Journey 122 (this one)

Journey 122 (this one)

Okay greetings brothers and sisters this Is the 122nd version of The Journey Series I'm going to leave the first audio Intact but I thought it was 123rd Because I I skipped 121st and you know That's Um you know I just released it and People are like oh you skipped 121st I'm Like oh So you know Um but I'll leave it intact and then I Explain this later on in the video I Just want to let people know because you Know I can't keep track of it anymore Greetings brothers and sisters this is The 123rd Edition of The Journey Series so at the End of the last one I realized that they're having the first Of the dodgy birthday celebrations they Had six sittings And I begrudgingly watched it Um I wasn't aware of it and I was going Through my own kind of stuff here and Channel stuff and and other things and I Think I've contacted by the preceptor You know I was getting sitting from for A little bit and You know the whole thing sort of came Together and I I'm going to show you Some clips in just a moment of the first Um segment I'll probably cover the

Second segment as well Just because it's kind of what I end up Doing here But I I really can't describe how I'm Feeling about this so I talked to this Preceptor and he had talked to a few Senior abiasis about Why charity is being scrubbed from the Mission and he didn't give me the reason But I assumed afterwards And you know I reached out I contacted Him with some information he didn't get Back to me And I think the reason is that they Think that there's some legitimacy to Charge you being scrubbed from the Mission And I really can't describe how I'm Feeling about it because like I'm not Shocked because we've already seen so Many things that you know I was one Shocked but not now I'm not disappointed because you know It's just the way things go And you know there's a certain kind of I Don't know what to say about it like I'm Not bummed because I don't know but it's Really bad because as I was saying to my Wife The way that they love charging like you Never see anything like this right like Chargie was somebody who exuded love And the love between a legitimate Spiritual master

And the people that he serves the people He has Associates the people that come To him disciples or whatever you want to Call it is especially in the Indian Tradition but also in the mission at Large people loved it they wrote Love Letters to them they weeped when when They had to leave his presence right They'd be on the plane weeping and I Mean I saw this I saw these people talk About them and how much how grateful They were for him from him and like it's Nothing like you would have for even Somebody who's um Like a an elder in your family like just The kind of love they had for him was And the you know the the level of them Expressing this love publicly you know In many cases was almost uh you know it Was kind of weird And the times made me uncomfortable like I feel a lot of gratitude for everything He did for me and on a heart level I Feel love for him but you know we didn't Have very many personal interactions and I'm socially awkward and you know these Things But these mnfers they used to weep I Mean all of them I've seen uh you know Some of these preceptors one one Preceptors Mr Mr B was reading uh Charges book Um my master a chapter about Babaji and He started crying like he broke down

Cried you know about charging describing Babaji like in the middle of reading Right I mean like it wasn't uncommon to See things like this all the time And this guy they loved more than Anybody you know it was just the the law It was like you know he's a a Representative of God the love of God Through you know this human being who is Elevated you know saintly human being You know I was given the analogy when my Wife and I were taught us telling her About this and you know I'm going to Show you the clips and the clips are Gonna you know just all of it like they Just moved on from charging and there's A part of the clip where She says it's George's birthday the Announcer it's Sharky's birthday Celebration the oldies like ridiculous But let's say this there was a beloved Grandfather like somebody you know the Family members loved the grandkids love This grandfather And he dies and their grandmother Marries like his best friend who's Always been like his sidekick you know Some you know like it's like he's at Batman's like Robin you know so I'm like You know Robin marries a grandmother Like you know metaphorically And Robin comes in and you know he seems Like a good guy at first and and then he Starts pooping all over the

Grandfather's Legacy and he tries to Scrub the grandfather from the family And the grandkids go along with it right Even though they don't like this guy and They love the grandfather but they just Go along with it they don't protest About it they don't get offended they Don't feel bad for the you know the Legacy of the grandfather I mean another Example would be like if when Jesus died And Peter took over the church he tried To scrub Jesus from the church and Become the guy himself right it's much Worse than that right and the way that They're just allowing this Legacy Charges Legacy and his work his epic Amount of work And they're just allowing it to Disappear And be you know his it's like he's being Forgotten And a race and a lot of people are Bummed about it or there's some people Who are you know they're but they're not Saying anything publicly they're not you Know and some of them have this story Whatever it is and why it's okay for This to happen and like dodgy who's been Such an epic failure like it's one thing To do it if he was successful And he was like you know I don't have Any choice and I'm receiving messages From Babaji and charge you and this is You know whatever it is right you know

Everybody has a legacy like when you die And chargie had built quite a legacy a Body of work and teachings and things That had benefited Us in books and uh You know DVDs and talks you guys have Seen some of the things I've shown and They're just so many better than this Content is so much better than dodgies And to erase all that content and Pretend that didn't exist and replace it With inferior like just lame ass really Bad stuff that's not even I mean it's Not worth reading it's you know there's New age like bookstore stuff that's Better than dodgy's crappy videos and Crappy books and things and so like his Stuff is horribly bad And all these people know it like they Know it and for them to not you know say Anything about it I mean just to go Along with it and to rationalize it and This guy was talking to me I don't know If he's going to call me back or he's Gonna you know I hope he does because I Want to know the answer I want to know What they're all saying is the reason For charge you being scrubbed but that Guy is huge into Whispers it says in Whispers there are four cardinal points They're going to be four cardinal points Each one in in each consecutive seasons And the birthdays are going to be Celebrated in those you know these four Original Masters and I don't think they

Necessarily is talking about dodgy but They certainly are talking about Charging and so in Babaji and so when Dodgy scrubbed those initials uh Gatherings try to anyway I mean they all Should have said something about that Because you know there's so much talk About how Gatherings are so important People look forward to these gatherings And dodgy didn't have permission to do That and with everything else he's done It's so obvious and so the fact that They claim they love charging so much But they allowing him to be disrespected This way and they're not you know Speaking up about it I mean it's so weak Like they're pathetic like you know They're worse than like to me you know Really bad people like they claim to be Spiritual people these people but I mean It's disgusting I'm disgusted by their Their weakness and lack of spying and All of it and the fact that they've gone Along with this you know uh whatever it Is all right let's get into that I'll Show you the clips and then we'll talk About this more but it's you know I I You know it's almost stunning how weak And pathetic they are okay Um Here is the big uh Thing that happened I was lucky to find this because I was Just skimming through these things

Relatively fast seeing uh How long the cities were and I wanted to See what books were released Um but then this um Person said this On the special formal bhandara Celebration Of the 68th birthday of beloved Along with the 96th birth anniversary Celebration of Purity Maharaj Are you kidding me like so they're still Doing that even though they did have a Gathering for charge because taji was Forced into it because people were Coming down Against his wishes to the Asha Um And that they're going to try to sneak His they're going to sneak his birthday Celebration into it um Like just ridiculous right like I Noticed this here This was the second sitting And they have Here Um and it's a 68th celebration of Beloved Dodgy and then it has this here they Have chargie up there which was weird Um But they're not you know uh Just a lot of You know why put charge you up there When you're you're racing them from the

Mission short settings for 40 minutes Still longer than a charges which were 30 minutes somewhere even 20 minutes or Less or whatever I said in the video I Covered it But 40 minutes is a short sitting some Of them are like 38 minutes you know It's um It's not really a SATs on I wonder if Dodge's health is really bad Uh the other thing is And so here it's at 68th birthday Celebration dodgy doesn't say charge you There as well So she just threw that in there like you Know the thing but his guys interviewing Dodgy completely And um In uh Hindi Eggs So I don't even know they're talking About books and heartfulness life And they're just doing it all in Hindi Like that's the beginning of the Gathering like these two guys talking They go right into a meditation that's Over it's like a 38-minute meditation Location We have a number of books being released Today Okay let's see what they are Tales of the parathas and it thought Does whatever That's Hindu it's just a Hindu book

Um I don't know uh what does it say by Was it say there is it authored by Dodge Accomplish Patel so he's telling Religious stories that's what gurus like Kind of things that they do Um yearning of the heart volume too In Telugu What's this is that the same thing there Um You know just these Sweden So weird this thing that they do here The kids Um well we saw that one already Nearly the heart and then This one here Um Well they can't see it they got bad Lighting you can't see the book You clearly can't see the puck Nearly the heart This is methods of spiritual trade under Sash mark Only for preceptors that's got to be not A good thing There's the crowd there I don't know it Looks like it's they wouldn't let us sit In chairs when we had the thing with Forks they wanted to now they got the Chairs out there And spacing right so it's um You know I don't know what their crowd Is it's not a horrible crowd but I mean on size wise

It's a promise thing Here's another book Um Just releasing crap like none of these Are seismish Mark books This is I don't even know what that is the Eternal eye Instead of about Babaji or something In Telugu they released on Telugu books Because that's where they are trying to Bring up their Telugu Farmers Rave the Earth in the and the Reds Let's hear what they have to say about This because I want to hear that one Eternal eye Telugu The next book released today Is a book named Farmers have the Earth In their hands By Dr Paul Liu That does not look like hands looks like A Dar this book has been written by Dr Paul Liu with Mary Christine bidalt It is a simple and very readable Handbook about the changes needed in Modern agriculture around oh my God Right what are you doing here like I Don't know who that guy is I think I Might have met him if he's French And there's a farmer married to an Indian woman I met you know nice people I'm not you know and I'm into farming

You know how you know this is stuff I Tried to talk about this guy about years Ago I mean I was like you know The first sort of farmer doing In terms of like so there's a I Shouldn't say that because there's People there's a guy who had an organic Farm and you know people I mean it was You know I mean very sparingly now it's A big thing for dodgy but he wouldn't Want to hear about what I tried to talk To him about it right Um but this is not something When you're when you have books by There's supposed to be charges birthday As well and you're not putting books out By charge or any size Mark books Everything so far is is religious or Something else And has nothing to do with heartfulness You know which should be heartfulness at Such mark Um what else they got here And then uh I guess that's it here And then they go to So that's their books that's their big Stuff And they've got some uh Aloe vera stuff here They're selling salt here he's looking At it like whoa hey assault And the role of water in the climate

Crisis you need water and climate crisis The next have a few products from hearty Culture that are being released today We have first being released The Horticulture sambar Lake salt which Is purely organic and naturally alkaline I don't think salt can be organic right I think it's a weird kind of Um there's another book here I think to The diocese for the signing of the Memorandum of understanding please There's a sign of memorandum of Understanding Or per thousand represented by Dr Paul Liu I now invite Dr Paul Liu to the diocese For the signing of the memorandum of Understanding please The objective of this memorandum of Understanding between heartfulness and Four per thousand Is to enhance the cooperation between The two organizations And to identify areas of mutual interest With a view to promote healthy soils as A solution for climate Okay so this guy Saw an abiasi You wrote a book I know this guy over Here Um I know this guy here I think too Um [Laughter] This is just bad Um you know but this was uh like I had

Um and this is not like a personal thing But I had developed an etheric farming If Theory you know which I've talked About on my channel Where you connect with this with the Soul you know it comes from The fintorn model Where they connect with the spirit of The plants right famous Farm in uh you Know uh in uh Scotland And fentorn's a big thing and you know I Read their books and and I got into the Indian aspect of this with Tulsi you Know the plant Tulsi which Dodger even Saw that I grew Tulsi like he'd never Seen before Like he requested seeds from my Tulsi Because Of how it grew Um like he was never like he said there Was something that like you know the Leaves were so very we had an Interaction where he was you know like Saying I never seen anything like this Right It wasn't the seeds it was like it was Done at the auction when I was using the Etheric gardening methods And my wife and I you know still do that But we haven't put as much energy into It lately But eventually we'll get really into it Again and I'll talk about it and I Wanted to present that because it was

You know it was a size Mark version of What they were doing at fintorn Attuning to the spirit of the plants and You know Babaji talks about the the Plant kingdom and you know the energy Behind the plants and Whispers quite Often Um you know this guy's not a obvious and They got some kind of weird Organizational thing going on here Um And then I don't know he's reading Something here I'm not going to listen to it um This guy I don't know what it is Let's just hear the beginning part of it So know what it is But clearly this isn't has nothing to do With charging like they just put that in There Let's charge his birthday They'll be lost in The Mists of time Okay thanks bro thanks for playing bro They got something from wisdom to wonder From Wonder to wisdom I don't know if that's a dodgy thing but It's reimagining spiritual education This stuff you know my family and I did To some extent Developing this got some holistic Approach Do they do any sort of uh Is any brighter minds thing in this Hope heartfulness Odyssey for personal

Excellence So these are the The course curriculum they're pitching a Whole course curriculum here Um that's not brighter Minds Um Some kind of thing here celebrating Canada the yoga perusa This is um Other educational trust thing Here they are up here What's this like another little book or Something here ready Thank you so much you're welcome This is just like I don't know if it's Totally low energy It's coming out here with his kids here Now this is just um Doing the meditation with this kid there That's not right Because this grandkid What's happening that they're doing Meditation here It's in under 30 minutes sitting here Um Like 35 minutes under 40 minutes sitting It right to this diary This kid's still there grandkid is up There on the stage we have this book Here that presenting This is the bandara message I mean just uh Really lame So here they're talking about the app

Do some sort of inauguration here They're doing a run A lot of metals here a little you know Celebration Um You know let's just split this play a Little bit We all got medals they're all running Hard you know this is the Smiles and you know whatever marathon Thing they're doing now 21k Just I think about uh eight miles or Something Kind of is a very special place Get some mugs there Pottery evidence Life here's some books and stuff you can Buy all the not not one size Mark book Here I don't know what the Eternal eye Is but it looks kind of creepy a lot of Barcodes like they're doing a lot of These barcodes here this is the big book Here they're releasing dodgy so I guess A book for kids please prepare for Meditation Comes in starts sitting here uh It's about I think uh starts here at uh 22 minutes so uh 22 minutes it ends at um Uh it's a very short meditation here 22 at 48 um Something so it's about uh 26 minutes long so it's not under a half Hour meditation

Dodge you look a little rough there Uh more of this stuff you know a Collection of videos some And then he just reads again he's doing A lot of reading here I don't know What's going on so um This is a couple I was talking about Quantum Theory this is a couple that was Um Doing farming But now I guess they're training uh This guy's French and you know they seem Like nice people but you know whatever Um Meditation with dodgy Quest programs I mean it's very Commercially oriented Some kind of family massage Spirituality moves Beyond Temptation and Fear Not a quote I remember Heartful communication Accounts payable a lot of advertisements Here We have to you know they have to pay These things to get money to run this Thing Harmful communication more stuff there So just running these ads In the beginning while you're waiting For the Sasson then more barcodes Like this stuff here sound healing And then uh Eternal eye they run the Books here

Real spiritual training is what makes The my our mind disciplined and Regulated you know they skipped babaji's Birthday celebration And now this you know this is supposed To be chargedy as far as I know they Only mentioned charges name once nothing To do with him no books released they Already had kind of a birthday Celebration with him before which we Said Or he was wiping his face there you go Meditation in progress 18 minutes And then it ends here 52 something so A little bit over a half an hour Like uh 30 something minutes 32 minutes Or something like that it's a very short Settings Um just uh what's really bad like just Not a You know they've lost their way Okay so I did that video yesterday I Left it the way it was I'm a little bit Low energy the thing was low energy you Know only Um just uh you know nothing like again The opposite of a gathering that was the Anti-gathering but I wanted to review First I want to play Dodgy's original announcement when he Bogusly says That he intercommune with Babaji you

Know he's lied about this before And that Babaji said you got to get rid Of All these holidays which you know when The Whispers it says the exact opposite The whisper just says over and over These dollars are important to celebrate Them on the day is important and that There are these four cardinal points And you know I guess this was Like just before dodgy was going to be Made the fourth master so I don't know If There's going to be a real master at Some point that's going to have a Birthday in the fall But dodgy you know Anyways he says this let's watch that And then let's see what he just uh see The the updated thing that they just did I'll play those consecutively here Yesterday when it was called to accept If I'm willing to accept this award It was a surprise for me And I say I do accept it on behalf of The hierarchy of Masters in the Organization Important announcement now We have been celebrating Four bandaras per year Means You're easily spending 45 days If you have to attend On top of that make additional visits

Coming there is It is a bit too much I had been pondering over it During lifetime of course sister Ellen Perry I would request her to communicate to Babuja Maharaja and say what to do There will be hundreds of Masters let me Celebrate 100 birthdays separately 400 Days and you don't have 400 days in A year So what was it took long time answering In He answered that he will get the answer Right time And the answer did came a few weeks back He said divide the year into two Six months From January To June 30th And from first July The 31st or 30th of December Whoever is born April 30th this master Will celebrate Combined birthdays of all those Masters Before 13th of June one person punch me And later he had a whoever is born Between 1st July And end of the year 28 September I Reward Why not later on if the living Master is Then in this segment

It will be appropriate He said no there are many reasons which You will understand That these two dates are important Person in 28th September I didn't argue it's not in my habitual So I said yes babuji it will be done So This is what I wanted to share with you Please follow him That doesn't mean that we will not Celebrate individual's Masters birthdays Can celebrate at home in your hearts These two Will be the tradition going forward Thank you on the special formal bhandara Celebration Of the 68th birthday of beloved Along with the 96th birth anniversary Celebration of Purity Maharaja so he Said that during bassan and he's Thinking uh brother Krishna which is Charges son Krishna who sort of endorsed Dodgy for some reason I know they had Issues in the past I don't know What the Dynamics are there but the Bottom line is he made this bogus Announcement And it kind of worked a little bit for Babaji's Gathering they had some sort of Small gathering like a one it was like a One day sitting There at the ashram I mean it's blasphemy because Babaji is

In many ways the key guy at least that's How it's presented it's been presented But it didn't work for charging because All these charging people to send it on The ashram there was like 30 000 people That came and four days before his Birthday dodgy had begrudgingly put out An announcement About the Gathering and then they Covered it and there was five sittings I Believe And dodgy they were short sittings like Under 30 minutes all of them I think one Was like 15 minutes And dodgy didn't say a word didn't say One thing about chargie and pouted the Whole time like Justin Like a little baby and so then they say This thing that it's a joint celebration But everything else in the in the Gathering you know again I didn't watch The whole thing but there was no there Was no focus on charging like they Weren't saying this is a joint Celebration all it was all about dodgy The title the videos were about dodgy And so like it's I mean he's just a Fraud and he just sucks at it like he's So heavy-handed and bad at the thing and Watching that Gathering you know where We just watched and you know I did a Whole compilation I had the part about Tuktuji where he got rid of um chargia As part of the Divine hierarchy

Andaji is a joke like he's just sucks The transmission just isn't there in the In the sittings at least as far as I can Tell in lots of other people can tell And it's very prevalent in the Gratefulness meditation so You know that we're doing so like the These I mean they don't have the Transmission and You know it's hard to feel it at all and It's like kind of has a weird feeling to It um Is giving these short cities because Satsons were always around an hour And usually over 45 minutes like the Number of sat ons I attended either on Sunday with You know old school preceptors And then you know with anything at a Gathering and with Master charity Sometimes it'd be even over an hour Which was a rarity But they were long And not a half hour long like not under A half hour you know these ones that are Even under 40 minutes are considered Short And I don't know if his health is Affecting him or he's just given up on The whole transmission part Because he you know I don't know like He's He just seems lost and he's so bad at Everything like he's just bad at doing

This like even being a scumbag he's not Good at it like he's he's just really Incompetent on all levels And because of that and there's such a Falloff between what Gatherings used to Be And the vibrant nature and how you look Forward to him and you know if there was A gathering going on And I was like consumed with other Things in my life I would feel the transmission like I Would remember like all of a sudden feel Transmission coming You know if I couldn't make it to a Gathering like it was babaji's birthday And you know I wasn't paying attention To the dates or something like that and It started and I wasn't like you know Aware of it but I remember like um Driving to SATs on group meditation and Being late and feeling the transmission In the car before I got there You know things like this things where Um you could feel the sitting and you Know you're just connected to it and There's none of that anymore And so all these people Who were you know pillars of the Seismarck community People who were you know worked harder And donated more money and you know did This longer than me They should all be calling BS on this

Guy But they're fawning all over them you Know it's really bad I don't know if They're worried about their own personal Positions or You know they just can't go there it's It's the same thing we see in the truth Community The way people You know just um Follow false gurus you know follow Trump Or anybody that you know I mean it's Just it's like Just a bad thing like people Claim to be you know in some way Thinking that they're they're awakened In one in one way or another spiritually Or you know what I see in the truth Community people saying that they you Know they've woken up But they just don't and going to the Lowest common denominator And that's what I've been more or less Thinking about you know because dodgy's Done like there's no redeeming him and He's not smart he's not sharp I don't Think his health is his mind doesn't Seem to be clear I mean he's I think He's he's going through the whole Dementia thing And they're just releasing these Horrible books You know there's so much good literature Out there in the seismic system

And most of it comes from charaji the Majority of it and the fact that they Don't re-release that stuff but they're Putting out these books that have Nothing to do with you know this thing With the plants You know I talked to dodgy about etheric Gardening and also about some sort of Guru cool You know having uh what we were doing With our kids in terms of The Homeschool Now you know my family and I failed it Was a failure of course my ex being what She was and all that stuff And it sucks but you know the stuff that We had the materials and the successes We had that included farming and kids Growing up in a farm-like setting and Milking cows and I mean there are Successes right And a curriculum you know there was like The homeschooling my ex was doing with The kids but there's also a spiritual Curriculum that I was putting together And you know it was a it was like a It was a companion book to this other You know book that we wrote the ABC book And it had exercises and things the kids Could do at gatherings And you know this Guru coulomb is an Idea of a a school that's in a farming Setting and it's natural and the kids Grow up milking cows between like you Know extra yoga for example are doing

Physical activities but then also having A academic you know a school setting but Many of the classes would be held like Outdoors and you know just be attuned With nature and have a spiritual aspect To it there being a national meditation Center around it you know parents would Be involved you know their days off they Would be there with their kids so it'd Be like a sort of homeschooling also And they have these places called Guru Coulombs in India and it was very much The vision that you know we had for our Family and again like it collapsed and There was bad things about these people Came up to me and wanted to know about It when my family and I were leaving India and I was just so spent You know I they came around and they Asked me about it And they were doing some things like This of course I don't know if they're Involved with the brighter Minds yeah I Don't know what their thing was But I was just so tired out I couldn't You know I just couldn't take something Like that on and I you know put it out There numerous occasions that we had Things to offer and then I had this Whole etheric Gardening System I Developed like you know I have to make Videos about that too it's connecting With the spiritual aspect of the plants And it just works

And it's totally in lying massage Mark And now they've moved into these areas And I had information that would have Helped them Of course I'm glad I didn't get you know A part of this thing because then I'd be Associated with this guy and then you Know I don't know how I'd be dealing With this whatever it was easier path For me to to deal with him falling this Way right and so I'm glad it worked out The way it did but you know they're Bringing this stuff in but it's foreign Stuff it's some you know it's some you Know educational stuff that's nothing to Do with size Mark and they're bringing In Guardian gardening and farming Techniques that they may be good I don't Know if this guy's the book They're Publishing is good or not But it certainly isn't the spiritual Information you need to understand what You're doing in terms of the meditation Cleaning and these things like that was The singular focus of The mission before that it was going to Branch out into these things but those Were going to be not the centerpiece They wouldn't be releasing books about It and and things like this they're Trying to turn this into a a profitable Book club but no one's going to buy These books like no one outside the Mission they're not substantial enough

To make any real money and not give Dodgy some sort of Fame and Fortune that He desires or whatever it is you know His business is collapsed his kids are There and it's just you know all these Things point to What is obviously uh fall And you know their inability to Recognize this and and care about Charges Legacy like he he did so much For them and to allow him to be erased Is just you know again I can't like even Express you all how left up this is and It's really effed up and by the way I Released the 121st Edition as the 122nd and someone said Did you skip 121 and I looked and I had So I I missed 121 for some reason I Jumped to 122. So this is 122 and not 123 like I said In the beginning Um you know I don't know how that happened but it Did you know I've done so many of them It's easy for me to kind of forget where I am it's happened before But this is the hundred and Twenty uh second version I should just Go back and do a little voiceover at the Beginning too Um explain that because I You know I say it in the beginning of The video that's 123rd But anyways um you know that's it for

Today I just um I want to get back to Other stuff but this other Gathering is Coming up and like I kind of you know I Don't Um we'll see like I there's almost no Reason for me to cover it other than You know there's like he said this thing That was kind of important this woman Did that this was you know she's had This one moment where she said this is Also Charlie's birthday celebration Was so not right and like it's kind of Important and I you know I actually Added to a meme Or to a compilation I already had Because You know I'm documenting these things Um you know this compilation that's how I was able to find that quote That I just showed you where you know The one where dodgy's announcing this Thing in the beginning of lology's Birthday really interesting to see what They do on logie's birthday because That's supposed to be Lyle G and Babaji Combined And you know it's a joke and I was I was Wondering how long this is going to last And when it falls apart which it should Have it's already kind of Fallen apart Already But when they go back and start Celebrating babaji's and chargie's Birthday and they almost need to based

On money they need you know they need More money I know they're hurting for Money there's just a lack of enthusiasm Which leads to a lack of donations and All of it when they go back to Celebrating those other two birthdays It'll be like nothing happened and the Failure was never there You know but the the lies about all the Things he's lied about all the bad Decisions and incompetence It should be obvious to everyone the Guys failed and they should be coming up With some sort of ideas of what to do About it right and the transmission Isn't there and that's the most Important part and they're not doing Anything they're not they're just Sitting on their hands it's like really Bad I know there's a lot of older people And they're just you know they don't Know what to do and you know they're not In that time of life where they could Make changes all the Boomer hippies and There's not a lot of young people here In America that do the system And in Europe they're just all a lot of Them knew Babaji and they were they're Older than me you know they're 10 15 20 Years older than me so You know they're not able to adjust and Pivot here but my God right he's so bad Anyways I'll continue on next couple of Days

Okay Um So uh One of my viewers uh noticed this the Last two days here They put up chargie's birthday right at The end of it They added chargie So it's like they didn't do it for these Ones here It says uh 68th first celebration for Dodgy I showed you the titles in these Videos they're gone now Because they're going to start doing These new ones and so um They got rid of charge and you know There was no charge in the I mean it was Just A joke to say it was his Gathering Because there's it's not his birthday Dodgies crapped all over him now for Years and disrespected him cutting them Out of the mission Didn't mention them I mean there's Nothing to do with them no books Released by him nothing that would get You to remember charging You know you know no Praise of Charity The way charging was always talking About Babaji he never talks about Georgie the way charge you talked about Babaji or Bobby just talked about lology And so it's a joke and he only they only Did it for two days

