Journey 108

Journey 108

Okay greetings brothers and sisters I Had some leftover thoughts from my last Journey series And I've completely forgot them I have now a proper amount of oxygen I think I was just a little bit low in My oxygen level And it's helped in my meditations and And pretty much everything I'm pretty Happy about that so that was a A good addition Um It's interesting that when you go to the Mountains You often are able to find a good uh you Know It's more spiritual in terms of your Ability to connect to God and be Meditative and all of it right and it's Low oxygen the higher you go in the Mountains the less oxygen there is of Course there's that what used to be the Great ashraman side coal that Master Charge you created in the Himalayas But it's you know definitely beneficial To be more I don't know Um just in terms of being lighter like I Find that like that's when I get the Headaches and you know uh When I have less oxygen or sometimes I Wake up in the morning and I haven't It breathe in properly or whatever in a Deep sleep or in a weird position Everything since covered and when you

Have enough oxygen you feel lighter and Better I mean it's just like so much uh It was also it's similar to being Dehydrated I mean even in more on a more Subtle level But the same thing when you're Dehydrated it's very hard to Connect spiritually it makes you you Know more solid more uh you know all of It right and so um that happened I've Been doing little hits of these canned Oxygen for the last three days and it's You know it's just made everything Better Um The dodgy truther sent me something That was about his um His latest Um Foray that he's doing here this Pro this Uh proselytizing thing that he did in The north uh West part of India where he Had preceptors buy microphones I showed you the the clip this guy sent Me a microphone and a speaker and they Go out to rural Villages and they rant About heartfulness And you know these people have to drive Out there at their expense and do all This work trying to bring in I don't Royal people rural people from Farming Villages you know they failed in The cities which I'll talk about in a little bit

And he sent me a video from this past Sunday I must been on June 11th Or a 10th or whatever That didn't go out on their YouTube Channel but it was an address to abiasis And it's on the sagemarg video page Of dodgy speeches you know and a lot of The stuff that's very concerning is over There Like he doesn't put it up on YouTube and It's less public But he put it up here and you know I Watched it I wasn't going to cover it But he said things that Are a part of the story I've you know The narrative I've already been covering Here The whole thing with the trying to bring In 10 million people by June 20th or 21st or whatever it is a solstice But also there's a sideways confirmation That he's lying About The birthdays can't being canceled Which I'll get to it's pretty obvious Like you have to you know put the pieces Together but they're not hard to fit Right they're right there so let's get Into it here Congratulations to All our volunteers Who made these Movement A grand success

Indian Is gaining its momentum Almost 30 000 Villages have been covered In madhya Pradesh Totally 52 000 villages Almost 7 000 Villages cannot be Reach or assess accessed Because of the distances they are far Out into the Forests So our Target is 45 000. Even The politicians are surprised how We are able to cover so many villages in Such a short time say Okay so there was a wipe there right a You know where they do the fade it's a It's a Wi-Fi almost often used between Video segments where there's a fading From One Clip to the other And so there's a break in his talk Now this guy who sent it to me Said that dodgy said um That there was 86 000 lakhs No yeah lack is um or 86 lakhs which is A hundred thousand So that would put them at 8.6 million Um People he says here we've reached out to More than 86 lakhs individuals across 30 Villages

Now it seems like they edit it out The 86 Lacks But this guy probably heard it live I Don't know you know I don't know where He's getting these numbers because it's It's not in this talk but there is that Break Where dodgy was talking And they edited something out And so it might have been where dodgy Claimed that they had connected with Uh eight eight million six hundred Thousand people And these numbers aren't right like They've exaggerated well first dodgy's Goal was 10 million which is ridiculous There's not 10 million people in that Area that are going to start And they're not going to start because Somebody brings a speaker and a Microphone Out it starts ranting on their car and You know there's not 10 million people In the mission already And so I don't know how many preceptors Went out there But let's say It was I mean I don't even know how many Preceptors there are But let's say it was three thousand Right Went to some part in India And you know in these rural villages

And was going around talking to people There's no way to document I mean they could write down away went To 10 villages There's no way to document to see this Actually happen like everyone could Exaggerate just to say that they did More than they did like there's no way To prove that they were at these places You know unless they submitted photos And there's no way to prove that there's 8.6 million people who are contacted By these preceptors I mean it's a Phenomenal amount of people like I Showed you the video before where this Guy's just out there and there's more Animals than there are people I think There's more farm animals than there are People and he's just out there in some Dusty you know dirt road with a bunch of People walking by not paying him any Mind and you know it's just a failure And so we know that the numbers are Always exaggerated but later we'll be Able to prove that they are or dodgy Proves it for himself We'll get into that in just a second Here And Our hearts go out in the appreciation And the admiring In that relation in gratitude The way they have come out And continues actually it's not the end

Of it I do feel that we have to Go beyond 21st of June 21st of June was Our Target When having worked so hard Approaching all these villages Making people meditate Making people meditate right How did you make how do you make them Meditate right like it's been a you know If this actually happened If they went to 33 000 Villages or Whatever it was Then it would take an extraordinary Effort on people who have jobs and Families who are not from that region There's not that many preceptors from That region So it takes all these volunteers people Going up there and doing this work and I Don't think they had You know that many people doing it like They didn't have ten thousand whatever It was But it costs them money and time and all These things for something that was Never supposed to happen There was never supposed to be this Level of recruiting and I'll get into How it was supposed to be done But he says we made them meditate like You could tell the people weren't into It in the video that I saw

This thing kind of this thing doesn't Work right when somebody goes out and Starts preaching on the sidewalk with a With a bullhorn and just turns people Off I mean you know just a bad idea And there was no way they were going to Get A thousand or ten thousand or you know Fifteen thousand never mind a million or 10 million as dodgy wanted I mean it's Just like a a joke right And then there was this last part here I think there should be some continuity We should not just drop it and say now You're on your own We should I think those volunteers who Had been to certain some villages They should I think adopt those Villages Spiritually And look after those villages in the Spiritual way That's really his job right But you know you have to make preceptors In the local area I just this is a disaster like the Master of the system is the best person To transmit to areas And to clean An area clean and you know a city or a Village or a you know a country or Whatever prepare it for Spiritual work In babaji's day that's how we brought People to him he transmitted to out Throughout the world and then called

People to him Whereas dodgy is going out there and Sending preceptors or people who maybe Don't even know that much about the true Sage Mark literature or whatever they're Doing this weird thing called Heartfulness going door to door And trying to recruit people and it's Not working Royal people they're very uh you know You know in many cases ignorant people People are they haven't had the proper Amount of protein in their diet their Limited brain development uneducated you Know nice people pure people but not the Kind of people that in most cases are Going to do Heartfulness you know so Sage Marg the Way it used to be And it's failing like you said all these Failures and he keeps on going against The way that Babaji and chargie did Things right But here's the telling part where You know his lies start catching up to Him he starts Uh you're going against things that he Said I don't know how many of you are aware Commemorating 130 years Of Swami vivekananda's participation at World religious conference At Chicago in 1893 we will be Hosting a similar event here

Under the Direct support Of Ministry of culture India It'll be a great thing Instead of we calling it as a religious Congress We will call it as World spiritual Conclave Okay so this is the first part of the LIE Now he says a few things that aren't Factually accurate that are also here so There's four or five This is exposing what he said about Chargie's birthday in babaji's birthday Because he's now having this big Conference that he's going to later on Say that is going to have Two lacks of people 200 000 people and His big complaint about charges and Babaji's birthdays were that there were Um You know going to be too many Masters in The future and too many birthday Celebrations but it was really only Going to be four And I read The Whispers of the brighter World messages that said it was only Going to be four You know that there would be four Cardinal points and that would be it But he you know went against all these Things that were said about how uh Wonderful these gatherings were and how

Important was to celebrate them on the Birthday And it says here this is what he's Writing about here This meeting was organized as a part of A joint planning for the world spiritual Conclave to be held zakana Shantae vonam Ashram in the first week of August And many participants from all over the World join the call Jaji expressed his joy to see so many of Them the first meeting and read out the Letter issued by minister of culture of Government in India was jointly Organizing the conclave along with Heartfulness And dodgy said we all know the world is Also knows very well that the next Revolution is going to happen is a Spiritual Evolution which I agree with But powerfulness is no longer spiritual All the alike-minded organizations are Striving to establish a unified Consciousness one level of Consciousness They're not doing that you know They're not doing that religions and Spiritual organizations are all in it For themselves Are working towards bringing about Unity Through various practices that which That each one offers again he says each One of us is a very special position to Teach techniques methodologies know-how And philosophy and for all our inherited

Knowledge that we share with one and all This will be the platform So he's trying to combine Sagemarg with all these other things But Again so first let's go back to the date Here So the date is the first week of August Now that's right after when chargi's Birthday should be celebrated on July 24th which you're going to skip So instead of celebrating chargie's Birthday they're going to celebrate Viva Cananda's speech That he gave in Chicago there's this Story of how Swami Vivekananda who is You know in a way a part of the sagemarg Lineage not in a way he Interacted intercommune with Babaji many Times and also the medium he's one of The most influential people who wasn't a Sagemarg master In the system but we don't celebrate his Holiday even though he is a part of the System And dodgy has a thing for him where he Was talking about his gurus but he Mentioned Swami Vivekananda by name and That talk that I covered last time And so this speech that um That Vivekananda gave at age 30 in the United States in 1893 at one of these It's the world's parliament of religions In the Chicago World's Fair

Was on October 11th and so they're not Celebrating the anniversary when it's Supposed to be celebrated and that's Because dodgy's birthday is going to be Celebrated At the end of September and they don't Want to interfere with that that this Other thing would be 11 days later I Just had Wicked Deja Vu about all this Stuff You know like a whole segment of deja vu That lasted for about two minutes But they're not going to crap all over Dodgy's birthday By having this you know this mega event That he says is going to have two lacks Of people And so you know he could have easily Celebrated chargie's birthday Because it'll go on to talk about the Numbers in a bit But he's lying about Babaji Intercommuting with him because this has Nothing to do with sahaj Marg and you Know all of it like it's just a complete Lie right that he would have this Mega Gathering that's not even on the proper Anniversary it involves the government And other organizations and the Prime Minister which he'll get into in a Moment so he's just out and out lying Here about chargie's birthday because it Was such a hassle to have these big Gatherings that he says only has 40 000

People which we'll see in a second but Let's watch that now Almost 300 Various spirituals have come forward and Registered themselves that they would be Coming here We expect At least 2 lakhs Individuals To come to our ashram and witness the Program The event will be inaugurated by Honorable prime minister of India SRI Narendra Modi Ji And many other dignitaries will also be Present My request to all the kanha residents See when we have 300 Representative from various Organizations we don't have 300 Rooms hotel rooms So I would recommend people can at least Volunteer at his one bedroom two bedroom All the entire apartment if they can So that we can Grant Hospitality offered To all these visitors No apartment should be empty And when we do host Where yes Gurus or leaders Or directors of various organizations And help them in our residence

Will give us the chance of sharing Who We Are It will give us chance to share with us Our philosophies our practice and who Knows They might even start And this is how I feel It may play a major role In bringing all Sorts of spiritual system With various philosophies to come Together And we can thus fulfill The dreams the vision of babuji Maharaja Those who are Reading Whispers on a daily basis or Regularly They would know That babuji is saying that all the World's religious spiritual movements Will come together and the one umbrella Will be at the center of it I feel this is just the beginning of it We have a There's a smattering of lame Applause There But what he said there is just an out Now deception Babaji never said that I've read all the Whispers and again it's hard to remember All of them because I've read thousands Of them but he's never said anything About all the religions Coming together in size mark

