Journey 123

Journey 123

Okay greetings brothers and sisters this Is finally the 123rd edition of The Journey series I Had um messed up the numbers and so but Now it's all been I've writed the ship So to speak um I just completed the 122nd that was a big epic one and I was Like emotionally or spiritually or all The all the above affected by just the Whole content in there and you know I Get Facebook recommends friends to me And um this guy Mr s came Up and you know every every once in a While I would check out like we're no Longer friends on Facebook and he's to Me one of the biggest problems of the People that surround dodgy he's always Around dodgy he's ruined the YouTube Channel he's just a Disaster uh but he posts really stupid He wants to be like a spiritual business Guru and he's got a YouTube channel he Posts these really hilariously bad Videos uh so once in a while I check out His stuff I'll you know me and my wife Will look at it it's so mockable right I Mean he's really bad and so I saw his um His he came up and I just finished the Video and probably against my better Judgment I looked at his Profile and it said Um together we stand strong for a Harmon Harmonious tomorrow and it's him Standing with a couple other senior uh

Abiosis and Preceptors and they're raising their Fists in the air and they're surrounded By Indian military men in Fatigues and they are uh yelling uh Their yes shouting brat Mar g k Kai J J Jho Something like that you know I'm reading It but and that translates Into victory for Mother India but it Gets worse together we stand strong for A har harmonious tomorrow is what he Starts us off with at Kan shantivanam we Experienced the heartwarming presence of The Armed Forces johans from rajastan Regimen their infectious enthusiasm and Tranquil demeanor following a profound Medit ation touch the hearts of everyone Present uh having military at the asham Is a nightmare it's everything that Shouldn't happen right and when they Have political figures and they bring in All these police and machine guns and it Just a negatively affects the Atmosphere but they did it and there it Is right um and this guy's you know he's Just so Clueless and I was you know like I said I was really affected like I had to do a Sitting last night before going to bed I Just um you know the just the Realization of how people have let this Thing I mean they they didn't love sa Mar they didn't love the Masters they

Didn't respect any of it they didn't Even like it they just you know they They couldn't wait to change it into Something sucky like something that That's very much like a lot of other Sucky things out there and they couldn't Wait to take something pure and ruin it And this guy Mr s is like one of the big Problems but they're all you know They're all there and Dody being the Centerpiece and then all the other People that are complicit and Collaborators you know I just want to Focus on the gratefulness meditation That works and you know the damage That's done I mean we're just looking at A carcass at this point of what used to Be Saar the heartfulness organization It's a bummer but you know like I said The gratefulness is working and at least There's that and it just speaks to Humanity and all of it I mean I got you Know it definitely left a it was a Zinger for me this particular one the Video I just completed but anyways I Wanted to you know I wish i' had seen This earlier so I could have put this at The end of the other video uh because I Wanted to you know move on to something Else and I don't know why I looked at His like like I just said I wonder if You he's done anything like he posts Really funny videos he's so clueless um But you know with that cluelessness he

Is one I dodgy right-hand man he's Always there there and he's got a lot of Power in the organization one of the Senior people say he's playing a dirty Game um you know so there's the Nefarious level as well but anyways Let's just um this is the way to kick This one off and then I want to move it On to something else more positive Talking about gratefulness and you know All the the ways that you know this can Move forward and a I mean we just got to Leave what was behind because it's not There anymore and the people you know It's a big fail they couldn't have Failed any worse I mean they failed in In in ways that no one would have Predicted or imagined anyways let's wrap This one up and I'll continue on as we Move forward here okay so um stuff keeps On coming back up um after the last Video I was ready to move on you know It's just I don't want to say just a Bummer but just a just a bummer I don't Know what other way to describe it my Feelings about the people enabling and Uh collaborating with this stuff to do With dodgy and actually there's Something more I had to say the depths Of the Betrayal of Charging here uh and it's it's pretty Rough like it's pretty raw for me seeing This like I've I've known about for a While but I didn't feel it and

Understand it the way I understand it Now so things came up and I you know I Tend to things that come up you know I Wasn't searching for them I saw this guy Sanskrit Conan who is chargie called him The most uh the the person with more the Most knowledge of Sanskrit in the world He was a professor at a university in uh You know in chenai Tamil Nadu which is The Brahman cast and he's a you know Scholar of SC Sanskrit he used to read The um the bag gavita every Sunday he'd Read a chapter and explain it and he Would uh he would like sort of um some Of the you know chant some of the Passages and it used to put me in a deep State of meditation like I would go out Like I I went there I think three times There's like 18 chapters the bag gavita Was given by Krishna to bishma who was Lying on a bed of arrows that had Pierced through him and it was supposed To be this epic Teaching of spirituality and you know Dharma and things like this But anyways he uh his um name came up in My recommended friends thing and I Hadn't seen the guy uh I didn't even Know he had a Facebook page and I looked At his uh Facebook profile and he had Somebody else was posting there and I Don't know if he was posting that Person's stuff you know I didn't get a Chance to really look at it in depth but

He had some sad Guru stuff on there and Some other things but he didn't appear To be doing heartfulness there was no Mention of heartfulness you know he talk With Dody he was friendly with Dody this Is uh you know a person who's a a Big-time person in the organization but You know he was very close to chargie And uh it seemed like he was you know He's left the the mission or at least There's no acknowledgement on Facebook and other people came up this Uh and there was a like a an Advertisement that um was adventures in Gratitude developing an attitude of Gratitude connecting with your heart of Compassion deepening and sustaining the Sense of Gratitude um and it's featuring this guy Who used to we were kind of friends we You know very friendly we know each Other for a number of years he was a Person that suggested that I um he used To watch my videos from a long time back He found him and he suggested you in a Phone call where you were talking and he Um said that you know be good if I gave An introduction and an ending because I Used to make a video I wouldn't say a Greeting and I wouldn't say anything When the video was over it was just a Video like just left the people hanging You you know I'm socially awkward and I You don't know it's weird I mean it's a

Weird thing I do here anyway where I'm Talking to myself with the idea that People are going to watch and so uh but He said you know it's hard to watch you Should have some sort of greeting and Some sort of ending so you know he Contributed to this channel because that Was that was something good that he Suggested and we talked on and off for Some years and he was struggling with The whole thing with the The Grateful The heartfulness YouTube channel he was Struggling with how bad the videos were And you know they knew he knew he knows On some level but he disappeared like he Sort of just blew me off uh for a number Of years and then we saw each other at The Gathering hyroad and he was talking To a woman I sort of knew a little bit European Woman and and it was an awkward Uh interaction and I'm like oh the Dude's just you know he doesn't want to Talk to me later on he explained that he And the woman were dating and I guess he Was getting out of him I guess he got Just recently got divorced and she was In the process of getting divorced and So um you know I don't even know about All that but they said that's why it was Awkward but like you know I went up to Him and he was like they were like you Know we don't want you here you it was One of the those kind of moments so I Was like all right whatever um so he Rec

Contacted me later um and well I I said To him like we weren't we didn't have Contact and I changed my phone number so I said um you know I'll send you a Message on uh Facebook And um here's my phone number and I did He never responded so you know was just Me putting an effort into whatever like If he was bummed at it was pre that Journey Series so you know and I was I Was not uh talking about things the way I was talking about them uh in the System so there was no real reason for Him to be like douchy to me but I don't Care you know I was just whatever I made My effort like that's as much of effort I'll make socially but eventually I sent An audio to a senior person who sent it To this guy about the YouTube channel And this guy called me and he got my his My number from the other guy so he Reconnected and I was like all right Whatever you know I don't whatever that Happened before was weird but during the Process of him reconnecting with me and He would just blow me off like regularly I mean he would disappear like I Wouldn't call him anyway like he'd call Me every once in a while uh but uh he Was supposed to get back to me I really Didn't and then um then something Happened where we were talking he call Me again maybe like six months

Later and it came up that he Had um said to my ex and offered Condolences to my daughter Anna's Passing and it didn't bother me that he Didn't you know reach out to me because It really wasn't going to help me like You know people saying things didn't Matter to me like nothing was going to Make it Better and you know this was some time Afterwards maybe a year or two but he Knew me for years like we met at the First time I went to a gathering in Molina so I knew him from like 28 years And we would see each other at Gatherings and always have like a Conversation or two at Gathering so we Knew each other for a number of years And he was one of the few people that Liked my YouTube channel and knew it Exist and thought it was a good thing And my ex had you know a mission of Support she had all these people around Her she's you know uh in contact with All these people and I am you know Whatever like I was never social and I I Haven't been contact with people from The mission for years he was like the One of the only people and he he met her Through me like they didn't you know Know each other and he's listened to the Journey series and he knows my side of The story which very few people know so The fact that he went out of his way to

Contact her and you know give her Condolences and didn't make make any Effort to uh contact me he said well I Didn't have your phone number or Whatever but um he said that later when I you know I you know unfriended him and did all The stuff you know I ghosted him because I'm like I'm not having and that's been My rule anyway if you're with my ex then You're not with me like it's just you Know you can't be both it's that kind of A thing you know she said things about Me has created a narrative about me that Isn't true and you know the things I say About her are all things I experienced And then there's some of my Interpretation of it but either way you Know you live with a person who is Constantly suicidal and self-abusive and At moment's notice you have you know When you have like a normal disagreement You have to go and hide the knives and Things like this that I you know have Talked about so much it's just you know There's no sugar coating that like Whatever you want to interpret it and Then all the other things that happen And so you know her narrative and her Warped reality like we all you know have Our own sub subjective version of Reality we all have our own subjective Version of events that happen and not That mine is 100% accurate but hers is

You know based in like just uh you know Lunacy and you know just uh Psychological I mean just not just that Like evil it's I I can't even express it Like but it's a madeup reality uh you Know in a way that's U different than Most people will will rationalize things And change things things and remember Things you know that paint them in a Better light than they actually are or Whatever you know whatever whatever way People warp the their perception hers is Extremely warped and I had to live with It for so many years and she gets people To buy into her warped reality which I Had to being you know with her um and Like I'm not doing that again and people Who are influenced by her warped reality I don't want them in my life either Right they're just you know for obvious Reasons And so I you know just said you know I'm Done this guy you know whatever and I Mentioned him in a video and he got Upset and he wrote to me and that was That um but now I see that he's doing a Gratefulness thing right and you know I Talked about this in my last video the Farming stuff I did at first the um you Know the etheric farming like it's more Than they're doing and than dod's doing And I offered the information to Dody Because I knew it was helpful I knew I Was Guided by God you know I knew that

Uh you know I triy to explain the fin Horn Farm to him and you know how Understanding what they were doing there In Scotland and I made a a sahaj marar I Did a sjar uh twist to it right which Made it even better with the pranoti and The everything and you know I don't know If I mean doi's got any of that in his What he's talking about but he's not Talking about the stuff that I you know I understood and I experimented with and I don't want to say discovered but it Was like that and so I offered that Information and then the homeschooling Stuff the stuff that we did that was Spiritual you know my ex was in charge Of the homeschooling but I did a bunch Of spiritual activities for kids you Know we had young kids and then as they Grew older and it was a way of bringing Sa Mar into a kid's um you know Existence like we would do obstacle Course and talk about the yach The spiritual yatra and how there are Obstacles on the path it was fun for Kids to do an obstacle course for Example like you know activities and but Then having a spiritual explanation for Them and it was a whole curriculum it Was you know not a whole one it was Partially it was developed but it would Have been valuable because he's now Doing this he's doing curriculums that Are you know the brighter mind scam but

All these things you know I did first You know chargie talks about I'm sorry Boby talks about pioneers all the time In Whispers of the brighter world people Who are pioneers and you know I was Certainly one of them in the S Mar Mission and still doing pioneering stuff And so after I did this gratefulness I Was looking for a name and you know I Always been talk about being grateful And gratitude is the center of my Spiritual practice being grateful about The the system the sash Mark system and All it's done for me and the Masters of The system and focusing on gratitude and Learning how to be grateful and you know I've done numerous videos about this Obviously and then of course the Gratefulness meditation and then all of A sudden dodgy started talking about Gratitude like right after I did and Again I don't know if they're watching I Don't want them to and then this guy you Know like you know I guess there's fur Like he's biting my stuff right this is You know not that gratitude is some some Way exclusive to to what I do here but Gratitude is not a part of heartfulness Heartfulness is so corrupt and at the Center of is dody's bitterness towards Charie the fact that he's not grateful To charie for all that he did for him is What's wrecked dodgy and wrecked Heartfulness he's not grateful he's not

A grateful person and he certainly isn't Grateful for the master that pulled him Up out of his you know his whatever he Was in and made him into the you know His representative and primary disciple And he's turned on him with a l a total Lack of gratitude and I want to show you A little bit more evidence of this here Okay so let me show you these videos Here this is the U you know big bust of Babaji on on dody's desk really Weird and this is Padma buam Award uh buam award DOI on religion and Science versus Spirituality on some guy's podcast and This is the same video that I I saw at The end of my last um my last one where Um and I don't know if this is um uh who Originated this video dody's home World Spiritual leader of SAR heartfulness Path of meditation from the grid Architects so this is some architecture Um and this has more views in the other Video the other videoos an independent Filmmaker and I don't know if he made That film and then he made it for these People out know how that went but it's The one here with all the stuff here With um you know uh the stuff with Viva Canand here and these there's um one two Three pictures of Babaji but he wants People to see his home there's all these Shots of the home here right there's um There's all these you know whatever it

Is like they got all these architectural Um the beginning they show the home from Outside so you really want to see people See what a beautiful home he has right That he built on uh pharmaceutical money Uh and I'll I'll cover that in a moment But this one's even weirder it's in Dody's office it might be at his house I Don't know if he has a separate Master's Quarters at the asham I don't know what His you know living situation is but he Has this giant bust to bobbyy like right Here and the it's sitting behind him but It's so big it looks like it's out in Front of him during this interview like This whole interview You know he's just sitting there talking Here with babaes in God faith is the Product see it's behind him in the Corner but be because of the angle looks Like this giant face sitting here um and It's I don't think it's what he should Have like just a a you know a bust just His head just you know I I always Thought these head things were weird but The other guy when he asks questions Here this guy's asking the question here And there's another picture of bobbyy Here and so clearly from these videos You know this big bus thing here he's Trying to pretend those 30 years where He was following Master along around and You know prosta his feet I'll show you

The clip here of the when Master chargie Nominates him as his successor and he You know kneels and falls in front of Char's feet right bowing before him and He weeps his tears in his eyes right um And then when he was nominated as the Vice president he started to read the The official like charge you made him Was going to make him president because He couldn't do anything anymore he Physically couldn't see and I showed you This video I'm not going to show you the Clip here but there's a point where he's Crying and he's sitting there crying and He can't read it because his voice Breaks up and you know he's just oh Master and he's just saying all these Things right no don't go master so Here's a video here chargie has oxygen He says oxygen like he has tubes in his Nose I mean you know towards the end of His life um that's actually two years And a half before he would pass away and He starts reading the proposal Here this letter written by our beloved Master on 11th August 2012 Saturday 12:15 P.m. belowed babuji Maharaj so this is His beloved Master I prostrate at your Feet I have been very Unwell for 4 weeks now during which I Have suffered a great Deal I have turned 85 years

Old the spirit is willing but the flesh Is Weak solely in the interest of the Mission and its proper Guidance I propose to transfer for all The powers of the president under the Constitution and bylaws to brother kames Patel and request the working committee To announce him as the third President Of the mission on the 15th of August [Music] 2012 he is ready for the [Music] Job now he starts to [Applause] Cry and all the legal formalities have Already been put in Place I have therefore called for an Extraordinary general meeting of the Mission on the 15th August morning which Is to accomplish this Fact on that morning I shall cease to be The president and CES Patel shall take Over as the next Representative he starts crying he can't Take it he's too emotional and he loves Chargie too much you know He's I just love him so much and I don't I can't take this Pastor on that morning I shall cease to Be president and kames Patel shall take Over as the next he's sitting there you Know like he had fake tears Representative I have to humbly make

This suggestion because my body is very Weak better better got a Handkerchief during these four weeks He's just so sad he just loves his Master so much I have been spoonfed by My children oh I'm so sad I'm so sad and Unable to get out of bed I do not fore I Can't take it I just I got to cry any Improvement in my health Status if the hierarchy so desires I Shall continue as the master of sahm Dear master I require clear instructions In this matter with my love your son Partti I okay so then they read bab's response Via The Whispers of the brighter World apart from these messages which Were my personal exchanges B Mahaj she has been sending open messages Every day for the last 2 3 Weeks EMP emphasizing the importance Of what it Is this speaks to what I was saying Before where Char what Dody said he got A personal message and maybe they didn't Publish that and said you have to pass This test test and DOI just talked about The message and embarass chargie on his You know his fake birthday that was Really on Do's birthday right I covered This in my last Video I'm not running away from Anything you know that I but

Do what Did So that is why I Have taken this Decision the working committee May Deliberate on it and let me know what They want to Do so then he asked the Committee all Right A Yes what To that I Retire not retire Master let's play that Again he says not retire Master you Can't retire Master please don't retire You know he's all mopy and C sad and you Know all these things let's play that Again I'll boost the Volume so this is a good time let me Insert what he said at his birthday when It was supposed to be Char's birthday Celebration they just cancelled because He's disrespected Sometime in 200 10 or 11 something like that In master received a message from babuji Maharaj and I happened to be also 28th Of September so I went to take his Blessings at Gatri and he was so upset that Morning so I asked my asked why are you So Upset he says look at this message I

Received from Babuji so I read It the message the essence was babuji is Telling Him that if you pass this Test the place that is reserved for you Will remain that's All of course there are lot many things In it but just essence of It master was so upset what if I Fail I said Master look at it in a Positive Way what if you pass you see what is Waiting for you and then I quoted him That test done by rajaj GI on babuji Maharaj once babuji cleared the Test he was flying high then see I said The master says he was really really Upset that I don't like this message and He got so upset and threw the paper on The Table CU who likes to be Tasted After being given a permission To do whatsoever you want to do as a Master now towards the sunset of his Life why such a Test but nature is Mysterious so expect more and more Tests as we advance in Spirituality don't be afraid of Tests those are Given With a backing also with the hope that

We all can clear those tests they are Not futile if difficulties come on the Way don't Despair their help is always There their backing is always there Their support is always there cuz in our Failure they'll cry and they don't want To so accept these challenges that comes Our way and don't give up invite them More even more if you can that's why Saints in the past used to invite Miseries but we don't have to do That we have enough of it tackled with It as a Test and succeed colorfully Masterfully and tell Master thank you Thank you for the test And thank you all for Listening so he knew um when this was Happening here and when chargie Nominated him which you'll see you know As we cover this as I go forward with This when he um nominated him and he Bowed before him and proed at his feet He knew about this story he just told to Sort of um disparage him and minimize Him and humanize him at the Gathering That he was after canceling Char's Birthday right so he's he knew about all These things I he's really duplicitous And just an absolute Scumbag he says no master don't do it Master what we Discussing you can discuss

This or With all Highly Don't Yes it doesn't change anything Sir continue working as a WP you Continue as I mean president Of There's a guy computer procash that just He was always there by chargy side now He's bailed on him there charge's son Krishna and his Grandson um you know a lot of these guys I mean I don't know what they've all Done some of these guys I don't see Anymore they used to be around charge Anymore before so maybe they you know They've quit or they're just not into it Um because they probably see what's Happening this is where they say vice President but K says no don't go Master Please don't go like all this stuff Right so they decided he would be vice President and have all the powers of the President and charie could remain President and you know Master but uh his Health continue to deteriorate right and So dodgy wants to pretend that never Happened 30 years of him following Master chargie around and being his Disciple and being trained by him and Benefiting from him and talking about How great he was and you all this stuff PR St in front of him all these things

And now he wants to pretend that Bob G Was his master all along which means he Was faking it that charie was never his Master and he wants everybody who Witnessed it to keep their mouth shut or You know leave right it's like when Somebody reinvents themselves but Everybody remembers what they were like And the person doesn't say anything like It doesn't Explain these things right I talked About my friend Nando he was a big Puerto Rican guy Uh like a he was like a super Heavyweight boxer he played on my inter Mural basketball team and he was um the Perfect Nando Nando was his perfect name But he became a lawyer and he um wanted To change his n his name to AJ and we'd be like Nando right he just Had like I mean it's like big 6 fo three You know 200 50 60 pound guy big fat guy Um and he just was a Nando Nando was his Perfect name and his brother Sean was Mocking him like we were in line at some Bar and we were calling him he's like He's changed his name to AJ won't answer You right but he changed his name to AJ Because his name was Alando James and you know he wanted to reinvent Himself and at least you know made sense Because he was a lawyer now he wasn't Some you know college bonehead but you See people like do something like this

And then they try to erase and scrub and Get rid of the past years their Indiscretions their old friends and Things they've become legitimate and They don't want to you know they don't Want people around to remember who they Were right but people who were there and Saw this and there are lots of them were Around charie and dodgy when KES was you Know his disciple and he wishes all Those people would go away or at least Keep their mouth shut but he wants to Reinvent himself like he was a founder And he was directly connected to Bab in Charge he was not getting it done all These things and you know this all these Busts and pictures in his house that's What he's doing saying this is my Guru This is my master and when he talks About chargie it's in disparaging ways Scrubbing him scrubbing all of his works And these things from the mission and Pretending that didn't happen like the Years of chargie was there and he was You know a bigger than life figure and He was better at at you know all the Good things that that than dodgy was at Every level and so he wants to pretend That didn't happen and it clearly did Okay so to understand this Babaji uh Daji was born in 1955 and he started doing the meditation When he was 18 and then shortly Thereafter I don't know was a year or so

1973 1974 he went to meet Babaji and then he went to America to Start his business as a Pharmacist and I don't think he was There when he saw Babaji when he came to America He only saw Babaji a couple of times he Talks about how great his preceptors Were in the beginning how much his Preceptors influenced him and then Babaji passed away in 1983 and after 1974 he went Babaji took a trip to America with Chari and Europe and they Were going to cancel the trip to America He had been there once before but Bob G Didn't want to do that and he was really Sick and doing badly in Europe he had an Ulcer and after he went to America he Was never the same like the trip the Trip to Europe and America it was just Too much for him it's kind of documented In charge his Diaries and he just wasn't Physically the same anymore he just was Had bad Health from 1974 until he died In 1983 he really died in 1982 he went into A coma I was a senior in high school Back then I was 18 you I know anything About this but this is you know gives You a reference point and um you know he Was just not himself in terms of his Physical and some of his mental mental Sort of uh you know he was he was just

Like in and out of uh reality at those Last couple of Days last couple of years um so you know So Dody had about eight years of Experience of Babaji being his master And he really didn't get the you know The full B Babaji experience he met him A couple of times nothing profound and Then chargie became master and DOI was One amongst many people who rejected Chargie at first so much so he got into A car with a bunch of other you know Disgruntled people and headed to shaj Hanur to shoot chargie they had a gun And they just couldn't find the house And it was you know a street with like Three it was like a you know a a city With like four or five streets it's a Small village and Bob lived like on the Main Street and they couldn't find his House and they had been there the guy Had been he was driving with been there A bunch of time so taji got out of the Car you know like in uh uh boys in the Hood movie and so you know that's was His initial reaction to charie but then He became a charie person he was around Chargie all the time he talked about Chargie called a master he chargie was His master and the last seven years of Char's life he spent in in the asham With chargie you know he was there and He got all the spiritual work done by Chargie some of it was done by bobaji

