Journey 118

Journey 118

Okay greetings brothers and sisters this Is the 118th Version of The Journey series I had a Phone call yesterday from my brother I didn't answer it I was in the middle Of something first I should say this uh You know I'm making the journey series Uh available to members First usually for about A week it might be for a few days and Then When I make it public it must disappear From The members only part of the you know so You can't find it there anymore And that means you have to go to my Regular channel and find it there If you're not done watching it which I Guess several people commented that that Was the case I wasn't aware that disappeared from the Members thing but that makes sense And so it's usually there for like a Week or so and maybe you know Maybe shorter maybe longer um But either way make it available to the Members First And then it goes to the um and it's also Ad free And so I want to do more things for the Members but I know that's not really What I want to talk about here Um so That's a separate video but if that

Happens you can find it if anything Disappears from the members thing It usually will be made public I can't upload more than one version Because it you know it's just it takes Too long to upload these videos because They're so long So anyways Um I got a call from my brother and I Had actually thought about him Earlier that day and I thought about it's not just I thought About him which happens a lot something Like that would happen but I thought About You know talking to him uh Like he would call and I thought like You know would I respond because we Haven't talked to each other since About two years ago when I kind of Started the journey series It's been a long time what has happened In the past But this is maybe a little bit different You know I just made uh A video about RFK Jr being a cheater you Know someone who cheated Multiple times on his spouses and one of His wives came in suicide and I talked About My experience with cheaters You know friends of mine and things and How stressed out it made me And my brother you know was like a

Second dad to me in a way and He cheated on uh his wife and You know he left his wife for this blind Woman On his son's birthday and his son you Know still the relationship is strained Um You know then he told me that he just Was Cheating all the time like he had Cheated through the whole marriage which I should have seen but I just didn't Think he would you know I Was you know I mean there are multiple Signs there And the big one was I was Landscaping And he had a he had a friend who was Really seedy You know High School childhood friend He'd grown up with who Ended up being sort of a drug dealer and Um you know he died young He had a life of drugs and hedonism Interesting guy you know he one time he You know were just driving me to college In his truck the guy And um I was like I said in this you know again As I'm sitting there and I'm like Something's uncomfortable and I You know I'm like what am I what's Happening I'm sitting on a handgun like You know like some like some kind of Western

You know like a revolver type thing but It's like got a long barrel like a 357 Huge like handgun He throws in the glove compartment and He just Punches it like we're going you know Two miles away from my brother's house And he just punches it he said you know I have to go 100 miles an hour every day Like that was his thing but like he'd Come up to me in a store Uh like and he you know he'd pretend he Was whispering like he's hold his hand Over his his mouth kind of like sideways And and he'd yell something like Inappropriately loud So it was kind of an interesting Character And you know my brother had you know Um but I went to um Uh some woman wanted me to you know to Do her yard for you know lawn mowing or Whatever And she asked me if I was Peter romato's Brother And she mentioned this other guy And I um You know she said it was kind of a smile Whatever And you know and I didn't know Okay you can suspect Um like you you know he was he slept With us woman Uh she was like a single woman maybe in

Her 30s you know just in kind of a Partier like she had you know she was um Had friends over while I was drinking And so I um I uh Okay I told my brother I said the Socialist woman you know she's a new Customer Because he's the one that helped me get My landscaping business started she Knows you and he like reacted Like I don't know where you're like this Like really defensive and angry snapped At me Yelling at me like I had done something Wrong and I didn't say it like We were like alone right And you know I didn't think you know Like some part of me You know was like Well that was weird but I didn't you Know I think my brother would be Cheating on his wife right so just like I didn't you know just before I knew Anybody was doing that Um And You know like I seen it on TV but it Wasn't like a reality for me And then when he left his wife then I Like he was talking about this You know thing that he did he had this Thing he wrote a book called The Gift Where every birthday he'd go out and get

Laid like it was the thing he gave Himself You know so he had like an addiction and Um You know and then I asked him about this Lady said yeah you know But he had snapped in me like I did Something wrong and what I did wrong was I had a higher opinion of him that he Wouldn't do something like that right Like what I did wrong was I think my Brother wouldn't cheat so I didn't you Know like it was like some kind of code That was breaking to him Like I should have known that he was Cheating on his wife who you know was You know kind of way like a second mom To me because I lived with my brother For a little bit you know My nephews were like my little brothers You know so it was you know like a you Know I mean I You know so you know he I got yelled at Because she I had a higher opinion of Him than actually Like he deserved But what I thought the other day was You know when I was made a preceptor My brother got really jealous And in a way that was like I was about To leave India and I was going there and I was told I was going to be made a Preceptors that was part of my trip And my brother was rooting against that

Happening And You know this is what I thought the Other day And you know I had never had anything I Believed did Like nothing that was my passion I was Kind of lost in the world And then you know size Mark found me And like I had something like I had a Purpose And it was a big thing for me And you know I told my brother about it And he was worried I joined a call and He came And he got his three sittings you know With this crazy woman who She only took two of the sittings the Second when she opened her eyes and Wasn't meditating And you know like there was a weird kind Of thing And my brother didn't feel anything But he stuck with it and he came to Weekly Wednesday SATs on particularly You come to the Sunday one but more than Wednesday one and we would talk Afterwards And he was kind of bummed that I felt Something he didn't You like the books but he'd felt Absolutely nothing in the transmission You know and I wanted him to like you Know but he was extraordinarily negative

And he'd call me on the phone we were Talking a lot then he was complaining About the thing all the time it was my Thing right and it was you know and he Was just negative about it And it sucked for me like you know I you Know he was bringing me down like I had This thing And you know Um and then we went to the Gathering her First Gathering You know in Molina Georgia and I could feel the energy like we were Sitting on the bus and I just was my Head was pressed up against the like a Bus from the airport to the To the you know the actual some kind of Shuttle thing And I could feel the energy like I could Feel the anticipation the energy it was Like It's like nothing I've ever experienced It was the first I was going to be Master charging and You know I um Yeah you know I was like pressing like Face was pressed against the window like Looking to see when we were gonna get There And we pulled in the actual and the Auction just had this amazing energy and I'd been to the actual men New York this one guy donated the land And it was you know

Kind of cool there it was a good it had Good condition it had something but it Wasn't being utilized like charity had Been there maybe I don't know if he'd Ever even been there Never been a a charge you Gathering There wasn't you know they had one last Small house No infrastructure and it was up in the Catskill it's a great place And so I'd experienced a gathering Where we went to a place for biology's Birthday We rented it that you know people had Local things for the other Masters Birthdays At their house like preceptors but Nothing like you know so I had a little Taste of it I knew it was like gonna be Great But it was like you know it was first Year in doing the practice And we got there the ash of my you know Was like a different you know being in a Different plane of existence the The energy was phenomenal And I got off the bus and I was just Like beaming and I think I'm saying to My brother yo you got to feel this right I was hoping he would feel it like I Wanted him to you know And he said look I got seven more days and it's a and I don't want to hear your

right which is kind of a funny Thing because he ended up being the Caretaker there But he was pissed at me like I was Feeling stuff and he wasn't and you know Um and he still would talk about it like How That I had these experiences when I took My initial sittings And not everybody does but of course I Didn't know that at the time And like he you know kind of blamed me That I Got his hopes up or you know in a Negative way but like I didn't know that Other people were going to have the Experience you know and I was Enthusiastic about it right I was just So enthusiastic And he ended up meeting this French girl I don't know if he was still with that Other girl But I think he was But he was flirty with this French girl Like everyone could see and it's a you Know gossipy Organization and where there's you know Strict kind of Unwritten ethic rules and Moral rules And my brother was just taken out with This French girl the whole time right Which was for him a big thing like that You know the womanizing thing um you Know so I was having a jazz right and he

Was you know On some sort of like ashram dating you Know whatever it was right Um you know and I But he stuck through it and you know he Stuck through it he ended up getting us Into meet Master charging You know and then over the years he was Made the caretaker And he just has a big personality and Everybody knew him And when people would meet me they'd be Like oh you're Peter Romano's brother Almost like the guy was the tag along Kind of but I didn't care like I wasn't You know When he was made free stuff there made Caretaker the ashram like I was happy For him But he continued to be negative about it Like he'd had complaints about people All the time like he said one time he Was working It was hot out and some you know guy Came up to him some Indian guy and they Usually get a very I mean in terms of hospitality and the Guys carrying a glass of water and my Brother's like oh someone's coming out Here And give me a glass of water And You know the guy comes right up to him And drinks it himself right so he had

All these stories like that where he was Doing all this work up there He wasn't getting any help and support And he had other complaints about Abiasis and you know the big one which Kind of bothered me was That you know he needed a second hip Surgery he had a hip replaced and he's Got rollerblades you know he's like Older than I am now which I don't Understand why but he was doing it and He saw this guy fly by him and the guy Said well you know I have these super Fast rollerbillies so I'd rather got Those You know I guess he was doing this in Florida You know where people walk you know it's An area near my you know my grandfather And grandmother settle in Boca Raton and My mom and dad retired there and then My brother lived there for a bit And he fell like he got these super fast Rollerblades and fell like you know he's A You know he's a risk taker you know Especially when he came back from Vietnam you know whatever But he broke his hip and he had already Had his other head replaced Uh no he had that hip replaced and then Um years later his other hip was going Because he was walking up those stairs At the ashram all the time and there was

Three flights of stairs and to get to The caretakers uh you know rooms There's a special rooms for the Caretaker he always had to climb up These stairs right lots of them And he was always going up and down them And he needed his hip replaced and you Know a lot of it had to do with His work and living at the ashram as an Older person And He was needed a ride to the VA he was Getting the operation done through the The veterans he was a Vietnam veteran And this one guy who was kind of in Charge of him he was like his Handler Said I'm gonna pick you up like you know Let me do this thing you know Everybody's like no I can help arrange Something else and the guy said no I'm Going to do it It got close to the day and the guy's Like I can't go do it on that day can we Go on any other day but you know this is You get into the VA when you get in you Know it's like an operation like you Know pick your date you know whatever Um and so there's a Christian woman who Started she took the city and she was my Brother but she didn't stay But she kept in touch with him And she picked him up like she You know it just shows like you know to My brother like you know Christian

Someone who's a Christian being better Than someone who's an aviasi and he said There's like 1500 obvious around Molina Area Atlanta area You know numerous preceptors and not one Of them could Come give him a ride right um You know and like he it was a bummer for Me and that guy eventually turned on him And was part of this group that sort of Get rid of them right you know one of Them went through this whole thing later On and so pretty much every time he Called me He was complaining about something to do With the mission And I would say why don't you say this To the master And like he would say no he didn't want Us to be seen as a complainer You know but he complained so much he Married this woman She was um An African-American woman he met in a Park that was close to my house where I Grew up Elizabeth Park in you know West Hartford Which was weird because my brother Didn't live there very long at that House But I had in association with this park You know it's where my Dad like all my hand was reaching for a Frog and laughed and dropped me in a pie

You know this thing but I had a lot of You know positive positive association With the park It was within walking distance it had a Big Rose Garden a pond and other things There You know big Park and uh He um You know my brother met this woman there And like they got married and it seems Kind of a strange Situation because like anyway so I'm not Against all that but Um like he just like he seems to be Getting married just because everyone Else was And she never moved to the auction with Them I met her she was a nice woman like I met her at this Gathering And she um You know uh but other circumstances it Was when me and my ex was getting Married by the master And my family hadn't been there when we Got married originally legally Because we were way out of New Mexico my Mom's older and I wasn't close to my Family you know I didn't care I didn't Want to have like some big wedding But we're gonna get married in the Mission And you know I thought it would be Pretty cool To have some of my family there

Um You know so this was that you could get Married by the master and you could get Married and you also had to get married Legally And so I um I uh you know told my brother my brother Wasn't the caretaker at the time and he Had this weird thing about going to Gatherings When he wasn't The caretaker like he was all about was The caretaker it was up front and center It was highly visible Doing things being busy like he was you Know Like in his element and you know just Um you know being obvious to everybody He was there and he was a caretaker but It wasn't he didn't like to go Gathering Chair at all it was a weird thing Yeah just a weird kind of stuff And my mom Wanted to go you know be at the auction I'd be at the wedding and so he was Taking her there and he had this woman And They charge you moved he marries people At a certain day usually the day before The the Gathering ends but he cut the Gathering short charge he did and so Instead of Saturday he made the wedding Be on Thursday And my brother got pissed about it but

Like pissed at me like I did something Right And he didn't show like they didn't come My mom and my brother they came you know On Saturday they were only going to come For a few days You know and these gatherings were epic So my brother wouldn't go unless He was a caretaker like he you know he Would only go to India if he got ordered To go You know like he just had this thing Right whatever resistance to it like he Didn't enjoy the things like one time he Said you know people walk around here Like You know meditation is You know the you know a big deal You know but there's real works well What happened was he was you know he uh Charges said we should get rid of this Stump And my brother's there you know 365 days A year when nobody's up there You know people would come on weekends But he had plenty of time to do that When no one's there and he had gotten This bobcat and it was a big deal and Caused some controversy and I've talked About that in the past but He uh You know he got the Bobcat out and Started pushing the stump and we were in There getting individual sittings or as

A preceptors giving sittings and I received a sitting and a preceptors Seeing an older preceptor Mr J said You know there's dust just coming in There was a tent there just just dust And noise coming in we're trying to Meditate And they come out and I'm like you know And he's like wow this make a lot of Noise it's like you know The guy said it's not like good right The dust was just filling the tent and The noise my brother didn't have to do It right then And so I came out my brother's like you Know just locked into the skinny now the Stump his charger said to do it Um like you know but you know certainly Was not a good time because you know It was disturbing the peace right and Like in two days there'd be nobody there You know kind of thing I said you know I Came out I said you know there's dust And stuff coming into the Meditation Hall my brother snapped him He's like you know everyone thinks it's Meditations you know so important but There's work to be done Charge you ordered me to get this thing Out and I'm like all right whatever I Just you know I can't talk to you right Um so you know you had this thing about Like he didn't feel anything and never

Really gotten understood the meditation One time he said to me You know that um You know if it's like a box of chocolate She'll eat a chocolate but you know Meditation is not like that like nobody Really likes to meditate they're just Saying they do and like no like this Cities like you you know so you never Really felt the transmission which I Always felt bad for him but like he was You know it was negative for me like he You know and then you know he was doing Things and I mean he was aggressive with People and You know he said things like you know Um somebody said oh you're attached to This ashram And my brother said no I'm not like you Know You know I do this kind of work you know Because Master orders me to do it But uh you know if he told me to burn This whole thing down You know with people in it like You know it'd be a Weenie Roast right Like he would burn that full place down And be like he was the master ordered Him and so the guy said back to him make Sure it's Master ordering you to do that Right You know like he was pretty intense Right and you know people knew him and Like I'm you know I was people didn't

Know me and so but most of them assumed That I was like sort of my brothers What's the big you know Bobby Aussie you Know one who got me into it you know Like I'm the one who told him it was my Thing You know when I finally found something That I you know believed in and he was There and he just you know again Every time he talked to him about he had Some complaint and I said well talk to Master it's like I don't want to be a Complainer but I'm like you don't mind Dumping it on me It's over the years I didn't really like To talk to him especially when I Was having my own issues like it was a Negative like I had my own You know uh like the stuff with the and If I had something like I was Complaining about the U.N or something Like that my brother would need either Listen not listen or you criticize me And so like you know he could dump his His you know his some of them like were Petty complaints About the mission and you know other Obvious on me but like I couldn't say Anything to him so very one-sided Um You know uh relationship and he you know Me and this guy Chris were uh In the uh You know the ashram together we became