And Here you know and it's clearly dodgy is I mean dodgy should be second fiddle it Should be chargie's birthday and also Dodges but you know it's just a joke it Was never serious it was just you know Everything I've talked about and now They're going to these new ones here This is upcoming right the 68th birthday Celebration of dodgy dodgy heartfulness These are the things that they say here And so it says here 68th birthday of Puja dodgy with along With the 96 Birth anniversary of Puja SRI charging Maharaj you know there's like it's a Joke right you know it's not even in the Title and they put it here nobody's Thinking it's charges birthday here's The other one here Same thing Um this one doesn't have anything to do With charging this one doesn't mention Them at all right this is the first one This one doesn't but this one does You know This one mentions charge you the other One doesn't and so the whole thing is Just an absolute joke it's an Embarrassment right nobody believes These things that are you know it's a Joint birthday gathering People lots of them attended charges Even though dodgy pouted about it he

Didn't want to he didn't want to Celebrate chargie's birthday nobody in The right mind believes that Bobby gave Him a message reversity and everything He said before about the importance of These bandaras the importance of them Being celebrated on the birthday and the Four cardinal points of these gatherings I mean dodgy's just crapped the bed like Unbelievable right it would be Unbelievable but you know it's dodgy Okay so the same person that sent me Those um that screenshot Also mentioned she talked to the dodgy Truther because she had told me about This a long time ago That there was a video out there in Which Dodgy said that Georgie was given one Last chance to make it to The Brighter World This is towards the end of his life and He failed and he didn't make it he said This in a speech and the speech Disappeared dodgy truther said to this Person that he also heard The same thing so they think that this Is what Rob was trying to tell me and Some of the other people have heard this I don't know but there's a massive Problem with that you know Rob still Hasn't responded to me and I'll get into That in a bit but there's a massive Problem with that and the problem is

Dodgy is a proven liar he's lied about These intercom intercommuning with Babaji and tukdiji so this is a sacred Thing so if somebody intercommunes right And you have a spiritual experience It's not you can't be imaginative it Can't be something That you think happened or wish happened It's got to happen you can't say things To people About your spiritual experience and make Those things up to manipulate people And create you know dodgy's case To get rid of two holidays and say Bob's In or commune with them and said to do It when Bob G made his uh his position Very clear on this not only in The Whispers of the brighter World messages But throughout his life the importance Of these bhandaras These gatherings and dodgy reversed that For no good reason just because he Wanted and also everything he's doing to Try to do his own thing And change all the stuff in the system Now I can go through all the ways he Sucks but I talk about constantly if you Guys don't know about it by now you know What you know I mean it's he just sucks Worse than charge yeah on every level And anybody was around charity would see The difference Chargie was literally better than Everything than dodgy and accomplished

The preceptor was better than dodgy the Master they accomplished the preceptor There's preceptors and holy people and Saintly people inside schmarg that you Can look up to they're just people you Can admire People who are doing a great job and There's lots of them there's lots of Preceptors that go above and beyond in Terms of their dedication what they've Been able to Do in the mission like people who are You know much more into it than me nicer People than me you know these things Who are much more of you make themselves Much more available to people and all The things that they've done work over The year travel I mean they're Dedication especially the Indian ones Who who grow up with this what they're Willing to do I mean they'll just do more than Americans even in their jobs That's why they are hired like they hire People from foreign countries Who are you know who will do math Because American kids too entitled to do Math And we'll work all hours of the night Because you know India's lifestyle and India is a material place is I mean this Is why people hire immigrants right Think about the immigrants and how Immigrants will outwork Americans

Because they come from Desperate Circumstances And they'll you know they're tougher and They'll tolerate more BS and you know I Mean people who come from abusive Horrible situations will work harder When they get a taste of what America Has to offer right and so This uh translates into spiritual work And commitment From Indian people that you won't see With westerners And dodgy is just not as good as any of Those good preceptors and I mean so many People when you hear them talk he's just So bad at everything bad decisions Totally transparent getting caught lying He just sucks on every level like he's Fallen and he's a lot worse than he used To be he used to be a lot better and so The only reason to stick by dodgy is This idea that the master is somehow Infallible which has been blown up and Dodgy blew this up by saying all the Things he said about charging the things I heard him say about charging and then This other thing you know there's no Good reason for dodgy to say charge you Didn't make it into the brighter world Because it's counterproductive right to Crap all over his legacy there's no Reason for it his talks were great you Know his books are great we experienced His books and talks and all of these

Things they're wonderful they're Transformative you know I've never been A master disciple guy You know I have problems with authority I just because of my personality like I Never was into it like lots of these Other people I didn't like chasing them around you Know like you know just hanging out Waiting for the guy and all these things That people did you know this Like sort of cult of personality stuff They would do where they would just hang Out and they would just Master this Master that but his books and his Teaching and his transmission is Cleaning and all of it I mean I'm Forever grateful for it like I can't Ever repay him for everything he's done For me I mean his you know his work and His existence and all the things he left Behind in his books like when I read Them they were like I get the book just At the right time and it helped me on my Spiritual path and my material path had Helped me you know he helped me become a More disciplined person all these things There's so many ways that charge you Helped me and like there's you know deep Love in my heart for Him like some you Know a deep spiritual level but on a Personality level I didn't spend that Much time with him of course I knew him Through his you know books and things

Like that Uh you know but I wasn't one of these People like who you know these people Used to weep and all these things right I mean I had these meetings with them That were incredible like experiences With him were transformational but I Didn't have the kind of stuff that some Of these people had right and a lot of Them you know wanted to master their Whole life and they wanted these things And so you know and for some of them I Mean it was even I don't know what to say about like even More uh you know he he was so important To every aspect of their existence And you know if he failed If he didn't make it and everybody was So impressed by him It's you know no one needs to hear that And dodgy only said it once and he Erased it so you know why would he erase It why would he say it where do you get The information from Like it's just he's a liar right he's Been caught lying time and time again There wouldn't be a Whispers of the Brighter world that said he fell Or he didn't make it into the brighter World I mean it just isn't and it's in His stupidity what dodgy's done not just With saying that you know this talk that They scrubbed and all the things I'd Show you I've showed you the way he's

Crapped all over charging the way he's Disrespected him to say that took JiJi And these other people were better than Charging there's no way like there's Just no way Georgie was in the central Region which is exclusive to the massage Mark system I mean that's the teachings That everyone else is at point two at Best And there's no way charging would be not In the mine region central region all These things he wasn't put in there And you know I mean early on and it was In his Diaries and all these things Right so Babaji wouldn't have given a Whispers message about this and dodgy You know he says he's intervene with Babaji but there's there's no reason for Him to say what he said His only reason was he was jealous and Everyone didn't love him the way they Left charging so he just said this and Then you know in some impulsive move and They scrubbed it from the internet just Like they scrubbed the letter where he Left charging out of the Divine Hierarchy because he's a jealous bitter Little you know poop head but in doing What he did he's saying that the master Could fall the master could you know be Elevated because there's lots of people Who fell in the system and there's lots Of saints you know Jesus fell According to Babaji you know these

Saints they Rose to high levels and they Have a spiritual fall right Jesus in fact inter commune with babji And told him about this You know and that's I mean again if you Were to believe it I believe it but you Know it's for each person And some of the things that Jesus said At the end of his life were indicating Him saying God why how Thou forsaken me And some of the stuff he went through Was because of his losing his way and Focusing on people and forgetting about God which often happens people get Sucked into the drama and the needs of The people that are following them they Start feeling themselves as you know as As having you know fans and whatever it Might be and they forget about God and There's a fall immediate fall And that happens all the time so inside Your body that wasn't supposed to happen For the master but we already read The Whispers where Babaji kind of implied The last one I you know I did was Babaji Implied that Things were going to go south on dodgy Like it was pretty flagrant and so dodgy Himself screwed his own you know his own Uh people's you know perception of him By saying that a master could fall if You're going to say between the two of Them If dodgy fell or sharji fell you would

Say dodgy there's just no way like There's a you know there's it's a it's a No-brainer and that's why I'm like so Perplexed by all these people who will Believe that charge you fell And then they look at dodgy thinking He's doing great like he's he's horrible I mean there's just no comparison to him And charge you like it's not even you Know it's not comparable they're not the Same they're not on the same level and He just keeps on getting worse dodgy is Getting worse with age and all the Things that around him his family Business failing you know everything With charging all these people that were Around charging they all got amazing Jobs They've got me more money you know Charge he said Bobby has given you guys Better jobs than you deserve they made You know like lots of money there's all These Millionaires and people all this Success you know success on every level Everything that charity touched and Created and was a part of the work was Successful Dodges failed every time he's Done something And his Gatherings and he just changes Them up no consistency no forethought Making rules he ends up not enforcing Making claims that aren't true I mean Just you know I've covered it here I Mean the guy sucks at his job he's

Horrible like he's you know worse than He used to be as a preceptor I was Walking around the pastor and I you know I Know that every time I've mentioned to Rob about the doing gratefulness that We're doing you know our own thing here That um he gets bummed out and I Understand why like it's you know it's I would get suspicious if any other Person Was doing this except not now like I Would I would applaud it because I know Gratefulness has worked And I know dodgy is unretrievable But I think most people in the mission Are like oh especially because I'm not Like I'm not like known as being a saint or Something like that right I mean a lot Of them already hate me and there's all These things They question whatever was going on and They think I'm trying to be some mini Master and Guru but all you guys have Been around know that I you know I don't Want any part of that I'm just doing what I can to retrieve Something But the great thing about gratefulness Is the meditations are working I just did one last night you know I had A I was about to go into bed I was Pretty tired I got to some dental work

Done and you know I got these like the Dentist and the dental assistant both Hit a nerve which sucked it was like a Weird feeling and then when the Novocaine wore off my jaw was it was Just like wasn't feeling great my wife Went to bed a little bit earlier because She was um She wasn't feeling so well herself And the dogs were in my our bedroom and I had to get them out and put them in Their beds and one of them pooped on the Rug right And so um You know I had to clean it up and you Know I turned the light on and I didn't Want to wake my wife up but like it was Just this nightmare Diarrhea you know diarrhea not to be Graphic but it's just one of those Things that happens And that woke me up I was a little bit Irritated by it because it's really Tired and they had to do that It was coming off the Novocaine and so I Couldn't go to sleep so I did one of the Sittings from gratefulness the one that Isn't the absolute it was a great City Like the city's ungratefulness are so Much better than the ones I was Experiencing through the heartfulness App and the ones I experienced with Dodgy and that's the proof of the Puddings and the eating as charger used

To always say like the transmission the Cleaning that's happening in the Gracefulness sittings are just better And you know anybody can experience it And if they can't feel it they can't Feel it's not for them like if these Other people did the gratefulness Sitting they couldn't feel anything but They did a dodgy saying they could and They should stick with dodgy right like I don't know each person has to evaluate This for themselves but I know that Gratefulness is working and you know it Is what it is and you know these other People I mean at least I've come to Terms with that dodgy socks and Has Fallen and it's for everyone to see like Someone who lies so easily and you know He just sucks so bad I mean every time He goes out there he just sucks like It's you know and and now it's easier For me to see because we're doing Something else but it used to be like oh My God you do better like it's just you Know rise up man you know you'll rise up To the level that was expected and just You know you need to do this this is the Job you took on you need to you know Become a master and it just didn't Happen like it didn't take and now it's You know it's over with like all the Things he does he can't walk them back You can't redo them he can't come out And say oh I lied about intercommuting

With Babaji let's reinstate the holidays Oh I lied about the brighter man's Brighter Minds program oh I lied about The G thing you know you can't say all That stuff like you know that's stuff You should have never done The things that preclude him from being A master and he shouldn't have said Anything about charging falling for the Brighter world even if it was true Because you just don't do that like it's Not for you know people who are already Um you know who are maybe in doubt about Him or you know the the whole system as Charging failed like that just makes Everything confusing to people you know It puts the seed of Doubt like doubt Poisons the will as Babaji says when you Doubt the system you start doubting the Masters and all the Hell Breaks Loose Then you start question am I really Feeling transmission or is this guy Worth trusting and maybe I shouldn't do That you know it's just it's bad for you And even if you stick with it you're not Fully committed because doubt is there When you have doubt you know like Someone says your child your spouse is Cheating or some kind of you know Somebody's your business partners Betraying you and they start having Doubt and you like you know it just um It stops you from being full in on Something right now you're suspicious

You're you're holding back and you're Worried about getting hurt and you're Not you know what I'm saying it's just Doubt is bad like doubt is is uh Whatever you have doubt about something It's gonna sabotage your ability to be Successful it's gonna you know cut in Half your energy and all these things Poison the Well as Bobby said you know I'd like to hear from this guy Rob and Find out what they said I guess I'll Text him maybe tomorrow just because I'd Like to hear the the answer and it'll be Good for all of us to know what they all Think But the fact that they would be Justifying That um You know that chargie fell like there's A reason charges being uh you know Minimized and see Nazi dodgy for being As sucky as he is presently like they All remember how charging was great and After somebody dies that gets magnified You know you forget about the bad things When people die for the most part And somebody like this gets elevated Let's say into higher developed Soul you Celebrate that and you miss them right So um you know it just it doesn't make Sense what they've done here like it's Bad you know it's really bad anyways I'll continue on the next couple days Okay so this is from four years ago

Apparently this Brighter Minds um I you know this I seen Without you uh seeing without your eyes Matrix Wisin documentary Seen without your eyes Now you can see that the comments have Been turned off So we know what happened here right Um I very seldom give a video uh thumbs Down but I did because you know it's a Scam Uh and you see here let's go to the Video this is from 2018 English subtitles Um turn the volume off And so as they're seen Without Eyes If they're going around here you see the Kids are totally lifting their heads Lifting their head so they can see Underneath the blindfold They do it all the time they're driving Around slow see he looked at the person He picks his head up because that's the Only way they can see Anyways and so um You know we know how this works And then it's going around see lifting His eyes he's seeing right through here They can see out the bottom of the Blindfold waving again And then you know this is how they're They're looking so he looks up right Sees the thing and then boom why would He need to turn his head towards the

Person and lift his head up If he was seen without his eyes you know It just I mean it's so obvious we know This is a scam and now it's made it to Um season see the hand up right there Same kind of thing And so um You know like it's just I showed you this thing in a movie And the same thing here right there just You know they can't see as well you can Obviously see they're having issues boom Yeah let's do the hands up Go around here we go no he didn't see You you'd have to say this guy does so He's mastered the the art and then same Thing here And so um And there's all these experiments as Well And so this is a global scan which Is obvious why they you know Why they can do this to make a quick Buck And the kids will just cheat like all The kids will learn how to cheat and I Told you how that works see They hear the other kids getting praised And so they feel like they have to cheat As well and they all end up figuring out A way to see through the blindfold so The parents are never there telling them What to do they're not telling them how To cheat but the kids figure it out and

The parents just don't catch them doing It or pointed out and the kids feel Great because they're getting praised And they're all like you know kids Minds The way it works they start thinking That they're actually kind of doing it And where they think they're clever or Whatever But this is just you know continuation Of the scam and so once I saw that I had A little extra time today my other my Video on my other channel got Demonetized I got to go through that Process so Got that one done early at least um But uh I saw that they had the first Uh first sitting for the dodgy's Birthday gathering you know they're not Doing anything to call it charges right And I document that here I'll show you That those uh Clips in a moment But when dodgy came out into the Intercommune With Babaji and Babaji said get rid of Babaji's and charges birthday Celebration because sometime in the Future There'll be 400 Masters you know I'd be Shocked if this thing even last past Dodgy dodgy is a joke whoever he Appoints will most likely be a joke And the mission will be gone It's already you know on the ropes People don't even know it things are

Going to happen Uh in the world and there's just going To be a disruption and you know the Economy and travel and things and You know it's right now it's it's going To fold and hopefully there's little Pockets of you know like what we're Doing with gratefulness to keep it alive And And they'll have some sort of a reboot Later Um you know Bob as you kind of predicted That so That's all you know there but in terms Of 400 Masters You know that's it's just stupid there's Four Bobby said there are four cardinal Points all the Gatherings are important It's important for the people to Experience them and the mission needs Money dodgy needs money and these are Big money makers right A lot of people Donate a lot of people travel there and Donate money I mean you have you know It's the size of a concert right 30 000 People all giving just a little bit of Money is a lot of money And so you know they have the Accommodations they built the whole Ashram for these gatherings And Davi got rid of him he was lying and He doesn't interfere with Bobby he's a Joke he's a failure

But if he was in line And even if he was lying it would be Smart for him to at least make an effort To make this about charging but he Doesn't want to celebrate charge you on His birthday because he hates charge Everyone knows it like he's so he's mad At him something happened with charging So he doesn't want to celebrate charge You on his birthday And so that's a lie Bobby G didn't Intercommune with him he didn't even Make an effort he did this a few lame Things to mention chargie And you know like what I showed you The woman uh said it at the beginning of The Gathering She said his name once and that was it No no books by him There's no books This Time by him either There's nothing there's no statues to Him there's no anything in that ashram He doesn't exist he's been ghosted he's Been you know he's been expunged from The mission And you know they mentioned him twice in In the videos at the end in the title They said and chargie's birthday for two Of the videos which have now been Deleted and the new videos don't have Chargie at all mentioned and so it's Just it's a joke right like it's just an Absolute joke so let me show you what I'm talking about here

Okay so here are some of the the videos Um they just put up this one Dodge's Timeless wisdom on spirituality A glimpse into the heartfulness spandara And green run at Kana And there's a day one video The live videos The live videos are up but you can see They don't mention charger here because This isn't about charging that was a lie Dodgy is a liar and this is not a a dual Gathering where they're celebrating both Together And they just are saying it in a Superficial way But this video here He talks about why why people call him Dodgy And then this happened you know he gets A little bit sort of Joe bideny here So I was pinching this kid on the cheek I mean just It's kind of you know gamble all that You have to When you see a living master Oh like you You know he's saying this um And you notice here's philology here They have a statue of lousy and they Have Babaji right behind him and they Put sharji here off to the side Um but he's not you know He doesn't see him as the master right a Disrespect and charge even in this

Little video here it means here but this Is a color photo of Babaji a black and White photo of charger and a statue of Philology This is a living tradition after is gone Forget him no we should forget him now Because he's already gone in the sense Of he's failed like he's got a failed Mastery But he keeps on saying this over and Over again even though he himself says Babaji did the work behind charges back To make him a master And yet everyone else is supposed to Focus only on the living Master even Though He's failing miserably right this is of Course when he's gone they can do that Because You can't scam them anymore so at the End of the video he talks about Buddha Buddha is not really a part of the Seishmark hierarchy he's put him in There Bob as you talk to Buddha once Buddha Was talking more about Nirvana and Really wasn't into what babji was doing And you know was different than when he Intercommune with Jesus and some of These other Saints and courseology and Krishna Swami Vivekananda some of the Ones who are more Um you know involved but Dodges got a Thing for Buddha anyways this Gathering

68th birthday celebration nothing to do With chargie It's streamed here It doesn't say anything about charge Even here it's only it's only dodgy's Birthday We just got to establish this because They're going to might they might say Things once or twice like they did last The other Gathering I mean it's just so Obviously not the truth they have a lot Of these barcodes this one has Dodgy in the middle of it Heartfulness app And then she's going to come in with the Announcements here Okay so they sell some um Flavored coffees They're rocking some flavored coffees Marine mud mask I want to get some mud Mask here's some of the books here Methods of spiritual training we've Already seen that from the last Gathering there's some family Yoga Retreat here As well And Kerala this is an ad that they're Posting I said something to do with Heartfulness but it's a yoga retreat and Not a Meditation Retreat right Getting farther and farther away from That There's that book they released already It says here these are photos of the

First batch of dodgy 68th birth Celebration nothing mentioned about Charity which You know these are just some pictures The books that he released the kids that Are there At least some of those That book there Is this one here I don't know what it's Called Uh it's another crappy dodgy book This Is The heartfulness Life Shop store That you're trying to merge everybody up Areas with his granddaughter here So then he says something here he's Talking about everything going well and That there's new centers in Korea And they start talking about his message He gave I guess and he says the Hierarchy praised it the message was About being available I think it's for Preceptors but maybe for everybody but Him because he he's not very available He's not traveling He's not you know He's not available like charge he was But then he you know was saying that He's intercommuting with the hierarchy Here Officials thanks to bugsani family for Making it possible This message on availability Has received a lot of praises Also from the hierarchy

They want one change Just one little changes they say add Total in front of availability and That's all I wanted to share with you Today Total availability you know the Hierarchy says it's not me it's a Hierarchy so then they get back into Hockey more stuff here More stuff and heartfulness live Quest Programs family Retreat again Our teachers and they say please prepare For meditation this is dodgy's birthday Itself It tells you what to do here Comes out with his kid meditating with a Kid this was not appropriate kids Weren't supposed to be In the meditation Hall but I guess when There's no transmission it doesn't Matter So then he starts the meditation here At 35 12. And it goes for A little bit longer than the normal ones Here Um It goes to 35 12 so it goes 30 minutes just 30 Minutes It goes uh so it's a 30 minute Meditation so his meditations now Sassons are shorter and shorter Um then it comes out

Few more products and a book being Released Now she's going to release the books Beloved to Please Release the products Now First we have the book The designing Destiny by belavedaji being released Well the release in that piece of crappy In French oh it's in French now you can You can read that crap in French Oh In this groundbreaking book as we all Know Daji addresses questions with Simple Solutions and practical wisdom He leads us on to the next step okay so There's that among the different Products being released today We have the first set Of the hearty culture traditional rice Collection being released now we've got Traditional rice so you get one crappy Book by dodgy that no one read in the First place that nobody liked it's four Or five years old they probably finally Put in French Nobody there you know some painful People are French over there not a lot Of French obvious even And then they're going to release some Rice Here it is Straight from the rudrapur heartfulness Ashram's Bountiful Fields Bountiful

Fields We introduce two Treasures today The Assam wild black rice named The Emperor's rice And the kala namak white rice named the Buddha rice Oh he's got it We would like to share with all that Look at this sad These are naturally grown And they are also called The Forbidden Rice which was eaten by Kings and Buddhist monks Okay so is this organic what does it Mean by naturally grown Because the non-organic ones Gluten-free and highly nutritious rice It's very high it raises some of the Most nutritious rice in the world it is It has a low glycemic index which is Ideal okay so there's that We have a range of root pulps and jams Being released today They got they got in a range of fruit Fruit pulps and Jabs that's where are They we have I want to see these fruit Clubs from everybody see these fruit Pulps and Jabs different fruits which Are being made available Apricot pulp and jam Wait is it both things Beach pulp and Jam it's pulp and jam Plum pulp and jam so it's a jam and a Pulp and among one of beloved's

Favorites the passion fruit Jam Dodge Big Mango and mixed fruit jams which are Beans okay they got all those jams and Poop use of this opportunity to pick up These new Horticulture products from the Food range As also we can order these products Online from Okay so um There's all this stuff They got this is the concert so we got Some concert or goers here Topic does the Master Test us We request everyone To please introspect on this question Before tomorrow morning satsang does it Does the Master Test us You're trying to test our ability for Critical thinking skills to realize he's A the emperor has no clothes he's Testing us with his buffoonery so that We realize that he's doesn't transmit Anymore he's only given half hour sat Sons he's selling fruit pulps Um just prayerfully wait for our Beloved's message on the scene So this is September 28th it's dodgy's Birthday when they released this was the First sitting while we sit and prepare For meditation with our beloved on his Birthday today There are a few important announcements For all of us okay so it's not charges Birthdays it's dodgies this time last

Time you mentioned charging briefly we Request all to please note the same As we all are aware we have a special Program For the civil services of officers of The country okay so um Charge is not involved so far it's Raji's birthday and all can't be Mentioned in charge you on dodgy's Birthday Mike wreck his birthday Um you know you can find out the yoga Family Retreat and These other ads and stuff they're Running here All these things you can get the The Um flavored gies and coffees You learn about dodgy some Little Talks that he gives here and all These things here and maybe there'll be Some more music and stuff but no charge A few things I want to add to this in Watching this again You know when he says make yourself Available he's trying to get preceptors Go out and travel like he wanted Preceptors to travel up to these Villages and that whole scam where he Said they made it to 40 000 Villages it Started 12 billion new people just lie They just lie like they just blatantly Lie things that are impossible not Believable he just pulls the MasterCard And you know everyone's just supposed to

Believe him because he's trustworthy and He's the official Master of the system You know it's like he's um Scar in The Lion King or somebody who's Usurped the position You know where a bad guy sneaks in and Steals the throne from the rightful Future King and everything just Dissolves right everything goes to crap In the country everything falls apart Somebody who doesn't belong as the Leader is made into the leader And that's what's happening with sage Mark harmfulness it's just embarrassing But when he says make it yourself Available he's the least available Master of the system He gives very short satsons without any Transmission at this point like I can't Even feel it when I I used to be able to Feel it Even the like low vibrations even if it Wasn't as good I'd still be able to feel something when I turned it on but now I can't feel Anything And it's just you know there's nothing There he's just sitting for a half hour They've abandoned everything that Resembled size Mark in the past they're Just talking products and they're having Yoga retreats and having five k mile Runs and just becoming a normal Organization

When there's plenty of organizations Like there's nothing wrong with runs or Yoga retreats or selling Um pulp and jam like it's fine But that can't be all you have they've Scrubbed all the great works from chargi And Babaji they're not available these Books they want to make dodgy into the Lone guy that's why I scrubbed the Birthdays he's so obviously lied about Channeling Babaji he just makes up these Lies and no one's going to call him on It no one's going to say anything about It to him or to anybody else people just Knuckle under the thing even though I Always can tell he's lying and they said All right they're going to do these dual Birthday Gatherings his first chance to Do it he's cut chargedy out because he Hates Chargers no way he's not gonna He's not going to do that Gathering and Like I said his availability isn't there He isn't travel he doesn't do anything He's asking the preceptors to do he's Just holed up in that ashram he will go Back to America because they owe 120 Million dollars in investment money for Their failed pharmacy scam I mean he Just go stays at the ashram inspects Everyone to come see him he's still Relatively young charge he was traveling 200 days a year At this age you know and older and so Like he's a joke like he's not you know

