Kaboom Trump Admit covering up for Hillary + Cuomos Backtracks + Why YouTube is Failing2

Kaboom Trump Admit covering up for Hillary + Cuomos Backtracks + Why YouTube is Failing2

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I Hope to get to some stuff um you know Trump doing an interview with Dr Phil Some me send me a video of um Chris Cuos um did I say Greetings brothers and Sisters well there it is if I didn't um You know I've been dealing with YouTube and it wasn't my intention to do This um but this is what it's come down To right you know I've had exchanges With you YouTube chat and now with YouTube email I'm going to read you the Emails cuz it's kind of hilarious in my Response to them and interesting enough There has been a number of people who Have commented saying they were given a Notification for my videos and haven't Received one in years so I don't know if My talking to them has changed them a Little bit not enough but you know uh But if you are someone CU someone Responded and said that they in seen my Content two years and they wanted to Watch it but YouTube stopped Recommending it and I've said this over And over again you know bra like you Know if you if you are waiting for YouTube notifications and YouTube Subscription policies or subscription Services to uh give you the content that You or even YouTube uh recommen Recommendations to give you the content That you used to enjoy then you're you Know you're deluding yourself you have

To bookmark channels and you have to go To those channels regularly if you try To search for those channels YouTube is Games game their search engine and you Might not even find the channel if you Search for it but certainly they're not Going to recommend the channel or notify You of any videos and this is you know Primarily what I've been talking to them About right because they have suffocated Not only truth or channels but many of The other channels by these abhorent Policies and so I um was asking YouTube If my channels had were suffering from a Scam they're running called invalid Traffic and their Bots said no it wasn't But I was suffering the same sort of Symptoms and I got into it with them and I you know expressed my frustration with Them and you know it wasn't my intention To do so but I have completed that Process hopefully with this last email That I've given to them and that's me Telling them how they abusive and you Know gaslighting and you know Psychological operation policies the Psychological operation of the Gaslighting is their denial of their Public policies which is they came out And said they're going to change the way Their search engines work and their Search engines suck now you know YouTube Is a search engine of course Google's a Search Eng engine and so the reason that

They are losing you know the view Viewership and usage is because their Search engines suck right you are Looking for they know what they're You're looking for and they don't give You that which I'll say you know over And over again in this thing so I'll I Don't have to say it here and so when YouTube decided to do that and then stop Recommending what they considered Undesirable channels which was pretty Much all of them you know they became Known as them tube you know many of us Were like oh you're no longer YouTube You're them tube because they were Promoting uh channels they were Promoting um You know content providers like CNN MSNBC and Fox News but also other Mainstream crap and effectively what YouTube and Google were doing was saying Oh I know you want this but instead of Giving you this we're going to give you That even though the stuff that we're Giving to you is stuff that you've Already rejected that's available on Other platforms we're going to push it On here too you know like so they Effectively destroyed their whole brand And platform and everything and now the Result are you know are I mean it's just Um it's like a you know YouTube's Becoming a ghost town like all these Other social media Giants and so I

Wanted to read to you this conversation And show you how not only is their Policies have changed but their customer Service is completely Ineffective and so on my other channel The Apocalypse Now Channel I um was Looking for a way to do a chat and I Described this already in a a previous Video because I wanted to see if that Channel had the invalid traffic and it Wouldn't give me the chat option right Away so I sent an email and then I did Have the chat but then the email thing Kicked in and so this person shows up hi Paul to verify that I'm talking to an Authorized person of this account please Go to this website go verify sign in and Ask did you contact Google support Choose yes to verify once done please Respond to this email looking forward to Your response best regards Chris Christian the Google team and so they Take you to their Google account that I'm already signed in on and I'm already On my Google email right and so like the Thing's just silly and then then this Person says hi Paul hoping all is well This is cath I forgot about Kath I I Remember Like there's three different people that There's four people that show up here uh People in air quotes like they're all Bots except one guy denied he's a bot so I don't know hi Paul hoping all is well

This is Kath taking over I wanted to go Quickly follow up on your previous email For us to proceed in the next steps Please provide the needed information Understand that your professional Commitments may make it difficult for You attend to us at this moment but I Still want to make sure that you that Your issue does not that not go Unresolved once you have the time la la La best of all Kath and then I wrote Back thanks Kath for your email I've had Three long tats with YouTube bosss who Have quoted me from the fhq and things That I already know in terms of the Decline of my channel over the past few Years my main channel YouTube like and I Go through this long description I'm not Going to read it because I have another One I'm going to read which I talk about All the things that my Channel's gone Through so I've already you know done This Right um and then um Christian response To this thing I sent to Kath so Christian comes back in thanks for Response I really appreciate the details You mentioned in your log message for me To proceed with the assistant you please Specify exactly the the help you need Help with so I can investigate it Further looking forward to your spots Best regards Christian okay it seems Like you are bot this is my response and

I've already had long chats exchange With you with you with chat exchange With two bots so I don't think this is Worth pursuing unless I can talk to a Human it's actually three bots in the Previous chats it was pointed out that FAQ and this is my channel is Underperforming because of something That I'm doing which is clearly not the Case my issues are that my channel is Receiving 70% reduction in Revenue over The past two years YouTube is Unsubscribing my viewers for the past Four years YouTube is no longer Recommending my videos to prospective New viewers this is something called Shadow Banning that YouTube claims it Doesn't do but many of us experienc it It's based in the policies that are Prejudice against content that I produce And other other produce on YouTube hi Paul thanks for your response I'm sorry It seems to look and sound like a bot to You I assure you that I'm an actual Human and I'm willing to share some Insights I understand that you've Reached out decreased your revenue for The two years and this is because your Channel is being shadowbanned in quotes YouTube is unsubscribing your channel And you are us on all the stuff that I Said right so he repeats that he Understands the problem I want to Clarify that that we there's no such

