Journey 99

Journey 99

Greetings brothers and sisters um This is something I'll put in my journey Series number 99 I'm uploading uh 98 Today Is Friday but um this video will be Posted on Saturday The 15th and this is a reminder for The group meditation On Sunday April 16th uh My wife and I just did the Friday night At 9 00 PM sitting and it was phenomenal I mean these two sittings these two Individual cities Are like you know as good a quality Sitting As I ever had I mean of course there was Those special cities I had my initial Sittings And um you know preceptor sittings and Things like that But in terms of you know a high quality Sitting these ones have been phenomenal And They've been at because of the contrast Of the last year and a half I think Maybe even longer That the dodgy sittings whether they be The app whether they're him and you know His um Whatever he's doing there on the Internet YouTube sittings have been Lacking there's been you know some Transmission but it's been dwindling

And they didn't have the sort of the you Know the dynamic nature of these other Cities And You know I mean it's very Easy to tell When you've Um You know when it's not there and then You get a good setting is just night and Day And so what I've learned from this is That um At least for me this is what was Supposed to happen this um You know breaking away from dodgy and His Heartfulness debacle I don't know if It's for everybody else in the system Many of you have said that you feel a Difference so it's for you as well I Mean it's all about how it feels and There's many comments of people who feel The same way So there's that but on a you know sort Of a bigger level I think they've bailed on dodgy I think He's completely cut off From the you know Divine hierarchy I Don't know how that went down I don't know if he's aware of it I don't Know you know how many people are aware Of it but I think he's fallen in Nave you know

They've kicked him to the curb or he's Done that to them because he's just Doing his own thing about you know like I don't know all I know is that uh you Know I felt some kindness you know there Was a little bit of a sitting 20 of us sitting 10 I mean just Over the years it's just gotten worse And worse In my practice and whatever Um but like I just haven't felt this Good After a sitting and the cleaning and Then the transmission and just There's uh you know it's indescribable And when it wasn't there like it just You know it's it's hard to recreate and Remember what it was like and now Re-experiencing it Um is just you know I'm really pretty psyched you know I'm Really happy about it and you know I Mean at least I know for me and many of You and this is great and you know Um and it might be for everybody because I don't think dodgy has it anymore I Don't think he has the ability to Transmit I don't think he has the Ability to to do pretty much of anything But suck right you know and he's good at That but that's just about it I'm not Saying that Just to mock them I mean seriously he's Just

An absolute disasters of a human being And he was you know here's a great Preceptor he was a A great practitioner the system and he's You know he was better than I was and But he's just fallen in a way that's You know despicable But anyways there's this group Meditation tomorrow and Sunday one Person wrote that they didn't do it till Tuesday and they still felt the city so You know like I said time and space Don't matter it seems to matter for the Friday the 9th sitting because um I Don't know that's just how it always was But again I'm very happy about this and um like I Said I'll put this at the beginning of My next Journey series And I'll talk more about this um You know when I get a chance But uh you know it's uh It's great like it's great that there's Still the transmission and you know These are high level sittings Only spiritual valuable save this world It's only important for the Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day and be grateful Okay so I think this is the second voice Over and I believe this is the 99th Edition of my uh Journey series here Um you know lots of good things to

Report about Gratefulness And you know I just stopped wanting to Talk about heartfulness altogether in Dodgy But this guy keeps on sending me stuff And You know it's part of the story like It's That story hasn't run its course yet And it's a contrast to the gratefulness So I think it's a good thing that way Because whenever you're You know if you're in a situation where Like let's say you get a divorce and Your exes Life in the way that she's affecting People or he's affecting people is Prevalent and you know the way that your Life is going since partying from a Toxic person like it's a you know toxic Relationship it's a good reminder and It's a good way to stay grateful Because you remember how bad it was Before right if you were in some sort of Toxic or abusive relationship and Every once in a while you hear something About that person even though you don't Really want to And you remember you know and it just Reminds you of how Your life was before and it makes you Grateful for how your life is now right When you get out of a bad situation it

Could be a you know a work thing or Whatever Um so that's why I'm continuing to cover It but I you know otherwise I don't care But you know since introducing the 9 pm Friday night individual sitting which I've done it twice now and they've been Incredible sittings like as good of a Sitting as I've had You know I mean you pretty much ever Other than those spectacular sittings I Had the preceptor cleanings and you know Some of these other things right The three sittings in one day that for This intensive thing they did but in Terms of the settings that dodgy and the Heartfulness organization has produced It's not even close right so and the Most important um Element of it is it's Infiltrating into my other aspects of my Life in practice Like it's making the Sunday meditation Better and more dynamic And then my nine o'clock prayers Universal prayer is more connected and I Just feel it's better my videos are Better like I'm more clear it's just Raising the level of my existence and I Think it's also tied into the Babaji Birthday celebration coming up which Will be I think epic because we haven't Had a real Gathering since I would say Well since Master charging

Was here right I mean I I don't think The dodgy Gatherings were ever you know They were always subpar and they've got Worse they were better at first you know When he was closest to Right after mastercharge he died and he Was at his Peak Dodgy was and it shouldn't it should be The opposite of that like he should be Starting off as a newbie You know and then uh as a newbie you Know master and then getting better and Better at it like Master charging Babaji And lology did but his Peak was right Around the time Master charge he died There's still a lot of energy there And you know there was the the Functioning Mission and then he just has Gone downhill and the Gatherings have Gone downhill with them and I think this Babaji birthday celebration that's Coming up is you know going to be epic Um because oftentimes the the first one Like when you've made us we've made a Switch here for those of you who are Going to do it is just um You know there's just more put into it For some reason or the experience and Contrast of leaving something bad it's Like when I eat macrobiotic food My brother was on a macrobiotic diet Which is a kind of healthy diet like I'd Never do it again but you know I felt Better when I did it but before that I

Was in college and I was using drugs and Drinking and eating fast foods And my body was breaking down I felt Sickly and weak and you know I just Wasn't up I mean for for that period of Time And I you know I went off all that stuff And I started eating better and doing Macrobiotic stuff And it was immediate boost like I felt Really good you know and then I did it For about three months and it tailed off Because you know when you go from when You go from like unhealthy to healthy You you're going to see the the um The you know the the big swing but then When you go from healthy to a little bit More healthy it's much more subtle and That's the problem with sidebarg it Becomes something that is commonplace Like the transmission is You know just take it for granted like Anything else and you just really have To work against that and realize you Know what a blessing it is because When you don't have it you're like oh my God I can't live without this right I Can't believe I You know took this for granted And so anyways the gratefulness thing Is going great and the best part about It is for me It's the knowledge that there's a backup Plan there's a contingency in the

Seismic system will survive The apocalypse it's dodgy you know the The disaster that's dodgy and his Cronies And so that's um Really great so I got a couple of things I wanted to Let me just go find those things One of them is about Diaper Baba Um So this is from some Indian publication Rajasthan HC HC orders headquarters HD stands for headquarters Rajasthan you Know Rajasthan when my family and I First went to our you know we're Extended Stay in India We were involved with his family that Was you know involved with the mission The sun was uh you know uh A chronic healer he got kicked out of The mission by dodgy there's some Scandal but And there was an another guy who was Aware of my YouTube channel and other Things Uh this is before my YouTube channel had Really taken off And they were kind of a little bit Truthers And then they were friends Um And they we went out to a restaurant Together

It was a Rajasthani restaurant and they Had these big silver plates you know These silver platters or stainless steel Not silver You know the same stainless steel dishes Which we have some of them still now They're very um you know functional and They had a big platter you know Stainless steel platter and it had like These like 20 little dollops Of food you know some rice and some Other things it was it was a Rajasthani Restaurant And it had all these different samples Of their food you know one was like a Yogurt thing one was you know some more Sauces It was really good right it's all Vegetarian stuff because you know the Majority of people that do scishmark are Vegetarian but now it's you know that's Sort of Gone by the wayside But anyways um so we went to this Rajasthani restaurant and it was Something like you know everyone kind of Enjoy because there's some sweets and Some things my kids kind of a good Experience and we had done that again There was a you know a couple Americans that um I had known that the Guy had started in my Center then he met This girl Um you know they got married they had Some kids and their kids were a little

Bit younger than my kids and he came They came to India when my ex had left And they wanted to go do something Together like two families doing Something together we went to this Sort of uh it was like a carnival-like Place And they had the same kind of a food Food there and then these Rajasthani People showed up And the women all had this you know These saris that all were the exact same Color and it was uh you know an orangey Color very bright and very vibrant and The whole ashram was filled with it Right so there's these different places You know I'd never heard of Rajasthan Before And I'm just saying that um you know There's these different places and Cultures in India and subcultures and Languages which I said In my earlier you know I think my last Um Journey series there's so many Different languages over you know 100 And something official languages and you Know the major languages in India and Then you know these uh local dialects And you know all the different cultural Things that go with it and there's so Many people it's so vast over a billion People you know this you know in just All these ancient things and the Different ways that they practice the

Religion and it's hard to understand That coming from an American perspective Like we see that there's difference Between you know the people of the East And the west and the North and the South And you know there's different accents And things but it's not nearly as Complex And diverse as some of these older Countries right Um and you know you think about like Well they're just Indians well it's much More complex than that right it's much You know that's there's so many Different you know versions of these People and as an outsider coming in you Have no idea And they have their own you know Mastercharge used to arrange marriages Between people from different parts of The country and the families would go Ballistic like I talked to a couple the Woman was a doctor and very delicate Very sensitive and the husband was a Soldier and he was a brute and she'd Talk about what a Broody was and and There are two families both got Gardens When they Master charge you arrange Their marriage and they were going to go After each other they're from two part Different parts of the country you know Guns aren't very prevalent there it was Like a whole thing right Um you know and I it's so that's a

