Journey 103

Journey 103

Greetings brothers and sisters this is The 103rd Edition Of the journey series Um You know I was going to talk more about Doing a hundred of these like you know I Don't Uh I think in the beginning I just want To tell About the past You know the my experiences as a Practitioner of the system and it was Just other things that were You know bugging me or whatever it was Um About you know All of it But then the whole thing with dodgy Happened which is to me the real reason I started doing this like unconsciously The spiritual reason the need for it Because of the collapse of Dodgy and the heartfulness thing And so that's where the majority of the Videos uh you know where I made the most Content Covering that and you know giving Getting information long videos about All of that Um And it's kind of come full circle So there's a guy he's a an abiasi Who has been doing this for a number of Years

Um You know practicing scishmart and he Lives in Chennai where Master charity Was You know that was where his ashram is And he um Was contacted me because he found these Videos And you know I don't know how much he Understood some of the aspects of the Channel but he liked the The heartfulness mark stuff that they Did And then he sent me things over the Years Um we were like friends on Facebook I Think I don't know if we still are But um he's email me stuff I mean I Think we are I don't know if he's on Facebook or whatever Anymore I don't know you know people Come in as social media but this guy is A person I never met Who was already an ABIA for years and Really into it like he was sent out Uh like uh you know writings and Diary entries that people who had made Public and things that were you know Articles and stuff from Babaji and Charging that wasn't readily available Like people you know they weren't Published and things some She was really into it right someone who Really

Loves the system he wrote me This the other day Dear brother Paul I was listening to Number 100 of your journey series videos And I must tell you at some point in Time I started feeling A great absorption in transmission I felt your words so deeply and must Tell you that it is just impacted me a Lot I subscribe fully to ask I subscribe fully tasks that you speak Over there and please accept my heartful Appreciation For the great work that you are doing With regards to highlighting the mishaps And to try to restore the mission to its Previous Glory It's highly commendable job and I Understand you are Pioneer of sorts With the purest intention and great love For the master I look forward to the day that I too can Boldly contribute something in this Direction I thank you on behalf of those who feel This way and your videos are bringing in A lot of Solace to so many out there Which I'm sure Through those words of appreciation may Not be reaching you in the form of Written or spoken communication Thanks and good luck to you and yours Love this is a love

There's no signature and I want to Include this in my last uh Journey but I Was uploading it and you know I thought It was it went with the whole thing but They're all just you know I mean they're Just one kind of continuous thing right Um My last episode but Like here's the thing about it like I'm Not really doing anything like you Understand like I'm not Transmitting right I don't know where I Am In the yatra situation right there's 13 Yatra points in the seismic system I knew where I was when I was made a Preceptor I was in point two and the Point was charged And I had that experience And there's people who are good at Reading that and you could see it Visually I never was was a preceptor I never like Got into it I don't know if I could have And you know had some experiences with It where you know ideas came to me about People's yatras and and you know where They were but your soul you have a Certain spiritual approach And I don't know where I am with that Right but I do know there's a lot of Work done on my throat My you know my throat area Before this YouTube channel took off

Like there was just I had sore throats For like two years and you know and I Just I always you know I often feel Things even now And so there was something done so that When I spoke The energy would flow out the Transmission and you know nothing to do With me like I made myself available But the work was done through the Sergeant massage Mark system which shows You that there was intention here right Like long before the YouTube channel Took off This was a pre-planned thing And you know then the stuff happened With dodgy and this guy showed up at Some point And he knew that people were Um but he has one friend like in Mumbai Who is outspoken about this Um you know I don't know who the person Is about dodgy and the people there in Chennai are must be at their wit's end These brahmanas who are You know very purist about their Ideas of spirituality and things like That And you know they Can they all loved Master charge and he Would always be their their guy because A you know they came in with him and he Was you know A part of their cast I mean I don't know

About this person specifically but the People living there That's the you know it would be hard for Someone else to come in and top Uh charging Um so there's all that right It'd be hard for anybody to really top Him in terms of his workload and his Effort and his You know availability and all these Things like you know there wouldn't be a A person that could compare to his Uh like greatness right I mean vendogius Called him You know great uh whatever it is um The way that he put it and so There's that but at some point they Started to realize dodgy just sucked A lot of them and they're all struggling With it because they don't know what to Do and this guy who had watched my Videos previously Came back and found that I had was Covering this and you know he had heard Some of the things about the brighter Mind And so they're all in this situation Where they don't know what to do right Dodgy is clearly not acting as a master Of being a master And they could all do what I am doing And you are doing those of you who are Doing the meditation Without connection through dodgy it's

Not that hard it's the easiest thing in The world to do It is a mental you know you it is a what Is called the sand culpa you make a will That you're going to connect directly And no longer be straddled by dodgy as a Middleman and you know the the apps Don't work and all these things don't Work whatever right if it's working for You then there's no reason for it but There is actually a reason because Dodgy's toxic right he's a toxic person You know there's this idea out there That you know people say I I no longer Want to associate with people that that Don't bring me joy Like that's a you know like a saying and I don't like that saying but the idea of The sentiment is the same The people who are blocking your Spiritual progress and again I'm not you Know telling people what to do or giving Advice but You know this is the one uh like chargie Said the one reason to get divorced the One reason To break off with family members and Friends is that they're hurting you Spiritually And that doesn't mean they're not nice To you like there are people who could Be mean to you that's helping you Spiritually There could be situations you're in

Marriages that suck that help you Spiritually right But if somebody's blocking you Spiritually if it's hurting your Spiritual growth Then you have to cut ties and daiji was Certainly hurting my spiritual growth There's no doubt about it His presence in my life and you know his Presence on the internet and his You know his actions and his lack of Whatever Was hurting my spiritual growth because I know as soon as I got tithes with them My spiritual life exploded like it was You know back to the way it was and so All of those who have tried this and This guy himself who feels the Transmission in my videos right Because it's not me or my videos it's Coming from them right the Divine Hierarchy that you know the the beings That are overseeing this thing If dodgy was doing a great job and we Left we wouldn't have any transmission Because they'd want us to come back Because it would be best for us to come Back if it was working Then then gratefulness would fail It's a you know it's a confirmation that Harmfulness has failed that gratefulness Has been so great and those of us who Have experienced that like so many People have wrote To Me

But it just for me it was my experience That mattered Like it's great that you're having a Good experience too But if I wasn't having one then I'd be Like well it's not working for me right It's not you know it has to work for you It has to work for me you know it Doesn't matter if it works for somebody Else that's always been the case with Scishmark It works and if it doesn't work why do It Why meditate why do it like you know you Might not be able to feel it because You're not sensitive enough Or you're you know there's too much Grossness or you've you can't settle Down But you'll see the benefits in your life And so you know if you don't see them Then why would anybody do it and it's The same thing for people come watching My videos If there isn't truth here if there isn't Positive energy if there isn't you know I mean why would somebody sit through And listen to me drawn on about things Right you know so it has to work there Has to be something here there has to be Some Truth here there has to be some you know Um connectivity to God and these things And so

The fact that it worked gratefulness It's working Means that they have conceded that People leave in dodgy You know they want it right like the you Know papaji and the Divine hierarchy They want people to leave dodgy I mean Maybe not all of them But we don't know like I don't know at Least for us it's been a This has been an important step all you Guys are doing gratefulness Um and so it's just a switch you make It's because this guy was saying he Hopes to do this well he hopes to do the Same thing whatever he said in the Letter here Let's see if I go back here and he said Uh I closed it for some reason Well because I was done reading it Um I don't know where it is I lost it here Here it is uh here it is When he says um Uh I look forward to before to the day When I took and boldly contribute Something in this direction well is it You know me doing the YouTube videos and Sure it's getting out there and the Information And you know giving people a second Option right Like so that's important it's good and

You know other people can do that but The most important thing that people can Do is break free from dodgy if it isn't Working for them And connect directly And realize and tell other people that This is working for you right In fact I'm just remembering I had a Dream last night which I forgot all About this morning That I was Giving cities to people And they remembered me as a preceptor When I when Master charity was around And I said to them Look you know I'm no longer a preceptor Are no longer associated with the you Know the organization because of dodgy Sucking And you know like you like so You can sit here whatever but that's you Know That's the extent of it like I did give Him a city to whatever it was Um but you know for me it's You know it happens automatically like That's what's good about this thing like If people came and started doing Grateful this As preceptors Like I don't think it would be a good Idea to continue it the way it was the Preceptor stuff like you could you know Have intentions and you know do whatever

It is some Maybe even people coming over your house Or something Like I don't know like people have to Figure this out for themselves because It isn't like Gratefulness is here to replace all of Psych bard Is specific to people who connect to my YouTube channel And truthers right you know there's the The system itself Is beyond gratefulness like what we're Doing here I've made it user friendly and you know I've included things and I got a YouTube Channel a couple of them three of them Now because one of them has the The stuff on it right the new one that Has all the the sittings and stuff what You can do But like this is something that people Can do without any idea of gratefulness Or me or anything Because it has nothing to do with me Like I'm not necessary For this practice like you don't need me To do this practice you don't need Anybody You connect directly Through the you know through the system Itself right Through your own you know heart because There's no there's no need for a middle

Man or a middle Organization You know which is what religions all Become and all these things And so that's the beauty of it like it's Done without the organization And to new people it sucks because You know you have to have the Organization to sort of get started And I provide that for new people a Little bit here And you know just the things that I used To get from preceptors hearing stories Why I do that here I my preceptor told me stories about Going to India I mean Babaji and be a Maturity and you know what was like You know and not just him other people So the stories right so you get those Stories here And then understanding and having the System explain to you well I do that Here as well right And so you know that's what I received From the organization And it's not as good and go and the Gatherings well you know we don't have That at least as yet right Um but all those things aren't necessary For you to experience the transmission And benefit from the cleaning They help in different ways because I Went to a gathering and you know I was Going through cleaning but I didn't know

