Journey 136 (points 1 to 13)

Journey 136 (points 1 to 13)

Greetings brothers and sisters um you Know this is 136th edition of The Journey series and I wanted to continue On from the 135th which you know I'm releasing these Things sometimes months apart and you Know it's all you whatever but in terms Of the playlist and terms of everything Else um you know it'll be good in the Future at some point because uh you know I wasn't quite done with that last um You know whatever it was uh the dodgy Saying that he moved these women from The first to 13th Points and you know uh all of it Right um and so uh the Dody truther is Looking for the video now like the video Is definitely it's still up but it's not Visible so they privatized it and that In itself is a you know a subject let me Let me start with that part and I'm Going to show you I'll start out with The image which is the the image of the 13 points in s s Mark and now there's 16 Points which again I'll get to uh According to Dody and so there has been A number of things over the years that They have scrubbed the dodgy truther Said that he was surprised I found a Video that he had been looking for and Other people had been looking for that Dodgy was talking about the brigher Minds program to a a bunch of scientists And he got pushed back from the

Scientific community in particularly That guy from the um uh the rational Society Nar not whatever his name is Nanda um I call him NN and he's the guy In charge of that thing and he's come After this uh mid-brain Scam and so some of the things that we Know they've changed they now talk about How it isn't the mid-brain uh mid-brain Activation scam and they call it Neuroplasticity and they changed the Name because they know it's a scam right They're saying no no it's not that but It is that they used to use the term Midbrain uh earlier and the guy the kid That dodgy got the idea from who had had Done the scam was doing mid-brain stuff So my son talked to this guy you know This kid they're friends like I know who The kid is I know his parents You know the kid they were um learning Uh to homeschool the mom was from my ex You know this stuff we were you know we Know we're Fair we're very familiar with That family and the kid and we know what Happened right and so um like all of it And so uh the Doctor Who did the you Know the initial uh report on it and Said it was a scam to Dody he was an Abasi a preceptor said that you know They called it midbrain activation it Was called that and they changed the Name because they wanted to get away From the bad reputation and scamming

Part of it that was being done other Places right and then there was all These videos that they scrubbed because Of it and then dodgy truther sent me a Um a you know a a photo of a letter that Dody wrote and then he he copied the Letter into text because it was you know In his handwriting where he was talking To these tuk people and there is video Backing this that he said you know There's a video up there the tuku G Video where he said that he um merged With Tui right that he interc commmun And T Tui merged in him and he said that Right in this video they still have that Video up which is you know wrongheaded And just all of it but on top of that he Wrote a letter saying that tooki as part Of the Divine hary and he put a list of People in Swami VI and Buddha were on it And other people I don't know and he Left off master chargie that these Masters that were there these other People were greater than chargie and More important to the mission than Chargie and then they scrubbed that like That they took that down and you know For obvious reasons and then there's a Video in which the dodgy truther said he Saw and one of my longtime viewers who Has been doing the you did the hard Meditation for you know whatever my year Six years or something ago said they saw It they both saw this video where he

Said charie was given one last time to Make it into the brighter world and he Failed and there was other things that He said that hinted at that so it's Believable cuz people saw it you know People who are you know are truthful saw It you know people who would lie about That saw it but also he said similar Things to that and you know would makes Sense that he you know has basically Said that right like he said somewhere Else that charge you didn't make into The brighter world and some of these Other things and so um and they took That video down and now this video where He says something just so stupid it Undermines all of the which I'll get Into in a moment all of the you know the Spiritual science of the sa Mark system That they went from 1 to 13 points and In his new book The spiritual Anatomy There's 16 points and so you know and I Don't know how that works and I don't Care or whatever but you know that's Even going to be harder to take back Because it's a whole book right but you Know because he wanted to add a little Twist to to Bob's epic uh um commentary Uh not commentary T Maxin but towards Infinity which is the book that Documents these points right and so that Means that he has people around him that Are calling BS on his you know BS right Because he goes out and he says stupid

Things all the time and they post it Anyway some of the people just post Whatever he says maybe they believe in Them maybe they're too stupid maybe they Think people are too stupid I don't know But then there's people in his inner Circle they're like we can't leave this Up like there's people with some power And there's being handling being done to The master where the master says stuff That you know is not believable of Course he said the inter commune with Babaji and Babaji cancelled the Birthdays and said you know L's birthday Should be ly and Baba's and dody's Birthday should be dodgies and charies But of course they held birthdays for Babaji and chargie anyway because 30,000 People just went to u to uh Kana on uh a Char's birthday and you know he kind of Mentioned charie being a part of his Birthday like briefly but that you know No real you know wasn't really come on It was stupid and they still are you Know allow I mean these people must get A sense that this guy's a fool and a you Know a dope and whatever they're doing They either don't have faith in him or They're making excuses and Rationalizations in their mind but Either way they're handling him and They're scrubbing the stupid stuff that He says right because you know he says Things that just don't make any sense

And so let me read this thing again um I Got to fight this um um got to make this Bigger And here it is here okay um so he's Talking about these cleaning ladies so I'll just read the whole thing cuz uh One can't attain the Pinnacle Realization in part of a lifetime itself So I guess this is um you Know um him talking About this is he's quoting something and It might be from baby or maybe he's Something he copied from Babaji which is One of the things that you can attain The central region from a life from one Lifetime he said I have witnessed Experience worked upon individuals who Are able to move at lightning speed and Once I have seen half a dozen Individuals especially ladies from a Small village of ristan I was resting in My Cottage there gestures in the farm And suddenly I saw a few ladies between The ages of 40 and 50 half a dozen of Them working in the farm and I was Resting in the air condition room we Were working at High Noon in summertime April and they are working they put band To shame a kind of thing hardcore labor They were doing and I saw from my window What's going on and why so much digging Sound I invited them inside please come Inside and they had tea together and we Watched them we and and watch what

Overwhelmed me was their contrast that I Am resting in an AC room and they're Performing that work as volunteers Cleaning up the place digging so that we Can do the plantation so this isn't even Getting ready for a GU uh a gathering This is him doing this um you know I Guess they're doing some kind of you Know he's got this thing about gardening And tree plants and you know tree Planting trees which is wonderful like It's great and I proposed a bunch of Things that you he didn't want to hear About back then right so I had Information that would be helpful for Him in terms of etheric gardening and Some of these other things and maybe He's got that from another source or Whatever you know fine whatever I don't Care it's not personal but the guy Didn't want to know about this stuff Back then and I don't know if he ever And I don't think they they know about The etheric aspect of gardening all of It but again this isn't uh you know I Was something I've been into for a long Time you know we're doing food for us And we're planting you know you know Trees and things and and all kinds of Stuff right we just planted some Stone Root my wife and I in our Homestead and We're you know we're doing all kinds of Um my wife is doing tinctures and we're Doing all kinds of things that are you

Know related to this kind of stuff but Isn't as good as transmission and Cleaning right it's two separate things And they go hand in hand they're symb Symbiotic but this isn't the the essence Of sa Mar which is the transmission the Cleaning right so they're not even Setting up for a gathering They're just doing PL you know they're Doing plants and Gatherings are more Important it moved my heart so much and Jittered me from inside Like An Earthquake again sash Mar is subtle and So um this is you know and immediately I Said let's all meditate and I sat in no Time in a fraction of a second they Moved from first to 13th point I felt it In all of them in a fraction of a second Not even a whole sitting not a series of Sittings like with PRI preceptors right And so um I know I moved one point from The preceptor experience I had and That's the work that they do and you Know this is my one validation of the Point system in terms of personal Experience there are some sittings I Gave as a preceptor where I you know I Had experiences of the points and people You know uh being prepared to move Points or being you know the the the Activation of the the point moving was Happening and things like this I had Some experience with that doing some you Know meditations but it's you know not I

Just I you know I can't even remember it Right not profound experiences but you It was there the ideas were there at Least right that this is what was Happening um but very subtle like Nothing that I could say is concrete but My own experience with it is Substantial and you know personal just In terms of personal memory so I've been In Abasi for two years so let me just Say that Dody once told this story story And it was at the uh 2012 Gathering Which was very profound in you know Alwayss because DOI had been nominated As chargie successor in 2011 and in 2012 Chargie had a you know the uh Mission American Mission had their gathering in Chenai India instead of America you Would always be in America every year Just based in the the organization Itself it has to have a a gathering it Has to have an annual meeting and it was Whenever charie came to America there Was you know just in terms of the American laws and they have these laws In every country for these types of Organizations and you have to have an Annual meeting and the members are there Invited you know you can be present at The meeting there are times in 2011 Chargie had the meeting where he was you Know kind of zoomed in before zoom and He you know was there and in like a live Feed and they had a big uh like a you

Know a movie screen they projected it up On the screen like you know you see an Oldfashioned movie and he gave a talk And you know answered some questions or Whatever it was but in 2012 they decided To have it in India the first time they Had an American gathering for America And India so all these people I knew From America went there and it was Profound because dodgy gave this kind of Epic talk and it was the first time he Was being You know shown it cuz he was from America basically he lived in America Since he was 18 and he was his homes you Know his homes was in America and he had You know all these things was the first Time he was being displayed as chargie Successor and he gave a really good talk And but the end of the talk which I've Said you know I've told this story Before he like diverted and they had to Change they were videoing they video you Know they're videotaping The Talk this Is you know they back whatever Technology was there and they had had to Replace the uh video because it was a Long you know I don't know was a long Talk 45 minutes and hour it was a long Talk and so they had to replace the the Uh film and the camera and you know While they were doing that he took a Break and then all of a sudden out of Nowhere he said um that he you know why

Grow food right so this is important to This whole concept too he started Talking about why would you bother Growing food when you could just go to The store and buy it and at that time I Was going to all these people and saying We're going to need food in the future Because of these Whispers messages and We need intergenerational Family Farms You know like a a spiritual Farm These Guru kulms where people live in a Village type things and it'd be nice to Have aasis all working together to do This because I was at the point where I Knew that my family and I couldn't go Forward with homestead without a Community and our community was other Aasis right and so this was an important Important thing that was happening in my Life and you know in terms of my Family's work and so I was you know Trying to get people like basically Recruit them to the so they have this Some kind of future idea and you know Like there could be joint work being Done and people you know you know Pulling together money buying land or Whatever and I made a proposal for the Asham in in Georgia Molina that they Would have Terrace Gardens and years Later my brother would tell me you know I sent this proposal and I can't find it Anywhere so it's gone unless it's on my Old computer somewhere I can you know

Whatever it is it doesn't matter cuz They've sold the property and all those Things but I have I wrote to the people Who are in charge of the asham and I Wrote an extensive proposal on on how to Create a you know Terrace Gardens and my Brother said you know I was walking with Charge and he looked over the hill and He said Terrace Gardens so I was aligned With what his vision was of the asham Where there'd be a Terrace garden and You would be fruit trees and and you Know healing herbs and and other plants You know these permaculture plants and Se you you throw seeds out every year You'd have these seed bombs like a Hundred different seeds and things would Just grow where they where they were Supposed to grow you know this guy's Seth holer you know amongst other Permaculture people so I had done Extensive research now dodgy all into This stuff right but they didn't listen To me years and years ago when I was There first right you know I had this Stuff before they did and you know that Is whatever it is right but now he's Saying that people who are doing these Plantations are going into the central Region from 0.1 to 13 but they're just Doing labor out there that they're told To do they're not Visionaries they're Not you know anything like this it's not Anything to do with the you know the you

Know whatever's going on but so many Years ago dodgy said why grow your own Tomatoes when you could um just go to The store and I got pissed by that like Really upset because he was under my This is the future Master of the system And I knew what we were doing as a Family and what needed to be done Because it aligned with the predictions And prophecies and The Whispers messages And all the things Boby said in reality At dawn and things that chargie has said Over the years in fact in there's a Whispers message where um you know Chargie our babaj says you're going to People in the future are going to have To learn to work with their hands okay So I'm looking I'm looking for that Message but I found this Message first and I'll I'll continue to Look for this other one U but this is uh And I very important message I got to Save this one into my thing I might have To rename it Tuesday SE September 10th 2002 10 a.m. the time has come for human Beings to seriously reflect on the ill Effects of the industrial industrial Civilization that is destructive for the Planet there are many who utter cries of Alarm which are not heard the biggest Polluters close their eyes on this Aspect of things seeing only profit and Their welll LED bank accounts everything Will stop by force of circumstance huge

Cattle clsms will destroy what Constitutes the industrial wealth of This Century the wealth does not benefit The poor countries which are completely Forgotten by the big owners of the World's Capital these comments are not Politically oriented rather we knowe are Irrefutable fact that is serious for the Future of humanity only the power of Raging elements will be able to change The economic system it will have to make Fresh and healthy Health start for the Earth and for human beings by returning To Basics and simplicity through more More human way of working human beings Have lost their taste for effort they Will have to re they will have to Relearn how to make use of their hands Together with their minds this is this Is actually the message the rich will Have lost everything will become very Poor and current poor will be become Even more destitute the only ones to to Keep this their treasure will be those Who have nurtured in their hearts haloed With the Divine love Baba maharage it's Funny because I'm watching the TV show Halo right now um which is you know not Anything to do with this but I just kind Of throw that out there and so you know This is the message here I got to save This and move this so I can find it more Easily next time and it has a lot in There right about you know the reason

Why we would want to have ashrams and People living there that we could Collectively grow food together right And dodgy didn't want any part of that Anyways I just went to eat breakfast I Was talking to my wife about this where He said um and I sat and in no time in a Fraction of a second they moved from 1 To 13th point and she said why doesn't He do that for everyone then why does he Put everybody in the central region Right but going back to this whisper Message and this is really an epic Whispers message right where he's Talking about the collapse of civil Civilization and this comes from the Third Revelation which um you know I don't Know when it was published but they Published the first one in 2005 the First Whispers book they were called First revelation first edition first Revelation second Revelation and so it Was probably around 2008 or N9 and then They started releasing these messages in Order and this is where I saved this one From right so I don't know when it was Originally saved I can look at it here Here um in terms of Uh you know this is a different computer This is back when I had a you know not a Mac um it was um created on May 16th 2017 so that's you know when I first Started having a

Mac um so I don't know when it was Originally put out there but it was Around this time you know that I you Know 2012 when I you know was trying to Get all these people talking to these People people about these things right If they're reading these messages and You either believe them or you don't and You either believe Baba's vision and Reality or Dawn or you don't and some People don't right some people don't Like The Whispers messages but the Masters do and you know people who Believe in chargie you know DOI truther Doesn't like The Whispers doesn't Believe they're to be true but chargie Loved the Whispers chargie was all about The Whispers And so either chargie was Delusional or whatever you know he got Fooled or whatever it is and that kind Of undermines you know the idea that I Mean the whole system then is you know a Failure right then that means that Beyond dodgy then charie got duped by This whisper stuff if the Whispers is Fake then all AAR is fake and you know Chargie is a failure and you know all of It right and so you know it's just it's One of those things you either have to Believe in it or quit right it's like I Mean it's you know chargie came in so Hard about these you know he was so uh You know at first he doubted The Whispers message and he was kind of hurt

That he wasn't the one intercommunion With babaj I've talked about in the past So if you believe in the Masters have Reached some high level of spiritual Attainment you at least the first three Of them you could say Dody had a fall or Whatever and there's you know a lot of Doubt there just because dody's the LI Legitimate representative so does that You know reflect poorly on chargie yeah It does and bobaji sure you know he was Their choice for whatever reason and so Just looking at it the way that we look At being competent this was an Incompetent Choice incompetent successor And maybe there's a reason for it I Believe there is you know I have faith In the system you know there's a plan Here but the plan doesn't isn't very Obvious right now it looks like they Just picked a Dun you know a dud and He's running the system into the ground And then you have to question their Ability to evaluate people and you know See the future when babaj is talking in These Whispers messages like the Future's already written but he does Hint in The Whispers messages I mean not Just hint he basically says he talks About dodgy struggles and that one Message I read recently in one of the Recent uh you know one of these Journey Series videos and then sa Mar having to Be cleansed and some of these other

Things that there was going to be you Know there's a message out there that it Was a system that you know the Organization was going to have to come Back together after like basically Fracturing which is happening like Things with gratefulness meditation is You know the you know that's where People no longer have faith in the Organization and you know other people Some of you whatever and so like all These things but Dody supposedly Believes in these messages in 2012 I Came and I said look you said this thing About gardening it undermines I mean in The American uh you know uh Abasi base We were the only family doing what we Were doing and we were getting all kinds Of push backs so him saying this you Know would be considered he's talking About us without naming us right and my Ex of course always not talking about me Cuz she's you know she couldn't handle Something like that she so it it became Personal for me and I went to confront Him and I was really mad you know I was Just fuming like just you know like just All this anger and I sat in master Char's Cottage waiting for him and the Energy was so I mean there's so much um Positive energy in that Master's Cottage Even more in the cottage and the cottage Is right next to the meditation Hall in Monaco you know back in charie day I'm

Sure it's not the same now but the Energy radiating there it just calmed me Down like I all my anger dissipated I Just felt great like I was like you know But I was still mentally you know and so I confronted Dody about and I said what Our family was doing and he was like so Impressed like oh my God you guys are Doing that because we were actually Taking the whisper Seriously and then um you know I Mentioned Pharmaceuticals and he got Kind of defensive but you know that was What it was but at that point he was Like on board and then things happened Where he you know know whatever turned On you know his opinion of the family And me and all these things but at that Point he was like interested in the Whole thing and he hadn't thought about It that way you know we saying we need Support for you know these things are Going to be necessary we can hear right Here that the people are going to have To work with their hands right they're Going to have to work with their hands And their minds and we can read the Thing again here U I got to find it Because I did something bad with it Um yeah here it is And so um here I got to make it bigger Again because that's the way it goes um But where he says this thing at the end I just going to read the whole thing

Again the time has come from human being To seriously effect on the ill effects Of industrial civilization that is Destructive for the planet we all kind Of know that I mean most people know That there have been many who utter Cries of alarm which are not heard of Course we know That the biggest polluters close their Eyes on this aspect of things seeing Only profit their well- Lin bank Accounts I I think almost everybody Agrees with these things well everything Will stop by force of circumstances huge Cataclysms will destroy what constitutes The industrial wealth of this this Century well you know I believe you know Most people can say yeah I can see that Happening you know that could happen the Wealth does not benefit the poor Countries which are completely forgotten By the big owners of the world's Capital Most people who are aware of it know This you know that the rich get richer And the poor get poor I mean this has Been well documented it's documented you Know in mainstream media even these Comments are not politically oriented Rather we note an irrefutable fact that Is serious for the future of humanity Only the power of raging elements will Be able to change the economic system I Know that to be true because people Don't want to change the system itself