Friends so he was a you know guy from Molina he now lives he married an Indian Woman Uh he's an African-American guy and he Married an Indian woman he was from Molina I'm like uh Mobile Alabama and I Saw him recently at the last time I went To India He met my you know my now wife and You know my two kids I saw him a few Times at the ashram Um but we had become friends we hung out A lot because you know he was the only Other American and He is a you know he's a good personality He has like you know very laid back you Know um Like you know being from Alabama and he Had a lot of great funny stories about All those hippies in Alabama like all These young people started Uh with this guy Clark and you know and They they were a lot more spot smokers And they smoked pot You know he had like a story uh like he Told me and he had numerous stories but One sticks and you know where there was This one uh aviyasi kid who he had Multiple face piercing Like you know there was these hippie Kids and go into their you know liberal Uh kind of contingent they are mobile But Alabama is a very uh you know sort Of redneck and racist and you know in

Terms of the state that's what it's Known for And uh he got pulled over this guy with A face piercing and he said the cop when That cop comes up to him goes what in The hell is that is that in your Face boy And you know it's like he had all these Stories about these Aviation things that Were funny But we walked by my brother who was Doing his cleaning and I don't know if We walk by separately but We talked about it like I I saw it And my brother just had this face of Like complete like you know anguish and Just like Like he was his face you know he was Just sitting there on a bench doing his Cleaning out in the awesome And you know what's good he was doing And he needed just to do it you know That was one of the reasons he didn't Feel things because he had a you know Hedonistic life you just had you know a Lot of heavy grossness And he wasn't sensitive to transmission And his face was like he was pushing and Concentrating like You know like I mean he was like straining like he was Physically straining And he should have been like you know Relaxed and you know

You know it's something that you're Doing mentally you're not physically Pushing out the grossness And it you know and I noticed it like it Was like oh man Um and then this guy Chris said yeah he Said the same thing he said he noticed My brother doing the clean he was like Wow He's really you know straining my Brother showed up with Mrs B who had a Grudge against me because of my Enthusiasm and you know things that I Said she had her own issues feeling Whatever she was tagged along with her Husband And she had a lot for her and was a lot Of gossip and negative and whatever Reason they Like became buddies like her and him and When I was made preceptor they both you Know I came out and said charged he Wants to make me a preceptor they both Reacted like the world just ended they Both got off and started walking around Like they were sitting together Like there was a State of Shock and Anguish And they were walking around like you Know a disaster just had hit like the Worst thing ever had happened because I Just made a preceptor and I thought About that how left up that was She was like a senior preceptor kind of

Talked me out of like I had a dream About charging and the dream was clearly There that you know I was talking to Other people Uh but I should have been talking to him That's like it was a the other dream was That and like she said instead of saying Go talk to him she said that it was Inappropriate for this other preceptor You know senior guy guy in charge of America too Recommend me and tell me I was going to Be made a preceptor You know she because she didn't want it Like she didn't think it was right Um and then later she would accuse me in The hymn of forcing charge you to make Me a preceptor and that you know that Was like When I realized how left up she and like A lot of this Dynamics were socially Because when someone's made a preceptor I always celebrate right I've never once Been jealous of anybody being made of Preceptor even when my ex was made And her new man you know that quit for a Long time And you know my stepdaughter dodgy made All of them preceptors And I told the story about how my ex is Uh Exit you know wanted to get a sitting And I had to write a letter to charge You because my ex you know put that

Stuff off on me because she didn't want To be seen as an egg you know she wanted Me to take the the brunt of whatever and Charge you said to my brother you're You're the guy who didn't want to give So and so A city which wasn't accurate right like I it was a you know stressful situation Where my ex and her daughter didn't want Him coming in to our house because of Boundaries and even the guardian added Item realized it was negative and said That couldn't happen the woman who was In charge of the Divorce there was a lawyer put in charge Of the divorce because it was so nasty And messy and whatever And so you know contentious Um so even like that got mixed but I Gave the guy sitting and I never had a Problem with it but that was the one Sole thing that like cost me my Preceptorship right Um you know and my brother was like you Know was told this thing And You know um you know I never got mad at Them being remade And you know things like that like Things that should bother me you know Like things maybe bothered me a little Bit but I you know more preceptors is Better You know it was I thought it'd be better

For my kids to live in a house where Sittings when my kids went to live with My ex You know and it opened the door for me To be made a preceptor again and I wrote To dodgy about it and you know responded And I was like whatever you know it's For the best When people are made preceptors It was you know transmission is the goal And you know I root against people In the stuff I cover on my channel like I would like to see Joe Biden get his And you know whatever dodgy even get his You know those things but only you know In terms of it's not up to me like I you Know I'm light about the thing like I Don't you know feel like I'm the judging Jury like if there's work that's being Done that like let's say Joe Biden Trump and all these people you know all The people I cover Are doing God's work in one way or Another it's between them and God and You know they'll pay for what or you Know they'll be rewarded or you know They'll you know if they're doing God's Work they'll be rewarded you know God Said work can be destructive you know Um I mean Uh you know charging said that this Hitler's Soul was living In the ashram and you know uh in uh in India like he was one of the I guess

So-called inmates the young guys who Were living at the auction You know that you know there's Uh sometimes villains are actually just Doing God's work right like in that you Know it's something that I've heard over And over again in the ancient teachings And you know I've talked about that with Um that one soul that was um in vishnu's Entourage you know Vishnu is the The god or you know the cosmic Functionary behind preservation and Vishnu is incarnated multiple times on Earth The ones that we know about are Rama and Krishna And um there was a soul that like Christian that Vishnu said you can Incarnate three times as my Enemy and ten times as my friend and the Soul said I'll go three times As your enemy because he didn't want to Come down to earth right And he came in as his soul soul shishu Paul Who was always insulting Krishna And Krishna said because his mom was a Devotee shishu Paul's mom was a devotee Of of uh Krishna that he would Um You know he would tolerate a hundred Insults And then one day shishu Paul came in and He and he was at 97.

And Krishna said to him today's your day Shishu Paul it's just you Paul insults Him three times and Christiana takes off His head and everybody Krishna killed Was liberated You know Krishna was a warrior he had This desk So he took this disc out this you know This etheric disc that was some sort of You know power thing and he cut off Shisha pool's head and that Soul was Liberated it went back to be you know One of vishnu's Entourage in the Brighter world right And so you know like there were things Like that and so I just don't get into It because it drives you crazy Especially with the work I do And so all the bad things that people Have done all the things I've talked About here You know there's things like those Preceptors that uh you know spied on me They should you know they should lose Their you know whatever it was there Their preceptorship like that's just Wrong like they should have done it but You know I told dodgy about it I let it Go it's not up to me and it's not like I'm not you know I don't want that Responsibility of deciding who gets what You know I talked about uh uh the uh Bishma who you know had good saw back a Hundred lives when he was sitting on a

Bed of thorns you know somebody who Lived a incredible life Like he's probably the best person in The mobarata character wise And he's sitting on a bed of thorns and He won't die like he's just living there And he's like you know the Krishna you Know WTF and Christian is like he's like Yeah I looked a mask 100 lives and There's nothing there to Indicate I deserve this And Krishna said well if you look back 101 lives you see you're a prince and You threw a snake on some thorns and you Know that's why you're suffering this Consequence now you know we seem kind of You know a big deal but he was you know Liberated with a few people Uh that was liberated in the ma burata You know most of them had to come back But anyways you know my personal feeling About these things I never felt jealous About something being made a preceptor Someone giving a job or position You know like Mr ass who sucks at the YouTube channel like those things suck But it's not coming out of certainly Jealousy when people fail but there's a Guy that was a horrible person And he was in charge of the publication And I had to deal with them like seismic Publications I had to deal with them Twice And you know people lived in India they

Hated them you know they were just all Frustrated with this guy he's a Nightmare and he was difficult to deal With at every level any black things he Made bad decisions he was just obnoxious And People would go and complain to charge You and sharji says oh yeah I'm not Changing them and charity was Ultra Efficient like he just wouldn't put a Negative person in there who was you Know whatever reason he did it It was for benefit spiritual benefit Cleaning for other people whatever Like there's a reason for it so you know All those things like I just don't dwell On them and the stuff to do with Preceptors when anybody's made a Preceptor it makes it You know how much more of the Transmissions available there's a new Center there's a new you know so I I Don't you know it's always a positive Right Even recently there was a a person that Heard about uh heartfulness for me you Know Recently last couple years and uh the The guy um Went to ask questions at dodgy At uh like a you know Zoom call And he asked sort of a challenging Question he asked him you know the guy Who talked to me ahead of time and said

He wanted to do that and I said well Yeah you want to word it in a you know Not attack you know not in a way that's Going to be perceived hostile or Whatever And it was a young guy and he asked a Question he said he had trouble you know Like it was A room full of uh you know Yes Man on the zoom call like I heard This I wasn't you know watched it and he Offered he said dodgy said well You know if you made a preceptor like You offered him to be made a preceptor And the kid that you know the guy a Young guy asked me about I said yeah you Know Being made a preceptors great and you Get this cleaning and you know it's Positive Of course I didn't know what dodgy was That all that stuff And so but on one level I was ever going to be made a preceptor Again And you know I was happy for the the kid To be made a precept or any of you look Any of you guys who Heard about artfulness for me scishmart For me But it was like kind of weird that way Right like that you know there was this Prejudice against me But I you know later on I think they

Never followed through And made the guy a preceptor and I think It was because they found out he heard From me you know there's whatever you Know but even with that like I didn't Care like I didn't you know take the Thing personally I was happy for the you know the young Man to be made a preceptor because if he You know whatever for him right And so I don't have that like I never Did Like I'm no jealousy on my part and like I don't have the jealous feeling I very Seldom have a jealous feeling right like That kind of it's It's a crappy feeling To have like I might have complaints or Things I'm like well that doesn't seem Right but I'm able to just dismiss them And see that there's a you know a plan Here With the idea there's a plan and you Know there's ways I could sit around Being hateful and negative towards Everybody and everything About it but that just makes me feel bad So I don't you know I don't have it and You know my brother was made the Caretaker and the preceptor I was really Happy even though he reacted in a a Jealous way with me and so you know I Was thinking about that you know I was Walking around and I was like you know He's been kind of

Uh negative for me you know over the Years that Gathering where Uh he came and he just was Miserable 2012 my family was there and It was a gathering for the American Country and he was just you know walking Around and he was going through it right Just You know cleaning and you know he just Had a lot of grossness and He was walking by my kids and not saying Hi to them You know which is just something he do Like he would just walk by and not Acknowledge he did it with me like he Walked by me he was just like so Miserable and his ex-girlfriend showed Up and like you know he had used her car To drive his former girlfriend Down to the ashram and give her you know We're from Connecticut I mean you know Like Like she had all these complaints and She accosted me in like the middle of The night And just you know Uh like he should have married her like He kind of used her and whatever And you know it was a real bummer for me And like you know the way he was acting My kids were like you know I walk by me You know he didn't even say hi to me Right so just You know it was just stuff right and I

Realized you know I mean I've realized This before And I forget about it like in these Calls and whatever But he's been a real negative for me Especially since he became an abiasi Like he's been a burden for me like yeah There was the times in the first year I Was like oh like please quit like it Just You know you're just bumming me out You're dragging dragging me down I Didn't say that to him but I was like Like hoping he'd just go away because he Was like you know and then he did things That were You know I mean almost kind of like it Would be embarrassing for me You know some of the things that he did In terms of You know how he was or whatever Um You know and I thought about that like You know I was thinking about that that Day and then all of a sudden he calls Out of the blue now he's done he's butt Dialed me a few times and something that I do like we just have a problem with it You know for whatever reason Um some guy gave me a cell phone In India some guys Indian guy from who Lived in California And he had an old cell phone like one of Those really small original Google

Phones Like they were like half size of a Regular phone It was the first cell phone my family Had like we just were you know we had Been kind of against them and you know They're You know whatever they're expensive and You know we didn't have the money for Them And you know I gave it to my ex she Ended up taking it and then she gave it To my Daughter she got it you know we ended up All getting cell phones in India Or when we got back to America like that Was us our interest but that was our Introduction to cell phones And Uh my ex had for a while then my Daughter Anna had it and then Anna got Someone bought her a cell phone Um and so I I ended up getting that one But it had all my you know kids friends On the like address book right And the phone didn't have a cover Eventually I just like made a a cover For it like so it would Um like you wouldn't do this but I'd be Walking around texting people well you Know it would be like it would be all This you know just letters you know I Mean it wouldn't be any words

And they all thought I thought it was my Daughter because she was used to be her Phone and people come up to her what's That weird text you sent me right like It'd just be like like all these letters And uh You know character you know And I just you know it's something that Just happens Um and very recently apparently I called My estranged daughter You know so when my phone was in my Pocket and I was like oh She texted me we haven't talked in a While And so my brothers butt dialed me and That's might have been what happened but Either way like I had a pre-established You know I was like you know he's been Real negative for me you know not that Like you know I I just don't wanna the conversations Aren't great like they're always just Complaints and you know about what's Going on and you know it he isn't Listening to me you know it's not like a A two-sided conversation like it's all Him talking and Like he doesn't really think about Things I say or talk oh he almost never Does Like that was that odd thing where he Remembered I talked about how That they should make the you know the

The Um ashrama you know uh these Terrace Gardens and he was with charging Charging looks over the mountain and Said oh they should be Terrace Gardens That was the one time he realized only Because charge you said something right Um but you know like it just was a drain I just can't deal with it like I'm over It was a preceptor I contacted recently To get whisper stuff And he didn't give me you know what if His uh person that went to him that Heard about it from me offered to send Me something Uh you know these things for the the Esoteric symbol That he this guy put together a book on It and The guy didn't offer me the book but he Wanted me to do something else and he Just texted me to do something on Sunday And I'm like well You know I give you know shots on that Day you know like it's a Thing that you know whatever I'm doing Um You know I didn't say that but I just I'm so disconnected from all of it like I just don't want to be You know I just I don't I even looked at The YouTube channel now for probably About a month And oh usually only when somebody

Reminds me to do it or they send me Something Mostly the dodgy truth there but I like The more I'm disconnected from the Organization the better I feel There's not really much benefit for me You know I'd like some resolution And you know see how it all plays out Um but you know I just don't care Anymore like whatever information I get It's not worth the you know the negative Energy that I get when I talk to my Brother like I just you know I feel bad Afterwards like I just Feel drained like it's just I don't feel Good about it You know once in a while one of my old Friends calls me and you know how it Used to be with my family I get excited or I get happy to see them And then after a couple hours I just Feel drained I'm like oh this is why I don't go see Him right so You know but I was thinking about this Stuff that you know I had this one thing That I love the one thing that was like You know my thing And I had struggled my whole life Finding something You know my brother was well aware of it And you know I told my brother about it And he got into it which is you know Good for him

And you know I guess it paid some Dividends for me as well In different ways but mostly it's a bit Negative like he's been a burden for me Ever since and to deal with it And like you know just bringing me down And you know just damping in my Enthusiasm to such an extent like and He's just a small part of this But the organization itself and what Dodgy's done and then all these other People and all these senior people and The way that they've responded to Dodging now In the world and the way the world is it Took my enthusiasm away from me like you Know when I first was made a preceptor You know I Had a you know whatever desire was to be Made a preceptor back then it was that I Had all this free time and energy and I Wanted to do work the first idea was I Was going to go to Molina And volunteer and be a part of the Ashram I was going to move down there and just Go to the ashram and do work Because I had energy and time and I Wasn't doing anything else I was doing Seismard and then I would do my job I Had no social life I had no Other things right And so I had you know hours and energy And I was young and strong I had you

Know All the you know energy to put into it And so I wanted to do that and it was Made a preceptor that was a you know a Navadu of doing that my time and energy And I really was into it like that I Wanted to be a good preceptor You know create a center and all those Things and it didn't happen and all the Stuff and then marrying my ex and the Drama and you know just all the things I Went through with her and then just the Mission and You know the stuff with the UN and then You know all the things over the years And you know my enthusiasm which you Know was off-putting to people Came out of me finally finding something In my purpose You know when I was young and you know Excited about it and that's gone the Enthusiasm is gone and like the Gratefulness thing is great and I'm Happy for it and I'm happy for all you That do it and you know that that are Benefiting and you know people benefit On my YouTube channel for the Connection the energy that comes through Me you know and I keep on doing it but It's now more out of a sense of Duty A sense of you know Um just it's the right thing to do But I just like my free time I I don't You know I don't have the energy to put