That's another part about this because India is a such a complex bureaucracy Bureaucracy and cultural issues and Things like this and you'll see this Reflected in this story So let's get back to it Rajasthan Headquarters or just stay out of rest of ROM Dev this is diaper Baba accused of Hurting religious sentiments So that's a crime in India especially For somebody prominent In provoked in provocative remarks at a Meeting of seers Yoga Guru ramdev has had accused Muslims Of resorting to Terror and abducting Hindu women while comparing Hinduism to Islam and Christianity And so what he said isn't that bad like This guy's a clown I want to get into That in a moment the Rajasthani high Court is oh it's not a headquarters High Court Has stayed the arrest of ramdev over Fri Registered against him fir registered Against him for alleged allegedly Hurting religious sentiments and Directed The Yoga Guru to appear before The investigating officer for Questioning on May 20th Justice majo Komar gar Garg Gave the direction while hearing a Petition by ramdev seeking squashing of Fir now this is the guy who diaper Baba Who hijacked a gathering my family were

At he was weird I'll get into that in a Bit and now he's a preceptor and his Leadership to people that are part of His company he has a company called Pontanjali who was you know this yoga Guru in the past and Babaji who was You know the second master the our the Sashmark system Was pentagially in a past life and Master charging was one of his disciples And so that's kind of weird and this guy Goes you know his dick his nickname is Also Babaji said it spelled in a Different way And he started this company bringing Back ancient ayurvedic medicines And making the mainstream but a lot of Them are subpar and he started doing Products like shampoos and and other Things and when you go to like an Indian Store you'll see their products and he's A billionaire and he also teaches yoga And you know he has his own ashrams and Following he tried to raise an army and There's lots of controversy with him and He's very you know Hindu he's clearly a Religious person and that's what I'm Going to get into in a moment because When you become a sage Mark practitioner You leave your religion uh you know you Eventually have to leave your religion Behind you The fir was filed at chotan police Station in Barbara on February 5th on

The complaint of partha Khan against the Yoga guru's alleged derogatory remarks Against Islam and Christianity at a Religious event in barmar on February 2nd In provocative remarks at a meeting of Sears yoga Guru ramdev had accused Muslims of resorting to Terror and Abducted and abducting Hindu women While comparing Hinduism to Islam and Christianity He alleged that the two face were Obsessed with conversion while Hinduism Taught his followers to do good so he's Saying that they you know they're like Cults where Hinduism is you know more of A you can leave a time you want In his complaint con claimed that ramda Has made his remarks deliberately So that there is animosity against Islam Um at the Gathering of Sears and Byram Ramdev has allegedly said Muslims offer Nine miles five times a day Namaz Five times a day and they do whatever They want they kidnap young Hindu girls And could convince all kinds of sins our Brothers and brothers committed last Sins but they definitely offer namas as They are taught to do so into religion It's not like that A video of the speech that surfaced on Social media media he said I'm not Criticized anyone but people are Obsessed with all of this some people

Talking about the converting the entire World to Islam in others convert the World to Christianity ramdev said he Allegedly came at this face had no other Agenda Um it's not all that severe right it's Not all that you know I mean what he Said there is it I mean a rest Worthy But in a country like that where people Are prone to violence And there's so much um You know there's so much there in terms Of You know it's very filled with animosity And hostility especially now when There's a you know we know that the Division here at America that's going on All over the world They're pushing for division And so the issue here For dodgy and heartfulness Is you know this is huge right because Dodgy has gone out to this RSS which is A you know pro-hindu I mean they they Wear orange color Which is the color of Hinduism You know ROM Dev and these guys have Orange hats the ROM deaf people have Orange hats and the r the RSS you know This uh paramilitary uh group of you Know they train these these kids to be Soldiers and they all wear orange hats Right and it's you know very Pro-hinduism and religion an anti-muslim

In other religions right and that's the Opposite of what size Mark's supposed to Be Scish Mark you know there's a saying by Um Swami Vivekananda who's he was a Disciple of um This guy ramakrishna and a bunch of the People who do uh size Mark now were Involved in the ramakrishna they're Involved with Swami Vivekananda in past Lives Swami Vivekananda Has been giving messages to Babaji when Babaji was Master of the system and then He gave a lot of messages to this A woman the you know the medium for Whispers of the brighter world and Swami Vivekananda is very prevalent in Scishmart And you know he knew Tesla and stuff Like this you know years and years ago Um you know he's fairly recently passed Away it was a highly developed soul and One of the things that he said was that Religions were great things to be born In but horrible things to die in and That you know not paraphrased in his Comments you can find the exact quote But it was something the charge he said All the time right it was a part of the Saj bar teachings Because religions teach you Morality they teach you there is a God They teach you you know basic Understanding

Of you know Divinity but their Kindergartens right they're you know They're limited they don't connect you To God directly and they're Limited in Their teachings and so it's like Elementary school or kindergarten and You eventually have to graduate to Spirituality which is The knowledge that God's inside you and Everybody else and it's a an active Movement and there's no real Organization right the organization is Um you know not God's organization the Organization's there to help you Connect to God not you you're there to Support the organization and make the Organization more powerful which is what Happens with religions and then Religions war with each other because They're all competing for different Customer bases and they all have to Claim they're the only religion because Why do it otherwise and there you go Right and so sagemarg is very clear that It's open to anybody but you have to Jump from your limited religious Perspective into a world of spirituality And when dodgy first became Master of The system he scrubbed a lot of the Hindu traditions Out of the mission which you know I I Wasn't like psyched about it but it was The right thing to do And he was making it more by saying

Heartfulness it was making it more user Friendly in the west because if you're a Christian or you're you know a Muslim or A or a Hindu and your religion's working For you You're probably not going to find Seismarck you know there was an example Of my first years of practice there was A preceptor who gave me a city and she Told me a story of how there was a guy Who came and he wanted to learn to Meditate and he felt a transmission he Was blown away but his family and he and His family were devout Christians he was A part of a community he knew that they Weren't going to start the meditation They were going to look at it as a cult And so he had to make a choice between This transmission that was you know Amazing for him and he really loved the Practice And his family and his material life And his you know they're they're being Connected to Christianity and this Religion and he knew that he couldn't do Both so he quit sashmark and the Religions are just limited they are and You know for those of you who are doing It is whatever it is but if that's all You can do then great like you know then Do that but for people who can rise up To that next level then you go into Spirituality where there's no real Organization there's no you know my

Thing's better than your thing or Whatever it is I mean the thing that You're doing Saj Marg is a spiritual Practice connecting to God in the Transmission and everything that's Flowing isn't you know isn't owned by One person or one organization it's part Of a flow of energy that you know exists For the transformation of the human race And you know over these past Um the recent times past couple of years Dodgy has embraced Hinduism fully and He's you know going with these people Because uh ROM Dev you know diaper Baba Is a religious person And he's very Hindu and he's pushing Hinduism he's pushing these groups and This is the direction daji's taking it Because he wants to you know cement Himself in India as this Guru and this Is the best way for him to do it but He's excluding all these other people Because if you're a European person Particularly but even American And you've left your religion and you Want something more you don't want to Join another religion especially a Foreign one and one that you know Doesn't have the best reputation in America and Europe Hinduism right so why Switch one religion that you you're Leaving for another one and so he's Screwing all the people in these other Countries but on the same day

One of my viewers sent me this this is From this guy Mr J Who's become a Mr J Was was asking like he was supposed to Be doing research and testing kids with The brighter mind scam But I don't know where that went and I Don't care I'm not gonna I could find Out but I don't care But he was testing these kids And you know he was this guy Rob who's Giving me settings you know Rob started With him Rob's a good preceptor Rob is Threatening to leave you know he was Upset with a brighter mind scam and this Guy was supposed to test it or whatever And you know the guy um he's he's Writing a book and he's his own Celebrity he's added music to he's done A lot of things that I think he's the One who came up with the name Heartfulness And I just you know I never really liked The guy and when I told um dodgy that I Couldn't go to my local preceptor he Said well you should go to this guy and We talked and Um it was a horrible conversation you Know that was I reflected on it he was So narcissistic and self-centered and About his own thing and bragging about His little quora page and these things That just very small stuff and he Started to do his own little things on Facebook and and heartfulness insta goal

Along with this um Indian woman who's Got a horrible reputation they did I Mean they did these things separately And there was times I'd open up my Facebook page and I scroll through it And it showed him meditating and he Looked like a ghoul like he looked you Know I mean it was so off-putting and All these older people you know I'd I'd Said to dodgy in a voiceover that they Needed more influencers on the internet Instead but they shouldn't be centered On heartfulness you know whatever They should be you know about something Else and you know like I'm a truther That talks about seismard like for Example Um but you know dodgy didn't understand And so they put all these mini gurus out There and they're all older people that Nobody really likes and they don't Connect with people And so this guy is running some sort of Uh You know whatever it is this is I'll Read you it Um so it says discover the power of Heartfulness meditation to connect with Love and light in your heart Um that's the topic And it's April 15th on uh you know in in The U.S Eastern Time Some kind of thing there and then here's The zoom meeting so be ready with your