Isn't going to change only that will Change it right um got to make it bigger Again I to here we Go um got find that all right here we go Only that will change it um the future Of May the power agent element will be Able to change the economic system it Will make it will have to make a fresh And Healthy Start for the Earth and Human beings by returning to Basics and Simplicity through a more human way of Working instead of machines and these Things right human beings have lost Their taste for effort they will have to Relearn how to make use of their hands Together with their minds and so you Know that is everything right there Most of the stuff is things that pretty Much every person would agree with and You know this idea that the system would Come down and people would have to go And and relearn how to interact with Nature and grow their own food and these Things it's obvious like what what's Being said here and you know and it's And I think most people could see this As a a realistic possibility the rich Will have lost everything will become Very poor and the current poor will Become even more destitute the only ones To keep their treasure will be those who Have nurtured it in their hearts haloed With Divine love Babaji Maharaj so there It is right and I confronted Dody and he

Kind of agreed with what we were doing So that's fantastic what you're doing Even later on when he was Critical uh Mrs E came up and and Mrs uh C you know the one who uh ended up Spying on me they were talking about our Family dodgy Mrs C and Mrs E and Dody Said you know they they they were right My family and I were right they just Started too early which I can tell you Is clearly not the case because I don't Feel like I started too early like Started too late and you know when You're talking about changing everything That you understand as um you know how You how you sustain yourself in in this Planet and I you know my family and I And what I've done since then what my Wife and I are doing now and I've moved Along with this but I don't feel Prepared for what's coming it's going to Be a big shock and certainly my kids you Know Generations that are coming up are Even worse off they you know they have To be pulled out of their cyber world And just get into the real world before They can even think about working with Their hands and doing primary labor when They can't even do eight hours at McDonald's or something right or 4our Shifts they can't even you know he was a Fool back then like you once you hear These messages you almost you know have To start running towards you know this

Situation because it would take Generations to reclaim our our uh Ancestral you know farming and Homesteading skills and all the communal Things because it's it's not just about The work it's not just about digging a Hole and throwing in a seed and Harvesting the food it's about a Community it's about socialization it's About your orientation to life it's About you know the way that you I mean You consider the way we grew up as Materialistic beings and looking for Success and power and You know money and fame and all these Things that you're you're going after It's the opposite of that it's working Together it's being selfless it's you Know doing the hard work it's Sacrificing it's connecting to the Divine which is the most important it's It's completely oppositional to Everything that we've been trained to do And so you have to start you know moving Towards this and I was you know first Like one of the first people in the Mission to do this and was trying to Bring this back and Dody was being a Douche about it because he was stupid a Fool and and he's gotten worse since Then right he was the wrong guy but now He's into it so much so you know not the Visionary not the people who come up With the you know the blueprint and see

A you know can come up with a a Comprehensive plan to move this forward Like I didn't get to move from 1 to 13 And uh you know a millisecond or Whatever it was that he said there a Fraction of a Second um you know a fraction of the Second but these women did and you know You know these women who labor there and And they're good workers right but again They're just doing the work this is they Work hard every day and they're not very You know they're unevolved see there's People there that are you know they're Just they don't have enough protein and I mean chargie talked about this you Know I mean they suffer from Malnutrition they're you know between Like three you know 4 foot and five foot You know three inches tall they small People they live in these Huts they Untouchables you know people who are and They don't have abstract thought they're Uneducated they don't have you know They're illiterate and they do this hard Labor and there's so many of them right They just work really hard like they Squat on the ground with these brooms Made out of like grasses you know like Hard grasses like weed or something and They're bound together and they sweep These places right they'll sweep the Walkways and they're squatting while They're doing it and like any of us who

Try to do that activity I mean our legs Would be in pain and we couldn't you Know we could do 10 ft of uh of the path And they do like you know they do you Know football fields length so this path You know sweeping these Paths of all the Dirt and leaves and things off of them So they can look nice right they do These primary labor jobs that you see Here with agricultural workers right When you talk to these people they're Very simple uneducated and they're you Know they can be pure and simple you Know nice I mean there's good things About them but they're not you know they Don't have this you know capacity for Evolution and you know it's not like They were some great soul in a past life And you know maybe they're even first Timers right you know almost like Animalistic maybe they were you know an Animal in a past life right they're you Know the whatever it is um but they're Not very involved and you see these People all the time and what they're Good at is PL primary labor and I value These people because I've you know done The primary labor and I've seen people Who work much better than I do and I Appreciate their work ethic and their Ability to do this work whatever it is Physical labor You know and we depend on these people In our society to harvest food till they

Have robots to do it for them to harvest Food planting you know these Agricultural workers who work very Cheaply you know sometimes not even on a I mean I pick tobacco and you know years Ago I was in high school and there was a Suburban kids that were this was their Summer job and then there were kids There uh kids from you know there were Like uh you know kids from uh various Places of you know Hispanic kids or Adults actually actually that were doing Some of the work and there was these um You know I was in Connecticut and there Was these kids called Pas these were you Know 20 year olds we were in high school And they were 20 year olds and they were From Pennsylvania and they're dirt poed People from Pennsylvania and we were Getting paid like $246 an hour was like the same amount of Money I worked waiting tables but Without tips and it was called Agricultural pay and it was underneath It was below You minim minimum wage minimum wage is Like four bucks back then and they could Pay people less than minimum wage and we Were high school kids so we didn't care We were just screwing around with these People who were migrant workers and People poor people from Pennsylvania Mountains region right these people were You know like Hillbillies from

Pennsylvania and they came in and they Outworked us they produced four times What we did because they would get extra Compensated there was a bent of tobacco You know was a you know was like 20 feet Was a bent you know there was poles Holding up these tobacco Nets and you Know the whole thing I don't need to get Into it but these bents were if if you Uh for every bent you got an extra Couple of cents so they were like Minimum that you were supposed to do and So they had local kids who would pick And we would just you know we you know We with our friends and it it was Horrible work like we had to sucker the Plants which was there was two sucker Leaves that had to come off the tobacco Plant when the plant was very young and We we' push through the the bents the You know the the rows and on our butts Like you know doing crab walk and your Butt would hurt by the end of the day Right because you're sliding around on It you know even even though we weren't Doing it really fast and going around And sucker in the plants and you would Do it you know you keep up with your Friends right so you know there were Some like you had to do it you know to Some extent but these other people these Other groups of people that were there Were blowing through these you know they Were doing it and then the next thing

Was you were on your knees and you're Picking the first leaves and these Leaves were for the the uh outer level Layer of where the cigars were being Wrapped by a tobacco leaf so these were Specific plants for the leaves that went Around the tobacco the where well the Cigars um like if you know you're Smoking a cigar the the outer the outer Leaf of the cigar that wraps the other Tobacco in it right and so we would go Down the row and we' pick it and we have To put them in a certain row and our Knees would hurt by the end of the day And then you were standing up like it Were sort of squatting standing up when The leaves like because the plants got Higher and Higher and you'd go down the Thing you and there's two leaves on Either side you pick the leaves and you Put them in these paths and you had this Sort of thing you dragged out and all These things but these guys got paid a Lot more money not a lot more they they Were incentivized to get like you know I Mean they were probably making another Dollar an hour and they were like Killing it like they you know and so I Appreciate you know I've seen this Personally You Know Rich Kids versus the Poor people less fortunate people who Work harder we have this with migrant Workers All Over America like American Kids aren't going to do the work that

These migrant kids would do because of The difference in their circumstances Right and with malnutrition and you know Whatever's going on with their souls and Where they are in the process you know It's valuable work and we all need it to Happen and we shouldn't undermine or you Know look down on it but these people Aren't evolved right they they're you Know they're not consciously Intellectually evolved or spiritually Evolved and they're moving along right There are wherever they are and so to Take six of these women and put them in The central region in a in a you know in A a fraction of a second right when it Took ly seven months and like that's Just you know I mean that was whatever That was right but Boby took 20 years And most of us don't move you know very Substantially along these points right Jesus moved from 0.1 to point2 and that Was it and I guess he had some sort of Spiritual fall you know Bob didn't want To disrespect these previous Masters but He said all of them but a couple who he Named were all at point two all the Religions all these people they were Either between 0.1 or0 2 or at0 2 that's As far as they got 45 years of spiritual Evolution by self-effort but in the Sark System with the well the push that you Get from the transmission it is Something more substantial right you

Know you can go from 0.1 to 13 well the Way that it's said is that it takes 45 Years to get from 0.1 to 0.2 and then From0 2 to. 3 45 time 45 and that's some Thousands of years whatever and then That number times another 45 to get to 04 and then to get to 0.5 that number Times 45 so you get into like a million Years and what chargie said was that you Know when you are a human being before You're a human being your evolution is Your spiritual evolution is automatic it Just happens over time as you evolve Through the various life forms or Whatever it is to get to human life and Then you have human life where you can Go as far as you can you can go as far As you your self-effort and whatever Your situation is and then after that You what after you are liberated from Human life it becomes automatic right Because there's two things here there's Liberation which happens when you get to Point 6 in the mind region and some you Know uh Jesus was liberated at 02 so it Can happen you know whatever Liberation Is is it could happen at different you Know whatever it is um in terms of the Points it can be compensated for after You die like you could be at point two And Bob could liberate you you know he Could put you up uh you know to The Liberation level if you know I mean he Was conscious of your death and there

Was you know a certain time period Whatever there I don't want to get into That too much uh because I don't really You know it's not something I know about Just what I've heard what was talked About in the in the system right but you Get up to point 6 and then you're Liberated from 6 to3 where you merge Into to God where which is Li of vasta You know God realization where you Complete your journey back to the source And that's you know the end of what you Do on this plane of existence That is on a spiritual plane that's Related to the physical worlds and so if You're in the physical worlds you have You're at this you know in the spiritual Uh the spiritual regions that exist you Know these Realms where your soul is and There's levels in this thing you know There's your soul is moving along in This etheric world related to where you Are in the physical world in terms of Your spiritual Evolution but if you Merge into God and you're you're at the Highest level of this realm on a Spiritual level and then there's higher Levels spiritually there's a guy who Came down called The Foreigner he was he Was above this materialistic realm and He came back from this realm and he gave A message to this woman right the medium So that's kind of interesting but you Know it takes like a million years and

With the Sark system and it isn't Because we're being rewarded for good Work it's because it's either this or Wipe Humanity out completely and start Over like that's what's being you know That's the either human beings are going To rise up to their spiritual potential They're going to throw off their Tendencies towards lower level Behavior You know the things that we engage in Right the materialism and US egoism and Things and we're not able to rise up to Our spiritual potential which is all is There in all of us and you know Bob Talked about the subspecies you know I Read that that Whispers so you know I Guess I'll can read that here again so Um let me I found this one I luckily I Saved it better now so I always be able To find this one but this is from The Whisperers Prophecies um I just read this in my Other video for my regular channel Sunday March 4th 201110 a.m. my dear Daughter concerning these prophecies you Must write what we dictate without Having any qualms you cannot check the Soundness of what we are telling you Some of our comments confirm assertions You have read from other sources which Themselves include some of ours The best inspired ones being written by Mediums having access to well-informed Sources great upil occurred on this

Planet time and time again they made Life evolve into various forms Terrifying species inhabit this planet That screenwriters of science fiction Movies cannot even imagin the humanoid Kingdom is rather recent it was not About spontaneous generation but it was An experiment generated by Superior Beings and has evolved with time present Researchers who eyes are riveted on test Tubes would be astounded if they Discovered the true reality of mankind This is there is no question here of an Upper race as they believe the sub race Tries to work its way up to the higher Level with God's help there is every Hope of success there's a lot to do all Kinds of commit committed persons have Devoted themselves to it Eden will not Happen in a hurry but a high level Embryotic Consciousness is germinating And growing in this world so as to reach A Poss Poss a possible full blooming in A very distant future bajy and so you Know there's aliens that experimented With test tubes and produced a you know Human being which has been documented I Talked about Lloyd pi and these things And I included that in my last um you Know my last version of this uh you know The journey series and so um you know This explains a lot and explains where People are and a tendency to go to the Lower level because you know if there is

An animal being bred with a higher Developed being then you have these two Tendencies you have animalistic Tendencies and then you have the higher Level consciousness of an evolved Spiritual you know spiritually evolved Uh and uh you know a a material Physically evolved mentally evolved Being right and so whatever we are and Whatever human beings are here those are The things that we have and we have the Capacity for the higher Which we you know have this Technological development things we have A and you know spiritually but we Embrace the lower and it will'll get to A point which we have come to now where We're in danger to the universe because We have nuclear weapons and higher Levels of technology and lower level Animalistic Tendencies and mental Illness and all these other things that We have and just a deviation from God And and the natural order of things and We weren't created in some sort of Longtime evolutionary process but it was Already rushed and you know if they're Making slaves then it was a rush job Like it's you know and there's all that So all that's there right this is you Know and there's a chance that we can Evolve and move up to a higher level of Consciousness or that we'll be wiped out Altogether because we're a danger to the

The natural order of things like and That's happened before isn't the first Time a species has been deemed you know A failed experiment and is wiped out and So so that's what's on the table and This gift of the SJ Mark system and Moving people along in these points to Higher levels of consciousness and again There are people who were moved into These higher level regions and dropped Out like a fly right they they've Dropped like a stone not dropped like a Fly they've dropped like a stone because You're giving people thousands of years 45 years of evolution so when I got my Sittings to be a preceptor I had already Devoted myself to this practice I was Getting individual sittings uh once a Week and I was going to S two satson and I was doing my meditation every day and My cleaning every day the way it was Said I did my practice without fail Doing the 900 p.m. prayer which almost Nobody was doing and nobody does I did It you know I mean the way it was Supposed to be done to the best of my Ability for two years and then I went to See chargie in India whatever it was you Know maybe I guess it was 2 years and I Went to see chargie in India and I went Through horrific cleaning where I got Sick and I wasn't digesting water even Water was flowing right through my Digestive system you know I mean going

Right through and not even going you Know where water usually would go Through the kidneys and the you know That process but going right out you Know the other end right so that was you Know I was at at risk of dehydrated and Dying and I you know went through it I Was going through all kinds of cleaning Was frustrated just you know miserable Through this you know five week Excursion and I went to leave right cuz I you know was even I was supposed to C Charge you about being a preceptor but You know I I wasn't given proper Instructions of what to do and socially I wasn't you know great and all these Things like I didn't know what I was Doing and I went to leave and he said I Was going to make you a preceptor I'm Like well I'm leaving he's like well can You you know like basically I said all Right well I can see if I can stay and Next thing I know there's a phone in my Hand and I was talking to someone on the Airlines they had already dialed the Number for me you like this stuff and I Was able to move my flight till um like Thursday day it was like you know Tuesday or it was Wednesday or Monday Whatever it was and the next period of Days I went through intense cleans I got Eight sittings from you know special Preceptor sittings from these higher Developed the you know higher uh you

Know full preceptors all of them whom Were in the mine region and Beyond this You know were on higher level regions Who had higher level will force and deep Cleaning I mean it was intense right and I got three of these sittings of the Five sittings from chargie and the last One was really intense and I've Described it before and I went through a Whole like you know he was I mean the Force of his will pulling out grossness So that I could be moved one point and Then the charging of that point so I Could you know give sittings was intense Like it was you know a wonderful Experience you know one of my most Blissful moments I've had in my life Right I mean maybe the most one I mean It was just wow this is real it was like This is real you know like I already Knew it was real but this was an Experience of being real and so I Experienced a a movement from point1 to Point 2 and then afterwards it took me Some time to adjust to what had happened Inside myself what this internal journey And 45 years of spiritual Evolution and A Charged point to you know transmit it Took me a while to adjust and then I was Told that these people were made full Preceptors like they went almost you Know mad because it was such an Adjustment to what they were before Before they were put in the higher level

Regions of the mine region and it was You know an adjustment right you know All these things so you know it's a big Deal it's not like something that just You know like I said Bobby he tried to Move this guy seven points and you know He almost killed the guy after moving Him four points I mean there's a an Unnaturalness to the Sark system where You don't go through the natural flow of Uh you know the painstaking flow of Moving up slowly I I mean it's like Having the bends when you're at the Bottom of the ocean you come up too Quickly I guess that's not even a good Example because that's not you know this Is about Evolution right let's say you Took a you know a a mouse and gave it 180 IQ you know it just well I mean Wouldn't know what to do with it right It's not prepared for that you're not Prepared for the spiritual Evolution and So many people including Master Char's Father and Casey vachari who were in the Central region and all these six Preceptors in in uh Denmark who were put In to the mine region they all fell and They had to be put back in chargie was Put into the mine region and fell out And had to be put back to the Mind Region and and Bob you talked about it Being spiritual gravity and you know These things that happen and so you know All of that is part of the stories of

SAR all of the the stuff I've just told You and and so much more and things that Probably I don't know about lots of Things I don't know about and so for Dodgy to come in and say these laborers Who are you know double digit IQ people You know simple people and they know Just physical labor they're not you know Maybe like I said they're illiterate They're not you know and they're doing This labor that's not even about the the Mission itself they're they're building These forests which are admirable admir Admirable but they're not part of the Spiritual work I mean they are and they Are't right they're you know they're Material work that's related to I mean Building these asham and things and it's It's volunteer work and it's I mean it's all you know it's it's Positive but the spiritual work happens Internally and so these women who just Happened to be working outside of dody's Window and doing this work that was Unrelated to an upcoming Gathering or Any of these things they were put in the Central region and somehow charie lived His whole life according to DOI and Wasn't there or whatever had a fall or Whatever he's trying to insinuate right And so the guy's just an absolute piece Of crap like it's you know like Nobody the story does not go with the Rest of all the things that we know

About the points and the you know what You're supposed to do to move forward on Your spiritual Evolution and spiritual Gravity and you know that these women Would move quicker than babag and ly Just because they planted some trees and They're you know I mean they're again Low Consciousness people low energy you Know low intelligent people and they Just dug some holes and they're Outworking men and they go from the Point it's just stupid it's just like no Doesn't jive with all the rest of it and Then now he says there's three extra Points he's added three points you know So the guy's a like complete I mean just I'm not just moronic but I don't know if He has like Dementia or whatever's going On so much so that they had to scrub This video that the video was up and This has happened time and time again With him they had to take something down Because what he says is a lie like he's Lied so many times about inter Communting with bajy and you just made Things up the brighter Minds program and It undermines everything it makes you Doubt the whole system like you either Believe in the yatra points or you don't And you know if you haven't experienced Anything in them and I've only had Limited experience you know in terms of The yatra process I mean I've had you Know vibrations at the central region