He never said incorporating all the Other religions and spiritual Organizations now dodgy has acted in Such a way that America and Europe are Going to want no part of them Like he's you know the people who are There Um you know I've been purging out This um on Facebook I've been getting Rid of I started to do that when I was Talking to him in my last journey series Of getting rid of Facebook friends who You know are into dodgy or just I don't Know them never met them they often Post In foreign languages right And so it's people I was friends with Who are abiasis that you know because of Doing gratefulness and and all the stuff With dodgy I'm not you know it's there's Just dead weight and once in a while They post something about heartfulness And you know I don't need to see that But I was looking through a lot of my Friends and seeing if they Posted anything on heartfulness a lot of These obvious and they're not posting They're not doing any posting at all In fact there's one thing with um I saw Mr S I unfriended Mr s about two Months ago but someone was friends with Him and I used to get entertained by Mr S's page and I'll come back to that After I cover this year I sent out of my I sent it to my wife who had a great

Laugh at his new business scheme right But most of the people aren't posting Things on heartfulness like they're Ashamed of it they're not posting it on Social media In fact I was surprised that some of These people were seemed to be hardcore Into dodgy aren't posting his videos Aren't posting announcements And so that isn't even happening right But this fraud that he's perpetrating That Babaji wanted to bring all these Religions in so this is the latest Message from Whispers of the brighter World And see if this aligns with what dodgy's Saying about Babaji here this is Saturday July 24th 1999 this is chargie's birthday In this Old Europe one tends to mix Everything up The word sect has become a taboo The meaning of the word itself is Distorted the media do much harm by Speaking about things which they do not Know and by lumping all spiritual Ways together like as Cults this was Happening in France at the time where Tom Cruise ended up going and changing Their minds where they're they're Putting all these um organizations on a List Of Cults and there was a bad divorce That happened between a preceptor and

Her husband and the husband went Ballistic and he started his own website And you know I've talked about this guy Before and he and other people advocated For size Mark to be put on this cult List and eventually it was taken off And so this is what Bobby's referring to Religion even among non-participants Still greatly influences Minds There is what is official there is that Is to say institutionalized and Therefore Respected respectable religions and There is what is not official not Institutionalized and therefore to be Rejected That's what he's talking about these Movements that are spiritual These movements were supposed to Supposedly not good for human beings are Then to be hunted down without even Knowing what they are all about the word Sex produces a real psychosis quite Specific to Europe and France in Particular whereas religions that have Not not done only good in the past and Even nowadays are accepted Where religions that have not done only Good you know he means that they've done Bad as well In the past even nowadays are accepted That is the way in so many centuries of Power over people's minds Can't just be swept away

The teachings of the Past Masters who Have marked Humanity have been distorted And utilized by the powers of money and Personal thirst for power he's slamming Organized religion which he's done so Much Such as the world everything is dirtied These Masters gave moral code a code of Life spotless and beautiful Entirely oriented towards the Creator And the creature How many crimes were committed in the Name of those teachings consider all That and see the Simplicity of what you Have found on this path And his contribution to our life Babaji Now there's a chapter that is called Religion And to be very very beginning of reality At dawn babaji's maybe some ways is his Best book or his most prolific book And it condemns religion the way it is Now And there was no thought of All these organizations merging into Sagemarg or seismarg incorporating these Organizations and their practices and Their rituals you know things like where Don say when Christianity made Easter And the solstices which dodgy is you Know this thing that dodgy is doing ends On the summer solstice on the 21st and You know these holidays in Christianity Christmas is the winter solstice it's

You know uh December 21st and they moved It to the 25th but that's not Jesus's Real birthday And Jesus didn't die on Easter These Are Pagan holidays that they brought into Christianity right the Easter Bunny the Goddesses store Easter Esther whatever Name is Um was a pagan god goddess who you know Had this stuff with a bunny who laid Eggs it's a whole story right it has Nothing to do with Christianity but it's Now the big holidays are Christmas and Easter and some of these other holidays Christ's birth and death are pagan Holidays because they couldn't get the Pagans to celebrate Christian holidays You understand this the same way that They can't get people to celebrate Babaji's and charges birthdays because They don't really know them or they'd Meet them or you know whatever but They're not you know famous they're not Like Jesus or Buddha or these other Masters right and so dodgy is claiming That Babaji said that at some point all These religions would join size Mark and There'd be Unity amongst them and sajma Would be at the center but all these Other you know religious people and Organizations would be a part of it and These people who are running these Organizations are never going to Bow Before dodgy

They're never gonna you know submit to Him and say that he's greater than they Are they all making money though many of Them are corrupt I mean you know he's Corrupting they're all corrupt he's a Very it's a corrupt country and he's Bringing in these corrupt governmental Politicians Indy has one of the worst Corrupt governments and bureaucracy and He's bringing all this corruption all This religious corruption into kanha to Celebrate Swami vivekananda's American Talk You know when he was 30 years old that They're not even celebrating on its Anniversary Because they you know they can there's An opening where it used to be charges Birthday celebration they're sticking at The end of August instead of putting it Near dodgy's birthday which would wreck It and so the whole thing's a lie right Dodgy's just completely lying here and He says to these people if you've been Reading Whispers well what what if they Have are they going to believe what Dodgy says over what they've been Reading because Bobby's never said that This is going to happen there's never Going to be emerging with these groups Right We have a major role to play In uniting all the systems And thus

Uniting the humanity we have a greater Role If we miss this moment I don't know I Don't say that it may not repeat But it will be nice if we can have it Under our wings during our lifetime Two lakhs people will be you know having Walking during these three days It's not like our people coming here and Staying for three days which is only Forty thousand thirty thousand Imagine the numbers of cars coming And going So there he just destroyed his argument For getting rid of charge his birthday Because he says average 30 40 000 people That's a an exaggeration they always Make the numbers bigger than they are Right But it's probably ten or fifteen Thousand at most right and you know the Numbers are down probably since chargie Was president and mastered in terms of The birthday Gatherings he said that People can't take time away to travel so Much and come there for all these Gatherings it's too much stress on the Ashram and the people there and there's Just too many of these gatherings and Now he's having a gathering for somebody Who you know is in valsage Market isn't A master it's not celebrating his Birthday And they're bringing in governmental

Officials and other religious leaders Who have their own cronies you know he's Tried this before when he tried to steal All those Farmers from tuktuji saying Turkey moved merged at him I mean he Does this stuff like he he tries these Things and it never works like he's Never able to to pilfer these other People who do these other religions Maybe these people aren't ready for Sage Morgan and now there is no size Bargain the transmission is gone so you Know what is he have to offer that's any Different than what they what they're Getting you know a big giant ashram Everything is centered around the ash From now right is a big venue where they Can have concerts and celebrities and Politicians and people come there and You know they can house a lot of people But it's you know fraudulent because It's this it's a transmission that's the Reason for the offers and it's lacking And dodgy is lacking he's trying to you Know work some way where there's a Coming together where all these other Organizations turn their people over to Him and they're never going to buy into Them it's failed already because dodgy Can't win over people who are already Doing size mark I mean they're not as enthusiastic even If they're sticking with him a lot of People I'm sure have left many more have

Doubts it's you know starting to implode On them how's he going to bring in People who you know have never felt Size Market its best right they're just Feeling a deluded version of it where Dodgy is watering it down and bringing In other people and other systems and Lying about it like you're saying oh we Got to get rid of Charlie's birthday Because there's too much you know it's Too much on everybody that he he books Another big Gathering you know he's Bringing in Modi which means I have to Bring in the police and the Army and They'll have to Frisk people and you Know they weren't able to when they were So-called 70 000 people at the Gathering That me and my family went to in 2020 The beginning of 2020 for babaji's uh For lagi's birthday celebration And the anniversary is like whatever 171st or 75th the 75th anniversary of The mission of Babaji making the mission Is the inauguration of the ashram so it Was a big gathering for these milestones And you know the toilets were Overflowing the place was kind of filthy And it was just too crowded and and then They brought the police in when they Brought the you know the guy who's Second the president the guy who's Second to the Prime Minister and he gave A speech he's a long time abiasi and They had to bring in all the police and

Security and it's just a complete drag Diaper Baba hijacked the Gathering and You know all these things right and so It's you know it's going to fail because Dodgy just fails he fails over and over Again then he just forgets about his Failure pretends it never happened Really It moves on to something else moves on Just fail and you know a new level But this is just an indication of him You know it's like you know he's saying Two things that can't coexist He's saying things that Babaji never Said he says things you know where he Bobs you in her commune and said don't Have the Babaji and charging birthday Gatherings but now he's having a swam of Vivekananda Gathering he's bringing Other people he expects people to give Up their their apartments and houses to These very important VIPs people to Treat them like royalty make them feel Great and at home and you know like you Know it's the old Indian Hospitality Which is a good thing but he's only Doing that and he's crapping all over These abiasis saying now you have to Take on these Villages and travel up There and you know if you've recruited All these people that you forced to Meditate right like it's just you know He's just imploding he's just a big Giant lie and deception and an absolute

Failure so I gotta stop here my voice is Going but you know this is it's just bad Like all these talks I'm glad I didn't Listen to all of them like I guess he Gives these quite regularly Um I can't listen to all of them because They're a real bummer like it's just an Absolute bummer what he's doing I mean it's uh you know sacrilege and to Bring babaji's name into something that Clearly Babaji you know didn't say and Never thought and you know he's just Making this up for his own his own needs Like what he's talking about distorting The teachings of the Masters that Religions have done that babji was Talking about that Whispers passage That's what dodgy is doing now that Whispers message which just came out Yesterday and this talk that came out The same day are describing what dodgy Is doing to Babaji and charity analology Anyways I'll continue on the next couple Days Okay so I had a little bit more I want To continue in with continue on with From yesterday I am you know I just want To get that thing done that I you know The voice over you you just heard Because of uh you know just timing Issues and all these things but there's More at the end of the day I was a Little bit tired So I didn't get everything in and my

Voice was going a little bit And so I you know I just completed a Long video for this Channel That's now Uh still in you know being refute to be Monetized You know these kind of things it was Like a whatever but Mr s you know I Talked about him quite a bit that he's Always around dodgy and I was friends With him on Facebook and he was always Uh like with whatever celebrity Politician or celebrity celebrity He had a picture with them On Facebook like he's a social climber And I heard horrible things about him You know in terms of uh you know he was Maybe possibly block blackmailing dodgy Or something I talked to the guy you know a senior Preceptor who started him right so he Was the you know he was this guy's Mentor And he said the guy was playing a dirty Game with dodgy I don't know what that Meant that dodgy had tried to discipline Him and fight him and things like this And not fight him but uh You know discipline him in some ways And he kept on coming back and you know And he's Prominent in all the things that are Going on he's into the celebrity stuff And he's just you know when you see him He does a lot of YouTube stuff he has