Into it and it's just like I've soured Me like I'm sour towards it you know my Brothers you know he helps that like me Be more soured You know every time I talk to him like It's just You know and so and his in him being Jealous when I you know so like there Was a thing that I was moving forward And This thing I loved And for him to react that way like it's Just a very telling about you know the Kind he's like toxic to me right You know and my family has always been That you know we're toxics towards each Other and you know my kids Don't want to talk to me and you know The way everything went down with our Family and you know some of them blame Me or partially blame me or they You know whatever Um and it sucks you know it sucks it you Know sucked worse in the beginning Like I've accepted it Um but you know I've accepted that That's our relationship right it sucks But that's our relationship You know I'd hoped it'd be some kind of Intergenerational Family Farm And we Work together and everyone got along And I hoped at least that if I wasn't Involved my kids would Support each other but that just didn't

Happen that kids don't like to talk to Each other they don't like each other You know they're all separate and you Know that sucks And it's a continuation of this function That my ex and I grew up in our families With And we'd hope to turn that around at Least I did I don't know what the hell She wanted to do but you know that was Just you know the way it went down it Was a disappointment as a failure right You know I've accepted these things and You know And now I'm just trying to put my energy Working toward putting my energy Positively into what I do here on the YouTube channel whatever I have to offer In terms of you know The experiences I've had And also the energy and the you know the The information that's there for such Mark and continuing that with the Debacle that is dodgy you know and I I've accepted it like I'm at peace with It I'm not you know Negative about it but my enthusiasm is God and that sucks You know and I I've watched it a road Over the years So much so that I just don't want to Take anything on And put any effort into it you know and Like I just size Mark will never be the

Same for me like not having the Gatherings and Not having a master and you know the Organization these people who are many Of them are have past lives as as big Time Saints and You know these are evolved Souls And they've like as far as I can tell Have completely failed And you know many of them have been Collaborators with dodgies You know disrespected charging you know The one thing I'd say about this too my Brother was he wouldn't even hear Anything negative about dodgy and the Idea is the master can do no wrong and He had this attitude with chargey in a Way that I felt was cult-like and Unhealthy You know there there's also a human you Know And whatever but he just wouldn't hear Anything about dodgy Like you know understand why they're Like that All RG in this Legacy has tried to erase Him and erase babaji's Gathering Recently and you know all the things That dodgy has done to disrespect The previous Masters and grandize Himself And whether it's their fault because They picked the wrong guy Or whether he's you know uh you know

He's fallen and he's lost and he's you Know had his own egotistical failure or A combination of the two You know there's been a thing here There's been a crack in the foundation That the Masters are uh you know Infallible You know like the pope is infallible You know that's that's not true like Anybody who's done the system and knows About the system and see what dodgy's Done By dodgy turning on charity that means You know one or both of them weren't Like you know infallible like charging Responsible to pick him and you know he Didn't create a quality successor And dodgy sucks you know so you know Like you know having Blind Faith and Following it like a cult you know is Never what the system was about You know it was based in the person Being a legitimate master and dodgy is It he had the opportunity to be one but He isn't you know he has the title you Know it's like you you know my brother Himself said you know we go to first Thing you do when you're open a martial Arts studios you go to Mr Trophy right And so you know there's blindly Following somebody when they failed and In his failure he's crapping all over The previous master in a way that You know breaks this idea that you can't

Disrespect the master or you can't you Know challenge the master That the master is you know beyond you And you know you don't understand the Ways of the master which all these People say You know the the dodgy truther guy he Sends me his conversations and arguments With people occasionally And that's one of the things that they Say to him oh the master is beyond us And you can't you know you can't know The ways of the master right But I can look at it I know what an Idiot flub you know failure is you know Like like I see enough of that in my Life too you know I might not know the Ways of the master but I know you know I Know a punk when I see one right And so uh you know and my brother he Just won't go there like he's just Locked in with his Blind Faith you know Maybe because he hasn't really felt the Transmission or You know whatever it is like he has this Thing Um and it you know like all of that I Can't deal with And so I just didn't answer the phone But I already had this you know I went Through this thought process Ahead of time like I just realized You know the phone call isn't going to Benefit me whatever if he tries to

Contact me I wish him well and I you Know I love my brother and I hope he Does well and I hope Things work out for him You know but I just can't deal like I Just you know I don't want to take I Just can't take on that burden anymore Right Um you know and with all these things Like I just got enough To keep on going and you know my Enthusiasm and stuff is weighing so much You know I just gotta Keep plugging along And you know I mean when you're doing Things out of Duty as opposed to when You're excited about them And you know and I mean there's benefits Like I've been really happy with the way Gratefulness has turned out and I'm glad That You know you guys who are doing Gratefulness are experiencing the Transmission we've kept the thing alive And You know and I mean I guess I'm happy With my performance and Being able to you know adjust and pivot And do this You know but I mean the whole thing is Still You know it's a bummer like it's just it Was better before You know and worse like now people have

A more of a there's good things about The way things have turned out And those of you who are experiencing it The way it is now on the internet and if That's great for you like you know it's I mean it'd be great if you could Experience that next level stuff of Gatherings and things You know but I just um Like those days of at least for now if Like you know we have to start over and Recreate it and I just don't have it in Me like as I've been saying Anyways um That's the first entry here and I'll Continue on as we go along here so uh Continuing on with the You know what I'm saying in the Voice over the original voiceover 2.2 Days ago The one that you just listened to There is a sense of loss Or there will be a sense of loss I mean this is a time of us you know Losing things right like there's a time Where things are changing rapidly and You know there's a division And so just like having a cell phone You could have a sense of loss of having Normal interactions or things that have Happened since the internet What you used to be able to do in terms Of living in the real world and you see There are close stores closing down and

Things that are out in the real world That they can't get enough workers for Young people don't want to take those Jobs that keep these businesses open Businesses are closing because of lack Of Ability to to get employees and so you Think see things changing In the material world rapidly I cover Extensively of my other You know videos that aren't the journey Series And you know because of that there's Already a sense of loss and there's a Lot more coming and things change and They you know they're not as good as They once were or they you know all of It Um on the material Level But here in terms of the scishmark System There is a lot that was here When sharji was a master that has been Lost And it's not all to do with Saji not Being as good as chargey or dodgy Falling Or dodgy being bad It's that the system has changed A lot of it has to do with him but the People around him and it also has to do With what charge you was able to do And the way he was able to prop people In the system up

And keep it from going south And there are big changes immediately After he passed away all these people Who are living in India to be around him Were basically forced to leave one way Or another losing jobs taking their kids Out of the school there And you know there's been changes in the Mission ever since And he's you know more or less been Scrubbed his literature He's not talked about his birthday Celebration And you know those are big changes where He was such a A dominant presence in the system And you know whatever he was doing To keep everything going Is not being done now you know so things Have gone South in our personal Relationships I mean we've seen it in the world as Well And so you know what happened with my Family and this intergenerational family Farm You know when I was I mean the way that I feel about my Brother It extends to my you know kids as well You know I love them And I you know I wish him well You know but there's just no connection There anymore

I mean there's not much of a You know Common Ground And you know they don't really want to Have a relationship with me and and my Brother is I mean his you know we talk occasionally That's about it but you know this is how I feel about my original family my Brother included that when I spent any Length of time with them it's good in The beginning it's nice to see them but After a while my girls are killing plea Bummer like I couldn't go back to the Way it was And we used to have family gatherings And my brother would never show And I didn't know he was agoraphobic he Had to feel fear of leaving the house And he had like a three mile radius in His town that he could go And then when he left his marriage that Disappeared but he still Didn't go to the family gatherings we Had a family A therapy session And he didn't have a stone so You know I was like the guy had a guy Smoked a pipe he was missing his middle Finger He was an English guy And he had a beard he smoked a pipe and My dad was you know trying to be the Expert and you know there was originally Stated about me smoking pot and I was

Like stoned again And my family you know slowly Disappeared but my brother after the Therapy session somebody cut him off he Got out and punched the guy's window in His watch flew off and broken Um he said yeah I'm not going back to That so he disappeared But he just wouldn't go to the family Gatherings and you know and as I got Older I realized why And the longer I stayed away from my Family then I come back together and be With them And you know that's probably how my kids Feel about being with me and You know that's okay you know like I Wish I'd been able to create a better Family But just the way it went down with my ex And all those things You know it wasn't functional and you Know it wasn't the happy memories I mean My dad used to say we had happy memories Too and I'm like yeah but You know that's someone comes up when I See him right like And it wasn't like I got bummed or mad At him it's just was more more Depressing than anything else You know my kids that I went to visit my Parents and my dad was like a walking Cadaver and they had the heat cranked up To 90 in Florida in the summer when it

Was like 80 degrees outside and I Couldn't sleep because it's so hot in There it's 90 degrees like this they set The heat on 90 degrees you know as in India There were people that came to Chennai That was so hot for all of us from the West you know during the hot months and They would wear earmuffs and jackets I Mean it's like 85 degrees outside And so you know people's bodies adjust Or whatever But my parents didn't use the air Conditioning they used heat in the Summer And so you know but it wasn't just that It was all of it the you know the food They ate and the conversations they had And you know I just wanted to leave my Kids were like having a good time but I Was like I just you know I just want to Leave it's it sucks so bad but you know I've never been one to force those Things like I just I don't do things out Of obligation and you know then you feel Resentful and you know that's when it Goes south when you feel you're being Forced to do something that nobody Really wants to do You know like people don't want to Acknowledge that their family sucks and Being around them sucks And if you acknowledge that they look at You as being the person who

Is the problem just like being in the Truth community But you know in reality it sucks and you Know I mean it's sometimes I think it sucks And then I go and I not with my family But I think something sucks and I go and I'm like oh it's better than I thought And that's you know just because I more Often than not when I'm like you want to Go do something with other people I'm Like no it's gonna suck And you know Gatherings were like that But the way that size Mark is you know That that size mark But The heartfulness Meditation is with dodgy and then all The other people You know without charging it sucks like It's just the organization sucks And you know you can see it or not for People who Did it beforehand but you guys who are New to it can obviously see it and you Know you don't know what it was like Before And it was substantially better and it Was you know you couldn't see it at First but it's been A slow you know pretty quick erosion of The old you know the old condition and The way things used to operate and now I mean it's Under New Management and It's not the same thing And so I just don't want anything to do

With it doesn't you know help me and I Was thinking about this is a part I Wanted to add today You know when I started um Doing the journey series and just saying Things about people And you know I mean the people know who They are and I don't know You know originally no one was going to Watch them and you know I made the Mistake maybe of Putting it up on Facebook where abiasi Started to see it and got back to dodgy And then you know I don't know if it's a Mistake or not but It wasn't great for me it didn't make my Life better doing that I don't know why I did in the first place So in that way it was a mistake but Maybe it was supposed to happen I don't Know But either way You know me going back to India there You know people are saying they were Calling for my assassination and You know either way it was uncomfortable Before When people were demonizing me with my Divorce And you know it was going to be Uncomfortable in the future And you know I had the Molina ashram my Wife and my two kids went there for a Gathering babaji's birthday

In 2019 Or 18 but I think it's 2019 and my wife Loved the ash from there and you know we Were going to return my brother was There and at least you know I had Reasons for going there but now with my Relationship with my brother souring and The ash from being closed you know this Is like two years last year and a half And then you know I was pretty much Burning Bridges by Saying what I was saying here like I Knew that was the price for You know whatever I was getting out of Just expressing things that I had you Know not really talked about but it was Worth it was cathartic for me to do that I'm happy in doing it but that meant That India was you know there was no Trips back to India there's no visits Ashrams but at least I was still doing The practice And I was getting sittings from the app But the settings from the app weren't Working like I just didn't really feel Anything And if you guys remember I started to Research the names and these people Didn't seem to exist at all on social Media The people that were preceptors and Giving sittings and the Indians loved Facebook and they you know the the Indian abiasis I know are are supposed

More things on Facebook than anybody Else That I know like most people have kind Of given up on Facebook but It has a strong hold on the you know Indian population people in the who do Heartfulness are you know very present On Facebook not only in terms of Being members but they post things and They you know they would wish happy Birthday they do a lot of you know they Check in on their Facebook couple times A day and And I couldn't find and all this and There are other social media sites and These people that I was searching their Names and I couldn't find them anywhere On social media some of them nobody with That name came up but most of the times When the name came up it clearly wasn't Somebody who was a heartfulness person Like I think I searched 11 and only one Person came up as a a real preceptor so I think they were just making up names And giving pretend sittings on the app And they've given up on it like dodgy Was giving 20 minutes sittings 30 minutes I think He doesn't even believe in the Transmission anymore Uh you know I think he's just lost his Faith and the only reason to do size Mark is the experiential aspect of the Transmission and the cleaning

Because that proves you it works you can Feel it and experience it but when There's no transmission there's no System And so you know it took me a while Because it was probably about a year That was I wasn't my meditation sucked I Couldn't feel sittings you know I was it Was like I wasn't doing it like I was Still trying to do it but there was no Energy And then finally at that sitting Mythology and I started to do you know This direct connection thing and then I Started telling you guys about it and You guys started doing it and I came up With gratefulness and then there's that Aspect am I You know my meditations are so much Better though And so now I know for sure based on my Experience that Artfulness is a blockage like a religion Is a blockage to people connecting to God where I used to help people now it's An obstruction a hindrance And you know it wasn't like the people In the system there's some wonderful Saintly people but there's a lot of you Know people who want you know they have Big Egos and they want to be seen and They want to be you know they want to be They have positions and they have Ambitions and things and you know

There's a lot of not great people And since charges passed away they're Even worse like everybody is And so you know it's not a benefit to me To have any contact with them because It's not serving its original purpose And I think that's how I feel about Everything You know I just don't have the energy to Have you know things that are complex or You know they they're just a waste of my Time like I don't have so much time left I have only so much energy and I make Content every day I work on the homestead every day And so my days are pretty much accounted For you know my wife and I go for walks And spend time together and I'm pretty Tired By the end of the day you know cooking Meals or doing whatever And we don't have enough time to really Waste on things that aren't a part of That right Like aren't a part of You know whatever's I'm doing here you Know in terms of my you know my my path Is pretty clear from here until I die You know in terms of these videos or Whatever information I have to share With you all and you know that's you Know that's one part of it and then There's the gratefulness meditation and Then my personal spiritual practice and

Then building some sort of Homestead and Surviving what's about to come next And you know that's about it like I Don't have energy for something else And things that are just liabilities or Waste of my time You know I'm uninterested in and that Includes family and all these other Things and you know like I don't take This stuff personally like what would Happen to my brother like some of the Things I talked about but you know he he Just wasn't like rooting for me And maybe on a conscious level he was he Was but you know he didn't want me to Succeed Like he you know just the real preceptor Thing and other things that happen There was jealousy and competitiveness There And it's just kind of a drag talking to Him You know I mean it's just I don't Understand why people don't like me Based on my interactions with him and Other you know the rest of my family Like I can see why people don't like us Right us Romanos and you know with my Kids it's the same thing like I My wife and I went on vacation without Our kids they were like I was so much Better like and it wasn't like they were Bad It was just easier when they weren't