Thing as Shadowban well you know your policies Are or you know your system shadowbans People naturally it prejudices people um Which here stated policies they stated That they're going to recommend authorit Arean sources they change their search Engine they change they all their Parameters and their search logarithms To algorithms logarithms algorithms to Um to uh suppress content like mine I Mean they've said they've suppressing What they call what they consider Disinformation and they're promoting Things like CNN and fox that nobody Wants to see and so um it says firstly I Want to clarify I don't have such thing As shadow man always remember that the Success of your CH YouTube channel is Important to us as it is you therefore There's nothing more for you to be Successful in your channel there's Nothing more than for you to be Successful in your channel therefore There's nothing more than than than for You to be successful in your channel What does that even mean moving on to Your subscribers YouTube doesn't Actually sub unsubscribe viewers from Channels but we've seen some Conversations about viewers being Automatically unsubscribed from channels We get this type of feedback we take it Seriously the subscription team platform

Performs full investigations into the Data submitted to see what's going on so I've had well over a thousand Subscribers say to me they've been Unsubscribed and so there's probably Another 10 to 20,000 subscribers that That's happened to that you know who Haven't commented or don't even know They're unsubscribed but I've had people Say they've been unsubscribed multiple Times and so like it's just stupid Stupid this has been going on for like Four years and even the most popular Channels that YouTube you know carries Their nutsack is like uh is that the Appropriate term hugs it I carries hugs Whatever um you Know uh like even though uh the Youtube Loves those channels they unsubscribe People in every case we've looked into We verified that there's no issue Causing viewers to be unsubscribed by YouTube Here's what we've seen so They've looked into it there's never Ever they've never seen that happen most Of the time we find that the viewers Still subscribe to the channel some Viewers were unsubscribing for the Channels by accident we since had a Confirmation popup when subscribing this Feature isn't currently available on IPhone and iPad many people thought they Were unsubscribed from the channel Because the videos were not appearing in

Their Home tab we looked into those Cases we found they were still Subscribed to the channel like just Goofy stuff right there's a real problem And it's happened over and over again Like I'm Lo how am I losing subscribers Because people aren't Unsubscribing you know I mean I've when I look at my subscriber thing I'm Getting so many new subscribers every Day and and it's just gone down and in Terms of losing subscribers there have Been videos that I have made where People get pissed off at me a group of People and they all unsubscribe at once That's happened you know maybe hundred Times uh that I'm aware of and you know It'll be a video I know that I'll look At the subscribers and I'll see how many People sub unsubscribe because of what I Said other than that like just on a Daily basis there was you know always New subscribers for years and then they Changed their policy and they started Unsubscribing people in dros and so that All stuff um I'm not going to read all That stuff but they say here if Subscriber chain seems like it's an Outside to the average fluctuation it Could be due to a known issue if you Believe you're experienc a problem Outside the average rate of subscriber Count fluctuations you can report the Issue

Um and So um so then they get it into to blam It at on me um with regards to your Videos not getting recommended or Recommending systems doesn't promote Videos to your audience but rather finds Videos for the audience when they visit YouTube videos are ranked based on their Performance and relevance to your Audience and not all videos are eligible To be recommended our recommendation System Narrows down the best set of Videos to offer your Audience by paying Attention to what they watch what they Don't watch what they search for likes And dislikes not interested feedback Well my YouTube view viewers are saying They're not being notified by My Views Videos and then my channel never gets Recommended to people like how many of You guys see my videos being recommended To you in a sidebar and you know I Showed people this when I searched Truthers and I did all these different Searches related to truther videos and Not one truther Channel came up not one Channel when I'm clearly searching for Truth or channels and so you know like It's just lies right and the person Doesn't know this bot person whatever They are they don't know cuz this is Just you know what they say here um and Then they recommend FAQ even though I Told them all these things best regards

Christian and I said um extremely un Dissatisfied and Um you know just it just Sucks and you know I'm saying here Um so I sent I just raed the guy for That horrible response so then I Responded with a voice Over and you know an audio attachment And I named it Christian for Christian And he said I've got your response However I'm not able to play the video Please kindly respond to email normally Instead of sharing video looking forward To your respond Christian and then hi Paul I hope you're doing well this is Mary stepping in from Christian so I Forgot about Kath I thought Kath and Mary were the same person or bot I see That you haven't replied to my last Email yet um well Mary never replied but Kath did I'm just checking in to see if You can help out with your issue all you Need to do is reply to this email and I Shall take things forward if you have Any other concerns feel Free best Cath Hello Mary this is part of the same Thread uh Christian repli not Christian Replied several times I've attached the Audio of the problem thanks so I attach The same audio to her then Christian Replies hi Paul thanks for your response I understand that you have attached an Audio file response to my previous

Message however please understand that This is much as I want to open your file As much as I want to open your file I'm Not able to why wouldn't you be able to It's Google email and it's a freaking Audio file that I've allowed you to open And so like why is YouTube's um support team unable to open Audio files it' be faster for you to Listen to it than um and I said I was Responding to someone named Mary and Then this happened last night hi there Thank you for your email today's um Sunday June 16th and so um and W Here stepping in for the team today I Went over your previous conversation With my colleagues and I have a full Understanding of the request understand That you're reaching out and your Channel's performance I know it can be Concerning if your revenue is not the Same as before and your video views also Declined let me check this for you Digging deeper appears that my Colleagues already provided you with the Owner investigation where you contacted Us before just to Recaps and so this is A bot so they had to go through all Those bot chats just to recap as you may Already know a video's performance is Driven by four key factors appeal are Users interested in engaging with the Video engagement once they choose to

Engage with a video are they interested In the content and choosing to stick Around and watch that's I have a very High rate of watch time like Extraordinarily high like even with my Long videos um higher than the average Satis action did they enjoy the video Responsibility does a video violate any Of YouTube's Policies and so um the other thing is I Get you know a high rate of likes to Dislikes you know usually well over 90% Likes to dislikes these metrics work Together that means a video can Underperform if either a single metric Is is a way below average or if all the Metrics are slightly below average in Terms of Revenue and other metrics are Also effective and it gets into Revenue You know all the stuff they've said Before kind regards Edward and so then I Decided to write this thing I did a Voice to text um email here to them Because you know I just felt it needed To be said like I'm in the change Business and I don't really want to be Because I know you can't change other People you know I I have a master's Degree in counseling which is supposed To help people change and then what I do Here certainly the the sjar gratefulness Meditation that I do is about helping People to change and then it's about me Changing myself right which is the most

