Journey 110

Journey 110

Greetings brothers and sisters um There was a great comment that I just Received Via my phone On the journey series here let me see if I can Find it Um It is disappeared how Three hours and 48 minutes Of just talking wow That's to my journey 109. which is Apparently three hours and 48 minutes Um but the person may be new to the Journey series and doesn't realize is Much more than just that I mean we're talking about I would say Hundreds of hours I mean maybe two three Hundred I don't know how many hours I couldn't add it all up so I got a Bunch of just um I don't know what to say um Like just um Logistical or better things to talk About in terms of the gratefulness Meditation I just made the first playlist public On the gratefulness meditation Channel Which the channel is linked in all my Videos you can find it great if you Subscribed because um There are issues with ads running and YouTube now runs ads whether you're Monetized or not

And Um There are interruptions in the playlist I just put up in terms of the individual Settings You know and I gave Things that people could do you could Get ad blocker you can turn off the Volume And just set a timer you know whatever It is right I mean the video itself the Volume being on isn't essential other Than me saying that's all at the end of It And so um the you know the majority of The rest of the video so there's you Know getting uh pulled out of meditation Because of an ad is It just doesn't have to happen you just Have to do something on your end I have a YouTube premium which allows me To download videos which I explained in A a video on my channel talking about You know This Channel about the playlist And you know I like that because of a Situation where there's no internet you Could have lots of YouTube videos saved Ones that are helpful In uh physical health things for me and Then homesteady things and what have you So I'm going to put out um a video also A playlist on individual City starting Um you know dodgy had those good ones

That he put out years ago and I'll talk About that in the playlist Um and then um You know people can have three sittings And three consecutive days and then An intensive playlist playlist where It'll be three cities individual cities People can experience in one day It's important that there'll be an Introduction to the playlist where I'll Describe everything So we don't have to listen to that every Time you watch a video One of the sitting videos so it'll be Important to re-watch the introduction From time to time in each one of these Things And so uh there'll be in you know all The information you need to know about That particular service And again uh You know this is on that gratefulness Meditation Channel And so I want to talk a little bit about Community There's one other thing they want to Address one of my you know people on Instagram and the person doesn't have to Respond to me they already Did you know apologizing or whatever Um which I didn't you know it has really Nothing to do with me it's just Something I don't approve of the person Was spamming

Dodgy who made some memes and things Which you know life made my position Clear on this I you know I mean I don't want to be Associated with anything like that and I Don't approve of it um You know but the person had these things That he was you know they blocked Comments over there and this isn't a war Between us and heartfulness Your heartfulness is Fallen And we have our own thing those of us Who do gratefulness And if you're doing heartfulness you Have to figure out what your Whatever it is right I have plenty of You know negative information and not Negative it's truthful you know what I Believe to be truthful information About dodgy and heartfulness here and People can come and listen to it even Dodgy has done that in the past and I Don't know about his people and I don't Know you know a lot of lurkers and Things Uh but they you know everyone has to Make their own decisions on it and you Know I don't like Troll Wars and things Like that But the person one of their memes had Something interesting on it the person Pointed out that dodgy had a eighteen Thousand dollar Cartier watch And I wouldn't be able to tell you if

That's true it was a blurry picture Um but this person seems to know I don't Know if you know again Like I can't verify that but it sounds Similar to some of the Interactions with dodgy where he was Proud of his wealth and his nice things I went to his apartment and he had a Picture of Babaji uh two it was like uh It was a photo And it was Babaji at his ashram And Bobby's just walking with a cane and You know was really an interesting photo It was you it was big it was like it Took up a whole wall you know there was A picture of Babaji that a picture of Him walking towards the ashram You know and whatever he said and it Cost him twenty thousand dollars he Pointed that out Which you know I don't know what he was Trying to say to me but Um you know but it used to be a rich Successful pharmacist and he had wealthy Things and you know whatever Which was um I don't know Good I guess but you know eighteen Thousand dollar watch seems excessive For a spiritual person I mean it's you know whatever that is Um like it's a whole thing there but Other than that trolling doesn't work Right this is what I'm doing here by This is my journey this is my things

That I'm reacting to I'm just you know Being transparent and just saying Whatever I've experienced with people You know they have their side of their Story there's you know there's probably People unhappy with what I've said here Um but you know They gossiped and talked by my back and Did things you know they did their own Things right and they had their own you Know whatever it was and so this is you Know What ends up happening but I'm not it's Not about them like this isn't about my Ex it isn't about dodgy isn't about any Of the other people this is about me and My spiritual journey and these Experiences And you know my reactions to them things That have affected me and so You know again like I have my individual Perception of it and everyone has their Own you know lens in which they view Reality and things And this is mine right it's not trolling I'm not trying to affect those people I'm not trying to help them out you know It would help them out if they you know Looked at it honestly right you know When you get feedback like this but That's not the intention like I don't You know they have to Figure things out for themselves this is Just you know

An example of What somebody who's doing the seismic Practice goes through in life and How things affect you good things bad Things Especially the bad things things that Are undesirable that are beneficial in a Spiritual path and then also integrating The teachings of the system And so you know the principles and Things and how this play out so there's A you know there's value to it but it's Whatever it is but again it isn't an Oppositional movement This is you know I mean I once in a While talk about dodgy but personally I Don't I don't care like I You know it's been weeks since I've gone To the YouTube channel And just you know something has to Trigger me to go look at it like some Kind of thing has to you know make me You know go look at it but this isn't Going to be heartfulness you know video Series and The The Gratefulness isn't you know an Anti-hardfulness organization It is Preserving what was great about Scishmark That's been lost now that they're losing So there's that right the second thing

Is The possibility of building a community Now in the past an idea would come to me Or you know things that were there my ex And I had you know whatever plans we had Whatever it was And it looked like it was you know just A slam dunk And we would move forward with it as a Family And the door would slam shut And so we had a lot of frustration Building a homestead of course it was a Doom situation given Everything you know had to do with the Relationships my relationship with my ex All these things I've covered this Extensively in my video so Uh a much more cautious When I see things and I'm like oh this Could end up like this this could you Know be this and you know I don't get Hopeful about it because I just you know have a wait and see much More wait and see how things develop I Do my part right and one thing was Community like there's the beginning of The homesteading experience where Uh you or your your you know as a couple Or as a family Or even as a group of people Start reclaiming lost information And start doing things that are you know Done by the system you're now doing

Yourself we were milking cows and you Know growing food and learning skills Right learning various skills and things That had been lost and you know at least To most people and the things aren't Really that hard to learn most of them Some of them may be a little bit harder But it's a lot of work it's overwhelming And at some point you realize That you can't do it alone as a family You just can't grow a variety of foods That's any in anywhere close to what you Have been experiencing like with Imports And stores and things I mean you're Going to lose that anyway But you know just to do everything you Need to do You know there was a blacksmith and There was a you know I mean there's all These specialty jobs That people had in a village type Situation Or in a tribal situation some people Were more medically inclined some people You know there's knowledge and some People are more specified even though They were much more Each person knew how to do some things And I knew about everything else But some people were more Specialized and you know you would grow Wheat and your neighbor would grow corn You know whatever it might be it'd be Hard for you to grow all the different

Varieties of food and process them all And all these things You know not to get you want to get away From the monoculture Farming but you need to also be Specialized and then you just needed Community for whatever things were right You need a village you need a tribe And when the system breaks down That's what you're going to have you Whoever your neighbors are That's what you're going to have right So my family and I became painfully Aware of this The Next Step was to build A community And so we were just struggling on our Own and then of course all the other Things that were with it and you know it Was a doom situation But we hope to go into The sagemar community and we you know I Talk to people as much as I could And try to I don't say recruit them but You know get some support and some you Know this was something where um You know there would be uh I don't know you know and I think They're all regretting that not Regretting you know that particular Thing with me but realizing that they Didn't Do something when it was you know I mean It'll happen sooner or later if it Hasn't happened yet

As things break down they're going to Realize they had advanced warning from The Whispers of the brighter world Didn't I babaji's my uh You know my vision Um Chapter reality it died and These Warnings about what was going to happen And they didn't do anything like the People in size Mark have done next to Nothing some of the ashrams you know the Big awesome has some built-in food and You know there's Community there that Can come together And you know maybe enough skill level That they can a lot of people still do Things by hand in India so you know They'll figure it out But they could have done so much more There's a guy who had a gray water System and a black water system In India He was close to the auction he had an Organic garden And I talked to him before we met him One time and he was very interesting and He was you know somebody who could have Been You know we could have been in community With but for the most part people just Ignored or like you know ridiculed you Know like Noah's Ark kind of stuff Uh like the preceptors that I now live By

That you know that spying on me all that Stuff I was talking to the wife you know Husband was a really good guy One of the nicer people in the system But you know He spied on me like you know like it's All left up What his wife said Well can you save us a little corner of Your homestead In case things break down like you know And I was like no we can't you know like This is you know like you expect that You know things go you want insurance Policy but we don't want to help out and Contribute or whatever it was like this Was years and years ago But that was one of the moments I Remember it was a complete bummer that People were unwilling to Work together and like you know you need A community of people who are Like-minded And I was hoping that it would be people Who would do the scishmark meditation Because it's important and now we're at That time again and my wife and I that Were talking about yesterday And you know I'm very hesitant about it because You know if things don't go south or if They don't go south for years and you Know we can just keep on going the way

We're going I don't want the burden of a community Um You know and it could be a burden like And so I'm You know I'm putting some ideas out here But Um you know it's not something that I'm 100 behind You know it's just the ideas phase And I see what happens from there in Terms of our Homestead we have enough Acreage to grow lots of food And have you know some amount of cattle Or whatever it is livestock and things Like this enough land that a lot of food Could be grown for a community of people And there is a farm Uh you know a house next to ours That has a lot of Acres I know how many And the people are now It's being used for cattle But it's an older couple where the guy Is like he's had a couple of strokes and Like he's you know gonna die soon and They really can't upkeep the place and You know I don't know if I don't think They have any children And so they're eventually going to sell It And it's you know it's a nice property With potential for Farming and things And so it'd be great if somebody who

Did gratefulness meditation and you know Had some skills I mean there's going to Be places around where we live You know houses and things coming up for Sale you know if there's depopulation You know people start dying dropping Like flies things like this which I've Covered because of the you know what and All the You know the other things are going on With the health care and all this stuff If there's population reduction people Move to the cities or you know they Whatever it is And Rural communities start to be You know in some ways abandoned there Could be all these properties available And you know the the place that we have Could easily be used for Gatherings and You know meditation things And you know shared communal type of Situation We have some neighbors now that have you Know like there's a a family there That's a younger family that says you Know where they have some kids who know You know they they know some farming Things or whatever it is and so you know That's I mean you want to have some sort Of Communal situation where people can Share labor Um so people can you know Like contact me if that house comes

Available I mean maybe I'll you know make a video About that But it would have to be people that I'm Not going to tell people where it is or What it you know If they don't have some like skill level Or they have to go through some Screening process I'd have to check the People on social media and they'd be You know they have some skill level Right like I'm not carrying people like I don't want you know dependents or People who are you know just wine you Know or can't don't have anything to Offer themselves I mean you have to be You know able to do something it'd be Great if people had you know younger People who would have the ability to do You know physical work if that's Something that we're going to need on Our place it'll be food but you know Just go to waste unless Um like we could just take it like if There's a fruit tree we're just going to Take as much as we need right we could Feed the rest of the animals but you Know if we have a lot we've grown plant Lots of fruit trees you know there'll be Some sort of a food Forest there But you know to feed other people we Need help harvesting all that That food or whatever you know and there Would have to be some you know communal

Type situation otherwise you'll just go To waste I mean that's how it is right you just You know have as much energy as you do Um but you know these are things where People would have to have skills and Some kind of you know whatever it is you Know Ex-military homesteading skills you know Whatever it is like every person had to Contribute something And financially you have to be able to Afford the places like we're not gonna We don't have the money to buy it Ourselves and you know I mean that's not You know So it would have to be somebody where People are financially you know whatever It is set up so they can Uh you know Make a move like that and then figure Things out maybe they work from home Whatever it might be right and the Vision would be that there would be A you know central place for meditation Where people could come and do Gratefulness meditation like uh you know Ashram-like place which you know our Place could be definitely used for that Some of that land could be used for that You know a place to meditate together And then you know a lot of uh just Shared communal type of activities and Food things like this that people can

Again I'm not a social person and I'm Very hesitant about all this personally I'm not liking to Take on some sort of leadership role I'm Certainly not a person that's going to Network and make this thing happen like I don't have those skills But there is a possibility people are Interested in that they could email me And you know my wife and I will you know Let's look through people's you know Leave links to your social media Whatever it is you know make friends With Facebook and Um all these things and then you know When houses and property become Available or whatever it might be or we Can just Let people know about you know the area In which we live and they can you know Decide for themselves or whatever But I'm not going to give out that Information if there's You know I mean it'd have to be people That we would want want to be our Neighbors right like I'm not you know Just going to make that public and all These people are You know deranged fans like you know Like move you know like that's not Um it'll just add more stress or Whatever it is right You know I'm an anti-social person I'm Not a very private person and I don't

Need a lot of social contact and Whatever it is and don't need you know I Mean I know there's people who want to Have more Personal or want to have some personal Interaction with me and you know before I used to be able to talk to people on The phone and whatever before us I Remarried and you know had Um I mean I just I don't have a like a Time and energy to do that But I do recognize the need for a Community And you know there's Going to be I mean you're either gonna Go to these FEMA camps you know these Agenda 21 or 31 houses or whatever I did This a video the other day Where they have these you know this long Thin cities of nine million people That take up a very short amount of time And they're very you know these High-rise Type situation and you know people are Don't have access to the land anymore Like these plans that they're putting Out there And you know things can happen Unbelievably quickly Like think about what happened with Covid within a week all the stores were Empty of food Banks didn't have any money And that was just the threat of covet

That wasn't some big event that happened Where people lost the ability to get on The Internet or whatever I mean things Can break down just like that You could be without food and starving And it's like a whole new world And then the military comes in they Start evacuating people saying you can't Stay here it's contaminated or there's No food you have to you know go to these Rescue centers in these FEMA camps and Whatever it is I mean it happened just Like that and so the only alternative is You know tucked away rural communities Where You know hopefully you I mean again Like they have all these people millions Of people to To mobilize and you know you just have To You know just not get caught up in that Net and you know you can Um then work together to produce enough As a community to survive or even thrive In some cases And in this in this particular Circumstance it would revolve around Internal connection to God through the You know scishmark method that we're Doing that we call gratefulness right Now but it's just The old sash Mark method and so you know I I recognize that that's The Only Way Forward like my wife and I

Would have trouble uh surviving alone You know so if it isn't people that we Are connected through this YouTube Channel be our neighbors and there's People local people with skills and People who are you know have you know Cattle and things like that people grow Food uh you know around that area And it'll just have to be enough there You know I I'm not this kind of person but I've Even thought about You know going to the city hall meetings And proposing communal Gardens and Things where you know there's people who Have tractors people have you know Know-how could Take public lands and turn them into You know plant fruit trees plant you Know whatever it is not trees and Um you know and Make uh you know suitable areas that People could grow food Because that's going to be a thing There's going to be food shortages and That's going to dictate a lot of what Happens in the future And so um You know so there it is like that's just You know somebody this is the idea form Of it you know the idea of something That could be And if there were people who were you Know desirable people I mean people have

Something to offer people who are you Know Um self-sufficient you know or not You know overly needy or whatever it is Who are looking at this as you know they Have whatever you know you have on your End Um you know a desire for community and Things like this and You have the wherewithal to maybe make That happen There is a chance that you know around The area that that we're going to live They'll be you know Properties available and things like This Where um you know land can be turned Into A community right some sort of a Like a you know a village or a tribal Type situation And again you know people are going to Look at to me to be a leader and I'm Just not that right Like I have a Visionary personality and I have you know my skills and abilities But I'm limited in that way And you know I like I said I have mixed Feelings about all this stuff Mixed feelings about giving the sittings Mixed feelings about You know the whole I mean the Gratefulness thing is necessary And you know it's there for people

But I could just do it on my own like I Don't need right Um you know But uh yeah we all have to we have our Obligations To pass this thing on forward what's Given to us insidemark system And so you know that's the way I look at It right there's You know part of me that realizes I Don't want to be overwhelmed and you Know I don't want to take on more than I Could chew and you know I You know I like I have a wait and see See if these things develop but I want To put those ideas out there because Ideally There would be people who are you know a Share similar beliefs to me and my wife And also you know people who are Doing the gratefulness meditation and Have you know something In terms of their Um Skill level or their at least you know Energy level or whatever it might be Willingness I mean you know people who Are eager to learn and whatever it is Right And you know not that I'm a teacher but They can you know learn through You know whatever just like I did Through you know YouTube videos and Internet and

You know how-to books and just trial and Error and experiencing things and Beginning to adapt some skills and Um and even if things don't go south At the very least like that we don't Want to eat The industrial food I mean it's these Industrial Farms they have always given Them Antibiotics like just all because it's Disgusting filth they live in And you know the farming techniques and All these things the chemicals the Pesticides and They're now you know giving a livestock That you know what right The covered you know why I mean things Like that so Being able to grow your own food and Control your own Health Care system and My wife and I are looking into growing More and more of the supplements we're Taking a lot of supplements discussing Us lots of money like I took no Supplements three years ago zero and Occasionally add some herbs and things Like echinacea some like you know things Around Um but you know I I really hadn't been taking anything And now I'm taking a lot and a lot of Those things can be harvested you know And or just you just need some of them And just what things that you grow

Locally always better Your local environment produces for you What you need And so um you know All of those things and so this is um Again you know in the emphasis stages It's something that I recognize could be A possibility and you know we'll see how It goes So um you know I'm gonna end this thing Here and just you know put this out here I'll continue on the next couple of days Okay continuing on the 110th edition of The Journey series uh I have at least one Whispers of the Brighter world to read in a moment I Just started the introductory uh Sittings playlist for people who want to Start Gratefulness you know meditation And Um look forward to doing that and I I Remember how it was for me before it was A preceptor and I'd give Introductory sitting start people and I Could feel like it was changing their Destiny like it was it was a profound Moment like I had such a good experience With my introductory settings the first Three meditations And I remembered how You know that it affected me but also The experience of doing it it was like Somebody's Destiny was just changed and