Through the you know through the Brighter World which bobaji says in some Of the Whispers messages but chargie was His master and the you know he was Chargie successor he succeeded chargie And those last few years of Char's life And then the first year when DOI was Made Master he talked about chargie Positively all the time in the other 30 Years other that first you know whatever Happened in the beginning once he became A chargie person he would talk about Chargie as the master right and chargie Put out all this work all these books And things that has changed people's Lives you know Bob G's stuff is abstract He's got good books but it's not written For you know the majority of people it's Written in a very spiritual uh sometimes Abstract way ly books are almost Impossible to understand unless you have Like a strong grasp of yogic spiritual Uh you know teachings and things and Ancient Indian culture or whatever but Babaji stuff is you know it's there like It's can be appreciated but Babaji was Not the best Communicator he wasn't the best person In terms of verbal Expression and chargie explained Teachings of Babaji like he take a a Sentence of baby and he could talk about It for 45 minutes and chargie was the Best person to uh disseminate babaji's

Teachings and he did so in these epic Talks and in some of the books he wrote Himself and in various ways Conversations and letters to people and He put together a body of work Explaining Babaji to people especially Like Western people and you know he Could talk to people from any part of The world and understand them and Understand the way they needed you know That he needed to express Bob's Teachings to them so they could Understand it because people are Different based in their language based In their culture the way they perceive Reality and you have to talk in their Language right and so chargie was able To do that he was you know fluent and or He uh he spoke like something like 30 Languages he was someone who was just Good at that he was good at reading People and he was great at speaking Public speaking and and expressing Things and explaining things he was just Great at it and so many people have been Touched and moved by Char's books right And Dody didn't say he wasn't you know I Know he was into Bob's books but you Know babaj had limited material and so Maybe he didn't read Char's books or you Know all these things maybe he didn't Like them but you know he maybe he had a You know he was had a negative opinion Of chargie in some way maybe he didn't

Agree with chargie or the way he did Things whatever it might be but he Didn't Express that in any way he hid That away From everybody and chargie like nobody Saw it nobody heard of it nobody knew About it nobody knew that he had some Problem with chargie until he himself Said he was in a car like he's the one Who told the story in Denmark to people That he wanted to go and murder chargie Like he that was his reaction and so he Took this position under false prenses Charie certainly didn't know about this Maybe he knew it or maybe he sensed it But dodgy wasn't you know exposing this Part of himself or then something Happened afterwards we don't know uh but Chargie is the one that pulled him up Chargie is the one that was was there For his you know when he was a young Person he was getting his business Started Wonder Babaji his spiritual Yacha really hadn't started yet like Whatever it was he was made a preceptor Whatever I don't know when he was a Preceptor if he was made a preceptor by Chargie or Babaji probably by chargie But chargie was there for the bulk of The work chargie named his kids sahaja Mar right so like you know I mean char Did this he he married you know he Arranged marriages people would ask him To name their kids I mean these things

And he had chargie do all that stuff Like if you know your master if you go To your master and ask him to name your Kids I mean you know I didn't do that Right like you know like it's a weird You know to me it's weird but you know That to them that's their part of their Culture whatever but that's how much Chargie was involved in his life and Other people's lives and so he you know Chargie had pictures of bobaji In his his house but they weren't like Like this weird bust and things like This right they were they were like you Know interesting pictures there's a Picture on Char's wall at his house and Bobby's sitting there and he's like um Cleaning his glasses and it's the best Picture I've ever seen of Bobby he's Just sitting there on his cot he's got a Sort of smile on his face and he just Looks like saintly an innocent like an Innocent like like almost like a child Just cleaning his glasses like a you Know someone with like a pure you know Essence of his soul wonderful picture Very subtle like just you there's a Feeling you associated with it associate With it at doi's apartment he had a flat Next to the asham where he go see Chargie and and chenai when charie still Alive and I went there a couple of times And he pointed out to me well I saw this Picture of Babaji it has Babaji walking

At the asham but it's like it takes up The whole wall and there's two segments Of the picture it's a Photograph and it's huge and I said well That's interesting picture you know it's Like I mean it was interesting but Wasn't like you know as subtle or Whatever but he's got a cane and he's Walking it's where he's building his First aosom and the second picture I Don't know what the second picture had Him walking towards something whever it Was um you know but it's separated by Some space it's framed you know two Different frames and he said yeah that Was 20 grand like you made a big deal About how much money it cost right um You know like it's okay to be wealthy in The Sark system there's lots of wealthy People the idea is that you can't let Your wealth and your privileges distract You from your spiritual practice and Your spiritual goals but they can be Helpful to you if you have money you can Donate money you can be free from uh you You carve out free time for yourself and Be able to travel and these things There's lots of successful wealthy People that have positions in the system That were able to you know participate Financially with the whole thing with The idea that they were given this Wealth as a way to contribute it to the Spiritual work or whatever and you know

So it's it's not like there's you have Some sort of Life of poverty but Somebody pointed out he had like a Cardier watch or something um one of my Viewers in a video dodgy did and he's Just got something with this Architecture stuff where he's um showing Off his house and showing how successful He is you know he made his money as Being a pharmacist you know in the S Mark tradition the job is just a job you Have a job for money and it is what it Is and they're all going to have some Material stuff in it like you just have To accept it your job isn't you don't Have some dream job you don't have your Job is for money we have a you know a an Economy based in money if it changes as Something else you know which would be Better more natural sure but right now You have a job to make money that's what Babaji said years and years ago of Course Babaji wasn't Rich he was um a Baboo in a court he was you know Actually kind of poor ly was born rich And then but both Babaji and lji were Born into wealthy families and the Families lost their money and then they You know they were poor at the end of Their lives whereas uh dodgy and chargie Were had you know poverty and when they Were young and then they um you know They made money so it's not not like you Know dodgy making money is a problem but

He's very show off you know he's just so Superficial and you know he likes to Show off his material success which was Due to charie and you know Boby but Charie chargie you know people around Chargie they were financially successful He blessed them in some way and DOI had Many blessings from charie it just he Did and he got a lot from them and the Total lack of gratitude that's why when They're rolling out where he talks about Gratitude and trying to be you know Gratitude and maybe it's based in what I'm doing like I hope it's not but if it Is it's that's just them you know being Late to the party once again like no Original thought no sense of you know Inspirationally be able to figure this Out for yourself but this this clown is Doing this gratitude thing for Heartfulness and you know backing a guy Who's dis inch chargy that everybody can See like you you have to be in complete Denial to see that he's scrubbing chargy From the mission And a total lack of gratitude and if he Didn't like of any Char books I mean my Master is always going to be a staple in The Sark system it's an excellent book That's about Babaji chargie wrote about Babaji that he wrote in uh you know when He became the secretary of the the System and it was you know uh it's one Of the the foundational building blocks

Of the you know the literature but all The other books that chargie wrote and They were published they don't even have That Publishing Company anymore that was The Sark publishing company right and Chargie sold this um you could be uh What he called the Corpus member and Donate like $150 or $300 150 for this magazine called Constant remembrance and and then uh 300 And some dollars for um for the Literature and you would get all the Books for free from there out until you Know you died and chargie like ended up Sort of regretting this because they Published so many books And some of the things he published like Whispers were outside of the cors biss Thing but they've gotten rid of all that Stuff and all of his books now I was Told by the dodgy truther who the dodgy Truther because I know some of you guys Are interacting with him he's not a real Truther like he you know he um he's real Uh mainstream he's real scientific like He didn't like dodgy talking about Alternative medicine and things like That like he's not he doesn't believe in Whispers I mean he's got his own thing But he is somebody who you know knows a Lot about dodgy sucking like he's you Know one of the foremost experts there In India about that and he was told by Several people who were called um right

After charie died who ran asham with Bookstores in them and it was more than One person he talked to and they were Threatened that they would be fired if They didn't destroy all chargie books That there were in the asham so immed Immediately upon being made Master his First one of his first acts was to Destroy chargie works now let's say There was a case that chargie had fallen And he wasn't doing what Babaji wanted Him to do he was still like doing some Masterly stuff but his his work wasn't Great well Babaji wouldn't have given These Whispers messages saying that There are these four cardinal points and Chargie was essential in all the ways he Praised chargie and there was an epic Amount of success charge he had he built All these ashs he produced all this Written material all these talks that he Gave and all the work that he did with People he was extraordinarily successful At his job nobody can deny that and even Even Dody called him a a Yan yoga you Know somebody who who did their work Right was good as a worker was good as a You know materially manifesting things Um the or the karma Yogi that's what he Called them um Yan means uh like mental Stuff but the karma yoga or the uh that Video that Dody put out um on Char's Birthday called the karma Yogi was um uh December 1st 2019 right before the a

Year before the coid stuff and he said This would be Char's final resting place He dedicated something to him and the Karma Yogi talked about focusing on Char's epic success as a worker like Nobody can deny his work and that Included talks and letters and things And he just had a gift for expressing Spiritual teachings in a way that was Understandable and profound and helpful For people and either commes got no Benefit for any of Char's works is talks All of it right um whatever it is or he Did and then came to realize later that Chargie wasn't great or at least that Was his opinion of him and he decided to Scrub him in his literature and all Memory of him from the mission and you Can make a case that he um like he heard This from Boby in a Whisperers message That chargie needed to be scrubbed that Char's work wasn't up to you know Standards or whatever but dodgies is Much worse he like his stuff I mean Charge is great like there's I find no Issue with any of Char's work I can't See any problem with it but certainly Dodgies is much worse so You know that idea can't be uh you know That's not that doesn't exist the Chargie wasn't you know uh is wor wasn't Worth keeping when you got the worst Kind of content coming from dodgy in Terms of his public talks and his books

And his everything that he does is worse The transmission everything is has Suffered under his uh his leadership but You understand this that I just went for A walk I want to get back to the main Point here that if he either didn't like Char's literature then he was faking This the whole time like he was Pretending that chargie was he was Looking down on charie he didn't Appreciate his Works didn't you know Value them and he was posing and that Could be true because he's you know this Why I called him fraudi he's definitely Fraudulent he's got these weak Characteristics in his personality or he Did like the literature but now has Changed his mind for whatever reason He's depriving all the rest of us of This and people in future Generations Because what's going to happen is the Chargy people are going to die out the Real chargy people are in their 50s you Know 60s 7s 50s and maybe 40s you know Some people maybe in their 30s but they Were young when he was around you know The same thing with with Dody with bajy Right they didn't really appreciate him In their 20s or their their early years And so and you know a couple Generations The chargy people will die out and There'll be no memory of him no written Works no you know I mean he one of the Things that the disciple supposed to do

Is promote and Distribute and you know solidify the Greatness of the previous Master their Master and Dody not doing that because Of his lack of gratitude and his his Pettiness and his jealousy and his envy And his weak Characteristics and crapping all over Char's Legacy and at the same time Depriving people of all of his work he's Solidifying this idea that charie didn't Exist and you know there's this Memorial That's in this little Cabana in a remote Part of the anatum that's being deprived Of resources in chenai Char's former Headquarters the ly Memorial Oma school That he's you know it's still running But he's not participating in that dodgy Isn't like he's not helping with that Like he bought land next to it he had a N acre 9 acre organic farm next to it Which he was like he told me told us to Keep a secret he wanted us to be Involved with it cuz he knew we were Doing farming and things and yet he you Know gives no resources or attention to That because it was something the charie Did so everything that chargie did and All of his you know his presence like There's no roads named after him there's No statues of him at the they have a 40 Foot statue of babaj and nothing to Charge you at the K asham he doesn't Talk about him ever and when when he

Does this in a derogatory way and so He's basically getting rid of all the Chargie and Char's works and Char's Works especially because of the lack of Discipline in the mission charie had Lots of talks on discipline and things You needed to do and you know in terms Of morality and character that no longer Exist now like they're just not there And so dodgy being a person of poor Character he's going to bring in people Of poor character and so you see what's Happening here like he's got these big Busts of bobbyy but he really no Bobby He's not glorifying Bobby he's not I Mean he's changing Baba's the essence of His teachings he's not a good Disseminator of bab's information Because he's warping the teachings to His you know just like they do in a Religion and you know so Babaji is just The version of babagi that DOI wants Everyone to to believe in a bobbyy That'll interc commune with him and give Him messages that suit his you know his His manipulations and his scams you know That's what he did with the brighter Minds program that's what he did when he Wanted to get rid of the the U holidays Of mandaras of dodgy chargie and uh and Babaji and so you know this is what he's Doing and all the people who are going Along with this a total lack of Gratitude for what charie did not having

Charies back after he you know had their Backs for so many years and their fronts And everything else their hearts and all Of it I mean these people are despicable And this dude who's doing this thing on Gratitude you can't talk about gratitude When the master of heartfulness is the Most ungrateful piece of crap fraud you Know a fraud and just a you know a bad Person I mean the worst of the worst the Worst you could be like it's Unimaginable what's happening nobody Would have saw this coming and the People have gone along with it which is Just about all of them and not spoken on It publicly even if they they understand What's going on but they're just afraid To speak up or whatever you know you Have to have people speaking up about You'd have to have a number of people Where there would be a movement of some Thousands of people who would be calling BS on on dodgy and then you know there Would be whatever wherever that way that Shakes out I mean it have to happen There in India and so you know all those People they're all weak and pathetic Like they're all dead to me like the Whole thing like their their failure is And their their lack of gratitude and Respect for charie what he did for them I mean they're the worst people you Can't count on them for anything right I Mean it's just a you know it's a it's a

Bad day for Humanity right it's just Like these people who I mean the what Charge he did for them all of us and you Know the honoring all that stuff and you Know being grateful for it and Appreciating it and upholding his name And his you know Legacy not because of Uh you know him or us because of what it Will mean to future people who can Benefit from all the same things we Benefit from and for dodgy to scrub that And then produce lowquality material That doesn't get to the essence of the System and then you know just stop Transmitting having these fake imaginary Sittings for 30 minutes or you know Whatever it is and and getting people to Do yoga and other things that Bob bab G Said not to do and then just all said my Guru G said this or my Guru G said that As a way to justify it all and nobody Really knows the truth of what bobi said Because they're too stupid to read the Literature for themselves because They're you know low power people you Know this is what's happened and it's You know it's a shame like I don't talk About shame but this is a shame right is A you know from top to bottom anyways Hopefully I can just move on to other Topics here um but whatever you know I Mean it's it's going to be there till It's not okay so it's still the same day Here um October 3rd Tuesday it's 7:30

And I produced a lot of content today One video on each Channel and then I Started working on the other video and Then all the stuff you saw from uh this Video most of it except for the first Voice over I did today so I've been Talking a lot and I just want to Hopefully get through this because it's Important you know there was a subtle Thing that happened when I showed you That clip of Master chargie reading or Them reading the letter that chargie Wrote to babaj G and then I I didn't Show you the part where they read Bob's Response but that's available people can Go find the you just search for um Charie nominates DOI as vice president It there's the video will come up I mean I I've showed the video before and I Don't think you know I don't know how Many people would be interested in that But he reads the whisperers response and Then charie says this was a personal Exchange a personal message from chargie And then a personal message back from Babaji chargie chose to read it because It was important to the context of the Conversation but that means there are More personal messages that weren't made Public they said there were some public Me message you know that that followed But this one was one that was left out Right in a sense he Declassified it and So I look for those messages that

Chargie got this message from Boby and Maybe it was one of these personal ones That we didn't see and you know we know Dod's lying but you really can't prove It I mean in various ways because Chargie isn't there to defend himself You know he's just a proven liar so you Know we know he lies but I mean other People maybe not right But we do what we do know is that Message is in public the message that he Said that Bob you said you have one more Test and if you if you do it you know You'll have this special place and seat Reserved for you which in many of the Public messages it says we're saving This place for you here in the brigh World he says over and over again I've Read some of those messages in like my Last video but we know that that message Wasn't there the message that dodgy said Happened because he gave us the time Frame which was 2010 or 11 On his birthday and so that message was Never Released and whatever truth there is in The message DOI didn't have permission To release it right this is a private Exchange between chargie and Bobaji and if chargie chose to talk to Dodgy about it on his birthday he didn't Say release this message or tell the Story about me struggling with this test That babaj is putting me through so just

His talking about it I think he lied About the whole thing so that just is Even worse but like I said we can't Prove that he lied you know other than That he's lied before but we know that He's a liar and he lies about these Things and you know they're not Believable but in terms of what he did By talking about this moment you know This idea that I mean he was prating Prostrating at Char's feet right when he Was made master and you know they have These feet touchers I I call them feet Touchers but they all are to some extent Right charie saying he prostrated at Baba's holy feet whatever this is a Whole you know this is Indian Guru Advocate and I never felt comfortable With it and I you know and most of you Don't and we don't understand it because We didn't grow up in the culture but They understand it right and dodgy Really understood it because he talked In this way respected elders and over The years and people know that you don't Share something like this of somebody That you should be building up somebody That you you know if it if it actually Happened in some way like dodgy said Which of course it it didn't none of it Makes sense but whatever the message Said DOI didn't have permission to talk About it and it's a subtle thing but It's everything because it Paints

Chargie in a bad light and he's got all These statues and things pretending that Chargie didn't exist and Babi was his Master and he's changed all these things The maxims and brought ha yoga change Things that were clearly stated that you Know don't do this or this shouldn't be Done and he's doing all those things Doing the opposite of what desar used to Do you know and it's a complete breach Of etiquette and you know it's a real Dick move I mean it's just you can't say Anything about it other than that and All these people know as much as I do Like they know they know this isn't cool They know the way he's treating you know Canceling do uh chargie birthday then Having to do it anyway and then Pretending that that didn't happen that You were forced to celebrate his Birthday on his birthday cuz people came Anyway and he's bummed at these people That they haven't accepted him and they Still think chargie is better than him He pouts and he mopes and he has this His own birthday and he pretends that Char's birthday as well but there's Nothing of chargie there and not Publishing the books and you know Wrecking this thing right I mean it's a You know it's a tragedy because you know Not this right there's one thing like I Might make fun of all this other stuff And all this stuff that's collapsing in

A dying system but not this one thing Right not this one thing you know like Everything else but this right I mean Just you know you go away you don't have To you start your own thing if dodgy and His cronies don't want to follow the you Know the etiquette and the dictates and The you know the doctrine that was laid Down clearly for them and you know do What he was supposed to do Embrace his Role as the new Master of the system if He doesn't want to do that it's fine Walk away don't wreck this for the rest Of us there's you know hundreds of Thousands of people here maybe at least You know good 50 60,000 people that love this and then There's all the people in the future and You're going to run these small time Scams and you know little intention Grabbing things and hobnob with Celebrities and show your house off and Architecture digest and show when there A big man you are and bride people for a Buom on pasham award and you know Inflate your video views and lie about The amount of people you're bringing in All these things and tell everyone how Much better you are than charge then go Do it yourself go out there and win an Audience say you're leaving this behind Do Your Own heartfulness Thing leave Sajar and the properties and all the Accumulated you know all these things

Behind they weren't built by you and They weren't yours and let everyone else Figure out what to do you know without a A master running the system right There's a board of directors and there's Whatever it is go show everyone a great Guru you are and try to win everybody Over with something else even if you Just took Ka of I mean you don't you Don't deserve it but you take Kan and Give all the other properties back to Saar you're held up in con you're not Even using the other ashs and you're Preventing other people from doing that Give back all the other properties give Back all the other you know the rights To the books and all these things and Let people in the mission publish these Book republish chargie books and Celebrate charges and bab's birthday you Go off and do your own thing show every What a great Guru you are and how you Can win your own audience and then you Don't have to answer to people talking About how great charie is and howad you Suck and you know pout and mope and be a Little douche right like you know a Little I mean it's just go go do your Own thing this is not your thing to Wreck right it doesn't belong to you and You you were uh put in charge you know For whatever reason but you haven't Lived up to anybody's expectations Anyways I just got to wrap this thing up

Here but I just want to add those things So I was um maybe I fell asleep for a Little bit and I woke up and was in a Sort of in a meditative mood mood I want To um do this Transmission in videos Like just do 10 minutes of transmission Or whatever you know these experiments But just do them Regularly uh people are responding to Them uh on gratefulness meditation Channel and then some people said they I Think one person said they tried uh and I maybe saw the comment on my phone so I Don't uh maybe I didn't read all of it But the person had tried this a number Of times and this first time they felt The transmission which which was Interesting um and I want to do it here Every Journey series video you know Because it's um I don't know I like I Felt good about what happened yesterday We'll see and so I was thinking about That I was doing some Cleaning um and you know the idea was to Start doing that more and just putting It in videos and so people can Experience it or whatever it is uh and That's something I could do to sort of You know uh eventually maybe do a Regular sitting on the Grateful as Meditation Channel and the idea came to me during This you know I was awake last night That I should make a video for all the

Former sjar you know members Brothers And Sisters of the system who have Failed you know drastically and just Document all the things that doi's doing You know and put it out there name Dody You know dodgy versus chargie because You know what this is is you can't be a Loyal to charie and loyal to dodgy Because it's a chargie versus Dodgy which has been 100% created by Dodgy had nothing to do with chargie I I Don't know what chargie was or said or Did at the end of his life uh to piss Dodgy off or it was just the jealousy of People uh not embracing him and him not Measuring up to a charge he was like my Brother even said it we talked Ted early On like my brother's 100% behind dodgy Because he just has to be that way I Don't know what he is if he's had his Own issues but um he was just you know In a way that may be uncomfortable like You know even his feelings towards Master chargie there you know ways that Were not um you know what I felt was Reality based but you know he said There's no way he'll ever live up to Chargy like no one will you know so he's Got to be something different right um But like people recognize ni that and Dody didn't that chargie was um you know Just exceptional at his job and his Abilities he had more abilities he had More Talent than dodgy did H to to

Manage the system and be what he was but DOI could have found his own little Niche and his own little whatever Accepting that charie was and he's you Know part of him is supposed to be Always thinking charie is greater right I mean dodgy has often doing this quote Where he says you know you can think Yourself as great just think about it Everyone else is greater you know like Don't you know run other people down With your ability to think you're great It's a kind of a something he's Paraphrased from bobaji but clearly he's Wanting to be better than charie and That's not possible for whatever has Gone on with him right and so what he's Done is created a a versus like him Versus chargie through his you know all The things that he's done and so you Can't be loyal to charie and then also Support Dody like it's not possible Because it's a continuation the only Reason that you believe Dody is the guy Is because chargie told you if chargie Didn't you wouldn't believe it so it's a It's a continuation of a a lineage of Masters and he's broken that he's Clearly broken that so you have to be You know with them with chargie or Against them it's one of those things Where you have to choose size And by not choosing a a side not Choosing you know whatever by being

Complacent or complicit you're going Along with what dod's done and you're You know being disloyal to chargie and All that he did for you and so you know I mean it's it's unredeemable so I Thought about this possibly making a Video I'm like there's no way they're Ever going to change like why would I Bother like I know this more than Anybody from my work in the truth Community that they're not going to Change like this is the stuff that dodgy Truther would like me to do is make a Video like that and because he's trying To convince these people of What's Happen with Dody and you're never going To because they're they've made their Decision like I've seen it over and over Again and then they closed to any Information a new information anything That's going to unsettle them or you Know they just don't want to know like They they you know the information Available or even more so because I'm Out of the loop they see what's going on And they refuse to deal with it they've Worked it out in their mind that Somehow dodg is you know whatever he is He's not mad at chargie or he's not Really doing this or whatever their Rationalization is that they can go Along with this and still not be Betraying the Legacy and the memory and The the you know the relationship they

Had with charie the you know the gifts And the all he did for them but they Can't you know that's and it's their Weakest that they're you know it's Embarrassing like it's embarrassing to The system and the mission and the ity That they were given all this work and They were you know they raised to higher Levels of spiritual consciousness and They had all this you know things that Blessings and gifts from the master and They're now you know they're throwing That away and somebody who's obviously Sucked at his job and has failed and has Fallen so I don't want to make the video And I don't know if I still need to I Don't feeling it this morning uh because I don't want to deal with those people At all like there's no and they don't Not and and they're not going to listen And they're certainly not going to Listen to me like they're not you know Um I they all have their own doubts I Know a lot of people were freaked out Three years ago back in not even three Five years ago it's when I first saw it In 2017 at Char's birthday gathering my Family my me and my two kids went to uh The Gathering and it was Char's birthday Gathering at Asam and there was no Chargie you know the people there were Celebrating chargie but they they had This moment where dodgy did a live video