His own YouTube channel and he started It after I sent that voice over to dodgy About needing uh needing uh Influencers and I think like he was into It he thought he'd be a popular YouTuber And he's got a semi-successful business I don't know maybe successful I think He's a multi-millionaire so successful But I don't know why like he seems Really like a dope not good at things And so you know just like whatever Samskara is a dumb Locker you know being Around charity or whatever all these People With all these American Indian Businessmen that made it you know big in The Tech world and um whatever But he's had success in a business but It hasn't translated into a spiritual Life as a preceptor and certainly as a Member of the sort of upper echelon the Dodges regime And he runs the YouTube channel he was The guy who made all those horrible Videos like the suicide video and the And the rest of it right just running The system embarrassing The system and dodgy and you know dodgy Doing it to himself and all these things He's the one with the bad choices In all the videos and so I would see Things on his Facebook page He would post things like he wanted to

Be A business Guru a spiritual you know Like a spiritual business Guru some guy Um some other spiritual guy said um you Know a lamb uh a monk with a Lamborghini And he he stole that guy's quote and He was using it like a rich guy who's Also spiritual like a Satan and he's not Like he totally isn't and he isn't good At the business stuff either and he was Always posting stupid stuff on Facebook And I'd send it to my wife and and we Would have a laugh at it right we would Have a laugh about it but uh the other Day I was you know I've been part I've Been purging out by Heartfulness Facebook friends because There's just nothing there like we don't Share anything in common most of them I've never been or don't know And I realized like I you know I was Some of the people I knew a little bit More we've been friends for a while some Of them like would wish me a happy Birthday or something like that you know In the past And I would recognize them more than Some of the others and you know I didn't Want to just unfriend people if it was If they maybe they didn't you know they Weren't psyched about dodgy and I Started to look through it and then I You know it was the whole thing I did it Took me about maybe an hour

And I looked through all these uh these People Some of them were ones I already had Friended because they were you know we Had mutual friends and they weren't Posted anything on heartfulness no Announcements No videos like they're not into it They're embarrassed by it or you know They only are lukewarm and maybe nothing About dodgy and then you know like what Happened was I unfriended one I was Going to unfriend one guy and he said You have 45 mutual friends I said all Right I'll go look through all those 45 People Because they were all you know obvious Some guy from India and as I look Through them these are people I haven't Really recognized or know whatever it is I saw they weren't posted Um anything from heartfulness and then I Saw there were some senior people like Like Lola's grandson is in there like There's people who are old-time hobby Aussies or you know semi-famous And they weren't posted anything from Dodgy and there's all these people I've Already banned or unfriended not banned Unfriended and I you know I couldn't go Back and look what they posted but I bet They're not into it as well And so they're just um Like they see what's going on because

It's just gotten worse Over time and then I saw Mr s and I'm Like oh I wonder what he's up to so I go to his Facebook page and the first thing he has Posted it's one of his business schemes That he's running You know give gimmick he was trying to Get people to do his thing And it says Unleash Your entrepreneur Entrepreneurial success With the power of Epic friendships And then he um Has this thing That has to do with friends Embrace change like Ross Think outside the box with smelly cat Marketing that's a song from The show Friends you know that Phoebe Sang adopt Joey's entrepreneurial Mindset Streamlined operations like Monica add Humor like Chandler and harness the Power of friendships together will Conquer challenges and build a thriving Entrepreneurial community Now this guy is Not a personable person like he's not He's unlikable like he's got a very you Know smackable face and he's just one of Those guys That um you know I don't know if he even Has friends But that's like the weirdest thing ever

Right Think outside the box with smell like Smelly cart Smelly Cat marketing so he's Using The friends show And he's got a you know he's got a whole Thing there Um pictures of the French people With this stuff my Monica's Organizational Master me Mastery Streamline your business operations with Attention to detail and efficiently Planning Joey's entrepreneurial entrepreneurial Mindset like Joey's really stupid Embrace growth and continuously eating And take risks with confidence Smelly Cat marketing be creative like Phoebe and think outside the box the Capital Captivate your audience with Unique campaigns Like this is you know what he's trying To sell people that he's some sort of Business Jesus and using friends and It's just like you know whatever Um I'm gonna move on here But uh this is This is a person writing a comment great Insights on maintaining strong Relationships with External clients these tips are spot on And essential for any entrepreneur Effective communication Understanding the needs and providing

Exceptional customer service are key Ingredients was for Success so this is Somebody that's a fake account that he's Posted Um this person Is you know somebody who's like a part Of his team or whatever It's a you know business person That has their own Facebook business and This guy is a leading you know problem I Haven't talked about him in a while But in terms of the people making Decisions around dodgy and managing Things He's become dodgy's right hand man he's There At the front and center you can see him In the background At these events and he's the one you Know that's A contributor he's like a complete dope On top of everything else like he's just Totally incompetent he doesn't know how To connect to people like these weird You know that French thing is very Normal for him he had this one thing on Women And it was like tell him not to be so Emotional and you're like just like me Too stuff You know how women can Succeed in Business he's like stop being so Emotional be more like a man like it's Like this I think I said some of these

Things in the past But it shows you like the fall Of the system because that guy was Always around He was one of the people in Dodges in Charges Inner Circle And he was always around and he wasn't Given any real responsibility Uh when sharji was to master the system Like he was you know he wasn't Unleashed Right like he is now And he you know he didn't do much damage Like he wasn't Nobody like maybe liked the guy you know I mean I you know that much an opinion On him but no one had like a negative Opinion on the guy like he was some You know villain and he wasn't doing any Damage like he's doing now And this is you know another part of it Like you have to You know be able to evaluate talent and Put people in the position so that They're going to succeed in in charge he Was a master at that like he was a Master at everything he was just good at It and dodgy you know has failed in These things and you can see that There's this You know ripple effect like you know and Just There was a flow to it because when You're doing God's work People just step up and if they don't

Step up they step down and somebody else Comes in right or you know your firearm Or whatever it is But people would just rise to the Occasion And things would end up going smoothly And Flow And it just doesn't happen under dodgy Because he's disconnected right And it's a you know good example of like I mean uh you know things that we all Took for granted under charging And how bad it's gotten how quickly it's Gotten horrible you know in this I mean He's canceled these pandaras which I Know no one's happy about and most of The people are charging people Very few of the people left are Babaji People who You know who you know kind of accept or Tolerate charity Because they're all older and they've Sort of died out And most of the people charge you one Over with his excellent work and his you Know his capacity to do you know just be A a very you know competent person A competent Master which is you know Saying something And you know people loved them and just Respect you know they just had all this Adoration and his quality of his Performance You know his efficiency and all these

Things And you know they look forward to these Gatherings we like we all did they were Whether they you know went to India or Not or they had local Gatherings or they Celebrated at home I mean most of you Have Done some of the gratefulness stuff or Have you know experienced some of the The Gathering I guess the one that we've Done with Babaji and the energy that's There At that time and it's just the ability To feel the transmission is enhanced And the transmission flows on a deeper Level And you know he's canceled the Gathering And now he's Doing the Swami Vivekananda thing not on The actual date He's trying to involve all these world Leaders and you know fold all these Religions into size Morgan you know like None of those religions and gurus are Going to do that It's not working with diaper Bob and It's not going to work with these other People There might be a shared partnership You know the assets you're bringing to The table Dodgers bring us a table is a Big ashram right that's what he's got And the ashram is the center of it all Right you know they've built a big

Ashram and it's functional and they've You know have a system in place put in There by charity Of volunteer volunteership and People living there and basically You know poor people living there and Doing free labor But they're not necessarily spiritually Oriented like the people that were at Chennai who were You know just spiritual people have you Ever met some of them they're just Wonderful they had like a glow to them And you know they were you know poor People that were being able to rise to a Higher level of Lifestyle Because of the generosity of charging in There you know these people worked Really hard and they were you know they Called inmates which is a you know the Term there you know in India if it meant That they lived in the ashram and then There was young men that came there who Would like you know they would take a a Year off from college some of them were From you know Higher casts and they lived there for a Couple of years and they would you know Do some sort of spiritual Uh uh you know Retreat type of thing for Extended period like a like uh whatever They call that year but yeah don't go Right to college or whatever it is or Post college and then they'd go out and

Do their careers And a lot of them were just like saintly People There was this one guy who he contacted Me a couple times on Skype Since I've been back in America But he helps me and my family get Through the whole Visa crisis and he Just sort of looked out after his young Guy 25 really you know great energy and I mean just a saintly person Always was stopping me to see if he Could help out and do anything Um for the fan or just somebody was Great And uh there was you know a number of People like that and it didn't seem like That was the case Like one woman like pushed my wife out Of line and bathroom like just you know Like it would seemed like they were Getting lower people there they were There for a free deal Even dodgy was complaining about all the Food they were wasting You know they have this and it's not all That expensive food but they you know Have free food there people you know Compared to where they live some of These impoverished people It's a huge step up at the ashram so the You know I didn't feel like the energy Was as good with these people But they have this system in place and

They have this big venue that sits you Know a hundred thousand people But dodgy was always complaining that They don't have enough parking you know Like this is what the the after like in This thing I just showed you I didn't show you that part but he's Complaining about them not having enough Parking and not having enough Accommodations and all these people that Work real hard and you know they they're A part of the organization you know the The day-to-day organization of making The thing run are supposed to give up Their apartments and give up their Places for these you know VIPs from Other Spiritual religious organizations that Aren't going to give up what they have a Lot of them are you know scammers or They're just not gonna folds into you Know they're not going to do it because Jaji isn't that guy Like you know if they came upon dodging He was so great And they would you know that that hasn't Happened yet right Where they're so impressed with the Transmission and dodgy That they give up their thing and they Follow him didn't happen with tukduji When dodgy lied about emerging and all These things And so you know this is

The collapse of a you know a spiritual Movement this is what happens You know it's documenting I'm Documenting it here from the information I'm being given and the stuff that I've Seen myself Experienced it is how something goes From Being um A spiritual organization that's living And dynamic To a religion it sucks like you know Something that I I thought I would never See in my life you know like so and it's Supposed to come back maybe you know This looks like it may be part of a plan But in this in this this guy Wrote to me uh sent me you know this guy Who sends me all this stuff This is um He didn't say what it was from I don't Think But this is from Um I think sharji's birthday It says um the second volume is about to Be released on 30th of April on the Occasion of my Reverend Masters birthday Is 11th 11th birthday this must be Babaji writing this And I'm sure all of you know about it Why I'm referring to why I'm referring To the messages Is there is one important message there Which is repeated not very frequently

But it is there That is such Mark is a complete system In itself It does not need anything added onto it Or anything removed from it or Modifications so this is Charity writing This Bob would you be very clear on that Size Mark is complete in itself not not When it was given to him not when it was Given to us but for all time There should be no tampering with the Method with the maxims with the teaching With the practice no tampering at all is Not allowed and never be allowed for as Long as sagemar glass hopefully for the Next 10 000 years So that was You know and then he also wrote this Well first of all let me just say Something about that So dodgy changed the maxims it's one of The first thing he did he changed the Maxims and we should have all known that You know we thought that like he was Connected to this woman who was giving The messages he was connected to Babaji Through her so the thought was that he Was receiving Uh messages and the idea that he was Making it more user friendly and he'd Created this thing called heartfulness But he changed the maxims he changed the Prayer the prayer is much worse and it's Stupid and it's got flaws in it which