Oftentimes they didn't know it There was this light this glow after the Third sitting And you know with some it was better With some people than others who were More receptive but you know every time I Had started somebody it was like my Favorite thing to do as a preceptor We again I wasn't starting them but it Was the you know I was being up I was being let in on the Process I was being You know given the opportunity to be a Part of the process And see it and it was always reaffirming For me And you know I haven't thought about This in years really but I just did the Introduction and I will start doing the Sittings tomorrow And um yeah so I Feel good about that and you know having These services available now in the Gratefulness meditation Channel Where you know they were Um Dodgy had done a good job with this you Know I've been critical of him so many Things but in the beginning he had come Up with these three individual cities To start introductory settings and I you Know I took them and they worked and Then he had this udemy course which was Really great

Which was five sittings and I talk about This in the introduction and I did that And I sent it to my brother I thought it Was wonderful and he Not only was it Introductory settings but it was uh you Know talks Explaining the system and it was a good Way to get introduced uh to the system And you know unfortunately what's Happened with him and you know the the Harmfulness organization faulting Uh but you know there it is something That is now available on the internet And Um through this gratefulness YouTube Channel I'm able to You know make it available Here and you know this is I mean for me One of the reasons that The preceptor thing happened to me the Dream was charging and all these things Again not you know there's no titles or Anything but the ability to give these Sittings Is important that these things are Available and it stressed me out for Some time Because I didn't want to refer people Back to dodgy sittings even though he Did a good job with them Like I don't trust him or have faith in Him or you know the I mean whatever's Going on there and so even though the Udemy course was great like I don't know

What the validity is behind it anymore You know if the the powers that be are Cutting ties with him and I don't know If they are or not all I know is the Transmission isn't there Then you know it'll dissipate in the Videos as well people not being able to Start you know I I put up these videos Where people could just ask The Divine Master to give them the free First three introductory settings But you know that's a big stretch for People to start as a new person it's a Little bit hard to wrap your mind around It we do you don't even know what's Happening and you don't even Understand it I mean best case scenario Is You you would go get to see a preceptor And meet somebody in person It makes it more real that some abstract Thing on the internet like it's harder To You know take it seriously when you're Just sitting there in front of your Phone or computer And you know if there's another person There it's it's more of a real world's Experience As well as an internal World experience But this is the best we have you know to Offer right now and this is you know Gonna have to suffice there's many People have already taken their first

Three sittings with preceptors but I'm Getting comments from people saying that The priests the cities that are the Gratefulness channel are better than the Ones they're receiving from preceptors Or whatever so that's you know that's Positive Um so yeah like I'm happy about all that So let me go to this Whispers of the Brighter World message And um I read this last night July 28 1999. Remain calm you have sufficient Resources in you to face up the things Since the beginning of time there have Always been tragedies some of them are In order of things that is to say of Divine order creation destruction as Well as other destructions caused by Humans The Earth stands as an intermediate Level of evolution in comparison to all Other planets Certain individuals believe they are Geniuses and they make discoveries Sometimes Prodigious but but they use them wrongly What should help Humanity can only Destroy it as long as this planet Remains as as this level One will have to expect that it will Undergo this kind of Fate poor Earth Poor fellows those who did not do Anything to arrive at this

Will be on par with the others there's a A message where he says the innocent Will be punished with the guilty I can't Find it and I don't know exactly that's Not exactly the phrase that exactly Verbatim but this is again him saying in A different way here Is necessary is it is necessary to keep A glimmer of hope for the better future Here below After many upheavals people will turn to The essential goal that's what we hope For the majority of them remain well Focused on your personal work it will Forbid anxiety and despair for the Remainder of your life Some will return to us more quickly Than envisaged it will be a Grace for Them they will finish their remaining Work in another way But in utmost surrenders don't forget That you must be said that you must set An example in this area Babaji so that's How you know important message on a lot Of levels but this idea that we all are Going to suffer because that's what Happens when there's you know apocalypse And everything breaks down And you know that's the reason for you Know because people are like well why Should I do it if The people who control the planet or Other people aren't doing it Whether it be spirituality or you know

Making the world a better place Well it's for that reason because we're All we're all stuck in this together And the people who are better who are Higher who are more evolved have to Reach their their potential their level I mean it benefits them personally and Also benefits the collective you can't Count on these other people to do it Right When they are selfish selfishly oriented Many of them are so bankrupt in God You can expect nothing from such people And so that's why the reasons to you Know do the the things that need to be Done uh even if other people are doing Them Okay so this was another one I want to Read um Uh Thursday July 29 1999. my dear Daughter yes many heads of state of Important countries call upon great Mediums this is not new this gift is not Seriously regarded in that country The scientists instead are deemed more Reliable and respected so he's talked About Either European countries or America Probably some European country maybe France where she's from You were all well placed to know that Minds are not really open on this issue As the world cannot be changed when's The activity should be focused on one's

Spiritual progress Only this Dimension will lead you all to The true knowledge The one that is most important it will Be the key to open the doors of Heavens To you your stock of schooling As well as your other priorities Properties your other properties will Remain on Earth They will have helped you For your development in this life in Your various activities They will no longer be useful to you to You and other dimension therefore you Should Be proud of your knowledge and your Financial status You have to start over again you should Not be proud of your knowledge and your Financial status You'll have to start over again Another basis your soul is in a pure State is the vessel of this kind of Asset which is the fruit of monetary Momentary incarnation Anything is useful to create a livable World Scholars of all sorts Manual workers What would your Society be without this Diversity it creates a balance that Benefits you all the baker is Respectable as the high level graduate You also consider yourselves as being Equal complementary and indispensable to

One another At levels you can you cannot even Suspect This is the way it is Babaji Um you know very interesting message He's talked about this at other places Where These leaders from you know various Countries use mediums you know I know That there's been talk about you know Hitler in the past but there's lots of Presidents and people who secretly have Psychics in these other people Um you know to no avail because They won't listen to them in terms of Doing the right thing Like they want to know you know what's More profitable they want to know what's Going to benefit them or in the material World And not you know what's best spiritually So They use these mediums but they don't You know doesn't really work for them Right um But it's you know it's interesting and So then there's this one you know I have To keep up with these because this is Friday July 30th 1999 idiom this is the Beginning of the prophecies segment Most of the prophecy messages came Between 1999 and 2002 or three With most of them being in 2000 and

2001. But these are it seems like they're now Releasing all the messages in order And I don't know if they're censoring Some or not or Withholding some but these are messages Maybe Previously not released And so this is uh probably an epic time For these messages to come out That are you know about the changes to The world The Apocalypse As I've already said even equipped with Exceptional Powers we cannot infringe And Rush the Divine plans There are devastating Wars monstrous Events of all sorts That cannot that we cannot avoid We must remain within our limits it is Divine Law And it must be respected You see only what you cannot be you you See only what cannot be stopped But you have no idea of what is being Achieved in the shadows and what you are Be and what you were being spared There is no rest for the chosen ones Even at any level Um when he talks about chosen ones he Said before You choose you know it's not you are Chosen it's your destiny of course There's various levels of Soul some of

Them are avatars and they come down with Special work that will be executed right We'll be performed where other people It's more uh choice and there's Liberated Souls that don't have to be Here and come down so there's some Difference there But it's you're the ones who uh you know Are chosen you choose yourself to Cooperate with God There's no rest for the chosen ones Ever at any level you should know that On this planet as on others the Divine Laws are Relentless that's how things Must be for the balance of the universe Earthlings are troublemakers and Dangerous elevates the indent the Endangered is very well established Order and must alas receive lessons in The sense of reaping what they have sown Besides the hatred and violence that Reach their the paroxysm The you the universal Harmony is Endangered by the irrational Inventions made by individuals believing They hold all the knowledge of the world The Earth is in danger because excesses Prevail at all levels the law of Boomerang will have to be put into Action to calm down this diabolic play My dear children Be moderate be moderating elements Luminous and this completely mad system Be blessed and inspired in all

Circumstances Babaji I particularly like the line Earthlings are troublemakers which is a A good description here so when this Message was given in 1999 you know you Could kind of see it and get it Understand it and believe it But it's so much more real now like you Everything that he's saying here We all kind of see That the system can't be saved or helped That we're just going deeper and deeper Into it and there needs to be Repercussions because there really isn't Like sociopaths are rewarded you know Narcissists are rewarded people who are Doing bad things are rewarded greed is Rewarded selfishness is rewarded And you know in the system And so you know There needs to be something there's no Consequences there's no rule of law for People are above the law And you know there's they're miserable And they're you know they're Disconnected and they're lonely I mean They have They have emotional repercussions But not you know the kind of things that Dissuade people I mean those things you know other People have to look at you and be able To read you and see That you're not happy like when you look

At people of power you look at you know Wealthy people famous people you can see That they're not happy But they don't display that they all Pretend that they're happy they all Pretend that they're you know they're Doing great Um so you have to go beyond what the Surface and and see that it's you know All that Glitters isn't gold And most people can't do that so there Needs to be repercussions For these actions that go against God's Will and we know what's happening and we Know what our system is and we know what How these things end up and you know There's no avoidance he's saying you Have no idea what we're preventing right Now like that that's another big line Uh where he says um There are You only see what what you cannot be you Only see what cannot be stopped but you Have no idea what is being achieved in The shadows and what you are being Spared Um like a big line there right because You see things that they can't stop from Happening and you're like oh this is a Bummer but there are things that they're Preventing they're minimizing this as Best they can To avoid complete Devastation and Returning Humanity into like cavemen

Right So There's that okay that's it enough for Today I'll continue on in the next Couple days Okay so a few things to talk about here Today Um Just uh technical things um So um I saw on my Other channel my uh The rightfulness meditation Channel I put up the playlist for the end of two Individual sittings and I released a Playlist And the introductory Um The introduction to the playlist Introduction to individual sittings The introduction guide 95 views And the individual City an absolute Technique got 168. Um which is problematic because You know I Um don't know how YouTube notified People And people necessarily don't look at Things as as being on a playlist So I'm just reminding people here And I'm also going to do it on that Channel I just put up the individual Introductory

To the first three introductory settings Introduction to the The first reintroductory settings and It's important that I don't have to talk A lot in the beginning of the Sitting videos themselves Um So I'll mention that in these in the in The introductory settings and the Intensive settings to watch the Introduction Which I might have done in the other Video but I'm not sure But anyways it's important that people Watch the introduction because it's a Spiritual discipline And it isn't something people are Supposed to be doing every day You don't get an individual sitting Every day Like if you're going through something I'll put up an intensive where people Can get three sittings in in one day Um that'll be a playlist that for the Following week this is You know Tuesday June 27th so that'll be Next week probably sometime I'm putting Up the in the initiary settings to Introductory settings playlist and The first sitting today For that And I don't know if I'll make those Public but they'll be you know they'll Be up in YouTube

People are still doing the other ones Um So I don't know how it's going to go but The important thing is that these aren't Either not Um things to be used every day Getting an individual city was once a Week Maybe once every two weeks Depending on your condition you have to Judge it based on when you think you Need an individual City But it used to be weekly You know I used to get once a week and Uh when I lived near preceptors and of Course there's also the Friday night City that you can do Every week so that could be two Individual sittings a week that you're Getting And unless you feel like really gross Like really like just having trouble Meditating and something's coming up Like when I went through the divorce Thing I was getting you know two a week three A week I mean crazy that's going to sets On so many times And so once in a while you need More like you just do and that's fine But it's not something that you do your Individual practice every day by getting A city there are people using the app And they're using the app every day the

App put out by heartfulness And that's not appropriate it's you have Your own individual practice Where you're where you learn to connect Directly on your own and that's Meditating for an hour you know again Doing the playlist that's on the other Video that's here on this channel I put The the pl I put that video also On um The um playlists for the individual Cities And that has links to all the sci-spark Articles and You know things like this books so People have to you know dive into it a Little bit to get the most out of it Right you should you know there's a Individual practice where you do your Personal cleaning after your day's Activities And that's you know a half hour no more Than a half hour And that's at night you know after Dinner or before you go to bed or Whatever And you know that's you have the idea That all the day's impressions are going Off your back at the form of smoking Vapors I've covered that in some of the videos On the channel And then um you have your Practice where you um meditate in the

Morning And then there's a prayer meditation Where you say the prayer a few times Before you go to sleep and then there's The universal 9 pm prayer to pray that Everyone In the world comes to spirituality pray That all my brothers and sisters are Being filled with Love and devotion and real faith is Growing stronger in them You say that a couple of times and then You You sit there and you just you know and Then maybe again say it you know later On if throughout the prayer occasionally But the idea is that you're eventually It's moving towards an energetic form Where you feel transmission Going through you and you're praying That you know that everyone in the world Is Finds this path or finds a spiritual Path And so that's the practice that's the Things that are your responsibility to Do And now we're meditation in the morning You know no more than an hour And then Cleaning at night and the prayer and Then the 9 pm prayer And so individual sittings and group Meditation

There'd be you know group meditation There'd be one On Sunday one on Wednesday And then at the national there'd be one Every day Like in ashram and Chennai there'll be Three a day And when Master charity was giving a Like at a gathering there might be one Or two a day And so but really was just Sunday was Once a week You know people aren't going to meditate Four sat ons a week or whatever I mean Just people don't have time or whatever But usually there'd be one on Sunday Morning and one on Wednesday night At a local center with preceptors But it depends on how people would you Know if people weren't coming to the The Sunday they're not going to come to The Wednesday I mean some people Couldn't come to the Sunday so they go The Wednesday You know whatever it is Um so that's the practice so individual Sittings one a week you know maybe more If you're going through something And the introductory settings you do you Know the one time in the beginning and If you don't practice for a while you Might do those again And then the Intensive that I'll put up Will be three sittings in one day and

That's for Again when you're going through Something you know where you're just you Need to deep cleaning and you might want To do it just initially because It cleans out a lot of grossness in one Day you know there's things that people Are made preceptors I got These individual cities three from Master charging Five from you know senior preceptors I got eight sittings and Two or three days it was crazy like the Intensity of it and deep cleaning in the Last one like it was an unpleasant Beginning of the city because of the The wheel Force Master charger was using Its deep cleaning that was happening You know these are techniques I'm not Aware of like I wasn't trained how to do Them I don't know they weren't out there Like the sitting that Master charge you Gave me The last sitting I get where he you know Did the work is making me a preceptor The cleaning was intense like it was Like a I mean like it was like a Gravitational pull Like the stuff that was flying deep Cleaning like just I can't even Describe the intensity of it I was like Wow like it was I wasn't expecting that right and I was Going through it like I went through an

Intense Five weeks in India my first trip really Sick almost died kind of thing You know where I was not even digesting My food yeah I don't know if I almost Died but it was You know just intense like everything a Lot of emotions came off just You know miserable would plot of it just Traveling and Either sick or just irritated and just Everybody just was getting on my nerves Kind of thing Um and that went on for a long period of Time in different phases and then the Deep cleaning at the end And then you know the with the with Senior preceptors charging giving me You know two cities and then a third one And you know I like I don't know how to Do that like I wasn't trained how to do That right to These intense cleanings and things like That and you know there was just an Element of his The power in the system and whatever was There you know that Was done to make him Master the system So that's some of the stuff that's You know missing in gratefulness right But in terms of people's doing their Normal individual practice There are these two individual cities Taken one a week

You know maybe more you can do the Friday night 9 pm sitting with the Bastard you know the Divide master That happens every Friday so that's Two-way individual cities a week which Is You know more than enough and then People do their individual practice Which is meditating you know preferably Before Dawn early in the morning when You wake up And then um all the other things I've Said The cleaning and the the two prayers And so um You know that's all stuff I gotta talk About that again I'll do the same place Over again Over on my other channel Um So there's that maybe I'll just put this One up there so I'd have to do it twice And then I'll um I'll continue on a separate one with the Other things I want to say here on the Journey series But again there's going to be Introductions to all the playlists so if Something's out there There's a playlist on that channel I've Organized it And so it's informative you get all the Information so you know you're doing And you know I also put this

Um In the individual settings playlist as Well this little video here in front of This little voiceover And so um Yeah let me just um Stop this one here and I'll continue on The separate voiceover for this channel Here The second thing is um One of the long time practitioners of The system I think she's been practicing For about five six years one of the First people to try a massage Mark hard For this you know his heartfulness was Working And she went to India I admit dodgy so She has you know A little bit more experience than she Received an email Um saying that the new focus of of Hatha Yoga And it's called heartfulness yoga So they now have a new thing called Heartfulness the yoga And she wrote me another message to make Sure I saw the email Saying that um She was disheartened by this Whatever this was let me see if I can Some reason this email I don't know if I Have to make it smaller here What's happening Um

I don't know Says here um dear all Dodgy has been encouraging us to extend Heartfulness yoga and meditation to Larger population North America So this is heartfulness yoga and Meditation so there's heartfulness yoga And meditation the meditation is an and Meditation now right You know like you can get a a like steak Dinner and a salad right like you know It's a Side dish To achieve this end if you are certified Yoga teacher of any tradition or someone Has experienced the benefits of yoga We invite you to join our community We also welcome all those who are Interested in volunteering for this Initiative and participate in events Hosted by our community Please tell us a little bit about Yourself Indicate your interests by filling out This form There's a form here And then it said um let's grow heartful Yoga tartful Yoga in North America Welcome you to the team And so he's abandoned they've abandoned Seismark which I've been saying and this Guy this dodgy truther guy has been Saying This is Yoga Edition is for the

Powerfulness in North America Fill out the form if you're interested In any of these participate in local and Regional yoga events Organizing yoga resource Hub or yoga Events across the U.S Or are or want to be a certified yoga Teacher and so they've gone full hothy Yoga and this guy this dodgy truther is Constantly posting Articles he has a Facebook group and he Sends me stuff And I do about it already that Babaji Said not to do regular Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga is the postures the poses right Which everyone considers yoga when you Hear the word yoga that's what you think And You know it's Not what we do in scishmart now people If they did yoga already so some people Who did yoga already some people are Yoga instructors at this job But it was supposed to be completely Physical You know I did yoga years ago It was you know made it easier for me to End up doing uh You know size Mark and when I did yoga There was a meditation at the end Kind of a guided meditation and you know It was okay Um didn't love it you know didn't you Know whatever felt Restless didn't

