Journey 106

Journey 106

Greetings brothers and sisters this is The 106th edition of The Journey series And I wanted to talk about The importance of importance of the Master and disciple relationship And spirituality because it is Very much a part of the whole thing that Happened with dodgy in all of his Stooges and people around him In the West in America People don't want to go to a person For Spiritual training And that's because of the well I mean There's a lot of things there the word Master has a negative connotation and in Terms of you know slavery and all of it And Americans are brought up to sort of Rebellious Authority even though there's A lot of Sheepleness there's a lot of NPC stuff There's a level of uh You know uh Not just with authority but parents and Grandparents and and all of it right There's just this um Element And therefore you know there's the idea Of a spiritual Guru is something people In the west don't Think about and struggle with Even if they find somebody who they Respect or whatever I mean this has Happened with Master charging and I think to Babaji to

A certain extent That um Americans you know westerners Europeans Want to do what they want when they want It right so There is a Just uh the whole idea of God even is Difficult Because of the celebration of the ego In the west I can do anything I don't Need you know that's the idea That we are given from a young age You can become anything you want you can Do anything you want so there isn't this Sense of Hierarchy and you know there's good Things about it Master charging himself Talked about how the system rewarded Merit Your work not who you were as a cast Member Or who you were as a Royal bloodline or Where you were born or your race or Things like this That the American system people could Rise up to high levels of Uh you know economic and social whatever It is Fame and Fortune From you know being homeless to Billionaire I mean it's a People one generation can have this Success And so um There's just that element like there's

Positive things to it But it hurts in terms of understanding That In anything you need a good teacher If you want to become a coach or teacher A mentor If you want to go to the higher levels Doing it by self-effort is difficult and Even more so In the spiritual life right and the Seismic tradition the guru disciple Relationship Is not one of personal interaction It's not where the guru is going to tell You what to do And how to do it right it's not going to Sit down say all right this is your Flaws these are things you need to do You have these long conversations about You and you know I think that's the Therapy model like people want me to You know do that for them people write To me or whatever Um but that's not how The natural beauty of the seismish mark System works through personal Interaction and that's the other part of It because westerners will then get Needy When they accept a master right Something like this And what the seismic tradition is The master of the system who acts as a Conduit for God reads the condition of

The uh of the person And sets about a series of events it's Like act it's like uh actualizing or Activating A spiritual narrative in a person's Inner world There's this you know potential in you And they said about a course of events That are going to happen and fold Naturally in your life To make that a realization And there's not as much interaction Cleaning away also doing cleaning And being there even on an etheric level Where there they are and you are not Conscious of it That their etheric self is there Connecting you and cleaning you and Doing what it needs to be done even if You're not consciously aware of it and They may or may not be consciously aware Of it I talked about how the guy my Preceptor he went to Me Babaji and Babaji you know he was There in Shah Jihad for with Babaji in Multiple occasions He said babji would sit there and a new Person who had not met would come in And there'd be like a circle of people Sitting there with Babaji and he'd look At the person's heart and then looking Off in the distance and smoke his hookah And come back and look at the person's Heart and then

And then you know look you see just go Through this process And then he'd say now I'm on your case Right and so that meant that he was Setting up all these conditions for The person's spiritual attainment not For wealth or success in the material Life or any of these things happiness We're helping them navigate through Whatever they had to go through To get closer to God And there was this connection spiritual Connection that was always there And even if you weren't really aware of It and you didn't really of spend much Time with the master of the system you'd Have much of a personal relationship it Was just happening on a theoric level Guiding you through your spiritual Journey And so it's um you know there's lots of People who left knowledge you can find Online gurus Who had no things like I know things Right like I know things some of them I Know from experience some of them I know From You know practical experience some of I Just know because of reading the books And understanding the concepts right But it's not about knowing things it's Not about knowledge it's not about Enlightened Enlightenment you know Babaji or charge you gave the example

Using Babaji as the sherpa These you know sometimes illiterate men And and the Himalayas who would guide People up the Mount Everest right they Would tie themselves to the To the group and guide a you know group Of people to the Pinnacle of Everest or You know somewhere you know depending on How far they caught right And Bobby referred to himself as a Sweeper and a servant and these things Right nobody Who was serving God but also serving you In the sense of Doing performing a service And you know you have to have the Experience of reaching the goal that You're guiding someone to And that's the importance of The master of the system be it of a high Caliber Because otherwise they can't you know They can't give you something that you They themselves didn't achieve that they Navigated the course they've bit up the Mountain Multiple times they know all the You know ins and outs and they can help You Along the path and so it is very Important to understand this because Um You know it's an it's a important aspect A sexual aspect of the sage Mark system

And so dodgy dropping the ball you know There was a they used to refer to it I Can't remember the other animals like a Mammal Uh like you know uh Comparing the guru or Master to a mother Like mammal or a mother whatever And then there was the highest level Where there was a fish I'm not a fish a turtle where the turtle Will climb UPS on the beach and lay the Eggs and go back to Sea and then the Turtles would just go swim out And that was the size Mark master who Would plant the seeds through Transmission And you know the seeds of spirituality And pulling out the inner Saint and Spiritual person that's within you And then you know it would happen in an Organic natural way without much contact With the physical being of the master The system But it's an essential part and Babaji Talks about it quite often And his books and then later on The Whispers messages And so that's what I've been kind of Referencing in terms of You know there's we're still receiving The transmission and there was that Connectivity which is good In the gratefulness and you know I'm Happy with it and that's

Still happening and there you know is Some sort of Consciousness there On a Divine level but having someone in Physical form somebody who's also in Human life And being the conduit big conduit for This energy is essential and you know Dodgy dropping the ball has like hurt Everybody in that sense because The line of Masters has been broken at Least in terms of The succession of Masters in a you know In a organizational way there could be a Hidden Master right now out there who You know is doing the work or whatever And nobody knows about but you know in Terms of the organization it's been Broken right and I guess maybe this was You know like I said part of a plan it Meant to happen But it's a big deal because of the Corruption that happens Like let's say the gratefulness thing Became more of a An organization a sense they were Gatherings and properties and you know All these things right it's very easy to Get corrupted in that position And someone who isn't you know uh Reached the goal of God realization I Mean dodgy had all the work done to him He was you know fully evolved at this Sense and he looked at what's happened To him so

Um you know Like all of the above and so he and he Had been put into the central region and Had been had all the work done to become A master and he still has uh crapped out Shows you the how these things can Happen And the corruption level and the you Know human nature and look at all the People that do uh heartfulness Who are loyal to charity exclaimed they Love charge you love the system and you Know claim to feel the transmission and Whatever I mean I don't know I assume That some of them did And you know they should be feeling that There's something off now But they're not able to To change set I mean this is the The problem with the you know the The system of the corrupt system of Gurudim In the Indian culture and then you know Throughout people who do the scishmark System people with preceptors or they Have Physicians you know Authority or Whatever They don't want to give that up whatever You know whatever is holding them To what obviously is a collapse system And not being able to Make the the change that's necessary Because I I feel like I wasted three years and

I'm glad it was only that much Being connected to dodgy those past Three years That I could have had this you know the Spiritual energy that I'm getting now I Mean you know I had to go through it Like I'm not saying it you know it Wasn't necessary But I recognize you know with a waste of Time and energy and all of it Um And so these people who aren't ever Going to leave the system the new system Because it's you know The heartfulness is a new thing can go Back to the massage there you know the Pre-dodgy Years Um you know I mean it speaks to the Whole problem with it the necessity of Having a you know a quality spiritual Master Anyways I'm going to end this thing here I just want to start that off and maybe I'll have more thoughts as we go through It But it is uh you know it is a loss of Something that's You know a problem I mean it's You know it's not it's problem isn't the Right word it's you know it's a loss It's something that Having a living Master there And being conscious and guiding people

And all these things it's a loss of of Something that was good that no longer Is there for people Um anyways I'll continue on next couple Of days Okay um Continuing on with uh Journey series 106. Um You know I just had gratefulness morning Meditation SATs on On Sunday morning uh Sunday June 4th and I have to start doing the reminders and Things like that which I'll do um You know whatever As we move forward with these things not All the time but sometimes just to check In with people And you know I um had a wonderful Friday Night individual sitting and the Meditations on Sunday were good but Everything got better when I started Doing the 9 00 p.m Friday night sitting Which was there for you know since the Babaji days Where there'd be an individual sitting Given and they they um you know for People who weren't didn't have access to A preceptor or anybody in the system Organization And then it was open up so everyone Could do it Um and you know after a while they're Charging and you know the

The intensity and the energy and the Sittings are just phenomenal they're Beyond what they used to be even And um You know There's been a lot of things about this Gratefulness meditation That have been confirmed And you know right now there's not much To be Said about the future of it Because it's there People can do their practice with it and You know we'll listen to my dirty series Videos and then try to find books if They can That's a good thing size Mark books on The internet And other than that really there isn't That much right occasionally I'll say Something spiritual here that you know Come through me comes to me through Intuition and these other things It either works or doesn't work there's Either transmission or there's not And that's pretty much the key to it and There's not a lot to say about it it's Just doing my practice like I used to And it's very simple It's their Transmissions there right the Practice is simple so you know I don't I Can't really talk that much about it Right so I end up um talking a lot about Heartfulness here which I didn't really

Want to do anymore uh especially in the Beginning And when I started doing gratefulness I Cut myself off from Everything heartfulness right I you know I unsubscribed and banned and Blocked and Unfriended and did everything I could to Get away from the heartfulness stuff Anybody on my Facebook page posting Harmfulness stuff because I just didn't wanna You know Focus on it anymore it was draining to Me and it's a bummer like no matter what Happens with it you know I I like Watching apocalyptic stuff I said that I There's something about my personality Configuration That likes to see things like this being Destroyed the system you know I find Humor and I always say like you know It's There's concern as well I mean obviously Across the board when our society Collapses and all these things but I Find humor in it that's why I have the Apocalypse Now you know I It's funny it's funny stuff about it and I've been through it before and you know I I still was I assume prepared and you Know this was what I was going to do so There's all that right there's a reason For it

And you know that is whatever it is but It got easier for me when I Was experiencing transmission from Gratefulness and I switched off and Disconnected myself from dodgy it's not I don't you know it's like anything else I mean it sucks it's a little bit Different but it's it's kind of like Anything else I've accepted The level of failure by dodgy And what that means and you know I kind Of what that means like I don't even Know what it means right And you know at first this one um you Know precept it was you know the premier Dodgy truth there like he's out there He's the only person out there you know Who's Um he's got a lot of energy for this Right And when he was sending me stuff after We started doing gratefulness I was kind Of thinking about asking him not to But then I realized the charge the Negativity I felt before the bombing of The feeling bummed out Wasn't there And I have interest in it right and you Know we all want to know what happens Even you guys who don't do some of you Guys listen to Johnny Sears and you Don't do anything you don't meditate You're not you're not going to do

Gratefulness or seismic these things Heartfulness it's not you know for you But you're interested in the story Because the story is kind of interesting And people want things resolved and you Know and so I check in with it like I do With everything else like not every day You know if the guy sends me something I I have time I look at it you know in These things but I'm grateful for it Because it's you know he's my only Contact without him I don't have any Contact with you know of course I can Always look at the YouTube channel and See what's going on but I don't like I Don't get send any sent any Notifications and some of you guys Still do and some of you guys still Bring things up You know some of you guys have Relationships with preceptors or Whatever it is And so yeah there's that but it's you Know I'm so distanced I mean it was on The outskirts before And now they've started gratefulness Like there's I mean so much so my ex is A new husband left comment really Like there's you know There's probably conversations about me And people who are you know watching This thing or whatever But I you know like I just I only care in the sense that I know

That the story Needs to resolve itself and there's been A big chunk of something that I'm Showing you in a moment because this guy Just sent me This thing about as you talk about his Successor And that brought up a whole bunch of Stuff and you know in what he's doing What dodgy is doing I can contrast that with what a real Master would do Because it brings up memories and then Teachings that I experienced About seismish Mark from the other Masters and the examples they set And dodgy seems to in at every turn Go against what The you know the the previous Masters Didn't taught It's like he's like you know almost like Hateful Like a child who destroys his dad's Company Because he hates his dad like some kind Of I mean it's more than just being Corrupt There's some kind of Hurt there like there's some kind of Anger at the I mean just demolishing the System right but in my last um You know video my that concluded in here In the junior series uh you know the Stuff I did with the

After my death video right kind of thing They you know I made a little playlist Now for it Um there's three videos in it and I Might add to it later on which is kind Of a good thing like things that I would Like to people to hear um You know I might include a jury series Or something video right some of these These other things And you know whatever I mean the whole Journey series could be included in it But I'm not going to do that because you Know there's already a playlist for that But he sent me a note yesterday because I mentioned that he sent me this this Thread these comments thread and you Know I I it was just too long for me to Get through And you know I just there's so much I I need to know about something like That these are these were abiasis Debating something yeah I didn't really Understand it but I saw it like you know I scanned it because you said there was A guy who commented I couldn't find the Comment he wanted me to read You wanted me to read one specific Comment from a Anonymous abiasi a long Time person Who you know I guess said something that You know the pain of it that people must Be experiencing right the ones that wake Up to dodgy Bean you know whatever he is

Like the This disgruntled Master the disgruntled You know Abiasi or whatever he's become And Um I saw that his wife said something to The fact that you know dodgy was her Master and she no one grew up with them But he said it was a long time ago when She was saying this specifically You know and some of the people were Famous like there was a guy Cyanide and It was cyanide's son cyanide was a Central region guy who was Secretary of The mission under charging And was you know I highly do I saw that Guy and he just you know he was a highly Developed person you know these things Famous person the mission but this guy This uh dodgy truther said his wife Totally agrees with them and you don't Like she'd have to because there's no I Mean it's such a divisive thing But I bet there are people who are Struggling with this Who you know not only are they going Against their former master And dodgy But they're going against their spouse Or their family right it's you know it's Difficult You know my wife um She you know I told her all my stories

Like she heard all the dirty stuff Before the it became you know Journey Things and you know even things that I Maybe don't share in the journey series And she just didn't like dodgy For a variety of reasons which has been You know helpful for me but she never Had the experience of his divinity which I did it wasn't a point of conflict Between us because You know I mean I was already I saw what I saw but I did see the Difference between me and and most of You And you know most even aviasis is I got Experience of dodges Accomplishes the abias like the energy Was there He was being made the master and he was You know he's a legitimate Master of the System He was endorsed by charity And Babaji and Minolology From the brighter world and if you don't Trust The Whispers message that's a Whole nother thing but I do I've had experiences with The Whispers messages I may have had these profound spiritual Experience with them but anything Anonymous like that can be compromised And I mean you know all of the all the Above right I experienced Commerce being

Made the master and I had Some positive experiences with that and I saw it I felt it and it was the Legitimate legal Master he still is President Of the system And so you know there's no there's no Disputing that Charge you left have been charged showed Us a video out there of charge you Announcing his Being the successor And you know I've showed the video here It's it's not in dispute That there's the SRI Ram Chandra mission And has a president and has a master And daiji said taji has been you know Made the the official master and President of the system And He got the spiritual work was there as Well As far as I can tell like I don't know You know what was different about his Spiritual work as opposed to charging But he was left in charge of the mission And charging endorsed him in multiple Ways And that happened whatever went behind Behind closed doors As far as the public is concerned charge You passed on His successorship to dodgy and Daji is folded like that's the

