Journey 125

Journey 125

Greetings brothers and sisters so I just Finished the 124th edition of The Journey Series this is the 125th and I was going to take a couple Days or more before starting something New I want to get ahead on my other Videos I got an epic um uh video clip That somebody sent me from Eisenhower About the formation of Israel and Palestine these things and I would was Just about to look to see if I could Find a better version you know instol Videos aren't very good usually small And often times not the best video Quality-wise and I wanted to uh verify It so there's things for tomorrow's uh Videos I wanted to get into and I didn't Want to do anything with certainly more Heartfulness stuff I want to take a Break from that I wasn't going to look At the heartfulness YouTube channel for Weeks you know where I just like uh I've Had enough of this for a while and you Know that's not what the universe in air Quotes I'm saying that to mock Bruce Slipton who I'm about to cover here in a Bit because he did an interview with Dody one of my viewers sent me an instal Message saying that they just did a live Forum with Bruce Lipton and dodgy and Bruce Lipton I guess he's a physicist Who dabbles in truther theories you know He's not like a real truther but he is What he is maybe you guys like him I

Don't know I don't know that much about Him he was off-putting to me I certainly Prefer him to dodgy obviously but and There's other key players there people I've talked about there's just a small Group of people and the person that was There when dodgy tried to you know this One person who read my book the choice And Dody you know got wind of my beliefs And my truth or beliefs and tried to say I was crazy and I was in 0 five and was Eluc inting that was inverted in 05 Right you guys probably remember that Story I've told it multiple times in This um and I'll probably tell it again As we go through this so there's a lot There I'm really excited about this Because I watched about five minutes of The video and Bruce Lipton dropped some Truther stuff and dodgy is the most non- Truther guy you know this is a guy who Said that Co came from Pengalin he's a Guy who put on a mask um earlier and Longer than anybody he was wearing two Masks at a time he was demanding other People wear masks in India when Co had Already died down and then he said that Coid was actually The Masks were Actually good for common coals all Things that were disproven Dody was Supposed to be a pharmacist and a Scientist he build himself as somebody That knew a lot about science but also Was a spiritual master and he turns out

To be neither he sucks at science and he Sucks at spirituality and I was just This was like just Bliss for me because These people who are all anti- truther They're the most anti- truther people Taji particularly and then his cronies And all the stuff that went down and I Did this before anybody right you know I Was the original Saj Mar truther there's Not really another side there wasn't Really anybody else but I read The Whispers of the brighter world and I Dove into it and of course my brother Was a truther in his own way but he Didn't do what I did with Whispers my Brother rejected Whispers at first but You know I'd heard some of the theories And some of the prophecies that babaj g Had put out there and I knew some Truther stuff and I decided to you know When The Whispers of the brighter World Stuff came into you know our lives Collectively as aasis I decided to look Into some of these things and this is When the truther movement was taken off And I became the first and best truther In the Sark system right right and I was Rejected for it I was you know I mean You know these guys who were who are Bowing before the UN and Bruce lipton's You know talking about dodgy like dody's Part of the solution when he's you know Such a crony and such a you know a Yes Man and such a like you know guy who

Wants celebrity status and has these Awards from these governments these Corrupt governments and Bruce lipton's Talking about all these things I'm I'm Going to show you it in a bit so just Want to go through this but in terms ter Of all the things they're embracing now Are things that I told them years ago And they rejected me whatever they were You know whatever whatever they did they Did I'm glad they did it I'm not bitter About it but I'm glad that they're now Coming around to it because you know I Can mock Them like this is just completely me um Blissed out about them embracing some of These things when you know they could Have I mean they could have got in on The ground floor they could have been a Part of this a long time ago would have Changed everything right uh but instead Dody went another way with these losers These you know these conmen and these These dopes they surrounded himself with These people and he was so mainstream Himself and they tied themselves to Corrupt religious organizations corrupt Governmental organizations corrupt you Know the UN and things like this I mean All these establishment institutional Type of power you know these power Organizations instead of embracing Baba's teachings about the world ending You know the world coming to an end

Which Bruce Lipton even says he talks About how you're either part of the the New world that's going to happen after The old world ends and DOD is supposed To be a part of the new world Like do you still trying to get Awards And get thumbs up and likes and you know External validation like he dodg is the Worst right um so let's get into it here It's like let's watch part one One of my viewers just let me know about This it's a becoming your authentic self Dodgy and Bruce lifton interview it's Got some of the main players of people That um you know um I've mentioned in The past and here's Bruce Lymon knew That and I picked New Zealand and we Became residents so I always look at That as I escape from the United States I can go live in New Zealand but after Coid it turned into like a police state And I I really got nervous about how Quickly the people gave up all their Freedom to you know to be locked down And now I'm looking for where's the next Place I I have some ideas but before I Idea I before I go there I want to Quickly introduce okay um I am starting To edit this thing today's Wednesday October 25th Um a lot happened I I watched this whole Video and I've clipped most of it but I Got two more things two epic things at

The end to get uh but I um watched all Of it and it would Be best for you know it's worth Worthless there's nothing either of These two guys says that's profound or Insightful it's remedial stuff the stuff That you get right is remedial Bruce Lipton is better than like this happens All the time know ji brings in two People brings in another person the Other person just dominates and I I'll Say this again throughout the thing Because it uh happens like dodgy just Always looks worse than anybody else he Brings in like he's always the the Dumbest and the and the you know the Worst public speaker but what this guy Was saying here you know I watch the Whole thing there's a bombshell thing at The end which I'll get to I mean it's Really worth covering And it was really worth listening to me Not in you know a way that I would gain Any knowledge into spirituality or the Things you how how great dody's book is Which was the purpose of this thing but Anyways I didn't sleep well last night I Couldn't wait to finished you know this Part of this video up it's epic this is An epic thing in terms of what I cover Here in the journey series the Confirmation of so many different things But I just want to address what this one Obasi guy just said cuz Bruce is looking

For the next place to live and he says I Have a few ideas and he never gets to it This guy's going to disappear this is Going to be a um you know this person Emma who I know um you know I used to Know and we had a recent interaction Where she was really upset about the Content on YouTube channel she was one Of those people and she's the moderator And Dody and you know Commish and Bruce Lipton Dr Lipton as dodgy likes to call Him and Bruce as Bruce Lipton likes to Be called and that they go through that Whole thing which is kind of hilarious Too um but this guy said he has a few Ideas and I assume the ideas are really Kanor because the ashrams in India were Supposed to be safe havens but that was Before DOI crapped the bed so I don't Even know if K Kan is a legitimate you Know I think it might be but I don't Know for the apocalypse but you know It's not going to be like a I mean it's still going to be a rough Ride wherever you are but you know dodgy Has so fallen and this was a this is a Biggest indication I've seen you know he He's done some horrible things and he's Made some Epic gas but this thing was Just a a debacle and you know probably Because I watch the whole thing and not Just bits of it like I just can't sit Through his talks but this guy saying That Bruce Lipton he had a place for

Bruce to go you know Bruce is an American citizen and and so he was Living in New Zealand and I don't know How that works but if you go to India You have to leave every 6 months and Renew your visa and so he could stay at Kana but he would never be able to stay There he'd never be able to acquire Property and live there and he'd have to Live every six months leave every six Months to renew his visa and so it's not Really an option for him right and you Know they've all ignoring the fact that Dodgy crapped the bed um so let's just Um continue on here before you go there You two folks on the call here okay so This is bad they're trying to produce The spir they're trying to promote this Spiritual Anatomy thing this Zoom Call they brought this guy in there I Guess he's like a you know a sideways Truther so we introduced some the host Of this thing and it is a person who's Living in New Jersey now somebody I know From Saar days New Jersey Andy yeah she'll be the one get ready to Get ready to run out of New Jersey get ready to run out New Jersey So he's bringing the the semi- truther Stuff here dodgy just showed Up okay so Dody shows Up do Namaste doi's here doi's here hey Dy hey Dy what is he a child look at

Dy hello Dr Li hello Dr Lipton he's a Doctor dod's a master what could go Wrong I Bruce first of all and first of All I'm so honored to be with you sir And I so appreciate what you're doing to Help this planet move into the the New Evolution that's yeah he's taking it Backwards he's s Sabotaging like it's brutal what he's Doing and this guy's talking about Leaving the us because he thought the US Was you know I mean because of his Conspiracy theory ways right because He's you know kind of a truther in a Different way and um you know I don't Know much about Bruce Lipton but what I've seen I don't like but whatever he Leaves New Zealand he's much more of a Truther than any of these guys uh there Are people up here who um of them read My Book and had lots of Questions and you know dodgy shut that Down but now they've they've come back Around to this right where they're Bringing these narratives in but Dody Was such a like he was wearing a mask Like two years after everyone else Stopped remember he was the worst on These things he was the most mainstream Person the person who was um he was like Of all the authority figures out there Dody was the worst you guys know about That you've watched my videos and now

They're bringing this guy in there it's Required right now and to get through The crazy part I just want people to Understand that to evolve we have to Break the system down why is this guy Smiling up here because it's a system That's causing the problems and that Means that there's a collapse of Civilization and building a new Civilization so you're either part of The old one falling down or you're part Of the new one coming up and that yeah You know there's thing called pockets of The future Like like you know you guys didn't have To go this way Right like I was there's stuff that I Know because of the Whispers of the Brighter world and my association with Saar Mark that makes me a different sort Of a truther and for people in the Mission who rejected these things that I Said years ago I said these things Whatever 20 years ago right 10 15 20 Years ago and certainly um in 201 10 11 And beyond that right starting in 200 And I guess five or six seven and so Um Whispers came out in 2005 and I Started doing research on these things But I already knew about some things Going into it my brother and you know my Ex was big on you know healthc care Stuff and so I knew various things about These types of narratives and these

People all you know were ostracized me a Few of them sort of saw that I had you Know something that was based in The Whispers of the brighter world and they Had their own questions about it but now They're bringing this clown in right When you know you're late to the party After Dody went full and embarrassingly Mainstream that's why I like being with You because this is the new Evolution so I'm honored to be here with all of you And I'm so happy because as I said new Thinking actually it's old Thinking you guys are the most Mainstream I mean heartfulness is all Mainstream they haven't been on the Right side of any of these things they And dodgy himself was shutting down These ideas when Dody heard about my Book there was you know this you know I've told you the story um when he heard About my book and what I believed he Said that I was hallucinating and I was Stuck in 0.5 and it was inverted because He was such a non-c conspiratorial think Or whatever it was Right so I just completed the Introduction I went and made a salad for Dinner through some lasagna that we had Some frozen lasagna in the Stow oven and Came back here cuz I wanted get into This I did the introduction that you've Already heard and I'm pretty Enthusiastic about this thing I've

Already watched ah head a little bit Listening while I was doing the other Stuff and this is a big day for Me they think it's a big day for them But it's a big day for me because you Know this is them admitting I'm right Without you know even consciously Knowing it right which is complete Bliss For me in this you know on an Egotistical level people don't realize That we have to return back to ancient Understanding uh but with a modern Science view of it but and again I'm Honored so true so true so true dodgy Says so true where were you Dody when You're calling me crazy and you know all The rest of the when you doing the you Know saying kids can smell colors does That where does that play into this Thing because most people don't Recognize that the foundational theories Of quantum physics which is really the Biggest science on the planet uh why are There so the biggest science on the plan It's not the best but it's the biggest Many people from India uh so uh leaders In quantum physics and the answer is Because they knew about it thousand Years Ago and it's coming forth because it's Part of the tradition of India uh um the understanding of this Physics and energy and all that so um Hey folks thanks for letting me be part

Of your team yeah thank you thank you Know Dr Lipton Bruce Bruce okay Bruce since you Insist so you insist Bruce I call you Bruce call me Bruce Bruce [Laughter] Bruce since you insist Bruce look at all Smiles all around that's A this fake laugh it's not funny why are You guys laughing at that you know why Why aren you guys all these guys who are Pro- chargie people all these people who Claim to love chargie and they you know All this stuff all of It one of my most favorite book I read Time and Again is your book biology of belief Because go Namaste it's one of your favorite books What what chargy book is your favorite What charie book what book written by Charie other than my master is your Favorite what book have you ever talked About chargie writing your spiritual Master for so many years you know that You wandered followed him around like a Puppy dog for 32 years and then erased All of his literature and haven't talked About it having re-released anything Haven't said anything great about his Epic Works he had so many of them that Were you know chargie was a real science Person charie spoke like 29 languages And he was a science person he worked in

Scientific field he was a Salesman but He worked in you know in Plastic Industry or whatever it was And he you know he went to school as a Scientist and these other things he was Just brilliant person and he was Fascinated by science and science Fiction and all kinds of things like That right he had a you know a you know Predisposition towards it so he was a Person of Science and a spiritual master And somebody who just could read people And read countries and just see things Like you know the way that I do in these Videos except on a much higher level you Know I was just listening to Char's Video I want to get to the end of that I Mean I was hoping to finish that today But this thing came in you know wrecked For me but it's the 2014 let me see the title here it's the Saar YouTube channel Reverend Char's New Year's matage Jun January 20 2014 sa Mark and it's so great like it's It's something I've heard over and over Again I didn't realize this was a New Year's message where he talked about how In the Cugat so easy to get Liberated um and so I'll come back to That I'll talk about that here in my Journey series after I listen to this Whole video and I'll talk about on the Gratefulness meditation Channel but Charie stuff was just brilliant right

And DOD isn't Dody wants to be a science Guy and a spiritual guy but he's Neither the fundamental thing where you Have mentioned that you change the Environment and the genetics will follow Yes genetics change will follow and when I consider that if the new generation Has to be changed at a genetic level we Have to change the inner Environment external environment will Not Do external environment will change Maybe physically at to some extent but Internal environment will change us Basically our attitude And that will lead to the change in Consciousness and this change in Conscious see there are things that Baba G says and charie say about these things That are about um all of this right and He doesn't talk about what they say like He's dodgy tries to take their info and Make it his own and then don't let you Know where he got it from even though All of us who've read the books know Where he got it from Right and some of these people know Where he got it from but he's just you Know plagiarized chargy and Boby this Guy's going to mention it here it's Coming this will trigger the Mutation mutation of a higher being Amongst the human and I think that is The basis basis your book has given me

The basis and confidence to say what I Say to say what I believe and it has Given me immense confidence because book Has given him Confidence like not Char's books or Boba's books or the whisperers messages Bruce lipton's book right Bruce lifton's Book so brilliant it's given him the Confidence to say the things that have Already been said by charie and Boby and then claim him for his own like It's given the confidence to this is the Good part here science is backing it and Science is backing it done so much of so Much of resarch on this in' 70s and 80s So your book is very handy for me and Very Convincing well uh the honest truth is I I downloaded that book from from Above he Channel it yes was fed to I I I Joke I say I plagiarize the universe Because they gave me the story and I put My name on it the universe gave him the Story who is the universe like what is This un Universe you speak of Bruce Lipton look at dody's laugh they're all Laughing this great it wasn't mine it Came from above came from above just Like Whispers of the brighter world Except not nearly as good I love that I Love it I love that I love that very Much and the greatest I if I can just Chime in um yeah these are two juicy Nuggets to be lost in this conversation

So we will be going live shortly and I Think we are live now actually you're Already live bro you you've been live in These juicy nuggets we're watching them Wonderful so I I have also followed your Step Bru I have also copied plagarism is Also there in my case because everything That came to my Understanding excuse me descended from Above through Experience yes and how see well he's Saying he got everything from from Descended from above through experience And you know if he if he was saying that It would be bajy but he was trained by Chargie and you know chargie was the guy Like he wishes that he was the guy Chargie was he's trying to pretend to be The guy charie was and you know and then The guy bobaji was in terms of Bob's Ability to channel things but chargie Was just in the flow and for him to come Out and say like dody's books suck and Everything he does sucks like it's you Know in the beginning it didn't he did Great stuff as a as a preceptor when Chargie was alive DOI was great like DOI Was you know a Head of the Class he was He was somebody that was you could look Up to somebody who was you know good at What he what he did but that's not the Case now right um I want to stop this in A second go over to a voiceover so let's Let him continue here how I as I was

Sharing with you that how um meditation Changes our inner landscape and our Consciousness and how as we move from One chakra to another chakra how this Consciousness plays out and this change Or shift in Consciousness it's like Moving from one uh part of the spectrum Of light to another part of the spectrum Of light and how you are able to Perceive the change in color like that You're able to feel the change in your Conscious Ious consciously when you're Meditating and that's what we are Offering that and even the most uh Anxious person most troubled person uh We can fix them within within just few Days if that person is willing to Practice this meditation that's exactly Do do it pro no faith is required no Faith is required no faith just faith is Actually a bad thing no but that was I Think the most important point that People are not emphasizing is if the Person is willing to change not because Other people ask them to change make Sure you get a couple some couple copy Of your book up here your crappy Book that you're going to release soon But they're the ones that need to change And this is why so many people feel very Badly because they have loved ones and They want to help them and they want to You know help lives and they want to

They put all their effort in help Somebody and I said but you can't help Somebody unless they want to be helped And I think this is the hardest thing is Because when they're close to your Family and all that of course you want Them to be help okay let me stop this Here this is one of the few ones I can Get through because there's parts of it That are essential to the resolution of Dody's forgery or is fraud dodgy being a Fraud right because him praising Bruce L Lipton like he did in Bruce lipton's Book you know all these things that are In the sjar literature Char's books and Char's talks and babaji's books and you Know to some extent L L's books that you Know are kind of preze Mark they are you Know they're essays and they're not Written in like book form chargie and Bob's works of course The Whispers of The brighter world it's comprehensive Like you didn't need a lot more but if Dody was going to produce good works Then sure if he was going to compliment Those things or say those things again In a different way and he was going to Express those things then that would be Great but he you know he did it in the Udi series you know I think he did some Good writings in different places but The Udi series he had some writings he Had some you know he had some um some Talks and he had some uh sittings five

Sittings introducing people it was Wonderful he just did a great job on That but then you know things went South Right like South and South quickly Because the masters of the systems the Master of the system are the ones that Provide you this spiritual training and The their masters and ultimately God are The ones that gave them their spiritual Ability so they can help you right and So you're always looking up and Realizing you're just a cog in the wheel And you're just you know a conduit which Is wonderful to be right and you know I'm very conscious that I was low Functioning before doing s Mark like my Abilities to function as a person and All the other things that have gone with It have increased significantly and so I'm grateful but also I'm honest about It like I know what I'm like without it And I know that I've become a better Person a better husb husband now a Better you know truther a better uh Farmer a better all these things right And even things that I failed at you Know the failure of my family and the Things that didn't go the way that I'd Hoped and you know I felt like were uh You know just underachieving or whatever It might be just circumstantial I was Able to get through those tough things Because of my doing sjar and when you Forget about that you forget about like