Feed all over the world and he brought Chargie son Krishna in uh who he fired The the next year and you could see that Dodgy wasn't talking about charie like Chargie would talk about bobaji and Bobaji would talk about ly like he was You know he had changed and he had Initially done this you know in charies Last year so he talked about master this Master that and then you know he was Made master and then the first year he Talked about chargie but he didn't go Back to chenai Chargie uh you know region and he you Know whatever he was doing and then Clearly something had changed and I had Already kind of felt it and I was like Oh he's not talking about Char he was Like talking about Boby and himself or Whatever it was like I don't know Exactly uh what was said but like I got The sense he was trying to claim bobg Was his master like I you know there's Something off about it that charie Wasn't being celebrated and honored the Way the other Masters were and it was Just you know Common Sense and a good Thing to do because people love chargie And they are grateful for all he did for Them and DOI was clearly backing off of That already in 2017 I didn't know it Was he had been doing things for a while Almost immediately after charie died and So he had this agenda and as soon as

Charie died he was implementing it and Char's son Krishna was um chargie had One kid it was chrish And he gave a talk and he was you know Crying like he was left in charge of a Lot of things and then Dody just fired Him like sometime the next year um he Recently gave another talk which I was Bummed to hear where is actually backing Dodgy and I don't know what's going on There but chrisna graciously said he Wasn't going to try to challenge this And it wasn't going to be you know some Disgruntled kid thinking he was going to Be the the master like babaji's kids uh But DOI was the one being douchy here And then from there a lot of people Questioned him so much so he had to Address it and I talked to my brother About it and you know other people were Questioning this you know why is he not Talking about chargie and you know he Dressed it in these bad speeches that Were all about him and the fact that People were asking that they knew Something was wrong back then all of us We all sensed it and people then tried To you know deal with it whatever way They could and then came the bad Decisions and all these things and these People have all ignored it you know it Bothered all of of us the way he was Treating charging the memory of charging And you know it's

Not uh I mean it's these are is Bothering Americans and Europeans and Never mind Indians because it's a part Of their culture to to do the exact Opposite ton or the master of the system And of course the transmission is not is Diminished or not there at all or it's Something negative it's like just not There he's not you know attending to it Short sittings I mean that's been the Progression and so all those people Could have went on the same Journey with This and come to the same realization That I did but they haven't and you know That's whatever it is and you know to me They're just you know they're dead to me Because they're lost like you can't Count on such people and you know these People are ever going to listen to me or Anybody else but particularly me you Know and it's just um you know like I Just don't have the time and energy for It for any of this like I just you know This is why I I'm doing the gratefulness Like I'm doing in terms of I'm very Hesitant to have you know the Relationships be any more than they are Right now for people are doing Gratefulness people being dependent on Me or you know somehow me you know doing Shouldering the burden of all these Things and then being resentful because People you know turn on me or whatever It is that they do right like I'm not

You know giv what I've seen from other People and given the you know sort of The slap Hazard way that this is being Put together you know like where I Wasn't even actively as a working as a Preceptor for years and you know and That there's no backing of an Organization and people to I mean like I'd like to have Gatherings like I said But you know I know how people are and Their inability to step up um you know And just become something where more and More would fall on my shoulders to the Point where I'd get you know resentful And whatever it was and so like it's not You know I mean I'll do what I can to Preserve this but only in the sense of Not doing the same things that led to The same results you know before with These other you know people who put Themselves out there and did so much for Like chargy baby Andy only to have their You know their people turn on them and You know in a post them after they died And you know not honor them and you know Create drama and conflict and Bob's kids And you know all these people around ly And know what dody's done like it's it's A sad State of Affairs for Humanity and You know until I see people who can step Up and you know stand on their own two Feet spiritually with the help and Support of the the transmission the Cleaning without being needy and you

Know this you know whatever this Psychological deprivation you know what I suffered with my ex you would um she Would uh provoke me or she you know this Is not a behavior exclusively for me she Would provoke people you know and I saw It with other people she would provoke People to say something to her that she Would then use to feel like a victim Like she would provoke people to give Her reaction and then she would use that Reaction ignore everything that she did To provoke the person and and then when She had the reaction act like a victim And they get people you know a third Person who didn't you know do Triangulating where you get a third Person or you know third group of people To um you know to be your champion and She'd go manipulate them to defend her Or whatever it was right to you know to To to pamper her like i' had been on the Other side of that equation when she was Going through her divorce thing and now I was like the villain like I went from Being the she had the hero that she Would go to to rescue her and she would Have the the villain who was you know Whatever and I went from being the hero To the villain in her you know the way That she socialized these types of Things right and you know there's people Who do those kind of things and they Don't take responsibility for it like

You know and I've seen this over and Over again you know I see these people Coming you know they're just you can Tell by what they do and they're also Always call causing drama and conflict And it exists in the truth Community it Exists in you know Saar and you know Would exist in gratefulness it's Obviously exists with Dody and that you Know all that and the government and you Know celebrities there's just people who Will always just sabotage whatever You're trying to do and they find their Way in and you know socially it's really Hard to get rid of them and you know it Is what it is um you know Donald Trump Is a person like this and they always Make it about themselves and everywhere They go it just things get worse and They just spread this negative energy Energy and you know um like not that Biden and Harris or any of the Democrats Are good because they're all their own Level of evil but I'm talking about Someone who has this type of behavior They make it all about themselves and You know unfortunately egos have run a Mock in our system in our world and you Know you have to figure out what to do With it like what do you do with the you Know how do you you know keep yourself Going without having to get sucked into All these types of things because it's Absolutely draining to be around people

Like that and they never are going to Change um you I talked about this the End of my video today I'm putting out Saying that uh um the title of the video Is I just uh let's see here it's because They've given up um you know people just Aren't willing to change and you know Maybe there'll be motivation in a Post-apocalyptic world we can help but Right now that isn't the case but Anyways so I'm going to wrap this one up Here and move on with my Day so I pulled a bunch of Clips today Of dodgy when when charie was still Alive and him treating chargie like his Master and then the first speech he gave After charie passed away at Char's first Birthday Celebration after he uh died about six Months earlier and you can see the Contrast and the difference here you Know I Um I don't like to dwell on This just because it's a done deal like Dodgy is whatever he is the mission is Whatever it is and the people who are Around dodg and in the mission are Whatever they are right like it's Already been decided like there's this a Part where you wonder how people are how Things are going to shake out you how Things are going to play out and you Know you see see that with a new President for example like you don't

Know what they're going to do for Example I thought Trump was going to be Into a lot of Wars because he talked About being into Wars his whole Candidacy in 201 15 and the and 16 Before he was elected but then he didn't Fight any wars so you know that was a Little bit surprising like people say They're going to be one way or they Appear to be one way and they you know In actuality they become something Different right And DOI has you know written his own Story here it's over this is his Mastery This is his failure all the people Supporting them you know it's they're Dissing their you know memory and their Uh what they owe chargie all these Things right they're you know they're by Uh complacency or by whatever they're Doing whatever reason they're not Speaking up and they're going along with This and supporting Dody they are Willfully or you know passive Aggressively or whatever way you want to Put it for each person supporting the Downfall SAR and so dwelling out it only bums me Out so I don't you know but the thing Comes up every once in a while and I Have sort of a deeper uh Realization and so that's happened here With um these clips because I haven't Showed this before you know I don't

Really need to prove dodgy is a fraud We've seen the the flip-flopping the Contrast I'm saying one thing then Saying the opposite but here's um Evidence of him you know basically Saying things about literature and you Know releasing books on Char's birthday That were charie doing all the things I Said he should be doing all along and we Assumed he would keep on doing these Things but he didn't and either he was Acting back then or something changed But either way he is being hypocritical And he's not keeping with you know his Original um the way he was with chargie Chargie was his master And he was Char's successor and then Something went arai and inside of Dody Whatever it was and it was ego related And jealousy fueled and you know Whatever other things are going on here Uh but you can see it in these this Little compilation I put together Here is it a healthy thing and let say After 20 years you still feel like an Absolute Beginner absolutely beginner as if youve Not even started as B you said we are Always This okay I can't remember how I got Here I don't know if I searched for this Myself or just popped up on my feed but It's a picture of dodgy there who's um In the prime position he was uh this is

From 2013 and there was a good series of Videos called glimpses where this guy I Knew the guy who was a really good Filmmaker used to capture the essence of Charie in the system in very subtle Videos and he's gone away and the videos Have gone away but somebody asked Chargie a self-serving question you know Usually when you're around the master You didn't have any questions you just Felt good to be around him but sometimes People would have to ask him questions Which there was a good thing would get Him talking or whatever uh and some the Good things would come out of that but Somebody asked him about is it weird to Still feel like you're a beginner which Everybody knows it's part of the Teachings it's like a you know like a Person almost self- congratulating them Themselves right like you know um it's a Very common known uh teaching and he Said well Bob you said you're always a Beginner and then Dody gives this fake Ed McMahon laugh you know he's just kind Of pandering and and you know being There as a i no one else is laughing cuz Not really a joke and dod's just there And of course we know what dod's doing Now with chargie so it shows you this Clip here and I should have another clip That showed up when I saw this clip it's The same thing with dodgy just sitting

There and you know being a disciple and And looking at chargie like with eyes of A like a like loving eyes of a a student Who's so grateful for his teacher of Course we know what ended up happening With all that right but it shows how Dodgey used to be The ego predominates because it is the Way to Live it tells you I Exist without not aware of Exist psycholog takes Over I can't do Anything ask even ask for food nothing So the ego is very Important so so you just saw what Happened there right Dody just um Glanced at it watch like he's sitting There and through the whole talk he's Just staring at chargie like oh wow this Guy's so great and thank you master you Like this and then you see here Tachi Chargie is talking and dod's goingon to Stare at his watch boom he's looking at His watch like when is this when is this Guy gonna leave so I can take over you Know like you know um I mean uh is man Are now and the manner back then are Completely different I'll show you more Of this in a second here so here's Another exchange at the same time this Is um in 2014 and you can see dodg is just Sitting there he's got the position

Because he's going to be charge's Representative and successor and he's The vice president at this point he's Just sitting there listening to chargie Chargie is the man right he's you know He's learning from him it says char Imparting deep Spiritual uh guy in to uh Aasis and dodgy and dod's all about it Right so you can see here Char's talking I'll show you you'll listen to him in a Second but dodg is looking at him Looking him with adoring eyes and Tilting his head and you know his Eyebrows you know he's oh I'm totally Into this yeah this is great this guy's Such a wonderful Master right we know He's turned on him now right then the World is assured of giv Grace otherwise Not it has been coming again and again In these resp Messages But see solely interest he's totally Interested oh you know he's Just takes it to heart so actually they Asking us to prepare inner self rather Than preparing for this in self means if Everybody's heart changes we learn to Share there will be no disaster because In such a society R will not feed robs Will not Feed so you see here doi's being his Disciple right DOI is Char's teaching

Him doi's playing this role sincerely or Not I don't think it's sincere because Of what's happened because God's grace Is there he wants That Did Not One the whole world Is because being there attack all these That means there won't be left master When this Happens it doesn't me like that it means You make you are also prepared with Your that's why I think your slogan know All whom he loves I think it's A it's a great call you see love him who Loves all is very easy everybody does it Or at least Says but love all M so somebody clipped this video and it Ended there but it just gives you a good Example of DOI asking questions and Learning from charie and saying Master This and master that which clearly is He's now saying Babaji is his Guru and His Master uh and he's praising Char's Teaching you know baj used to say love Him who loves all which was love the Master love God if you love God you love All you don't love try to love everybody You love the one who loves all and Through that you love all and then Charie said love all whom he loves

Because there's so much um fighting Between all the people right like in Charge was saying it's easy to say you Love babaj or love God or whatever but It's harder to say you love everybody And so dod's praising that talk but you Can just see here what's going on like This is how he was right you know you Saw it I saw it personally and he was Just fawning all over master chargie and All these things and then what he's done Now he's he's pretending this didn't Happen right like he's pretending this This stuff didn't happen so right after Chargie died there was a talk here I'm Going to show you I'm in the editing Process um and this talk was a talk said You can feel his presence everywhere and He was talking about charie his first Birthday after he passed Away Namaste G Okay our beloved Master's 80th birthday Here he left Us with one unfulfilled desire one of of Them was One to have a great celebration at Talur though he is not physically Amongst but you can feel his presence Every nook and Corner his energy is simply vibrating Everywhere so to understand this chargie Built this place called or bought Purchased this land in TI ofure which is About an hour away from his asham hour

And 15 minutes away bumpy Country Roads Tough trip out into the rural part of India which was beautiful like the Cities were horrible but the rural part And the ashs were wonderful the asham in Monop pacum couldn't house couldn't Accommodate everybody that wanted to Come to these bandas so that's why they Built the big ashrams including the one In hydrabad they had a asham in uh tior And always got teor and I could never Remember Talore but I'd been to Talore Many times I knew the family of the the Guy who was in charge of TI of lore Before they opened it up and we drove Out there and saw it before anybody Really knew about it at least westerners People like us so we visited it as a Family and then I was there for this Gathering i' been in there a few times They inaugurated a hospital for like a Hospital that was free for the local Villages and they were growing rice There was 110 acres and they could have A gathering at these places there wasn't Much in terms of infrastructure but they Would put up these tents and these Makeshift things and they did this for Char's birthday and in front of the hall They had put in flowers and like bananas Like Bunches of bananas like big bunches Of bananas like all these things and They made it decorative it was like Beautiful they put all this effort into

Making it decorative in the front of This tent and I didn't hear the speech I Don't think but I was there for the Gathering and the sittings remember it Rained I talked about that they had Torrential rain and the whole place Flooded out but chargie never got to Celebrate one of his birthdays or one of The Master's birthdays there like they Went to luck now which he's going to Talk about I have a little clip of that Dody talking about that um but they went To these other places where they had Lands that would accommodate big Gatherings and so all of these Properties were purchased including this One this was supposed to be used in Conjunction with the the headquarters of The mission which were then in shenai And charges 20 acre asham in in manakum And these lands have been all neglected By dodgy now right they're the ashs have Been neglected you know Dody has um well This is what I've heard I don't know This for sure but the dodg truther said That he's not allowing them to in fact I Think you show me the proof of it that You sent me the the document I don't Know I covered it in some earlier uh Edition of this thing but Dody said you Can't serve food there anymore in chenai They had a cafeteria and people would Eat before they went to the their work You know they had snack bar and it was

Kind of essential and dodgy canceled That which made it's hard for people to Go to that ashro like he's squeezing Those ashs according to the sky That he's they're squeezing the asham so They won't um you know they won't uh People won't go there and so this Property might even be sold by now I Don't even know what Dodge's up to but This is him honoring his master shortly After his death but of course right After that he started to do these other Things he had already started to scrub Charges literature according to this Dodgy truther and some of these other Things right and so um but it shows you The difference of the way he was then And the way he is now this is about our Ultimate spiritual relationship with our Master if you have to approach the Master approach Humbly like a Beggar as brother Krishna said yesterday There is no loss of Self-respect doing such act it is only Going to elevate us in respectful status In front of in in their Eyes it will Elevate Us lower Weow they will keep us in their most Cher State they would be praising us then Look at my disciple how wonderful he Is one of the of repeated statement of P

Babuji Maharaj from the brighter world He Says when you obey Us babui says when you obey Us you make us happy I don't remember Him saying that Once I don't think he used the word obey Once In The Whispers of the brighter World message I've never heard him say When you obey us I never heard him say Anything like that you know because Things things are suggestions it's Supposed to be on you Um he pushing for obedience as soon as Charge he Died but Contra you can extrapolate It when you don't obey Us they must be really feeling very Sad job of a disciple is only this Obedience once Master took our Test there were about 10 15 abases Sitting around Him he posed the Question which is the single most Quality that Would help Abasi grow in Spirituality so one person said love Another said surrender third sincerity Fourth regular practice everybody Touching all great Qualities and master corrected all of us And he said Obedience because only through this

Obedience you will do the rest of the Thing I don't think he's telling the Truth here either you know obedience is Not a word used in Saar because Saar is a Suggestion you know bobi wrote The 10 Commandments of Saar and change it to The 10 maxims Because sjar is about you choosing and Not it being forced by Dogma by threats And bribes which is what dod's brought In he's talked about the punishment of Your soul being tacked up to Antarctica I showed you the the clips he's talked About that you know when people the Hierarchy punishing you even on charge's Uh Memorial talk he talked about the Hierarchy punishing you like he's done That numerous occasions I'm not going to Show you that here but you know it's Been in some of my other videos I might Find it if I find it I'll put it in it Doesn't matter but he's talked about That he's brought in punishment he's Brought in this stuff with obedience He's talked about obedience a great deal Where the other Masters didn't because Obedience should be there but out of Self-interest not because the master Told you to do that now you know maybe Charie might have said something like This I don't know certainly I don't Remember reading these things in Whispers but he's the one pushing this

Thing here right okay so I'm in the Editing process you know the um I just Went and searched Whispers messages I Have an extensive collection of Saved Whispers Messages and oftentimes it'll search for What's in the title but they're PDF Files and sometimes it finds words not Sometimes it finds lots of words like For example I searched Faith which is a Word that's used quite often and there's About 50 or so uh messages that came up For that and then I search perseverance Because that was another word he uses Quite a bit and there were like hundreds Of messages with perseverance in them And so it doesn't always find the words Because they're PDFs I don't know how it Works like sometimes I know their words In a message and I'll search for those Words sometimes I'll find it sometimes I Will it's like hit or miss but that's Why I try to put the words in the title But it does find the words so I searched Obey the word obey not one message came Up and I searched obedience and not one Message came up with that word in it and So it's not something that I've ever Remember bobaji using obedience and Obey And he might have you know one obscure Messages so many of them but it wasn't a Mess it wasn't a word that was used very Often chargie might have used it Occasionally but Dody does use it a lot

And it's about obeying the living Master Which is him it seems to be a big thing With him and then he talks about Punishment if you don't right which is Religion and all the things that Babaji Said to avoid it's kind of like Prime AR Teachings that they didn't want to force Aasis to do something by using emotional Manipulation and blackmail and things That religions did because that you know It had to come from them it had to be Freedom of Choice you can be regular in your Practice but the other things will not Match Up you can be Surrendered and Passive doing no practice What is the use oh no I have surrendered To my Master it's a useless Stuff surrender with Love submitting oneself but at the same Time remaining so Active doing one's part fully doing One's duty cheerfully Dy F that is the role of Aasi absolute obedience You know and he has not been obedient to Babaji's teachings and Char's teachings He has you know closed down these Gatherings which was I mean all these Things like he's he's not an obedient Disciple but he wants obedience right

This is what he was hoping for from These you know from everybody that they Would listen to him and do what he says But they've tuned him out no one's Listening to him because his talk suck On such Occasions when we celebrate our master To Me when we are celebrating pu's birthday Or pu babuji maharaj's birthday or our Master's beloved Master Somehow I never Felt that I'm excluding the other Masters but they are One they're in a state of [Music] Fusion that's how he's saying now right He's got rid of two of the two of the Holidays and you know he's not saying Charie is one because he he took chargie Out of the Divine harachi with what he Talked about Tukto and he said he didn't make it in The brighter World he's excluded chargi From the group Now when one moves the eyes the other Sees everything When when listens others also listen When one acts other Responds they three in One so whose birthday are we Celebrating historically yes we are Honoring a

Date but the Krishna again quoting him He says we celebrating his Life It's wonderful Thing we honor our masters all of them Together when we are together like This and we should continue to continue Celebrating their lives oh should We this is an aging well bro every Day honoring them All with the same breath with the same Thought with the same feeling all in One let's not Differentiate earlier 1984 Master used to Struggle with so many things Some of us when we POS certain questions Who is greater Lord Krishna or laaj Maharaj or Babu Orianda he said very beautifully they Are all Interdependent we are too Small to gauge the greatness or Smallness of the other Guys in order to judge someone you have To be above them to judge none of us Are so wiser would be to respect them All insult them none and entertain them All of them in our hearts as one entity Clearly this is aging really poorly Everything he's saying here is stuff is Abandoned or he's differentiated chargie As being lesser than he's judging Chargie saying that he better so here's

Where he talks about the archal um works Of the Masters preserving them because Of the he you know whatever was going to Happen in the Future in LNO Bandara we released complete Works volume Five of so this was a Lockdown bonbar I think it was um for Bobby's birthday he's talking about There was one there and so he's saying He's releasing babu's books on babu's Birthday which is what was done Right Babu Maharaj one was a very special edition Archival version of Volume 5 we are going to Publish most of our SAR literature in AR With archal quality paper and binding And Everything the copies are limited as Usual because they are Expensive these books will last at Least 2 to 300 Years and it is our duty to preserve Such literature and pass it on to next Generation you know he's totally not Doing that either right he published all These archival books one of them was my Master by charie but I don't think Anything else by charie and then some of Bob's books I think I have some of them I definitely have some of them um They're big books they're hard to read But they're an archival quality so that

They would be preserved once everything Breaks down and now he's trying to erase All this literature like he's you know I Me he had some good ideas here but then They dissipated and something happened He just went South the the seeds were Already there but he's going against all These things that he was saying in these Early Talks this Time I'm happy to release This archival version of our beloved Master's first publication my master Here he is releasing a chargie book on Char's birthday and that's what they did Right that's what we would be done That's what he should be doing now now He's first he stopped celebrating Char's Birthday before that he wasn't releasing His Literature woo my master woo so um you Have this book and this was done um it's Like I said they're big and they're hard To read but they're supposed to be Preservation because of what was going To happen the predictions and The Whispers of the pride world and this is What you do right and I don't know how Much of it was he was just faking back Then or how much he turned later I mean It's hard to say I'll never we'll never Know all of that but the seeds were There but he was doing what you were Supposed to do back

Then in Bookstore the books are available in our Bookstore as Usual also in bookst Also to promote heartfulness program Throughout so that was a s Mark but he Just did and now we started to talk About his new thing heartfulness that Was just coming around was just Starting our brothers from Tiur grateful to them for printing this Heartfulness logo on t-shirts and make It Avail available to all of us they're Also available at the heartfulness Boook thank you all so they was starting To do his own stuff started to merge up With his own idea here that you know we Know what happened with all that so Here's the compilation of him using Threats and and bribes and warnings to People about you know all the ways that You're going to get punished if you Don't do a good job if if you fail him Or the system or somewhere you'll see For yourself here I'm Shing all this With a lot of pain because I do see this Disease once again raising its Hood amongst certain members who Consider themselves to be Elite and I time and again I say in the eyes of Masters a person who sits Back Works Anonymously in a quiet

Fashion are the most dearest one to our Master you want some Recognition living Master will give you Tons of It as much as you Want but you're digging your own Grave people say living Masters are There to help you grow but his role is Also to Destroy such Individuals once and for All when you read autobiography of babui Maharaj many of us we think that we are Not one of them who will be sentenced For 10,000 years on North Pole or we Will not be Disconnected this is your ego Speaking these are all warning signs to Me the autobiography is more than Anything but it is all about Warnings read it from this perspective Then you'll start Shivering but playing Politics forming your own little Groups no for sure you're digging your Grave no God no master can save you in In fact God will help you Masters will Also help you by recognizing in Public Oh Sister oh brother you're are So wonderful you did such and such a Great thing they might even write a Letter to you you're doing so Wonderful this when I see lack of Harmony within our sisters and brothers