I felt really bad and people like oh you Just go through cleaning and everyone Goes through it right but I thought oh My God this is horrible and we have a Horrible experience I was sick and emotionally felt bad Psychologically I was just really felt bad you know that First Gathering and then lots of them After them But when they say this is normal that They all go through it it changes your Perspective because I thought something Was wrong right if you're miserable and Sick And you go to something and you're Having a bad experience You think well this thing isn't for me Right like that's what would happen That's naturally what would happen And so you have to learn how that works And then you have people say oh wow this Is you know and they tell stories of What they went through you know which I Do here so I guess that's part of it Here too But being there at a gathering and Having it be intense You know was like really uh you know was A profound movement and helped me grow And change and you know I can't provide That and you know can't be provided at Least for now For new people and that sucks like

There's things that are missing that Were great and were helpful Access to the books and these things but You know I I provide links to the PDF Books at least the major ones and some Of the books are still available and Some of you guys are getting the books And you know there's The Whispers Messages that come out and things like That Still whisper a day you know so there Are things that aren't as good or as you Know there's missing holes of things That I needed and helped me move along With the practice but you do have the Advantage of doing it in the comfort of Your own home which is great so you can Put a little bit more effort into Like people have to do on the internet Like you if you're not going to go Places physically And you're going to do things on the Internet then you have to put more Effort into those things researching Doing the things that you do on the Internet And so having said all that you know There's Um you know I would hope that I could Make it better for new people but the Bottom line is That is like unnecessary for the Connection And dodgy has become unnecessary for the

Connection And it's been played out and been Validated by what we're doing here when People say they're having the best Spiritual experiences doing this Gratefulness thing or they are having Good experiences and then it stops in Heartfulness and now it's it's starting Again with gratefulness it's because of That and the important piece to remember Here Is it's not about me like just because I'm saying this stuff on the YouTube Channel it's the thing I've named in These things you know the organization Whatever it is it's just you know it's Me doing a little you know making a few Couple videos here and there Doing some explanation yeah there's that And then saying there are these sittings And these things are available that's All you know yeah that's good but in Terms of everything else here The important part of it it doesn't need Me or somebody you know it doesn't meet Me or somebody else you can connect Directly and you just have to do it like You just have to make the will to do it I'm talking about all these obvious Out there like they don't have to Be a part of this they can you know but The idea isn't that you you know it's You can act directly because Dodgy sucks like the harmfulness

Organizations failed and there has to be A plan B And really that's what people need to do In groups and centers and things like This and there you know there shouldn't Be Like this idea of leadership and like Somebody running it and like the new Master nothing like that right It should just be You know people doing what we're doing Here In a very Grassroots you know back to The way it was and initially before There was any Organization back in the lology days or Small little subgroups but you know you Have to avoid the ego and the hierarchy And the things like that that have Wrecked all these organizations of the Past You just have to like you just can't Like feed into it because there's Nothing there You know it's just Fool's Gold Like you gotta remember what's important Here was the transmission the cleaning And that you can connect to God and that You know it's an opportunity that hasn't Ever been on planet Earth before You know you know connect to God in a Deeper way Um so all these people here any of you Who are abiasis who are lurking out

There You know you can at least try it right I Mean you could if you're not feeling Anything from dodgy then you might not Try something else And the way to do it is just say I'm Disconnecting myself from dodgy You know I did it publicly because I'm a Public person But it doesn't have to be that way and Then you're going to connect directly And then just try the sittings try a Group meditation try the Friday 9 30 Sitting try the Gathering that's coming Up with charging in July And without harmfulness and taji and the And the good thing is the two Gatherings Now dodgy did us a favor because he Sucks and he's feeding into it even Though he's too stupid to know he's Doing that by getting rid of the Gatherings and doing concerts and not Doing as many sittings I mean that's how It worked for me with allology in the Bassan Gathering when I got a sitting That wasn't coming from dodgy because He was asleep right was in the middle of The night in India And I got this you know random sitting And I was like oh my God this fan this Is a real transmission like this is what I've been missing And I'm like well then like you just we Can do this on our own so daiji

Canceling the Babaji and charging Gatherings are Blessings because when you receive Transmission you know it has nothing to Do with him It has to do with um You know a direct connection And so it can be done and it works And it working is confirmation that the Powers that be in the system Are recognizing that heartfulness is Dead It's no longer an Avenue for The sage Mark method that it has been Compromised and you know whatever Happens legally with the buildings the Ashrams the properties the organization However this plays out in India and I Guess to some extent in America and how They they deal with all those things The big thing here is that the Transmission's still flowing because you Know all that drama all that you know Financial stuff all that corruption Most of us really can't do anything About and And we can pray or whatever but we can't Really do anything in the material world Certainly we can't you know affect the Corrupt system in India and all how That's going to play out right I mean people there can you know and if You're there you know that's that But the most important thing is that

You're still receiving transmission if You're not why the hell would you Continue on with this clown that you Don't even like right like he's like you Know not redeemable why we consistently Follow somebody when you're not Receiving the transmission When you receive transmission from the Last guy And so if you can feel transmission and You don't feel it anymore It's such a godsend you know I just I Can feel today I'm looking forward to The Friday night sitting tonight and Then you know getting into the weekend Thing And it works and it's worked in the past And you know work in the future And so yeah it's been a true blessing For me I'm really stoked about really excited About the whole thing And um You know I can't say enough about it and It's not again an individual personality Thing it's a choice you make to Disconnect yourself from a thing that's Not working like a corpse like you're Umbilical cord is tied to a corpse And you know you can Tie it directly or connect directly to God right something that's you know Straining your energy you know like a Vampire or something

And you know instead of draining your Energy and taking it away from your You know spiritual evolution And that's how you know Cults work right A cult is a group of followers who Sacrifice their needs for the guru the Cult leader right The the you know the the congregation Sacrifices that you know there they give Money and energy and they put time into You know they get drained by the cult And the cult leader whereas a spiritual Organization the master of the system Is their sacrificing his needs For the you know for the followers right And that's what we had with uh charging Babaji and lology and then now with Dodgy he's draining people You know to support him and his Dysfunction right And that's where it's turned into a cult And you know if you if you know that's Happening and you still are Participating in you know WTF right you Know people have to make the bolts you Know leap And you know because it's happened like He thought you doesn't even care he's Not even trying to cultivate A relationship with all-time obvious he Knows that they're going to see through Them he knows that they're not going to Stay for you know whatever it is Like he's he's wanting you to leave like

He wants a bunch of new people that Don't know any better And he's going to give a watered-down Version of size mark To them called heartfulness like it's a You know completely new thing but it's Based in the principles and teachings And then he can have the properties he Can have adoration and people never know How good it was under charge And people won't be saying oh my God so Much better when charger was here he Wants all those people gone right Because you know those people are Negative to his uh his you know is scam And so you know he's going to convert You over and buy you off or whatever Make you a preceptor do something to to Make you feel like you're you know part Of it or whatever And you have some you know ownership of The scam Or he's he wants you to leave that's how This would work it's like a replacement Population Of new religious-minded simple-minded People who don't have the ability for Spiritual life These are you know like Lower level people people who can rise Up to the transmission and cleaning And that's his desire it's clearly there Right And so those of you who are like feel Like you're getting pushed out yeah

You're getting pushed out He doesn't want you to stay the people Write anything don't want you to stay They don't want Dynamic people they Don't want People who are gonna you know see Through his BS and who aren't going to Feel a transmission see that he's Contaminated this with his concerts and His bad decisions And so those people have to go the past You know the people who are charging People he's the only part of that right And so he's pushing you out anyway and You know why are you staying for that Would just receive no transmission to to You know lament everything that's Happening And like people are just you know Gluttons for punishment right The only reason to do size Mark is the Transmission and cleaning but anyways um So I want to start off with that I think It's good they did at the beginning of The video instead of doing the end of The last video Um but like there's it's happening right It's working it's happening gratefulness Is just an example of what everyone can Do All right so I'll end here and I'll Continue on over the next you know So many days okay so just a brief um a Little voice over here today I did the

Friday night sitting with my wife last Night the individual City Uh you know together separately because It's an individual you're connected to The source And you know it's nice peaceful night But as soon as we start to meditate I Felt the strong Divine current as Babaji Used to refer to it And it's like the difference between Being You know like something like a fan being Plugged in This is the analogy I came up with The fan being plugged in or you put a Fan in a window and the wind blows and The fan You know kind of spins but it's not Really on And that's how I've been feeling with Dodgy Not plugged in like that not uh Receiving the current right the Fan's Spinning but it's more just like the Wind blowing you know whatever it is Right so I'm just natural occurrence fan Really isn't doing anything Because it's not getting receiving uh You know the energy And so there's something about these Cities where You might be restless you might you know Whatever it is it might be subtle it Might be very powerful

But you can feel that Divine current and You feel the sitting start You can you know you can feel it right Off the bat start And oftentimes was meditating the last Two three years I didn't feel anything Like that ever in the whole sitting Right sometimes I feel a little bit of Stuff But nothing like these gratefulness Meditation cities They're quite substantial And for those of you who've been you Know doing harmfulness and now feel the Difference not everyone could feel it It's whatever it is But it's just there's an energy there Right you can feel the energy And you know those the energy is what Makes massage mark And it's just lacking With doji in the system And you know I was really grateful to Feel it and I've been missing it but Really couldn't explain what I was Missing because You know there was just something That you have to experience to remember To remember what it was like and these Sittings have that energy you just you Know close your eyes and you can feel The energy right off the bat And I remember doing the app settings or Doing some of the the stuff online with

Dodgy and there just wasn't anything Right you're just going to feel anything Which is um you know Like messed up you know because it's This whole purpose in life right it's Always whole deal is to be able to Transmit But that just isn't happening and so um You know I've been really happy with the Gratefulness meditation for that reason And the Friday night settings Particularly like in it's Dynamic like I Was saying before because I remember Feeling irritable a little bit on Friday Uh which is you used to happen all the Time Things would happen I guess stressed out Headaches whatever And then you know Friday night sitting Would kick in sometimes I had trouble Sleeping Friday night and then by Sunday It was like there was a you know it was Like a three-day little mini Gathering Where there's some cleaning and you know And everything sort of um Yeah today I feel great you know today It's peaceful uh so yeah but there's Just this condition that's given right It was a cycle and the cycle disappeared And I thought well maybe it's just Better because I you know no one likes To feel irritable but or whatever it is Right Um but there just wasn't any you know