I've gone through That don't align with the original 10 of The prayer and the you know overall Philosophy of the system like he just Doesn't understand Saji Margo doesn't Care and he's just crapping all over it But charges saying it quite clear there And it said other places there's a Method was simple and everything should Stay the same And his doing that hasn't brought in More people right like the thing that He's doing there with going to these Villages in the concerts is going to Push people away from other countries It's not working in India but it Certainly would have a negative effect On how people see this thing In other countries like it's not going To work here in America Playing Indian music and doing concerts To get people to meditate like it's just Not like people aren't into it a lot of People don't like the music if they do It's okay it'll like the music But you know most people don't I can't Stand the high voice of the women Singing you know some of it's Off-putting Some of it's tolerable but it's just you Know it's not for me I mean there's some some Sublime Indian Music which I've really liked to hear That's very you know like the the

Beginning of the heartfulness uh you Know when they put the logo up and they Have that Indian music that's just you Know it's just captures the essence of India like that's a good thing that they Do like I like that I think that's well Done But most of the other stuff is Off-putting and the rhetoric is Off-putting and it's they're going just Full Indian for Indians dodgy's not Traveling outside India and they're Still not bringing anybody in their Social media you know I've talked about This so much so it's not working like You you've watered down the system And it's not working like it's not you Know Nobody's coming in and joining and it's Not it's failing you know on an epic Level The one thing they could say is they're Bringing in more people but dodgy Himself in this um you know he's saying That they get forty thousand thirty Thousand people that's that's nothing Compared to some of the bigger uh events That charge you had And they have this big ashram that holds You know over a hundred thousand people In the meditation Hall And they're not bringing the numbers in So they're doing this Vivekananda thing They're trying to bring in other

Organizations Because it was failing the pandara is The charge you birthday the Babaji Birthday And certainly dodgy's stuff in lology Weren't bringing in the numbers and so They're trying to do something else And it's not you know again it's failing So you've watered down the system you've You've degraded it and it's still not You know you still can't attract people And you're not even using the The signature aspect of it which is Transmission which dodgy did in the Beginning we started heartfulness It's lost faith in it like the Transmission isn't enough for people And you know it's always been that way Like it's just not for Right now The masses Most people can't do scishmart most People can't do The gratefulness the meditation that We're doing You know even of the people who you know I get a a couple of thousand three Thousand or so views on these Journey series videos so you know people Who I mean there's a number of views like There's three thousand people about a Hundred or so have tried the Gratefulness maybe 200 tops I don't know

The gratefulness meditation so it was Even people who are interested in this And interested in the philosophy Interested in the story of the you know It's my spiritual journey Uh you know and believe in it to some Extent and who gravitate to some of the Teachings and things that I present here That come from Only a fraction of them are willing to Even try it on how many people are Sticking with it right Uh some of them tried heartfulness and You know whatever But it's just a small number of people Like of all the people I have a hundred Thousand Subscribers and maybe over time maybe You know 500 000 people have started Like I don't know I don't have the Numbers I have no way to evaluate it but I saw from the from the heart from the Gratefulness videos that you know There's about there's a 150 likes or so Of people in the beginning you know Tried it and were doing it whatever Um and then people who stick with it Right so maybe you know out of all these People who have heard about Uh size Mark and heard about you know Now gratefulness for me and at one point At one point heartfulness have tried it And you know it's just not for them but For dodgy they didn't love him like they

Love chargie the people who already were Doing it and he couldn't bring in new People he couldn't create his own group And he has this big ass ashram that Costs a lot of money And it's failing it's empty most of the Time And he's you know he hasn't have Anything failing business and You know he's lost his way Um You know it's kind of sad not for him But for everybody But then this guy sent me this um Nobody would think of tampering with The Vedas this is a it's a talk called Sagemarga complete system So the whole talk probably has this in It so this is a talk from one of his you Know maybe heart-to-heart books or You know any the guy didn't say Specifically where he's from But it's uh you know it's a charity talk Nobody would have nobody would think of Tampering with The Vedas revealed Knowledge giving from above Is no less a Veda it is also a Shruti You know Shruti is something that is a Divine program that a you know spiritual Person will receive like I received a Shruti that ended up being pockets of The future I've talked about that in the Past Nobody has sat down at his computer and

Written it it was received direct from Above And all that was done was to No Doubt Exactly precisely what was said In fact it should be called sahaj Margarveda volume one not not coming out Volume two I'm sure that and now coming Out volume two I'm sure there will be up To five volumes so you see one does not Interfere with The Vedic knowledge what Accepts what works on it understands it In one acts It's very important to understand this In India where a few people are yet able To liberate themselves From other practices I'm talking about Abiasi senior abiasis preceptors anybody Few I don't know if I can count half a Dozen that are still in moments of Stress or even otherwise under family Pressure or occasionally even from their Own inner feelings worshiping at temples Praying to God's doing all sorts of Peculiar things which they have been Doing for Generations generations and Generations without as you know any Visible benefit and dodgy is returning All that stuff so this was a You know two good things this guy sent Me you know that this is clearly against What was said over and over by Charlie And Bobby the system was supposed to be Kept pure and simple and Dodges wrecked All that he's changed the the practice

He's not teaching the philosophies Scrubbed the books and the you know the Masters themselves and he's doing Something that's more just a copy of What other people have done And you know it's failing because he's Not even good at that like he's just Somebody who's you know a bad luck Shrek Lock and you know not a a dynamic person In himself and he's got these dopes Around him Who you know that think that friends Marketing like You know the picture is pretty clear of What's happened here Um you know it's interesting in the Sense of like I covered the fall of Things But I didn't think I'd be covering this Like I didn't think I would see this The you know the the religious the Religion religionization Of the size Mark system where it stops Becoming a spiritual organization And it becomes not you know I guess this Thing called heartfulness I can't say About Sai shimaru because You know there's life after dodgy Hopefully Um but we'll see you know because the Issue is who's going to become the next Master how are you going to do this or Can they adapt a masterless system When people are you know these what

Charge he was saying is these people Grew up doing these rituals rituals that Didn't help anyone in the family Superstitious things That had lost their power Babaji talked About it you know there was these Mantras and things that people did there Was these spiritual practices that People did And there's power in them and there was A connectivity to God But over time they got watered down and They lost their efficacy Babaji described a charge he described It and people were still doing that and Daji in the beginning to his credit was Trying to scrub those things From the system you know the the little Things that were done with charge you Hanging flowers and things That were certainly you know Um I mean just they were kind of cool I Didn't mind it but you know there's it Represented it being part of the Hindu Religion which it wasn't it was a new Way right and you know people just don't Let that stuff go and it's something That dodgy is fighting against now which You know the memory of charge you and Babaji as he tries to you know heartful Heartfulness eyes heartfulness eyes the System And change it from what it was into what He you know can control

Legally and you know he's the founder of Heartfulness type of thing And instead of you know just continuing On with the seismic method and uh you Know lineage and things but this is why Humanity is where it is because of Taking something great taking something You know I read that Whispers message Yesterday And change it into something else Something that's Profane it's not you know it's Originally uh what it was it was meant To be And to keep it going and hopefully it Can you know at least we're doing that In gratefulness Like it's the energy is still flowing Here With us and you know through anybody who Wants to connect directly you know do Saj bark the way it was done when Charging was the master of Babaji was in These things Um but you know we'll see what happens With all that like this the story is Taken a vicious turn The story of sage Mark has taken a you Know a an unexpected turn for most of us It's just how Dopey they are like how Stupid they are like the stupidest Stupidity of what they're doing And you know Um that part's kind of mind-blowing but

You know given everything else that's Happened in the world It's you know it's par for the course Are you gonna stop here and I'll Continue on as the you know days go by Greetings brothers and sisters um So uh this is a continuation of the I Don't know I did the greetings thing Because it's first thing in the morning It's a continuation of the 10th and Seventh version of the Edition of The Journey Series so I had An epic dream last night And I had some other stuff I was going To talk about Um In terms of abiasi's bailing on dodgy More of confirmation about that But I didn't get a chance to do that Last night um but so I'll cover that in A moment And so one of the things I like or love About gratefulness Is that it's a preceptor list and Masterless system I don't love the masterless part but the Preceptorless part Um you know I've talked about that in the past and The transmission's flowing Without any um Any like I don't know entity human Entity human host At least apparently

It's flowing From The Source without any you know Needing a human Um you know whatever the the master has Represented in the past that position of Being the the main conduit for the Transmission of flow and I didn't you Know I don't know if it's for sure that Way I just know the transmission is flowing And gratefulness without as far as I Know A person or a soul that's Uh you know human like the human human Living human being Giving the transmission and in the past In The Whispers of the brighter World Messages Babaji had said to the medium That was some work that they couldn't do From the brighter world that some of the Work that was being done on her Very extensive work spiritual work was Done on this woman Where there was these Souls focusing on Her and these things There was like a three or four month Period with a soul soul I don't remember What it was called There was these various uh Uh you know these Beans one was called the venerable Another was called the I don't know I can't remember all the

Names Um And they we you know wasn't Divulge who they were as a person in a Past life or You know Swami Vivekananda was named by Name When he gave messages and you know there Were other you know beings that gave Messages to this woman through you know The idea of sash Mark that they are Participating in it But this one uh Being and I can't you know I can't Remember his name offhand Was like intercommunity with her like on A daily like almost Cohabitating her And doing spiritual work out with Babaji's instructions and so like she Had a lot of this work done But Babaji said some stuff had to be Done by the living master Had to be done by charity because he was You know they're just asked to be a Living master in the system and all These things And you know I don't know how that fits With gratefulness or I didn't you know How that fit with gracefulness But I like that there wasn't that there Wasn't personalities involved And there wasn't all of that but anyways Um I had a few experiences and ideas

Coming to me That you know I needed to act as a Preceptor in the Gratefulness um you know what we're Doing here It's been niggling on me for a while Like I've had it in you know these ideas Come I think maybe some dreams and stuff but Um mostly in meditation and the feeling That transmission was flowing through me In a few of the meditations That the transmission was like I was Acting as a preceptor in the meditations And You know I didn't know what to do with That and I talked about I talked with my Wife about it I mentioned it in a one of These Journey series maybe three or four Ago The idea was coming to me I didn't want To make it public yet but I was going to Um You know do some more work on it and the Work was If I could get the preceptor books the The one training that chargie had given Uh charge you gave this training and I Believe it 1989 on It was um You know a series of seven audio Cassettes That I used to possess And

Um a book which I used to own That I never got back from my ex when You know she had all this stuff in Storage She sent a few books And the books that she sent smelled bad That was in stored in uh you know a wet Southern State And they all were moldy like not just The size of my books but the other books So I was kind of bummed about but the Preceptor book never got sent back to me And I wasn't a preceptor at the time And so I don't know what happened to Those books but I didn't get them back So when I was made a preceptor in 1994 I Believe or five I read the books Very I didn't have a job I didn't you Know at first I was looking for a job And I was just out in a new city In Albuquerque New Mexico On my own And so I read the books you know a Number of times and then I ended up Getting a job in Los Alamos which is Where the National Lab is and that was a Real trip And it was also a a long trip like using A trip as a different you know word There but it was also a long trip it's Two hour commute so I would drive two Hours To work you know five days a week and