Notes app on Saturday take down some Useful tips and hacks on the following How meditation can reduce stress and Anxiety now meditation can improve your Mental Clarity and focus why some people Experience Better Health through Meditation how meditation can improve Your quality of sleep how to begin the Practice of meditation so you can Experience the benefits right away so There's nothing about God or the Transmission that you know what its true Purpose is and that's okay If you know you were going in that Direction To discover the power of heartfulness Meditation is a system without power and This guy who met Babaji was around Bob's Read all the books he should know better You know Transmissions described as the Forceless force and so you know they're Trying to sell this to American audience It isn't going to work You'll get a few people but the Transmission isn't there anymore so even If they come I mean I don't know I don't Know what they have and what they don't Have you know I I can't experience but Maybe other people can I don't know But here he is um You see the you know the two different Extremes here You have dodgy you know camel issues Embraced Hinduism when he was fully

Against you know the religious aspects Of this he was trying to scrub it from The mission now he's embraced it fully For his own egotistical reasons then you Have this guy in America who's not Mentioning God at all and saying you Know you'll get a better night's sleep Which is okay to say in the beginning Right But you know the transmission isn't There either way and it's an extreme way Of going about it right you have one way Where they're you know embracing the Religion and you know think about all These people that are coming in oh this Is going to help relieve my stress and Then then as they you know and are Introduced to the YouTube channel and They find out what dodgy is about and They see diaper Baba now diaper Bob is So weird like he's a weird person he's Got weird crazy eyes you know he looks Like you know some sort of like you know That guy Latka that character from uh From the TV uh you know he's got these Weird sort of he's just a weird dude and He just he's you know very off-putting And you know what he does is not Something that you know all of us who Are in India and had seen a lot of Things people were freaked out about it A long time practitioners when he got up And hijacked the Gathering and started Dancing around doing belly dances and

You know speaking in Hindi and just Hijacking him for like two hours on this Big screen to Big Brother you know some Giant television screen screen and he's Ranting and raving and you know very um Emotional and just weird like who is This guy and they're calling him Babaji You know so it's it's just bad on every Level very confusing I mean I'm like you Know I hope people don't think this is The I'm thinking people were watching This You know because I told people I was in India and there was a live stream And I was wondering what my viewers Viewers for this channel were thinking About this diaper Baba guy right and my Brother came up like what the hell was That like all these people were talking About like it was so messed up the guy Was following Dodger I showed videos of It like he followed him up like dodgy Was talking and he was just inserting Himself everywhere And now Dodges made him a preceptor Accomplish you know it's just all the Other things and that's weird that's one Extreme Going full religion and then you know This other thing with this american guy Going forgetting about God God all Together and neither one is going to Work because the transmission sucks and There's a fall here

And nobody wants to admit it right And you can feel the you know difference I mean those of you who have done the Gratefulness meditation some of you feel It I don't know no one said they have it In terms of you know that they've like Felt better when they were doing The heartfulness which is fine if you if It is and do that I gotta you know I Mean I don't I don't know you have to Decide like it's not up to me I don't Care But I know that heartfulness was hurting Me it was You know negatively affecting my uh Every aspect of my spiritual practice And was infiltrating the other areas And then when I finally broke free from It it's just been so much better right And you can see it here with these Extremes right where they're just Throwing things up against the wall Which they've been doing forever and Everything sucks and you know it's not Working and it goes against the Principles and simplicity of size Mark That's open to everybody that you have To sort of graduate from religion which Is you know an organization that Connects you to God a third party Organization right there's a middleman Between you and God And you have to connect to God directly In the sage Mark system helps with that

And it is you know that's the Simplicity Of the system but they're regressing Right into either going full religion Which is a lower level or these these New age practices that want to teach Meditation psychological practices But they want to leave God out of it Right because God has become a trigger Word for so many liberals and people Like that that you know you know they Don't want to do anything that has to do With God and those people are I mean Maybe they do on some level but they Have to get over their old Egos and Their own liberal and Doctrine Indoctrination and they those people Don't stick with sajma they just don't They don't like hierarchy they don't Like to be told what to do the Liberals Aren't really you know many of these new Age people are so self-centered and Narcissistic they have no chance of Being spiritual they just don't have it In them right and so you know those are The extremes you know it's so messed up Right it's just you know like it's an Embarrassment and you know that's why It's it's so convoluted now and so you Know off-brand That there's no chance of having the Purity of the transmission of the system And Dodges just lost it he's makes one Bad decision after another and there's One more thing I want to talk about here

And it's the cultural differences Between America And India and you know in India and Maybe so many places the old world and The new world kind of thing And so people that come from India Traditional families you know they want To please their parents My wife and I were watching um There was a TV show called a Netflix Called uh beef it was about Two people they were both Asian but it's Not really you know it's not really About Asian people so much as about The conflict between these two people That you know that takes place you know In the American Asian community And it's kind of a good show it's funny Well done really yeah kind of a Masterpiece of a show and Um you know very raunchy and you know Gets it goes gets kind of dark but it's Interesting and there was a character One of the characters is Desperately trying to please his parents And he screwed up his family is the Whole thing And I looked at my wife and said imagine Wanting to make your parents proud like It's not something that exists for me Right I never really cared about making My parents proud didn't like them and You know they were incompetent whatever It is didn't have a good relationship

With them You know and that's something that's Very American but these other countries People grow up with this pressure And whether they have good parents or Not They want to make their parents happy And for example in India the you know The stereotype is or the you know the Cultural stereotype is that if you're Born a girl the ultimate achievement is To become a doctor And if you're born a boy the ultimate Achievement is to become an engine here Those are successful positions right I Mean you know like you have that in Various communities some you know it's Athletic prowess some people it's groups It's math some you know depending on Your demographic or culture but in India It's to be successful in the confines of The prestigious organizations So the religious organizations the Institutions the governmental Institutions Or you know something like um Corporations or the U.N like the U.N That's why anything that's a big Powerful organization if you can rise up And be successful in that organization Then you've done well and you you know You've done well you've done your Parents honor you know you've you've Honored your parents you've you've you

You're promoting your family's good name And so if you become a high-ranking Official in the government like you're In charge of You know I don't know Bridges or stuff like the Electricity or you know some kind of um You know Infrastructure thing if you're high Linking official they treat you like You're a celebrity right these people Have like you know Prestige and Entourages people following around Anybody who excels and you know they Treat politicians like they're Celebrities anybody who Rises up above The sort of the you know the milieu the Masses and excels they treat you like a Celebrity and then there's the other Aspect of dishonoring your family you See this a lot in eastern cultures you See this with various types of Asian People that come to America but you know Immigrants in general There's a much more sense of family and Family bonds and you know the family has Been decimated in America Which is a bad thing like you you need a Family a family family is important but There's a lot of just heaviness and a Lot of enmeshment In family life in these ancient cultures And their families lay the guilt trip on You and you know so many of these these

Um successful Uh Indian you know they got good Indian Education they came to America and they Make lots of money and they're Bankrolling all their relatives their Uncles their eyes their parents they're Sending all their money back to India Because that's what they're supposed to Do right they've you know made it or Whatever and you know it's all about Pleasing your family and you know all That stuff to do with family things Where Your parents lay guilt trips on you and They're sanctimonious and they're just You know a lot of fear and then there's The like I said the tie in your Themselves the institutions that's why The truth movement really will never Take off in India because They you know they they're very Subservient to power and these powerful Institutions and being important in all These things right Um and this is you see this with other Cultures but then as you become an American like you know there's the Famous Um Seinfeld episodes where they talked About having a buffer zone A 1500 miles between them and their Parents like you wanted your parents to Be in Florida and you were wherever you Were and you'd visit your parents every

Once in a while but but you really wind Them out of your life and the way the Generations grow up and you know now What the younger people think of the Boomers or my generation or the older Generations and all the rest of it There's just a disconnect there's just a Disconnect there and that isn't good Either see what you need is Healthy Families That you know where there's love and There's you know the kids want to please Their parents but the parents also Respect their kids Individual path that they don't have a Preset set of ideas of what success Looks like right Like for master chargie he was An expert Indian flautist if you know Flute player And he could have done it professionally Like he had artistic you know Tendencies And abilities he loved music But his dad said you need to go into Business And he honored what his dad told them Even though he didn't want to do that And you know in America it's follow your Dream follow your heart and you know do A job that you love all these things Which is you know good in its way But also there's the practicality of Life right And Americans don't have the pressure

The financial pressure And what it means to You know be a failure once you're kind Of labeled a failure I mean this is You're born in the wrong cast and you're Screwed you know because of that just Just based on that but anybody who's Embarrassed or humiliated you know it Just doesn't go away right you know they Throw you in a a category in the way That people treat each other you know I Was there with this there was this um These two brothers and they're really Sweet they knew I you know some of my Kids they were a little bit older They're preceptors and one of them Helped us when we went to Chicago to fly Out and he was really great and I saw Him at the ashram he was always really Nice and you know just a wonderful Person And we were at the snack bar and he Started to yell at the people the Volunteers at the snack bar because they Were I guess at a lower class lower Caste than him and the way he treated Them and talked to them it was shocking Right and I'm not a nice person like I Don't you know like I was taken aback And I saw this a number of times in India where somebody who was a higher Class cast would the way that they would Speak to somebody of a lower class it Was pretty bad

Like it was just you know abusive right Um but you know so charge you went into Business And It was very important for him to do that Because he wouldn't have been the person That could have run the organization Like he did he needed to know about Business and Global business it afforded Him the ability to travel in different Ways As opposed to being an artist to you Know he wouldn't have developed these Abilities these organizational abilities That helped build the SRI Ram Chandra Mission And you know it was something he had to Do right So you know if he had been born of American he would have been playing the Flute he would have followed his passion Or dream And it would have failed you know he Would have not been the person do you Need it to be to be the the master he Was right you know he ended up selling Plastics which you know that's not great You know like it's a whole thing and he Rose up the level To be a you know executive in the Company a high-ranking executive and so Like it's hard to say like parents often Get in the way of their kids and want Their kids to be something that the kid

