JoJo Magooze most Egregious gaff yet

JoJo Magooze most Egregious gaff yet

Greetings brothers and sisters like I'm Way ahead of the Game I made so much content the last Couple of days that I think this is um I'm making this on Thursday October 12th And I think it's going to go up on Saturday October 14th made public and um This is about the main thing is Trump Gave an epic speech where it was just All Trump trump trumping it in a way That you know would make every aspiring Fish Bo proud fish boy uh but a few Things to get to about the Israel thing First um you I want to cover it less um But this is more about Biden White House Is walking back Biden's statement that He saw photograph evidence photographic Evidence of beheaded children on Wednesday President Joe Biden said he Saw pictures of terrorists beheading Children hours later the National Security official walked back these Comments like how is that something you Would imagine I mean that's a straightup Lie right if you saw people beheading Children that would scar you for life Right like you wouldn't be okay like if You were a person a human being like It's something I never want to see right Like if somebody's going hey you want to See this video I'm like no I don't want To see it like that's something that's Going to affect you just hearing it like Just hearing the idea of it and so he

Was like he made a mistake that he Thought he saw that like how bad is his Brain that he think he he could lie About something like that and then his Own team on Wednesday President Biden Said he saw a pictures of terrorist Beheading hours later a national Security official walked back these Comments the official told NPR Biden was Referring to the media reports about the Attack in Israel well you don't say Something like you saw something like That and then say oh no he was he said He saw media reports about it he's Saying he saw the videos and and again This this undercuts the whole Story so here it is here right really Thought that I would see and have Confirmed pictures of Terrorists beheading Children I never thought I'd Ever Anyway okay so um this is his worst Gaff Ever because you still haven't seen that Right you're saying you saw But you haven't seen it like it's just Um what a bizarre Gaff to make right I Mean then then but any way and he's Going to but anyway it right you're Going to but anyway seeing pictures of People beheading kids you're going to But anyway that right that's but but Anyway but anyway I saw I saw a Terrorist beheading kids but anyway I

Mean like it's like in human right Really thought that I would see and have Confirmed Med pictures of Terrorists beheading Children I never thought I'd Ever anyway I uh but there Are countries in the region that are Trying to be of some help incl that was Just wrong like did you see it or not no You didn't see it so why would you say Something like that right like of all of His plagiarism of all of his lies of all Of his gaffs of his false claims this is The worst this is his worst Gaff you Don't make a gaff over kids getting you Don't lie about seeing pictures about Kids getting beheaded you don't lie About that right it's just um you know Like you just don't do that that's Something you just don't do I'm going to Get into Trump because Trump has an epic Gaff of just Trump being Trump but I Mean my God like this guy is this should Be it like this should be it for him Like anybody else would get fired for That kind of a gaff anybody lying about Seeing pictures of kids getting beheaded Would be fired and cancelled and all These things anybody else this would be A cancelable offense you can't do this Right I mean it's brutal like this is This is just something that's you know Crosses a line with his you know even if You claim senility fine but if you're

Scile you can't have your hands on the Buttons that would start a nuclear war Like this is since sure okay he's he's Got dementia we've all known it like we Saw in 2019 he already had enough dementia that Made him being president a joke but now This right like this is by far the Worst so I'm editing I want to revisit This how false testimony in a massive us Propaganda machine bolster George HW Bush's war on Iraq this is similar Behavior here the story centers on a Young Kuwaiti woman named naira on October 10th 1990 so I just want to Point this out here um I just realized I'm editing that she just said October 10th now today's October 13th the initial um air strikes or Missiles were allegedly you know that Was on uh October 7th there's a a Jewish Holiday between October 6th and October 8th and this you know this thing That happened here with the baby and Incubator story when she testified in Front of Congress was the 10th and this Was when the Iraq and quate War so it's Basically the same time frame so many Years later the story centers on a young Kuwaiti woman named naira on October 10th 1990 the 15-year-old girl gave Riveting testimony before Congress about The Horrors inside Kuwait after Iraq Invaded Mr chairman and members of the