Who are so Promising who have done so much of work For the Mission and in just fraction of a Second they become dust in front of your Eyes if you want to be critical Cynical it is not going to help it is Only going To help you make a deeper grave for Yourself in sah Mar often it is say that it's a fast Pathway for spiritual Growth anything that moves Fast is great but also there is a Danger if you Misbehave if you don't follow the rules Of Etiquette and especially play with the Hierarchy God Forbids read Auto biography of Ramchandra volume 1 2 and 3 then your I was pretty stunned back when I first Saw those clips I don't know these are Maybe right around the time I was uh Finding out about the brigher Mind scam Or shortly thereafter you know was it Was close to the beginning around that Time and you know I didn't know dodgy Was completely gone but this kind of Rhetoric and threatening people and you Know it doesn't do people any good Because you know good people will worry You know fear-based people good people

Whatever Will worry about what he's saying the People who are doing these things won't You know think they're doing them right We know they're talking about uh he's Talking about them and it's not what SAR Is all about it's not about threats and Bribes and things of this nature right Uh you know it's just it's totally not Sark it's like the opposite right and When I saw this and I'm like wow what's He he's going off on the deep end here He's turning things into a religion of Course everything's gotten worse since Then uh but back then when I first saw This I'm like wow what's he doing like This is and it isn't just me everybody Who would see this would wonder this Wasn't the kind of talk that you know Chargie would give pretty rough talks But it wasn't threatening to pin Somebody's soul up to Antarctica for 10,000 years and these other things you Know like I mean that was something that You know these people tried to overthrow Boby and There was you know talk about these Things uh but you know it isn't supposed To be a fear-based System it's supposed to get you to do What you're supposed to do based in love And I mean that's you know that's been Well fleshed out it's something that's You know everybody knows about right

It's not supposed to motivate you Through fear or Temptation or bribes but That you experience a transmission and You see your personal growth and the Love that's there and it compels you to Move forward and want to serve and be a Part of it and pay back what you've Gotten and these things you know out of Gratitude out of legitimate personally Generated gratitude from all all that's Done for you but him talking about Breach of etiquette and he has Completely done that with chargy in ways That like he I mean he doesn't even know He's talking about himself like this is The the unconsciousness of this kind of Behavior Where people think they're justified in Doing it and they're not going to hear This because they don't think they're Doing anything wrong anyways I'll move On to something else Tomorrow okay um so I got some Information yesterday And eventually I'll be able to tell the Whole Story here um I'm going to leave out Some of the the details of it today but Eventually I'll tell the whole story and I'll probably get more information about It later but it was about two things um One was about Uh uh that were kind of related and one Was about my ex you know I knew that she

Was going to pretty much Everybody that she could think of and Trying to undermine me and any Relationships I had with other people But there was um one that's that I heard About yesterday that Was uh you know bizarre that happened a Long time ago and had to do with my wife Um you know my wife now and you know it Had to do with these two Preceptors both of whom I knew longer Than my ex did but they became good Buddies with her new man because of Dodgy stuff so they're all intertwined Together and some uh Twisted you know Stepped up uh cabal of uh you know Uh unspiritual Behavior and you know I talked about how They spied on me for my ex uh when I you Know moved to uh be with my now wife and Went to them as a SATs on a group Meditation and they were collecting Information on me From uh from me and you know from my now Wife and then feeding it to my ex which Was was you know a complete breach and Preceptor protocol and it became Something that stressed me out because I Knew that this Behavior was going on With these two people and it shouldn't Have and then at some point I told Dody And he didn't do anything about it and He should have fired him because you Can't have that you can't have people

Going to you for Spiritual training Right because you know my new wife I Mean she's going to these this preceptor As it relates to her and them not Anything to do with me like just because She heard it from me and they would use That information for non-spiritual Uh manipulated weird psychologically Depraved stuff Behaviors so this is before I started The journey Series this is you know I Wasn't saying much of anything I mean There was things that happened that I Talked about in some of my videos when My kids went to visit and things with my Ex but I was not Really uh you know they knew they were Listening to my videos so I stopped Talking about them here because they got All triggered and was weird you know Like my kids were saying stuff when they Went to a visit and I said the things on My um My you know YouTube channel this is 200 16 and um yeah it was just effed up and They were listening to the videos and Then doing things um and my kids were Like then telling me what it was like This weird Loop like my kids were hungry They weren't being fed and things like This you know I was you know stressed Out and it was a time where you know Back in 201 2016 those of you who are

Here remember but my two older kids went To visit my ex and didn't come back Which you know I guess in some ways was Um a good thing but I was stressed out Because I didn't know what was going to Happen with them right and of course an Hadna eventually committed suicide and One of the things Anna said to me and You know she was manipulative and you Know I mean emotionally manipulative but She said that one of the reasons she Wasn't committed to suicide because I Would get sad like she knew that I would Be really bummed about she didn't say That about my ex right um and so I don't You know and I know that I was in some Ways preventing that from happening uh She was cutting herself and all that Stuff and you know was stressing the Family out you know and I just got to The point where I you know and I said to Her that she was going to have to be Institutionalized because she was Cutting herself and I was going to have To you know get the authorities involved In some way which is going to put the Whole family at risk and all these Things you know the authorities almost Never make things better I've seen it as A professional counselor that once uh Social Service gets involved in all These you know whatever it is it almost Never gets better they you know they Almost never you know sometimes it does

But it's a rarity it usually just makes Things worse families get divided so she Was putting the whole family at risk and I said if she had to go on a Psychological hold she would not like it They' you know they um she would not Like like being in a a some sort of Psych unit and that ended up Happening because my ex um you know my Youngest son went to visit my ex and my Uh you know second second oldest and his Younger sister was not well she was just Done with my ex so she didn't want to go See her anymore and my ex decided to uh Not tell Anna that my younger son was Coming because their relationship was Fragmented you know eventually Anna was Going to ask me for money to get away From her and she just said that she Wasn't never going to get better as long As she was with her whatever around her But anyway she decided not to tell Anna That my son was coming to visit and of Course Anna was going to find out like She did things like this all the time Which was illc conceived like there was No way she wasn't going to find out Because she was you know manipulative And deceptive and and she was mentally You know unstable and she made these Decisions that were always going to Cause a problem And when Anna found out She cut herself severely like really bad

And then my older son came and found her And there was blood everywhere and you Know this was stuff my ex used to do you Know like She and my ex was put out a Psychological hole because she finally Uh told her family that her dad was you Know sexually abusing her and uh her mom Blamed it on her and she you know tried To get commit suicide I think she was in The psych Hospital Twice um so like this is you know it was About the same age almost the exact same Age and you would want your kids to not Have that happen right like you would Have to do some serious Um work and she had the tools because She was close to master chargy and she Had you know spiritual Tendencies and She you know had the cleaning process But she you know said to me that she Couldn't confront this stuff that she Would end up being schizophrenic if she Had to face up to her psychological Issues right which you know is not a Good thing to hear as a a person that You know you're in a relationship with And then how it's affecting these kids And the rest of it right just it's a Stress that I live with all the time Right so and the threat of suicide and Self-abuse and you know people always Think about the person who's doing it But they don't think about the family

Members and how it affects them and how These things get passed on to the kids Kids and all this stuff people always Feel sorry for the victim especially if The victim's good at getting people to Feel sorry for them but if the victim Isn't doing anything to prevent this Stuff from going to uh you know Su going To a succeeding Generation and passing it on to their Kids you know then I mean that's just Like effed up and so Anna went to the Psych hospital and I was told later that You know after she committed suicide That they roughed her up because she's Physically aggressive she probably uh You know they have those big uh um you Know attendance these guys who are like Kind of Thug Like prison guards and Psych wards and they got big physical People that are there to subdue the Violent patients and and was a violent Patient and you know all these things Right um and because of that like she You know that ended up playing into her Suicide you know I warned her about this Like I said you know you're not going to Like it cuz you you know she was Kind of wild and and that's how they Would you know deal with someone like That and I was doing my best to avoid Having her in that situation but it was You know she was becoming endanger to Herself and others with her behaviors

Right and it got worse because my ex you Know she was crazy and provoked Emotional responses and so what I found Out is what I think happened that these Two preceptors were spying And feeding information to my ex Initially After uh my wife contacted them for you Know being for the initial sittings and All this stuff which is completely effed Up because the only information that They had was that somebody I knew wanted Sittings many of you were in this case Where I uh where I facilitated a Connection between you all and Preceptors and you know I knew that There was this narrative about me these Narratives about me there was being Perpetrated within the mission my ex was Just you know she was doing everything In her power to create these false Narratives which I was aware of to some Extent and you know was a blessing for Me because at some point I was like I Don't care what these people think or Anybody like I you know people can have Multiple reasons to dislike you or Dislike me in this case people can Always find reasons to dislike me it's Not like I'm perfect and so if Somebody's like slandering me to people Then you know and they're going to Believe it then what difference does it Make to me right like I just would stay

Away from those people it's like all Right you're toxic to me now so you know Whatever like go like you know I don't You know I don't have relationships with These people anyway right and so whether They believe the negative things that Are about me that are true or the ones That are are made up what difference Does it make like you know I have There's reasons that you could dislike Me right there's plenty of people on YouTube to would dislike me for my Personality alone so uh you know it's um Probably just a good thing and it's you Know it's liberating because people make Things up about you all the time they Assume things like I just got accused of Getting money from fizer in a comment Yesterday like it makes no sense right People say stupid stuff like that all The time because somebody else told them That and they believed it right um and So I got another comment I'm going to do Where someone accuses me of hating Trump So much that it's warping my perspective Of the political situation like you know It's just stupid stuff people don't have The ab the ability to evaluate other People to read them and you know no Matter what things my ex was saying About me or making up about me whatever Narrative if she was Constructing she left her kids with me For basically two years and it could

Have been a lifetime because she went Off her physical medication and she you Know her face changed and morphed into a Different face during that time she was Said she was paralyzed and she almost Died multiple times because she went off Of medication that was keeping her alive Your thyroid you know it releases Enzymes and whatever it is uh T1 and T3 That uh you you need to live like if you Don't have those things you die and she Went off medication she'd been on for 20 Years that was keeping her alive and you Know even with that it wasn't great like It still wasn't you know it was she was Negatively affected emotionally and Physically she's emotionally unstable And physically uh affected by the you Know lack of a working thyroid and People who have this condition or know People have it and lot people do they Know what I'm talking about she chose to Go off of it and almost died right and Has never been the same physically or Mentally she got way worse she aged like 20 some years or whatever I mean all the Things she just quit on the family and She left me with the kids and it's Badmouthing me why she went did Something that was a major mistake for Herself and you know was could have been Disastrous for everybody right the kids Psychological uh you know kids blame Themselves and whatever you know she had

Died or whatever it was and she made Everybody feel guilty and bad like she Always was talking about how everyone Was making her health worse because she Always was a victim so the kids already Had that and you know how kids are like You know if their parents say you know That uh you're you know you're hurting Your behavior your behavior is hurting Me physically if a parent says that to a Kid right and you know unfortunately I Went along with that which I'm kind of Bummed about you know and I I wish I'd Uh I mean it was tough situation for me To be in but you know it was a uh Something that I contributed to which Sucks and so the kids would have carried That with them and I knew it and you Know it was you know my ex had this Conversation with my kids in the in the Spring Hopper shop and you know these Little noodles we used to get called Spring Hoppers that you eat with in Their like shaped like a little Nest I Always thought was funny and it was the Your dad's a horrible guy and a bad dad And a bad husband and I'm leaving you With him Right and my kids all had different Interpretations of this talk right but My ex had had numerous relationships With members of the mission like you Know romantic relationships her Ex-husband was you know somebody that

People didn't like and considered him to Be screwed up she had had problems Working on projects with people where They got into conflicts and she played The victim and the people were just had Enough of her she um you know Master Charger himself had to tell her to learn To say no to men because she never if a Man wanted to be with her including some Of her psychological patients and some You know internships she was doing where She was testing people who were Criminals you know psychologically Depraved criminals and she had sex with One of them who ended up stalking her And almost uh going to her apartment and Cutting himself with holding her Roommate hostage at knife point and the Cops thought that she was dead when they Went to the crime scene and the guy Ended up going to prison like stuff like That right she was she had you know been Locked up a couple of times at least Once in a psychological you know for put On a psychological hold for Suicide and people knew this stuff like She told everyone you've talked about This stuff and she always made it sound Like what a victim she was that pretty Much everyone in the mission knew about What you know her father did and all These things in terms of and her mom Like her mom was even worse and so there Was you know mental illness running in

Her family her brother was on Psychological medication like there was Just stuff there right like Psychological issues personalities Disorders and and the rest of it and People saw me in India trying to hold Things together with my daughter who was You know acting out all the time and all These things and so if they you know Want to believe things with all the Evidence there I mean if a person says I'm a bad father and a bad husband and a Bad person and then leaves their kids With them right like what kind of person Is that right like how is that person You know I mean they the information's There and so you might want to get the Other side of the story before you Betray your Role as a preceptor and go and um you Know do things like many of you guys who Are doing did heartfulness and sa Mar Had maybe limited exposure to this but You it was something that was stressing Me out because I knew that you just Because I somebody came from me that They were you know maybe possibly Mistreating the person or working them For information or whatever it might be Um you know which is totally f up and if These two preceptors did it how many Other preceptors were willing to do it And this guy called me up a you know Former so Abasi that knew of me and my

Ex and he saw her at a gathering in in Uh Ohio where they were treating her and Her new man like they were celebrity Stars or whatever and he was like Off-put by it he knew that they they Were offed up and he talked to me about It and he had had experiences with these Two Preceptors that um you know had spied on Me and worked me for information to give To my ex and then it looks like it Started even Before I got married and they were you Know and this whole thing is like Screwed up like just because there you Have a psychologically depraved person That has you know control issues and and All these things and is living in some Sort of wor diluted world and who is Being endorsed by the new you know Criminally minded uh immoral master who C all over the you know the his former Master who all these people claim to Love I mean just you know this is how Things this is how things like that play Out and so I now know that it went back Farther and was more comprehensive and You know this whole thing I mean it was Stressing me out because you know some Of you all wanted to do what was Heartfulness back then and I didn't know The you know all of it I don't know what I'm talking about now right I don't know The extent I certainly didn't know how

Depraved DOI had become and so uh you Know that's why we're doing gratefulness Um but back then I didn't know and People wanted to start and you know I Had an inkl of what happened with these Two preceptors but I didn't know if it Was something that was you know other Preceptors would get involved with and How deranged my ex was and how you know Much they were feeding into it and they Were you know when people come to you in A spiritual capacity you're making a Commitment to do the spiritual work as a Preceptor you don't get involved in Stuff like this you just don't that's None of you especially to new people who Have no involvement like you guys who Have no involvement in my life like Don't really know me personally you Happen to hear about sa Mar heartfulness Back then from me on YouTube that's all That's you know that's all that they Needed to know or care about right but To take this interaction that's supposed To be spiritual a person's coming to you For Spiritual training TR in take this Interaction and turn it into something Else is like these people are I mean There has to be spiritual punishment for It you know there just has to be like You know I well let's just leave it at That but there's things that you know There's things that you can't do and Like those they went Way Beyond there's

Lines you can't cross and they went way Across that line right and then what I Heard is my you know to tie into this You know my daughter had a falling out With uh you know me and my family And moved out and you know I couldn't For the life of me imagine what she Complained about because she was not Behaving great she was getting really Selfish and um well whatever I'll get Get into that part about but what I Heard was she blamed me for ruining her Life for making her homeschool you know People create narratives they get mad at Somebody and you know everyone has to uh Like you can get mad and have an Argument right and it's about something Small but then you start imagining Things or suspecting things about the Person maybe you're you you have some Sort of um trust issues or whatever it Is and you know there's the stuff that People actually do and then there's the Stuff that you you know people rearrange The facts to suit their feelings right And you know I'm very aware of this like Very aware of just looking at something And not making it worse or exaggerating Or imag it to be more than it is in Relationships and people who are able to Do that are much better off and also Realizing my reaction like you know my Reaction might be you know something That comes from a a place of you know

Not dealing with whatever stuff that's Happened past trauma or whatever it Might be that your reaction you know CU What I went through with my ex and that Not to make things up not to rearrange The facts to fit your feelings and I do This in my videos like I'm my much more Balanced about these things because you Know people like will believe anything About Biden or Trump or or anybody Because they're in some sort of dispute Right and we'll make things up and you Know because they they feel hurt by the Other person or they feel betrayed or Whatever they categorize the person as Evil you know these conflicts that People get into I mean like I said in The comment section people just Attribute things to me and make things Up because They you know like I'll say something Negative about Trump and then they'll Talk about how I'm a Biden Supporter and that's obviously not the Case right but they just they don't you Know they're just wired that way and so My daughter was saying that her life was Ruined because she was homeschooled and That's not the case because you know she Um wasn't socially great but you know She had similar personality Tendencies And even like worse introversion than I Did and when she was in India she you Know didn't like any of the kids there

There's kids from all over the world Some of them were you know NE kids and And my other kids all made friends and She didn't right she and she didn't like Anybody but I mean there's whatever it Is you know the homeschooling didn't go Great like I'm not psyched about the way The kids were homeschooled but you know There's always issues with socialization And if you do homeschooling right There's other homeschooling groups and So the kids get all that and you know Unfort my ex failed did all that stuff Because it was her thing it was what she Wanted to do had really nothing to do With me cuz I never really even heard of It before until I get you know involved With my ex so this is you know totally Not on me Right um and it was an NE up situation Which I've explained but as most of you Know school sucks like it sucks for most People most people are some level of Traumatized by School uh and you know it Doesn't accommodate for different Learning styles and socially kids are Mean and you know whatever they are and Very few people have a good time with Their education on a social level and Then uh you know everything else and you Know so my daughter has no idea about That right just thought everything would Have been great you just made stuff up Right which you know like that's what

She's going around with like all the Things that I did to keep the family Going all these things that you know That they're unaware of like I had to Deal with and that's you know her Takeaway right that I ruined her life Because I went along with something that That I you know know that even now can Be a great thing homeschooling can be a Great thing and my ex original proposal To me and plan in the way that she Talked about it in the way that it kind Of you know she got to a late start Which sucked that was part of it too That's a problem and the way she Executed it was bad but her initial Proposal made a lot of sense you know How it aligned with Saj Mark all the Things that we know about the advantages Of homeschooling and keeping the kids Away from the Beast and the Indoctrination these things and so you Know I was supportive of it and I just Didn't know my ex was going to fail and Just you know be a like she was good at Uh coming up with ideas but not good at Seeing them through and I had no idea About that right uh and so you know like I don't know if school would have been Better I don't know uh how things would Have played out if we had gone that Route but uh either way you know it's Just the way it Unfolded but it's a thing that I've been

Through like where people blame me for Things or you create narratives about me And they're just based in nothing true Right it's something that happens to Everybody who's a truther to some extent And you know in this world and this Happens on the internet all the time and It's been a blessing where I just don't Care what people think like I You know bothers me if it's a like Personal thing like this you know to do With family a little bit more but I've Just learned to like oh okay well that's What you know their opinion of me Doesn't make that me right somebody Else's opinion of you doesn't make that You and most people suffer from this When someone else has opinion of them They start thinking of themselves the Way that that person does and they get Defensive or they break down or they you Know they they go through they start Spiraling or you know whatever happens Emotionally and like I was talking about You know covering Valerie Bertinelli who Who has weight issues and somebody says That you know she's fat and she Spirals And all these things what difference Does it make what other people think of You like it just doesn't matter like you Have to be okay with what you are and What you're doing and you have to feel Good about the you know the trajectory Of your life and your decision- making

Process and you know how you're you know Changing and growing like if you're Doing that you're working on your Character and you're doing that then you You know it should be enough like you Should be happy with or at least feel Good about you know where you're going And where you're you're headed right and Almost nobody's doing that but it's been Real liberating for me because you know Being a truther everyone's against you That's not a truther like it's you know We've been C categorized it's crazy Conspiracy theorists and we're being Targeted by the social media platforms That we're on and we're being mistreated And all these things and then what Happened with me heartfulness and these Things you know and all this stuff I'm Just talking about here and it's made me Be able to be I don't want to say Tougher but stronger in different ways And not get sucked in emotionally where There's you know um and feeling some Need to like clear my name or you know Whatever to say hey no no I'm not a Piece of poop like to people you know Like it's it's not like I'm that great Right it's not like I'm Okay you know you you believe things That are true about me but it's not like The things that are true you know Selfishness and you know just my Attitude towards people and just you

Know all these things that we all you Know have some degree of isn't like I'm Some Saint or something because I'm not I don't care about people that much I'm Not you know doing all I could do right I'm not you know I'm doing what I can do I'm I'm this is my best right this is You know I mean I'm sure that I could Squeeze a little bit more out and make a Little bit more effort but you know it Isn't going to be like saint-like Behavior isn't going to be you know There's a there's a limit to how much I'm going to do for the Cause right Whether it be the truth or stuff or Whether it be the the stuff to do with Gratefulness and whatever just I'm I'm Limited on my efforts and I'm not going To overextend myself just to have people Turn on me and you know do what they've Done to everybody else you know like I Mean I see the pattern here right like See the way they treat a chargie and ABY And you know I see the way they treated All spiritual people Saints in the past And and the way you know good people are Treated regularly by everybody else and You know it's just um you know I Understand human nature and the patterns Are the same right so I you know I'll do What I can to raise awareness and allow People to know how great the Sark system Is for helping them change if they want To change but them changing is a whole

Another thing and you know I've seen it And I've seen the way that these people Who have you know been uh been elevated And have been taken to an another level Through the work and the hard efforts of These previous Masters and chargy Personally and they just you know let Dodgy crap all over them and they Themselves are contributing to that and It's you know would be shocking but it's You know it's it's par for the course Right is what people do so I've carved Out a little you know where I've done Some level of contribution here and some People have benefited from it and that's About I what I can do you know that's You know and I'm happy with it like I'm Not saying I couldn't do more but you Know I I could do less right so it is What it is but others people's opinion Of me doesn't play into it right other People's satisfaction or dissatisfaction People thinking I'm better than I am or Thinking people thinking I'm worse you Know that's their own imaginative uh Response to the work that I'm doing here Like it's you know it's positive work I'm contributing something I feel like I'm making the world a better place to Some extent and it could be more but Like I said it could be less but at Least I'm making some you know personal I'm moving forward personally like I'm Better than I was when I came in like

When I was born like go throughout my Who I became as a person and as I Developed into an adult and then from That point I have improved because of of Doing the Sark system and you know Contributing and uh to that you know I Mean there's there's stuff that's done For you in the system the transmission And cleaning and the stuff that you do Yourself to make yourself better to to Change like I've changed for the better And then I've also contributed to some Extent to help facilitate this for other People and that's all it is nothing more Nothing less but anyways I'll um wrap This one up here and I'll continue you Know tomorrow or the next day or Whatever ever okay um I had some number Of good comments here um about the Latest um uh experiment in terms of the Transmission Experiment and this um you know this Whole thing that it's in this video I Think in the beginning of this video I Mean this is what happens I don't Remember what's in this video or the Last video but the experiment that I you Know for 10 minutes acted as a conduit For the transmission In fact um the word conduit and Gratefulness will replace um preceptor Because it's more accurate and you know All of that but being a conduit because Being a precept or you know any other