Isn't suited for The parents look at the kids being a Disappointment but they're Living vicariously through their Children There's uh something I'll probably cover Here I'll cover up my other channel tomorrow Or something It won't be tomorrow when you you know It'll already be up by the time you Watch this video this journey series Video But it's about some Scandal I didn't Really look at it yet but a YouTube mom Was pushing her kid out on YouTube and Was being abusive something like this Right which you see more and more your Parents want their kids to be successful The managers that bring their kids to Hollywood and kids want to please their Parents and you know the kid gets all Messed up because they're not doing what They're supposed to do in terms of their You know their goals or their their Pursuits in the world their you know Their life journey and so this is you Know the two extremes of what's going on In the world where you know there's too Much of measurement within the family And the family pressures the kid To go in the wrong direction and the kid Can't break free from unhealthy social Dynamics when they move to America and

The kids say F you to their parents and Family and the family is totally broken Down there's immorality and a lack of Accountability and Duty in these things As well right And that's you know where the confusion Comes in right you can see it with this You know ROM Dev Thing versus the you Know the Mr uh J thing you know where There's for the Americans they're just You know making it all new age and you Know all no rules no hierarchy no you Know no God no authority figure Whatsoever and then they've gone full Religion in India and you know and again This is the nuanced aspect of being able To negotiate the problems that are out There in the world and still keep the Organization pure and Dodges failed Epically at this I mean it's a swing and A miss and this is what I'm saying you Know in terms of people want to do Gratefulness you come in you do it and Then you have to learn and figure it out What all these things I'm saying like You know there's no I mean there's Buck Stouts for you to you know I mean it's Not as easy for you as it was for me There's no preceptor and there's you Know you're coming from a culture that's Completely effed up no matter where You're coming from in the world and you Have to throw off that culture and your Understanding of life itself and your

Purpose in it you're you know what You're doing here you have to throw all That off and embrace your Soul's true Path and most people just start up for The challenge you know I mean I'd like To say I am you know I understand it at Least But you know I mean I I don't know I Give myself a maybe a solid C minus I Don't know hopefully I'm passing you Know but I'm definitely not an a student Um you know because it's really hard to Do Anyways um this is going on and I gotta Restart my computer and update Everything I got that going on today but I'll Continue this on in the next couple of Days okay so um The preceptor that sends me stuff sent Me this Um there is a release of a mahali Sam's Savings certificate by Department of Post At the Kane shantavatam Hyderabad today Followed by meditation The guy who um Posted this as a senior member of the System Somebody I think I'm still friends with Or whatever it is some old guy Um So I looked up the What Molly Shaman saving certificate is

And this is some sort of banking scheme Scheme is not used as a bad word in India it's got a different connotation But it says here New small savings scheme for women Mahilas Shaman salmon Savings certificate launched Finance Master Nahar The Marvelous of the in her Budget 2023 speech announced this do Small savings scheme for women during The budget speech the FM said the the Savings certificate would have a 10-year Of two years and would offer an interest Rate of 7.5 So dodgy gave a meditation here But before that they had all these Certificates these women are holding up These certificates these banking Certificates right And he turned this into some sort of Banking meditation Right Um There he goes here This uh this woman's got her thing This is some official or somebody some Bank They have a local bank this is a CBS Bank there And they're all holding up these Certificates here they have dodgy Um Holding this up with this woman here That Dev dodgy's uh stamps in a second

And these are all these people just Sitting there in these chairs they've Reconfigured the auction because it sits To uh you know 120 000 and they barely Get anybody right here's some important VIP seats right here You've got a little section here And they have all these chairs now But you can see like this is I don't know 400 people maybe Um this guy gives a speech here I mean it's got to be so uh You know here's dodgy with a guy up There they have all these poster things Up they're making a big deal out of Having you know maybe 500 people there And it sits a hundred thousand this is Dodgy my stamp these stamps with Don G's Face on him right And it just shows you how I mean it's it's become a joke right He's made the system a joke They put together an hour and a half Long video here release of the Mahala Sama someone's certificate Um Is here you women can just guys set it Here That comes up here With partial withdrawal option boy look They're passing this out They got their touching faces here India post brings a new way of Investment for women at Emirate call

[Music] There's this guy He's got going on [Music] It's women's empowerment she's getting a Degree here there they are look at them Girls the women it's the age of the Women Indian posters Sardis women can enjoy a higher rate of Interest at 7.5 through investing in This scheme you know I mean I guess 7.5 Isn't a bad interest rate they can put The money in and get it back two years Later I mean that's if the apocalypse doesn't Happen and the banks don't steal their Money I mean let's say they get it back it's Not a bad deal absolutely zero to do a Seismic meditation though right These women the scheme is available in One point lack post offices across the Country I forget what a lack is it's a Hundreds of thousands maybe I don't know Look at them go these women be empowered Here they are watch them she's going to Say something here A one time New small savings scheme Saving certificate will be made Available for a two-year period up to March 2025. Slaps a thing this will offer boom They're psyched about that

Here's their certificate here Departments opposed so this guy's coming In He's The Honorable minister of state of Her communication government of India And prabha bhushi award winner remember He won that award president SRI Trump Chandra Mission and Global heartfulness Guide this dude Thomas fatel they're Going to be there together At the Shawnee that the meditation Hall And um you know the kind of ashram They're going to be there together and Here they are coming up here Um So There's a woman again talking about the Thing they play this thing here At some point Here Comes dodgy Dodd just come in walking in Come on Dodge where is your m f and mask Bro Damask on is a one-time new I hear Someone who's giving announcement here Chairman tropical aggro and his team Dignitaries from the postal Department Are friends from the print and Electronic media Okay they have all that stuff right here She's given the talk here deposits made Under the scheme with women empowerment In view It's about women empowerment with 7.5 Interest but those women to investor at

7.5 interest they invest 100 bucks as They get back you know seven Dollars 7.50 at the end of one year fourteen Dollars fifteen dollars at the end of Two So let us start this program on a Patriotic note with our national song Vande mataram well they're gonna play The national anthem They're playing the national anthem Before sagemar Gathering of India that's How bad things are there right this is Really There they go look at the guy [Music] Okay so they did that vulnerable prime Minister Sharina Modi Ji Has announced an ideal scheme the mahila Saman saving certificate oh wow this is So bad right it's like you know there They go They're fasting it out Whoo get those certificates up in the Air Passing out to these women here They are Saving passbook I was passing how happy He is look at her happy Passing these things out you get a Certificate and you get a certificate I would now take the privilege to Highlight the Salient features of this Mahila saman saving certificate 2023 Scheme for the kind information of the

Audience This account can be opened by any Individual girl or woman The minimum amount of deposit has been Kept at rupees one thousand thousand Rupees that's I don't know what that is um under the Theme mahila saman saving certificate Special campaign in Telangana 2023 2024 today So that's about twelve dollars right so This is twelve dollars equals 900 rupees So basically 12 bucks you can open this Account Any amount in multiples of rupees 100 Can be invested with a maximum limit of Rupees 2 lakhs The tenure of the scheme is two years And the rate of interest is 7.5 wait do You say 7.5 that's crazy percent This scheme is available in all the 1.57 lakh post offices across the Country It is now our privilege to request Shri Devi Singh chauhanji honorable Union minister of State for Communications government of India to Please come to the diocese to release The Special cover on the mahila saman Saving certificate special campaign this Is a pleasure the VIPs here Mr s is seated there and Toad too I see some people I know They're towed to and Mr s

We request sir to also hand over the Scene to beloved president Shri Ramchandra mission Chief Postmaster General Telangana Circle Dr PBS ready postmaster I don't know why I don't know what they're doing just Passing these out to these women's We all know what the thing is here right There's one there all right so then this Guy gives a little talk And Dodgy comes in here Let me show you the scheme And with his inspiration We have also begun the programs for Devia janani program We're giving some scars After birth is not enough How parents invite the soul in this World Okay again Listen to This Cloud Um There's more this thing they keep on Showing this thing here And Dad just starts giving a meditation Mask free like that's how strongly he Feels about this banking scheme he's Willing to go without a mask In the whole meditation There it is This goes mask free gets it done And where's the end of this thing Um

I mean I don't know how he did it like It's just it's like it's like walking on A tight rope without a net Here he goes here Goes out of its Starting to go There's the small crowd of people there Like this guy gives another talk here And you know they got it done okay so I Want to add to this um I luckily took a nap I already got you Know one of the very long voice over I Put in the beginning of this thing and Now these two things I'm doing a lot for This uh today is Monday uh April uh 17th they had a a strike on my Thing yesterday and then um my other Channel two days ago then they reversed Yesterday and I was just you know we're Traveling it's all a bunch of stuff's Going on I've been tired but Um I'm producing a lot of stuff today is What I'm saying and after I took a nap I just sat up in bed like I just got my Eyes were closed I basically went to a Spontaneous meditation sitting there for Like half hour you know And that's happened a lot more I just Feel like the grace of the you know ever Since the introducing the 9 pm City To this thing and gratefulness and not You know introducing it it's been there I just came to mind right like it's just You know figuring out how to do this new