And various places where I felt work was Being done on this point or that point So I've experienced that but it's you Know it's not concrete you know I can't Have I can't say I have concrete Experience with a lot of these things But certainly I have enough experience To know that at least up into what I Experienced at 0.1 and point two and Being made a preceptor that was real Like I know that that you know that Whatever he talks about there's things He talks about that you know I can say I Trust this guy and I believe in him but I didn't experience it but what I did Experience was you know validation for The system and it was you know it's no Easy task to go through the cleaning it Takes to move in these points you know Dodgy at this going back to this Original Talk uh Dody gave in 2012 and he was talking about how great Char he was and how the work was going And now all this stuff is suspect right Because Dody just you know makes things Up but Dody said um that there was a Woman from a village that didn't have a Precept or some region some area in India that didn't have a precept And people you know preceptors brought This woman to chargie to make her into a Preceptor and DOI said he read the Woman's condition and she was just gross Like really heavy with grossness right

And um and you know he said you know and Charie said he was going to make her a Preceptor and dodgy said you know this Crazy old man I was you know he's trying To you know be you chargie had done this In the past like talking about bobi like This like calling him an old man or Whatever like trying to be you know uh Like it's a weird humor thing that they Do this you know they're so respectful Of the elders that the joke is them Being sort of disrespectful or or Whatever but he said uh you know what's This crazy old man taking on that how is He going to make this woman into a Preceptor she's so gross and she said by The time the woman walked past charie he Had completely cleaned her system you Know and what I had gone through for Cleaning was ex you know excessive so I'm like wow that's amazing right Because you know the some scars have to Be burned off and lived it's not just That everything can be cleaned without You having some repercussions like you Have to go through things like bobi Saying he had to he could change the if You were supposed to be stabbed you Could change the knife into a pen right And so you go through things but he said He cleaned the woman completely and he Had already started the yatra process The soul was starting to you know move From point1 to point two and you know

This was a big talk he gave like during That you know that talk that he Criticized anybody who gardened and at That time dodgy was gardening he had a Garden at his home in New York right and He had a you know a garden next to he Had a organic farm next to he had bought Land next to the ly Memorial Mega school And so um you know he was into farming Like it was you know I don't know like He just stupid stuff uh he's just all Over the place is what I'm saying but he Was talking about this amazing process About this woman who chargy cleaned and Was starting the yacha process you know But I don't believe these things because Dodgy is no longer credible but that's a A huge jump for where he's talking about These women who are planting digging Holes and move from 01 to 13 right none Of these things align together and so When he talks about things like that he Makes the whole system for those people Who believe he's the master he loses Credibility all of it loses credibility And you no longer can just go on trust Because you know you have to have your Own experience to validate the system You have to feel the transmission first Of all and that's for that's basically For everybody but then you have to Experience some of these other things Because now it's all in doubt and if There are people who are scrubbing which

There are dodgies buffoonery then they Know he's a putt they know he's like Either they don't believe in it and They're just trying to manage some guy Because it's a cash cow or whatever or Whatever they're doing but they realize This guy's not you know I mean he's just Lying and he's either delusional or he's Lying or whatever he believes these lies Or like he seems like a pathological Liar he just makes things up he's done That you know when he read my condition And said I was stuck in 0 five and you Know I was hallucinating because I was a Truther and you know this stuff like he Just makes things up like he and he's Done this before there was a story my Brother told there's these two famous Inner Circle guys that around chargie And they were just tired of Dody being All like you know anal about his Spiritual like he would he would say When he got a cting okay you you can Clean this point but don't touch this Point and you know he would say all These things to a preceptor giving him a Sitting right and he was kind of Meticulous about these things and they Didn't you know they didn't they were Always messing with them and so they Came and they said oh man we're so gross We need to be cleaned you know and they Had just come back from chargie and they Had clean conditions so they were just

Effing with dodgy you know Commish and He gave them a sitting and they said Were we really gross and he said yeah You guys were so gross and you're lucky To be cleaned and they said haha we just Saw charge you liar and he said well no I didn't read your condition I just you Know did it based on what you said my Brother told me that story before KES Was nominated and you know I thought Highly of Kes at that time because I had That experience at the airport but you Know then he got nominated as successor Later on but that was a story I was told You know years and years ago and you Know this guy has a predisposition to Make things up and lie and they know it And you know he's fundamentally Dishonest and he's wrong about lots of Stuff and then he's you know like Whatever and they know it and they're Managing and handling the guy anyways I Got to wrap this up I'm getting tired But you get the idea okay so I was Watching this show um which I just Mentioned in the voice over called um Halo which is based on a video game and It is a a great show for something That's based on a video game I was Really surprised at how well done it is I don't know very much about the game Halo I asked my son about it and it's Not even you know it's an older game That people don't kids don't play

Anymore for the most part at least in Terms of his uh you know he's a video Game person but anyways in the show There was a woman who's Indian and I Think she's from English descent And she says something about being dodgy Right and it's interesting because she's Indian I have that previous meme from Another English show about they Ed the Word dodgy quite a bit and then there's The most recent meme from Dody himself And so let me run those three memes Right here because now you know dodg is A part of a meme because he's so Ridiculous right he's such a fool that He's being memd And you know I over the years I could Have done more memes I mean there's so Many things he's said that's stupid but You know now he's just you know clowning Himself but here they Are this is dirty business all of it sex Sex sex sex all the Time something smells Dodgy okay um so I got a bunch of stuff To show you that doy truther sent me a Um a video of Dody on a CNN and like That's great because of the busyness of The the news in India it's kind of Hilarious and he says some more goofy Stuff there tells um he says how he Tells young people not to trust him or Believe in him or whatever same thing um And different but then he's um

Celebrating Rama and a temple or a you Know whatever something that's going up For Rama and he's doing a special City To inaugurate that cuz he's all Religious and um so I got a bunch of Clips that I saw this morning I was I've Been looking for that the points 1 to 13 Um you know it's really important uh you Know I if I get that video I'll probably Make I my intention right now is to make A video and name it like dodgies a fraud And put it up on the gratefulness Meditation Channel Channel and just Leave it out there for aasis to see Because when he says things like that And I'll document all these other things He said where he just lies right makes Up stories and lies and you know he just Um in one of these uh videos which You'll see he says that his Guru charged Temples which is the opposite idol Worship he just makes stuff up like he Just it's stupid like it's just you know Um like he just doesn't you know he has No filter and he's just gone and he just Like I don't know if he's reality based Or what's happened to him but anyways um That's all coming in just a a bit I got To put those up here and edit them I Don't think I'll do that today today is January 20th Saturday uh and then I made a video you Know I have this series of videos that I Made in case I die that people can go

Watch those right that they're Specifically you know related to that One video in particularly like a video I Don't remember it so much now but you Know I had this idea that I'd make a Video in case I died or my YouTube Channel like I couldn't make videos Anymore I disappeared and then there Would be these um videos that would sort Of address all that and I'm going to put That latest video that's going on that Playlist it has a lot to do with Everything here a little bit different Of course I'll put that in a uh I just Released that today it's called I'm Dying which you know it isn't that I'm Dying you know terminally that we're all Dying right it talks about being Grateful for what we have and being Aware that you know death is waiting us All and then so much more so that's Going to be in the end of this you know After I ended all these Clips and I wanted to address one thing I was already thinking about this I I Was already going to address this and Then one of my viewers commented about This it has to do with my brother and The person says hey Paul you've been Mentioning your brother a bit lately I Was re pairing trim on my garage last Summer and I was listening to you the Topic was your brother that managed to Kind of be a slease ball on occasion you

Stand still manage to make him seem Charming and lovable goofball you love Your brother very apparent even while Expressing disdain for his behavior hope You have a great day Paul and then Somebody wrote below that this made me Cry um you know a different commenter You know I was going to talk about this Anyway and this was a good comment to to Uh you know uh to start this off so I Was thinking about this maybe three or Four days ago and the reason I don't Have contact with my brother so our Relationship has been you know Where we would have there's times I live With my brother there are times I was Around him quite a bit and then he left His marriage you know his family which Was my second family my nephews were Like my you know Brothers they were Closer to me in age than um my you know My my real my real siblings right my my Three sisters and my brother were all Older than me there's a 10 there's a 10-year gap between me and my older Sister and a six-year gap between me and Um Peter's first son and you know I Spent time living there after I dropped Out of college for the first time with His family and then I was just around Them a lot we played basketball there's You know uh you know they were like U You know like a like a family second Family to me I mean they were family but

Also like a a family my brother was in Some ways a father figure you know he's 17 years or older than me and you know a Mentor in different ways and certainly For the truth community and things like This but my brother's you know a bit Much as people would say and you know I Have problems with my family in general That I have to just stay away from them Cuz they bring me down likely just has Been that way forever and my brother Started doing sash Marg there was some Jealousy towards me from him and you Know cuz I could feel the transmission He couldn't and you know that was always A problem and he would just disappear so We'd have contact and then he'd Disappear and we'd have contact and you Know he' disappear that I was you know Overwhelmed by my you know marriage to My crazy ex and all that stuff right um You know just that life and so you know There was we'd have intermittent contact And then he would disappear for a while We'd see each other Gathering and then It would you know and that was normal And when we were con we were talking you Know we were in contact the last time The last Phase we you know I was kind of just Being there for him because he was going Seen is or he's gotten old and he would Just repeat the same stories like he Would tell me a story and two weeks

Later he'd tell me the same story and so You know the stories sometimes it like I'd hear a story five times within a Year And he was repeating the same thing Sometimes the stories would even change To some extent right and he didn't Really listen to me and I was trying to Help him with his hell stuff that I knew About and he never really listened to me Anyway so he's not you know so that Wasn't really great for me but he was Giving me information about the mission Which was sometimes interesting but Mostly I was concerned about you know There's this sort of respect for elders Thing that you have and you know I he Was all up alone at this asham with no Real support system he has kind of a Support system that they've you know They've sucked and the asham is kind of Condemned and he was going through stuff With that when I first started to talk To him he was um You he told me the story that he had met This woman he's always been kind of a Womanizer person and um she was he said She was they met playing pickle ball and I had no idea what pickle ball was then That was the first time I ever heard of It you know and he was into pickle ball My brother was a good athlete and He was playing pickle ball with her and He met this woman he goes oh she's drop

Dead gorgeous and I'm like like she's 70 You Know I mean emphasis on the drop dead And they were going to get married she Was like from Costa Rica or something And you know whatever and they were Going to get married and that fell Through like something happened and you Know and I think it had to do with the Ashro and him not wanting to leave and Whatever but they you know like that was For the first four months and you know I'd hope that he'd get married and get Out of that asham because you know I Mean it was just a disaster of course Now I know even more so that him being Tied to the mission and these you know These guys who are around dodgy are his Support system and they have been for a While and so it's not a good situation At all and he's relying on them for his Kind of retirement and you know he had Doesn't have a lot of money and you know He has money from you know monthly Income from you know being a veteran of Vietnam War he's got a little bit of Retirement social security but he's you Know not well off and I mean I'm sure he Could afford apartment or something Somewhere but he doesn't you know have Somebody to look after him he's got Three kids that you he still talks to But when he left his wife their mom he Became sort of estranged for them and

They're they're quite a distanced away He has a woman an Indian woman that you Know he's friends with they're younger Woman and she has been sort of his Support system but you know I you know I Wanted to be there in case he had some Issues Um just because he's older and you know That's what you're supposed to do and That was part of my you know continuing Contact with him and then you know I was Getting information and whatever and He's lonely up there and you know just Sometimes you take one for the team but The conversations weren't great for me Like you know I mention him in videos And you know sometimes you provide Information that was important to the You know what I was saying talking about Here but you know he's he's not all There and you know all this stuff and it Was you know kind of sometimes times the Conversations left me kind of drained And feeling bad um but you know that Wasn't enough to cut him off or any of These things but you know when I was Getting ready now now I see it you know I kind of sensed it then you know and I Knew it maybe I even said something About it then but I now know it for Certain that he is so you know like he's He's inflexible in his understanding of The master as a human being and you know These Masters are just you know God in

Human form and there's different ways That people have relating to the master And he's just one of those you know People of whatever the master does and Says is coming from God and you know I Had already seen dodgy make a bunch of Screw-ups and Dody had done things that Hurt me and you know they I mean bad Things like the you know getting kicked Out of his birthday gathering and you Know his these preceptors that were Spying on me and just these things the Way Dody handled them you know I'd Already seen that Dody wasn't really That great and you know I was hoping That he would he would you know I knew He had the spiritual work done so I hop That he would evolve into something you Know I was hoping that he was just his Human side and he just wasn't there yet Because I wasn't around charie when he Was first made Master but before he was Made master so it wasn't a fair Comparison because when I met charie he Was already good 8 to 10 years into his Mastery and he was you know and I didn't I mean I was coming in without a lot of You know uh personal contact with him And knowledge of the system so by the Time I had real any personal contact With charie he was a good 15 years into His Mastery right so it wasn't fair to Care compare Dody to him but Dody Certainly sucked I you know showed signs

Of sucking on different levels and I Couldn't talk to my brother about that Which kind of sucked but you know once I Did what I've done now which is uh Realize that dodging she's fallen and You know the whole stuff with Gratefulness Meditation I knew that I couldn't talk To my brother like I just couldn't and You know it was good that we were Already you know I mean this was about Covid the the thing that was the Tipping Point was my brother was really anti you Know what anti the Boop and then he was Into masks which was strange but he Denied Dody being into the Boop that Dody was recommending or making it man For for the the Boop and it was you know He was going to put Peter in a situation My brother in a situation where he would Have to have the Boop to be the Caretaker I mean that's what ended up Happening right that you couldn't be at The ash unless you were you know you Were Bated and so um you know my brother was Um you Know he was like he would have trouble Dealing with that cuz he was so anti Boop from his experience in Vietnam and He would wouldn't admit that Dody was Into this and I don't think he my Brother would ever get it maybe he did I Don't know I mean it's you know he was

Putting a bad position now but he was Denying things that I was sending him Links and he was like saying well Dody Didn't mean anything by that or dod you Didn't really say what he said these Things and then I was just you know like I just like I can't talk to you anymore You know it's just you know I just Couldn't and and then that just stuck Because of course what happened was with The brighter mind scam you know you Can't talk to somebody who like let's Say I was a scientist and really into The round earth model I work for NASA or You know I was Flat Earth or either one I couldn't talk to the other side you Couldn't talk to the other side if You're a an ARD in flat earther you Can't have a conversation with a NASA Person right and vice versa you know if I was really into Trump it's hard to Talk to somebody who's really hates Trump and into Biden right so you know And this is is even more extreme than That like you just you know you can go Down the line of things where you know People are um you know are in Oppositional points of view me realizing Dody had fallen made it impossible for Me to talk to my brother right and you Know he would just undermine all the Other stuff that's happening you know if My brother realized DOI was a piece of Whatever he was then my brother would be

So negative towards everything you know There was a time where my brother was so Unhappy as the asham caretaker That every time I talked to him all he Did was complain about obosi and Preceptors and other people and I just Couldn't talk to him anymore because it Was just all negative and he was you Know when he couldn't feel the Transmission he used to complain about The system all the time you know from a Point of view that you know like he he Was into it but couldn't feel the Transmission and he blamed it on Everybody but his his lack of Sensitivity right it couldn't be him you Know the mission wasn't real so you know At this point I and you know I cut my Myself off from everybody who's into Dodgy and anybody posted dodgy stuff I Unfriended on Facebook and all that you Know because I just don't want to hear It right and I you know I I blocked all These messages and things I mean you Know now I I'm okay with you know it's Dody's fallen so much it doesn't bother Me anymore because now there's just like You know no sense of anything good there Like it's he's completely just gone and He just sucks like I mean every time he Goes out speaks he says something that's You know either a lie or just wrong Factually in the Sark you know Understanding the things and just

Whatever it might be and they just he He's so inarticulate and bad at at Telling retelling these stories and you Know doing all these things but in terms Of my brother like it just you know That's the main reason like whatever you Know Duty that's there whatever um you Know I me there's something that chargie Said that the the only reason to get Divorced was if the person was blocking You spiritually like even in abusive Situations if that wasn't blocking your Spiritual progress then you were Supposed to stay right you know and Again I don't he didn't say that Specifically but usually if there's Abuse the person is undering your Spiritual connection so you know it's It's kind of the same thing but you know People in your life that block your Spiritual connection and undermine your Connection to God have to go like people Who are not supportive of it or you know Do things to block your ability to do These things right and you know that's I Mean it doesn't mean they have to do What you're doing or any of these things But people who are you know pulling you Away from that or trying to turn you Away or bad influence on you and you Know my brother has kind of been that Way for me I mean he's always been kind Of jealous and you know rooting against Me in different times you know not to be

A preceptor some of these other things And you know which was you know kind of Sucky on his part Uh but like that all you know it all Came down to this thing with dodgy and You know me seeing dodgy for what he is And my brother being in denial about it And you can't those two those two views Of reality can't Coexist you know and I I just felt a Sense of relief too with the whole you Know I just don't have any energy for That right like for him like I just you Know given all the stuff with that's Happened in the mission you know and I Just I don't want to hear about the Mission you know from him at his point Of View and these things I just can't You know I don't have it in me anymore Like I did for a bit you know when it Was when we were talking and there was Some value in it and whatever it might Be but you know for me now it's just I Don't have energy for a one-sided Relationship right and you know I still Love my brother and hope he's you know I Hope like he finds whatever but I mean He's kind of lost and and just it's a Difficult thing with him right like I I Believe he's made spiritual progress Based on the work he did at the asham And I think he you know he he excelled From the kind of person he was restless And you know womanizing having a sexual

Addiction and you know goreaphobia and You know all the things that he's gone Through internally you know he's just Gross stuff the stuff with Vietnam I Mean you know I mean whatever like his Proclivity towards some like depraved Stuff and you know his restlessness I Mean really restless person and yet he Stuck it out like he you know I mean Someone who really did not enjoy the Meditation you you know like he said to Me one time you everyone here says that They love to meditate but no one loves To meditate you know it's s like eating Chocolate you everyone wants to eat Chocolate but you know you know like He's just talking About you know like meditation like People were lying and weren't feeling Anything cuz he couldn't feel it and I'm Like no we can actually we look forward To these meditations and enjoy them Right you know sometimes you know you Drag your feet a little bit but you know When you do it you're like oh my God It's so great like he wasn't missing out On that right which sucks for him you Know but at least he stuck it through You know and these things you know but He's not my problem like it's just you Know at this point you it's not you Can't carry anybody with dodgy Folly you Know when there was a master there it Was something different the master was