Title implies that you're doing Something and it's what you're not doing That makes the sitting go well but you Know I forgot to hit the record button And I was like a you know it was a Pretty good session it was a good Session transmission not pretty good They're always great but the next one I Did was 10 minutes long it was longer And I could tell it was a deeper level Of transmission so it was good that you Know that the first one wasn't the one That was put out there and I don't Really know how it works so I can't Explain it you know because uh I think You know there's a I don't think there's Something where chargie said yeah we the Masters don't even really know how it Works right the the transmission is Beyond human comprehension on a mind Level but there were a couple of Comments here one person wrote this um That's not it Um one person wrote this Here um thank you after many years I Finally recognize the feeling of Transmission so this person's been Around and Recognizes profile picture he's been Someone who's commented on and off over The years I think we're friends on Facebook so he finally you know this is Someone May's watched my videos four or Five years and he's now um able to feel

Transmission and there was another one Wow I tried before about eight times now And for me it was subtle but today was a Very pronounced hopefully many felt this Thanks again Paul so this person has Tried doing some of the online sitting He said eight times and this was the First time he felt something and so then There was this one here the person said That's not it [Music] Um maybe it's right here think it's Right here I enjoyed this meditation so Much I listened to the part twice I felt At peace and loving harmonious Connection thank you for putting that Into the video so that was all for my PO The future video I put it in aox future Video I put it in a video on my Gratefulness meditation and then this Video as well and people are feeling it When they didn't feel it before and so I Have have uh put that in the top of my Description box to all my videos on all My channels from hence forth that will Be there for people to experience and uh You know it was just like a good uh just Next Level whatever that means you know Was something that was more perceptible More experiential than other times and Sittings and things for people so I'm Glad about that and you know I just did One of the sittings I'm going to do the Intensive again today today Saturday

October 7th these are really good Sittings on the gratefulness meditation Uh Channel and I'm very happy about that Because now there's something that Exists in contrast to the debacle that's Over there in Heartfulness and you know if people take Advantage of it and you know again it's Comprehensive I've explained everything There's links there's information there There's all the stuff people need to Know about doing sa Mar there is um a Saj Mar Channel and I watched one video Which was good the other one they had Put music behind chargie uh but if you Can find the Sark channel it's loaded With chargie videos and there's even Some videos of bagy I don't think they Have anything on Dody thank God you know Which would but even if they do it's um Mostly chargy and Boby and people can Get a sense and listen to those talks There and you know those talks are if You'll probably find the right talk for The right time in your life you know That it's just the way it works Just there's a flow to it but again they Did put some music behind it's Off-putting to me I wrote a comment on The video they put the music on uh but Hopefully they they've abandoned that And they have a lot of videos that are Music free I'll make a video on the Gratefulness meditation talking about

I'll read these comments again and I'll Talk about the this I'll talk about the Same thing again there at some point as Well um but yeah I'm very happy about That and you know this other stuff to do With my ex and Do with dodgy and just other you know Things that have gone on I wanted to say That like there was a lot more going on Like a plot against me kind of thing or Work to undermine me in in various Capacity and there are few things with That because I didn't know about it like It's you know there's things that I did Know about when I uh there was an Exchange of some emails and and then my Family and I showed up in uh the Gathering in Los Angeles and I knew that People were talking about me in a Negative way like I there was a whole Movement of course DOI chose to ignore Me twice right just like a like just a You know puss move just like like Totally like a you know child like Whatever I mean what like a you know a Non-leader he is right but like he Walked by me he blew me off twice and Then all the other stuff so I knew it Was pretty bad but I was like you know I Don't care about these mfers right and Of course I didn't know the stuff to do With dodgy but I knew that my ex was Going around and there was you know she Was saying all these things and then the

Gossip Network took it over and no one Asked me about it and pretty much Everyone was having this negative Narrative about me but at some point I Was like I don't care like I don't care What these people think and you know I They're not I mean this is uh it's pay It's played out here now because I see The way that they if they throw chargie Under the bus then you know like what Chance would I have Of convincing them of you know I've Dealt with this here and you know I Don't like these people like you know I Mean especially now with what they've Done to charge you what they did to me Is whatever it didn't bother me in a Sense of like I wasn't holding grudges But you know I was like these people Suck anyway for the most Part they're not really part of my life But I did recognize going to Gatherings Moving forward would be an issue right There would be some level of Um you know some problems moving forward Going to Gatherings you know it just be Uncomfortable right and we went to a Gathering in uh the Atlanta ashro there Wasn't really much there I didn't see so Many people I knew um there was one Exchange we had with somebody but wasn't Like negative so you know I was like Well it's going to be what it is but Then going to certain ashs like I

Wouldn't go the one in a Ohio I wasn't Going to go to that one anyway um you Know just because of past experience Expence but as it turned out there's Been no Gatherings there's nothing here In the United States the ones that dodgy Had are goofy and they're bad you know They're not filled and loaded with Transmission so I haven't lost anything Like none of this stuff has really hurt Me I've been Rel relatively unaware of It like I knew it was going on and I Didn't know how bad it was or how you Know I just there's information I Wouldn't have right there was a time When chargie was being uh you know Having a sue to get the asham there was A there was a legal dispute between Babaji's kids and this group of people That was anti- chargy about the mission Possess possessing the asham who own the Asham the lone asham that was built by Babaji and shahian for and asham has not Been utilized Unfortunately uh it took 13 years for The court to decide you know India's Bureaucracy but at one point charie had He said he had to listen to the Prosecution's case he just sat there for Eight hours listen to all the worst lies And slander against him right and you Know it's obviously affected him all These things and uh people saying these Things about him and it was bothersome

To him and you know luckily for me I've Been spared that because I just don't Care doesn't matter you know I realize That people are going to have their Opinions one way or another you can't Convince people you I'm dealing with it Today of trumpers I talked about how Donald Trump is a horrible person you Know for using them and playing them and Lying to them and promising them and and Taking their money and providing them Hope and then you know not uh being able To fulfill that you know promise the Promises he made multiple promises that He had no chance of ever fulfilling and They got a flat earther comment I'm Going to deal with things like that I Deal with this stuff all the time you Can't convince these people uh anybody What people want to believe what they Want to believe and so you know the Dodgy people whatever it is and so it's Useless like people's inner worlds are Their inner worlds and what I've learned Is it Doesn't make anything better that people Agree with you which I'll get into and Cover on my other video today that People agree with you doesn't mean Anything this is something that's proven That klish is not a master because Clearly it means something to him and The people around him that he got the Buam pad award the PAB you know whatever

That is right You know that he bought that award that They have brought in 12 million people When they brought in maybe a thousand or Less in that you know latest debacle you Know making numbers and inflating Numbers and having a best-selling book Based in gaming the system and doing Things to inflate the sales even though The book sucks and people aren't reading It and so you know which is you know a Prime example of dodgy commish's Suckiness the book suck You know it's what's inside the book That's important not how many books it Sells the selling or reading of the book Doesn't mean anything the more people Reading it isn't what's important it's What's important is you write a good Book that you give a good speech not That you inflate the video count or any Of these other things right and that's What something he's never learned he's Never learned any of these things that It doesn't matter how many people give You a thumbs up doesn't matter whether You get some bogus Awards it matters You're doing a good job as Master if You're doing that then the other stuff Is going to take care of itself it's not It's not a like a popularity contest It's not a you know people like you Contest it's that you provide the Transmission the cleaning and you keep

The the system pure you do what you're Supposed to do like you have a role to Pro provide you have a a job to do and Maybe this was his job to screw up the Mission and whatever maybe this is the Role he's supposed to play I don't know Let's hope it's that then you know then That is what it is but if he's failed Then he's failed like you know I'm doing My role well this is role that I do here It's not a big role it's not all that Important but I make videos and I help Provide information and you know Whatever it's you know and I do the I do My job well and I do this role well I Don't know you don't you can't really Grade your own performance but I'm doing What needs to be done and everyone else Has to figure that out for themselves Not me for me to say But whatever your role is you have to Figure it out and do that role and maybe His role is to screw up the mission and You know destroy whatever and I don't Know expose stuff and bring stuff out That needs to be cleaned out I don't Know you know that could be that's a Possibility and part of that would be be An example of what you're not supposed To be and do and that's what he is like He's not a master he's not acting Masterly and he's not a good Abasi he's None of these things he's looking for External validation

Because internally he's failed you know Internally he's he's not what he should Be and in terms of his performance he's Not what he should be but they want External validation and that none of That stuff matters you know I was Walking to the pastor yesterday and I Realized one of the advantages that I Have you know any kind of conflict where You know when people are saying mean Things about you or making up things and Slandering you and it's upsetting to Hear those things I can just not Go and find out or listen to those Things I can completely tune them out And one of the reasons is I can just be Thoughtless I can come to a thoughtless State now after years of meditation like I was walking to the pasture and I just Did it for like you know two minutes of Just walking around looking at things And not having a single thought Completely a blank slate and like I'm Doing it right now just letting these Words like flow through me and you know It's a wonderful condition to be able to Do and you know just blocking out Everything inside yourself never mind Outside and there's a level of Discipline there you know where you when People start talking negatively about You there's a tendency to go and look Into it oh I got to hear what they're Saying about me and I have no like I've

Erased that from my system and it's been A complete blessing because what Difference does it make like you know People who I never listen to I would Never want to sit down to listen to if They made a you know a video or they Were they wrote a book it was people I You know I don't like I don't like their Thoughts I don't like that what's you Know you have a conversation with person You're like I just can't wait to to Leave this conversation I don't want to Hear what this person has to say it's You know whatever they're and this has Become more and more with people just Being so oblivious and twisted and Warped in their perception of reality That what they have to say is like not You know there's people who are funny Comedians there are people are good Storytellers they're people who they Have something of value inside Themselves that's that's interesting to Listen to but the majority of people Don't and so people I don't care about I Don't like what's inside of them I don't Like hearing it and then they're talking Neg negatively about me and all of a Sudden I care like you know when it's Actually something worse like it's you Know and it's not anything to do with me Because these people don't know me like I get this in the comment section of my Videos all the time people who don't

Know me and they you know cast Dispersions and they come up with this Ideas that are completely not anything To do with me it's just their creation Of me and everyone has a creation you Know when people listen to my my videos They'll reinterpret them reinterpret Them and they tell they tell my point of View or they quote me to somebody else And it's going to be their version of me It's not me you those people who inflate Me and make me better than I am Think that I'm you know better than I am And I know I'm not like I know like they Have you know illusions of me on a Positive level and those are just as Destructive as the negative ones because They're not true like they're you know And they they're in in some ways more Dangerous and all those things have Helped me to be able to just be you know True to what I see inside you know the Information I have and you know whatever It is and you know keep on doing what I'm assigned to do and focus on that Like just keep keep on cranking out the Videos and you know whenever I'm led to Do some kind of sitting or whatever it Is and you know that kind of work and You know building the the gratefulness Meditation channel it's it's a good Channel it's got you know all the things People need to uh conduct their practice It's a you know facilitate and help them

Connect with the sa Mark energy and the Transmission and cleaning and the Services that are available and you know That's all there can be like it's you Know it's enough and people have to do Their part and that's you know That's up to them you know so I just Wanted to Um wrap that up here this part and then I'll continue tomorrow okay this is Probably going to be the last or second To last voice over here um so I Um watched this movie or I kind of scan Through this movie it was not a good Movie last night it was Um this um actress from Game of Thrones Sophie Turner is her name I just Had to Google divorce cuz She's divorcing one of those um Jonas Brothers which I haven't covered but I See is in the news every day and just Before um I started to see this uh movie I talked to my ex went for a walk it was Kind of getting cold out it was a you Know one of the last days of um we had a Last like what they call Indian Summer where was um summerlike Conditions 70° nice out beautiful Weather and then we had a cold front Move in so we were you know going for a Walk the day before had been very warm And then it got cold uh Yesterday and my wife and I went for a Walk and I was talking um something you

Know just came up with my ex that we Found out about and like and I thought About like it was a couple days ago like You know 3 four days ago but something Happened where I remembered something I Was telling my wife about it so effed up Things my ex had done to do with her Psychological issues like some of her Breakdown psychologically some of her You know some of the extreme behaviors There was just you know stuff that was Um it had to do with her being Hospitalized you know Being for suicide with her you she had This interaction with her parents when She came forward with her dad abusing Her I mean this was her story and her Mom turning on her and she getting Hospitalized and some other things and I You know talked about Anna you know There's this thing that um you know People who are self-abusive and that you Know some people who cut themselves or Suicidal you have the risk of passing it On to somebody else right your kids and You know other people in your life often Times there's copy out copycat behaviors And a young person commit suicide and They'll a bunch of other people will do The same thing you know friends of Theirs or people in the the town you Know if it's like in a high school then Other kids in the high school will copy Those behaviors and then you have you

Know generationally the you know you Have the chance of passing those things On people with psychological issues in The family if they don't break free from These things and it becomes generational Type of behaviors right And so this movie with Sophie Turner was About that like the beginning part of The movie she was in a psych ward and She had suffered some trauma her dad Committed suicide when she was a kid and She had found the body she was like five Or six around Christmas time and she had You know attempted a fake suicide which She talked about was it way of her Getting attention and having people um You know feel sorry for her and give her A pity party like she started talking About this and the actress herself Reminded me a little bit of my ex just In terms of who she is in her life she Seems to be a weird person I've seen her A few like interviews one time she Slapped con and O'Brien cross the face they played this Game called tequila slaps on the set of One of her movie where they would slap Each other she slapped them hard and you Know there's just similar you know just In real life her who she is that reminds Me a little bit of my ex and uh she was Just a weird person and in this movie She played a character who is very much Like my ex in terms of all this stuff

That's she uh you know this the self- Abuse she cutting herself she talked About cutting herself the stuff that you Know I saw with Anna and my you know my Daughter learned this from my ex and Eventually she acted out the stuff my ex Had tried my ex had attempted to side You know maybe for a call for help or Just you know whatever she always you Know was um somebody who used it as a Manipulative Behavior to control people Self- abuse and these other things and She's in the psych Wars Sophia turn and The movie was about her going on a plane Crash she going on a plane having a Plane crash and but it was interesting It opened up like that and I could see It wasn't a very good movie but you know I was just talking to my wife about some Of these behaviors my ex used to do and Here was this movie and I had saved it Maybe like three weeks ago like I you Know have movie channels and things like This and I I'll download I'll you know Save movies just to see if they're any Good things that I haven't seen and I Didn't have much hope for this cuz Probably been there like a month or two But I had put it up there and I was just Going through it and I was going to Delete some of these movies I saved that I was going to give them a chance but I You know didn't think they'd be worth Watching but this opened up and I could

See it wasn't a a movie that I would Like but it was just this you know sort Of Coincidence of these things I was Talking about and you know similar stuff So I sort of fast forward it and she had A plan to kill herself when she was uh Released from the Psyart and she was had a roommate and The roommate knew about it and the Roommate told on her because she wanted Her to you know not commit suicide and She sold the roommate out and said the Roommate was just looking for attention And the roommate didn't want her to Leave and so the roommate was telling The the chief uh the guy around the Psych Hospital the chief psychiatrist or Whatever that she was going to commit Suicide and you know she said that the She girl was being Manipulative as she was in the airport At the time and the guy let her get on The plane but she went into the wrong Bathroom she was in the men's room and This other character came in who was Going to be the only survivor of the Plane crash with her and he would talked To her like you they interacted a few Times and they were sitting next to each Other on the plane and then the plane Crashed and she was sort of having Nervous breakdown she was in the Bathroom and the plane crashed and she Came out and everyone was dead on top of

The mountain but this other guy who she Saved and she was crying for help and You know she wanted somebody to help her And this other guy was alive but she Didn't want to kill herself but like as The movie progressed and again I'm sort Of fast foring through it like there's a Lot of drama a lot of like you know long Dramatic speeches I it's just not a it It was not a good movie plus I had Already seen two similar movies there Was one almost identical that there was The actress idra Sala and Kate Winslet And they um got caught on a Mountain and they had to hike their way Down almost identical movie to this one In terms of the character That they picked you know the the other Guy was African-American the one with um Sophie Turner Sophia Turner whatever her Name is she um she played American girl Like she didn't have an English accent But it was you know she's very similar To Kate Winslet like it was just almost A remake of that movie with this idea That the girl was suicidal was the Twist And there was another movie where there Was a father and son and they went Hunting the father was a actor from Justified I think and they were attacked By a bear and the father got shot by the Son and the father um dies somewhere Like when they're trying to get down From the mountain so it's kind of a

Couple of um movies that were like Almost identical in some ways to it uh Or like very similar plot lines and this One wasn't well done but the story was Really about her being suicidal so it Gets to a point where there's a storm And they're you know hiding out as the Top of this mountain and the the actor Whose name was Paul which is interesting Paul Hart which is funny in itself was saying Hey we got to go down the mountain and She goes leave me to die I just want to Die here and she gets this old big drama Fest right and the guy said you know Only the only drama we can have is the Real drama like the the fact that we're Stuck on the mountain no other like Drama like because this was his some his Mom had said but his mom had end up Dying you know they had this big whole Dramatic thing you know it was very Drama dramatic movie but she was like You know fake suicidal but once the guy Left her she was like oh just leave me To die here I don't care I'm ready to Die you all these things but once he Left her she realized she didn't want to Die and then there's a whole thing going Down the mountain the guy eventually Dies all these things and she end up Fighting off a wolf is not a good movie But it was you know just a character That was using SU suicidal behavior and

You know and talked about having a pity Party and these things I mean Little's Literally saying these things with Self-aware because my ex wasn't aware of This but using the victimization and her Trauma as a way to manipulate other People manipulate behaviors you know and Avoid functioning right I mean here's This like Crisis and you know there this guy's Like we're going to die the storm's Coming and she's like oh just leave me To die you know these kind of things and You know when you live with someone who Like that when you have real stuff going On real crisises you know things that Were eventually going to infect the Family and generational self-abuse where You know this was stuff that was passed On from generation to generation you Know my ex's dad uh the mom said there Was something off about him like Sexually and yet she served up her Daughter to like she used to have my ex Go and try on her outfits in front of Her dad who would than abuser right There's this stuff in her mom like aware Of it once she marry the guy that he was Off in that area like he had some kind Of demented stuff There and you know my ex ended up being Uh you know whatever she was I mean There's mental illness on both sides of The family she claimed her mom was

Actually worse and then not getting Straight and right about that in Yourself and then having kids which you Shouldn't have had right like you have To get get better and she didn't and she Just carried this you know disease with Her that she you know still is now you Know just um a nightmare person and pass It on to my daughter who ended up Killing herself and you know there was Issues there you know that were you know They didn't have to go from one Generation to the next like we all pass On things from our parents and our eff Up families to each other and you know That's uh you know future generations And you want to avoid that as much much As possible you don't want your kids to Suffer what you suffered but because of You know genetics and also you know Social aspects and things that you Didn't process yourself and these things Come back around some scaras and the Stressers come back around and he things End up being something generational and It was kind of interesting that I saw This movie when I was just talking about This you know about my ex and I realized Last night that this guy Rob she Probably talk to him cuz I'm finding out She she talked to pretty much anybody She could in my life maybe she's talked To some of you guys or like whatever Some of the people who have became

Abiosis through preceptors and Preceptors end up talking about me Negatively or you know she reached out And fin you know talk to some of you I Don't even know which I knew to some Extent was going on um from stuff my you Know my now wife experience with these Preceptors and then other people that They were saying things about me or you Know treating aasis that came in people Like who heard about the the system Heartfulness from me differently and you Know making those people feel Uncomfortable and behaving in a way that You know they were people who felt Connection with me and heard about Heartfulness through me and the most Important thing about this system Sark System is that people get a fair chance To try it that you don't give them cause To quit and leave if you're a preceptor Or an elder person you don't give them Cause to leave because of your drama Like you don't do things that and this Has happened this been a huge problem Over the years like you just make it Just about the meditation and their Their pure experience of the Transmission and cleaning and you don't Bring your personal baggage in as a Preceptor or the social dynamics as Multiple preceptors and that just didn't Happen like people were constantly going Wow you guys are all screwed up I'm not

Going to do this thing even though these Peoples being screwed up had nothing to Do with charie you know and there's one Preceptor who just constantly had Problems with people he met in India and Local people and he ended up quitting he Was one of the six preceptors that were In the center I came into and he quit Because and he wrote a an article about This where charie said don't judge the Doctor by the people sitting in the Waiting room that means don't judge the Master by how screwed up some of the Abiosis and preceptors are and the guy Even wrote an article about that but he Still never got over it like he never Got over like some of the issues and Some of the things I guess ended up Being about the Dynamics that he went to Talk to chargie about and charie took His time to explain everything to him Like one example the guy um was upset Because there was a woman in an abusive Relation relationship and they were Inmates and they um were um you know Married and then she had an affair with Somebody else but her husband was being Abusive to her and chargie kicked her Out of the asham and the abusive husband Stayed there and the guy felt it was Unfair because you know the guy was Being abusive and you know he wasn't Punished for being the real problem he Was the bigger jerk of the the people

You know and and the woman who was you Know just trying to um you know live her Life or whatever was seemingly punished Right and he asked chargie about and Chargie said well because of the social Dynamics here the woman would have been Ostracized and would have been you know Destroyed by the people in the asham and The environment for having an affair and He could watch over the guy and the guy Wasn't going to be as bad if he was you Know he kept the guy close in the asham Even though he had problems it was Better than him being out in the street And being worse or whatever like your Guy was you're not as bad because he was At the asham and the woman and the Husband got set up there in her new man Because the couple was you know whatever They were were set up they were fine They were happy and they got protected So charie you know thought you know he Was playing chess when everyone was Playing checkers right so but even with These answers the guy ended up quitting Because he just was bummed out about all The people you he got taken advantage of He said that they would people were Always asking him for money he had his Own business like Indian people when was In India because he was there quite a Bit and he gave people money and then Like he gave some a some family money so That they could send their kid to

Private school and then he saw that These people were Taking taxis you know instead of Rick Shaws Rick Shaws were least expensive he Used to take a Rick Shaw to save money And these people were taking taxis Because they and they but they ended up Hitting him up for money like things Like that there were some you know they Weren't you know I mean stuff that he Felt was like duplicitous or whatever But he ended up quitting and these Things right you know and so people Might have disliked me or might have Heard my exit story and she did her best To sort of demonized me and you know Dodgy was a part of that so he gave her Validity and when people came into the System from hearing about here from me They should have ignored all that Because those people coming in didn't Really even know me and had nothing to Do with me and whatever people felt About me they still had the potential to Be aasis and they were entitled to this Gift as much as anybody else the Transmission and all these things and You know whatever their personal you Know Prejudice or problems with me was They shouldn't have taken out on these People but they did right you know There's some hundred of hundreds of People that started so-called Heartfulness because of you know hearing

It from me and like the way that they Were treated and you know I went through This and just being truthers in general And the Prejudice that people had Towards that and their own you know Being screwed up um you know all their Social dynamics and of course dodgy and Then all the things that have happened Since then and I'm you know I guess I'm Grateful for it because it was easy to See that that it was better for them to Be away from that system and I'm Utilizing the gratefulness you know Meditation myself the sittings that you Know I was a conduit for and they're Been really good like really good like I've been really happy with how strong The transmission is and these things I Got another comment Here from somebody um who um is not here But somebody else I read the earlier Comments Thank you for your for the transmission Paul it took me a few days to find some Time to come back and try it but I'm Glad I did so this person um you know a Few people have experienced this uh you Know this transmission this 10-minute Transmission sort of you know experiment That I put in the beginning of this Video and I'm noticing lots of people Are uh you know I've read all the Comments like there's a number of people Who have now felt transmission but what