Important thing because it's really you Can only change Yourself and you know the truth or Community is about change as well and Like I've just learned over the years I Am completely have no interest in Helping people change at least in terms Of you know the people resist change Right and so I say things here if you're An avid viewer eventually I'm going to Say something that would you know upset You in such a way where it's probably Something you need to change and I'm not Doing it uh personally I'm just being a Vector or a conduit for this information To flow through but I'm in the change Business right it's just you know what I Have it's like probably a dis Description of what I am given this Assignment to help people change and I You know like I said I realize that Getting people to change is like the Hardest thing it's like the hardest job And so I'm not really into it so much Anymore but in terms of my relationship With YouTube there's a relationship There and I have these concerns like Everyone else and I haven't bothered to Verbalize them to YouTube because I know They're just going to come up with some [ __ ] gaslighting you know these Standard responses they're never going To admit to anything it's just going to You know make my attitude to YouTube

Sour even more which will eventually Lead me to just not want to be a part of The platform right if the more I you Know don't engage with it and you know I Have to make changes anyway so it's Whatever it is but um with without Further Ado I decided just to write all These things down the things I said this Long voice over and that's it's just There you know it's like um submitting a Sort of customer Complaint and so I wrote this to Edward Christian and Mary because I forgot About cath I it's bizarre that they have All these different Bots or whatever They are entities showing up it's Confusing and also dissatisfying dealing With three support people Andor Bots I Was replying to Mary but getting Responses from Christian and then all of A sudden out of nowhere Edward comes in But in either case the Alum Remains the Same I feel like this is a waste of my Time but I want to say this I want to Say what needs to be said to a YouTube Employee so first of all I'm a great Customer of Google and YouTube I've had A Google a Gmail account for over 20 Years I use Google as my primary search Engine and chrome as my primary browser 80% of the time I spend on the internet I spend on YouTube as a Creator and as a Viewer YouTube is my favorite app and Platform on the Internet by far

As a Creator I've made content since 2007 is my primary source of income and Job since 2014 also get advertise I also have Advertised on Google ads and YouTube ads I believe I've bought in Revenue to YouTube around a million dollars through Ad revenue and also driving traffic to The site there are people who say that They only come to YouTube to watch my Videos for example right so there are People that I bring to YouTube because They Like my content over and over again you Know saying you know whatever it is and So I've done my best to navigate the Everchanging community guidelines Policies that are prejudice prejudice Against me and my channel and the Community I belong to I will talk about That more later as a YouTube viewer I Have the premium account for the past Six or seven years so you know I'm Paying them for that um and I'm going to Have to get rid of these things because This is how I pay for them like with me Making less money I'm going to have to Get rid rid of these accounts I also Have YouTube TV account and I talk about That them on my channel in positive Terms even though many of my viewers and People in the community really dislike YouTube for its Prejudice for its Prejudicial policies YouTube is my

Primary app for when I need to learn Something whether it be technology Related or something to do with Homesteading and farming even though I Feel like YouTube is not a good partner To me I still want to see YouTube Succeed just as an Information uh in information Source Moving forward because you know we're Going to need to learn to do more things As the system implodes and as long as There's YouTube and we can search and Learn those things right I mean how many Times have I searched for something Healthcare related I mean things that I You know need to help with in terms of Like um you know figuring out the Technological type of thing right and You know that's what YouTube represents And they're making it suck right and so Um you know this is me as a customer as A viewer complaining about all of it and The search engine things working against Your ability to find what you're looking For um and I want YouTu succeed just as An information Source moving forward When I was in India going through a Rough divorce and transitioning back to America after a threee long stay there My family with my family YouTube became A primary income source and got me out Of a tough Jam Upon returning to America I eventually met my now wife through my YouTube channel and so there are reasons

Why I feel some loyalty and gratitude Towards the YouTube platform you know my Wife has been great and that's you know I mean whatever I was given a movie Camera at my request when I was a young Kid around seven or eight years old and I desired to make movies many years Lantern I didn't get that many years Later YouTube afforded me the Possibility and I enjoyed the creative Process that the platform allows me to Engage it as an older person I am not Looking to change platforms or reinvent My channel somewhere else but the real Reality is that YouTube's policies have Strangled my channel so I know that's so I know that Christian said that YouTube Doesn't Shadow ban and that's your Official position on the subject but you Do you may not have a policy where you Look at channels and you decide P to ban Them per se but your policies are Literally strangling millions of of Channels on your platform there are Three things that you have changed that Basically destroyed my Channel first of All YouTube and Google changed their Search parameters on search engines this Is not deniable because you said you Were going to do So um again you can't say you don't do That when you announced it like this is What we're doing and Google said that They were going to work towards getting

Rid of so-called fake dues and promote Authoritarian News Channel this has Killed your platform nobody wants to Come to YouTube and watch CNN MB and MSNBC and fox and other crap that YouTube is now pushing but in its Arrogance of this thing but it's the Arrogance of this thing that really is Bothersome to millions of us and that's Why your platform is dying YouTube and Google has so much data on all of us and You know what we're looking for and your Search engines used to deliver us search Results that gave us what we were Searching for but now in your arrogance People are searching for specific types Of content often alternative media that Was labeled as fake news and conspiracy Theorist instead of getting those Results YouTube and Google would say no That's not what you want you want this This is not that's not what you want you Want this instead which is a form of Gaslighting so let me be clear about how This policy affected me and millions of Other people before these policies were Put into place my channel was thriving And growing I was receiving 100 new Subscribers a day and I just passed 100,000 subscribers and soon I had 200,000 subscribers and then I saw YouTube had changed their policies and YouTube was no longer recommending my Videos to potential new subscribers and

I knew that my channel was going to die A slow death soon I saw that I was Losing subscribers instead of gaining Them my view count went down and my Viewers started complaining that they Had been unsubscribed multiple times and They weren't receiving notifications on My YouTube on on my you YouTube videos On my videos uh notifications on my Videos when I release them everyone Started talking about this idea of Shadow Banning and this is what we mean When we say YouTube Shadow bans us Because millions of us have experienced It as soon as YouTube wasn't Recommending my videos but promoting Videos that nobody wanted to see coming From mainstream sources that had their Own platform many of us on YouTube Started to call it them tube that is Because you were go you ignoring The very people that that helps create YouTube as a platform you are ignoring The you so whenever you go against your Primary function and YouTube's primary Function was to help independent voices And people create content right and so When they stop doing that well then you Know they just this is where they're Like just um destroying themselves right It's whenever you go against your Primary Objective then you've failed right You've you know you've given up on your