Really like Meditating in fact when I first heard About sash Mark I didn't want to Meditate because I tried before and I Didn't really love it right I think meditation was for me And so you know that was because The guided meditation in Hatha Yoga After doing a bunch of asanas a bunch of Poses Now I still remember some of the yoga And I've looked into it and I'm going to Do yoga just as stretching because of Physical health right Um I keep on saying that my wife and I Talk about quite a bit but you know I am doing some stretches As you get older you you know stretching And things is good and yoga has great Stretches You know it's a you know a form of a Spiritual science But the kind of yoga that Babaji was Talking about was doing the yoga As a spiritual practice and doing Pranayama the breathing Which she said not to do and diaper Babel is doing it at a gathering Babaji was intercommune with lology and Lology said that pranayama Which is Um You know moving your energy through Breath

And it works it's not a problem of it Not working But Bob as you allowed you said to Babaji people aren't strong enough to do That And I don't mean I don't know if it was Physical strength or spiritual strength Or both But people had become weakened And this is in 1900 like this is You know 1920 or whatever would you know What Babaji was in a community mythology And Lolly said yeah we don't want to do Pranayama here And diaper Baba was saying pranayama Pranahuti At the Gathering so much so that Dodgy accomplish had to come out and say Pranayama and pranahudi aren't the same Thing Because Prana hudi is the transmission You get it's a form of energy pran is Your Life Energy your life force And the pranahuti is the forceless force Divine love God's love that flows Through The participants of the system we all Experienced The Prana huti that's the Transmission And it's Unique to the system There are other systems that do this Which is called Raja yoga Raj yoga is Called yoga the mind But you know this is a different form of

Yoga right and so he is now embracing The yoga movement the worldwide yoga Movement he's partnered with this you Know controversial clown you know diaper Baba who is you know It was a big Yogi and they're now Pushing these positions in meditation And they've abandoned The idea of not good meditation but Pushing these asanas These postures right that's what it's Called You know a stenger yoga these asanas are Called postures each each thing that you Do in yoga downward dog whatever they're Called is called anasana It is this particular posture you do to Stretch a certain part of your body and It might massage your internal organs it Has great benefits for your physical Health But there's no spirituality in it people Who do Hatha Yoga Have limited Um you know they can get up to the I Think the fifth point if they're Specifically good nobody does but that's The potential is there But that's they don't get out of the Heart region there's five points right In the in the seismarck yatra points That your soul moves through these Points as it goes to the central region There's the heart region mine region

Central region and the first five points Are You know in the heart region and Somebody who does Hatha Yoga might make It up to the fifth point you know very Seldomly and not now like not in this Time frame you know when people used to Live longer So um it's not really spiritual it's not You don't get spiritual movement it's Good physically it's good for your Physical body it's good for your Physical health so as it was explained Um by Master charge or you know and I'm I forget where it was but uh one of the Books he said that um In the ancient times These yogis would meditate for 18 hours A day They would go to the mountains they Would barely eat you know there's ways Of not eating like in there's these People who you know are able to to get Away from food Babaji barely ate uh you Know and he had physical health issues Because of it you know but it helped him Spiritually right uh a lot of fasting And things went on we made a preceptor You fast You know these things had happened and Just so the The sitting would take you know going Back to what I said earlier That when people get a bunch of

Individual sittings The individual sitting doesn't take Right like you take some time to absorb These sittings And I'll say that um You know in the other thing in the Introduction but take some time to Absorb the work that's being done and Sometimes you go to India you go to a Gathering it might take months to absorb The energy and the spiritual Transformation that's there For your body and your mind to adjust to What's been given to you at a spiritual Level And so you know it's very um You know delicate away and so there's These yogis that would meditate 18 hours A day and this is back when people lived You know thousand years I mean people Used to live a lot longer different People you know this is A different you know the the genetically Modified slave human that we are now Is different than the humans that were Here before Humans coming from different places you Know in whatever spacecraft or something Or whatever it was There's been humans here for millions of Years and some of them Lived for thousands of years right there Are you know people who used to live a Lot longer

And because of that you know that Changes everything you know and I wanted To talk about that actually I was going to talk about this anyway Um and you know I might as well do it Here The way our lives are now and I think I Covered this in my book the choice but Certainly I've talked about before The way our lives are now We have the four major things that we're Supposed to do Which is have a career Have kids You know have a spiritual life And then whatever you do for you know I Mean if you're some artistic expression Type of thing you might do right you Might paint or do something you know Some kind of you know you might be a Whatever it is right you some things That you do is a hobby you know you have Interests that aren't a part of your job You know if you have sometimes you do it In your job or whatever In your spiritual life so you're you Know you what you would you express as a A person some sort of art what you do as A spiritual person what you do as a you Know as a career I mean which some of Those things can go together and what You do as raising a family right and When you're between 20 and 50 That's when you have to do all those

Four things You know that's when you're you're doing Your the bulk of your life You have a career you have a family You have your passion and you have your Spiritual life and your spiritual life Might be your passion and your career Also might be your hobby you know Whatever but you're doing at least three Major things There's really four things you know Sometimes they're wrapped into one thing All at once but if you lived a thousand Years You would have multiple careers you Would have multiple passions and study You know things that you do to study and Learn and better yourself right those Things You could educate yourself you know That's the other thing you do your Education As well right Um and it's all packed into one Sometimes people are in high school they Have kids already You know they're supposed to be getting Educated they already have a family You know their bodies are getting uh you Know maybe they're I don't have the best Diet and they don't have the best Nutrition and they're you know their Bodies are maybe they're short-lived They have poor genetics in there like I

Remember you know my brother was uh in The town that he lived in he was Involved in the sports program there and He had you know some of the there's These two brothers Who are good football players And they are already men like they were Balding they had balding or they were Starting to bald When they were in high school right They're going bald already And their dad had died like when he was 44 from a heart attack So these were people that had shorter Genetic span right shorter lives have You ever seen the movie uh the original Movie of uh Blade Runner they designed the they had These clones that were Superior Physically and some of them mentally And they were able to do you know work That humans weren't able to do but they Only had four they only lived for four Years So it stopped them from doing any sort Of a Revolt right They had you know very short lives Because they were you know programmed to Do work and then you know die quickly or Whatever it was Um And so you know that's kind of what's Happened with human beings here We don't have very long lives to do

Everything we need to do that's why very Few people get to A spiritual life a spiritual Pursuit People work until they're In their 60s or 70s now You know their families that finally Their kids grow up and get out of the House but imagine if you had a thousand Year life all the things that you could Do and accomplish right and so that Would be the kind of people that would Benefit You know from doing long-term Hatha Yoga Or some spiritual practice Where they can move through their yacha Process a little bit because they were Living longer right takes 45 years just To get from 0.1 to 0.2 And so patanjali who was Babaji Put all these things together there was Yoga being done And you know going back to what I saying There was these guys who were meditating 18 hours a day And they um their bodies start to fall Apart like they were you know eating Much they weren't you know Engaged in life activities they're just Sitting there meditating And so one of them channeled these uh These uh asanas these postures right And the postures were there to help Massage their internal organs and you

Know they would do breathing pranayama And they would be able to massage and You know uh like their internal organs And keep themselves going And when they weren't engaging in Physical life And so their bodies wouldn't atrophy Their bodies would stay strong and they Learned to meditate in these poses and Postures And so they could meditate 18 hours a Day and still regain some physical Health even though they were Disconnected from their physical body so These asanates these postures had Nothing to do with spirituality They were there just to keep the yogis Alive so that's how Hatha Yoga was born And so pontanjali Babaji when Babaji was Plantanjali in a past life and again Pontanjali is the name of diaper Bob's Company so there's all these connections There right and diaper Bob is called Babaji right you know babuji is So there's all this weirdness with that Right you know so um There was the eight limbs of uh Of pontanjali's yoga niyama Yama Restraints moral discipline or moral View of vows Now yeah I'm a positive duties or Observances so if somebody was going to Come to a yoga ashram they would learn Morals and ethics in Yama and they would

Do some kind of physical service At the beginning of their you know their Practice Whereas they weren't yet meditated they Wouldn't yet do yoga or anything They would just go to this ashram and Then they would you know peel potatoes And scrub floors and scrub toilets as Nayama right so these are the first two Steps into being a yoga and they they Would learn Asana posture they would Learn the yoga postures So this was an initiary process right to Developing into spiritual you know Eventually meditating And then Prada Yama breathing techniques Right you know which is moving The Prana The energy so this is you know you would Learn these four things in this order You would go through these stages yam And Yama might be you know 10 years of Doing that then you get to do the Postures you know Asana I mean you're Doing all these things at once but you Started these steps right breathing Techniques pratayama analogy and Bobby Had said you know we don't don't do that Right we don't need to do that and then There was Prada Hara which is sense Withdrawal Diorana again I'm not pronouncing this Right which is focus concentration And Diana meditation meditative Absorption absorption

And then samadhi Bliss or enlightenment Um You know somebody was a deep state that You would get into like a deep internal Condition That you would you know like some Meditative state where you you were Weren't asleep but it you know it's like Being asleep and in scishmore there's Sahai samadhi where you'd go into that Deep meditative state But you would be conscious and awake and I've experienced that on numerous Occasions right in fact going into Samadhi happens to people In size Marg sometimes in the first city Sometimes in the first week sometimes in The first month right certainly in the First year I've gone into somebody so Many times I can't even talk about it Like I can you know then decide somebody Where you're you're not out like you Know you're not unconscious Um but in the meditative system That is you know the seismic meditation And transmission cleaning The samadhi comes early on and it's not A goal it's not you know it just it's Something that happens but it's not that Important It's something that's there but isn't You know It's not important like I said it's a Good thing but it isn't you know the

Goal And so in the scishmark system you start With Diorama the seventh step focused Concentration but really Diana which is meditative absorption so You bypass all those other steps you're Supposed to get those things in life You're supposed to learn moral Discipline restraints you're supposed to Contribute to society through your work You don't need the Asana or posture In fact it's you know just sit Comfortably So you don't have to be a yogi in fact You know it can yoga the way it's taught Now and all the corruption you know when I was in Massachusetts right when I was Starting sagemarg there was an ashram And the guy in running it started like Banging some of the girls like they were And it was just wasn't them the uh one Of my I had a roommate and he went up There you know I had a housemate shared House with uh various people and and one Of my roommates was doing yoga and he Went to that ashram he said it was Charged with sexual energy It was like a pickup Club almost like The whole action there's a big Scandal There right Um and that you know because these Chakras get stimulated The you know not the the ultra points

That are given by Babaji But the chakras that run up and down a Person's spine the Kundalini is being Messed with by people who don't know What they're doing there's a lot of Kundalini Yoga a lot of people thinking Their Kundalini is open And if it was you would have immense Spiritual power That could manifest into material power And if you're gross which most people Are pretty much everyone is especially Now in this if you don't have deep Cleaning in your system The grossness will turn you into like a Demon right it's a you know that's why People don't you know mess soon be Messing around with this by Undisciplined people there's a guy who Did Hatha Yoga Who chargie said he couldn't believe the Guy was sane Chargie fixed him right charger was able To rework his system But he'd been damaged from the Kundalini Path yoga bad Guru you know on on a Trained Guru right you know on uh a guru Who wasn't you know didn't have the the Right abilities and so you know these Things are getting messed around with in The New Age movement that people get Damaged spiritually in it becomes an Issue in your future lives even not just This life

It's worse than some of these other Things like messing around with the Wrong you know undisciplined practice With a you know a guru who isn't really Got any spiritual approach or knowledge A con man or whatever Could mess you up right and that's what Diaper Bob is and so you know and diaper Bob is good at Hot Yoga like he has Skills so I don't you know I don't know But certainly it is professional life in His you know personal life there's Controversy and like you know in terms Of news articles like it just there's Something about the guy that's Like he's weird and there's just Something there right Well it's kind of creepy Um and so Babaji and lology said like we're not Even going to do the lower five steps We're gonna we're gonna start really at Step seven with meditation And then you're going to go into samadhi And then there then that's when your Spiritual life begins right like you're Going to start you know somebody is just An experience on the way But then you're diving into meditation You sit in a comfortable posture And so Hot Yoga wasn't supposed to be done And now dodgy has embraced Hatha Yoga Because he doesn't get

The simple fact that it's him that's the Problem They can't they can't bring people in He's losing people like people who were Long-time practitioners Have either cooled on dodgy and are Still doing it or have quit all together Or have faded away right But the enthusiasm is gone by people who Already Were lifers people who love size mark Have lost interest have lost faith in The system Have lost whatever right because dodgy Sucks and he can't bring in new people Because he doesn't have the personality And so they're thinking wow yoga is a Big thing in America Let's you know have our own yoga thing This is like a business now right They're trying to get you know they want People who are certified yoga Instructors To join heartfulness and like they're Replacing preceptors and you know There's no You know preceptors no group meditation Or you know things all that I I mean Dodgies failed and he's given up right Because the person who sent me this you Know letter said that it was Disheartening but the failures happened Already like there's nothing to be Disheartened about because we already

Know you know like we're we already know That it's um You know has happened a while ago Um you know what he got into the scam or When he got into the the other thing so Here's the yoga initiatives and for Heartfulness in North America what is Your first name was your last name was Your typical was your email what's your Phone number What is the preferred method of contact Do you practice heartfulness meditation And Um there's some sort of star I guess these are required and then um You submit the form and so you know I Guess maybe the guy is uh Uh was page one of five And so I don't know I'm not going to go Through it because I'm not gonna it's Not gonna let me go unless I uh Answer all these questions Um I'm not going to do it I don't want To fill out this freaking form but dodgy Has gone full Hatha Yoga which was Against what because Hatha yoga's taken Off People do Hatha Yoga worldwide there's a Movement And you know like I remember when Trump Um Had his um You know has his reality TV show The Apprentice

He would say like there's you know Water Bottled water is a three thousand three Billion dollar a year business and I Want a piece of it right like he would Say that they came out with Trump Bottled water You know something like that right and As a businessman they're looking at People don't want to do meditation they Can't win people over to the scishmark System Which dodgy accomplishes lost faith in He's lost faith in the meditative system Like he just doesn't have it he doesn't Have the faith in it that he should okay So I was um you know I have a battery Operated mic And the thought came to me that the Batteries must be wearing out They looked at the mic it was fine then Um 10 seconds later it just went out and So that's great I didn't do a lot of Voice over here I'm looking at the You know I do the audio program I have It up occasionally I will just be Talking not looking at it But anyway some so that worked out so I Um started my breakfast at I went back And looked at the form and I started Doing the form just for You know I might as well Um and I'll get to that in a moment But in the beginning when dodgy was Master was main master

You know he was all about charging at First You know talking about charging you know Charging when charger was alive and Shortly after charge he died And you know that faded quickly and then There started to be some criticism And and it you know he was basically Indicating that Babaji was his real Master and And he said things like you know chargie Wasn't a part of um you know there's That talk where he said Uh wasn't a part of his being made Master but then he you know made another Talk where he said only a living Master Can do you know what the work and he Started contradicting himself I showed You these clips many times in the Journey series And There was just this General sense that He was disappearing chargie And you know chargi was he was with him For 30 years And he was around charge he didn't Charge he was preparing him to be The successor and so we started crap all Over charging and dismiss him and you Know minimize him and all these things He was um Hurting his own credibility because Charging if charging wasn't a legitimate Master and couldn't do this work then

Dodgy couldn't uh you know be a quality Master because you need a master to make A master right I mean that's the Teaching of the system And You know dodgies at the beginning he Embraced the transmission he made the Transmission the centerpiece Of a marketing movement Where he had people meditate with and Without transmission You know and heartfulness and so it was The meditation was a centerpiece And he was giving quality sittings he Did that good um You know that excellent uh You know that that program on udemy and He had the three introductory sittings On YouTube But he wasn't able to bring people in he Wasn't able to win people over And you know he complained about it that He was given more of a an easy Transition that people accepted him Based in charge he and babaji's Endorsement of him but no one really Tested him Like chargie got tested and Bobby got Tested so people never accepted him as a Legitimate Master at some point he just Started to write off All these senior people Like he just you know started to Do things that would

Be head scratchers he started abandon The sage mark system he started to Rewrite things change the prayer the Nine o'clock prayer he started to change The The maxims he started just you know Change everything that was Working well And he brought in Hatha Yogi started Bringing in other people like diaper Baba and he lost faith in the seismarck Way the size Mark system he lost faith In the Masters before him he's now Dissed them with uh you know not Celebrating their birthdays he's trying To race them from history he probably Wants everybody who knew charge you to Quit because those people know what a Joke he is even if they don't say it out Loud even if they're you know loyal to Him deep down they don't think he's as Good as chargie or Babaji and you know They just got to know on some level And he can't bring in new people because He's got no charisma and they keep on Throwing stuff up against the wall Trying to you know bring people in and Now they've done this initiative where People went to these Villages trying to Get Simple uneducated Village People to Start you know heartfulness and you know Dodgy just doesn't have it like this the Problem is him

You can't win people over he can't he's Lost faith I mean he's crumbled under The pressure right Like it's you know it's already been Written it's no longer I can't Redeem himself in this life like it's I mean it's a disaster like he's Crumbled he's folded and so he's trying To piggyback on other movements he's Copying other like fake gurus he's you Know doing all these things right Um And you know It isn't working and he's bummed and now They're embracing Hatha Yoga and he Didn't do this initially so this Represents a failure like he knows he's Failed And so he's you know doing all these Things so in terms of this form It says here Yoga teacher current involvement Describes the current level of activity As a yoga teacher Where you primarily teach yoga select And apply do have your own yoga studio Space for conducting classes we would Like to promote yoga we would like to Promote yoga teachers who practice Heartfulness meditation to communities In the U.S to events Retreats media Etc Would you like to include your Information in the heartfulness Directory of the North American yoga

Teachers for this purpose And Um you know and it says here list Criteria for directories below North America resident certified yoga Teacher heartfulness practitioner And then it has it next after that it Says what is the what is the highest Yoga teacher training you have received And you know I'm just clicking things Here What is the yoga school that Um you received your highest yoga stuff From The thing is the first ones 200 hours 300 hours and 500 hours this Program a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance And what was the year you received your Certification and you know just I'm Putting random things here to get it Done what is the primary style of yoga You've been trained in through your yoga Hatha Yoga Yin Yoga Vinyasa astanga Restorative ianger Blackwell Kundalini All these things right Um What are the other types of Yoga you've Been trained in the yoga program Uh you know whatever it is so this is All yoga are you a registered yoga Teacher with the yoga Alliance And then um what year did you join the Yoga Alliance and all these things right