Difference between what I see And what most of you see And what the abiasis who still follow Him see right and maybe they see it too But just can't admit it and it has Significance because the master which I You know was talking about I think in the the first um Voice order did here The master has significant role Because you need a guide you need a Coach to reach the higher levels of Spirituality anybody can connect to God Any creatures connected to God all the Time You're just realizing that connection That's all it is any kind of spiritual Movement Is you turning your attention into the Truth That God exists inside of you and Everything and everybody else And now without God and without a soul There's no life there's no physical life There's no etheric life there's no Consciousness even when you willfully Choose against God When you willfully uh turn against God You you need God to do that like the God Is God is your Consciousness God is Your ability to express yourself God is Your freedom of choice your choice your Choosing God's in all that without it you'd be

You know inanimate right like even rocks Are there's spiritual energy there but You would be you know even more solid or More you know uh inflexible than a rock Right It's the fluidity the spiritual the Etheric aspect of your soul That allows the existence of life and You know these things that happen There's a flow to it right There's uh you know there you can't be Solid you can't be you know without Expression or animation You know even in a computer World Whatever it is right there has to be Some life you know there has to be Consciousness that goes into it even AI Technology is taking that from human Expression like anything that's on a Computer is a you know it's art that Human beings have put together have Created Consciousness created the The Works that you're seeing on the Internet on the you know whatever it Might be And so it's there you're just realizing God is there you're acknowledging the Truth that God is present in you but to Gain access to the higher levels you Need Some help like in terms of coaching and Teaching and guiding and things like This and the transmission which is

Significant that's why there's been so Few Saints in the world Over the history of the world and so They fried something new And right now it doesn't look great the Scishmark system But that's because this is the entry Level first life for most people Doing size Mark you're seeing maybe some Souls The younger ones you know younger people Being born back into the system people Who are around analogy may be here The early days with Babaji Who have passed away it has have Reincarnated back into the system But that's just a handful of people it's Not that many there weren't enough People around Babaji and these things And you know certainly theology was only 200 people And so for the most of us it's the first Time doing And so what it'll be like after the 10th Time And that's the Hope right and a lot of Things have to be cleaned out before It you know so I I mean that's where my Faith and Hope is because This is only the first time around and So there's a lot of things and it's a Bad time It's a crazy time in the world people Are crazy and everything's degraded so

You know this is Just the the first you know the Introduction level of the system But there is a problem now because Bobby Has talked about The master being so important The living master of course we all have The theory capacitor we have the master Within our potential to become a master Ourselves Our soul we all have that But the physical master And the amount of faith that you're you Know there's two things you need a coach Or a guide But picking the wrong one can be Disastrous On levels like if you pick the wrong Teacher Or marital partner or business partner And any one of those people is you know Like a sociopath and they destroy you And they take everything you want like You can have bad relationships People have horror stories of how They've been screwed over by Their teacher or their business manager Or their you know whatever it is right People steal from you and you know Betray you I mean there's all kinds of Way people can hurt you In this life you know you pick the wrong Marital partner and I mean the nightmare Divorces lots of us have experienced

Something like that If you pick the wrong spiritual guide or Master It has to do with your soul You know it has to do with your the Progress of your soul it could be Devastating Again spiritual stuff can happen to you That Um You know might take lifetimes or never Right you can get dragged into something That's going in the wrong direction Right I mean the devil like dodgy is Acting like the devil right because the Devil was like thumbing his nose at God And that's what dodgy's doing you know There's higher developed Souls the Higher developed you are the the greater The demon you can become right that's This the drawback of spirituality if you Rise to a high level of spirituality and You fall Your capacity To be you know a spiritual person Is there's uh you know inversion of that Which makes you a high capacity demon or Devil or whatever it is right Like that's the that's another problem Like if you were eyesight of Spirituality and you don't you don't Make it you fall You get bitter and anger angry Your Capacity to express hate and anger

And your you know the capacity to Expansion you experienced as a a Consciousness now has been contaminated With evil and you're much more evil than The average villain or average negative Person right you become a super villain So like a demon right something like This and so that's the other part right So You know choosing the wrong Master it Can be devastating Because you know trusting people with Your material life Is scary But trusting somebody with your Spiritual life Is You know potentially I mean it's like It's risky And you don't know right you don't know And people trusted die like I saw dodgy And trusted his abias and who he was as A person I felt like he was a good abiasi and I Thought it'd be a great you know he Would be the fourth Master of the system I thought he'd fall you know he had the Potential And you know and he's fallen and I don't Know how that's going to affect all These people who are following him And Lane waste to the seishmark system Helping him Destroy something when they claimed to

Love charging and Babaji had you know All of it right Um like I don't know you know they're Being obedient to their Master but They're also What's the responsibility so there's all That there's a lot of stuff here I can't know like it's so intricate Right Uh you know there's people who come down Souls who come down to play villains Right so I gave the example of Hitler Before and you know these various Villains that were in the Mahabharata Sometimes the higher developed Soul Comes down to play a villain in the World because there has to be a villain And there has to be drama and conflict And Somebody to Oppose the hero right so you know There's if you're playing your role then You're doing what God wanted you to do Right like there's that you know this Guy shishu Paul who Was a soul that was around uh Vishnu and Vishnu said you can come down to earth Three times as my villain my enemy and Ten times is my friend So he said I'll take the three times Right because he didn't want to come Down to earth You know so and you know he became his Enemy even though he was still working

For him and for the greater good But is dodgy um Doing that like that becomes the Question is dodgy Doing what I just said is that what he's Doing Is he playing a role is he doing what Was supposed to be done here if he is Then He's free you know he's done you know There's no reason to Just think about it because it's part of A plan But there is damage that's being done And that is We can no longer Trust The succession of Masters In the system because The guy that charge you picked when Chargie was alive And the guy that threw the Whispers of The brighter world Bob G said was their choice that they Were preparing him for a while before He became master has crapped out like There's you know to me there's no debate About it it's there every possible way And babaji has said doubt poisons the Will When you have doubts doubts in God Doubts it you know and Jesus said father Why how why hath thou forsaken me that's You know Jesus having a moment of Doubt Which is you know really bad

Um but we all do and we have doubt in God we have doubt whatever and that's And it poisons the will because you You can't go fully forward that you're Not 100 in that right You know you have doubts about anything You you pull yourself back right people Have doubts about the truth Community or They're you know you know sudden maybe This is you know just all you know like It's you're either in or you're not but Again not false You know uh Peter uh Charlie Brown in The pumpkin you know Linus in the Pumpkin field waiting for the the Great Pumpkin you know the thing I've done With cubies you can't you know people Have Belief that Trump is some sort of Savior Or Joe Biden's a great leader right when Clearly you know that's being delusional Like you can't be delusional the people Still have faith in dodgy even though He's behaved in such a way Oh you never question your master and It's Beyond Your Capacity these things Right I mean these are the things that People say yo you how can you judge a Mastery so much more advanced than you Well we're not judging a master we're Judging a fallen Master right And because that's easy to see but doubt Is now there and that's a big problem Because even if the ship is right in and

We get a real master The the guy that that somehow Accomplished appoints and I'll get into That in a bit like when I show you the Video if you point somebody who's great And he's transmits and it's like he Writes this ship And we're like hey you know this guy's Super hour okay this guy's a real master Doubt will always be there because once People realize That dodgy didn't make it like he didn't You know And and how do they deal with that like In the history You can't just pretend it didn't happen This is about reality at dawn right this Is truth You can't just pretend it didn't happen And so that's the real problem here for Size Mark I mean gratefulness is great Like what we're doing here which is Mark Just through this you know whatever YouTube channel To our little group that's what we're Calling it but people can do it without It being named Without it even you know someone could Just sit down meditate and connect with The transmission Without knowing anything about charity And Babaji and you know Not consciously aware of it you could Experience a transmission

Because it's an etheric movement here to Uplift humanity and it's still here the Movement's still here the energy is Still here and my faith in it now has Been you know so I mean it's just everything about it That there would be an answer they've Come up with a solution an answer at Least one you know there only needs to Be one Too dodgy falling so yeah that's great And there's no you know no no blemishes On that or the transmission of the Cleaning or the system But there is a blemish on the succession Of Masters Because it's not explicable so um with That in mind let's go to the video Because it's uh it's a long I'm setting This thing up but it's You know I I have a lot to think about Right in terms of uh you know this whole 106 uh Journey series the lab is going To be about this video I'm about to show You All right so the dodgy truther guy sent Me this um Advancing yoga and heartfulness is a way To live life for years watch Padma Bouchon awardee Accomplished dodgy At conlish dodgy AKA dodgy speak on the Mantra of gratitude At the South conclave 223 it live stream

Carol Kerala It's a beautiful part of India I've Never been In the western part of India Um so there's a lot here just even talk About that Because This is India today one of the I don't Know big Publications big news Organizations There in India And dodgy's become A famous person Much more famous in charge and certainly Than Babaji And so in India People are getting a taste of sahaj Mark For the first time From this guy This is how they're finding out this is How they're judging the system And you know there's lots of Stupid people or people who aren't Necessarily uh capable of feeling Transmission or something like that But even with that he isn't as good As a public speaker as chargedy Certainly He isn't as you know he's not spiritual Like they are And so he's he's really bad at what he's Doing here like in terms of fake gurus He's not very good like he's not nearly As good as say side Guru putting only

These posers they have Charisma they Have they have abilities right they're You know They're good at what they're doing and He's not like he's not good at it he's Not good on Interviews he gives unbelievably stupid Answers when that Prince asked him What's the meaning of life and he said Experience And then gave a you know then he was Forced to elaborate he gave a stupid Answer like he's dissatisfied Even adds a performance like you know he Wouldn't make it as a fake Guru or an Actor in a movie about where there's a Guru right like he couldn't play a guru In a movie convincingly he couldn't play The role that people would see him like That guy was a real Guru because there's People who are actors who can act Spiritual and can act you know could Play the role of a guru Convincingly but he couldn't because He's not good at it he's not good at any Of this stuff And he's not good at being a real one or A fake one you know so this is hurtful To People's perception of the thing that They now with Noah's heartfulness But if the SRI Ram Chandra Mission and The previous Masters So it starts here this is on Twitter and

It has uh 3 100 views so it's not even From Dodging am I the way you say it which Means Your actual name kamlesh d Patel Okay so this Padma bhusham award Now the dodgy truth or sent me this Thing about It being everything in India is having The corruption there think about the Corruption in America And then think about like if there was Just um Like I can't even describe the different Condition there in India but where There's no oversight right like people Complain about the EPA The Environmental Protection Agency or The you know the Republicans candidates All want to get rid of these agencies And deregulate everything right Which these agencies are corrupt But if you took them away It would be way worse And it is like you go to NDA you go to China they don't have an Environmental Protection Agency and the pollution That's there I mean what corporations are able to do Imagine all the corporate and greedy Evil people having no oversight even Corrupt oversight is better than no Oversight And so

Um the corruption in India is something That you know you can't even I can't Even fathom and understand And there's different levels of it it's Intricate in some ways and complex But you know these Awards of course they Can be bought anything in India can be Bought anything anywhere can be bought And the awards in America are often Purchased in one way or another you know Through whatever it is they're part of a Plan or whatever And so most of us here we don't put a Lot of faith into Awards But a spiritual Master is so far beyond That right awards are for an ego and if You watch players like when a player Breaks a milestone when Steph Curry Became the most prolific three-point Shooter in basketball He went into a shooting slump after that And even before that he wasn't you know There was this record he had to make so Many three-pointers and he had a number Of bad games until he broke the record And he just you know struggled and his Three-point shooting was bad before he Broke the record and after Records are you know they're a negative Like when you get an award you get you Get some kind of acknowledgment It just you know you just need to keep On working right That's why like you don't pay attention

To that stuff It thumbs up Pat's on the back they're Devastating to a person When they start feeling themselves right In terms of their ego and so you know Getting an award as a master is a bad Thing you know he's a master like he Should be a master right he's a he's the You know legitimate Master of the size Mark system president is in need of Wars He can transmit right I mean so this is You know he has a need Pat's on the back From India today and famous people Acknowledgment to be validated but dodgy Needs validation that's one of the Telltale signs and the people around him Want to get as much validation as Possible so they can try to sell this Thing look at how legitimate he is Because he isn't good at selling himself Or the system Based in its his integrity and his Transmission and his everything right so That's why they have concerts that's why They have famous people that's why they Try to pump his bad books up there right Artificially trying to game the system All these things right Who's also been the president of the SRI Ramchandra Mission based currently the Headquarters in Hyderabad so welcome Daji with this wonderful session and let Me Begin by I was very struck by the Fact that you trained as a look he's uh

This is like being on the cover of Time Magazine right Here he is And what has he done right he's like There's I think probably less people Certainly less good people Doing the meditation There's been no growth He built a good ashram that was already In progress when chargie died was Already set up by charges system that he Created To do such things you know and he's He had a couple of good moments he did a Good thing with the Um whatever you Demi course that was Good get a couple good ideas in the Beginning That uh you know there are a few things That I call I would say are successful That taji's done but nothing that would Be like this you know in terms of the Public And so what has he done in the public Right and this is where I want to get to This point because I'm going to show you It here okay so I'm editing this is About um to successor and a bunch of Stuff to do that that's what I was sent This thing by the dodgy truther but uh And that's important I'm gonna cover That but later on I find out he Is ripping off my gratefulness stuff Like this whole thing and I'll get into

That towards the the end of this thing But I had to point this out this looks Like some Illuminati alien I guess it's A Indian figure or something and then This is India today doing that you know Posting this pictures that are flashing Behind him and for a brief moment There's a a big eye It looks like some sort of Illuminati Eye And this Buddha pasham award whatever Right Um it validates him For the powers that be and I'm going to Get into that at the end like I just Want to point this image out but I want To get into that this is why he's being He's being legitimized here As a member of the club right that's What's happening Uh based currently the headquarters in Hyderabad so welcome to this wonderful Session and let me Begin by I was very Struck by the fact that you trained as a Pharmacist yes sir then you went to New York of course what that means to us Here right In the church Community I did and went To New York Sired two sons who now look after the Business okay so Um we know that he's out of business Like it's been in mainstream media I was sent this by the sky

I covered it they uh made this um you Guys have watched my journey series Videos know what I'm talking about But he had um I forget the name of it all of a sudden But his son was CEO of a a hundred Million dollar Pharmaceutical business that was going To be online they were revolutionizing Pharmacies In terms of bringing the medication to You During covet pandemic and it took off And they were funded where they got Investors That put in 110 million dollars or Something And they had at some point Like 200 million dollars in gross sales I mean it was You know it's taking off right And then um It collapsed And These Pharmacy businesses they bought up The pharmacies themselves Were bought out by Walgreens These were family-owned businesses and Some of them have disappeared and Collapsed and people have lost their Jobs You know their livelihoods I mean you Know in all of it and here's all his Pharmacies were tied into that and his

Kids now live in India so if this guy Was a reporter was he supposed to be He would mention that because he's Making it sound like dodgy went to America created a successful Pharmaceutical business and then turned It over to his kids And his kids are kicking ass right And we know they're not right because They bankrupt and like I mean bankrupt Like the thing went bankrupt and they Have no you know source of income now Like their family his kids they they are Now in India the mid-40s you gave up all That India To meditation Enlightenment immediate suddenly you Feel hybrid this life normally for 45 Years all of us have done that and I Just want to give up everything and go Is that what happened to you no I Haven't given up anything In fact I have integrated spirituality In my materialistic life This materialistic life Um but this is the part here and I Embrace the spirituality when I was Almost 18 and a half years of age Dealing my college Years so why didn't You just say okay let me have an early Start why do all this go there earn Money have children and come back I Didn't know I was to become the master

Of the system then see It was all under preparation and Preparations are necessary Are having completed my studies went to U.S started business there and practiced Spirituality intensely at the same time I was running well well earning business Other businesses in New York and New Jersey And then sometime in 2011 I was Surprised By a guru's desire he said He had to take up the work of spiritual Rejuvenation throughout the globe and I Okay so what he's saying here is That he was surprised in 2011 and I Showed you the video where chargie says He's going to be Dodge is going to be his successor and Daji bows at his feet puts his head on The floor And it's weeping And you know they were all in a room and Charging announced his successor after The first thing the first guy didn't pan Out Which of course you know again this idea Of doubt but he uses the word guru now He could have said My master you know parts of Sergey Roger Gopalachari because he's speaking to an Audience that don't know what he's Talking about right You could have said Babaji if that's