Your your mission and your whatever it Is whether it's corporate decision and They don't even know because they're too Stupid I mean the these corporate morons Like they just make bad decisions and They're disconnected from reality we've Seen this over and over again YouTube is Always about independent voices being Able to put out their content of their Opinions and express themselves on the Video platform YouTube made the Self-destructive decision to suppress Independent voice And support the dying corporate content Including cable news networks that were Already losing their audience and we're Never going to be watched by young People plus CNN Fox and msbc had their Own platforms everyone knows where to Find them but still YouTube chose them Over the rest of us because YouTube no Longer recommended my channel I TR I try To use Google and YouTube ads to bring In new subs and your ad programs were Horrible I was paying I was paying you To do what you used to do for free which Is to get my video ad my video ad out There to my videos out there in an ad Form to prospective new viewers as Google as as at Google ads my first Support person failed miserably and Tried to push ads on Google search Instead of doing what I asked and run my Video ad on YouTube and then I you know

A second guy came in a second better Person was G was given I asked that my Video ad be placed on specific truther Channels by viewers recommended to me at My request but he refused saying that he Would take my Suggestion but machine learning would Determine where the ads would run the Result was that Google ran my ads on YouTube channels and videos with that Were nothing like my channel was a Disaster and so that was Google ad right So Google had I could give them a YouTube video to run and I wanted them To run a YouTube video on YouTube and They had a place where you could Recommend the channels that you would Like to have run your videos on your ads On and I said just run them on these Channels and the guy said I can't do That the machine learning is going to Take this into consideration but it's Going to have to come around to figure Out where they want to run and I said You know I'm the customer I'm telling You run my [ __ ] ads on this channel Right on these channels because these This is the my audience you know my Audience recommended my audience also Watches these channels and so if I'm Going to run ads plus I wouldn't mind Supporting these other channels because I know that they're being deprived of AD Revenue and so instead of runting them

On the channels that were truther Channels they ran them on these crazy Channels like a Bollywood Channel you Know that guy Shane Dawson who did these Conspiracy theor was the only one that Was close to it and he sucked And they ran one of my ads one time on One of his videos every other channel I Looked at I'm like why would they ever Running my ads on these channels like it Was all across the board and there was Nothing to you know and what they were Trying to do is figure out which Channels popped and not and eventually After me paying them lots of money they Would figure out the kind of uh you know Channels I should run it on but they Probably wen't going to run it on Truther channels anyway cuz they're you Know they're Shadow Banning those Channels right and so like it's just so There is that so then so then this Happened so then I found that YouTube ad Program where I would pay you YouTube to Recommend a chosen video to potential New viewers and that was also a disaster YouTube rejected most of my videos and The ones that they didn't uh that they Didn't did not reach my desired audience And I was able and I was paying like $3 Per new subscriber and that was not Sustainable I knew that your ad program Suck and your platform was destroying Itself and had no future and so YouTube

Also has a policy where you can take a Video any video of yours and pay for Them to recommend it which is what they Used to do for free but they did it so Poorly that they weren't recommending it To any of my potential new viewers the Same way the other one did and it was Costing me a fortune to get like one Measly of subscriber and so in terms of C customer acquisition fees it wasn't Something where like if I could pay YouTube to um bring in new people and Recommend my videos even though they Used to do it for free and that would Lead to more Revenue then I could Justify that as an expense but it was Ridiculous I was just wasting money and It was a complete failure plus most of My videos they would reject and say no They don't want to run that as an ad a Lot of times they would say they don't Run political ads and I'm like I don't I'm not a this is not political I talk About politics but they're not political Ads right it's Silly um but either way it didn't work Right and I knew that their ad programs Suck now now I knew that Google ads and YouTube ads suck like people who are Running ads are going to realize they Suck and that's why there there's not so Much ad Revenue anymore because YouTube's ads suck right and they're not Working and so people are run running

Away from the platform because of their Ad program is sucking it seems like YouTube has realized that their business Model is a failed one and having to Carry all this content on their servers That is not profitable to them or the Partnership program really doesn't work Or the fact that many young people are Leaving YouTube and drove for Tik Tok And other platforms you have decided to Suffocate your partners I'm not sure What reason is for all of this but it's Happening it could be any of those Reasons I what I was saying there but You know you know who knows why they're Doing it but they are YouTube provides Services for mine and other channels I Am not a businessman I have I am a Content creator and spend and spending My time working to secure revenue for my Videos would be difficult so YouTube Does that for me by running ads and Dealing with advertisers I'm free Free To make up I'm freed up to make content Also YouTube provides a platform for Videos to be seen and then send out Notifications to my subscri subscribers Also my videos to potential viewers so My channel can continue to grow so when YouTube changed their policies and Stopped recommending my channel and not Notifying my subscribers and unsubscribe My subscribers my channel had no chance Of surviving and I said before these are

YouTube admitted to and even bragged About and this is the results people in The so-called truth Community which I Belong to are I belong to are looking For videos related to Alternative media We don't believe in CNN and fox and MC Are honest and certainly not in Authority we believe in our fellow Creators and independent voices and we Find that we find on YouTube I was Talking to my son who is in his early 20s he was talking about how his Generation no longer likes coming to YouTube platform for the same reasons he Was saying how these there are channels That he likes and YouTube never Recommends videos for those channels but He can watch watch a video for a few Seconds and not like the channel or the The new the video and YouTube will Recommend that channel over and over Again so YouTube has effectively pissed Everyone off by not delivering them the Search results and the recommendations That will keep them on the platform I'm Just saying this I'm just saying this Because it needs to be said I don't Believe you have any power or desire to Change these their policies you probably Don't even know they exist or why they Exist But they effectively killed your Platform and I didn't sign It um so yeah that was you know that's