There like you know we'd want to go do Something and they didn't want to do it And we try to do it as a family or they Just you know And it was the conversation and other Things and It was it wasn't it wasn't Bad it wasn't like horrible But it was less good than when it was Just my my wife right like it just Became obvious it was kind of a painful Thing for me to realize that You know my kids are on a different path My son now has come back around and he's Getting into survival stuff on his own Like not because of me like he's just You know found his way into Wanting to go out camping and learn like Survival skills and he's getting into Like hunting and things like this so You know that's a good sign and you know Originally it was a hope that each kid Would Take on some bigger responsibility to do With the homestead and would have some Expertise in some area so they could be Relied on you know that's what you need When you have a big village-based family Situation everyone knows how to do Everything a little bit then some people Are more expertise at one thing or Another like one person's a blacksmith Somebody something else right you know And there's a level of cooperation and

We'll see how that all plays out in the Future But you know I just I don't have energy For any of these other things You know needy people and you know One-sided relationships and you know Life suckers and you know all the rest Of it I mean it's just it's got to be Something that you know helps me and Helps me do what I'm doing here and That's how I look at all the stuff with The gratefulness Gatherings or any of These other things you know the Gratefulness gatherings I assume the Energy will be great and the Transmission you know the transmission Flows or it doesn't It's not something I can make happen or Not you can allow it to go through you You can block it But you can't create it it's something That's you know you don't it's not human Made And you just wait for it like you're Fishing and you throw your line in the Water And you do your best to pick out the Best spot and get the right bait and Pick the right time and you know all These things but ultimately A fish bites or a dozen it has nothing Really to do with you you can set Yourself up for success You know that's why you know Jesus was

Called a fisher of men right And so some days you do well some days You don't it's like anything else And you know the transmission flows and It you know flows of its own I mean it's Beyond even the master of the system to Control it in that sense right You know God's forbidding you to be a Conduit and then that doesn't have to go On forever and sometimes the Transmission's there and in one way Sometimes it's less you know less Palpable But I believe that that'll flow in these Gatherings But I don't know about the rest of it Right like the You know the the effort it would take to Pull it off like I just can Put myself in the position where I'm Overwhelmed by All of it right there has to be Some level of other people stepping up And if there's not any of that then you Know they're just they're not supposed To happen right that's how I feel about All these things You know if it's meant to be then I Can't force it it'll just flow naturally And There'll be enough of uh enthusiasm you Know new people with enthusiasm people With skills and you know whatever That'll come in and do the work and be

Organized or organizers and do the stuff I'm not very good at You know but other than that there's no Gatherings right And you know this is uh You know just how I'll probably be till The end of my life you know I'm not Gonna You know put myself in a position of Overextending myself like I did in the Past And committing to things that You know our I want to say impossible But our Are hard to pull off right Or just you know negative in some way Like being able to absorb the negativity Of others and still do my job and you Know it's just I can't do it right I Just have to maximize my you know my Energy levels and things in such a way And as you get older you just have to do That anyway so that's it for today all Continue on over the next couple of days Um just want to add a little bit to what I already said a couple days ago I Haven't uh said anything Or done anything with this journey Episode for I think two days today's uh August 31st Thursday I've been uh Busy making voiceovers longer ones for My other videos Which I guess I'll tie into this

But what I've what I've noticed here you Know the journey series is something Different It's more about my spiritual life and it Has a lot to do with My relationships with the people inside Schmarg now the Heartfulness people and all that stuff And you know the the two the videos I Make on my other two channels And these videos have become very Similar you know like Um in terms of What happened with heartfulness is What's happening with the world And I would have never expected that Like it would be something that was Not affected right that shouldn't have Been affected By the conditions that are going on in The world But Uh the truth Community is also going Through the same things and The I've been covering things to do with The You know this guy Dr Shiva and some of These other You know it's the um Way that people in the shoes Community Are acting the way that dodgy acted in His cronies and then the way the people In the world are acting Are all very similar like everyone's

Getting Petty and small And fighting over things that are so um And I don't mean just fighting it's more You know everybody wants To be glorified everyone wants to You know they they want to tear other People down and and be seen it's better On an egotistical level And For nothing like you know the system is Going to collapse like there's no Trophies there still real material Material rewards that's going to last There's no uh You know there's no reason for it like They're not getting that how close we Are Two big changes and you know just more Tearing people apart more uh you know um More focusing on Egotistical differences and Petty things You know you see this in relationships Where you're fighting over something Small then something huge happens You know when you needed to face it Together With your family or whatever everyone's Uh you know diffuse and it's not a Strong unit and so when something big Actually happens The family gets obliterated because they Can't handle Just petty little small things And you know this is

My hesitation towards Anything to do with building a community And the gratefulness meditation And maybe not hesitation you know just What I see happening there is the same Thing that happened everywhere else You know there are these communities That I kind of know of where You know people have built truth or Communities or something And the egos that get involved in the You know the uh becomes about a Centralized person a cult-like type of Situation And you know the thing can't last you Know this idea of I talked about pockets Of the future where you know there'd Have to be Pockets around the world of People coming together And living now the way that everyone has To live in the future and I hope there Are some out there That are You know I know that there's intentional Communities and These kind of hippie communities and Communes and things that have been built Up over the years and you know maybe They have so they have some skills at Least you know I know they're Dysfunctional the one in Twin Oaks where We bought our first cows and I talked to The people you know and one guy said it Was Twin Oaks is a community based and

Behavioristic uh model of skin or BF Skinner the psychologist you know Behaviorism is one of the lowest levels Of psychological you know it's uh it's Uh rewards and Punishment it's You know it's just um You get rewarded for one thing and it's Supposed to enhance that behavior And you get punished for something else That's supposed to extinguish that Behavior right Pavlov's dog all these Things And there's a hundred people they all Have to give up whatever money they have And resources they have before they come Into the community You know they can get it back when they Leave I think but they can't come in the Community with more so everyone has to Be on the same economic level And they have cows that they milk and And they you know get meat from and they Sell And they got dual purpose cows of Dutch Belted they give milk and meat and then They also have um Uh like they make hammocks and they have An epic Garden like really it's a you Know everyone in the community that Knows about gardening knows about their Garden like they just they do a good job Of gardening and it's also like a you Know they They are

People are naked they're like you know We want to pick up something from the Community and there's people out there Gardening you know topless or whatever So Those are the three the you know what I Know about and they asked the guy what It was like he said it's like being Married to 100 people You know you're in relationship like a Marital relationship but it's with a Hundred people because of the you know It's all adults and it's like the way They Oh maybe they have kids I don't know Um You know people would come and go and You know it is what it is But It's imperative that there is some kind Of Uh you know something going on there you Know you know something going on the Human uh human populace where there'd be Pockets of the future To you know see their see you know some Kind of Preparedness for what's about to hit And I was hoping to be more a part of Creating those things And being a part of them but like I Hesitate to Even do that you know I've talked about Possibly uh people living near me that

Are Are you know that do gratefulness Meditation but you know I think it will end up being a bummer More than a asset right like how many People can actually be an asset In your life how many people can add Something In terms of skill like most people are So psychologically messed up and so Depraved and so uh Desperate and you know they don't have Anything to give like that's the Transmission that's given in the seismic System is supposed to enhance people It's like enhanced me like I was a very Low functioning person And now um you know average function you Know I don't know I remember I have Other skill you know whatever And my adaptability I mean all these Things like I you know I have more abilities that are uh that Are suited for the apocalyptic kind of Situation and preparing for it and Accepted what's going on politically and Everything else And so um You know like there's that But that's coming from a being a low Functioning person right someone who Recognizes how the transmission the Cleaning and the you know the philosophy But it's mostly the energy

That's given can enhance your life and Make you Rise to new levels of Potential and you know behaviors and Uh you know all of it and so it's there For people but it's not being utilized Like that because there's so many like You know embarrassing Aspects of what happened with the Heartful heartfulness debacle And again you know I'm out of the loop Like I don't have contact with people I Don't know What's going on but I just think it's They're allowing it to die right um And you know Most people must know and I don't think They care like most obvious I don't think they it bothers them that Much right Like it should be like the most Heartbreaking thing That the organization would go this way After all the charge you put into it And just uh just for his sake right that This guy You know poured himself into this Organization and people and And dodgy's just you know destroying it Like they You know just I don't know what people Can do or not do but like At least be upset about it right you Know like you know really and I don't

Know like I'm not in contact with people So I don't know Uh and you know people just go into Denial and all the things we see in my You know truther videos and so I you Know I just um I'm kind of stunned that The sausage Mark system now with you Know heartfulness with dodgy has gone in The same direction like it's just Everything's going low People are going low You know the whole Uh just the division that exists now Between everybody And you know there's like a A energetic creature that was on the Enterprise In Star Trek and was feeding off the Anger and hatred and one Perpetual war Between Klingons and people on the ship and it Was going to feed off their negative Energy And they would you know given swords Instead of a lightsaber so they could You know they have more you know more uh Brutal battles instead of shooting each Other with uh not lightsabers uh With um With uh you know phasers You know ray guns you know laser guns They um they had to fight with swords And because it was more of a battle

You know more of a physical struggle And the in the entity was um feeding off Them and they learned to laugh at it but It would make people mad like that scene Where the the council In the first Fellowship of the Ring The Fellowship of the Ring where they See the ring for the first time Where Frodo brings the ring out and all The people there all the Elves and the Dwarves and the men are looking at the Ring and they all start fighting Because it's you know provoking them And uh you know you can see that they Did a good job in that movie so the Series Of showing how the ring affected people Whatever was brought You know was brought up the power was There it would you know tear people down Make them jealous and Petty and you know They make them want the ring and bring Out their lower size That's happening everywhere and you know I thought that the seismark system would Sort of rise above that and there'd be Some level of You know not being able not being as Effective as much or At all in some cases but it's Just as bad as everything else right and You know it's a It's a you know it's a tragedy given What charge you put into the

Building organization and you know all The work that Babaji did And in one generation like not even that Like whatever it is 2015 it's not even 10 Years yet It's like all been kind of wiped away I Mean just You know at least on a human in an Organizational level And so um you know It should be different like it shouldn't Be as degraded and it should be like a Safe haven a place where You know people could start going I mean It should attract people in that way Where they realize that there's Something Better and you know I think people are Experiencing that to whatever extent With a gratefulness meditation You know which is good but um You know human beings are not doing well Like that you know it's not uh there's Always a high level and a low level of How Something can be experienced And human beings usually go to the Lowest level and that's been the problem With Our species of race or whatever I call It you know it's a failure and Going to the lowest common denominator Instead of the best and that's what's Happening Here

Anyways um I just wanted to you know add this Little Uplifting message I'll continue on next couple of days Okay so I had a dream last night um This morning I guess actually And I want to include it here and then Do a different version of this On my other video today because uh It goes with the end of the video and The voiceover The work that's been done in the size Mark system You know according to What Babaji said In his Diaries and you know the Information that was put out there As the explanation of this work the Spiritual work the transmission the Cleaning and the Planning for the future setting up the Historical events that will guide Humanity to a Desired goal of spiritual Evolution Collective spiritual evolution You know the access the atra points the The Yasha my dogs Scratching and it's making a sound I Don't know if you can hear it He's got a dog tags on they make a Little ringing sound out of it's coming Through on the audio and it's a noise Canceling microphone most things don't

Get picked up anyways um But there's a story behind it right There is a you know there's a Story and more importantly the story There is a reason there's a reason why You were given the transmission and Cleaning Transmission could be used for anything Because it's God's you know it is Source Energy you know it's a primal energy Right it's the the basis of everything So it's got the ultimate potential you Know charge you would always talk about How When you look at a seed You open it up and there's like nothing In it And from this nothing comes a tree right Like a You know like a sequoia tree or whatever You know and the you know biggest trees In the world And so you can take the transmission With people that people have done in the Past And run with it and use it for something Else and then it would create grossness And then you would suffer the scars for It and all the the rest of it but it's True purpose Is to help Elevate Humanity collectively To a higher state of consciousness And bring Humanity into a a spiritual State of being activate the spiritual

Side That has been dormant for so long Even to the extent that Many of the Saints Including Jesus had a spiritual fall Because people who rise up spiritually End up being celebrated by Humanity You celebrated by people and they get Like a celebrity status And This has happened time and time again Where Saints Spiritual people will be celebrated In the loose focus on God and they'll Start serving the people That are there they're you know Followers And you know it's it's kind of the Reason why I um Take the positions I do here on Gratefulness and You know people thinking uh more Important than I am or whatever Because it's a negative for me like it's A negative for the person You know there was uh this spiritual Lady I want to call her spiritual Because she was she had bad heart energy Like she said that about herself she was A third eye person And a number of people who took her Classes It was where my therapist found out

About uh Well she learned how to channel The woman I went to eventually told me About scishmore she was a counselor And she had these spiritual lessons she Taught and it was a good class like it Taught me things That would help me when I started Scishmart And there were a number of abiasis that Had gone through her class That you know when I met them later on They you're like oh yeah she had an Interesting class and she did private Reading said me and my girlfriend at the Time went to do her private readings As you said I had a past life where There's a lot of people come down do Spiritual work As a soul And As you said that I got you know Connected to the people And I forgot about God you know these Things right And now she told this to other people so I you know I don't know how accurate it Is but I feel like there's some accuracy To it And that you know got bummed out by the The moaning masses right the you know The people could bring it down You've had all these Saints and Spiritual people and their connection to

The people that they're teaching Can bring them down and you see it all Tied in the The people turn on a spiritual person Like they you see what happened with Jesus right the people Where they are following him and loving Them and then they turned on them three Of his 12 disciples Turned on him I wonder what became the You know the Mad the president uh Peter Became the You know the guy in charge of the church I mean you know redempt he was There was some Redemption there And charge you said it was three out of 12 would turn on him Like that was the ratio you know so One-fourth and so with that the Information also has Power and energy in it and you know There are people who listen uh you guys Whoever it is listen to my Information and you could use that Information To Um A grandize oneself right start their own Group you know take information then I Get from the source and you know the Teachings of the seismic system Just like um you'd ever see that uh Movie with um Denzel Washington called Um

The Book of Eli And there's a guy who wants the Bible He's running a He's running a small town and they have A water source and a post-apocalyptic World And he wants the Bible not because he Believes in God he was a Christian Because he knows the power it would have In terms of getting people to follow him Because a lot of people have grown up Without the Bible And so he wants the Bible To uh you know get the people To be uh he must use it as a to have a Religious hold on people And this guy Eli Denzel Washington has a Copy of the Bible so that's where the The conflict takes place and so um You know people want to use Words like Jesus's words or you know Spiritual Teachings and warp them to their own Ends we've seen that with all these Religions And people can do that with side smart That's what dodgy has done right What dodgy is trying to do they're Trying to make it his own And You know that's not cool like you know It's not Something that you can do like you can't Take the teaching said I'm getting from

These guys You know the source and you know These Masters And the information and use it for your Own ends to exploit other people like You just can't do that that's You know there's uh you know things that Are in place spiritually to stop that From happening You know dodgy's doing it right now Which you know that is whatever it is And the consequence he suffers Or whatever you know whatever reason He's doing it whatever Reason the system that the organization Is Gone the way it is but the important Thing is to remember That there's a purpose for the system Like chargie had it himself where You know Babaji brought him up and made Him to the Power Shot there was these Different Cosmic functionaries the ma Parashatus this Cosmic functionary Which Bob as you became and then he may Charge you the Power Shot which is a You know this high level position this Usually goes unfilled And hadn't been filled on Earth before And charge he was like oh I want to die Now you know like he was like You know he was scared of spiritually Falling it wasn't because he is

And Bobby said well that won't happen in Your case but anyways before he said That he said I didn't make you bring you This position for yourself You have work to do and charge you never Shied away from work You know wide to leave and he thought About it quite a bit like in this Diaries and you can see it he thought About just wanting to leave right You know I've been talking about the um Oliver Anthony his second song Called take me home which is to go back Home and die and go back to the source You know people start feeling that way And so even charge you know had to be Told hey if you have you know a Permission to fulfill You know for the person who was as Missioned as anybody you know in the System And You know Babaji transmitted out to the World it wasn't just people who did the System You've been transmit to people and the Transmission is available And people are picking up on it Without knowing where it comes from Which is fine You know and then it's great in some Ways But it's it lacks the material Information that one would need