What he actually feels but Babaji wasn't The master he's charging successor he Called him his Guru which is you know a Way of crapping all over charging just To you know deperson him right to make Him into just some idea of some Guru to The audience And not let them know because he doesn't Want them to know They're bringing in these new groups of People they're hoping that the old People either just cave and you know Accept him And accept that charges being erased Which a lot of people have unfortunately But uh you know this is some some raw Stuff like just you know really raw but You know what he's saying here by Calling him a guru he's depersonizing Chargey and all the work and Legacy and The and the books and teachings and Things that Taraji did he could have Said part to sarte Roger Coppola Chari My spiritual master who I trained under For 32 years One day who I spent all this time with Was sitting in a room at his feet For seven years In India when I had businesses back home That my kids were running And I you know and which ran great when That charger was alive charging you know All these people were successful when Chargie was alive there was no going out

Of business you know these people were All like flourishing And they would donate my the mission and They would become rich people and you Know they would be around him and like He blessed them right like Dodger can't Even bless his own Sons with success They you know their their business Folded in an embarrassing way son had to Step down to CEO they went bankrupt they Were absorbed by you know dodgy one of The things that he did uh I was talking To you know Josh's um guy who co-wrote a Book with him and Josh worked at the Pharmacy with them and he said that they Couldn't compete with the big pharmacies The big corporate Pharmacy so dodgy Created A co-op of Independent Pharmacies dodgy Owned seven and other people in New York And New Jersey and it could increase Their buying power so they could buy at A discount And he did that he saved small Businesses we charge he was alive He did all this stuff right but now as Master he can't keep his kids from you Know Master charges son Krishna became a Wealthy man and successful And so that's you know part of the Undertaking charge he took care of Bobby G's kids and got them jobs and things And even they you know they turned on The mission they still were able to you

Know I mean I don't know exactly what Happened with them but when they were Part of the you know they didn't turn on Charge he they were doing quite well And so you know this is all part of it Right but him calling uh charging his Guru I'll Replay that again for you like It's just a messed up thing it means so Much like in what you know disrespects Him and dodgy is a guy who when he first Became Master he would say brothers and Sisters respected elders and brothers And sisters right he always talked about Respected Elders because they have Respect for elders and the whole Guru Thing and all of it and for him to not Name charity to not tell this audience In fact you know Sarge and Babaji Couldn't wait to tell new people about The greatness of their master Not their Guru their Master somebody who Was you know had mastered himself and Helped them in so many ways right you Know they couldn't wait to say you know Like this is I'm even what I do here I often mention how Um made better or my content is made Better Because of my association with the Massage Mark system and you know Master Charged greatest man I have ever known I Made a video about him right and that's To an audience where you know you don't Really care or want that or it'll freak

You out or whatever right like I just You know I have to say it in a way That's palatable to American audience But you know I want to give credit where Credit is due That chargie and the seismic system Changed me and my life for the better In so many ways right and you know it's Not just feeling in my heart but also Wanting to express that right that They've helped me that I've you know if You enjoy my videos it's because I've been made better by the scishmark System I say it all the time and give Credit to the Masters in a you know an Environment that people aren't wanting To hear that stuff Americans don't you Know even understand it's confusing to Americans many of you guys who listen to It right and so even I and I'm not Respectful and I'm not a you know I I've Never really loved the idea of a master Even the good parts about it right you Know I'm uh I have problems with Authority like most Americans and I Don't you know I don't have the Tradition stuff I wasn't brought up in It and I still want to be respectful and I'm not a respectful person right I'm Irreverent like I'm not you know and so Understanding him saying that my Guru Wanted me to be the successor and that's It he's not going to discuss what that Meant he's not going to talk about how

Great Babaji was a great charge he was You know he'll say Guru he uses the word Guru and it couldn't mean charge you Couldn't mean Babaji it could mean Lology but he doesn't want his audience To know that there's other guys with Their own teachings because his Teachings and their teachings aren't the Same teachings He's perverted their teachings and so That's you know that's a huge thing Right there I'm in 2011. I was surprised By a guru's desire he says He had to take up the work of spiritual Rejuvenation throughout the globe and I Appoint you as my successor So he didn't say my Guru even he said a Guru like a guru said this And you know I mean he's just he's it's Just not accurate to what happened and And it disrespects charging right Ask him why Why me That question arises now [Laughter] Exactly it doesn't he got something Right why him right And because I'm also in search of my Successor now oh okay so any volunteers Here oh you choose And one has to fly and put both the Wings as far as this system is concern That you cannot lead a materialistic

Life Exclusively okay so him saying he's in Search of his successor that's the thing I want to talk about the most here Now I don't you know this is foreign to Me and and most of you The idea of these there's these lineages In these movements And you know it's kind of an odd thing Um one of my viewers Sent me a comment or something or an Article I don't know what it was but I Think it was just a comment or maybe a Message and he said that um In the Sufi tradition that size Mark is You know lology had connections to Sufism That some the Muslims the spiritual Aspect of the Muslim religion like There's always Spirituality within religions People who become spiritual who you know Religion is a middle man that is a block Between you and God a go between a Gatekeeper between you and God but then There are people who connect to God Directly in religions and whatever And in the Sufi tradition they don't Have any spiritual Masters Because the Masters all started to Appoint their kids Which was an effed up thing right now Babaji's kids you know when I first Heard about babaji's kids my preceptor

Fred said you know they were talking About maybe Charity's son Krishna who Was spiritual and you know he's kind of A stubborn person and he had his Negative qualities But it was conceivable that he could Become the master of the system right It was within reality you know with the Possibility a real possibility that you Become the master Of course it wasn't done he was charging Was accused of this they was putting all The properties in his kid's name by a Senior preceptor and charger got so hurt He like shut down for like a week and Then he asked for all the preceptor Certificates and Chennai only gave half Of them back like he was like you know Really bomb Babaji gave messages saying You gotta shake this thing off you gotta Come back and do your job like charge You just got depressed for like five Days or whatever it was That he would be you know after all the Work he did that his Integrity would be Questioned right that he would be turned Into stuff over to his kids And so that can't happen As good of a spiritual Person as your kids might be this is in A kingdom And it's you know has to be somebody Else right it has to be someone outside Your family

And in the Sufi tradition they stopped Having Masters because the Masters would Appoint their kids and it would be Corrupt right you know part of my role Here is like I have a good memory and I Understand things I understand you know Just because of my dyslexia whatever it Is and so I'm like a historian in some Ways For like this stuff even though it's I Mean I didn't grow up in it I'm not Indian and I you know But I just um you know it's Conceptualize and weave it into a story And you know it's as accurate as I can I Mean you know I I don't know how well I Can't call this 100 truth What I do here but it's my story and my Stories are you know I I work to be Objective in whatever it might be right And my experiences with charging and Certainly with dodgy was kamlish you Know help in this story and then reading All the books and these things right But in all that you know the the line of Masters in the massagemark system It wasn't just chargy selecting them Babaji was in contact with charging Through the medium And he said yes that's our choice as Well accomplish is our choice And he was being prepared you know Accomplish himself said You know and I showed you that quote so

Many times where he said he was being Prepared behind charges back The charge he didn't even know Then he's you know and he later came out And said only a living Master like I Showed you the contradiction I have the Clip somewhere I don't know what it is I'm not going to find it here but I've Showed you another a number of the the Videos in the 70s where Char where There's a talk where dodgy says that Master charity was you know was not even Aware of the work being done by The etheric Masters to prepare Dodgy to be successor and then later on He came out and said only a living Master can do anything That they can't you know they can't do It from a brighter world So he contradicted himself which he Often does right But he acknowledged that it was a more Than just charging Which it is right it is a collection of Spiritual Beings and the living master That creates a successor it happened With Charity right and so him saying He's looking for his successor It's very egotistical the way he says it And you know I was thinking about it Because I mean it you can't trust Anything that dodgy does and I can't Imagine he won't screw this thing up But let's just hope like there's an

Outside chance he could pick somebody Who's really spiritual And somehow dodgy can or they can Through dodgy do the work necessary to Make that guy into a significant Master Like a real master That all the stuff the central region Stuff the charging of the points the all The abilities get transferred to this Other person and he's able to turn this Thing around like it's just a good I Don't think that's going to happen Because I think Dodges suck so bad that There's you know and what's happening With gratefulness but you know I don't Know let's say that just happened right It wouldn't be dodgy successor because Dodgy's you know and dodgy doesn't talk About charging at all right which is Like he's killed the lineage he's cut it Off he's cut himself off from it and so You know it's it's very telling but Let's say dodgy picks a spiritual person That's like best case scenario But if it's you know like I said it Seems like he's so angry at God or angry At his Masters or angry you know Whatever he's hateful whatever dodgy is Going on inside of him like he's just Laying waste to the system Then you know he's going to pick Somebody I mean is it going to be you Know or is it he just corrupt Is he going to sell this thing because

It's worth a lot right I mean who wouldn't want this position And you know to these like lots of People wouldn't want it but in terms of Like low lives yeah lots of people would Want this position Being a guru is better than being a Politician or celebrity in India Being Guru is the you know this is the Creme de La Creme is Rich and Famous and You know the power of God like your door Speaker you're God's representative on Earth kind of thing right in India it Pulls so much weight And so people who have ambition and want To be somebody and have money and power I mean my wife suggested they might go To diaper Baba like diaper Bob is a Billionaire he could buy it You know if he I mean it totally could Be a type of obvious I think older than Than dodgy so I don't know if you know How that would work But who has the money to pay him off or Just dodgy want his kids to do it that's This guy this truther guy This um This uh you know dodgy truther guy he Thinks it's you know he's bringing his Kids there to To appoint one of his kids right so Um medley Pharmacy that's the name of it You know medley Pharmacy but um You know I the one that went under you

Know there was this thing that they just Went bankrupt with but if he appoints His kids that's a lot of red flags for People And who are your points is gonna you Know I mean no matter what It's gonna these things are tougher Pills for Existing members who are around charging And you know I've at least some Questions about what dodgy's doing And him saying it like it's his Successor no it's the it's a lineage Right and you know him I mean dodgy's Decision making has been so horrible and He's been so compromised Let me even think about like I haven't You know really thought much about dodgy Having a because his health is Apparently you know this is one guy says That uh dodgy had cancer before and now He's got it again I don't know if that's True You know I mean that's just somebody Telling me that it's a rumor but he has Poor health I know that he asks people To pray for his health And so if his health is Collapsing the guy isn't traveling you Know charge he traveled to Europe in America almost every year And to places like Malaysia and Russia And you know Australia I mean he went All over the world and he traveled like

200 days a year in within India And so Charlie was often traveling as he Got older he couldn't Dodgy isn't even traveling around India Like he's gone to Carolina here he went You know like he's not like charge he Did and he doesn't come back to America Even though he has businesses and Properties and I think his kids are American citizens and you know they're All they're all like you know they're Hiding out there and you know they're Hiding up in the ashram like you know Away from uh you know whatever legal and I mean the the They lost millions of dollars people's Money right you know rich people's money They lost their money Their business went out of you know they Went out of business they lost their Investors investment But it's very interesting because I think he's going to sell this thing You know or give it to his kids I mean it's going to be something sleazy Right Um I met one of his kids he seems like He was he was like you know spiritual it Seemed like a very you know I think he Was in his 20s and uh Size kid you know I thought I thought it Was like highly of course I was thinking Of highly of dodgy that and it was a Brief interaction but you know he seemed

Like he was a very polite nice young man Right uh you know spiritual I thought he Was a spiritual person But who knows you know I mean I don't Know what he's like now and I don't know You know I don't know Like I you know and still I mean it's it Won't work To him even if his kid was a saint it Was it's doomed because it's whatever Red flags there are now for people That's a big one Um And so yeah like this is a big thing They kept talking about successor Because you know we know that he's not Really a master right like a successor Of what you know like like it's like Some homeless guy saying I want to have Success you know you know you're a Failure right you're a failure in Business your failure as a master like You're just everything is you're Drenched in failure and so like how are You gonna appoint a successor to to Manage your failure or your celebrity And your you know like it's not your Celebrity because you you got a good Personality you have Charisma it's Because chargie appointed you and you Guys have worked this thing You know you built a big Ash room and You invited a lot of famous people And now you've made it into a thing

Right But it's not the thing it was supposed To be these concerts and stuff it's not About the transmission it's not about Spiritual Development it's about trying To make dodgy into a personality and he Keeps on falling short Like he's side Guru outperforms him on Every level as a fake Guru and so yeah You could be a fake master and you point A fake successor But you know there's just no legitimacy In it no matter how many awards they Give to you Then there was this part um I almost Stopped there But I just want to show you this part Here That will disable you at a spiritual Level And if you go into spirituality also so Much You are unproductive to the society And for yourself and your family So like a bird flies with two wings Human life has to be carried on with two Successful Wings of Life material and Spiritual this is babaji's one of his Fundamental teachings That was talked about with charging Under the in the book my master both of Them making this teaching available that You needed two wings Like uh to be successful in life a

Spiritual wing and a material wing and I'll get back to that at the moment but He doesn't say this is from Babaji this Is there's no reason for him not to do That right not to be integrated So if for someone like you who straddles I would gather both work there is a Materialistic world that you still have One leg on a spiritual world that you Put a bigger leg or a larger foot Forward How do you what are the key things that You would say for people like us what is It that we need to do do we look upon Ourselves as unsuccessful because we Haven't transcended some of the things That you have or what are the three or Four things that you would say the Truths let's call it okay so let's get To the dodgy stuff first here and then I'll talk about what the reporter was Saying here because it's both Significant so when doji said a guru Made me his successor Right a gurus you know 2011 a guru not My Guru not my master a guru like some Random guy Made him a successor And dodgy's doing his own thing right Like there's a woman Who a white woman from Tennessee Who I think her name is gangaji now when I lived in Santa Fe there was two big Female gurus amaji and gangaji that

Would go to Santa Fe New Mexico where There's a lot of trust funders and a lot Of California people seeking Spirituality There's these you know these parts of The country Sedona there's these Spiritual places and a lot of new age People go out to these places Boulder Colorado you know I haven't been To Boulder I've been to Sedona Sedona Beautiful place but you know not the Most spiritual place out there And you know and not like these ashrams That I've been to that have you know That sagemar goshams are beyond anything You know that you can achieve with just Natural Spiritual energy there's these natural Power points But with the transmission It's even more so and India has this Ancient tradition of spiritual energy That's in the bones of the country That's been around for you know Thousands of years But again there's some beautiful Spiritual places in America And there's these two women gurus in Santa Fe New Mexico And my roommate said amoji has much Better energy than gangaji And you know amaji is an Indian woman a Big you know heavyset Indian women who Gives people hugs

Again doesn't have the ability to Transmit in this you know context of What is available she has some spiritual Energy you know there's legitimate real Gurus out there and I don't know if She's one of them But this woman gangaji went to India met A guru and I don't know if she talks About who he is or I don't know much About her But her thing is The guy said to him you are that And she meditated on you are that and Somehow the answer was be a guru for you Know these trust funders in Santa Fe New Mexico That was the answer right and this is The kind of thing that dodgy is saying Here that a guru made him a master like He met a guru like not his Guru but a Guru and the guru said something and From that he became something but that's Not what happened to dodgy he was given A position of successor to A master Somebody who achieved self-mastery Not a person that called himself the Master but someone who achieved Mastery Of the small self it became the master With it we all have that potential in US And master charity certainly reached That potential And so dodgy was given this succession And in India doesn't hurt him to say