He doesn't like he talks at talk but Doesn't walk the walk doesn't he talks To talk right like I was saying to um My wife that he's been here since 1973 Was in America and he spoke English uh You know initially and you know I can't Speak any other language I took Spanish And you know eighth grade and and maybe A little bit High School I don't know And I sucked at it like I didn't Understand it couldn't do it I tried to Pick up some you know a little bit of Language from Indian languages and it Was impossible for me to learn so I'm Not a linguist I'm not a multi-lingual Person One of my friends um Massage Mark friends uh at the ashram Told me a joke a person speaks uh two Languages is bilingual this person Speaks three languages is trilingual the Person speaks one language is American Right so you know I'm not gonna bag on Him for not being able to master the English language but after 50 years here He spent 50 years and he worked in a Pharmacy dealing with people talking to Them you know people that came in filled Prescriptions and staff And his English sucks and he's such a Poor speaker you know somebody who's a Master should be just saying things that Are you know mind-blowing like you Should come up with some some epic talks

Where he just Rises up and comes and Descends from a higher level and just Delivers uh like a platinum talk charge You did it all the time chargie was Doing it you know doing this kind of Thing all the time And dodgy's stuff is just so childlike And like uh you know childish and it's Just pathetic like he's not he's not Insightful he's not enlightened and he's Just bad on all levels and so this whole Thing is just a you know it's Embarrassment and they must be just Going after new people and stupid people And people who are too passive to speak Up and maybe they believe their own Lives like I think that's probably part Of it maybe he actually believes he's The master or whatever he thinks he's Better than the other guys or you know He's just he's just misunderstood or It's not he doesn't know why people Don't dig them or whatever but clearly He's failed I mean this is just an epic Fail Anyways there's another video tonight Hopefully I'll Be able to get through these things and Get this up on The following weekend just to you know Uh but it's bad like it's just you know The lies become obvious like I knew when He said okay we're canceling babaji's in Charge's birthday

And then we're going to celebrate the Two birthdays mine in charges on the Same day analogies and babaji's and it Was ridiculous to do that and the two Polar Opposites he's going to celebrate Lologies the one that's six months away Is charging right so when you go from You know January to July that's five Months right and from September to January is form on seven months from January to September because chargie's Birthday is opposite lologies and Babaji's birthday is opposite dodgy Right so winter and summer opposite and Spring and fall are opposite right this Winter the winter solstice and the Summer solstice versus the the um spring Equinox in the uh fallock uh equinoxes Right and so if they're going to Celebrate only two and chargi is the is The master and dodgy's the disciple it Should have been lology Babaji charaji Uh accomplish accomplish his birthday Should be disappeared but he said There's some special date about the 28th That he wouldn't explain because it's His birthday you know I knew when he Made this bogus lie that first we'd have To see if it held up because something That comes from the Divine hierarchy if Babaji says something like this makes a Proclamation Then it's supposed to be a bait and Babji didn't say things like this and it

Contradicted everything that Babaji said Before about the four cardinal points All the things I mentioned earlier You know like so it's just an absolute Lie and so him saying this I don't know How it made it out to the people but Lots of them aren't watching his videos He doesn't get any views on his videos Even these Gathering ones people didn't Maybe understand it or didn't believe it And people in India are just disobedient In these in this way they're very Passive but they're also very kind of Disobedient in a passive aggressive way And I figure they all show up at Bobby's Birthday and maybe some did that but They really did it for charging so the First test was Babaji's in the charges birthdays would People show up and would Dodge be Pressured into doing a gathering and he Did a gathering for chargie and he went Out and he did it in a sulky way like oh You guys didn't obey me and he was just Like a little about it right like You you can see the the you know just The they did a video on this he's just Sulky the whole time gave short stats on She didn't say a word didn't say a word About charity and 30 000 people Descended on the ashram and four days Before the Gathering he opened it up and Said okay because he had no choice I Mean it was would have been all these

People coming to the ashram and not Being allowed in and being turned away Like there's just even do anything about It And so the second test the third test Was this Gathering where they actually Include charge you which he would And so the whole thing's a joke like He's just got caught again lying but you Know people won't speak up about it and They've all knuckled under it's just Ridiculous the whole thing I think it's So embarrassing anyway I'll continue on Tonight or tomorrow Okay so you can see that um It's the 68th birthday celebration at Dodgy 29th September 2023 This was um That was what it was in India but it was Last night on the 28th so they had the First sitting was on his birthday itself Now they include Anniversary of charge here but obviously There's no charity You know they just do this it's like why Even do that right like either go all in And include charging plus people came Down there and they had to charge you Gathering Like the whole thing's exposed right the LIE is exposed Um you know if people don't see it they Don't see it but it's just there for Everyone to see that he you know here's

An inner communion with Babaji But they show this video here and give Them all that you have to Gamble that you have to when you see a Living master so you're they play this Video And it goes right into this woman Talking like she's in the middle saying Something it means to each one of us Total availability to his service Was something that was launched In the beginning of this year in February With the ekatmal abhiyan in madhya Pradesh so they're talking about how Total availability now this is where People had to buy a microphone Anything else pay for a microphone Pay for a speaker Hire a car drive their car out to some You know some uh region depending on Where they were in India it might be far Away You know bad roads and go to these Villages and recruit people and then Have it be lied about that they went to 40 000 villages And they recruited 12 million people Which was just a lie and You know charge you wouldn't put that Pressure on uh preceptors like dodgeus Now dodgy is unwilling to travel himself He's barely traveled around India it's Not coming back to the states where he

Has property he used to have a business He's not traveling You know he talked about being stuck in The ashram with chargey for seven years And charge you wouldn't let him leave And it seemed like he was going to Travel he came back to America he had a Few little Gatherings and that was it Charging Babaji you know Babaji was so Feeble you know Babaji um like he went On a trip when he was 74 years old You know it means a lot more to me now That I'm older right Like when you get older you're um You start to see how travel is you know Like travels hard And you know your body doesn't recover And you know travel is in some ways Unnatural plane travel certainly but Even by car You go distances that you know you go Through these various climate changes Like you know the climate changes in Different places and it's hard on you Like it just is and Bob G never really Recovered from his trip to Europe in America when he was 74 years old and he Was always sort of you know physically Not the same after that But he did it like they traveled Everywhere together Georgie and Bobby And then charge you traveled on his own And they made themselves available Biology didn't have you know he just had

A village but he was in physical pain he Had an abscess in his liver they all had Physical issues And Dodgers just held up in that ashram Which is whatever he's doing right Probably better than he is And you know he has the internet but Still But he expects all these other people to Go and be total availability like this This is uh you know there was that video I showed you yesterday or you know that Was You just saw here but it was yesterday For me And then they played the video here and Then This Woman's already talking it's Like they catch her in mid-sentence Talking about availability After the success of the iqatma abhiyan In the state of madhya Pradesh This Oneness campaign was taken forward To three more states of India Uttar Pradesh Tamil Nadu and Gujarat Ma was launched in these three states On the day of janamashtami by belavedaji So they're going to recruiting people Door-to-door this is not something Charging and Babaji would Indoors and it's you know it's going to Fail like it will because this is not The way to go about it you're not going To get quality people and there's no

Transmission anymore And so it's just the whole thing's a Failure And you know but he won't have Gatherings you know like he's suspended The charging and Bobby gatherings We are very happy to share with you now The success of the academy Beyond in These three states so far Beginning with uttar Pradesh okay so we Know about all this stuff right Um You know that they're saying that uh Tamil Nadu They've gotten 31 000 people 31 000. There was this many schools this many Colleges so they've gone to 31 000 Villages The 69 000 cities This is the amount of participants So this is you know just crazy numbers Like they always put out these crazy Numbers Um you know all this stuff we got some Pictures to show this is the millions of People they recruited I'm in the editing Process and what I didn't realize was There was three videos before the one I Covered yesterday so there are five Videos for this Gathering and six videos For the first gather And the six videos had been erased but Then They came back for some reason so I

Don't know what happened Um you know maybe they took them down Because people would be confused they Put them back up when it was over But then I realized this during this Process which you'll hear me talk about Somewhere through this the other piece Is at the end of this video He talks about charging for the first And only time in the two-day seminar That he has mentioned charge which is Supposed to be about his birthday And dodgy just Um tells a very derogatory story that is Clearly a lie and made up and it's a Watershed moment I'm going to put this In the introduction to this video I'm Going to talk about this a little bit in The introduction of video But it's a big reveal and so that's all Coming like I'm just sort of getting to It here and I'm just going to go with the natural Flow of it but I wanted to talk about This here and then I go back and look at The other videos and had some Interesting Revelations about all of That and I document that charge is not a Presence in this video the only in this Whole Seminar other than dodgy disparaging him In a way that makes it clear what Dodgy's reasoning is behind charges um You know his hate for charging

This campaign move moves forward Touching many more Panchayat secretaries across various Grand panchayats of Andhra Pradesh What is significant to note all right so You know just was a scam here Um like some kind of you know They're turned into it's it's like Mormonism or what are these kind of Door-to-door situations that you know Um it's desperation time when he's Canceling the bandaras and the Transmission of the cities are a half Hour long You know it's it's a failed system right And you know the fact is that When the guru is willing to do less than The participants Than the followers right this is you Know that's a cult when the followers Serve the guru Were always willing to do more Than the people that followed them right They were always putting out more effort And so when uh when the guru is putting It upon everyone else to make all the Effort and contribute their money and You know prop him up or whatever Then it's a you know that's a it's a Cult right when the guru is willing to Do less than the people who are Following him of course you know the Guru gets older so the physical work has To be done by younger people and things

Like this but the effort on a spiritual Level was always there from charge and Babaji and you know lology I mean Obviously and it isn't now like this is Just not there so then this happened Is the Open Hearts that have come Forward to serve the master Bringing total availability to him Let us all join the Oneness campaign as It moves forward to many more States And look within and see What we as individual abhiasis Volunteers and preceptors of the Heartfulness tradition Can do to serve the hierarchy of our Masters in taking their Vision forward This is not their vision This is taji's thing it's taji shodell There's been a a Divergent something you Know the Divergent path That Dodges created Before we go back home from this Bhandara Let us invite the spirit of the theme of This bhandara in our hearts And make a commitment to our beloved Master And to our own abhyas By committing to be totally available to Serve him as the heartfulness movement Spreads across the country like a cancer You know it's just Um it's just bad what's happened here And across the globe

Let us all sit silently in prayer To welcome beloved And his grace As he comes forward For the concluding Meditation session of this bhandara It is so they have the big one which was Six sittings And now they're having this one that has Two Um And so uh I don't think I missed maybe I missed This let's see if they missed some Um But as far as I know this has two let me Go go to their Channel after I Get done with this video is a humble Humble Quest A gentle reminder to all brothers and Sisters To please ensure that all mobile phones Work so there's that So then they have uh Whispers of the brighter world They've put in the language of Canada The real spiritual trainers that makes Makes the mind a disciple regulated Um This is a weird quote if thought is Attached to reality other things will Look like fog without any effect So that's um We have some quotes from

Babaji and they show Babaji here but It's supposed to be chargie's birthday But you know nothing there the Navalology Never offer advice unless invited And then you weren't supposed to either Criticism helps us grow through a Process of continuous Improvement of our Weaknesses So they have multiple Coast formalology And then nothing from charity of course So charging is not existent on its own Whatever they say prepare me for Meditation Comes out here Um And The meditation starts at 30 37. And it ends at Um so again a half hour Sitting here 35 minutes maybe 35 minutes um There's This is it maybe a wedding here yeah a Couple of European people getting married or Russians or something maybe Russian There's a wedding here There's that because this guy giving a Talk Here

Yeah bring it on Respected elders and dear brothers and Sisters Yesterday beloved Master talked about Total availability yeah there's this Theme Here Really trying to get their Um there's and then there's a bunch of Stuff here I don't know what this is um A bunch of like physical fitness stuff I Guess The nutrition Gap Importance of gut health Um Kind of community stuff here And then this guy's Still talking so that must have been Slideshow and during his talk And dodgy says something here our Sisters and brothers They write to me Why is God Tasting us why is Master tasting us Why am I suffering why such tests in Life So I will start with some stories from Our master's lives Those who have read Autobiography of babuji Maharaja okay so We're going to talk about Babaji here red and now I'm seeing it That Is even higher than the Masters

This is another special feature of sahaj Mark Um you know he said here that in this Set in this uh in this um Sansa this uh You know this spiritual movement the Master serves the The you know the followers which was the Case before him right Uh but he's trying to make it sound like He's the same way and he's not but then He's now saying That people are passing him by A master who is functioning here Is at the highest level then the problem Will start he cannot function There has to be some level of Madness Some level of consciousness Let not drop absolutely merge with the Ocean If it merges in the ocean then who will Work where will the you know how would Individuality will carry on with the Task given Um he's saying that if he's merges in The ocean or the ocean emerges in him Like that's it's supposed to be for Obvious you emerge in the ocean for the Master the mat the ocean merges in you But That has to happen and you still are Able to work Look he's just making stuff up now that Goes against other teachings Like he's just you know babbling about

How people are being put ahead of him Because he can't be Uh given the you know the the final Merger because once that happens he'll Lose all ego and not be able to work at All like you know it's The highest Masters When they have surrendered for example Lalaji surrendered to the Almighty Meaning Is become null and white There is absolute emptiness in him Um just not These are not accurate betrayals of the Teachings of the system S that means There are two emptinesses how much is Two emptinesses one emptiness plus one FTS is two emptinesses If there was at all something iota of Some individuality left Then to merger would become difficult As one proceeds higher and higher so He's left out charging He said Babaji was empty you know was Empty nurses Charging was not involved Babaji analogy Were There will be greater and greater Resistances Greater and greater difficult situations Arising in life Only to prepare Individual soul

To create that emptiness At the lower level So he doesn't match in charge at all in This this you know The story of his and their emptinesses One emptiness was one empty this is two Emptinesses plus dodgy this is Emptinesses and it's three total Surrender where was charging Um You know like this is the whole thing He starts talking about being tested and How the Masters feel responsible for the Failure of the abiasi when the master Tests the abbayasi Then the master feels like why didn't I Do enough so the aviasi could pass the Test But then he kind of crafts and charge You here That it doesn't create any ripple effect That's why babuji Maharaja used to Choose Working at night when abuses are Sleeping So there is no resistance From any side Sometime in 2000 2010 or 11 something like that in Master received a message from babuji Maharaja And it happened to be also 28th of September so I went to take his Blessings and Gayatri

And he was so upset that morning So I asked Master why are you so upset He says look at this message I received From babuji So I read it The message the essence was Telling him That if you pass this test The place that is reserved for you Will remain That's all And of course there are a lot many Things in it but just essence of it So master was so upset what if I fail I said Mastery look at it in a positive Way What if you pass you see what is waiting For you and then I quoted him The test done by Radha ji on babuji Maharaja Would you clear the test He was flying high then see I said the Master says He was really really upset That I don't like this message And he got so upset and through the Paper on the table Because who likes to be tasted After Being given a permission to do Whatsoever you want to do as a master And now Towards the sunset of his life why such A test

But nature is mysterious So expect more and more tests As we advance in spirituality Don't be afraid of tests Because those are given With the backing also with the hope that We all can clear those tests they are Not futile if difficulties come on the Way Don't despair Their help is always there Their backing is always there that Support is always there Because in our failure They'll cry And they don't want to So accept this challenge is that comes Our way And don't give up invite them more even More if you can that's why Saints in the Past years to invite miseries but we do Need to do that All right so um there's a lot what he Just said he's crapping Oliver charging This is the big thing because the Implied the implication here is that Charging failed And didn't make it in his spot wasn't Reserved for Which Bobby said over and over again it Would and he would be successful You know either you're saying Babaji was Wrong all this time But first the way he characterized

Chargie In The Whispers message You know um There was a story that uh You know uh Son Krishna charging just like broke Down And you know he um well a couple things Happen like chargie went into a coma Around that time And he came out of it and his son Krishna said You know was talking about this kind of Thing where you a test or whatever and Charge you said you know you you're put To the test and you know you went Through this comb and he came out of it And he was different like everyone knew He was different I mean it was never Physically the same But his son uh Krishna said He was like you were Gand off the gray And you came out Gand off the the white Like in the uh Lord of the Rings books And movies right where that process for Gandalf fights the balrog That demon and comes back out and he's Now the head of the order right the Order of wizards or whatever it was Um you know that suraman fell and he was Serving on the white and and he was the Leader and Gandalf of the gray came out And He was now the leader

You know he had changed And charity talked about the test that He went through was going through the a Coma and not even attested so you know Maybe a Rite of Passage And it was clear that he succeeded And where he was Um but Dodge is implying that he failed And him saying that he advised charging Like he's talking to him like he's the Master Right and there's a talk where a charger Says And this is a famous talk and this you Know dodgy truth or posted all the time This quote where he says that you know The disciple can't go past the master It's impossible like you know the master Will always be your master It's just the relationship same thing With lology and Babaji you know Babaji Is in charge of the universe but lology Is still his master right Like Babaji is ascended to run this you Know this this period of time the Material universe or whatever it is like He's ascended into this position And lology you know in some ways he's Surpasslology As a spiritual being but lology is still His master right it's just even in the In the brighter world and so this is um You know charge is teaching like you Always have to have

Somebody like somebody there that's your Elder And Dodgy hasn't had that with charge like Here he's advising charge you look at it Positively you know these things which You wouldn't have to tell chargie You know talked about he never backed Away from anything you know I mean There's these And we all knew him as this you know This This um You know this Tower of strength right And he wouldn't have slammed The Whispers message down on the table like That So the reason that you can tell he's Lying I mean just those of you who don't Know chargey People who knew him would never believe This story And would never believe given what Dodges become we know that he's you know He's always lying about these things Anyway You know but one of the reasons you can Tell he's lying is he's not even sure of The day Like this is an epic day Right and this is supposed to be Chargie's birthday celebration as well He's cut him out of the thing I think I've missed some videos so I'll go back

And do those Uh but you know they're not really Including chargie he said Bob as you Surrendered analogy surrendered then he Tells a story about charity hell charge You got this message and test and he Didn't embrace the test he was mad at Bobby he slammed the paper I don't like This message I mean just you know making him sound Like he's a child and you know it Implied failure here But why doesn't he know the day like he Doesn't have access to that message that Message exists He said 2010 2011. he doesn't know the Day it was around that time but he's Saying it was on his birthday like Charging gets this message he said he Goes to visit him on his birthday And he doesn't know which year it is but He knows his daughter's birthday but he Hasn't re-read that message He hasn't made that message public to All of us That he's being tested like it's a Hidden message that we don't know we Never saw only he knows about it and he Hasn't made it public even though it's On his birthday in 2010. in 2000 11 you Know I think charging was in a coma in 2011. Um and so this is a birthday message for Dodgy who's going to be the future

Master about charger having a test I Mean you know this is when he receives The message It would have been it would have been You know dictated earlier Um like it would have been you know 24-hour turnaround I mean the whole story is just a lie Like he would have that message and he Should publish it now that he's put it Out there Like he just you know said this thing About charging rejecting babaji's Testing of him And you know all this stuff let's just Wrap this thing up like it's just I mean But it's you know he's such a bad liar Like he just sucks at it yeah we know For fit tackle with it as a test And succeed colorfully masterfully Until Master thank you thank you for the Tests And thank you all for listening Why are they applauding that like he Just crapped all of her charging Like it's just you're not you know I Mean How are you plotting that thing how are You applauding what he just said He's such an obvious liar and you know a Bad person okay so I did a lot of Reading I went to The Whispers archive And I found all the Whispers from that Time and there's no Whispers that is

What taji's talking about In fact there are Whispers on dodgy's Birthday That aren't you know they they could be Interpreted in different ways but not as A slam for charging And so this Whispers for 2011 2010 Doesn't exist I checked all of them Maybe they didn't publish it but then he Should make it publish because Again I mean this is chargie's birthday They read one quote from charity Multiple quotes from Babaji multiple Close formology And he's mentioned someone says charge You a few times the woman says charge You it's chargie's birthday twice on Both Gatherings and one guy who's who I Think is a charging person who's I Remember as a charging person he messes Charge you once and dodgy like 20 times In a talk he gives and I'll get to that So there's just a lot of just Unbelievable Um Complicitness with the people around Dodgy and dodgy just sucks and we know He's fallen so I'm going to go through That whole part of that talk again and Dissect dodgy's lies and his you know What he implies here has just been a Ungrateful disciple and just a horrible Person But first I'm going to show you all the

Whispers messages it's a lot of them It's like a half hour of content or more So I gotta edit that It's uh 3 19 my wife and I gotta do Something I'm gonna make dinner and you Know we got all these things going on But I started this this morning and I Made a whole nother video you know and Now I'm editing this a little bit I'm Eager to get it done And get through the editing portion Because it's it's a watershed moment it Just shows you how bad dodgy sucks and How I mean he's a proven liar and just a Bad person all right so this is 2010 September So um we could also look at August but There was three messages one was on Babaji's dodgy's birthday Says here Tuesday September 28 2010 11 45. your soul like a blazing sun is Shining brightly as for your body it is Weathering the ravages of time and Nothing can be done about it my dear son I too went through this decline of the Incarnate body which can severely Disturb the strongest of us how can one Not lose his bearings under Circumstances where nothing Can lie his fears Our deepest support can cannot offset This increasing physical decline How can we help you You the son so precious to our hearts

You are working like a giant in spite of Everything still possessing strength of Action Which we might not have if we were in Your place and in a similar circumstance Babaji So this was a you know Charging was going into a coma like his Body was just breaking down He was in such drastic physical pain Which Dodgy himself confirmed dodgy said in a Talk none of you guys could bear the Pain he's in he had this leg pain that Was kind of inexplicable but it's from a Past life where he was a slave like uh He was like a famous guy like Spartacus Or something he was in chains for much Of his life and he had this leg pain From that but he also had prostate Cancer and bone cancer which is Extraordinarily painful his eyes were Gone he had trouble breathing he Couldn't see and he was just you know I Mean he was really physically in pain All the time And he was able to give cities and do Work and things like this and manage the Mission like he did it for another four Years After this Four years and you know a couple months He would you know pass away at December Of 2014.

And so you know that message would be Around the same time here but this woman Was only giving a few messages at the Time because she had physical issues Okay so this is September 30th Saturday September 30th it's the um Uh I waited till the morning to edit This part this whole Whispers part and There's things that I you know I wanted To be fresh to cover My voice to be fresh and all these Things I was thinking about this all day Yesterday And last night this morning right like It's so egregious most things I Can just leave leave behind right I make A video and or I'm gonna make a video And I can leave it alone I could just You know not think about it not dwell on It not let it affect me but What he said here is such a like a Watershed moment of his Decrepit whatever it is his Um the botched Mastery uh Dodges the Batch mastery and his lies and his Throwing charges under the bus and it's Disgusting I'm going to get through it Here today But in terms of this interaction that he Had he walks into charges office charge He gets a message it's on his birthday So it's either Uh I guess there was a like a a short Turnaround between when a message would

Come in And when chargie would read it okay so By the the end like towards the in the Beginning you know he didn't even know About the messages and then but then There were these real-time messages that Were addressed to my son like uh Babaji Would say this is to my son in some way There were message messages directly to His dear son charging That's how they would be uh you know They'd either start that way or there'd Be some reference to his son in them and So this was a message directly to him Is what dodgy is saying so whatever Truth there is to what daji was saying I Mean obviously I'm going to go through This thing and show you how much there Wasn't you know things that charge you Would never say or do or way dodgy uh Just trying to embarrass him and uh you Know crap all over his legacy all these Things But let's say that um Charging this actually happened taji Came to his office it was it was dodgy's Birthday and it was either 2010 2011 and I'll I'll go through that as well Because you know this would be a big Moment this message on 2010 There's only like three message years Three messages like there's two on 2000 and um 11 really there's only one because

There's only one that really addresses Him Uh charged you directly and they're both On dodgy's birthday which is interesting And so dodgy is in there on his birthday He comes in and Um where he says my dear son I went Through this decline of the Incarnate Body Which can severely disturb the strongest Of us how can one not lose his bearings Under such circumstances where nothing Can allay his fears our deepest support Cannot offset the increasing physical Decline How can we help you You the son so precious to our hearts You're working like a giant in spite of Everything still possessing strengths of Action which we might not have if we Were in your place in a similar Circumstances Babaji all right so there Isn't anything for chargie to react in That now there could be another message In between this but why would they send Another one saying oh you're going to be Tested right Then why would it not be public Like why would that message not be Public because other than charge G's Reaction nobody there's no information In there that can't be Made public and so Like he's either lying at this event

Complete happened completely or he's Lying about charges reaction At least to this message he's just Bobby Jesus saying here you know physical Decline is inevitable we can't do Anything for you in charge you might Have been saying you know look I have All this work to do but my body's Falling apart You know he went into a coma Um I think The summer of 2011. Like he was just gone And he um you know like people thought He was going to die and there's going to Be no master appointed and they came out And appointed Dodgy right after that and so between These times he was just physically Physically going to collapse And then this was a time where something Happened on spiritual level where he was Purified he came out like for his last Couple of years three years after that The last year he was just physically Unable to do anything Which I covered in uh you know Um the announcement he made where he Made dodgy the vice president and now Dodgy looks like he's acting and faking And you know fake crying and all these Things in it performative right and you Know because he sucks so bad at that Kind of stuff but anyways this message

You know might have been the one maybe Dodgy walked in there and charges like Yeah you know like he's saying that I They can't do anything for my physical Body he wouldn't have reacted the way Dodgy said like he embellished the whole Thing right Um let's get back to the what I was Saying here right and so this is This one here We admire you you know this and we feel Sorry and unhappy as we cannot relieves The trying torments that overwhelm you We are doing everything possible to help You unfortunately these actions cannot Comfort you as you wish our compassion Is not to create in a sense in that Sense we cannot help you as we would Like and we despair of it You can be sure Um This is a message given to The um The woman right This is the given to the the media this Isn't going to charge you because this Is it's not saying my dear son We are constantly by your side never Doubted we wish you all possible courage May your thoughts and Continuous blessings give you the Strength to endure as a worthy hero of This long epic throughout which your Courage has never wavered despite all

The harsh assaults on your human Strength I guess maybe this was I'm not sure your greatness is emerging A little more each day we reinforce Every feature it with all possible love Your Master's caring and compassion Towards you continue to see my face My faith keep you may love carry you as Never before great beings before you Weakened at some point in their lives Physically and morally such as a sad Privilege of an Incarnation we are with You in this way and beyond your Imagining From your master who loves you beyond Perceptibility unfailing to you my dear Son greatly chosen by God May our love Make you stronger whatever your Difficulties live each day is a rare Opportunity to serve the almighty as you Do and to lead an extraordinary Mission They'll make its mark on the century we Carry you in our own way we're just not Meet humans expectations even if one is Supremely enlightened as you are my dear Son that's all for now may peace suffice Your heart and lead you to Serenity in Spite of everything My dear beloved Son So obviously charge you was struggling a Little bit you know he was bombing out And he went through some stuff with the Mission A lot of times which I've talked About in my previous videos