The people that brought you there you Forget about the you know you you're no Longer grateful uh for what was done for You which Dody isn't and dod's trying to Be his own guy right he's trying to Steal this stuff and steal the whole Sjar philosophy and put it into some Oprah like Oprah friendly book for and Then become a bestselling author and be Celebrated and win Awards and be on TV Shows and Hob Knob with people and all These things and it ain't happening Right like it just he sucks like he Never doesn't get that he doesn't have It he doesn't have that star quality Chargie had it bobaji had it in you know Different ways but he doesn't have it Right and you don't have to have it like He could have been just a game manager Like a quarterback who is on a good team And he doesn't screw up doesn't fumble The ball doesn't turn the ball over he Relies on a good defense and a solid Running game and he manages the game Right he's not spectacular he's not Patrick Mahomes he's not you know the The spectacular you know sens Player but he gets the job done and he Does what needs to be done which is just Play conservatively and you know Celebrate the the achievements of men Who are greater than he was right that's All he had to do and it looked like he Might be doing that in the beginning and

He would have had his own little Brilliant stuff he would have had some He would had something he already showed Signs of being able to do that stuff but He you know he lost his humility and Then he lost his you know his his Gratitude and then he just went South Quickly right and you know these kind of I mean interactions that he's have and I Want to get to the more truther stuff if There is but I had all this stuff like I I brought this stuff to Dody years ago That was better than what Bruce Lipton Has I mean I can't you know I'm not Talking about the physics I don't Understand physics I'm talking about the Saar truther stuff and the you know the Homesteading the practical application Homesteading homeschooling this type of Thing Understanding you know the changes that Had to occur based in the prophecies and The things that were being said by the Masters of the system I had all of it Right and I still have it you know I Don't have some of it as much as I used To because I forgotten it but I brought It to him you know I was being Ostracized and they you know they shut Me down on the UN and all these things And I was like I just want to go talk to Dodgy the future you know Commish at the Time I just want to go talk to Commish He's going to be the future I want an up

And down vote I try to show show you Know all explain all these things to him And he shut him down two different Occasions right and then ostracized me And then treated me like as a piece of Crap because of believing my what my ex Said about me which is fine because you Know it allowed me to do this like all The stuff that I've done here because I He was going to fail anyway right so I'm Glad I didn't get you know tied to him In some way because it would have been Ickier and Messier for me to extricate Myself from this guy after he crapped The bed right um you know worked out but They're revisiting this stuff now you Know which is I mean I know more about The truth or stuff and the the saaj mar Truther stuff than either of them right And it's not because I'm great or Anything it's just a fact like and now They're they're flirting with this stuff But they suck at it because they suck at Everything else and Dody had a chance You know to um to get this when it was More important right before Co and Before he you know got into the whole Brighter mind scam I mean if he had done Some of these things if I had been Around I would have said look this you Can't do this right I would have spoke Up about it right like I would have you Know this wouldn't have happened if he Included other people but he included

All these yes men and conmen and people With question questionable moral Character and you know he's gotten what He's gotten here which is failure okay So I was listening to this thing I Listened ahead about 30 minutes or so I Don't know I'm gonna listen to the whole Thing because uh as much as it pains me To listen to dodgy and his whole thing This is like Christmas came early Because Dody weighs in on Israel and It's Beautiful it's Wonderful um before we get into that Bruce Li Bruce Lipton here's a write up About Bruce Lipton Bruce Harold Lipton Is an American writer and lecturer who Advocates various pseudo Sciences Including vaccine seen Misinformation by his own admission Lipton's ideas have not received Attention from the mainstream science so Bruce Lipton is going to get a certainly A pass for me and he's on this show but He has no idea that dodgy a former Pharmacist is one of the most provac Spiritual leaders out there whatever you Want to call them right and you know um But Bruce Lipton isn't you know there's Going to be some stuff with Bruce that He does that I don't agree with Obviously and he's in there Shilling for Dody's book but let's let's pick up here Where we left off and heartt have come

Together to create a new understanding And I'm here with Dody because he is the Man who is doing that as he's doing it Dod's doing it well he is an important Person in the evolution of our planet Which gives me great honor to be here With dodgy so thank you all for letting Me Participate oh it's our Pleasure so happy to join with Dr Lipton Here and I'm a great fan of his Writings he does not have just one Theory but he has multiple theories on What about the this the theory about Vaccine misinformation let's what about That one Dody Dody how to change by Changing our Environment Bole thing external as well As internal mainly the internal and this Is how we can we can change our own Destiny changing our destiny we change The destiny of each other and thank you Thank you Doctor you are a great great Great person who has influenced the Planet um because your scientific Approach I don't think you agree with All is science DOI you cannot doubt it You can't doubt it so you're now a are You now an antivaxer dodgy what's up Dody you cannot say the last time we Checked in with you you said it was the Pangolin you claimed it was the Pangolin I don't believe in this because it's Proven black and white black and white

White and black Spirituality which I'm tackling with is Not black and white it is gray so many People say you need to have faith Okay so I want to insert something here Um I'm in the editing process and you Know I watched the whole thing last Night the rest of this and there's a Couple huge points the stuff with Israel Is just about to come up here which is Big as well but Dody Is someone who has lost his faith I Think he lost his faith in chargy and Babaj G for choosing him like he maybe Not consciously able to grasp that but He's out there and he just doesn't have It like he's not you know it's when uh You know the coach goes to a pitcher a Pitcher who's you know baseball and says You don't have it right you don't have It tonight you just don't you know have Your good stuff and they bring in a Relief pitcher because he's just he Doesn't have it right and he knows like He's incompetent on some level like he's Just and this gets bad like this this Whole thing is an indication of dody's Fall and the collapse of the Heartfulness system like it's just right There in front anybody wants to see it But all these people are who are Longtime practitioners are in denial About it right but he's lost his faith In the system and in God and he needs

Scientific proof he's always been big About scientific proof and as a Pharmacist you know he takes what the You know the mainstream medical Community says as scientific fact and he Doesn't understand that you know Scientists lie and scientists can be Bought and all these things that there's Scientific fraud he doesn't get all of That like he doesn't getting any of that In a level where institutions like being Validated by the institution and getting That budham pasam award is more Important than being validated by Chargie and Boby because like he isn't He isn't it hasn't actualized in him Like the Mastery where he's just the Master and he knows it like he has a lot Of self-doubt and there's always going To be that bobaji had it charie had it m Molin the medium had it but Dody has it In ways that is like crippling and he's Just not smart and good and these things So he needs validation he constantly Needs validation and he's he got it from Bruce lipton's book but Bruce Lipton as He goes through here and again I was Going to you know I'm going to be more Positive with him because of his his uh Stance on the blue right the whole thing That you know I said earlier um he uh He's um not great like he's got remedial Stuff they both have remedial they have Like kind of a a remedial off and they

Have some issues where they're not like Debating but it's kind of like a debate But Dody just doesn't have any faith Like he just isn't you know he doesn't Believe in the spiritual like when he Looks into the scientific stuff it's to Validate the spiritual because he Doesn't believe in it right he's lost His faith in the whole system I mean It's obvious that that's the case so He's looking for material validation Whether it be book sales or something Some way to you know make him feel good About its Mastery and he can't because He's fallen like he can't face the truth Like someone who you know if he knew how Bad he's wrecked things and how bad he Sucks it would be crippling like he Would just I me if he really felt the Truth like the way that we can see it if He could see the himself through like my Eyes he would it would be uh you know Debilitated I mean he would just be you Know crushed right he can't face what He's become and what he's done to the System and it's you know he's bringing In these other people to validate him And some way but he's you know he's you Can't be validated you can't validate a Piece of Boop right like he's a piece of Boop but here I'm trying to make Spiritual why not why don't you say that Why don't you say that you need to have Faith he also it like a science that you

Need not have faith once you close your Eyes and receive this transmission with We offer you used to offer like I don't Know what you're offering now but that Transmissions flew the coupe this Transmission how one is able To dive deep into their Consciousness And Attain a a spiritual state which one can Experience for oneself it's not that you Read something in a book and you're Happy what's great about this reason I'm Showing you this he's about to plug his Book right so sjar was always about Experience bobaji didn't even want to Write books bobaji thought didn't think Of himself as an author and all these People are like Bob you got to have some Books and he was uncomfortable with the Idea he's like I'm not an author I'm not A you know I'm not an educated man so he Went into superc Consciousness and wrote All these books right the five books of Boba G and then these other things came Out afterwards and there's all these Books now of course The Whispers of the Brighter world and other things But the experience was always the Important part the transmission and your Experience of the Transmission allows you to understand The books the books get transmitted into You the information through the practice Let's get back to it

Here and you begin to CRA when will I Have this experience but here within few Minutes you're able to experience that The process is very simple and that's What we offer and this book that we are Sharing with wait you just said you Didn't need books no he's pitching this Crappy spiritual Anatomy book that's I Mean I didn't read it yet but I know and I don't think they Bruce didn't read it Neither did well is all about how we Meditate and how with each meditation we Are able to fine-tune our Consciousness With the rest rest of the universal Exactly yeah it's a good book yeah Always saw this is an excellent writer Consiousness we tap into that see and we Go Beyond our limited potential and tap Into that infinite potential this is the Promise of meditation Ancients from all religious backgrounds They have meditated Lord Jesus meditated Lord Jesus meditate mahavir meditated Prophet meditated Prophet The Prophet Now we're going to get into this later Because he says some some raw stuff here Here then um then this happens that is The beauty of descending dive or diving Deeper into your Consciousness Subconsciousness and Dr Lipton can share With us more about Shadow Self that he Talks about in his book Shadow shelf Also Shadow shelf I just wanted to

Quickly interject because DOI mentioned The book and we go that's why we're here We wanted to just say that today is the Day that this book is being released Here in North America double thumbs up From Bruce Lipton kab look Bo he's got The dod dody's hiding his face Bruce has Got fireworks Bruce is popping a nut Bruce is B busted a nut doi's got the He's got the cloth going questions for DOI or Dr Lipton please do put them in The chat below um I can do That can do that he's funny like he's Got the jokes here's the chat by the way Here's the chat um like just double Hands you know there's supposedly a Thousand people watching and there are Six comments here as of Now um eight comments now but here they Are um great discussion two giants Personalities one spiritual Another Science very intriguing perspective from Les into spirituality and Quantum Science love the discussion excellent Discussion thanks to both personalities And all these emojos great to see coming Together East and West so this is the Kind of the riveting discussion they Have going on there in the chat section And all these people are G to run out And buy this excellent book um we'd like To pick select a few of the top Questions and we will be sending a Complimentary copy to some of those

Received questions so please get you do A question you might get a piece one of These these incredible books from dodgy That'll transform you with his literary Pros prowess submit your questions below And without much further Ado your Gentlemen can please carry on okay I Very much appreciate that I just want to Say Bruce is uh what I refer to myself As so I hope everybody calls me Bruce That would be nice um I also want to say He calls Bruce it's a very special day That this book is coming out Because of the very important reason and Everybody is very clear of it if you are Surfing the web or you're watching the News or if you even look out your window There's chaos all over the planet Exactly you look out your window and you See chaos I'm going to look out my Window right now I'm going to see Chaos this is not an accident this is a Necessary part of an evolution and the Evolution I'll give you a reason why uh Scientists at Nasa the space people Here don't go down that come on Bruce we Just got into it how we were we were a Fan of yours because of your your Vaccine misinformation stuff and then You're going to go down the NASA path Here uh have said that within the next 20 years 20 years 20 years from NASA the Civilization that we live are living in Will collapse boom Kaboom what do you

Think about that dodgy and and and we're Not going back the point is we have to Move forward and moving forward in this Case is very interesting because as Dodgy knows we're moving forward but Guess where the knowledge is coming from That we're moving forward with is from Ancient history ancient history exactly Not how what we believe in sajar Actually Bruce it's actually a new Movement is what DOI represents or what He used to represent in terms of the Transmission and cleaning that's you Know it's got some ties to ancient Spirituality but you know whatever that From way back uh especially in India Where it's the India is the seed of Quantum physics even before there was Quantum physics India was already doing Quantum already doing it they already Did it all right so let's move forward To this part here Bruce gets real Excited for a while again he says this Identity is picked up by the body Through the antennas the first thing That happened to me was I lost my fear Of death Kaboom because I realize I Cannot die I'm not even in here I'm you Dig you're not play in here through the Antennas and I go so why is this Important okay so I want to stop here I'm editing and what I saw last night There's some dispute between inner and Outer between dodgy and Bruce Lipton and

It's kind of a core dispute because of What Saj Mar is about going in turn and Bruce Lipton his origin story and his And I'll get into that I'll talk about That as well which he talks about over And over again is that he discovered That there's these antennas and they are You know your your body is some sort of Remote control and your soul is Somewhere else controlling it right Through his scientific research and that Contradicts what we believe you know so Dody's even failed there like I don't Think he understands Bruce lipton's Stuff even though he says he's uh you Know read his Books but uh let's get back to it here But that's going to come back up and I Want to just point this out because he Talks about over and over I'm not going To show you it over and over again but I I want you to know this is his big theme Like his big origin story because Quantum physics is revealing what Ancient India has talked about for over A thousand years that we are an energy That we are playing through this body And uh just I could keep going but I'm Going to make a Actually yeah Bruce we had a question For you from Sanita Sita bring in it she Wants a free book she was s a free book Come on if you practice any spiritual Methods or mostly is it logical analysis

And understanding about for your Understanding about Existence well I guess I have to put Both of them together if you understand Spirituality and you understand that we Are an energy and that energy comes Together and some energies can cancel Each other some energies can make the Energy even higher you start to say how Do I live with higher energy you know Why energy is life so boom okay so You're not going to answer the question Are you Bruce the more the question was You have a spiritual practice and it Would be Heartfulness if you were you know as Excited as you are and you believe in Dodgy as much as you say you do again Got nothing but love for Bruce you know He's got the NASA thing but you know Just the fact that he's up there and He's a antivaxer with Dody this you know Pengalin boy over here Bruce is cool With me but you know you were asked the Question Bruce and all you have to do is Say yeah I do heartfulness but anything Else means you don't Right do you have the more life you have So if you start to live in harmony with The planet which is energy then you get More energy Kaboom all right Bruce we Know how it works zaji kicks it in here Then DOI gets into the ACT here about The changes happening in the world and

You mentioned at the beginning of the Call some of the concerns that you had So daaji sawati is asking how do you see The world changing in the near future And what is our individual and Collaborative role in that change oh so DOI says a lot of stuff that is just you Know he's just babbling and Goofy and I You know I I could watch this whole Video then my video is going to be twice As long because my commentary is going To going to be twice as long as they're Or whatever you know so this video is Going to be just for this part of the Journey Series so you know and I'm not Going to bore everybody with dodgies Babylon but then he gets into this area Here see colossal changes if you are Mentioning of the present day situation Of the war Israel and rest of the Surrounding countries Kaboom okay Bruce I want you to call BS on this Bruce I Don't think he's gone but after I heard This I went to tell my wife dodgy just Gave me an early Christmas present Because this is way better than Pengalin This is Dody just um exposing his utter Buffoonery and ignorance in a way that's Undeniable and I mean I can't believe That all the liberal open-minded people Who are Sark practitioners in America And Europe and this woman here and all These liberalist people are G to be Digging what dod's about to lay down

Here it's a very controversial thing Yeah you should probably not talk about Because you don't know anything about it But where Were the other Guys uh the other guys are the the non Views of this situation Before Moses come into Picture right so Moses and his people Were already there in that part of the World they were crucified over the years And they were okay so what he's saying Is Moses and his people were already There in that part of the world what he Means is Israel and that isn't true Because if you've read the Old Testament So God got pissed at Moses um it says Here because of his unbelief Moses Rebels and is forbidden to enter the Land because of his unbelief in God's Word and Moses Moes just wiped out all These people and listen to God and you Know got his people out of Israel out of Egypt and all the things that he did Right and they're wandering around the Desert and I guess it's what is it 40 Years I thought it was longer than that But it says 40 years here and it says Who was allowed to enter the promised Land Joshua and Caleb were the two spies Brought back a good report and believ That God would help them succeed they Were the only two man from The Generation permitted to get into the

Promised Land After the time of wandering so Moses Didn't even make it into the promised Land he got to Glimpse it in a vision Whatever it was that God gave him um and I know that right and I'm not an expert In this subject you know I read the Bible as a kid and you know have read You know parts of it since then I Watched the the movie of Moses right Ten Commandments with charl and hon and DOD Is a spiritual leader and he's a you Know he's in charge of this organ ation And he doesn't know about Moses or Israel and so he shouldn't be talking Because he's trying to release a book And it just gets worse from there Israel And rest of the surrounding Countries it's a very controversial Thing but where Were the other Guys uh Before Moses come into Picture right so Moses and his people Were already there in that part of the World they were crucified over the years And they were the Jewish people were Cornered [Laughter] Somehow and they are claiming that this Is our land this is an ancient land and For you have to look at it from the Historical perspective you see one has To have the true understanding of the

Situation right would these people from Israel Attack innocent people of Palestine I Don't think so they they don't have a Desire for over years if you see the News they have never ever attacked Palestine oh my God so you know Absolutely nothing about what's going on They've never ever attacked Palestine That they are just well let's let them Hang himself Here unless and until they are cornered They will not make a move Same thing with India it's an open air Prison right um he just India never ever Attacked any Country we are not here to create Violence we are people who believe in Harmony within in the okay so you Joining the RSS he's always been Anti-muslim I've heard him say things That are anti-muslim he once said that Europe will be taken over by Muslims in 10 years years like there were things Like that and then he joined the RSS RSS Which is um an anti-muslim organization But he knows nothing about Palestine Right like his ignorance and his Babbling on here and it goes on for a While and it's just goofy he's cluess He's like a Joe Biden gone mentally Doesn't know what he's talking about Releasing a crappy book just making a Fool of himself and everybody should

Know it like every everyone in the System should know this guy has lost Whatever good spiritual attainment he Had whatever he had he the bed like He's just he's done I'm going to insert Two things here from previous videos or One from a video I'm making tomorrow one Is um Eisenhower's take on Israel and Israel Wanting all that land and all the stuff That happened there right but he's Saying that Israel has a claim on the Land just because he has a kind of a a Weird grasp of the whatever is going on There the other thing is this reporter From MSNBC that is Clearly um you know MSNBC is as Pro-israel as it gets and he went to Palestine he talked about the horrors And you know other Jewish people have Talked about the horrors there's all These Jewish truthers out there Jewish PE Jewish uh Facebook groups and people Who do reporting from Israel who talk About what's going on with the Palestinians Jewish people who are Against the occup and the and the you Know the torture of these Palestinian People because they have the power there Right but I'll I'll add these two things Here just for context in case some obosi Wanders in and wants to know how full of dodgy is but then he drops this Bomb

Here and this is how we are nurtured we This is how and I think most religious People even Islam believes in peace even Islam that shows you as president prese Prejudice even Islam right now he grew Up in an area Northern India maybe had Some beef with Muslims whatever his Position is there whatever it is right You know Muslims do have a you know Tendency towards um you know violence in Different ways but so do the Hindus and There's issues there right there's beef There and you know maybe one side's Better than the other in that situation But clearly in the Israeli Arab uh and The Christian uh you know Muslims Christians and Jews they all Have a a lot of violence and blood on Their hands for you know thousands of Years right but he just doesn't know What he's doing Here there is no religion who does not Believe in peace and love and compassion And kindness it is the Minority who creates the Ruckus all over Ruckus they're creating Ruckus they're over there the the the Jews just want peace and those guys in And uh like he just buys into the story And like this is um I mean we bring back Bruce somehow one has to denounce it Even the People from the same religious stuff Like amongst the Hindus also are all