There was this guy named charging he was Wonderful and I was he taught me all These things in fact it's preferable When chargie talked about He didn't talk about himself he talked About Babaji said this and Bobby you Know Babaji was always something some You know a part of his teachings right And in India that's very you know Acceptable and even preferable that you Give credit to your master constantly or Your Guru or whatever or your teachers Or whoever it is you have to respect the People that brought you to where you you Your achievement because it's as much Their achievement even more their Achievement Than your achievement right Georgie Wouldn't have became what he became Without Babaji it was clear they had Past lives together he was babaji's Disciple when Bobby was montanjali and In another life Babaji had as far as like he knew or at Least talked about five Lives why would You have a life as a beggar and the life Is pontanjali and then two other lives That I don't know if he's ever discussed Babaji's life is a beggar was imperative To him To approach God as a beggar like he you Know he had a uh you know a chapter in a Book called the beggar's Bowl Going to God as a beggar right like

That's his way of relating to God but Again in India it's good to talk about Your Guru and your master your these Things and America it isn't and so like When I say Only spirituality save will save this World it comes from Babaji I don't know I've tried to look for the original Quote but he said it over and over in Whispers but he said it somewhere else And I can't find it which is interesting But well it is what it is it's in one of His books But that's um You know something I say all the time Here it's from Babaji it's not my thing That's why I haven't put it on a t-shirt Because it isn't you know like it's a Quote from Babaji and there's teachings I present here that are sash Mark Teachings But I don't credit Babaji in the system You know sometimes they do but mostly Not because it'd be off-putting to the Audience And so I'm disseminating these teachings And I'm not claiming them to be mine Because they're not but I'm not always Crediting because of the audience Because you guys would if I said my Master my Guru this all these things Would be weird it's weird for me to say Like it's not natural for me to say But I you know I'm clear

To everybody that I've benefited from The seismic system And it's interwoven plus the stuff I get That's etheric like that I don't want to Say is channeled and but you know it's Channeled in some way or another that Flows through me that isn't really me You know I understand it but it's coming From a Divine source so it's you know There's all of that like you know and so I I don't credit myself for these things I mean I'm a source of the you know the The conduit for the source to come Through But I'm not uh you know I can't say What's me and what's the Divine either Teachings I've received or from the Divine Source or things that are things I've learned from size Mark or teachings Of Babaji and charging like I don't even Know what you know when I get into a Flow but I'm aware of it and I you know I make it clear to people occasionally Here that that's a part of this that Isn't me it's you know from something From you know that flows through me it's A combination of you know my jokes my You know my abilities and then all these Other Things that I just said that are not me That are you know that have been I've Been blessed with contact of higher Developed beings and you know this Teaching and all of it the transmission

And all of it right and that's what I Present here and it's just a YouTube Channel like I'm not a guru I'm not Claiming to be anything you know these Things where where dodgy is supposedly You know I mean technically you Legitimately he's the master of the System but he's not crediting these guys For any of it and it wouldn't hurt him To an Indian audience he's lost the Western audience he's not even trying For Americans or this show that he's on Isn't for Americans and I mean it's Barely getting any views from India's And so it wouldn't hurt him to say my Guru or my you know my first master Not the guy who made me his successor But the other guy Babaji Had this teaching that you needed two Wings to fly a spiritual wing and a Material wing and that's revolutionary Because most spiritual organizations Tell the people that become real sincere About it like not just the you know the The people that are sort of Um you know tourists but people who are Really spiritual Seekers they give up All their worldly possessions and they Become spiritual become these guys Called um senyasis they go out into the Woods and they you know they um They give up everything and they become Beggars and whatever right they don't You know and they don't and Bobby uh

Lambasted them saying sinuses are a Plague on this country They don't do anything they have to Participate in the material world And what the size Mark Masters are Men that were you know In some ways very successful in the Material world each each differently They all had wives they all had kids They all had jobs and they also were Spiritual people And that you could achieve the highest Levels of spirituality While being in the material world not Running off to some ashram or some you Know Monastery or whatever it is right And giving up your life and becoming a Monk and becoming celibate none of that Right you could become you know this Highest developed Spirit you could Become the master within the master Within could become you you know Wherever you want to phrase it Through a living uh what they called a Grahashtra ashram a family ashram and You would have this energy in your house And your kids would benefit and the People that came over your house your Friends and your family and you know People at your job all would benefit From your spiritual work right it was it Is groundbreaking In India that's not how they do things There's no priest class there's no any

Of these things no hierarchy and so when He says the birds of you know having a Material wing and a spiritual wing and Bobby said he looked up at the sky and He saw that there were these birds Circling That there's these you know whatever Vultures or eagles they have these giant Eagles in India I think that's the What was she was watching you know Birds Of Prey you know some sort of Um you know like a a raptor of some sort Or whatever is there whatever they call Them and you know if he tilted his wing And I think or maybe charge you said This if it tilted its wing Like One Wing was lower than the other It would spin in circles but if both Wings were were straight and balanced Then you would go forward right the way That these birds would circle is they Would Tilt The Wing So if One Wing was Lower than the other then they just spin In circles but if you could get both Wings aligned your material life and Your spiritual life You can move forward and that's you know A brilliant teaching that dodgy just Lifted for no reason because he's not Talking to you know Americans or or Something but you know I mean if you're Talking to Americans they already know He's a spiritual person The guru so there's no reason for him

Not to have a a master so like there's Just no reason for him to to not say This right like he's not like you know Like people are going to him listening To him as a guru and so he could say you Know my you know Babaji the where I'm Trying to give credit like you know You're here you're getting interviewed And give credit right give credit Because you're nothing you know you're a Pharmacist like you were I mean on your Own you're nothing like you you wouldn't Have gotten where you are in any Capacity if it wasn't for these other Great men And you know especially the way he's I mean conducted himself like how he's Like just you know subpar underachieved And so give credit like you're teaching This a great teaching but he just lifted It on this show you're trying to make Himself look good because wow this is a Great teaching and it's you know Universal for people in India but you're Hearing it from him so you think he's The guy right and that's you know and Even here when I say the best part of my YouTube channel comes from Energy the transmission more than Anything else in Transmission in my Association with the masters of the System like that's the best part of me The best part of this stuff right Like like the good things that are in me

Come from them like the things that I've Changed you know who I was before nobody Would want to listen to like you you This you'd be I'd be unwatchable They've made me into something the System right and it's just a YouTube Channel it's nothing like it's you know I mean it's just me talking into a Microphone It's not the you know whatever Um so him lifting this thing you know Where he says a guru like a guru made me You know no it was Master charge and he Was a a wonderful you know evolved Person that changed so many lives Including mine For the better And then this guy this reporter and when He said all these things about you know You did this and you're enlightened in These things right and he goes on to say This stuff Um and he said you know some of it Earlier And why because he won the Bouchon Pashem award like how do you know he's a Guru like how do you know just because The organization says it because there's Lots of fake gurus in India and if he is What are you going to submit to the System And meditate right because this guy's Supposed to be a reporter but he's Accepting

He's not challenging them at all right What you're supposed to do like either No Dodges the guru or he isn't and you Know this is one of the benefits of Dodgy's Failure is that with each new person You're going to have to test that new Person out from now on You're going to have doubt just because The master said he's the guru or President doesn't mean he's going to do It like he's got it's a test you're Supposed to constantly test the new People now You know not not test them over and over Again you test them until you you're Proven one way or another that this is The guy that could lead me spiritually If it comes out no or there's some doubt Then you shouldn't accept them right Like you gotta you know be convinced of It you can't like accept the guy if There's some doubt because that's not Good for you It's not good for him and so you have to Test them and that's one of the things Dodgy whines about in one of his talks That people accepted him because Babaji And chargie said yeah this is the new President but they never tested him The way they tested you know he said it Was a he lamented that he wasn't given As much backlash as charging that Everyone just accepted him not because

He was great because the other great men Endorsed him but that's turned out to be You know I mean a blessing for him Because if people tested him they did Come out short Because he will because he is like he's Not he's not the guy I mean this is you know so it's very Profound what's what's going on here Right it's um Substantial like it's just uh You know like this is a very telling Interview The the them accepting him as a guru Just because he's president of a system And he has concerts but do they feel a Transmission are you accepting him in Your heart this reporter are you Believing this guy's really a guru or You just you know all right this is a Role this guy's playing it's over 10 Just like you pretend somebody's Important because he's President right That doesn't mean JoJo Magoo you know Biden isn't senile he is like just Because you're president doesn't mean You're a good man right he does just Because you're famous doesn't mean that You're have something of value to to Share with everybody I mean you do but Have you realized it right Um so yeah this whole thing is like I Was like wow this is you know this is Reality here reality at dawn like this

Is dodgy being dodgy Okay so this is messed up because he's Using dodgy I'm going to show you a Second use the word gratefulness A few other little Clips I want to show You here Um but this whole thing well here's the India Today cover it's got dodgy and it Says Mantra of gratitude But he's not really he doesn't have a Magazine cover because I looked But you know who does have a magazine Cover for India today Diaper Baba Kaboom India today there he is diaper Baba Um the power of yoga Yogi And it's inverted So he's inverted and yoga yoga is Inverted and we all know in terms of the Christianity Inversion means Satanism it also means It in Um In size Mark there's this talk about uh Invertendo Which I'll get into in a moment let me Just um Finish this but how Baba ramdev Discovered Commerce in turn spirituality On its head to emerge as a political Economic and cultural superbrand and so That's diaper Baba there's his Pontanjali stuff there and India today

And he is um Doing that right wearing the diaper like This is why he's known as diaper Baba Here So that's messed up but here he is Here's Dodgy in the Mantra of gratitude let me Show you the clips and then I'll get Into this like he's ripping off our Stuff here He's like Like he's you know stealing our content Right Um like the gratefulness stuff I mean It's bizarre attitude kicks in now is Gratitude a Divine quality human quality Or animal quality But they all different the appreciation Versus gratefulness versus thankfulness Versus gratitude and utter silent Gratitude there All right so we'll come back to this Right Um But uh let's go to this other thing here Where he just his teachings are so bad And then he just Craps all over heartfulness like he Doesn't even well let's just listen to This one here Changed by Angry nature So try to play games in your own life And see how you have to fake your anger At moments to make it more compassionate

Try it out like a drama that's the drama Of life but you would use the word heart Quite often and you've written a book on Heart fullness gee what's heartfulness Doing things with all your heart So hopefully things you don't like just Say okay I will not do this suppose when You have to marry someone Okay so I really want to unpack that Like these are horrible teachings right Fake your anger like you know what are You talking about and there's some of These things are based in seismic Teachings but it's like dodgy really Didn't understand the teachings or he's Trying to warp them or make him there he Says oh I don't know what it is And so he just misses but he talks all About gratitude and then he dismisses Heartfulness he doesn't say it's a System of Prana hoodie and yoga and Meditation right this idea of it's a Mantra of gratitude there's no mantras In size mark And so I want to come back to all of That stuff right But here is let's go revisit what he Said here about Uh charging I'm in 2011. I was surprised By a guru's desire he says He had to take up the work of spiritual Rejuvenation throughout the globe and I Appoint you as my successor Okay so there's a ton here right and I

Want to cover these things each Individually that I just showed you but Let's start with the last thing first He said a guru's desire A guru's desire not my Guru like I said Before a guru's desire To bring about spiritual Rejuvenation Throughout the world now first of all it Was in charge's desire right Like my YouTube channel isn't from my Desire it's my duty it's my calling it's My what an assignment it's what I'm Supposed to do right and so the Successor isn't based on Desire desire is a word that's kind of Negative uh it has negative connotations Not kind of in the sagemarg system we Are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar To our advancement right desire is you Know the ego And it wasn't chargie's desire was his Duty like it was dodgy's calling it was Supposed to happen right it's prepared On a spiritual level and you have to Accept it It wasn't chargie's desire And then he didn't say You're supposed To bring about a Rejuvenation of Spirituality throughout the world that Wasn't what charge you said to him I Showed you the video He talked about you know being careful About business and I mean there's a Whole thing there here I'll show you I

Got the thing right here I've saved it As I said today I wish to appoint my Successor Nominate and appoint you know Because I have known my 85th Year Ed It is about time and as you all will Appreciate It has been Blessed by Raj And I've been instructed not only to Live the nomination in writing As a secret document to be kept To be used at the appropriate time But that it should be announced in Public Silver play It should be a adult public So that people get used to the person Being around And you know they sort of slowly Assimilate the fact That he is the separate successor And there is no sudden transition you Know When the time comes Which I think is wise but I already have The written document also And I will eventually request someone to Read it out The person all who shoulders the mantle Falls Heavy with the responsibilities Which will lead a lot of wisdom a lot of Patience a lot of love

And more than anything else great deal Of thought before doing anything else Don't believe we are told Look before you leap Or think twice before do anything But in science park I think we need to Think many many more times than just Twice And to be most cautious most Shall be saved Conscious of the fact That when we spend money we are spending Public money interested to us for public Welfare If the person I'm good today math so um Let me stop this here So he's saying something here Where um we know Dodges made horrible Mistakes like just everything he said Here The brighter mind scam and then all These things all these things he's made Impulsive decisions closing down the Ashrams at covid in ways I mean all the Things just so many things so many bad Decisions But also you know dodgy saying that he Was instructed that he was going to go Out and you're supposed to bring Rejuvenate spirituality throughout the World that's not what he's being told to You You know be cautious think twice don't Spend Collective Monies

And frivolous things and don't change Everything which he's done right And so that's just the first part I mean There's more here that's not all these Qualities you will have to develop them Boldness Inside You know Friendliness brother of leaders outside And to follow babuji's precept which he Gave me and which I have followed all my Life Don't trust anybody don't mistrust Anybody Judge purely by the accents of the People that are selected for work Judge only by the results of their work In taking them or relieving them No prejudices at all No prejudices of race caste religion sex Community language nothing So this must be strictly understood you See by whoever is going to shoulder the World We must have given long life And health And the strength And the courage all of which will be Necessary Because when I inherited the mission it Was small The man who's going to inherited from me When I'm gone Will have a very big Vision to handle

Worldwide mission It is still growing and it will continue To grow in babuji's messages are to be Taken at the face value This is a growing phase it will last for I don't know how long Depends on the divine plan So the person I am leaving as my Successes is Mr kamlesh Patel I would now request someone to Secretary Sam Who shall read this Yes please 26 July 2011 time in Jubilee Park tirupur On the 24th July two days ago my 85th Birthday was formally celebrated According to the English calendar Today I entered the 85th year of my life According to my birth star rohini This comes to me as a reminder that it Is time to declare the name of my Successor and to formally nominate him I have received the approval of my Divine master in his message to me Confirming the choice of the person Chosen to succeed me Therefore on this auspicious day I Nominate brother kamlesh Desai by Patel To succeed me as the next representative Of my Divine Master samartha Guru Mahatma Shri ramchandraji Maharaj and to Be president of sriram Chandra mission For life I shall continue to perform my duties As

Long As I Am Alive May my Divine Master shower His Blessings on kamlesh Patel and bestow on Him long life and good health to take The mission on into the future for as Long as he is blessed to do so Foreign If you think appropriate Maybe you can get all the working with Committee meters to sign on this or at Least five of them like the company law Requires now Thank you Plus six Um No I request all our abhyasis Worldwide To give the nominated successor Their full cooperation without prejudice Judge them by his work Not by what he has been or what you Expect him to be but what he is what he Will be what he will do It is most essential to the health of The mission And its future growth Which in turn means To yours the service that you can render To all of you through this mission That you receive your fullest heartful Cooperation and for this health question May all of you be blessed So it's very telling that um