My YouTube thing you you guys all know About you guys have experienced it but I Just had to say it like I've said my you Know sometimes you have to give people a Chance or this case a you know YouTube Is a Corporation and you can't you know you Can't move on to something else until You've verbalized your Dissatisfaction I I you know they're not Going to change and they're not going to Do anything you know whatever but I've Put it out there and it's done so let's Um move on to my other content okay so I Want to add something here um you know This is why this is important like I This is why I'm covering it partially Has to do with me personally and my Channel but overall it has to do with The internet and people's access to Information right because these social Media platforms that used to promote Truther content I mean they used to Really promote it and the reason they Promoted it it was good for business Right they didn't do it because they Were into being truthers there was a Whole um you know video this whole movie Documentary made by Netflix called the Social dilemma where they were hammering YouTube for not YouTube they're Handwriting mostly Facebook but all Social media platforms for their Algorithms

Recommending truth or content they were Saying that you know if you watch some Of this content the algorithms would say Hey they want more of this content and Their whole goal was to keep you on Their platform and so they didn't care What you were watching as long as you Were staying there and one of the big Selling points for YouTube and these Other platforms with so-called Conspiracy theorist type of fake news According to this Netflix documentary And truther stuff to all of us right and So so YouTube knew this was good for Business as did Facebook and every other Social media platform they knew that This content was something people wanted To see maybe they didn't like it you Know they certainly probably didn't like It and maybe their advertisers didn't Like it but they knew it was good for Their platform it brought people to Their platform and so they were Pressured by documentaries like that one You know the social dilemma and then all The rest of these things by politicians And their advertisers and their Corporate interests to suppress this Content and it's going to kill their Platforms or at least reduce their Viewership significantly and the problem With that is is it doesn't allow for new Viewership now remember when you first Got woken up was it a YouTube video that

Woke you up was it some kind of post you Read on Facebook or something something On social media right and so you you Know I was a little bit awake I mean Certainly spiritually awake from my Spiritual practice and I was always a Person that had this kind of personality Of course my brother was one of the Original OG truthers he had his own AM Radio show and he learned things you Know from Vietnam and those you know Those old school truthers that were out There right eustus Mullins and the People like that that used to you know It was just a a fringe part of the Population like less than 1% of the Population had heard heard of these Different theories but you know was There right and I was aware of it but it Was a video about the big event 2001 that I got from another social Media platform that banned this kind of Content but someone put it up and before It was removed I was you know I was Seeing the inconsistencies to the Official story and you know the rest is History but I wasn't going to YouTube Looking for that kind of content right And probably you weren't either like Lots of people work there was an event That happened and somehow you watched Some content that showed you that the Official story was bogus and then all of A sudden you became a truther and if

YouTube and these social media platforms No longer allow this content then that Process will cease to happen because People aren't going to go to these Social media platforms outside of YouTube and Facebook in these places Looking for this kind of content it just Has to come to them and so that's one of The big issues right and the other thing Is just those of you who are still Truthers or are truthers now being able To find information and it's getting Harder and harder and you can you know Find the various platforms but you know These people disappear and I've said This before why do you think truthers Disappear if you're doing this as a job Of course if you're not making enough Money that's a problem but you know you Get harassed and all these things but One of the reasons is they end up hating YouTube You have all these truthers and it Happens to not just truthers but other People you know you're just tired of the YouTube [ __ ] right and that's one of The things I've been able to avoid you Know I'm one of the last holdouts from These old school truthers because I've Been able to avoid animosity and Negativity towards YouTube and then you Go through a divorce process and lots of People you know sort of semi support you In the comment section but then you know

When it comes to any other kind of Support and especially leaving YouTube They don't want to do it right they're Not willing to jump ship on YouTube Because they're still using the platform And then the truther gets bitter and Angry you know it's hard to do content On a platform that you don't respect and You don't like and that's you know Actually working against you like you're Supposed to be in a partnership with YouTube and their partnership sucks Right and so like I've avoided that Because of my meditation and just Knowing that you know when I get a bad Attitude it's going to be hard for me to Keep my channel and then what happens is You start Pushing against pushing back against the Rules and getting Community guidelin Strikes and your channel gets more and More shadowbanned and then you Eventually just quit because you're just Tired of it right I mean there so many You know YouTubers have gone through the Various levels of this stuff not just Truthers but other people on social Media and then just all the suckiness And harassment all the things that go on And so I've been able to avoid all that But inevitably you know there isn't Really a great situation like a solution For me like I don't I can't find a a Good alternative platform you know I'm

Not totally looking but then it's going To be me doing something else in terms Of charging people for my content and You know can I get enough people to pay And to make it worth my wild and all These things right those are you know Problems I'm going to have to deal with On the horizon but even if I figure out A way you know there's lots of people Who just have little channels that you Know maybe someday will become bigger Channels and they don't have that option Anymore like they can't do what I did And you know that's been the case now For a number of years I mean it takes You uh you have to jump through all These hoops just to get monetized and Then you know YouTube of course is Against you and YouTube in itself is a Dying platform and so all these things Are important right like they're Important to you to understand that you Know the information that you have right Now is maybe all the information you're Going to get in the future like maybe You won't be able to find this kind of Content you know for me like what I Consider a truther at this stage of my You know my Evolution it isn't people who find fault In the official story you know 80% of Americans think politicians are corrupt And that the media isn't honest I mean It's an overwhelming majority of

Americans 60% believe in you know maybe Multiple so-called conspiracy theories And things you know it's politically Politically motivated so just agreeing On the problem isn't enough anymore like Agreeing that our system is corrupt and You know for me you can't be a Right-wing person you can't be a Trumper I mean if I was going to listen to Somebody again I'm just you know I've Know how to make my own decisions about Whatever comes about in terms of any of This so I don't have to listen to other People like I don't have to get their Take even if it's something I don't know That much about it's easy for me to make Decisions it's just you know it's not Hard at all any kind of choices like Whether I was going to get the bloop or Not or any of these things right like I Already made that decision years ago Before the the you know the thing Actually happened right but if I was Going to listen to somebody you know There might be a specific you know a Video about a specific subject that Would be interesting or the person's a a Knowledgeable person in that area but as Listening to a person regularly in terms Of their overall belief system and point Of view you know they have to be left Right Paradigm people they can't believe That there's a political solution they Would have to you know give