Had a number of audio cassettes but the Ones I listened to the most were charges Preceptor tapes and I listened to those You know there are seven tapes so I and Each one was an hour so so I listened Maybe two every trip I eventually was Allowed to break my lease in Albuquerque To get a new apartment in Santa Fe so But for three months I would listen to Those tapes because it's such a long Commute and they had other audio tapes And you know other uh size Mark tapes But I those are the ones I listen to the Most and I must have listened to them You know A hundred times and then of course I Still had a dour commute From Santa Fe to Los Alamos so I you Know continue to listen to them I worked There probably a year or so So I listened to those tapes um A phenomenal amount of time like I Should have them memorized you know how Many how many times I listened to them And the techniques and things but you Know I was feeling like I needed some Sort of confirmation like if I got those Preceptor books If they were available I looked online See if anybody was selling them And if I could get those again and do Just a refresh of course then I could Consider Being a preceptor again and you know

Doing that for gratefulness and I was a Little bit you know unsure about the Whole thing like you know I don't know If it was a good idea and you know just All of it um So I wanted some sort of confirmation in The material world And I've looked online for the books you Know several times I'll do it again this Morning And then I decided to contact my Preceptor because I think he quit And you know I contacted him And on Facebook and I don't know if he Responds I know he's had some mental Issues and he's real old he might even Be dead like he's not you know he's not Really a presence on Facebook I sent him personal message saying you Know that um There's this purging of the literature And I'd like to buy his books from Particularly the preceptor books and so He never responded I'm not sure if you Even read my message like he didn't for About a week I checked and he hadn't Even seen the message so I'm not you Know Um but I just want to you know Pay them to um Give me all his books you know buy all His books off of him and he had all the Books and that way the books would Remain at least in terms of

Um you know as many books as he had he Had his probably as many books as I used To have And they all the books would be there And it would be there for a gratefulness In the future And then I could reread the preceptor Books and you know possibly do sittings Again whatever that meant but he didn't Respond and you know it just sort of Faded away The idea like it's kind of been there But I'm like you know I'm Yeah I'll reserve it for a later date But it was Confirmed for me in a couple different Ways in a dream I had I had a long dream And I'm going to tell the there's two Significant parts of the dream one Involves my brother I'll tell that part second because it Makes more sense with what happened At the end of the dream so at the end of The dream there was a guy and he started Off being my brother like I was staying At his You know a house or apartment or Whatever it was And at first it was my brother but then It was I believe a young Indian abiasi And we were at a gathering with chargie And it was the final sitting of the Gathering

And Um At some point charge you said he wanted To make me a preceptor so I Um went to the beginning of the sitting But this guy had some kind of emergency It wasn't like a real emergency via Emergency and he said you need to come And I Um you know so I wanted to help them so I got up from the city And charging was supposed to make me a Preceptor and you know we did a bunch of Things and I came back and the sitting Was still going on and I still had my Shoes on And there was three people sitting there The charger was making a preceptor and I Walked close they were up on the stage And I walked close to where they were And were sitting there And then charge the end of the city and He said well I want to make people Preceptors And he said where's Paul and and Somebody pointed at me or whatever and He said you know he pointed me he said Get up on the stage I want to make you a Preceptor again And so that was a significant part of The dream because You know like I had missed the sitting And then like it was you know in the Dream he

Signified me personally And then I sat there and I got up on Stage and I still had my shoes on and I Just said cross-legged without a chair Which I had trouble doing when I first Started when I was 29. you know and I Can't do now but somehow it's doing it I Remember like I was conscious of it in The dream Of course I had no body in the dream but I was you know conscious that I was Doing that and I took off my shoes Because I was like oh I can get your Shoes on And The sitting went it was very short Sitting like a couple minutes And then um I was going to ask him questions about Dodgy And Um Like why has he failed or what you know What's happened with Digi or whatever it Was So that put the time period not in the Past Right this wasn't like a dream when Charger was alive this was A dream now like I had all these dodgy Questions but I didn't feel was it was a Good idea to Ask him because I didn't think he would Be able to condemn them publicly

Um And so And I was walking Around the Gathering right after that And Um this guy this guy was staying with He was trying to put a He was trying to buy a trailer for a Boat for a Corvette Which is weird and I was like no you Gotta you gotta and but he didn't have a Corvette he had like an SUV I'm like why don't you buy the trailer For The SUV you have And that would pull the boat better He said oh that's a good idea And then as I walked away The idea came to me That you know all of a sudden like I Like had a vision That I was at a gathering with Dodgy and we were both giving cities Like we were both giving the cities at The Gathering And People came up to me and said there's no Transmission when dodgy gives the Sitting wise that and I said well he's Fallen And so That had happened before where chargie Who was the legitimate master Left by Babaji was had to go to Gatherings at babaji's ashram that was

Built by his house it was now Being run by his sons And they were having a gathering in Charge you would give a city And there'd be most of the people would Come and meditate and then this other Guy would give a sitting and nobody was There and there was like no transmission And people didn't know the difference And so Like that was interesting so that's Happened Um in the dream And at the end of the dream like it was A weird ending where Um and I'm not really sure what this Means and maybe he'll come to me later But there was a you know I don't know if I was pushing something with a cooler or Something on it Put a bunch of water spilled by the Kitchen And there was an aviasi there who was Like taking a nap and the water was all Over the floor And there were some towels but I picked Up a cat And I started mopping up the water with A cat like with my hands Like I was holding the cat which of Course she couldn't I mean in reality The cat would go ballistic I said hey This is a really good cat you know Um and then I saw the towels I'm like I

Wanted to use the categories towels and The water had flown behind like a TV or Something And the other guy's like oh my God it's So bad we gotta get the water here it's Like you know thinking they was going to Wreck the floor but it's like a horrible Floor Um and then I woke up And the other part of the dream earlier I was staying at my brother's house And you know he wasn't saying anything About us not talking to each other Or any of things to do with the Fallout And something had happened that I was at His house like there was a death or Something a family or something where I Like I had to stay with him but that Would later segue into the Gathering and All that and Um he had made dinner which I thought Was weird because I don't think he cooks For other people And like he's never made me dinner you Know like so Um but he was made dinner And he had like a wooden Bowl he told me To get the wooden Bowl And when I got it it just sort of fell Apart And he got all mad that I broke his bowl Um which is kind of weird in itself but Like I didn't break a ball it was like There was stuff in it like meatballs

He's a vegetarian like I stopped being a Vegetarian years ago but I was a Vegetarian for 18 years when I did that Massage system When I first started doing it and then You know just for health reasons and the Family they fell off and you know hasn't Really affected me But I think it would have been the Beginning like it helped you know being A vegetarian is more subtle It helps people become more subtle when They do and helps people to Be more sensitive and feel the Meditation but just for health reasons And other reasons I've you know eaten Money anyway so um there's meatballs of Some kind because wonder if they're real Meatballs or some kind of Fake vegetarian meatballs and the thing You know fell apart my brother just Started going off like he was like all The anger he had For us not talking or whatever it was Just there about the thing and then he Said I wanted you know I live in this nice House and I wanted you to experience What it's like to live in a nice house Now my brother hasn't to my knowledge Lived in a nice place right Um like you know the place he had with His kids wasn't a nice he rented a house It was not nice

It was you know run down old house My brother in fact made a joke Um there's a commercial you're watching Some TV or something Car commercial came on for a new car you Know some car that was just coming out And he was I like to see these new car Commercials so I know what my box Will look like in 20 years Which is a real funny joke because he Had you know all these These Old broken Down cars long past their Prime But he you know has never owned the House and uh you know when he left his Wife that was a big thing that she was Pissed about like she didn't get to you Know keep the house because there was None or whatever Um you know he left his his wife for Another woman all these things very Controversial and stressful thing in the Family divided his His family and you know things like this And she later died from cancer which was The whole thing but where I'm living now Is a much nicer house than my brother so I was thinking about it After I had the second part of the dream Right when I woke up I'm like what was Significant about that Well my brother has lived in an ashram Um for a long time like that's you know And it's a broken down ashramately You know it's the infrastructure and my

Sister said that they're closing it They're shutting it down he has to go Somewhere else And they're looking for another Assignment for him so he's you know He's waiting for dodgy that I don't know I don't know where he's living now or What his thing is But him saying you know you getting used To living in a nicer house I mean that's The way he phrased it well it was like To live in a nice house getting used to It and so it would be living in an Ashram so that was interesting As well like that you know was given the Rest of the dream is what I took away From that So you know I the other thing is a few Days ago I was having chest pains and I Was meditating It was like late at night it was a good Meditation and the idea was there it Came to me that you know the chest pains Was from not letting transmission flow Like we're not consciously participating In it and so I transmitted to all the Gratefulness people for five minutes it Was good transmission they fell asleep And the chest pains went away Um so you know I was wondering if There's chest pains represent work being Done to my heart I don't know But I'm not gonna you know right now What I'm going to do with it is

I'm just gonna you know see what happens During cities and by the time you listen To this they'll be a Friday sitting Which I don't think I will give I'll see what happens there Um but then the Sunday SATs on I Definitely will like have the idea that I'm giving the sitting and see what Happens like the the reason I wouldn't Try that off the bat is because there Was a bunch of groups that came away From the official group under charging Of course much different circumstances And the people were transmitting the People leading the group And charges said the back door for Transmission will flow through them is Um is closed so if they transmit they're Just going to transmit their own You know whatever their own uh Prana Their own their own Bank of love Spiritual love and they'll be depleted And you know I don't want that to happen Right so Um that would be the reason I I've been Hesitant and just all of it like I like The idea of it being a preceptorless System Um all those things and you know people Already I mean I don't want people Thinking I'm the master which I'm not And you know he didn't make me a master In the dream and you know that well you Know all that I don't want all that

Right so Um so there's that part of it but Um I'm gonna now you know put some effort Into this and see what happens so by the Time you listen to this it'll already I'll see what happens on Sunday and then You'll have to wait for the next Edition To see What unless I you know don't release This till after this coming Sunday which Is a possibility but probably a slim one I usually release these on Sunday we'll See what happens with it and um What happens Friday night and then you Know and then I'll start thinking about How this you know how to apply this I Still want to get the preceptor books Again Because even though I listen to them so Much I really don't remember It would be good to do a review Of the preceptor things And so um There's all that so the other thing that I want to say that has more significance Um You know sometimes I see something when I'm making videos like I see Something a pattern And I've kind of blow it off or I Mentioned in the video And I don't think that much about it uh You know and it later on becomes more

Significant I say oh wow that was Significant oh there's one more detail To the dream so today's Tuesday today's Wednesday January 14th Tuesday was the Day I first got my sittings right and so It's Tuesday Wednesday Thursday I got my Final sittings a lot of things happen Significantly to me on Tuesday my wife Had gone on a you know a sort of a Business trip for a couple of days She has this conference thing she goes To every year and there's another thing Where You know she's gone for a couple of days So there's like two things a year And you know it's not such a big deal Because we spent so much time together And you know my my Kind of a more of a lone person like I You know value being alone Um and so it's not that hard a thing Because it's only a couple of days you Know I miss her and you know it's A little different but it you know goes By quickly And this time I just really missed her And it wasn't just missing it was like Just noticing that things just weren't As good Like we go on walks together with the Dogs and you know whatever it is Um and I was like you know it's just not As fun not as you know I don't enjoy Myself and I'm not