Hindus kind I would not say so they're Not not all of them but if a Hindu makes A noise and creates violence rest of the Hindus would denounce such individuals And same thing is expected why didn't You denounce the RSS then dope why when You know when diaper Baba when diaper Baba was trying to create some Paramilitary organization RSS is very Anti-hindu I mean sorry anti-muslim it's Pro-hindu nationalism paramilitary group Right and he's you know they're acting Stupid what about the people that didn't Denounce you when you try to scam them Teaching kids to smell colors and all These go goofy scams that you ran and All the the lies you told about your Master and all these things that you did Like just um you know where was it where All those people denouncing the you know The inappropriateness of your behavior Or the inappropriateness of the RSS and These other groups he's saying only Muslims don't do that he says that Muslims support their you know the The Fringe people that's what he's trying to Say here um that's what he's implying You know it's obvious from all religious Backgrounds see instead of taking sides Oh this is my religious people and we Have to protect them no you protect what Is right yeah so don't join the RSS or The UN you piece of crap right and to Understand what is right and what is

Wrong what is good what is bad what is Evil what is worth keeping the goodness Part of it unless and until you're Sensitized from within Unless and until we drop this Prejudice And dogmatic approach to religion you Mean other people because you say Hindus Don't do it you said Hindus don't do it You just said the Jews don't do it well Who are you talking about then bro bro Who are you talking about this will Continue so as long as the Muslims are The problem and they don't learn to Change this is how you believe change is Going to come about bro this is your Wise words of a spiritual Master Just pitch this crappy book and shut Your mouth about things you know nothing About and I don't foresee That people will change so soon unless And Until there is so much of Destruction because Humanity has never Learned anything from understanding they Learned they learned from so that's why You're writing books Then from destruction inconveniences and Massacre and even after massacres people Forget so it's a it's a very tragic Situation and we need to pray May there Be peace in the world what else can we Do we are Not uh group of people who can influence

The minds of others if I had to discuss Certain things with my wife or with my Children can I convince them not to Argue not to fight not to get irritated Not to become angry no so then why are You writing this book then bro why you Out here Talking these people I don't even know Them how are they going to listen to Me or if we have do you have an approach To the president of such and such a Country and make a phone call and say Hey guys don't do it we don't have that We don't have okay let's bring Bruce Back into this okay before we do that I'm going to insert The thing from Eisenhower and then the Thing from Peter vesy and then I'll Explain on the other side of that why I'm doing that because there might be Some aasis who don't watch truther stuff Or my other stuff here that don't Realize how full of dodgy is right So let's put those two things in here we Had several other uh people in the Country even among the Jews the zis Particularly who were against anything That was to be done if they couldn't Have the whole of Palestine and Everything handed to them on a silver Plate so they wouldn't have to do Anything it couldn't be done we had to Take it in small doses you can't move uh Five or six million people out of a

Country and fill it up with five or six Million more and expect both sets of Them to be pleased we had all sorts of Objections to everything that was done Something had to be done we went ahead And done it I don't think that decision To recognize Israel was an easy one I Had to make a compromise with the Arabs And divide Palestine could you tell us specifically That a lot of Jewish people were against You too oh well there were a lot of Jewish people against me because they Want the hold of Palestines as I say They want to drive all the Arabs into Tigers from eup Fates Rivers now let's make one thing clear Israel has a right to exist and to Defend itself that is an indisputable Fact but so do Palestinians and that's a Fact that's often ignored Palestinians Are at best third class citizens in the Nation of their birth the idea that it's Even remotely controversial to call what Israel has imposed on Palestinians a Form of apartheid is laughable one look At a current map of Israel Gaza and the Occupied territories conjures up only One other example apartheid era South Africa the Israeli government on an Ongoing basis declares Parcels of land On which Palestinians live to be either Of military or archa archaeological Importance causing residents to be

Evicted sometimes there's a court case And almost always the pal Palestinians Lose yet months or weeks later that same Important land suddenly becomes home to A brand new Israeli settlement as more And more Jewish settlers take over land On which Arabs live the occupied West Bank becomes de facto more Israeli and In the explicit hopes of the Israeli Government more Jewish this is a Long-standing attempt and a deliberate Attempt to force Arabs who have lived in That land sometimes for hundreds of Years out it's an attempt to dilute Their presence because to have Arabs as Full part participants is in the opinion Of the Israeli government and their Courts diluting Israel just prior to the Pandemic I toured many of the contested Areas and homes from which Arabs are Being pushed out both in Israel proper And in the occupied territories Palestinians don't control the important Parts of their lives Palestinian Families are refused permits to build or Renovate their homes when they connect Their homes to the Municipal Water Supply Israeli soldiers sometimes cut The pipes when they attempt to harness Solar energy because their homes are not On the grid Israeli soldiers literally Come and remove solar panels from their Homes I spent an hour and a half Traveling alongside an elderly

Palestinian woman who is being Transferred between three ambulances From Gaza to the no man's land in Between and then into Israel to get Cancer treatment three ambulances over The course of one mile more than an hour To cross the border that's how gazin Live without medical treatment because Israel prevents it without electricity Much of the time because Israel prevents It without the ability to fish in the Mediterranean Ocean because Israel Prevents it without an airport or a seap Port because Israel prevents it like Israelis Palestinians also have a right To exist and to defend themselves but There is no one willing to help them do That not the Israeli courts and not the US government what the US also shares With Israel is the belief that Hamas the Political party that governs Gaza is a Terrorist organization that calls for The destruction of Israel Hamas is Supported by the majority of Palestinians in Gaza Hamas may not be in The best long-term interests of the Gazans but peace hasn't really worked Out for them faced with an Israeli Government which pens them into what has Been called the world's largest open a Prison they have chosen a government That most of us wouldn't prefer one that Is not given to negotiation and Moderation and respect for its neighbor

Israel needs a new approach to the Palestinians and America needs a new Approach to Israel after more than seven Decades of not just being deprived of Land from which they were evicted Palestin frustration runs deep it may be Worth going deeper than what you may Hear inside your bubble and Understanding the depth to which the Palestinian people are subject to Apartheid in their own land deprived of Basic necessities and subject to Relentless civil rights violations this Is not a secret it's out there for you To see you just have to look for it okay So that guy is um from MSNBC and this is I'm just putting this In here for um well I probably have Heard already said this but uh for People who do SJ Mar and really don't Know what's going on people do Heartfulness but this is the promised Land this is greater Israel so there is Israel which is a small part of this um There's a Mediterranean Sea so this is Israel now right this is what Israel is Now this is Lebanon and Syria and Iraq Saudi Arabia And Egypt and all these countries would Have to give up this land you know dodgy Saying that Israel the Jews were there First and he knows nothing about this Right he knows literally nothing he is The worst I mean a lots of people

Comment about what's going on in Israel And Palestine and most people go I don't Know that much about it and they still Know know more than dodgy but Dody came In tried to be like an expert he knows Almost like everything he knows is wrong I don't think he knows anything like That's anything that he said IS F Factual or even close to being factual But he's saying that they have claim on This land because of the Bible and they Were there first but they really weren't And the Arabs were there as well during This period of time because we know that There was this you know what happened Between in terms of the Bible between The children the sons of Abraham right Which were both all in this area the So-called promis land and so Um you know like he is just idiot like Just an absolute idiot like he's worse Than everybody else on this complex Subject he's like the worst so I just Want to add to this if you're not aware Of it like I said if there's aasis here MSNBC has Jewish reporters and producers And directors and CEOs and all these Things MSNBC CNN these other networks Fox they all have uh the Jewish people Are over represented over represented in Media like there is you know whatever Percentage of Jewish people there are in America there are more Jewish people Percentage wise working in media than

The you know percentage of the people Jewish people that live in America and There's no Palestinian reporter as far As I know if there is there are some Muslims but very few this guy Peter veli Is Turkish but the network is very Pro-israel and the official story and if You watch CNN which dodgy does and these Other networks and you get your news From them which you know only a remedial Person who's uh you know I mean just a Dope does you'll get the official story Which isn't accurate right but there are Jewish people like I belong to a few uh Facebook groups uh Jewish voices for Peace and some of these I can't remember All of them there's like three uh Jewish Groups PE Israel groups is Israeli Groups people who live in Israel who are Appalled by the way that the Palestinians are being treated and There's numerous other people some of Them I was friends on with Facebook some Of them lost their accounts were banned Whatever and there's some YouTube videos And videos out there certainly on Twitter that show the Palestinian people Being abused all the time and they have To walk between these walls and you know With the guards with machine guns There's Israeli settlements illegal Israeli settlements where people Live in Gaza where they shouldn't with You know the land grab I this is a land

Grab which I document in my videos about This and the Palestinian people don't Have an army and they're helpless like I Go through the you know they don't have An Air Force a Navy they don't have any Of these things that make up uh you know Uh an army and Israel has like the 18th Ranked army in the world right their Their military is 18 in a very small Country and they Palestinians have Nothing they throw rocks right and so um And are just abused and like what veli Was saying here this has been documented By so many people and so dodgy is just Wrong in ways that you know and he's Backing the oppressor because he links Himself to groups like the UN and to Celebrities and you know politicians and You he wants external validation but He's a dope he doesn't know anything he Shouldn't talk like he's this whole Interview there's almost nothing that he Said of substance right so let's get Back into it here so in a new age way Bruce slipon they have these two Uncomfortable things where they do Close-ups of Bruce lipton's and then Dody's face right um and he um disputes Dody's take on Israel here they cut off The beginning so they start here with The three of them so that whole part I Showed you in the beginning that was Live they cut it off so it's going to be Harder for me to find I took screenshots

But now the time is off um but uh it's Off by I think about 10 minutes or so Let me explain what I'm talking about Here I'm a little bit sleepy today and You know Whatever it's um I'm eager to get this Thing done but when they put the zoom Call up and when the person let me know And I think I talk about it more as I Move forward I don't know I'm gonna do My best here but there was the part that You saw where Bruce Limon was saying That he was moving out of New Zealand Because of the way they handled the coid Thing and he told Emma to move out of New Jersey so that was all that truther Stuff and then the guy said okay we're Going to lose all these gems because Dodgy and Bruce were talking and and he Said you know we need to go live and Ms Already been live they cut out that Whole part which ended up being about 9 Minutes it's all the truther stuff you Know they're embracing this guy Bruce Slipped in but they didn't want any of This truther stuff even though Whispers And Bobby's teachings you know babaj is The father of the truther movement Because of what he did in terms of the Spiritual work and the proclamations he Made in Whispers 2001 and other places right Wake up if you're not already awakened And there was spiritual work done by

That but dodgy erasing all that and I Took screenshots with my phone when I Was listening to this last night I was Watching the basketball game and I Turned off the volume and I listened to This and there are a few parts I wanted To get to and then I finally figured out Was nine minutes of content they cut out So I was able to figure out where it was So it all worked out like I've done Everything now and now I'm just editing This end part uh but you know it's kind Of greasy on their part to cut that part Out but I got it so it's there and you Know we'll get back to that I guess I'll Talk a little bit more about it a bit so As it turned out I talked about it right Afterwards I just listened to the next Part and the only only thing that I Missed in these in what I just said is That um you know this person sent me This thing on Instag and I probably wouldn't have seen It or got to the truther part and the Truther part is what made me want to Look at the whole video and so I might Have found it in a couple of weeks and I Probably wouldn't had any interest in it I don't care about Bruce Lipton he's Just another guy that they've brought on To try to validate dodgy give him some Street cred and so if it hadn't been Recommended to me and if I hadn't looked At it right away I would have missed out

On the only part that was interesting to Me and I would have missed out on the Rest of it because I certainly wouldn't Have listened to an hour and a half Zoom Call I can't listen to dodging so timing Is it's like meant to be it was the Timing was really impeccable just the Way this unfolded and I'm really glad it Did because although I had to suffer Through this and I'm going to have to Suffer through it again as I edit it as I edit it you know cuz it's dodgy just Sucks so bad it's very telling and it Brings about closure brings about things That I've gone through in terms of the You know the stuff with dodgy and some Of the you know because they're finally Coming around to all this in ways that Um you know they know things now that They that they um ostracize me for Before so you know I was ahead of them And continue to be so which is a little Kind of unnerving because like I'm not That great you know like I'm a Chucklehead I'm a slacker you know I'm Just tasted most of the I mean you know I I put effort out there but you know Whatever it is it's not that great like There should be way better people than Me in the system and certainly dodgy Should be way better than me and he's Not like and that sucks not just for me But for everybody because you know he's He's supposed to be better and he's

Worse then he's worse than Bruce lip He's worse than everybody but let's get Back into it here we all came from the Same place we are all the same thing It's only the program that has taken us And separated us and so uh listen uh the Mid East is a great example for this Right now I go why we got two different Programs we have Arab programs we have Jewish programs Muslim and Jew and they Have different program now Bruce Lipton Was an atheist for a while but he was Born Jewish I believe I could find just Based on what I you know my Understanding of it um and he went to Israel and he did something where he Brought Palestinians in with Israelis And new age people from California he Does these Wellness things right and so He has more of a sense of it than DOI Does like he's met Palestinian people He's been to Israel and you know he Knows some more about this um but he Doesn't going to the the whole you know Political aspect of it but he still Disputes what DOI says here and they Don't seem to get together and I go but It's the belief system of their Religions that are keeping them apart That the the new understanding is we all Are from the same Source if you fight Each other you're fighting yourself Because we all are the same and I tried To uh bring this up to in a newsletter

Recently to talk about peace And I was not surprised but uh the Number of people who got mad at me Because I didn't take one side or I Didn't take the other side I said both Sides are wrong I said the only way you Can get out is is break not the two Sides we're people we're all Spirit we All came from the same place this isn't Rocket scientists and it isn't something You know not rocket science but isn't You know this isn't um high level Spiritual stuff here but it's you know It's what Dody should be saying right Like Dody should have taken this path Instead of babbling on about history Jewish history and history of Palestine And Israel and these things that he Knows absolutely nothing about right and So Bruce Lipton is I think he's 79 so He's 80 years old he's much older than Dodgy and he's just sharper than I I'll Show you more examples of this as we go Through it DOI just babbles half the Time it's hard to it's hard to figure Out dod's even uh what his points are Right he's not good at this so Bruce Lipton isn't saying something that's you Know uh deeper something that most People don't understand at least people With some spiritual Tendencies and he's Still like destroying dodgy and his Goofy take on Israel Palestine and Moses And all that and I tried to bring that

Back together in harmony but the belief Systems keep fighting each other and They blame each other for the problem And the thing is they're both Responsible for the problem the only way We get out the problem is talk together Emma please go ahead yes this go this Ties in to very much to what you were Saying about uh the spirit and the Essential self which is a question we Have from Laura um in moving forward What is the most important thing that we Need to do to be that authentic Self so that doesn't really um tie into It at all right like Emma realizes that Emma's smarter than both these guys like I know Emma a little bit we had some Interactions um you know she read my Book The Choice she was interested in These Narratives and you know in a a liberal New Age way but she is sharper and Smarter than these two guys and I don't Know what the issue is for her and these Other people that can't see through Dody And the way that dody's mistreated Charie and all these things right but These guys just they're not great this This is not good content and they do This all the time where they have these Old guys dodgy and another old guy and They come on and you know drives the the Liberals and the feminists and the you Know various people crazy because it's

Just these old guys talking and nobody Wants to listen and DOI always is lesser Than like he always gets dominated by The other person whether it it be diaper Baba I'll talk about this more in a bit Um but like they get into this stuff Here can can I just follow through and Then I'll let my my master dodgy talk I'll first I'll first say something uh So he just like dominates here like you Know it's the question really maybe for Dodgy I don't know but Bruce Lipton just He does all the talking and he's Undermining the book at dod's Credibility he didn't read the Book a a a brother or sister why we all Came from the same place and dody's work Is very critical because it says Knowledge if you have this knowledge Then peace on this planet is our Destination I just I'll close very Quickly because you know me I'm going to Keep talking dodgy so I just shut up a Bit but so you know this Um you know this is an example of dodgy Getting owned on his own show it happens All the time and we'll get more into it As we go through this he uh plugging Dody's book and I'm pretty sure he Didn't read it or if he did he just Skimmed it right I say one thing When I I was not spiritual and then I Saw the mechanism The receptors on the Cells the spirit from the physics coming

In and then I said oh my God I'm a Spiritual person I I mean it didn't take Me years to get spirituality it took me A minute to get spiritual I was not Spiritual then I was Spiritual and my mind was Like and and I I asked myself this Question I asked myself a science Question why have a body and a spirit Why not what was the answer Bruce just Be a Spirit and my Cells the answer came from my cells and My cells said to me in a question so I Always joke I call them Jewish comedian Cells because Jewish people answer a Question with a question I asked both the body and the spirit and The cells asked me a Question if you're just a spirit Bruce What does chocolate taste like boom he's Delivered Kaboom chocolate the the Question of chocolate I eat chocolate Therefore I Am and you stop and think about that for A minute because it was the most Profound thing I ever heard in my life I Say why this body is an enhancement of Spirit this body takes energy and turns It into Vision so we could see this body Takes sound and puts it in and turns it Into energy that we can understand even Taste and touch and smell all of these Are coming from the body but they

Enhance our spirituality to have an Experience with this body enhances us But we've turned this whole story around And forgot why we're here we came here And and I say this in my lectures I will Stop Emma in one second I will stop uh I I say this a lot of people have been Given a belief that if you die and you Have a good life you can go to a place Called heaven and I go I have a new UN Understanding of science you were born Into heaven Kaboom Bruce dropping it Chocolate in heaven you're chocolate Yeah this is where you came to Create and why are if all of us are Creators why do we have all this problem Because you're not creating from your Heart you're creating from a program and The program has turned us against each Other I said but you're creating Somebody else's belief system this is um Kind of Truth or stuff you know in a uh Your remedial way um and they don't want To any part of This so Dai was asked about chakras There's a point where Bruce Limon talks About meditation being hopefully I can Find it here but it's important because It contradicts everything that DOI says In his book and what Saar is about or Heartfulness is about which is Bruce Lipon says you meditate on something Outside of yourself because your body is Just just an antenna receiver from the

You know the Divine source which is not Sjar teaching har it's the opposite of That right My little understanding and share and Reiterate what Dr Lipton just Mentioned on Knowledge there are various knowledge Systems where we borrow Knowledge from Religious indoctrinations or when we are Made to believe that vacuum is a greater Power through the science but unless and Until I perform an experiment on V vacum The power of vacuum I will not be able To understand it you know in I'm a Pharmacy student all my life and we are Don't brag about that Bro taught how to manufacture various Things TR how to understand the Mechanism of drugs Wonderful but when I actually so he goes On and babbles for a long time here I'm Going to show you in a moment I found The thing um that I was just talking About where Bruce Lipton said says you Meditate on something outside yourself Which contradicts everything the S Mark's about and dod's book and the rest Of it then bunch of other big Revelations bombshell things coming like Three big things coming in a in a bit Like just to wrap this thing up but I Just want to talk about origin stories Here so Bruce Lipton is very Enthusiastic about the spiritual