These things open up when you answer the Thing What's your ID number all this stuff so They're trying to recruit yoga teachers And um This kind of thing and then um just Another page yoga initiatives with typo You know all this stuff Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga and then um There's uh 26 different things Um You know like this is the whole King caboodle Um So um they want yoga teachers right they Want all these things they want people Who are You know doing yoga I accidentally submitted the form it Just had a bunch of gobbley on it Like I didn't you know um And so uh they're promoting yoga they're Wanting yoga to be The central part of the system in Meditation then they'll try to get People into meditating through some sort Of backdoor aspect of it you know but There's no transmission the energy is Just dipped There's no enthusiasm there's no energy There's no whatever dodgy's not Traveling to the U.S you know what Sharji did and even if he did he doesn't Bring the energy with him and so he's

Just getting away from the central point Which is that he sucks right That he's not up to the task is isn't That people are you know not responding That he tried they have to try something New because they have to meet people Where they are It's that when they meet people where They are dodgy sucks And they don't like them they don't he Doesn't inspire people And you know he has some you know small Group of people but it's nothing Compared to chargey he's lost a charging People And he can't bring in new quality people And they're hemorrhaging money and they Failed and he's lost faith right that's The bottom line you know he's lost faith In the system and you know that's what's Crumbling his you know his timeus master Thursday July 29 1999 is The Whispers Relax otherwise we will not be able to Communicate Arrangements will be formed To provide assistance for you You are appreciated by a certain number Of people who will not leave you in Difficulty take heart my daughter Whatever may happen happen life will Continue Earth will not stop turning for All that what else can you tell we tell You we are not the masters of the world We act on many planes and in certain Numbers of situations but we cannot

Resolve everything no master has Absolute power even if some have very Extended powers in The Last Resort it is God who decides May the sun continue to Shine in your heart drive out the Anguish which was which is not usual You have never lacked Grace be positive In spite of everything let us do Together continue our work with this Great joy prevailing in our Communications achieve your mission with All your heart while supporting the State of tiredness it generates in you It is very unenviable in many respects Be like an active bee which gathers its Divine nectar one day these message will Be taken into account and appreciate at Their true worth Babaji you know Ultimately the master can only do what God Wills Um I mean that's been very clear Friday July 30th yes my daughter after Earthling tribulations you will Appreciate refreshing yourself in our Springs you'll be able to regain your Forces to take stock of this Incarnation And improve what you consider Insufficient we want the best for you And we'll give you the necessary means For your utmost for Phil fulfillment So you see this program by and large It's not unpleasant you will have all Latitude to carry on what we ask you for The moment let's talk about your future

Life You on this Earth and you must finish You are for the moment let's talk about Your future life You are on this Earth and you must Finish what you started that is not your Liking that it's not to your liking we Know it for many years I waited for the Moment to go and rejoined my revered Master my son is longing to come home To come and rejoin us But once work should not be given up Like that He is where he must be now So this is in 1999 and he would pass Away in 2014 he had another 15 years The mission must be achieved he must Agree to complete what is expected of Him even if his task becomes very Difficult to manage and sometimes to Bear That is the way it is therefore you see We do not expect you to move mountains But do what is within your capabilities And what you do so well we understand You're in pain in patience to leave your Physical body return to the beings you Love we also went through that the Earth Is not an idyllic place but is useful For your education for for your Evolution Well accomplished this Earthly process Will enable you to pass through the Stages more quickly and reach higher

Planes believe it it's worthwhile so Take heart Babaji you know talking about Um you know people who want to die Because they've just reached a spiritual Stage and you know they're in their Loved ones have passed away you know People that Were close to them which has happened to All these Masters in the system It happened a lot to charge you lost Most of his family And he was responsible for writing while Lighting the funeral pyres and then you Know just all the issues With dealing with people and all the Things Um but you know that's the the teaching Of the system that you go through Difficulties to benefit You on a spiritual level that's why Their difficulties are there trials and Tribulations And you know you ascend to a higher Level of spirituality because of that All right so I'm going to stop here um But I'll continue on and you know Probably tomorrow Okay so the dodgy truthers sent me Something here Um it is um The Telugu Association North America 23rd Tana conference July 7th and 9th 2023 Pennsylvania Convention Center Philadelphia

You can see their picture Are the side Guru Who is you know always seems to get a Little bit higher Um A little bit more of a bump than dodgy And then dodgy Um And then there was this write-up he sent To me Here and it says Discover enlightenment And elevate your Consciousness at the 23rd Telugu Association of North American national conference conference Join us for an awe-inspiring evening With Siri side Guru On July 8th At 7 pm Followed by the enchanting event Featuring SRI daji Kamas Patel on July 9th at 9 7 pm Both at 7 pm Delve into the profound wisdom of Spiritual growth and cultural Celebration of the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia don't Miss out on these tramps formative Events that will leave you inspired and Uplifted And there is the The link to the thing Um

It is um I don't know how much this costs Last time heartfulness sponsored this Thing I'm not even going to look into it This time But summited heartfulness or Heartfulness gave a hundred thousand Dollars to this thing And you know instead of having a a Gathering here there used to be Scishmore Gatherings a charge you would Come to there was the ashram in Georgia That they're closing from disrepair Because they you know neglect and Whatever but they used to make money on The thing And it was a you know seismarck Gathering and then there was these Gatherings even dodgy came here and they Rented out a place in New York in Los Angeles and he um Came for you know gatherings in 2016. And it hasn't been back since And um I don't think he's coming now I'll check the YouTube channel in a Moment see if there's any Indication they might be traveling like You should be traveling now For the next um I mean it's only like a I don't know a Couple weeks away And so you know he would come back to America and Deal with his businesses or what it used

To be his his businesses right But remember there was a bait and switch Last time They said he was coming and Like three weeks before he was coming He asked everybody to pray for his Health And then they announced that there was Going to be this uh ATA data thing that They do their conference and he was the Honored guest he was the you know Whatever keynote speaker And he ended up Um like they tried to get everyone in on A quick registration And then like a week later a few days Later they said oh he isn't coming and Like he was never going to come all Along because he was having health Issues and we now know That their pharmaceutical medley farmy Big Pharma thing that they were doing Um is was closing was folding his son Was the CEOs his kids now live with him In India I don't know if they've sold Their home in New York but I don't think They have any connection to America Anymore You know they'll be in India probably Forever especially if the I mean they Lost 100 million dollars of investors Money So um you know I don't know how that's all going to

Play out for them So I I you know I'd be shocked if he Comes back to America and again not Having a real Gathering You know I was thinking more about that Um You know the thing that happened with um You know this forum I looked at Yesterday it had 30 questions On being a half a yoga person how many People you had and were you would you Teach heartfulness yoga To these people you know that you're Paying you to teach you yoga right Like you know they want to recruit People that way Um and you know they just they just Don't get it that dodgy just You know he isn't he doesn't have it Right I mean no matter what they do no Matter how way they water down the System No matter what they do to make it more User friendly for Americans it's not Going to work right but anyways let me Look at the heart flesh YouTube channel Here they have that video that plays Automatically when you go to the channel It's up to 19 000 views it was over it Was almost 11 000 views before So that means that um They are You know Um

They had 9 000 people come to the Channel last month Which is really small for something That's supposed to be this Big Um There's you know more fake views on Their Channel looks like they're trying To Add pad more views here Based in um They have you know I'm looking at the Channel now that videos where they had How Dodger was introduced To the harmfulness meditation It has a 136 000 views But it has nine comments right like how Do you have nine comments To um That many views that's 160 000 views and it only has 935 likes and I bet that some of most of Those likes are purchased but if they Weren't right that's you know that's not Even a thousand likes a thousand thumbs Up It's got Um A hundred thousand and 36 views like It's just That's all Bots right um like for Example My videos there's a video here

That has um Just 480 and it's a short video as 489 views And it has um 87 likes I mean just like that's Let me see what the bigger videos what's More views a video with 585 almost 6 000 Views Has um 479 likes so it has 5 000 views And half as many likes is a video that Is 136 000 views So they either don't like him and don't Like the video or they're Faking It Right I mean which you know or no they're Faking it it's just that's what they do I mean it's just so sad over at their YouTube channel and so um I haven't been Here I don't know how long last time I Talked about it I mean it seems like once Daji's journey across 20 heartfulness Centers in India That's from a month ago I think I saw That one How spirituality is better than religion How the polarity technician improves Sleep and reduce stress You know all these things Um how dodgy helped his child grandchild Unleash creativity it's all the same Stuff that these have like ten thousand Nine thousand views and only a few

Comments on each one But there doesn't seem to be any Announcement here Of him coming to America Which there should be right on social Media so people can go and I mean They're not even talking about they're Used at the last time he came here Or they said he was going to come here Last year or two years ago I don't know What it was I think it was last year They made multiple announcements and Announcements on YouTube You know long ahead of time so people Could buy tickets and go They didn't have any even you know maybe It's they've done it in the Live videos Um where he uh You know they Talk about things like that um But I don't know Because I'm not watching them but either Way There should be an announcement video I mean not getting any views anyway so You know it just doesn't matter Um it's just like she's like so sad over Here like I even like there's just no Energy and So desperate right I mean just like Floundering I just clicked out other videos and it's Um how to advance your spiritual journey

Receive God beginner's guide for Meditation It has 16 000 views And um It has 19 comments and Um How many I don't see how many 18 818 likes And so just you know they're they're Patting their view count but he starts Off in saying According to my Guru gee And who is that who said Babaji is a Chargie Um like he he never called charge you Never called Babaji his Guru I mean if He did it was he wouldn't have done it In this context Um You know he would have said Babaji or my Master or whatever it was And mostly would have said Babaji um But he was saying according to my guruji That's talking to an Indian audience Because Americans and Europeans and Africans and Australians and you know People in Russia and You know all over the world Don't say China they don't say guruji Right Like it's uh you know totally Indian Thing Like you were saying my teacher

But they're just you know again It's just we all they've gone to a full Indian type of situation here where Everything's about Indians and uh Trying to bring more Indians in Okay so look for accomplish on Facebook I must have blocked them Because I just want to get through this Thing here Um I got gratefulness things to talk About but whatever So um They have featured on the heartfulness Page That stupid Bouchon Puja award that like You know Padma bhusham award That um do you win that award did he win It did he get that It's like such a joke um you know like It's and it's not going to help them Anywhere outside of India I don't know If it's helping him in India right like He's not a piece of poop he's a you know He's a Bouchon Padu award Um and then it the second the second Post of the first post because that's a Featured post they've They've uh pinned up to the top of his Page like you didn't you know when You're a true Master you don't need Awards like you're just presence like Who you as a person right

But mudras are subtly a powerful healing Techniques used in yoga practice So that's from 23 hours ago Mudras are not used in sash Mark those Are hand you know those are hand Postures They move energy they're not used in Massage you know Sage Mark is in Physical you're supposed to go beyond Your body And then two days ago yoga is more than Exercise it's a complete science so this Is all Yoga they've turned this thing into a Hundred percent yoga page here Um And so it says in the midst of our bus And lives we Overlook the importance of Connecting with our inner cells finding Solace So this is the meditations people are Sitting on the stage In yoga positions Um so I don't even know what that's About and then the fourth post here is Um You know I should have just done this With a video thing but I want to have to Edit it The term yoga describes inward condition And there's a thing with doji Um And this is join us on June 20th So this was June 19th

For something uh Some woman woman's yogas and wellness Your woman's Yoga and Wellness And they had another thing the day Before that same Thing on Instagram live And um Something to do with a gathering they Have here but nothing here On um You know they're calling him the global Guide It's just it's just so it's sad over Here too There's nothing on him coming to America No announcement No anything right this would be Important to put there if he was going To go somewhere A significant trip to America where you Know they would make lots of money from American donations which has you know in Terms of the currency exchange The way it used to be Um and you know when when charged you Travel to a foreign country they made Sure Everybody knew in advance And so he's not coming here they're Saying he is I'd be shocked if he did Because there's no announcement if they Are they're keeping it a secret maybe It's on the down low Because he owes all that investor money

To us Failed pharmacies or something I mean it's just like I don't know Pathetic the whole thing Uh you know it's like cheap Advertisement like corporate Advertisements as I scroll through this Page okay so I went located the Heartfulness um I gotta get out of here But Heartfulness uh Instagram page There's him getting an award or you know He's with some famous people Um What is yoga There's a thing there there's another Thing on mudras Um people doing yoga Yoga boot camp there are some other page I had I don't know what that was but Similar stuff It wasn't the official page somebody's Page Then there's dodgy's official page here And there's a picture of Babaji famous One Uh With uh painting a girl a flower or Something And just pictures of dodgy you know Anything reference to him Uh Him uh There's some feelings emotions and the

Chakras of the heart Again not using the word chakra here You know they it's a different uh you Know context but there's nothing here About him traveling Just trying to make him seem like he's a Guru And then heartfulness hashtag Heartfulness is a I guess a private Channel Um Thomas Patel dodgy I guess that other thing was a Non-official Channel with Babaji And so dodgy's page it starts off with Him getting the award that's what it is On the heartfulness thing So the bottom of push him award he got It like you got that award if you're not Aware of it and the power of asanas The meditative power of asanas which is Not to be done in size mode which I Talked about extensively How yoga can transform us here's a Uh interview that he's doing with Somebody Some famous woman or something But there's no announcement here right Here's him and his family That picture But uh you know nothing here nothing to See here folks And then heartfulness Seattle There's no announcement there

So this is an American there's all these Heartfulness things On Facebook and YouTube I mean Facebook and Instagram and these Other things And they don't have any announcements Anywhere right So I assume he's not coming And they're just lying about that Pretending he's going to come and then They'll pull out the last minute even Though He never was going to come So that was a big waste of time Um so the gratefulness thing is going Uh very well you know the cities people Are responding to Uh in the sittings and you know they're Uh you know feeling it or whatever you Know which I um I been feeling on my end you know that These are you know quality sittings Um I gave the first city and yesterday Today's Wednesday June 28th I haven't Put the video up yet I'm going to do the First three settings I did the Introduction And you know talking about how people Have to watch the introduction videos When it's all over and there's all the Stuff is up there I'll make a Channel Video Um

Which is you know like people will when They go to my channel they'll see the go To that channel I don't see bye but they Go the gratefulness Channel they'll see The video But it's important that people watch the Introductions watch all the explanation In the playlist it's comprehensive and There's going to only be limited content On that channel So there there shouldn't be a reason why People Can't find everything and then looking At the playlists and you know doing it The way it's supposed to be done like I Just you know again I I'm doing my part So everyone else has to To watch and learn and understand and You know buy the books see if you can Find sash Mark books or some still in The bookstore The American bookstore and there's also High smart books and um You know various places on you know eBay And things like this Which you can find um But the essential books are online and Free to read at PDF form By both the scishmark Mission and you know the knockoff Mission by babaji's kids They have they've put babaji's books up As well Not charges obviously but you can read

My master And Bobby G's five books and a number of Other books that are free to read online And so there's just all that Information's out there And people have to find it and you have To work harder like that's just you know It's not really hard because we have the Internet but you know harder than it was For people who started Back when I did when there wasn't an Internet so much and You know there was um The uh you know face-to-face meetings And things But you might not live near to a Preceptor you might not be able to hear About it so You know you can find out about Scishmark about what I'm calling Gratefulness here on the internet and do It you know in their stat advantage But anyways um that's it for today I'll Talk about the settings I'm giving the Introductory City so it'll be the second One today and the third one on Thursday I'll talk more about that um tomorrow After you know Either before or after I give it you Know this just um Very positive like I feel really good About it it's working while people are Responding you know and it's just subtle It's like just

Not the strict script is I don't know How many people are doing the the Meditation it's you know more than 20. Have taken the the individual cities uh Some of them and so you know I assume That there's you know maybe at least These other people are willing to Comment on it so I don't know how people Are doing To practice regularly but it's going Well Anyways uh I'll continue on tomorrow Okay so I'm back um I went and talked to My wife who's making breakfast and Um I was talking to my wife about this You know I've seen the harmfulness YouTube channel now since the last time I Talked about it here maybe a month ago a Couple videos ago You know it seems like a while And You know the fact that they um They have to You know they're obviously padding their Views Which means they know they suck right in The beginning when somebody Is trying to become a social media Person They think if they buy views Then they're going to become more Popular like it'll game the system and I Don't know if that works or not

But I do know That if you have an established Channel Like they have almost half a million Subscribers which is love right for What heartfulness is supposed to be So if you have a half a million Subscribers and you're getting almost no Views Then it's embarrassing right it's Embarrassing And the amount of views they're getting Is probably a thousand and they're not Real views because they don't get real Comments they don't have a real Community It's just like you know emojis and Pranams dodgy and things like that they Don't have a real like you know Substantive comments and things and so It's embarrassing they know that they Suck so they have to you know make it Seem like they're getting more views and Likes than they actually are so they Have to use spots which is you know in Admitting that your content sucks and You can't win people over because you Have the subscribers and again those Subscribers aren't real probably most of Them But you have a you know a brand name and You had an existing group of people Who are abiasis that were you know at Least and when charging put something Out

He would get you know 10 20 30 000 People why everyone wanted to see it Right when charger was coming to America Everybody knew about it unless it was Some like you know I mean when he was Having an official Gathering there were Times that he came to America like twice When I was practicing where he came to Texas and it was just uh you know it was Like to do Mission business things They're purchasing land or something he Had to be here or whatever and then they Had oh charges here and we were like oh He's here in America and then all of a Sudden they had these impromptu Gatherings in Texas people were excited And they were going to go right it was Like you know as soon as you heard he Was coming they were like Edwin was Scrambling to figure out how they could Go see him right Um you know whenever there was a Gathering and there'd be rumors about it Like you say I plan to be in America In a couple of months but things might Change his health or something might Change you know but he would it would be Out there right people would be excited And prep and preparing and doing all These things but this thing with dodgy Isn't even being talked about like he's Not coming and they're pretending he is I mean they I remember last time my wife And I were talking about I remembered