There carrying people and carrying the Mission but now there's no master it's Like you know you got to you got to be Treading Water yourself and just you I Mean it's hard enough to do that given You know what's happened without the Infrastructure and the you know the Sittings and these things you know I've Set up the gratefulness meditation to to Help people but there's no you know People have to you have to do it right You have to you have to be proactive you Have to go after it otherwise you'll Just you can't do it right you can't you Can't rely and be passive and you can't Be a dead weight and sinking and you Know expecting to be pulled up to the Surface right you have to tread water Yourself and you know so that's you know The reason my brother and I are in Contact is that I mean at least for my End and you know I've said things that I Mean he you know doesn't want me he Wouldn't want me to say right like I've Given my opinion that was you know part Of it I started doing the journey series As well this was the other piece to it And I felt like I had to say things that You know my brother was jealous of me You know I mean when I was made a Preceptor and things like this and you Know different parts and I couldn't Leave that out like it was essential for Me to be honest with the journey series

And you know I knew when my nephews Listen to my videos occasionally and you Know he didn't but you know he'd hear About it and it would be whatever and so Like I just didn't want to deal with That like you know I I mean I you know Wasn't doing it to hurt his feelings or To you know say anything negative about Him I was just doing it because um you Know was part of my journey like it was Part of the journey and I couldn't leave It out and anyways so um there's these Things coming up here let me go to the The clips and then I'll get into the Other Video okay okay so um this uh video was Posted by Somebody I guess if in Chicago but it Looks like it is from CNN news 18 in India and they have very busy things Going on in their news channels like They just you can see it here um DOI Says something 100 100 hours non-stop Coverage right and they got this you Know they have a I guess it's Krishna I Don't know he asked about Rah in the Beginning And because of that our life really gets Enriched in in just few seconds and I Often tell my friends especially young Young sisters and brothers that please Uh don't believe in me you must dissect Yoga please don't believe in me well That's not

Hard I tell my young sisters and Brothers please don't believe in me you Know well what do you mean like They should believe in you like you're Not trustworthy what person says that oh Don't believe in me right you know Like don't believe in me I'm a liar and I you know whatever I am right you must Dissect religion and spirituality like a Scientist you must experiment with it And come to your own conclusion through Your own personal Experience let your heart become the Laboratory and your own outcome yourself With the yeah but that's they whether They believe in you or not you know they Have to believe in you to do that I mean You're telling them to do something Please don't believe in me but do your Own experiment right you can say like Yeah you're not going to believe in me Or whatever you should own this thing But saying don't believe in you makes it Sound like you're not trustworthy or You're you know or all of it right and They have to believe in you to do the Experiment result of the that experiment And see if you like your new product or Not your new Version Dai final question if I may u Jamban was there to wake up Hanan and Brought out his Consciousness he woke he Realized his poten this a lot to do with Rah he asked about Rah in the beginning

It said Rah and Earth or for for India Um so I don't know like Rah is Krishna And Rah are both in cardians of Vishnu But there's Rah people ramayana people And there's mahabarata Krishna people Right will this pran pratista wake up Bhat do you see this all you know Allowing bhat to wake up to its Potential well there is a big difference Between prui and PR pratista PR pratista Was in okay so um so he start answering This guy about the difference between Pranoti and Prana something else and and Prana something else is about when they Used to charge statues right um when the You know the the Saints and spiritual People would charge a statue because They couldn't um you know there wasn't Some essence of uh the ability to travel Or whatever it is and people could go to That statues and feel The Prana Feel The Prana energy that kind is like the the Energy that you have in s Mark when you Get a sitting and you would have that in Any kind of tradition where a holy Person would be in a living in near a Temple or something and there would be a Charge there just from their energy but It's different than pranoti the Transmission that you get but it's Similar it's like a the same basic idea And the experience is kind of similar It's not you know a sitting but it's Kind of you know along those lines and

You can feel the pred different places You know different around different People and things radiating off of them But they're not transmitting it's just Coming off of them their energy right But then he says this time 300 years Depending upon who charges that my Guruji also ended up charging few Statues and what like that's never I've Never heard that I've never heard that Babaj in fact Babaji was told by ly to Take down temples and other places him And the guy went out and they were using Transmission to knock down walls and get Rid of temples and things like this that You know no longer were uh you know was Something new was coming along and so I Mean he was against charging statues it Was talked about like this was not a it Was idol worship right so if you charge A statue people go to the Statue and Then they worship the statue and it's Idol worship and so Bob was firmly Against that in fact idol worship was You know like what's going on with Christianity and Jesus and Krishna and And Rama and these things Buddha where You worship a guy you know that's that's Gone like that's below sa Mark and an Idol worship is below that like it's There's like you know workiing nature Like the native peoples would do Aboriginal people would do is a of idol Worship right idol worship is I mean

That went out with like Judaism right With the whole stuff that was happening There when they had monotheism and so Idol worship worshiping multiple gods Worshiping you know different forms of Nature worshiping a man are all better Than idol worship right and so this is Just you know he just makes stuff up Made them worshipable and you can feel That Charge and Par is something Dynamic yeah Yeah so what why are you saying that Right which we offer in heartfulness of Meditation you don't have to go to a Place but this prti can be experienced Wherever you are wherever you are you Can experience it yeah then why would he Charge a statue in fact he didn't want Preceptors there's preceptors that were Having there's a preceptor vaji made Early on and he put a picture up of Babaj G and they were meditating in Front of the picture hoping to receive Transmission and Bob said what are you Doing I I I gave you the ability to Transmit and so there's no re there's no Idol worship I mean maybe he's talk About ly but I've never heard this so You know like I just think he just lies He just lies my my Guru also charged Statues like because the guy's talking About like is it you know like what are You talking about why would he charge a Statue when he could make

Preceptors you know like it's just I Mean he just Lies and that's a big difference between And exactly so why would he charge a Statue why would he do that why in the World would he charge a statue when There's you know I Mean it just doesn't make sense CNN news 18 they don't say the guy's name and Dody up in the mind region what we in Traditional Yogic uh science it called it is also Known as Cosmic region and then comes Paracosmic and then there are regions After regions and the final one they Call it central Region now we were all Once Upon a Time Part of that central Region and we Fell as they say in Christianity we fell From the Garden of Eden it's a way of Explaining in a metaphorical Way that you Fell from the sublime state of Innocence that's not the Explanation so the explanation Is that there was this this is what Dody Um Babaji said that there was this thing Called the cob which is what um Scientists refer to as the big bang and It was the starting of the creation Right and when the KOB happened Everything was in the center so Everything in that sense was God and in

The Cent region and there was you know Nothing but God and there was the Potential for creation and then when the KOB happened this thought God had a Thought the universe started to Expand from the center and different Life forms you know whether it be um Physical Life Organic like life Spiritual life even stuff like Rocks were would go to the further Levels of the Periphery right you'd have you know Animal life in terms of the the this Level of their souls was more on the Periphery than human life human life was Closer to the Center than animal life and then rocks And stones and things and so the farther You were in the periphery the farther You away from the center right which is The central region there was no falling Different forms of life now occupied the Universe some of them aeic some of them Whatever they were and they were all Working their way back to the center but It wasn't a fall it was creation it Didn't it wasn't you Know if one can fall from that there are All chances of falling from the Mind Region as Well and I have seen many people falling Even from the central region falling Even from paracosmic cosmic and within Pin Pradesh also

So one has to develop some level of Alertness oh my God Because on an evolutionary cycle nature Well he is not an alert person because Dodgies obviously had a fall all these Things can happen um but does not allow Us to remain static either you go up or You go Down the general scientific principle Also in in thermodynamics for example Okay don't don't go into something like This they talk of Entropy how Entropy the the degradation or Disintegration or Discord it will Continue unless and Until we apply external force Or to say in a personal life some Efforts are required to keep my Mind to keep my physical mental health In order if I want to maintain my Physical health I have to make efforts Got to make some effort take good food Take good food balanced diet balanced Diet Exercise in order To you're trying to do a metaphor for The you know staying in a spiritual Central region So apparently there's a whole Rama thing Going on right so celebrating Lord rah's Eternal Essence he talked about Lord Rah For about 10 minutes in the beginning of The

Interview um with a global meditation Session by DOI January 22nd today January 20th here so this is in 35 hours But he had [Music] Um but one day ago here he is talking About Lord Rah Again Lord Rama's qualities and Heartfulness Meditation respected Elders hey dii very Dear sisters and brothers hey Dai Namaste to all of you Namaste you Dii the grand opening of the Lord Rama's Temple in aoda is scheduled for 22nd of this month of January 2024 This occasion is an opportunity to Celebrate the Personality of Lord Rama as described in Our ancient text Rayana he's not just The Godly King but A devoted son he's a devoted son also so Um you know this is religion right he's Um like I said there's Rama people There's Krishna people and Hinduism and there's people who you know More about Rama and you know charie told A story where there was a guy who was Like an Untouchable and he would empty The toilets at his at their kids' school And he was a devoted Rah uh person and They would yell Krishna at him and he'd Run at them angrily you know the kids And then as soon as they got close They'd go Rama Rama Rama and he would

Say yes just say Rama and as soon as he Walked away and started carrying the the You know the pots with with a you Know a thankless job they would tease Him again and yell Krishna Krish you say No don't say Krishna and they'd run at Him all angry and then they would say no Rama Rama Rama and he was a very simple Person but you know this is the kind of Thing that goes on in India where There's even though Krishna and Rama are Part of the Same Soul you know they're Both Vishnu there's some debate right And people I don't know I don't know What they they know or don't know But either way it's religion and dod's Trying to you know like everything else Trying to you get himself some some uh Some quality FaceTime and now they're Having a special meditation to celebrate Rama's Birthday or Whatever inauguration Of this Temple and he's went on CNN I Guess uh you know I assume that's Happened fairly recently to talk about Rama and now he's um you know he's Trying to act spiritual here too A loving husband an affectionate brother He's all those things so he then talks About saitta right he talks about Rama Being a nation build of RAM and uh and Then he talks about CA she stands out The tallest amongst all Indian women Mother SAA stands at number one she Number

One mother ca's top top woman of alltime Indian history on dod's list she's Tallest she stands tallest she's number One Prince lakshman his brother is the Embodiment of Brotherly duties you know He's just I mean this is not what he Should be doing right it's Religion they have a new catchphrase too This is part of what the here it is goes Too artificial too Ritualistic our hearts can lead the way In the evolution of individual as well As the global Consciousness the global Consciousness That's the name of the you know they Into this idea of global con you know He's going with the CNN going with the Not CNN he's going with the UN and the W Uh EF you know all these things these Organizations that are pushing for Globalization so he's using these catres Now the vishanti we all willing to Propagate interested in propagating Med no propagating Tation gives us the opportunity for this Evolution going inward he's just a Complete shell now like he's the Transformation is complete like he's Just gone over to the dark side right Sech that Lord Rama within your Heart s ramchandra Mission opens this transformative Journey to all through heartfulness Meditation

Heartfulness at a journey inward guided Okay so that's Dodgy okay so there are a lot of things That went on um today's Tuesday January 23rd it's been about three days and um I'll talk about all that in a bit um I'm Trying to put this video together now After uh making another video that this Video um uh you know Generated and I looked on the the Heartfulness um page here he celebr R Lord Rama's Essence with a global Meditation youth Unite um honorable Patricia KC from Scotland um I don't even know who that Is and they you know this is all this un Kind of stuff I have something to read You that an email that somebody sent me To go along with that so they have this Spiritual anality me matching your your Journey through chakras that video just Came out and this is the Lord Rama you Know again this is religion here they Have um some quotes here from Ly Um a quote from ly and then there's a Meditation and no talk and there is 71,000 views and 45 comments which again You know they're patting the Views um This is the youth Unite uh something to do with um Swami Viva cana's birthday anniversary so that Happened you know they celebrated this

Thing but nothing to do with Char's Birthday you know all around The um all these things right I guess They were doing some blindfolded stuff They did some brighter minds thing here Um one of these guys is original Brighter Minds Person designed to catalyze cognitive Growth for children between the ages of Five and 15 for a lifetime of learning They're still doing this scrap I got Something to say about this in the when I switch over the voiceover I had a Realization about this I want to cover Using a proprietary interactive tools And techniques proprietory right they've Sto this from somebody else propri Ratory in proprietary interactive tools To separate it from the other um you Know they they came out and said this Wasn't the um midbrain thing each of Each of our training programs aim at Whole brain activation with the right Brain is stimulated through exercise Sound waves and Relaxation brighter minds and show you a Small Demonstration I think one of these guys might be the Original guy he's a lot older now so Brighter Minds is a program typically uh Based for children between 5 and 15 uh What we do over here is we try and Integrate the left and the right brain

And create a coordination between both These brains and when you do that you Can smell Colors um if ni can just show you an Example you can just all of you can try This uh just put up uh two fingers on Your left hand and two fingers on your Right Hand yeah we've seen that that that Doesn't get you to smell Colors So how do we see things we see things With our eyes correct but now his eyes Are Shut so we're using the touch sense to Perceive color and light yeah so you can See that with a cube how would you be Able to differentiate between the Different cubes right you couldn't he's Looking through his blindfolds right Like come on The receptors in our skin That perceive Light so the hand will go all around the Cube to touch each color to create an Image in our mind so accordingly we can Yeah that's the come on bro solve the Cube come on bro Again this guy isn't 15 this guy's got a full Beard oh but anyways let's move on here So we know you know we know what this Thing's about right okay so a lot has Happened here um so this video I was Sent by the dodgy truther that was about

Um dodgy saying that these women went From 0.1 to3 it's way worse than I Thought that's just only part of it you Know and I have a couple I put one video In where he contradicts himself you know And and also I'm going to um I didn't Use the video clip you just saw about Him talking about falling from these Regions right uh but it you know it Happens and it's it's happened to a lot Of people and so it's stupid to think That these women could go from 1 to 13 And you know all the he talks about Spiritual gravity and all these things And and you know he knew about all these Principles and now he's just making Things up just like with the brighter Minds like anything he says is accepted And nobody's pushing back so I'm taking An excerpt of this video I made the Video is entitled Um uh preserving the sa Mark system From dodgy and the heartfulness Spiritual cancer and that's video is Being uploaded now on my um the uh the Gratefulness meditation channel so That's going to be there and it's a 5H Hour video that's made for you know AO Aasis I was a little hesitant to do that But I had this realization that you know After I started the video I woke up the Next day do I really want to do this Thing it took two days to make it's Extensive and it's got a lot of

Different clips and things And then I realized it's important that There is this attitude of preservation People who realize dodg is a fraud and You know they start thinking about Preservation and it's been on my mind to Make one of these videos so uh I don't Want to re-engage with a mission or Dodger these clowns but it's there so Here is an excerpt of the clip that I um You know part of the video and then I Want to talk more about um we'll have Something else to read I'll show you that in a moment and um After I get done with this clip here and Then I have a couple of Whispers to read And and then I want to wrap this up and Hopefully I'll remember to talk about The um well I might as well do that here So the brigher Mind scam I talk about That in this video and I had another Realization about that in meditation and And them saying Pro proprietory Techniques helps you know even more so In what I was saying because This kid that was dodgy originally saw And what he did was called the mid-brain Activation you know and it says the same Thing and I get into all that and you Can look up midbrain activation I talk About in the the longer video it is the Same thing you can only do it between The ages of five and 15 and if you go to The heartfulness um the brighter Minds

Official page they actually talk about Midbrain in it right but they realized It's a scam and it's been exposed and so They went to this term neuroplasticity Right but here's the realization I had If this is really a scientific approach Right because D taji is a big Science Guy and they were talking about this Being uh scientific then who invented This right because it didn't come from Dodgy it didn't come from this Mission It existed before and was called Midbrain but they don't want to link it To that and so you have to credit the People that discovered this and you also Have to talk about the origin of how it Was was discovered but they can't do That because they know that the midbrain Activation term has been compromised and So Also they would have to pay some sort of Royalties right there would have to be Some sort of monetary exchange and Permission for them to use the the Curriculum that was given by these other People and they're now calling this Proprietory but this was done for years Before dodgy even got a whiff of it Right in fact this kid I think with one Of these kids in the video video showed You I think that's the kid grown up and He's a guy who originally showed Dody The midbrain activation and so you know This would they would have to be paying

Royalties and they'd have to give credit To the inventors but the inventors don't Want that because it's a scam right you Don't have to pay uh royalties to a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme right Because it's a it's a criminal activity And the people who are responsible don't Want to be on the hook for your Liability as well right so you know Scammers don't take credit for their Scam right at least not in a official Way maybe in a criminal way they'll come Looking for you and saying hey you're Using our scam but you know that's like Something that's you know that's um Underneath the law and certainly not Copyrighted or any of these you know Traditional ways of enforcing somebody's Taking your creative property but Dodging and heartfulness is stealing Somebody's creative property because This thing has been around for while but No one's claiming it because it's Criminal right because it's a scam not That I need to prove that's a scam but We know it's a scam like you know like This is just another way you can tell so Anyways here's the clip from the um Longer video about Dody moving these Whole digging women from 0.1 to 16 can One attain the Pinnacle within a Lifetime yes part of Lifetime part of Lifetime I have witnessed Experienced

Mhm worked upon individuals who are able To move at lightning speed Mhm and once I had seen half a dozen Individuals especially ladies from a Small village of Rajasthan I was resting in my Cottage There in the farm down MH and suddenly I Saw few Ladies ages between 40 and 50 mhm half a Dozen of them working in the farm and I Was resting in air conditioned room M they were working at High Noon in Summertime April and they were working With Uh you know what you even they would put Man to shame kind of a thing hardcore Labor they were doing MH and I saw from My window what's going on why so much You know digging Sound I invited them inside please come Inside so we had Tea together and watch what overwhelmed Me was this contrast that I'm resting in AC room and they are performing that uh Work work as volunteers cleaning up the Place digging so that we can do the Plantations MH okay so by plantations he means to Plant the trees and things they're doing They're doing these you know Forest by Heartfulness which is you know again I Mean years and years ago I um long Before dodgy and any of these people

Were doing this you know dodgy um once M Gave a speech when he was Commish you Know after he had been nominated in the American Gathering years and years ago Where he criticized people growing their Own food said why don't you just go to The store and buy it and it was a weird Thing that happened in a talk and you Know I felt like he was talking about me And my family because we were the only People who were known for doing this Right years and years ago we had sort of A you know good conversation about it But he had later on um he turned over The bucket Gardens to me the container Gardens in the front of the medit Hall By the administration building and I Grew this epic Tulsi you know organic Tulsi seeds I got from America you know I did this etheric gardening where you Connect with the the spiritual element Of the plants coming from this um Farm in Scotland um forget the name of It you know I'll remember it maybe later But I tried to present all this stuff to Dodgy and he just couldn't hear it right It would have been helpful for what he's Doing now right so I was ahead of the Game in terms of growing food and doing These things preparing for the Predictions and the prophecies and Whispers And you know there's one I'll I'll read later about working with your Hands and