And we all do like everyone gets bummed Out at God or bastard or whatever You know both everyone who does size Mark Babaji you know all these things You get bummed out right they get you Know Um feel put upon like everyone has their Bad moments especially in private right Publicly charge you know not so much but In private moments and you know whatever Truth there is to what dodgy is saying That should have never left the room Calmly saw how much pain charge he was In you know to whatever extent like he And he made it worse like he's Exaggerating it now uh why tell this Story which I'll get into in a bit right Like Charges going through something Then Babaji is trying to you know be Supportive in these Whispers messages And physically and you know not having a Success or all these things that Happened his inner circle right and Dodgy was a big part of that like if Dodgy was maybe the like Mastermind Behind Him getting made the master of the System and then on Wednesday September 29th this is a message to the medium the Last two were do charging come and find Consolation and regain moral strain with Us yes my child life is hard for you Though it has though it has all the Appearance of easiness your physical

Miseries are not very visible but we Know how much you are fighting to keep Your state you keep on taking down these Messages it's a beautiful outcome we Will make sense we won't make sure not To burden you too much to remain within Reasonable limits this is just you know One of these messages for her because She's suffering physical issues And you know it says do not lose heart Because of these new problems of Health Do what is necessary on your part we try To help you Babaji Now here's a message on Tuesday August 3rd 2010 10 A.M Uh this is um My anniversary day and this is when I Started I got my first sitting on August 3rd this is the only message in August Of that year and master chargie was Going through some stuff obviously So it says Tuesday August 3rd 2010 10 A.M my dearest son We all at some point on our spiritual Journey were deluded on the human level So they're he's saying you know Bob as You went through this at the end of his Life as well bobsy was very depressed by The behavior of abiasis the great Masters who have marked history Underwent these profound sadness this Disappointment about the nature of Living living beings it is as it is no Human being can thoroughly change it the

Nature of living beings the veil of Illusion distorts our view of things Only an effective spiritual path can Enable human beings to rise up to Overcome their shadowy areas no one Escapes from one lifetime to the next That which is bound to be does occur Progress towards the ultimate goal do Not be sad my beloved Son what had to be Has happened your final choice will be All the more correct in line with our Wish everything had to unfold in this Way You have absolutely nothing to approach Yourself for that is how it goes with The Divine laws each great spiritual Master in the world must go through These steps which are very painful And relevatory of the human nature they Help lift him to the higher power such As granted to those who are chosen be at Peace in spite of everything we watch Over your heart which keeps growing and Becoming more beautiful May our love Accompany you on every moment especially When disappointment washes over you all Is well in line with our wishes May our Love bring peace and strength Strength strengthen you until the end Your master attack your master attentive And appreciative of your strength and Your power of action yours Babaji you're Talking about his strength and dodgy is Talking about him being weak in that

Moment right Um and so We saw what Babaji went through as well Or we know what Babaji went through as Well And we saw what charge was talking about Like this is after the first guy AJ Withdrew his name to be the master and The people around chargie pushed that to Happen And charge you was disappointed with These Inner Circle people at that talk I Showed you guys numerous times right so This is all In you know line with that okay so I Found the message right Um This is um From uh Uh this is the when he announces the Successor Uh srmc successor domination October 3rd 2011. so this is when charger came out And announced the successor let me show You that moment here this is where um Uh chargie announces Commish his name And then charge and accomplishes Accomplished bows before him So this is um Right before that this is his birthday Right he Announces it on uh October um whatever it is here I'll show You the moments like October 5th

And dodgy's birthday is the 28th so it's A it's five days before Georgie makes His decision And so that would be significant right If he goes into charges office and Sharji has this message and then five Days later you know this is significant For for dodgy As I said today I wish to appoint my Successor Nominate and appoint you know Because I have known my 85th year and It is about time and as you all will Appreciate It has been Blessed by power Raj And I've been instructed not only to Live the nomination in writing As a secret document to be kept To be used at the appropriate time But that it should be about in public Civil play It should be a adult spiral public So that people get used to the person Being around And you know the sort of slowly Assimilate the fact That he is the Supreme successor And there is no sudden transition you Know Where the time comes Which I think is wise but I already have The written document also And I will eventually request someone to

Read it out The person on Whose shoulders the mantle Falls Heavy with the responsibilities Which will lead a lot of wisdom a lot of Patience a lot of love And more than anything else great deal Of thought before doing anything else Don't believe we are told Look before you leap Or think twice before you do anything But in science Mark I think we need to Think many many more times than just Twice And to be most cautious most Shall be saved Conscious of the fact That when we spend money we are spending Public money interested to us for public Welfare If the person I'm good today match not All these qualities you will have to Develop them Boldness Inside You know Friendliness brotherliness outside And to follow babuji's precept which he Gave me and which I have followed all my Life Don't trust anybody don't mistrust Anybody Judge purely by the accents of the People that are selected for work

Judge only by the results of their work In taking them or receiving them No prejudices at all No prejudices of race caste religion sex Community language nothing So this must be strictly understood you See by whoever is going to shoulder the World We must give him long life And health And the strength And the courage all of which will be Necessary Because when I inherited the mission it Was small The man who's going to inherited from me When I am gone Will have a very big Vision to handle Worldwide mission It is still growing and it will continue To grow in babuji's messages are to be Taken at the face value This is a growing phase it will last for I don't know how long Simple draw the divine plan So the person I am naming as my success Is Mr kamlesh Patel I would now request someone to secretary Sam Um Maybe you can get all the working with Committee meters to sign on this or at Least five of them like the company law Requires now

Plus six No I request to all of our abhyasis Worldwide To give the nominated successor Their full cooperation without prejudice Judge him by his work Not by what he has been or what to Expect him to be but what he is what he Will be what he will do It is most essential to the health of The mission And its future growth Which in turn means To yours the service that you can render To all of you through this mission That you receive your fullest heartful Cooperation and for this health question May all of you be blessed So I went through a bunch of these Messages starting with this one none of Them were directed At a charity right but the one that was September 28th Andaji's birthday Was directed directly at charging and it Doesn't say what dodgy said It says this Wednesday September 28 2011 10 A.M My dear son You know much you know how much we carry You with love on this difficult path That is yours haloed with light and yet Exposed to the grossness of this world

We would not like to create problems for You with your succession But what else can we do As stake is the future of the mission Which is so dear to our hearts As we said in a recent message how can One claim to love one's master and not Respect his choice related to an action That is so crucial And of such importance to the mission so This is some debate between chargi and Babaji over the choice of kamlish right Chargie is in liking accomplish as a Choice because he knew what he was And this is why accomplishes and talking About this message I mean he made the Mistake of bringing this message out But this isn't about charging falling This is about charging not being on Board With the choice of dodgy that's a Misinterpretation uh what I just said There this is I'm editing now as I went Through these messages I could see that This message was actually talking about How why would um these people not charge These disciples everyone else except his Nomination Of dodgy or whoever was like he doesn't Know yet And so I thought that they were talking About dodgy here but Uh Uh there's no mention of dodgy until

Afterwards like he makes his decision Like a couple days afterwards charge he Does and Bobs he says they are working On dodgy all law Which makes sense because I experienced That which I'll get into in a bit But then you know dodgy's failure is his Own right he gave him everything he Needed They worked on him and then you know Made him into a potential master and he Failed like that's you know what Happened here like it's You know it's just that's it's that Simple Unfortunate precedents exist and they Will be repeated after you human Stupidity is really boundless Even in the context of a spiritual path Alas we can only observe it and try to Take the necessary steps to minimize as Much as possible The impact of a choice that will not Please those who believe themselves Worthy of your replacing you so they're Saying that they're going to be people Who are pissed about dodgy's choice And they they're jealous and they're Gonna you know whatever You know only too well these power Struggles they are destructive and we Fear and we fear for our mission Schism Was weaken a movement like ours nothing Has changed my dear son

You can be sure of it after you people's Egos will manifest themselves strongly Humans are disappointed disappointing Because that is the way it goes hence The advice we gave to you previously you Should announce your choice loud and Clear to try to calm as much as possible During your lifetime the rantings of Those people What else can be added to all this time Is going by but the same reactions and Events will occur again in this world Which is so disappointing in many ways We are warning you with respect to your Departure Sadly inevitably when the time comes When the time comes for it They're warning him that his departure Is coming right You still have much to do and to endure In order to compare you can complete Your high Mission we carry you among the Chosen ones with more love than you can Imagine to my dearest son so there's no Message Babaji so there's no message Here That he's saying that we have a place Reserved for you but you've got to pass This final test And if there's a test it was nominating Dodgy who charged he clearly saw was not Up for the task maybe Babaji knew That dodgy was going to fail well of Course he would have to know

But it was part of this you know it was Part of the story it was part of what Was supposed to happen And so he wasn't going to tell chargie That I don't think charge you would have Liked to her this guy would like to hear What was going to happen with doji which He probably already saw You saw was was going to happen with Dodgy he wasn't on board Because why would he turn the mission Over to some guy to run it into the Ground But it had to happen because it was Going to happen it was just part of the Story And so this is you know dodgy is I mean He's lying about all this right again I'm in the editing process today's the September 30th yesterday was the September 29th so this is to understand That I started this yesterday I read These messages and then I you know Realized more as I'm reading them more Of what was going on But what we see here is there's two Potential messages Both on are on dodgy's birthday colleges Birthday That they you know in terms of this Story Thomas said it was on uh his Birthday either 2010 2011. now if he was Nominated a few days later for like four Days later

He would remember it and you go back to The message Right like it's just and I'll talk about This I'm going to go through it with you Know we know this I'll go through it When we're Um you know we're hearing dodgy crap all Over charge again so I'll play that Again after I get through these messages And so there's that right you know he Would know because of the date uh its Proximity to him being uh nominated and So there's two things here one charges Stressed out about nominating a second Master And the reaction from the people that Are Around him and in in the organization He must be thinking about accomplish he Must be thinking about him and Accomplish himself said charge he wrote His name down before he nominated Audrey This the first guy then crumbled up his Name and threw it away something made Him see something that made him not Nominate accomplish the first time And Bobby's going to say they worked on Commerce for years you know in 1998 or Whatever I saw accomplish in the airport And I had that spiritual experience Of him being in the central region I Talk about this story quite a bit like I Was asking you know God to show me who The next Master is going to be so I

Could accept him and I had numerous Experiences of dodgy having all the Spiritual work done So he was having all this work done but Chargie Was hesitant to nominate him because Charging was a great reader of character And he knew there was something off About this guy and we see how that's Played out And so the there's no test here like Charges stressed out He's you know probably not psyched about Nominating kamlish it seems like he was His only choice they were working on him Babaji said he worked on him like Conley Said and that that one talk which of Course they would have had to be Preparing him because charge you didn't Have much time with them only three Years And they were years where charging was Physically really unable to do anything Of course chargie was He was around charging for the last Seven years of charge his life he was Always you know close to him so there's Plenty of time for them to work on them Right but charge he didn't want to leave His successor with what he was left with You know whatever Um complaints you might have had about Babaji and you know charging didn't verb His lies them publicly

Like you know he took me talks about him He wrote his um his diary where he got So mad Bobby and he didn't talk to him Or go see him for like three or four Days There are a few things you know in his Diaries or whatever but even his Diaries They either edited out the stuff that Was really critical of of uh Babaji and Of course there wasn't any Diaries Really after The initial um you know babaji's death There was a few years after that Richard Was under attack by everyone But the reason Babaji didn't make it Public knowledge that charging was a Successor was that there are people Around him people who were prominent People who all thought they were going To be the master and they were making Spiritual progress because they thought That and Babaji didn't want to mess with That that's one of the reasons he said He didn't make it public And that screw charity Because those people were you know just All those not just those people but it's Kids and all these people There was some uh legal aspects of this That were not clear Babaji wrote this Wrote this like on the back of a piece Of paper like a napkin almost you know Like the equivalent to a napkin and so It was you know was there it was written

But it wasn't like some kind of there's Some people who witnessed it that came Forward and said they witnessed him Writing this and they read it and Bobby's you know made them read it but There were some you know thoughts that Babaji had wanted to rescind his making Strategy Master there was some talk of That some young kid who was you know I Don't think was dodgy but it was a Younger like 18 year old kid that that Uh Babaji was praising and you know There was this element when Babaji is at The end of his life that Babaji was Distancing himself from charity because The people around him were doing that They were trying to squeeze charge you Out there trying to block charge you From seeing them there's a whole bunch Of Dramas this unfolded right But charge it was clear he didn't want The same mess as Babaji that's you're Going to see this as Bob and she talks About it to make this clear that's why He did the announcement the way he did It and it was all legal and binding and It was irreversible And so charge he did this to you know Save to prevent Dodgers from suffering What he suffered right but these two Messages are about that there you know This one is about Um dodgy uh you know someone being it's About charging struggling with his uh

Nominating a successor and you know all The stress that was related to that And the other message it was about his Physical discomfort and I don't think it Was that message now because It makes sense that charge you would Have read this message to dodgy this one And because he was considering five days Later he's going to nominate him right And so this is the message and there's Nothing in there about being a test There's nothing there would charge you Would have slammed the message down and You know there was a limited amount of Messages because like August there was Only one the median was having health Issues and so The thought that there could have been Multiple messages on these days and one Of them isn't being published because It's something that upset chargie that Isn't in the archives is kind of Ridiculous right Because why would there be one like he's You know these messages were taken a Toll these long ones took a toll on the Medium she usually could only do like One or two a day And towards the end she wasn't even Doing that right And you know so it looks like all the Messages are there And so dodgy's just out and out lying Right that's what it comes down to

So I'm going through all the messages in September and the previous one talked About the four cardinal points I'll show You that in a second Um this is September 6 2011 this is a message to His daughter the woman taking the The messages down the mission is moving Forward towards difficult times it is The order of things in order to move Forward everything must change and be Rebuilt according to the Divine plans And so um People pastor this world any good that They have done remains alive and Heralds The future And then it goes on from there but this Is um You know babaji's message and then the One before that was the 5th of September And it says here um a lot of times Needed to structure a spiritual mission The diagram gives us a simple simplified But true idea these four cardinal points Represented by the four Masters And this is you know the diagram was Available in two thousand 2014. they showed the diagram Of the hierarchy of the system Um but these are all essential messages I can't read all of them and I'm just Reading through them now but it's Basically talking about this move with Dodgy so I'm going through these

Messages here this is one from Tuesday September 13 2011. 10 30 A.M my dearest son seeing you Serene makes us happy We would like to carry you literally to Spare you all the constraints and Worries inherent to your duty it is Heavy and exacting That is the way things are And high offices are not immune to it Such a mission here on Earth is not Given to everyone only to exceptional People Regretting Serenity as much as possible You are so dear to our hearts we would Like to carry you over the moon But this is Possible only in dreams on Earth Your action is bearing fruit at all Level At this level the mission has already Reached a stage worthy of divine of the Divine plan we thank you for everything Dear great son of our United hearts we Will never tell you enough how much we Love you When your decision about the succession Is final We urge you to exercise caution it would Be better if you brought your choice in This matter to the attention of all Beware of revealing Secrets through Documents it will be better when you Deem fit to make sure to make things

Clear to everyone regarding the name of The future Master thus everything will Be said and irreversible Schisms cannot be avoided he's using the Word schisms quite a bit as humans do Not respect anything Some people are like that they claim to Love the master but they do whatever They want dominated by their egos think Of the previous instances you have Suffered much from them That is the lot of that is a lot of a Lot for each of us as always see and Proceed as best as you can with all our Love Babaji this was from a thread that Was called the final step It was a sub-thread in these these final Messages These last messages of you know the last Four or five years here charges life I Don't know how long this thread goes but It's interesting on lots of levels But something to be aware of people Accepted dodgy for the most part they Didn't reject dodgy like they rejected Charging so it was not that that wasn't A problem that actually occurred You know but this is all to do with the Succession okay so um I've gone through All the messages Wednesday September 21st 2011 10 A.M And none of them Well let me just read this one the Pillars of the Sacred Temple often

Mentioned in these messages Already form a strong edifice that will Take on its full meaning in the future Though it will be no easy task a fourth And final element pillar Will provide the temple with the Determining factors to consolidate the Spiritual achievement in line with Future times now if he's referring to Dodgy as a few the fourth and final Pillar and also the Cardinal Point and It would make sense from the standpoint That dodgy's birthday is in the fall and You know The four birthdays would be in the Winter with lology and January but this That's the spring and He was born on the spring the first day Of spring and India and then Babaji Who's in the spring you know in terms of April for our calendar year and then Charge you in the summer and then dodgy In the fall and he talked about these Being the four cardinal points and the Importance of these four birthdays or It's somebody else who hasn't come yet That's going to come sometime in the Future which he talked about In some previous message which I've read And we're not going to get into that the Fourth and final master Well maybe I'll find that one as well so I don't want to leave anything out here So let me read this one I'm editing

Again this is the next day Wednesday February 1st 2012 10 a.m so This is Over a year later or just um not your a Year but Um whatever it was September to February Of the following year so about four or Five months Celebrating the birth anniversary of the Masters in our mission is very important Beyond remembering the people being Celebrated each anniversary should be Experienced as a spiritual milestone A ritual that must stand out in our Mission as well as the path of our Aspers And so this was something that was said To contradict everything that dodgy is Doing now right this was an important Message and it was very controversial I'll get into that in a moment each of These days represents a step forward a Privileged moment of reflection Interiorization they should as a whole Be celebrated with equal fever fever Fever and fever and Collective awareness Of the opportunity that's granted to all To unite in peace of the heart Forgetting the negative aspects of Material world It is it too much to ask sabiasis to Meet on these special days well it's the Master the it's supposedly the fourth And final Master here the dodgy that's

Causing the problem Honoring a master means to respect and Love all of them as part of this Spiritual movement adapted to the Present day into the future A fourth and final Master will one day Join the existing line What must be will be As the saying goes beyond this the Fourth of the four cardinal points so to Speak will definitely build this sacred Edifice that will be remembered over Time These special days should truly be red Lettered in our history the honorous Spirit uh spiritual way desired by Higher Powers because is in keeping with Current times okay so I want to get back To the fourth and final because this Became a big deal here which I've Discussed in previous Whispers but we'll Come back to that man is evolving he's Advancing slowly but surely by going the Direction befitting mankind which is in Distress in more respects than what It is time for people to awaken Therefore in these special days everyone Is advised to pause and reflect with a View to the more glorious future may all Brothers and sisters insertions of Divine unite in these moments of special Blessings that are bestowed on our Entire mission Mission for advancement of world peace

And love We bid this we bid the best to everyone Such as our art and wish lology this was A rare loology message There's probably only like 30 of them Over you know I mean if there's a Hundred out of out of 20 000. like golaji just doesn't give Messages And this was a big one and the fourth And final Master part becomes a very you Know important aspect of this you know Became a whole thing so this message Caused quite a stir Um And So what had happened was and there Was a like actually a video of it and And charge you addressed it Because commerce was uh nominated For the fourth you know he would be the Force Master And Um the fourth and final the word final Freaked everybody out because they said Well there's going to be one last Master Right and then what happens because this Is supposed to go on for ten thousand Years or something was supposed to go on For a very long time And this idea there would only be four Masters and then then and then what Like it was a bombshell kind of thing And chargie came out and said no no Don't worry about it there'll be a

Fourth and final Master someday in the Future like maybe 10 000 years from now And you know like he was Interpreting as something else and they Were like well College isn't a master And then charge you came out and said uh That there seemed to be some um Uh discrepancy or some issue with the Translation of the word final from French to English that the word final And Fran and French Um wasn't you know whatever it was that There wasn't gonna there wasn't going to Be a fourth and Final But really none of the explanations made Any sense right and so people were Freaked out there only be one last Master now of course with what's Happened with dodgy there's you know Um whatever like we don't know what's Going to happen after him but we know That he's uh you know to bed like He just blew it and he was you know like I said he had the work done to become a Master but he failed and that's you know That's a definite like that's to me Uh not debatable I think everyone who's Watching these videos and sees all that I showed you and sees the feels the lack Of transmission all these things Dodgy has epically failed to become that Fourth and final Master but in terms of When his birthday is the 28th of September it fits right in with this

Idea that there would be four cardinal Points Where people would get a boost You know each quarter of the year like Each season there would be a little Boost for people to get through you know Something to look forward to and and you Get these spiritual Um just uh you know the word boost is Such a booster so you know now has a Negative connotation but in terms of Transmission you would get this boost And it would be something that would Carry you through And these gatherings which lology talks About were imperative to the you know The health and well-being of everybody Too keep them going on their obvious And dodgies now got rid of two of them Like so all this messages Uh this message here it makes his Statement that there was going to be 400 Masters one day a lie which I showed you Earlier right that whole thing this Message negates all of that stuff it was A mystery that charge you didn't even Understand whether it meant dodgy was The fourth and final master and there'd Be no one after him or that there would Be a fourth and final Master later and Then there would be something else done To run the you know the organization and I don't know what that'll be and you Know as long as people suck I mean it

Doesn't give me a lot of Hope You Know My Hope Is That there'll be something different When the the world collapses people will Will rise up to a higher level that of Need or whatever that's the only you Know hope I have but hope for right now Given what these abiasis have done to Allow dodgy to just destroy charges Legacy is you know that's the main thing I want to get to here but anyways I was In the middle of reading this other Message and so let's get back to that Nothing will be simple but on Earth Everything becomes complicated with Regard to humans who are disconcerting In their reactions neither do we have a Magic why in humans are what they are What matters is progress and to bring in The world what could be useful to Spirituality nevertheless the sacred Magic has been beneficial is that a Beneficial effect in people's hearts Some of our aspects are beginning to Appreciate these messages which Contribute to their open-mindedness time Is doing its work on people's hearts Blessed are those who are moving forward There still there is still time may be Enlightened and strengthened such as I Wish Babaji and so these messages and They're all very profound like there's Something going on here but there's a Message about him choosing a success or

Needing to announce it as quick as Possible and have it written down in Paper and have it legally done So there isn't any backlash which we Know happened here In October Of October 3rd of 2011. so I'm going to go Read some of the October messages But we know that he said you know choose Your master when you make this decision Make it public and then this message Here Where he says um We would not like to create problems for You and your succession but what else Can we do at stake is the future of the Mission which is so dear to our hearts As we said in the recent message how can One claim to loved one master not Respect his choice related to the action That is so crucial and of such Importance to the mission Unfortunate precedents still exists well Um you know I guess they're saying this About charging how can people claim to Left charge you if they don't respect His decision I thought maybe this was Between him and Babaji Um but you know there's we got to go Look at the October messages So here is the message so there wasn't Some back and forth so I way I read that Other message it seemed like there was

Some division between what Babaji wanted In charge you want but now I've reread That message and I know that's not the Case And so here is the the day of the Announcement here is um October 3rd 2011. so this is the message Charging made his choice and they Announced it immediately Monday October 3rd 2011 9 A.M My dearest part to sarthi that's charges First name Your wisdom is partha sarathi I have Troubles partha sarti My dear parts to sarte your wisdom is Already legendary it comes from far back In time and Romaine essential feature of Our mission Of your mission upon which your stature Will leave its Mark forever forevermore We congratulate you for this Choice it Will be decisive for the future with Regards to the ongoing action in the Mission mission You still have much to do you can be Sure this includes the induction process Of your successor you will be able to Instill in him the fruit of your Experience that of a wise man the task Is heavy But his potential will allow him to cope With it we are delighted with this Breakthrough in history of our way rest Assured This Is A wise choice this

Nomination is followed by positive Reactions this is noteworthy abiasis Were wondering what the future held Going forward in this critical area That this act of yours is additional Evidence of your strength of action and Endeavor you act when needed and as Needed this is a big step for you and Our and for your for our mission Time will do its work Therefore let it operate according to Divine plans we thank you our dear great Son for your remarkable work let us Underline it once again we admire you And we love you be at peace and Reassured everything will fall into Place in due time we are by your side as Always with all possible attention You're admiring and satisfying satisfied Master Babaji so Babaji is very happy With the choice of accomplishment which We know how that's worked out Um let me just look a few more messages Like the following day and then I'll Switch over to a voiceover okay so this Is Wednesday October 5th 2011 10 a.m my Son's decision is very important his Choice is decisive for our mission and It's consecration When when one day it joins far reaching Action combined with other fire forces Capable of transforming this world this Will not happen tomorrow but the Framework is being built day by day in

Order to develop a great spiritual power Mentally Humanity to a higher state of Realization which alone can which alone Can save it blessed are those who are Already involved themselves in a Spiritual way capable of strengthening Them and elevating them from above the Myomass of exacerbated materialism What is not said about the new symbol That in the future our way will be the Heart of a great unifying movement for The good of all Humanity The saying goes the unity is strength The forces of good after unite beyond All kind of prejudice and see the best For everyone in the face of this Critical situation which cannot be Handled on the human level the divine Power will see to it that is the way it Goes Babaji so then there were a few More messages that were not related to This then Sunday October 9 2011 His nomination Delights us all here had Long been planned and was prepared in Our way Away from the noise of humans and they Often disconcerting reactions here our Vision is fair and free of prejudice we Take this missions so much to heart it Will go far in his its prerogatives and Help build a better world more more just And adapted to the new era that is being Prepared Spirituality must change and change it

Ensure that human beings find the true Place in the constructed and lightning Enlightening shuttle beings enlightening Setting I don't know why I've got beans placed In this constructive and enlightening Setting thus all is well be at peace my Daughter Babaji so I fast forwarded here To um These messages from Babaji and about Charges death And charge his own messages here after He died And Babaji said this so this is long Past when dodgy is claiming the charger Got so upset about the test that he was Given And that he slammed the message on the Table And dodgy was the voice of reason and Was calming him down you know the Implication that charging failed and Didn't make it to the brighter World Which is you know what dodgy's story is Wednesday December 10 2014 10 a.m Everything that is done in the mission Has a purpose difficulties are necessary Is the up to each one to overcome them And to grow while getting around them as Best as possible Without any Rancor whatsoever Difficulties enable human beings to grow Humans are so small in the face of Adversity regardless of their power in

This world easiness does not yield with Success The success is needed in this area which Is not is which is not the rule divine Power operates at levels are in in in X In accessible to humans who are so small Before the eternal Grace Works in its Own way and sometimes resolves problems That seem unsolvable Our great and very dear son your master Is suffering and that is not without Purpose he is very high low his very High level mission on Earth had to go Through such a final step in order to Reach the ultimate stage the highest Stage of human evolution all is well for Him in spite of appearances he is highly Blessed by the gods his light already Dazzling the world and so it will be for A long time That is how it goes Babaji Maharaj so This is right before charge he died And unless he's lying here chargie has Successfully completed his mission and His light is already dazzling the world So it will be for a long time that is How it goes he's not wanting him to be Scrubbed He's not wanting charges works and I Mean his Works were Epic To be scrubbed And Here is the um This is chargie's message after he died