What he's saying here about judge him by His work Because clearly his work has sucked and I don't have to Reset here because I've covered it so Much even in this video and so many Others but we've all seen it who been a Part of this Dodges failure even this Interview I mean just another example And while I was looking for this I Didn't have it so I had to go find it It's on Vimeo like I had bookmarked but I didn't have it in a like a compilation Form or in a I hadn't saved it to the File I have all these things in but I Did find other things here I have a clip That of of dodgy bowing before chargie And then I have the you know I talked About in this video that charge you that Uh dodgy's whining about how Nobody tested him and you know see how Great he was but just accepted him Because of uh babajus and charges Endorsement so I have that clip I'll Show you that clip and then he gets into Threatening people He says you're digging your own grave And you'll be tacked up to the North Pole as a soul things that Babaji talked About his autobiography And then you know that stuff Which is really you know was a I mean Before I was fully aware of dodgy's Failure I saw that I'm like what is he

Doing right So this was another you know head Scratcher and then I have the Compilation of when um dodgy talks about How only you know uh some of it's Repetitive but it's important that you See these things I'm going full out here I think this is a significant video and I'm making more effort than I usually do In terms of including things because I've included them before But it's worth revisiting here but it's The con it's the um contradiction where He's saying that only a living Master Can do anything and then chargie was Left out of the loop so all these things Are here Let me show you them and then we'll get Back into the narrative on the other Side we just have to be Taken at the face value This is a growing phase it will last for I don't know how long It depends on the divine plan So the person I am leaving as my success Is Mr kamlesh Patel Pretty low requires no So he says pranams for Master charge you Need to balance down In front of them right so this is him Bowing down to his master The one that he neglects now that he you Know basically denies is trying to scrub From the system

Saga of the foot succession The Prejudice in some way Obviously have been robbed From actually feeling and exercising From their hearts instead they were Giving the information that so and so Kamlesh Patel is the successor Unfortunate thing is There was no exercise in the part of Abiasis to fill in their hearts Very few would exercise this rest Said okay Charlie she says so so we do It It's a great thing but in during the Moments of doubts how do you handle that Situation Day after day year after year and I do Know many of yasis have this problem And I pray That they really settle this issue in Their heart Otherwise day after day how long would You carry on with this confusion I'm selling all this with a lot of pain Because I do see This disease Once again raising its Hood Amongst certain members who consider Themselves to be elite And I Win again I say in the eyes of Master A person who sits back Works anonymously In a quiet fashion

Are the most dearest one To our master You want some recognition Living Master will give you tons of it As much as you want But you are digging your own grave People say living Masters are there to Help you grow But his role is also to destroy Such individuals Once and for all When you read autobiography of Babaji Maharaj Many of us we think that we are not one Of them who will be sentenced for ten Thousand years on North Pole Or we will not be disconnected This is your ego speaking These are all warning signs to me the Autobiography is more than anything But it is all about warnings Read it from this perspective Then you'll start shivering But playing politics Forming your own little groups Know for sure you're digging your grave No God no master can save you in fact God will help you Masters will also help You By recognizing in public Oh Sister oh brother you are so Wonderful you did such and such a great Thing they made you write a letter to You you're doing so wonderful

There is When I see lack of Harmony within our Sisters and brothers who are so Promising Who have done so much of work for the Mission And in just fraction of a second They become dust in front of your eyes If you want to be critical cynical It is not going to help it is only going To Help you make a deeper grave for Yourself In Chinese Often it is said that it's a fast Pathway For spiritual growth Anything that moves fast Is great but also there is a danger If you misbehave If you don't follow the rules of Etiquette And especially play with the hierarchy God forbids Read autobiography of ram Chandra Volume one two and three Then your eyes will open People belittle the role of the living Master The other person Forget commercial Or tradition is like that Suffice to say This is the place where I was nurtured

Spiritually Where the entire hierarchy Little by little little by little and Babuji Maharaj as she puts it In secrecy Total secrecy to the extent Then even Master sari ji was not even Aware That much of secrecy had to be Maintained Why and what for what If you go into details You'll be speechless and surprised Only living Master can help us Dwelling in the past It is like pastors Many people say I think of babuji and I Get transmission Think before you speak From there from the brighter world They can do nothing nothing they can do Get it in our head and heart What magical thing happens is when we Think of such great personalities We tend to become very centered This centeredness vacuum that it creates By thinking of such personality Automatically draws Transmission from the source and the Source is always the living Master when We remain dissolved in him centered only On him Then the work will become sahaja Natural

So key is only this centering ourselves Only on one the master If you go back and tell Allah I'm Missing you It's a good sentiment But don't forget The living Master Embrace him with all Your might all your love and surrender To that person And worship His Feet okay I'm going to Re-show you the clip in a moment here I'm going to go through the clips again It's been a little bit of time because I Showed you all these other things But these original Clips I want to Comment on and I'm going to comment on Them separately You know this was um supposed to be a Little uh a little video my wife and I Were traveling and um We got back Saturday And I was given this Friday so it was Just on my mind Because it was substantial but not This level of that I'm doing in this Video right so I just want to get it off My plate Sunday morning I just had a Good SATs on you know it was a nice Morning with my wife we were you know we Had a nice morning together and Um we're tired you know from from us From driving things and you know I was Like all right let me get this off my Plate so I was gonna make you know what

I thought would be 40 minutes tops Including the clip And then I would put it in my journey Series later not even today But this is significant as I've gone Through this more than just the stuff With the successor but this stuff with Gratefulness And all of it and his being acknowledged By India today and all these things like A Time Magazine cover kind of thing And how It defines what's going on with Heartfulness and dodgy The fraudulent nature of it So first of all let's take a look at This page here and He's getting this award he's being Validated By the powers that be India today right now this isn't a real Cover but they pretend they made a cover For a magazine for him and maybe it has Yet to come out so it isn't there It's eventually going to be there who Knows It's not because he's done anything to Those of us who know about him and know About what he's done here And we knew about this before and that's The key the reason he doesn't mention Charity the reason I had to find this Video on Vimeo Of him bowing before charging and being

Announced his charity successor is he's Trying to stand alone as the guru of Heartfulness He's you know using what was given to Him the infrastructure the buildings the Method the system The pre-existing practitioners The money you know the resources and Creating his own thing called Heartfulness and he talks less and less About Babaji he's almost never talked About charging he's now celebrating Knowledgey's birthday but he's changed Everything And he wants new people who don't know About charity and how great he was Because no one's going to compare him to Charge you and say He's the same level no one's going to do That because he's he's not Georgie said I want you to judge him by his level of Work and his work is you know he's worse Now Than he was as a preceptor when I knew Kamlish he was a better obiosity than he Is now He was a better person he was a better Example of the system and so they have This stuff they've linked to him he's Linked it to diaper Baba I mean all These things he's got this cover and This validation and the Illuminati eye Going behind him which you know could be Accidental because it doesn't have as

Much of a presence there in India Although it does to some extent the Illuminati idea these things but either Way he's part of a club right he's not a Part of the club of Masters part of the Club of great Spiritual Beings he's part Of the materialistic Club Of rulers and people of power he's Become a person of Power with a with a Big ashram and a lot of um you know I Mean whatever went into it before and he Needs new people that believe in him He's not going to get them because they Can't feel the transmission even if he Could give it and he's just not that Charismatic or great And so you can give him all the awards In you know the world isn't going to Make a difference people might Acknowledge him as a guru but they're Not going to follow him he's not going To have the the love and support the Charge he had and the dedication to a Volunteer mission And so it's it's doomed to fail plus Everything that he touches now is doomed To failure right When chargie was alive kamlish was a Successful businessman and his business Was flourishing when chargie was alive Everything was going in his Direction In a positive way But now since he's been the master it's Gone in a you know his life has imploded

His family's business went bankrupt he's Had a scandal with his kid a divorce his Health is failing him and he's you know He's not going to get anything from Modi Or India today or any of these Celebrities that badminton girl or Whatever it is right he's not going to Be able to be propped up by their Spiritual pranahuti because they don't Have it They just have they just have popularity And fame And so they're going about this all Wrong And let's go I'm going to show you the Gratefulness clip again The oil difference the appreciation Versus gratefulness versus thankfulness Versus gratitude and utter silent Gratitude Okay so a couple of things here uh in The entire time I've Known dodgy accomplished I've never Heard of once talk about gratitude And there's many talks that I've Listened to it might be there and I just Didn't notice it right But isn't his thing It was never his thing And I just looked it up on his YouTube Channel there's no video Except for one three weeks ago That says being grateful to God Right so that's like a new one that he's

Just done after we've already Established Gratefulness here And there's a video on top of that from 2020 That's from heartfulness um Some other you know something else it Shows a picture of chargie gratitude Means Pearls of Wisdom charging so There everything everything else there's There's Um nothing from dodgy there's uh the art Of gratitude from 2021 which is supposed To be about the heartfulness magazine And that's it there's nothing else that I found with him and heartfulness being Associated with gratitude In some sort of a title now these are Words that are going to be used no Matter what but it is in his like Signature teaching kind of thing Heartfulness is the name he came up with And I explained why gratefulness is a Better name than heartfulness in a Recent video about this you know I've Been doing this now for a couple of Months we've been doing this great Gratefulness some of us for a couple of Months and there's two points I want to Get to him saying the gratefulness uh is Something that you do silently and then What he said about heartfulness let me Do the heartfulness thing first so he Said basically nothing about

Heartfulness right follow your heart Like this is his chance to say well this Is an ancient system given to me by my Master and Babaji and of Raja yoga and The first Master of the system and you Have this pranahuti and you meditate on Your heart and you feel this wonderful Energy and we clean your heart you know All the things that you do as a practice And how the practice works for you and What's it about like this is what you Know it's supposed to be it's supposed To be just a user-friendly name for Scishmart And he could have said all of those Things right what is harmfulness but he You know first of all the title of the You know the the cover of the magazine The caption is Mantra of gratitude not Mantra of heartfulness or anything not Anything of heartfulness right they have This Mantra of gratitude and that's how He's choosing to roll this out with this Big mainstream news media publication He's choosing to roll it out as You know a gratitude organization after I you know we'd started gratefulness I Don't want to claim this for myself but It was you know through this YouTube Channel and my idea here of what we need To name it something and that was what Came to me gratefulness right and so you Know There's nothing there and then all of a

Sudden he's using the word gratefulness Like on top of that and I know they are Aware of my videos and my channel Because One of dodgy's cronies reached out to a Preceptor to contact me People left comments saying that Dodge Was watching my videos it was a big Thing right everyone knew about it and I Didn't like it I said please stop Watching my videos but obviously they're Still watching Because they come with this gratitude Thing out of the blue and it's weird Like that's how weird is that because The best that they could do You know in terms of their brand and you Know in terms of how to handle me Would be to ignore me right because they Could say oh he's just some disgruntled You know dodgy he's got you know he Dislikes Dodge he's a dodgy hate or Whatever they they want to to frame it And people in India aren't going to come And do gratefulness and abiasis in America I don't get along with them and Most of them have a negative opinion of Me so they're not going to do it right And so it's just people watch my YouTube Channel And you know stumble across my videos But it's working and there's energy And I know this because I've experienced It but a number of you have reported it

And there's this one guy who found my Videos from Chennai years ago And he was blown away by it like so he You know those people have said they've Felt the energy in the videos but also In the you know and it's not because of Me it's because I'm you know I'm Volunteering to be a conduit for this Energy And you know if it isn't coming through Me it's still there either way for you To connect with directly so it doesn't Matter where it's coming from or you Know through who or through what it just Matters that you're receiving it that The transmission is being received by People doing gratefulness but we're not Really a threat to the organization Because they're not gonna you know get What we're doing here and the average Person that they're going after isn't Educated enough or worldly enough to See what I'm doing here and understand It right and so it's it's nothing to Them and so they should just ignore it Because you know that's all they can do And that's what they should do and they Should stop watching my videos but They're not And so dodgy had a whole thing you know He has his signature teachings and he's Thrown all of those things out and Decides to be the gratefulness guy right When he gets interviewed in this

Magazine like just plagiarizing and you Know I mean they've stolen a bunch of Things from other people other gurus Like this thing he does he brings a Concert you know he has a concert and he Brings a Musician musician on stage to Interview him that's something that I Was told side Guru or somebody else does He stoled the whole thing for um The Brighter mind scam that was done by Other people he was in even the second Guy he wasn't even second he was like 10th or 11th right he's stolen Everything from the you know the Teachings of Babaji in terms of the the You know the wings of the two birds and These things uh you know all these Things not saying that was come from his Guru all the stuff he stole from chargie I mean all these things they're you know It's not like he's giving credit where Credit's due and they keep on just Trying to reinvent him and they see that Wow there's some energy and the things Working gratefulness is working here I Mean I'm just assuming that this isn't a Coincidence and they you know they are Aware of me and so how weird is that Right how weird is that like he's going To be the gratefulness guy all of a Sudden he barely talked about Heartfulness he's talking about Heartfulness like oh you just follow Your heart and you do what you feel and

That's not what it's supposed to be you Have a system you have a meditative System of transmission and cleaning you Know that's what you should be talking About And so but they you know they barely Touched on the the heartfulness stuff And then he you know moved on to Gratefulness I mean he started with Gratefulness and then that's where they He comes back around to it and he says That gratitude is something silent you Don't say it you don't express it that Was the second thing I want to talk About but this is something you know Charge you talked about you know the the Um like Indian people won't say I love You right they won't say it to their Spouses it's like love is too uh Delicate and too sensitive to talk about In a profane way you know I was watching I was going through this um Movie called namesake like I'd seen it Before It's a you know that guy um who used to Be on house and he became an Obama you Know staffer or whatever it is and he Grew up as an American in uh you know Indian household and his dad's like well You want me to say I love you you know This thing because a lot of Indian People Indian kids that grow up here in America Are bummed that their parents are you

Know it happens with a lot of different Cultures the parents retain their old World culture but the kids grew up as American and there's a huge gap in terms Of behaviors and all these things But there's just this element of not Speaking things like gratitude and you Know some of these things like it's Supposed to be a lower thing or profane But we're in a time where people need Reassurance and have trust issues and You know saying these things is Necessary Regardless of you know Ancient wisdom and teachings you know That that's past right but dodgy's Saying that you know gratitude is Something that's supposed to be Internalized and not expressed you know Expressed in the heart You're up there being paraded around as The bhujon Puja award whatever like The the you know this award that they Keep on talking about he's an award Winner and that's why he's being Interviewed and he's you know made it Because he's got superficial celebrities And politicians who want his support and Want his you know his ashram and all These things access to this he's you Know married to diaper Baba practically And you know then he's going to talk About how oh it's too profane to Express Gratitude when you're doing a 30-minute

Interview centered around gratitude and Saying there's a mantra of gratitude Right and gratitude is a condition you Can't it's more than just a word And so like he's a fraud on every level Right his his teachings and what he's Trying to say here doesn't match up with His actions which is another example of This but the whole thing's weird now Let's go to these other two clips here Changed by Angry nature So try to play games in your own life And see how you have to fake your anger At moments to make it more compassionate Play it out like a drama that's the Drama of life but you use the word heart Quite often and you've written a book on Heart fullness see what's heartfulness Doing things with all your heart So hopefully things you don't like just Say okay I will not do this suppose when You have to marry someone So he goes on to say that in Afghanistan The men jump on a horse don't know if This is true if it isn't it's pretty Racist or whatever you know Prejudiced And they bust into some family's home And grab a girl and then then they used To do this in Ancient India by the way In the Mahabharata and force her to Marry him right so some you know Variation of R and so he talks about how You know you can go and romance the Person and you can go and physically