Dynamic nature to my practice And it is for everybody Um you know it's something where you Know I assume it's for everybody That they're not feeling and if they are It's not because of Dodge you it's not Because of the organization They're connecting directly and they Don't know it and that's the real Difficult part right like Babaji said That you should transmit to people in a Way that would bring them to the system Like if you're transmitting to relatives Or you know like you wouldn't make the Connection you would you would you know You'd give people a taste of it with the Idea of the connection like the person Had to move towards the organization to To actualize a connection because if you Just started transmitting everybody in The world and they didn't know what's Going on they could feel the Transmission which is eventually going To happen there would be no Awareness of where it was coming from And then you would they wouldn't get all The teachings and all the things that Went along with that right which is Imperative to you know everything for The whole process Um so you know that is A problem now because anybody in the System who still feels a transmission or Feels good

Is going to associate with dodgy and the Organization and you know that's bad Right because it's not really coming From there anymore or whatever it is Right you know he's fallen in whatever Way all right so I just want to add this Quick update here I got a Other things to do but um you know Really happy like I was just happy happy Isn't you know satisfied or just You know feel filled with a sense of Well-being like I just recognized it Last night just as the sitting starting I'm like oh You know it's back right But anyways I'll continue on the next Couple days or whatever Greetings brothers and sisters this is Going to be the feedback for Meditation uh group meditation on Sunday May 14th And also I'm gonna put this in my Journey Series 7 103. 103. Um because there's going to be Information that's important here this Is where you can leave your in your Comment section feedback for the group Meditation Somebody asked me Um if I could do Guided uh cleanings And also I guess that was it but like They have on the

Heartfulness Channel I'm not going to do That because I already did those two Meditations Um on my uh gratefulness meditation Channel which you can uh you know find In the description box of any of my Videos And there's a gratefulness meditation Playlist there's a half hour one that Can be used for An individual City Where you connect to the source or for Your cleaning And there is an hour-long one that can Be used for your individual meditation In the morning and also for group Meditation It's just you know an hour long Placeholder or uh you know whatever it Is right it helps a little bit but in That there is an explanation there's Free videos right now in my gratefulness Channel As of you know May 14 2023 there'll be More later right now there's a playlist And three videos and one is an Explanation video and the other two Are half hour sitting and an hour Sitting and you can use those and Someone said well what about new people There is in my uh this playlist my uh it Says whatever this playlist is called For this stuff Gratefulness playlist on my pocket to

The Future Channel There is a second video that gives links And explanation Where people can read and understand how To do everything the cleaning The you know all the rest of it plus you Can sit with people If you have friends or family who want To do this you can sit with them You can do the cleaning with them right Because it's you know that's the kind of Thing we're doing here it's not there's Not a centralized Authority you know I'm an authority in The sense that whatever I say in my Videos and my explanation are my Understanding of the seismarck system And so you know that in that sense but Like I'm not uh you know I'm not going To do what um Preceptors and other people in the Organization you know slash my Organization used to do and artfulness People should be doing right like I'm Not going to be able to fill all those Gaps In terms of making videos in terms of All these sort of things But you can do it with them you can Explain it you can Show them the You know the links you can send them all The links you can go to the video uh you Know there's one video the second video

In in this playlist here I might as well look up and get the Proper name for it it's called Gratefulness meditation playlist And in the second video It is Um there's all these links and you go to The description box in that second video You can find the links and you can Forward those links to your friends and Family or whatever your talking about The system too if they're interested in Doing it right and then you can do it With them you can help them you can you Know you can figure out how to Explain the cleaning to them you know Whatever you're doing in terms of the Cleaning and what it's the written Literature you know with the cleaning You're using your will force You're using your will to push out all The Daily grossness to daily you know Whatever Impressions that are formed During the day and you are using your Will force to make those go out of your Back and the form of smoking Vapors And while you're doing that you have the Idea that Divine energy Divine Light is Coming into your heart and filling the You know the front of your your your Your heart and your you know your front Of your body And filling out you know wherever the

You know whatever the space it's created Through the cleaning process And that's done for a half hour And again you know they can you can use The The half hour video on my uh uh or my Gratefulness meditation Channel And so You know the links are there the Descriptions there Whereas meditation you're receiving So meditation you're open and the energy Is coming to you and your You're just in letting your mind rest on The the supposition of Divine Light God's love in your heart And so it's two different processes One's passive And you know not obviously passive Because you're You're inviting something in you're Opening up to something You know Babaji used to say meditation Is Uh receiving prayers begging prayers Begging and meditation is receiving And so you're receiving God God's coming To you in the purest form Where oftentimes most times people pray For something specific right They pray for an outcome They pray for God to intervene in a Situation whereas meditation you're just Accepting God in God's purest form or

Whatever you can meditate on anything But you're you know you're receiving That when you you know you're pulling That towards you you meditate on a like A job or a person or something Your mind gets into a meditative State And you're You know it's like you're manifesting That you're pulling that towards you at Some point I might make some kind of Explanation for the cleaning and the I Think I've done that though out in these Playlists like I think I've done that Already so I'm not I expect I know I did I explained the practice In one of those videos so those videos The first I don't know seven videos of this you Know of this playlist the playlist this Is going to go on Are imperative to Um Doing the practice and you know you just Have to do more than you used to like You used to be able to go to a preceptor And the preceptor would tell you Everything you needed to know and you Have this contact or whatever I will um Create a you know I get back on my again I'm busy with all these things and I got All this work I'm doing outside and now I got the member thing going on so I got All these things going on just a busy Time for me but what I'm going to do is

I'll make a I'll send out a message on The gracefulness meditation Channel and I'll let everybody know when I do that And that can be a thread that people Talk about And you know it'll be just for People to answer questions and things or Maybe I'll just make a video I'll probably know what that'll be Better I'll make a video there And I can look at that video Whatever Channel I'm on and answer questions or You know whatever make videos about Things to do with those um You know with people's observations or Struggles with the practice and people Can help each other And help people find books and resources Right so there'll be a community of People and there'll be a message or a Video where people can discuss these Things I'll make I'll do a message and a video I don't know which will work better you Can send a message out from your channel I think a video would work better Because it'll be easier to find I don't Know like I don't know how to use the Message thing so that's it's a liability But in terms of all that you know it um It has to be individuals have to do more Which is important because most people Didn't do enough And that's why they quit the practice

They just relied on other people there's Too much passivity That's an ongoing problem with scishburg And I'm sure even more now with Heartfulness And so it's up to people to step up and Do their part they have to you know you Have to figure out how to do it You know it's not like I'm here to sell Something to you and uh you know and I'm Getting a commission or something for it I mean I'm sure I'm benefiting Spiritually for The work I'm doing here but it isn't Like that you know it's I'm sharing what I you know know about this system There's no longer an organization And so you know we have to rely on Ourselves and to some extent each other To you know manifest the teachings and The you know whatever the the knowledge Necessary for people to do their Practice So you want to explain something in Terms of You know there's a story that's a good Uh you know a good example of this There was a you know a while back my Wife and I were driving my wife was Driving and I saw the side of the road There was a couple And they seem to be upset and maybe Having trouble with the phone signal you Know and something like that right

And their car broken down And I pray for him I pray that you know God would take care of him whatever Would happen right just connecting them And you know making sure that would Happen And because of doing the meditation for So many years and the work that's being Done on me My prayers carry more weight than the Average person Because I'm just you know I think so I Don't know I have no I have no proof of That but that's just the teaching Massage Mark system the more you're Connected to God and I feel like I have A good you know connection with God Through the seismic system That the prayers are you know more Directly Um and not only that you can do other Work right Like I could you know have the idea that You know the people are going through Cleaning say or having the idea that You know that they're connecting with The transmission whatever it is right And because of you know just years of Practice and you know I'm certainly Better at it now than I would have been Before I started size Mark I could help People like that right But I don't even think about doing that Right I could be doing that all the time

It's what the master of the system used To do you know the first three Masters I Don't think dodgy does this he might Have in the beginning but you know he Certainly isn't doing it now and it's What preceptors are doing uh should be Doing as well and that is when they have A conversation with somebody it could be Somebody at work Could be a family a friend you know Whatever it might be and they could be Doing the spiritual work they could have The idea the person's being cleaned out Especially if a person comes to you Upset you can have the idea that the Cleaning is happening that they're being Cleaned out and they might you know vent And they talk about their problems they Might be crying or whatever and you're Having this idea that they're being Cleaned and as a preceptor you might Even be able to you know you should be Able to read their conditions see oh There's grossness at this point and have The idea that the grossness is being Cleaned out and then you know Transmission can be given even though It's not like the person's meditating it Could be like a city And you know if you wrote to Master Charge you said and I and you said I you Know I could come see you in India and He was right back and say sure you come You know during these dates and he would

Do the work so that your trip would go Smoothly that you would be the cleaning Process would begin when you know Whatever you receive the letter or Whatever it was and you'd go through Whatever you need to go through to open Up space so that you could get the Maximum benefit from the spiritual Energy that's given from him And you know then when you go see him You would come in and you might sit in a Circle with other people and you would You know transmit and start cleaning Everybody or you specifically If you said hi I'm going I'm Paul Romano I'm from America you say hi you know Welcome whatever And you would feel the current coming to You this current which I talking about In my uh It'll be the previous video in my Uh you know my journey series 103 and so When that comes out so like you know I Talk about the Divine current and you Just feel so much more prevalently now Than we used to you know feel not feel In heartfulness but what I'm saying here Is the master and the preceptors but Also individual abiasis could have the Idea That you know people are receiving Transmission you have the idea that People are going through cleaning you Can have you can pray for them to have

The you know the realization of or uh You know the outcome where they would End up wanting spirituality and wanting To connect with the the now gratefulness Size Mark system whatever it is right Like those are all things that we can do And like I don't do it like you know I Saw this you know couple struggling And the idea came to me oh I should pray For him right and I almost never do that You know what I could like I have the Ability and I have the capacity to help Them in some way right at least you know Have the intention that God has brought Into the situation And who knows how that'll play out right You know but I don't do that like you Can see it's not my nature to be a Service annoying person in that way Right or care about other people like I Just don't like sometimes they do Sometimes I feel empathy You know I can be empathetic but I don't Really for the most part right you know People write to me with their problems And you ask me for my prayers and you Know I'll pray you know if there's Something like that right you know if I'm reminded to do that but you know in Terms of me feeling it in my heart and Really feeling empathetic and wanting to Help you know whatever you know I I can Like you know and I mean sometimes I Mean it was just a a lot of uh love just