They do with it now is up to them right And I just talked about this in a longer Video on my other channel uh talking About you know uh the first rule of Being in the truther club which is kind Of a you know an interesting uh you know Idea there but it's that you allow People to make the choice themselves and No force is used but people who have you Know the preceptors that are local to me They got rid of a guy kicked a guy out Because he voted for Trum a longtime guy Who was friends with the husband and the Couple and that guy you know contacted Me and we had a couple long Conversations about all the eff of Things that had happened you know with All that you know my ex who's gone out And tried to sabotage or Undermine anybody that she could Relationship to me um which is you know Effed up in itself but you know there's The numbers there like don't lie right The basketball don't lie ball don't lie You know was a famous saying from Rasheed Wallace an ex basketball player When there was a foul that was a a Mistaken call and the guy taking the Foul shot would miss the first foul shot He'd say the ball don't lie right Meaning that you know you miss because It wasn't really a foul you know there's Been like I said hundreds of people that Have heard about Saar heartfulness you

Know whatever it was for me over the Years and you know there was more American Americans brought in by me than Any other person just from me talking About it here and building a rapport With people and you know that could have Been cultivated in some way but thank God it wasn't because dodg is a failure And a fraud and you know it's led to This Gratefulness situation and you know it's I don't know what each person is doing In dealing with the dodgy fraud but most Of them are Capitulating and you know betraying Their you know memory and Legacy of Chargie and all the things chargie did For them by propping up this fraud and Actually you know going along with it And they're failing no matter how much Better they they were and more committed To their obos and they were than me They've all failed this like they have Come out failing and you know the system Is on the verge of being lost Forever and the only person that's done Anything about it in terms of Preservation to my knowledge is me here You know doing the gratefulness stuff And you know talking about this openly a Problem that they don't want to deal With right uh and you know so me being Ostracized and having that done like Doesn't bother me because these people

Are you know they're failures like They're all losers they're people who You know there was a test for all of us And it's a hard test and you know really No one knows to what to deal with it in Terms of the dodgy fraud and failure but You know they've all failed this test And it's the biggest test that there Could be right the the the folding of a A master whether it was intentional or Not or you know he just crapped out we All have to deal with it and this system Is special enough that it you know I Mean it's there's nothing like it in Terms of the spiritual opportunity and Connecting to God in spiritual Evolution Spiritual Yatra and yet you know these people Don't value it or value what was done For them and can't rise up to it and you Know that's just pathetic like to me They're worse than you know people who I Mean all the evil people that have Embraced materialism and done so many Bad things in the world these people Were Saints and higher developed Souls They were given this gift and they're Letting it be destroyed by someone who Obviously sucks on every level and they Know he sucks because you know it's not Hard to see anyways um I'll wrap this One up here I might finish the video Here but I probably have a few more Thoughts

Uh that I'll put in the next couple days And and finish this one up okay um I Want to read a few Whispers messages Before they disappear from my toolbar They only last so long and these are Different kind than I usually read Because Um you know they're about they're more Loving I read a lot of them that are About prophecies or truther stuff or Debunk things that are dodgies doing but These are you know more often not Bob's Talking about love and God's love There's thousands of these messages and You know they're beautifully written and They have a good condition and so I Thought I'd share some of those Tuesday October 12th 1999 8: amm yes we can carry on with This issue love we have not run out of Arguments but they are insufficient love Cannot be explained it must be lived Felt and Transcended it is at the same time the The giving of self and the capacity to Receive One should meditate on this formula Self-giving total UNS serving unreserved Giving and the unlimited capacity to Receive both must balance out and really Be experienced it is true that not Everyone is blessed with it speaking About it it is important and being Sensitive on this aspect is too we

Address the issue in the mission by Trying to get to the bottom of things That is new and was not done a few years Ago especially in the oxident hearts are Opening Imperceptibly the work is being done Imagine one day that you all will be Nothing but love it would be a kind of Eden it will take a long process to get There but speaking about its reality and Its importance constitute quite an event A great step is taken it will be Recognized it would it will be to Organize seminars on this top it would It is well to organize seminars seminars On this topic that opens Consciousness all arguments evoked make Their way into minds and cannot help but Touch them one day or another the Greatest number will open up to this Truth in a sense love is more powerful Force than the atom it can transform the World receive it and make it radiant It's up to you all to really want it and To work in your heart so that is that it Becomes reality Babaji and then there's This one the medium writes this is Wednesday October 13th 1999 10 a.m. the Median I love you Bob G I love you so Much it's true that if you were in front Of me in Flesh and Blood I would be Careful not to make such decorations to You what makes sense these contexts what Makes these contacts so wonderful is

That everything can be expressed as you Put it so well please never stop Speaking of love you do it better than Anyone I did not I did not tell my son Enough how much I love him and what he Meant to me I I was not always tender With him he's talking about Chari I had To mold him and prepare him for his role As Master is a heavy burden I had to be I had to harden him in a way and help Him Advance spiritually this long Initiation was not easy either for him Or for me I had to shake him up and even Make him suffer sometimes as one does With a child whom one loves above all But whom must be prepared to face life When he comes to join me there will no There will be no more barriers and our Two dazzled Souls will be able to Vibrate in unison in the Rapture of the Divine this is um in contradiction to DOI saying that he had a test to pass Chargie he regenerates by traveling by Isolating himself you my dear child you Cannot travel and take in the fresh air As he does you must you must content Yourself with this inner journey and the Love we shower on you be blessed and Thankful thank you thank your friends For their help Babi the medium yesterday I was feeling worn out and I wish to Have a rest period here is the result I Was stupid these contacts are my food I Feel like a small bird that comes and

Eats from your hands and is satisfied With the Divine seat you know one thing I wanted to add um I'm just going to say It here because I just covered a little Bit in that Whispers message but when Dody supposedly revealed a message a Private personal message from bobg to Chargie and you know it was the one time You mentioned chargie the whole seminar That was supposed to be partly Char's Birthday which was you know a sham and It was a negative story about chargie About him you know not liking to hear About a test and and he was divulging a Private interaction he had with chargie Was clearly not meant for public Consumption and a disciple would never Do that to their Master you know a Beloved master I mean the Indian Tradition like you know as an American I It's just something you wouldn't feel Comfortable doing right unless there was Some break like if you had a break That's one thing but if you're grateful For all your you know this person has Done for you you know a real spiritual Master who's helped Elevate you to a Higher level and G giving you all this You know spiritual um a spiritual Experience and spiritual Evolution and Not only was he betraying charie but the Message came from Boby a private message Between chargie and bobi and I I'm not Even saying the message exists because I

Don't think it does I think the whole Thing was a lie but if it did exist or There was some interaction there uh DOI Didn't have permission to you know crap All over chargie and expose what was Said right like it was a it was a Classified message a private message That Nei bobi or chargie made public and DOI just sort of you used it in a a way Where he you know inaccurately reported It whatever it was said there Dody Certainly embellished and lied about it Right and it's important to know that Because it's a real scumbag thing to Do um here's the other message here Thursday October 14th 1999 8 a.m. love As we understand it is what is the most Important in the world it is the Keystone of of of the entire human Edifice without it the Earth could would Would be populated by automatons and Robots evil would perhaps not EX Existence in in a certain way it Provides a balance by intensifying good He's saying that about evil good can Only be made of love which is which is Its driving force if you analyze its Manifestation down to the least detail You they are numerous certain beings Beneath their cold and Gruff exterior Often hide real Treasures of Tendencies And love just waiting to be expressed Humans are complex by nature is not Always easy to Define them but there is

No exception to the rule God dwells in Each of them and all he does is wait for The moment when he will be able to Manifest himself it is sometimes a very Long wait but he is patient and sooner Or later the soul will come to him in it In all its new found beauty bagy there's Lots of messages like this that are very Spiritual and inspirational and I don't Read them here but they're worth reading Like they're not what I usually cover in The Germany series but they're you know Kind of the most important messages but You know I have a different sort of Perspective here and you know on my YouTube channels I appreciate these Messages and understand the importance But there's so many of them so a lot of Them won't stand out because you know It's something he says over and over Again because it needs to be repeated Because human beings lack the ability to Love to feel love to experience love Like he said there's a formula in which You're serving you're serving God and Also you're willing to receive there's Lots of people who serve God but they You know they're like that self flula You know the character and Dan Brown's Um the movie the um you know the da Vincio the guy who was hitting himself On the back with those cat Ninetales the You know the monks the people who beat Themselves and you know people hate

Themselves and sometimes their servants They'll serve other people because they Think they're a piece of crap and they Think they need to do penants and maybe That's true but they don't receive and Then there's people who are willing to Receive and take but they're not willing To serve so having both of those things Is really important as Pap said anyways I just wanted to uh insert this in there I'm probably going to do one more voice Over and wrap this one up okay so this Is going to be the end of this 123rd uh Journey series Edition because it's a It's been a weird one I don't you know It has different subjects in it stuff to Do with dodgy and you know collapse of The system that was sort of left over From the last video and his you know Bogus Gathering and all that and then um Stuff to do with my ex but my son and I Um who had a conversation yesterday he Had just come back from going uh hunting With a a friend Somebody that um he met he who was um Formerly friends with Anna my daughter Anna that commit suicide and they had Gone biking a few Times uh you know this my son and this Guy and I um you know I'd forgotten About the hoiana thing like it's been Some years like you know my son has lots Of friends online and things like this And so I forgot he met uh my son through

Uh Anna like that was their contact Point and I was talking to my son about Something you know the thing I was Talking about here in my video about Information of something my ex did that Was effed up that we found out about and He said yeah that was really effed up That she did that And then we started talking about Anna And this guy was and the guy actually Dated Anna and they broke up maybe a Month or Two before Anna's death you know and I've not kind of wanted any Details about her suicide right she shot Herself and you know when I think about It I think about like what was she Thinking right when she pulled the Trigger like it just you know that's the You know what what was going through her Mind um you know like that's a I don't Know I a was somebody that you you're Close to and you know I mean you can Just get caught up in all of that kind Of stuff and I prefer to think about her As you know her when she was really Young her and her her her brother who You know were Irish twins and they just Got along so great when they were really Young and she did some effed up things You know even as a a young kid like my Son son I was talking about when he was He's the youngest and he was a baby and She was three and he was you know

Newborn she stuck a penny and just put a Penny in his mouth um you know she was a Three-year-old kid And like I I said what do you just do And I I you know I saw that she put Something in his mouth and went over and Grabbed it it was a penny if he Swallowed it it would have been I mean There's no way he a little baby would a Choke to death Right um and I said what did you just do And she like almost like glitched out in A way she like you know like she didn't Know I mean she was only three-year-old Kid but she did stuff like that right And uh like impulsive like bad decision Stuff like her whole life but it wasn't That bad when she was young like the Stuff wasn't as bad it didn't get really Bad till she was 12 years old and you Know my ex decided to insert her in her You know we'd have these arguments Fights That go on for days and my ex would get Into this like psychologically depraved State you know where she would get Suicidal and just she would lose it she Would go real crazy and she decided to You know she she decided that Amna was An empath and should be in the middle of These fights should be some sort of a Like a therapist between me and my ex Which was like ridiculous like you don't Do that with a kid I mean obviously and

Then I got exposed to some of my ex's Mentally ill Behavior you know the kids Would just be upstairs playing and you Know they would hear arguing and you Know but it it's could just block it out Like isn't great for them but they don't Think about it right right and you know I was one thing that I felt good about Was not good about but that the kids Weren't involved and when my ex inserted An into the situation Anna got a big Dose of her crazy behaviors and she Started to copy them and so you know uh I mean I don't know if that would have Happened anyway cuz an had stuff like Even as a a little kid but before that There were lots of good moments with her Like as she just got older it just got Worse and worse Her uh like she got Oppositional Defiant And things you know she would just Challenge everything that we try to do Like she would just be just we say all Right we got to do this thing and she'd Be like why and you know I mean always It was a thing and it was draining and It made no sense and and she just was Sabotaging all and you know she started To make bad choices you know and then Eventually like that thing happened with My ex inting her in the in the disputes And then she like we had this old broken Down barn and she cried she crawled up On the roof she was upset about

Something and she would just make things Up to be upset about and just you know Wreck everything we Tred to do as a Family you know there was these times Where um like there are small things That stood out like she had the you know Big explosive issues and she know she Was in India she would have conflict With her friends and lots of drama she Was always you know like a Psychologically unstable Person and there were small things like She had said that she wanted to do more Things as a family cuz we stopped doing Things as a family CU it was too uh you Know people weren't getting Along and she must have been I don't Know 13 14 and um we decided to read the Lord of The Rings as a family and my ex would Think she was really good at was reading Out loud it was part of the Homeschooling too so it was good thing And we went to different places on the Blue Ridge Parkway which just had these Wonderful places to go and they were in Some ways like add of The Lord of the Rings book there different locations and We would read you know she would read The thing out loud sometimes at home and I don't know we were in the first or Second book and Anna came up and said She didn't want to be a part of it Anymore and I tried to get a reasonable

Explanation from her and she was the one To want to do more things the family but Like whatever was she you know she Requested this and you know we were Doing something and and it seemed to be Going great and then she just decided to Say she didn't want to do it anymore it Was just like why like you know why is This you know and just this part of your Homeschooling anyway like it's an easy Part of your homeschooling she lik Listening to stories she didn't have any Problem with like listening to people Read out loud or whatever then all of a Sudden she just then it was just why why Why are you wrecking this thing that We're doing as family you know just I Mean it was just you like she just Always had to do something negative or Whatever but before that there were Times you know I had some of the things Were videos that I have on my YouTube Channel you know things that I've that Are um that are you know that are not Published right now or private they're Private or whatever but you know the Early days and her interactions with Animals there's this one time I talked About we had gotten ducks and Anna was Probably six seven eight years old and The Ducks got away from us and we were Renting our neighbor's pasture after he Hay like in the fall or sometimes you Know you don't get a fall cutting

Because it's too wet or whatever he had This field next to our house and you Know he didn't have any cows and he Would we rented from him in the fall and Whatever was left on the field after Been hay you know would have some growth You know after that And it was like you know number of Acres So our cows would go over there we had We didn't have enough land for our cows So it was good to to you know rent this Piece of property and the and The um and we had like long Grass in our place and so the cows were Over on the other side and the Ducks got Over there and like our grass had grown Long I don't know you know what the Specifics were but like you couldn't see Anna or the ducks like she was going Through the Grass and um or maybe he hadn't hay yet Too so she was over there and we weren't Renting it yet or whatever and the Ducks Were over there and it was long you know It was taller than she was and she would She was walking she was running after The Ducks and every once in a while she Would jump up and you see her like was You know I on top of the hill I was like You know there's no way she's going to Catch him cuz they're like you can't see Him there was a while duck would fly up And then and his head would pop up like You know like it was and then you know

After about 5 minutes of this she just Walks by with back with a duck in either Arm you know like she's just good at Those kind of things right so there are These memories that are Pleasant you Know that you know her playing with her Her you know her brother they play for You know hours and you know the things That I want to think about are the the Good things the good moments you know The especially when she was younger when She didn't have these fit and things and She wasn't flipping out and being Self-abusive and whatever it was um so I Don't want to know about like the Details so much right and you know I Hesitate to even put it in the video but I've talked about this so much and it's It's really affected me last night and This morning and so my son was talking About he said you know she broke up with This guy this you know his friend now or He broke up with her cuz you know she Was just being crazy he didn't go into The details and maybe he didn't even Know him but um we did my son and I knew What you know Anna was like as a person And you she had gotten worse back then And so I mean towards the end and my son Said the guy had helped her like learn To like save money and you know he had Helped her um he was good at working on Cars and was teaching her about cars and Working on cars and things like this the

The guy told my son the story you know About how they were talking this is Maybe I don't know God knows when maybe Years ago and said that um like he and Anna broke up and they were leaving the Guys you know the place where he lived And he had some trucks like you know Some Vehicles like he he got old Vehicles you know vehicles that people Were didn't want anymore you know things Like that you know like a uh he and if She would fix up the cars and and Whatever and she she was messing around With his truck like he came out she was Messing around with his truck and then Like the next day or you know day later He driving the truck for the first time Since she was there and the brakes Didn't work and you know he went to look At the you know what happened like he Was lucky didn't you know I mean the Brakes just didn't work at all and he um Looked at it and he found that there was You know something that was done that Could only be done by a human you know It wasn't like some accident or some you Know wear and tear or some you know Erosion or something like the brake line You know was whatever but something was Done that you know shut off the brakes And um my son was like oh Anna did that Right and the guy was like what you know Cuz the guy you know couldn't conceive Of it but you know was kind of the thing

That Anna would do right just you know She was upset about the breakup but she Probably did all these things to Sabotage you know the relationship like When my kids went to visit her the first Time when she she ended up moving out And being there with my ex she was Really upset or maybe there was a Conversation I think one of them was Talking to her and she had been you know Going through something and one of her Friends some guy came over to check on Her like to see if she was okay and she Started to like belittle him and go oh You just want to be a night and shining Armor get out of here you know like just The guy's trying to help her out and Check in on her see if she's okay you Know cuz that she needed that kind of Thing and she's just you know things my Ex used to do like just really Mistreating them right and just you know Whatever her emotional responses were Were horrible but I was thinking about This my son and I were talking about it And then you know cutting somebody's Break lines I mean Jesus you know it's Not only the person themselves and I'm Sure this guy you know my my son said You know he's a very reasonable person Just one of these people who doesn't React Emotionally and so you know I mean he Just probably had enough of the drama

And he you know broke up with her Because you know that this was stuff I Worried about cuz I knew that she Wouldn't be able to sustain Relationships because of the things she Would say and you know how she would go Scorched Earth and say horrible things And make things up you know that's the Other thing you know my ex and her would Make things up like would just warp Reality and imagine things that didn't Happen like would just you know like Imagine wrongs like this guy was coming Over her house to check on her and she Imagined like somehow it was a hostile Act right like it was you know was Something clearly uh was just something You my my daughter was talking to her my Other daughter that's what happened She's the one who told me about this you Know this happened some like a year or So before the suicide or you know Whatever it was you know and when you Cut somebody's break lines and there Must have been you know some there was No remorse or worry like oh wow you know You know I reacted in an impulsive way She didn't call the guy and tell him and You know anything like this and you know He could have killed the family like he Could have you know without breaks I Mean it could have caused a massive I Mean you just don't do something like That like you you don't know how it's

Going to play out right and you know and Her having that he gave her that Knowledge like he was you know showed Her how like you know she was whatever It was that he showed her in the cars And you know when he was teaching her About cars or whatever um and so it was A couple months after that she committed Suicide so I don't know how it came up But my son said you know she was on Drugs when she commit suicide and and You know that kind of made sense because I you know I thought that most of her or Stuff that she did the self-abuse is Self-abuse but it's performative right Like she made a big show of it and you Know just like my ex like I just never Thought they were serious about being Suicidal but but apparently my other Daughter Um got the police report and I might Have known about this but didn't want to Hear about it or they talked about it to Me but I blocked it out I don't know What happened but she got the police Report And um she was on LSD Anna was and then Something else like a couple different Kinds of drugs which you know I knew That Anna was using drugs and like a a Therapist Prescribed pot for her and it made her Very paranoid and you know there's Things that um I could tell that you she

Had a sens she was you know tough in Some ways but had a sensitive system and Psychologically sensitive I knew my ex Couldn't do drugs because you know when You're already living a you know you're Crazy like they were crazy like they you Know there's parts of them that just Biologically and you know runs in my Ex's family which I guess I'll talk talk About a little bit but you know there's Mental illness and they like hallucinate As it is right like they both Hallucinated like they both did things That were you know they perceived Reality in a way that it Wasn't and you don't throw LSD into that You know that kind of Situation like I was like you know kind Of you know I mean just really affected Me right and you know the thing was she Ended up doing a lot of drugs towards The end cuz she had saved some money you Know this guy helped her save some money And my son and I were talking about that Like poverty has saved people's lives Have saved drug drug addicts lives Because you know they just don't have Enough money to you know to I mean drugs Are expensive but she had some money and She was you know she went through Something and I guess maybe the breakup I don't know what else was going on but She started using a lot of drugs and Then she some got LSD somehow and

Somehow she got her hands on a gun and Like those are two I mean things that You know I would have said would be a Disaster like either one of those things Her having a gun or her have cuz she was So you know I mean emotionally unstable Like she made impulsive emotionally you Know bad decisions all the time Self-sabotaging you know like just all Of it and you know you put those things Together it's even worse right like it's Just one of those things like I thought Uh you know my ex used to say that she Did some sort of I don't know if it was LSD or something and you know she almost Like never came back from that Experience like it was you know she was Already over the edge and then you know You take some drugs like that and you Know I mean some people have a bad trip Or whatever and they get psychologically Affected like they just never come back They like they're wrecked for life and You know she I mean whatever like she Couldn't do any of those sorts of things Because of her being so you know Emotionally Unstable you know and I was thinking About this yesterday because of both Both these things have come up my ex's Bizarre behavior and then this you know Stuff that my son told me you know and Just you know the unthinkable things of Her using LSD like that would be a

Disaster like you know when I heard she Was using drugs I and that you know pot She was reacting strongly to pot you Know it just wasn't somebody who could Do drugs like just you know drugs make You more impulsive alcohol you know Things like this and she was already Making bad decisions all the time you Know any time we did something as a Family or anything you know there's Always a chance that she would just you Know go insane and do the samee thing Same thing with my ex right you were Just living with this walking on Eggshells but I was thinking about you Know my ex and what she told me about Her family like there was a time where Um her uh brother talked about like they Were he was four and she was five Something like this and they had to go On a two- mile walk somewhere like by Themselves and we went back to the town That we we ended up living next to the Town that she lived in and we went back To where she lived and we sort of looked At the place where you know her parent Her mom just dropped them off her told Him to walk somewhere and it was like Crazy like you know a 5-year-old kid Shouldn't been able to do that right Like really Irresponsible you know to let your kids Like that young to be wandering around Like that right um

Unsupervised and you know he started to Her brother you know I guess went on Simbala or something like this you know Something he this is what my ex told me And he felt great for a while like just He felt like this was you know like Whatever it was doing for him was Helping them deal with whatever Psychological issues they had Biologically or something in that family And he said that she should go on it Like it helped him so much and then it Didn't like then it backfired then the Side effects you know what happens with Psychological medications they really Work in the beginning and then all of a Sudden they stop working and then they Have the the you know an adverse effect And you just can't go off of them like You just can't stop because you know They you have to withdrawal these are Messed up you know powerful medications I saw it you know working with kids in Treatment centers and they're always Switching the kids meds up because you The meds might work for a little while But they didn't you know the body would React to them and start processing them And then they would have a a negative Effect a lot of these medications have a You know a side effect that's like Suicide or or depression or suicidal Ideation and things and so you know it's Like 200 meds have either 200 different

Kinds of meds have an effect on people There's an article you know I saw one of These you know uh magazines online Things or whatever that there's 200 Different medications of side effects Are suicidal ideation or depression but My when my ex told me about her family And you know these were again like she Was a liar and she was you know not just A liar someone who hallucinated like Just saw reality the way it wasn't and Like you know I had so many experience Of this so You know and she always painted herself As a victim but like she said her mom Punched her one time and she went blind Like she couldn't see like not from the It was like she was punched in the back And then she you know a little time went By and she was like in a State of Shock Or something and then she stopped being Able to see and then she talked about This to go into a psychiatrist who said Oh you're hysteric you have hysterical Blindness which is you know being Someone who would I mean it's a thing Like it's a rare thing but it's a thing And you know her mom and her her dad Both were children of Alcoholics and you know she talked about I mean this is stuff her brother found Out again this is you know her telling Me about these things and he read all These books about being children of

