People right one out of every 3.5 people Is a Christian and so even outside of Christianity people know that Christian I mean certain America is a Christian Country and then European you know Countries that were dominant before have Dominated the world so it looks like Christ is more powerful my God our God Is more powerful than their God because Of the materialistic aspects of the Wealth that Christians have accumulated And the power that be they have right You have Christian privilege and so That's a very immature way of looking at Because material success has nothing to Do with your religious practice in terms Of you know being better than other Religious practices right the result of Anything that's material has no is is

Not at all a part of the efficacy of Your system your spiritual system if you Are blessed materially that doesn't mean That your spiritual practice is great or Better than other spiritual practi I is Where people who do those practices live In poverty it's a horrible way to to try To say hey look at Christianity is Better cuz look at how rich and powerful Christian countries are and Christian People are that's a that's that's trying To validate something that's spiritual Is something that's material you know I Benefited from my Catholic upbringing I Didn't have any pedo priests I had nons None I had good relationship with nuns Nuns used to come over to my house and Do the prayer meeting some of them were Really nice sweet ladies one particular Was a real spiritual um they refer to as Her sister St an she was um you know she Was named sister an like that's how they Do it Sister Mary sister an whatever a Lot of sister Marys but they called her sister Saint Anne because she was of all the nuns in That wherever she lived in that nun House wherever it was right um years and Years ago she was she stood out like Like every every nun respected her as Being a real you know a real spiritual Seeker so they all called her sister Saint an because they all thought she Was a saint right so I had a good

Relationship with them you know years And years ago um I was 14 years old and Uh me and my friends there was these old Tobacco barns that had been abandoned And they had all this plywood in them Like you know old kind of plywood that Wasn't being used and so we stole it you My friends did and we built half pipes a A skateboard halfpipe I was never good At skateboarding and I was you know I Was small for my age uh everyone in my Family looks about 10 or 15 years Younger than we actually are like I I'm 60 and people I don't know what people Would think I am in terms of my age but They wouldn't think I'm almost going to Be 60 right because just That's genetics My you know I had a grandmother who Lived to 98 I think 98 or 99 and then my Other two grandparents lived into their '90s and then my grandfather the one who Was the strongest of all of them fought In two world wars and you know smoked Like a chimney die of Len cancer he Probably could have live outlived them All right based in his physical strength So we have longevity in our Family and we also don't fully grow and I was still growing when I was like 21 Years old so I'm about 61 62 now 61 and A half almost 6'2 and when I graduated High school I was like 5'9 and so maybe maybe 510 or whatever But I grew 3 in post high school so but

When I started high school as a freshman I was one of the smallest kids you know And I was also a a summer birth right so I wasn't you know some kids turned you Know whatever it was you know that that A year older during the school year but I didn't turn you know that age till the Summer so kids born in the this lot late Part of the year summer we're often um You know just a little bit younger than Everybody else right like a lot of the Kids were would turn 15 during the School year but me I was you know I Wouldn't be 15 till the summer right but I was just shorter than most of the kids I weighed like 100 pounds I was like 5 Feet tall and my friends had a beer Party and I was not you know uh a Partyer then and one of these seniors Who was skateboarding with us had a cake Party over his house and I played beer Pong and I drank like one sort of Foreign beer like a you know like a Heekin or all these kind not heekin but Like a I forget what it was called um Whatever you know what these European Beers which were higher in alcohol then We played beer pong and I drank a lot of Beer for a small kid and my parents were Having a prayer meeting and I it was a Split level of ranch so you know there Was a door that would uh the front door Was right by a staircase and you came in The front door and you'd either go up

The staircase to to the to the Upper Floor you go into the finished Basement and you know I had to and these People were in the living room by the Staircase having a prayer meeting and I Was so drunk I couldn't even like walk Or see straight like I climbed up the Stairs like on my hands and knees and Was spewing out alcohol like you know Whatever it was I just staggered in There in a prayer Meeting I staggered in drunk like the First time that I ever got drunk and I Went into my room and I just basically Vomited all night and there was just Beer like just you know I mean you know Whatever it was mostly just beer on my Floor like it just stunk like beer in my Room for like a year You but anyways it's just a little Sidebar but you're born into religion And you think that that religion you Know because you hear it at a young age You just think Jesus is higher developed Than the rest of the Saints and people That lived in the world but it's simply Not the case and I can say that fairly Objectively I have nothing against Jesus I have nothing against Christianity just Because I've done other things right Specifically the Saar meditation and I've understood the History like the discovery of the soul That was something that came from India