Thing without The obstruction that's become you know That heartfulness has become But going back to this scheme thing that He's doing Uh you know the I didn't show you the Part but there's a part where the Announcer the woman was saying that a Local bank was sponsoring these Certificates So some local bank and you know chargie Had a bank across the street from the Oxfam And I had a like a bank account I still Have a bank account I have a passbook Somewhere I have some amount of rupees There next to the ashram in Chennai but You could go and there's a better way to Exchange your money and you got a better Rate of exchange like you did it at the Airport the banks at the airport they Give you you know not a good rate Because they took more Of a you know of a percentage To make the exchange but you would you Know do a quick exchange at the airport So you had some rupees because you can't Spend dollars and then I would and then You would go to the ashram bank and you Would um exchange it there if you had an Account they gave you a more favorable Rate And you know they're businessmen and They can have these kind of things

But I've never seen charge you would Have never done something like this Right where they invite a bank in they Play the national anthem again this is All governmental stuff they're showing Governmental clips and all these things And they're trying to get in on this They got 22 000 views which is kind of Low for a meditation because you can Receive the meditation with him And that's you know 22 000 views he has Almost half a uh you know has a half a Million subscribers he has a you know Just under 500 000 subscribers and They're not getting any views there's a Video he has up there with 2 000 views The next one has three thousand I mean They've lost interest in the sky and There's no one there at the ashram like That's under a thousand people for this Thing And they're making it like it's some big Thing but 500 people is nothing right And 22 000 people doing the meditations You know it's like it's like uh you know Small turnout You know and so Um it's it's collapsing and it's Embarrassing is Totally goes against scishmart all of it Right they're running these business Programs out there and they're they're Wrecking the condition of the ashram I Mean it's just bad all the way around

And you know everyone who knows anything About science Martin knows it like the Senior member was a person who I believe practiced under Babaji but was one of charges disciples He's been on the board There in India and you know he's I think He's probably Brahman and from Chennai And you know he's posting this pictures Like it's a good thing Like he's not you know confronting dodgy And say what are you doing here and even If he did Dodge he's not going to stop Because He's a scammer Um you know but it's really bad like It's You know he's it's so far it's so Contaminated it's so gross the purity of The thing is wrecked Indian women have Kind of a you know extreme Abuse and also are upheld like they've Had Indian prime ministers they have Indian Saints and gurus you know Indian Women become doctors and holds High Positions in the government and A woman who's in her like prone years She's in her 50s and 40s you know 50 40s On up to 50s who's been a mom and her Kids are adults they're just cherished And they're given this High position In society you know all the the older Moms they have so much influence in the Social structure

You know there was um This these dorm rooms in the ashram and Molina These dorm rooms were like you know I Mean there's some molds in them and you Know it's very humid there and it was a Bunch of bunk beds it wasn't good air Circulation like I much prefer to sleep In a tent But sometimes we would come in and you Know sleep there because you'd get in From the airport 10 o'clock at night Whatever it was before a gathering and One time we were in there and these this Family this Indian family came in And the Indian mom just turns on the Light there's like 40 people sleeping in There or whatever it was you know I Don't know 15 20 people I don't know Waking everybody up at three in the Morning right because she feels like she Has this privilege and I was talking to Somebody about it and they were like Yeah they just they just do whatever They want right but before that period They suffer as young girls they're Exploited and you know they're I mean It's they they get you know there's an Abuse level there and a lot of um you Know maltreatment of women young women Particularly and then they reach this Position where they're given all this Respect very odd thing right but India Has like many other countries you know

Women feel like they've been oppressed All this stuff of course the U.N is Pushing this and so this women Empowerment thing is just another U.N Political thing you know whatever to go Along with this agenda they're rolling Out there's some Merit to it I won't say It's like baseless But it has nothing to do with scish Mark Which you know women can be preceptors There's more women practicing meditation Men it's like 60 women to to you know It's probably like 55 women to 45 men Something like that it's you know but There's more women that do it than men Women have more inclination to be Spiritual And you know women feel I've been Getting the love energy is usually Better for them like men don't value it As much And you know that's what you're getting There slash mark like yeah sure You can take advantage of this scheme But you don't need dodgy or heartfulness To do it for you like Dodge is just Trying to you know glom on to anything He can to make himself I mean he's just You know this whole thing about like Synchronicity and you know all these a Synergy type of things where he's trying To connect with every you know every Organization every powerful person every Celebrity try to validate this you know

Wannabe Guru right it's pathetic and It's you know and the energy is you know You can't keep up with this right The energy is the energy of Banks and Banking and business is completely Different than the subtle energy at the Ashram and the subtle energy always Gives way to grossness because it's Subtle And so if you take something that's not Subtle and something that's subtle You're going to notice a thing that's Not subtle right so if you go to a place Like uh you know a quiet place like a Quiet restaurant or a peaceful you know State Park or something that has good Spiritual energy And there's some drunk loud people Blasted music they're gonna wreck the Environment for everybody you know Whenever I go to a place my family and I Were wearing in um Vegas there was a Couple of Red Rock places you could walk There there's one about half ounce half Hour outside of Vegas and then there's The um The the Valley of Fire but we are at the Other one the Red Rock place and some Dude comes down with a boon box I didn't Even know they still made those right he Starts playing music and this place is Just really peaceful and spiritual the Desert has A spiritual quality and it's very quiet

And people are going there for a quiet Walk and this guy comes down with his Buddy some young guys like you know you Know teenagers 20s years old blasted Music right as they walk through the Park you could hear it for it just Bouncing off the Rock and the Acoustics Just wrecking it for everybody right you See this all the time we go to the beach People are playing music loudly and you Know you go there you can hear the ocean Waves you hear the it's calming and These things and people come in blasting Their music like everyone else wants to Hear it you know this immaturity and the Selfishness and a lack of you know Awareness of where you are and why People are there they want to get away From that stuff right especially people You know their kids are doing that and They're you know whatever And so um You know this is the kind of stuff That's wrecks the condition of a place The subtle vibrations and dodgy is just Allowing this stuff to run rampant he's Inviting it in And you know that's why there's Gratefulness right because They've lost this the subtlety of it Right they've lost The serenity of the thing you know like I said I've just I'm such more I so much More I'm in a meditative State now and

I'm really clear on things and you know It's been so much better since I started doing the gratefulness Meditation I'm just really happy that There's a way to salvage this thing Because dodgy is a lost soul I mean he's Just and then everybody over there like They you know I I don't know if this is Part of a plan but if it's not like I Don't know what the consequences is for Doing what they're doing You know and then they're going to try To glom all these properties because you Know the size Market is done like when Dodgy dies and what happens right like There's going to be a you know no one's Going to respect his choice there's lots Of people that's growing animosity Towards him from the old scishmark People there's already as far as I know Some lawsuits about it right and you Know and the scams are going to come to Fruition if he's running he's taking Monies in from whatever I don't think There's much money available because you Have that that fundraiser it only raised Three thousand dollars in America that Means that people have just given up on Them right they're not even tuning into These events and like he's you know lost They don't know what to do they're Confused and weak and there's so many People that suck and sash Mark that just You know like not that I'm great but

Like you know I suck in a different way Than they do like they're just you know The sheepleness aspect of it and the Weakness and you know the hand rubbing And you know they don't know what to you Know they just can't the fence writing And you know they won't be able to you Know make a decision here because They're never going to go against the The legitimate president and master the System no matter how bad he sucks and How obvious it is that he's had a fall It's overwhelmingly obvious but they're Just not gonna They're not going to go they're too weak They're too dependent they're too you Know there's a codependency there I mean It's just really not good to even think About it he's depressing But anyways you know like I I want to Report here is that the meditation is Just going great like it's beyond just The meditations themselves like every Day you know I'm having better morning Meditations I'm more into it and you Know I'm just uh you know I'm reinvested In my practice and I just feel it I feel It like you know I'll be going for a Walk or I'll make a video and I can just Feel the the like the grace descending The transmission flowing and Um you know that's great anyways I'll You know continue on with this one Okay so continuing from where I left off

Yesterday or whatever I don't know this Is probably new thoughts Are just along with this thread The massage Mark practice Is a um You know it's Experiential And the only reason to keep on doing it Is you have experiences Where you feel Connected And maybe there'll be a period of time Where you don't feel something as much Anymore because it just becomes normal For you And so you drop off maybe you don't Necessarily quit But you don't do your practice like you Did before That happens to everybody to whatever Extent You know your material life takes over You have things going on you forget About The techniques and the things that help You you know navigate life it's just Like eating healthy foods or You know taking supplements or doing Whatever that you're exercising And when you Come from a place of not being healthy And you start improving your health I Think I talked about my brother in the Macrobiotic diet in a video I'm not sure

Here In the journey series or one of my other Videos that you know I was using drugs And I was drinking and eating fast foods And I want a macrobiotic diet my brother Was doing it And you know I felt a lot better A lot better for about three months and Then just leveled off right And so that's what happens with scish Mark but then when you quit Um you know or you just stop doing it You may or may not notice the fall off Right away But then you start feeling it right and Then you start you know having other Issues that were The things that were bothering you Before stress or whatever it is not Being able to sleep Being less uh you know heartful being Less loving and things being more angry Or irritable or whatever The meditation was taken away or was Helping you with And so that's the reason to do it that It actually helps you And you feel connected to God And so You know when you're not getting that Like there was a certain condition you Had when you went to a gathering And when you meditated with the master The system and you're around the master

The system and I don't know if dodgy has Any sort of uh spiritual condition Anymore that is noticeable right so I Brought this woman I was dating to a Gathering in 2016 when he came to Los Angeles Right after my family and I returned From India And this woman who did Reiki and she had Her own you know emotional and sort of Psychological issues but she was Sensitive to the energy and when dodgy Walked into the room she felt his energy Like he had a presence and you could Feel it he had the energy of the master I had experienced this Numerous occasions when I was in India With him You know all the way back to the you Know 1990s when I saw him in the airport He had a presence right He was clearly doing spiritual work and He was Being you know Um He just had it the energy was flowing Through him so I don't know if the People around him or he still has that You know when you're near him you can Feel it and that makes it tough for People because You know maybe the the and I don't know Why he would at this point right because I feel like the Divine hierarchy is