Alcoholics and I think they were both Only children on top of it so they were You know which is a whole thing and you Know her mom When my ex Finally Revealed that her dad Was sexually abusing her her mom said Well he was always weird about that kind Of stuff right and so her dad was very Successful you know in in terms of Business and he had a higher ranking um Position but a couple years after she Confronted him about his sexual abuse he Got um you know he got like in a sense Me tooed but this is years and years ago By some women at work who he had you Know you know been inappropriate with And he got fired so like it was you know Some like just deviant Behaviors and my ex and her brother felt Like the mom was even worse right even Though this guy was a you know sexual You know deviant and he was whatever he Was like he was more reasonable than Their mother was their mother was just Irrational and crazy like this and she Had a younger sister who was very Similar to the mom like her brother said Like they shared one brain Like and again I didn't have any I never Met her maybe I did once oh I think Maybe I answered the phone one time and She was you know they all you know I When I met her family I I didn't talk to Them like her I think we met her brother

Twice and her parents came over once but They were all talking about like getting Me talking cuz you know was probably um You know I sometimes I don't just you Know I meet people and I'm not very talk I ative like it's just I'm it's Uncomfortable and then of course this Situation but anyways she um you know The story my ex told me about her was She married a guy from Africa like a Like a you know an African Elite person His like his dad was in the you know the UN delegation or something from this Country you know like a wealthy guy from Africa and the guy um there's some you Know the father her father took advice Business advice from this Guy and not his son like his son you Know graduated Harvard I mean they were Both Ivy Le educated Ivy League school Educated my ex and her brother you know And they they were really smart like They were you know really really smart People um and should and good Academically and you know should have Been really successful but then they Both struggled you know my ex never Really held or held a job and her Brother went through a whole thing and He had just gone through like a a messy Divorce um you know and um and so she Told me about her what she was saying About her sister was like they had three Kids and her husband just disappeared

Like he just left nobody know like no no No notification you know he might have Been involved with some shady people and You know whatever it was but he just Disappeared like He they he never heard from him I don't Know you know this is what's happened Since the divorce but like he was gone For 10 years and just disappeared and no One know what happened to him like it Was like that kind of stuff you know you Know there was just mental illness Throughout the family and my family was Not great my parents were incompetent And low functioning in in a lot of ways And you know my siblings and I don't Talk I don't like being around them and You know it's just this just something About you know my family right and so so I don't think of my family as being high Functioning and you know I don't think Of it being a good Family and you know we all struggle and You know whatever my parents just sucked In different ways like you know most Families in America I most you know Whatever it is but you know there wasn't This kind of insanity like there wasn't This kind of drama you know I dated one Other uh woman you I didn't have many Like serious Relationships and this woman was um They were from South Carolina she's par Parents you were from Myrtle Beach and

They were like a family of Alcoholics and she had an older brother And a younger brother younger brother Came to live with her and I was friends With him and I went out when uh we went Camping with her dad twice he was a Truck driver and a fun guy but you know He was like a drunk and you know he was Like a fun drunk but you know still like You know I remember him drinking like Early in the morning like you know and I'm like in my 20s and you know my days when I used to Drink like I stopped drinking you know In my like late 20s when I was like 25 26 so I was like 21 you know so I was in my what would Have been my party years right and he Woke up and he had made what he called a Salty dog and like you know had some Kind of uh grapefruit juice and like Salt on the rim and I don't know vodka Or something you know it's early like 10:00 in the morning and these kids walk By and we're camping up the guy had an RV and we're camping up on a Hill and these kids are walking by with A skateboard they called them up like You know young kids and you know it was A a road like on a camping site and it Was not a nice Road like a nicely paved Road you know I R into skateboards a Little bit and you know skateboards you Need a smooth Road you can't have like

Cracks and stones and Things he he decides to ride these kids Skateboard down this hill You know he's probably in his 50s like He's probably my age now which is even Makes it even and he had a you know big Pot belly and you know and he's drunk And like he goes to ride it down the Hill and he hits a rock and he just goes Flying and Falls I mean just badly like I thought he was going to go to the Hospital you know like these kind of Things right you know when I first met Him um we were on a boat me and his Daughter and him and he uh he had a like A woman with him but like there was this Thingy which I'll get into in a moment Uh it's kind of significant to the story And and he takes us over to these Rocks and like you know rocks in the Middle of a lake it was in Kentucky and There's this big uh spring Fred Lake Beautiful place and there was like a a Pile of rocks like a little mountain Little Hill you know with you Rocky Hill With in the middle of some deep water And he says my daughter says you like to Cliff Di And I didn't say I like to like in some Conversation I must have told her that You know some of my friends like to jump Off of high things into water which I Always was apprehensive about I didn't Like it like you know I you know I dived

Off like the high board at a pool and we Had jumped off of some things but it was Something that you know I did in my Youth and only because my friends were Doing it and I was like you know not Into it it wasn't my thing right and I'm Like oh my God and we had driven all Night and I think we drank a little bit Um and we got in to the place at like 3:00 in the morning like you know so I Had no sleep like it maybe we just got There and um we drove from we we were Waiting tables and we drove from where We were to this place from Atlanta to Kentucky and so whatever amount of time That took we were um you know we had no Sleep so I'm tired and I'm like what are You doing here and it was like some kind Of test you know like some kind of you Know like almost like a setup kind of Thing you know and I like it was like I Couldn't say no right so I climb up on The thing like I would now like but I Mean I would never be in this situation Now but you know back then it was like You know I had to you know like it was Like I was bragging about something that I was and they were like calling me out On it right it was just weird so I CL Climb up on the rocks I'm kind of like Dizzy and I'm not even thinking straight You know I'm tired and like the best way To jump off of something high is go feet First for obvious reasons you don't want

To go head First and I could see the water was Clear like there was no like something Like this you could see down and see That there's plenty of of water like I You know I wouldn't have done it if I Thought there were rocks I would said Hey you know like I don't know where the Rocks are cuz you don't want you're Going to go down about 10 ft you know so It's only 25 ft up in the air it's not Like really high and I was you know Going to go feet first but I said it' be Better if I did sort of a Swan Dive kind Of a thing you know just appearance-wise And I got caught in the middle of those Two decisions so I did a complete belly Flop it like you know it slammed my nuts Like it was like painful and you know Just and I just sort of you know like Doggy paddled back to the boat cuz I was Like you know tired and like hurt or Whatever you know and I'm like this was A weird thing to do Like on their part right like I felt Weird about the you know the family but But the centerpiece of the family they Were um Divorced the you know the parents and They had one Son who was the oldest son and then they Had a second son who was gay who lived With the mom and he had AIDS like this Was back when AIDS was a thing and you

Know was something where I didn't know a Lot of gay people back then and you know Really didn't understand you know this Guy's was you know son of a truck driver And the older brother and they they he Had a like a middle sister and then There was the girl I was dating and then There was her younger brother who was Also named Paul and you know me and Paul you know I Knew Paul and like this you know he was Um you know he worked with us we all Worked at the same restaurant and and The the middle sister Was like the darling of the family for Whatever reason she was smaller they're All kind of big you know heavy set but She was small and she was just like sort Of the the uh you know the the favor of The parents whatever and her and her Older brother went out and you know went Drinking somewhere you know bars Whatever and the other family members Were watching TV and the older son came In the back door he was covered in glass And about you know a block walk away From their house you he was driving too Fast and swerved off the road and hit Something and the girl died the daughter Died their sister had died and it was Just like this family tragedy they were All there they all went to the car and You know and it was like you know it was Just a I mean an alcoholic family that

There was drinking issues with everybody You know at least U not so much with the Girl I dated but her brother and her two Brothers her dad and her mom and you Know all all of her three brothers you Know Paul was like drunk drunk all the Time and so they they had a boat and the Dad named the boat after his dead Daughter and so we went camping and this Guy Paul had a longtime girlfriend that He had been dating since high school and So he was a little bit younger he was Probably 18 19 now but they had been Dating for like three Years and uh me and this girl and this Guy and his you know who's dating some Woman and he rented a house boat and he One night he got really drunk and he Um went over to the other side of the um Like we were the house point belt was About 50 ft from the shore but the shore There was like it was a you know kind of Mountainous it was a Rocks and you know might have been uh Some sort of reservoir I don't know um And his son drove him over to the side To the like and took the dinghy out and Dropped him off and he was slipping on The rocks and he had fireworks like he Was really drunk and he had bought some Fireworks and you know there's other People on the lake and it's not Fourth Of July you Know and um he gets up on the rocks and

Paul drives the boat back and starts Filling it with gas right Um and the guy starts setting off Fireworks and they're not like like he's Not you know he's not he's mentally he's Just really drunk and one of the Fireworks goes off and lands in the Boat that this guy Paul who's um you Know filling it full of gas at the same Time this guy's lighting fireworks like I just I'm a little bit drunk and I'm Like oh my God this family is a freaking Disaster right and the firework hits That and like it sets fire to the boat a Little bit Paul jumps into the O the Water he's got to get the boat back over There to pick up his dad right and I'm Like watching this going on how these People survive like you know the first Trip I I meet the guy he's he goes down The hill on the skateboard and like you Know should have ended up in the Hospital I mean it was you know the kids Wouldn't have rode down the the hill on The you know the way it was I it was not Safe and just Reckless decisions you Know and they had this you know trauma Energy right and this girl was really Psychologically messed up like she was Crazy you know and I I mean it was a Difficult relationship it was like my First time I was in a real serious Relationship and it was like you know I Mean she was crazy like in just

Manipulative and I talked about this in Previous videos like she there's this Movie called dangerously aison that came Out and there was a Glenn Close Character it's based on a famous book And she just like it's French Aristocracy and she's just so evil and Manipulative and she just ruins all These people's lives and sets them up And there's a scene at the end of the Movie where everyone hates her and she's Destroyed all these people's lives and She's you know controlling them she's Got information on them whatever it is I Didn't see the movie but Glen close is Walking through this party all dressed Up with this just smug Dominance and this girl said that she That's what she aspired to be right and I was like well that's effed up and she Did some things that I'm like man she's Really manipulative and you know you Know like would like like to hurt people And you know do things to humiliate them Or whatever it was and so she was like Screwed up mentally this whole family You know my ex had that like her whole Family has had real severe issues and You know big time things right you know The stuff with the abuse and you know I Mean just Um things that are like Just beyond the normal crazy that people Experience and you know some of it

Genetic like some of it you know is Whatever it is like it's there's just Something wrong with that genetic line Right it's so much uh issue so like you Know my daughter Anna had things that I Could see from my family all my kids Have done things that remind me of Something my nephews or nieces or my Sisters or brothers did right like Different uh you know facial expressions And you know my oldest son he often Times would um look like my uh my Brother's oldest son Jason is my nephew Like he would make facial expressions I'm like oh my God that looks just like Him so there's things there that came From my family but there were things That were just completely foreign and Some of the you know that's the mental Stuff and when you deal with things like That you know I was thinking about this Last night you know just people who have To go through that people you know There's lots of people who are screwed Up but then there are people who are Really really screwed up right you know I talked to this woman once or you know We exchange messages or something like This um when she heard this whatever Story I talked about you know dealing With my ex being Suicidal and she was married or had a Boyfriend who hung himself and she found The body these kind of things right and

You know there's people who have that in Their life they have dealt with Something like you know I've gone Through you know twice actually now with Somebody who's really mentally messed up And and you can't you know the reality That they see you really never Understand like what they're seeing how They're perceiving Reality and you know dealing with that With this you know girl I dated years Ago was not certainly as bad as what I Went through with my ex but it's hard to Like you know if you feel like you You're on the same page but you're not Because they're having a completely Different experience and they've you Know gotten Maybe pretty good at hiding It like they sense you know that they're Warped in some way so they're able to Sort of fake it but you know when they Get drunk or when they get emotional and They just make bad decisions like just Always you know horrible decisions Self-sabotaging decisions that hurt them In their lives you know this is what I Stressed out I worried about my daughter Anna's ability to make decisions and do Things I mean I'm all my kids in some Degrees or another because of you know The social situation with my ex but also You know whatever they got from I mean It wasn't like my family was great Psychologically and emotionally so you

Know it wasn't like I came from a great Family and then you know the other Family was the genetic line and whatever What they had gone through you know some SE severe psychological issues and you Know things with my ex and you know Basically hallucinating and you know Multiple personality stuff and things You know things that she exhibit Did and I never knew if it was an act Like there was time she age regressed And acted like a 2-year-old kid uh two Or three yearold kid in front of my kids Right I talked about this story before She was you know and I didn't know if She was at acting or not like it seemed Like it was fake but I don't know you Know like and and it's totally effed up To be doing that for attention but how Real it was or you know it was a Combination of like you know wanting Attention but also you know just the Psychological Makeup and dealing with people like that I had to work with some of this Professionally as a counselor but Dealing with people like that on a Social level and being married to Someone like that you know for those of You if you know whatever percentage of You that have had relationships like That in the past and you just can't do Anything about it like it's the person's Never going to change and and they're

Not up for it they can't do it they Can't be in a relationship ship like They can't function in the world they Can't be a mom or a dad or they can't be A you know steady employee or whatever They just don't have it in them to you Know deal with life they can't Function and you know you over end up Overcompensating for them and you know Whatever you're doing together in terms Of shared goals and things that you're Working on it's it's doomed for failure Because they just they can't measure up They can't you know things are going to Happen and they're just going to glitch Out and and do all these things and There's lots more people like that like It's getting worse with these you know Generations of kids now people who just Can't you know succeed at just living a Normal life and they have their moments And sometimes they can be brilliant Sometimes they can be really great at Something you know we did this thing of Cre creativity and Madness one of my First assignments for my first class in Uh my getting my master's degree in Counseling there was an assignment to Find some great person famous person who Uh you know was creative person who also Was crazy and it's not hard like there's You know I did Bobby fiser and like that But there was just all these great great Reports that all these famous people who

Are you know creative Geniuses in one Way or another were also crazy and it's Very it's you know look at like someone Like Kanye West or whatever you know Like it's just something that goes hand Inand with creative people and some of The the greatest like art and things Came from people who are you know Mentally ill and low functioning and Can't you know there's that movie uh About uh it's called domas about Mozart I mean it's just you know something That's there um most of these people are You know are are over the edge Mentally and you know there's just a lot Of that now and with low functioning People And it just you know it's hard for People it wasn't like I was great like I Was well prepared for marriage and you Know adult life cuz I wasn't like I just Wasn't for my family's incompetence and You know all the stuff I went through The raho period I went through and so You know it's I mean it was wasn't like I would have been great you know but I Certainly wasn't wasn't in the position To be the not you know to be the sane One you know like like to be the the High functioning one right like I just You know based in my own family and Whatever but the stuff with my daughter And you know her suicide and things you Know there was I think some of that was

Like inevitable because of the the Genetic makeup and the you know like the Mental illness the kind of severe mental Illness and my ex's family and then the Social situation and all of it um like There was going to be some kind of you Know person who followed in my ex's Footsteps of self-abuse and then you Know poor decision making these things But you know I just kind of remembered Yesterday what was to live in that Situation like I've I don't think about It because I don't like to be pulled Back to to what it was like to you know Live in that situation and constantly Waiting for one of the people in the the Family or some situation to you know Just um go through some dramatic like uh You know just psychological issue like Wherever we did Anything somebody having a fit right Somebody you know um acting out you know My younger son he was like he was worse Back then like he's got a lot better and But not being able to just do simple Things like going on a hike or just you Know going doing something as a family Without my ex flipping out or my Daughter and towards the end she was Always at risk of cutting herself or Making bad decisions and you know just Um I mean she'd be she was an at risk Kid right and and you always you know You tend to think about the kid and the

Person the identified patient in the Situation and the family you know but There's repercussions for everybody Right my other kids and you know and Then all the stuff with my ex and you Know it's just something you have to get Through there's there's no success There's no happy ending there's no you Know it's no fairy tale it's something You just have to endure like you have a Time where you're we're dealing with Stuff like that and hopefully isn't your Whole life you know but living in that Situation like just the heaviness and Just the you know it's the hopelessness That you're in I mean I just you know it Just came back to me yesterday you know And I guess in a similar way this is uh What's going on with commish you know His complete dysfunction as a master in The system and and then just trickle Down effects of all the people in the Organization and how it's affecting all Of them instead of having somebody who's You know pulling everybody up with their Spiritual Excellence their spiritual Achievement which the other three Masters did you know dodg he's pulling Everyone down with his bad decision- Making and you know betraying the you Know the the trust that was put into you Know that he was given by the former Master and all these things you know and That's why I mean when I left

Uh the heartfulness you know I mean I Didn't leave like he you know he he took It dur a a deviant Divergent path you Know so I just went back to the original Sa Mark I was Doing it was like you know the same kind Of feeling that I had and it just you Know all that drama all that you know And I wasn't even connected with it very Much like I'm on the outskirts all these Other people are you know living through That right just bad decision chaos and All the rest of it you know so um you Know people who go through something Like this or know their family members Are going through something like this You know their son marries a crazy woman Or the girl marries some abusive Alcoholic you or whatever their daughter You know these things and you you you're You're connected to somebody going Through this you know until you've lived It till you understand what it's like And even then you know like I I forgot You know like you know if you forget how Bad it is but talking to my son and you Know hearing these things you know with The LSD and the other things and you Know I feel like Anna had no chance like In life you know she she just um you Know she was kind of you know messed up And broken and you know whatever and Then it wasn't the best circumstances to Have a mother like that um you know they

Had this adversar Relationship and so it was like she Didn't really have a chance you know Anyways um so you know I just felt like This is a a lot this one a lot of Different things um you know I don't Even know how this start like I you know This been a week or so this is a longer Journey series but I just going to wrap It up here I need to say one more thing This is Wednesday October 11th and you Know there's this bogus thing that's Happening in Israel where you know the Pal palestin is close to disappearing And it looks like it's going to segue Into possible Israel war with Iran or at Least some sort of escalation of those Things and then Russia might get Involved and you know this is the kind Of thing that is prophesized about in The Whispers of the brighter world that You know coming around the the corner Here now next year um or two years from Now you know nuclear war and things like This that is you know talked about and It looks like this is you know beginning Now like it's going to take some time to Evolve you know into Whatever is going to be a you know A negatively transformational situation At least on the material Level and I Ended up talking about Anna yesterday Like um before my son and I had the Conversation like I was talking about

You know how you just suffer right I was Talking about things to do with the you Know Jewish religion and things and you Know there's a prophecy that the land of Israel would be given back to them and They would Pro Prosper as a people and You know like that's a Divine promise And you know God doesn't do things like That you know it's the the difficulties You go through in life that you have to Suffer that help you evolve spiritually And I was talking about this a little Bit about Anna and some of the stuff so Was already up for me in a weird way and Then just the chaos that's ensuing you Know I made a couple videos about this Thing and the lies and deception around You know that conflict there and the you Know Palestinian people being you know Whatever treated the way mistreated the Way that that you know Jewish people Complain about being mistreated you know The same they're doing the same thing to Other people that they are saying is Being done to them for you know all These things right and so um you know It's just a chaotic time and you know It's um it was a weird day yesterday and Just let's just end there okay so I Actually had one more thing to add to This video it's just uh two Whispers of The brighter World messages here Monday October 18th 1999 8: a.m. you know I Read some messages that were about love

And there's a whole string of them there You can find them um from you know September 30th something like that to You know October whatever it is and he Addressed that you know talking about uh Bunch of messages and you know various Ways of talking about love and divine Love but he says this here with my son We do not have this kind of Communication so it is we meet up on Other planes and our souls can Communicate and our souls can commune it Is another kind of contact we wish some Of these messages should reach him they Are a confirmation of transer of Confirmation of information we give him Through other means a highlevel master Does not necessarily have this gift you Should you must consider yourself Privilege to have it he's talking to the Woman to appreciate it at its true worth We use it nothing is given by chance it Is inscribed in your destiny and you Make good use of it by reserving it for Us I dear child although your Incarnation is not easy you have some Unusual compensations and you do Recognize it you also know that to hide Your Treasures from Mortal eyes for our Part we know and we use them since you Let us make use of your person in the in The most complete surrender our hearts Vibrate in unison now and forever Boby and so he addresses the you know

Chargie just not being a medium and he Couldn't have done this many messages That's the other thing these messages Were key in lots of ways for um you know There was the messages after chargie Died and there was messages chargie Soul Was given into the medium and there was A number you know messages like I said After charge you passed away so there Was um you know reasons for her doing All this work somebody who could just do This right Sunday October 17th 1999 10 A.m. many human tragedies could be Avoided if real communication existed Between people being afraid to speak the Truth is not always a good practice it Results in tensions and complications That could very often be avoided voided If one's acts and words were dictated by Frankness sometimes to avoid doing harm Human beings get entangled in situations That are time bombs psychological dramas Could often be avoided by diffusing them From the outset Simplicity and frankness Can often pay off in the best sense of The term people themselves create Complicated situations from which they No longer know how to extract themselves In certain circumstances it would be Beneficial for for them to collect Themselves before speaking or acting Taking the trouble to sit down and Meditate very deeply surrendering one's Worries and embarrass and embarrassment

To the master could help them Surrendering ones was that surrendering One's worries and embarrassment to the Master could help them I'm not sure why Embarrassment anyways they would come Out they would come out of it with a Calmer mind and clearer ideas the right Course of action would probably appear To them and spare them getting mired in Complicated Situations you all you are all not you All are not often among these cases we Have mentioned but sooner or later it Will happen and you will appreciate Having a selfless and effective advisor In the depths of your heart never act on Impulses of anger tiredness or Exasperation which can lead you to Behave in ways that is harmful for Yourselves and others if you take stock Of your lies very sincerely you will Realize that the observations are not Useless and would have helped you in Many circumstances try from now on to be Clear for the sake of your own peace of Mind and for those of whom with you Those of whom you mix we do insist on This aspect because it's one of the Failings of human beings we would like To track down in yourselves everything That can Curb Your evolution The more you advance the more you must Rid yourselves of all these all that Encumbers you our words are not

Moralizing we only want to Enlighten you So that you can increasing increasingly Clarify your way of being you will feel Lighter more active and determined to Move forward to see you looking towards The goal and focusing all your efforts On this objective would fill us with joy Rid yourselves of useless baggage Laden With a multi the two things of of no Interest as you advance you must see it For yourself and in Inspire to the Purity and lightness that a soul at Peace provides take stock and reflect And act Accordingly we'll stop here with this Long speech and these repetitions we Want to reach we want them to reach you Deeply take heart under line okay well Let's let me read re rad that one line Taking the trouble sit down and meditate Very deeply surrendering one's worries And embarrassment to the master could Help them and so you know I was thinking About this message as it applies to me Because what I do here is I am Frank Right I am being frank and you know Sometimes it might be a little bit Harsher or more brutal that it needs to Be you know something that's always Bothered me is like if I'm watching a TV Show or movie or something and there is A m understanding between the characters Because one of the characters won't talk About what's going on or both of them

You know there's confusion like what Bob Is talking about here that could easily Be resolved if people had an Conversation because they both have Knowledge that the other person needs And you see this time and time play out In you know plot lines you know as a kid There's a show called thre company it Was a a guy living with two girls Platonically It was a comedy and the whole show was Was like predicated on misunderstandings There was there was a continuous bit or Different bits where like the landlord Thought the guy was gay this kind of Thing and you know one person was Thinking the conversation was about one Thing and another person was thinking About another and I found the show like Distasteful and annoying right and People are very unclear and one of the Issues that people have is that it takes Them until they are angry To say something that needs to be said And then it comes out in an insulting Way right and then it goes over the top Like you are bothered by something Somebody's doing you see something That's a problem you hold it you hold it Inside and then it builds up you get Angrier and angrier and then you're in a Bad mood or something it just spills out And it hurts the person instead of being Effective and you know I have degrees of