Descends into my heart with them Meditating or doing one of these Sittings or whatever the Gathering and I Want to share it with other people you Know I have the idea that's going into The videos or you know going you know to My wife or whatever it is right this Radiated out because that's it's Supposed to be shared love is supposed To pass through you and and go to your Environment and other people and purify Your Your house and your environment all These things and you know these are all Important things that people need to Learn to do and anybody can do it like It's part of the system As part of the system where you can have This idea that you know the energy that The person needs is coming through you And then you know maybe you want to drop Some You know verbal uh you know some verbal Information let's say a person I feel Better talking to you then you say yeah You know I I was you know there's a Connection now you have with the Gratefulness meditation I helped you you Know with that yeah like Todd even you Know talk too much about what you did or How it works or whatever just say that This is what you get when you do the Seismic meditation and then people like Oh you know then they could if they

Understand what they're feeling better Now After interacting with you and you're Like oh that's why like that's what People You know they would go around the master They would understand that there was Spiritual work being done They couldn't see that right so there Had to be some understanding and Teaching for people that that's what the Master of the system was doing it's Cleaning you and you know setting you up For Success right like I had intentions Like all the people who Were doing the gratefulness meditation Especially in the first you know so many Days That there would be connectivity there Would be connection there they would Benefit from it they'd be able to Experience and feel it like you make These sand kalpas the same calpas these Divine wills and you can do that right To help people Connect like that's you know Those are what Babaji did and you know Babaji wasn't a precept of biology Didn't make him a preceptor But he was able to just do this work Through having direct contact with Lology analogy would explain him to Explain to him what to do and there's More sophisticated work

But then there's just the general Praying for people or the general idea You know whatever it is that the person Is being cleaned or whatever it is right Like I said intention you know the Beginning that people would start Experiencing cleaning before the Gathering and before the you know the Sunday sitting which would open them up Too Better experiences right in there you Know I don't know I can't say that I I Can trace the effectiveness of the happy People reporting that's a that's Effective and so these are things that People can do anybody can do it right Who does who has you know connection do I encourage you certainly can pray for People My grandmother used to say the Rosemary For me and my family You know my brothers and sisters my mom If she used to say the Rosary Catholic Prayer you know and I don't believe it's As effective as the prayers and the way That we do it in such Mark but it was Effective because my brother and I Eventually found scishmark right Having you know praying for you in India They have this uh this holiday where all The women like the sisters pray for Their brothers And their brothers give them like a Bracelet easy

But it's like you know good idea when People are encouraged to pray for the Other family members and things or Humanity at large like praying actually Works connecting God meditation works And you know the cleaning all these Things it works and when people you know Use it like charge you once said he was Giving people a technique he goes I give You these techniques so you can use them He would say things and people wouldn't Use it right Um you know even preceptors and things So that's what could be done right when I was a preceptor you know I I was I Would say force myself but I was making You know more conscious of of doing that Kind of subtle work right You know Rob the preceptor I was going To for a while Um you know via the Internet like Recently you know you know I like it it Was doing a good job On his end it's just that the Dodges Contaminated the heartfulness system Right but he would give in a you know in Absentious cities where The people that came to him every once In a while he would give him a city And he would send them uh like a star Via text message just to let them know That they had just received a city and That you know preceptors could do that Could think about abiasis maybe who

Hadn't been there a while and you know How to give them a sitting Just you know without the person knowing Right with just cleaning them and Transmitting and there's work that was Done all the time Bobby used to see Faces Like in bubbles like there would be a Bubble and there'd be a face in it of Course some person in the world and he Transmit to the person for a few seconds Whatever it was like not knowing what The person needed or what they you know Just sending them transmission And you know some whatever work was done Was done whatever the transmission did Whatever the person needed was taken Care of so again you know it's just a Matter of how you want to spend your Time like you could you know just just Hang out with people and talk and have a Conversation and whatever or you could You know move it to a spiritual level Where you're acting as a conduit and Connecting to people and having the idea That you know that God's connecting Through you God's transmitting through You whatever it is right like that's Part of the slash mark system now it's Part of the gratefulness system Because people can do it you can always Do that like if somebody comes to you You can move it to a spiritual level Just by having a thought that you know

God is like there with you God's like in You in the person's connected to God Through your you know your your Intentions and your what you're doing There And the person's you know God's using You to give the person whatever on the Spiritual level they need at that time Or whoever it might be and so um again You know that's what people have to do It's a commitment right it's a Commitment to how you use your time Right you can you know And I've you know I've I know I can do It and I have done in the past and you Know I just don't remember or care to do It right like as much as I should or Whatever as much as I could Like it's just that's the difference Between me and The masters of the system right they've Committed to doing this work and they're Really good preceptors because they're Preceptors who are you know all about Doing these things and are serving other People whoever they are the family Whatever they're constantly and then People will flock to be around them Because they receive Clean-in transmission and you know Whatever and they feel better after they Talk to the person because the person is Removing themselves from the equation And having God be there in their stead

And do service render service on those People All right so um you know I'm going to End this one here but these are things I'll continuously talk about Um you know the things that people need To know about the system and how it can Be used Not only to benefit yourself but benefit Other people Only spirituality will save this world As far a model definitely important to The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful okay so I went and did some Work and ate breakfast Um I want to add a little bit more to This thing My wife and I are We planned a bunch of fruit trees you Know we're making a food for food forest And you know we have these Olas Olas are What we used is some clay pots like Flower uh pots you know plant pots And sealed the bottom With a cork and then Um we silicone two together and I've Showed you this in videos And you bury the Olas in the ground And fill them with water And they slow water deep water The the trees right to keep the ground Moist around the tree It might take a week before the water

Evaporates into the soil and we have a System I put all these little Um You know these hoses these small little Irrigation hoses Into each Ola and one hose next to the Tree themself And so um they're just getting you know This water The trees are doing great and it's kind Of a metaphor for what I was talking About with the The you know the Grateful Instrumentation really is what it's Called I mean gratefulness is what we're Calling it but the seismish mark system Where there's A constant flow of This Divine energy to people who you Know who if they choose to connect to it Through meditation and cleaning and Intention have it available to them Constantly for the rest of their lives And then you know into the next Iteration on a soul level wherever you Are next step to this life On a soul level just always be there Right this is The Divine current that is flowing Through people You know and I was um Clicking out of the I left up the The dodgy thing and they had a little Advertisement at the end it's actually

An interesting video to look at Um like yeah I certainly don't recommend Anything on the harmfulness channel but Just as a a goof right like uh but the End you're not like in movie trailers They have a little they'll show you the Trailer and then they'll and then They'll end the trailer and then they'll Be a little bonus clip at the end of the Trailer and they're always copying Something over there at heartfulness YouTube right but they had a moment Where dodgy and Um diaper Baba or like oh goodbye you Know they're like trying to be humble or Whatever it was right Um like a they can make it an innocent Moment and I'm sure all these people lap It up I can see the You know people like my ex and people Like that lapping it up and down You know since you're in jail it's Totally staged like they're just saying Goodbye like smiling I was just Um But it was the moment where he's he Seems to always be deferring to these People dodgy And I think he does it to make himself Look humble But the problem is The size of our masters And then some elevated people in the System have reached so profoundly higher

Levels of spiritual attainment and it's Based in the system itself because you Know uh Bobby was pontanjali the father of yoga And he came in and I assume at point one And he went through the in fact he went Through the whole yatra so he started at Point one so he wasn't even at point two Right and most of the higher developed Souls That came in you know Jesus and all These Tire developed religious figures They got to point two Right and again it's different times and You know I've explained this before But uh you know nobody had ever reached The central region before and I don't Think anybody even knew about it until Bobby genology like you know had this Discovery and again it was it was a time Where There needed to be a jump start for What's going on here with Humanity so There's a lot of Reasons for it But just to understand that if you Believe in this system And you know when you're just starting And again like I have some proof of it When I Was Made A preceptor I've had Some experiences That validate the yatra part the soul You know the soul energy moving from These areas various regions

And I've had expansion in my You know consciousness Because of it like I know there's a Differences in me like I've reached new Levels because of the system so I know You know I can't validate all of it but I can say yeah you know some of what What they say I have experienced Um so But for you new people whatever that's Fine but for dodgy like to put himself On the same level like and that's what He keeps on doing he was sharing the Stage a lot and you know them saying It's it's humility or whatever sure But it isn't effective because this guy Isn't the same guy And this guy's nickname is Bobby right And it sounds like babuji And so it was confusing like they were You know calling him because you know He's a baba And they were calling him Babaji You know with uh with an eye Instead of babuji with the U H but still people wouldn't even know The difference plus he works for Fontanjali and Babaji was you know uh Was pontanjali so I mean he all in Spontanez business and whatever it is And the guy has got a shady pass but Even if he didn't he isn't on the same Level that accomplish was given because Thomas had it like I saw him be put up

To this level of spiritual attainment it Just didn't you know Failure to Launch Right it just didn't work out he didn't You either lost faith or you know Whatever you did It just didn't you know It didn't do what it was supposed to do Um And so bringing in all these people like This and then you know sharing and I Don't know if he's sharing the property I don't know what the arrangement Between pontanjali the business of Arrangea because there's now a business Relationship Arrangement right That they are going into this joint Wellness apartment venture and so I'm Sure Pine timesley put up some money And they're going to use the ashram Facilities for people who aren't really Going to be obvious Who are you know and I don't you know Again I don't care it's not my problem anymore But you know it's a business Relationship and who knows what Ownership is taking place and what's Going on there I mean there's a lot There right what if dodgy died but Pontado would uh System like you know like as they're Stockholders or they're selling out you Know what's happening right But on a spiritual level you know he's a