Sunday December 21st 2014 10 a.m 10 a.m So he immediately intercommune with the Medium My dear sister rest assured about me Remain Serene about all this all my Sufferings are finally over only the Last formalities have yet to be Performed and thus will be and then and Thus will all be well Another Life is starting through which Very carefully monitoring Will be conducted over the mission And over my successor for whom nothing Will be easy but he will prevail and he Will contribute the complementary touch To that which exists already With a view to perfecting the sacred Edifice of the spiritual way driven by The higher powers All our brothers and sisters should look To the future with confidence my actions Continue from where I am and grateful Broader Vision that makes things easier Rejoining my Divine Graham Masters Through happiness he is astoundingly Beautiful and his greatness dazzles me May all be at peace all is well this Well-deserved rest is for your beloved Poverty's words allows me to reunite With him and to hand for his work beside Him for our greatest happiness Does everything not have its reason Deter reason for being It is possible to witness it here for

More from more than elsewhere all as Well be happy for the release of your Master he has regained Serenity his love For the whole mission is all the greater To all the brothers and sisters the best Of his support and underlying love Special blessings to all of the dearest Mission and its faithful abiasis a great Deal of love from their Master parts And it's partha Sardi has signed it Um So uh You know him saying that Commerce is Going to be a success I want to you know Get to that because that hasn't happened Um which we know This is what Babaji said Monday December 22nd 2014 10 A.M My dear daughter as your master said Yesterday all is well for him it is good To see him like this he has regained all His integrity Out of the physical body that was unable To pursue his mission any further He here he is already shining having Overcome all the sufferings he had to Undergo without our being able to spare Him such are the Divine laws they seem Unfair in the eyes of human beings who Did not know the reasons for their Manifestation this world since the dawn Of time without anyone being able to Circumvent them For the mission all is well it is

Continuing on its way and the new Representative and master of this Mission will be up to the task he has Been prepared for a long time he is not He has not been chosen in vain May all our abiasis advance in fever and Gratitude towards the Masters who will Be invested for a long time in this path A unique among its kind for the good of Today's human beings many of them Disoriented by the numerous disturbances Of all kinds following a path like this Is precious asset not only does it Strengthen beings on the human level but It also opens unique prospects for their Further Evolution everything is done for The good of all without great Fanfare on Display but in a lasting manner in this World and Beyond we do not give Grand Speeches on this point nor do we paint The idyllic picture the idyllic picture But the reality is there the best is Being accomplished for the Journey of One and all and this is a and this is Cause for rejoicing may all be reassured And happy by the Deliverance of their Master all is well believe it he has Continuing his work in full strength and Awareness of the greatness of the Mission and its growing impact on the World may all be blessed and Strengthened and more committed than Ever to this journey of an uncommon Spirituality so it is Babaji all right

My voice I'm getting worn down by Reading these um so many of them Tuesday December 23 2014 10 a.m the sagemarg Mission is going through a special time Our brothers and sisters should rest Assured that all is well for our great Son their River Yard Master as well as For themselves life carries on on all Levels massage ways expanding its future Gives good cause for rejoicing the Commitment of our brothers and sisters Is crucial and so many of them are Motivated in achieving the best the Great unifying movement will lead its Mark on time and the future hole is a Choice place for for you to miss Humanity that is now greatly troubled Hereafter it will be cleansed of so many Evils so much volume and so much Violence and turbulence of all kinds Many events will occur to make human Beings realize what they must do in Order for the World to Change and find Its appropriate position One that is meant to promote human Evolution Everything has long been planned was not Stated already that the spirituality What has not been stated already What is not stated already that Spiritual value will save the world Hatred violence and all similar evils Currently have a disastrous a hold on Many people one day it will actually

Become imperative to revert to more Correct Notions to to values necessary For the welfare and evolution of human Being the mission is furthering its Action the power of the Masters provides For it and the the action of the end Card Master confirms its own manner That which we Inspire in him your new Master is already enlightened he is Carried by our love and henceforth Guides him in the accomplishing his Mission one that will be up to our Expectations Which is to say brilliant and very Positive for the entire Mission which is Being monitored By Us in every step with All possible love May surrender and love lead all our Brothers and sisters to the best in Their evolution carried along And supported by the Incarnate Master Whose ends Force vested with the powers That we bestow on him May a far-reach Insurge of Love rise towards the great Part this Arty who always attentive to You all the mission continues on its Journey all is well and thus has been Planned for a long time in order to Achieve the best To all of you the combined blessings From the entire hierarchy and United Effectively attentive to the service of One and all may our abiasis come Together and truly support one another

On this journey special blessings to all Babaji Maharaj okay so um I'm going to Say some things I want to react to all Of what I just read And you know it's kind of draining it Was a lot of stuff um You know all the reading all the Information here To um you know navigate through You know today's Friday September 29th I Haven't started it's already almost 11 O'clock I haven't started my Video that's going to be up on this Channel today and I need to save some Energy for that And so um I'm gonna put all those clips In I'm going to edit them all And then I'm going to um Show that clip again of what dodgy said And I'm going to go through it I'm going To make it into its own special you know Thing that I save because it's a Watershed moment The clip of dodgy saying charge you Didn't want to take that test Which is just a low thing for dodgy to Do And he implies that he fails which I'll Get into what I you know I'll show you The clip again and go through it right By not saying he didn't you know but of Course he succeeded like he could have Said of course he succeeded

But he didn't say that by not saying That he's implying or saying that he Failed right and it's just totally dodgy But with all the things that were said About dodgy's success being uh being Assured and you know them being happy With the choice and he was prepared for A long time You know with stuff we all heard and for The most part it meant that we embraced Dodgy like there were some people that Didn't like the guy but nothing nothing Like what charge you went through And even though dodgy had showed himself To me To be kind of a and do stupid Things and not be trustworthy He had a spiritual side which I also saw Right And so You know I had to embrace this because Of what Babaji said The Whispers He was endorsed by chargi and Babaji and I had seen his Divine side so there was No reason for me not to embrace Dodgy even though he had said some and Done some questionable things in regards To my interactions with him And of course you know he did some Immediate mistakes of Uh not allowing kids to go to the Gathering at first now he's all kids Like first he didn't want kids at the Gathering but in this Gathering he's

Having kids Sit next to him while he gives SATs on Which was never supposed to be done Right like he just he doesn't stick to Anything he just is all over the place Right but he has fallen there's no doubt In my mind that's happened I mean it's You know well documented and everything And him say the charge he fell means That any Master can fall And so if chargie fell then he fell like There's no if Charlie didn't make it Then he didn't make it and if they were Depending on dodgy being good and he's Failed this isn't part of some plan it Wasn't accounted for Then we're all f'd like so you know There's no reason for me to take that Belief because I don't know for sure And if that's the case then there's Nothing that could be done And gratefulness is still working right Um and so you know I'm going to continue On with it but I'm kind of getting the Sense that chargie didn't love the Choice of accomplish and there might Have been messages that we didn't hear Or whatever or you know he was never Psyched about it and he probably I mean He's running out of time Bobby said they were preparing dodgy for A long time and maybe charge you wasn't On board whatever the case was But whatever the case dodgy sucks like

He's not good at this and you know That's not um really debatable because On a spiritual level the transmission is Not flowing that's the most important Part And then on all the other levels he's Failing and his character his lies his Deception his manipulation And his inability to articulate anything In a spiritual way that can inspire People And then you know all of it like it's a Mess he's created a mess here And it is you know as predicted in that Other Whispers message in 1999 Years before these other messages in 2000 10 11 and 14 I just read to you And so like I said let me go back and Edit this whatever in a couple days I'll Go through it I'll play the message one More time And then um You know we'll go from there But um you know it's a lot to take in And then I have to go through and you Know find Cliffs from the rest of the Gathering but this is really the big Part here I'm not going to do much more Of it because unless there's something Significant and I don't really want to Watch it you know it's just I didn't Want to watch that but I'm glad I did I said all right it's only nine minutes

Long I'll watch the rest of it and if I Didn't watch it I would have missed that Story because I just can't listen to the Guy he just is horrible to you know to Listen to It's hard to listen to him Anyways let me end this one here and Then I'll come back to all this in a bit All right Tad to whatever I just said I Don't know what it is I didn't re-listen To it um Um spending the morning editing this I Still have to make another video on my Other channel Apocalypse Now channel so Um I just want to say two things before I Get into the The Um the dodgy the Epic dodgy statement Where he goes after charging The first one is you know we know dodgy Fall has fallen like it's just that's Just a fact The evidence is overwhelming and Charging may have had some sort of a Fall or maybe had some issues we don't Know that right Um dodgy is the one who's reporting this He said that charge you didn't make it Into the brighter world and this was a Speech in which several people have told Me that they heard it but they scrubbed It from the mission that chargi had um Described it from the literature or the You know the whatever it was it was on

The seismarck website and they deleted The video and I don't know if it exists Somewhere and somebody has it but I've Never seen it but I've heard him say This and he's implied this in other Places the charge he had a fall and what He said in this video was That charge you had one less opportunity One last test to pass And that test was failed and he didn't Make it into brighter World they gave Him one last chance and when dodgy said That whether it's true or not whether It's I don't know I don't think it's True because now he's a proven life but If it was true that doesn't make dodgy Better than him because dodgy is Obviously worse and so if chargie fell Dodgy certainly fell like dodgy's Fallen Either way right dodgy whatever level of Spiritual attainment he had he's pissed It away he's you know He's just sucked and so really all that Has to be kind of determined and we Can't really figure that out now we can Guess at it we can speculate is whether Babaji knew dodgy was going to fail And that the mission was going to Crumble the you know the heartfulness Parasitic organization was gonna Um take zaj Morgan a negative Direction And he said in that Whispers message That it would have to be rebuilt on Firm Foundation I want to reread that that

Was from my my last journey series that One message Here I just pulled it up I might as well Read it because you know I'm being I'm Just being comprehensive here and I Don't want to leave any stone unturned Thursday September 30th 1999 10 A.M for Yourself from all these slots that are Running through your head and come join Us otherwise how do you expect us to Communicate leave aside the facts idea For the moment and open the channel for Good my son worries too much about Succession that will happen in due Course so again this is all the way back In 1999. Time Warner seems long to him He too would like to come join us the Greatness of his mission is inscribed Here on Earth you must see it through to The end and not get lost in the Groundless considerations for the moment Who better than him he who manage as he Does the immense Enterprise he's being He is being of great spiritual Dimension As well as a shrewd businessman He is perfect for his role I too had Only one idea in my mind to rejoin my Most reverent Master he let me languish For a Time But had to but it had to be that way No one will take the select place we Reserve for him so he can wait So there's a select place a charge he Has and he's going to get it right this

Is what you say in 1999. the succession Won't be easy his successor must have Broad shoulders a great discernment Regarding human behavior Behavior Especially the know-how to choose Collaborators when we can trust Completely and giving them Responsibilities The very nature of human beings is so Often changeable and puzzling that it Takes long experience of human behavior To make judicious choices errors are Inevitable and sometimes necessary in Order to start over on a stronger Foundation everything needs to be Learned and earned Babaji so I don't think there's any chance of Dodgy turning it around I don't think he's capable because his Mind seems to have gone and he's too far Out there on a limb to do it and if he Did it he would lose the mission Because he'd have to basically say that He was you know like the way that um That um Worm tongue had manipulated Theodin King in the in the two towers in The Lord of the Rings movie and of course The books The Worm tongue had you know Put a Spell On him but he'd have to basically said That he failed for the last so many Years And I don't think he would survive that

In terms of public opinion because you Know we see how weak these Abiasis are and he would basically be This there's just no way For him to redeem himself like there's All where Bobby says as long as there's Life There's Hope There's a chance but I don't see it and So rebuilding the mission on a firm Foundation is post-dodgy and I don't Know how long it's going to take after That and I don't know what course it is That's why it's important there's Gratefulness meditation and things like It where people are holding the the Energy and the you know whatever's going On here for Some period of time again for the Lord Of the Rings where there was a king of Gondor who was not a king he was a he Was a steward right where we're being Stewards of this you know gift until There'll be some Um you know Redemption of the system Whatever whatever form that comes in the Future but simply put We don't know whether this was part of a Plan or dodgy just failed it's one of The two and I'm going with it's part of A plan because otherwise why you know It's over you know it's either over or Is it and since gratefulness is still Working the transmission's still there I believe this is part of a plan you

Know and everything else and it's the Only you know way to go because because Even if it's over we still have this Opportunity for whatever time it's open The windows open the door's open so we Might as well continue along with it but What's important here going into this You know what dodgy saying is that Chargie I doubt fell the way he says it People all have their moments their Moments of doubt you know Charlie had That that time in 2005 where he was Accused of giving all the lands all the Ashrams to his son and by senior Preceptors and he got depressed for a Week you know everybody goes through it Everyone has their moments where they're Mad at God or mad at the master or you Know they just you go through stuff And charge he did when Bobby G did Lology did and dodgy didn't dodgy just Didn't recover right but ultimately you Come back to it right when Um charging got mad at Babaji he came Back to babji and Bobby said why'd you Come back he said because everywhere I Went there you were because Babaji was Manifested all over the world in the Universe right Whatever issues you have with the master If it's a legitimate master Then Um you come back whatever issues you Have with God you eventually realize

That you know you're in the wrong like You can't see what what he sees you Can't see what God sees you can't see What the master sees and the Master's Just beyond you and you know this is Something dodgy forgotten this is why He's fallen because he doesn't really Have a master right and you need Something like even Babaji who's running The universe he's still you know has Lology you know looking over his Shoulder and you know helping them and Guiding them and reprimanding them or Doing whatever like it just needs to be That especially on planet Earth where Your ego can run a mock and that's What's happened with dodgy and Whatever's you know mental illness or Dementia that he has so with that in Mind let's get into this thing again Sometime in 2000 2010 or 11 something like that in Master received a message from babuji Maharaj And I happened to be also 28th of September so I went to take his Blessings and Gayatri Let me say two things here he's gonna Tell a disparaging story about charging And it was this was any truth to it Which it's definitely there's lies here Because dodgy always lies and he's Exaggerating and there's a reason for Him telling the story because the only

Thing that he does and I'll show you the Rest of the Gathering the only thing That's about charging and it's supposed To be a dual birthday celebration this Is the big charging moment there's one Quote with a disheveled picture of Charging next to it of charges and it's Not a very good quote And the woman announces chargie's name That it's a dual birthday celebration She does it twice I believe so it's Mentioned twice and there's one other Guy that says charges name which I'll Get into because that's even worse and So this is the big moment this is a Charging story he's talked about Babaji And analogy becoming nothingness and Their accomplishments and the one story He tells Paints chargie in a bad light a Moment of weakness where he's upset at Babaji the master whatever a test that He can't pass and it's implied because He's talked about before that he didn't Pass the test And he said that before and this is Where he's justifying trying to remove Charging from the mission even though Babaji said the four cardinal points and All of us who have benefited from Charging right And so there's that the second thing Which I just didn't notice I just Noticed just now Is I tell that story about how I was

Sitting I was standing outside of Um dodgy's office talking to his Secretary he had this guy was a Secretary nice guy great guy And we were just talking I wasn't going To see dodgy or anything and this couple Came by and said this is my husband's Birthday we need to see dodgy and the Guy goes yeah we're not doing that Anymore right It was great like I really it was really Funny And you know dodgy cut off his Availability even though he's talking About availability In this whole you know the availability Is the whole premise of this Gathering And he's talking about how he went to Receive charge His blessings on his Birthday But he stopped that tradition like he Didn't bless people on their birthdays Right which I thought was a good thing When I was there but now I see that you Know it would be okay if he didn't go But he did so he went to receive charges Blessings on his birthday and then Charge he had this moment according to Him he decides to make it public On his supposedly charges birthday Gathering when he's already you know Lied about that with Babaji and gone Against babaji's will with the four Cardinal points and so this is you know

Where he this is how he he begins this Um you know this moment where he's Crapping all over his former master And he was so upset that morning Which I asked Maestro why are you so Upset He says look at this message I received From babuji So I read it The message the essence was Telling him That if you pass this test The place that is reserved for you Will remain That's all And of course there are a lot many Things in it but just essence of it Okay so again We now know that the message doesn't Exist in the time frame that he say Because I've looked through all of them And the one message is there's two Messages that could be one is about Charges physical health The other one's about his successor now Five days later dodgy is bowing at Charges feet And you saw that I showed you that video When he's announced as a successor right And so all of this is you know if you Look into it if you look Beyond his BS It just doesn't add up right you know He's just he's just a liar like he's Just lying about everything

What if I failed I said Mastery look at it in a positive Way What if you pass you see what is waiting For you and then I quoted him The test done by Radha ji on babuji Maharaja Once but would you cleared that test He was flying high then see I said the Master says He was really really upset it's really Offensive that he's saying he's advising Charge you like he's the Elder And you know what if you clear the test Think about it you know like it's Chargie didn't do it for his spot right Charge he did his work to get a pat on The back with Babaji when he left that's What Charlie said over and over again That he was he was giving all this stuff By Babaji All this you know spiritual wealth and All these things And he just wanted to do right by Babaji And you know leave the mission in a good Situation makes the mission a better Place which he's totally done right And Bobby said you know talked about When they were you join and how you know Epic it was going to be all these things All these messages None of them were saying they charge you Fell none of them were even applying That right but dodgy's doing that here

And he's making himself sound like he Was the you know Georgie's adult like He's a like he's stupid right like Oh my advising charge you know like That I don't like this message And he got so upset and threw the paper On the table Because who likes to be tasted After Being given a permission to do Whatsoever you want to do as a master You know um Like this mischaracterized charging none Of that sounds like charging we know Right like he was so upset like he just Again you know you can have your moments But if he was having a moment dodgy Shouldn't have been saying anything About it because it's just disrespectful And The other part is he doesn't say charge You definitely passed the test in fact In other places he said he failed this Test And so this is him at the end of the Gathering that's supposed to be a joint Dual Gathering talking about charges Failure and not wanting to take a test And to a bunch of dopes who are so weak Which I'll get into in a moment You know who they can't even conceive of Being as good as charging was right when Charging nominated dodgy you know and I'm not going to show you that they're

Not nominated but um made him the vice President he said you know I can't see And I'm in pain and I can't do anything Anymore you know I've never run away From anything and everyone's like course You didn't like that's charging like she Took everything head-on like he was a Lion you know he was a Leo and so um you Know this Mischaracterizes him in a disrespectful He's like a total Punk like he's just a Punk Now Towards the sunset of his life why such A test But nature is mysterious So expect more and more tests As we add once in spirituality Don't be afraid of tests Because those are given With a backing also with the hope that We all can clear those tests they are Not futile if difficulties come on the Way Don't despair Their help is always there Backing is always there that support is Always there Because in our failure They'll cry And they don't want to They don't want to cry They they're gonna cry but they don't Want to

Um you know they're in the brighter World they're not in bodies there's no You know there is what it is and they See the long plan right they see the Long you know they're they're not Strapped down by linear time And so this is just a total Mischaracterization of everything you Know like he's such a dope So accept these challenges that comes Our way And don't give up invite them more even More if you can that's why Saints in the Past used to invite miseries but we Don't have to do that We have enough of it tackle with it as a Test And succeed colorfully masterfully And till Master thank you thank you for The tests And thank you all for listening Now I come to another Proposal so this is the most important Moment for me is when they applaud what He just did Because he is crapping all of a charges Legacy he just you know and him uh as a Master in all these things you know They're all there at this ash from the Charging designed and created all the The elements of how to build an awesome Like all the things that charge you do It did he was epic The the Epic works that he did and the

Lives that he touched right and most of These people that are charging people You know some of them are just there Whatever family members they're just you Know They're not like real devoted obvious But those of us who this was our thing And charging affected Us in some way and I've talked about The you know the influence that the Seishmark system has had on me but you Know that is only possible through Charging being the living Master of the System and so the transformation that I've gone through And you know years and years thousands And hundreds of years whatever it is Of spiritual Evolution and cleaning out Things and just you know it's I can't Even express how grateful I am and how Important it is and there's people There's a guy who was close to charge And he's gonna get up there and praise Dodgies lies and dodgy stuff and it's Brutal I'll get to that and I'll show You a little bit of that and I'll tell You what the guy went on to say But because I go through all the other The other videos and you know the way That he's disrespected charge and Scrubbed him from the mission but these Are people who you know they had Experiences like I did with charging and They professed their love for him right

He's transformed their existence like he Was you know God like a human form that Helped them in some way and you know Deep ways and you know some of them like He named their kids like dodgy's kids Saj and Marg were named by charity like He rearranged their marriages and he was Just there for him helping them make Decisions in their lives all these Things and they couldn't wait to be all The stuff I said before there's no way For me to convey You know this is like bigger than you Know this is like a a love story or Somebody you know like a uh like a you Know classic Love Story between like a Husband and wife but on a Divine level Right even more subtle a love that you Know Divine love there can't be Expressed in any way here by me to uh to You know show you what the the level of Gratitude and reverence they had for Charging right And you know I'm always disrespectful Like I'm a disrespectful person I'm I Don't have etiquette I don't I don't Like that kind of stuff you know I like All this I'm a reverend and don't have a You know I have problems with authority All these things you know I'm more of a Punky person I always thought where you Know in the mission I was one of those People that just you know doesn't go Along with the herd and you know was not

Into this stuff you know Dodge used to Say uh respected elders He used to say that all the time but Then he goes and just does something That you never do you don't diss your Master like he just did right in front Of everybody with this derogatory story Like you don't have any good stories of The Epic work the charges done you don't Have any you know any of the books that He's written like the talks that he's Given that transform so many people yeah We saw you bowing down before him when He made your his successor when you were You were around him all the time and When he first passed away when you first Became the master you praised them and You were telling stories about him but Then all of a sudden it's all been Negative you're leaving charge you off The list of hierarchy all these other Things that he's done right which I've Talked about showing you and Demonstrated what he's done you know With me being like that like not being An etiquette person and seeing the way These people have allowed what taji has Done to you and are applauding that Story applauding dodgy when he's such an Obvious failure he's run the mission Into the ground And these people are worthless because You couldn't do more for them than than Charge you did charge you worked

Tirelessly for everybody made himself Available comedy accommodating I mean he Was the available master in dodgy's a Kind of a recluse right you know someone Wrote a comment saying you know seeing What happened to the old Master let's See what happened to chargie it makes Sense why dodgy's doing what he's doing Yeah but he took the job right that Isn't the job like this is why I Wouldn't take the job right if I'm not a Service oriented person and I don't Really like people then you know that Would be a big problem I mean I wasn't Offered the job but I wouldn't want the Job for that reason you understand this That you know I had the opportunity to To you know create some sort of be some Sort of fake Guru with a gratefulness Thing and I've downplayed it with people Wanting me to step into that role Because I'm not you know That's not what I'm willing to do right You know I mean it's not for me right And so you don't take the job right and It seems like dodgy went for the job Wanted the job all these things But either way whether he wanted or Didn't want it he took it and he's Failed epically But the way that these people who you Know charge me couldn't do anything more For them than he did like he was he did Everything he possibly could for all

These people and they knew it and for Them to just allow this to happen like I Was thinking about this like I woke up Thinking about it like several times in The night watching these people applaud Watching these people just be complicit And allow this to happen to a to a Person to a being to us you know to a Soul that did as much as he possibly Could for everybody in the world and all Of us benefited from us from it you know These ashrams and the this transmission And the settings and everything that he Did the books the teachings in every way That he helped us and it was a lot of Work it's an epic amount of work and for Them to just Allow this clown this you know horrible Person who obviously has fallen to come In there and they just go along with it Oh yeah charge you sucked remember that Guy ago sucked right like Like that's how they're being here right Um you know and I just can't even like You know I want to show this at the end Of this voice or I'm going to put that That um Talk by charger where he says He's lamenting all the people around him The Inner Circle And this is part of what was going on in These Whispers messages all the ones That I read you but it is so bad like I Can't even you know Express their you Know how quickly they allowed this guy

To be thrown under the bus And how how much they allow charge you To be disrespected and they've gone Along with this right Um I don't you know and dodgy doing that Like telling that story there's no Reason to tell any of these stories About charging like it's like oh there's There's a part of charge you guys didn't Know you know well yeah of course there Was why are you telling it why are you And that's the only part that you're Talking about not that you were uh being Trained by him for over 30 years and you Know how much you followed them around And you know whatever it was you know That he you know bowed before him and Became his successor and went along with Everything and then a couple years later You start crapping all over his legacy And telling everyone they sucked and how Much better you are like that's I mean That's why he's fallen like he's dropped Like a rock and he's everything he does Sucks like it's just he's a failure at Everything like he's a failure at life And you know his Mastery is a failure And the mission is failed under him Epically in a way that nobody could have Imagined and all these clowns all these People who where you know professing Their love for charge you've just Allowed this to happen and it's like Sickening right like I said I'm not an

Etiquette person and I'm not you know For me to be seeing this and just the Just blatant disrespect and you know I Mean this guy helped all of us right the Lack of loyalty and the lack of fairness And all this I mean he was a he was a Great person for us And them for them to allow this to Happen and you know go along with it and Applaud this clown right it's just you Know it's beyond painful like I was like Waking up my heart like heart last night Thinking about this right you know Charging is in the brighter world I Don't know what he's affected or not but It hurts to see human beings be this low Like it's you know these are supposed to Be spiritual people And for them to be this way it is um you Know it is I mean it's depressing like It's really bad So anyways here's that talk that charge You gave and then I'll um wrap this Thing up later today or tomorrow That uh maybe the Master's role is 99 Percent Or more And the ability is role in personal Character transformation or formation Even less than one percent I am forced to this Shall I say conclusion Because that is how it appears to be and People are not really serious

About character formation or character Transformation Why I say this is because As I said before Spirituality is given by the master and Formation or character transformation It's a conclusion Because that is how it appears to be and People are not really serious About character formation or character Transformation Why I say this is because As I said before Spirituality is given by the master and That cannot be doubted to see But Their outer Behavior Their outer Lifestyle the way they Conduct themselves Their politeness or lack of it And as repeatedly pointed out to me by Abhyasis from all over the world Especially the behavior of those very Close to me what the outside world calls The Inner Circle You know I feel I used to feel concerned That I used to feel pained Nobody really feel guilty I feel guilty Because the people close to me my inner Circle so-called Are one and all arrogant Proud demanding Oppressive