Committee my name is naira and I just Came out of Kuwait my sister with my 5-day old Nephew traveled across the desert to saf Safety there was no milk available for The babian Quit they barely escaped when their car Was stuck in the desert desert sand and Help came from Saudi Arabia good this is All lies about this is a lie she is Lying in front of Congress no um Consequences were there I mean there was No like nobody got put in jail she Didn't got put in jail for perjury and Of course the big war that happened Right that uh the first war in the Middle East and the first Iraqi war that Was well celebrated and all these things Right lots of money was made by people Like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney eventually work for Halberton and made $80 million from that At least you know all this money was Changing hands all these profits were Being made military-industrial complex Destabilizing a Country and you know all of it you know The the second Iraq war came from this War and this was all a lie I'm editing Here and they're going to tell you who This girl is the Iraqi uh the U Kuwai uh Ambassador to the United States so she Grew up in America she sounds like an American girl right if you if you were

Going to uh think about what countries You're from she sounds American sounds Like a girl who grew up in America who You know his parents might be Kuwaiti or Whatever it is but he's actually the Kuwaiti Ambassador they don't disclose That and so the whole thing is a fraud I Mean just who they present her as is a Fraud right it sounds like an American Girl went to visit her relatives in Kuwait and then she saw these Horrors I see behind and wanted to do Something for my Country the second week after an Invasion I volunteered volunteered at The aladan hospital with 12 other women Who wanted to help as well I was the Youngest Volunteer other women were from 20 to 30 Years Old while I was there I saw the raki Soldiers com into the hospital with guns They took the babies out of the Incubators took the incubators and left His children to die on the cold floor Okay so why did they want the incubators You why were the Iraqi soldiers wanting Incubators you know they were invading a Country of Kuwait it wasn't like they Had pregnant women with them it wasn't Like they you know what they didn't have Enough incubators in Iraq and Saddam Hussein said hey go grab the incubators While you're over there and while you're

Over there you Know in Kuwait you know don't get the Oil that's you know the gold bars the The wealth that's there from you know Quites a very rich in oil country you Don't do all that make sure you grab the Incubators like that's you know makes no Sense Right that was Horrifying I could not help but think of My Nephew okay so she did a good job of Performing here and then there's this I'm going to war President George HW Bush repeatedly cited her Claims and they had kids in incubators And they were thrown out of the Incubators so that Kuwait could be Systematically dismantled three months After naira testified President George HW Bush launched the invasion of Iraq But it turned out naira's claims weren't True no Human Rights group or news Outlet could confirm what she said it Also turned out niira was not just any Kuwaiti teenager she was the daughter of The Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States okay so there was that right um And so all of it was a lie right all of It was they didn't say who she was it Was performance it makes no sense it Turned out to a complete lie and they Launched a massive war and then a second War based in lies like this right this

Is a common Behavior yesterday I was Watching CNN and Aaron Bernett went to Beirut remember they took her off the Air and put Wolf Blitzer in and Aaron Bernett said that she saw the pictures And CNN felt it was their duty to show a Picture of one of these babies this baby Had been had you know bullet holes in it Right um based in the picture which Could have been photoshopped and there's No way to know if it was an Israeli baby Right like you just you wouldn't know And again if they're willing to lie About this once there they lied about Babies and incubators and the whole Story like I said makes no sense why why Do they want the Incubators but newborn babies and Incubators helpless babies there's Something about babies right there's Something that you know things that are Done to babies atrocities done to babies Are the worst I mean that's you know Universally that's a evil like if you do Something to an infant you're evil like That immediately put you in the C Category of evil and so these guys are All liars they lied into a war in Iraq And then a second war which we know both Wars in Afghanistan and these other Countries all these wars were based in Lies it came out later that Saddam Hussein didn't have weapons of mass Destruction and they established him as