You know bailed on him because I you know I'm feeling the energy when I Do this on my own but when I try to Connect to something through Heartfulness either the app or the you Know his meditations I don't feel Anything and I did feel you know Something but it wasn't transmission it Was You know it was the energy that I felt Was off-putting right It was like annoying it was you know It was not subtle there was something There's something wrong with his energy But you know like I said I don't know if You go see him personally That at the ashram or where he lives There might be some spiritual conditions Still there or you know I don't know Like because I haven't experienced it But certainly there's been a huge Falloff In the energy in SATs on in Group Meditations and things individual Sittings because a number of people who Have heard about Through me have met with preceptors and They're now saying they're getting more From the gratefulness meditation right They're getting more from this They can feel it more it's not just me It's other people so you know if it was Just me and you know this was my you Know my calling what they wanted me to

Do but other people were still receiving From From accomplish well that would be Something right But you know that's not the case at Least as far as all the feedback I have Like I haven't had one person who said You know I tried gratefulness and I Tried I've been doing heartfulness I Tried gratefulness and the heartfulness Was working better for me and I wouldn't Care if they did like you know like it's Experiential it's the experience that Matters right gratefulness isn't my Thing you know I mean it seems like it Is but it isn't and so you know it's not My organization You know it's you know it's people Meditating with me and doing what I'm Doing Because I realized as a longtime Practitioner that it wasn't working Right But you know I have the YouTube channel It's you know I thought the name of These things But it isn't you know it's not really Even an organization It is a substitute for What used to be you know what is what is Heartfulness And what used to be Sage mark But the reason I'm saying this is you Know all these people who are doing it

Who have been doing it for years Preceptors people I know people I used To see at Gatherings they know there's a Fall off I know they know there's a fall off Because dodgy gets no views video views And when he had a fundraiser for America He only raised three thousand dollars And so people are not into him or you Know the way that they were was charging I mean three thousand dollars like Chargie just would show up places that He could raise like hundreds of Thousands of dollars I mean it was crazy And you know I mean the enthusiasm Behind him and his videos and his talks And all of it but people aren't tuning Into dodgy's YouTube videos And you know the energy isn't there and I know that they know Because it used to be something that They felt and now they can't feel it and It's the whole reason to do scish mark And so it's kind of I don't want to say stunning because I Deal with sheeple all the time I deal with that here you know I deal With normies and people who you know Just um submit to Authority without ever questioning it And especially you know the Indian Culture so I understand the Indian Culture the people not being able to Leave their Guru because that's a big

Thing and so you know many of them Probably didn't feel the transmission Anyway because You know they just they're doing it for Other reasons to be a part of a group Their family does it any number of Things But to the people in the West Europe and America I'm you know started More of them aren't Upset about what's going on because It's what they do like a lot of them are Complainers and you know a lot of them Are you know they're sensitive to these Things and they feel the transmission Many of them And you know they're not questioning any Of this right Preceptors who are giving cities they Must feel that the energy isn't as good They must know this on some level they Must know that there's You know the cities are are not what They used to be The other thing is that dodgy was given A mandate in a Whispers of the brighter World message that's in question now Because You know I think it was a legitimate Message But I don't know because anything after Dodgy took over when dodgy was it was This was Master charger was still alive This is from like 2014. so I think it's

A legitimate message But we already know that dodgy was Pressuring Madame Helen and Babaji to Validate his brighter mind scam which is So effed off in itself right And so um You know him doing that and being Manipulative like that Then all these Whispers messages are now In question that are being published I Mean all the ones anytime after dodgy You know took over Then Whispers has been compromised but In this message That was in from 2014 it said that Dodgy's role was to expand and Disseminate and he has done a horrible Job at disseminating because he's Scrubbed All the teachings and that's another Thing that you can't get charged these Books charges and talked about and People have been noticing this And you know it's gotten worse and now He's scrubbing Babaji he's not Celebrating their bhandara their Holidays Their you know birthdays and you know The dissemination is a bunch of stuff He's publishing books that are religious Religious uh you know they're religious Books and things like this that aren't Anything or at least they're you know Not directly related to size mark

And so dissemination hasn't happened He's you know not good at explaining the Teachings anymore He's lost his way and his talks suck His talks are horrible he's a horrible Speaker And he has a trouble connecting with People And people have trouble understanding Him and he's you know used to be Knowledgeable but knowledgeable about The system and now he seems to have even Lost that And so he's not doing a good job at the 780. and the system certainly isn't Expanding either It's shrinking if anything You know he has all these subscribers But he gets no views On YouTube and other places and without These two big gatherings there's barely Anybody at the auction right Just to get a you know understanding of This My video I think I have it up here My last video that was um Uh feedback from great deal for this Meditation for this past Sunday The Sunday the 16th of April It got 363 views And 29 comments and it got um I got uh 57 likes so I asked people to Like the video if they're meditating If they do the meditation

And so and some of the group meditations There's a hundred or so more you know More than 100 people who did the Meditation according to that you know if People are are liking the video if they Meditate But 57 people is quite a bit like in America It would be like the biggest SATs on in America Now some of these people are from you Know not from America who are Doing the meditation but you know 50 People is quite a number of people Most group meditations in America have Like 12 people Charge you used to come to America and They you know balloon up to like 20 People or more And then it would go back down there's Some of these big cities or whatever it Is But in terms of American participation That's a large number of people and There's been hundreds of people have Tried You know heartfulness and and other Things maybe even you know over a Thousand through my YouTube channel And yet when I reached out to these People there including dodgy and asked For help to integrate those people into The system Time and time again they just blew me

Off right and there was that time the Dodgy wanted that she made a you might Had a proposal To bring in more Americans and he just Quit on it like they came up with a Bunch of lame You know he appointed the same people That have failed for years It was all Indian people that had Trouble connecting with American Americans they were people who are you Know Indian They're they're from India now living in America And it failed and he quit on it right And now he's gone full you know he's He's his message is that very pro-hindu Which is a religion he's bracing a Religion that was never supposed to Happen And all the things that I talk about I've already talked about in this video And so all of those you know all that Evidence shows that the system isn't Expanding the dodgy isn't connecting With people he's not disseminated the Teachings and the system is shrinking And the transmission is Non-existent or whatever it is right It's failing And all these people are ignoring that Right like that's the whole point They're ignoring it and even the people Who have problems with it

They aren't quitting Or they aren't you know acknowledging That daji's done something else at this Heartfulness thing is something Completely different than scishmart And it's not the same you know it's not The same System and method and the transmission Isn't working and he's you know had a Spiritual fall And the only way to connect is directly Connect And cut him out of the loop because he's He's a cancer he's blocking he's an Obstruction to the transmission at this Point right And it's you know I don't want to say Stunning but There's you know almost nobody that's Realizing this right Like I'm you know the only one who's Been doing the system I mean I'm not Talking about all you and new people but You know long-term practitioners Who has come up with this because of you Know Seeing all that I've seen and all these Other people these long time Practitioners that this is you know they Live for transmission they live for Gatherings And they're just going along with this Even after the energy that brought them To the system

Is no longer a part of it And it's you know kind of a bummer like If I think about it that Um you know I'm glad for gratefulness And I'm glad the energies returned for Me You know because you know that's I mean I'm psyched about that part about It but for them and you know Humanity it Doesn't speak well right an inability to See what what's there to be seen an Inability to read the situation an Inability to be honest with oneself And you know go through a process However difficult To to come to you know This conclusion that dodgy sucks and he Fell and he's you know whatever he once Had he doesn't have now Whatever potential he once had Been you know he's um He squandered it In the near future I'm gonna Make all the journey series videos that I privatize because there's all these People in the mission watching them and I was becoming you knows An unpleasant experience for me on my End Because these people who aren't really Truthers or worrying about by YouTube Channel or You know anti-dodgy people were using me Whatever it was right

They weren't willing to come out for Themselves and confront the situation And you know dodgy and his group and all Those people watching the videos and It was very draining and stressful for Me because it's not the point of my Channel and all these things And so I you know some of that I brought On myself by putting dodgy in the title So like I removed that they're just Going to be You know back to being Journey series Number whatever it is right but they're A part of the story and you know I I my Purpose was just to get rid of those People that weren't you know here for The right reasons they weren't here for You know a truth or Channel or anything To do with that right because it's not My goal to Undermine dodgy and even though he sucks Or whatever it is And you know be sort of like one of Those people who are Uh you know trying to you know wake People up because I know how sucky that Is right Waking people up that don't wanna Be awoken right the people who want to Stay asleep I have no interest in them right you Know people have the they have the same Information they can come across the Same information that I have the

Internet's available to everybody In your heart and your you know your Intuitive capacity and they could all See what I see and many of them are Closer to the situation and they're Already frustrated There was already a group of people Frustrated with how bad the YouTube Channel was there's a groups of people That you know they all kind of got it And you know they don't want to leave The organization or whatever reason They're you know whatever whatever it is But it's not my job or duty to try to Wake them up like if they watch my Videos and they go yeah this you know And they realize that I'm right and then They figure out what they have to do Yeah sure that's great And they're welcome to do that but it's Not my job to argue with them or debate Them or you know go around and talk to And I'm not you know I don't care like Most of these people bailed on me When I went through the divorce which I'm not bitter about but it's freed me Up to not really care about them or the Or care about what they think I think More importantly It's up to them like they have to do This it'd be great if they did because I would feel better like I would feel Better if for Humanity if these people Were