Revelation that he had and I'm not going To say it's wrong but it isn't 100% Right like he and it's not he didn't Reach the goal he isn't really what I Would consider a spiritual person like He is maybe on the he's either put his First toe into the water of spirituality Or he's about to put his toe into the Water or something like that but for him And all these new age people that would Resonate with him and the fact that he Can use science because a big thing we See this in the truth Community when a Hollywood celebrity becomes a truther They propped up and given more credit Than they deserve because they're Remedial truthers they're just beginners Or newbies but people put them on a Higher level because they are successful Or they are part of the Beast or Whatever it is right people think they Have internal knowledge or because They've been trained that celebrities Are better whatever it might be right You see this all the time and you have An origin story and you know you see This with stump speeches for politicians You know Joe Biden claimed origin Stories that weren't his right and in The spirit ual Revelation you know Spiritual Guru spiritual Guru land There's a story like my story is that I Was you know an incompetent U Underachiever who you know just couldn't

Function in life and I didn't find my Purpose I was wandering around lost and Then I did Saj Marg and I became a much Better person and then I have other Stories like you know the the cleaning I Went through and the post- divorce type Situation I talked about the bitterness You know I have these stories that you Guys have heard here in the journey Series those are origin stories like What um guided me to find God or how did You know God find me or whatever it is And everybody has them and you know they Don't stop there like you have the entry Level story and Bruce keeps on repeating The story throughout this interview and In other places and it's compelling to People because he was a former scientist And he has a lot of energy and the People are think and he's great but it's Nothing like you get in Sark like he's Not on the same level as you know dodgy Certainly had all this spiritual work Done to him DOI has experiences the rest Of us haven't had and he was you know he Had access to master chargie and you Know he met babaj G and you know he has Access to literature that some of us Didn't get to read but the literature That I did read like John dogi and I Have read the same books right all of us Who have read those books and I see how He's Butch in stories and and he's Misinterpreting things like he's lost

His way it wasn't always the case and This girl Emma here this woman Emma here She's a smart person like she's Intellectual and she you know uh was a Preceptor she's at least at point two And Bruce Lipton hasn't you know his GATRA of his soul hasn't moved he hasn't You know learned to meditate he hasn't Experience transmission and so Dody Should just completely you know it it Should be like you look at these two People and go Dody is so much more Evolved you know that recent Whispers I Read my last video we talked about how You you should just carry yourself in Such a way reflect the inner condition In such a way that people see you're Different because you do SI mark because The system you know emboldens you in a Way makes you into something better and Connects you to Divinity in a way other Things don't and the best way to to sell The system is it a display that right And bobi said be dynamic you know to Some extent I'm Dynamic here and some of You guys see it and get it and it makes You you know interested in doing what I Do or finding out about what I do not Everybody sees it but you know at least It's there to be seen and so dodgy Should eclipse this guy Bruce you know And all the other people that he's on The stage with and he never does he Always gets owned by them right and

You'll see it more as we go through this He constantly loses is he gets dominated On his home court he invite these guys In and there's some kind of debate and You know Bruce Bruce whatever his last Name Is forgot he um you know he has a a Limited spiritual experience but he's Such better at presenting the Information he's got so much more energy Enthusiasm he can articulate it better He sounds like the guy who's the knower And dodgy sounds like you know just some Babbling fool right it shows you how Much dodg he's fallen so let's get back Into it here so here it is like there's These little subtle one-upsmanship That happen in these you know these like Passive aggressive debates that dodgy Has right because Dodgy wants to be the master wants to be The knower that he brings these people On and sometimes he lavishes Praise on Him they they cut off the beginning of Part where he was praising this guy in His book right But now dodg is going to talk about how Practical experience is better than Being a book knowledge Person and you know it's going after Bruce lipton's what he said which Bruce Lipton's aware oficial knowledge I'm Sure Emma is aware of it right and so It's done in again again a very subtle

Way knowing that God is there knowing That talk about pral here knowing that There is God knowing that spirit is Within me is one thing It's superficial Knowledge but to experience it it's Greater see most religious people if you You ask them a question do you believe In God they'll say yes yes why are you Asking me this question don't you think I go to church or I go to Temple or I go To Mosque but Then you ask why do you do this they say I do it because The system says so my parents Tau me Okay so I'm having some technical Difficulties with this thing I hope I Don't have to do it over again because Jesus I don't want to do that Um but uh Dody um you know what he's Saying here is he says things that are True or you know that are based in Sark Teaching but he's just so bad at it Right um let's see what happens Here okay so he's talking about this but He's Comparing his thing to to Bruce lipton's Thing so the ending here the last um 15 Minutes is really important not all of It but some of it and this is where Bruce Lipton snaps back at Dody you know He's already um kind of corrected dodgy About the Israel thing right the Israel

Palestine thing and then DOI talked About how experienced and he went on and Talked about that for about 15 minutes In different ways some of it makes sense Some of it doesn't DOI just sucks at Doing this like he's not good at it he's Uh you know he's always the worst guy in The room at expressing and connecting With the Audience so I have to do this again I'm Bummed about it but I'm just going to Get through it here um when I taped this Before my audio got mixed in with the Instead of you know I would pause the Video and I would talk it somehow Overlapped like I I noticed it when I Whatever that's not important let's just Get get into it here um here it is could Read your thoughts I put wires on your Head called electroen graph EEG I could Read your brain activity and we always Said oh our brain and our thinking is Inside there's a new device that reads Brain activity it's not EEG it's called Meeg Magneto enph graph reads brain Activity I said yeah boy it's you look At look at Dody unique the probe is out Here stay away from that probe bro Bruce Bruce Don't Go Near The probe the probe Is no is up to no good the probe does Not even touch you I said what is it Doing I said it's reading your brain It's reading your Consciousness I Go your Consciousness is not contained

In your head it's broadcast back to who You are so not only are you bringing Your spirit in but you're also adjusting Ing your spirit with your Consciousness Because you're broadcasting it back and This is why the idea of the karma comes In are you broadcasting something back That makes your spirit stronger and Better or is your life experiences Actually messing with your spiritual Self making a alteration of some kind Because you're not in Harmony and this Is why the meditation part becomes so Critical because meditation is not Looking in medit is going out and and That you are connected uh so this is Important because what he's saying here Contradicts well let me just move over To a voiceover so when you have this Kind of Discussions you can have you know Differences in opinions but like if You're talking about a like you know Some sort of uh you know Israel and Palestine or something you you have a Forum or you you have a bunch of QBs Together a bunch of FL FL earthers or a Bunch of whatever it might be vegans Whatever gr you know or or other groups Like people talking about sports right Different um pundants talking about Sports and people have different takes And positions on these things but a lot Of that's just opinion opinionated and

Subjective but spiritual science and These types of things it's either real Or it's not like it's either truth or It's not right and the difference Between what Bruce lipt and saying here And the sjar philosophy and what DOI Saying is quite profound because Bruce Lipton has his origin story which is About discovering that we're all Antennas we have these antennas and that We're not even really in our body and We're connecting to this you know soul And these things that are outside our Bodies which he's going to expand on Here in a moment and that's what he Believes his core belief his Core Teaching in his books and that Meditation is something where you look Inside is something where you're Connecting to these you know the theoric Realm of existence that's reverberating In some sort of vibrational way and he's Also brain centered he's not heart- Centered and so he's just undermining Dod's whole because Do's been talking About internalizing and going inside and All these things and Bruce lton saying No you got to go outside to connect to The Divinity we're all connecting Externally to each other and not through The the heart but through the mind so These are significant differences and They already had the issue where Bruce Slipton own DOD on Israel because DOI

Just was an idiot for talking about Something he didn't know and now they're Having this fundamental debate when Doi's been talking about experience and Going inside and meditating and Experience transmission within and Bruce Lipon saying medit meditation is External and like Dody should win this Debate because DOI has been meditating Ex internally and he was a good obasi And a good preceptor but he's fallen so Much and he sucks so bad at this he Always gets owned on his home turf People come in and just dominate him and I don't know why he keeps on doing this You know but it's you know it's Fundamentally um him getting owned like He's just getting owned here and he Shouldn't because Bruce Lipton is 100% Wrong he's know what he's talking about You know he has some kind of Pseudoscientific type experience and he Had his Epiphany but he didn't go deeper And he didn't go within he's not Meditating he's not doing any of these Things right he's just babbling but his Babble is better than dodgies Babble and This is so important because your life Experiences change the character of your Spirit at this point and so it becomes Really important for us to recognize What we do in today's world is affecting Us at a bigger level and as DOI said This is is only one level when you get

Enough awareness we jump to another Level and so the idea is this is a a a Training ground where we're Learning to become bigger and better and That's why dody's work to me is so Critical and his new book I want people To understand that his new book is Knowledge and knowledge is power and That's why I highly recommend that you Not just get this book but read it and Learn it because there's power in dod's Words see he's undermine dod's argument Even though maybe he's not a maybe he's Not aware of it some of it he is they Have some differences opinion here but He's undermining the whole sjar Philosophy and I don't think he's read The book or read much of it and so he Knows what he's supposed to be doing Here dod's releasing this book and Bruce Is bringing in Bruce lipon is bringing In his audience I don't know how much he On his own instag Google page and all These things how much he put this out There to get an audience but there's Only about a thousand people or so here In terms of what Emma said and they got A total of 15,000 Views they got rid of the zoom comments Which I showed a little bit earlier in The video now there's uh 20 comments and Something like 202,000 um Views and I don't believe it's that many

Views right so this book and Dody got Another thousand views he's on with this Woman you got a thousand views and again Not very many comments from Aasis and so I'll show you that clip in A bit but you know there's not much Reach here like he's talking about how Important this book is but nobody's Going to watch it no one's going to buy It like it's it's not going to go out to The mainstream people it's going to be Bought by SA Mark practitioners who Already read reality at dawn and Bob's Basing dod's basing this on Bobby's work Which we'll get into in a moment so this Is just a pointless exercise right and Bruce Lipton knows what he's supposed to Do this is part of the he's here to help Dodgy sell his book right and he's Getting exposure and getting exposure to The heartfulness audience but it's you Know insincere like none of these things Are you know I don't think he read the Book and even if he did he certainly Doesn't agree with it and he doesn't Practice sa marar heartfulness so he has No idea right like he has his own Philosophy and he has his own thing and He's not going to do this other thing And so he's not really a valid you know He he's just like almost like a paid Shill right thank you thank you Dron I Appreciate that Bruce Bruce Bruce call Me Bruce please Dody call me Bruce I'll

Feel better you can call me Bruce there's a whole thing Here I I don't know I'm going to have Courage to say Bruce to you I Can't so respectable and I don't have The gut to Say my first Name because this is an Indian tradition Right there's just this reverence Towards the elderly there's a respect There's better manners and things and There's etiquette but he had no trouble Throwing his previous Master under the Bus and I'll get into that when we get Into the book here um because he's Plagiarizing he said Bob's book or he's Rewriting it and he's just dissing Charge even in that right and uh let's Get to that here Though I so appreciate you so very much Thank you thank you sir thank You Well this is more about experience what I'm trying to tell the world experience It and once you experience Experience uh you cannot forget It it stays with you forever and the Desire to experience more and more Things will come and in the process we Change for better from Animalistic or mere human to Humane to Divine perhaps if if we work Hard well we came from the Divine we're Piece of the Divine so here's one of the

Big bombshell things here would you like To share a little bit Dai about how you Had the idea writing this book and Making it Bruce is little Confused these ideas available to All well well well this was already Written earlier by my Master but then the idea came that it Should be the old wine should be Packaged again okay so this is a book Written by his master and so chargie Didn't write these types of books he you Know he did he gave talks explaining Bobby G's works so he knew he was Talking about Bobby G I just knew anyway But it wasn't really confirmed but then He did another interview which I'll show You in a moment which confirms it's Baba's works right and he's saying he Took one of Baba's books and he's going To talk about it here that it wasn't User friendly so he decided to rewrite Baba's books just like he did with the Maxims and these other things and he's Not bringing this out to more people It's not being understood by more people And DOI sucks at communicating he's the Worst of the three he sucks at it and so He shouldn't be rewriting Boba G's books He just shouldn't like like they're not I mean as simple as they are in the Language we all understood them and People didn't didn't but like let's let Them finish here but I'm in the the

Editing process and I missed this I've Seen it like seven times now but him him Saying he just wants to to take the old Wine and repackage it now there's Multiple ways he could have said that And I'm not sure how where he gets wine From I don't think he's ever I don't Know if he's drink has drunk any wine in His life but you know when you take old Wine out of the bottle you can decant it But it can't you know it's repackaging It isn't an option right it's sealed and All these things you know but there's no Drinking wine in Sark there's no alcohol So all of that it's a weird way to say It like there's just so much suck here Like I can't keep up with it all in a Language that we today can Understand uh that's what I have tried To do uh make it more experiential make It more Understandable um because my Master's Language was quite tough and Babaji was He talked in a very simple way but his Books are you know there's some of the Stuff you can't understand because it's Too abstract and it's just you have to Take his word for it it's a spiritual Experiences that happen on a spiritual Level but most of it you can five simple Books they're about a 100 pages long Many of you guys have read these books I'm not sure if he's talking about Reality at dawn or one of the other

Books he would would just just like that As you said and I have to some extent Dramatized it and Made it even Simpler um there's no way he made it Simpler Babi was the the Quintessential some person who could Simplify things in fact he would give These short answers and charie was in Charge of explaining babag G to the World right um which we'll get into that In a Bit it's nothing more profound than what Was already there it is the same thing It's just different packaging and Different expression where you're Plagiarizing him and you he sucks at Like he doesn't make things better all The things that he's done all the things He's changed that he changed he's made Worse and this actually happened once While I was conducting meditation Session BR in New Jersey and one after The other all this knowledge descended And I said I should start writing and That's when we I WR joted some few words I think it was in 2015 or 20 17 I don't Recollect now but then since then I Started writing and it took me so many Years and we had the book Now let let me just add 2016 or 2015 or 17 dod's last trip to America was 2016 and he had a he came here for a Gathering um 2015 was after charie died

He came back so it's 2015 right so this Is shortly after charie died and he was In New Jersey which doesn't have a good Condition and he had this spiritual Experience to rewrite one of Baba's Books or all of them I don't know I Don't know if he's writing rewriting all Five of them taking his teachings and Rewriting them in his words which he Shouldn't do we don't want to lose Bobby's original books because they're You know they're Bobby's books right Five Short books the complete works of Ram Chandra volume one and again many of You guys have read the books and have Experienced you know you can understand Them and aaji like is the worst Communicator Amma first same thing I Want to show you this other clip in a Second I want to get through this last Piece here I came from the science Field and I always joke like science is Like the church we put it in Latin so Nobody knows what we're talking About and when I started writing my book Biology belief and I did see that's what He's saying here is that that's what Bobaji did right and that's not what Bob Did you know that the church they Printed the Bible in Latin because the The normal people the average person the Average Joe couldn't read Latin so only The clergy could people weren't able to Purchase Bibles or read bibles they had

To have the churches the various Churches the Catholic Church you know And the church of England interpret that The books for them right the Bible for Them um and so he's saying scientists do The same thing because they wanted to be Able to interpret the science which we Know I talked about this with fouchy and All the rest of it right and he said he Wrote his book in understandable Language for the average Joe right he's Saying that dod's doing the same thing For Babaji and that's an insult to Babaji and a total misunderstanding of The situation here the science writing The science and I gave it to some people I said tell me what you think and he Said we didn't understand the word you Were saying and I realized I have to Translate the science Latin into Everyday language this is what DOI has Done as well what because if we use that Other language then people they just Don't understand the meaning of it Babi Didn't use that other language but we Have to make it personal so dody's book In my book both of them are taking Complex knowledge and making it into Readable information for the public two Books one of them you know they're both Good buy them both Right so we can use that knowledge and Not be like what did he say no I I can Understand what he says because he's

Speaking in my language now uh and and This is you know it's funny I just Thought of it I just realized uh the Bible always was written in Latin and Only the priests could read the Latin And then it was Gutenberg who turned it Into German so everybody could read it And it changed the entire world and so Dody's book is like the Gutenberg Version of Spirituality so everybody can understand It and that if you can't understand it The big words don't mean anything he's Not gber and you know this not for Spirituality it's for baby right he's Doing this to Bob's work and so uh I can Attest that yeah it's a very accessibly Written way to approach these topics so Definitely you know DOI I know it's Getting late over there so I just want To check in about okay so um let's go to This other clip here okay so dodg is Making the rounds um This Woman's a new Age uh sort of whatever um California Type person I don't know where she lives But she has her own YouTube channel she Starts off by calling dodgy this cames Patel C this is great um and then she Goes on to say this it's all all about Heartfulness he so so she talks about His new book is all about heartfulness Right um you know which is sash mark But Then DOI says this she asked him where The book came

From she asked him why you decided to Write this book and he's later going to Talk about how um well let's just listen To his answer well this book has always Been there since 1945 uh it was written by my masters but Now I have rephrased it in the modern Language that we can understand okay so Um this is more egregious than I thought It's not reality at dawn it's towards Infinity so towards Infinity let me put Up the I'm going to add this right here Now towards Infinity is the book where Babaji describes the 13 yatra points That your soul goes through to reach it Reach the central region where you merg Back into the source where you merge Back into God and you have these points In your internal system again so Bruce Slip in saying that everything comes From the outside to your brain and then Talking about his Revelations and all The things he knew means he didn't Understand or read doi's book right and I've heard all this stuff about chakras And chakras this and chakras that bobi Referred to these as Nots sometimes he Would call them chakras but this is what Um Dody talked about in his this is the Spiritual Anatomy from Kish de Patel's Official web page most people have heard Of the chakras or points no you haven't Heard of these 13 points these are new

Points that people some of them are Chakra points the power points that run Up and down the spine but you can see Some of these points you never heard About before most people have heard of The chakras of point which you can Describe as centers or concentrated Divine energy located at different Places within the human system this is Not like he's conflating the chakra System in system in Hatha Yoga come Starting with the Kundalini and going up The spine with the various chakra PowerPoints with the yatra points the Knots that Babaji described so he's Already screwing this thing up Associated with each of the points or Subp points and in the intervening space Between the points and a network of Interwoven by numerous intricate fibers As we proceed along we pass through These intervening layers all this Together forms a network that can Described as spiritual anatomy of the Human being there are 13 main points From the heart up to the back of the Head the head is where we start our Spiritual journey so let's not let's Let's start by identifying the points Around the heart also known as 01 and That just sucks and I'll explain why in A moment but the reason I found that is One of the people who left a comment Said sounds great I follow the links to

Towards Infinity I think is Revolutionizing the whole spiritual Anatomy how little we knew and he's Dumbing it down and he's ruining it like Everything the DOI does so let me Explain right so these yatra points Which I've talked about in the past and I talk about extensively you can find um Me explaining this system in the Gratefulness meditation BAS in the Towards Infinity book and the preceptor Training and everything that I was told I didn't bring in any of my own things And this wasn't something that was Channeled or I mean might have been in The sense of the inspiration behind it But it's just explaining the system the Way I know it the way it was explained To me and the way it was explained in The towards Infinity book now the Towards Infinity book is a little Abstract some of it doesn't make sense But it's not for beginners and it's Never has been real it of dawn is Bob's Book that's more for beginners the yatra System and the stuffing towards Infinity You're supposed to read it and then as You do your practice have experiences of These things and it develops Naturally but when you first read it Your natural inclination is to want These points to open up your yatra of Your soul to commence and have these Experiences all at once you know it's