More and I said oh yeah they're you know I go remember you did that she goes yeah And what he did was he um But what they did was they said You could get half price off if you Register right now And you know Indians particularly are Are bargain they look for bargains so That was an attempt to get people locked In and register and then three days Later the goal is not coming right so You know it was it was a total bait and Switch and when you lie and deceive and You have to pretend and you have to buy Views that's all you know as a result of Sucking right like you're not a real Whatever so when I came back I had Opened up to all these tabs and I you Know I hesitate to watch these Heartfulness videos because they the Energy's bad and it's just it's like Depressing right but he had one where he Inspired his grandchild The video was entitled how dodgy helped His grandchild unleash his creativity And his apparently his grandchild Would get up on his lap And asked to watch CoCo melon Which is some annoying god-awful Like toddler videos it was his Two-year-old grandchild so his Two-year-old grandchild was engaging With the internet and dodgy said there Was a time where he and his grandchild

Were both addicted To Cocoa melon And I don't know why you would ever Watch let your kids watch these videos Now cocomelon there's a video here that Has 2.5 million views right very popular I don't know you know where it is from Specifically as a cartoon But it's really creepy you know just one Of these uh one of these you know sort Of uh Teletubbies although it's animated Kind of thing and Dodgy had said accomplish had said that He was you know the internet was um Like uh you know it would cost him to he Couldn't uh be on the internet his whole Shoulder would go numb That when he picked up the phone His shoulder would go numb you'll lose Feeling in his shoulder and he had this Reaction to Being on the internet like you couldn't Be on you know this cell phone for very Long And you know he was I mean these were Videos that I thought were you know that Were important That he was sharing this because it's uh Confirmed and Whispers of the brighter World messages but now he says he's Watching cocomelon videos with his phone Or you know whatever it is IPad or something with his grandkid Two-year-old grandkid and they're

Addicted to him you know when he just Talked to the guy about screens right It's a weird I mean I let me just show You this segment here So this guy who's interviewing this Young guy Um Asks him about screens I didn't mean all That You heard the term hijacking of mind They're playing this music behind it's a Weird question I have heard of the term Hijacking you hijacking the heart right The feelings That's what screen time does to us Oh he's talking like he's so profound Right like it's so bad and they have This cheesy music behind all of this Stuff right It's bad Um Recently I had problems My grandchild is just completed two Years in December so this is two this is A two and a half year old kid 23rd December Each time he came in my lap Dada I want To see Coco melon So we were both hooked on Coco melons And then we decided one day Then one day they decide no more Coco Melon This is cocoa melon [Music]

[Music] It's one of these things right They're making bubbles [Music] So then they still gonna sing these Songs right It's gonna catch that bubble so this is Cocoa melon Um so this is what dodgy was watching With his two-year-old like you know Kitchen be on the internet this young And dodgy said he was allergic to The you know the internet and Collectively was it you or was it him Mother and myself his mother and Especially more from her side So um The mom like he you know My mom it's his parents decision Right he's uh Americans his kids grew up in America They have One has an Indian wife and another has a I think she's European I don't know But they would make this decision on Their own because they're but dodgy had To be a part of it like more from her Side Well the kids shouldn't be watching Coco Melon like you what was that you know It's just creepy in the kitchen be on The internet that age and Dodge you Should know more than anybody because He's claimed in the past

That he's you know and I I can go find It I'm not gonna That when he's on the internet his whole Heart it feels like his arm has been cut Off Like the internet he's sensitive to it That's what it used to be but now he's Watching Coco melon and it's just so Cheesy like it's so sad that they're Trying to you know make these things um I mean there's always music behind him Which interferes with the you know Transmission that he's supposed to be Giving that he should be giving but he's Not because he can't or whatever's Happening the Energy's often bad and Just weird And two days we had trouble But after that he started engaging Himself in a little cart and so this is How he inspired His child to unleash his creativity by Getting rid of their cocoa melon Addiction and the other thing here How dodgery was introduced to the Heartfulness meditation I heard him tell the story on multiple Occasions and they've talked about this In videos before And so it's nothing new but he starts Off by talking how about how he was Inspired in red Swami Vivekananda You know and so Um Swanson is featured a lot more now

Which he's you know he gave messages to The medium and Whispers a brighter world So he's a part of sash Mark or You know he's a you know contributor But you know he's not Babaji or charge You or dodgy's Masters uh but the story Is a ghost Jesus preceptor and she Treats him like a king or whatever I Didn't listen to the I watched a little Bit of the video I just can't let this Hijack my morning I got other things to do here but The interesting part is that it said how Did he start heartfulness meditation Right And so um you know I got sidetracked by Cocomelon Um so I started looking into this cocoa Melon thing it looks Wicked creepy you Know and uh well I'll come back to that How is he how was he introduced to Heartfulness meditation It's not it was he was introduced to SAI Smart there was no heartfulness Heartfulness has been created by Him and It didn't exist beforehand but they want To make it sound like heartfulness has Always been that this was always Heartfulness you know dodgy's both the Founder of heartfulness but he also was A practitioner of it and that's not the Case right he founded heartfulness which Is true And that's something different than

Scishmart it's corrupted and it's Religious and it's cult-like and it's Weak and it's without transmission and It's all these things But going back to this Coco melon you Know my Kids we got this DVD thing that you know The Uh or CD or whatever was called back Then You know this is 20 years ago and there Were some you know bunny thing we got Like it Office Depot And like my stepson used it and Like freaked out like you know when he Got taken off the computer he had a Tantrum And I think we let him play it once and It was just like a mouse and it was like One screen Like it was one screen and had like Maybe it had four different options and It was like it would play music or play Do bubbles and it wasn't very complex And the kids you know toddlers would you Know push this the mouse over certain Things and it would exude some sort of Music or some dance or something like Little you know low-tech it wasn't very You know this is back in The 2000s right Um but we put it away And then you know my son my biological Son

Became two years old and we were like oh We have this thing so we let him try it So this is maybe four years later or Something And he flipped out when he got taken off He had a like a tantrum Like he didn't want to stop doing it and He did it for a while and I'm like oh This thing's evil right like this is you Know Um so dodgy was saying that his kid his Grandkid they had a problem for a couple Of days When he was going through Coco melon Withdrawal And you know dodgy should know more than Anybody about this and The Whispers of The brighter world are very specific And the teachings of charge you said That you know the they rushed the Children out today and he gave this you Know this Um I found the quote here this was Something charge you wrote to A Danish mother It's nice that you have free time with Little r This is a baby's name you know the kid's Name is what they are little babies must Have all their time with mother And even when they are six or seven Years old should be should not be Separated for long That's what we feel like here in India

And I think it makes them feel less Lonely and frightened when they grow up Love is such a wonderful thing and if One is loved right from the cradle such A person can become anything in this Life The more and more I see the power of Love the more I wonder at it people Laugh at love but is the most potent Force in the world Like a small jet of water constantly Falling the hardest rock can wear it Away So love patiently Faithfully faithful Love can overcome any resistance and Power And overpower any other power in the World without corrupting and demeaning That which it conquers That is The Wonder of our master's Simplest so unassuming capacity Which will conquer the world Um So that's um You know The idea that these kids would be with Their moms and that was you know part of The teaching and you know Part of his philosophy But this internet stuff which dodgy you Know it says over and over again The effects and Um and he was talking about how The this stuff hijacks the mind

And he's talking about this to this Young guy and he's in like yeah we Turned this our two-year-old grandkid Over the internet and I was watching Coco melon with him right and his mom Said no no that and they took them two Days to get over his addiction right How is he inspiring a kid to be creative Like it's a you know like his whole Thing is bizarre right The title of the video and it just shows You like the incompetence here like they Don't believe his kids don't believe in His internet stuff and there was no Sense that this would be a problem and You didn't have to you know you don't Have to have your two-year-old kid Be on the internet like you know not in That capacity when they have uh all These people around them right they have Servants there they have you know people Who are I mean they should have in terms Of Dodgy having his like Entourage and all The people there they have extended Family And this two-year-old kid doesn't need To be on the internet like they don't Need to like it's not you know it's not Like they're you know so busy and that Internet is acting like a babysitter Like so many people have to have their You know they have to have their their Time

Uh because they're overwhelmed like Single moms or something so they they Put the kid on the TV or the internet Right but they don't have to be they Don't these you know this family doesn't Have to have that happen right they have You know enough there but you know They're watching Coco melon I mean it's Just whatever like it just shows you the The Um Like he's fallen like he just doesn't Understand You know what's healthy for him and his You know he's sitting there with a kid On his lap watching this annoying videos With annoying sound and all this stuff Coco melon's like a you know just one of These it's it's not really suitable for Kids it's what adults think kids need You know it's Baby voices and Goofy stuff right It's not natural it's not you know It's not germane to your soul it's not Connected to who is this really bad Content right really awful content for Little kids who don't know any better And you know you can wait I mean Giving a kid a cell phone and when They're two years old what do you think Is going to happen right you can give Them some cigarettes too like you know You know I mean this is Again you know we had a couple of days

Where it took him to a couple of rough Days where he got rid of his uh you know His Newfound internet addiction And I bet they'll go back to Coco melon You know it'll last I mean I bet he's Watching it even now right How long before that kid's back on the Internet right and you know this is it Just is it shows you the failure of Dodgy right like it's all the things That the hypocrisy some guy who himself Said that the internet has such a Horrible effect on him and now that Seems to have disappeared and their Two-year-old grandson is on the internet And his mom said no and he's given the Story and they're putting this video out Like dodgy did something great here and Has inspired his grandkid to be creative Right even though it was Mom's decision And dodgy was Bringing that kid like you know that's The devil like that Coco melon's the Devil you know like I said the devil in A different form And those of you who have young kids and You see them on the Internet you know What I'm talking about Young kids in the internet you know These kids who are addicted to screens I Showed a video on my other channel the Other day Of a baby like a two-year-old who was Sleeping and while he was sleeping he

Was making like a Self-soothing you know he was crying in His sleep he was distressed and he was On a tablet or phone he had his hand Holding the tablet or phone like you Know it wasn't there like it was Imaginary right he was it was pretending To be on or dreaming like he was on the Internet and his other hand was Scrolling And you know manipulating the phone or The tablet and that's what he was doing In his sleep right so that just shows You the I mean it's it's evil right this Is the devil here it's a you know dodgy Himself gave a talk where He said well these phones were going off In the middle of SATs on And he said you know that in the olden Days the demons used to they had these Ritualistic fires of the days of Rama You know the ramayana and the demons Would throw things into the fires to Disrupt the the you know the rituals and He said that's what cell phones are Like he compared it to demonic energy And then he's you know this whole thing Um just a disaster like the whole thing I'm just better off not knowing like you Know every time I go over there it bums Me out you know just the energy like I Know it sucks it's not like I'm Surprised at how bad he sucks in in this Heartfulness sucks

But I'm always it you know it zaps my Energy like it's like a oh my God like It's a it's like naked it's become Negative it's a it has the negative Effect the opposite effect of what Sashmark used to have and so you know I Want to move on here Uh but I'll continue on tomorrow okay so I'm not done yet this is um still Wednesday June 28th uh I went to eat breakfast I was talking to My wife about this uh again the Coco Melon thing but you know if you are Annoyed by something if you have child Entertainment and it you're sitting There watching it and you have a Reaction Like the noises are annoying and the Characters are annoying You know the it you just feel it like You you just like turn that off it's Like a annoying buzzing sound you know Like a smoke alarm or something like get That thing off right you can't wait to Turn it off And it like raises your heartbeat or Your you know you feel anger or Frustration or whatever it is right Which is what Coco melon at least when I Watch it that's what it does any of These weird child entertainment You know your kids Are just little versions of you right They're just little people they have the

Same I mean it's they have different Cognitive abilities and there are Different stages But if it's bad for you if you don't Like it then they're not it's not good For them right they might you know you Have this initial reaction to something Like when you first are on drugs you First try drugs or whatever it smells Bad cigarettes right they smell bad they Don't taste good you have an initial Aversion to them initial like oh I don't Like that Alcohol like the first time you taste Alcohol and you're like oh because it's Poison right and your body rejects it You have a hangover I mean this is you Know what happens when you have poison And so um You know you have you're a virgin Aversive reaction to it but then you Push past it and you can get addicted to Something You you have your initial reaction this Isn't good for you and then you it Becomes normal you can watch a bad TV Show And if you watch it enough or you're Around a horrible person You can fall in love with a horrible Person Just by spending time with them and you Your initial reaction is I like this Person

And then as time goes on somehow you Know you follow your leverages right But your your original reaction was oh You know your first reaction is usually Your intuition and things is it's pure And you're meeting something for a first Time and you have some reaction to Somebody it's not always the case Sometimes you're you know you're wrong And whatever it is but In terms of this kind of stuff like as Soon as you start watching Coco Mel and You're like I turn that off that's so Annoying Well then it shouldn't be for your kids Not any less annoying or bad for your Kids right And the reaction these kids have when They get taken off of their screens Is brutal if you ever seen it the Tantrums they throw It's brutal like I'm sure there's plenty Of videos like this on the internet And so um you know just uh like I just Want to add that because Clearly this is You know I mean aside from dodgy and Heartfulness which suck you know but This is um like this stuff is just out There and if it annoys you then it's not Good for your kids right if it's you Know off-putting to you it's because It's too much sensory stimulation They're even more sensitive than you are

All these bells and whistles and you Know the annoying baby voices they do It's all fake right it's not it's not Real like kids entertainment should be Just as quality as adult entertainment It shouldn't treat the kids like kids Like you shouldn't treat them like They're you know they're stupid and They're like you know they're they're uh Like you shouldn't be dumbed down It's what adults think kids like or it's You know it's done intentionally to Stimulate kids and make it addictive but It's not it should be natural and Beautiful and subtle and you know Harmonious like they don't have the Defenses and the the things that they're Not jaded they're not you know they Haven't been desensitized and so kids Are innocent open and you know all these Things are absorbed by them and they Need to protect it from crap like this It's crap it's like shouldn't exist And you know there's so much of it so Much of the child entertainment you see And a lot of it you know is Indoctrinating it has woke agenda and Stuff in it and all these things Immorality and you know on top of the You know the symbolism and things pedo Stuff it has all that stuff to do which We know here you know people watch my Other channels and you know other videos But it's um you know it's bad for you

It's bad for them and they don't have The protection they don't have the you Know the ability to to you know Ward Something like that off they just get Sucked in and it's you know hypnotizing And addictive and all these things Uh so anyways um all right I'm Definitely done for today I'll talk About more or at least for now I'll do more you know hopefully tomorrow And then uh whatever Okay it's still the same day I tend to Spend the day in the house I couldn't do Outdoor work it was a nice day out there But we're getting dosed by Canadian Smoke today just brutal And Um it started yesterday And Um last night we really noticed it And there wasn't any announcement on the Media like I'm you know I'm watching the Media all day Making videos but there wasn't anything Right so um But anyways uh So it's a weird day I have all these Projects I want to get done and some of Them they're working on this Pond thing That we're doing in like a little um You know Pond that I built years ago and The cows wrecked it now I've kind of Fixed it we're making it even better Than it was before and

Some other you know Farm related jobs And things but I just want to you know Add to this thing that you know with Dodgy and uh you know talking about with My wife a couple times and You know um Like it's just so weak and lame right He's has all these proclamations like he Said that he wanted to make heartfulness The household name for meditation when People said meditation they would think Of heartfulness like when people Think of um Band-Aids or frisbees right Like there's multiple companies that Make flying discs and some of them Surpass the brand name but they're Always going to be known as frisbee Right or like when you ask for a Band-Aid you you know it could be any Number of like you know there's a Band-Aid company right and so there's Brand names out there That you know you think that that brand Name represents all of the the market The you know all the market shares even Though there's other knockoffs or other Things out there right I mean most People think of uh uh meditation they Think of mindfulness even though they Don't know much about meditation just Like when people think of yoga they Think of Hatha Yoga and there's all These different forms of yoga right and Dodgy had the ambition that when people

Said meditation they would immediately Think harmfulness And you know he had all these other Proclamations and things initiatives and He's failed like every time Like it's one failure after another So much so that he's abandoned anything That resembles The sage Mark method in practice You know when um Sharjah was being made master and there Was some People that were pissed about it Sharz you talked to Babaji and Bobby Said I don't care if they all quit as long as I have you like to continue my work Right and the master of the system Having a representative I mean there's You know many practitioners aviasis Whatever But all he needs is somebody to keep it Alive right Keep the system alive and you know Lology often said they wanted quality And not quantity I mean they all said it Lology said I want lions and not sheep I'll let sheep come just out of courtesy And etiquette but I don't really you Know we don't necessarily want him here Right I want lions and so you know these are All the things that haven't said in the Past

But dodgy is so obsessed by numbers They're so obsessed by you know I mean Some of it has to do with losing face You know so many different things And he's lost complete faith in his own Abilities in the work that was done on Him he must have zero faith that I mean I saw the work that was done on him I Saw that he had he had the same Condition and same Energy is charging it towards you know When charging was into charge his life And you know he was able to do the work And he lost complete faith in all of That I mean I don't know what happened I Don't know what happened but him him and Sharji I don't know what happened in his Life or in internally I don't know if They were I'm sure they were some Precipitating events you know there's All these challenges you know there was A time when chargie got really sick like In 2000 and 10 or 11 or whatever it was He went to a coma and there was no Representative the other guy had Um reneged on his you know he he said he Wasn't going to do it and so charge you Just went to a coma and disappeared and For like eight months And then we thought he was going to die And he came out and um I've actually lowered the Rings thing Two things here but uh he said to his Son Krishna said

He used to be Gandalf the Gray now You're Gand off the white like you've Gone through some transformation In charge he said to him There's things you have to go through Like on the you know Mastery level You just got to go through it yourself And you know there's no one there for You and just got to do it like you're Just whatever it was he was going Through like when he was Processing this stuff when he was again On some kind of I don't know dream like state or some Alternate alternative reality when his You know he was physically unconscious And he went through this cleaning period And that was his You know last big hurdle before he You know I had his last couple years Before he left right and he made his Representative who was dodgy and all These things And whatever dodgy did like if he Manipulated it like if he manipulated The you know being chosen as a Representative if they force charge his Hand all these clowns that are around Him you know they did this they game the System then he doesn't have faith he Completely effed himself right like he Completely you know sabotaged his own Possibility of being a legitimate master I don't know if that's true that's what