Grab them and demand it or whatever He's talking about this in terms of Love or Whatever And it's not anything to do with heart It's like Like his stories don't land and he's Some of the stuff he says is confusing But he's you know all that stuff was Weird right that was a weird segment What he said about faking your anger and Doing these things and this guy Pretending that dodgy's enlightened Because he's won this award and it's all Superficial you know it's it's not Because he is somebody great and he Could have been he had all the work done To become something You know to become the master like I Mean that's you know he could have had That like you know again I don't know What his subscribers are what the plan Was but he had the ability to do it and He just didn't do it like he came up Short Okay so they turn it over to this guy at The end I wouldn't listen to the whole Thing and I'll talk about that in a Moment Um but they turned over this guy at the End Um it doesn't look like the guy from Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia We found you we found Jerry And there's a couple of wonderful

Moments here Here first this is there a when you are In the presence of a living master Someone like you not use someone like You right that's my brother's joke you Need a guy like you not you a guy like You But then Can there be a process where you Give us a direct glimpse of our inner Cells of our reality without having to Go through the path of a very long Sadhana he wants instant Nirvana that's What he's asking what I'm what I'm Trying to say that just like when a car Battery dies down You jump started with another battery And you know you Look at dodgy as a spiritual Guru or a Living master so is there a way whereas You can jump start our batteries into The spiritual path First of all I'm not a guru What him saying he's not a guru I want To come back to this when I switch over To voiceover You're not a guru You just said your Guru asks you to be His successor which would make you a Guru right and again I'm not talking About saying I never thought of myself As a master Which is something charge you talked About that's not

You know the the response here but let's Get more into it okay Having said that I I would explain to You you are asking I would like to Read ramayana but I don't want to learn The alphabets You know he was in America for like 30 Years And he's saying alphabets right We have to learn the alphabets first ABCD Of spirituality before we can accept That I share with you my own personal Examples from my own personal life I used to believe that the master of Caliber can do anything And it's a fact also Like when Vivekananda challenged his Guru that saw me I am looking for God so He talks about Viva Cananda twice here He gives Vivekananda stories twice And no mention of his by name his Masters his you know the three masters Of the system no mention of them right But he says Viva can add a name name Twice here make me experience that So ramakrishna kept on avoiding him for Many meetings but finally he got fed up And he said lie down and he made him lie Down in the temple To move your shirt And then with his left leg touching his Heart Transmitted something

That gave him samadhi And he couldn't come out of it for a Very long time and when he came out of That samadhi He says I want it back Ramakrishna says no I cannot give you Back he had to finish this work that has Been given to you When you are finished this same Spiritual condition will come back to You Another example from my life to his life I would say I was impatient I want it now I want it now that feeling Was there and I used to cry like a child In the middle of the night this Transmission we talked of pranavati Started flowing in me And I was almost Passing beyond the state of samadhi and Just going out almost dying And suddenly something brought me back You are not ready for departure Right The higher level of consciousness For that your equipment has to be like Software has to match with the hardware The Consciousness must match with the Entire Bodies Okay so he goes on talks About various things here that are On um inspiring so I find it very Difficult to listen to dodgy I can't Watch a full video of his for a very

Long time Like I get annoyed or bummed out or you Know whatever it is frustrated or just Like it just sucks the life out of me I Mean it's always has a negative effect You know I used to feel I mean just a Few months ago At the beginning there was transmission When dodgy was making videos But then very recently there was an Energy but it was Like a like a disharmonious energy When I heard him talk or when I tuned Into one of his videos where he's Transmitting especially since we I've Been doing the gratefulness we've been Doing the gratefulness Meditation there's a you know there's an Unpleasant vibration coming from him at Least in my experience In this uh talk I heard I didn't feel Anything right I feel it's completely Neutral just like listening to Any other person right I mean feeling Zero From him there's no energy at all And you know I wasn't planning to waste 30 minutes of my day listening to him it Ended up being a lot more right we're Taking away a whole day I mean I'm glad I made this because this Is very important Video in the journey series I don't feel Like it's a waste of time but I listened

To the whole thing and there is a good Section in the Middle where the guy Asked him about pranahuti and some other Things not great not masterly but a good You know a good where dodgy says some Things that I know to be you know uh you Know the teachings sort of the teachings Of the system right but any precept or Anybody with knowledge of the system Could say the same things he's saying They're not profound he's not good at it He's not on charges level in terms of Being able to articulate these things And bring an audience member in He's not able to capture Captivate an Audience but you know at least the Middle section there is some more Substantial stuff I'm not going to show It here but it's not you know it wasn't Worth my time it's still entry-level Stuff and you know he doesn't give Credit what credits do doesn't mention Bobby G or charge he does mention Vivekananda I mean he does talk about a Little bit about heartfulness as a System But again you know it doesn't deliver What he's saying because it's become a Concert-based system it's no longer size Mark he's talking about a system of the Past right when chargie was mastered it Doesn't exist anymore And so you know that's I mean anybody Can you know figure that out for

Themselves and the Transmissions just Lacking right but this piece at the end Where he says I'm not a guru well you Just called charge you Guru right if You're his successor then you would have To be a guru yourself not that you would Say I am a guru because you wouldn't say That but you wouldn't deny it in this Sense In the framework here I mean he's Somebody who's being presented as that He's winning the Wars all these things That they're doing and then he's trying To claim false humility but he's going The materialistic route of claiming False titles He's becoming a celebrity Guru And it's not working because it's just Artificially propped up by Celebrity Status right it's somebody who Becomes a celebrity but can't act can't Sing can't play sports Isn't good it's public speaking is kind Of boring isn't good at articulating his Points isn't good looking isn't I'm Talking about like you know all the Qualities that would make somebody a Celebrity hasn't done anything Significant but everybody thinks he's a Celebrity because he's been given a Position right like a you know like Bill Gates son or you know somebody like this Somebody who inherits a position a King's son a king trying to prove

Himself a new king a prince but he just Doesn't have it in him like he doesn't Have it like he just doesn't have it Right like a pitcher goes out there and Is throwing you know weak pitches and Gets hit A lot of runs scored by the other team And the coach comes down says you just Don't have it tonight You just you know you don't have your Stuff you don't have your speed you're Not you know you're you're not there's No liveliness in your arm you're not Able to throw the ball effectively And that's dodgy's whole Lobby that's His whole uh Mastery he just doesn't Have it right he was given the Opportunity given the same things the Charge you was given I assume I don't Know for sure but at least what I could Perceive and he wasn't able to utilize The energies the powers the spiritual Approach the uh you know all of it And you know we've all just got to deal With it one way or another people who Have done this system for a while But it exists now and what we're calling Gratefulness But it's just connecting directly to the Source and bypassing This fraudulent person right And you know He's going and doing all these things And changing the system but on some

Level he's got to know he's not getting It done I mean I don't know what's Happened there like I said he seems to Have some anger or hostility towards his Guru really As he calls him right and you know There's unjustified right whatever He wants to blur little thing he's Whining about He was given everything On a spiritual level by master chargie And Master charge he blessed him with Material prosperity and he was Flourishing under master charity he had A healthy family a successful business And a vibrant spiritual practice And now look at him right look at the System look at him without charging and So this is you know more than anything Else an indication of what's happened Here So I really got to end this thing I got A bunch of outdoor work to do Pretty much tired out from the hole This thing this morning but you know it Was worthwhile because it was Significant And like it seems like you know I don't Know maybe they don't know about the Thing I'm doing I don't want him to know Like I'm not doing it so they know in Fact I hope they don't know but if they Do know about gratefulness and they oh This is a good idea let's steal this you

Know like what you know Like what are you doing like you know If you're stealing from me and our group Then you're clearly I mean what are you Out of options right I mean it's you Know It's ridiculous but anyways I'll Continue on in the next couple of days Actually there's one more thing I have To get to here so what happened was I I Was 15 minutes into this thing it's a Half hour long And then I went to cut the lawn and I Put my headphones on and you know I'm Listening to it but the lawnmower is Pretty loud and I don't have a way to Stop it right and bookmark it for later So um I wasn't going to do this because I'm just lazy but I'm like I should put This in So there's a big section where he's Talking about pranahuti And the guy said every Guru every system Has one of these things you know how Does yours differentiate and and dodgy Said well try it you know that's been His big thing in the beginning that Worked but now there's no transmission So it's faded but needs you know I don't Know if he's aware of it or what or Maybe there's transmission I just can't Feel it I don't know I mean lots of you Guys have said the same thing That the transmission dissipated it was

There for a while You're going to preceptors but it just As you know it just hasn't been there But he talks about having an experiment He talks about being a pharmacist and Finding something new You know a drug and then testing it and If there's no side effects then Bingo You've got a winner like this weird Um you know the whole Pharmacy thing is Weird But then he says you should test this System against other systems By experience and he says EKG And then he gets into the guy who does a Follow-up question about Uh the um you know Ai and it's all kind Of you know just bizarre right because Dodgy then folds first he says AI we'll Live in harmony with AI and then he says When when the guy says but experts say That AI is going to be a problem he goes Oh yeah it probably will be like you Okay okay Captain prophecy like you Gotta here to believe it it's so bad After your death You must be able to feel that experience It here and now as I was saying majoring EG Different groups And one group meditating with Prada Check all of them with EEG probes Machines cannot lie Hopefully let's talk about artificial

Intelligence is that going to change Everything I mean is that a new sentient Being that has come up that will Challenge Us in terms of we've seen what Chat GPT has done Bard has come in is That going to change all of us do we Have to touch another higher level But that is not Consciousness that is Intelligence You see we have to understand the Difference between intelligence and Consciousness we Have consciousness of a very high order Machines don't have Consciousness they Have a trained intelligence That's the only difference and so what Does conscious Consciousness bestow you Will I couldn't you know many scientists Have Playing games and fighting and having a Big debate on this Consciousness but Simply put As per our sastras I'll come to that you know the great Swami Vivekananda so you are saying AI Is Indulgence it will not in any way Change the way we look at ourselves I Mean here is this phenomenal amount of Intelligence vested on you you you don't Have to use your brains that much you Could use your brains for other things It will make life very interesting the Way your iPad the phones and other Things they have made our life more

Luxurious so that we can do many other Extraordinary things in life we can Become more creative AI will also I think Will facilitate such an existence on This planet it will be extraordinary but It can never ever substitute our Consciousness Never ever so we will coexist in peace Or in conflict in peace It depends how Our program works to program this Right this today we had a lot of world Leaders coming out saying that AI could Be harmful that it could destroy the Society knowing the nature of human Being They will try to be destructive these Are not girly responses right when You're talking to an audience You should be articulate enough and be Able to explain things enough Communicate well enough To be able to be understood by your Audience like at times I get comments Back to me and I'm like how did you get That from what I said right And so you know I've worked personally In fact I wasn't very good at Communicating but I was made into Something like it wasn't something in Fact I was bad at communicating But I was made into something by the Seishmark system and the the masters of

It the Divine beings whatever it is Right in my own personal efforts And I worked on it I had to work on Being a better speaker and Communicator Because it's part a big part of my job Right I'm sitting here in bed with a Microphone so it better be like what I'm Saying better be worth listening to or I'm gonna starve right like at least in Terms of this job right Um But he sucks at it and he's not good at You know really expressing massage Mark Teachings because he's you know lost and He used to be better he wasn't good at The beginning got better and now he's Horrible at it but he's talking about Comparing pranahuti to other things that Are available in other Um you know whatever spiritual Organizations he says using EKG because Machines don't lie and he's like well The machines don't have Consciousness And they're not going to do anything you Know and we're going to live in peace With them the guy says while these world Leaders says we're not going to live in Peace he goes well yeah human beings Suck so Probably won't live in peace so he just Like that's not a guru that's not a Master that's not somebody who's Enlightened like he just doesn't have it Right like he doesn't have it you know

Whatever it is he doesn't have it right Like he just he can't you know be Trusted to give spiritual answers or Answers that are I mean all these people In the the audience are taping them with Their phones a lot of them are Heartfulness practitioners A few of them I recognized and you know Like how do they not see it the guy just Doesn't have it right you can call him a Guru you can say he's legitimately Charging successor because he is we Watched it I showed you the clip of Charging making him a successor And he's president of the SRI ramchandra Mission all these things but ain't a Master Like he's right about that he's an old Guru because he's not what does he have To teach right he does he sucks at it And so um you know and he just steals Stuff from other people and tries to Make his own And now it looks like gratefulness is a Part of that so all right I really got To get going with my other stuff but This is um you know very interesting I don't know you know it was a a Worthwhile Pursuit today Okay it's the same day Saturday uh June 4th here um I ended up not making a Video On my other channel or this Channel Today um I'm relaxing on the idea of

Making um Videos every day because it's Counterproductive in terms of the Some of the stuff to do with YouTube and The algorithms and just all of it people Get too much content for me They can't keep up with it and you know I was pretty much wiped out from doing This today and it was a Kind of a stunner I haven't seen Something like this um You know in terms of I don't know what this thing is with Dodgy But I wanted to say this Um these were the the extra thoughts I Had I wanted to do it today before You know they were um I you know a Chance of forgetting some detail or not So I don't know how much I'm present for Them there was a time where These Journey series videos were getting Seven eight thousand views And three or four of them were abiasis Either people who were anti-dodgy or Pro Dodgy maybe upwards of 5 000 views you Know and dodgy's views on YouTube Dodgy's videos on YouTube get about 5 000 views so you do the math there right In terms of you know they want to boast They have millions of people but In terms of their you know real numbers Of people that are you know focused in And are you know really good solid

Practitioners of the system it's not That many It's you know the real devoted people I Mean people who read the books and this Is their primary Pursuit and they're not Dabbling in other things that they're All about this right And so there are a lot of people that Came to my Channel or came to the Journey series and I was like Getting stressed out you guys might Remember that so I told them I'll go Away They weren't here for my other videos They weren't fans of the channel or Anything to do with me they were here For the The drama one way or another and I'm not Into that right I don't care about him and I don't care What they're doing now like in the sense Of like I'm not going to over analyze it Or try to figure out if they're they got This um you know that Dodge you use the Gratefulness and it's a sentence in a Major interview in an interview where he Didn't say charges or Babaji or lalaji's Names You referred to them as Guru right As some generic Guru he said the word Gratefulness and And the caption for his photo on the Cover of the magazine for this network Said

The Mantra of gratitude like I said we Don't do mantras in size mark I don't know what he's doing in Heartfulness But in terms of that it wasn't Heartfulness it wasn't size mark it was Gratefulness right I mean that's what he Talked about in this big time interview For Him you know this is the kind of thing He And his people are you know patting Themselves on the back for And he ends up talking about something That has to do with our thing the one Opposition alert the one sort of uh Branch off That's happened as far as I know in his You know in the heartfulness era right And so maybe or may or may not have Anything to do with me and you know I Don't care one way or another I would rather it didn't because you Know I'm an under the radar person and I Ask those people to go away and stop Watching my videos and whatever and There well this might be listening to This now But it's a weird thing no matter what It's we it's connected You know in some way right You know he didn't think of the name Heartfulness himself That was not his idea he put the idea

Out to people you know chargie did Everything and micromanaged everything You know for probably good reason but Dodgy opened these things up and we see The result of people failing on an epic Level I mean people failed under Charging But it was contained because charging Was Capable he could expand his Consciousness and he was brilliant and He created a you know just a ton of Creative material He wrote books he you know I mean the Body of work built ashrams all these Things Dodgy doesn't have that creative Force The books he has written are you know They're um ghost written and you know The Joshua Pollock book was he was the Author and you know dodgy says he's the Author but he was the subject right John Joshua Pollock took notes of dodges Teaching him when dodgy was accomplished Was his preceptor and boss so you know He could do an interview with him like That kind of thing if it was similar to An interview he'd ask him questions and Take notes about what Commish said when He was a preceptor so he wasn't even the Master then this was years and years ago And he put together this book that's you Know I really couldn't read it because It just kind of sucked right compared to