A incubator baby killer right and these Lies were perpetrated in Congress and no One ever put the effort into saying this Was unacceptable to bring a girl in to Not tell her tell everyone who she was Uh she was you know she had invested Interest in lying to Congress and you Know she did a good job she performed She cried she sound believable and it Was all lies and that shouldn't happen Especially with something with babies And that you know was a def a definitive Moment of what people ended up thinking About Saddam Hussein in Iraq being Labeled as evil it opened up the door For the second war that killed over a Million Iraqis that were based in lies And I say this they need victim Consciousness to perpetrate these crimes For a military to go in and do what the Military American Military did in Iraq And Afghanistan and what Israel Israel Is going to do now in Palestine they Need stories like this but if they lied About this once and now Joe Biden got Caught liing about seeing pictures of This and you know this is coming from Governments and media and people who Have lied before and we're going to get Into BD lying or changing the story About Hitler Netanyahu right when you're Willing to lie to go into war and this Is a thing you're willing to create Victim Consciousness and outrage and

Demonize people as evil so you can go And take their lands and take their Resources or whatever else is going on There it's a behavior then you can't be Trusted with you just can't come out and Say well baby are being decapitated and Expect us to believe that if they they Are that's horrible if Hamas actually Did that it's horrible but we don't know If they did just because you say so it Doesn't make it true and it doesn't Justify what you're going to then do to Palestinian babies because Palestinian Babies are now dying there's no question About what's happening there in terms of Air strikes and the rest of it and so You know there are Palestinian civilians Who are going to die lots of them They're going to be displaced they've Already suffered so much and they're Going to suffer more and the you know The reason for doing it the the Permission to do it is victim Consciousness and these stories about Babies right just like the incubator Babies these are the beheaded babies Right and it's justifying the atrocity The atrocities that are now going on in Palestine and so this is going around This is um dual citizenship dual loyalty These are all US senators who have dual Citizenship with Israel so they're also Citizens of Israel and this is the House Of Representatives of course there's

Nobody that has dual citizenship with Palestine I mean there's a long list Here right I mean Debby waser and Schultz and so they have dual passports And dual citizenship so these are people Who are citizens of both Israel and America America and of course Israel has One of the most powerful lobbying group And so any decisions that are made Politically this is an effect right you Can't have somebody have dual Citizenship and be on your like where's Your loyalty to which country are you Loyal to you can't be loyal to both There going to be a time where Israel's Interests and America's interests aren't The same and that's been quite a bit of Times right that's already Happened this is Alan Dtz was very divided um but that's not What caused this this was planned way in Advance even of the nanyu government Taking over this was panned by Iran um And Iran according to reporting in the Wall Street Journal had meetings in Lebanon and gave the green light last Monday to allow this attack to take Place it will never be deterred by Israel going after Hamas it can only be Deterred by Israel and the United States Collectively making Iran pay a heavy Price for this this uh my proposal is That the United States and uh and Israel Jointly now attack uh Iran's nuclear

Capacity because if Iran was prepared to Do this imagine what they would do if They had okay so what I was saying in my Other videos yesterday Iran is fighting A proxy war like um a proxy war just Like and I'm not even sure Ron's Involved but what they're accusing Ron Of is again this could be false flag but Let's say the Iran's involved right this Is all speculation CU nobody has any Proof right I don't have any proof that A false flag they don't have any proof That it's a you know that Iran was Involved but I do know that the country That's going to benefit most from this Is Israel they're going to do they're Going to do things that they've always Wanted to do and specifically get rid of Palestinian people and maybe start a war With America and Iran a joint War so This is all going to benefit Israel Right so that's why that's the evidence That I have but what they're accusing Iran of doing is something America does All the time and Israel does fight proxy Wars right give money to foreign Countries to fight your battle like America's just doing with the Ukraine Supplying Ukraine with Munitions and Tactical support and money so they'll Fight Russia so you don't have to like This is something that America's doing You're accusing Iran of doing something That America's currently doing right now