Master in the central region and that Doesn't exist anywhere else according to The teachings And you can't you know Validate these other practices knowing That you have a system because this is The first system where you didn't Worship the master You're becoming the master right every Person who does the massage Mark system Is on the path to reach the same level It's like you're in school and you're Going to graduate through this Mark University of spiritual Hard Knocks and Make it into this central region and Whether it takes five lives or whatever It is or whatever 20 lives if you're you Know if your soul engages in this it Keeps with it you're going to reach the Same level As the Masters and that's unique to the Practice that's never been done It never there was always you know we're On one level and you're on another right Jesus is the son of God you guys are all Sinners right so there's you know that's The way it's always been done and There's never been this idea where you Could be elevated to the same level and That you know these religions don't want You I mean maybe in the beginning sure But that was you know Um again a lower level Uh but sadaji has degraded the position

Of the master that's what I'm saying you Know and it's um And it's you know it's like Trump has Degraded the brand of the presidency Except you know the master of the system That's a a worthy brand anyways I just Want to add that you know I'm gonna move on to my other videos now Okay so continuing on from where I uh Left off I guess in a way Um I just want to start off with reading This Whispers from the brighter World Tuesday July 8th Uh 1999 80 A.M Time that passes has no return One can never get go back and start Again to live such and such a situation Do not forget this truth you cannot make Up for your mistakes I could have done this or that tried to Understand this situation with this Brother this sister In difficulty I've taken a little or no interest in This problem It does not concern me Etc Every day you all miss an opportunity to Express the good in you A smile a gesture a service that would Cost you so little And take little time

But time flies so quickly is unreal It passes there remains only the gesture You made by letting your heart manifest In your current way of life you always In a hurry overwhelmed over worked and Tired tired of yourselves rest your mind You have not properly understood how you Can all benefit from a true meditation That focuses You wear focuses you wear the tamed mind Not completely but enough to make you Reach a degree of inner peace And is is then able to give you wings Encouraged to act for yourselves and Others Do not remain turned in on yourselves Open your hearts on the infinite without Forgetting The creature Babaji I'm not sure what creature means there But the overall point of this message is Obvious and you know it's important to Understand I mean even if you didn't do Sagemar that mistakes are made and you Can't go back and change time and we see All these TV shows and movies Where um You know time travel is a part of it and People want to go back and Change something or whatever but The opportunity to change something in The future will happen because the same Things will repeat themselves right So you don't need to go back in time

To fix something that you know a failure Or whatever it is you you have another Opportunity later to do the same thing And that's Been misunderstood in the seismic system Or not really thought about at all And when I started this journey series You know was to give a perspective of Just What I personally went through and the Big thing being the cleaning That happened and um India you know right after Master charge He died I was going through the divorce thing And all those things that happened with It And it was transformational despite all The negatives despite all the things That seemed unfair And another point that I guess You know I haven't really covered as Much Because everything that's happened with Dodgy and these things Was that I had So much enthusiasm like I was never Somebody who was enthusiastic about Things I really never had a purpose it really Wasn't That psyched about life or you know Whatever was going on with me in the World or whatever

I never really found anything it was I don't want to say exciting because That's not what size Mark is but you Know real I never found anything like That was real like you know had Significance that was important And when I found it I was like a little Kid with enthusiasm just Bubbling with enthusiasm and there was Such a lack of that in the scishmark System in America There's a lot of it India you know some Um and you know some of the Indian People here But very few people started America the Way I did The way that I you know had these Sittings that given everything the rahu Period I was going through before that Lack of interest in anything And looking for something significant And then finding it and it was just like You know when you're a newborn baby you Come in with a lot of enthusiasm and Like you're a blank slate But then you interact with people right In the world of course you have your Some scars and that stuff And the Purity and innocence you were Born with Disappears right and you know some some People it's younger than others but At some point like just The dysfunctional system that we have

You know I'm covering that in my other Video today I saw something on Shark Tank and you know the the accepting Mental illness is being A part of life right that's the whole Idea behind the psychological model and Everything they're doing now normalizing The idea that you're going to be Psychologically messed up And never addressing that it's just a Systemic problem That's the system itself makes people Crazy it's unnatural and It's on multi-levels right it's Something that's spoken about in The Whispers messages all the time Electromagnetic poisoning you know all The Wi-Fi stuff that's happening all the You know these uh different you know Levels of I mean not just Wi-Fi but all The TV all these you know radio waves All these subtle Type of waves that are bouncing around NASA even made a video about it and said You're being bombarded with these things And they're all around you and they're Affecting you on an energetic level and A physical level the toxicity and the Food the stupidity of our culture the You know all the you know the hedonistic Aspect and sensory sensory Oriented uh way of life stimulation Internet all these things And people are just doing really poorly

And we're going in the wrong direction Which I you know Cover substantially on my channel and You know here occasionally In the journey series But it's you know it's a A system that Brings out the worst in people and Bobby Was saying you know that you have Opportunities to express the good in you And so I had all this enthusiasm And it was slowly taken away By people in the organization I want to Say take it away because You know I lost it you know whatever it Is right I had all this enthusiasm for Sashmarg And people just sucking and again It was cleaning and I had that big Cleaning I had to go through I'm not Like saying I'm a victim of anything But the way that everybody was in the Mission Even though they have they had this Great thing You know even if you um Could reckon like if I saw people who Had a lot of enthusiasm for it And you know and and not knowing all the Stuff that's waiting ahead of them wish I would you know because of What I've gone through here in the Journey series you know documenting All of those things right um You know I actually I'm not complaining

About it but Like I had this energy this enthusiastic Energy and people come into the system And have that and it was squashed I mean Intentionally People were offended by it right people Who've done it for years people never Got it People who are you know Mrs B who never In her life was in her abiace had any Real You know anything like that right she's Just a fear-based gossipy type of person Who's along for the ride to her Husband's you know More connected but he's got his own Issues right all those people preceptors All the people running the thing instead Of using that like you need people Coming in with enthusiasm And you know you don't want to wreck That take that away from them right you Don't want them to You know you want them to bask in the Enthusiasm that eventually is going to Dissipate and you know now of course With dodgy And what's happened with sash Mark is Just you know Just hanging on for the you know just Like it's like you're writing a a bull You know whatever you know the rodeo You're hanging on for dear life because There's you know I mean the only thing

That's there is the experience The the authenticity of the experience Of doing scish mark The authenticity of doing the you know Actual practice you know and I got these Messages or comments from this one Person who was obsessed with me spelling Gratefulness with two L's and part of me Relished in The person being upset by it like you Know they're not dealing with it right You know like it bothering them because It makes me happy when people who are OCD or you know triggered or whatever it Is because you know like the person if You did the essence you know it's not Gratefulness at all You know I use two L's and I explained Why you know I like the the full word Full instead of full with one full right With one L Um and then there was other aspects to It like I was looking for a way to have A future opportunity a future website Like I bought a You know a domain name Um Uh And I knew that the other the two Ls With was already taken So I mean it's going to be something in The future hopefully you know it won't Be because I I'm not playing to build a Website or whatever but if it's there if

It it's necessary not an organizational Level to have something like that right Um but you know there's all these other Things about it you know I didn't spell It with like a it's a you know like a uh Like a number or a you know like an Asterix or exclamation point which People do right Elon musk's kids I'm not Making things up like to that extent but I prefer the word that way it's just not That big a deal it's not you know It's not serious because it's really Just such mark I can't call it scishmark because You know there is an organization the Heartless organization owns The srivam Chandra mission in the search Mark Stuff right so if I call it size Mark It's I'm referring to that organization Right even though they don't call it That anymore Because this guy sent me the guy who's You know the the dodgy truth or sends me All this stuff he's you know send me This thing that a preceptor another Preceptor Had written about how this guy said that Everything's disappeared but the Transmission And for me that's not true I don't know What other people are feeling or Experiencing But I don't feel any transmission but he

Says everything that's That used to be sash Mark is now Heartfulness and it's different They've transformed everything dodgy's Changed everything It no longer exists seismic the practice And it doesn't like he's changed the Maxims He changed when people could start It went from 18 to 15. he's canceled two Of The Gatherings he's bringing in Concerts and these other things you know He's now making these preceptors go out And descend on a a state and go door to Door and try to recruit all these people I mean it's just you know he's got all These celebrities he's doing Wellness He's doing yoga he's doing things Anything but this the meditation itself The literature has been scrubbed Master Charge you has you know have all these Epic books I was looking through the Internet a lot of them are available in Different places they eat books and you Can find seismish Mark Books use books People are Who quit or you know just giving away And they end up in somewhere good well I Mean you might find one in like a Goodwill or something But they're out there right people Selling these things And you know they have value they're Being sold at a higher price than they

Originally bought in their use right Of course now Um It's all of these things right Uh like he scrubbed everything and it's Not anything like it used to be it's now Something called heartfulness that that Is you know he's gotten all the Properties and the things that were There from before From the other organization that was Built up for the previous masters of System and he's perverted it and taken In a Direction that's It was never intended to to go so I Can't call it such Mark that's you know Which we all know so you know what we're Doing is size Mark it's just we're Calling it gratefulness because you know Um but the person was trying to Undermine my confidence and like mock me For using to an extra l and given what I'm doing here It is you know I have to believe That doji's unredeemable that the system Itself doesn't work and it's only Through my inner experience of the Transmission And many of you have experienced the Benefits that we're getting From doing what's gratefulness which is Just the old size Mark with a new name And just specific to our group That the transmission the Gathering the

Friday night cities the everything Is so much better Um You know Than doing heartfulness and that's you Know that's where the confidence comes From You know if it wasn't then I'd be bummed Like there'd be no all right this is Done then Because I'm not getting it from Uh heartfulness I'm not getting it from Dodgy So now we're trying to do it directly or We're doing it you know directly And we're getting it from the source and That's great and that's all that really Matters doesn't matter about the name Doesn't matter about the anything it Just matters that the transmission flows Here and it wasn't flowing there and so In terms of the future of the system the Size Mark system Like I don't know what it's going to Look like like I don't know I mean we Have this thing called gratefulness and Then some other group will form here Some other group will form there right Uh you know all doing size Mark but The purity of the system The organization that used to be It'll be hard to retain it all the Teachings all the works all the You know nuances there's so much