Like a person who can't wait to be a Black belt and you go in and you sign up For some martial arts thing and you pay Enough money and they pass you along Even though you kind of suck at it like You know Elvis had a black belt and you Get a black belt you go out and get your Ass kicked because you're not really a Black belt You' just been paying for These you know different experiences or Different tests that they give you and They pass you along because they make Money off the the belt system all these Martial arts places make money every Time they test somebody and give them a New new belt and the problem was there Was these European people who Boba G Loved and he raised a lot of them up to The mine region and they would go get Sittings from Boba G and he would say oh You're now in 04 you're now in 7 or Whatever and people would come out and Say oh Bob you just put me in 7 and Somebody else say off well he put me in 7 three weeks ago and it got Goofy and Competitive and Petty and egotistical You know because people suck right I Know When I Was Made A preceptor he Moved me from 0.1 to point 2 and I don't Know what's happened since then I felt Things in different regions I've had Epiphanies and sort of you know insights And you know I think that there's been Some movement but I don't really know

And I cared a lot about it when I first Read the books or read towards infinity And then I care less and less about it Because you know people fall from these Points right and it isn't like you get Access to these powers like you do in The ha yoga system which brings people Down like people who get access to the Kundalini and the you know this the um Sixth chakra the third eye power points Um it has devastating effects often Because they're gross and they're Immature and they can't handle the power And they have problems it happened with Sa Mark people falling from these you Know there's the heart region the Mind Region and the central region so it's Not for beginners you don't want people Coming to s to get access to spiritual Journey and yatra points and this Information isn't for newbies right it Isn't for people who you know when You're first starting like the Explanation that I'm giving you now and Some of the explanation of it yeah That's all you need to know like these Things will happen eventually for you Maybe not in this lifetime I don't know Right depending on the higher level Points I don't I can't say right there's No yatra points in gratefulness because I don't know how to do that right you Know I mean if it's happening it's Happening organically from the you know

The Divine hierarchy or whatever but to Me it is an selling point isn't Something you present to new people in Fact it would probably scare them off And make people feel suspicious but Dodgy is trying to pill for this right He's trying to um grab this for his own Thing his own you know whatever what he Wants to do with it because you just Heard the woman that it's all about Heartfulness right like this is supposed To be about heartfulness dodgies you Know towards Infinity was about sa Mark Babaji's thing and spiritual Anatomy is About doi's heartfulness and he's a Founder and he's taking this information And he's saying this to people like who Are on these you know these calls but He's not given the name of the book he Didn't say this was from Shri ramchandra Babaji and it was his book towards Infinity and you can also get that book As Source material he didn't say that And it doesn't mention it anywhere the Only reason reason I was able to find That one site was because somebody wrote Towards Infinity in a comment and when I Searched for it that comment came up so He's bling people from The Source Material and he's dumbing it down and He's making it you know he's Eng grandis Himself in his own crappy perverted System that doesn't deliver yatra points To you because dody's Fallen he doesn't

Have the ability to do this anymore at Least as far as I can tell cuz this Transmission isn't there so he's failed Right and now he's taking this Information and using it as a selling Point but isn't going to work because People don't like the guy people aren't Into the guy and he's they're not Connecting with him and the reason for That I mean there's lots of reasons for It but the major one is he's Disconnected himself from the Divine Hierarchy hierarchy because babaji's Translator was charie Babaji brought Charie places to explain Baba's Works to People he brought them to Europe in Other places interviews and things like This and bobaji would give simple one Word one sentence answers and chargie Could talk 45 minutes about what that One sentence meant and bobi insisted Chargie learn how to speak publicly when Chargie had a fear a phobia of it he Said you need to give it public talk and Chargie was scared of he said by the Time you come back and see me again give A talk at satsa which was about 20 People and chargie was panicked and you Know he had a phobia of public speaking Like so many people do and like he had It more so you know I think it's the Number one phobia right and he had it And you know he gave so many prolific Talks but he went to satson but he

Didn't go meditate he just sat outside The preceptor house and paced up and Down the sidewalk until satson was over He walked in and gave a talk and people Said it was an incredible talk CU bobaji Was there with him he gave him this Order that you have to learn to do this And then chargie gave all all these epic Talks because Babaji needed somebody who Could be a westernized person and Explain all of Baba's teachings because He was Baba's disciple DOI kamish was Char's disciple and he's forgotten about That and instead of taking the works of Babaji and chargie and um you know Exemplifying them and upholding them and Making sure that they stay in print and You know talking about those works and Then creating Works off of those works With those other works being the basis Of the fundamental principles of the Sark system he scrubbed all this Information making it hard for people to Get these books and he's trying to dumb It down and take you know these works as His own and claim he's the founder Canceling the holidays of Babaji and Charie with this single idea that Somehow he was babaji's disciple that he Was never Char's disciple but we all saw Him walking around calling chargie Master and even you know the early talks Talking about chargie as the master his Master and these things chargie was his

Master Babaji was his master for a brief Period of time until Babaji passed away And then chargie was his primary Master But he has this whole story and whatever That story is it's where chargie didn't Get the job done and Dody is erasing him Because of that but everyone who looks At it would say dodgy is worse right and These people who have gone along with This all these Collaborators these people who are Complicit with this who see it they Should be able to see what I'm seeing And allow Dody to do this right and dumb Down the system and take a book as Important as towards infinity and put it Out there for the general public and no One's going to get into it because it's You know it's dody's work and dodgy Sucks right and it's going to be bad and It's again he's trying to dumb things Down it's not working because he's Losing people he doesn't have an Audience he doesn't have a group of Followers nobody watches his videos Nobody buys his books nobody listens to The guy and when he talks when he goes Out with this guy you know Bruce Whatever bli in all these guys he gets Rolled he gets you know the other guy Looks like he's the guy who's knows more And is better at it cuz AI just sucks at Everything he's lost his way he's fallen There's a huge indication of this you

Know I'm a little bit tired I'm going to Do another voice over tomorrow about you Know all the ways that this is um I'm GL I'm grateful for this watching this Video it's brought some closure to some Things personally and it's been a big Part of this journey series I got to Show this one last clip where you as you Might guess he then throws Bruce Lipton Under the bus and he goes with the you Know well here it Is okay so here it Is thank You thank you thank you for everything And thank you Dr Lipton and I where Where are you right now in New New Zealand or in uh Us what about us where are you now at New Zealand or in California us you're In where are you at right near San Francisco right near you know and I love It people say where are you from I say California that's not the United States California has its own thinking separate From the rest of the United States so I'm very happy to be a resident of the Country of California yeah you Are yeah you are Bruce wonderful Wonderful the reason I Asked I would like to conduct experiment On Consciousness uhoh I know where this Is Going yes and these experiments relates To you know you were just mentioning how

You perceive things don't do it AI it's not inside it's not some someh How it works through a field through a Quantum Field I would send about half a dozen Children or what would you have some in A box Somewhere whatever I have who are expert In Um perceiving things with closed Eyes so uhoh he did it no he Didn't you'll be able to see how their Intuition Has developed and they can train many of Children you can say these are indigo Type of children or you could just say They're they're lying and they're being Trained to lie by you and they're Looking through their blindfolds because That's been proven he's roping this guy Into this now I mean just he's just got No shame the bro he's just going for it And I would ask someone to contact you And bring those guys and then let's Develop it further Well listen any opportunity to be Collaborating with you is an honor for Collaborator me and uh because I I know How important your work is she hosted One of these things that uh did the Brighter mind scam I wonder if she Suspects I don't know I mean like I Guess she wouldn't be here if she did But I don't how I don't know how she

Can't right that it's it's false it's Fake for the evolution of our planet and That's why again when I start started I Said I was okay so that um let's get Into This so I you know I didn't sleep last Night because I was I don't know amped Up about doing this and just because it Was just one of those nights and this Hijacked my whole day I didn't make the Video I was going to make today you know I'm GL I'm glad it did this is a big Epic thing that happened and so I'm Going to cover this probably in one Final voice over probably not tomorrow But the next day today's um Wednesday so Probably Friday or something and then I'll get this video out quickly just Because it's to me epic in various ways But this last act on his part like this Was an abysmal presentation dodgy is not Understandable to the average person to Obasi he's not giving proper respect to The former Masters who he's ripping off Their material and you know doing all These things trying to be a fake Guru That I mean all the stuff that he's Doing he he gets rolled by Bruce Lipton Who's just more compelling and just a Better gives a better presentation like He always gets owned Dody on his own his Own uh YouTube channel he gets owned all The time and because he sucks right and He wraps It Up by somebody who you know

Bruce spped in Graciously really pitched for dody's Book pretty hard like he was there to Shill for dody's book and he delivered And dodgy says he's looked up to his Works and he's read his books and was Calling him Dr lipon and and the scumbag That dodgy is you know the Dody truther Said that Dody was going around getting All these celebrities and governmental Officials to be a part of the brighter Mind scam because he was trying to get More legitimacy from it like he wasn't Posting images of the brighter mind Stuff on his Facebook page but he was Having dignitaries in people like he he Bring in these kids and the blindfold Stuff and they would do it for these Dignitaries and then the dignitaries Would whatever dignitaries politicians Or whatever it was important people VIPs And then they post it on their social Media and now they're tied to it and They're you know they're there for dodgy If things go south if it becomes a you Know some sort of Investigation or Whatever right it's a way to control the Narrative and also get legitimate people To endorse something that's scummy you Know he did this by pressuring and Manipulating Madame Aly and Bob to Giving a positive assessment of you know Giving a Whispers message that seems to Back the whole brighter mind scam and

It's just scummy what he's doing but Here he is you know this is not only Just criminal but it's something that Could wreck your reputation and somebody Like Bruce Lipton who's a scientist he's Not just some flimflam you know con man Guru in India but he's a scientist that Is an American and he's already taken a Lot of heat for not like being Legitimate and being outside the Scientific community and so you know Here's a guy at the end of his life 80 Years old he's just done dodgy is solid And dodgy throws him under the bus and Tries to get him on board with this scam Which everybody should know is a scam Right if something that pre-existed Dodgy didn't invent it and it was it was Exposed as a scam what it's called the Mid midbrain activation dodgy called it Midbrain activation at first but when Then that term was compromised he Changed it to elasticity of the mind or The brain it was just stupid stuff right Kids spelling colors kids being Encouraged to lie them getting money for It them turning it into a franchise them Asking more of these um doctors he got All these doctors that you know Scientists in the in the heartfulness Community to validate this you know this Scam and one of them did the test Properly a guy who contacted me this Doctor in in Texas and they all turned

On him and ostracized him and you know Treated him like they he was like oh my God I'm in a cult I think I quit I just Saw his Facebook page he doesn't have Any heartfulness references I think he's Quit because of this whole thing right Which sucks um for him you know I mean It's good to get away from dodgy but I Don't think he's doing the practice Anymore and just because he did what Dodgy asked him to do which was do Scientific research on something that You know was a scam right and this is How Dody treats people like he you know Mean it's just delegitimizes himself in Everything he's done trying to sell this Book you know if you're stealing Baba's Works and again he gets away with it Because everyone thinks he's the master And he's got Divine Providence and he's Been endorsed by chargie but when he's You know made it clear that he said char Had a fall the chargie wasn't a Legitimate Master he left him off the The list of hierarchy and all the things That I've documented here the charie you Know the way he's treated charie then if Chargie can fall then dodgy can like He's set himself up for this but these People who are his collaborators they Just won't go there whether they're Scared they're going to lose their Liberation or they're going to lose Their preceptorship or you know whatever

They're fearful of or whatever they Weakness NES are they can't see what Obviously is that dodgy sucks he sucks On every possible level he's a scumbag He's a piece of just a bad person Right like all across the board and he Just like they just displayed it here And so like I said I want to do a little Bit more I'll probably be repetitive but You know I want to talk about this it's A big thing that happened I'm a little Bit you know wiped out from doing this Today but you know it's dodgy being a Piece of POS and you know he's just it's There for anybody to see okay same night I just wanted to add something here it's Kind of late uh but I just want to add One little bit about this thing with the Brighter mind scham so the stuff with um Baba G's towards infinity and the yatra Points is a significant claim like to Anybody else coming into this thing you Know you always hear something that uh There's a pitch when you go for a Spiritual organization or religion There's some sort of pitch like in Christianity you go to you go to hell if You don't accept Jesus you go to heaven If you do so there's some kind of you Know payoff and they'll all tell you What they do or you know they all have These bold claims of what they can do For you things like this but for me I've Experienced some of the benefits of the

Yatra process I was made a preceptor and I was moved a point and I you know I Didn't know ahead of time it was Happening like I was only two years into The system and I knew about the points And I knew about some of the stuff but I Didn't know what was happening in the Last sitting and it was a very profound Spiritual experience and then this guy Explained it to me uh one of the senior Preceptors Don Sabin he's no longer here A guy from Canada and he said that you Were moved from point one to two and Point two was charged and I felt the Charging to the point it was significant Right and it was uh you know it was it Was experience and I've had other Experiences with it and the systems e Efficacy as well right and what is Claimed by bajy is that these yatra Points if you make it up to point six You're free from Liberation you're free From the bondage of your Earthly Reincarnation after reincarnation you Reach the state of MTI or Liberation if You make up to 13th point you have God Realization that is where you reach the Goal like at least on this level of Existence of mergence back into the Divine and it's a significant Achievement that takes millions of years To achieve on your own like I forget What exactly it is but it's you know Well over a million years and some of

Those years would be if you only achieve Liberation for example you have to do The rest of it in the etheric world it Takes so much time to achieve that Etherically but you can jump through That like process you can sort of a Shortcut through that process through The Sark system of the yatra point so a Significant claim right and those of us Who have experienced it everybody who's Serious about the system and has had Some of this work done on them and has Some experiences with it and know how What the system can do and Trust what Bobby is saying it's a big deal right It's a rare opportunity again if you Don't know you don't know but for us and All these people who are now jocking Dodgy and they had so much of this work Done by chargie and you know some of it By bobbyy for some of the older folks And for them to just um back this Bonehead right so this bonehead who's Writing this book stealing Bob's book From him or whatever he's doing there You know he's plagiarizing Bob's book Saying that he's doing it so he can dumb It down for the you know modern day uh Language like he did with the maxims and Some of these other things that suck Like they're they're much worse and it's Not working right but for him to Do something as serious as rewriting This book and be push pushing it out

There as some way to save Humanity at a Pivotal time you know where Bob's Talking about nuclear war and all these Things are about to happen collapse of The system and then go on this show with This guy and talk about the you know These are Big matters these are big Things that are you know big things are A foot and then to end it with the Brighter mind scam right now it is a Scam it's 100% a scam I've you know I know it's a scam there's No chance it works you know it has been A scam for a while but even if it wasn't A scam when I first found out about it It is so like low for the master of the System to get involved with these polar Tricks you know these are small little You know it's not even a spiritual Movement right you you're supposed to Stay away from the petty little Spiritual powers that come at point two Like I mean even things as as big as Doing Miracles when you move from point .1 to point2 you can do Miracles right Not for obosi because that's blocked for Your own you know your own well-being You know because people would be Changing reality all over the place but Even from point. one to point two which Is 45 years of evolution you can Materialize things and manifest things And you know in sa Mar it's like no Don't don't get caught up in all that

Right and so those are real spiritual Pro powers that people can obtain Through spirit spiritual Evolution and SAR they're blocked because they're not Part of the goal and so for Dody to get Involved with these po tricks like even If they were real it's like such a like You know dumbass thing to do just like for brains right like no smart Reasonable person spiritual person would Get caught up in these things right and He went full headlong into it like two Years into his Mastery and all the Things that he's had to do since to you Know to keep it going like he just won't Let it go and just you know realize that He embarrassed himself but he's still Pushing this thing and he's pushing on Other people and he's you know affecting Them and their reputations and their Well-being and the reputation of the System you know when you're talking About something as serious as the yatra Process you know that's important about That and to end it with that is just I Mean just really egregious right I mean He's just horrible horrible person and Just you know self-sabotaging and all These things you can name all these Different ways of categorizing what he's Doing here and they're all bad there's Just no way he should be involved in This but he is because he just keeps on Boneheaded you know I mean it's that bad

I mean he's he's that bad he's that guy Anyways I'll continue on tomorrow the Next day so it's Thursday October 26 the Following day I I spent the majority of Yesterday doing this video um and I Don't know if this is going to be the Last voice over I'll see probably get This out today or Tomorrow but I just want to add this Thing this morning And it's about being positively affected By somebody right um and most people Negatively affect you their energy the You know what when most people come to a Situation their new job relationship Whatever they make the situation worse Because of their you know just the way That human beings are trending now and They make the environment and the um you Know all of it Worse you know most people are making The internet worse right by their Presence by their comments or anger you Know putting anger hatred putting Negativity whatever it might be out There most people who are creating Content it's bringing Humanity down to a Lower level all these things we see it Across the board I mean you can just Feel its effects on you personally and Then over you know just the collective And most of the news most of the Celebrities most of the people out in Front of the you know the cameras most

Of the famous people are making the World the worst place Madam expiration Date Madonna you know her career of Doing that you know degrading The Smiths Will Smith and Jada Smith you know just Bringing people down to a lower level of Morality and Consciousness and Degradation Right uh like it's just across the board And we all see it we're experiencing it We've seen the the moral collapse we've Seen the just the attitude to collapse People getting more entitled just the The effects of the internet as well but I'm talking about people and their Energy and who they are as a person in The Sark system bobi said the very least Like the very least as a person you Should leave the world better than you Found it like you should do something or Do enough you know of something that you Are making the world a better place that Your life here has changed it in a way That it's going in a positive direction More positive that the sum total of your Life that you know when there's some Divine you know um recounting of your Life which happens when you die like the Whole thing displays in front of your Soul like in terms of a on a spiritual Level and there's an accounting of your Contribution or lack thereof and whether You made the world a better place or not And then all the other aspects of it

Like the the sum total of your existence Here on planet Earth like what did you Do and as a practitioner of the Saar System if you do your practice if you Meditate and you do your cleaning and You know certainly the 9:00 prayer the Environment in your house and the Surrounding area gets affected and if You go to Gatherings and you receive Transmission and you know you you think About this you contemplate stuff you you Know get into a spiritual State you read Books and you think about God and you Know whatever you do in terms of that You know that aspect of your life your Spiritual practice you change the Environment the cleaning helps to clean The environment the transmission helps To purify it and and Elevate Elevate not Purify the cleaning purifies and the and The transmission elevates and it affects Other people in your life whether they Feel it or not and so there's that like You you contribute just by doing the Practice so that helps make the world a Better place but still your you know Your effects on other people who you are As a person you know some people you Might affect negatively or positively But you know sometimes like it's people Think that people have a negative effect On them but it's really an opportunity For cleaning and so there's that right You know some things are unpleasant but