To understand that this is A purpose that's not your egotistical Purpose Whatever you think you're getting the Transmission for Or you're getting the energy or the Information because some people just Have the information You know people come to my channel and They like the energy And they like the information But they would never do or even try Their egos wouldn't let them try Doing the you know The other parts of it but they're you Know that's There's a reason why the information is Flowing through me and coming to people I actually think I'm going to use this Exact voiceover in both um My video today and then this is also Going to be part of the journey series So you can't use it for something That it's not intended for like it's you Can't take the information and Aggrandize yourself or whatever to Exploit other people because you know The information has a point And the point is that we have a Soul's Purpose here And you know If you're to believe what the teaching Is in the seismic system and I do Because I've experienced a lot of it not

You know a fraction of what's available To experience but enough To see that uh yeah this is You know confirmation of the the Explanation of what's going on Right and why it's going on you know I've had people say to me well there's This girl over here and he says the same Thing as Babaji and there's this you Know there's these teachings that are Similar to seismarck and each other Traditions and yeah the teachings are The same but the difference is the yatra Points and the transmission And the spiritual Evolution that's given You know these Yasha points For people who don't know who don't Usually listen to my journey series Are these spiritual points your soul Passes through And with each one there's you know Levels of experience and power and Elevation of consciousness and they have These conditions And each one of them Has a Temptation for you to just take The power and turn it into your material Profit for you Into you know material benefit or there Are Physicians There Are Spiritual points That are pure Bliss Then when you get to those spiritual Points you feel amazing

And different levels and different Experiences But the tendency would be to say oh I'm In heaven now or I'm I've reached the Goal And it's just I'm happy I'm just going To stay here and you stagnate and There's spiritual consequences for that Because they're not meant to be enjoyed I mean you can enjoy them And in a disciplined way knowing that It's something to experience and move on From but not to get lost in You know there's some levels of bliss Available In the spiritual condition and it's very Tempting for people Do I just stay there forever right just To have the The experience of it like far beyond Anything you can experience physically Like the um you know the idea of Physical pleasure The spiritual conditions are Far more subtle but also More intense in their way you know more Uh true and more uh you know Sublime And that's why it's important to have A spiritual guide there's an importance Of the master of the scishmark system Which is talked about and you know in Recent Whispers messages Bobby's saying you can't rely on the Master to do everything which is the

Other tendency where you You know just are too um sheeplish in Your pursuit of spirituality You have to be Um there's work you have to do There's things you personally test you Have to pass obstacles you have to Overcome Things that you have to Go through and succeed in And nobody can do it for you you can Remove yourself from the situation Egotistically By Remembering God and you know minimizing Your ego that's the the thing about you Know like What I'm saying here comes from this Dream that I had you know this stuff That I was talking about the dream and In the dream people were experiencing These spiritual Conditions and Uh you know whatever it was that were Given by this system you know created by That flowed through Babaji the second Master he allowed you who made these uh You know the first Master System made These sort of discoveries in Babaji who Uh made him into a system people could Experience You know the average person could Experience making it accessible because In the past

There's a few Saints on the planet And they you know it was like a private Club Where it wasn't you know they weren't Excluding people but people didn't have The ability To do what these saints were doing like Throughout history of humanity You know they're higher developed races With higher Consciousness but I'm Talking about The human beings that exist now The majority of them just haven't Flip the switch yet and a lot of them Are always newbies first-time Souls that Are coming into Human Condition Coming up for the animal kingdom or Something like that you know they were A dog or a cow or something in their Previous existence And now they're evolved into Being a human their soul you know had That level of Um you know comprehension and experience Right You know human being has more Sophisticated experiences and Potential like you know every soul has Its potential as a soul but human beings Have more potential to experience Divinity like being aware of God Consciously on a mental level you know We can understand that there's A soul and Divinity but there's people

Who just It's very remedial they don't have much Of a you know they'll have the ability For abstract thought you can see it as You interact with people In the past it was almost everybody It was brutal times where people were Barbaric and you know they were low Level Consciousness and even in the Aboriginal cultures that were very pure And very you know natural There wasn't much elevation of Consciousness to understand The abstract idea of God in Divinity The concept of zero for example and Things like this they had to be brought In and taught to people but the seismish Mark system is available for everybody And as as they do it Their Consciousness will Elevate even if There have they don't have the ability For abstract thought at first You know they'll it'll Elevate in you Know their next life they'll be ready to Go they'll bypass maybe 50 lives it Would take to Develop that capacity for abstract Thought So there's you know human beings with Abstract thought and human beings Without it but in the Stream there's These people that were having these Spiritual can you know these spiritual Experiences

And I knew that they came from Babaji And I was trying to explain that to him And they didn't want to hear it right Because they felt ownership of it they Felt egotistical You know that they had gotten it from Themselves And what Babaji had done the reason that This is important was He was probably the person that most Minimized his ego This is the second master of the Seismarck system like I said I'm going To put this up on my Apocalypse Now at the end of the you Know system at the end of this video He minimized it right And his ego was almost non-existent he Was just pure service You know in terms of his orientation so It wasn't like you want he wanted Glory Or something But he had to um You know people needed to know why This opportunity of transmission and Yatra the Soul which is what separates The seismic system from other systems Was given These movement of these yatra points Were Seoul going through this Evolutionary process That there was an end reason for this a Divine reason a Divine mandate And all the gifts that you were given

Were For that reason all the experiences all The elevation your ego always wants to Make it about itself That you were getting these things to to Explain You know uh You know to exploit your position And the Temptation is to Use this knowledge get a little bit of Spiritual knowledge as religions have Done And then you know people hear the truth Of it and they feel the energy And then you can subjugate them you can Use it to Uh exploit them in some way and have Some sort of cult-like situation Like that's the you know when people get Spiritual level Evolution and they get You know They're they're there to teach people And help to bring people up but instead They use it to Um you know like the way Jesus is used In Christianity that he's the only one And you're never gonna you know be like Him and that's not Jesus's position that Wasn't what Jesus was teaching He was teaching you know that everybody Can Do what he does I mean they ain't saying Any spiritual person is there to help Other other people to raise up to that

Level and there's a loneliness That goes with it they feel lonely right They feel um You know That they're there by themselves so they Want to bring people up to that level It's a loneliness that you feel and it's A much it's a much more refined Loneliness As a spiritual loneliness but for all People who are truthers Who when you're trying to tell your Family and your you know your Significant other or your Your friends about these things and they Don't get it And you feel kind of alone right You want them to be with you on this Thing you want to you know have people That talk with it about you want to you Know share a level of consciousness And then you have to try to find people In the you know internet because you Can't find anybody locally Who understands the idea of these truth Or concepts in our spiritual level You know it's even more refined and it's A a select people group of people that Can Um you know understand this and so Ultimately every spiritual saying every Spiritual Master wants to find a Disciple somebody to You know who gets it and can be trained

And you know brought up to that level And the work can continue Because there's somebody a successor and That's the real tragedy from dodgy Falling in the tradition you know the Seismic tradition and doing his own Thing and the degradation of his His you know Consciousness like he had Higher levels of consciousness I I Experienced that in him right That guy you know was around him and I Saw him being brought up to that level And then he's you know degraded into a Religion and he's this talks are Remedial and they're like for stupid People and it's like he's lost the you Know the gifts that he was given and It's you know sad but also tragic and You know and in some ways an abomination You know but the ultimate idea here is That you're serving God At God's highest level and God has a Purpose for you your soul has a purpose For you and your ego always wants to try To hijack that purpose And when people get uh you know high Levels of uh you know whatever it is Development whatever that might be in The material world and they become Us you know famous people celebrities And you know whatever Or people can you know start seeing them As being different and are attracted to Them

The Temptation or the you know the path To falling The path to failure Is that you start seeing yourself as That and you forget that God has given You a reason right that you you know That you have a Divine work to do that Your soul has Divine work And once you forget that which has Happened time and time again In the religious and spiritual tradition You're screwed like you're just You know I mean you you might come back To it like the end of your life but Your ego just starts growing and you Know I've talked about some scars before It you know how they're looking for the Right condition of flower in But you have to always remember that You're doing God's work and without a You know a connection to something Higher than yourself You ultimately are going to fall because You you have to elevate yourself And if you're here giving information to Other people like I do On this channel you have to remember That and for me it's very easy Because I remember what I was like Before I started doing such Mark and I Was a little functioning You know I can't uh You know I can't attribute this to my Own

What I was able to do on my own like I You know I can't say I can do this alone Without the connection to something Higher This job here even just doing this job What makes my videos uh you know special Is my connection to Divinity it's not You know me like I have personality Things that are you know interesting to People you know sense of humor whatever Like I have some abilities and talents And skills You know but in terms of my ability to To do that on my own I wasn't able to do It before This connection and so for that the Seismic meditation and the practice and All these things And that's where I'm able to connect With this information that flows through Me that people find compelling But you know it's important that I Always Pointed back that there's you know Something higher going on here And now without it you know I I would just be you know Some sort of obnoxious you know you know Whatever I was before right Uh you know with some uh you know a Person that was just floundering around Without purpose in this world And whatever you know talents or you Know whatever's you know intelligence I

Have whatever things that were gifts That helped me do this job I wouldn't I Wasn't able to put them together I wasn't able to sustain anything and You know it I I just didn't have a you Know all the pieces right I didn't have All the you know that I was missing the Key component which is Being grounded into something higher Than my egotistical purposes right My uh my own you know my own egotistical Pursuits in this world And you know and I didn't really have Like ambition like people have You know there's some part of me that Wanted something You know Glory or something like that in The beginning but That's faded you know with just minimal Success here And this YouTube channel like I just Don't you know thumbs up in people's Recognizing Me for being you know special or Different Like isn't uh like I don't feel anything Because of that When people say oh you're great or Whatever Like I don't you know it doesn't make me Feel good like it doesn't make me you Know when people Want people to like them or want people To give them

Praise or things like that like it keeps Me going because I know that there's You know this thing is working And so it's important on that level but It doesn't make me feel good about Myself like it doesn't like it's not Like uh you know like people React to getting the thumbs up from People look I got you know so many likes Well it doesn't matter to me I'll even Look at it right it'll you know even Think about it that way because It's not you know a rule a reward for me Right Like you know there's things that you Look at they just make you feel good Um like there are things that I get from This channel that Um make me be able to relax Which I guess is good like things that Maybe I'm stressed out about or whatever And then through this channel that There's just some kind of you know Feeling of um even making the voiceovers Themselves like there's some kind of Uh or the videos Stress related and like I have this Information I have to Distribute and it's my job and until It's done like there's some level of Stress you know some level of you know This I got to get this done like when You complete a task there's always a Feeling of satisfaction when you

Complete a task or a goal but oftentimes People feel disappointed That's it right you know even in the Seismic tradition Babji was you know brought up to the you Know the highest levels of spiritual Attainment and he was intercommuting Mythology his you know spiritual Guru he Said that's it like that's you know this Is this is it And logic's like well you know if this Is this condition is so insignificant I'll remove it from you And Bobby said oh I would rather die you Know so It's a it's a condition that's subtle And in you know when you go back to the Source and you've merged back into God That or God emerges into you and there's There's a distinction there That it's so subtle and so you know I mean like it's almost like a Disappointment Because it's not like fireworks or it's Not you know some big uh whatever But once you've had that you would never Let it go like it's Like some parts part of you know that is Uh you know it's like completing Something you you know you try real hard To get to the end of a video game and You're like well I don't feel great like The first time I stayed up till like Four in the morning

To uh to you know I was playing the Mario Brothers game the first one on Nintendo And you couldn't stop and start from Where you left off And so you had to complete the game in One you know once you turned the machine Off you had to start over Which sucked and I wanted to get to the End I got to the end and I felt horrible Like I was up all night playing video You know so you know I was I was tired And you know there was it was nothing Like your sense of accomplishment was Minimal because it was a video game Right But in a spiritual tradition it's uh There is a you know feeling of Accomplishment but also diminishing of Your ego Your ego gets diminished so you it's Hard to feel like you know patting Yourself on the back For Spiritual work well done because it Minimizes your ego right But I'm saying all this you know to Remind people or if people didn't know There's a higher authority and any of The information that I give and the Energy that's given here Is based in a higher authority you know Any kind of insight sometimes I share The prophecies or The Whispers or the Brighter World anytime I talk about

Things You know that I mean it all is tied into That like everything that I present here Is a part of You know something bigger and if people Were to take this information and use it As a way to exploit other people or to Suck people in or whatever it is it Would be a bad thing to do it's just you Know it will always end badly whenever a Person takes Divine knowledge and uses It for personal gain It's an issue like you always have to Have some higher authority We all answer to a higher authority or You're a demon right like you either Answer to God or you're a demon right It's when you don't have you know God is The higher authority and there's a Hierarchy there there's you know Trainers gurus you know Souls that are Around you You're guiding you and sometimes they Tell you things you don't want to hear And you give you work you don't want to Do and you know they Take away things that you know that made You feel good about yourself or whatever Right they show you you know that There's a purpose here and that's been The problem with the human condition That human beings succeed Especially spiritually but any success That they have

And they forget about God and the Divine Energy that helped them You don't you don't live you're not Alive It's you can't exist without Divine Energy I've talked about that you can Survive you know what 40 days without Food or whatever it is I mean I don't Know what the record is you can survive How many days without water like nine Days you know depending Where You Are You can survive I don't know 10 minutes Without oxygen without breathing And you can't survive a second without God's love You know I saw my grandfather my first Conscious My first time I ever saw a dead body Was at my grandfather's wake you know They put lipstick on my grandfather who Was a we volunteered for World War One When he was 15 he won two world wars Probably professional football was a Fireman it was like an action hero right And he was like a tough guy you know and They put lipstick on him like my Grandfather would never wear lipstick You know like like I looked at him but When I saw him I'm like that's not him Like I looked at his dead body and I was I think you know eight or nine years old And I'm like that's not him it's my First understanding of a soul His soul has left

The essence with that was my grandfather Is no longer in him And you know your soul is what animates Your body and you know people have body Consciousness that they think that's it You know whatever it is and they have Limited lives Not understanding you have a spiritual Essence with a purpose When people first found out about the Soul the Atman you know the original Sanskrit name for the soul was the Ottman right which is a you know Beautiful to hear it's a you know word That You know has uh you know the ottman Uh and so you have a spiritual purpose And your ego wants to hijack that Purpose and people's egos doing that has Created what the world the way it is now And so getting back to your Soul's Purpose and grounding your life in a Higher authority That keeps your ego in check is Essential To successfully living this life And so few people do it and your ego is Always looking for a way To ingrandize itself And the ego is necessary but it has to Be trained and contained and handled Like your souls your ego's Handler It should be but it you know it often Isn't and so you know doing something

That is um That exploits any kind of knowledge or Spiritual purpose or you know any of These things taking any of it Divinity And then using it for egotistical Purposes which of course the religions Have done Is a disaster personally and then you Know you're betraying and there's some Scars you get for that and like you're Between the people you're betraying God You're betraying yourself and all those Things it ends in disaster that's why All these Cults and in disastrous Results They you know the person loses a sense Of Uh the source once you start going off On your own And denying the you know information in The in the discipline and the in the Hierarchical reason for your existence You you're lost and you're the people That are with you that are following you Will get even lost like you you see the End of any sort of cult organization You know it's something that you you can Say I work for God As a way to exploit other people like oh Yeah I work for God right or you can say It to yourself and be aware of it and You have to say it occasionally to other People so they understand You know like I don't talk about it a