In terms of what charge you explained About the system In his books and you know you would Start off and you would read my master And you would read realiate dog my Master was written by charge you about Babaji and Babaji had five books the Complete works of prop Chandra Reality at dawn commentary on the 10 Maxims of sashmarg towards Infinity Philosophy And the f is efficacy the f is the Efficacy of Raja yoga in the light of Sash mark And so we had these five written books And then there was some of his letters Got published He had um These various um You know like uh Messages he would give out a Gatherings She would read and things And that was about it right some of his That was his complete all of his his Written material lology had all these Things papers essays things he wrote You know just thoughts he had right they Weren't in a book form And then charge he came in and he wrote My master which was a book and then he Gave all these talks explaining Everything including a preceptor seminar Explaining how to use the techniques That Babaji gave

And so charge you did an excellent job Of disseminating explaining babaji's Teachings the teachings of the system And he was just gifted in his ability to Speak so there's all these DVDs and Talks he gave I mean just epic talks and Things that you know he he gave Somewhere like in America and Europe and They were in heart to heart and then There were some in India they were Called the principles of sash mark And then he wrote down memory lane where He talked about His life and his you know epic life his Mother died at five and his dad going Blind and one eye and having to raise Three Boys by himself in India and then You know all these things like he's Um he just had an epic life right like These things that he wrote about And he wove it together with the you Know how they apply to the the system And so you go through these various Books And you'd get a sense of What was happening with the system and Now of course Whispers of the brighter World messages And the information was in there and You'd be having experiences in your life While you read the books Or you'd go to Sasson and someone would Read something and it would apply to Your situation right some people get

That too My talks here you know I say something Journey series and or even on my channel And it resonates with you at a spiritual Level so there's that flow you know Exists here as well but you know it was Organizationally right you would be able To go to somebody's house and have these Settings and then there'd be a gathering You know the three Gatherings of the Masters of the system you could go Experience them at a knock from or go to India and You know you go see master chargie and You talk to people and you know just Have interactions and there be energy at The Gatherings and all these things And you know things that I just so Appreciate the experience of All you know helped me you know become a Better person they all were you know These major turning points in my life And that doesn't exist now right like Dodgy's destroyed all of it the flow of It the efficacy of it the truth of it You know he's destroyed it Um it doesn't exist in the organization And people recognize it they don't know What to do And eventually they'll just quit you Know some of them And start factions like we're doing here With gratefulness Um and not quitting because it's not

Quitting right Dodgy quit like dodgy quit on such mark And so people will recognize that Heartfulness is in size Mark so there's No reason to continue doing it it's for Other people it's for dopes it's for You know people who fall for really just Scammers and gurus it's not for the People that did scishmark for so many Years it's not for True spiritual Seekers And so um You know that's where everybody's at With that right that's Um you know their choice and what They're going to do and most of them Would never Come do gratefulness you know isn't like Gratefulness is the alternative They're not gonna want to be associated With me or you you know with truthers or You know they don't understand what We're doing here they don't like real me Or whatever it might be and so it isn't Like I have You know some exclusive uh you know Secondary like um option b right and There's only option A or B they can do What we're doing here they can do Spin-off and connect directly And you know do their best to recreate What's been lost and you know it's very Hard because I you know I can't all the The different aspects of the

Organization I could never recreate like not on an Organizational level I could kind of I Don't even I don't know it all like I Don't know all the things that were Being done right and certainly you know Republishing the books is not an option Like we don't have the copyrights to the Books we don't have the you know we have Maybe some of us Like I don't think any of us have all The books I've lost some of my books in The and you know they were stored in uh Where my ex was living and I never got Those back and so you know there's books That I don't have access to that people And you know and everybody I had all the Books there's people who had all the Books right Um but I don't even have that so you Can't recreate that you can't reprint Them they're not in the public domain Like dodgy has the rights to these books So if he doesn't reprint them they just Die You know they're out there and they Could be you know in some in in official Way copied or whatever it is made Available some of the you know speeches And stuff but it's only a fraction of What was available before You know this body of work and so um All of it right like all the things I'm Saying here you know and so I I don't

Know how to you know What to say about the practice itself But it has to evolve into something else Maybe we don't need all that stuff Anymore like I don't read like I used to I almost never read I read The Whispers Um but you know I don't sit down read a Seismic book like I used to And I don't know if I ever will I have Them and you know and they they were They were transformational like there's Some things I would read again but I Just don't have the time and you know I'm I mean it's a different stage in my Obvious but in the beginning the books Are very helpful Um and then you know maybe later on from Time to time so it's you know I don't know what to say about it right It's like it's the transmission's still Here And things have changed like the Organizations Been destroyed you know what was The SRI Ram Chandra Mission Chicago has Been destroyed And then you know we have to do Something else Um but anyways I'm going to end this Here but just some thoughts about it Right but like I was saying this isn't Gratefulness it's Just you know we have to have our own Name for our specific

Faction of it like you look at religions Like how many different Christian Churches are there right like I don't Even know them all The Methodist the Baptist the Church of the Brethren you know the Catholic Church which You know Protestants don't think it's You know the same thing as you know like All that stuff and then all the various You know I mean there's different Catholics here which right there's Different You know it's just broken down to all These various I mean there's people Dancing around with snakes right And so you know and then there's the Specific Um you go to one Baptist Church here and They you know the way the preacher is You know the is different than a Baptist Church down the street right so like They have You know it's just all these nuanced Things so I'm focused on one aspect of Crisis teaching some focus on something Else you got to tell evangelists and Again you know the purity of the message Has been lost You can't say you know look at the Different versions of the Bible right There's different versions you can find It on Bible Hub I found that to be very interesting like

All these different the King James Version of course people know about but Then there's all these other different Versions of the Bible And which version of the Bible you reach Read is you know going to affect your Practice your religion Um so you know and unfortunately that's It's going to be fragmented now Because the unity that was there Was related to the size of my Organization which stagey has turned Into heartfulness and For those of us who Can see No it's you know it's nothing like what It used to be And so people are going to have to Do what they do and you know they either Just do it on their own or you know do It as a group or you know continue to Fake like heartfulness you know like Whatever you know I don't know I can't Speak for each person you know they have To find their own path But either way it's been lost Something's been broken And now you have to you know figure out How to get the transmission in the System the cleaning which is still Available and you can get it directly Like we're doing in gratefulness and Everyone can do that and you know they Don't have to call it gratefulness they

Can do whatever they They can do exactly what we're doing Just you know Individually or there's another group Anyways like I said I'll continue on uh Tomorrow the next day Okay so continuing from where I left off Or whatever it was I um Is actually probably the voiceover from A couple days ago I was talking about um Losing my enthusiasm And I want to say more about that Because I Uh waited a day before I you know had The opportunity to I was doing all this Outside work That I had the opportunity to uh Talk about that like the inspiration Came the information came so I forgot a Few things And so You know I was sort of like dead inside Right I reached my 29th year last year You know I turned 29. and I just didn't have any you know Enthusiasm or Life's energy I just was Sort of lifeless right now to Enthusiastic or focused or motivated or Any of these things And so the transmission like brought me Back to life it was like a You know and I all these things that Were factors in that the rahu period and

You know all the stuff to do with my Personality things like that Um I you know was uh given like a Like a jolt of Life Force right that's What the transmission is it's Prana Life's energy people are bankrupted Their love energy their love energy gets Sucked out of them As life goes on and that's one of the Beautiful things about the transmission But it also gave me a goal and purpose And You know something that I was passionate About And most people don't have that right Um and this is the best thing to be Passionate about And so that energy that I had And the useful energy of course physical Energy I had as a young person Could have been put to something and I Wanted to contribute something to the The system right But that was not you know cultivated in Any way by the people that were There you know especially in America Because they're all like effed up you Know they're just you know I mean it's Easy to see now It was dysfunction on their part and so When I say I lost my enthusiasm It's not for the transmission and Cleaning and the system and having a

Goal Or the previous Masters you know Master Charge I didn't lose my enthusiasm for Them because All of that stuff because that all works Right When I did the nine o'clock uh Friday Night sitting and that worked Phenomenally well it's another sitting Tonight as well Um You know all of that like that Enthusiasm was there And you know when I started receiving Transmission directly again doing the Gratefulness You know the enthusiasm for this system And how it works and how it's helped me Is there not just the enthusiasm but Just the energy and the positive feeling And so I've never had anything That has dampered my enthusiasm for Scishmark Is How people respond to it Is the bummer and you know I include Myself in this I mean I you know I like I said I could be doing better But I it's overwhelming you know Disappointment for the masters of the System And I don't know maybe the Divine Hierarchy

Uh I'm certainly the living Masters have Been disappointed When they you know helped people brought Them up to the Higher regions of spirituality and they You know they continue to do dumb stuff Right They continue to Do self-sabotaging things and you know Miss out on the bigger purpose of the Thing right You know whine about small things get Caught up in whatever it is right petty Stuff and little groups and you know That pull caste system stuff there in India I mean there's so many you know Issues you know and outside of India People not responding at all I mean not Getting it and just even though there's This wonderful system The way that people respond to it And people reject it or people don't Rise up to it Is a huge problem and I've seen it over And over again And dodgy and his crew you know these People that were around Master charging They had all this time with charging and They all had all this work done to them And they had all these blessings Bestowed on them in terms of their Finances and There you know their material life And they're freed up to do you know

Positive work and they've destroyed the Mission now and they were just sucky for Charge when he was alive and When she was gone they've just Done the worst possible Uh you know in the dodgy leading them in That way Done the worst possible thing and dodgy Being brought up I saw him Be brought up to the highest levels of Spiritual attainment he was in the Central region clearly and he had all These energy the energies and The you know the work done internally to Become a master and he's just Completely failed you know and it's it's Depressing Like just to understand what size bar Can do for you And you know even if it just helps a Little bit Um But people have gotten worse because of It you had good people who are humble Became preceptors they started getting Arrogant You know and all these things Um and for that reason it's not the System itself my enthusiasm for the System will always be there It's people like I have no faith in People being able to respond That includes people I tell about Sage Mark here right so