You know after meditating for so many Years we're able to come up with the Truth and show some sense of you know Honesty with themselves and you know and Just realize the transmission isn't Flowing and dodgy's failing But they're not doing that right they're All you know they're all bought in for One reason or another they like being Preceptors they you know they don't want To give up their you know whatever it is Right it's all ego stuff and that kind Of sucks but you know that's Again the system has to survive and you Know it's surviving through gratefulness Hopefully other people will Do something similar But it isn't you know anything new That's just scishmark system Of transmission and cleaning the 9 pm Prayer on the 9pm meditation individual Sitting on Friday night Is you know this has been the sort of The key thing for me and then you know Doing the the 9 pm prayer is you know Kept me going And doing these videos and talking about It is because you know kept me connected With the system but you know Other than that Um it's you know there's parts of it That aren't there somebody wrote me this Morning asked if there ever be a Gratefulness ashram

You know I talked about this with my Wife that at some point we could have Maybe a gathering at the farm here Um you know that's a long time off And you know there needs to be Participation from other people like People have to um You know they have to Uh want to uh like say you know organize Me when we had a gathering there are People that organized the food there has To be you know people contributing Financially you know to whatever the Situation is we have to accommodate People you know people have to find Hotels or what you know there isn't a I Mean there was a place to how I could Accommodate a bunch of people things Like this and you know I mean a lot of Things would have to happen And I'm not a social person an organized Person in this way so other people would Have to step up it's a volunteer type Situation we would have Gatherings and Some people would cook the food you know Originally I made the coffee Um that's what I did as a volunteer job I worked a little bit of what they had Some kind of uh kind of lame security Detail the main thing was just a key People from barging in on Master Charging Which is you know not lame is important But I did some more you know I I did

Very various volunteer jobs and I helped With other things like you know I'd get There early and they had these big tents And they had these Big um you know container truck you know Uh Uh truck container truck uh containers You know they're called codexes or Something the things that you see on the Back of trains or the back of um you Know these big trucks and there was These foamies these foam mattresses that Were there and you had to lay them out Like we would go around and lay them out Um you know I did other you know Landscaping work my brother was the Caretaker I'd help him and things and You know I'd break down tents I usually Stayed there afterwards right so you Know we would do these volunteer jobs And there are people who were in charge And you know they they had to order the Food they had to make sure that there Was you know meals for everybody you Have all these sticks right And so Gatherings take a lot of effort And you know I I only know a little bit About them right I don't I didn't really Organize them I'm not that kind of a Person I'm not you know And so it would it would need to be Other people would step up and do those Things You know but that's some you know period

Of time Um there's certainly you know the Ability for Uh maybe in the future we could meditate In my barn or something I don't know you Know it could be cold I mean April it Could be it's still as cold You know I mean I've been to Bobby Gatherings in Molina Georgia where it Was freezing right and so you know it Doesn't always have to be even even in The South it's You know can be cold in April um It's hot in July with Master charging Certainly in February with um Lology it'll be cold no matter where you Are except for maybe like Florida or Someplace I don't know Hawaii I don't know but uh You know it still can be cold there so Um and then September we're not doing That because dodgy sucks You know that's um You know that's that's jump to shark but Anyways you know I don't know how this Will all play out in the end but there Would have to be a lot of organization That I don't really Want to create like I'm not looking to Build an organization here You know it's minimal organization And just the information necessary in The intention and the the group you know Camaraderie the aggregore to come

Together meditate together And also you know do the 9 p.m uh Friday Night sitting and do the practice you Know regularly re find the books where You can Read the books and all these things And then um you know all the rest of it You guys don't have it as good as I did It's unfortunate but not having Preceptors not having charging not Having The organization But maybe it's easier to meditate now I think it is I don't know like I you Know it's nice to be able to do it in Your own home But like there's nothing I could do About that right I mean there's no you Know there's not going to be preceptors And I don't know if you know it just doesn't Seem like preceptors are necessary Preceptors were you know sometimes a Problem Sometimes you get a great preceptor Sometimes you'd help But anyways you know that's like I said Some far far off thing we have our first Gathering coming up which is Babaji's birthday at the end of April And we can meditate together over those Three days April 28th 29th and Uh the first of May I think was What I said I think that would be the

Best Um but I'll look at the dates again and I'll you know I'll do an update on that Before the actual you know because it's You don't have to meditate at the same Time so it doesn't really matter It's just that you meditate a couple of Times feeling the energy whenever you Feel it Um would be you know the best anyways You know I'll I'll either end this one here I think I Might end this one here we'll see And continue on from Or I'll continue on with another Voiceover Okay it's a beautiful day here on the Farm it's um April 19th it was cold again for a while Got real cold but all the flowers are Out our trees are Uh our fruit trees seem to have all Bloom this year which is great some of The new ones aren't ready to bloom but We have the biggest Bloom of free fruit Trees so we'll probably get like a kind Of a bumper crop it doesn't appear that There's going to be a frost again but Who knows And without the cows we had a a little Pond with a stream and a like a water Pump in it and we would get um So many frogs and tadpoles like Sometimes we'd have 15 20 frogs in there

Or more like that's what we could see And then there was all these tadpoles There's Six or seven sets of tadpoles but then We let our cows into our yard and they Just completely wrecked the pond And so I've been fixing that up so That's what I'm doing today but I want to get this in here and I think I'm gonna wrap this Um This one up And so um you know the Dalai Lama Um Just asked the kid to suck it suck his Tongue like you know a week ago or so And I posted a couple videos about it Mocking him you know he's a nightmare For a lot of different reasons newer New World Order New World Order shill and All that stuff And I've been getting these veiled Threats From Buddhists Very similar to the Weasley threats I Got from people who pretended to be on My side said but you ever be careful and All these things right just um you know It's a Weasley way to go about Conflict and you know and I was reminded Of how Weasley the The abiasis were surrounding dodgy and On both sides and all that duplicate Duplicitous manipulative stuff they do

Which was just you know Uh icky and unspiritual Um but speaking of which There's you know some developments here So this guy this preceptor sends me Things About um About dodgy I think he's been sending This to everybody like he probably has a List of people And he's talking about the major three Ashrams the ashram that Babaji built in Shah jahanpur which was um you know There was a dispute about it and it took 13 or 14 years before It was settled in court to charge you And his sriram Chandra Mission owned the Ashram and not babaji's kids in there You know their knockoff version And the other one was the um ashram and Chennai which has so much of a spiritual Charge That was the headquarters for so many Years it's where we lived by we stayed By we visited a number of times And it has a you know this amazing Spiritual charge and then there's the Ashram and the Himalayas I never got to Go there I have a story about it which I'll tell Later Uh but this was an auction that was a Retreat center and you would go there And you and you were supposed to it

Wasn't like a valid silence but you know You were supposed to keep your Conversation to a minimum And just enjoy the spiritual uh Atmosphere And so um This is what this guy wrote To Me this Is there is a well-known Open Secret That kamlish D Patel Is out to destroy the charge at the Places where Reverend charity Specifically said were highly highly Charged Chargie had listed shajahan for cycle And Babaji Memorial ashram and Chennai Atmosphere at all three being Systematically destroyed and so there is An atmosphere that is At the ashrams right and Um well let me read the rest of this and I'll Talk about that and so he says how you Know this the Um atmosphere is systematically being Destroyed how By doing nonsense all nine massage Activities why simple if these places Are are charged Kinda which doesn't have the charge But just a fancy place we'll start Looking poor in comparison so Commerce Can't raise the spiritual atmosphere at Kana he wants to lower the others so no One can tell feel in those places how

Sick is that now I don't necessarily Agree with this I think it might be part of it but I'll Explain what I think is also Contributing factor but that could be it Like that might be at least part of it I'm not saying it's not true but I don't Know that for sure and so this is Something he sent me to confirm uh you Know evidence of what he's talking about And this was a you know a post In some uh community heartfulness Community so this is coming from the Heartfulness Facebook page where they Have a community you know I've banned it But I you know I found this um I found that this is where he got that From Greetings to all inviting all abiasis And non-abiasis to escape the chaos of Everyday life and join us for Rejuvenating spiritual Retreat nestled In the Serene mountains of satkol Amenities stay at the Pearl cycle Adjoining uh sriram trying to Sri Ramchandra Himalayan ashram so there's a place Called The Pearl there Um it's beautiful like you can find the The pictures of the place somewhere Online and it's up in the Himalayan Mountains it's really spiritual Place Nourishing meals made with locally Sourced ingredients heartfulness yoga

And meditation sessions led by Instructure instructors Local visits to new local visits to Nearby Villages and Scenic spots lunch Picnic to enjoy the fresh air and Stunning views private photography to Capture your memories and moments of Transformation A retreat starts at a retreat starts at 1400 14 000 rupees which includes stay In meals per person Retreaters can also offer transportation From the railway station Or the airport for additional charges Okay so Um let me break that down for you 14 000 rupees 170 dollars And that I think that's a day per person Which isn't the worst deal but they're Making money on that right and they're Saying for people who are either abiasis Or non-abiasis which the very idea that People who weren't connected to the Transmission Would be given a Um you know would be allowed to go in There without having cleaning in these Things which I'll talk about in a moment And so This is turning this place into a Retreat center there was no Hatha Yoga Before Hatha Yoga has been added by Dodgy in fact Bobby had said in various Places that he didn't want people doing