All the religions today are based in the Indian religion which is now known as Hinduism but used to be something else Like it's not great now but it used to Be great and it was here thousands upon Thousands of years before any of these Other religions you know all those Religions come from the same part of the World right Judaism and Islam are very Close to India you look at the area the Middle East it's very close to India and There was a time where Indian empire Expanded and was you know a part of that Whole region there's a time like when The maab barata was that India was you Know was a part of like every all those Areas were a part of India like what was Called Barat was far uh it extended far Beyond what is now you know the Indian Country was into Africa and Europe and And you know I guess parts of Russia and Then all the way close to where China is Right and China where you know where Buddhism came from that area in the in The you know right next to if you see The map I'm not going to show you the Map here but if you look at a map where Nepal is and these countries in the Himalayas you know um the Buddha was Originally an Indian Prince so Buddhism Literally came from India and Buddha was Born a Hindu he was born into the Hindu Culture right and so that's where all These religions are tied in of course

There's lots of Muslims in Pakistan and India because there's Muslims in that Area but Indian Indian religion was the First one and all the religions got Their ideas about a soul and all these Things from the Indian religion it was There first and that's a fact you can You know it's not like debatable you can Trace back the history and you know There's evidence and I fully believe That Jesus went to India and received Spiritual training in India so there's You know I mean whatever he got wasn't Because of some Divine birth like he Worked for what he got which is actually Better but in every religion the idea is That God created the universe so were All God's children I mean that's part of The bibl Biblical history that God made The universe and that therefore God is In every one of us God is every particle Every atom Part part of it is cre created out of The Divine energy or it's all created Out of the Divine energy and we're all Children of God so there's no one child Of God sitting up in heaven there's no Heaven in this way of thinking because Heaven's everywhere because God's Everywhere there's different Realms Beyond Death that are Theoric but they're not a place right Heaven's not a place it's a it's a Condition it's an approach you get into

Heaven by being more and more subtle and Embracing the Divinity within you on a Higher level and leaving the grossness And the you know the selfishness and the Ego behind like you can experience Heaven on Earth and Jesus said it said It himself the Kingdom of Heaven is Within what do you think he meant by That that it's not a place and that's You know a teaching I'm surprised they Left in there it's Mo Jesus's most Redeemable teaching but Jesus isn't that Highly developed and there's things you Know I am that I am is a very you know It's it's not a a spiritual statement Like it's a brag right I am that I am is Something a spiritual person doesn't say Right he was he certainly was spiritual But he wasn't as evolved as the Christians would like you know wish he Was but you know one of the things that I've seen over and over again the higher Developed Souls the higher developed Saints you know I just watched this Movie yesterday I was talking about on My other channel We watched this movie called um American Fiction brilliant movie I was surprised It was so good and the there's you know It's about an African-American author Who you know wants to write Beyond his Cultural identity he wants to write as a Writer not as a black writer right he Just wants to be a writer and he wants

To write you know he's really educated He kind of brilliant and his agent is Like basically convincing him to be a Sellout and he has you know this is the Kind kind of a spoiler alert but not Really so and the agent brings out three Bottles of Johnny Walker whiskey one of Them is like black label blue label and Um the other one's red label blue label Is the expensive one he says you know That the majority of people drink the Cheapest one he said but the only good One is the blue label but people can't Afford that that's just for the Connoisseurus and most people are just Going to buy the cheapest one right And he is making a reference to that you Can write educated well-written books But no one's going to buy them the Majority of people want smut they want Lower Consciousness stuff and that you Know it's a great way great metaphor for Spirituality that the saints that are Just a little bit spiritual the higher Developed Souls that are just their Teachings are just you know kind of on The remedial entry level spiritual Teachings make the best religious Figures because they're not so far above You but the ones that are really Spiritually really spiritually developed Are not going to connect with the Majority of people because they're Beyond even people being able to

Understand their you know their their Basic teachings never mind their Advanced teachings and so that's one of The reasons the religions that are you Know Islam and Christianity have PR proliferated so Much like they're good teachings in There but they're just entry-level Teachings to the you know the spiritual World and Jesus was you know he was at The first rung of spirituality and I've Documented this before and if this is Hard for Christians to accept or even You know to accept the idea that someone Believes this I don't expect you to Believe this I'm not trying to sell you Or convince you of something I'm just Saying this is my understanding like I Tell the truth here in the way I see it And you could say well I'm prejudiced Towards the the thing that I do sure but I grew up as a Christian right and the Sjar system of meditation has won me Over through how it benefited me and you Know the way that it's elevated me and How I feel different inside and how I'm A better person inside or more spiritual Person inside because of the the Cleaning and transmission and also when The current Master of the sa Mark system Now heartfulness Dodgy went South and went and and fell You know I now have a whole YouTube um Channel devoted to exposing