On a much bigger scale with the Ukraine And the Ukrainian people are suffering As are the Russian people okay one more Thing here Um so one of my viewers sent me Something about the draft being um Reinstituted And you always get suspicious when the Government um denies something that no One really is talking about so it says Here this was two days ago go us isn't Planning to order young men to enlist in The draft no the US military isn't Laying out the groundwork for a draft so This rumor went around this idea went Around the internet and the military Decided to Um you know put out a denial and so you Always have to be very suspicious when The US government and the media deny Something I'm not saying there's going To be a draft but if there's going to be War World War II then there's going to Be a draft so Trump this is the Highlight of the the video I mean this Is so funny so Trump so so Self-sabotaging we were paying under my Leadership the United States will fully Support Israel defeating dismantling and Permanently destroying the terrorist Group Hamas Woo Wo look at him he's just got so so

Old thank you very much and I'm glad It's you're welcome because this is the Worst microphone I think I've ever had I Hope you can hear me back There Justin don't pay the bill for this Mic I'm blowing out my voice talking to This stupid mic this the worst mic I've Ever had okay now we'll get back to the Speech now that you're done whining About the mic why wouldn't they have a a Mic With you a pre-approved mic right I'm Trying to get their attention turn up The Mic is it Okay and then I don't pay a bill and They say Trump doesn't pay his Contractors you know no that's a real Thing like I've heard this from people Who have you know who would know about Such things and it's been the news that Trump would stiff his contractors and he Just gave you an example example of this Right right off the bat before he gets Into something really controversial and He throws BD you know Benjamin not net Yahoo under the under the bus I mean Under the tank like he's it's pretty Brutal but he starts off by first of all Confirming this idea if something Doesn't go his way doesn't like it he Doesn't pay this bills don't pay this Bill he said and then he comes out and Says then they'll say I don't pay my

Bills well you just said it right this Is just the beginning it's unbelievable It's a rotten lousy mic the state of it But it's not my deal it's not my deal I Have a good mic I always have you don't Have a good mic it's a very difficult Deal you walk out for for two weeks You're talking you're saying what the Hell happened to his voice the state of Israel is a blessing to the world our Prayers are with them now in this Terrible terrible time Ziggy that's Great they're blessing to the world Their world world's there's there's a Gift they God's gift to the world so I Made the video I'm meditating it on Friday October 13th it's going to be put Out today most likely but I started Yesterday on Thursday and so much more Information came in on Israel I was Going to add it to this video really Palestine and all these things that I Was saying it was a land grab all that Stuff's Happening and you know it's fairly Obvious what's going on here and got Sort of an epic video I'm making today As well about that that'll probably be Out tomorrow or probably Su I don't know Even know but um you know all that Stuff's coming here in the near future I'm going to have to take some time off And just let people catch up on the Content because I've made a a ton of it

The last uh week or so Ziggy you're Amazing one of the greatest Ziggy is the Best I mean come on everyone knows Ziggy One of the greatest people in the world Ziggy she's got more look at her she's Crying we love her you got the greatest Woman the greatest wife under my Leadership we will stand with Israel 100% And we will not let them fail we Won't let them fail they want to but we Won't let Them Woo don't forget you know I did have a Bad experience with Israel though when We took out oh boy Saloman it was us and Israel working as A group And we knew where he was we knew you Guys were partner teams fish boy fish Boy were you partner Teams how he was coming in we knew the Plane we knew everything we worked on it For weeks for months actually but we Worked on it for years in fact you know Since the beginning of time we were Working on killing this Iranian Generals the night before no I don't the Night before he gets like a gets all Jerry Lewis think this has ever been T Ladies they'll say oh it's classified Information well maybe it is but this I I wrecked that part here we go weeks the Night before no I I don't think this has Ever been told they'll say oh it's