You know like you have the opportunity To rise up and and do better and you Know think about what you can do to Contribute and give of yourself and all Those things right Um and if you don't do that you don't do That it's not my problem You know I can't really Um put on my You know my my own um My own energy my own enthusiasm In terms of having faith in that people Are going to do the right thing right You know that's what would make me Hesitate to You know have Gatherings and do things And participate in that way Because if people just you know get Stupid and like stress me out you know For no reason Because I'd be the one you know doing All the stuff You know that would just bum me out Right it was just a You know kind of be another you know Flow to my Overall uh positive feelings about the Chances of humanity Surviving or rising up or changing Becoming something better and so what I've done with that Is I just feel like There is Whatever teachings are there prophecies

Or whatever Where Babaji says you know like people Will be teaching God When the consequences of our behaviors And our attitudes and our selfishness And going away from God and all these Things Come home to roost that when Humanity No longer has what we have when the System implodes and The world is you know Somehow wrecked in some way of nuclear Power whatever it is That people will turn towards God turn Back towards God And realize you know the error of their Waste and there'll be a Consciousness Shift something's coming Where people will Have a desire to find God and redeem Themselves at a soul level And so I believe that's completely Possible you know right now it's really Hard for people to change Because of their material life and their Addiction and their dependence on a System that's Evil and demonic or whatever And so like I believe that it's just Waiting to that time right keeping it Going You know being sort of a long hauler you Know somebody who's I mean even and maybe having multiple

Lives are just You know keeping it going as best you Can right just Checking the boxes and you know that and That's how I've approached my abios You know where it used to be Uh wanted to contribute something and You know having a lot of energy and Putting energy in and And all the things I was doing with my Family in the homestead and all this Stuff right and then You know I mean Eventually I just realized that the Organization I mean this is fairly recent but Is like toxic to me and like so how am I Trying to contribute or be a part of That organization in the community when Every time I get in touch with it I get Disappointed by how they're acting Especially people in positions of power In the system And influence and now with dodgy being The number one person And it's a bummer to see them be that Way would I know that they've had all The spiritual work done right that the Transmission isn't working on them Or they're not allowing it to work and The cleaning and things And it's you know sad that's a bummer And I feel bad for Charity particularly I mean I know

Papaji suffered in his life But charge you had You know so many thousands of people Saying they love them And not willing to change even some Basic remedial ways of you know some Obviously negative behaviors and Attitudes and these people grew up in The spiritual tradition many of them Were Saints and past lives and You know had past lives that were Gave them like spiritual capital and Things like that and they just failed Right I've played that video so much of Him being disappointed with the So-called Inner Circle but it's more Than just that right there's some Wonderful people Stanley people there's People who do the work Contribute you know and they're in the In their sort of background because They're not You know trying to be seen or trying to Be You know they're just doing it without Any Looking for any you know notoriety or Fame or any of these things Positions of power and that you know and It's great when you meet those people But now it's really impossible because Of the Organization going the way it is And so there's so many people that just

Pump me out like just you know I can't Believe you suck that bad after You know having the transmission Cleaning and again like I said Personally I've you know like With the ex with the enthusiasm for the Humanity and My Hope For Humanity not Really being there right because I see It all the time Here as well And how bad people suck right now you Know that's Like it's hard to imagine them changing Right and and then my own personal Approach to it where I could be more Into it right more Like you know uh Uh like I was saying praying for these People that were on the side of the road I could be doing that all the time And I just choose not to right or don't Even think about doing in the first Place Because you know I don't really want to Help people you know like it's just you Know and that's not like I'm all angry Or whatever it's just You know when you do it you see it Look there's a uh a great story or Master charging Was writing this in his diary That Bobby went to some foreign country You know was left India it was in Europe

Somewhere And There was a crazier there's a wife who Brought her husband who had lost his Mind he was crazy And she heard about this guy like Babaji She wasn't a practitioner She had never taken the cities right And somebody was an abiasi Told this woman that Babaji could like Heal her husband or something like that And they shouldn't have right because He's not here to You know this isn't for Behaling like mentally ill or you know There's some guy out there as a Preceptor he was transmitting to to Lepers And Bobby's like what are you doing you Know he's like well I'm gonna cure these Lepers so everyone can see how great you Are and Bobby's going don't do that We're not we're not here for that right We're not here to cure everybody over There illnesses like that has nothing to Do with us we're here to Connect people to God But this woman brought her husband and Babaji felt obligated And he stayed up all night working on This guy's mind And he made him sane again And they never came back that was it Like they got their thing

And you know even though Babaji had done This they never came back to try to You know you know benefit from the Spiritual Abilities and you know the opportunity That papaji was able to give to people And it was during like babaji's last Trip to Europe and America where he got Sick and he was never the same as Life Energy You can see charge he was really bummed That these people Were saying this guy was here to you Know like stupid stuff like that this Wasn't what he was here for right Um And this is you know a big problem with The system And so it's how people respond to it and Heartfulness and dodgy and all of it is A pure example of this And you know I Just have to be realistic about it Personally And so like you know for me it's just Not getting bummed out not getting you Know angry not getting bitter not Getting You know these things personally you Know whatever happens even the The you know what's happened with this Heartfulness organization I mean it's a Real bummer These properties that were charged

Spiritually disappearing that works and The you know the teachings and things I Mean all these things that have helped So many people and Were a benefit of benefit you know might Be lost forever at least to some of some Extent And then you know all of that Just because of the way that these guys Have behaved and then you know they Should be much better right they should Be not only Yeah no they should be keeping the the You know the faith and the hope alive of The system And dodgy particularly should be an Example of what the system can do for You because of his He had higher spiritual approach like he Was in the central region charged he had All his points opened he could have been A true master Instead he's become a copycat of these These fake gurus and he sucks at it like He's embarrassingly bad At being a fake Guru you know he's like The worst one right he can't even You know I mean he can't even like copy These these clowns who have no real Spiritual abilities And he's like pissed it all away Um there's a good Whispers like that Feeds into this Um

Hopefully I left it up here Okay just let me find it here it is um Saturday July 10th 1999 8 A.M The more you advance the more you Realize that humans are fickle you were Less affected in the push of the past You were less affected the past Because you were less dependent on Others human beings are increasingly Unstable With this perturbing life You are all leading Generally to a lesser degree among Aviasis but the current context Unsettled even the best balanced ones It is Insidious it happens without your Knowledge There's so much information Reaching you about every country about Serious issues Adding added to your worries it's a lot To bear Allow yourselves periods of rest Far from this dying moments of calm of This Den From the stand din moments of calm of Tranquility at home Out Of Reach of what Can assault you Is necessary for your blooming make sure You relax your body and mind Free from the tensions Some among you let your health be Undermined for Want of knowledge how to unwind

Do not misuse your Earthly vehicle it Cannot be renewed at will you must spare It Favor as much as possible your spiritual Life The only way out of your problems and Gives it gives whole reason It gives it gives its whole reason deter Reason to tear it's a French thing Reason to be to your Incarnation on this Earth is a common thing that said in These Whispers messes never neglected be Attentive to all these aspects we've Mentioned May this meeting at the ashram Strengthen the ties between you all and Prompt you to make it lie live and Vibrate more intensely Become aware of the importance of this Place highly charged with so many Untapped possibilities It is also a place for Gatherings and Exchanges do not forget it open your Eyes and act Babaji This wasn't what I was going to read but It's uh I'm glad I read it let me just Find the other one here Okay I found the one this is from Thursday July 8th 1999 10 A.M To believe yourself to believe oneself Superior to one's fellow human beings Is a huge hindrance to one's own Evolution If this applies to any of you you must

Seriously address this defect If you have been fortunately if you have Been fortunate financially Intellectually and psychologically to Fulfill your wishes whatever your life Thank God it is to him you owe all these Gifts and not yourself he could have Caused you to be a beggar and have Others contempt port on you consider Yourself happy With the little or much given to you Without ever believing you are superior To anyone else The homeless person who manages a little Bit better Than the unfortunate neighbor may also Believe themselves Superior Be strict with yourself on this aspect Also your spiritual condition will be Reinforced accordingly Relentlessly track down your failings They are sticks in the wheels of your Journey Work on humility all great Saints are in This state of mind it is essential to Your progress Stopweeds some weeds are tougher than Others to eradicate From your inner Garden Strive against them it's very important Point for you all one that is worth Dwelling on at lathe it's up to you to Take stock and act apology So this was interesting I read this I

Think yesterday or two days ago I think Yesterday And I think about this from time to time You know and this passage was a good Reminder Because people suck right now There's no doubt about it and you have To acknowledge this to yourself You know on some level and then other People or whatever it is right The way humanity is But you can't compare yourself To these other people because They might be first-timers this might be Their first life Or you know who knows where they are in Their spiritual journey And so grading yourself on a curve And say I'm at least not as bad as that Guy Is you know a horrible thing to do Spiritually Because you have to do your best right Like I have to do my best Whatever I can produce And I can't base that in on you know Um What you know Dodge he's done or what Any of these other people have done or What people are Joe Biden's doing or Whatever like I can't compare myself and Say at least I'm not that bad right Like it's not you know but could I be Better you know could I do better but

Also you know I have to gauge this Personally In terms of my enthusiasm in terms of my Positive feelings You know not to get Um Drained by other people's suckiness Right I mean that's you know just in Terms of my own ability to keep on going And not get depressed and not get Whatever it is Get sucked into the negativity and this Has happened so many times before for Spiritual people Who came down with a purpose and Were given some you know Responsibility and The people they worked with were working With the population Turned on them turned on God God stupid And the person left heartbroken the same The spiritual person right it's happened To so many people You know Jesus on the cross dying on the Cross saying father why help that why Has who I asked thou forsaken me you Know that was him being Losing his faith and being you know Bummed out because Everyone turned on him his three of his Disciples you know Peter denied them and Thomas doubted them and Judas betrayed Him three out of 12 right Um you know and charge you said that

That's the uh that's that's the ratio Like you're gonna have Um I forget what my brother told me or Whatever it was That you're going to have that many People He was referring to Jesus and these Three guys he said you're going to have Those You can have three out of 12 turn on you Or whatever it is right Um and it happens all the time like you Know Lucifer was an angel right so There's going to be people turn on you People betray you right people Let you down and these things and for me Just you know to be in survival mode Um About that I have to recognize You know and have some You know Babaji always wanted to look at People And work to looking at people as their Potential What they could be on a spiritual level What their ultimate You know self would be a higher you know This self Within Their actualized spiritual Potential That's what he looked for he wasn't Looking for it there they're negative Traits and these other things right Which you know is why he was Babaji