The other books you know maybe for so I Don't know But he didn't think of the name Heartfulness he said I want to do Something different and this guy um Mr J came up with heartfulness I didn't Love the the name but you know it Started off great he did a good job at The beginning A lot of it was delegated in terms of The website being built and other things But they got it Just confidence in his purpose and you Know he started to shortcut himself and Just throw anything up against the wall And it's been one failure after another Ever since right but the important thing To note that he doesn't have that Creative capacity You know I create content here two hours Of content a day You know just in terms of my opinions on Things and my accuracy rate and whatever Is pretty high The comedy you know people tune in right It's I mean I'm not a I don't have a title I'm not a a master a president of an Organization I'm not some celebrity or You know don't have a journalistic Credentials or any of these things I've Never done professional stand-up comedy You know I'm an amateur And you know my content is fire Superior

To Dodges and not that this is a Competition I'm talking about creative abilities Right and like I said he ripped off the Whole brighter mind scam that was in his Idea and he got to that that was like Not even sloppy seconds he got there you Know like teach like ninth I mean There's guys who fled the country Because they ran the scam I mean this is Like you know It's not even close to being anything That his intellectual property like he Can come up as his own scam you know He's he's piggybacked and you know all These things with diaper Baba and Brought all these other people in to try To bolster his Street cred or whatever and it's just Pathetic right I mean this you know Whatever's going on here Where he ends up trying to claim this Grateful and gratefulness and Like they think about it right like what Is up and again I don't know if they're Conscious of what I'm doing and you know I hope they're not But some way he's you know he's doing Something that we've already developed Here You know I've developed it on the Channel and you you all have Participated And it's you know kind of hilarious that

This is The path he's chosen like this is you Know instead of talking about Heartfulness instead of talking about Any of these other things Again heartfulness is just sagemarg that He has you know changed some of the Pre-existing Structure and Concepts and dogma and Literature he hasn't you know brought Anything new I mean he did the Relaxation exercise which I'm sure he Lifted off of somebody else Because it's not like you know some People like it and some people don't or Whatever but I don't think he originated Certainly not relaxation or exercises he Probably just took somebody else's Because of something that he lifted off Of somebody And I don't know what original ideas he Has right he's not even the founder Technically of heartfulness because he Didn't come up with the name An American came up with the name right And you know all of it the last show me Built was already in progress they had Already built a model of it and the land Was already purchased by charge he was Still alive back in like 2011-12 whatever it is before dodgy was Even nominated And then all the other aspects of it and Then he tried to claims it took it took

The G thing and I mean he hasn't done Anything original And you know I mean he's just taking Other people's stuff and trying to put It out there copying other fakers and I Mean it's you know it's a it's a Complete embarrassment right you know There's a flow when you're connected to The source and he's just not in it right I mean he's like he's got to find other People who are he's like a a parasite or A vampire and he's got all these lame You know corporate Bean counters and Money people around him they don't have Much creative abilities And so you know everything that they've Done I mean even this he's got this big Forest there and you know I went to talk To him about doing this thing called Ethereal gardening and all this other Stuff which is far superior to what he's Doing right I mean the biochar is great But he didn't invent that you know Forest grow on burnt forests And so there's biochar in the ground and That helps fertilize future forests and They you know they did that but that's Not unique or new you know there's a few Things maybe that are Um you know the the rain level there That they've generated is impressive Somehow they're getting more rain now There or something Forest by heartfulness but you know

Again it's not like I had information That they don't even know about that I Offered him That my family and I knew you know these Some of these things Um and I didn't get it you know I I had A my own take on etheric gardening but It came from this fintorn place But I'm saying you know they're You know there's nothing like sort of New or inspiring and he's just somebody Who's like he you know he's grabbing all These ideas from other people maybe Doesn't even really understand the ideas Then slaps them up on the wall and then It just sticks for a while till it falls Off and then they jump shift to Something else right but he has a you Know a big time interview for a you know Large media publication in India and he Doesn't talk about his his former Masters he doesn't really even lead with Heartfulness and he starts talking about Gratitude the Mantra of gratitude is the Theme and he mentions gratefulness and These other things and it's like you Know wow like that's I mean like It's just um you know really pathetic You know the other thing is that I sent a long voice over to him when he Was you know pulling out this thing to Uh Ukrainian this initiative to bring More Americans in which they quit on it Never got off the ground

And they had this you know he's talking About the prophecy and the big event That's supposed to happen 25 26. you Know in the winter of 25 or the The December 25 or January or February Of 26th Some kind of big event that's going to Be a game changer a global event like Some sort of you know whatever it is and I explained the idea of Internet Influencers to him And said the key to it is not make them About heartfulness Not make them about the system but find Other interests where they can connect With people and also mention you do this Meditation It's the preferred way of Bringing about this information And he he responded to that one part Like it was a I had all these ideas and Things because I you know I'm a Visionary personality and I come up with These ideas And you know the idea was there was Other good ideas there but that was Somebody responded to and he not only Tried to become an in uh an influencer But all these other people started Opening up their own you know Powerfulness this and heartfulness not That but they didn't listen to my the Essence of the idea which was don't make It about spirituality or heartfulness

Make it about some other interest you Have And that's the way to go and most of These people were old and out of touch And you know they suck at it it's Embarrassing and they also instead of Creating their own you know little Internet spot or whatever their own YouTube channel or something else they They name themselves or they became part Of the were folded into the heartfulness Brand And they just are so incompetent They suck so bad like it's you know Never mind Mastery like they're just not Even functioning people right they're Just you know running this whole you Know they're running the organization Into the ground And it's a hundred percent them just Sucking at everything like across the Board They've ruined every you know good thing The charge you created and undermined it And you know what what they've done that Was good in the beginning they've Crapped all over Trying to you know uh bring in more Numbers or some kind of pat on the back They're looking for by You know by fame or by by thumbs up or By whatever their metrics of success are But it completely failed it's just a a Giant swing in the giant swing and a

Miss and now they're you know trying to Sponge Like we don't even have a real Organization it's just an idea and They're trying to you know glom onto That because like there's more energy in It and there's more you know what used To be Sage Morgan it and what they're Doing it's like you know this schoolish Vampire type of attitude and it's Reached another another level of just Bad like I said pathetic I mean it's Just Embarrassing like cringy like I feel Cringy about the whole thing You know but anyways I'll wrap this Thing up tomorrow or the next day Okay greetings brothers and sisters It's not a beginning of the video It had a weird night and day yesterday And so I'm doing the You're basically the ending of this Video here Um or at least you know something close To it Um before I even do another video on my Other my other uh you know my other Regular videos I have so many tabs that are built up I got all this stuff pressing on me from The uh I gotta do a trophy Hollywood so He's dropping like flies but also I got all these YouTube videos open About politics and things like this that

Need to be Addressed because I was traveling one Day And then yesterday I took the day off Basically because I You know I did work here but I didn't Put out a video Most of my time went into making videos Here But I um Was going for a walk with my wife And I get a call From my sister I have three sisters The youngest one is 10 years older than Me And there's a middle one Who's I think about two years older than Her And there's an older sister that's two Years younger than my Brother and I think three years older Than my The middle sister right five children a Boy three girls and a boy That's how it went I was the last boy And there was significant age gap Between me and my siblings And they all were very present for me In different periods of my life my Brother was in Vietnam when I was a Little kid And my older sister was a hippie so my Brother was a soldier and you know he Was into some of the liberal stuff

That's going on but he was more of a Conservative truth or person she was a a Very hippie-ish person she was you know Did all the hippie stuff Went to hippie rallies and you know did All the Stuff that was going on in the 60s and 70s Mostly the 70s and then my uh the third Oldest was a medical person worked in The medical community And Um She was there you know more towards like My middle part of my life and I grew up With my younger sister Who was um Very I don't know bubbly I think the Word is vivacious Kind of ditchy in some way she was a Cheerleader good athlete She ran down first Baseline like a guy And we used to say how differently she Ran from the the rest of the girls like She just ran down the you know fast and I mean like my daughter Anna ran like Her like I said I was watching a soccer Game they were playing with the Kids in India football of course they Were calling it Um and they uh They started allowing the girls to play My daughter Rihanna was in a sorry I'm Like oh my gosh so fast

She reminded me of my sister Uh Beth and she um calls me we're Walking around the pasture And She sounds like an old lady we haven't Talked maybe in 20 years we're not like There's no You know I have there's the only thing That was there I think They were upset that I didn't make a Better Effort Um to Stay in contact right with my family There's not like anything other than It's a bummer to be around my family Like I understand why people don't like Me When I'm around my family [Laughter] It gives me Insight too The downfalls of having a relationship With a Romano like just the whole Romano Stuff So she calls me and I know somebody's Died because that's the only reason She's calling me So I just don't know who I think it Might be my brother Peter because he's The oldest and as she would later say That we are close my brother and I are Close that's what the view I guess I've Heard in the family is and we're not Really close but You know he was like a second father for

Me to me in a different ways so I'm Thinking that Peter died right So that's the only reason that she's got You know it's a death and we both Acknowledge that we don't sound like we Used to sound right Um And she's like a little bit freaked out By him And She goes well I got something to tell You but first how are you And I'm like well I'm not as good as a Person I didn't say this but I'm like I'm not as good as the person who died Yeah So let's get to that because I could be Really bad but I'm not you know Uh that bad right so like let's get to It because I you know I'm like I'm fine Whatever what is it you know so and she Starts to tell me it's my my sister Kathy Kathy's husband Tom who my last Time I talked to my sister she called me She was the one sister that called me um When um My daughter Anna you know commit suicide So Um I talked to her and she had she and Tom Both had cancer issues and she worked in The medical community She should have been a doctor because She was smart enough and

You know just coming from my family and All the Romano stuff like there's just a Level of You know um loser stuff so student with My parents and you know my parents were Both like incompetent and you know kind Of a drag on all of us and anchor on all Of us In a family right they just you know My dad probably particularly with both Of them But anyways um she's works in the Medical community And like they just Worked for like a hospital and they just Screwed her on her pension Like they screwed everybody they just Took they fired you know they like they Had a you know business crisis and they Just still stole the pensions or Something like that So there's some you know There was some like just a corporate Medical screw job there or something But she had said like they had both had Health issues her and Her husband you know they're in the 70s Like so best 10 years older than me So she's 68 and the rest of my siblings Are in their 70s right but there's Longevity in our family I know my you know grandparents we have Three of them they had talked about this Before three of them live to 90. one

Lived almost to 100 my parents lived in The 90s and my grandfather lived to 80. You know was two world wars and smoked All these things I've said it before You know he had a high risk Behavior he was a professional fireman Things like this And he lived into his 80s and died of Lung cancer from all the toxins he had Absorbs in his life You know he smoked and all the rest of It and so um You know so she started to tell me who To died And she goes well first of all what's Your last name And I'm like Romano and then she tells Me to die and I said you know we talked For a little bit I said I knew it was You Because well she said you know it just Doesn't sound like you have a voice in My head of you and That's not what you sounded like I'm Like yeah because I'm an old guy oh you Know we're old now right and she sounded Like you know an old woman like real my Aunts or something or my you know Grandmother or something she's a Grandmother you know she's You know I mean it's hard to imagine my You know Beth was so You know young acting right she was you Know she was older than me she was

Always You know very young you know talks very Fast it has a lot of energy and I said I Knew it was you when you asked me my Last name Yeah Because that's a thing that Beth would Do right like just you know I haven't Talked to her in 20 years but that Was totally consistent with everything I Know about her and she said well you Know there's all these Spammers that I get a call from spam Every day and And I'm like well yeah and I'm like No I'm like I'm not like criticize it I'm like Yeah but you called me you know She said I asked her how she got my Number and she said You know Peter she called Peter Peter Gave my number and um I um You know and so I guess maybe they've Talked about All the stuff that you know I don't know And she goes well I won't do anything With it I won't you know give it out Teddy brother no I'm not worried about You What you're going to do with my number But you know When she asked me my last name I'm like You're calling me Peter gave my my

Number And you're telling me he said some brand Like if you're talking some random Stranger what difference does it know Whether They know that Tom's that my sister's Husband died right and she goes well you Know I like to keep family business Personally They're like okay well that's very Consistent with everything I remember About you right and so I asked her about Peter and she said you know they've Closed the ashram there Georgia And they're gonna give him another Assignment I don't know if they're going To put him in other ashram or what or You know all those things but he's tied To this You know dodgy stuff um You know the The just the corruption and all of it Like you know he's his retirement and His connect you know whatever his the End of his life he's alone and Um you know he wants to do service and You know whatever and he's you know he's A truther type person and Denial about I mean I don't know what it Would mean to him if he had to face for You know what Dodges become and all this Stuff right You know so this is just like there and You know what I say to Tibetan we've had

Kind of a falling out because of You know the size Mark stuff in the Dodge dealership the sky and he's Corrupt he's taken over and my sister Says oh there's only There's always One Bad Apple Um You know and I said well yeah it's more About well there's more than one Um And She starts going in about how she left The Catholic church because of the The pitos but you say I'm not leaving God I just you know leaving the The church and then I guess she's Um you know I asked what I should do you Know should call you know and she said Well She doesn't know what they're calling my Sister was a good idea And they're having tension like she Knows from my sister's friends We're friends with her She lives in the original town That um We uh my brother my family Lives I think I was I wasn't born in that town but they all Grew up in it my brother was there in That town for a long time In Connecticut and I we were in the Neighborhood I grew up in a neighboring Town

But they all associate that with their Childhood There was a bird sanctuary behind the House as my mom loved it Eventually moved home When my brother moved back to that town And you know my sister used to go over His house he was like the central You know like we all had our time Spending with him my other sister moved To Massachusetts That's where she lives and Kathy's Somewhere in uh You know near um That whole area and so um You know so it was a weird thing that my Dogs chased a rabbit and I yelled at him Stop and she asked what kind of dogs we Had and then we were like I'm like you know we can talk again Sometime whatever right And she went out a very long rant about The Catholic Church like just you know She talks a lot and you know so she had A weird you know my dad was a you know Just they had a weird relationship and You know whatever But she still sounded very young in her You know The way that she expressed herself is She had a you know an old woman's voice And so that was weird so that was all Kind of strange and then we were Watching the TV show succession and you

Know we've watched that show for The other seasons and uh we were waiting For it to complete and um You know spoiler alert for those I don't Know you know this would But uh there's a big death In the third episode we're about to go To bed And we said I will watch a little bit More of the other episode Um and then uh You know it was uh A very intense episode and you know this Whole idea there's a a sort of family Death I mean for me like I'm not You know I just spend very much time With my sister and her husband you know I knew him and yeah whatever Um But having contact with my sister Um You know it was just brought back all This kind of family stuff and top of the Weird day I had yesterday with Taji and the you know the whole Him uh like basically plagiarizing Gratefulness Like I said even if they don't know About what I'm doing here Which would be ideal and it's not what I'm doing here I mean I'm I'm just Including you in my Connection you know not including you in My relationship with

The Divine and the you know Masters in The transmission the cleaning But well I'm just saying this is what I'm doing and you guys who are doing it You know 100 or so you are doing it uh You know I don't even know I haven't Checked in with the whole thing lately Um but some number of people are doing It and that's about it right and there's Not much else there might be gathering To some point you know I produce content And talk about it that people listen to You know I think about um AR teachings are just the way that I've Been you know the lens that's been Created through the doing the massage Mark practice I always are I'm always you know in Every one of my videos that's You know in there and then once in a While I talk about you know the journey Series here I talk about specific things right The way it's supposed to be you know and The way it was when charging was here And the way it was before And the way that they're supposed to be You know there's a There's a level of etiquette and there's A level of You know nobility and you know just all These things the level of I don't say no Ability because that's a But whatever it is like a level of you