Classified information well maybe it is But I don't think So should you check like you're kind of In trouble for this you want to go back And check before you start talking about This it's never been said before they'll Say it's classified but I don't think it Is I'm just going to say it anyway what What could happen right This is what it starts getting good so First he does this and he he buries Himself even more here the night before This happened and by the way Biden's got A lot of problem with those documents He's moving them to Chinatown he's moved Them all over I Chinatown is there Chinatown in DC Chinatown in Delaware Where and I come under the presidential Records act he doesn't he doesn't Because he was vice president and he was A senator as a senator you're not Allowed to do it as a president I am Because I come under the president I can Do whatever I want but I did nothing Wrong and he can do whatever he wants he Did nothing wrong he's about to do it Again he's doubled down he's just Burying himself right he's got trials His lawyers are like oh my God we shut Up like his lawyers in these cases but He just keeps on going I mean he's just So this is classic trumps then they go After me but they don't go after him but

We'll see see what Happens but with all of the I got to Turn this up because this mic isn't very Good different things that happened we Took we Took abuse like nobody and we had to do This because we heard salaman was going To be blowing up five of Our really big military bases in areas All over the Middle East he was going to Be blowing them up he was going to be Like and if we took him out the plot Would just disappear if we took him out They couldn't do anything any of the Rest of it the rest of the plot would Fall even even we knew about the plot Ahead of time right this is the whole Problem when you have massive Intelligence companies that they spying On everything they have all the data and They're supposed to be spying for your Safety or Israel case Israel safety and They have a massive intelligence failure And they take no responsibility for it Like it's totally acceptable that they Didn't know this attack was coming right Well you know if they're playing the Attack themselves that's why right But you know either it's a lie or they Had massive intelligence failure you're Giving up so much of your rights and Your money for the intelligence State And if they can't stop something like This then what's the point they fail all

The time and they say oh you know you You only have to be wrong Once you shouldn't be wrong at all like You're spying on people for this reason To prevent something like This he was a very bad guy very smart Guy but very very bad guy he was a Leader of their military for a long time In fact the Ayatollah they were all Afraid of him I actually think they were Happy when this happened okay I think They were happy I remember I think I Made Iranians happy they were waiting They wanted somebody to murder their Their number one General and we took Care of them and you know we didn't get Any thank yous but I think they're They're happy you know they should be Grateful the prime minister of Pakistan Said to me it was the biggest event in The history of the Middle East this is Big Stuff the biggest event in the History of the Middle East this was a Big event you know like Jesus was born There for example Muhammad was born There I mean big things happened there Moses was was talked to by a b burning Bush I mean there's things out there That happened like all the things in the Bible they happened in the Middle East The Bible takes place 100% in the Middle East and then all the other religious Books the the um the Quran and the Torah All these books all these religious

Books and events happen there in the Middle East so for Islam you know Muslims and Jewish the Jewish religion And Christianity all of these things Happen there and he thinks that killing This murdering this general you Know I think you're overselling it a Little bit he said I left my office Khan Very good man he left his office he said I went home this was the biggest event In my life and he was a great Cricket Player he was like a the wiie mays the Mickey Manel The Babe Ruth of cricket he Was a great Cricket player he's a great Cricket player but he thought what I did Was even better he became handsome guy Great guy he became the are you guys Like dating or Something minister of Pakistan he said When I heard that he was dead this was The biggest event I've ever seen I've Ever been involved in and I left left my Office and I went home for one week and I contemplated he said I've never seen Anything like it it was big and it was You trump it was all you Trump this was Much bigger than anybody but we had to Do it he was going to blow up our Installations all over kill many people Him by himself was he Superman that once He was dead they couldn't execute the Plot many people and wounded people Beyond Recognition and Israel was going to do

This with us and it was being planned And working on it for months and now we Had everything all set to go and the Night before it happened I got a call That Israel will not be Participating in this attack nobody's Heard this story before but I like to Tell it the club 47 because you've been So loyal and so and we have such a great Microphone and everything I feel the Energy and the love in the room so I Think I'm going to crap all over Israel And and Bey when I'm supposed to be Supporting them like I just promised Them 100% support and now I'm going to Tell them I tell you guys that how they Stabbed us on the back in this big event That the biggest thing that's ever Happened in the Middle East and they Weren't a part of it because they they Pussed out Right I mean the the bad decision making This guy's involved in now like it's Always been bad like he's always made Bad decisions he's always run his mouth And talked too much and promised things And said things he shouldn't but now It's just like he's he's going through His own level of Senility Beautiful and I Said I said uh what does this mean we're Working on it with them why they're not They didn't tell us why sir but they're