This guy is hinted at or told me he said He can't see share the details because But there are people around and they Told him stories about the way these Guys all you know sort of basically Pressure charge you to choose Dodgy or somebody from there I don't Know what it was right and that might be Where Mr s is blackmailing I don't like I don't know like I don't know the Details But if that's the case then there's no Way he could believe in himself Because he came the system And he knows he's not chosen he's not he Wasn't the best choice you know he Didn't deserve it and you know because Of that you can't you can't fix that Right that's that's a character flaw That you know with the power that goes With me and the master of the system the Character flawed the doubt that it Creates inside of you you know you know You don't deserve it right that's why You know you don't you should never want To be the master of the system And anybody who does can't be Babaji Said for that whole life if you desire To be the master then you're then you're It precludes you from being the master In that life like maybe in a future life But just the desire even once just the Temptation of the that position or Whatever so you know I don't know what's

Happened with the guy But whatever it is he's lost all faith In the massage Mark system all faith in God and you know all faith in himself And he's just selling everything out you Know they have some level of You know there's still people doing it Right and they have the properties and They have the name recognition they have A brand And he has some connection with Important people and celebrities and Things And that's all they got it's all Superficial stuff right it's all you Know networking and marketing stuff and Things that were left to him by the Previous Masters like he couldn't build That ashram on his own without all the You know the energy and the effort that And the you know the templates that Charge you created for this stuff And he's just held up there he's not Traveling not traveling the globe he's Lost you know people have lost faith in Him he's behaving like a you know like Just a week like you know just a Pathetic horrible person you know and I I used to think I had some misgivings about saying Things like this about the guy And you know in the beginning and you Know I wasn't completely sure what Happened and you know I had also seen

That he was a spiritual person and had Been the work that had been done on him So you know I had both I've seen both Sides of him I've seen the potential Like he I think he could have You know on some level he had the Spiritual potential to be The Master System he certainly was a Good preceptor by what I've heard from Other people of course they're going to Say that now that he's I don't know like Who knows what happened there Uh you know some character flaws but Everyone has those you have to yeah Everyone whoever becomes a master has to Overcome their character flaws Like you know chargie has told this I'm Not sure but he had a different whistle For everyone in his family when he's Younger like he had to whistle for his Wife and his kid like you know like when He was younger he was arrogant right and You know he rubbed people the wrong way And you know there's some things he did Like there's things that he did that Made things worse for everybody you know For himself and then these other people So you know it's not like I mean they All have their thing right They all have it like they all have you All everyone's going to have some Character flaws That they have to overcome And allow to be removed and then embrace

The higher nature And be disciplined in all these things So it's a thing that you know Charlie Did and Babaji did you know kamlish Could have done But he didn't right but in the beginning You can see in these videos I was you Know conflicted about saying negative Things about him but the way he Discharged you and there's just things That put me over the edge you know they I called them those you know a little You know little Boop and all those Things right a little Boop right and I Called him all those you know Um and now I'm you know I'm not glad to Do it but You know people need to hear it You know there's such a reverence for The guru position and you know people I Mean there's and again I'm not hoping That abiasis come and watch my videos But they do and they hear these things They might get mad at me they might get Offended they might think I've gone too Far or whatever But it you know just needs to be said Right you know I mean I you know mock people here on my Channel I mean somebody do I make fun of People he goes Comedy Channel I you know I I do things In a light way and I'm not hateful about I'm even not hateful to dodge you like

Whatever I've had to accept that this is Some part of some plan and you know We've made lemonade you know here with a Out of lemons that we've had now the Grateful things going and you know it's Okay it's whatever right like you know There's some sucky things about it but You know you have to go through sucky Things so I'm not you know I'm cool with whatever's happened as as Best I can you know be like I'm not Bummed or mad about it but like it just Seems like a total waste like just a You know unnecessary I don't even know Right But the weakness that he's shown here And what he's embracing like every time I go back and I watch the videos and one Of these videos came up with one of the Is you know one of his this guy from America who co-wrote his book with them And you know I spent time with this guy This is a cool guy my kids liked him and He was you know a dodgy disciple And you know his energy just felt weird In the video like it just he was talking About something and you know they just Like it's just everything's a big swing And a miss it's just failure right There's drenched in failure and it's a Complete denial at least publicly of the Failure and then just covering it up Right I mean you know the fact that my Videos exist

Is his failure to you know in some way Form a positive relationship with me and I you know I was open to it and you know I I mean I offered Services I offered Help and things like this and you know Choosing my exercise was an effed up Thing and you know but it wasn't Personal with me like the personal stuff Made it easier You know no matter what I would have Never Um even if like but I would have spoke Up to him right you know I would have Said like you know and I did do that at The end you know I When people's Watching my videos I would have said Like you can't run scams like this you Know you're not liking me you gotta you Got to get your head right bro you gotta You gotta pull this bring this thing Back in and reclaim your spiritual You know uh you know Pride you know Whatever dignity or something right But they failed over and over again Everything's a YouTube is a failure the The heartless websites of failure all These initiatives are failures They've lost I mean you know you've lost Uh respect from people he's lost their Enthusiasm lost people's hearts and Things you know all these things right Can't win over new people and everything They do ends up like crapping out his His business failed and flopped and you

Know he's just saturated in Failure he's A disaster And you know that's not what would Happen with the master of the system Right the Master System is successful When they put their minds to it they you Know charges was unbelievably successful Of course Babaji was You know the the greatest like spiritual Person ever like he just you know when He and when he had to do something Spiritually you would just have to do it Right Georgie and his in his footsteps Diaries He recounts this time with him And Um Babaji you know Babaji was like Really sick a lot near the end you know From 1974 to 1983. When they they went traveling to Europe And America and it was a brutal trip and Charge you documented in his diary and Bobby was never the same after that Physically And you know he was in and out of like Reality it was just uh you know you hear Me he became old and he just you know His Physicists his body had broken down he Wasn't eating much you know he's just Kind of hanging on there or whatever Um but there were times you know during That time period they went to visit Somebody and the elevator was broken and

The person's like that on the eighth Floor Some you know some you know High thing And Bobby's walking with a cane and and Charges like he can barely even climb Stairs right And so charge you know is much younger Person you know better shape And Bobby just takes up off the St up The stairs And Charlie's like trying to catch up to Him like Bobby's like flying up the Stairs And he gets up there and you know like Let's say it was on the fourth floor and Bobby's he's all the way up to the sixth Or seventh floor like he's already Passed the thing he's got to go get him And say no you're gone too far right and You know for for a charge he's like you Know he didn't even think he was going To make up one flight and the guy went Two or three extra flights up the stairs Right and you know just I mean he had This you know unbelievable will force And they there was no failure there Everything they tried Ended up being successful Babaji was Flipped out about building Babaji built One action And he was you know worried the Neighbors were going to call it Ron Chandra's folly they're all going to Make fun of him right because a small

Town and you know there's no ashrams There's no nothing and he was kind of Like you know people thought of him like The Village Idiot like you know his Neighbors didn't think you you know his Mom said you know what are these people You're taking these people for a ride You know you're you're conning these People what God did you ever see right That these people are coming yeah she Didn't even believe he was spiritual His wife hen packed them like you know Like all these things and so he's Building the sash room and you know Doing it out in a rural area it hadn't Been done before and he didn't have the Education for it I mean you know charge You did a lot of the work and stuff But it got built right it's still there And you know it was I mean it was an Epic you know I mean it's a big thing For him so you know I can imagine the Kind of stress he would feel because I Would feel similar stress right I have Some you know Tendencies like he does And so you know there's all of that Right but they were just successful they You know they tried something they you Know they didn't try they they could Accomplish they they did things where Dodgy's just failing at everything and Is never taking responsibility for the Failure because it's on him it's not Everybody else's fault it's not

Charity's fault it's not Bobby G's fault Like he's failed he's failed himself He's failed all of us he's filled his Masters all these things right and it's A lack of faith a lack of belief in the System and whatever went down for him to You know fail this way whether he Manipulated the thing in the beginning Or you know there's some weakness of Character whatever it was You know it's on him like it was him not Being able to rise up above his you know His limitations and you know I I mean I Don't believe I could have done the job Certainly not this life because you know I don't think I could have done It's a lot of the size Mark jobs like Not even the master job there's other Jobs that are available And you know I'm just kind of a slacker I mean you know I'm good at this Um you know I'm able to successfully do This and you've been doing this for a While and you know the videos and things I'm good at this right not good at so Many other things But um You know I didn't get that job right I've been Successful the little thing that I got To do right you know I know that I you Know would have failed in a different Way than than dodgy or whatever it might Be you know I don't know and so it's not

Like um You know like I understand how hard it Is to to do this thing you know whatever It is but it's a job he was given and Maybe he actually wanted and you know Whatever happened there It's on him right it's ultimately on him You can say it's on the Masters like if He didn't want the job but charge you Picked him because he was the best that Was available well then that's you know Whatever it is right that's Humanity's Fault the failures are brutal when I see What he's doing here I can't believe how But it's just so bad looking wow he's You know like it's it's really really Really bad You know embracing the you know the it's Like he's begging and pleading and Whimpering and you know hoping that Something one of these things like he's Playing the lotto And he's you know gambling every time And you know hemorrhaging the future of The mission and selling off The Credibility and his own credibility just So that like he can get a success and You know something will pop and you know Things will start going his way and you Know his his business he shot for the Moon with the business and you know they Had seven or eight pharmacies whatever It was and they you know decided to go For this business of online pharmacies

Where they would deliver to people's Houses and they got you know they got Capital they got investors and they went Big and they failed big right and you Know all these other things that he's Doing and once one failure after another And I'm just desperately hoping that you Know the next time it'll work out for Him right And it's just hard to watch I mean I'm Not even watching it and then I tune Into it I'm like what the hell is going On here right like I mean it's getting Worse this thing with his kid his Grandkid and all that and the videos They're playing music behind him trying To disguise I mean his energy should Carry the the videos but they're playing Music behind him and they just keep on Trying all these things to make it like You know palatable to people and attract People and you know ultimately You got to be a master like you have to Be able to transmit you have to have you Know this Charisma and energy that goes With it you have to exude confidence and You got to help people You got to deliver some sort of Spiritual advancement for people people Have to see that they're doing better Based on your training and what you're Doing for them right That they uh you know that you're that Your presence in their life is a you

Know a blessing and that I mean it's This love that that builds between the People and gratitude because they see All the things That the master of the system is doing For them a lot of things they don't even See but on a soul level they know and You know on a soul level people know This guy's a putz and he's he's failed Right whether they want to admit it or Not like all of them and he's you know Destroyed this great system Organization And you know it's I mean it's some it's Kind of unbelievable how bad it is like You know it's so remedial listen to him To a talk he's like so stupid he's so Like you know Non-inciteful and he's he gets his smug Look like he just rocked it like he said Something great and You know it's like they're all sitting Around waiting for him to say something Because he's supposed to be a guru and He just fails he doesn't deliver like You know I saw that story before where Um Master charity was sitting with babji in Europe and they were asking him Questions And somebody said which system is the Best And chargie was like oh man they're Gonna apologies on the spot

And he thought Bob G was screwed and he Was kind of you know like there's some Element like a A disciple or you know like your parents Sometimes There's just a little part of you that's Rooting for them to to falterly you know So you know some little man charging was Like you know kind of gleefully Wondering how Bobby was going to handle It And he couldn't say my system because That would be arrogant that would be you Know it just doesn't the educate the Area just lack of humility You can't say my system You know so somebody said which system's The best and you know Babaji knew that His system was the best But he couldn't say that so he said I Like the system best That doesn't have any power which is What the scishmark system is Right Brilliant answer You know things like that right Um like somebody came up to him and said Um Babaji you know I don't believe in God There's no God and Bobby said who is This God who is not like some almost Dr Seuss yoda-like cancer right Um you know he just delivered like time And time again I saw with charging where When I interacted with him or went to a

Gathering with them or you know whatever These things were He exceeded my expectations and the Gatherings exceeded my expectations Where dodgy is disappointed pretty much Every time I mean not in the beginning I think he was you know he was he was Off to a good start Udemy course great Finishing the ashram Great Those original first three cities great Having people meditate with transmission And without You know as an experiment great great Idea and I thought a lot he had a lot of Early successes Beautiful website better website than They've ever built before quality Website like you know like it looks like Like you look at the old size Mark Website you compare it to the Heartfulness website The bookstore website I mean these are Just you know crappy websites that were Out of date years ago and now they're You know they're just they're like Dinosaurs out there right Um but you know he did a good job with The heartfulness and he didn't do it but You know he got You know he oversaw it and you know he Delivered on some things there were some Early successes the garden thing they

Have there Some of the things on the ashram he's You know been successful Some of these other things but you know Now it's just one failure after another Just a complete mess And just not you know identifying the Problem it's him The problem is him and the people around Him I mean they suck like the people around Me surround them with sucky people I Know these people and I knew they sucked And He surround himself with these People they drove all the good people Away and dodgy just handed over the Mission to him in his own failure He he got weak and you know whatever you Got scared weak over covid you let People manipulate them and push them Into things he went for the celebrity Thing And he sold off the capital the whole You know all the capital the spiritual Capital that was accrued by the previous Masters and he's mortgaged the system Betting on things that we're doing to Failure Because he just doesn't have it in him Right he just doesn't Get it like is it you know just Underperforms And it's really bad like it's so Embarrassing at this point like you know

You shouldn't be able to look at the the Master System should be Beyond you Like you beyond your ability to Understand like you know That's how much would charge and it was A little bit off-putting it was A little bit uh you know it was a little Bit Made me feel uncomfortable right like I Knew he could see beyond what I could See he knew that he was playing You know a different level of game like You know 5D chess or whatever Like he had you know different levels of Comprehension different levels of You know just um insight and being able To read people in situation different Levels of information And you know it was you'd feel it and Dodge is like some dope it's like he was Watching a child fumble around and fail And then You know narcissistically protest and Pretend he hasn't you know like Just brutal stuff um You know like just unbelievable but Anyways you know for those people who Stumble in here new people I you know I Mean older abiasis not new people you Know a whole long time practitioners And he sucks like you know just he sucks It's okay to say it right it's okay to To see it that you're not being Disrespectful it's not you're not being

Cursed you know I mean you just gotta Call it what it is he sucks as a master He's failed he's a failure he's fallen Whatever it is like you know it's not Like We have to hate on them again I I mean I Can understand the the pressure that's On him it's a tough job like you know But like this let's call it what it is And the people around him suck and They're not good people they're bad Abiasis and ungodly people and they've All taken advantage of the situation and You know for what you know they they Didn't have faith in it they've wrecked Something that was pure And they they all over something That we you know many of us love so You know F them right I found all of Them right you know you know I mean it's There's no etiquette in what they did Like you know we could never our words And our uh you know insults to them or Whatever I don't consider them insults They're just truthful things Will never be as bad as their failure And their you know weaknesses people They're cowardice and they're they're You know They're ruining something that was you Know not for them to ruin ruining Something that belonged to all of us Right And they could have crapped all over

Anything else they were all rich Businessmen all successful when charging Made them successful when they're around And they could have just you know kept Their grimy little hands and their you Know their egos out of this thing but They decided to stick it in there and You know whatever happens to them they Get you know they get what they get Right they totally deserve it and we Don't have to pretend and you know just Because they're older or they're you Know they're more established and Whatever hierarchical you know BS thing That you believe in because you grew up In a caste system or whatever it is you Know these are you know these are Failures they're you know they should Have like a big letter A tattooed on Their big letter F you know like Big letter you know for failure or Something loser Big Al or something you Know they fail they you know they failed To master they failed themselves they Failed the rest of us and it's you know Cost you know whatever it is maybe They're doing what was supposed to be Done maybe this was you know part of the Plan you know you know I could that's What I I Um you know I without evidence you know Without a lot of evidence there's some Evidence but without a lot of you know Missing pieces that I don't know about

In future events that haven't happened Yet I can totally believe that this is Part of a plan and that's what I do Believe you know I don't I have Blind Faith And that you know keeps me going and so I guess from that standpoint you know All right maybe they They could catch a little bit of a break But You know this is who they are they suck Like they're sucky people dodgy sucks at What he does And he ain't getting better he isn't Going to get smarter he isn't going to Get more competent he's going to get Wiser and he's you know he's got a Little bruised little ego he's Competitive and you know he's Competitive with the former Masters and He's competing against people that were So far beyond him That are you know that he could never I Mean he's just you know it's it's sad to Watch I mean pathetic is the the best Word to describe And you know for the all of you who are Struggling with this you know you got to Figure it out right you have to you know I mean you gotta take this the cold hand Slap of Truth and figure out what to do Next because Right now that you know the trough is Empty the transmission's not flowing and

The you know the stuffing this stuff Isn't working the preceptors are you Know whatever it is right Um You know all right good night It's like 10 it's 11 o'clock here and um Struggling with my voice so I'll Continue tomorrow Um big day for the gratefulness Meditation third sitting given in the Introductory settings which will be a You know a nice day for me or whatever And then for a few people of the future Maybe Anyways I'll continue on tomorrow okay So this is the following day Thursday January 29th Um just gave the I want to say gave that's the way that It used to be phrased But the third setting for the video Series I've Done for greatfulness meditation Has been completed the third sitting has Just been given And there's just something special about The Third Individual sitting uh introductory Sitting in the search Mark system I loved the sittings I got my first Three sittings you know I felt the Transmission the first two But the third sitting was You know just um

It is the it's being born again in a Sense In the spiritual realm and your Existence As a spiritual person which affects your Material existence Is changed forever and When I gave You know I introduce people or people Were introduced through me Through you know I got to participate in That as a preceptor It was just always like this Miracle Just happened right and usually the People didn't know like themselves They didn't maybe feel that much or feel Anything or you know they didn't even if They felt something it wasn't Significant realization of what just Happened to them right But I saw it like I felt it in every Third sitting individual sitting Introductory sitting I gave And you know today was even more so Because I haven't been doing this work For a long time and you know it's Totally unofficial now and it's You know given everything that's Happened so it's a little bit weird Um But this and you know also doing it For the internet like not doing it for a Person that's sitting there But doing it for future people not

Knowing who they are and you know the Whole sitting process is a little Different because You know when you give a sitting you Transmit you read the person's condition But to do these online sittings you have To have this idea that the Transmissions Given the reading happens and that the Cleanliness commenced automatically Through the process of this you know Through this Divine process of course There's Divine beings You know Babaji and you know all these Other Highly developed Spiritual Beings that Are in charge of all this stuff so it's Not like it's You know even though you're watching a Video it's happening Through them and with them and all these Things but you know gives this YouTube Channel a vehicle the gratefulness Meditation YouTube channel vehicle in Which these sittings can be taken on the Internet right and you know it's Happening on different planes of Existence and there's all these things But to participate in that to get to see That and experience it It's just so reaffirming about the Scishmark system like I'm really feeling It I feel great about what just Transpired And whenever I did work as a preceptor