Right so and he was able to do this but He got you know bummed out depressed Charging bummed out depressed you know Times and I mean just you know feeling Let down and and just you know people Not responding the way that they they Could not rising up to it and so for me I just can't let Humanity suck me down And you know More than anybody else it would be Abiasis People who should just be better right Who should behave in a level that You know I mean just much higher level Than you see especially now with Heartfulness and all that right and so I Just can't let that suck me down into Some You know just while this thing isn't Working or whatever it is right Um because it is working It's just not being received right it's Not being Actualized but what about next life what About in a hundred years when the earth Is much different than it is now you Know so there's This potential you know we just gotta It's a long game type of situation and That's how I feel about everything right Like I'm gonna do my part but I'm not Putting myself You know in a situation where I could Just be

You know completely bummed by everything That's like you know to do with Gratefulness and all this other stuff Right now it's You know people can come and go and you Know benefit or not and it's just up to Them You know it's not tied to me and I don't Have to get sucked into some sort of Drama and the inevitable interpersonal Issues and people cheating the system or Whatever it is right And getting power hungry and all the Rest and like I said Lots of people got wrecked by being made Preceptors They were good spiritual people with Good you know Past life uh uh spiritual capital Humble and service oriented and then They're made preceptors and they get Egos And they think they've made it and you Know whatever especially people in the The Indian culture would happen well I Shouldn't say that because it really Happened in the west more they were else But everywhere And there's all these preceptors that Got egotistical and got stupid and You know cost all kinds of problems And then there's people who are just Saints like I said there's wonderful Service Orient people

In this is a heartfulness organization Now Who aren't going to quit or aren't going To you know question dodgy in a way Because they're They're just not you know they're humble Whatever they are right especially the Indian people grew up with it And so um you know at all is what it is Right But there was this youthful enthusiasm I Once had And I get it again you know Um Like I got it again recently from the The 9 pm you know Universal individual City That first one and then everyone since Or I get blown away by how good the Scishmark system is and then you know Reality sets in Um but that energy that I had and the Enthusiasm and the you know the Just um innocence like it was like my Innocence was restored in faith and The Divine process and you know even as Some extent Humanity And then you know people happened right So but I just remained positive that At some point people be motivated to Change and it might take multiple lives For me and for everybody else and that This is not a you know a one-off like It's not going to be a one-off for me

Like I'm not gonna You know reach the central region and be You know everything I could be in this Life I mean it could happen like you Know I still have So many years left and things could Change I don't know But either way I'm willing to come back And do work and Be here if I you know Um pass the point of Liberation I'm Willing to come back and serve and and Work through this thing um And future existences and be a part of It that's you know all that I really Care about so It doesn't have to be all that this year This life right The effects are not necessarily going to Be there this life you know Master Charge you wrote to me personally and Said this over and over in talks you you Know you do the work and leave the Results to the master Or God the way you know whatever way you Want to think about it Um you do the work but the results You're you're the work is yours and the Results are his right And that you know that's the way it has To be otherwise you're going to get Bummed out You do the work the way it's supposed to Be done

And then you know whatever happens is Not not your you know not your concern It'd be great if everything went the way You know the most positive way but It usually isn't right now and so maybe It will be in the future Seeds are being planted and You know there's some spiritual work That's being done on the soul That will will start to uh Be more evident in a future existence That someone will you know start getting It in a future life they might not get It this life but Maybe the people that come and take Their three cities and You know they get their transmission and They you know And they might even feel it all the People who feel transmission Recognize it's something special and Then just quit anyway they get scared by It and they don't want to you know I Mean it happens all the time you know The word lament has been used by charity And you know describing Babaji and I guess you know I mean he Didn't describe himself this way but he Went through it as well There was some um People the first time they went to Europe and there were people that come And met Babaji in India there's this Couple named

Uh Uh Elder and Vera Davis from England and They were made preceptors I believe And you know they had been some of the Original people from Europe to come and Meet Babaji and Babaji you know uh they Met Babaji and papaji and charge you Went to London and they they met him There And they came in and Uh it's a an excellently worded passage And you know I can't quoted verbatim But uh First Elder came in and he said Um We're doing all these other things right And he talked about restoring your Energy spiritually And Babaji gave him this technique that Said if you you know you look at the and Again I'm not prescribing something here I'm not you know because I I'm not I'm Just sort of remembering it but it was Like look at your fifth it was like you You put the palms of your hands towards The sun in you You look at the the tips of your fingers You know obviously you know I look at The sun we have to talk about sun gazing Before but this is not you know and you Count to like 10 or whatever Um again I don't have this thing exact It'll charge you and you know I know About the solar energy and doing sun

Gazing right so that's a a thing but Bobs you said you know I could do it With just a thought right like you don't Even have to do that technique in charge You said that comment went over this Guy's head Elders head he said and he's Not doing anything that resembles Sage Mark practice and the way he said it you Know he was Uh lamenting it right to this guy Was coming to Babaji with all these new Age techniques When you know he had the I mean this Wonderful system That's far superior to any of these Things right And you know it was a a moment where I You if you read it you just realize I mean the stories of these people that Come in and you know that we're given These high levels of spirituality There's a french guy he was put in the 12th point He was the only person outside India That had ever uh you know was one point Away from the central region Andre Porey and he had a You know Some guy was coming from Madagascar And he was you know a black person and French speaking right it was a French Colony And he came to France to see Babaji and This guy wouldn't let him in and

Meditate because of his color of his Skin like this is in the you know 1970s Like that even I mean And France that's a more Progressive Place right And charging and Bobby were like you Know what WTF right like how could you this guy's One point away from the central region And he's just This Petty and Prejudice A complete bummer Um and that guy you know he started his Own thing he quit and he tried to become His own Guru and things like this I mean There was a you know just a a complete Bummer and then um Chargie I went to see charging and I I Gave him a copy of my book the choice And he blessed it You know all these things and all these People watching it came running up to me And wanted to read my book and the first Guy was a guy from Madagascar And he and I had a number of Conversations so I asked about the guy Who you know was prejudiced against and Couldn't you know whoever he was And he said well In Madagascar They call a lawyer a master And so this guy started thinking of Himself as a master You know like so he became his own thing

And he quit The guy who was prejudiced against and So I mean it's just like a never-ending Stream of stupidity and ego and things Like this right There was a guy that Babaji saw for the First time he was already at point four Which is so many you know thousands of Years and hundreds of thousands of years Of spiritual Evolution a remarkable Achievement he took one sitting and Never came back so there's these you Know these stories in these you know Either Master charges uh Diaries is in His footsteps books some of them are Still available and then there's just Knowledge and stories that were there Pastor Charlie one of the L you know the Senior preceptors In Chennai came up to charge you and Said show me the Deeds to the properties The you know all the ashrams Because he was accusing charging of Putting them in his son's name And turning all the properties over to a Son and taking them away from the Mission And charge he was so offended by this That Like Babaji gave messages saying you Gotta snap out of it like he got so Depressed and so bummed out eventually He had all the people in Chennai turn in Their preceptor certificates

And he only gave half of them back like He you know half the people who were Whatever it was there's politics and all These things But the guy had you know given his life To this system and to be accused of You know stealing the properties and all These things that he I mean it was just You know but now we see Dodges appears To be doing that right so you know it's Just Humanity at its worst right and so As far as I'm concerned like the System's perfect and You know beyond reproach but is a Three-way system right there's God There's the transmission and cleaning You know the master the transmission and Cleaning and then there's people right So there's the method there's the I mean Seismarck there's the method There's the master and then there's the Mission the three apps And the mission is people and for it to Be successful people have to Do better like they're just gonna have To you know we're all gonna have to be Better than we are now We have to rise up to it and you know The opportunity there is to rise up to It and people either do or they don't Right they either Allow themselves to to rise up to a Higher level of Consciousness or they Don't

And it might take you know some Generations and This is supposed to go on for you know Thousands of years the opportunity For this system you know maybe you know Forever in some way on planet Earth I Don't know the idea being here that you Do the practice you experience the Transmission And then you do your best to integrate It into your life But it's not you know necessarily going To be You know phenomenal or whatever it is I Mean you're going to be Uh limited by your ego and the the times Here the you know the materialistic Aspect of life and I'm even getting overwhelmed by the Internet the information from all around The world all these things right And the focused not being on Spirituality and being on materialism And whatever you had in your past you're Some scars And so you die and you you know you You've had a lot of transmission and Cleaning but it didn't You know take so to speak But then you come back in your next life And you're more prepared You're more focused your soul is you Know more in a position of uh you know Planning your life in a way that you'll

Just do better And then you you know continue doing Your obvious and getting the Transmission and cleaning and in this Life you get it you know you're you Become more saintly you become more Service oriented and the other people Around you are also doing that because This is You know you now have I mean with lology You have people who are around knowledge And they fed maybe a life or even two Lives since then And certainly you know the majority of People now will charge you and each Other You know Um The late Babaji years Having you know the opportunity for Second lives right As an obviously and then you know And then as you move forward each life You you know you integrate more and more And you regroup after you die and you Come back in To where people can rise up to the Highest level Three lives five lives Ten Lives Whatever Um and their motivation being different Whether it's less people there's less You know the system isn't there and the World isn't as alluring because of the

Post-apocalyptic issues and things This is the right conditions and the Right motivation and the right you know Amount of lives and chances and Opportunities like a video game you know So I I feel like that's what I have hope For right I guess not now like the Hope isn't yeah The hope is there but It's for you know a long it's a long Haul it's beyond this This life in this period of time and I Just feel personally but For everybody else and just sort of hang In there that's been my Sort of attitude because I you know I Know the system works and I can't be bummed out by everything I See on a daily basis in the world And bummed out by dodgy and his cronies And then everything else Um but anyways let me wrap this one up Here And then um you know I'll continue on With 104. Only spirituality will save this world It's paravato definitely appointed for The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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