Lot here But I mention it you know because people Need to know like it's there's a Divine Purpose behind what I do here you know And Working towards not manipulating that Purpose mentally Not saying oh you know this is you what Are you getting out of it or what are You you know you see the Field of Dreams Movies where movie where Kevin Costner At the end of the movie is like You know everybody got something but me You know why why you know what why did I Do it what's in it for me You know I built this field And you know there's that moment right Where it becomes egotistical but the joy Of the work is doing it you built the Field because that was your job you did It and you you know you don't need a Reward like you don't need a you know an Egotistical reward you know for your Work like you know what's in it for me Why did I get what I get out of this you Know well you got the word you got to do It you got to participate In the Divine experience what if all the Animals in the world said what's in it For me You know why why should I pollinate this Flower you know The pollinators or why should I grow This fruit

So other creatures can eat it You know why should I you know all of it Like you think about all the things that You know the stream and you know why Should I continue flowing you know I'm Just gonna You know stop hearing you know Celebrate my waterness you know like a You know I'm not going to flow down the The mountain to You know to give life to other things Right so you know the rain anything you Know everything Yeah you're you know the task that you Do The you know the gratification for doing That task is that you're able to Participate in the Divine experience People are the only Things on earth that you know want Something for They're doing their job And they want to get something for Themselves To the point where getting something for Themselves Supersedes them doing what they're Signed to do here and that's why we're Lost and we're on the verge of being you Know wiped off the face of the Earth Because of the The forgetting that you you work for God You have a Divine Purpose and you know There's Consciousness that has caused

That and you know an evolution of Consciousness and self-awareness That has caused that And so you know that has to be Divinized in some way and there needs to Be a discipline and understanding of That that you have a purpose and your Soul's purpose and it's not you know Most people aren't even close to doing What their soul wants them to do In most cases they're doing the exact Opposite and making it harder for the Soul to future existences going in the Wrong direction building up some scars And things And so it's important to remember that And certainly through this YouTube channel the energy and the Information that's there it's grounded In a higher You know purpose and like you know There's stupid jokes I make and you know Things that are clearly Of human uh you know consumption human You know interest in things but the Overall purpose of this is to remind People that there's Divinity within them And to find that Divinity and find what That Divinity wants you to do What's your role here what's your Purpose what's your place on this planet And it seems like a simple thing but It's so lost now That's essential in moving forward in a

Post-apocalyptic world Anyways um I'm going to wrap this one up here Okay so I went and ate breakfast and I Was gonna add this to just to my Apocalypse Now video but I'm gonna put It in both The journey series video you know these Things are worth hearing over again Um especially something that I don't Talk about regularly or at all before But this idea of Compensation for work and more to do With uh You know this idea of fear of God so These things I want to expand on here the first part Is That because of the slave labor Wage slave Um model of monetary reward for your Work Is the basis of the the dysfunction in Our system There's a lot of dysfunction in our System but it the main reason Is that because I was talking about how When you work for God you don't work for A vacation you don't work for Um you know the fruits of your labor The work itself is the reward right And it's a hard thing for people to Conceptualize because most people hate Their jobs and you've learned to to view

School Learning As a way to get money right that's how Warped we've become In our system that you are working for Money and you're going to school for Money so when you learn something so you Can make money When you you know you you're developing Your capacity to understand the world Around you it's so you can make money And then you get a job to make money and It's usually something that's unpleasant To do right some people are blessed or Cursed to love their work I don't know Which but maybe both And that's great but most people when They're working it's something that's Hard to do and if money wasn't involved You wouldn't do it right you know that's Um something my brother used to say you Know a job sucks that's why they pay you You know they pay you for doing Something you don't want to do and maybe You like doing it but just not every day Eight hours a day you know it's The monotony of the work it's the Specialization of it But this idea that you're financially Compensated for your work is war to People's understanding Of the true nature of things right Because the work in itself should be the Reward you're given a purpose you're

Given a goal you're given the ability to Contribute it feels good to contribute Right one of the things that my kids Were learning to milk the cows are our Cows And they could milk it the cow out they Felt good about themselves and I Realized how You know Farm life's so important in in That way because there's a sense of Accomplishment and you know kids wanting To contribute and do some of the work Their parents are doing they're hanging Out with their parents and going you Know or the tribal Elders in there and They're learning to contribute and they Feel good when they contribute they feel Good and you know you can contribute in A tangible way right where money is Something abstract You know you can give money but it's the You know effort you put into the money That's the important aspect the effort You put out there to make the money is The you know important part of this Thing right the money itself is just Some you know bogus scams they've cooked Up to extract work and labor from you Right and they've made it so that the Amount of money you make is The value of your work your value your Value of your work is in the amount of Money and there's all these people that Move money around you know these Bean

Counters in the you know Financial People and they make you know Billions of dollars and their work is Pointless it doesn't do anything but Make the system uh you know more warped And make the system uh eventually Implode from its the debt that they're Creating right the debt the debt is Wealth and the debt that they're Extracting from the derivatives Market Or the stocks and these things that all These ways that are you know it doesn't Have any real value But it's compensated higher than any Other work right the compensation for These IPOs releasing an IPO and these Pump and dump scams and all these things Are significant right it's talking about Vivek ramswari being a billionaire for Being a you know a big Pharma guy and He's you know and being a hedge funder And these jobs really have no value they You know they create imaginary wealth Wealth of deception debt-based wealth And you know they're viewed as higher Level work any work that's compensated More we have more money that's the value Of your work is in the amount of Compensation because the money is the The goal of your work so when I you know Heard this teaching in the massage Mark System it's the reward for work is more Work and higher work Then you're given access to higher

Levels of work you can do more work Through there you do you do a good job And you get more work And you get higher level work right you Start off at Doing menial tasks and as you evolve you Do higher and higher level work that has More value and more You know reward for your soul in the Sense of its Evolution right you're Expanding your Consciousness and you're Given powers and abilities and you know What you need to complete that task when You do God's work God provides for you The necessary tools and the necessary Evolution so you can successfully Complete your work it's a completely Different way of looking at uh you know The work that you do And you know I was in India they would Have these various um Groups of people that would come in from Different parts of India or different Parts of the Europe or you know some Other country And so they would do morning Announcements and they'd announce Everything in English And then usually in Hindi and Tamil Depending on you know tamil's where the Auction was And if it was um uh there were people From Kerala then they would speak in That language or whatever part of India

And you know people were from France Like they have a gathering from people Friendly speaking French right And what I started to notice was You know it's a volunteer organization So everybody has to volunteer for work That's given in the organization And You know whenever they use the word Volunteer It was always the word volunteer right Like it would be them speaking in some Language that I didn't understand any of It and then all of a sudden you'd hear The word volunteer And then you know they'd say it again They'd make the same announcement in a Different language and they would use The word volunteer and I'm like the word Volunteer doesn't exist in other Languages right I mean in terms of you know maybe it's They've made up a word for it since it's Been in English but You didn't volunteer in ancient cultures It was just work you would do for your Village for your tribe for your family There's no sense of volunteering there Was no you know volunteer needs work for Free That's what it means it means work Without financial compensation But before that there was no financial Compensation there was no word for

Volunteer right and so you know this Idea of compensation for your work Didn't exist You work because you had to you work Because you must right you worked Because it was your purpose But when they created this bogus Financial system And especially now with the debt-based Aspect of it people are looking for Reward for doing what they're supposed To do anyway and that has made it even Harder to convince people to do the Right thing just to do the right thing You know because it's what's in it for Me right what do I get out of it you Know where's my compensation you know I I'm under compensated financially for What I do here Compared to other people like I think my Content is better than you know what Other other YouTubers and you know Whatever is available here but also People do similar things And you know in terms of the the level Of information here but you know of Course I I lack the ability to bring People in and you know to Pander to my Audience and do things that would help With that right and of course going Against the system But I'm under compensated on the Financial level For the work I do here at least in terms

Of the way I view it but I don't think About it very often Only when it you know is obvious to me To think about right for some something Brings it to my attention because when You think about it that way Then you're like why should I bother Doing like I'll I'll do less good at my Job right you know oh you know I'm not Being paid enough so I'm only going to Work it to the amount of money that I'm Getting right this is you know I'm Making less money now And so my videos are better And I'm making less for them and so if I Viewed it as a monetary compensation Situation I would try less hard right I Would make less content I would withhold Information because you know I would Maybe say all right this this level of Information is only for the people who Are going to pay me right this kind of Thing To put up a paywall for you know Whatever it might be and so you know That's the way that we're trained to Think about things people holding out in Professional sports because they're not Getting compensated enough They see they're being underpaid So they refuse to do their job which Um is a really bad thing because the Reason you do your job is because your Soul has a purpose here and God has a

Role for you to play and if you don't Play that role then you have a failed Existence and almost nobody really plays That role to the to the level that They're supposed to play it to so tying This to the celebrities people who went After celebrity wealth and fame and they Got it and it sucked or they got kicked Out or you know whatever happened to Them you know this idea of working for Celebrity working for You know I mean posting things for Thumbs up or likes for Pats on the back Or Compliments or whatever financial Compensation whatever it might be wealth And fame you know things that people Desire in the American and you know Worldwide experience it warps you and You lose sight of your true purpose Right And so going back to what I was saying About what I was saying earlier about This I want to include this part this is The part I forgot you know that I didn't Leave in there and that is God Working to motivate your ego The Divine you know there's Divine Beings here that are you know etheric Beings what people would refer to as Angels you have your own spiritual Support team And your soul is a part of that And they're always trying to convince

Your ego to do the right thing for the Right reasons To do the right thing to do what you're Supposed to do and we all need that like We all need cajoling and you know Sometimes we need Um you know a slap in the face sometimes I need you know a little uh spiritual Support but sometimes we need a vivid Dream or something to get us to make the Right decision like our egos get locked In we get selfish we get entitled we get You know we forget the big picture And what religions teach you is that You do it because God is An a-hole and he's going to punish you Like that's very specific to the judeo Christian Judeo-christian tradition Especially in the Old Testament God's a Real dick in the Old Testament He is you know narcissistic and if you Don't do what he tells you to do he Punishes you and sometimes he punishes You anyway He's very Petty and it's really a demon That's what the problem with that Religion is those religions is they're Worshiping a demon because God doesn't Use Force And you can prove this out like you can Figure this out for yourself Or anybody you know can figure this out Just based on the idea that we have

Freedom of choice right So God could create a world where He forced you to do everything The Divine Way that there was no other Choice that there was just a Divine Choice and on a soul level you can reach A level where that's where you are where Your soul no longer has a choice you've Given up your freedom to choose wrong Because freedom of choice is only the Freedom to choose wrong To free to choose something other than Divine choice And that's you know kind of mind-blowing If you understand it that there's one Right choice there is the Divine Choice The choice of your soul and then there's An infinite amount of wrong choices that We can explore and and you know we can Experiment with And God wouldn't give you that if he was Going to force you to make the right Choice right you understand that there No force is being used the freedom of Choice to do the wrong thing means that There's no through God to do the divine To do the Divine uh The Divine thing To do the right thing God isn't making You do that so there's no thought of Threat or fear of God that's humans who Are using God to get you to do the right Thing and sometimes it's you know for For good reasons like don't murder don't

Kill right like things like that the Ten Commandments The Ten Commandments are Very remedial And the idea is that there's punishment If you don't follow those Commandments But you could think about the Saints of That time Spiritual people we're trying to get People not to kill or steal or you know Do all the bad things that the Commandments are telling them not to do And they're like yeah they're withstand They're like well gotta punish you if You don't do it if you do the wrong Thing because that's the level of the Consciousness that people had In that place in that time And so I understand it like it's not Like you know spiritual people or Kings Or rulers they were dealing with Low-level behaviors like we see now in Our society Rules and laws and you have to you know Threaten people with punishment there's Lots of people who you know there's this Kid who was I was counseling and it was Back when Eminem was big as a white kid It was you know who was into Eminem and You know he had sexually abused Uh his uh his His dad married it was gonna marry a Woman And she had a daughter and he sexually Abused the girl

So his dad wouldn't marry the woman like He was that kind of manipulative and Creepy and we had this conversation Where I was Trying to tell him You know that people won't murder For his position was that People only murder because they'll get Thrown in jail won't murder because They'll get thrown in jail like there's No other reason people wouldn't murder That people would be murdering people All the time this guy's a sociopath Right The only reason they wouldn't is because They go to jail Like he was learning that because of his Actions he ended up in treatment and the Only reason is not to do those things Or because you would end up consequenced And be part of the Criminal Justice System you know that was his level of Comprehension in his level of evolution He couldn't see that people had in Eternal morality and they would do Things they would not do things bad Things Because of you know a conscience and Other internal things because it made Him feel bad or they you know they just Didn't want to hurt somebody else like They had compassion like he couldn't Understand these things he lacked all of

Those things And there are people like that in our Society and so there has to be that Level of rewards and Punishment and Remedial type of Uh you know an overbearing system to Keep those people from Doing those things right because Otherwise they would do them of course There'd be divine consequences Eventually but sometimes those are Actualized to the system but God doesn't Do that God doesn't use fear God doesn't Use uh you know these these uh levels of Oppression he doesn't force you to do Anything You know God and Divinity and your soul Has to win your ego over And get you to choose the right thing And that's a very important distinction In the scishmark system of teaching and Understanding the ways of divinity That God doesn't use force that you have The freedom to choose the wrong thing And so the whole problem with planet Earth all the stuff that we see all the Stuff that I cover On my YouTube channels all the things That we see as uh you know the disaster That is The Human Experience right now Has to do with That problem how do you get humans to do The right thing God and your soul Are finding ways to you know your soul

Is working towards getting The your ego which your soul creates Your subtle bodies your ego right is a Uh is a creation of your your soul how To get it to answer to a higher Authority how to get it to connect with Your soul and take guidance and make the Choices your ego doesn't want to make And inevitably there are things your ego Doesn't want to do work you don't want To perform attitudes you don't want to Take pleasures and addictions that you Want to indulge in that you're not Supposed to things like this right That's all this is all the spiritual Teachings all the religions all the Saints that have been here all this you Know whatever Is going on here In terms of this battle To get your ego to choose the Divine Choice time and time again not just once But continually choosing that path I Mean that's the problem of humanity that People don't want to do that their egos Don't want to do that and more often Than not they'll choose the lower choice And sometimes they'll choose the lower Choice just out of sort of spider You know F you God or you know whatever Just because they can not because they Even you know they know they're not Going to enjoy the you know whatever They're going to do they just do it

Anyway like people have a you know just To have the power to choose like you Think about all the things in our system About Freedom of Choice things that are Of course the abortion but also the Right wing elements that we get to Choose things we get our you know our Choices we get our freedoms and freedom Is just the freedom to do wrong Freedom is actually a bad word like Liberation you know the ability to Transcend your Human Experience and get Rid of your Earthly bondage is another Sort of freedom spiritual freedom is Another sort of freedom freedom of your Body freedom of your the physical laws That dominate your physical existence Your body's demands and needs like those Are all you know there's a uh you're Just you know you need to eat and Breathe and drink water and procreate And do all the things your physical body Needs And then you know You don't have that like if you're not In a body you don't have those demands Constant demand to Uh do work so that you can survive your Survival keeping your body going Provides effort and work and energy into Your survival you think about how much Your day is consumed by Some elements of keeping your Uh your body going and sometimes it's

Just R and R and relaxation and doing things That Recharge you from a dysfunctional system That keeps you going and it keeps you From Becoming depressed and suicidal or Whatever it is And so all those things addictions all The things that people do that they Indulge in To keep their bodies moving keep their Their motivation there to to you know Keep on uh chugging along in this Human Experience And that dominates our existence and Then there's all the the indulgences and The choices to do wrong that are Encapsulated in that but if we all just Were forced to do what we were supposed To do There would be you know a completely Different system we would all be doing What God wants us to do and our souls Want us to do but it would be forced There wouldn't be any learning there Wouldn't be any you know sometimes Mistakes have benefits and mistakes are Not mistakes in the sense of they lead To divine revelation and Redemption and Things and you know appreciation and Gratitude Of things that we were not conscious of Right you have to be cut off from God to