It would remind me how great the system Was I would get to experience it working on Other people As well as you get you know benefits to Your own you know whatever it is there's Bad things about being a preceptor And giving sittings isn't any of them Right there's lots of bad things About you know doing any kind of a job And dealing with people and you know all The other things Your you know your time being taken up All these you know ways that you know There's sacrifices you make or whatever But giving the sittings is never never a Negative thing Giving the sittings is always um You're going deeper into the spiritual Practice and all these other things you Know I've been realizing Uh the last three or four days How much I've changed internally Like it's just occurred to me That you know I haven't done that much Work and that much work on my character And you know I have whatever issues Whatever personality problems whatever Things You know that everyone else has you know Specific to me But just by doing the practice doing the 9 pm prayer and Connecting to this system you know I'm

Kind of a slacker I come in and you know I'm a street shooter and basketball you Know I have my times where I'm more into It than others and in all these things But you know sticking with it through The Debacle that is heartfulness and you Know divorce and the ups and downs I Went through For years in my you know dysfunctional Marriage and all the stress and all the Problems all the cleaning Like things have happened like I've Changed things have happened uh you know To make me a better person better now That's not even like accurate To change me on a spiritual level And you know when you practice anything If you do it the right way you practice It the right way you get good at it Right like I was just saying at the end Of the city somebody said that the Playlist the you know I gave two Individual sittings on a playlist one Was using the absolute technique and one Was just a normal setting and someone Took a normal took the normal sitting And it automatically started playing the Second Sitting and they just kept on meditating Which it you know shouldn't be done But like that's the disadvantage of Having a playlist right so you know and I didn't think that that would happen I

Didn't think it through because you know The videos just play automatically and All these things right And getting the idea that this is a Discipline to people and understanding That they have to work and do research And figure out what's going on here in Terms of you know the system without a Precept or without somebody to explain This without interactions going to Gatherings and You know maybe even interactions and Access to the literature So there's all that right Um You know All those things But with these two positive realizations The realization of how much just by Doing the practice and chugging along Keep on going the things open up and you Know sometimes it takes the seeds that Are planted in the transmission in the Settings take years to manifest into Plume And so there's I mean cities that are Given you know that like when chargie Was given the the sitting to become the Next Master of the system You know he said you know it was like a Well one minute 35 seconds sitting but It's still unfolding right because he Was given babaji's Essence that Babaji Was given lalaji's essence

You know in terms of their spiritual Accomplishments and what it is to be the Master of the system And it took years to unfold and you know It was unfolding even Uh you know as he was in his taking his Dying breath in a sense right Like he was evolving and you know this Program that was you know like on a Etheric level Downloaded or uploaded to a system Whatever way you want to look at it Downloaded probably more appropriately And it changes you like the Shruti I had That became First fruity counseling which you know Didn't work out but then became pockets Of the future Which is still evolving and changing to This day right I'm still you know benefiting from that Transmission I was given Instructions and work tasks and things And so it's a wonderful system in that Way And doing the introductory settings and Getting involved in this end of it and I'm a little bit apprehensive of it Still and just you know a little bit Wary of it and a little bit overwhelmed By the whole thing You know acting you know as a and again There's no preceptors and gratefulness But you know doing this work

And so it's reaffirming of the system And how great it is And I was thinking about that you know I Was talking about dodgy you know the guy Was a good preceptor from again I don't Know if people are just saying that now But you know I think he was I think he Was a good preceptor I mean you know he Was a good Aviation preceptor you know In terms of what I knew about him And then as Master you would think that The things that he experienced Through the work that charges certainly Did on him And then the work that he started to do In 2015 would be unfolding in such a way That you know would be like Awe-inspiring Because you're just learning about it as The master of the system on a different Level Like when you practice the system it's Great and when you do the preceptor work You know there's things bad about it and There's you know difficulties and people Struggle and so many people fall you Know because of the they just can't rise Up to it but you get to see things on a Different level And you know it's like better like You're like wow this thing's ever even Better than I thought and that's what Should be happening to dodge he should Be you know the miracle that is smart

You know when Master charged he passed Away he said You know he gave a message to The Whispers of the brighter world you know French woman the medium and he said The system's even greater than I thought When I was alive and Bobby's even more Evolved than I ever knew When he you know he died he saw some Things that he didn't see in his life And you know there's this spiritual Entity That was giving messages his spiritual Entity SC it's the messages that say SC Are charges spiritual entity And you know his spiritual entity was Giving messages that he didn't he didn't Know as you know being a human being and A spiritual Master didn't know was Unconscious of And so our spiritual Essence knows more Or experience more on that plane of Existence Than we even know about right And so it's just such a head scratcher With dodgy because he's he's stupider He's more incompetent he's lower he's More like he's just Fallen and you know It's like hard to understand how that Would happen Like I could see him and it's not like He's gone full evil you know he's turned Into Sauron right like he's starting Into some you know like the devil or

Something you know he's just like a putz Right like it's just like complete Incompetence complete helplessness Complete weakness just not you know it's Not like he's doing a super villain Stuff I mean it's kind of like that in In the effects of the destruction of the Organization But it's like he's just like de-evolved And he's he's lesser than you know not In a a good way like it's just the worst Possible like incompetent putsy kind of Weird stuff And the organizations like that just Floundering Making bad decisions and you know I'm Aware of it more now than usual because I've just gone through this experience a Reminder of how great the system is and The more you give sittings the more you Participate the more work you do the More you see it The more it becomes obvious to you and You know it's just a complete you know Uh head scratcher of a thing And so I mentioned the Lord of the Rings That I was going to say something else Last night but I my voice started to Fade I got tired so I forgot to put it In there so I watched the rings of power And you know I am Thought it was going to suck it got bad Ratings and Amazon had to change the Rating system because people are upset

By it it's a prequel to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Tales I think it comes mostly from the Simarillion written by J.R.R Tolkien and Some of the preferences the story lines Of the past that were there in the Novels and they're my favorite books and I you know I read them multiple times When I was You know in high school and then maybe Some other time after that and then my Family and I you know my previous family Read them when my kids were Homeschooling You know my ex was a good Um reader out loud really good at Reading out loud and we'd hike up to the Blue Ridge Parkway mostly and she would Read some of the books it was a family Fabulous place to experience it because You know this was in the woods but there Was also You know these I mean there were Similarities to locations in the book That we were you know reading this you Know going through this experience and When the books were over I was like oh They're just the way it ended I was like Oh my God these are better than I Remember and they're my favorite books Right so you know the movies weren't so Good and there's so much you can do with The movies and this was you know not Like an adaptation of a a novel it was

Just the sort of the story of history And some of the origin stories of some Of the older characters the L's and you Know some of these things right and Um you know whilst it was going on The um while I was watching this you Know my wife is I didn't think she'd be Into it she's not into the lord of rings I think we've normally talked about it But I watch these things when she's you Know doing something else or whatever Like you know these things I watch when We're watching something together and if Like she takes a a nap or something I'm Awake like I'll have something else to Watch a basketball game or something And you know I so it takes me a while to Get through the things But you know this thing was a lot better Than I thought it was going to be like I Said and there's smoke coming from Uh Canada There's a Second Barrage of it it Happened before but now it's not being Covered by the media and it was in a Rating scale where there's like five Different colors Purple is the second to worst color and We were in purple We went outside and we're like why is it Hazy And I have all this outdoor work to do It means I'm stuck in the house and I Can't get the farm worked out I've got

These things to do And so kind of a bummer my health is Really good and I've You know I'm you know I'm losing weight I just like things are going really good For my health and I feel great and Taking advantage of these summer months To get these projects done and things You know we have a limited time now Because of you know the world is Devolving quickly And so um You know there's just smoke and it just Smelled bad and you know like it's not Healthy and I don't trust the government All the things I talk about You know my other child I actually Talked about this in an introduction to A video on my Uh my Apocalypse Now Channel and so I Was you know you know one of this Hollywood celebrities dropping like Flies But anyways I um was watching The Lord Of the Rings and spoiler alerts the Rings of power and towards the end it Looks like it's going the good guy's way But you know there's a history there And it's how the The you know quality land gets turned Into Mordor right which is Uh it wasn't Mordor in the beginning of The movie and it looks like it was going To go with a good guy's way but a

Volcano is you know erupted And It just destroys the area and it darkens It with Dustin You know I mean it's It burns all the trees and turns it into Like a hellish like environment which we Know is more to work in The Lord of the Rings books right And giadriel one of the elf characters That's in the you know Fellowship of the Ring and some of the other you know Uh slightly you know less less or so in Some of the other movies is featured Right because she had one of the Rings Of power and she's one of the primary if Not primary characters in this storyline And she's with a human young human who's Like learning to be a warrior right all These people are you know gonna become Historical figures in the and the other Books and you know these things and he Says we got to go take the land back Because he used to live what is now Become more adored she said no they've Turned this into their hellish Environment And you know it's um it's lost and you Know in my choice book you know and I in My follow-up book The aggregore I talk About air quality In the choice book I talk about um you Know the degradation of the you know the The environment and you know one of the

Things that Master charge two of the Things he loved was Lord of the Rings And extraterrestrials like he was a big Fan of science fiction books And you know he thought about these Things quite a bit in terms of you know The spiritual Extraterrestrials and you know his one Of his Passions And there is a narrative out there that I've You know come across or it came to me That You know the way to invade a world if You had different soul energy You know is to bring your souls from a From a planet and incarnate in Mass On this you know like say Earth and you Know I'm aware of then there's these Various narratives that Souls come from Different parts of the universe their Soul energy of course Souls come from Different planes some of them higher Planes of existence And you know this idea that in Mordor They had turned the environment it's Something that they could inhabitate you Know inhabit these Orcs can't go out at Night the goblins and Orcs And these Creatures They are like allergic to Sun like like Vampires but now they they can't go out During the day And now they could right because of the

The dust that had been there and you saw These you know there's a movie called Book of Eli of course the road uh you know movie There's these movies where air quality And the post-apocalyptic world is Horrible and now we're starting to Experience this with these wildfires and Of course people experience this in Cities Around the world where the air quality Is so bad That you can't really breathe properly And it affects you On a health level And you know I experienced this of Course in India and then there's cities In America that have this issue these You know Western cities bull cities That don't get good air flow and just The pollutants there But this idea that extraterrestrials or Aliens would Destroy the Earth's you know incarnate Into planet Earth And turned it into like let's say a Nuclear Wasteland let's say they had Higher radioactivity on their planet and Their bodies had adjusted so they Couldn't survive in a pure environment And they come down here and destroy the Planet right to make it more you know to Their liking which is you know A narrative that's a possibility there's

Always a possibility And we're entering into this time where You might not be able to go out and take A a fresh you know fresh air take a a Deep breath of fresh air outside like It's just you have to monitor the air Quality radioactivity poisoning things Like this radioactive poisoning and then You know particulates and you know the Clean Air and the fresh air that used to Be on planet Earth 200 years ago is Better than what we have now And based in babaji's predictions Both in his books when he was alive in The Whispers of the brighter World Messages indicate that you know those Things are going to be even worse he Talked about fire beating down down on Some parts of the world and Rain Pounding others floods and so um You know all these things and we're Entering into that phase and to think About you know the stuff that the Brighter mind scam these things that Dodgy is doing like it just it becomes Even more of a head scratcher Because of all the things I've just said Right Like in terms of he does he not believe That the the world's collapsing and you Know we all see it most of us see it Certainly all of you guys see it at one Level or another And then you know size Mark being the

Solution and answer And it's so important it is that it Survives and it's pure purest form To help people to connect to God in a Post-apocalyptic World dispute You know that's unfolding in front of us And he's out there just Futzing around with yoga and weird stuff You know just like lost and you know Unfocused and just turning into seismic Into something that's not and losing the Gems and the the you know the literature And the things that are really gonna Help people in the future right it's Just um You know Some days it's more of a I'm more aware Of it than others Of course things are going well with the Gratefulness and hopefully They'll be you know movements like this Where people will be able to retain Some of the essence of the system and Knowledge of the system and enough so That it can survive the the heartfulness Debacle and the apocalypse that's Befalling us but you know it is what it Is right like it's you know it's the Possibilities there you know and one of The things was Bob as you talked about How these ashrams that are now owned by This corrupt organization Would be safe havens and the these Troubled times right these awesome would

Be places that people could go And they would be you know able to Survive these events and whatever it is Right safe havens is the the term that Babaji used and so all these things and You know it's just um Like if it's if I was saying last night If this is part of a plan and dodgy's Doing what he he's supposed to do he's Playing a role you know sometimes you Have to play a role of a villain whoever It might be Like this is necessary for the You know I I don't know like you know That's One possibility the one that I Am focused on just to be as positive and Hopeful as I can about it I mean it's You know it's a like I said it's a real Possibility Then it isn't on him because he's just Doing And playing the role that he's assigned To play And so the other possibility is he just Failed He was supposed to be better than he was And he wasn't and both things can be True kind of simultaneously And so for the first one then then he's Forgiven it's not you know It's not a matter of even being forgiven He did what he's supposed to do Sometimes you have to play a villain

Sometimes that's what's interesting the Rings of power they have two characters That you're not sure if they're the good Guy or the villain and they did kind of A neat you know well you I don't want to Again Spoiler alert's a thing if people are Going to watch it but Um it was good the way they did it Because you're like you already know What's going to happen Based in future movies you know who's Going to survive and who's not you know So like I mean in general you kind of know that Anyway with the leading characters you Kind of have us you know understanding Of plot lines and things like this The way movies go but you know even with That they did a good job with it But sometimes you have you know you play A villain and you could be a highly Developed spiritual being that's doing Work for the Divine and the Divine needs A villain you know there needs to be Villains here There needs to be this you know push and Pull and uh Evolution out of conflict And we have that here on planet Earth It's a big part of spiritual Drama these you know Divine epics that Play out And so you know I don't that's why I Don't get into getting angry or bummed

Out at dodgy because I don't know what he's you know I don't Know what his role was if this was his Role then that's fine that's And he's you know blameless But other than that you know Like it's uh you know if he's just Failed and came up short Or whatever Um You know and that throws into all kinds Of I mean you know what's going to Happen you know because if this part of A plan then it'll survive one way or Another And evil things happen bad things happen And heartfulness is you know evil and Whatever you know way you want to think About But we can see uh you know just the way Gratefulness is going right now I feel really positive about it you know Not just in terms of gratefulness but in Terms of other people doing something Similar Other groups like this across the globe Retaining the beauty of the seismic System And helping it you know survive this Difficult time All right I'll probably wrap this thing Up tomorrow or this might be it here I Don't know we'll see what happens But either way I'll I'm going to end

Here and continue on the next you know Day or so Okay Um this is The last I'm going to wrap this thing up Today this uh 110th edition of the The journey series I think there's a lot Of different things in this one It's hard for me to remember Friday June 30th uh So um the air quality got better today We have good clean air Here and um you know I can tell from the Uh The Gratefulness Meditation YouTube channel Comments That you know it's always going to be Issues With Like I don't want to say uh not Respecting a system or not you know Taking it as a discipline I mean these Things are I wouldn't say those are intentions but That's what happens with Sahaja smart people don't take it Seriously and it's even going to be more So a problem with these sittings online Because When you're face to face interacting With people And you have to you know leave your House and go to somebody else's house

And get us sitting and the things that I Had to do years ago It was more real like it was more you Know everything on the internet sort of Imaginary And you know and this idea of Transmission itself Is you know Hard to believe like it's Uh Uh you know it's easily could be Imaginary even when you experience it Sometimes it's so subtle I mean it's Sometimes it's more subtle than others And if you don't experience for it for a While it's just an idea And if you haven't gotten to a gathering For a while you're just a memory Like the experiences Maybe you know you can have a sitting That lasts maybe three months Or something like that or you know the Effects of it going to a gathering There's a there's an experience of You still are in it like you still are Feeling it and then it fades uh and That's how The massage Mark system is And I can see from the comments people Are like somebody asked me to explain Individual sitting to them I think I did That like three different times In videos on the you know the it's a the Gratefulness meditation has just

Limits limits limited amounts of Um content right There's a thousand subscribers the Videos are good the views are getting You know videos are getting couple Hundred views each much smaller Channel Than my other two channels And people that are there you know some Of them are there for Uh it would be in a backup Channel Which you know I have in case the other Two channels go down for some reason Um I'd like to deal that was part of the Original intent but then of course there Was a larger intent here of being able To put up this content and it was Supposed to be an ad-free Channel But Google's running ads on it which is You know a whole nother thing because My other monetized channels are Receiving you know so it's like you know The right now that the ads on the Channel I don't want them to run on uh Whatever so there's just all those Things But putting the time in to go and find The books And invest in the practice you know it's Not going to happen right away for People Because it just won't there's a proving Time for The system right there you have to you Know it has to you have to prove it

Works for you you have to get invested In it until you're invested in it you Don't you know you have to become Somewhat passionate about it And not that many people do And you know the crime of what dodgy Stood And the people around them is they have Taken away that passion for people right Or at least um you know made it A little bit uh you know taking a wind Out of people's sails a little bit even If they're still passionate about the System You know Dodges robbed that of them To whatever extent some of the energy For that right and You know I like I said whether it's a Plan or not the only issue I would say Of it being a plan is It's like not that great you know There's people who do the system and Love it it's their number one thing and I don't know what that is five thousand People ten thousand people I don't know how many people it's like You know it's different levels of that Right But committed preceptors who did good Work You know practitioners of the system That volunteered and you know went to Every Gathering and spent their time Spending time with the master of the

System or going to gathers at ashrams And they look forward to doing that and That was you know that was their big Thing And that's gone to whatever extent like Some people yeah it's still maybe They're a little bit with dodgy but The energy isn't there like they're They're going on whatever memory and Hope or whatever it is Um you know and I can't speak for each Person's experience but it's definitely Less than But before it wasn't that great right Like it was always at risk of falling Because people were you know flawed I Mean there's people who are very Passionate about size Margaret did lots Of damage bad preceptors who are into it But just their personalities and their Egos I mean so it was already not great Like in under master charity was You know relying on him so much like Just for him to To fix things and you know discipline And you know keep the keeps the energy For the the right way of doing things Um and so like I wouldn't have expected As part of a plan That they would put a dope in there like You know at this point of the game Because You know it wasn't stabilized enough it Wasn't