Things um but you know I um so I'm into This stuff but it's it's not higher than The meditation right those things are Necessary things for human survival Physical survival they're pure things to Do to you know things that will when you Do these things it's um you know Righteous work it's good labor but you Know it's it's not better than the Meditation right it's not more important Than the transmission and cleaning Certainly less important in the context Of what makes SJ Mark special and so um Then the guy asks him how he sensed that He they had moved this is kind of one of The key Parts I didn't show you Before it moved my heart so much it Sited me from inside like an earthquake And immediately I said let's all Meditate I sat and in no time in Fraction of a second they moved from 1 To 13th how did you perceive that I felt it In all of Them and then we just sat you know so This guy doesn't I mean I don't know how Much he knows about s Mar if he's ever Done the meditation but he even is like How do you know that right how would you Know they moveed from these points and He said he felt it you need more than That each one of them right that they Moved from the first to 13th Point Faster than any of the previous Masters

Now you know um Boby said that ly Circumstance you know it's written that When he was a like a seven eighty old Kid he was playing and then he had this Realization that that he wasn't here to Do what you know he was playing and that He had he had a greater purpose and he Started working spirit virtually and Within 7 months he was in the central Region and that's ly you know the ADI Guru the original Guru of the Sark System bobi it took 20 some years of Course he documented his experiences you Know chargie started in 1964 and I believe he was given he was Given the sitting to you know where bobi Transferred his own condition to chargie In 1974 and so um you know I don't know how Long it took charg to get to the central Region but maybe you know at least 10 Years or something and you know these Are people who dedicated their lives to This and they had past lives bobi was Pontan charged he was a you know St Paul In a past life and he was a disciple of Pontoni and other lives he had with Babaji and so they had work lifetimes For these things you know and it just um It just doesn't happen right I mean Everything that you've heard about these The natur points in the literature for Example there was a guy that babaj g was Very impressed with his devotion and he

Decided to try to move him seven points And the guy got such a headache that Lai Interc communed after moving him four Points and he said if you move him any Further you're going to kill him and the Guy had a headache for like three or Four months after that you know I mean He was so devotional he said he prayed About it and he was you know accepting Of it as divine and blessing but bobaji You know couldn't move this guy without Killing him right you know we're talking About things that need to take years and Years of time and I'll talk I'll show You a clip from dodgy that was just sent To me about this where he actually Contradicts himself like he always does And so it's just weird right it it's not True like this didn't happen and people Fall from the central region all the Time Master Char's father uh Casey verat Charari they were in the central region And fell other people fell out of the Mind region and so you know dodgy being Smug here and bragging about this and You know I mean it's just ridiculous Like I don't know if he's going scile I Don't know if he actually thinks this Happened I mean it's you know it's Embarrassing right I couldn't open my Eyes for a long time M and the vibrations you feel the Vibrations there will be uh churning Sensation

Inside Or you fit the whing Motions at a Particular chakra that shows that some Activities are happening at that chakra Let's if you are on the third Chakra right the inside color perception Will change MH you'll see more of white Color Purity MH on Fourth chakra when you are there There will be so much of Darkness at the Same time your mood will be be Like I own the World you become so Fearless when you Are on the fourth chakra you become full Of Courage I can do anything in this World things like that I mean he's Bragging here as OS right he was like Showing off and bragging and you know he Hasn't really answered the question Because something significant has Happened he's making a significant claim Here and he's lied so much in the past About spiritual experience es you know Years and years ago um when he found out That I was a you know a truther type Person a person who didn't believe in The official story he um in a sideways Way it was clear what he was trying to Do was telling me I was stuck in the Fifth point the fifth chakra you know The throat chakra and that there was a At each Shakra there was two sides and One was

A um you know one was I forget what the First one was U you know the good part Of it you know whatever was emotional or Something and the other part of it was You hallucinate and he was trying to say That I was hallucinating my view of Reality because I didn't believe in the Official story which of course if you Read any of the Sark literature from Reality of dawn to you know of course Now Whispers And and things charge you Said over the years they never believed In the official story he's just you know Complete shill and you know he's I mean All this stuff that he's tried to become A mainstream person and mainstream Scientist the way he handled covid he Was talking about it coming from Pengalin he said stuff to the fact that If you didn't wear mask which later Proved to be you know I mean all these Mainstream American scientists came out And said these CLA masks really didn't Do anything right I mean after the fact But Dody said if you weren't wearing a Mask and you coughed and then someone Came by you were out in a park walking And somebody came by 15 minutes later Giving them a death sentence he was just So fear-based and wrong about Co and so Many other things like he's just not Very smart and you know he makes these Mistakes but you know he lies about These things he lied about my spiritual

Condition he didn't read it you know my Brother told me a story years and years Ago where two senior aasis who were you Know always um they were tired of C Always um talking about his you know Like don't don't touch this point if you If you gave him a sitting he would say Don't touch Point number 11 and don't do This and don't do that he was very Meticulous about it and they had just Come from charges and they came in and They asked him for a sitting and he said Um and they said they were very gross That they had you know they needed a Really bad sitting you know they were Really um you know they had a lot of Spiritual grossness and he gave them a Sitting and they said afterwards you Know these were some of these Inner Circle guys right and they said Afterwards to him were we you know Really gross and he said oh yes you were Very gross deep cleaning and they said No we weren't we just came back from Chargie which was effed up on their part I that whole story is weird but he has a Habit of lying about things right making Things up being Imaginative and he's done this over and Over again you can see this in his talks I mean very recently let me just show You that clip he says that you know he's Talking to this guy about um Rama you Know there's there's going to be a rama

Temple a temple devoted to Rama in India And today is um January 21st he's going To bless it or he's going to do a Meditation for it at Kan and he was Talking about Rama and all these things I guess it was you know some kind of Interview and at some point he said that His Guru I believe he means Babaji Because that's how he that's what we Refers to as his Guru you might have Been talking about ly charged temples You know this idea of when Saints used To charge temples like he just makes Things up like that never happened right I've never heard that before and you Know sjar is supposed to be the opposite Of that where you receive transmission Directly so it's just bizarre right it Says things and you know with no backing And anybody who's read the material Knows that he's saying things that are In opposition to the the literature and The material 300 years depending upon Who charges that my uji also ended up Charging few statues and what like That's never I've never heard that I've Never heard that babaj in fact Babaji Was told by ly to take down temples and Other places him and the guy went out And they were using transmission to Knock down walls and get rid of temples And things like this that you know no Longer were uh you know was something New was coming along and so

I mean he was against charging statues It was talked about like this was not a It was idol worship right and when you Are on the 13th it has its own flavor so You can't make a mistake of not Identifying the beauty of that area the The moods and the vibrations and the the Spiritual state that you yourself felt Know that you felt peaceful yes Right this is something that there even Peace says Goodbye Samad also say Goodbye there's nothing in this world That you can describe it with it is like This but you still feel Something which is beyond words you know If DOI didn't have a pattern of lying This still would be a are you are you Okay like you know this idea that they Went faster than any other Master you Know it took Jesus what whatever 45 Years to go from point one to point two All these other Saints and people all Around you know the I mean throughout Time you know Krishna and all these Other Saints and people you know that I Mean pontoni died I believe at 0.1 he Didn't even make it to point two you Know babaj G in a past life but these Women who you know these very primitive Women people who are laborers in India They often suffer from malnutrition you Know some people on the lower cast you Know I'm not insulting them but they're

Not educated they're not you know they Can't feel many of them can't feel the Transmission they're not capable of Abstract thought or critical thinking Skills you know I've seen these laboring People and they're simple nice people I Mean I'm not you know insulting them but They just don't have the capacity for Higher spiritual Tendencies and all and These six you know uh simple women just Because they dug some holes they were Better they you know they moved their Yatas faster than all three previous Masters I mean like it's just you know It it doesn't it's not based in reality Like he's I don't know if he's having Hallucinations himself or he's just I Mean he's feeling himself right he's Just you know he's really into his uh His Guru now in a very egotistical Way and you you begin to feel that even In the air when the quality of the air And the vibrations will also change it's Not only you but the air also will feel Different M trees will feel different at That moment first he says that this Comes from another dimension where you Can't put it in words you can't describe It's it's not even you know pieces too Heavy to describe the central region Which is what babagi has said in the Past but then he's saying air which is Heavier than peace and trees which are Heavier than air are different right and

Like he just felt it come on like you Know the guy asked you a question you Didn't have an answer because it didn't Happen right that's what Pro that's a Problem when you lie like there's no way That you could justify this lie that These women went to the central region From 0.1 in a fraction of the second Right like it's just a lie bro you keep On getting caught I mean it's Embarrassing right like it's just you Know he keeps on doing this this isn't Uh you know this isn't a a random Occurrence any video that I watch on Dody he'll say something that Contradicts the teachings of the Previous Masters some of them the Fundamental teachings like this One so I took that snap Also let's and That happened first time in my life that I I could witness a shift in progress From here to there in fraction of a Second first time The guy doesn't even believe you you can Tell you know and you've made up this Story and then it's like everything El With else with Dody he comes up with These elaborate lies and I don't know What's going on inside of him you know Whether he's he's believing his own lies I think that's part of it you know maybe He thinks because he's the master Anything he thinks is is true you know He's not the master he's fallen like

He's he was given all this work and he's Slowly pissed it away and you know we'll Get into this with the brighter mind Scam you know this is going to be a Two-day video I'm already at Five um 515 at night and you know it's Um I've worked on this throughout the Day on Sunday you know this is I mean Again I don't have to convince anybody Of anything and I certainly have my Issues with the organization the Heartfulness organization I'll never be A part of that you know whatever that is And I don't have any contact with aasis Anymore and just people who are a few of Them who are you know this one guy sends Me things because He's uh you know part of a group of People who trying to work to bring out Information about Dody to the brothers And sisters there and you know at this Point I mean you should know like you Should be able to see this I mean these Are people with preceptor skills and you Know reading ability of people and you How do you how do you look at this what He's saying and say it's believable what Because he's the master because the Other Masters vouch for him you know That's a Cult clearly this did not happen and you Know if it did and it didn't happen like It there's no way that this happened and You can tell it didn't happen you can

See that he doesn't really have a story He can't you know explain it and it you Know doesn't make any s any sense based In it just makes the whole you know idea Of the yatra points ridiculous but what He's saying to everybody is your Self-effort the effort you put into your Meditation your practice all the things That you do and everything we've taught You about the system does not apply if You go dig some holes for by trees over There I mean it's sending a horrible Message this is like when Joe Biden goes On one of his scile you know he's having Some dementia episodes and he starts Just saying crazy stuff and all of his Handlers are shaking their head or you Know Trump goes off script and starts Undermining his his legal issues and his Lawyers are shaking their heads and they Just shut up right like you know this is This is what the people that are running Heartfulness and these guys who are Running it into the ground who are Supporting this you know idiocracy of Him saying things like this and them Doing a horrible job in themselves and Just one failure after another they're Not bringing in new members they're not Bringing in money people are leaving in Droves you know he's done these Collaborative efforts with this guy Diaper Baba you know this guy who you he Was at this Gathering my wife called him

Diaper Baba and he wears you know an Orange diaper and he was prancing around On stage and you know doing belly dances Or some kind of yoga stuff this guy's a Billionaire and dodgy you we were like What's going on all the Europeans and People my brother came up to me and Nobody knew what was going on they're Like this is the new this is the new you Know heartfulness thing the dodgies Rolling out and you know I had no idea How bad it was because the brighter mind Scam was already going on and I'll cover That more extensively but then I got a a Message from one of my viewers who does Been doing heartfulness she was at this Gathering years ago in 2020 L's Anniversary Gathering the 45th or the 75th anniversary of the mission and you Know she saw diaper Bob and things but She you know had a a better experience You know the transmission just as in Same and I'll get into that as well but She wrote me you know a few years ago When I was just finding out about all These other things that they had made You know a he started working with the RSS which Wikipedia defines as a Right-wing Paramilitary Hindu you know a Hindu Nationalist group that's anti-muslim and Very political and Bobby G had said over And over again don't get political and This group was so offputting and all

These Europeans have quit I mean there's Things I'm not going to cover here but I've covered these things already There's so many things that dodgy made That's bad decisions he's politicized The mission he's bringing in Politicians and you know celebrities and Things and you know sajar was never About that we don't need those things to To make it special it's the transmission And cleaning and the evolution and the You know experience you get that make it Special it's not something external and Dodgy made it all about Awards and Famous people enjoying the these groups You know there was a time charie um he Gave a couple of talks when he was dying And one of the talks he um and I can't I Can find part of the talk where he Talked about being St Paul he talked About having a memory of being on the Road to towards Damascus but at some Point you started talking about how sjar Is not an extension of Hinduism it Stands on its own it's not a religion And when Dody came in he got rid of some Of these Traditions that they were doing Some of the ritualistic things hanging Garlands of flowers on the Masters get Rid of the Master's pictures on the Stage and it seemed like he was doing That to honor what Chari said but later On we now see that he's he's embracing This as being a part of Hinduism and

He's marketing it towards Hindu people Which is just you know destroying the European base and Americans and you know Everyone who's not Hindu and not Indian And he's losing any chance of growing The mission outside of India and it Can't compete with some of these other Fake gurus like sad Guru and these other Ones who have more Charisma and they Have better skills than Dody has and He's done these collaborative efforts Most recently with the Transcendental Meditation and he he always loses you Know he thinks he's going to win over These followers but he always looks bad In comparison because he isn't as good As a public speaker he doesn't have as Much Charisma as these other people you Know many of these people are s men and You know actors and you know businessmen And flimflam man right and so um you Know it's just an absolute failure like He just fails on every level here and The mission is shrinking and not growing You know there was a fundraiser for America you know chargie would show up In America and someone would write him a Check for 40 Grand or $70,000 right I Mean it was crazy the kind of money that Chargie could generate he'd auction off Books and he just had a knack and DOI Went and did this this um you know this Zoom call and they raised $3,000 like You know it was unbelievable like you

Know I mean this is these American aasis Many of them are is I'm making rolls and There's alarm going off and many of them Are um you know multi-millionaires and He could only raise $3,000 so why is it that some people can Progress very rapidly and some Struggle openness of the heart And your Ownership it's like I own this Place I own I belong I belong to this Divine universe and whatsoever I let me Do whatever I can do during my life time God has given me the opportunity of Serving let me Serve so them digging holes like what Are you talking about now he's just Getting freaking silly so they dug holes These women you know they're they're Primitive I mean these people who are You know do this kind of Labor in India Like they're just not evolved people and They're great simple whatever they can Be pure of heart but it isn't like you Know six of them would all have the Capacity to go into the central region From from point one like just he's Trivializing the whole system I mean It's just such an like it's just just Being a clown right like you know There's a capacity for Spiritual Movement people who have had past lives As Saints many of them you know are part Of the mahab barata people of you know

Who are famous people in the past who Have meditated 18 hours a day and they Can't move this quickly like they can't Move you know you're just there's a Spiritual gravity to it I mean let me Play this other clip here so dodgy talks About this where he contradicts Everything he's just saying here this is An old clip one of the this guy sent it To me CU I told him I was going to you Know cover this in a video and he had Some information which has been helpful And so you know watch this clip Here now we sometimes we think Why these 13 points why so many Points nature designed it for our Protection when we cross from 1 to two To three and go on Uphill with every successive state with Crossing of every successive Not it becomes more and more Difficult then some of us may ask a Question why in the World nature is not supporting me Helping me to Evolve I'm trying my best to evolve but As I go higher and higher there is more And more resistance there's a greater And greater amount of test of course Unless you dig holes and then you're not Tested so so much if you dig holes this Doesn't apply right it only applies if You don't dig any holes digging holes is What you know sets you apart if you dig

Some holes then there's no tests and Nature just cooperates and just pushes You right through dig a couple of holes Be around dodgy hang out with a bunch of Your gal friends go out there when it's Pretty hot out and you're guaranteed you Go from 1 to 13 you don't have to go and Experience these Knots and understand what's going on There you know it's like a different It's like you go to a different Atmosphere and you're different you have A different levels of consciousness open To you and you have to learn to adapt to That level before you go up to the next Level and if you're pushed through the Chances of you falling are great you Know most of you did Wonderful in yesterday's so-called Test It was hardly any test Actually Nature has her own Requirements that we naturally pass Through such stages bji mahaj Called that progress is the best wherein One progresses because of One's Own Efforts then what's the use of Guru U speaking like that see cuz he has Seen it himself I can give a little Force but majority of effort has to be From Abas only then that progress become Sustainable see if you cross it on your Own you'll enjoy it more it's like when

You become a Millionaire because of your self efforts All because of mercy of someone which Would you Prefer the same thing is spirituality See help is always needed somewhere some Like cataly Catalyst that Pro completes the reaction Guru's role our friends who give us Help catalytic in Nature but majority of thing has to be Done by ourselves You coming back to these tests why they Vital why they very important it Precisely because of this I passed I Cleared this Hurdle he found in His vision that as we move from one Point to another Point there is a natural resistance Already created by Nature Herself he says these are brackets in Udu he called it as Barak this has to be be Crossed then he gives an example of Let's see when I'm walking on Plain land And all of a sudden I come Across Roaring River you need someone to take you Across or you must know how to swim you Must be capable swimmer otherwise you'll Be gone with the Flow so at each point we come across Barak we have to cross that we have to

Make all Efforts in Crossing This earlier in previous sessions I told You when we come across such Bach such Resistances which are built naturally Against our Progress it has a purpose but precisely When we have to cross we stop stop Meditating because you don't Like to cross this you are afraid of Waters you are afraid of resistance you Give up so Easily you won't feel like meditating at That time so precisely when you don't Feel like meditating understand that now You're are facing some sort of a Bach it Must be crossed with someone's help or Try it with your all might what he just Said didn't fit with this story he told Because the story is complete BS right I Mean it's obvious it's BS we don't need Proof but there's plenty of proof Because you know it's BS right it Doesn't you know it doesn't follow the Law of Spiritual physics like you create A universe and you create laws in that Universe you create whatever it is like Just something that's imaginate like Something that's you know imagine uh Just based in imagination and you make a Movie and TV shows whatever these There's these rules right you know like Clark like Superman is you know all Powerful unless he hit his uh he has

Kryptonite so then you know then all Su To day you come in and he's eating Kryptonite and you're like what happened He goes well that doesn't you know apply Anymore right and that's what dody's Done with this story all the rules that Are about the yatra of the soul the Journey all the things that were said Before things he said things charie and Babaji said and the reality of what the The yatra of the soul is and he just Blew up that whole thing thing right he Just you know with this ridiculous story So why is it that some people can Progress very rapidly and some Struggle openness of the heart surrender And your Ownership it's like I own this Place I own I belong I belong to this Divine universe and whatsoever I let me Do whatever I can do during my lifetime God has given me the opportunity of Serving let me Serve like many people that time they Were resting in some dormitories or Under the tree or some people were Resting in their I room like Myself but they didn't think of the Comfort and they so we have to work so This is just flat out dangerous like He's saying all these people who are Resting you know in rajastan in April The average temperature is 104° and you Know you're going to get days upward I