Hatha Yoga I mean you know if you just Did the stretches it was fine but he Didn't want people doing some of the Other aspects of the Hatha Yoga Pranayama and some of these other things Moving energy The Awakening of these Chakras and spiritual points all of that Could cause chaos and cause problems in Terms of disrupting your spiritual yatra That you're getting in your spiritual Condition and uh approach that you were Getting through sash Mark so it wasn't Like he thought yoga was bad it just It's like um taking two different forms Of Medicine An allopathic medicine Ayurvedic medicine and maybe homeopathic Or something else right and they don't Work together they had different Energies different philosophies and so Babaji was pretty clear on this that you Could do yoga but it wasn't you know the Spiritual part of Hatha Yoga the Positions the you know we're doing uh Raja yoga which is the meditation and The transmission And they just don't mix well And not only did kamlesh ignore that and Change that but now he's handing out Certificates for yoga instructors Who are part of heartfulness right And he's making yoga a big part of the Heartfulness organization and they're Doing yoga in ashrams and you know

Stretching and things like this and he Had diaper Boba get up on stage and do All that yoga and yoga became a central Part of dodgy's pitch because he Couldn't you know deliver as a master of The system right and so he's branched Out In terms of these conditions that are Set up at the ashram this energetic Condition it's very subtle And my brother was told that when Master Chargie charged the Molina Asha which Has a wonderful charge I don't know if It does anymore in Georgia that it was Like he withered because he like put his Like life force into the ashram when he Was preparing and turning into an ashram And when you go there you can feel the Energy and then when he he would go to The the ashram and people would meditate There and there was transmission the Field would build and so there are so Many sittings given in the Chennai Ashram the Babaji Memorial last summer Charge you lived near and that was his Major ashram you know Babaji put a Special charge in the ashram and Shajimport the original ashram he built That's where Babaji lived and then Chargie always had a thing about the Himalayas and people would go up into The mountains spiritual Seekers and when I first visited um Chennai I master Charging I was supposed to go and meet

Him in Northern India and Delhi and We're all going to go on a trip and see The place that he was picking out he was Buying land there in the Himalayas And one of the reasons was my very first Trip to an ashram was they used to have An ashram in the Catskill Mountains and I'd gone to the Casco game farm when I Was a kid and they had a petting zoo and The animals would come right up to you And it was this um you know Wonderful Outdoor Zoo where the animals were more In a more natural environment and it was A beautiful place in the mountains of New York State And they had an ashram there there's This uh preceptor one of the one of the People who has found out about Sage Mark For me has gone to this preceptor and I Knew this guy you know I have mixed Feelings about him he's a little bit of A kind of a chucklehead but he had sold His house he built like an underground House which is pretty cool and he had The number of acres and he sold it to Charge and it was you know a kind of Cool place that was never utilized and Eventually I think they sold it back to This guy right Um which is kind of unfortunate but it Had a nice spiritual energy in the Actual very you know it was very telling And Um we went to a gathering there and

There's a guy from Pennsylvania he had Just returned from India and he had a Slideshow And he and his family he had a couple of Kids and his wife and they later quit I Think over Whispers I'm not sure My brother made the guy cry Just a sight little sidebar Um but the guy showed these slides of Him and all these other abiasis going to The Himalayas with master chargie and They stopped at different places and had Chai and and biscuits and they were Driving through the countryside and I Was like well I want to do that and so I Heard about an upcoming trip and I was You know about to leave my job anyway so I wanted to go to India for an extended Stay and you know it all came together Except that Master charging his toe got Broken it was a whole thing some guy Fell out of a tree but he didn't have a Scratch on him charger used to walk Around the grounds and he'd have these Guys who'd climb up in trees and they Had this kind of unique tool was a sort Of a machete with a hook on it and it Was great for chopping down branches and He would prune the trees with the guys And you know he'd tell them which Branches to take down like he would be Like connecting with the tree and just Using his like intuition It's kind of a cool process I saw him do

It once years later But this guy fell out of the tree it was Like a 20-foot drop the guy didn't have A scratch on him but somehow charged you Got a broken toe which is like everyone Said because he like took the there's Some scar of the person And he couldn't go on the trip so I Ended up not going there and I never got A chance to go there which kind of sucks But the spiritual condition is supposed To be like out of this world like maybe The best condition of any ashram and They have this sort of vow of silence There you go there for like I think a Maximum of three days and it's deep Meditation it's a retreat center That they had that was just for Spirituality and they made another one Of these Retreat centers in Texas and it Was you know similar rules and things Like this and so those places where Specifically people were supposed to be Quiet and not affect the the atmosphere Of the place that indulging more heavy Grosser activities right and you just Like eat and go for walks and and these Things no yoga no social activities and It had to be just aviosis who have been Somewhat cleaned spiritually by the Cleaning process maybe for a number of Years right not somebody who still has a Lot of grossness and you know these Things are sort of you know it affects

The atmosphere of the place right and The ashrams are there to help you get Cleaned out and you know the energy and The condition there But also you know there's a purity that Needs to be upheld you know there's an Ashram in Ohio that had you know kind of A good charge I went to a gathering There when charging uh inaugurated it Was a good Gathering we were happy but We returned there some years later and We went to the meditation Hall And this one woman who's a nightmare I've talked about her before She's just um Like an emotional wreck and a lot you Know lots of stories about her But she was hobnobbing with the mayor of Dayton and wanted to do something so she Had a pancake breakfast in the middle of The meditation Hall with lots of people And you know things like that the other Abiasis were complaining about because They knew the condition of the Meditation Hall wasn't as good as it was When chargie inaugurated it right and You know there's these gatherings before They had ashrams and they would rent a Place like a big a big field somewhere And they would like a you know something Like a farm or something and they would Pinch pitch these big tents and they Would have these gatherings that charge You talked about how the condition was

Unbelievable at the Gatherings but then When the Gathering was over there was Nothing you couldn't feel it right so You know these ashrams were there to Sort of collect the energy and and keep It going and so the energy still exists At these places but dodgy is Wrecking The energy and he knows this because we All know it like we know what Rex energy And what doesn't and so certainly Charging people 170 dollars what would Have been charged in the past right you Know they did it with yeah you could Leave a donation you know more money if You wanted if you had the money but they Wanted people who didn't have the money To have access to these places right and So there's always a a recommended Donation but now it's like they're Writing it like a like a you know a new Age Retreat Center where they're Bringing people in there to have you Know this locally sourced food and do Yoga and you know screw around to make It like a hotel type of you know Wellness Center Instead of what it used to be which was A very pure spiritual place so certainly Dodgy doesn't have money because he Doesn't have Charisma and the money just Isn't coming And so he's got to make deals with these You know these corporate you know UNS Whatever it is I mean there's that

Aspect of it maybe he does want to wreck The condition I don't know if he's that Smart or that conscious so that people Come to his awesome and realize That it's you know they go well this Doesn't have as good a charge as these Other places so that's a legitimate you Know possibility But either way it's like all evil like It's just so evil that these places have Been built so people can feel the Spiritual energy and have just pure Spiritual experiences and dodgy is you Know first he closed all the ashrams and And now he's he's suffocating them he Won't let the main Tread Quarters and Chennai have Um snack bars and things like this I Mean he's getting rid of all these Things because he wants people come and See him and his ashram and he's trying To suffocate he's cutting off the uh Money and there was a Chennai YouTube Channel that used to have regular Individual and group meditations like Twice a day or three times a day and People are tuning into that channel so He got rid of that and you know he's Such a jealous little you know just a an Absolute you know piece of you know what When I was talking about some of his Shenanigans to my son You know like a month ago he said all he Had to do was nothing right like my son

Was aware that the system ran itself And that you know it would have kept on Going and all he had to do was not screw It up like he just he could have just Gave him the big cities and done the Spiritual work and all these things And you know kept it going But he didn't do that and his uh the Things that he is doing is are all Destructive and you know at some point There was going to have to be lawsuits And I mean you know I don't know what's Happened when he dies but I know people Are You know they're tuning out at the very Least and many people are waking up to The disaster that his you know Reign is His reign of terror and I could just say This you know in a much more lighter a Lighter way because you know in a way That I feel light about it Because my meditation this morning my Cleaning last night the meditation That's coming up Friday night and then The Saturday meditations are just so Much better than you know the stuff that I was getting through heartfulness and I Don't have any of the bondage I mean Hearing that stuff about you know these People saying oh you better be careful These Dalai Lama lovers right you better Be careful people are getting mad and You know they're listing you guys you Know yeah

You bunch of Buddhists are good You know uh I got something for him I'm glad I'm free of it you know what I Missed the ashrams but I couldn't go Anyway and you know the falling out I Had with my brother that was the last Place I would go was Molina I don't know If they've even in the process of Selling that or what they're doing with That or you know they're just letting it Run down and all the rest of it but I Mean there's just um I don't think there's a good quality Ashram here in America anymore in terms Of the condition And it's just fading like the system is Just you know it's got like a malignant Cancer on it and it's just contaminating Everything that's pure And when you have a good subtle Condition Anything else that's grosser is going to Bring that condition down In your personal life your personal Spiritual inner condition when you hang Around with gross people or go to gross Places but you have a place that you Know a spiritual holy environment a you Know an option with a charge to it then You know grossness is going to bring That condition down and so it has to be Cleaned out by the master and recharged By everybody's Collective participation

In the system And since the system's not doing that Dodgy doesn't you know either have the Ability or it's lost the ability or you Just won't do it or whatever's going on In his end You know it's um It's fading quickly right it's getting Contaminated and nothing's there to Purify it So anyways um You know I'll wrap this one up here But like things are just you know They're going great for gratefulness and Not so good for heartfulness only Spirituality will save this world it's Power model definitely going from the Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day And be grateful

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