Not doing it this was a day before I Said I don't like that that's not good I Looked I don't like that you guys are Backing out and leaving us in the Lurch For this thing one of my generals who's Fantastic a warrior I'm telling you we Have unbelievable able military Unbelievable Warriors just not the guys You see on television they're real Stiffs real dubs but these guys are Warriors they don't want to be on Television they want to win fights okay They want to win Battles they don't like being in front Of the camera they they they like to Kill people behind the scenes and I said To them general what do you want to do Sir we can do whatever you'd like to do Sir we can finish it ourselves sir if You'd like I said well do we need them Not at all Sir we don't need them at all I said uh So what do you want to do General Sir we Have it under control if you want to do It if you don't want to do it we Understand whatever you say Sir is okay With us I said let's do it let's do it Let's do it woo because what this guy Did to our soldiers what this guy did to So many people including many civilians Including many of his own people just Blew them to Pieces Just Blew everyone To pieces this guy by the tens of Thousands let's do it Millions it might

Have been Trill he might have killed a Billion People and he came on the plane and we Followed him right from the situation Room we followed the whole thing And about 15 seconds later it was all Over and we did it but I'll never Forget I'll never woo you murdered Somebody else from another country Woo You're the best Trump wo never forget That BB Netanyahu let us down that was a Very terrible Boom so he just said this thing he just Threw be BB Bey whatever his name is Netanyahu Under the bus right then Yahoo made that Bizarre statement about Hitler not Wanting to you know wanting to expel the Jews and then the pal Palestinian guy Convincing him to do you know whatever He told him to do right I showed you That video I don't know yesterday maybe On my other channel and so he just threw Netanyahu under the bus they were Supposed to be good friends and he Praised Trump as being The greatest friend to Israel's in terms Of being a president and you know they Backed out on Iran according to Trump I Mean this is bad like a a time where What are you bringing this up for maybe Netanyahu praised Biden and it hurt Trump's feelings I would say that Netanyahu um whatever he's been saying

About Biden is probably why Trump is Bummed out by this right him endorsing Biden or talking positively about Biden Made Trump have to tell this story Because you can't you know be disloyal To Trump and so now he's crapping all Over nyaho this is a epic Gaff like just Bad timing starting off with complaining About the mic and talking about how They'll write false stories about him Stiffing his vendors which he's you know Doesn't pay his bills and then he gets Into the whole he's telling the story That might be classified he's not sure He's doing it anyway and he tries to Crap all over Biden and then he craps All over Israel and then you like he's Sitting for the cycle here thing I will Say that and so when I see sometimes the Intelligence you talk about the Intelligence or you talk about some of The things that went wrong over the last Week they've got to straighten it out Because they're fighting potentially a Very big Force they're fighting Potentially Iran and when they have people saying The wrong things everything they say is Being digested by these people because They icious and they're smart and boy Are they vicious cuz nobody's ever seen The kind of site that we've seen have You seen it have you actually seen it or You just talking about hearing that

Other people said was going on did you See pictures of decapitated babies like Biden or you just lying about that as Well nobody's ever seen it but they Cannot play games so we were Disappointed by that very disappointed But we did the job oursel and it was Absolute Precision magnificent beautiful Wow he's just really going all in here Good job and then uh Uh BB tried to take credit for it that Wasn't good that didn't make me feel too Good but that's all right no it's not Like he's he's like held a grudge here So they got to strengthen themselves up Because uh they're fighting a big force And you know Iran's got close to a 3 Million person army military that's big Stuff you know that's no longer it's big Stuff and you know it's big stuff and This is where it's heading I mean these Clowns that we have here I mean they're Just you know tinkering on uh starting World War II the minor leagues we had Them so in check they wouldn't do a Thing against us they wouldn't do a Thing they wanted to make a deal so Badly if that election wasn't rigged we Would have had that thing done so fast And throwing out the rigged election you Wouldn't have any of these problems but You would have never ever had anybody Attacking Israel if I were president it Wouldn't have happened it wouldn't have