Mean that means there'll be some days of 90 something and you know it could be I Mean for older people it's Life-threatening and people from foreign Countries and you're he's basically Saying you know these women went out and Worked in the Heat and everyone else was Sitting there resting and they made it To the central region nobody else did It's ridiculous it undermines everything He's undermining the system he's making A joke joke of it but it's dangerous for People to think that you know especially People who aren't accustomed to that Kind of physical work and those Temperatures older people you know and They're suffering heat stroke or dying Of something you know or whatever it is Well we got to go out here and work cuz Dod you said that's the way to get to The central region and we can do it in One day you know like he's just I mean He's just such a a bad leader and just a Horrible I mean like this is so Bad so the path to to spiritual progress Is meditation why does meditation take You Forward what else can take you forward I Don't know nothing else digging holes Right you just said it it was the Digging of the holes and these women's These women's willingness to work that Allowed them to sit in meditation for One second they didn't medit I mean

Imagine meditating for less than a Second and reaching the goal of human Life that takes millions of years right You know it's 40 45 years I I'll show You the gra the diagram in a moment you Know the the yatra points and I'll talk About that but like he's just I mean When you lie like this this guy doesn't Believe him you know the guy originally Asked so you say there's 13 points and Then dodgy describes something you can Go from 1 to 13 in a millisecond and you Know mic you a fraction of a section Second and this guy's like that can't That doesn't sound right he just heard About this thing And he's already calling BS on Thiser but not all people who meditates Will make it exactly yes cuz Meditation means what meditation in General dictionary meaning Is repeatedly thinking or focusing on One object Yes businessman thinking that constantly Of money Okay for the obvious reason I got to end This one here but as I said earlier in This video and what's been said over and Over again by Babaji is here are the uh 13 yatra points now Dody wrote a book Where he basically as far as I can tell Plagiarized or took a boba's Works um from uh you know uh the the um Towards Infinity book it's late here

It's 11:00 so there is going to be you Know multi-day video I want to get this Part done while it's fresh in my mind Though you know and he um I want to get Into two more things I want to talk About the you know other stuff where he Disrespected charie you know a little Bit more on that and then do a little Bit on the brighter mind scam and then Just talk about some other things Without showing videos briefly go Through them but I'm not going to cover All of it right and you let's go back to The yatra points first and so Boby said 40 time 45 years to get from 0.1 to 0.2 40 to5 time 45 to get to uh three and Then whatever that number is time 45 to Get to 0 4 and so on and and you know Through all these points whatever the Number is times 45 it takes Millions of Years chargie talked about how that up Until the point when you're human your Spiritual Evolution wherever you are in The periphery you know if you're below a Human being and you move through the Transmigration of the soul and wherever You are theorically you know to move Along in this you know theoric universe As a soul while you're uh learning about Life as a physical you know an animal or Whatever it might be right that's all Automatic and then you you have a time Frame where you're a human being and It's by choice and then after and this

Is all from role of the master in the uh Role of Master in uh spiritual Evolution Human Evolution and you know and then when you Reach the Liberation point then it's Automatic again you go to the etheric World you no longer are bound to planet Earth and your evolution is automatic Again but during that time frame where It's not you know where it's by choice When you're a human you can bypass the Liberation achievement goal and then go All the way to Li of vasta and merging God and go to the central region you Know but it takes um a phenomenal you Can't do it by self-effort like this Thing about him saying that it's mostly People and not the guru well you know People have been living here for uh you Hundreds of thousands of years and no One made it into the central region Other than the three Masters of the sjar System and a few other people they Brought there who fell out of it right And so the whole thing is ridiculous but I want to say this about any of the People that end up watching this I'm Already feeling some resistance to Releasing this because you know in doing This I see how horrible all these people Are and not that I'm some great person And I don't get into judging or you know Other people's beliefs and actions like It's just it's not it's none of my

Business it's between you and God you Know I'm not a person that says shame on You and you know gets into all these Kind of things of um you know all of it Right I don't go up to people and tell Them how bad they suck and you know I Don't want these people to watch this Video but if it come if they do you know Like they did before when dodgy started Watching my journey series and some of These other people were watching it and I want to say all you aasis you know There's more than enough information for You you didn't need me to make this Video nobody does like the guy I mean he Can't he can't complete a thought he Can't articulate his points he he just Sucks at being Master he makes one bad Decision after another and I'm going to Cover more of these bad decisions and I Just showed you a fraction of the things He's either lied about or failed in or All these things he keeps on doing it Over and over again he surrounded him With himself with the worst people who Are driving this Mission into the to the Ground and they're you know it it should Bring and this is not my thing right This is an Indian thing you know I was Talking about this in one of my journey Series video videos and there was a Woman from Australia who said she dated An Indian man and she said it was just So hard to date him because he could

Never lose face and losing faces you Know it's something in America but Americans can you know make mistakes and And go bankrupt and Rise back up from it But with the cultural pressures and the Pressure of bringing shame on your Family and the social pressures and all These things that surround the Indian Culture the Ames and you know there's no Chance of Dody redeeming himself because You know he did all these things like The brighter mind scam which we'll get To and all these things that they failed At and they can never admit they failed They can never admit you know it's just Part of the culture And you know this idea of bringing shame On the family and bringing shame on your Masters I mean you've destroyed the System you've made it a joke right You've created doubt you've created I Mean just think about you know all the Different ways that you've Hur the Reputation of the previous Masters and You've heard the reputation of the System and as American I don't care that Much about that I mean I care about it But I you know I care more about this Great system that's helped me and so Many people now has been run into the The ground and and destroyed at least in Terms of the the organization you know The transmission the the cleaning still Exists which I'll get into I talk about

The gratefulness meditation that we do Here you can still receive the Transmission and the cleaning even Though dodgies now uh you know cancer on The on the whole system and these guys Around them but all you people not just The Inner Circle guys around dodgy I Mean like you know again I don't want to Say be you it's not up to me to tell you That you should be ashamed of yourself But you've brought shame on all of it Your country your your family's name the Masters the the Sark system after they Did all this stuff for you and what Really sucks what you guys really suck I Mean this goes across the board and you Know again you stumble on this video Just soak this in because you know that That you know what's going on here Everybody should he's fallen and aside From that as bad as he sucks you've Allowed him to throw chargie under the Bus and you people who said you love Chargie you know you people who would You know sit outside his door and weep I Mean you know I was a I was like Security for some of these gatherings And people who would push their way past Other people and trample other people so They could get close to chargy you know Just um spending time with them and talk About how much you loved him and weep And cry when he left and you know write To him and you know profess your love

For him and you allowed him his Reputation to be D destroyed I mean what What good are you what use are you as a Person like you're horrible freaking People right to say you love somebody Like that a person had such a tough life In charge he who you know mom died when He was young and he had to bury all These people and you know he just went Through it and then he was rejected as Baba G's successor and just all the you Know the slander and the things that he Went through as a person the physical Pain and you know these ailments he went Through the suffering he went through And then you know he nominates a Successor who stabs in the back and I Mean you know know even on a a level of The brighter World undermines his Credibility and and all the great books He wrote all the things he did for People that helped us understand the Teachings and things how many times a Charge you give a talk or write a you Know something in a book that just help You uh you know move forward spiritually Or write you a letter or pray for you or Do the spiritual work I mean how many Times the chargy come through for all of Us right and you know for that you allow His his legacy to be tarnished by this Dope I mean you know just because he's Happens to be the master as soon as he's Gone you'll throw him under the bus for

The next guy if the next guy comes in And and tries to redeem the system or Whatever it is what good are you like if If you're not loyal to chargie and You're not you know fighting for chargie You put up no fight for him you allow This to happen everybody from dodgy to His inner circle to all you Dopey Abiosis who you know who who wouldn't uh Stand up for them at all and you know This is there's property involved There's a couple billion dollars worth Of property I think that asham is worth Like a billion dollars there in KN with All the acreage I think that Collectively it's probably you know a Billion or 1.5 I don't know what the you Know the value is of these asham all Over the world but it's you know Probably quite a lot and it seems like The heartfulness organization stealing These you these properties from SI Mar You know dodging maybe even for his Family I don't know I'll get into that More at the end of the video and you're Just allowing all this to happen you Know I'm done I'm not you know like I Don't owe you guys anything and I Certainly owe the masters of the system Something and that's why I'm making this Video but you know you dopes and you Failures and you frauds and you cowards Who allow this to happen I mean you Again I don't like saying shame on you

But you Know I mean it's disgusting like you're Freaking pathetic right you're pathetic Pathetic for allowing this to happen let You know this thing is a great thing we All who' experienced it it's the best Thing it's the best thing ever it Transformed my life in so many ways and So many other people and you're letting It be run into the ground and become Some religious cult and you know the I Mean just doing nothing right like just Sitting on your hands and and going Along with it and all these people There's a you know a woman who's a she Lives in America she's an Indian woman And she just I remember seeing her in the corner just Sitting there weeping outside chargie Headquarters in in in Molina she was Known for being this emotional wreck and She talked about how much she loved Charie and now she's just chasing Dody Around all over the place and she's got Some run some air time some you know She's a little bit mini celebrity and You know dody's thrown her a couple of Bones and she's you know allowing him to Troun over chargie Legacy I mean it's Just so many people like this I mean It's just pathetic anyway is I'll Continue on to okay so I want to wrap This video up um like I said I'm just Putting up a 5 hour video on my other

Channel that's intertwined with this one You know there's just something about Dodgy failing on this point thing you Know it doesn't mean much to most people But to people who do the system it's Such a ridiculous lie and there's no Reason for it like he's trying to Impress a guy you know it's an interview That he's doing with some guy who's not An Abasi the guy just heard about the 13 Points and then dody's trying to tell Him he brought some women in between 0.1 And3 in just a you know fraction of a Section second the guys doesn't believe Him you know it's like obviously the Guys like what are you even talking About why even half points if you can do That and you know the whole thing makes The system look like it's not real like It's fake it's just imaginary it's some Kind of scam like a black Bell program Where they tell you you're going through These points but there's no points and It's just a way to get you to do the System and pay money right and so um you Know uh it's pretty egregious but to go With that one of my viewers who does the System sent me this um this got an email But Google podcast is going away right I Didn't even know they had podcasts I Guess that's why they're going away but This is um the North American Bulletin 64 days of peace and North American Youth at the Monroe

County in New Jersey and it says here 60 Days force a p 64 days of Peace dear Brothers and sisters this is you know Line with the UN all aasis invited to Join our 65 days of Peace initiative in Honor of two remarkable Advocates mot m Adney and Martin Luther King in Collaboration with the International Peace Museum please invite all your friends And members of the organization such as The ATA AP aapi TN t n s e w HSS Etc I think those are all IND Indian Organizations join us every day from January 30th to April 4th to offer Heartfulness peace in itive given by Reverend Dody let us strive toward a World where correct thinking right Understanding and compassion are the Pillars of our shared existence the Correct thinking and right understanding Is the problem here I mean the whole Thing's a problem you know they went With all this politically correct stuff And yet they butchered um all of that And so um you know just another just Another inevitable fail then here are a Few Whispers messages Saturday December 4th 1999 8 a.m. the universe is Populated with planets some of which are Inhabited it is in these places that Evolution Continues there these are different Forms of life undetectable by earthlings

In the current state of their knowledge Fortunately their technology has serious Limitations all these foray into space Are sufficient sufficiently dangerous And harm a certain equilibrium their Mana for exploring and conquering will Not stop itself a time will come will be Necessary to put an end to this kind of Conquest as a means as a means being Used are devasta as the means being used Are devastating humans want to play Being the Conqueror of space they Believe that they are alone on planet Earth which is in fact under high Surveillance such terrible human Tragedies take place there of greater And greater magnitude without any Effective means being envisioned to Truly remedy them what would humans go And do on other planets if they if not Reproduce the same patterns in the same Social misery that all that all the While is dramatically spreading on Earth They have reached an extreme of excess We can only note these sad facts Boby There's a lot of uh extraterrestrial Stuff going On um in the world now right and so um You know all this news about Extraterrestrials and World War I I Covered that today in my other video on This channel and so um you know there's All that and I'll continue more on this Later on you know he's talking about

Aetheric life right this is soul life And you know uh disembodied souls and Things that inhabit planets and human Beings would disrupt their you know Their existence there because they don't Want to be around humans and cities and Life right there's a certain peace to These uninhabitable planets and things Like this but anyways here's the video That I they talked about and I'll Continue in uh the next one will be Journey 137 okay greetings brothers and sisters So this video is going to have um two Begin I started this Video uh yesterday this is Thursday January 18th it's 10:08 in the in the uh Nighttime and this video won't be up Till Saturday but um you know I had this sort Of epiphany and I've talked about this Before and you know I made a Playlist well first let me just say this To and all kinds of speculation based on The title and I'm going to call this I'm Do Ding which you know is provocative but It's not that I'm dying tomorrow or I've Got some terminal Diagnosis but we all have a terminal Diagnosis right we're all dying every One of us is dying we're all in the Process of dying you I was thinking About this one you go to the doctor and

They say you have six months to live or You get some sort of disease stage for Cancer something like this where you Know your days are numbered but all our Days are numbered like we have a time When we're going to die whatever that is And you know maybe you could figure it Out astrologically or you know whatever But there is a point where your life is Going to end immediately after you're Born and so you're in the process of Dying even as a baby right before you've Even really begun to live you know You're going to die and so your death Can be the day after you're born or 80 Years after you you're born but the Process is all the same right but I was Thinking about this cuz I said these Words in a similar fashion and hoping to I remember to put this in um in fact Maybe somebody one person can leave a Comment reminding me to put this in the Playlist I made a Playlist um I made a video that I you Know after I you know let's say I Disappear or die or something that there Be these videos up and I you know made a Video ahead of time because why wait Till that I die to release it um which You know how would I be able to do that Anyway so I had this thought for a while That i' make a video in case I died you Know for some uninspected reason or you Know I disappeared or whatever happened

Like I couldn't make videos anymore and There would be a video I could you know Put up in one of my put it in my will or Something you know have someone in my Family put it up and you know it would Be there for people that I said I might As well release it now like why wait why Wait to you know say the things that you Want to say you know to the people who Watch these videos and there's a Playlist here somewhere I might as well Go look it up and find out the actual Name anyway anyway the the playlist is Called goodbye videos to watch after I Die or can't um I guess it goes on from There probably something like I can't Make videos anymore and so um I'm going To put that hopefully I'll put this um There's four videos in there I only Remember the one but if one person can Leave a comment telling me to reminding Me to put it in the playlist that'd be Great but I don't need 100 comments Obviously I just need one but I have This sort of Revelation you know I was thinking about This cuz I've said this before I've had These sort of you know thoughts before But I had this Revelation you know when you know you're Going to die because you have some Physical ailment or you you're going to Go off to war there's something you know Eminent in your life where you're aware

That death is possible and I've had that A few times in my life where the idea You know the there's a possibility of Death right but there is every time you Go on the highway or you know there's so Many different ways you can die right Right that you know I mean you don't Think about but they're there and you Know one of those things is going to get You someday whatever it might be disease Old age you know your heart of course Now with covid and the right there's the Possibility that your heart will stop at Any moment I've had some heart issues Over the past couple of years you know If you thought about that and not in Some goth way you know some Eddie Monster or you know The Adams Family way Or some you know where you're Celebrating death or you're You know any of these things but you Just thought about it every day that You're dying like every day you have you Know um the chance of dying and that It's going to happen someday like you Just have that thought now you know not That you you know dwell on it you worry About it you're scared of it but just Have the thought right you know that Your death is inevitable like you woke Up every day and just thought it you Know once during the day you know my Death is inevitable I'm in the process Of dying you know because all these

Things things go hand inand life and Death right Joy and Pain you know misery And happiness all these things right and You know one of the problems with what We're what we're trying to do here in This Society is control things that can't be Controlled right we're trying to prolong Things that shouldn't be prolonged you Know the death of your youth like you Have things that change and die all the Time and as you get older you see it More and more things that you used to be Able to do you no longer can do and your Mortality is there right when you're a Young person it doesn't matter you know Take example like a beautiful young Woman right someone who's you know in Their teens as they get older and and They have privileges because of their Beauty right some woman has some young Girl has privileges because of her Beauty and she squanders it right she You know she parties she doesn't eat Proper Foods right doesn't uh you know Take care of her skin whatever it might Be and is able to you know manipulate Men and have relationships and and Monetize her beauty in some way right Make a you know Fortune off her beauty Like all these insle models and these You know all these you know girls that Do this stuff but one day she looks at The mirror and sees some lines and

Wrinkles in her face and you know it Doesn't feel so good anymore like the You know the party and the drugs the Alcohol things you know bad man whatever It is you know catch up to her you know All these models in harleywood starlets You know mam expiration date and they All of a sudden their beauty means Something to them right now that they're They know they're going to lose it and They're starting to get ugly outside Because they're ugly inside so their Insides are starting to display on their Faces right or this you know particular This is one particular person so the the Ugliness is starting to uh display on This you know this not so young young Woman's face right and now she starts Buying creams and doing research and Exercising and eating in a different way Trying to you know retain something that She's losing right everyone's you know This is the problem of life but you Can't know there's no M of plastic Surgery there's no amount of physical You know whatever you're going to do Supplements and all these things you can Do to keep yourself from aging right so It's inevitable she's going to lose Something she had something didn't Appreciate it and then once it was once It was on its way out she was desperate To keep it but that's the thing about Life like whenever you have something

Whenever you you know have something That you love a person or you know a job Or you know stuff in your physical Material possessions or places you like To go you know vacation or Whatever Whenever you have something you're in The process of losing it right you're Going to lose it in one way or another Everything is going to be lost As your you know your body disappears From this planet when you die and or the People around you die things that that You know you love die whatever it might Be you know everything is changeable and We're going through a period of change And all of us are resisting it because There's things we don't want to give up Right things that we don't want to we You know things that we don't think we Can live without things that things that Make life worth living right and people Don't live because they're trying to Retain something that you know is Slipping through their fingers right and Of course time is the biggest aspect of This and you know you don't see it when You're young CU you think you have so Much time left and you do maybe for most Of you know most young people have lots Of time left but not all of them right Some of them you know their lives are Cut short but you when you realize you Are going to lose something you start to Grip it tighter right you start to hold