My ability to tell something to Something somebody that they don't want To hear even on my YouTube channel There's sometimes I'm more delicate I'm More thoughtful by the way I say Something of course I'm not talking to Anybody directly you know this was what Bobby used to do he used to not you know Not that I'm comparing what I do to you Know it's like a different level but He'd be sitting in a circle and he would Be talking to one person in a very Subtle corrective way and and he'd be Talking about another person hoping that Person would pick it up and usually they Didn't and so um you know it's something I'm aware of like you can really uh you Know work towards saying something in The best possible way but people's egos Are so fragile it isn't their feelings It isn't their their emotions you know It isn't something that's once in a While you hurt somebody's heart and That's something different but most time It's about people's Egos and wanting to Be right and their egos being shattered That's what plagues the internet and Something that I don't do here you know In my journey series or these other Videos you know sometimes I could upet I Can be insulting and I say things in a Way that you know it doesn't need to be As rough as I say it but you know There's truth behind it and you know

It's good to be able to say these things Because it kind of falls on your Responsibility when bad things happen Because you withhold information that People need to hear and you have to say It whether the people respond or not and Like I said you can set up the condition So you can say it in the the most gentle Sort of way like you're doing a Intervention but you know things have to Be said and often times people nowadays Aren't going to accept those things but It's for their you know best interest And it's for your best interest because You see something and God's showing you Something for a reason and you have to Communicate it but you have to do it in A way you know that's going to be Received like when I say to people don't Put comments in the comment section that Are you know whatever adversarial or Whatever uh complaining or corrective Because I'm not reading them like it's Not going to have an effect on me it's Not the proper venue I get too many Comments and too many comments on both Sides of the issue so just because you Think you need to correct me doesn't Mean I want your you know I want you to Do it and if I say something like that Or somebody says something like that Then you don't do it because they're Already saying they're not going to be Receptive and then you know becomes a

Hostile act on your part right like There's things like that but in general Like things have to be said and even if They're said in a general way like I Said like not specifically to one person Or targeting one person but just an Attitude you know people need to hear it Because they're not going to hear it Anywhere else like in that in the case With my YouTube channel there's things That I say that they're probably not Going to hear anywhere else and just be Able to say it and you know I'm not Thinking about one person or another Unless I'm talking about somebody in a Comment video or something like that but I thought this was all interesting and I Agree with it wholeheartedly because Like I said if there's information out There that a person needs and they don't Receive it and it could prevent them From making a mistake or or you know Could help them get off a a bad course Of you know bad course they're on then They need to hear it and usually they're Not going to do anything with it but That doesn't mean you you know you have To withhold it because You know ultimately it's liberating for You it unburdens you and if you're not Doing it out of anger and you're just You know you get really fed up with Somebody like I said you do it for you Know the good of all then it's something

Different but anyways I'm going to wrap This thing up here only spirituality Will save this world it's Paro Definitely point from the Apocalypse in The Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful okay so I was going To end this video two voiceovers ago but I thought I wanted to say something more About my daughter Anna and the Situation surrounding her suicide and You know everything else that came Before it and I didn't want to carry This over to the next video so I just Thought I would include this um and it's Part of this video really it's not a Part of the next one hopefully the next One maybe goes in a different direction I don't know it's the journey Series your kids go through phases and With Anna we were in contact with her so Soul um there was a you know I well Don't want to get into the specifics of It but when uh just before my first son Was being born there was a sense that There was another soul that was ready to Come in and Anna came in almost Immediately after my son was Born and there was um you know they were Born almost like the same birthday she Could have been born on his birthday or Her birthday she was born on like 1155 On May 9th but could have been born uh You know on 1201 on um the uh the next

Day right and so these babies would have Been born basically a year apart right I Mean they were born a year apart on Mother's Day consecutive Mother's Day And so I had a sense of her soul and it Was like a Sweet Soul we were like um There you my ex and um the other couple Other kids were there and we all kind of Felt like this Pres of Anna and then When she was born it was the only baby When she was born I I like wept about There was a song playing and uh the um That song by Moody Blues that you know The miracle in my life song and I don't Like The Moody Blues I don't really like That song that much it was okay song but It affected me and it you know made me Feel like this thing about Anna's birth So she was only the only kid that I like I got teary eyed when she was born weird Thing Uh much different birth than her her Brother who had a a very rough um you Know was we had a great doctor and a Great nurse who used to be a midwife and They were just it was a wonderful um Like experience that way right compared To the chaos that was surrounding the Previous birth the year earlier and then She immediately like her and her her TW You know her Irish twin they just got Along great and they play for hours for Years and she showed a lot of great Personal characteristics and a great

Storytelling ability and she was great With animals and she had lots of Different skills different different Abilities she was a tough kid like she Wouldn't get hurt like there was one Time she was bitten by a wheel bug and Her reaction I was stunned because she Was always like just kind of a tomboy And I mean there's a time where her Older brother they were like Toddlers and he was running around and He was like had a lot of energy and they Were both big kids for their age and Physical and he was running through the There was like a you know living room Kitchen kind of door in the hallway kind Of circular thing he was just running Around the circle and he had some kind Of a helmet it was carrying like a Little toy football like he didn't know Anything about football was just was Just but he put on like a night like a a Helmet youd get for one of those you Know dress up costumes for a night you Know like a night inch charting armor he Was just running around and she just Tackled him and they slammed into these Shelves and like all the toys spilled on Top of them they're like metal shelves And neither kid cried you know they just Never cried they were you know they were Like tough kids and you know they they Enjoyed life but as they got older their Personalities changed like they you know

Had things that weren't there before Some of the things you could see in the Beginning some of the personality traits And this is with all the kids sometimes You have a really outgoing baby who Becomes introverted right like it's just Their personalities develop and then They are whatever they are when they Enter into adulthood right kids are Whatever they are you can see this when You have kids there's the CH you know The toddler years baby years then There's the you know the being a kid From you know whatever till they're in You know puberty 11 122 13 years old and They're pre-teen and then they're Teenagers and then they're young adults And of course you change a little bit You know when you're 20s and 30s but Your personality and your the kind of Person you are is kind of set you know It's set up that way you know you might Go through some personal Transformation but who you are as a Person and the characteristics you have Are there and the time that Anna was in Her you know 18 19 17 181 19 she was Just not a good person like everyone Kind of knew it and like I said it Wasn't always that way so it was hurtful To me for a couple reasons because you Know when you I mean when you have kids That end up being like kind of sucky you Take some personal responsibility for

That because You influence the way these kidss are And any kind anytime a kid becomes a Great person or a good person or a bad Person you feel somewhat responsible for It right you know parents are always Proud of their accomplishments or Ashamed of their kids you know whatever Their failures and things like this and Feel like it's partially their fault Like everybody feels that way you have To feel that way even if you mentally Try to make yourself not feel that way Or you deny it on some level you feel That way and certainly the environment Fed into Anna being the way she was the You know the the contentious Relationship between me and my ex and You know just all of those things right And just like with my ex my ex had lots Of talent she was really smart she was a Great student she had lots of abilities She was good at a lot of things but you Know she was a complete failure and you Know just a nightmare of a person and You can tell by the defining moments Like people have defining moments in Their life big moments that you define Them right and some of those defin Moments are public and they Define you To the public but some of the moments Are for yourself and they Define you to Yourself and my ex you know had failed All these defining moments it wasn't

Like she was just just that like she was Just a bad person but that's like you Know how She'll always be to me right The way that all the stuff went down the Way that she ended the the relationship And what she's done since then and it's Just being a negative person just like With Dody right like Dody I thought was Going to be a you know Great Master at Least a good Master he was going to rise To the challenge I had had some good and Bad experiences with him and I you know Believe the good experiences and that Person you know that saintly person that Spiritually evolved person would come Out come through and those you know Other Tendencies would fall away because That's what I was led to believe Happened with the masters of the system And it didn't like his good Tendencies Have seemed to all Disappear and he now just has these Negative Tendencies and he's gotten Worse at everything like he's you know He's not as good as a speaker his brain Doesn't seem to be functioning and he's A failure right he's failed these big Moments and so with Anna like we just Knew she was a bad person I mean think About how when my son first heard about This idea of the breaks you know her Cutting the brakes right um and the Other person couldn't believe that she Did it even though like all the evidence

Was there but me and my son were like Yeah it totally sounds like her like we Would more tend to believe it than not Because we experienced her selfishness Right you know there was a like I said There was a a young woman who had been In India and she knew the family and she Contacted me and said that she was Coming back to India is there anything We needed to her to bring and I was like Well these organic deodorant that we Used and Anna took all five of them for Herself and you know um and I said no You know I asked her to bring these for Everybody and she was like well I also Talked to her and I I said to bring Deodorant said they're all mine and I'm Like you know just the selfishness right Like this was you know just her way There was a time where I got really sick And I you know I've told this story Before but I got really sick and I was Really weak and I could barely move and Coconut water is like a cure all in India for Digestive issues like raw Coconut water and they just sell the Coconuts they cut them open there they Stick a straw in there and they just are Really effective they've helped me in The past and I said you know can you Contact your brother and um buy some Coconut water for me like I like I was Really sick and weak she's like no I'll Go do it for you and you know got around

5:00 when the coconut vendors sort of Leave this you know they they're gone They were out in front of the asham and I said you know can you go get the Coconut water you know I've been waiting She goes I can't do it and I don't want To walk all the way back um you know Just completely and I could have asked Any of the other kids right and you know Like so I had to like stumble out there Me had been sick for a couple Days um and do it you know it's just her Sucking and you know just being a you Know not good person and I got the Coconut water but still like really sick And so the the very next day and I still Hadn't eaten like in two days um she um Said we want to talk to you the kids and You know I'm like it can't be something I can't deal with anything I'm really Sick like I'm really weak and sick you Know like and I never said stuff like This like I was sick all the time I had Migraines I mean I work here all time I Tell you guys I have a migraine you know And I still make videos I still function And so you know this was me being really Sick and in India you get really sick Too which everybody knows and so I go Into the you know the the boys were Sharing the room the girls were sharing The room they were all in the boys room And I went in there and all four kids Were there and she said that all the

Kids all the other kids wanted to go Back to America and you know I'm like are you Serious you know like this is not the Day to do this and you know I was really Understanding how bad my ex was and There was like flirtatious stuff that She was flirting with my older son and There was all these other things going On that you know I didn't feel Comfortable with the kids going back and Being with her by by themselves right I Mean with me there it wasn't great and You know be even worse you know and I Kind of was realizing how bad it was Like I was I'd been in denial about how Bad she was and how bad the situation Was and I just couldn't deal with this Right in reality she was going to be Paralyzed and I mean she couldn't have Had the kids like she wasn't capable of Taking care of them in any possible way And I talked to each one of the these my Kids separately later on and they all Said Anna pressured them into saying That they wanted to go home like she Said well Mom says it's better to go Home before the win starts it was like Like late August September like this Time of year you know in India and so She pressured them to say well you know They eventually wanted to go home Sometime but each one said they weren't Ready to go home they want to stay in

India a while longer and then she kind Of just spoke for all of them that they You know they said like maybe well all Right you know I'll think about it Whatever she said okay good I'm going to Go tell Dad you know like this kind of Thing so they they weren't willing to go Home my ex wasn't set up for them to Even go there and Anna just just Manipulated and pushed the whole thing And then dropped it on me when I was Really sick and weak and I just couldn't Deal with something like that right and You know it took some days for me to Unpack the whole thing it was Unnecessary stress and the only reason She was doing that was like she wanted To do things and get involved with Things whether you know eventually I Guess it was drugs or date boys or Whatever it was that she wanted to do Smoke cigarettes things like this all of Which she ended up doing and she didn't Want the other kids telling me you know She wanted Them not to be there and she wanted to Have her own friends without the family She wanted to break away from the family All these things and she was Manipulating and pushing it in a very Aggressive way and something that Couldn't even happen cuz my ex didn't Want the kids and they didn't really Want to go and the situation wasn't

There for it wasn't an opportunity for Them to leave you know some months went By and I used to take the kids like Every Tuesday to the movies and Anda Went and Anna went with us the first Couple times and then occasionally she Would show up to go sometimes she would Tell us sometimes she wouldn't and she Would just you know not be there we just Go anyway and like if we were going to Go shopping for clothes or something Like that she would she would go she Would go as well but um she wasn't going That much and she was there at the house And she said she was sick but she wasn't Really that sick like I could tell she Was moving around she was talking to her Friends and you she was probably going To leave and I said we're going to go You know the movies and she said well You was sick and and almost like saying That I should stay home take care of her But She clearly didn't want that like she Wasn't sick and she ended up leaving and Going out with her friends later that Night right so she wasn't really all That sick right but when she we returned Home she said all my friends said you're A horrible father because you left me Here sick by myself and you know like Just and was you know basically Slandering me to the to the kids and the Kids all had Parents you know who Robby

Assis I mean all these things right and I said to her you know that I told her The story of when I need the coconut Water and like how she you know let me Down and then the next day she dropped This bomb on me you know and the family Something that you know was just Manipulated thing you know I said like You did this you know and I was really Actually bedridden sick like I couldn't Move I couldn't do anything like I Wasn't eating for like two or three days And like I was weak and whatever and she Said well I thought I lived in a family That would do things for you despite Whether you did something for them right Like that she expected me to drop Everything and and take care of her when She wasn't sick and she couldn't do like One little thing for me which I didn't Even ask her to do I asked her to to you Know ask her her brother to get me some Coconuts right so like and she had a Phone like she had gotten the phone that Someone else had given me and I allowed Her to do CU she had a you know social Life and things and so you know I didn't Really need a cell phone at the time or You know I think I did but she was the Only one in the family that had a cell Phone right my other you know my other Kids didn't have one I didn't have one And she you know but that was was the Selfishness that she had like and just

Aggressive and always in attack mode and The sick thing was that I was the only Thing I was the only person keeping her In India like she wanted to stay in India in fact when we went to leave that Was a whole nightmare in itself and then We got back to America she tried you Know all kinds of different ways to get Back to India because she had all you Know all these Social Circles of of People right and she was like slandering Me and saying things you know badly About me to the people that and you know These were people who she eventually is Going to quit like she would find new Friends and she would develop a Different life a social life in America And she really wasn't a part of Heartfulness SJ Mark anymore right she It wasn't something that she was really Into and once you found new friends she Just moved on with her life but as you Guys all know sa was my thing right and I said to her you know like I'm the only Thing person keeping you here you want To stay here and you're not helping out Like you you need to you know I mean I Mean it was just like that kind of thing But I also had to talk to her siblings All the time CU they were like you know She was beating them up and she was Acting out and they were mad at me cuz I Wasn't punishing her and I'm like she's Like you know she's ready to go over the

Edge like she's not mentally well we're In a foreign country and you know I was Stressed all the time about worried About her and her future and when you Realize that one of your kids is just a Bad person like a you know like somebody Who does bad things and is capable of Really horrible things like you know Murderous and you know suicidal and you Know all these types of things in the Same time I was just realizing how bad My ex was because you know we had tried All these hard things homeschooling Homesteading uh you know a vegetarian Diet at first and then a diet of Gluten-free you know all these types of Things right that we were doing that was Hard intergenerational Family Farm And A Lot of these things were things that she Wanted to do and I just adapted to them Especially the homeschooling and they Were hard things to do do they were Harder than you know the normal American Family has you know if you if you rely On the school system it's easier than Homeschooling you know especially if You're you're struggling different ways Right so we're trying all these hard Things and she sabotaged all of them she Sabotaged these things that she said she Wanted to do and at some point I Realized like I just you know sometimes You just know things right like you Might speculate or you might you know

Imagine or you might you know think that The person's doing it you have your Suspicions you don't trust but sometimes You just know and I realized that this Whole time she was setting me up to be The Fall Guy for this Failure of her vision right like a big Part of it was her vision and the Family's vision and she was setting it Up so I would be to blame by I don't Know who like you know I don't know the Master the the other members of sa Mar And know my family I mean it didn't Matter right and and that she was you Know manipulating things and dropping Seeds and planting seeds in people's Minds and undermining you know people's Opinion of me and you know doing this Across the board it was like extensive And when I saw it I'm like wow this is Effed up like this is really effed up You know to get our family to go in this Direction and do something hard and you Know and and to actively be working to Sabotage that and and pin it on me right And it was a pattern of behavior where You know she always had to have a Villain and she always had to have a you Know a Fall Guy and a person to blame And she always had to had hero or a set Of Heroes that supported her you know That would believe her poor me story and Agree with her about what a bad guy you Know she did it to her you know first

Husband when I was the hero and he was a Villain and she was doing it to me now And all these things so I realized I was Dealing with two really bad people like Just you know horrible people to deal With you know not fair not ever going to Be equitable and one of them was someone I was married to and the other one was Someone I was about to unleash on the World right it was who was ready to go Off on her own and be you know a bad Person in the world and you know it was Tough like it was it was a real bummer Like you know I mean for everybody Involved and you know certainly for me You know and some things come down to Like bad breaks so you know certainly There's some scaras and all those things Play a part in it and some scars are the Biggest part because some of those Things are unwavering and there's Nothing you can do about it because your Some scars are configured in such a way Like in terms of the suicidal behaviors That events were going to unfold that Both these people were going to be Suicidal and no matter what you tried to Do as a third person you couldn't Prevent those events from happening you Couldn't prevent the the circumstances That were going to push them in that Direction because they had self-abusive Suicidal Tendencies and they you know Part of their Soul's choice and part of

What they had to do was break that Pattern and you could certainly help People break that pattern but it's Ultimately only their choice like they Have to choose that and all the other Things that go with it like you can't Change people's Destiny you just can't Do it no matter you know how good you Are how hard you try you can't prevent People from facing what they have to Face or prevent the world to go through What the world's going to go through Like what's happening now you know on The verge of you know we're in the you Know beginning of World War II or have Been for a while you know in the end of Our civilization and this has all been Prophesied by The Whispers of the Brighter World messages and all these Other things but in terms of all that Whatever my some scars were to have People like that in my life and I had a Number of them you know at some point I'm now aware of that like it's just you You can't get anything done you can't Move forward if the people in your life Life are just horrible people the Dominant you know in your relationships Or whatever it is you just can't you Can't do anything because you're bogged Down and their drama and their you know Their heavy some scaras and their heavy Condition and until you're free from That experience and if it's your parents

If it's your friends if it's your your Husband or wife you know you're you're Just bogged down in it right in the Sark Tradition Master charie said that There's no real reason for divorce he Gave an example of some old famous sort Of rich Indian guy who had uh three Marriages he was on his fourth marriage And the guy was saying yeah I'm about to Marry for the fourth time and and Charge's like you're marrying the same Person you know like like you could see Like just you know from the conversation That the his new wife was just like the Other three wives and you know it wasn't Going to get better this time right and So chargie was adamantly against divorce Unless it was blocking a person's Spiritual Progress and you know in terms of your Family responsibilities and all the Things that go along with who you are Are as a person if people are blocking Your spiritual progress then you're you Know you can cut them loose and should Cut them loose that's the the one Teaching you know and it's not something You can rationalize it has to be real You it has to be uh you know they have To be actually doing that you can't just Make that up but I found that you know With my ex and to a lesser extent with Anna like they were definitely hampering My spiritual progress although they did

Provide cleaning for me they were Helpful in that way right but I just Couldn't move forward and you know I Just didn't have the energy anymore Because of just dealing with all the Drama and you can't like you when you're In that kind of situation you know I had The three kids started uh commas changed The rule and and made it um okay for 15y Olds to start sa Mark again I'm not so Sure that's a good rule because he Changed a lot of things and I think he's Just you know he sucks so but it used to Be had to be 18 but he changed it to 15 And you know charge uh the medium was Still live Madame Aly was still giving Messages so maybe you got it approved by Boby I don't know I don't know I you Think about that but either way my three Older kids all got to start and over a Period of a week and my daughter my Youngest one did just turn uh 15 you Know the the youngest of the three had Just turned 15 and they all got to start And Anna did really well for like a Month she was different she was going to Meditation SATs on and she was different But then she went to a youth Gathering Where she was very adamant about going To cuz all the other friends were going There but she didn't attend one Meditation or any really the function She was just hanging out with her Friends and I could see that you know

Sajar heartfulness was over for her Right like she was she wasn't you know She had I mean maybe she would come back To it but it was kind of my last hope For her I'm like you know it helped me Change and you know help some other People change and I felt like if she Embraced it and did it you know then Some of these negative Tendencies would Be cleaned out maybe she been chair a Little a little bit but when like she You know rejected it and then we were Gone from India and she started out Hanging out with you know American kids Instead of hanging out with you know People from Saar Abasi kids and you know I knew that this direction she was going To go was a negative one and like I Didn't think her she could suain sustain Any kind of relationship or jobs and God Forbid she had her own kids I mean it Was you know I I I don't know like it Would have been um I mean it probably Would have just gotten worse Because the kind of pressure you have When you have kids and then her Impulsive nature and her you know all The things that she did um you know so The whole thing was just a just painful Because she had some great personality Characteristics she could be very caring And she could be sweet and you know and Sensitive and nice and there was things She did she had you know talents and

Abilities and you know but people's Lives go one way or another and her hers Went the other and it's just one of Those things as a parent it's just Always going to going to suck right you Know you see this out in the world and You see it with other people but when it Happens to you it's just a real bummer And you know the dodgy situation I mean Certainly the situation my ex but like She's out of my life like she's a ghost She's like dead to me like I you know I Really pretty much don't even know she Exists and I very seldom even think About it once in a while a memory comes Up about the family or something but uh I think about Anna a lot more but in Terms of um Dodgy you know like it's just a similar Thing and when somebody fails so Epically and you know like they in his Case he has a lot writing on you know we All have a lot writing on his success or We did people who did Sark system and You know it's a very similar thing and You know you just hope that the person Will change or something will happen or You know something you know whatever it Might be and usually that never happens You know like it's a miracle or Something like that happens but you Can't count on it even if it even if There's a possibility and then there's a Point where that possibility that door

Is closed because for him to do what he Needs to Do publicly to admit to you know I said This some years ago and when I realized This when he needs to like come out and Like publicly apologize for his failure He would lose all confidence people lose Faith and confidence in him and then They would lose confidence and faith in The previous Masters for making him the Master and you know it's one thing to Apologize and tell everyone you know all Right I made a mistake you know if he Had some kind of you know transgression But it's across the board and his Treatment of chargie is unforgivable Like it's you even if it's un not Forgivable it's Unforgettable you just Can't do something like that you can't Do something like that as you know the Master of the system and diss your Former master and then you know Manipulate and strategize the whole Mission to erase him from the you know The organization I mean it's just like It's Unthinkable like it's something you Just can't do and there's no Redemption For that at least in this life um and so You know when you go through things like This with you know toxic people who fail And their failure affects you like There's lots of people Jo Joe Biden is Failing Trump failed you know all these People and they affect you a little bit

I mean whatever and then you have people In your you know distant family or People you know about and friends and Things that you know let everyone down Or have a failure or whatever but you Know they don't really affect you all That much like it's you know maybe You're mad at them for whatever they did Or you you know you're not friends with Them anymore whatever you don't hang out With them but they don't really affect You but when people close to you do have Failures it certainly affects you when They you know become toxic and whatever And they negatively affect you and you Know they laugh out at you or do Whatever and dody's failure has affected Everyone who does sar and there's no you Know there's no way to make it great but You just have to figure way figure your Way through it you know and for me it's Been the gratefulness meditation and and Everything that I've done away from Dodgy has been very successful and I've Been very happy about it you know and Just have to move forward like Disappointments are there obstacles are There you know people let you down but You just you know you can sit there and You know wallow in your victimhood or Feel sorry for yourself or you can You know cut your losses and move Forward the best that you can and that's What you know Sark is all about is that

You even with these issues you can still Move forward yourself anyways I'm going To finally wrap this one up only Spiritual vality will save this world It's Pomano definitely point for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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