Accountability to all of us because Because we all contributed to the system They'd have to realize that the system Can't be fixed and that it something Else that has to be done and there would Have to be a spiritual component Understanding that you you can't be you Know locked into a religion that's Keeping you preventing you from Connecting to the Divinity within you And so all those things you know for me To be interested in you know and it's Stuff that I say regularly by so I don't Have to listen to somebody else saying Those things and the fact that we all Have have to change like we have to Change personally isn't about the Controllers isn't about the Deep State Isn't about fear and any of these things It's about accepting what's happened and Preparing for what's going to happen and You know very few people are like on That level or willing to you know go There you know that's just you know it's Just a a small group of people right and That's based in people who say yeah this Person says similar things to you you Know these things right there are people Out there who are you know along the Same lines and you know you need the Lower level sort of click baity stuff on YouTube and other places to give people An entry point so they can eventually re That reach that

Inevitability but that stuff is you know That ship has sailed you know they have Effectively minimized the damage from The truth community and the way they've Done that is people are scared of what Life would be like if the system wasn't Here we're all scared of that right Whether scared is the right word nobody Is is happy about that Inevitability I mean very few people They are people who can live off on the Grid and things but you know the people Who are who are looking forward to it Are a little bit crazy because it's Going to be tough it's going to be Tumultuous it's going to be traumatic And when the system comes down you know It's going to change everything and You're going to be forced to make lots Of decisions and you're going to go Through something right much more than Anything you've gone through and we're Going to go through it collectively and So you know people don't want to uh deal With that at all and so it's easy for The powers that be to suppress this kind Of content because people aren't you Know willing to embrace the truth right They're not willing to deal with you Know they're not willing to I mean it's That um per that line from that Pearl Jam song about sexual abuse a daughter This name of the song she holds the hand That holds her down and that's what

People are they hold the hands that that Is abusing them and they you know There's this thing that everybody has Even in the truths Community where you Think people running the system are Somehow like good people and better than You and you know when push comes to CH Shove they wouldn't do horrific things And they they wouldn't do the things That even you know that they do because You watch truther content like some part Of you doubts that they would people Would be that evil and they are like People will be the people running the System are so morally decrepit you know Bankrupt that you know this is I mean It's just like you know it's their their Sort of default position is to do the Wrong thing and so you know some part of Us doubts that it's as evil as it is or It's as you know corrupt as it is or Degraded as it is and that's why when You really look into it's even worse Than you thought and um you know I guess That's part of the title of this video Even worse worse than it's than than you Thought and this is you know YouTube's a Part of that and now I know YouTube is Actually worse than I thought that's why I'm covering all this because I know That the ad program sucks I know that Their customer service stuff sucks worse Than I thought and there's no chance of Them changing because they're it's being

Run by Bots and they're you know they're Willing to take down their whole they're Willing to see their business collapse Rather than you know go back to the way It was and embrace the so-called TR Community that really has no chance of Uh upsetting the the cart so to speak You know no chance of uh disturbing the System because people are so addicted to The system and so weak that they could Never challenge the system anyway and so It's just unnecessary right like you Know it's unnecessary to uh to censor This kind of content because it's not Going to change anything right like People take a different opinion and Attitude but at the end of the day People are just going to go back back And submits to the system because They're slaves to the system everyone's Slaves to the system and so they might Complain about it but that's all they Might have a few protests here and there But people aren't looking to build a new System right they're not willing to Leave the system they're just willing They complain about it but they're not Serious about disconnecting from it or Doing something else and there's no Backup plan or secondary option and so You know a lot of this stuff is just Pointless Like only if you find a way to change Yourself which very few people do a way

To you know take this information and Make it uh you know some some way to Benefit you on a you know benefit you on Your trajectory towards your spiritual Goals and some of these other things Like you know like a wakeup call that You're going in the wrong direction and You need to take a look at your life and What you are in the inside and change And people just aren't willing to do That and that's you know sad but it's You know it's worth we're at and maybe When things get really rough then things Will change but anyways um here's the Stuff on chomos and Trump okay so um one Of my viewers sent me this and it's a Chris Koma video I haven't watched it But the title is new trial covid flu Combo vaccine more effective than Standalone shots now Chris KO has been Talking about how he has possibly been Boop injured and he's had people on his Show that have been Boop injured right And so now he's reversing himself here Let's ask my old friend former White House covid emergency response Coordinator the dean of Brown University School of Public Health Dr Ashish ja He's a guy this guy he's just he's Quality good to see you Dr JW it's been A minute been a minute this is Chris quo Bringing the street slang that's been a Minute Chris great to see you thanks for He's he's from the street

Me here you grew up in the governor's Mansion so doc uh give me your take on Uh where we are with this twoin one and Then I want to have a dialogue that will Likely exist with a certain uh Percentage of our population but what's Your take on this yes or no good or bad I I'm optimistic look preliminary data You are that's bizar you're optimistic I Mean I I wouldn't expect that I thought You would come up with something else I Always like to look okay so let's move Over here let's see You all right now here's the concerns I'm not putting more mRNA in me you guys Lied to me the first time about it I Don't know how much Spike protein it's Going to make in me everybody's getting Vaccine injured and now you want me to Do it again this is only good for Mna Not for me I hear that I'll tell you I'll start off by talking about what I I Hear that like it's the same crap that I'm dealing with YouTube Right a denial Of reality a of what you're going Through on your end right pretending Like your problems and your you know Your issues don't exist and if they do It's your fault and not their fault like This is their whole thing like this is The the stage they've moved into where People are starting to suffer it's going To get worse and when people complain About their suffering said you guys did

This to me they're like oh we we're Sorry to hear that you feel that way but That's not what we do and it's your Fault You know this is gaslighting right uh Advise my own family I have elderly Parents they get Co shots uh at least Once a year I get Co shots once a year It's what my family does I just think From a safety and health point of view To me this is a no-brainer Mr it no Brain Orna people get very kind of bent Out of shape over it look mRNA is in Every single cell of your body your all Your cells have DNA DNA okay so let's See what Cuomo says about I get back to Cuomo Not from ai's job but the messaging was Mixed and muddled early on this isn't Really a vaccine the MRNA stuff it Doesn't immunize you uh it doesn't Really stop Transmission except early on and then The thing mutates too fast and the Boosters can't keep up and I'm not sure That I can trust the messaging this time Either how do you regain trust wait Who's who's actually listening to this And you know Co is the thing of the past For most people most people feel like it Was overblown I mean you know there's There's people talking about Democratic People talking about how Joe Biden this Is on like Bill Mar show I saw it right