You know Master charge you said that If it gets up to like 33 34 of the Population one third of the population 33 Point whatever That It becomes automatic like it takes about One-third And that could be like in that City or Uh you know in whatever area Um world population we had India Whatever it might be Local centers But it gets up to a certain number of People And it will never fade away it will just Continuously grow and You know it just takes like some Percentage of the the population Critical mass is what he said I'm not Sure if it's 30 it might be less than That but they need some level of Critical mass and we are so far away From critical mass You know of people and it you know it's Different than people trying it people Doing it for whatever reason or people Who are into it And so you know that's the the Difficulties with the gracefulness Meditation that's the The problem that that's there and you Know I I can't fix it like I can't You know bring back all of what was There before

You know it's just beyond my Capabilities Uh in terms of you know all these things There is certainly more convenience in Receiving the transmission On the internet it just it's easier to Do it from your home I I love that part About it and it's you know and it's Um You might not be able to go to Sasson Someday But you could do it from home like the Travel time and the all the effort it Takes or things are going on in your House you know you don't have a Like a babysitter or something you know Whatever it might be Uh you know you used to be able to bring Kids so that was you know but whatever By whatever reason You might not be able to go to satsod Did somebody a preceptor's house you Could now do it You know like just like Zoom calls have Made things easier and more convenient But there needs to be extra discipline Like if you're working at home it's so Easy not to work like it's so easy not To Do what you're supposed to do And that's what you know the discipline Has to be there and the effort and Energy from people has to be there But anyways the first three individual

Cities our playlist is up I'll make the Videos public later I put the playlist In the introductory video up so people Watch the introduction And get into the playlist from there People are going to have to probably Open the videos separately from the Playlist the playlist is just there to Organize things not to Play it consecutively in the same day You don't need to play the introduction And then Watch the first three videos that are Supposed to be for three separate days You know and people will do the cities Whatever way they do it and you know and I mean it's beyond my control but Hopefully they'll work to doing them in The right way like one sitting a week You know put up an intensive three In one day and eventually I'll be able To You know give cities by regret By Request When I get through all this stuff um You know if people really feel like they Need an individual City they can leave a Comment I can give them one You know from here just you know not Timed out not like a you know we do it At the same time or whatever But when there could be requests for Them and then people can use the cities That are on the

You know the what the uh You know the thing there the you know The the um the YouTube channel And it's there for people and there's Videos explain how do you get the books And do these things Books are online and you know I'd like Some sort of community uh situation in The future but You know that have to be like uh I mean In-person Community but also Online community and you know that can Be Something we work on you know next phase Or whatever it is for people could talk About it and you know share resources And share their experiences or whatever They are Answering each other's questions and you Know I can Go go through it once in a while um you Know just I'm already kind of Overwhelmed by the comments section of Videos and things Uh but you know It's just going to be up to people and In the past people have Come up short like you know most of them But of course there's some You know Superstars that just do it the Right way and you know whatever it is Um you know then there's people who are Kind of in the middle some someone like Me who you know they're into it they do

It but you know there could be they Could do better But they you know I I get it I you know I get it done I do enough right And I think that's you know pretty much What we can hope for From people you know Like just good enough to Do enough to um You know keep it going And we're just gonna have to see like is This gonna have to be um You know it's just gonna have to play Out You can't expect Dodge to do something He could never do Like he just wasn't in him like he never Was going to be On a personality level On the level of chargey and Babaji and Lology the thing is with you know what I Experienced this with chargie They just got things done you know there Was no Self-hatred like there was no um When people self-sabotage right You find that most people Well are allergic to success like when They get success They um You know they Do something to sabotage it Whether it be in relationships Or in their career or in their spiritual

Life whatever you know is going on They get something good they feel like They don't deserve it and they get Dissatisfied with it and they sabotage You and they wreck it right especially People who are Spiritual nature like sociopaths do well In our system Narcissist and sociopaths Because they don't have any doubt that They deserve at least on a you know on a Deeper level they do and oftentimes They're self-sabotage you know as it Goes on But their Consciousness you know their Their you know they've shielded away any Possibility of doubt in themselves and In the in in the process of what they're Doing And they just move forward 100 percent Achieving their goals Uh selfish goals you know and then later On the self-sabotage maybe kicks in but They don't have a conscience or they Don't have uh you know a sense of doubt They don't have a sense of uh you know Uh guilt or something like this and People are spiritual do More sensitive and so oftentimes they'll You know punish themselves or they'll You know do things to Sabotage their whatever it is right There Progress in their happiness and things

And there's just weaknesses there that Come out when you're trying to achieve Something And they're just there and you know There's a guy this guy uh Mr P you know this guy he wrote a book With charge he was always around him you Had a colorful personality And he quit and he was talking to me About Quitting and he said you know he had his Reason for quitting whatever it was you Know to do with frustration with The system or whatever it might be like This guy had access to charge he he Wrote a book you know such Mark Companion which was interviews with Chargie uh you know he's a writer and You know he he works as a school teacher Or something but he had a very colorful Personality And chargie said well It's because you know there's there's Some sort of I I don't want to call it I don't think Charge you would use the term self-love Like a lack of self-love or whatever it Is or you know some part of him hated Himself right And his reason for quitting was Something different but you know he Found a reason to quit because he didn't Think he deserved it you know he didn't Deserve a you know whatever it was you

Know I knew he was he had an abusive Relationship with his ex-wife and you Know the guy I think he was drinking And you know even I mean very recently And now the guy most recently I just I Unfriended him on Facebook Because he was obsessed with Donald Trump In a negative way all he posted was like His obsession and Taking down Trump and it was weird like You know a guy who was Um I mean he could just walk in and Said you know sit with charge anytime he Wanted he had complete access And you know I mean and now he's just getting drunk And You know angry and bitter and you know Focused on Trump and some stupid stuff Right he's got really stupid too The guy I think his wife left him he's Just you know whatever But there's some self-hatred there you Know I was doing this um EFT emotional Freedom technique where you would tap on These points you know when I first Started doing truthy counseling the First phase of pockets of the future And I needed you know some Techniques or whatever to use in the System as exploring techniques and there Was this thing called DFT and I made a Hard centered EFT I I brought in some of

The hard points the hard Meridian points But EFT was you tap on a one of the Points in a Meridian like somebody who Has Panic attacks there was a when it first Started there was a guy who It wasn't called DFT at first but this Guy was a A You know some sort of psychotherapist Counselor and he had just um Started looking into acupuncture Acupressure And this woman was claiming it was Having um Uh a panic attacks around water And she said yeah she felt something in Her gut so we had her tap underneath the Eye And say an affirmation like I was just Playing around and it relieved her of Her phobia like she went home and she Had went swimming or whatever right she Was just Like you know that was the beginning of It it worked for some people But I was doing it with my ex like she You know And she complained about Like her whenever she was married she Complained about The spouses not taking care of her her Husband's not taking care of her Financially or whatever

And so it was obviously a thing that she Did like she created And sabotaged you know the The economic whatever She wanted she just had a need to be Impoverished she in her family she was Given less resources you know grew up in A rich family And so I said well why don't you tap With this You know idea that your husband's Successful whatever it is right like uh You know a mantra And she said I don't think anybody who Was successful would be married to me Right like it was You know a moment of truth right so if There was and didn't run with that like All right well let's explore that and Figure that out right like she wanted To complain she wanted to be a victim Like that was you know and DFT didn't Always work in fact it was you know I Found it to be um You know I I used it and I don't know How much it worked or didn't work I used Acupressure though now I've been you Know doing that which is very helpful Um you know for physical issues and you Know whatever but um because that Stuff's real and the afd can work a Little bit but it's uh you know whatever It might be But people it was a good way to expose

Something If you were tapping on something and Saying a mantra If you didn't believe it could happen or Didn't want it to happen or it made you Nervous you know people are are nervous About success right And you know they they want Like something you know in their Relationships or their their careers That maybe punishes them or you know Like whatever they think they deserve Right And with charity There was none of that there was a Hundred percent Focus on achievement of the goals If he If he was sure that he was supposed to Do something for Babaji Spiritually he would just get it done There was no sense of you know Self-doubt and things I mean there's Things he said in his Diaries Where he expressed himself down and Things like that But it didn't show up in his performance He would just get it done And it was 100 effective right just you Know being around somebody like that who Just you know whatever had to be done he Would execute his duties perfectly And you know I saw it and you know People saw it even more who around them And it was just an unknown thing and you

Know Babaji in a similar way on the Spiritual plane There was no doubt or resistance or Whatever I mean there's some like you know Interactions where he was You know a little bit of he had been Chastised by Swami Vivekananda or you Knowology a little bit you know very Very seldomly but he would just do what God told him to do and he would you know 100 like I was talking about the walking Up the stairs like he had to get it done He got it done There was no failure there was no you Know Question of it and there was no doubt There was complete faith you can fleece Faith in God complete faith in his You know ability to do what was needed To be done right and it's faith in God Was more than anything else 100 faith And so we see that you know whether Doubts might have creeped in or whatever It wasn't reflected in their performance And you know you see what the dodgy is Just a failure like he just he does he's He can't get it done well whatever doubt There is whatever you know and you can't Fault the guy for not being smart like Not being you know I think he was Smarter I don't know if Something's Happened physically I don't know you Know but

Like he's not smart now like when he Talks you know he gives these talks and He looks like oh my God I just nailed it Like he'll you know when you're In a position to be a teacher or a coach Let's say you get hired as a head coach And you come in and the players are Expecting you to play a certain role and You have to step into that role where You're maybe yelling at them whatever it Is that you know that people expected a Coach you know like when you become a Father You're not a father to yourself you Don't call yourself dad right you're a Father to somebody else your kids And you're you know you're not a father To everybody right like when you you Know you play a role you're playing that Role for other people But you don't think you're that role Like the masters of the system didn't Call themselves The Master They had a master right like you know It's a it's a role you play for other People you Embrace that rule and you Know when you're a spiritual Guru or Teacher people expect you to know things And you come in with a sense of you know This is how it is and then you have to Be able to and dodgy has created that But When he says stuff it's like what are You talking about right like yo they're

Sad famous Blogio my father says right Um You know like and it was like funny like These things established a little bit Racist or whatever A little bit out of touch and they made A TV show about it and I said you know I Could do that with you know my Guru Says right should I in my spiritual you Know whatever it is like that could be Dodgy because he just he doesn't deliver Like the things his you know his answers And you know his positions on covid and Just decisions he's made and not Following through on things and making Proclamations and saying that we're Going to get 20 million 40 million views When they get you know less than a Million You know whatever I mean they didn't Even come close to a million and so you Know 10 million new people starting In this region you know coming up with These goals that are unrealistic and Can't be achieved and then the means in Which he does it right then just he Tries something else like he he doesn't Stick to a method in the the true Essence of the system and use The energy and the you know Powers at His disposal He just tries to copy other people and What they're doing in their systems it's

Not working because those systems aren't You know they don't have transmission They're inferior right so you know like So the guy just doesn't have it and and You know I don't know I don't think he Ever was going to be as great as the Other bastards but you know he could be Uh Steward of you know placeholder he Didn't have to be You know dynamic or you know whatever he Could just be you know uh a person who You know keeps it going right nada you Know he's not he doesn't have to have That you know whatever energy that Set him apart right and he could be the Guy who just puts it on other people Right like he's like all right you no Longer can rely on the master to do Everything you guys have to step up and That would have been fine it would have Been in fact appropriate it was time for That right like you know he wasn't going To be another charity who could Micromanage and do everything But you know he just didn't like he just You know He just doesn't have that in him that You know Get it done like just the spiritual you Know the faith the 100 faith in uh you Know the willingness to be you know uh I Mean not willingness to you know the Will force to to make things happen and Have faith in the system and and deliver

Like he just doesn't deliver and charge He always deliver I mean you know anytime I um had any Experience of him and things that I am Aware of personally or just you know his Story he just you know was successful All the time Whatever he tried with whatever he Attempted would would be successful Whereas um you know Because dodgy was talking about all the Charges failures But you know like I don't know what he Was watching right because the rest of Us can see that you know doji's failing I mean people want to see In ways of charge he never did like Charge you just when he attempted Something it was successful right You know it's everything that he does he Ends up quitting he quits so many things He starts things doesn't finish him and You know he doesn't stick with things And you know he tries things that are Obviously wrong because he quits them Right because if it's the right thing to Do you don't quit it and that's the Other thing And so that doesn't exist anymore this Idea of the master just you know getting Things done you can rely on him You can put things in front of them and You know he'll do the work and he'll Step up and prove himself to you like

Dodgy just doesn't do that Uh you know at least to for most of us But he thinks he does like it's a Performative thing where he gets up and Everyone expects him to be a guru you Know he's won the Bouchon party He's won that Award right Um and so you know and he's acknowledged By Modi and these other people now you Know all these people and the famous People and you know diaper Baba the Partnerships and things like that And so you know you see them give these Answers and he looks like hey I just Nailed it right And they're not profound and some of the Things that he says He's you know saying things that are From Charlie and Babaji and lology and You know the Divine hierarchy whatever It is Their teachings already that exist and He's butchering them and he's getting Smug about it Like he's just saying things that are Profound But I've heard them delivered you know Some of the stories he tells and things Now I tell the same stories and I'm a Better Storyteller and I'm a better you Know you know personality for these Things But I know that they're not my stories Right they're they're not my

Insight right you know I had my own Realization about them But they were brought into Consciousness By Babaji and you know chargie and these Other Masters in the system or you know Their their stuff that I'm Channeling as I speak right so like you Know there's an awareness that it's you Know not some like thing I could Swagger About like I just nailed it I mean it's Good when you when you were able to Perceive things and you have an epiphany But that Epiphany is coming from Somewhere else it's not you know there's You can be you know I don't say proud But feeling good about yourself that you Realize things and you're you know it Feels good to expand your consciousness But there's always needs to be some Humility that is coming through you And it's the connection to these higher Etheric elements that are past teachers Either through their you know teachings Or the the etheric experience that it Comes through you intuitionally or Something That it's there's some humility and Dodgy has this look on his face like I Just nailed it you know and he's I mean He knows he can't really appeal to Higher developed souls and you know People were Beyond him because he's Somehow Fallen you know he's not as good As he was before

He's going for stupid people religious People people without the ability for Abstract thought people did who didn't Experience the greatness of charging you Know these things right and so there's a Lack of something there They used to be there and it's not there And you know everyone has to figure it Out and deal with it for themselves Right But it just means you have to do more And that should be the motto of Gratefulness meditation that the Individual has to do more You know I have to do more you have to Do more Because you know the master the system Isn't doing it so along these lines I Want to wrap this thing up here and I'm Going to talk about this next week in Separate videos I don't know where I'm going to put the Video up I'll probably talk about it um My normal Channel and then um You know all the rest of these things um But Um you know I I just have to figure out Where the the best viewership is here at The Journey series but it takes too long you Know if I talk about it Here and then you know talking about the Beginning as opposed to the end you know It's not me not everyone makes it to the

End I think probably of these long Videos but anyways chargie's birthday is Coming up And there are spiritual work some of it I know Of it or I don't know how I was a Trained to do it but I know what was Done and sometimes I know a little bit Of how it was done But we can collectively do that work Like the master of the system would Start preparing the Gathering Would start cleaning the venue like Cleaning the place it's going to be Wherever it was you know if it's a Nostril maybe you know you'd already be Worked upon but it was in some place They were renting or whatever or you Know for each of us it would be our Homes And we could start collectively doing This work setting up for success Doing the spiritual work necessary Having intentions praying you know using Our Time during the night at 9 pm prayer and Then I'll talk about this more in Separate videos that we start preparing Ourselves to receive the transmission And be successful right removing Self-doubt and self-loathing and things There You know that are preventing us from Experiencing something like experiencing

Love experiencing You know God's grace or whatever it is Like people you know self-hatred and Guilt and things you know setting Intentions and collectively doing that You know for ourselves and other people And setting up for these gatherings that The master the system used to have to do Um and then we could do this from now on Hopefully I'll remember but at least We'll start here With charges first celebration which is Coming up on July 24th so today is June 30th I'm not sure how many days in June but You know it's going to be July soon and Then we can start you know we have three Weeks before The Gathering and um We can do that and now you know put up Reminders you know an inter Journey Series as well as you know I'll post the Audio here as well If I do something Um You know I I'll put it up on the the Other channel or whatever but we can Start preparing for The Gathering coming up and um you know That'll be a good thing for all of us to Do and contribute and participate in Um so yeah like that's You know it's a it's we're getting more Work and that's always a good thing

We're you know we're having to figure Out work because I don't know exactly How to do these things You know I do like for example Uh chargie and Babaji were in a plane And they were coming to America and Babaji said I want you to prepare the Places we're gonna go to And so charge you was supposed to clean Those areas like you saw a visual map of America and he used his will force to Spiritually clean those places and then Set up the well anybody who's there that Can benefit from the system Will somehow come in contact with us Like you know there's that guy Rob the Preceptor who Like he has been keeping diaries for Years And he realized you know that He started SCI smart like said say like In uh whatever 1980 or 90 or something But in 1970 Bobby went to Cleveland Where he lived and was in the same Library that he was in that day because He went back and checked his diary and He saw that you know he read something Where Bobby went to the the Cleveland Library And then he was like Hey I used to go There and he looked and he was on he was In the library the same day as Babaji But he didn't know about sci-fi Mark for 20 years later

This kind of thing like Bobby had gone To a number of states like he was in Connecticut where I was of course there Was the ashram I lived in Atlanta and Molina where charged he was you know so Um some of these places that Babaji went And charge he went I had been to you know at night maybe Not at the same time but you know Whatever it was right I was I was there In these places and these places were You know work was done so chargie was Looking at this map and cleaning this Area preparing for their Coming to America for this trip and and Bob G said Oh you did a good job but you missed This one thing and chargie you know says In his diary well then why don't you do It nobody you know is being trained Everybody's being trained how to do it Right and I don't have that training Like none of us do But we can you know set intentions and Just have this idea that you know even If we don't know what we're doing that The work will come through us On a spiritual level be open to being You know conduits and you know vectors For this work to be accomplished to make This Gathering go smoothly doing the Work that the master used to do and Getting the opportunity to participate In that so that's a good thing so I'll Talk about that in the next week or so

Um but you know for now only Spirituality will save this world this Spa Romano definitely important for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day And be grateful

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