Happened W and when you look at the Death I mean hundreds of isra soldiers Are dead hundreds of people in their Homes they were attacked nobody's ever Seen anything like it nobody thought it Was possible nobody's ever seen that That that soldiers died and people were Attacked in their homes and civilians Are dead no one's ever seen that no One's ever seen that in the history of The world or even recent Wars this Happens in every war no one's ever seen It well And so they're going to have to step up Their game and the United States is Going to have to step up its game Because we're really led by the wrong People we're led by people that don't Know what's happening and they don't Know how to lead and they're not Respected and it's a very hard thing but It could ultimately lead to World War I A man who's incapable a man who's got Virtually no brain a man who shouldn't Be in that position could very well lead Us into World War III and this is Weaponry the likes of which nobody in This room can even imagine Weaponry That's so powerful that it's the Obliteration of the world it could be The obliteration of the world okay I Want to leave on and he ends with Obliteration of the world right and he Just is that it weapon that was

It and so he just said obliteration World and they cut him off there um well That was epic that was epic Trump he got He got everything in there he went for The full Monte on that one okay so there Is a video of the morning Joe crew um Talking about this speech I was going to Include it but I'll just wait and cover That next time hopefully because that's Going to be funny too because they suck Even more and you know Trump sucks I Mean it's going to be a lot of funny Stuff I did get one comment on Israel Though and you know I asked a bunch of Questions I asked Google a bunch of Questions about religions And I got one on Buddhism which um that's not it Um one on Buddhism here and one on um Well this is the Israel one I don't know If I I copied the I got a screenshot of The Buddhism one but the person says This you ascribe a modern definition to A centuries old word Chosen does not mean extra special or Beloved the rabbi told me the rabbi told Me that the Jews were chosen to spread The word that they there was only one God does it occur to anybody to ask Chosen for what or of course not Rhetorical Question uh I just asked what was the Chosen people that's I asked Google that And Google answered the Jews and that my

Point was that that's how you're known As a group as the chosen ones now you Can um say the definition made something Was different back when it was the label Was given right when God said you're the Chosen people but this is how people are Going to hear it and this is what people Are going to believe and there's other Things about the goyam and things like That I'm not going to get into but it Says things a certain kind of way And there is a a a willingness or a Wanting to redefine these terms just Like with other religions there's things That are in the religions themselves That were in the religious stories or Religious teachings that aren't playing Very well in modern times right and they Want to redefine these things and they Want to Rebrand themselves the people And the religions but you know you can't Do that like that's the brand you have And it's going to be by modern Definition and I wasn't even saying it I Was saying saying what does Google think This is what does a search engine think This is and I did it with all the Religions right and a Buddhist said to Me and I thought I had that comment but I don't think I do the Buddhist said to Me um it's not There got to see if it's here somewhere I didn't do a screenshot of it but I Asked um why do Buddhists think they're

Better than other religions that I Didn't know that much about Buddhism I Knew that they don't believe in God that Was the one thing I was going to talk About they don't believe in God but they Believe in reincarnation in a soul and So it's a completely different from a Religion because there's no God in it Right but the answer came back that they That the Buddhist believe that they're The only ones who can deliver Liberation and that's why they think They're better as a religion now that Was the answer Google gave me and that's What I read I know very little about it But the part that they don't believe in God is very disturbing and Liberation is Available in the sjar system and also Yasta which isn't even said to be uh Available in these other religions Mergin with God these are things that The system says it Delivers and either believe it or not But it's whether you know whether it's True or not is important but there's Other systems that you know spread the Word of God right you know like so to Say you're the chosen people to spread The word of God well well the Bible Isn't the word of God right the Old Testament the Jewish Bible God is the The being that they're calling God is Not God and it's you know I mean I've Already gone through that and the person