Into what I'm doing as much and when She's not here it's like very Significant And um You know I always have that feeling but It was more you know just there you know Trump got indicted on Tuesday you know In terms of Federal indictment this is Kind of a big thing of the news cycle I Have a video a trump video that's YouTube's you know it's still it's day Three and they haven't reviewed it and I Made a second video about you know I I My son I had a conversation Because we went out to grab something to Eat Um Chipotle because of what we do okay If I when my wife's not here it's like Three you know people I usually cook for So Um like we made hamburgers last night But you know one day we went to Chipotle My son I had a conversation about These things you know we have we talk we Check in and he was talking about YouTube and I you know I covered this in A video about how YouTube has not giving people what they Want and the whole business model's Failing and you know he has his Perspective like he brought it up like He Was talking about how it sucks for him And his you know friends

And you know there's all that right uh So um There's other things going on it was and It rained for three days that's the Other thing and it had been dry like we Were I wanted to dig some trees up and Transplant them And do some work but everything's so dry Like the ground's cracking and in June And it usually doesn't rain here right There was the smoke from Canada and so It's been a kind of a a weird time but We got three days of rain it rained the Entire time my wife was gone which meant I didn't go out to do work and you know All of that right I was you know kind of Stuck in the house and Um you know and all these things were Going on and my wife came back last Night and it was really psyched to have Her back and the whole I just have a Deja Vu again uh so the things were Going very significantly Uh the Tuesday thing you know it started On it was Tuesday when I went to sleep And Um you know I had this preceptor dream With charging and all these other Factors and you know yesterday I Realized uh going back to what I was Saying that this idea that these people These uh you know these die-hard abiosis Weren't posting anything from dodgy I was like wow that's weird like they're

Not posting official heartfulness stuff The people I thought they would Um and so then I was like you know I was In a sleepy mood like I ended up I was About to take a nap You know I'd been unfriending Facebook Friends That were Pro dodgy just to get them off Of my thing it started when I was Thinking that I didn't want to hear Anything From heartfulness or dodgy like I just Didn't want to see it Um because I don't interact with these People on Facebook but for a long time There's a lot of you know Indian Facebook friends who posted things and You know Hindi or some other Indian Language and I didn't know these people And they would just take up my Facebook Feed I don't go on Facebook all that Much but it's also significant it was Like a a significant idea just to you Know cut ties with all the stuff to do With heartfulness which I said I did in The beginning And I was going to tell the preceptor to The you know dodgy truth or I didn't Want to get any more information from Him because I just did what I know about But he started sending me things and Other people started sending me things It didn't bother me So I was like fine you know I'll cover

It in my journey series because We all need to get to the resolution of What happens with dodgy it's like you Know it's interesting story and we need To know and I started covering it here So I can't stop covering it and I'm not You know going to look into it when I You know the idea comes to me I just Don't want to be an obsession or Whatever You know I don't want to have to be a Daily thing but like you know when I Something new comes in or something sent To me then I can look into it include in The journey series and move on And so I started unfriending these People like I said and then I realized My God you know it was yesterday and I Was just about like in a sleepy mood And somebody posted something One of the abiasis who I you know Someone I met maybe a couple times but Um like you know didn't really know And I was gonna see if I was gonna Unfriend her I was like well I'm just Gonna look and then I saw she had like Mutual friends and a lot of abiasi Friends And I started opening up all their pages Right so this took about an hour you Know you know and I'm like gonna do a Deep dive And you know people who I unfriended or Never friends with

And I went through it and I was blown Away by how little Any of them posted On official announcements no videos Nothing from the YouTube channel not one Person on Facebook and they posted some Of them posted other things Had posted anything like Um from YouTube there weren't any dodgy Talks like any other talks like anything Like that he had done nothing like his Material Nothing about his books nothing most People weren't posting anything at all About heartfulness but the ones that did Post There are there are two people they're Older people There's a you know Indian woman an American man the American man I've Talked about Mr J I've talked about both These people before and they both have Heartfulness uh videos that they do they Don't get very many views Uh one of them and one of them has a YouTube which I think they both have YouTube channels but they also post them On Facebook and Instagram And they're a part of the official System and I said you know these Old you know they're older people in Their 60s and 70s price both in their 70s the one guy had like you know real Bad health problems and I'm like you

Don't need more old people talking about Tarfulness on the internet like you just Don't not in this way right Um but I looked at their two pages And they didn't have anything on dodgy Neither one of them even though they're Given these Prime positions nothing from Official heartfulness they had their own Stuff they had their own You know things that they were doing And their own stuff they were promoting A lot of the people had local Heartfulness stuff like if they were From Cleveland or Dayton you know a lot Of these people are Americans some of Them are you know European they looked At maybe a couple Russian people or you Know Ukrainian Um but none of them were posted not one Person posted anything to a link to the Official YouTube channel or dodgy video Which you know is very significant like They're not it's like they're Embarrassed of him A few of them had a fundraiser that was From 2001. so they haven't posted in a While And the fundraiser was trying to raise a Million dollars in a race seven hundred Thousand which is significant But this was like the last big thing Because we know that when he tried to Raise money in America he only got three Thousand dollars last year like in a

Similar kind of thing that was only for A a gathering um But you know they're whatever's happened Since then where they raised seven Hundred thousand dollars In this fundraiser And they didn't reach the goal of a Million They've you know only reached three Thousand again was just for America but Still three thousand is like when I told That preceptor he couldn't believe it Right Like just it's not you know for the Amount of money that charge used to Raise just at a gathering and so um There was none of that right so almost Everything a few people posted Heartfulness announcements or something To do with the official heartfulness Dodgy heartfulness but most of it was Local most people didn't post anything At all and at least three or four people Had posted a Facebook Uh post that this dodgy truther guy who Sends me stuff had posted which I Thought was wow like he's getting more He's got more of these Senior People Posted things that he wrote then they're Posting of something dodgy did because Dodgy they have dodgy has a Facebook Page and the Instagram page and of Course a YouTube channel and they Weren't posting anything supporting

Dodgy and pointing out his information Which of course makes sense because They don't get any Real views on the YouTube channel I think all the views There Because they only get 18 comments so Unless the other comments are all bad Comments and they're deleting it you Can't have a video with 10 000 views and Get only 50 in comments 18 comments and Whatever it is right so I don't think The 10 000 views is real Or the 5 000 views whatever you know Amount he's getting with almost 500 000 Subs subscribers And so you know I've talked about that Before but they're not watching dodgy They're not listening they're not you Know they're disconnected from the Mission they're not admitting it but Deep down you know they might even be Admitted to themselves they know that He's a piece of poop right he's just not You know they know it they know it's not Real like they're not uh and a lot of People had pictures of charging Some of them had pictures of Babaji but Like you know like one or two had Something with dodgy was featured But the majority of stuff was chargy Stuff like there was probably 10 or 12 People had posted something with Charging or Babaji and there was like You know a few official things with with

Dodgy so you know I'm looking at this And it was probably about 40 50 people That were significant people there was Another thing that was posted quite a Bit There's a couple and they um they do Some sort of like Gestalt uh Psychological thing and they tried to You know include Sasha Morgan and There's a you know a couple that does This thing Um they're from like you know Ohio or One of the Ohio centers And the guy never seemed like he seemed Like the woman was more into seismarck Than he was but you know they ran Seminars or something like this you know Psychological people psychological Psychologists or something And there's a guy who used to be the Secretary of the mission Mr K I think I've called him he did a lot of Phenomenal work for the mission and Charlie loved him but he uh and we got Into it over the U.N but you know I Somebody I like you know the system And he and this psychologist were Interviewed by some new age woman And it was on on uh YouTube It was a weird interview when she wanted Them to do something like relaxing just Sort of scan through it and about five Or ten people posted that interview Including the two guys and you know the

Guy's wife Two guys who were in it and the Psychologist's wife And a few other people you know a bunch Of other people posted that which meant That they were willing to post a YouTube Video and they watched that one but they Weren't watching dodgies and so I mean What this signifies is like dodgy has no Support it's like a vote of no Confidence They're not promoting his stuff which is What he wanted people to do he wanted People to post stuff on social media and It happened all the time Like for years I would open up Facebook And all my you know any of the abiasi Facebook friends I had it was just Sometimes some of them had dodgy as There Personal profile picture And they just posted things Announcements it was constant you know 10 people would post the same Announcement on Facebook it was just you Know and I didn't care about at the time I wasn't You know aware of all the dodgy stuff Then and they would post YouTube videos And other things and you know I have Unfriended all these people so I thought You know that's why I'm not seeing it I unfriended a lot of them but then I Went back and these same people were not

Sharing it You know and charge you didn't want them To share in social media But people were doing it a lot more you Know when he was alive right massage Mark stuff and there wasn't as much Available to share But you know people watched all the Charges videos and the glimpses videos That were there and some of these other Things And they're not doing it with dodgy They're just not Like they're they're not they're clearly Not into them And you know things have happened it Used to be one way And now it's no longer there there's a Few people that still share it you know I'm sure But the majority of people aren't They'll share local things they'll share Personal things But they're not talking about dodgy like He's you know an embarrassment to them Like they don't think his content is Worth sharing and that's a significant Below like there's a huge photo no Confidence And he's done things I think the worst Thing was cancel the bandaras The Babaji and charity but I think you Know and and I bet people are watching My videos they're not coming forward and

Saying it and certainly this other guy Has lots of Facebook friends The you know the dodgy truther guy And you know there's people on the Internet they're saying things and People have their you know ideas of the Caesar planted and once you see it you Can't unsee it you know the people were Already Weirded out years ago When he stopped talking about charging Like the way charge you talked about Babaji Dodgy wasn't doing it all he wasn't Talking about charging at all Minimizing charging and he was only Talking about babji a little bit But he was making it sound like babji Was his master but you know he was a Young man 18 when he started And you know I don't know how old he was Four or five years later chargie took Over and he had 30 years with charging And he only had a few visits with Babaji He only saw Bobby a couple times and Babaji was those last years of his life The last 10 years he was his health was So poor he was in and out of like Consciousness And the older he got the worse it got so Um so really he didn't have much Interaction like he had only a few Interactions with Babaji And you know he was around charging all

The time Like he spent seven years with those Last charges last seven years he spent There with him at the ash at the Masters Cottage and he spent all his Time there like he wasn't going back to America and attending to his work his Kids were running the business and all These things You know the business that's now out of Business and I'm sure that's significant To a lot of these people that there's Been a lot of failure A lot of things that he's you know Proposed and then you know not I mean I Just you know it must be a lot worse Than I know about Because I really don't know that much Um other than that the public scandals And things that they've posted and Things have been sent to me But day to day within the mission I Think there's just a lack of Energy you know he's not traveling here He's not witty people over You know people aren't traveling there And Europeans and Americans I just you know like are much more Intellectual and mental and this guy's You know he's not that smart And so like they just don't feel about Him the way they do with charging and It's just very evident right so that was Significant because I realized all those

Things I'm like this is bad like for them it's A lot worse than I thought it's not just A few people it's the majority of people Are you know questioning dodgery's Mastery whether they're willing to come Out public or not they're doing it and The few people that did post things It was more about Kana like it was more About their time it kind of or you know Something about the ashram like It's just they're not there's just no Dodgy fans out there okay so there's Been a significant development Um In terms of the Gratefulness meditation thing that we're Doing And you know I'm uh like I said I'm Gonna Proceed slowly but you know I was Looking for some sort of confirmation And you know now I have it in form of a Dream and I said this to my wife because A dream is something you can't control Right And the fact that charges singled me out And said no I want to make you a Preceptor again In the dream was significant and that's You know It's not something I could my ego would Make up or whatever it was Um if you dream about the master it's