Appreciate God right you have to be Uh you know disconnected to understand Uh the you know what it feels like to be Reconnected to God now if you're Connected to God all the time you Wouldn't feel the difference you would Never know what it feels like not to be Connected right it's like when you love Somebody and They you know there's a separation there Like ultimately a death or something Like that and you really feel the pain Of Separation but when you're with that Person you loved them and you felt you Know positively to them but you don't Feel the depths of your You know feelings until you're separated And so these are the you know the Elements of that of the system and you Know something that's more mature in the Sense that Force isn't being used to Make you behave the way that God wants You to behave That it's something that you have to Rise up to and choose to do but you have To understand the choices And without connection to the teachings And the The Human Side of Things And uh you know the teachers themselves And if you just take the information and Use it to you know create your own Little thing or whatever it is then it's Lost you know that opportunity is lost Because you don't understand the the

Reason for the transmission the cleaning And this opportunity And that you know is important Anyways I'm going to wrap this one up Here And I'll continue on as we move forward So I did um those voiceovers it's in a Video that's Been demonetized for now for you uh YouTube on my other channel And same day today today's September 1st Friday And you know I just had some more Thoughts uh kind of connected You know so in about 2010 or 2011 I had a realization I don't know if it's prophetic or just Being logical or just you know seeing a Pattern or You know when you can see something Developing And you know if like nothing's done Um you know it's kind of how it's going To turn out And it's turned out that way and I Haven't thought about this in some years But When I came into the massage Mark system In 1993 I attended my first gathering at the Molina ashram in Georgia In 1994. And there were half American abiasis Practitioners

And half Indian so the Gathering was Pretty well Integrated when I mean Indian I don't Mean Indian American I mean Indians had moved Over from India And we're now living in the United States And so you know when I was um One of the the girls that I knew when I Was working in uh my first Treatment Center one of my co-workers Was telling me that her grandmother who Was Italian said I'm Italian your mom's Italian-American And you're American American and that's The same for me like I you know my My dad my mom were Um you know were Sicilian and Albanian My dad was my mom was German and Irish And there are parents you know had come Over to America As kids or you know older and they you Know they were born in another country Which they identified as and so That's how immigration Works in America The second generation still has some Connection to the old world By the third generation you pretty much Identify as American and you have some You know Stories are a few like whatever Little things from the you know your Ancestry but for the most part you're

An American and so what I'm talking About here is Uh first generation people from India And over the next I guess was that 1994. And so over the next eight years or so There would be these gatherings every Year charge you would come to America and there would usually be a Gathering in the Molina ashram And the number of Um Americans stayed about the same and it Was usually the same people The Usual Suspects like few people quit Maybe he was even a little bit lower There's all Boomer hippies all in the Same generation And There wasn't new young people And the Indian abiasi population was Growing And we took a group picture up and There's a long driveway Up a steep hill and everyone sort of got Into the driveway and charged you Couldn't come to the Gathering so one of These guys wanted to send them a picture Of everyone who attended the Gathering It was the national gathering you know Every year you have to they have legally You have to have a national gathering For the organization Um I don't even think they're doing that

Anymore I guess that was what the last Two years it's been In conjunction with the uh The uh you know that um American Telugu Association so those are Where dodgy shows up on video and it's Not even a size Mark facility or Anything so they're not even barely you Know keeping that going Um they're you know the bylaws or Whatever To legally register the organization in America but anyways We were up on the hill and you know I Asked the guy to send me a picture This is Mr J it's a real douche He asked me why and I said you know the Mission here is going to collapse And I said look you know how many what Percentage because he's looking at the Camera do you think that It's like 90 percent of the people here Are from India And With the predictions that we're in Various Seismic literature this is pretty uh Whispers I guess there's Whispers that Already come out might have been like 2009 or 10 but still it had been out for A while But you know just the way the world was Going and you know all of it and I was You know uh

An immature truther back then but I Understood what was happening And I said you know the economy is going To collapse in America And all these people here the 90 of the People in the picture Will more than likely go back to India Now their kids might not want to leave America they've grown up in America it's All they ever known but You know there's this idea that if that Being an abiasi was their primary thing And you know Money was the only reason they were in America in the first place And lifestyle and they all you know I'd been to their houses I'd stay at Some of the people's houses and I See in the way they live and everything In their house is like they live in India you know I've been in India enough Too And they would like one woman returned On the Indian TV stations Well you know turning one on one of the Stations and we're turning on and just Play it all day like she was walking Around her house And you know she'd be in upstairs rooms Or whatever and the TV would be blaring It was like she wanted the sounds of India at her house you know she turned The channel every once in a while She wasn't even watching it but it was

On all day and you know I mean she Turned on the morning probably turned it Off before going to bed maybe not even That she might even slept with it just To have the sounds of her country and Like I talked to a number of them and They all missed it they all missed India They never felt comfortable here but They still ate Indian food many of them Were Indian clothing And they traveled to India you know Whenever they had vacations they go see Master charging and go to see you know If it's their homes and all this their Families And if it wasn't for the money They would have felt more comfortable Being back in India And so when the economy collapsed here The majority of people who held all the Positions now you know this is something Where Um before there was a mixture of the way The work was divided but By the time it was 2011 almost all the Positions were held By Indians and the last trip that Master Charge you came to America in like 2008 He was in the ashram in Ohio and he said The Indians here have ruined the mission In America you guys ruined the American Mission But then he appointed all Indians to the Positions you know so

I mean there was like you know that You know and I I saw it as a crisis like I saw you know this is again 2009 10 Whatever 11. but I knew it was going to Happen because Um you had an older generation of people Who The hippies nobody really liked it but We're hippies tough generation doesn't Get along with each other and they were You know they were difficult they're Always fighting amongst themselves And they weren't really great for Anybody else And there wasn't a new younger Generation I was like one of the Youngest sabiasis I was in my 30s And the majority of these kids you know That were Born into the system who charge you said Were chose to be into it Chose not to do scishmark so That was already becoming a thing I Didn't even know how much so And you know all the money and all the Energy all the work All the most of the preceptors were now Indian and they would all you know many Of them would leave and I mean I I Couldn't imagine how many would possibly Stay here if America collapsed and you Know whatever it was And either way They're very insulated group they were

Friendly and you know hospitable but Americans would go over their houses and Didn't feel comfortable because They didn't really know how to connect With them and there was all these Americans that started and left and that Was a huge problem that you know I only Kind of knew a little bit about them And so what was going to happen right When these events started unfold which You know they're they're now doing And the economy collapsed You know what would happen to the Mission right there'd be nothing here There would be no money and energy and Enthusiasm and preceptors to maintain Things People wouldn't know how to put on a Gathering Or do the things that needed to be done Because those were done by people who Are now living in India who you know the Future would be living in India would That happen And so I saw it clear as day Of course it was much worse with remorse With dodgy and what he did that was Something I you know had no idea was Going to happen But right now there's no American Mission right you know with or without Dodgy and that last couple of gatherings At the ATA The first one they got about 400 people

And some of them were American Americas The last one they didn't even turn the Camera around you know to show you how a Few people are there Because you know the people who got Duped to go to the first one You know they knew it wasn't like a real Gathering and what they expected so they Weren't even coming so there's no Turnout dodgy had a fundraiser it only Raised three thousand dollars You know charge you would raise hundreds Of thousands of dollars when he came Here And that was another thing they Gatherings of the Molina ashram used to Bring in like three hundred thousand Dollars And instead of putting the money into The ashram You know my brother's telling me this They took the money out and they they You gave some money to Denmark Denmark Was a they had a beautiful ashram there That everyone who went there raved about They couldn't afford to keep it going It was a small group of people see there Wasn't a lot of Indians in Europe that Did scishmark And so America is the only country where There's you know other than India that Is dominated by you know Indian people That do the system they do the Meditation there

And these other countries it's not as Many it's like in England you'll see Mostly English people France but there's Not much gross it's like much not much Growth probably under 200 people In these various places maybe a few more I don't know But whatever it is it's limited so Massage Market exists in Europe but it's You know I mean it's not that many People Canada barely took off and then America was mostly Indian so there isn't Really Gone out to the world like it's not Uh it's dead you know it was dying as it Was even under chargedy and when charges Stopped coming The growth stop happening so I mean he was carrying the mission in That way And so all these things have now come to Pass that I've seen it's a lot of things I couldn't predict You know but I knew it was going to Happen and there was nothing really Anything to do about it I tried to talk To a few yeah I took what I said to this To Mr Jay he's like oh yeah Um I said you know what would happen if All the Indian people left he said oh it Collapse and I said well that's going to Happen

What do you think is going to happen When these predictions start going Coming through they're going to rush Back to India they're not going to want To suffer in America without money right You know America's Foreign people come to America for American dollars more than anything else A lifestyle And they don't come here for Spirituality or because they Love the people or whatever it might be And when you know the lifestyle Disappears They're going to go back to where they Came from especially if it's better There And it will be because America is gonna Really you know run into a wall of You know consequences and you know just Hard times And I remember being frustrated I Already you know struggled trying to Tell everyone about the U.N You know then when that happened I guess That happened uh Afterwards but I you know I knew this Thing was going to happen and you know I Talk about that as well so like that for The next Few years and I was like well My family and I attempted to move to India because we're like there's nothing In America for us

And you know that didn't work out and That sucked Um and you know we really couldn't move To India and if I could I wouldn't do it Especially now knowing everything I know Now but Um you know what happened with dodgy Obviously there's no reason to do it the So-called upheavals never hit you know They never Manifested I mean you know they weren't Even predicted yet the other first one's Supposed to be a 25 25 or 25 26. Um you know whatever it is uh 25 or 26. Around that time And even without that just the the Natural disaster or the you know the The byproduct disaster that dodgy is The system has collapsed worldwide That people have lost their enthusiasm In these countries there's no Master Propping them up and feeding them you Know whatever energy and confidence or Whatever he had to to offer that dodgy Doesn't and what's left at America is a Corrupt Nightmare and so these things I've been talking to you about in terms Of the Gatherings In terms of you know building a mission Here And you know there's just been a I mean it's been sabotaged and you know It's not like we have to necessarily Start from scratch and the transmission

The energy has built over the year so There's that like people are more Sensitive and can experience a Transmission better But you know there is no organization And you know I can't create it like I Can tell you what it was like But I don't know how to do all the Things that are necessary to to make it Like that right I don't you know like if If I told you how great let's say I went To a great restaurant You know every three four five times a Year And you know and I worked in the Restaurant business so this isn't even You know I mean it's I understand Restaurants you know I work with tables And things so I don't know a little bit More about that But even with that like I could tell you How great the food was and let me tell You how great the atmosphere was but I'm Not a decorator right you know I went to The place and I saw you know how great It was but I don't know what's going on Behind the scenes You know I don't know what's happening To make the food so great or make the You know all of it right the experience And so you know you might have observed Some things and experienced something You can tell people how great a movie Was but you don't know how to make that

Movie like you couldn't remake it Yourself You don't have all the skills right I Mean you can learn to eventually But that's what I'm talking about like I Understand how these gatherings were Great and I understand a lot of these Things And I can tell you that it isn't like That now Of course you know heartfulness is Tanked but you know we're doing Gratefulness is evolving in its own way But it's you know we're starting from Scratching away You know with uh you know we've had some There is some leftover Accomplishment you know whatever Aggregor type group Consciousness and Energy and transformation Evolution that Came from phase one But now we've entered phase two and you Know Phase two is a little uh We're off to a shaky start Anyways I'll um end here and I'll maybe Continue this on tomorrow just uh to add A little bit more to what I was saying Last night Uh Uh you know I Back then during that time leading up to You know that revelation of the mission Collapsing in America I was trying to

Get support for Um You know community building some sort of Community And It Started With The Whispers of the Brighter World messages Especially the prophecies and it was Pretty clear what was going to happen You know what's beginning to happen now The collapse of our economy and Civilization And you know support for what me and my Family were doing at that time and there Had been a lot of pushback And nobody was into it like nobody was Even you know wanting to like there was Um Uh Uh Mrs C You know who later I would uh it was a Person that was responsible for spying On me And then um she talked to Accomplish In India And Mrs E relayed the conversation the Three of them were sitting together And commerce that was saying oh you know They were right like me and my family to Do the home study they were just too Early And he's a if that I don't know if That was you know Mrs Eve was kind of a

Liar but I don't know But some kind of conversation happened About us And It's important to understand that like Their Is is like complete ignorance of the Situation That You know us starting at Homestead was Too early you know like I mean I look at It now like it was too late right just In terms of uh You know if I had begun earlier in terms Of my training and and doing this kind Of work he almost have to be born into It to really have a the knowledge and The Rhythm I mean it takes years to Develop uh you know a way to sustain Your own 100 stay to hot to do it for a Hundred percent you know you can always Write down depend on the system for Everything you can't do in the homestead And that's great you know for now But to do it 100 we are surviving Based on your own efforts that's really Hard and it takes a community And you know if you do it on your own I Mean it's you know extraordinary efforts And you can only do so much you're gonna Have the same kind of foods you're gonna Have limited amounts of food so if you Depends on where you live You're not going to have the grocery

Stores you have now right And imported foods from different states And countries And Fresh Foods and all the rest And so there are things you just won't Have like in terms of your diet that You're used to having now You'll grow uh you know some sort of uh You know like rice or corn or something Like that that's wheat that you you know That's going to make up the basis of Your calories That you have to you know have a lot of That like it make some sort of flower Um you know just to stain your just you Know body mass and things and then You're gonna have you know vegetables And fruits that are seasonal like Everything will be seasonal then you'll Have it once in season And then you know whatever Protein that you have right in terms of You know how to store that like in a You know like if you don't have Electricity say And you can't freeze it it's a whole Different thing right like you know if You have a whole cow what do you do with It you smoke all of it right like you Know Uh so you know there's all that canning And All these things that you got to do Regularly to sustain yourself through

The winter and the you know the times Where there isn't as much food you know These things it's a whole thing right And so starting late I mean you have to Start a generation ago you know like if My parents started And so he's just like a dope to say that But him saying that was an Acknowledgment that things were going to Get tough because it says in Whispers The people in the future are gonna have To learn to work with their hands again You know there's going to be This idea of you know Uh not having the same kind of Uh systemic you know and also uh not Just as the system but also other people And Machinery to do your You know the work that you don't want to Do like you know white collar workers And things But Mrs C you know we were talking about This And she said well save us a little area Like her and her husband You know in our Homestead like we don't Take up much room is what she said That goes to one response like everyone Else just was blowing us off and you Know not wanting to deal with that but I Was like all right so there's going to Be no Community which led us to See if there would be people in India And by that time my marriage was

Collapsing so You know and there wasn't anybody there Really anyway and there was no way to Live there because of the You know the it takes 13 years to become A citizen of India and it's just not Worth it Um and so you know there was nothing There there was no you know there was Nothing There was no group of people out there To build the community with You know there were ashrams that were Already doing that like the big gosh From there now they have lots of food They had all this you know massive Garden and you know lots of lands and Communal work and so they'll just they Could just flow into it if there was the Transmission and dodgy hadn't you know Crapped out on the you know his Responsibilities that would it would be Okay there that would be a place that Would be You know not for me and my you know not For Americans or other people to go live Because You have to leave every six months to Get your visa renewed and that's just no Way to live so but for those people There would be Community but all these People read the same Whispers messages Right They all read them and we're doing

Nothing to prepare for what was said Like they were just ignoring it was Funny what they were When you talk to them about it how they Would dismiss it or find a way not to Attend to it right Like to pretend it didn't happen pretend That these things weren't being said and A lot of these people had kids And you know so if they didn't weren't Affected or they were like all right We're not gonna we can't do anything About they weren't preparing their kids For it all so it's like they didn't Believe In The Whispers messages and which meant They didn't really believe in the Literature All right the rest of it so you know They weren't really committed to this Thing Because you know they talked about how Much they loved the master and believed In him But when they heard about these Prophecies they dismissed it and there Was a conversation I had with this uh Young kid nice kid he was going to Virginia Tech he was studying the way Fluid works It was a whole like science of fluid was Kind of interesting we had some Good conversations about that I don't Know if the kids still practicing but he