That doesn't mean the person's Negatively affecting you you know for me Like recent years my my wife and I went On vacation without my kids and I'm like Oh my God it's so much better not that My kids were horrible people or you know That they were negative in their various Ways and they're doing their own thing Uh but it was you know just a kind of a Bummer for me to realize you know my Whole time in my family and you know the Way my family ended up it was supposed To be some intergenerational family farm Where we would be mutually beneficial to Each other and you know they would all Be doing the practice and marry somebody In the The Sark system and there' be you know Community being built there family old School family you know intergenerational Family Farm type situation and it's so So not that right um and just you know To the extent that you know I'm grateful That I'm you know I don't have as my son And I you know we still spend some time Together and he lives with me but you Know for the most part the for family Thing I'm you know I'm negatively Affected when I'm around them and I'm Sure maybe that's same for them with me Which sucks um I know it's like that With my family of birth like I enjoyed Seeing my brother but then after you Know a day or so being around him I

Could feel he was having a negative Effect on me I could see it like I could See just things that I you know and then When I went to visit my parents or when I would see them and my sisters you know It's just the whole thing was negative It was a negative family and I've been a Better person when I don't have contact With them I'm able to function on a higher level You know and I've noticed this I mean I'm very sensitive to this when I'm Around people and it's a sad State of Affairs that you know most people Negatively affect you for me at this Point um it's just my wife right that You know has a positive effect it used To be preceptors and there used to be Positive effect when I go into Gatherings and you know I had contact With many preceptors and aasis back in The day but chargie was the big person Right he had a positive effect and Wherever he went in the world there was A positive effect in that country Because if he brought the master with Him right the you know what we call the Divine Master because he was you know Baba's representative his his Soul's Representative and that is what the Master does and I don't know what it's Like to be around dodgy now I don't know What kind of presence he has he used to Have a good presence so much so that

That woman I brought to the Gathering in California noticed his energy she was a Brand new person but in terms of Everything else that he does he's had a Negative effect like he's had a a Negative effect on the system right you Know you can't make decisions like he's Made and done things the way he do does Them and not destroy us you know Something positive so again I I would Assume his energy isn't as good but the Gatherings weren't as good you know that Was the first thing I noticed when my Family and I went to India that was an Epic Gathering of 7 ,000 people and the Energy just wasn't there the asham Didn't have as good a condition there Were some good places in the asham it Was nice you know they had built some Gardens and things it was a you know had Positive energy there like the more so Than you see in like a bar or you know a Stadium or you know most people H houses Or whatever it had you know it's Beautiful and it's but it didn't have That that asham feel that I've Experienced it just didn't have the Energy and the Gathering and the Sittings didn't have the energy and then He brought in diaper Baba and I was like Oh this Gathering is not nearly as good He just didn't have it right his asham The asham he built in uh New Jersey you Know in New York area New Jersey just

Doesn't have the energy like when I went There and so he did like Dody used to Have it like you know he was somebody You would feel his energy when he was Becoming the master and then shortly After but I don't know I don't know what It is now I haven't seen him in years But in terms of everything he's done Like when he's done these videos the Energy isn't there it's bad energy like It's it's hard to watch it's hard to sit Through the content is bad the con you Know what he's saying is not spiritual And his everything's off like it's not Like it used to be and there's been such A fall because of how great it felt to Be around chargie and the elevated level Of Char's you know uh his videos his his Speeches his works his books and things Like this and you know I um Saw that Mr s is someone sent me the Mr S's uh one of his pictures that she felt Looked like the Corona virus and I you Know I'm not friends with him but I Looked at the thing and I looked at his Page and he didn't have that interview With um you know that guy that whatever His name is Doctor whatever uh Bruce uh Bruce whatever and you just I just Showed you and I bet if I looked up all These people I'm not going to do it but If I looked them up no no one would have Shown that no one have put that up there On YouTube many of them themselves

Didn't watch it right it doesn't have That many Real views and so here's a Thing where you know he's releasing his Book he's taking you know something that Was I mean the spiritual energy in Bob's Original books of course The Whispers of The brighter world and Char's works is Extraordinary like you have a spiritual Experience reading the books or at least Many people did it affects you on a Different level in a you know a normal Book and the videos and the things are The same way and DOI just doesn't have That so he's taking something he's Taking the information but he doesn't Have the spiritual energy and condition There it's not going to sell it's not Going to be you know it's not going to Uh you know change anything he's not Going to be elevated there's just you Know the forces of I mean the fact that He's dis chargy and that's where he's Lost the energy like he you know his Energy comes from charg merging in him Right and so him dissing chargie is him Dissing The the hierarchy of the Masters And he's you know he's minimizing all of Their contributions and he's he's you Know on his own thing he's doing trying To do his own thing being a founder and All that and that's cut him off from the Energy and so the system has failed and Being around him and being around the Situation you know it's just it's going

To bring out anger it's going to bring Out you know fear it's going to bring Out irritation and frustration and you Know negative things not to clean them Out but in terms of you know a sense of Loss I mean people don't watch his Videos and they're not sharing his Videos because they know it sucks his Take on Israel sucked the fact that he's Ripping off Boba G's book sucked you Know his um the way he presented himself You know Bruce Lipton that's his name Lipton you know he um he out you know he Was he outperformed DOI which DOI always Gets outperformed and owned on his own Videos and there was some we you know Sort of dispute there not dispute but You know these subtle ways of having a Different take on spirituality and dodgy Is right and he can't you know Demonstrate he's right Bruce Lipton wins The debate even though he's coming from A lower position because dodgy just has Lost it and then to sum you know to to Wrap it up with the brighter mind scam You know the brighter Minds I mean There's just he should have never got Involved with it in the first place and It's not the biggest thing the biggest Thing is that he's discharging the worst Thing that he's done but the brighter Mind scam is you know the sort of the The culmination of his failure as a Master it's bad that he got sucked into

It but he has lots of failure like he's Failed and that's you know that's a part Of this right like chargie was always Succeeding because he had this energy And there was this success just there But uh you know for dodgy he's You know the failure is all over the Place and a lot of these failures he Just pretends never happen that's what They do with it when he does something He comes up with an idea and it fails They pretend it never happens but with a Brighter mind scam he just keeps on Going with it right he just won't let it Go and he looks at it as being a Signature for his success but it isn't Something that he even created it wasn't His idea and it has nothing to do with SAR it was done by multiple other groups He's plagiarizing that he's taken that You know a failed scam from other you Know quack gurus you know um you know Flimflam and guus con artists and he's Taken this con artist thing and he's um You know and it's just a you it's just a A snake oil salesman level type of Performative type of situation like even It was if it was real it's not a big Deal it's not even like it's a a lower Level in terms of of the spiritual gifts And powers that you get right he's Talking about these things at the chakra System and ripping that off from Baba's Towards infinity and he's he's got this

Lower level scam and you know even if it Was working and it did work it isn't his It isn't his you know idea it didn't Come through the Sark system it wasn't Channeled through bajy and it has no Real benefit right like even if it was Real there's what is it like you know Just in case you're blindfold or you go Blind you can see colors like you can Smell colors like it's not like it's the Worst superpower ever like I joked Before cuz they were calling these kid Superheroes but it's a scam anyway it Doesn't work but like even if it did It's it's bad you know like it doesn't You know like there's not any chance That it does work which makes it even Much worse but you just won't let the Thing go right and it's just indicative Of his Persona and his energy the Failure that just surrounds him it's Like a stench and he just you know keeps On stepping in it and doing more of the Same and like when he has a this was Supposed to be a big day he's releasing His crappy new book which is a you know Plagiarized Baba's book and why he's Minimizing boba's role and Char's role And even then L's role he's trying to Start a new thing called heartfulness And you know everyone everything's Supposed to be now heartfulness is says Sa Mar and all these people have to know Like it's been degraded it doesn't feel

The same it doesn't have the same Positive vibe right it's there's you Know I mean everything's hemorrage the Confidence and faith in the system faith In the Masters faith in the the books Faith in the you know the promises and The you know the the uh the things that That are offered in the system and it's Longevity and there's no Enthusiasm and you know he's just killed It with his suckiness like he's just Like he has sucky energy right and you Know so he hasn't even met that low are Of making the world a better place like He's just producing things I mean what He said about Israel is just making that Worse right and just you know what he Said about Co and everything that he did He's always on the wrong side of stuff And he's making things worse you know And he's just like horrible as a person Never mind a spiritual master and it's Very indicative of the whole thing I Want to talk about how it affected me This was like a watershed moment for me While doing this video like I'm glad it Happened the way it was supposed to Happen um and so I you know I I got to Have more time to think about that but Um but just in terms of who he is as a Person like it's so indicative of it's So uh you know telling that he just Sucks so bad and that the energy is so Bad and he's you know he's like one of

Those people you're around and you're Like uh you know I want to get away from Him like he's been a plague on the System he's a cancer on the sjar system And it's like you know waiting for him To go basically so there can be Something you know of course we have the Gratefulness meditation that keeps you Know the the energy flowing uh but you Know I mean in terms of the overall System like he's just like he's going to Be a dark cloud on it and hopefully There'll be a you know something better On the horizon for it or whatever I Don't know how that'll go but like right Now he's just suffocating it anyways um I'll continue on I'll do one more voice Over and get this video out okay so I Have one last audio to do here and then I'm going to get this video out uh but First I want to show you a clip I'm Eager to get this video out just you Know at least for the members and I have Another video the video before this 124 That's not gone public yet so the sooner I get all this stuff going the Better um I don't know how timely this Is but it's I think it's kind of Important to get out there but before I Do the voice over I wanted to show this One clip to Char's last New Year's uh uh He died in 2014 so this is January 2014 he died in December and every year He would talk about the new year he

Would give it like a New Year's speech Um at least you know most most of the Years unless Health was his health issue And this was an epic speech and I heard It over and over again I'm going to play The beginning clip of it and I'm still Listening to uh like I got halfway Through yesterday and then I uh you know Had to do some work and I get to go out Shopping and things and then um you know It was late so I didn't get to to Completely listen to the rest of it but Um he was talking About how from one Yuga to that Saints Used to meditate from one Yuga to the Next and not get liberated and I had Heard this speech they played it Throughout 2014 and uh at the Ashan Sunday group Meditation they must have played it like Four or five times and you know since Then dodgy scrubbed all these talks but You can see the difference here he is You know he was nine months away from Dying he was in horrible Health he had a Couple different kinds of cancer and you Could barely see I was hooked up to a Respirator I saw you know a number of Times during this period of time when he Gave this speech which um like I we kind I think we got to India I'm not sure what the timeline was I'm not sure if I heard the speech live But I heard it they played it a number

Of times just the the audio but you can See the clarity of his thought and the Command of his you know he was just a Master right even at you know even at That age he was still delivering uh Clarity and you know he just um I mean Often times he was on all these Different medications and he was in you Know his body just wasn't working Anymore and he had had poor health for a Number number of years you know leading Up to that since 2011 he was really in Bad shape and even that his Clarity of His thought and his ability to Articulate things is so much better than Dodgies but I just wanted to play this One clip of him talking about how you Know the that these Saints used to Meditate for whole Yuga in the Sark System baji said you could get liberated In this life in just one life only and Even in just one sitting in in some Cases um like it's always in one sitting Like the last part of it uh so you know It's and there's more to it he gets into The you know saying Namaste to people And how you know people are you know I Mean have have a potential to be a Divine being and so when you're saying Namaste and you're really recognizing The Divinity within somebody else and You know he goes into I you know it's Just a like an epic speech you know and Dodgy scrubbed all these speeches and

You can see why because you know you see The difference between dodgy just Babbling and not having you know just a A connection to his audience and not Being able to articulate anything and Not be able to you know not have Clarity Of thought and just make one mistake After Another uh like the difference so let me Just show the B beginning of that of That video first Practice I used to wonder when I heard Or read Of Ries in the Past meditating for 20,000 Years some from onea to Another and what was that Time Comp things like that Millennia hundreds of thousands of years They just sat in Meditation and when they opened their Eyes they were in Anothera that was how long it Took in those excellent Youas full of peace Tranquility virtues Character Morality In those days it took so Long Mill I Repeat and now in our Life Ina full of its corruption

Immorality lack of peace Violence Aice with all these negative Qualities our masters have made it so Easy that Babu Maharaj would say with Conviction that if we practice Zar Properly everyday systematically as Prescribed it is possible to achieve a Goal even higher than what the Achieved in this Lifetime you see how The the practice of meditation have been Modified age after Age Even's to BJ's because if you have all Read the literature of the mission Properly La Maharaj gave practice according to the Person who sat before him To some he prescribed Mantras to some he Prescribed see things like That but Babu mahaj refed it until today We have just to sit like This for an hour I hope really Meditating because if we sit for andate No use You have to meditate which Means imagine light in the heart Divine Light in the heart and stay fixed on it For the duration of that Meditation so I want to start off by

Saying that for the people who were Chargy People and when this transition was Going to happen between chargy and Dodgy chargie made his wishes clear that He wanted a smooth transition that he Wanted Dody to be accepted as the master And there was going to be personal Prejudices right so one of the people That really disliked ay when I um was First hearing about the brighter mind Scam there was a woman who claimed she Was threatened by Preceptors she was Anonymous she didn't Give her real name she talked about do Dody as a d and she used various other Insulting words and she was insulting to Him because he was a Gujarati and she Talked about how all gujaratis were Thugs and these things and that's the Kind of thing that chargie didn't want Like personal Prejudice because of his Cast or where he came from you know There's problems with the with the other Guy AJ where he was threatened his Family was threatened and there was just So much um uh issues they people didn't Want a non Brahman someone who wasn't You know the brahans who were had a Stronghold there in sou Southern India Who were around charie was a Brahman They all expected the next guy to be a Brahman because they're all prejudiced That way you know some of those people

Never knew Babaji who was uh from um I Can't say his cast name but it begins With a K and it begins with and it's From Northern India and it's associated With like Warriors and you know not Spiritual people like people in Bobby's Cast and ologies cast didn't become Gurus right there just wasn't a lot of Spiritual people that came from the North of India and part of that has to do with There was a lot of um neology learned From Sufi trainers which is a spiritual Wing of of Islam of Muslims sufis got Rid of Masters alog together because They started to give their properties And things to their kids and you know it Was just all this degradation which is Kind of interesting as well and this Thing with DOI having a problem with Muslims he's denying the fact that the Sufis played a role in training ly and And you know some of the stuff that it's A part of our lineage right but what's Important here the important point is That charie made it clear that he didn't Want any of the kind of thing that he Went through to happen to dodgy which Was you know I mean not only gracious on His part but was smart and most of us Already knew that most of us who had Read the literature didn't want to you Know create drama and you know dissent And reject this guy the new guy and you

Know was coming into a maybe a difficult Situation and it was sort of a rush job He was nominated 2011 in charge he died In 2014 and so it wasn't like it it was all That smooth but the transition was Pretty smooth for the most part people Accepted him there wasn't nearly the Push back the charge he got and I knew About it better than most because I Started started reading the stuff with Charie being rejected early on in my Obias and I wanted to which I've talked About before know who the next master Was and be able to accept him before it Happened because I knew what kind of Personality I had and if I had a bad Interaction you know I knew that chargie Had had some bad interactions you know Chargie would travel with bobaji and Part of his job was to be like a bouncer And you know people loved Boba G so much They they you know they want to spend as Much time with him as possible but Baba's Health was a real concern so Char He had to put up boundaries and you know Push people away and things like this And you know it rubs some people the Wrong way and people didn't think of him Like they thought of bobbyy or Babaji Was was small and sort of innocent and You know a man of few words in charge he Was a successful businessman and you Know more westernized and he was big and

Considered arrogant you know he was a Different sort of personality and and so You know because of those interactions People weren't happy about charg being The the representative and you know all That and so I knew that was a problem You know I had that interaction with DOI At the airport Char Commish where I saw His spiritual condition and it made it Easier for me to accept uh comish and I Had some good experiences with him you Know we were at least friendly I I Wouldn't say necessarily friends Friendly right we had some good Interactions and he had taken an Interest in my you know situ ation and So for me it wasn't hard at all to Accept him because I'd been given these Experiences and everything was you know I'd seen his potential and inner Condition and I also saw him transform Into the master and shortly after DOI Became uh you know the the master like Right towards the end when chargie was Like on his last you know he was last Couple of months he gave a couple of Talks and he was really upset by you Know the way people were going over Charge 's house when he was so sick and You know I've talked about these talks Before and you know he was he was like Just chastising the people at one point He said I don't even know why I'm Bothered saying this CU all these people

Aren't here they're over at his house Right now you know and so um you know he Was definitely saddened and you know he Was upset by chargie all of it right you Know we had went over his house and he Said Paul Romano Master to chargie as I You know approached charie because he Couldn't see so well you know and I Appreciated DOI you know and being a Just all of it right but shortly after Uh chargie had passed away they were Already ready to release chargie Diaries From that ended in 1983 when bobaji passed away is in in His footsteps his Diaries had gone up to 78 or something like that so it was the Last four years of his um you know his Being babaji's disciple and and the last Year was brutal bobi was in a coma for About 6 months and all these vultures Were trying to get rid of chargie as a Successor and clim onto that asham and And shahanur and the family they're all Trying to keep chargie away from babaj G The last couple of years and they were Saying there was some young kid that was Bob's successor who might have been Commish I think it was Kish was a little Bit older but he was from you know some Northern Indian place and they were Saying that Babi was dump being chargy I Was really rough and during that period Of time you know my ex had worked on This book called spiders web where they

Took all these excerpts out of charges Letters to people and one of the women Who was uh there was like four women Editing the thing and one of them saw a Thread of messages that were just Different they were you know what they Called the biting in him and it was a Separate book and they were full Messages and they were brutal and it was Just about him talking about like he was Such a like a he seemed so like such a Strong person and he always put on a BRAC face and these things but in these Letters you could see how vulnerable he Was and how hurt he was by the Rejection It covered the same time period And so It's the last time I read really Intensely AAR like you know I went Through a whole thing where I was Reading it uh every day and intensely Going through something I was reading The in his footsteps entry His diary entries for that time period And also I was reading these letters um Right before babaj Gia died and then Afterwards where charie was talking About all the people like not accepting Him how painful the whole thing was and How he he just wanted to you know all as He kept him going was when he died he Wanted to be patted on the you know the Back by Boby and he said youo know job Well done you know he wanted to honor Boba's choice in him you know and it

Really was painful like I will never Read those books again like I just won't It was an experience and I just really And I understood how dodgy felt cuz he Was editing those books and he talked About it and so he was going through the Editing process of that book in his Footsteps book he didn't know abiding Never got released so it's just like the Secret book out there that I had access To and I read it twice the first time I Read it it changed my whole attitude Like how much pay and charge he was in Through these letters like just you know The the heartfelt pain of the you know The just humanity and the people who are In the mission and all these things and So I for one I mean I had a lot of Information about this and I thought About it a great deal and so this idea Of rejecting dodgy and any of these Things giving any kind of push back was Not there you know I knew dodgy had some I had bad interactions with him and he Had you know displayed the things that He now you know are are just in full Display there was hints of these things But I thought he would grow out of him And he would just you know evolve into The master he was meant to become Dody Himself has lamented in one of his talks Which I've showed you in one of these Recent videos where he said people never Put him to the test and just accepted