Authoritarian And lack politics One and all Of course I keep telling them about this Either they smile it off Or they say yes yes we will change now But you know recent affairs Especially when I was in tirupur Immediately following Dear brother's Revocation of his nomination to succeed Me It has shown the Raw Nature human nature at its worst Gossiping condemning Blaming Always others Forgetting the principle that when you Point your finger at somebody One figure three figures are pointing Towards yourselves So what to do about this you see How to make a bicic is realize That The Master's responsibility or his What shall we say Duty towards olympiasi If I should call it that Is hardly one percent Probably one thousand or one millionth Of a percent His role Responsibility in making himself Transforming himself Should be 99 or more

It's exactly opposite Now what are the consequences People close to me think that because I Keep them close to me continue to keep Them close to me They are blameless They're really blameless and I'm only Talking for fun not to show off or Something like that you know like a pet And people who are away from me but who Are close to me either in an inner sense They stay away Maharaja had a dog Honey And he was not fond of dogs But it was there and it remained there It used to run around chasing the Monkeys And he used to tell me where the twinkle In his eye That you know honey recognizes abiasis He doesn't bark Foreign And you know I never understood the significance of Babuji praising this dog For this quality that he does not bark At abiasis A dog And my people around me they're all the Time barking shutting doors putting away People Using my name for everything that they Do

He is ill he is resting he is asleep he Told us no no so on and so forth and so Forth I get letters from very very close Devoted abhyasis who love me Saying I cannot come And I will not come so long as I stopped For them too it is a need To transform themselves Because as babuji once said Two lovers cannot remain separated Because the circumstances are not Favorable You know the old saying in English love Laughs at locksmiths Doesn't mean it only laughs and locks The locksmith is symbolic of every Circumstance that can come between the Lover and the Beloved okay so I went out And my wife and I did some stuff Saturday today and Um we were talking about this I played This in the car The um clip you just saw from dodgy And I realized I didn't emphasize some Of these points enough here So I just want to review them because It's a it's a big thing here that Happened one of the things I wanted to Say is that you know when you have Something where You're telling a story like you're he's Telling a story about his time with Charge and charges not here to give his

Side of the story right and Dodges uh Approving liar he's lied over and over Again you know all this exaggeration Most recently you know um doing things To make himself look good and just being A fake Guru and overall sucking right Just you know Finding ways to disparage Charging as well And When there's like a story that involves A Whispers message like a Whispers Message is a you know it's a Whispers Message it exists somewhere or it Doesn't and he's already compromised The Whispers messages by strong arming uh Elderly French woman and I you know is Uh one of the Masters of the system Babaji into endorsing his brighter Minds Program Which of course made all the other Whispers after charge he passed away Suspect because again when something's Anonymous like this or you know Something's channeled There's always ways that within the System itself it's the translation of it That these messages could be somehow you Know compromised and so he tells this Story and he thought enough of this to Crap all of her charges Legacy and tell The story On his birthday and you know so much About the birthday wishes and this idea That you know he um he himself went to

Charge you to get blessed on his Birthday And yet he stopped doing that for other People right he's something he thought He was entitled to but didn't want to do The same for these other people and that The birthday is significant like the Birthday was always considered Significant your day of birth On a spiritual level like it's a a mark Of time right it's another year you've Successfully completed another year There's lots of things to do with your Birthday that beyond the presence and The stuff that we celebrate here it has Significance and it has significance in Terms of the spiritual essence of people You celebrate the birth of saints and Higher developed souls and the day Matters right and so he should release The message because there's only so many Messages that are from that time right From that were given on his birthday And so he's saying was 2010 2011. you Could easily look and find the messages And realize there's no message That is you know that says what he says It says now I looked at the whole month Before and after like since his birthday So it had to be you know the messages That were personally directed to charge There was a one or two day turnaround Like he didn't get them a week letter Later anytime he got a message they made

A priority to translate it and get it Over to India from France within you Know the next usually 24 hours you know It was I don't know seven hours Difference between France and India Something like that time zone wise and So it'd be um in the morning when she Would receive the message and they would Translate it and it would if she had a Team of people and they'd have a you Know by that time where it's established There's already books printed and and They started Print these messages in real time Sometimes they would come out a day or Two after they were received and Certainly the ones to charge you would Make into them right away so if dodgy Says it was on his birthday then there's Like a one or two day window When charged you could have received a Message and if they decide not to print That message and it's not in the Archives well he's just talked about it And so release it right don't talk about It and crap all over charging and make Him sound bad and you know the things That he said like I was talking about This with my wife like chargie when I Hate that message like he just wouldn't Say things like that right He just wouldn't say it like he just You know these are things you wouldn't Say like he just wasn't the way dodgy

Was characterizing him but like he can Do that to his group of dummies and you Know his people around him and all these Newbies and people who didn't know Chargie or people are too weak minded to To see through his BS but you know to The rest of us we know this doesn't Sound like charging at all especially When you you're hearing it from a proven Liar the other thing is in The Whispers Messages Babaji Wouldn't have said things like oh this Is a test and if you pass this test We're going to give you this thing Because that's what religions do that's What babji wrote in his his chapter Called religion the first chapter in Reality at dawn maybe his sort of Signature book and he talked about how Religions operate on fear and Temptation And he's saying oh you got to test but If you if you pass it you'll be in a Special place here in the brighter world He wouldn't have said that right when he Had nothing but confidence and charged Ability to master things and say things You know and do things that need to be Done And his ability to endure all the things That charge he was known for he wouldn't Say hey I got a test for you but if you Do pass it I'll give you this thing You know I mean it's just not at all the Tone of any Whispers messages you know

This is just something Dodges made it up To make it sound like sharji didn't make It into the brighter world and of course Anybody evaluating the two people would Say charge you was better at everything All the good things at least in Dodgers Better being a failure that is you Better being stupid dodgy's better at Being you know inarticulate I mean he's Better at all the worst things Sergey Was better at all the good things and All the things that had to do with being A master so if anybody fell it was dodgy Right if you're saying that Masters can Fall and they could you know fail well You know look in the mirror bro like It's clearly you okay so I went back and Looked at all the other years around 2009 2010. And none of them really all that Um had nothing to do with what dodgy was Talking about none of those messages Were addressed directly to charge a Personal message But the one that was was Sunday September 28th again dodgy's birthday 2008 10 A.M My very dear son your road is glorious But difficult We are close to we are close to you at Each step Without being able to lighten your Burden without respect to this kind of Physical failure you are courageous and

Tenacious tenacious nothing will be Nothing will be able to weaken the great Things you are achieving for the Divine Service Your powers have increased tenfold as Was the case for a few of the Masters Before you be thankful for that my very Dear parthus arti at every moment we are By your side We carry you in your own way without Taking our eyes off of you for the Moment as we would do for a babe in arms Particularly dear to our hearts your Star is shining in the firmament again With the firmament It will defy time May that hearten you We know that you do not lack courage you Display the relentlessness of greats in Carrying through their mandate But this state of vision Is this state of your vision stabilizes That improves as as we hope for you this Is our dearest wish for our so blessed Son we love you beyond words be Strengthened and reassured Babaji I want To say here that Babaji actually Addresses the Earth being round and Um the medium ask them a question she Must have been getting bugged by Somebody when the flat earthing was Going around it was one of these Messages I have at bookmarks somewhere But you know I'm not going to find it It's not important to what we're talking

About here so what he means by the Firmament has to do with you know the Spiritual world and not the you know Firmament and the the Bible or the way That people interpret the Bible as being A layer of moisture Above the Earth that's not but um He's referring to here but anyways going Back to these messages it's clear that On dodgy's birthday there's only two Possible messages he could be talking About if there's a message that wasn't Published then you know he should read It now we should read the whole thing And put it into context because again He's a liar and he won't do that because I think he just made this thing up the Whole thing and it's just you know Pathetic the other thing is that these Messages were both the two I read you Earlier uh the two that came from 2009 2010 Were all broadcasted they were put in a Whisper a day In 2018. so those are all made public And so this is just dodgy being a bad Liar and not covering his tracks and Making up stories and whatever he did There I mean it's just you know It's egregious right like he's just Absolutely egregious anyways I'm going To wrap this thing up now and I'll cover Some more of this I'll finish editing

And get this thing out Uh Sunday or Monday so I realized that I Missed a bunch of the second there was Two um There's two sessions And the second session had five videos I Believe In the first session had six you see This one was streamed four days ago And the one next to it was streamed two Days ago so that was the last of the First session this is the first the Second session a couple of them have Chargie in the video title itself but The majority of them don't and charge You is not Addressed it all so let's go through These um You know some of the ones I missed They're Hocking a lot of merch here Um which they've done right here it says Chargi and dodgy so they've actually Include charging the first two here But there's quotes from Babaji and Lology and nothing from charge right Then there's the lology quote here There's some merch Oh actually they do have one from Charger here Um Empathy is automatic tuning into Another's field where we have what he or She is feeling What you have brought to you charging

Not of a great talk not a it's not a Good picture of him this is when he was Older in life this is like him crap like This is not a good picture of Charity Right his hair is disheveled and he's Older this is towards like his last Years Um not one of his better quotes either Okay the meditation starts at 20 Minutes into the Video and ends About 35 minutes after that 34 minutes Or so Um And so it's you know basically a 35 36 Minute sitting Sisters To the joyous occasion of the 68th Birthday celebrations of beloved Along with the formal 96th birth Anniversary celebrations of Pooja Charity Maharaj Okay so she makes the same announcement But it's clear that's not it's just a You know it's just superficial right no Charge ebooks no charge you talks at the End of the Gathering we know he craps All of our charges Legacy By saying he rejected a Whispers message Is unwilling to go through a test and he Implied that he failed the test right Which you know Um you basically out now said it without Saying it right because he would say of

Course he'd fit he you know he he uh he Um succeeded in in an earlier talk he Said charge he was given one last Opportunity to make it to The Brighter World and he failed and then he scrubbed That talk but the numerous people have Heard it and so and he's referencing That there so he's already said this and There's other things that I've showed You that are still up there where he Implies that charge he was left out of The loop the charge he wasn't a part of His being made the master all these Things the charge he originally was Going to choose dodgy but crumbled up His name he wrote on a piece of paper That crumbled it up Joe's the other guy Which was a mistake and then came back And chose dodgy which dodgy was Obviously still butt hurt about so you Know we know all these things are there Right Okay I'm in the editing process and I Want to emphasize what I just said You know if he was Going to say that charging succeeded Because failure and being a baby and not Rising up and not acting masterly Is the essence of his story About charging all the things that Charge you failed to do and he said you Know he was he was um showing a moment Of weakness but he could have entered The story saying but of course Master

Always succeeded a charge he always Succeeded and he ended up passing the Test right like that's what he would say But he didn't say that at all and maybe Some members of the audience would just Assume that because of how they feel About charging but they're not realizing Dodgy's not saying that for a reason Because he wants you to believe he Didn't pass the test because otherwise He would say it you know he's implied Otherwise anyway he's he's actually Actually out and out said he didn't pass His test in other places a test that There's no record of and there should be Right I mean this is how scummy he is I now invite brother prakash to please Give a talk This is computer prakash It was such a chargy person Was Walking along along with sage narred And they went he was just uh he was he Lived in Chennai and he was just one of Charges regular guys And he was my friend on Facebook I don't Know if we're friends anymore but He um you know he You know him selling out to this idea That chargie's birthday should be I mean I you know I don't understand that like I must I mean it's bothered him on some Level right

This guy was known as computer prakash He was you know he did work with Computers he was a Brahman and he lived In Chennai in near charity he was Charges body man like he'd often make Sure charge he had water and take care Of him and charge you would call him Over and he did the same role for dodgy In the beginning But doji's bagged him ever since I guess He's moved to Mana uh he's moved to Hyderabad tokana since then but he was Always a fixture in the ashram In um In China in charge he's OSHA And you know he was also in charge of Videoing and all these things he had a Big role he was always in master charges Cottage and he was somebody who you you Know I think he wished me happy birthday In Facebook and we we knew each other We'd nod like he knew what I was at Least and I you know I knew where he was Um we haven't really had any kind of Discussion but he was a very devoted Person but I became suspicion suspicious Of him When um one of some some guy who Contacted me from China who I never met But he found my YouTube channel and he Was very you know he's I've talked about This guy on and off but he's come here He's written me emails and we're friends On Facebook he used to communicate with

Me regularly and he is definitely now on Board seeing that this thing has gone South with dodgy but back when the RSS Thing happened the guy contacted me and I asked him because he had connections And I wanted to find those two Recordings that chargie was played of Charge he won was saying that sagemarg Is in a part of Hinduism it stands on Its own And I asked him to ask computer prakash Because he was the guy who would have Access to that tape and he didn't know Anything about it but he was the guy who Played it it was there and it was a Significant and he must have been he Must have been a part of recording it But he denied to the guy that he knew Anything about it which made me Suspicious of the guy and so I went and Listened to the rest of his talk here And he mentions charge he wants you know He goes I was around charge and I was Lucky enough to meet dodgy in 1980 and It's like wow he mentions dodgy over and Over again he Praises Dodge he talks About being available he Pages dodgy new Scam this whole thing where he tries to Go door to door and do all these things Um you know where they're going to these Villages he himself talked about going To the Villages he was assigned a Village and he was talking about how Everyone wants to become a preceptor but

Then they don't take responsibility and He was talking to dodgy about it and Dodges like those people should quit you Know it's the same thing that people Should say about dodgy being a master Because he's unwilling to do what it Matt what it takes to be a master and he Should quit right I'm the same way a Precept or someone who wanted to be a Preceptor and then once they become a Precept they realize it's a lot of work And a lot of it's thankless but he wants All these people to work themselves to The Bone and go to these villages to Glorify him and his mission even though It's the complete opposite of way Babaji Used to bring people in you know Babaji Would bring people in by transmitting to The world and some of the hearts some of These people found him because of that They were called spiritually and somehow Materially without any advertisement Without any you know publicity they Found Babaji in in Southern India and Then charity and you know so many people Found it through word of mouth and Posters and I mean that's you know how People found it right like you know There's no advertising there's no Internet presence I mean for years and Even the internet presence under Chargedy was very limited And so it was something that people just Had to find and we were like you know it

Was suggested we didn't even talk about On the internet like I am now And so there was um people just finding It who are meant to find it Some people finding it with their hearts Right having a connection to somebody Who did the system and then finding it Through them and all these things that's How the majority of us found it but Dodgy is doing this mormon-esque like Recruitment of people many of them are Uneducated and underdeveloped and they Don't really have the capacity for Spirituality they're just not you know There yet in their evolution and you Know most of the people are Going to stay who do join and then he Inflates the numbers he says it's you Know 12 million people and 40 000 Villages and everyone knows it's I mean Those are ridiculous numbers to say it Was a hundred thousand people would be Ridiculous to say it was 10 000 people Would be ridiculous but 12 million and So this guy's going along with that Saying everyone has to work harder and He praised dodgy over and over again and He was a chargy guy and he and all those People should be you know uh it's a red Flag when when dodgy canceled babaji's And chargie's birthday and he should Know better like they all should like That's a that's just a huge red flag There's so many red flags but they are

Completely complicit and this isn't Where you can believe in both of them Because dodgy is clearly saying things About charging that none of these people Should believe is true and he's such a Like so scummy about it and this guy I Mean I you know I was I should say I'm Stunned but all these people are just They're so weak and pathetic and you Know they they're just not loyal and They're just you know what what worth Are they right if somebody could and This guy was around charge you all the Time he knew how great charge he was and And dodgy comes in just craps all over Him he goes along with it I mean it's Just you know it's like sickening like You know I mean I I shouldn't be stunned But I am like I can't believe they're This pathetic right And dodgy takes off at the end That's day one Okay so the second setting the second Video is here To guide us through more information About the Hope program These are all these fancy buildings that They've built around there in apartments And things The design of this program is And you are able to really feel the Change in yourself Okay so they're spelling out hope in Front of babaji's statue

But it's just not appropriate here right Um This is supposed to be filled with water I don't know what's happening but I Guess they're standing where the water Is I guess the water's been drained for A while maybe the waters are used to be In here I don't know Um But they're spelling hope in front of Babaji this is some Children's Program This Guy's in charge Of it I think this guy was a part of the Brighter mind scam not sure he looks Familiar Um Some kind of Some kind of Island Journey here Is there anything There's you know more just a bunch of This stuff here This is all that this stuff then they're Hawking aloe vera And there's some kind of um Thing here nothing this has to do with Charge right there's no There's nothing to show charges life to Celebrate chargi there's quote by Babaji Um This is quote by Baba geologie Nothing from charging this one Dodgy comes out Because uh The meditation begins here at

Um 4148 And it ends at 120. so this was a 39 minute sitting Um I think righteous diary and takes off This is the last video here it's lots of Quotes by Bobby some fewer biology Videos these are all the books they Released right Of course Nothing by charging to the Attention of all brothers and sisters Today at 12 noon We would be relaying from the screens in The meditation Hall Some special unreleased videos Which contain daji stocks And insights into topics which are very Dear to his heart So this is just as much as crappy Talks here again nothing to do with Charging I mean this has already been Established And then he comes out to meditate um The meditation begins here at 1604 And then stops here 55 minutes in here So um again a 39 minute sitting so just You know short settings no transmission That can be felt here they're releasing Some books here So he gets done writing his diary And he does this

Yeah go ahead Go ahead speak Little bit dodgy From all the hearts present here and From around the world we wish you a very Happy birthday This is the morning of his birthday Please accept our love and heartfelt Prayers for your good health Happiness and for your long life What more can we offer you beloved Master Than our hearts full of Tender Love And a life of silent and sacred service We pray With the blessings of the hierarchy of Masters forever upon you May your name shine in the heavens till Eternity As the brightest star in the celestial Firmament And may this prayer resounding firmament In our hearts forever They firmamented it Okay thanks all right let's move on here Um Okay so I'm editing this is Sunday October first in the morning just add SATs on Got some clarity there's something I Want to say at the end of the vid at the End of this thing here My next voiceover Um

At the end of this after I've done Editing this little last little bit About the Gathering And you know just calling it what it is And what it needs to be called But just it's just for this part right Here If they were going to make this a dual Celebration And everybody who knows everything Between the master and disciple Relationship This is a dual celebration It would all be it should be all about Charging right in fact you know when Charges celebrated his own birthday You know he talked about Babaji right he Didn't talk about himself it wasn't some You know Grand thing about him right Um and Charity's non-existent so the Whole thing's a lie which we all know it Would be which is you know should tell Every everybody everything they know About dodgy first of all they should Have cut out dodgy's birthday and Um it should have been lalaji Babaji Chargie dodgy like it should have been Apology with Babaji and again it's Stupid to have a you can't have a dual Celebration It's one guy's birthday it's not there's They don't have the same birthday You know everything should be seller I Mean there shouldn't have been this

Thing in the first place but since They've done it He should have done it where they Celebrate chargie's birthday and dodgy Was a part of that because he's alive Anyway so we're celebrating my birthday On charges it's just stupid like it's Just a like Babaji would never do Something so stupid it's reboot it right Like it's just really like stupid it Just doesn't make any sense at all and It's just not you can't do that and Babaji is very specific about it in in Whispers messages I've already read this You know here where he talks about these Birthdays are important he says it over And over again And Whispers In other places the day of The birthday is important and it's you Know a size Mark teaching And so you know there's nothing here for Charity and they're all you know just Kissing up to dodgy and his CR he just Sucks so bad right Anyways let's get through it here there Is a book here Accordion player my journey from Fear To Love by Dr ichac adez's This book this is this guy from Israel Is an autobiography of Dr Eddie's And is blessed with a full word from Beloved So I saw something I saw an accordion Player when I was going through and I

Couldn't figure out what it was I Couldn't find it again I don't know if It was this I think was a couple The last one that I showed you But their problems is a best-selling Author whose work and writings have Contributed to a paradigm shift in what Leadership is And how to apply it to change management So this guy is an Israel businessman is Worth maybe hundreds of millions of Dollars I think Successful Very pro-israel and him dodgy were Talking Um you know they used to do a joint sort Of podcast kind of thing together nobody Really watched it very very limited Amount of views but he's a successful Businessman he has ties to America And he often advertises in the Heartfulness magazine and they publish His stuff And now they're publishing his book Again nothing from charging why not Release a charge ebook like even it does A show even if you don't want to Re-release one of his many great books That have been transformative but he Wants to scrub charity which we know Like he's talking down about him this is The whole thing And to Pretend This is a birthday Celebration for chargie there's nothing

There invalid charity statue do Something Charging doesn't exist in the ashram According to the dodgy truther guy So he's releasing this book His work Specifically the ideas symbol genetic Methodology is considered one of the Most Innovative Frameworks for Leadership of the 21st Century You know they weren't going to publish Abiasi's books Like I wrote a book there was never a Thought about my books being published Um by the mission I wrote a couple Things that charge you looked at other People in the mission wrote books And there's no sense in the mission Publishing them because They were you know more for people Outside the mission And the mission was supposed to be only Contained stuff from the Masters right And there are some books that were about The Masters that were written he the one Door by Brother Soma Kamar he's a guy Was around chargie who seemed like a Person that was a good candidate to be Uh Georgie's successor but you know There are a few books like that but they Were specifically about the Masters in Some capacity And the book by Clark Powell which was You know was based in things that charge

He said to him but somebody else's book About their own system their own you Know it's like him publishing a book by Deepak Chopra or by diaper Baba that has Nothing to do with scishmark right Next being released is the book What matters in life Lessons I learned from opening my heart By Dr ichak adesis They're releasing two books by this guy You're releasing two of his books like They need to release something So You get two of his books here Um my journey from Fear to love learning From opening my heart this guy's getting Two books released charges getting none This latest book and beloved has Appreciated this book And recommends it as a practical wisdom For stronger relationships and a happier Life Both these books are available at books And more is there any book by charge you Other than my master you might recommend Anything that chargie wrote that was Affected you in some positive way that You thought was great We can also order these books online From okay so um This guy uh Dr Jesus was um You know they were they did this podcast Thing together dodgy and him and it was Really hard to watch and sometimes

There'd be another guy like another old Guy there Two old guys or three old guys talking The guy was hard to watch And Um I never heard of the guy before so I Don't know how long he's been doing The seismarck or something he just Started but he was not somebody I knew About before and it says he's worth Eight hundred thousand I just looked it Up but I saw somewhere else that he was Um You know he was He was worth uh Millions like hundreds Of millions I don't know my brother said There was two billionaires in the Mission One was low maintenance and one was high Maintenance I think one of them was Diaper Papa because diaper Bob was a Billionaire right yeah I don't know You know but dodgy was it seemed like he Was Um maybe getting something from this guy Either money or whatever it might have Been the guy definitely advertises in The heartfulness magazine and other Things right and so Um says here you know there's some Biography about him but he's I think he Lives in America in Israel I'm not sure But either way he's a new abiasi as far As I can tell someone that wasn't I

Didn't know about before dodgy brought Him out on this podcast And you know I don't I don't know what The relationship is right but dodgy Doesn't have one book by chargie he Likes there's nothing chargie did that You know so many other people love Charges works And you know we release my master at the Very least I mean that's a book about Babaji he scrubbed it now dodgy I don't Think he writes any of his own books and So like in his books suck and he's Published books by other people third Parties who are either you know some of Them are religious things either this Thing on the trees and now this stuff With this guy right his books but you Know chargie has all these books and They you know they're hurting for money And I I don't know what's in the Bookstore in terms of charges works but We know that he scrubbed his stuff Before And he just doesn't talk about them and You know people at least say they love Chargie you know they still has lots of Supporters in the mission that's the Only reason he's not scrubbed him Completely But this is just you know all of it like It's just bad like you know it's You know bad form We next have a few products from hearty

Culture being released The first is the hearty culture Activated charcoal tablets infused with Mint we got mint in it no reason for Potent Um So this is the stuff they have all the Books here These are the ones that new releases Again not one thing from charges nothing From charging here why claim it to be Something that it's not Who's got something here Let's go back it's got like a bowl of Nuts or something Um New preceptor brothers and sisters from South Korea to please move to the dice To receive the Prasad from belovedachi Okay so this is Going to preside to these South Korean People who are now There seems to be a lot of South Koreans That have star size starred heartfulness Which would be a good thing if dodgy Wasn't you know corrupt Okay so that was it for the Gathering There was you know maybe a 40 minute Sitting in there somewhere the rest were Under 40 minutes Uh two sessions No charge e and what he said about Charging was that chargie didn't want to Take a test and you know another

Derogatory story about charging and what I realized last night is that dodgy H Charging which I've you know already Known but he's also charged his enemy And so all these people who You know Charlie got nothing like and He's in the he's in the brighter World Whatever he's His soul is now I mean he doesn't have a Body and an ego and I you know I don't Know how he feels about all this or You know Babaji I mean you know it's Charges actually uh doji's actually Babaji's at lalaji's enemy as well he's An enemy assage Mark he's destroyed sash Mark he's taking something That he was gifted and destroyed it and Turned it into something really bad the Opposite of what size Mark was supposed To be like he's you know that bad it's It is that bad Um You know he is the enemy of the Destroyer of seismic he is Somebody who is you know destroyed a Whole movement With his selfishness and his Incompetence and his criminal all the Stuff right And all these people Who love charging like chargie has no Disciples that stayed with him After all he did for him I mean as much As charging has done for all these

People You know I know what he's done for me And I know that he's done this for these Other people that guy computer prakash All those people like I used to go to The Masters Cottage And they were there all the time every Time I went in there they were in there Right People who were like part of his inner Circle all these guys are charging you Know I already showed you that clip Again his inner circle They would come to India or some of them Were retired there some of them lived in America for a while and retired to India Or they would come on trips from America Where they were staying there extended Whatever they were tired and every day They would wake up and go to charge his Cottage and just sit there all day like It's all they would do and let's charge You told them to go do something They would sit around every time I went In they were there like I would say you Know I knew some of these guys right Dodger was wonderful they just sat Around all day With charging like they wanted to be With him every second that they could Possibly be with him that was their Priority they would come from America to India and they would be with charge if Charges charged you to go to group

Meditation they wouldn't go unless he Ordered them to once in a while I used To go out there go to group meditation You know there's a gate around to Scottish and they were security and then There was his home as well and these People were around charging wherever he Was some of them traveled with them Years before But every second they got to spend with Them they did they thought it was like a Privilege to be around them and be with Them and many of them became Rich you Know had good jobs said you know money Flow through to them had you know Spiritual blessings and you know they Were preceptors and they had whatever They had And charging they felt was responsible For it in some way blessed them right They always want to charge these Blessings that you know their birthdays They would see charging you know Blessings all they said And you know he was blessed them with Um you know with wealth and success and Things and more importantly there are Preceptors and you know they were you Know spiritual whatever they got from Him spiritually And then there was all the other people That you know benefit from him like in Some way or another That said he's transformed their lives