On to it and you you try to prevent that Thing from happening right but you can Because it's you know inevitable and Instead of adjoin what needs to be Enjoyed today and you know recognizing That there's a time limit for everything Right you know you look at these women Who have engaged in plastic surgery and Done everything to retain their physical Beauty and they turn themselves into Monsters and everybody does that men who You know are scared to death or you know Trying to prevent their death or prevent Change and trying to retain things that Should have you know everything's meant To flow things come and go things you Know things flow through your life you You get what you need when you need it And then it's just a burden like when You no longer need something it's a Burden right a tool you pick up a tool You use the tool you put the tool away You don't carry your saw with you Everywhere you go just in case you have Something to saw right you know you go Get your saw when you need to saw Something you go your Hammer when you Need to hammer something right whatever It might be whatever your tools are you Lug these things around with you all the Time in the case that you need them well That's no way to live right because There's things that you're gonna you Know need uh you know I mean you need

Something every day you can't carry Everything with you you only need the You only need what you need on that day And people go through a process of you Have goals and you obtain that goal you Reach your goals you accomplish your Goals and then once you've done that You've acquired whatever you are seeking You enter the maintenance part of it Right you know the in the Hindu Tradition they have um they have Brahma The Creator they have Vishnu the the Maintainer the Pres the preserver right The preservation and then you have Shiva The death right the destruction so you Have a creation then you have Preservation and maintenance and then You have the death of something right You build a house you know first you're In the creation creative process you Have an architect or you're an architect You design the house you acquire the Materials you acquire the tools and the Help you put the house together you have The house house and then you decorate The house and you you know do whatever You're going to do to make the house Live you know worth living in and then You turn it into a home and you have a Family in there and then you're in the Maintenance portion you're keeping the House together and at some point Everything starts to Decay it gets mold On it you know time has its way and the

House might be you know long after your Death it might be you know your children Or whatever your you know whatever it is But eventually it has to be tore down or Nature takes its toll and it just wears Away and decays and becomes you know a House for animals or whatever you know Whatever is there you know a foundation And whatever is a is left over and when You you know look at life in the way That you're you're going to die every Day like that you're in the process of Dying and things that you have you know Might be the last day you have something And that's where the Gratitude and Appreciation comes in this may be the Last day that you see your your Significant other like this has happened To people right you know happens to People all the time where I mean I just Covered this heart attack this coach had A heart attack and the Golden State Warriors basketball coach and he was in A team dinner with other you know the Players and the coaches and they were in A you know they were in Utah about to Play a you know NBA game and the guy Just drops outad of a heart attack right This happening now all the time to People where you know they have a Conversation with somebody and then they Don't see that person alive again I mean It's more prevalent than ever we're at a Time where death is you know is just

Around us and it's you know and it's Shocking deaths sudden deaths right Unexpected deaths you know and you have An argument with somebody and then you Go to see them or if you get a call and They're dead right car accident or Something and you know these things are Um you know I mean it's painful but if You looked at it where you know that This could happen like these things Could happen just you know not dwell on It not you know fear it I try to control It but just you know have the Possibility that that could happen it Would change your life I was thinking About my two puppers you know my wife And I got these puppies you know they Papon live you know the last papon my Wife had a last dog that we had Farley Lived till she was 15 or so 14 or 15 so They live pretty long little dogs you Know Perpetual puppies and they're great They're part of our life and you know I Can't imagine life without them but That's only 10 years away you know my Kids um when they were little they used To play great my two oldest one Anna and Her older brother they were Irish twins They were born on consecutive Mother's Days and they would just play Forever They had these animal figures like I Bought them those little you know I had These things when I was a kid like Little model animals and dinosaurs and

You know plastic like something you get At a museum and then they had other you Know action figures and stuffed animals And you know they're five six seven Years old I don't know how old they were And they used to take the animals and March them in a line like it was you Know 00 animals and they would just March them through the throughout the House and then out side and you know we Had some acres and things and they were Just all over the place and they would Stop and play games and you know my Daughter Anna was a Storyteller you know She's committed suicide right but when She was young she was a great Storyteller and she had a great Imagination and they would play these Games and they would say things like When it was night time they would say Sun goes down moon comes up and then They would you know pretend all their Animals were sleeping then a minute Later they pretend it was a day again They go sun comes up moon goes down and They would play right and you know I I Stopped and watched them you know I Observed this over the years but I Didn't you know I mean I didn't cherish It like I you know maybe should have Right I mean I appreciated it but you Know marriage to my ex and you know the The hell that that was and all the Things were going on and the stress and

It was just a a bad time and you know Now one of my you know children is no Longer with us and uh the other two are Estranged and even the one I have with Me you know the you know our Relationship was wasn't isn't like it Was when they were kids right you know They all have their own lives and adults Now I don't have regrets of this sense That you know I don't know how it could Have been any different because the way I felt at that time right but you know I Think about these things all the time The good times and the you know the Joyful times we had as a family and There weren't you know that many and the Older the kids got and the you know the Worse the marriage between my ex and I Got and the worse her you know fits were And her you know threatening suicide Side and you know whenever we had an Argument and things I had to hide all The knives and all the stuff I went Through with that right you know it was Just um you know it wasn't effing Enjoyable right you know it was it was a Hard time for all of us and so that's I Mean that's what the kids will remember But for me I remember these the good Times that we have you know Great Moments you know my daughter Anna there Was a time where she um she could always Catch animals like she went over the First cow that we ever got there was a

Family that had a cow and um you know They're milking a dairy cow and you know They wanted to sell it to us I went to India I had sort of an experience there And I I came back I was like we're going To get the cow we got the cow and you Know the family had chickens and they Also had a chicken that went Broody and Came back with 12 chicks you know a Chicken can go broody and they disappear And they sit on a a brood of eggs and They hatch out some chicks and and she Um you know the woman told a story about Her kids were a little bit older you Know Anna was about three or four and You know she was with there you know all Of our our kids were you know were they Were born in a 5-year period four kids Were born in five you know five and a Half years and so um you know they're All relatively young and she said that They had these chicks running around Their house and you know running around Their yard they were trying to catch Them and none of them could catch them And Anna came with two on either hand Like she was just you know I mean she Went after these animals like she was a Predator you could catch them and then One time we got Ducks later on we ended Up getting chickens from that family and Our first cows and we bought some ducks And our ducks went into our neighbors Pasture and there was you know Tall

Grass you know really we had really tall Grass in our pasture it was like spring And and there was tall grass that the Neighbor hadn't ha yet so there's really Tall grass there he was you know he ha His field he cut it into hay for his Horses and you some cows or something And she said I'll go catch the Ducks and I was like no there's no way you're Going to do that and she had you know Red hair and I saw like this the hair Was the sun was glinting off her hair And she was small she had these boots on She was smaller than the you know the Grass and every once in a while her head Would pop up and you could see her hair You know you know her hair you know the Sun bouncing off of it and then a duck Would pop up like know these two ducks She was chasing and I was like there's No way she's going to catch them right She's running after him you know we had 3 acres of of land and there was like Probably another 10 acres on the other Side she ran went down and you know went To the other pasture where the the you Know the the Ducks were and you know When I was watching her jump up you see Her jump up every once in a while and You see the Ducks jump up and then all Of a sudden they you know they just Stopped and I could see the grass moving And she came up and she had one duck in E either hand right she just caught them

Both you know it was like hilarious like You know she was just I mean no one else That I knew could do that right none of The other kids I certainly couldn't at That time she was probably like seven You know seven8 years old or whatever it Was but she could just you know she had A knack for that stuff and there was These good times with all the kids and You know times I remember and whatever It was even stuff you know to do with my Ex there were good days where as a Family there were you know there were Good times mostly not but you know they Were there and now that's basically all Gone you know it's all it's in the past Right it's like a past life and you know I don't have regrets in that sense or Even my younger days of course I used I Would uh would have utilized my time Differently had I been you know younger Now if I you know if I knew what I know Now you all the experiences I have I Would be a different person I make Different choices and I'd spend my time More wisely but that's you know that's The process of life you know but what I'm getting at here is you know another Title to this video could be today is The day you know that's um when you Think about like that today is the day Like today could be the last day right Today is the day like every day you live The day you know this is the day right

And whatever the day is you live it like It's important whatever you're doing Whether it just be cooking meals or you Know it's like being in the moment and You know the mindfulness meditation is Kind of the opposite of what SJ Mar Meditation is but in terms of just you Know appreciating what you have and the Opportunity that's in front of you that There's no throwaway days there's no you Know even though things seem mundane and They seem routine and they seem like you Know I just want to you know you're Killing time and watching the clock you Know there was an Adam Sandler movie Where where he he had a remote control Kind of stupid movie but it had a good Premise where he would hit a a button And fast forward through the the down Times and then the remote control would Remember that he fast forward through This thing and he started started Automatically fast forward through all Of these things right and you know like All the Performing know it he was fast Forward and through everything you know And then just um his whole life flew by So anyways I want to just share that With you and um I got this other you Know this is going to so before I get to This other introduction I did yesterday Some more thoughts some of which I had Um last night and I've forgotten but I'm Hoping if I start talking about this

It'll come back to me if not maybe later After the the you know when I do a a Voice over at the end of this thing Which I probably will and so the first Thing in terms of the teachings of the Sark system and when I when I say Something like that you know the Teachings of the SAR meditations it's Not the system it's whether it's true or Not right when you think about Scientific teachings or biblical Teachings they don't own the truth right If they stumble on the truth and they Talk about it then you know it's it's The truth the truth is itself is you Know you can't copyright the truth or You you know that's just some legal Whatever or trade market if you there's Something that's you know that's um Truthful you just happen to stumble on It right and this is a truth that I Learned through the Sark system that we Have created our present from our past And I think most people I don't know Anybody who wouldn't agree with that but You're manifesting your your present has Been manifested from your past and your Past has Also conditioned you to affect you in Your present you're making decisions in Your present based in past experiences So the past has uh you know a stronghold On the present right in terms of what Decisions you've made and actions that

You've done and thoughts and you know Intentions you've created that you now Manifested your present circumstances And condition we've done that Individually and Collectively and then right now in our Present we're manifesting and creating Our future and our you know our lens has Been the lens in which we view the world Has been conditioned and warped and you Know made into something by the past and I've talked about that before hopefully If you've heard that before from other Sources but it's something to think About right the problem is and I haven't Ever talked about this this is just Something that came to me is that most People think the starting point of their Life is when they're born maybe in Conception but you know there's no real Memory of being in utero so people think That when you're born you're completely Innocent and there's nothing there from Your past right you don't have a past When you're born so the circumstances You're born into are not happening from Something that's happened in the past Because they don't believe in a past Life they believe that that's you your Soul wasn't Created when you were conceived your Soul was already in existence before That so your soul had previous Existences whether it was here here or

Somewhere else or it came from somewhere And unfortunately you know Jesus Believed in past lives but the Christian Religion is you know they don't want They can't have you have know that you Had past lives because that wipes out Their whole thing about Jesus being the Only son of God Jesus had past lives and So you know this idea that he was the Only son of God gets wiped out by the Idea of past lives and future lives you Know but Jesus talked about past lives It's docu document Ed in the Gnostic Gospels and other places and he talked About his own past lives and there's This idea like for example that he and John the Baptist had a shared a past Life and some of the disciples or maybe All of them and they came in together as A soul family so if you have a soul and Your soul has an intention your soul has A plan you have a past when you're born And your past is going to affect your Immediate circumstances of what you're Born into and most people can't you know Especially people who love victim Consciousness want to say you know like Uh recently I showed a video where a you Know young woman was going I didn't ask To be born and that's you know not uh I Mean this another name for this video I Didn't ask to be born you know these all Could be names for this video because Your soul and God and you know your your

A spiritual support team and everything That's you know in the etheric world World created your circumstance your Soul created your body and your Circumstances that you're born into and So the things that are happening to you As a child have been created by the past Whatever you were doing in the past that Needs to be worked out and the Circumstances of your life are created There from the color of your skin to the Your sex to your you know to any number Of things right your your family and you Know where you are born in the world Your culture these are all choices that Have been made for your specific you Know best opportunity to evolve Spiritually and complete your Soul's Plan and so if you understand that that Something happened in past existence That you don't have access to because Your you know memories you don't have Many memories of your childhood but Whatever your memories are and you can Start seeing the you know the mistakes You've made and the you know the work You've put in and the things that you've Done have manifested a future have Created you know your present now and That you've you know become somebody and Through you know your efforts and your Choices and your you know whatever it is Thoughts and goals and things you've now Manifested your present but you can't

Trace that back from a past existence When you're a kid so that's a big part Of it you know this is the idea of some Scaras the things you take with you when You die that have to be worked out and Condition your next experience your next Life here and so I'm I'm not fully Remembering what I wanted to say but it Had to do with um you know this idea That everything is transitory right Everything can be taken away from you And will be because you can't hold on Everything and holding on to everything Is the problem right now we have an Economy that should have collapsed we Have you know a social system and you Know a uh like a you know a dumbing Down Of the masses that's not even a you know An idiocracy type situation where people Are de evolving and that's you know the Biggest thing and then a disconnect from God and the breakdown to the family and Everything that's happening should have You know made the system collapse Already I mean it's already collapsed But it has momentum going forward like It's whatever momentum's built up and Then our Collective thoughts and fears Of living without the system have Propped it up right and you know what's Ever going on with that whatever is Happening to prevent what you know the Inevitable death of our system the you Know the at least a partial collapse of

The system in one way or another an Inability for people to either realize Or accept that the collapse of the System is what's best right because you Know it isn't what's best for our egos And our lifestyle and us personally like Many of us wouldn't survive that uh the Older folks certainly people you know in Their 40s and 50s and all the way up It's almost impossible for them to you Know uh restart their life in in this Direction to relearn and and you know I Mean if you have very low skill base and The system is no longer going to provide For you then you know I mean what are You going to do right like what what can You possibly do to to you know become a New person and figure out how to you Know totally different orientation to Life so uh there's no preparation there There's no knowledge base there's no you Know that people are just dead inside There we're walking zombies you know and This is all predicated on this idea that We're not going to die we don't think About it like people do not prepare for Their death don't think about their Death don't think about what's waiting For them next don't think about a you Know you know future life or a future Life for their soul somewhere and what That's going to be like because of their Current actions and things you know Maybe on people's deathbeds they have

These regrets and they have these you Know come to Jesus moments or whatever You want to call them but in reality It's too late I mean guess you know Having some good thoughts at the end of Your life and regrets sure you would Have liked to do better but you know Your opportunity has passed you by right Your opportunity to do better and to you Know uh ensure a future a better future For your soul and future version of Yourself in future lives has passed you By right you've failed to you know Navigate the terrain of your Saras and Your existence in a way that can produce A you know a positive outcome where You're moving forward and not Backwards you know and having this idea That you're you're dying you're in the Death process and K day could be your Last day I mean when people live in Circumstances like that war torn Circumstances and desperate Circumstances you know they're more Alive right they're more alive because They're aware that this could be it and They're more grateful and they're more Whatever the opportunity is more present Unless they're you know traumatized all The time which is the other you know Downside of that and when you're in Survival mode you can't you don't have Time to think and you know to I mean be Philosophical and and have a strong

Overview of your life because you're Just trying to get through the day so There's the the downside of that as well But if you have you know you're not in Desperate circumstances but you're aware Of the you know the your mortality in a Way that's not morbid like I was saying Earlier you have this Advantage where You're you know you're not wasting time This is another throwaway day where You're just going through the motions But anyways let me um get into the I'm Not sure I that's all I wanted to say But that's as much as I can remember I'm Going to eat bre I'm going to eat Breakfast then I'll edit the part I Already did about the overpopulation and Then I'll you know wrap this thing up Maybe with some more video clips or We'll see how it all goes greetings Brothers and sisters um so I wanted to Do a quick introduction here there's a Couple of days this is January 17th this Video won't be up till three or four Days from now but if you're a person who Watches other people's Videos and hears them talk about some Theory this Theory or that theory Overpopulation this case or Flat Earth Or QB stuff and then you announce Someone else's theory that you've done No Research into or thought about you're Not introspective you haven't been on Any kind of a journey yourself you

Haven't gone anywhere you know you Haven't done anything in your life where You have a knowledge base then you're Not a truther you're just Regurgitating some other person's Viewpoint which is what sheep will do Right so I want to start here this is The NFL and you see these are the NFL Cities right these are cities and Places where the NFL franchises are Here's another picture here kind of a Better picture and you see okay there's The New England Patriots and then in New York you have three football teams the Bills the Giants and the Jets and right Below that you have Philadelphia which Is right there Then Baltimore which is Right here then Washington DC which is Right here then down the coast you have The Carolina Panthers the Atlanta Falcons and three more teams in uh Florida right so this is the majority of Teams are right in this area onethird of The country here you can see this third Of the country has the majority of Football teams there's a total of 32 Football teams there's 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 right here I think this is actually 11 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 right here on The West Coast a third of the football Teams are right on I'm sorry the east Coast of America right on basically the Ocean and then here in the middle of the Country there's 1 2 3 4 five 6 7 8

9 Guess 10 11 12 13 right in the middle Of the country Um that's the you know the the greater Number of teams in terms of the small Area and then out west which is about Half the country here there's um six Teams right and so the majority of teams Are right here around the east coast in A small area in terms of uh you know Teams per area where you have two states That have um two you know small states New York and Florida compared to say Texas it has two two uh um has two and California that has three over here it Has two um here right California only Has two massive States and these you Know big States out west here I mean There's you know only one football team Here in the Denver area like half of the You know good a good um fifth of the Country here has one or two football Teams the in the Arizona Cardinals and The Denver uh Broncos right because the Majority of people live on the coast you See the majority of teams are on the Coastal areas and then you have teams up Here around the Great Lakes because People live near water you know most Animal life it's like 80 or 90% of Animal life starts in the marshlands Right along the coast all these things All these shrimp and all these types of You know microbes and all these baby Fish that are born there most of the

Life on Earth is uh hatched and born Near the coast and of course people live By the coast in these various places and They live by water if it isn't by the Ocean it's by lakes and rivers and Things like this and so when people talk About overpopulation and that you can Fit all the people in the world and in Texas and they could all have an acre Which is not accurate but that's some Stupid thing that's going around people Misunderstand population density these Are all overpopulated areas this is Extremely overpopulated if you drive up Here from uh Virginia all the way up to Maine it's one long urban city you don't See any open land like you do in the Middle of the country here of course There's no water here there's water Issues in the middle of the country Beautiful places I've lived here in the West beautiful Utah and New Mexico and Nevada and Arizona and these places Beautiful like just you know phenomenal Nice phenomenally nice places but There's no water there right and you Know the overpopulation happens in Cities in these areas too as well as Well Too to quote feeder so this is the Population density this is America the United States at night this is where all The people are then you have these Cities here they're all overpopulated as