Didn't get into any of those specific Things like the Buddhist didn't admit That they don't believe in God right and The Jewish person didn't admit that you Know there's things in the Bible that God does that are not you know it isn't What God would do and that it's an Inferior Um a fuor demonstration of what God is In fact it's the opposite of God it's a Narcissistic demonic like person a Wrathful vengeful Petty person that's Into uh child sacrifice and and Manipulated and messing with people and War and Punishment and just all these Things and but hurt and angry and want Wants things to be sacrificed to it Right I mean it's not a good you know I It's not what God really is and so That's not what they're chosen for Because it's a bad book right it's not Going to really they're not they don't Have the ability to present and teach People about God when they when the Centerpiece of the book is not really a Good book about God right but the Person's like well you're Misunderstanding the word Chosen that's your defense that we have A different definition of the word Chosen right and then the person said Why didn't you guys ask chosen for what Well when you say you're the chosen People and there's no chosen people and

Sa Mar the teaching is you do the Choosing God doesn't choose you because God chooses everyone God's in everyone It's like uh there's a seed that's um You know in the soil right and it's the Soil that makes the seed in the weather Conditions and the are things that made The seed sprout right there's lots of Seeds not every one of them is going to Be a tree and so you know we have the Seed of God in us we have to choose and Nurture the seed and make it Bloom and So it's we that was we ourselves do the Choosing God's already chosen us God's Chosen everybody like God doesn't Discriminate everyone's got an Opportunity to be uh you know the best That they can be to and have your soul Express itself right like that is we all Have that potential but it's all of us That do the choosing each individual Does the choosing to become that right To become the Divine version of yourself The best version The Godly version of Yourself each one of us can do that but Our egos block that from happening we Our egos kill that process and religions Kill that process as well which is well Documented right anybody can with Critical thinking skills could see the Way that religions actually prevent you From being the you know best version the Soul's version of yourself and so we Choose like we choose to embrace the

Divinity within us and so there's no Chosen people there's no only son There's no chosen people that's what Religions teach you because if they say Hey we're the chosen people and then you Know that's a selling point oh we have God's we have God's only son only Begotten son oh so that's a selling Point and only through him you can get To heaven right and so these are the Ways religions sell themselves to people And they sell these types of things These are the talking point so this is What you get from our religion and They're all materialistic things for the Most part Promises of success and wealth And you know some sort of Heaven that You get after you die that you don't you Know that you just have to take their Word for it whereas a true spiritual Organization you can experience Divinity Within you right this moment that's what The transmission offers in the Sark System that I do that you can feel the Transmission which I've you know there's This um I've been having the sample this Sample video on my gratefulness Meditation Channel but the transmission Is something you can experience or not Some people feel it some people that Don't but doing the practice you see Differences and you feel the Connectivity between you and God it's Very profound and you and it's right now

It's not you're waiting to die you know It's a it's a choice you make once you Have that you feel that connection then You have to keep going with the Connection and keep the connection up And that's for a lot harder than people Think Because all of us who do the system you Know we feel connected to God and then We sometimes just like all right well You know I'll talk to you later God you Know it's like one of those things People who feel connected to God you Have to then work on that connection and Your ego is always trying to break that Connection because the ego wants to do What it's want do what it wants without Um you know God being over your shoulder And making you feel bad and feel guilty For your bad choices these are Ridiculous comments right you know Because the point of it is I asked what The internet and what people believe About these religions and that's what it Came up with right and if it's wrong Well it's because you've done a bad job In creating a narrative your you know The religion has and now this is how People see you this is your brand and if You're going to get into a debate of What chosen means you're already screwed Right only spiritual value will save This world it's part M defin important From the apocalypse and the Ascension

Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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