The way you know he transformed The size Mark system I mean it's also The system right the system massage mark That's transformed all of our lives Right with the transmission and cleaning In ways that you know None of us can fully Express to people Outside you can't really show your Insights to people and show the Difference like a before and after Photo but it's been phenomenal it's been You know profound transformation and After all that work sharji did and all The work biology and lology did to set Up the mission It's been scrubbed and these people all Went along with it they're all complicit Even if they're you know they're Complaining about how charges not a part Of it they see a little bit they're Still showing up these gatherings They're still giving sittings and Participating in the organization when It's clearly not the same thing anymore The old organization died and the new Thing called heartfulness took its place Which is a scammy you know uh uh just uh You know criminal immoral unspiritual Cult-like organization around an Egotistical leader who's a DOT and a Failure and a putz and all these things On top of it right And you can't claim to be chargedy love Charging and still support the

Organization and still support all this Stuff and not call it out publicly like That would be the other part of it and For me like I'm just going through Something with it because with all the Work that Babaji and lology put into Building the you know the condition you Know Logie he had Um not really any kind of organization Solology was seven years old And he was just doing what normal kids Do playing and he like this Epiphany Where he's like oh this isn't why you're Here like doing just a normal kid's life And he started his spiritual Yatra and eight minutes later he was in The central region like he was he Completed in record time something that No one has ever achieved before the Central region wasn't even talked about In other you know organizations and Things don't even know about this other Spiritual people all the But he was he achieved realization in Eight months And then he lived a life where he was Kind of a guru like 200 people I guess It by the end of his life would come to His house and meditate And he would transmit to them but he Didn't have a cleaning there's no Cleaning available There was no um you know all the Practical aspects there's no

Organization there's no name for what he Did just people going to lalaji's house Embedding fitting from his transmission And there was one guy who was you know An unassuming guy who came to lology's House eight times from a neighboring Village Slept on Lolly's doorstep because he Didn't want to you know and uh wake up The family Babaji didn't want to wake up The family sat in the back nobody Noticed him nobody cared about him and Lology was making him into the next you Know the mass for first basic president And master of the system He took Babaji through all the various Yatra points which took him like over 20 Years which is still a phenomenal Accomplishment and Babaji documented all The things in his diary that were there And his experiences and he started the Organization there's only about five of Lology's followers that switched over And followed Babaji and Babaji created The sriram Chandra mission in 1945 And he started to transmit all over the World South India particularly where There's a lot of brahmanas where the the Bulk of the the sort of core group was There and charge he was Brahman so that Worked out great and then chargie built The Mission from there Using babaji's techniques and teachings And methods and things and you know

Charging just was a great material Person a great businessman a great you Know reader of people he could just he Was just so successful everything he Touched here the Midas touch everything Touched or the gold he was turned to you Know Divine spiritual whatever it was he Built all these ashrams gave all these Talks you know explain things change People's lives you know did all this Stuff right he had this epic amount of Work in building this Mission and after All that all these people have benefited All these people participated not one of Them is going to stand up for him now He's not one disciple like Georgie said There's one out of 12. like Judas one Judas in every but it's actually three Because he said you know Thomas and Peter right Thomas denied him and Peter Um uh Thomas doubted him and Peter Denied them denied Jesus and he said Three out of 12 will betray you but it's Really 100 percent 100 of these people say they benefit From charity have just allowed this to Happen have you know said not next to Nothing publicly about it even if they Have concerns and the the point where You can't claim Ignorance anymore is when dodgy got rid Of Babaji's in charges birthdays like you

Know there's I mean it's just You know like you can't walk that back You can't make sense of that where he Says babji inter commune with them and That so you know I've showed you the Thing earlier the video I've showed it So many times and now of course the Outcome where people came anyway people 30 000 people came anyway to charge his Birthday they just ignored dodgy's you Know his Proclamation and Dodge he's Still pretending like that thing was Real when it's obviously it's not And the only reason he's doing that is Because he knows people love charging so Like he's doing the bare minimum to Pretend that the charge he gets to Celebrate his birthday they celebrate Charges birth I'm Baba juice I'm done Dodgy's birthday but him trying to scrub Both Babaji and chargie's birthdays when Bobby made it very clear that that's not I mean it the birthdays are special and Sacred it need to be upheld for you know Generations These four cardinal points biology made It clear in so many places that Gatherings were important dodgy went Against all of those things he's gone Against so many things and they should All know this and so he's their enemy He's the enemy Assad he's killing Sage Mark and trying to make it into some Like cult thing himself

And he sucks they don't like him I mean it's not like he's great like you Could make a case that charge you fell And if daiji was great dodgy says look Chargie had some problems you know like Whatever he there were some things when He was running it and you know we uh Bobby told me this stuff and I you know I really wanted you know I mean he was Grateful it was you know he was great For me like he I mean he was elevating Dodgy he you know dodgy was around him All the time all these people they're Benefiting from charges working this he Worked on them cleaned him and and Brought them up to higher levels of Spiritual attainment and he owes them Like we all do right and there's a like A debt for all his work that he's given To all of us and you know like if if he Had fallen it'd be one thing but dodgy Sucks worse like his dodgy is you know Pissed away the whole organization Because he sucks so bad he sucks at Talking he sucks at writing he he makes Bad Personnel decisions he's not even Transmitting anymore And he's like pouts and you know he's Just sucks like he's not he's not good In any real way shape or form like he's A guy he's a complete failure as a Master and like I said the only thing He's got going for him is that chargie Said he was a successor he's the legal

A successor you got your charges Endorsement and Bobby's East endorsement The Whispers of the brighter world That's the only thing he's got going for Him and he had the work done to him let Me charge you certainly they did the Work to make him into a master he had The spiritual Capital which he has just You know he's he's given it away he's Lost because he's disconnected himself From the you know hierarchy the sources And you can't do that like you can't do That and retain what you have you can't You know selfishly take it and try to Turn it into something for your own Agenda You know like you just can't like it's The opposite of what spirituality is Supposed to be like there's it's beyond You it's beyond your ego it's beyond Your you know your personal uh likes and Dislikes you have to you have to adhere To the the principle of the system right The the goals and the foundation the System and you have to Um you know it's the great Masters Coming to divide Masters coming through You you know God's coming through all You are is a conduit you can't be Anything more than that you're uh you Know you're a pipe you're you know Something where the Divinity is you're Allow the Divinity to flow through you It's not yours to

You know to inggrandize yourself with it Right And dodgy's done that and he couldn't Win an audience he couldn't win a YouTube channel like if he had his own YouTube channel he wasn't to master the System he'd have like you know like all These people have A bunch of Mercy subscribers from family And friends who who know you maybe a few People who want to listen to you you've Won over I mean he was a good preceptor At one time or another So he has a you know handful of people That are you know like him but you know They're not going to listen to him and Drone on the way he does about things That you know he's so unarticulate and Doesn't have a flow to his speech I mean He couldn't even have a successful YouTube channel never mind become a guru The only reason he's a guru is because Chargie and Babaji said he was and he's The legal president of a system that They built a system that he is trying to You know repackage as his own Thoughtfulness thing make himself into a Founder and minimize their contribution And so it's um you know it's a it's like He's taken a new thing an old thing that That there was you know it's like energy In there it's like the difference Between like Donald Trump and and Bernie Sanders and

RFK Jr and other people have enthusiasm Behind them and Joe Biden Hillary Clinton who had none You know they have an audience right There's people who can win an audience It's the difference between like Joe Rogan and people in the truth community And mainstream media mainstream media is Just going on what Walter concrete and Those other you know these old people Who grew up with news and it's just Familiar to them they're not you know Realizing how bad the the news's media Has gotten right and so these people Aren't even dodgy fans you know charging Has changed their lives transformed them And now dodgy is destroying all of what The other three Masters have built and He's contaminating it and you know Taking the properties and doing whatever He's doing and it's just you know evil It's like he's uh he's the enemy assage Mortgage the enemy of the three Masters Right he is you know in grandized Himself and he sucks and he doesn't even Have any Charisma and he doesn't like He's he sucks to listen to and they've Tuned them off they're not even watching His crappy videos and reading his crappy Books and whatever But after all that work that was done For them and all the things charging did For them that was based in what lology And and Babaji had built there's nobody

There's nobody like there's nothing left From that right I mean in terms of even these great Saintly people that I knew and you know Spiritual people There's no one that's willing to like Take a stand and you know do what I'm Doing here And say look we got to cut ourselves off From this guy the transmission's not Flowing And we got to go do our own thing we Have to honor what was built before And you know carry the torch and carry The light until somebody else shows up Or something happens where we can you Know re-establish this right I mean That's you know it doesn't have to be Exactly what we're doing in gratefulness But something like it at least speak up Publicly even if you're going to stay Within the organization You're not going to quit the Organization because you want to you Know be there and help rebuild it make Public statements on social media and Say this is wrong that well we know we Should be celebrating charging babaji's Birthday he's a liar like call this guy A liar because he's lied they know he's Lying all those people who showed up at Chargie's birthday in the ashram making Daji have to do you know four days Before chargie's birthday making him

Have to do a gathering because Everyone's coming down there and him Sitting there and pouting and not even Giving sittings and sitting there for Like like I think one of them was like 15 minutes or something like a Ridiculous amount right so that's on Just sitting there and you know pouting Not saying a word about charging and you Know carrying on like you know what he Did was was legitimate and Bobby Actually did an intercommune and give Him these orders which we all know is a Lie and everyone they're all Acknowledging it's a lie because they Didn't follow his orders they didn't Respect him he's lost their respect that He they would just show up anyway like 30 000 people showed up when he told Them not to and showed up for a Gathering that wasn't like there was no Gathering scheduled there they showed up Anyway because they think he's a liar And they you know they don't believe in Them you know whatever they tuned him Out and they're just like all right he's Just babbling about something we'll just Go anyway you know we don't care you Know call him a liar like just don't Passive aggressively show up call him a Liar say he's a liar like we're not you Know we're going to do our own thing We're gonna sit here in the meditation Hall of we don't care if Dodge is here

Or not and have her own SATs on her have Preceptors come up and give legitimate Sittings that have nothing to do with Dodgy and chargie's birthday Celebrated you know in in Chennai and All these other places and just saying You know I mean whatever you got to do There's some property out there that's About an hour and a half away from Chennai that has 110 acres and they Could have a big gatherings there right Just you know just say what it is that Dodge is destroying the system And either you know do something outside Of it or within the system itself just Say worse this is what we're doing and Dodgy isn't a part of it like create Some sort of like you know movement Where where people are saying the upper Has no clothes that he is charges enemy That charge you did so much for me and So much for all of us You know people should be saying this As you know being scrubbed from the Mission I mean that's what an enemy does Take somebody's work a spiritual Person's work it scrubs it and gets rid Of all of his his work and pretended he Never existed and that he had followed It some way but nobody believed that When he was alive And so like they're you know he's their Enemy and they're just all doing this This is how bad you met your man he is

And these were supposed to be some of The you know High developed Souls that Have were Saints in past lives or Whatever I mean people who are you know higher Developed Souls many of them and out of Out of all those people he doesn't have One and he has these people who like are You know complain about it but they're Still trying to work within the mission And they're not doing it in any real Public way calling dodgy a liar publicly A fallen Saint someone who's stealing And destroying sashmark saying it Publicly on Facebook and videos like I Did right see I don't care about these People so I'm not you know I'm not part Of that like I you know I these people Are worthless you know after all they've Received this is how I mean you know Imagine like that's why I'm not into the Thing myself this is what people do Right like you you can do any I mean you Can't do more for a person than charge You did for these people like charge you Couldn't have done more for me right Than he did like there's no person who Could have done more than what charge he Did for me in terms of spiritual Transformation and things all of us that Benefit from it and you know someone Does that much for you as much as a Person could do for you and you don't Stand up to him you don't stay loyal to

Them you don't do what you know all These things right I mean they're Worthless these people have no value They're nothing you know they're they're Valueless like what can you say about it People who I mean you know that's the Human race right that someone could Benefit human Humanity a human being so Much and help them connect to the Divinity within them I mean if it was a Fraction what he did and he was you know He did this and then some guy comes in And is destroying all of his works and All the things he did and corrupting the System and they just you know passively Go along with it you know this is I mean What good are you what good is humanity In general what could have people what Could have you know saying that you're a Godly person that you allow this to Happen again up into the point where he Didn't you know before he canceled the Two Gatherings you could claim ignorance And just say you know I'm not paying Attention to that or you know you could Not know about a lot of the things you Know whatever Um but You know when he canceled the holidays That was okay this has gone off the Rails and there was enough signs in it You know these are people who if it's so Important to you and it's it's meant so Much to you you should be aware of

What's going on and at some point you Realize oh wow this guy sucks This guy isn't a master this isn't this Guy has been carrying on with the work Of the previous Masters like that was That moment you have no excuses anymore So YouTube recommended a video I think It's dodgy's home or something some guy Is a a private filmmaker says he's a Documentarian and it's a you know a Video that has the guy has some Filmmaking skills and he's in dodgy's Home and uh in uh the ashram so dodgy Has its own home there you know I don't Think it's a part of the the auction Like he owns it you know whatever they Do they have home ownership in that area I'm not sure how it works But dodgy has a beautiful home like he Always does he's a rich guy and you know This was probably Built by members money or whatever like A master's Cottage was And dodgy's in there and there's Uh like a statue or picture of Babaji Like that's all they show and they don't Discourse nothing to charge you he's got These bald kids meditating these statues In various places like young kids Meditate I don't know if they're Supposed to be young Buddha or something I don't know They're bald and they're meditating it's A thing yes

Some kind of art that he likes it's Weird But he's got some rocks that are in his House like they built the Rocks into the House which I talked about there's other Houses in that area that ice toured by Another ashram in in a Hyderabad so this Is not an original idea it's something That they do there And he also saves letting the trees grow On the property because trees and humans Share vibrations And it gets into this you know talking About how trees will of has absorb the Love and then give the love back out you Know I talked to dodgy about this I Tried to years ago about etheric Gardening I talked about this even in This video You know what I met with them and I Tried to talk to them about all these Things he's doing education the stuff That I had was better in terms of being So smart like and he's talking about Gardening he's got some good things but What I had was You know more size Mark like I mean this is I'm saying this because He's now into it right but I could have Been an asset to him because I already Had you know done some I don't call it Experimenting with this but you know I'd Already created you know something right Or was something was shown to me

Um and so he's talking about this stuff Like you know what I would call a theory Gardening And they was talking about how they Didn't get enough rainfall in this Force But this is like a five minute video and All he's talking about is trees and Rocks And you know his home and things like This is about that and not about the Transmission and you know the theory Gardening is great but it isn't size Mark it's it's like a look it's a you Know it's a it's a part of it it's not The center piece of it I love trees I Love botanical gardens I love those Types of things I love going to the Forests I love the Redwood Forest I love Being all these things I love the Ashrams that they have these beautiful Grounds I love the trees there all the Things that he's done there's nothing Wrong with that it's great that he's Been able to plant a forest there and a Place that didn't get much rainfall but Now against a lot of rainfall that's Wonderful like it's a beautiful place my Wife sat and my wife and I sat in the Gardens they had food Gardens things That they were growing food there all Those things great I'm all for it but All you need is a transmission right Those things are great but the Transmissions why we're here right I can

Go to forests anywhere it's not a you Know I can go to Nature I mean I've you Know whatever I go out for a walk a Nature walk in our our pastor here you Know we have trees in our yard this is The other wonderful I love having trees all gross trees I Need to get all this stuff fruit trees That we have and those things should be A part of seismarck but they shouldn't Be the centerpiece and that's what it is For because the Transmissions God he's Got this award and they have lies like They have to lie to make it better like If something's good you don't have to Lie about it right You know getting fake views on a video So you can tell people oh I got a Million views well how many of them were Real a couple thousand that I bought you Know I bought a million views so you Didn't get a million views you got a Bunch of bots so it looks like you've Got views yeah well how does that make You feel good well it doesn't makes me Feel like a fraud like I'm telling Everybody I got all these views that I Did And they've done that fake views fake Fake new members you know embellishing Things exaggerating things you know Whatever it is just to make it look like It's something that's not and so they Know it sucks you don't have to do that

If something's good you know charge you Said charge you said you know I'm a Great salesman because I have great Products I let the products sell Themselves I don't sell the products I Don't sell bad things I sell you know Good products if you have something That's good You sell it you know it's easy to sell It sells itself you have to be a great Salesman if you have a great products Dodgy doesn't have great products he has Crappy books crappy talks crappy you YouTube channel subpar you couldn't Become a guru on his own and yet he's Somehow you know grifted his way into This position and he's trying to take Something That you know was good and pure and turn It into something that you know of his Own creation that sucks And nobody wants to buy it and yet they Still are because he's the legitimate Master in the authority of this thing And they're just going along with it Because they're weak and and passive and It's you know it's it's really bad so I'm gonna wait to see if I talk to this Guy Rob today I don't know if I will or Not and if not I'll just wrap this thing Up and move on but you know this should Have been a watershed moment like this They should know like they no longer Have any excuses for supporting this guy

And supporting him is staying within the The system And not saying anything like you know It's you're complicit then you have to Say things not in private not you know Back doors you know passive aggressive Things and on the internet just come out And say this guy's a liar and a thief And whatever he is right he's an enemy a Size Mark he's he's not charges disciple He's his enemy Okay this is not how discipled uh you Know disciple who is erasing all of his Works right it's like a son inheriting His dad's company and changing the the Company that used to be his dad's name Changing his own name and then getting Ready everything that was his dads and Rearranging the whole company and making It to something worse than running the Company into the ground And you know all of it like just failing Epically that's what this is And you know I mean even worse than that Because it's a spiritual thing it's not Even Financial it's spiritual I mean It's you know it's not a financial Business it's a spiritual organization That was helping people and transforming Their lives and not one of these people Is willing to stand up for their former Master and the former masters of the System and you know and do something I Know if there are people who are suing

Dodgy I mean there's some things going On out there that I'm not aware of but The majority of these people Inner Circle people people who you know where In the system are just complicit in this Right And you know it's it's really bad Um I mean you know embarrassing for Humanity anyways I'll I'll wrap this Thing okay so here are some still shots From this video about dodgy's home I Want to make this comprehensive I want To get all this in there this I felt Like there was a reason why This was recommended to me by YouTube This morning so I'm adding this here and There's a you know a clip I want to show You a meme this guy's an independent Filmmaker I don't know if he's a an Abiasi or not But here is um dodgy's home there he is This he has this creepy little kid in Here right This weird I don't know if it's a it's Buddha or who it is but yes he has this Kid in various places you can see here He has a couple of pictures of is a Statue here of Babaji with a scarf on it And he has a picture of Babaji over here On the wall I'll get to that in a second here I'm Redoing the audio But there's a there's a statue of Babaji Here and then there's a photo of Babaji

Here over there on the sidewall there's Another photo of Babaji and that's Swami Vivekananda which we'll see in a moment No charging which is important so here's Babaji he's got kind of a weird scarf on Babaji I don't know why he would have Him have a scarf it seems you know uh There's also these glasses here these Are babaji's glasses he said he mentions His his guruji and then that's what it Shows you a picture of Babaji and these Glasses I don't know if these were Babaji's glasses Bobby used to wear Reading glasses and these look like them So maybe he has a pair of them And this is him talking about his Guru But his Guru his master he's charges Disciple he's strategy successor Here's another view of his homies They've got some solar panels over here He's got whatever's going on there right So here you can see Swami vivekanadi He's talked about Swami vivekananda's Influence on him but he didn't have then There's that creepy little kid over There in the rock But 20 Vivekananda is not one of the Masters that he isn't taji's master He is part of the hierarchy He is you know he's gave both um He was in Whispers of the brighter world And also he was um He intercommune with Babaji so he's a Part of the mission

But not as much as charging right he Wasn't part of the lineage of Masters Here and dodgy's direct master was Charging and of course there's nothing To charge you here because he hates him There's that creepy little kid here so Let me show you this meme of him Contradicting himself about the Importance of the living master Often people belittle the role of the Living master The other person Forget complete Our tradition is like that Suffice to say This is the place when I was nurtured Spiritually When the entire hierarchy Little by little little by little and Babuji Maharaj as she puts it In secrecy Total secrecy to the extent That even Master chali ji was not even Aware That much of secrecy had to be Maintained Why and what for what If you go into details You'll be speechless and surprised Only living Master can help us Dwelling in the past It is like pastors Many people say oh I think of babuji and I get transmission

Think before you speak From there from the brighter world They can do nothing nothing they can do Get it in our head and heart What magical thing happens is when we Think of such great personalities We tend to become very centered This centeredness vacuum that it creates By thinking of such personality Automatically draws Transmission from the source and the Source is always the living Master when We remain dissolved in him centered only On him Then the work will become sahaja Natural So key is only this centering ourselves Only on one The master If you go back and tell Allah I'm Missing you It's a good sentiment But don't forget The living Master Embrace him with all Your might all your love and surrender To that person And worship His Feet so the Contradiction there is obvious that he Said that only the living Master can do Anything in the in the day you know the The non-living Masters can't do anything For you and yet he said that he was Prepared by Babaji without charge even knowing about

It so like which is it right the Contradiction is there And this one thing he said I want to uh Show you that again because that shows You his butt hurtness here Often people belittle the role of the Living master The other person Forget complete Sidaji has said this he just said this Recently right I just showed you a clip From a recent video when he said this in The talk he's still worried about this He said you know they'll say forget About dodging when he's dead but right Now you know forget about the other Masters that's what he's implying he's Really bothered that people compare him Negatively to charge he also said this This is another clip that I have from Before okay so I had to do a lot of Searching to find this talk I had part Of it in some of my videos and I saved Some of it as a Um as uh like a meme kind of thing Collection Compilation of these things but I didn't Save the most important part or all of All of what I want to save And so I searched for it I remember he Was giving this in a white shirt And It's kind of surprised me that it was Done on

Chargie's birthday 2020. so this is after the talk that he Gave in 2019 saying you know the charge He was miserable all the time and that's Why he's in talk about them And then he talked about how Um That uh you know only the living master All these things it talked about himself Like it was it supposed to be a talk About charging banana being about Yourself and this is the same thing so This is during the pandemic Where he closed the ashrams And the main point I want to get to here Is where he laments how Bobby in charge You had so much harder than him And that caused him a problem because People didn't have to work to accept him Because there was no pushback right Which is you know also what he said Earlier there just what I just played You But this is the part he talks about Charging here another fellow shouting at Third fellow I mean No one's life Is free from such miseries and Interactions You can see Master's life also I witnessed Many a times heartbreaks Day after day day after day

And that's why I don't really like to Talk about master because throughout his Life I have seen nothing but misery Nothing but misery absolute misery Okay so the rest of us didn't see that We know from reading his books and his Diaries and things there was misery There He had a lot of tough things he had to Go through a lot of challenges a lot of Difficulty But when we were with him he wasn't like That at all He was much more upbeat and positive Than than this guy Right this Sad Sack of an effort who's You know always gloomy always whatever It is right he was you know he had Positive energy charging he was a more Of a people person Where this guy is never showed that like I've never seen this guy I mean he Doesn't really smile he doesn't have the Jokes charge he had lots of jokes he was Funny sometimes charge you would after a Gathering not sometimes after a Gathering he would just laugh Um you know there was these moments Where he was just in this very laughing Moment I'll put these pictures up where You know like when you're getting a Moment where everything's where you get Into this condition where everything's Funny and when he got in that condition

We all did and it would be after a Gathering and it was pure like hilarious You know you'd just be laughing even if He's talking a different language It was contagious hearing him laugh Then everyone else laughing And you know there's so many happy Moments people had with him And him saying it's only misery right Yeah he did have miseries But this guy is you know he's the Epitome of being like miserable like He's just not a happy person And he misunderstands And the human love Of being misunderstood right he's very Loud ones his disciples Well anyway on this happy occasion we Should be talking something nicer I'm Sorry I They've exist in some wrong direction That this demands how much love Needs to go into our relationship Mutual Relationship Without Mastering this very first step The success in spirituality will be okay So then then he's gonna get into himself Here I'll show the the part I want to Show you originally But you know first he this is supposed To be chargie's birthday he canceled the Gathering because he wanted to like this Was

Um again 2020 during covid he Begrudgingly opened the ashram back up And then immediately tried to cancel Chargie's birthday this is back when He's even calling charge you master or Talking about now he doesn't talk about Them at all unless it's a derogatory way You know it's been a slow progression of Him you're trying to you know groom Everybody for Basically saying chargi isn't a master And he failed and my real Masters Babaji All these things right but then again Babaji is is also scrubbed which I'll Get to into after I show you this I'd Like to share something with you Practical Maharaja did not declare as his Successor there was a reason They simply type the letter Send it out as a registered host It was typed by one of our abbasis from Canada Two copies are kept in his office There was no need to declare that's what He felt and if he had declared there was A danger of Life of either of them either babujis or Challenges Anyway It was a great Advantage for a lot of Sincere abiasis of the mission Because they had to connect with Babuji too

Understand and grasp the truth So their inner heart Their inner messages Intuition always at their best in coming To the conclusion that The real master Some who could not feel They moved away from the path and Started declaring babuji as the greatest Master ever born no doubt but this is a Substitute for denying the very fact That babuji mothers declared him on Paper For rest of us The doubts were poured in Saying that those papers were fabricated So the many instead of looking for a Solution the truth it is best to feel in One's heart whether The resonance about which is life Is true essence Is true love if it is also resonating in The in his successor if it does If I see the same signature if I see the Same transmission And I feel the same Then you can easily conclude And yes it's the same river Now it is So there are very fortunate individuals Who could fill this being guided from Inside in real sense in true sense and Could recognize the master True master that babuji was and the

Challenge he was Master as a river keeps flowing Different names are given at different Locations In different time zones different Airport I consider this Sangha of the foot succession the Tragedies in some way Obvious have been robbed From actually feeling and exercising From their hearts instead they were Giving the information that so and so Is the successor Unfortunate thing is There was no exercise in the part of Abiasis to fill in their hearts Very few could exercise this rest Said okay Charlie says so so we do it It's a great thing But in during the moments of doubts how Do you handle that situation Day after day year after year and I do Know many of yeses have this problem And I pray That they really settle this issue in Their heart Otherwise day after day how long would You carry on with this confusion Though master has declared and out of Obedience you'll feel it but what about Your heart's voice Think of what I just shared with you Obedience is great