Supposed to be the master And so you know all those things Um But anyways you know I'll just right now I just wanted to tell it here I got other work today to do because of The You know videos and things it now looks Like it's getting sunny out again and so Uh you know I'm gonna sit with it and You know you're not going to hear this Right away anyway And I'm going to look up the see if the Preceptor books have become available Online or something Because they have these things Bookmarked for you know I was going to Look at it every once in a while see if Somebody you know people are Selling their stuff or it's making it Into online bookstores and things And if I could get the preceptor books Again that would be also to me a You know a material side of something Changing because it wouldn't be easy to Get them right They're books that people would hold on To and there's not that many copies Available But if I could get them that would mean You know I could Read them again and review this stuff And again you know it's I'm not in a Rush here

But uh you know it's it's significant Anyways I'll continue on you know in the Next couple of days Okay it's the same day and um I um Did a you know made a long video about The the Trump thing And Um I did some work outside and then I decided to try to give an individual Sitting which I did Uh using you know the microphone And uh taping it and Um It went really well I made a video about it I could feel the Sitting right off the bat The cleaning happened right away Um you know went into the reading a Condition and then the cleaning part And then um The transmission flowed and I went out Like I literally you know went into Samadhi which hasn't happened and I Don't know how long like I haven't gone To somebody you know You know I can't remember when Um maybe recent but I just can't Remember Having a city like this of course it Wasn't me having the sitting but it's Giving the city Or the city and was passing through me

And so that was kind of information for Me that it worked my condition now was I just really uh I'm at peace and feel good about it And so um to add to that few other Things Um You know had these thoughts when I was Working outside That when I was made a preceptor by Charge and then He took back permission to be a Preceptor It was important that the dream that I Had included him That I was given permission that he made Me a preceptor again In the dream you know it's been said That if you dream about the master it's The master in your dreams The other thing it was a very Vivid Dream like it was a long Vivid dream And I don't remember my dreams very much I assume I'm Dreaming every night But I would say One out of 30 days I mean probably You know uh I mean I you know I wake up I remember my dream most times I wake up And I'm not conscious of my dreams at All And so I was very conscious of a long Dream that involved You know charity and um You know the preceptor thing and the

Gathering and then the questions about Dodgy and my brother and there was more Of the dream that you know I Kind of Forgotten now but I was aware of The dream a very long dream that I Remembered Very vividly the whole thing And now the sitting is more confirmation And you know I was editing my other Video for my other the other video on The channel today I you know everything went so well Like I um you know I do voiceovers and Sometimes I have to clear my throat a Lot you know it's a Um you know I just it isn't you know my Voice doesn't respond well Some days you know there's a lot of Times I have to take time out and And then sometimes you just make a lot Of mistakes But this video there wasn't you know Pretty much any the Trump video And you know because of that I was able To Not only like read through the comments But then I went back And looked more into people's um Facebook accounts And there was a couple of people I Looked at one guy is known as Um as uh computer prakash and he was a Person very you know uh important figure With charge he handled a lot of the

Audio stuff He's a you know businessman that was in Chennai And he did a lot of things for dodgy in The beginning like he was a part of the You know initial dodgy uh you know he Was on stage with dodgy and he was a Part of the whole dodgy thing at the Beginning And someone who's along you know he's Been an abiasi a long time and he posts A ton on Facebook and I think I Unfriended him I'm not sure if we were Friends anymore But I saw his name I was like oh he'd be A good person to look at And he posts a lot of business stuff Like he posts daily And you know he posts a lot of business Things and other things and I had to go All the way back to Babaji birthday Gathering to find a reference to Heartfulness And it was a you know it was a video or An image from the Gathering this last Babaji's in Um in May and there's probably a hundred Posts before I had to scroll down to see That And you know other than that There was nothing on dodgy I mean I bet If I scrolled back years maybe But there was that and then I looked at Um Mr s's account because I just looked

At that one thing before And he posts all these business things And he's in charge of the YouTube Channel he didn't have one video Of dodgy on his his Facebook feed I mean the whole idea was that people Would post You know uh heartfulness things dodgy Things on there you know their stuff Their um Facebook and Instagram and all These things right share links make Announcements I mean it's you know it Happened a lot in the beginning I Remember a lot of these people posting All the time Because I saw a post all the time like Maybe I didn't remember who posted what But There was lots of these posts and They're not doing it at all now like I Went through a number of other people And I went farther back in there you Know on their Facebook feed you know and Some of the people they might have Private accounts where they don't show You everything or whatever it might be Because I'm not friends with them but You know the majority of people had Their accounts open And they're just nothing there's not one Person had a heartfulness YouTube video I mean it's you know it would be almost Shocking how many people are not into Dodgy people in Russia and the Ukraine

Uh European people Most American abiasis that I know you Know they're somewhat famous that I you Know they have Facebook accounts and Some people hadn't posted in a year or Two so you know for those people they're Not really on Facebook But the people who are posting regularly And have posted recently again sometimes Heartfulness things from their local Center Things that have to maybe do with them Personally But nothing from the official page had Nothing to do with dodgy like people are Just not into dodgy and there's lots of Charging Um pictures and there's one woman who Was Kind of a you know crazy a little bit of A crazy person uh was the preceptor that Started my ax and you know I know her a Little bit I met her way back when I Started very devoted person has been Been doing this forever She had three posts For this guy who's the dodgy truther She had stuff with lology and Babaji she Had like one thing for a um a fundraiser For heartfulness But everything was she made a comment Somewhere if she posted one of the guys That the um the dodgy truther guy the Guy who sends me stuff she posted three

Of his posts reposted them and she left A comment saying you know praising Charging You know something like you know uh you Know that there are some people who are Ready to lead but they're they were Never ready to follow and I don't know If he was referencing accomplish on that Possibly Uh but she was a person I would have Thought would have adopted The whole thing and so I was surprised About that But she um clearly is having some issues Because she didn't have as far as I know Any issues accepting chargey you know Maybe in the beginning but clearly Wasn't it you know when I was started She was fully into charging but nothing From dodgy and so um you know he's lost As ours I can tell almost everybody Who was a pre-existing abiasi like they Might be going along with it they might Think he's just you know they don't like Him or he's just not as good as charge Or whatever Their way of thinking about it is but They're not into him they're not seeing Him as on the same level or you know They're not endorsing him and and I know He can't win new people over so he's Really screwed like he's just You know destroyed everything um You know any hope of I mean his his

Mastery's over there's no way to come Back from this there's no way to win all Those people back because He just doesn't have it in him right and What he would have to do what he'd have To admit to I mean there's just no way Like there's no way to To impress those people and reclaim them And you know begin this thing again and You know he's not travel he's not Reaching out and meeting people and you Know winning them over I mean he's doing Nothing but Making decisions I'm sure a lot of it Came from when he canceled the badars I Think that was probably a big thing for Most people But they might have already been on the Way out who knows how many people have Watched my videos and haven't said Anything because You know I mean they're pretty damning Videos and and they're not you know like There's a little bit of possible room For error in my presentation analysis But it's a small margin of error Like you know I I mean I'm good at this And you know he's he's served it up Right and the people around him so um You know so this is you know we're a Kind of a big day Because of the success of the Gratefulness and then me seeing that There's just there's nothing left in the

Of sahai's Mark anymore so You know it's good that there's Something Um so yeah you know I'm real relaxed but I feel very positive about it I'll be Posting this video on my other channel The sitting as soon as I put this one up And you know people can go and check That out see if it works for them Because that's the other part Like does it work you know on the Internet for other people that's the Other test of it but at least I know in Terms of Being able to give sittings I can give Cities again Anyways I'll um you know continue on and Probably wrap this one up tomorrow get It out sooner than later Okay so today is the next day Thursday January 15th um you know I had a good Night's sleep and You know it's been a significant Development but not really Um The way I'm looking at it is that um You know uh I um Was used as a Honestly used was allowed to or Given the opportunity to be a Conduit for transmission When I made these videos and that was Like enough for me like after being a

Preceptor for a while And you know I felt the energy coming Through me I could hear it when I played back Videos You know I didn't know it wasn't Something I was consciously doing So it would flow would it float or how Much it flowed whatever like it'd Probably be probably in some videos more Than others But it was something where Um You know being a vehicle a conduit for The transmission was there in the videos Like I said it was enough and it's you Know still would be enough for me in Terms of my contribution and then Talking about it to people you know Getting the word out About scishmark and um And then of course doing the 9 pm prayer Where transmission flows right And then you know Now I'll just do these settings and We'll see how that ends up being a part Of it But it's just more consciously Uh you know more conscious Choice Involved Where I'm actually thinking about it And then of course other people um Being a part of that but at first it's Just going to be sittings on this

Channel And then I'm going to just transmit and You know when I feel it like that's been The the kind of thing that's been great About gratefulness is just you know when You feel like meditating you feel the Transmission coming to you and You know it just does randomly like it Did that time with theology birthday And so when I feel the transmission my Heart or something you know Needs to pass through me I'll just um Sit in meditation and I have the Schedule and the ability to do it here When I do these videos and You know on a daily basis I can just Sort of drop everything and do that and So not much has really changed and like Again it's not going to be a title or Something because It doesn't have to be I haven't been Given anything you know it's not like I'm a preceptor because I'm not a part Of the Organization The you know the Dodgy organization because he is a President of that organization and I'm Not a preceptor in that organization so Like that part is you know Is um Simplified based in What's happened right uh it's happened On a you know in a dream and a internal

Ideas coming to me things coming through Meditation but nothing In the material world nothing official And that makes it you know easier and Less some Less constraining you know which is I Don't I don't do well in that kind of Circumstance anyway right So um Happy with the way it turned out like It's just it's a good way for me uh the Way that it's it's at the top I was gonna make a video clip today I'm Not going to do that um There is uh The thing that dodgy truth or sent me Let's see if I find it here And it's a srmc SRI ramchandra mission Heartfulness Institute 10 days of yoga Camp 11th of June And it comes in it's really a goofy Video it comes in with A couple of doors opening it's all in Hindi a lot of loud stuff and you know Very small turnout And it's a picture of it starts off with A picture of uh Dodgy and diaper Baba and you know Um This is heartfulness heartfulness Meditation Srcm Yoga and Baba ramdev

And you know they've really partnered up With this guy and I don't know you know He's Whatever he is I mean he's goofy at one Level and Maybe Criminal on another you know like Just Um but yeah it's the loss of everything You know me kind of realizing What's happened Um Which is uh You know Um That there's been a a lack of faith to Vote of no confidence And you know most people aren't really Into scishmarg There's some people are just really into It and the people are really into it They're not into dodgy you can see They're not into Commerce If he has made them something Like if they're if they're celebrities Now if they have their own Social Media Stuff that they're doing for Heartfulness They're into them for that if they're Preceptors they're into them for that if You know he's given that position or Something But they're not into them Like they were to charge you like where They lost charge here