Him right and even though I knew him Personally and he I could have got a Deal from him I mean you know when they Saw there was making videos they wanted To do anything to shut me up they I Could have asked for anything from them Right but I didn't because you know I Tell the truth here and I you know I Don't I don't make I don't make I don't Sell out like that kind of selling out Or whatever right you know we all sell Out um and I want to cover this maybe I'll talk about this hopefully in the Beginning of the video somewhere so I Don't go to but if I've said it already You know what I'm talking about if I Haven't hopefully I'll remember to do That but we all sell out in the sense That we all indulge in this decadent System and we're addicted to certain Things in the system and therefore the System owns us to whatever extent right And so there's that form of selling out But but then there's you know blatantly Selling out where you know that Something's wrong or something's you Know I mean something is evil or Whatever and you take money to not say Anything about it like that's and I have No interest in that but what I'm saying Here is for every Christian who has not Confronted the problems with their Religion or every religion every person Who grown up in a religion and hasn't

Confronted the hypocrisy and the part of The religion that has nothing to do with God in fact blocks you from connecting To God you aren't On My Level in that Area because I've done that I did it With leaving Christianity behind because You know trans it's like transcending It's what Jesus did Jesus was born a Jew And he transcended his religion and Became something else people who Transcend their religions become Spiritual that's what you have to do and People who haven't done that aren't Spiritual yet they haven't transcended The the upbringing not that you leave Everything behind you don't have to be Like fudy of religion but you recognize Its limitations you recognize that it Isn't what it says it is and that there Is a deeper higher level and that's Being a spiritual person and Jesus did That to some extent and he received some Spiritual advancement and spiritual Approach and approach is how close you Get to God but Jesus wasn't that far Along the spiritual path and so this Idea of a second coming and I believe That Jesus is already incarnated on Planet Earth like it might be somebody You know I don't know famous or not I Don't know but if not there all these Higher developed souls are coming down For this spe specific time because of um You know it's a a big time on planet

Earth spiritually and so I have um you Know reason to believe that Jesus is Among Us or whatever it still doesn't Matter because Jesus wasn't that far Along and when he was alive he couldn't Even prevent his own crucifixion or the Crucifixion of his disciples and the Bastardization of his teachings he Couldn't stop any of that stuff so what Makes you think that he'll stop Something now right like it's not you Know we have freedom of choice and so Our choice right now is Self-destruction that's the choice on The table and it's just how close we get To that and I don't even know about that But in terms of all this Understanding that there's a higher and A lower like this great teaching from The Sark tradition the third master Master chargie said this that you have To understand that the lowest part of The higher which is the spiritual is Higher than the highest part of the Lower which is material and so you could Be the most powerful person in the world And the richest person but you're still Below a homeless guy who's spiritual Right a person who's on the lowest level Of material you know even someone who's Just on the cusp of their spiritual They're just starting uh they're putting Their foot on the first rung they're not Yet even you know beginning to climb but

They got their foot up at least is still Higher than all the people that don't Even know there's a ladder but they're Doing great financially or materially They're not even you know capable of Even contemplating being a spiritual Person and so none of these things you Know I mean this talk that they're doing Joe Rogan and and um Aaron Rogers you Know it's again guys who are very Materialistic and physical in their Approach to life Rich guys who are you Know a part of the athletic community And things like this and people who go On adventures and do things which There's nothing wrong with that you know I'm not you know I know Joe Rogan does Iasa and um you know Aaron Rogers does a Lot of these new age spiritual things But you know they're they're not real Spiritual stuff yet right and of course Jesus is going to look great to them Because that's what they grew up with or Whatever they're talking about but There's something much Beyond Christianity Christianity is very Limited it's limited its approach it's Limited in his teaching and the master Himself of that system is limited and There's no children there's no one son Of God we're all children of God and so That whole teaching is BS and you can Connect to God in fact Christianity is Not great to help people connect to God

It's a barrier between you and Connecting to God it limits you if That's what you can do then great I'm Not saying don't do something else if That's all you know there are good Things about it I'm not running it down Completely but you know there is a Better way for people who can do it There is a higher level and if you can Access that higher level it's your duty To find that higher level and do it Right the sjar meditation that I do Gratefulness meditation that we do is a You know essentially I mean it has one Goal and that's to help people connected The Divinity within them and even with That you know we've seen the failure of Dodgy and these other you know so it is What it is I mean you can't compensate For the failure and low nature of of Human beings anyways I just wanted to Say that while it was fresh in my mind But um I'll put this in the video Tomorrow E

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