Him because baby and and chargie chargie You know first of all then Babaji and The whisper messages back to his being Master and so um you know all this stuff Right he he felt like he was somehow um You know he was just being accepted Without people Testing him and and finding out how Great he was and he was lamenting this Problem right like this issue um but you Know uh if people had tested them maybe Things would have been different even From the beginning because I think he Would have failed the tests uh but you Know he was there he had the condition But charge you had done the work he had The endorsement and nobody wanted to Mess with that and that still exists so You know that's part of the reason why People are having problems with this you Know the issue because he was so you Know blatantly made public that this is Char's choice this is Bob's Choice all These things right so it was like though There was no like uh you know gray area Here with chargie it was not that it was Just a little piece of paper that bobg Rod on and just all these things and so That was um you know people think They're disobeying the wishes of the Lineage of the Masters the other thing Is people are worried about their Liberation like if they go against them And and dodg himself has said you know

If you mess with the hierarchy they'll Attack your soul up at anarctica and These other things right and so he's Threatened people and so there's that Aspect of it and in the Indian culture They just don't question authority and So there's a lot of things going on here That feed into people's inability to Name what's going on here right the Emperor has no cloth type of thing but Even with that is so obvious and me more Than anybody because I I I made an Effort I don't think most people did I Made an effort early on in my practice To find and seek out the next master and And accept him beforehand because I Didn't want to be one of those guys that You know I didn't want to be one of These people that did charge you the way That they did him right um and so like I You know and I had every reason to Believe in Dody because i' had been Given this spiritual experience of his Potential and his you know why he was Chosen and I had good interactions with Him he took an interest in me you know He put some effort into my spiritual Whatever Evolution and so I had every Reason to accept him and believe that he Was going to succeed and I have a thing About being loyal and these other things So you know was as hard or harder for me To come to terms with what's happened Here but I did because you can't you

Know ignore all the mountain of evidence I mean just listen to dodgy talk like The difference between chargie talking In this whole talk that he gave in 2014 Chargie is talking about Bobby G this And Boba G that you know there was never A talk or there was never a a moment Where chargie wasn't referring to Babaji As the master he didn't and he said in His you know there's another speech Where he said he never thought of Himself as the master it's a little clip You know it's available there in that Sish Mark Channel or somewhere but he Says you know I never thought of myself As a master at all which clearly dodgy Does and that has crushed him right Because to really be a good Master there Has to be a higher authority you have to Have this idea that it's not you doing The work you're just a conduit and the Divine Essence of the master is working Through you and for you that person is You know your spiritual Master which Would be chargy right you can't have This idea that bobgi was his master and Clearly when chargie was alive Uh dodgy Commish was always saying that His he was calling chargie Master right But then he comes out after chargie died And said no he wasn't really my master Was Boby and charie screwed up and these Things you know it's um you know when You compare the two there's no

Comparison I even chargie at the end of His life he was more coherent and more You know he was just always right about Things like whatever he said like he Just had insight to whatever was going On deep Insight you know it's also the Depth of the Insight because there's Different layers of Truth and there's Different layers of like insight to Something and like the Israel conflict Right which I've been talking about on My channel I mean here you know when you Know there's deeper levels of Understanding I've got into the biblical Aspect of it and some of these other Things and the spiritual aspect and Underneath all these things it is a a Need or a plan by Babaji being executed By Babaji the Divine hierarchy To take down a system that is taking Humanity in the wrong direction which is Part of a plan and then also bring about This spiritual Transformation and you know when you Hear dody's ridiculous take on Israel And what's going on in the world and Co And this fear-based response to co and All these things and just you know Taking the superficial story given by The Mainstream uh Power groups whether it be The UN or watching CN or whatever it is And not even getting that right like not Even be able to accurately articulate

The mainstream narrative and just like Clueless no depth to his perception of What's going on in the world or with Other people and in the mission and all These things The Superficial Understanding in charg he was so deep in His able to ability to explain all these Things and to articulate explain Babaji's teachings and the principles And how to be a preceptor and all the All the stuff all the you know the the Information that we need to get out There he could just make it user Friendly and he went from country to Country and he would just know how the People were like he would communicate to The people on their level based in his Reading of these people he was just so Accurate he would just nail the you know The the aspect of the country like he Just knew things and he was just in this Flow right you know a gift that I've Gotten some part of which makes my you Know videos here compelling because I've Gotten some of his this ability and DOI Got none and maybe DOI would have got it All if he you know didn't dis chargie And create a blockage because chargie Was willing to give him everything so That he would succeed right chargie Wanted him to succeed you know chargie And Babi wanted him to succeed and they Did everything possible for his you know For him to succeed he was given the

Opportunity to succeed he had the work Done I know he had the work done because I saw it I saw the you know the transfer Of this masterly condition he just Didn't embrace it and he's he's sucked Ever since and all these people you know They I mean we all you know wanted him To do well and we all you know had this Issue you know that what we saw what Happened at chargie and we didn't want To be a part of that right we all had it Like I had it they had it but they're Still not you know acknowledging the Truth of it and they're acknowledging it By not watching his videos they're Acknowledging it not by not sharing his Videos I don't think anybody shared that Video they all knew he blew like with This um you know video I just showed you They all know he got he got owned by Bruce slipton in his own channel because Bruce lipon has like a little bit more You know whatever it is abilities you Know dodgy always comes out worse than Anybody he's you put him next to anybody And he comes out like a like a bonehead Or a dope and he looks like a a babbling Fool he doesn't look like a master he Doesn't look like someone who has higher Level Consciousness and perception and Ability to read things and it's just Just keeps on getting worse like Joe Biden it's like this you know I don't Know if he's has mental issues but they

Know he fails he doesn't step up and Deliver his books suck his talk suck his Decision making sucks he puts all the Wrong people in in places of power and They're running the mission into the Ground and you know financial situation With his family and the collapse of the The um you know the the pharmacy all the Things I talk about you know dising Chargy and you know this brighter mind Scam the brighter mind scam is such a Gift because it's undeniable like just Like buffoonery right like just it's not Even being like a criminal it's being Like a a like you know some kind Of uh you know the Apple Dumpling Gang Or what these you know Don kns like Criminals like just a incompetent Bonehead criminal they can't even be Successful in a you know some sort of uh You know criminal Pursuit and not being Able to see the writing on the wall no When to fold your cards and and walk Away from something but him bringing it Back up all the time it's just more Confirmation that the guy sucks right And so all these people should know like They should just know like there's just The mountain of evidence and they do Know they're just not willing to say it Because if they believed he was the Master that they you know wish he was or You know that he was supposed to be they Would be watching all of his videos and

They'd be supporting his you know they'd Be reading his books and they'd be down With everything that he's doing um but Some part of them knows that he's like Failing and they just can't recog recile It whether they're scareful of losing Their preceptorship or they're scared of You know whatever might befall them a Curse or something or whatever you know Fear-based reaction they're having to it They having to deal with and just the Sheeple nature of their personalities And the the culture of India where you Don't question authority whatever it Might be that's preventing them from Just saying the thing out loud he's Fallen and he can't get up like he just Can't do it he's failed right and the Failure is epic they just you know have To tune in and watch it but they won't Watch it they won't watch his videos They won't attune to it they probably Even if they're watching it they're just Daydreaming and you know they're Pretending to you know whatever then he He has this way of acting like he's you Know gentle or sweet you know he these Things he does these sort of playful Jokes like whatever and you like he's Like he's humble and you know like oh I Can't call Dr lip and Bruce but you know He could totally discharge and crap all Of a charge's legacy and you know all These things he could do that but God

Forbid he called Bruce Lipton Bruce you Know cuz he's such a great man he's a Great doctor you of PhD or whatever Right and so um you know it's just like He has this way of false humility people Like oh he's so great like he's just all His etiquette I'm sure that what they're Saying when he does that but like his Boneheaded responses his you know Inability to um like just go to a deeper Level and the energy too that's there Right the lack of uh energy that's there So there's no excuse for being complicit At this point there's just n like you Know I I understand like I said I gave You the the reasons why I understand why People have resistance to admitting the Truth here but you know that ship has Sailed like the evidence is so Overwhelming and what he's doing is Running the you know he's he's Plagiarizes in Bob's books and he's Canceling holidays and you know he's Changed the structure of the system and Isn't like he's brought in more people And he's lying all the time they lie 12 Million people in that you know I mean Just and he's getting what 4,000 views Not even legitimate views they're buying Views they're buying subscribers they're You know they're gaming the system and It's you know it's a failed YouTube Channel which is a big thing and then Everything else is a failure he's not

Traveling around and you know he doesn't Have enthusiasm you can't raise money And just you know just failure the Stench of failure follows the guy Everywhere he goes and they're just they Pretend it's not so like they just you Know pretend that it isn't F you know Clearly it is right I mean it's like Epic failure and I guess for me this is You know in a way came for a full circle Because they were falling all over the Sky proof SLI in for no apparent gain Right no um you know the guy's old he's Whatever he had as a following is Probably severely diminished I checked Out his YouTube channel he has you know Far less views than I do here and you Know he doesn't have much influence he's Not an Influencer and so Um you know there was no reason for them To bring him on like his endorsement Doesn't mean anything to Abasi Abasi Should already buy dodgy books and want To read them because they've know he's Won them over but he hasn't so you don't Bring an outside authority of people who You know aren't part of I mean he's not Even meditating and doing the sjar Practice you know no award no buam pum Award no celebrity endorsement no any of These things is going to convince aasis You know what they already know this Guy's a dud you know even if they don't

Want to admit it out loud and so he's Not selling these books and if he did You know the aasis can only buy so many Books they're not you know they're not Going to make it a best seller and make Him go on Oprah Winfrey and so there's Just nothing there right there's nothing There like he has he has no You know he doesn't even realize he's Boxed in in every direction by his own Failure and his own you know dissing a Charging disconnecting himself from the Source and so whatever potential there Was for growth and for him to be Respected and loved and adored and these Things all these things that you know go With do being the legitimate master and Being humble and doing the work of a Condu instead of doing the egotistical Work to become some you know the madam Expiration day Madonna Like You Know Celebrity chasing false gods and you Know the Prejudice that they have like They all have these Prejudice towards Like Western people when I all the stuff That dod's doing were things that I did Before and I was bringing to him and Other people because I took Whispers as A Gateway into the truth Community as Well as you know growing food and Homesteading and all these things Homeschooling and you know realizing the System was corrupt and failing which Babaj G documented in his book reality

At dawn and then these other Whispers Prophecies and other places and of Course chargie was talking about as well He had this conversation with an Abasi That pissed off all the Liberals when Chargie talked about how like you know It was going to get like Kaluga up in Here right this guy went to talk to Chargie and charge he was talking about The immorality and the the breakdown Civilization that we're just you know Seeing now With all the you know gender stuff and All the you know liberal agenda and Things chargie already knew about it Coming and he told this guy about it and The preceptor that lives close to me the Preceptor couple that lives closest to Me rejected this guy and ostracized him And kicked him out of satsa because he Asked chargie these questions and Chargie gave him an answer that these People didn't want to deal with and you Know they're all liberal now and they're All embracing the liberal mentality and They're all you know know getting the Boop and all these things right but they Bring in this guy Bruce Lipton who's Anti all this stuff and the truther and They're you know falling all over him Because dodgy read his book a long time Ago for an endorsement that's not going To sell any books or do anything to move Doi's you know his um Celebrity Status

Further and they're still embracing the UN and all these institutions and all The stuff that they're doing and all the Bad decisions dod's done he refuses to Look at the prophecies and the you know Things that that were talked about the Truth or stuff and Whispers even though Like he's willing to do it with somebody Else right like he wasn't willing to Hear it from me years and years ago but It's a validation because you know all These things you know I've been on the Right path right you know just Personally and you know I accepted Dody For you know the potential of the master He was and he didn't do it and I was Able to make this adjustment and just be Honest about it as painful as it was you Know initially and now it's I'm glad it And all the things that happened around It to make it to facilitate my ability To do what I'm doing here and they all Could have done that they could all be Doing something to try to salvage what's Left of the system now that dod's you Know taking a you know a an incompetent U bumbling you know idiotic Sledgehammer To the thing and just you know pissed Away all the how God knows what he's Done and how like I think their shared Ownership of that properties and you Know he's getting into Partnerships with Diaper Baba and all these things that He's doing you know they he's the people

They surrounded with them Thugs and Criminals and money people and Politicians and celebrities and all These things that he's done to like Contaminate and you know de purify the System and all these people are just you Know refusing to deal with the truth and They got to know right they have to know Like they can't look at this you know This woman Emma who's who moderating This thing you know she's a young American educated woman who knows some Of these truther theories and things Read my book and some of these other you Know she whatever the Bruce Lipton stuff Is she's aware of these things right and You know they know as a I mean if you're A a Handler of somebody if you were the People who are in charge of dodgy Promoting his book like when Joe Biden Goes out there and he has these gffs or Trump goes off the rails and undermines His legal cases by his big mouth and Just saying things that going to hurt Him legally you know his lawyers are out There shaking their heads the people are There who are hoping to present Dody Like a as a legitimate master and he Gives this horrible take in Insight Uninsightful take on Israel that like Nobody would you know like it's just Ridiculous and then he gets owned by Bruce lipon and just like he comes Across Babylon and like he can't

Coherently process his thoughts and he's Plagiarizing L's bab's you know one of His five books and all these things that He's doing and nobody looks at this Performance and goes oh yeah he's going To sell books he's going to convince People you know every time he shows up He just Underperforms he performs poorly and He's got all these yes people around him And no one wants to you know tell him And admit the truth that he's a dud and They keep on rolling him out there on YouTube and every time he goes out there Only the stupid people the people who Don't know what's going on are going to Buy into it right I mean You know and so I guess it's come full Circle for me I'm glad this went down The way it went down where you know I Got to see this and I you know that Initial part that they've now edit out Edited out the truth or stuff was Important like the timing of it and all Of it right but there it is it's all There you can see the difference chargie At the end of his life I me he had so All these health issues and no one you Know should have been able to go out and Give a talk with that kind of pain that He was under and he would still give These very you know uh he's very Important insightful talks and on a Deeper you know masterly level and dod's

Just out there just embarrassing himself In the mission and all of it right I Mean it's you know it's just right there For people to see anyways I'm going to Wrap this one up here okay so I had this Video done and rendered but I went to my Um uh you know my I have three browsers Up one has um now one has posive future One has the gratefulness Meditation YouTube channel so I don't have to Constantly be switching accounts and Things like this and I don't open up the Third browser very much you know because There's not much activity on the Gratefulness meditation Channel you know A couple times a week at least and I had The heartfulness YouTube channel open There I don't like to open it on my Other browsers under my other accounts Because then they recommend all Heartfulness videos I might to get away From that so I was I went to that Account it was already opened up to the Channel and you know I'd already um Rendered the video was about to upload It but I saw this video was um here it Is on the Heartfulness channel here Um and it's the spiritual Anatomy Introducing pioneers of change spiritual Anatomy it says it has 28,000 views Um here's God up at the top of a Mountain here the mean of true Discipline and journey you know this guy

Right the dark s side of wishes how to Get rid of desires like being a fake Guru and these things right and this you Know this video I just did and I'm not Going to watch these other videos Because you know I could probably just Watch these videos and make my journey Series just about how bad dodgy sucks And I don't want to do that uh but here It is on sale October 24th And it's called Introducing the pioneers Of change now the word pioneer is Important um to me and I'll get into That in just a moment but let's just um Go back to this thing here um it starts Off here we are all connected Intellectually okay they're using these Words and these things here I'm going to Turn it off um and just um this is Supposed to sell books Grand Destiny um all these people like it's Just so fake and like Pioneers here it Is it says it Herey is bued by Pioneers Pioneers so Let's just um see what else happens here I want to go down the comments in a Second H they're hidden in plain sight In sight even from their own minds they Don't realize they're Pioneers Pioneers Here it is again the Pioneers are Catalysts of change yeah they are um He's trying to use this word but he's Still not a

Pioneer their silent acts of self- Transformation will bring about a Tipping Point Of Consciousness that will Change the future of Humanity so it's all about Pioneers and the problem with this Is I saw the term Pioneer being used in Whispers And realiz realized it was Descriptive of what I was doing my Family was doing at the time yeah let's Just he says it again these Pioneers Represent the tip of the arrow the tip Of the Arrow um and so then uh they're going to And then this thing and today I Introduce you to one of Them you today introduce you to one of Them you you're a Pioneer you're a Pioneer I mean Introducing you to it a Pioneer because It's boom he flipped it on you what Where you going to go with it after that It's going red spiritual Anatomy read This book and you can become a spiritual Pioneer don't read the actual book which Is called uh towards Infinity by Shri Ram Chandra Babaji that is an epic book That is transformational and this is a Knockoff and apparently yes it's true I Try really hard to be like this Namaste G Hard hands emoji and three roses gaboom This guy always leaves a heart how much Is it cost in India at this time is

Available only in the US and Canada Three three proms it's it's available in India it's not available in India Strange five likes and then two replies One of them's hidden brother will be Available in due course in Ararat which Means India so I have a number of Whispers that I saved under the term Pioneer that's how important it was Because I had to use these Whispers I Thought I could use them to convince People that were trying to tell me that I was doing the wrong thing by Homesteading and homeschooling and doing All these different things now of course The YouTube channel all the things that I've done that it's a pioneering spirit And Boby said it over and over again he Used a word p Pioneer and that we should Become Pioneers this is just one of them I I just picked the first one Tuesday April 18th 2017 10 a.m. many hearts have Rejoiced to read us these writings have Formed a magic Tain supporting the Transmission of the Masters that will Remain the distinctive feature will Remain the distinctive feature of our Way that of the heart and The Sovereign Spirit according in accordance with the Wishes of the master s Mar through its Action will be fully revealed in the Future everything is destined to change To evolve over time and this for good Reasons our way will leave its Mark that

Is slightly different from what exists Today that is to say being able to adapt This adapt to the situations of the Moment we want the best for the Spiritual path we just not reveal all of Its greatness it is not given to the World in vain Visionary minds are not Mistaken about it it is not easy to Highlight all the good reasons for our Action which is on the horizon for the General good everything is to change we Are preparing these times to come Pioneers in many respects we want the Best for all endless blessing to each Obasi and to those entrusted with the Mission are performing it rightfully With love to all the best Babaji so that's um the first one okay So here's another one here um again There's so many of these and I don't you Know I haven't read these in quite some Time but I saved them Saturday April 30th this is Baba's birthday 2016 so This was I was at his birthday gathering And heading back to America Reax and Glide through this universe of beauty Where your heart exalts in loving us Here it gives its full measure and Extraordinary love carries it on this Anniversary day where is Enchanted by This very special vibration this contact Is not ordinary it cannot really be Described but we wish something more to Emanate from this message something able

To touch many beings who are carried by A particular state of rep Receptivity as we have said enough of as As we have said enough celebration days In the mission are beneficial for all He's talking about his birthday the one That Dody now has lied about and you Know said that you don't need to Celebrate Baba Char's birthdays anymore They rais the vibratory level and unite Hearts in a special way carrying with Them our love in fact this is not common For them in everyday life a fact that is Not common for them in everyday life so That's what you get when you go to a Gathering which we all know may they all Denote enough time to this special day And benefit fully from it one day sjar Will amaze people by its development in The world and its effective action onto Spiritual journey of each person so many Beautiful souls are in need in a certain Way they aree of General level of Spiritual evolution some Pioneers are Preparing the World of Tomorrow they are In their way Divine envoys whose mission Is to position themselves accordingly And generate Good Vibrations that can in Their own way purify the current Atmosphere which is so disturbing for Sensitive beings all our blessings on This anniversary day may all Hearts be Sensitized sensitive to it bajy so There's that one that's a big one um let