You know people love Babaji and you know There's that and that's the you know you Can't lose those devoted people like you Can Um have those people not be You know like fans and I want to say Fans you know devotees of you uh That Think You're great and are you know Just um All About You And then there are people who just start All that into this they meditate a Little bit they get the sittings Maybe they join they enjoy the Camaraderie or the community and you Know they're you know whatever it is Like they have some desire for a Spiritual life but not really that deep And it's not the most important thing to Them And for them it's not that hard to just Well I still like doing this stuff I Still like the people I still like the Ashrams in the organization so Dodges not as good as chargy you know He's doing some shady stuff but they Don't they're not deep divers they're Not truthers they don't look into You know stories in life they just Accept what's going on around them and They've accepted this but they're just Not into them but no matter what He doesn't have a support system he's Lost the people that are already there And those people were predisposed

To you know want to you know like him And you know want to Follow him and you know be a part of the Continuation of what started with the Other super Masters And new people they don't have that at All And so he doesn't have a group of people That identifies with him he's not all That likable he's not personable he Doesn't Connect with people so he can't bring New people in he's trying to do like a Replacement Group of people but it's going to be Dumbed down people they're not going to Be very spiritual they're not going to Be very you know Transmission oriented they're not going To be any of these things And so you know that the dream with the Preceptor at this time you know I mean I Could have come around to this earlier But The most important part is that um You know he um It's uh Done at the right time like there's just The information I found by these people On Facebook I realized oh they're not Into it they're not posting it they're Not into the YouTube channel they're not Into Dodges talks they're not into dodgy Stuff they're not recommending this

Books or you know whatever it is And you know they're Best neutral and mostly just you know Um Pretending what they're seeing is okay Right And so there's been you know with it Appears to be a failure A failure in the selection process I Feel the failure in the and even the Mastery process I mean there's been Failures with preceptors before I don't know if they necessarily Failures because they could give Sittings but they just didn't You know have the character qualities or The Whatever it was you know contamination With their lower self and their their Character flaws just don't get cleaned Out or they don't have any issue you Know they don't work on it you have to Work on it and you know there's Um what power does and there's power in The You know the transmission and the stuff And you know whatever godly power And it can Uh manifest And like you can fertilize or nurture Bad qualities in a person if they don't Work on cleaning them and so that's Always something to think about And there's been a failure like in the

System itself the organization Organizational failure starting with Dodgy and then Everyone on down who allowed this to go In a way that's You know I mean uh almost a complete opposite of What size Mark is supposed to be dodgy's Taking in that direction And so for me like doing the Gratefulness I didn't want to be the guy right You know the um and I still don't Because you know people write comments All the time oh you're not very Spiritual because you mock somebody or You Say something mean or you do something It's who I am it's a part of who I am Right it's a part of what I need to be To be on the internet And it's there like I could pretend it's Not there but I don't want to sit around Fake like I'm You know spiritual and you know put on Like Spiritual clothing and talk to people in A certain way you know just all that Stuff right And so that's why I resist the You know any thought of being like a Guru of course there's stuff that I have To teach people because I know stuff Right

I'm smart and I you know observational And I'm a you know older soul I think And you know I understand the sash Mark Process and you know people who know More have to be a guide in some way or a Teacher Um to whatever extent but like I'm not You know I don't have it in me to be That like really good Mentor or any of Those things because I don't you know I Don't want to be performative and Fake you know just somebody who's on the Spiritual path and might be ahead of you In some ways but like you know if you're Going to judge me on the standard of What a master a guru or Satan would be Like I'm not going to measure up to that Because I'm not that right I just don't Have You know a desire to be that Um Not a real desire like you know a desire To To just um Go to the next next level of be nice and You know personable or whatever I mean I just don't have it like I'm More of a You know grouchy type of person when it Comes to all that kind of stuff Personal value values my time and I'm Not looking for relationships and you Know people to um You know people who need like that I

Don't you know that's that's needy People right and people people who can't Stand on their own two feet need to be Carried through Whatever they're devoid of Prana they're Devoid of Love energy all these things I'm not you know you have to be able to Stand on your two feet to do Gratefulness like it's going to have to Be that Because you know the neediness And the guru worship has always been a Bad thing Inside smart you know people who can't Do it for themselves like there's some Element to The needing uh you know the a preceptor Or the master of the system and having Someone externally do work that you Can't do and that's fine that's all all Of us need that Like that's part of it But you know there has to be some sense Of I don't know I don't want to say Self-pride or you know self-esteem or Sell whatever Self-responsibility like all those Things for people and you know make no Mistake about it as I do the the Settings and things that nothing's Really going to change in that Dynamic Of relationships With people because that's the part that Has made it be bad right the you know

People being completely passive and not Able to To do for themselves right that's why They haven't be able to to leave dodgy I Mean it's just not in the you know like In the Indian culture it's just not There You know they they might believe things They might be saying things behind Closed doors or they might you know Watch some of these videos or you know Read some of the dodgy truther stuff or You know whatever is going on out there They might agree with it They might you know they see it for Themselves but they can't say it right They can't verbalize it like there's Something wrong here And it's you know like it's really wrong Like it's not a little bit wrong it's Really gone off the rails it's not like Just a fall off you can have a fall off Like you could have all right charge you Was you know at this level And dodgy is not on that level but Everything's the same it's just not as You know it's not as good It's a little bit of a fall off this is Something being Taken from a spiritual organization and Turned into a religious cult And they're so bad at it they they can't Keep the members that are there they Can't win new members over

And they're just so incompetent like the Level of incompetence charging was so Competent at everything that he did and To be a competent spiritual Master Saying something But these guys are such bozos and so bad At it right But it's important to know like even With preceptors and some of you had Preceptors that weren't good people or Good practitioners of the system In exchange with one woman who had a Preceptor a guy that I knew right Mr Another Mr B I guess And he I know he never did his practice It was kind of goofy You know I work with him as a I've Gotten a sort of Maintenance side of things everyone kind Of knew he was a chucklehead But he was made of preceptor by Babaji And You know he gave sittings and uh we Didn't read the books and you know each Other Gatherings he wouldn't go to the Meditations like one time sharji walked By and said are you going to SATs on Today and he said no too much work to do Right Um just busy work around the ashram that Was you know Unimportant and so um you know he wasn't Really into it like he went to India he Was made a preceptor maybe that meant

Something to him in terms of his Self-esteem or whatever it was and you Know he continued to give sittings and He could give sittings because the Spiritual work was done But you know he wasn't a good preceptor He didn't Represent the you know beliefs of the System he didn't even know the beliefs Of the system right and one of my Viewers you know went to him for a Couple years and you know whatever Um turned out to be you know sucky you Know but on a human level the cities are There right but not anymore and so there Are a lot of people like that right so The preceptors aren't going to give up Their preceptorship because it means Something to him and the people are into For Community aren't going to leave Because the community and You know they don't see any other option And they don't really Necessarily care about the purity of the System and they don't believe it's the Solution To the human racist problem they don't You know have the same beliefs they Don't believe in the I mean I was Shocked some years ago And how you know when they when they Joined the UN and I used all these Pivotal quotes and even a letter Babaji Wrote to

Dr Casey variety about the U.N asking Him to join and he didn't do it and you Know it was pretty uh rough letter from Babaji Babaji was a a gentle person it Didn't you know Was very sensitive about hurting Somebody else's heart or talking down to People or whatever But for him it was a you know pretty Harsh letter which I've read here before And I realized these guys either didn't Believe in or didn't read the literature They didn't you know these were a lot of The guys that around dodgy now these Other you know inner core people but They don't I mean they were there and They listened to master charges talks Over and over again but he said it Himself about the character In that video the clip I've played Before that one of my viewers sent me That I had watched years ago I played a number of times we talked About his inner circle being like the Worst people right and they're not into It so you know for them they're not Going to quit they're not gonna they Don't have a problem because they never Believed in the you know the principles Of the the system in the first place They either didn't invest in it didn't Read about it or a lot of people buy the Books but don't read them and if they Read them they don't think about them

And so um the books are more for Westerners because of you know Westerners uh like charge you said a Western mind and an Eastern heart and Westerners need that kind of Philosophical reasoning people who are Spiritual Seekers Uh so you know that's all played out the Way that it obviously would because People aren't upset about dodgy ruining The you know the dogma and the The core principles and the essence of The you know philosophy of sashmarg Because they don't either understand it Or they don't care about it or they Don't like it And so you know they've tolerated him or Whatever they just aren't into him but They're still going along with Everything else so it's just a you know Uh a defunct organization that way There's no passion right There should be more passion the people Who are passionate would leave and do What you know I'm doing here other People are doing is voicing some Distress about the loss of a spiritual Organization turning to a religion right And a cult like just all of it Corruption and things I mean something like this being Corrupted you know like there should be Some outcry but they just don't have it In them so you know I was one of the few

People just because of my personality And just the way that everything went Down Uh you know over the years that was able To you know and having this platform I Mean it wasn't an accident And so this is the the next phase in it You know the You know giving settings because it you Know I have the ability to do it and it Needs to be done But that's just about the end of it Right I don't want to be you know when The master of the system walks into the Room or Does anything they judge him as a master They judge him on the level of the Master so they expect more from him than They do from Themselves and other people they're Constantly staring at them and looking At them and you know I mean you know all of it right looking Some looking for some looking for Something from him And you know even preceptors you know You think are using preceptor you're You're in the clergy you're supposed to Behave in a certain way and you know That's just not going to be expected of Me right like I'm going to be the same Guy that makes these videos I'm just you Know giving sittings consciously because That's what's being asked of me like

Nothing's changed in terms of you know Who I am as a person and my you know my Placement in the world and my you know Negative qualities and all the things That I do you know like I said there's People who come and say well how can you Be so this and that and and be a Spiritual person well You know to survive on the internet I Need an edge or whatever it is and it's Just who I am this is what I need to do And to be the kind of person I needed to Be to to perform my tasks this is well I Mean I certainly like everyone else need To improve it's not like I'm not willing To you know I'm not denying a lack of Kindness or a lack of You know other things that are necessary For someone to be Spiritual or saintly but I'm not that Right and so people shouldn't again you Guys know you guys want to but it's not Something that's Um that's real it's not truthful you Know I just I'm doing what I need to do As a you know in terms of this business The the pockets of the future business That you know that whenever I'm Producing this content and things like This I make an income from it And also you know there's this giant Thing that's fallen on me because of the You know people who want to do Heartfulness and I've done it and

Realize there's no transmission and We've had to adjust and adapt and that's What's happening and now that involves You know me giving cities to whatever Extent and it doesn't you know mean that I'm anything I wasn't before right it Doesn't mean I'm better than I was Before Or any of these things it's a simple you Know allowing myself to the spiritual Points and the you know the you know Whatever else in my system to be Utilized to allow the transmission and Cleaning and whatever else knowledge That I have to flow through me to other People because I got it you know it was Given to me And it's right to pass it on to other People right that's all it is and that's All it should be considered and you know A way to see how this works out is to Test it and see If um You know the sitting's worth and that's For you guys to see when you do the Sittings and you know please be honest When I you know release this I'm going To release the other Journey Series today 107 and I'll upload This one and I'll get this one out in Early next week If not on Sunday probably on Sunday just Because Um you know there's a time sensitive

Thing here I don't know maybe I'm not in A rush we'll see But anyways that's where it stands so Far and Um I'll talk more about it you know in The next Journey series Only spiritual value will save this World it's far amount I'll definitely Point for the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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