I showed you guys this where the way They handled Co was over the top and Most people realized they you know they Suffered because of the shutdowns and All the rest of it right and um they're Kind of pissed about and Joe Biden has To bring those people back like you know That's reality of the public Opinion with a population that believes They were sold a bill of goods that was Incomplete at a minimum yeah look I I Think the way you restore trust with People is you just be honest and Straightforward with them I've [Laughter] Tried Kaboom that's what you guys are Known for here's cuos again we're not Going to go forward with This well do you think it should be Something where you don't mess with kids And you don't mess with the young and Strong just make it to the old uh and The vulnerable and should that have been The rule during the pandemic should it Have been no mandates for the young and Healthy or the kids they don't need it No mandates except uh for the older they Can get it if they need it no the Mandates means they had to get it and if You're mandating old people get Something that you're saying might be a Risk to kids like I mean what what is That even question quos yeah so here's Here's what we knew obviously for older

Americans who me no compromis people it Was lifes saving well we also know it Was it we saw this in the Delta wave we Saw this with Omron as well but Certainly the Delta wave a lot of young People did still get pretty sick so I Always think back to what do I think What did I all right so um you know cuos So this is just in here so some guy Parachutes in and Joe Biden they're all Looking at the guy here they're ready to Do something This looks like uh that's that guy from Canada so these are international Leaders and she's looking at them where The f is Biden going like he's over here Talking to this guy so he's in some Foreign country and then he's like it's Has to get spinned around and look at His freaking face that's a confused Scile old man put on your sunglasses he Moves so slowly like a sloth he has These confused looks on his face because He's freaking old and scile he's you Know his Dimension is full-blown now I Mean it's been it's been bad over the Years but he's you know and he's just a Complete mess um there's a video my wife Sent me I don't have it here but it Looks like he's pooping himself like he Literally been over and pooping Himself Um let me see if I let go see if I can Find it so Bay's on stage here right the

Some kind of foreign leaders or whatever They are this woman looks like I mean Just a I don't know what that's going on So B's there is that the guy from that's The guy from France I think so then he Just sort of bends over right and he's Like bending down like what's he doing Here he's bending over the woman's look At him like what's going on here it Looks like he's pooped himself um Whatever it is it's weird okay so um Trump um so Dr Phil uh copyrighted me And I covered his whole interview here With not his whole interview but bits of It and I only need one part and that's Where Trump admits to that he could have Put tillary in jail and he chose not to That she committed crimes but he didn't Want to do it because she was you know a Former first lady and former Secretary Of the State and so I'm going back and Editing out most of it but there's this One part where he's talking about how Oprah used to love him and used to love Mara Lago and there's a funny joke here So I'm going to leave it in here you Know Oprah used to really like me she Was here many times she loved my keyme Pie we have keine pie and she loved a Lot of things about maralago correct Long time ago it's the only funeral We've ever had at Mar Lago I said maybe We can do a new business here we'll do Operat as a funeral parl but it was one

Of the Most yeah you Will because something's dying here Trumps Beautiful mostly men and they're mostly Of a perfect age for military and it's Almost like what are they doing building A mil military organization within our Country with Kaboom Trump bringing the Conspiracies our help we have people Running our country who are grossly Incompetent okay so they're either Incompetent or they're completely Corrupt right either they're bringing in Chinese people and foreign people to be A military that will go after the American people or that they're Incompetent right they can't be both and So Biden isn't r the country like we all Know that like anybody with half a brain And you weren't running the country when You said what way is this to run a Country I mean this is literally what You said in the Tweet if somebody cheated an election This is um December 9th 20120 Trump was Still president if somebody cheated an Election which Democrats did why Wouldn't the election be immediately Overturned how can it be a country be Run like This you're the president bro right so Like this is him admitting like he Doesn't run the country so then Dr Phil

Says you know there's all these Headlines saying you're going to get Revenge and then he goes on a long rant Dr Phil about what if you took the high Road what if you you know just didn't Retaliate didn't go after him didn't Seek retribution which of course you Know you can't clean the swamp drain the Swamp and and leave everything the way It is but he actually you know he can See which Dr Phil likes you know Dr Phil Is supporting him And saying that these um these criminal Charges against him are bogus and so Trump sort of agrees with Dr Phil and Says we're just I'm just going to be a Great uniter and I'm just going to bring America back and all these things and I'm not going to go after the people um But then he goes into the whole thing With Hillary Clinton and hopefully I can Use all of this because it's um real Important as an example with Hillary Clinton when I mention uh the name Hillary in the previous to the last Election They said lock her up lock her up lock Her up but I would be there and I'm Trying to almost quiet him now they were Going he was trying to quiet him down he Didn't he didn't encourage that at all Like he didn't say he was going to do so Which he promised right you know I Showed you all the clips about this like

You know him saying after the election That I played well before and he Encouraged it he even said to her that When they were interviewing when they Were debating he said well let's write Here let's play it it's just awfully Good that someone with the temperament Of Donald Trump is not in charge of the Law in our country because you'd be in Jail secretary Clinton boom yeah but When they were saying lock her up he was Trying to calm him Down boom like look at her like he that Was like that was the biggest moment of His debate that was a trump moment that Was a hilarious moment that played Well that was the biggest like that was His biggest moment in all those debates That she'd be in jail if he was in Charge of the um in charge of the Justice system and then he forgot about It because he used to pay her money he Used to give her money they used to be Pals how would it be I win and I lock Hillary Clinton up the president's wife The former president's wife I locked her Up and how would it be if I took the Secretary of State you Secretary of State and we threw her into a prison Someplace I think it was Terrible that's not what would happen There'd be a Justice you know there' be Charges given and they would follow a Path towards her being you you wouldn't