Was renting out a room at Virginia Tech You know he was a student there so he Could reserve a room and we were having Our group SATs on a preceptor would come From you know from like DC or North Carolina And we would have uh you know SATs on There Uh you know every month or so A preceptor would come Uh you know once or twice a month Maybe And you know I was talking to him about The Whispers of brighter World messages Prophecies and he said no no These Guys These guys who were running the world They're very smart they won't let Anything like that happen they'll figure It out I'm like well these were like you know Babaji Um Was talking about something where he was On a a different level of Consciousness Where he already experienced it where he Had a different relationship with time You know he'd gone past the fourth Dimension of time and become cyclical And you can you can jump into any point In time right you can actually as in Your Physical body you know as a human you Could have these moments where you Project into the future and when you're Having memories of the past time becomes

Cyclical right when you're Re-experiencing the past but either way Right you know these this kid was like No these you know the people who were Running the world were smarter than Babaji right like we're you know More capable and they were going to fix This thing and so I was like all right There's you know these people aren't Taking this seriously at all they don't Believe in it and I could see it Happening in like we all can now of Course The collapse of our civilization but There was nobody that was Even willing to like talk about it you Know they were just in denial They didn't want to talk about the Prophecies at all or they did in some Sensationalistic way like they're Watching a movie or something but not Like how was going to apply to their Lives And so that is part of the story when I Realized that you know when the stuff Started to happen When the system started to collapse These people would start going back to India because You know and uh there would be no Mission and it would be at the worst Time it was when you'd need the mission The most It's when you need the organization the

Most and people live so far away like You know you would meet people at these Gatherings from California and you know From like Washington State and you know People from Canada or whatever so like There was You know lots of people at the Gathering But very few people who lived in Um centers together there were some you Know big centers but again with the Indians going back to India they would Be like you know 10 people in the center And all of them were old you know like So Um the chances of building any sort of Community wasn't there And you know I Realized and then after going through The un thing Like this Mission kind of sucked the People kind of sucked You know there's nice people insanely People and you know they they had good Spiritual qualities people worked real Hard for the mission and you know they Did whatever they did but Here was something that there was a an Obvious problem Which we now see unfolding but it was Unfolding back then And they didn't even foresee after Charity's death that you know what would It be like without him there's it wasn't Going to be a second charity there

Wasn't going to be somebody with that Capacity to work And with the mission expanding the next Guy was you know wasn't going to be like Charging so there's going to have to be More effort on everybody else's part no One of course could have foreseen dodgy Being the way he was but we didn't even Know what charge he was going to have a Successor And so like there was all that and he Was getting old like you know people Knew like there was he had multiple Health crisis Like you couldn't travel anymore so the Writing was on the wall and then The Whispers messages were there the Prophecies were there plus the stuff Babaji said when he was alive And so you know these people said they Love Babaji and they you know they were I mean they felt the same way about the System as I did And so they had Insider information About the future like we had it like we Have this You know if the information that tells You what's going to happen and how it's Going to happen and you know it's I mean And it's been there for a while And so there could be preparation for That but they weren't willing to talk About it like this not even like Master Charges and talk about in talks

And you know the Naji mentioned it once In 2020 that there's this one prediction Which has stun that he said and then That disappeared altogether like he Hasn't talked about it since and now We're like a year away from that like Two years You know 2025-26 for the first big thing Happening and then all the things that Are happening now And so You know they were like kind of Worthless right they were given this Information they had children they had You know I mean they were building these Ashrams which were supposed to be safe Havens In the post-apocalyptic time so that's Good but they weren't aware of that and Dodgy was storing some of the literature In the beginning he was saving some of The literature in uh archival paper just In case that you know they they didn't Have access to computers and things that These books were and he had more you Know information about the things that Were going to happen they must have Discussions about this But they couldn't deal with they Couldn't come talk to the people about It Like the prophecies were there but People weren't picking up on it And you know it was frustrating and then

I could see what was going to happen at The worst time when you're going through This collapse these There would be no mission in America That's why you know the idea was to to Try it in India and then the other that Was you know whatever that was and so You know that's one of the reasons I'm Just not into Building a community or doing these Things because Uh you know it's tough You know it's just like you can't really Count on other people and even if people Believe in the What's going to happen most people are Just trying to get through their daily Lives Their daily lives are way too hard and They can't even imagine Dealing with an apocalyptic type Situation so they just You know pretend it doesn't exist And there isn't a lot of people with Skills and You know I mean it's just dead weight Like you know I mean I you'd end up I'd Be end up carrying these people through The The crisis or whatever it is and you Know I'm not into that right like you know You had the opportunity To do something you didn't step up like

The warning was there And so I feel like the majority of People in the mission Won't survive like they you know if they Get they're close to the ashrams five Especially with dodgy and like I don't Know what's going to happen with all That right But they're not you know if they do It'll be just dumb luck it won't be Anything to do with their efforts and They don't certainly don't deserve it Right in terms of you know having this Inside information There's one other thing here I got a Comment From somebody Hi Paul I've been here since 2017 I did Heartfulness meditation since 2018. and I do gratefulness now You keep on saying only spirituality Will save this world We are not here to save anything what Exactly are we saving this hell We are just passing through Get It Get Enough Soul experience and get out Why I why I only have nine comments in The early stage You Banned Me for flat Earth's comment Um so that explains a lot and uh You know I know why I banned you and again Because The only spiritual value will save this

World it's a direct quote from Babaji Now if this person actually listened to Me was doing grateful this They would have known these two things Number one that's a Babaji quote and He's talking about the planet Not not the you know not the system I Mean I don't know what you know where The confusion is here And the predictions are which I just Discussed in a you know a few different Videos the predictions are the system's Gonna collapse And the planets on the brink of being Wrecked You know where the plant actually has to Be saved Uh where human beings are a threat of Destroying you know all life here and Making the plan even for Spiritual Beings Because there's planets where is Inhabited by just etheric beings Where beans are you know uh sort of Pinned down or they're you know their Main Hub is a planet because they can Travel Interdimensionally because they don't Have bodies you know there's a theoric Life on the Moon according to Babaji Right there's a theoric life in all These different places You know where the you know again they Can travel because of there's no space

And time for it to have a You know whatever but um There is you know then there's life on Other planets as well physical life And then there's you know there's a Different form of life etheric life your Soul life you know when your soul You can be associated with a certain Planet or area you know whatever Um you know but the plan itself needs to Be saved from the trajectory we're now On like it has to be done For the universal order so there's an Intervention And so Spirituality people coming to Spirituality is the only thing that can Save it Very clear concise Important you know it's one of the Premier statements and you know like I Don't argue with people and I don't I Mean you can take it or leave it like I'm not here to argue with people and Debate them right they've said this over And over again But you know there's this kind of Comment like this person has been Watching my videos and say they did Heartfulness and gratefulness but you're Actually debating Babaji here you're you Know you're you're saying you know more Than Babaji or and you're showing that You don't have the ability to

Conceptualize what's being said right Uh I mean I've explained it not even That I've explained it like you you know I'm not saying that we're going to save The system I've said it in so many Videos I don't know how somebody doesn't Know what this means Because I said all the time all along That the system has to be Um You know taken down this current system Has to collapse in a post-apocalyptic Situation We become a spiritual people Where everyone has a direct connection To God and we raise up to a higher level So that we can uh behave in a more Mature Fashion After You know whatever we're about to do to This planet including nuclear war and Then all the other things But that's part of a plan it's not a Debatable thing Uh you know it's not even about you're Personally wanting to save the planet Like you you do that let's say you Wanted to save the planet this person Says why would you want to save it well Whatever Yeah that's fine But if you did want to save it the way To do it was to become spiritual And that would also be you know be in The pocket of the future where you are

Living the way that everyone's got to Live in the future Now right So very simple I mean it's been explained over and over Again there should be no comment like It's a challenging comment like You know bothered by that one line like Why are you bothered by that like why Would you even say anything if you don't Understand it then listen You know it's it's explained right It's there for people and you know if You don't believe in what Babaji says You know the transmission comes from him It's kind of what saying earlier you Know people want to take the information And the energy that's in my videos But the only way I take the parts that They like you know every one of you Who's benefiting from my content is Directly connected to the size Mark System and Babaji and the Masters Because that's where the information is Coming from the energy And you know and God really I mean Beyond them And so you know people don't want to do The meditation they don't want to do it But they you know they're connected they Wanna They want to benefit and take the Information and you know whatever like I Said people who are using the

Information that I'm giving for their Own personal ends and you know maybe Glorifying themselves and you know Repeating some of the things and you Know uh I mean they have their own Little You know stuff going on but the Information has a purpose babaji has a Purpose Uh you know and not this Babaji you know God and there's a reason for this Happening and you know that's the real Reason it's not your reason it's the Divine reason it's the you know it's the God's reason and ultimately your Ambition and your reasons and what your You know your your interpretation of why You're here and what you're doing Has to be you know has to be superseded By your Soul's path and the you know the Bigger Collective Divine plan that's going on like you Have to give up your egotistical Purposes and reasons and this is what I Was talking about with The mission you know when we were you Know talking to people about Possibly building community and you know Dealing with these predictions that are They are in the you know the system and People saying well basically they didn't Want to deal with those predictions They weren't you know willing to change Their lifestyle or even contemplate

Doing some of these other things just You know participate a little bit in it You know the idea that they would have To change their lifestyle and and build A community and you know there was Nothing there and I didn't really like The people anyway because of you know Partly because of this Like how could you Get this information and not Let it uh you know think about it in a Way where you're like oh I need to maybe Make some changes right like why Wouldn't you do that It was you know kind of essential that You do do that because you know you're Your life is I mean this is where you Have information that your life is in Jeopardy and your purpose is in Jeopardy And your kids lives in the future of Humanities in Jeopardy it's going to be Massive die off a massive population Reduction And people are going to have to adapt And you're like all right I'm just not Gonna pretend I didn't hear that right You know I mean that was their reaction And you know so you don't believe in Babaji you don't believe in charge you Don't believe in the the teachings you Don't believe in the system you like the Transmission But you think you know more right and This is just a you know this person's

Comment is just along those lines like Willfully Uh mishearing what's being said like the Only way I can interpret this person's Comment is they're saying why do you Want to save the world as it is now and I've explained this over and over again This isn't about Our system isn't about our economy it Isn't about the The hellscape we've created of Selfishness entitlement and Hedonism and The rest of it's about the planet itself And Humanity itself and uh you know an Intervention being given an opportunity And that's what this is about the size Mark system gratefulness and you can do It so you can sleep better or you know Meditate so you can reduce your stress And have your own personal you know Whatever it is and say I'm not going to Deal with the other parts of it and That's fine You know and that may or may not last or Whatever but that's you know there's a Bigger purpose here than people who do It need to rise up to that I'm probably going to end this here but I might do a little bit more voice over We'll see um to wrap it up uh either way I'll I'll come back and either put an Ending on here or I'll I'll add to it Okay so I'm going to wrap up the 118th Version of The Journey series here um

The um only things I want to add to this One is You know the Preceptor or giving settings thing I haven't been really doing very much Like I feel the energy moving when I Talk and make videos and so there's that And then Sunday group meditation and that's about It and I made all the videos that are on The gratefulness YouTube channel gratefulness Meditation YouTube channel which is linked in the Description box of all my videos But I haven't really um you know because The lack of Well to some extent time and energy but The lack of Interpersonal contact and things like That and just um You know I it's like a New thing we're doing here so um I at some point I think I'm gonna start Doing one individual sitting a week Maybe on Tuesday But there's still the Friday night Settings and Sunday sets and I stopped Doing the announcements too and I want To get back to doing that occasionally And I'll probably do that A short video on my um I guess on my my gratefulness meditation Channel and I'll announce it On this channel

Um But anyways um You know I feel like gratefulness is Going really well and I don't want to like get too far away From that you know being the The centerpiece of the journey series Moving on because it is something Significant that's being done here And it's keeping something alive and Changing it To accommodate things that are happening In the real world and specifically with The heartfulness debacle And you know it's um Proof that it can it's not the system That needs the work it's the people you Know like The system can Morph and you know keeping the cleaning And the Transmission pure You know the organization can be Whatever it is The way that it's distributed you know It's uh the organization is a you know a Delivery system for transmission and Cleaning And you know the teachings that go with It and the the form of those teachings You know the Uh I mean it'd be great to tell you to Preserve the original books Certainly the original books by Babaji

And my master if I charge you and then You know as much of the other literature And explanation is possible Because you know you can um Uh Get it in its purest form By people just Saying what it was like me telling you Stories of the you know that we're told In the books and explaining things Is good but the original source is Better And so like there's that but even with That like a loss of the the written Material Um You know people can just remember Through There's edition of Storytelling and you Know like it's that game uh Phone call or phone whatever it is some Where you sit in a circle and one person Says one thing to one person and they Repeat it and You and then by the end they say What the last person heard and what the First person said and you compare them And so you know there's that there's Always going to be a loss of information And things getting changed and People putting their own spin on it so That's never great And that's why we're you know preserving Its original form is you know as best as

Possible but what's really important is The transmission and cleaning Are continuous and that it's available To people and As long as there's people who are Willing to Participate in receiving and giving the You know the energy Um There'll be something and that's you Know That's what's going to have to happen at Least in terms of The organization gets purified by Whatever has to happen and how long a Process that is But right now dodgy's just you know Writing the thing into the ground and You know it's um No longer serving its original purpose And so um You know I think the grateful to meditation for That reason Is a bright Beacon of Hope that this can Continue In one form or another that there can be Uh different ways of you know delivering The transmission and cleaning Organizationally and now it's on the Internet And whether they're Gatherings at some Point or if there's Human contact and you know all these

Other things we'll see how it develops And just making sure that the pitfalls That have happened before You know people Um You know the Purity and the Simplicity Of the system the Simplicity of the System is Um you know what keeps it pure Just remember that it's simply about Transmission and cleaning it isn't about Bolstering one's ego or Positions of power or you know whatever If you want to do work you do work but It's you know it should be thankless Work You know work that you benefit from And you get spiritual benefit from doing The work not from You know pass on the back or in Grand These men or you know people Thinking you're great or whatever it is Right you don't you don't work it's not A performance you're not being you know Not being performative You're not performing for people and Showing them how great you are By all your knowledge or your work you Know you just Do what you're supposed to do and Your your uh your uh reward is in doing The work and the spiritual benefits you Get from that There's one other thing I had a weird

Dream of just before I woke up SATs on Us this morning Sunday say Sunday September 3rd and My estranged son was in the dream I don't know I don't think I was at a Gathering um it's a little bit fuzzy And then my daughter Anna was in the Dream and she was alive You know she committed suicide and But there was like uh like it was like We were I saw her talking she was talking about The southern accent Which I you know was interesting And then um I was like oh she she didn't Really die And Um I wanted to go talk to her but like I Could see her talking like I was like I Had one side of a like a glass wall Or something like that I don't know what It was but I couldn't go straight to Where she was I had to go up and around And down to where she was and then Some things happen and then I can't Remember those things and I woke up Before I reached her and so I don't know I thought that was Interesting for you Because I remember I remembered it During SATs on that part But uh you know that what I remember the

Big thing that I remembered is I was Like You know why is she fake her death or Why did they fake her death like it was Trying to figure that out right like she Was actually alive the whole time So there's that I don't you know I really have a uh you know a meaning of Why oh you know white why that was in my Dreams or Why she was talking in a Southern accent But you know it's kind of interesting But anyways um I'll wrap this thing up here only Spirituality will save this world it's Paul revado definitely important for the Apocalypse And the Ascension I would have a blessed Day and be grateful

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