Know you have to hold yourself to some Kind of standard and Dodges just go in The opposite direction And the system's crumbling and you know I mean it's Yeah it's it's done like it's not you Know I don't need to know about it in The sense of I don't need any more confirmation I don't need anything that's telling me Oh yeah you were right to you know it is Bad Or it's worse than you thought because You know I knew it already like I mean I knew it three years ago even though I Wasn't willing to accept it because just There's such a fall In terms of the standards and ultimately The lack of transmission even more so Because without transmission there's no There's no practice there's no there's No benefit to it you know there's just The same old teachings and the same old You know philosophies and things Because those things are all true right Whether you go get it from a religion You get it from other organizations You get it from some you know drunken Guy at a bar The basic idea of divinity is simple and It's true and it's you know you can hear The philosophy anywhere the ideas the Words You know it's just um

They all have it they all can say Similar things right anybody with a Reasonable amount of intelligence and Some Talent Can understand the ways and nature of God and give you a pretty accurate you Know Idea some of the basics But the experience which is what's key About Was even talking about that You know there's a point where he was Talking about murder like you know it's Just big interview And he just you know like he tries to Give these examples and they just fall Short He's just not good at it right he's just Not good You know doing this sort of thing Interviews and You know talking about the system But when he was transmitting he could Transmit and you know would come from Him and he was the source And that's significant but he lost it Right he pissed it away And I was looking at the people in the Audience the ones that were filming him And I could recognize some of them and I Knew some of them were just obvious by The expression And he said some things that you know They looked like oh my God he just

Rocked it Like there he was talking and they were Just looking at him with you know loving Eyes and you know cult eyes you know and All these things But these were same people that adored And loved Master charging And you know how they reconcile that And which they haven't they refused to Reconcile it they refused to you know Accepted what's happened here Which is you know a big deal In their own personal Journeys and Whatever But either way there's nothing that can Be done and that's the important part That's why I've accepted it because it's You know maybe the luck of the draw They'll be a successor down the road That they'll get the job of the master And the person will just be great And in fact you know Bobby said that the Last Master would bring a reunification let Me see if I can find that message here Okay so I was looking for this message And now I kind of remember I think it's This one That um well let me just see what it Says here So this is the message where Um It was said let me make it bigger here Wednesday February 1st 2012 so this had

To do with lologies Birthday in a geology message Lology's birthday was February 2nd And it says celebrating birthday Anniversary of the Masters in our Mission is very important Beyond remembering the people Celebrating each anniversary Should be experienced as a spiritual Milestone This also had to do with Dodgy canceling charges and papaji's Birthday A ritual that must stand out in our Mission as well as on the path of our Aspirin so this is coming from biology The ADI Guru and how important these I Mean the Gatherings were known So him canceling them I mean two of them That should be a major red flag for Everybody He is just saying that Bobby channeled Him and like just I mean people believe in it because they Have cold eyes Each of these days represents a step Forward a privileged moment of Reflection and interiorization They should as a whole be celebrated With equal fever Fever And a collective awareness of the Opportunity Thus granitol's unite in peace of our

Heart of heart For getting the negative aspects of this Material world Is it too too much to ask abiasis to Meet on these special days Honoring a master means I don't need a Master means to respect and love all of Them as part of the spiritual movement Adapted to the present day Into the future a fourth and final Master Will one day join the existing line What what must be will be as a saying Goes Beyond this the four Cardinals Points so to speak We'll definitely build the sacrifice Sacred Will definitely build this sacred Edifice That will be remembered over time These special days should truly be red Letter in our history the Irish Spirit a Spiritual way Desired by higher Powers because it is In keeping with the current times Man is evolving he is advancing slowly But surely he's going in the right Direction he's going in a direction Benefiting mankind Which is in distress in more respects Than one It is time for people to awaken Therefore on these special days everyone Is advised to pause and reflect

With a view to the more glorious future May all our brothers and sisters in Search of a Divine unite in these Moments of special blessings that are Bestowed in the entire mission Uh the entire mission for advancement of A world of peace and love We bid the best to everyone Such as our Ardent wish So this was um Maybe somewhere says something about the Fourth master Um Were you you know re reuniting the System I'm not sure if that's you know If I remember um remembering that Correctly but this was 2012 and we've already established dodgy Was Nominated in 2011. and so everybody Freaked out saying that either dodgy was The last master Which freaked everybody out Or is the way it was worded that he Wasn't going to be a master and there's Going to be somebody some time else the Fourth and final Master right And the four cardinal points it made Sense as dodgy was born in the fall when He had a a winter or spring and a summer In that order right in the order of the Ambassadors You know allergy in the winter Babaji in The spring and charging in the summer

You know in terms of the Four Seasons And dodgy was in the fall so that kind Of made sense As four cardinal points that there would Be these four gatherings you know the Fourth and final Master meaning There wouldn't be any in the future And so this message is completely Forgotten and ignored by dodgy Because he's saying that there be so Many Masters it'd be 400 Masters in the Future Which of course there's only going to be Four because biology said it And in terms of the lineage He said how can we celebrate you know There isn't enough days To celebrate so what are we going to do What are we going to do when we have a 400 Masters let's just get rid of And only celebrate two holidays and so I mean dodgy's going against this Message from the ADI Guru biology by Canceling those holidays and all these Things And I think it might have said somewhere I can look for it but I don't think I'll Find it that um the fourth and final Master will Reunite The Divided system and you know Not it didn't say it maybe that clearly But basically implied that and so what Happened was Um chargie came out and said

Know that there'll be a fourth and final Master someday Which freaked everybody out because they Were like well uh dodgy isn't going to Be A um Master right And so then charge you came out and said Well maybe it was mistranslated You know Final in French and he gave a Whole thing it means something else the Way it did maybe it's not fourth and Final Just since they'll be a force master And that the word final is probably Mistranslated I mean charge it was Really old he was you know I was in and Out of Health crisis And so that was a whole big thing that Happened when this was released In like 2000 and you know whatever it Was four 12 2012. it was released when It came in right so most of the messages Sat there they were like there were some That were released in 2005 and they were From you know 1990s and early 2000s and Things like this And so there was you know some years Between When they were when they were given when They released but then they started to Release some in real time Like a week or so after they were given And so this one created you know issues

Within the system And then there was a clarification but It wasn't really clear But now it is right because dodgy is not A master Like there's no way you could say that Especially with all he's done like here Is just another example of him going Against The will of the previous Masters That there would be four holidays for Cardinal points to be celebrated At the various you know Times and he's suspending two of them He's not talking about the Masters He's you know using their teachings In a really dumbed down Remedial way which he sucks at Explaining and trying to create his own Thing Where he's the founder of heartfulness And he didn't even think of the name You know like I mean he didn't you know He didn't even name his own kids you Know chargie named his kids right so Like I mean he doesn't have that like Visionary sort of you know whatever Personality like you know this was I Mean I guess he envisioned this scam But all all the pieces of it like the Brighter minds thing is somebody else's Idea And it was passed around it was you know

He got to a you know he'd have to had Already been Debunked right I mean everything that He's done is being done by other people And then he's just trying to follow this Pathway of Fame That they have and you know the modern World of Fame And be an internet Guru and it's you Know he sucks at it like it's It's failing they're not bringing in new People The old people aren't as good as they Used to be Even if they're still doing the practice There must be some doubt the Transmission isn't there At least as far as I know but if it is It's you know not what it used to be And there's been a fall off a Degradation And it's been him like it's been his Failure And you can see it like there's no You know I mean there's no success here That interview is you know and there's Even the good parts are remedial like It's not you know any person who knows About scishmark teachings and go out There And recite them you know preceptors and People have been doing this system for a While you know some people are better Than others and dodgy is not as good as

Many preceptors or you know even Somebody like me it articulating and Disseminating the teachings the system You know just like any religion if you Read the books and you you go up there Some people have a a better way of Preaching and going up there and you Know talking about the teachings some Are better than others and dodgy isn't Good at it and then he sucks at Everything else decision making This health is failing and it's a you Know you can see it's There's a huge falloff and like even With these he's being propped up by a System You know this vid this video thing that Put out got no views Five thousand views on Twitter I don't Know how many of us that work you know I Mean we're talking about a country of Over a billion people And you know they're getting you know Twenty thousand views on something like That you know whatever The magazine perhaps And diaper Baba you know all this stuff Like it's just He's tying himself to other like he's You know other stars or you know You know fake Guru stars or whatever Celebrities And because he doesn't have it himself And if the transmission was there would

Be enough because it always is To bring people in and then you know but It's not And so there's this failure okay so I Found a message I was looking for Took a little break there went down uh I Have a folder for all these things Um but this is What I was going to read when dodgy First canceled The seminars Um Thursday April 30th 2015 10 a.m babaji's Birthday so this is babaji's Birthday in 2015. Right after Master charge he passed away These four major seminars four major Seminars so it's it's solved here right So dodgy said that he got a message Saying That what are we going to do with all These future seminars But there's four this is the message Right These four major seminars it's a it's a Message on babaji's birthday his his Message on his birthday These four major seminars in a year Will henceforth stand as four cardinal Points of our beautiful sahaj Mark Mission so those of us who remember this And I'm one of them because I have a Good memory for such things And I had this bookmarked I just

Couldn't know where to find it Know that there was supposed to be four Major holidays and celebrations Not 400 is dodgy claims like he doesn't Even remember this this is significant Or he's he does remember but he's just You know doing the dodgy thing These four major seminars in a year will Henceforth stand as the four cardinal Points of our beautiful seismic mission We particularly call upon our obvious During these special days To vote to devote all the necessary time And attention to them Very special work takes place for the Welfare of all For the increasing establishment of this Unparalleled way The results of which make us very happy Our dear in great partha sarti finds Here His full blasphemy Among Us We who surround him with much love He remains very attentive to the entire Mission That is so close to his heart And to some beings who were very close To him personally during as many years Of service of intense Devotion to all Our aspirants And to this unique path a path to which He fervently dedicated his life you know This message might be released They're on 2000 and these are in the

2000s or the 1999s now And so this is from 2015. So I don't know how many messages there Are but there's 20 you know like there's Ten ten thousand twenty thousand Messages And if they release all of them in order This message won't be viewed again Publicly for 20 years or more right and So It's there but nobody knows it like it's Not you know dodgy came out with this BS Stuff that he does And when he canceled the holidays but This message is clearly You know it's something else right And so um let me go back to it here you Know I was looking for this message when Dodgy chaos canceled the thing And I couldn't find it because I didn't You know I I didn't remember the search Parameters and when I saved these Messages I didn't put them in a like keyword Thing like I should have like this one Did have keywords but I didn't find it Uh and so it is whatever it is right Like it's they're there But I remembered and couldn't find it Other people don't even remember it and If they do they just find some way to Rationalize it and say well you know Dodgy's the real master and whatever it Is so you know what's not

Um you know what I mean let's just you Know ignore it and so but it's right There And then it says here all of us gathered Here working together to consolidate This path and strengthens its Foundations which are solid which are Now solidly rooted this is a cure for in A future in which its action will Become even greater in a world of humans The beautiful Mission will continue to Grow to meet a need a call for the Hearts that are thirsty The heart of the mission is large his Current Master is brilliantly providing For its expansion You will have more and more to do And he will act accordingly he has Particularly carried on this occasion May the love and the love we Advocate Become stronger and stronger And win over the hearts of all our Brothers and sisters Who are appropriately committed Very special blessings to all Babaji Maharaja so you know that was one of the Uh last messages before the brighter Mind scam message Which was September 13th right before Dodge's birthday of September 28th taji Traveled to You know pressure this woman and Bobby To cough up some support for the Brighter mind scale

And he had this message that he's been Using as a way to validate it you know I Just looked that one up And that happened the same year 2015. so You know everything after that is uh Questionable because Dodgy manipulated things and you know Warps things and I mean all of these Things that he's done And this is not a behavior of a master And the results aren't there like the Results are bad There's a fall off in the level of People like all the people have fallen In terms of their level you know they've Accepted dodgy they've accepted this This is the new Sage my this is the Heartfulness thing And it's not as good and it's losing What I mean it's becoming a religion or A cult It's losing what it had right you know It's lost what it's had there's no Redeeming it because He's never going to come around and Admit that he failed right you know I mean I I don't see him I don't see on this I don't think it's Possible for him to do better and I Think he's You know his health is failing so I Don't think he's going to be around much Longer and I don't think he has the Energy and the you know this one guy who

Told me that I mean this this one he Said you know that these guys this one Guy's playing a dirty game It seemed like Dodge usually even being Blackmailed and manipulated by these People right who are you know bad Character people And he's got Thugs and criminals and you Know All the celebrity stuff and the UN stuff And you know he's tied to all these Organizations of diaper Baba and all This stuff like he's You know he can't redeem himself you Know he's he's in it too deep he's in With this You know these kids and the you know Business going bankrupt we've seen this Before people going down a bad path We've had you know friends family Whatever people in our lives And we see it playing out in politics And you know people get into a corrupt State of being and is featured in movies And TV shows and they can't extricate Themselves from there You know bad decisions So going back to the show succession Which You know took a turn for uh uh you know A big turn in the third episode But there is you know going to be like When they had the whole idea of Succession

When it's been there isn't a clear front Runner right In terms of these kids who are all You know Uh given the reins of this multi-billion Dollar company right media Empire And so um you know slightly based in The um you know Fox News Empire With Rupert Murdoch but There's this sort of element of That in the stuff with dodgy right There's you know there's lots of talking That whispers about dodging And becoming great and all these things But clearly that's not happened And like I said you know it isn't like I Need more proof because I don't Is it not isn't like anybody really Needs more proof because anyhow it's Enough out there But the answer is how can it be solved And you know the or the question is how Can it be solved And the answer is something like Gratefulness right where people can act Directly and have to make more of an Effort After you know throw away this idea of a A person being out there that's going to Help them And they have to you know find a way to Connect directly to God and transmission It's available And we found it here in the gratefulness

Because it's working You know just doing size Mark without The idea of a master there for you know All of all that stuff that people need To master for And it'd be great to have one because I Can say that Having one is better than not in some Ways I mean certainly you know in almost Always Because it gives you know a a person That Represents the goal that you want to Achieve And you can study them and you can You know be around them and just read About you know all the stuff that we did With chargey And it helped us formulate an idea of What we need to become And that doesn't exist with dodgy Because no one in the right mind should Want to be like dodgy right he's just a Failed life like an incompetent putz up There And just you know Play acting at being a master when he Could have been one like it's the worst Like it's you know the guys who are Scammers And the guys who are sure you know you Know what Bobby called uh quacks right These you know fake Masters

They didn't have the potential and the Resources and the spiritual approach to Become a real master And so they became a fake one right They didn't have it but dodgy had it he Was given it and he pissed it away like It's just I'm even that's kind of a Shock Um I guess I'll end this one here Because it's already getting pretty long Unless some There was some other you know breaking Development Uh and I'll put this up for the You know people on the members channel For you know a bunch of days still uh I Mean I just released the last one you Know like two days ago but this has been Like three hours worth of content that's Been created the last couple days But I have to get back to my other Videos and a more normal schedule But very profound I mean the whole thing You know very uh telling and you know I Mean I don't get stunned by The depravity that's entered into this Into heartfulness organization But this interview with the Him talking about successor and then You know basically plagiarizing the Whole gratefulness thing Because there's no energy in what he's Doing so they have to figure out Where the energy is right it's not the

Words it's not the name gratefulness It's not even the idea It's certainly not me It's the you know It's connecting directly and Uh you know falling in a solution to a Fallen master Which is dodgy right a fallen you know Representative or successor It's having faith that the energy is Still there the transmission and the the Work is still there you know despite the The you know Log Jam that is Heartfulness right Anyways you know let's just end this Here only spiritual valuable save this World as far model definitely reporting From the Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day And be grateful

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