Just throw in jail yet now they're Trying to do that with me think of It I didn't want to do that I could have Done that pretty easily she busted up Her phones and she busted up her her Laptop okay so she she you could have Done that but you didn't you didn't Follow the rule of law you're running as A Law and Order president that that's All you talked about that you were going To restore Law and Order what happened With the black lives matter and the Antifa protests that happened in you Know the 2020 before the election and You were saying you were the Law and Order president and you know what Happened in Portland with Chad or Chaz And they you know took over parts of That City and and Biden was performing Poorly on the Law and Order end of it And you said you were going to restore Law and Order and you said said Hillary Clinton let's just replay that you're Saying Hillary Clinton did things that You that could have gotten her locked up And you chose not to so you covered for Hillary Clinton and yet now they're Trying to do that with me think of It I didn't want to do that I could have Done that pretty easily she busted up Her phones and she busted up her her Laptops and what they did and they put Uh bleach bit you know it bleach fit is It's so expensive nobody uses it because

It's an acid and it wipes everything out Could have done it real easy don't Forget she disob too expensive a Subpoena from the United States Congress And she broke up all this Machinery all This technology after she got the Subpoena think of It how would it look if I took the a President of the United States wife and Threw her into a prison I I again you You you didn't do that because you Couldn't do that you could have had your Justice department Prosecute her for Crime she committed You're saying she committed crimes and You covered for her he's admitting to Covering for Hillary Clinton I hated it Because I wanted to bring the country Together and I largely did and I brought It together through oh my God you're Saying that Hillary supporters and the Democrats you brought them together they Hated you like no was success because it Was the most successful economy in the History of our country okay now the Difference is they're trying to do it to Me and maybe you could feel differently About it but I don't feel differently Retribution is going to be through Success we're going to make it very Successful we have to bring the country Together and you can do that it okay That you know No One Believes that You're not going to go after Revenge

Because you're a Revenge guy and all you Talk about he talks about all over the Place so he knew the what Phil was Looking for here but you know okay so I'm editing and I'm looking for a video I recently made covering this I only saw Part of this clip and then all these People on MSNBC and all these people are Showing you the times that Trump Promised and encouraged the audience say Lock her up and he talked about locking Hillary Clinton up of course what he Said in the debate and then afterwards He said well that plays well they were Chanting Locker up in a post when he won The election he said um well that plays Well before the election so I showed you All those video clips that Trump saying Those things Trump of course encouraged His support ERS to yell Locker up he Said himself he was going to Locker up He said it in the debate then afterwards He said he wasn't cuz it played well Before the election now he's saying here And I I want to emphasize this that Because she was the first lady how would It look a former president's wife and The current Secretary of State when he Took office if he just threw her into Jail but he could have because she did These things right she burned her dis With acid and other things so he's Admitting that she's a criminal that she Did criminal behavior and he could have

Locked her up which he couldn't have he You know the justice department could Have went after her but he isn't as a President you're not supposed to point Your justice department at somebody or Target them right they're supposed to be Independent of the president so they can Investigate the president if need be but Of course it was his you Know Bill bar or Bob bar whatever his Name was who turned on Trump in the end Who is Trump's attorney general right But the intelligence community and all These you know agencies that would have To be involved in a criminal Investigation are supposed to operate Independent of the presidency but Trump Saying that he could have locked her up That he could have pressured the justice System to go after Hillary but he did The opposite and he covered up for right Be dismissed it think about all the People who are Unlawfully uh committed you who are you Know um are wrongly committ convicted of Crimes or have Petty crimes and they They get taken away from their kids or You know all the people who really kind Of don't belong in jail and it might be Circumstantial reasons that they were um You know they committed these crimes Like their family was starving or Something and they were you know Whatever it is right you know all the

People who justifiably or people who are In jail because they smoked pot or Something like that right you know all The people who are good people that are In jail for one reason or another and And if you have a justice system and Trump is supposed to be a Justice President you can't excuse somebody just Because they used to be the president's Wife or used to be the Attorney General You can't not prosecute them because I Mean this is you're rigging the system Everything that you complained about and Now you're saying they're intentionally Going after you and they shouldn't Because you were the former president And you're all a part of a club he's Admitting he's part of a club with the Clintons and that he could have went After her but didn't and the people Around him said no you can't go after Her because we're all part of a club I'm Sure his advisers were saying that and Saying you know just move forward and be President and as soon as the the Campaign was over he forgot about Hillary he didn't talk about Hillary Crooked Hillary right all these things I He was moving on to whatever he was Doing and so that's all bad and then you Know that's he's kind of a piece of [ __ ] For doing that like and just you know The kind of person that you trumpers say That he isn't but it's what he's done to

His support It's lying to them about Hillary it's Lying to them you know flame inflaming Them against Hillary inflaming them Against the electoral process just Because it had to do with him but as Soon as the election was over he didn't Follow through on his promises to the People the people who are passionate About him arresting Hillary like I knew He wasn't going to do it I would have Liked to see it not that I'm an Anti-hillary person because you know Everybody kind of is you know very few People honestly like Hillary Clinton and I you know most of us would have enjoyed Seeing her go to jail it would have been Interesting plus it would have you know It was something that I mean there was Things that she did and every politician Does you know any politician can be sent To jail because these politicians they Have like Diane Feinstein when she died Had $110 million of assets and she made $300,000 a year for years you know so She maybe should have had five million In assets if she was a good business Person 10 million she had a A90 million Private jet right and so you know what's Going on here like where'd she get that Money Nancy Pelosi and not just the Democrats but the Republicans they're All bought and sold by special interests And they have money they shouldn't have

And Joe Biden all these people and Donald Trump's family got a billion Dollar deals two billion dollar deal With the Saudis I mean they sell their Presidency and that's why they don't Convict each other cuz they're all doing Criminal behavior and you know like Dr Phil saying to Trump well why don't we Just forgive and forget and and Trump Saying know I'm going to bring the Country together yeah you can't bring The country together and drain the swamp At the same time if you're going to Drain the swamp then you're going to Have you know it's just all of the lies And all of the he's not who you think he Is if you're still a trump person after He said that he forgave Hillary Clinton You know he he um covered up for I mean Saying she commit crimes s and he chose Not to go after her because she was you Know a part of a club and that makes him A real piece of [ __ ] right and someone Who's again as bad as Biden is what's The difference if you vote for Trump Like he's a guy who could have put Hillary Clinton in jail and didn't and Had every reason to do it and it was Part of his you know he promised people He would do it and didn't do it only Spirituality will save this world it's Paul Rado definitely point from the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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