Me see if there's any others here Okay so um there's about I've got about 20 of these this is Sunday October 23rd which is similar to today Almost this time 1999 today's the 27th and um 1999 so was one of the first Ones here it says there's still a large There's still a long way to go before Order piece and Harmony can Prevail on This planet you are all Pioneers it's up To you through your behavior and your Comments to sew the seeds of wisdom that The world is longing for consider Yourselves as holders of this Divine Seed cultivate Beauty in yourselves so As reflective outside become luminous Points that attract your brothers who Are less fortunate than you in this area That does not this does not require Proti I just read this like um I just Read this maybe in my last you know your Attitude Your Serenity and your inner Strength are enough to impress your Fellow men who are still searching you All belong to a way where your spiritual Where find spirituality blooming it can Only manifest itself in so many Circumstances through wiser actions and Through the self-controlled pr by by Your sodna you're you should you should Conscientiously take part in the event Of a better world Boby so looking at the Um amount of search results for the Words Pioneers in my whisper folder

There's like 20 or so of these things Here um here's one I gave a lot of um This is Wednesday May 30th 2001 8 a.m. This one I gave a lot of um like uh Thumbs UPS too a lot of uh I haven't Read it yet but let's see what it says Um trying to make it bigger here we Go as time goes on you will have Evidence of what we tell you we proceed With and hearts are opening up to Reality slowly but irreversibly a new Era is Dawning on the horizon highly Elevated people are leading the way to Knowledge they are pioneers of this Evolutionary cycle their conception of Life is different from that of the Common run of people those these special Beings are people of modern times with a Mission they are serious reference books Which can give you a broader idea of our Comments there there are serious Reference books which can give you Broader idea of our comments the world Is making is in the making the dawn of a New era is rising keep your mind open You will need it if you remain on this Earth long enough to witness this Ascending movement the shock of ideas Will be hard the old Concepts will be Disposed of into a bin confrontations Will be inevitable importance of change Cannot be achieved without backlashes This will be a this will be much whing And nashing of teeth putting things

Blandly one cannot revolutionize the World without damages remain Serene and Pray for the Advent of a better world to Become a butterfly a caterpillar goes Through difficult stages which your eyes Cannot discern you can only see results And these things are better that way Dream of this world wish wish for it With all your soul you will contribute To it to materializing it Boby um this is is really important one And this one I gave a lot of like There's a bunch of them there's like 20 Of them I could read all of them maybe I'll do that sometime I'll just make a a Little bit of a pioneering video but These were the search results I don't Have them in their own folder which I Should put them all in there and put Them you know somewhere and uh I have a Whole prophecy you know thing with Whispers but anyways the important thing Is that I recognized that Bob G was Talking about me you know amongst other People all of us to some extent but me Specifically because the idea of being Raised in the suburb and not ever Aspiring aspiring to be aspiring to be a Farmer or you know doing any of the Things that I did that were different The truther stuff and all these other Things that I was doing and it was a Pioneering Spirit even for you know Something that was new and pioneering in

Itself as assaj marabis but uh biasi but All you guys can understand why this Would describe me personally the word Pioneer and I used this word pioneer When I interacted with these clowns over The UN and some of these other things Because being a Pioneer isn't sticking And clinging to the institutions and the Power structure and doing what everyone Else is doing and going along with the Flow of the herd it's doing something New doing something evolutionary being You know doing something that's a Breakthrough and even as a homesteader As a person growing food for example I Was doing things differently doing Etheric gardening finding out about Things that were you know essential Towards uh inter communing with the Spiritual energy of a of Plants and Things I tried to bring this stuff to Dody the stuff that my family and I were Doing in terms of the guru kulum the Kids growing up on a a family farm type Situation and not being supported and Not being validated right but he's Validated all these things but when I Went to him with this stuff he Criticized me called me crazy and of Course the truth are stuff right all This stuff was Pioneer like it was all The stuff that Boby talks about in terms Of pioneering and Whispers And there's Like I said I saved at least like 20 to

30 messages and there all these other Times the word is used so much so that Dodgy is now using the word in a you Know I'm mean a you know in a total You dodgy way because you know what a Piece of crap what a piece of right That he's using this word to push book Which is a plagiarized book that he's Trying to present to the West so he can Become an an Oprah wimpy fake sort of Celebrity Guru he's got Deepak choer Writing the introduction to a book that Deepak choer should have read Baba's Book and recognize Babaji because of the Greatness of Babaji and the failure of Of DOI right the greatness of Babaji the Greatness of ly the greatness of chargy Because they have the humility to not Think of themselves as the guru or the Master And think of God and you know their Guru And their Master as you know the Divine Essence of the master that was within Them right the soul that's within you And dod's you know wanting to be this Fake celebrity Guru all this stuff that He's doing which is the opposite of Being a Pioneer it's just going along With the her he's taking other people's Books and work and rep repackaging it That's not pioneering that's being a Scammer right and the people that go Along and are supporting them are far From Pioneers because the pioneering

Spirit that Bobby G talked about like Bob one of these Whispers is about the Pioneering spirit and what the Pioneering spirit is is that you have The insight to see things going in a Direction that no one else does or see Something that no one else can see and Go against the conventional wisdom and The safety of the you know following the Herd and you know when people are Telling you you're crazy or you're you Know whatever you are right when all the Things that we hear as truther all the Things that we hear is people going away From the system and what I heard from Other aasis and I kept on quoting the Pioneering you I use the word pioneer I Have a letter somewhere and I you know I Don't know where it is and I talked to You know I think it was Dody I wrote to And saying you know this is what I'm Doing here doing falling Whispers And The pioneering spirit and I I said that To DOI in the conversation and he Rejected all these things right that He's now doing he saw the Tulsi that I Grew and I was trying to explain I did It but he was calling me crazy because He had found out about My Views about my You know book the choice and instead of Thinking about this and knowing you know That I was doing all these things based In Whispers And that there might be Something to it but instead they doubled

Down on the UN like they've gone in all All in on the UN and when I confronted Them and having some different way of Looking at it right you have all the Same people saying the same things why Not have an alternative voice and I Explained why the UN was bad and and and Boby himself wrote about the UN and Wrote to the UN a letter and didn't want Anything to do with them and talked About them as being uh trying to use Weapons to create peace and he was you Know mocking them in a very Boby way you Know very subtle bagy way right and so Um you know all these ways that I was a Pioneer and DOI rejected it and all These other people these clowns around Them rejected it and now they're opening Up to these ideas and even hijacking This term for doing something that's Completely not not being a Pioneer when Babaji wrote the original book towards Infinity and it might have been his First book I'm not sure it was one of The first couple of books that he wrote When he first wrote that book that was a Pioneering movement B babaj was one of The you know the biggest he was the Biggest SP spiritual Pioneer of all time In the world his his knowledge and his Breakthroughs in the in the world of Spirituality are are second to none and The pioneering Spirit was with him in ly They were pioneers and obviously charie

And Commish was an anti- Pioneer you Know just an absolute piece of you Know just uh you know totally whining Celebrity endorsements and wanting to be Validated by all of these you know the People and all this stuff right and he Um you know he was against it and when I Presented this you know this stuffff of Some pioneering things that came out of Whispers in my obio and even use the Term Pioneer he you know he did Everything he could to ostracize me Right and shut all this stuff down and Undermine my reputation and these other Things within the mission right I mean Just a piece of move right just a Horrible person and like now that he's He's trying to embrace this right I Mean's then they try to embrace the Gratefulness stuff like these are all Things are they're steal you know They're like they're plagiarizing from Me right you know and like um I mean you Had the opportunity to embrace some of These teachings and expand on them and Some of these experiences and I had a Body of work that I presented to him I Wanted to present to him he shut it down And you know I took a second opportunity But I already you know it was just Because he contacted me about the he Wanted to know uh how I grew such Incredible Tulsi which is you know holy Basil which was the basis of the etheric

Gardening System that I created right Which involves just you know praying and Connecting energetically with your Plants and you know the the effects are Phenomenal and I haven't even you know I Mean I've I've gotten away from it we my Wife and I just planted some trees and We prayed over them but I haven't you Know put as much effort into it because Of just all the other things that I'm Doing but the pioneering Spirit exists In my work and the things that I've done And you know like this is coming full Circle so it's not an accident he's he's Plagiarizing a book relas leasing in America just another failure cuz it's Going to fail cuz everything he does Fails cuz he sucks it's just so bad and Then all the rest of these things right Um but you know he just sucks so bad Like as a as this person aside from Being a master like it's just the worst Of the worst failing on every level you Know and I'm glad he did because I'm you Know as I'm I'm as a far away from this Disaster that he and these people his Cronies have created here and I'm Grateful for that so um you know I was Going to just end it there but I Realized I was going to clarify some Stuff and this is good chance to do that Probably the only chance because it's It's about being a Pioneer and so when my family and I went

To India 2012 you know it was divorce was Inevitable the family had collapsed the Kids weren't getting along it was you Know the writing was on the wall sort of A last ditch effort to save whatever was Going on and see if there was any Support you know when you build a Homestead you do all these kind of Things on your own you realize at some Point you need Community if you're going To have some kind of post-apocalyptic Situation you're going to need Community To to be able to survive it and all this Work that I was doing my family you know Was sort of all dropped off from it and You know we were I mean it was the farm Would sold the homestead I mean all These things right and I had received so Much push back and really didn't know How comp DOI felt about all these things We had one good conversation in 2012 you know I talked about what we Were doing and he was kind of into it Then he kind of turned and so I really Didn't know um what he was going to do When he became Master of the system Right but we were just done like you Know our family was just worn down and You know there's just been a lot of Disappointment failure and the mental Illness stuff and like we just um you Know we couldn't s it wasn't sustainable And so what I looked at it was we had

Sort of a partial research project Things that we had attempted things that We knew about I had all this information To give to him or whoever was going to Pursue these things in the future and Just wanted to pass it on like it was Something that you know when anybody Does some sort of a research project Based in our case the Sark teachings and Whispers from the brighter World it Should have had value because practical Experience is everything is Sark and it Was Pioneers like my family was being Pioneers I was particularly being a Pioneer and with pioneering was supposed To have value in The Whispers And you Know all these things of course now it Obviously does have value even to these Bon heads but I was just going there to Present the information you know as like This was a research project there's data We collected and you know it's I mean it Will help people with future endeavors And then in terms of building a Community and pursuing some of these Things I just wanted an up and down yes Or no type situation was there going to Be any uh future in what we were doing In terms of the mission right you know As a culture they're not very direct People like they talk in circles they Very uh you know they're often want to Tell you what you want to hear like You'll ask somebody for directions

They'll give you directions even if they Don't know where you're going just to be They don't want to tell you they don't Know and didn't want to like you know It's like a a weird thing and then Sark In general people are very Hesitant to be blunt or whatever but Just as like everything my family was Kind of going through and you know I Mean was like I said it was a it was Over you know what we we had done Together was over but I wanted just like A yes or no answer so we met with dodgy Commish and you know chargie was still Alive this is in like November this time Of year October and November in 2014 a Month or two before charie passed away And this is a conversation I think I Related in either the first first or Second Journey Series where Commish Criticized me or us you know as a family And me particularly in front of my kids It wasn't cool and he was wrong about Everything but I was just grateful to Have it done with and then my ex Couldn't blame him or or her you know She couldn't take the blame herself and Couldn't blame him so she had to blame Me and came up this story i' Asbergers You know like all this stuff um and then The Divorce uh you know gratefully and merci Mercifully ended up coming out of that Right you know I want to make it clear

That I wasn't looking for Glory or Notoriety and most of the stuff that we Were passing on I was passing on as Information to him was things I was over With right we I wasn't going to farm for A while like I I was so over the whole Thing and I so much of my life's energy Went into it I mean it's just taken like A great partner my current wife who's You know my my my wife now who um is Just wonderful in terms of all this Stuff and you know it's very competent And efficient and successful you know Just she she's good at things whatever She tries to do she succeeds at these Things and she's just learning to do Tinctures now and you know we're doing These things and I mean it's so much Better than when one person's sabotaging It and you know there's just all this Dead weight but I was over farming like I was you know I I didn't know if I was Ever going to do a farm again I was so Burnt out and you know you go through a A phase where you work with kids you Have your children and you I work with Kids in the you know as a counselor and You know I was over all that that phase Of my life like I just I had enough of Working with kids and you know I wasn't Going to I wasn't really a homeschooling Person but I had some spiritual you know Real life farming type of um curriculum The guru kulum type of which is like a a

School where you you live like a natural Life and you learn how to grow food and You know it's it's a combination of Education but real life training and That's what we were doing with our Family but I was over that right so much So you know my family and I were leaving In 2016 me and my four kids and divorce Was you know was already in the works Then and we it was this Gathering I Talked about 2016 babaj Gathering and These people came up and said we heard You had all this stuff on education and All these things and you know and I just Like I said I mean I can't like I just Can't get involved like you know I was So I mean I was going limping back to America and having to figure things out With my kids two other the kids were Desperately behind in homeschooling and You know I mean we had all these issues To deal with and I was so worn out and I Just couldn't right I mean I was just Over these things but there was a time Where I would have been really helpful As best I could and conveying this Information people could have picked up Where we you know as a family left off And could have benefited from all these Things but the you know important thing In the context of this on an ego level Is that I got there first right you know Like all the stuff that they're doing Now like Dody wants to do and a lot of

It he hasn't you know they haven't gone To the depths that I did they don't know About the etheric gardening and a lot of These things right because they don't Have the they don't have the Personalities for it and the stuff with The truther stuff and all these things That are going to start coming around I Mean they're going he's going to end up Being on the wrong side of all these Issues you know I was there and I was Just generously I mean it was I was Doing it for the community for the Collective you know partially we were Doing it as a a family but it was an Experiment that we were gathering data And information we wanted to bring it Back to our group our family our Collective you know community and you Know we had something to offer and they Rejected it in such a dickish way and Then all the all the things that Happened afterwards and I'm grateful for It the way that everything's played out And everything I know about the Community and the the people and this is Sad to say because there's some Wonderful saintly people in the the System but overall just doing work with The the group and now with DOI just you Know being so sucky but now he's Claiming the word pioneer when he's Anything but you know like he's just He's on the wrong side I he's on the the

Uh you know the he's on the the side of The Beast you know he's on the side of The the reason we need Pioneers he's on The side of the destructive end of the System the power structure he loves the Power structure he loves celebrity you Know no no Awards you don't get awards For being a Pioneer right your award is That you have breakthrough information That you help you know this is what Pockets of the future is living now the Way everyone's going to live in the Future and so you know I had this back In 2005 and I mean it was you know Before that even right I mean it started When I had the shuti in 2003 and you Know I was even beginning to to be this Way in different ways and you know Entering into this um way of being in The beginning of my obos and maybe even Before and just having this type of Visionary personality and whatever but Was something that I had to offer and Contribute and you know an effective Leader and a a person that's competent Would have taken advantage of all the Information and you know he he had a Sense of it like he saw the the Tulsi he Never seen Tulsi like the Tulsi that I Grew at the asham and I mean some of These other things and you know he he Liked the idea when I first told him About it but he just couldn't go there So instead he surrounded himself with

All these corporate Bean counters and All these you know opposite of what's The opposite of a Pioneer so it's Looking up antonyms there's you know the Word Pioneers used in different ways but As a you know someone who's a follower Following and then there's other word Closes down shuts shuts up stops phases Out rounds off terminates you know a Blockage right and a an Obstructionist somebody who blocks Progress I mean this is all these things People in the the controlling system That's trying to prevent change prevent Um a nullifier right some of these other Words and so I mean that's what he was Right that's what he is that's the People that he surrounded himself with And then they did all these things that Were anti- pioneering I mean they're the Opposite of pioneers and all this stuff The YouTube channel just following other People just doing what everyone else Does I mean just all like even this Video it's a bunch of stock footage of People who have nothing to do with sa Mark they don't have spiritual condition Their yatra hasn't started they're not People who are actually doing Sark They're professional models and actors People who you know know how to look Into a camera and make an expression but It's not people who are you know Actually doing something that's

Pioneering or doing something spirit Spiritual their condition isn't Reflective of years of meditation Receiving transmission and cleaning Which affects a person and you feel you Know different about it's just a bunch Of different ethnic groups superficial You know ethnic groups and things like This that are external you know looking People who are attractive in some way to The viewer but this isn't a real you Know pioneering video how many videos Have you seen like this right I mean It's the opposite of that it's not Revolutionary it's not new it's not Cutting edge it's not you know any of Those things right so I'm getting at Here is like a true failure in every Sense of the you know I don't want to go Through my old letters but I wrote Something to him and other people and I Use the I used to always use the word Pioneer because it was something in Whispers And I knew they didn't have the Pioneering Spirit they just didn't have It they didn't have the Visionary Spirit They all just you know go along with What the status quo is and so that's the Been a big part of their downfall I mean His pioneering things where like try Something stupid and follow somebody Else's lead on the brighter Minds scam And you know all the other things he's Done the book thing he's trying to do

And I mean being an author and he's just Following other people's you know I mean Other people's vision and their their Their um templates for selling books and Becoming a celebrity Guru there's Nothing original about the guy I mean This he tried a few things like the the Uh you know the relaxation thing and Some of the early things were maybe you Could consider those pioneering but all The rest of it is just the way somebody Scams a religion they take the work and The trust that was built up by the other Master the other Masters and gurus of The the system and they change the Wording and they change everything to Embolden themselves and turn the thing Into a profitable religion where they Become the middleman between you and God Instead of connecting to God like was The original purpose and we we've seen This done with all the religions and He's he's he sucks at it on top of it Like he's not even good at doing it he's Just copying other scammers and other Criminals and other you know blasphemers You know and then I mean it's it's Horrible and so like I said you know Like for me I we were just you know I Was just wanting to meet with him and Turn over this information and you know I didn't care about it like it was just It was there you know I had something to Offer and it was rejected and I was

Relieved and you know the divorce and Everything happened afterwards I didn't Have time to focus on it and you know I Mean just the way that I was treated in General by everybody and that's the way People treat us all in the truth Community like you know it's just how They are and they they can't handle Something new something a different way Of looking at it people who are Different people who are coming in with Something that's going to change the Paradigm and Pioneers in general are Mistreated so I was like all right Whatever but years later now he's trying To walk in and embrace and step into This thing when he was anything but you Know that's um I was there first efer You know like like you can't um you know You need to acknowledge your failure Because you failed as a leader and this Is you know this is what you know Ultimately led to his failure as a Master because he surrounded himself by The wrong people and he could have Surrounded himself by P Pioneers but you Know he was always kind of competitive I Think and you know he couldn't um you Know maybe threatened or whatever it was You know he's just weak um you know and Pathetic only spirituality will save This world it's parano definely points With the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be


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