We need to obey But this knowledge has to become mind Out of my own experience Knowledge As who is what so this was again let me Remind you this was Georgie's birthday Right like this was chargie's birthday His message out to abiasis on chargie's Birthday And he made it all about himself and how You know charging Babaji had their lives Threatened and there was controversy With chargey and difficulty with chargie You know he got into this in a similar Talk right all the things that charge You went through With people questioning his legitimacy He's talked about this more than once And Because people didn't have to do that With him they just accepted him he Didn't get much pushback they didn't Really accept it they didn't see how Great he was they didn't see that he was A master And so it's a tragedy he's talking about How it's tragedy for you all because you Guys are just obeying chargie but you're Going going on charges word But without charge and babaji's Endorsement of him There's nothing he doesn't have anything Because he's failed in fact beforehand I Experienced him as a highly developed

Soul and then after that 1997 1997 in the airport or wherever it was 1996 97 in the airport where he offered Me popcorn I read his spiritual Condition I was like well he's in the Central region and then years later I Saw him become the master And I knew it inside my heart I accepted It he was the the new Master he was Going to be the new master I was fully On board internally I believed him to be The master even after some questionable Interactions with him I still saw the Spiritual work the very thing he's Saying he wanted people to do I did with Him I don't know how many other people Did but I did And so that's why it took a long time For me to see that he had fallen because I didn't think that was possible and I Knew he was the master at one point he Was you know he was internally had the Work done And over time Because of this attitude him whining all The time and being concerned that people Love charging more they don't really Love him I mean this he's just Constantly talking about he's in all These talks he's talking about on charge His birthday instead of talking about Great charge he is I'll charge you it's A miserable also he wasn't so miserable I can't even talk about him and by the

Way you guys should see how great I am Right you know like this is his this is His inner reality he's got this thing Where you know he's I mean such ego it's Such an ego thing of course you would Want chargie to be better like of course You wouldn't care if people thought Charging or Babaji was better Georgie Said all the time that you know if There's a person you want to emulate Spiritually should be him Babaji he Talked about Babaji being You know the the chosen one whatever the The special personality all these things And you know like people didn't accept And they didn't accept him and he worked Hard for them he proved it to them he Worked hard to prove it to him he didn't Whine and mope and you know try to cut Out babaji's birthday and do these Things to you know say all Barbie was as Great as you guys think you think he was So great you think your ex-boyfriend was So great right like Like these kind of things right this is What I just done it's so petty and weak And and pathetic and because of that He's cut himself off of from his Pastor You know he was only around Babaji For I think it was eight years but he Only saw him a couple of times because In America You know Bobby was really sick in his Last 10 years of his life

And so whenever he met Babaji he only Had eight years for Bible she was his Master then charge you became his master He went to kill charge you with a gun so It was off to a rocky start and then at Some point he started following charge You around and being one of his inner Circle guys and you know all he talked About was chargie and I mean chargie was As clearly his master and right after Charge he died he still was talking About charging because you know he had To like all he did was before charge he Died too he was talking about charging Master this master that And then slowly he scrubbed all the Charges works and he disappeared Charging you know statues to charge you In the ashram no pictures of charge you In this house but the problem for him is Charge he was his master Babaji was it Charging was babaji's successor And dodgy was charging successor but He's cut himself off from charging and He just is talked negatively or not at All about him and is on his best to Erase the guy in the way that he's his Enemy you can see the way he's living in His house and the rest of it he's got a Statue of Swami Vivekananda there Swami Vivekananda Road And there's other Saints and Spiritual Beings roads named after them of the Ashram the ashram the charge he

Purchased the land and made the plans For that ashram that now exists there And he didn't you know dedicate it to Charge he didn't say anything about Charging he just brags about his own Success And so that's why he's cut off like Jealousy and whatever Grudge he has Against charge you whatever way that he Knows he doesn't he doesn't um you know He can't compare to him and it violates All these spiritual laws and you know Guru disciple relationships and just the Essence of the thing as Eagles got in The way and the sad thing is The way he is now nobody he can't win People over You can't win people over unless he Bribes them with something or you know Whatever I mean very few people will Come to him accept him and if they saw Charge you like oh of course charging's Way better you know his transmission Isn't even there he doesn't work for People is not available he's you know I Mean he's just he just sucks he can't Even you know he's he's nothing like Chargie or Babaji orlology He's whining about this but In reality he can um You know he can't Win people over Like he's oblivious to this or whatever He just you know he's lamenting this

Thing but he's going to be honest you're Like yeah I don't know they're not into Me right Because you're you know you suck like It's just Anyways let me see if this guy calls me Today and then otherwise I'll wrap this Thing up just one more thing I want to Add you know I feel like this is a like I said a comprehensive video I want to Put everything in here Because of the egregious nature of Dodge's actions and I don't really have To Talk about it so much in future Journey Series I mean if it comes up it comes up But I don't have to look at the Heartfulness thing for another Four five months until Bassan whatever it is right so I won't Even be paying attention to it you know The dodgy truther doesn't write me Anymore so that's you know it's just Time to move on for me focus on what We're doing with gratefulness but the Thing about Babaji being dodgy's Guru Only a few people remember Babaji like Dodgy and people his age right some People in their 70s and 80s and there Are some people who met him Very few people were You know who knew him very well I mean Most of those people have Are really old and so

The majority of abiasis 98 of them Are charging people and they remember Charges had good experiences and they're Doing the system because of charge And they haven't really moved over to Dodgy for most part because he's not as Good They haven't you know endorsed dodgy They're not into Dodge if dodgy was Doing his own thing they wouldn't you Know if such Market ended with chargie And dodgy started his own thing nobody Would do it right there would be very Few people And he's competing with charge the Memory of charge there were some people Who like my ex's new husband who quit I Think because of charging there's some People who left that didn't feel chargy And they came back because it you know Charge he was gone and they like dodgy Or whatever So that's um you know if there's a very Small number of people like that and Babaji there's not a lot of video of him He doesn't have all these much written Works people have trouble understanding Some of his books And so there isn't like he's Bobby can Be whatever dodgy says he is right like You can just call him his Guru because Everyone has to have a guru all these Guys have to have a guru But it's just a you know he's like a

Straw man Guru that dodgy could say Bobby said this I'm in our community With Bob would you just lie about it Right and then you know scrub the memory Of charge you I mean it's failed Policy but you see why they're doing it This way like there's pictures of Babaji And his house and you know Babaji statue With these things but really it's about Dodgy not having any Guru and being a Founder the founder of heartfulness and Doing his own thing because that's what His ego is all about but they're not you Know dealing with the fact that he sucks Right like like he thinks he can win an Audience and he can do this on his own But he can't and and certainly anything That he could have done was be in a Conduit and basically a you know uh Someone who is cheerleading for and uh You know like a hype man for Babaji and Chargie and putting all the emphasis on How great they were minimizing anything About himself not whining about how People aren't accepting him and how Important it is for them to accept him All these things he's talked about over And over again It obviously weighs on them and there's No reason for it like the best thing you Can do is deflect all of this stuff from These people these Guru worshiping feet Touching people That suck the life out of you I mean

Look at what happened to charge you like These people All of them for the most part I mean It's you know only a handful of people Are putting up any resistance to dodge You and charge you did so much for him I Mean human beings are like that so like Why do you want their respect or love or Admiration like you don't need it and It's just you know it's they give it to You today and they'll turn on you Tomorrow I mean that's you look at all The great Saints and Masters in the past So we know what people do and we know How people suck so what do you Doing all this for I mean just Ridiculous right But that's why he has you know Bobby as His master because you know Babaji is Not like just a memory for a very is Only a memory for a few people older People and for most people he's just a Like a myth or a legend and Dodge you Can make him into whatever he wants to Promote his you know world view that He's the founder of heartfulness and he Stands on his own and you know he sucks But he doesn't realize people Will never accept him because his Performance is not there he's not going To win anybody over based on his Performance Okay so I also want to mention something About this

Um just replay this from when he's Talking about this story the central Story to this whole video When he's talking about charge you're Getting the Whispers message that upset Him So my story so upset what if I failed I said Mastery look at it in a positive Way What if you pass you see what is waiting For you So I felt like I didn't address this Sufficiently and like I said I want this To be comprehensive so Him saying this look at what's waiting For you Is an immature person and this is Towards the end of uh George's life this Is Uh you know dodgy was going to be Nominated Either that year the next year depending On You know we're not sure which year this Alleged message that dodgy imagined that Never was written took place right you Know on an egotistical level This idea that you're going to get Liberation or you're going to go to Heaven or you're going to get mukti or Uh liveosta Realization of God or Liberation these You know kind of things you can hang Your hat on on an egotistical level

Right it's like getting a black belt or You know in karate or Kung Fu or getting An Academy Award or buddhan pasham award All these things are superficial things It means so much to dodge you right and You know if I was promised something Like this what do I know about that you Know I didn't know anything before doing Sagemarg You know it's not I mean those things Don't mean anything to me any kind of Going through the yatra points it's the Experience of it and feeling the you Know the the energy and then feeling Like you're a part of something and You're working towards something it's Your reason to keep on going not because You're going to get something and you Know again the whole thing is um this is How dodgy things right I mean he's Showing you how he thinks it's all about Rewards and you know there's a lot of These gurus these fake gurus in India That promise to give you something and You have to pay them so much for it or You want Liberation you got to give me You know 100 000 rupees or whatever it Is right they they have these fine the Person comes back and they do this Haggling and bargaining over it it's Just all they're artificial and the Person feels good they can tell other People look like I'm I have this thing Done for me the spiritual level but you

Know it's it's all Bs right it's not True And so this is you know this is not a Mature person as someone who understands The yes in society it's not about Rewards or punishments and he talks Often but about punishments I was going Through the the video uh you're looking For that clip and I saw those ones where He was talking about people being their Souls being tacked up at the Antarctica Or all these things he's warning people About being punished and don't anger the Hierarchy I mean I showed you those Clips before he's big into reward and Punishment and that's a religious person Not a spiritual person A spiritual person does it because it's The right thing to do and they're you Know doing work and they have they have Goals and they're achieving those goals And they you know they're motivated by Love and gratitude and you know they're Looking to uh uh pay back what they've Been given and charging was all about That but dodgy is still ungrateful and He's a piece of poop and you know this Is what matters to him anyways I just Want to add that here Okay Um it's uh October 2nd Monday I want to um Get this video out there Um

Rob the preceptor didn't call me or Acknowledge me or say anything at all to Me to uh explain anything Uh which I kind of figured would happen You know I understand he's going through Something With his eyesight and that sucks but I Mean he did reach out to me in the first Place Which I think his motivation was to Say things weren't as bad as they are Which they are Um You know he was involved in the brighter Minds he got involved with it and They're supposed to test for it and they Never did and you know he they let all That go I always got health problems He's older his wife has health problems So you know I don't I mean look I'm not Mad at him but you know he brought Something up where he said to me in a Message that you know the reason that he And other people had come up with why Charger was being scrubbed and didn't Tell me the reason which is You know I mean just could have texted It like that's all I really cared to he He's the one who brought up like I Didn't ask for him to contact me but I'm Not bummed that it happened because it Brought stuff up for me you know that People were rationalizing why everybody There would be any kind of a reason why

Charger would be scrubbed the charge you Would be a race for the mission makes no Sense there's no reason for it I mean The only real reason is jealousy and uh You know uh pettiness and disrespect From the his disciple which is you know It's just par for the course for Chargie's life he had this when yeah he Wasn't he had it on both ends he got The most disrespect and the most um Hostility and the most I mean malevolence and life-threatening Stuff and even you know dodgy gave him To him on both sides you Told the story where he had a gun And he went to Shah John for to kill Charging And he was in a car like some 15 from Boys in the hood Um that movie with Ice Cube his first Movie Where the you know the main characters Going around the Look they're looking to shoot some you Know rival gang members he gets out of The car right same thing happened with Dodgy because they couldn't find Babaji's house in a town that has like Four roads You know Bobby she's like on the Main Street and they were driving around in Circles like some kind of an alternate Reality vortex And dodgy realized that something was

Happening on a spiritual level And So eventually he became charges Disciple And he couldn't get enough of charge He's with him all the time he was one of Those people that Loved being around him and spending time With him And again you know he called the master He wasn't Saying any of the things he's saying now Or a You know all of these things he always Charged you all these things We'll get back to that in a second And so this thing brought up for me These people like rationalizing this Like how can they Accept what's going on like there's no I mean everything that doji has done Goes against Like the will and testament like you Look at all the writings and all the I'm Even things he was told directly some of The things in The Whispers message is They would have to look out for That Whispers message I'd read again This time and I read During the last um Journey series he has to chooses Collaborators as people well and Collaborators end up being a good word The word Babaji is because he has Collaborators

And he was horrible at that And then charges said to him when he Made him The uh The the guy he said before the person is Going to have to be Before he announced his name he said the Person has to be good at business and He has to remember he's spending Collective people's monies and he's just Made these bad decisions but then all The other things Bob G said we shouldn't be doing yoga Hatha Yoga and he's turning this thing Into a Hatha Yoga I mean it's more about Hatha Yoga now Than it's about the transmission they Should keep pure and he you know didn't Do that he He turned he'd uh changed the maxims he Changed the 9 pm prayer he changed the Practice and we did all these different Things To change the Purity and the essence of The system stuff that Babaji had you Know charging kept intact and you know He even changed the name and made Something new and was supposed to appeal To people outside India and then he went And made it into a religion which is Something that was the worst thing It must remain intact as a spiritual Organization and not turned to a Religion he turned into a religion

Turned it into a cult I mean all these things the name thing Backfired and then became its own Separate organization and usurped the Original organization A parasitic organization right and then Just the scams and the lies I just you Know behaving in a way that uh preceptor Or even you know abiasi shouldn't behave Get involved with basically criminals And other organizations see the Organizations turning it into a religion Right the U.N and then all the other Religious aspect bringing in religious Figures cultivating relationships with Religious figures celebrities doing all These things superficial things getting Real getting away from the real lessons You know they left all these teachings And they said all these things shouldn't Be done like they said all these things Should stay intact the purity of the Mission These were things that there was no Wiggle room there was no He didn't have permission to do anything He's doing obviously and everybody Should know it like everybody should Know at least some of it with the Getting rid of the bandaras I mean Babaji said it specifically not too long Ago 2012 2014 you know some of his last Whispers messages the last one in 2018.

And everybody knew the bandaras and Holidays were important Babaji stressed The the importance of the birthdays Themselves and these four cardinal Points all these things and everybody Knew how important the Gatherings were And he made up some I mean the things That he did there When he changed the Um when he's when he got rid of charges And babaji's birthday celebration he Went against their will in terms of These important days he made up a Problem that didn't exist yet That someday there'd be a hundred Masters And we can't celebrate the birthdays and All those well yeah we'll let the fifth Guy worry about that Let the sixth guy worry about that There's four guys and there's four Cardinal points and there's four Gatherings and that was the way the the Master wanted it the Masters wanted it It was playing this way it was said over And over again this was not something You could just change because you made Up some oh you know 100 Years it'll be a Thousand years will have been so many Masters you know like well yeah let Those guys worry about that right Um and then to do it he lied about Babaji intercommuning with him which Rex Whispers you know people you know like

Rob and these other people who love Whispers you know he's compromised Whispers saying that Babaji just Intermed with him and gave him the Disorder that he didn't What can I do why would you give me the Order And you know he said he asked Madame Holland And Bobby wouldn't do anything about it You know he already pressured them to Back that scam brighter Minds compromise And Whispers compromising the literature Scrubbing the literature I mean his Everything that he's done has been Is the wrong thing and he sucks at it Like he's not bringing in new people He's not inspiring new people no one Wants to listen to his crappy talks or Read his crappy books he's replacing it With something that's much worse short Sittings that have no transmission in Them just you know all these things Right it's overwhelming the evidence and All the things that he had to do you Know lie about Babaji and just crap all Over charging all these things pretend That he's receiving messages lying about These inner community in her community With took to G and these things that He's done the lies about you know how Many people they have brought in with These bogus things he's trying that are That are not size Mark way of going

About something You know going out into these Villages Trying to recruit people in some Desperate attempt to make it look like He's doing a good job And then all the you know the the award He got and all that stuff like Superficial Materialistic things having a government A corrupted government institution Validate you as a master Which you know the other Master Certainly didn't want it in need and so All these people let him do it right and You know when I think about my own Situation here and the transformation I've gone through With the transmission and the cleaning And both were epically necessary right The transmission Made me aware of why I'm here like I I Want no part of God I wasn't a Spiritually oriented person I wasn't Thinking about I mean I had some you Know when I was younger in eighth grade You know I was a kid I thought about God A lot you know I had some Natural Curiosity But then I went to whatever that rahu Period was and I wouldn't why no part of It wasn't thinking about it Wasn't pursuing a Godly life was it Doing anything in terms of my spiritual Whatever right my

My spiritual life But then um you know there was like this Intervention and the transmission having That deep spiritual experience was Something that saved me right saved me And brought me back onto My soul's path And so without the transmission that Can't happen But without the cleaning I wouldn't have Progressed so it was two things that you Know I I'm the cleaning in some ways has Been more valuable at least in this life Just to give me a a chance in you know For the future And you know making it well be more Sensitive in a in a future life So both of them I can't say one's been More important than the other they both Been a necessity and to take that away From other people I mean all of us who've experienced the Benefits I mean to take it away from all Of us that's bad But to take it away from future Generations and fail in this way That he's doing making a threat that Other people won't be able to experience The benefits and then turn it into just Some you know some new age bookie Guru Fake U.N loving organization I mean it's just uh you know he's like The devil like the you know the people Doing this are like the devil

All of them are demons or whatever They are thwarting the will of the the Previous Masters and I say you know Could be part of a plan that's fine But all these people they should know Exactly what I'm saying all these people Who read the literature and know you Know the rules and know what the will of The former previous Masters were in the The way they had this set up for the Future should know that he's He's destroyed every aspect of it he's Turned it in the opposite direction he's Inverted everything The size Mark is everything they said Not to do he's done and he just sucks so Bad like he just sucks at everything He's not good at any of it like he's Just stuff you know pots and and Probably the worst thing Disrespecting his master disrespecting The guy who did so much for him that he Was you know around you know who was you Know he was at his holy feet for 30 Years I mean that's the way he would say Ever look at it he was around him all The time and you know he was all about Him and you know he he received all These spiritual blessings through the Master the living Master they talked About all the time And to get jealous of him and to you Know have this uh issue that he's not Going to be loved like chargie or Babaji

And people don't think of him on that Level and to you know to let that Incubate and and turn into whatever he's Done here I mean all of it like it's just like That's the worst of the worst all these People who benefit from charging and Seeing chargie and all his epic works That have been so beneficial to us all Erased from the system leaving almost Nothing right babaji's five books and You know a few I mean he's got you know There's Complete works of Babaji one and two There might be a third one and that's it Like there's two big books that Bobby Has you know 500 page books And then uh you know some messages and Letters and things letters of the master There's a few things from him right and Of course the Whispers books now all of Which are out of print like he's not Printing anything from the previous Masters like he's not like he's once in A while he cranks out something in a Foreign language things that were Probably already in the pipeline Now he's printing books from other People you know lesser people people who Are you know maybe not even good abiasis Or not abiasis at all he's printing Religious texts and then all his crappy Stuff And that's the literature now that's

Being circulated that's That's just such a step down from what Was there before and so these people Letting that happen All these people have gone along with This that are complicit in this it's uh I would say studying but it's you know It's deflating in terms of any hope one Would have for you Mandy like these People are supposed to be the most Privileged the people who got access to The cleaning and the transmission or Privilege than any other certainly the The rich and the wealthy people that are So far away from God You know all these other people that Didn't have this opportunity I mean they had the opportunity but they Never found it and all of us who who Know what size Mark is and who's Experienced it And for him to do this and and them to You know all these people around not Even you know push back at all there's a Preceptor used to be a young woman who Came to me and my ex when we were Preceptors in New Mexico And she became a preceptor and we stayed At our house you know she's a very uh Like a young Indian woman but she's Grown up in him she's really American She's very Americanized she's American She buried a American guy And

She um they were seeing how YouTube Record I'm not your YouTube Facebook Recommends friends And they recommended her as a friend I Thought we'd maybe you know Unfriended her or whatever I don't know but uh she had the picture Was for her profile pictures what's her Holding up dodgy's new crappy book Like she got an advanced copy and she's Got this big smile on her face a book That I know she's not going to read And if she did it sucks And big smile on her face all these People you know who I mean just like her basking and dodgy And just out of formality and you know It's not the same like he doesn't have The same energy he's not the same it's Not the same And it's just the idea that that's this Is the master and You know whatever I mean it's amazing How How they've let this thing slide like it Has And I can't tell you enough how you know Bad it is like it's just bad you know It's really really really bad Like it's the worst possible thing that Could have happened And I can't imagine something worse Happening where You know I mean if he was going to quit

And start his own little thing or he was You know whatever For him to come in and just And all these properties and all this As we head into a You know apocalyptic nightmare I mean it's a disaster like he's And it's a complete failure and like I I Can't really say there's any way that What was lost will be recovered and Might be you know and maybe it doesn't Need to be but There was all this momentum in work that Was built up that these ashrams were Supposed to be Safe havens for the apocalypse and you Know and just all of it like this Community and these people I mean They're the worst people to me like the Worst people in the world because they Had the advantage of cleaning and Transmission they had this blessing and This gift And they allowed it in a you know a Whatever in their own weakness or their Own selfishness or whatever Whatever reason they've been complicit And gone along and been collaborators With Him on this thing Is you know is just disgusting right It's They're the worst people like the worst People in the world like yeah I mean you

Know and no matter about how bad or what People are doing like this was like the One hope for Humanity this was the You know for their children and Grandchildren and just to let it be Done in this way I mean you know there Are some people there's a little Pushback there in India and those people Anybody who's you know the the dodgy Truth there and whatever I mean he's got Whatever Stuff's going on with him in this This feeling about Whispers and things So it's like I said once if you say Whispers is bogus and you're saying Charger you got duped and that's the end Of it right like that's the end of it There if charging got duped on that then You know who's to say uh you know what Else is not legitimate right And I you know I've experienced Whispers As being uh you know uh Next Level and Transformational but whatever you know Everyone's got their thing but at least He and other people are pushing back Against this in some way insane what's So obvious should be obvious to Everybody but they don't want to deal With I mean the level of denial all the Stuff we deal with In terms of sheeple And so um you know it's just there like There's no You know this is there's no denying this

It's happened at these birthdays when I Really kind of realized how bad it was As charge each birthday would He rolled out Harry Prasad and Disrespected chargie's birthday was the First Birthday after the pandemic and you Could see You know he didn't talk about him and There was no charge there right he Doesn't have any charge in his home like He doesn't have him at all like he's you Know he was his master and he'd only be He's only here because of what charge he Does and what charge he built for him And uh disrespect is you know it's such A Punky move and like embarrassing he's Such a little person just uh you know Dwarf of a human being you know he could Have been a spiritual giant he had the Potential and he just came up so small So weak and pathetic right But anyways you know I don't need to say Anymore about this I haven't been Talking about him I'm saying these Birthday Gatherings the one with charity And now this one They were um and I wasn't even going to Cover it like I wasn't gonna I was like so when I saw him like oh Geez I don't want to look at this I saw That there were six the first batch was Over And I was like uh you know but I I did

And I saw right And what I saw was um you know another Just another nail in the coffin of the Heartfulness uh the heartfulness scam And all the other things that go with it And the people that you know so Obviously should be against this and Pushing back and just going along with All of it and it just you know it would Boggle the mind but this is human nature Like this speaks to human nature and That's the sad part That they were given something and this Is what's happened to all these Religious movements somebody comes down And there's a a moment that it goes next Level to another level of spiritual Dimension And people just do this Like this is how they treat these gifts To elevate them and they just you know They materialistic in a way right they They take something spiritual and turn It into a materialistic religious cult And then you know This is uh like uh like the death nil of Humanity this is why Humanity has got to Be scrubbed because They just can't help people like you Just can't help them I mean you know I've struggled with I'm Still struggling with it like it's not Like I'm some great example of scishmark

But what they've done here I mean it's something that we all knew Shouldn't be done it was it was Something we should all fight against Happening and they just like went along With it like oh you know playing Olay Defense like we used to say in Basketball where you you know Matador Defense where You just let the ball run by you right Like there's no you know you're supposed To stand in front of the person like You're supposed to block their path to The basket And they didn't you know they just and They're actually helping helping dodgy You know giving them money and doing Whatever supporting them as he destroys Something that that was you know bigger Than him and bigger than the rest of us And and was there for the future Humanity and you know he just you know Pissed it away Anyways just want to go out and hop Happy Like I said the gratefulness is going Well and you know there's still it's the Transmission's still flowing so there's A hope and you know outside of what's Happening with the the you know the Defunct organization but you know this Is why I I'm hesitant to get involved With people You know I mean I just

Like I don't have the energy to go Through this with people right like People suckiness and people's power Hungriness and all these things You know I want to have Gatherings and Things and you know I could open up my You know whatever this farm and things To people and I wouldn't mind doing that And sometime in the future but my Hesitancy is what I've seen here and it Happened with you know all these and I'm Neil not comparing myself certainly to Them so But anybody who you know generously Helps people in this way and Humanity Always turns on them especially people In the West I mean they just it's bad You know and it's it's not a tendency That Um You know it's not a tendency that I see Going away anytime soon even with all The cleaning and transmission these People couldn't these people around Charge you all the time dodgy being one Of them dodgy you know there's a video Out there somewhere where dodgy is Putting his head on charge his shoulder Like he's like you know he's sitting on A park bench and he puts his head on his Shoulder and he looks at the camera he's Like you know Because people just want to be around

Charge he didn't just The love that he missed you know Daddy's Got a big smile on his face and all These things everything he has now Was you know given to him by charge and Whatever Babaji too but then they're the Same thing right there's a you know the Masters all merge into they're all the Same Ology Babaji and charge you all a part Of a movement And you know and charge you specifically He owes and he's so ungrateful and just Punky about it and just a little brat Because why you're you're not as good as Him you're not you know just some you're Jealous like that's just a jealousy Right That you you don't measure up or Insecurity whatever you know like just Being a total like coward and a failure Like embarrassingly so and then Matt Trying to mask it with lies about Inflated numbers And celebrity status and awards that Mean nothing right I mean just like an Absolute like embarrassment Anywho That's it for this one only spirituality Will save this world is definitely point From the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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