Well but the population density here Being in the in the east coast this is New York City these monster cities right Millions of people this is Los Angeles this is Kolkata and India where They 40 million people you know I've Been to these cities if you've never Seen cities with 20 million people 16 Million people and 40 million people and There's even you know bigger cities and Things like this the urban area and this Is in Mumbai right this is Mumbai India And this is Shanghai in China which is 20s something million people um Kolkata Has 40 million people Mumbai used to be Bombay has 20 million people and we're Not even talking about the greater City Area right but these places have huge Population Density and population happens in Overpopulation happens in small areas it Doesn't happen globally like there's not An overpopulation of say gazel globally But there could be some in small areas In Africa right when they have locust Swarm it's not a global problem it's a a Country problem right when there's Overpopulation of any species it's Always a small dense area and there is Overpopulation of people all around the Globe especially around coastal areas And these major cities that are sucking Up resources from every possible Direction so I made that on the 17th and

The first introduction that you heard Was from yesterday the 18th and today's The 19th and I did a you know a little Bit of a followup this morning already And um one of the things I forgot about I want to get into the overpopulation Thing because that's all tying into this Thing here but one of the things that I Forgot about uh that I wanted to say This morning was you know there's things That are just destined to happen and you Can work tirelessly assiduously to Reverse those things stop those things I Mean people do that you know and and It's going to happen no matter what no Matter what you do you can't stop it From happening one of the like falsities The new age Community is you can Manifest anything you want you can Manifest wealth you can manifest good Health you can manifest you know Prosperity whatever you know positive Things you can say and that's not true I Had a you know a talk with a preceptor Who does sash Mar and he was doing New Age things and he tried a bunch of these Different techniques to manifest things And they didn't work right and he Realized it was all Bs and then he Started sa which is you know some of It's your effort and your will force and Some of it is your own you know I mean You can change your destiny you can Change your you know certain things

About the trajectory of your life but Other things you just have to surrender To you just have to accept they're going To happen and that's the problem we're Having now and like in America you're Told you know pull yourself up by your Bootstraps and you can make it happen And when somebody fails they think you Know there's this idea that that's 100% Your fault and it's not failure isn't Always your fault or even partially your Fault in some circumstances because some Things are just destined to happen and I Found this Whispers of the brighter World message here that I um you know Was talking about yesterday uh an entry Into my 136th edition of The Journey Series and it was about working with Your hands is why I saved it more than Anything else but it came out in uh 200 Probably 7 or 8 it was released but it Was uh Tuesday September 10th 2002 10 A.m. and I'm going to just read the Message here the time has come for human Beings to seriously reflect on the ill Effects of this industrial civilization That is destructive for the planet there Are many who utter cries of alarm which Are not heard the biggest polluters Close their eyes on this aspect of Things seeing only profit and their Well-lined bank accounts everything will Stop by force of circumstance huge Cataclysms will destroy what constitutes

The industrial wealth of this Century This wealth does not benefit the poor Countries which are completely forgotten By the big owners of the world's Capital These comments are not politically Oriented rather we note an irrefutable Fact that this is serious for the future Of humanity only the power of raging Elements will be able to change the Economic system it will have to make a Fresh and Healthy Start for the Earth And for human beings by returning to Basics and Simplicity through a more Human way of working human beings have Lost their taste for effort they will Have to relearn how to make use of their Hands together with their minds the rich Who have lost everything will become Very poor and the current poor will Become even more destitute only the ones To keep their treasure will be those who Have nurtured in their hearts haloed With the Divine love with Divine love Babaji Maharaj the thing about that is Like most people can agree with most of That message whether they're liberal or Conservative I'm even sheeple they just Talk about it my wife and I were Rewatching season 4 of Yellowstone and you know there's a guy Taylor Sheridan who makes that show is You know kind of a cowboy in real life Whatever he is right Western person Maybe right leaning Republican based

Type person and you know he has his Character say the you know the John D The Kevin CER character Was saying um there we won't be around In 100 years right and you know this Kind of Dooms Day scenario stuff is Always there but it's a usually a fringe Type of thing even if it's going to Happen it's Fringe every civilization Has end of the world people they're just There and it's inevitable every religion Every culture has predictions of like Sort of end of world end times type of Stuff of course it's in the the Bible It's in these other uh you know Religious texts and books and prophecies And the Mayan calendar and Aboriginal People and all these you know native Peoples there are stories about it right Of course there's like the city of Pompei in the Bible there's these cities And you know stories of destructed you Know this lost city of Atlantis these Things right and you can go and find Runes all over the world where there was Giant you know uh where there was you Know uh big Civilizations successful Empires that Have collapsed and then just recent History of Empires the Greek Empire the Roman Empire these Empires that were There there was a the Chinese Empire There's various Empires that have come And

Gone and you know it's in the mahab Barata all this stuff that happened Where at one point India was like the Center of the world and there was just This you know what was coming out of India right at that time and so the Ancient cultures and you can find it you Know some of it's there some of it's at The bottom of the ocean when there was You know civilizations that were built When there was an nice age and the water Receded and there was a land mass from All the way from Florida down to South America big land mass and then of course In other places in the world and then The ice melted and these civilizations Are now buried under the sea you know or You know they were just flooded out of Existence and so this happens right I've Talked about this in various you know Ways and forms and things and so Empires Collapse so that's a reality that's not A conspiracy theory it's not a you know There's no Empire that ever lasts Forever that would be the that would be Crazy to delusional to think that way That our Empire would last forever right And they all thought they were going Going to do that right every Civilization and there's more advanced Civilizations that were here far more Advanced civilization right there was a Thing where I um you know I was Listening to uh Dr Berg and then um he

Was talking about antibiotics he said There's Tetracycline in mummies in Egyptian Mummies right and I've talked about the Egyptian mummies recently and you know UFOs and aliens and things like this and All that stuff but Tetracycline they had antibiotics and Now I looked it up and they said here There's a couple articles ancient Nubians drank beer laced with Antibiotics and so um ancient like you Know these people in these places two 20 This is 2,000 years ago people have been Using antibiotics right these um you Know antibiotics for moles and things Like this and so if you think about that Then you have to doubt the origin Stories our origin story which I've been Covering and I read a Whispers In A you Know recent video here you know and I Talked about how our true history our True history of human beings and the Possibility of genetic manipulation and Us being you know a slave being created Here that has a a shortened lifespan you Know when the the uh movie Blade Runner Comes from a a book I think it's the Guy's name is Philip K Dick he writes those books but the movie Blade Runner they had these um clones Who were Superior some of them Intellectually all of them physically But they had a lifespan of only four

Years and that was to prevent them from Taking over for the you know the the you Know the normal people the non-cloned People and so you know that kind of goes With what's happened with our shortened Lifespans here when people used to live Thousands of years right but if you take That into consideration that they have Blocked us from knowing our the true Origin of our species it's been warped In our religions and our science and all These things when they find scientific Discoveries and they hide them you know Archae archaeological discoveries and They hide them from us and then you um Put that into the idea that Civilizations have collapsed and we have These ruins all around us and then you Look at what's going on right now most People liberals and conservatives and You know sheeple all have this sense That we're entering into a time where The civilization is fragile and they're Going to be be big changes and big Population reductions and big changes to Our lifestyle and our whole orientation To life the dream you know the American Dream the internet you know these things That we dominate our existence and you Know what we go about our lives pleasure Seeking lives and things like this will Be taken away and then we'll have to Regress into working with our hands in This whisper message right we'll have to

You know go back to providing for Ourselves in a village type situation in A communal type situation growing food And you know interacting with nature and Getting back to a more uh you know uh Primary labor type of situation and this Isn't something that the elite are doing To us the problem with the truth Community is the obsession with the Elite if you hear a truth or just talk About Elite this Elite that you know They I mean especially someone's been Around for a while like they they've Stalled out right they've you know they Came in at an entry entry level and They've just they're spinning in circles Like a frog jumping around a well Because the elite are going to be gone You know the power structure is going to Be gone and then who are you going to Blame right like it's not you know They're not going to be in charge of This you know this situation very much Longer and then what then what you you Blame God you blame you know at what Point do you realize that we've all Contributed right there's evil things That the system is doing that we're all A part of we're we're all contributing One Way Or Another We're all you know I Mean we're complicit but we're also Engaged in doing work that is Destructive and you know anti-god work That goes against the will of God you

Know we're making choices that don't Align with our souls and whether we're Forced to do it because of the system or Whether because we don't know any better Or you know we're like we want to think Of ourselves as good people but we want To ignore that we're all participating In this you know demonic system and not To beat yourself up about it either like Just accept that like that's what we you Know have to do to some extent we have To participate whatever it is and if we Think about it coming from God and you Know everything that we're doing is you Know we're doing uh I mean not you know Make that up but find out what the will Of God is and do it right and then just Accept that you know part of that is Engaging with the beastly system because You can't get away from it until it Changes but you know those that Whispers Message I read to you is one of many Which give a you know uh a clear Understanding of the collapse of the System and Babaji the second master of The Sark system wrote about this in his Book reality at dawn and he talked about My vision a vision of the future and he Said that the you know the next Civilization will be built on the bones And Ashes of the current one and no Civilization will survive in the future Without spirituality as its base so that Whispers books came out with these

Prophecies and there was already stuff In there you know predictions about what Was going to happen to the structure of The world and things that Bob had Written about and it came out in 2005 You know after the big event 2001 and Then these messages kept on coming out That you know like this one was released Probably via email in 2011 it was in a Book called you know whis Whispers of The brigh world Third Edition third Revelation um which was released in 2008 Or N9 and my family and I were working On a homestead you know trying to create A homestead and and ran into the the Block that we needed a community right That you couldn't go any further without A community and so I went back to the You know current Master of the system When he was just nominated and he kind Of agreed with this you know this is Dodgy back then when he was not like a Sellout shill you know who was lost his Way he was you know just talking about About this in a journey series video and All of them it's you know it's pretty uh It's pretty brutal right but he was Better than and then you know chargie The current Master at that time was you Know on his way out he was real poor Physical health and then all the people And they read these books and they Believed in these books some of these People you know they read these books

Obsessively The Whisperers messages I Mean much more so than I did and they Believed in these teachings and this was Their primary Goal in life this you know system and Almost none of them were willing to do Anything to prepare for the predictions That were given it was like stunning to Me that they weren't even they they Couldn't even have a conversation about It and they were condemning me and my Family for learning old ways and skills And then this message came out and I Said look it says people in the future Are going to have to work with their Hands and you know there's people in India who you know the labor in India And the cast system they really look at It the the educated people the upper you Know Echelon people the upper cast the Brahin and these other cast and then People who have made it financially they Look at primary labor as dirty like much More so than we do in America in America We do it we look down at Farmers we look Down at migrant workers and you know Whatever it is it's just built in our Society to think that you you have a White collar job and you're above that Kind of stuff right and you no longer Have to do that stuff but that's Something we all have to do it's you Know it's fun to do like I've really Enjoyed it I've really enjoyed being out

Nature and you know I didn't I didn't Know I was going to enjoy it as much as I did or I would you know back in 200 You know three four five when we were Starting to to Homestead and then what We're doing now my wife and I I really Enjoy doing it and you know I mean it's Sometime painstaking sometimes difficult You know sometimes it's just you know Frustrating and you're fighting sometime Fighting nature nature seems to be Almost lining up against you or making It harder and there's always something New you didn't consider and you know It's a big learning curve and of course I don't need to do it where it's a Question of life or death and starving And having equipment and modern day Things that we have now right just you Know it's a little bit different but it Makes you into a complete person right Like it makes it fills holes and gaps That you didn't know were there you know You're a much more functional person Like we have one skill and I've talked About this but our ancestors were lured After the off the farm and the tribes And they were forced into cities or you Know they chose to go into cities Whatever it was they gave up all these Skills and those skills were looked down On people who are you know they look Down at the Native American people as Savages and you know people who are

Laborers and Farmers you know the Aristocracy and the rich people and the You know the Lords and the Kings and the You know all these things and these you Know people who ruled over the you know The so-called dumb down masses and were You know not engaging in this type of Labor and they had slaves and servants And whatever it was you know they look Down on those people you know so much so There's people who you know they used to Have dressers they couldn't even dress Themselves never mind make their own Clothing or make their own you know grow Their own food or make their own meals Right and you get devoid from reality of Your you know every animal has to you Know engage in primary labor to to Survive and that's been lost and we need To reclaim that because it's warped People so much so that you have kids Today who live in a you know live in a Cyber world and they're no longer able To do a job even right so you know the Deal was you do a job a specialized Skill for eight hours a day you know as It later on came out whatever it is back Then what 12 hours whatever it was in The beginning but you do one job and Then all the other jobs were done by Other people and you had a collective Work and money and these things and it Made life easier you had more free time And you could you know have nicer houses

And running water and you have these Privileges that have grown over time and So now the kids today can't even do that 1 hour you know that 8 hour workday Because they're lost in a cyber world You know a world that's you know not Even you know physically real it's not The third dimensional world that we live In where they're not even aware of their Bodies so much so anymore and physical Reality around them they have another You know reality that they're and they Call this in the real world IRL they got A term for in the real world because They're they're lost to it I mean it's Just going in the wrong direction so you Know I was dumbfounded by these people Who do the sjar Meditation and how they just wouldn't Look at these teachings they couldn't Deal with it you know of course some of Them are older Boomer hippy generation You know they're now older and there's a Large group of people who do it that are Old you know but they were unwilling and You know I found this with the you know I believe that sa Mar the connection to Divinity and that's just how that Whispers of the brighter World message Ended you know at the very end of it it Reads um uh the ritual will have lost Everything will become very poor and the Current poor will become more destitute The only ones to keep the treasure the

Their treasure will be those that have Nurtured it in their hearts haloed by With Divine love and that's you know the Meure of connecting to Divinity within You which is what the sjar system is About right um and that you know that This is going to be necessary for people To survive and to flourish and build a New system based in Divine principles Right spirituality as its base and this Is the system and you know that's been Given for this time right there's a Spiritual system you not the religions Which are just relics of the past that Have lost their way not past things Right but a living system that exists Now and the people who do the system Suck like they fa they faltered and Failed with dodgy and they've just Haven't be able to navigate that issue And that's been a real bummer for me to See and then other people just can't Gravitate to it there's lots of people Have tried it through this YouTube Channel other people have heard of it And just you know pooo it you know this Whatever but they're you know going in a Direction that is you know a Materialistic Direction trying to save a System that can't be saved you know a Population that's going to have to be Reduced and they're just you know people In the truth community and just Everybody are looking for answers and

You know quick fixes to something that's Already destined to fail you know it's Destiny it's it's over its life cycle is Over right it had a a period of time and It's you know whatever is going to be Left whatever changes are going to be in Place whatever our lifestyle is like It's going to be different all over the Globe you know all these civilizations Like the ancient Egyptian Civilizations they look at the people That were around there and there's Primitive people but there's lots of Primitive people now there's lots of People living in Huts all over the world In cities you go to India and there's You know huge sections of the you know The overpopulated cities that are you Know 26 million people in cheni which I Saw you know more people in these other Places these other cities and you know The cities are um filled with people Living in primitive huts and things like This there's primitive people everywhere And there's people who are doing you Know your labor your you know Agricultural label labor and things that Have double- digit IQs and they live Short lives and they don't have the kind Of intellect and the capacity for Abstract thought and critical thinking Skills that we all you know enjoy and We're a minority right we're you know It's less than you know 40% have the

Ability for abstract thought I me you Don't understand the the you know the Levels of primitive people that they Could look back on and say oh you know In 2000 and 23 and you know this Generation it was a bunch of primitive People and the cities are gone and you Know all these things they look at the Civilization but they say oh they didn't Have anything right the computer chips And things all these things that we Enjoy now in terms of Technology are Broken down and after 5,000 years 10,000 Years they're gone and then there's just What you know tools and stuff right they Look at the tools and they're like oh These were primitive people right they Do you know this these cities buried Under you know whatever it is dust and Debris and things and they dig them up And it looks like primitive structures Compared to you know what we have now What they'll have in the future you know These types of things but you know There's going to be a time where the System goes down and it's happening and Most people agree it's happening but Aren't doing anything about it and the First step is to connect to God Internally and why aren't people Gravitating to that and even people who Do it like who have the advantage of Doing this in the Sark system not these Goofy New Age things that are coming out

That assuage the ego and are egocentric And you know make a person think that They're creating a better material life Instead of using their material life to Benefit their Soul's path and you your Soul is your true Essence but you know Your reason for existence is your Soul's Purpose and not your ego's purpose and That's been lost now anyways um like I Said I'm going to put this in that that Um folder I've remembered I'm going to Wrap this one up here I'm getting a Little bit tired Already I've already started the day With three long voiceovers but you know We've reached a turning point and you Know we can no longer go in the Direction that we've been going on Collectively and individually and the People that can change will change and Everyone else is screwed I mean that's You know that's where we're at and if You don't have the the strength and You're just worned out you're asked out You know you're you're bankrupt and You're you don't have any pra of Life Energy left and you're just beaten down By your circumstances and you just don't Have the capacity to reinvent yourself You know I had to do that a couple of Times in my life it wasn't hard when I Was in my 30s cuz I didn't have much I Wasn't you know I wasn't married I Didn't you know when I started SJ Mar

Meditation and I was wanting to change My you know whatever it is my Orientation to life and when I became a Spiritual person it was really a boost I Got a boost of energy but when I was in My 50s and my marriage collapsed and you Know it was a it was a blessing but I Had to reinvent myself and then you know Now remarrying and having a new uh you Know lifestyle with you know some better Opportunities of course the YouTube Channel here and all these things and You know where my point of view and the Way I was viewing do in the world is More and more validated every day you Know than it was in you know previous Years but I've gotten older right and You know some of the changes I've I've Already done in terms of embracing some Of these homesteading skills and Understanding how to do things and you Know improving my skill base but as you Get older it's just harder and harder to To adapt to things it's harder harder Just to move from one city to another It's hard and harder just to change your Lifestyle and that's just all you know The way it's it is for you know older People people who are in the back half Of their life and young people I mean we We don't know what's going to happen With them because they're so uh weak and Pathetic right now this generation and Stupid and I mean it's just you know

Dummies who are locked into a cyber World but many of them haven't you know Engaged and started using their life Force I mean I'm sure it's drained to Some extent by the the internet and Things like this but you know they're They're probably going to enjoy life a Lot more once they get pulled in out of Their you know cyber existence when they Have to be in the real world and they Throw off some of their you know Weaknesses and things and we'll see what Happens right there're supposed to be These indigo children and you know Whatever it is and you know we see we'll See if that's true or not and whether They emerge or whether they're able to Embrace this change that's coming but It's certainly upon us right I mean Everybody senses it and you know it's Talked about and it's in movies and TV Shows And people are aware of it and you they Want to blame one group or another but In reality it doesn't matter who's to Blame it's you know what's going to Happen when the system Collapses because blame isn't going to Feed you you know blame isn't going to Keep you warm or you know give you water And you know all the rest of it anyways Only spiritual valy will save this world It's PA Rado definely point for the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone

Have a blessed day and be grateful

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